The 0 Excuses Fitness System - Shed fat and get fit from the inside out within the privacy of your own home. Workouts that take 15 minutes or less to start showing RESULTS! Zero to HERO! - 25 REAL world SUCCESS tips that are a must read if you're trying to get MORE out of life. The Simple and Effective Diet - Time tested dietary rules and recommendations to follow along with your fitness regimen Corrugated Core - Build rock solid abs, and a midsection that looks like it’s carved out of mahogany – – and obliques that look (and feel) like streaming steel. You’ll get that much coveted “X” taper from the exercises in this course – – and increased definition and muscle all over the entire body as well!
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Eat MORE - Weigh LESS! - Shed weight and achieve that lean, ripped look REGARDLESS of what sort of diet you’re currently on (yes, this is TRUE and it CAN be done!).10 Commandments of Successful Sales - 10 (well, actually TWENTY!) GOLDEN tips that – if used correctly – will catapult your sales abilities to the very TOP rung of the ladder, and keep them there,
Fast and Furious Fitness- The old classic - with timeless fitness information that NEVER goes out of style!Fitness CENTRAL! - Fitness CENTRAL - 51 evergreen fitness tips that ANY serious trainee will benefit from vastly. Once you go “0 Excuses” – you never go back!
The Fitness Central Reader- Sculpt a NEW YOU with these 153 “irreverent”, down to earth and practical fitness tips that you’ve likely NOT heard about – and that flat out WORK! Fitness CENTRAL - Volume #2! - Fitness CENTRAL - Volume #2 - 51 motivational, inspiring, down to earth and in your face fitness tips that flat out WORK. . Once you go “0 Excuses” – you never go back!
Monthly Newsletter- 0 Excuses Fitness monthly newsletters – more upfront, personal and in depth observations on fitness and LIFE from yours truly!
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Shoulders like BOULDERS!- Build shoulders that reek of raw ANIMAL LIKE power, strength and vitality. Shoulders that NEVER quit on you – and benefits you CANNOT get from lifting weights “ad infinitum” at the nearest gym! Pull-ups - from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS - Unable todo a single pull-up? Unable to even hold on to the bar for more than a few seconds? Well – THIS course is what you need to develop ultimate pulling power – and, as the title says – go from rank beginner to ADVANCED level within the space of a few weeks! Gorilla Grip - The REAL DEAL – – a NO-NONSENSE, NO FRILLS, NO FLUFF whatsoever training manual that will give you the real scoop on building Popeye like forearms and strength to match.
BATTLETANK Shoulders - THE course that will get your shoulders up from “Boulders” status to BONAFIDE “Abrams Tank” (a.k.a. BATTLETANK status) very quickly. Pull-ups - from STUD to SUPER STUD within WEEKS - Thought you
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Gorilla Grip - ADVANCED - Go to the next level in grip strength – and start building INHUMAN levels of “ape like” gripping and upper body strength with the exercises in this course.
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