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The 0 Excuses Fitness System - Shed fat and get fit from the inside out within the privacy of your own home. Workouts that take 15 minutes or less to start showing RESULTS! Zero to HERO! - 25 REAL world SUCCESS tips that are a must read if you're trying to get MORE out of life. The Simple and Effective Diet - Time tested dietary rules and recommendations to follow along with your fitness regimen ADVANCED Hill Training! - BACK by POPULAR DEMAND! > The quickest ways, routines and exercises to BLAST off those pesky fat cells off your body at WARP speeds.
Animal Kingdom Workouts - The ONE course that will bring back the BEAST in you (long gone most likely, but fret not - THIS course WILL make you the REAL MAN (or woman!!) you were MEANT to be! Gumption GALORE! - 50 motivational, time tested tips on success – and life in general that will catapult you HEADLONG – at full BLAST – along the ROYAL road to success in whichever endeavor you choose!Dish Delicious- 15 stunningly delicious recipes (all easy to prepare, and with ingredients available anywhere) and 10 “dips” … with a “subcontinental” twist!Corrugated Core - Build rock solid abs, and a midsection that looks like it’s carved out of mahogany – – and obliques that look (and feel) like streaming steel. You’ll get that much coveted “X” taper from the exercises in this course – – and increased definition and muscle all over the entire body as well!
PUSHUP CENTRAL - The MOST comprehensive manual on pushups - EVER! Grab it NOW!10 Commandments of Successful Sales - 10 (well, actually TWENTY!) GOLDEN tips that – if used correctly – will catapult your sales abilities to the very TOP rung of the ladder, and keep them there,Reverse Pushups - The Best Darn Exercise! - Possibly the best darn exercise ever – you’ll want to check this out for sure!
Kiddie Fitness- Get your kids FIT - QUICK!Fitness CENTRAL! - Fitness CENTRAL - 51 evergreen fitness tips that ANY serious trainee will benefit from vastly. Once you go “0 Excuses” – you never go back! JUMP ROPE MANIA! The one and only and BEST course out there on Jumping ROPE!
Fast and Furious Fitness- The old classic - with timeless fitness information that NEVER goes out of style!Fitness CENTRAL - Volume #2! - Fitness CENTRAL - Volume #2 - 51 motivational, inspiring, down to earth and in your face fitness tips that flat out WORK. . Once you go “0 Excuses” – you never go back!
Monthly Newsletter- 0 Excuses Fitness monthly newsletters – more upfront, personal and in depth observations on fitness and LIFE from yours truly!
Fitness CENTRAL - Volume #3! - Fitness CENTRAL - Volume #3 - Sculpt the body of your DREAMS with these 51 down to earth training tips – each one a GOLDMINE of info unto itself!
ISOMETRIC AND FLEXIBILITY TRAINING! - 51 exercises to give YOU advanced strength and flexibility and feel like a BAZILLION BUCKS all day long!FITNESS PIONEER - Volume #1! - 51 PIONEERING , BUCCANERING WAYS to the fit, trim and TONED body of your DREAMS.

Volume TWO

(Solid training methods that take the info above and multiply x 10 - or more - literally!)
Lumberjack "lodestone" FITNESS! - Training with the “gada”, “jori” and other ODD OBJECTS that will turn you into a “Superman” (or woman), the “center of attention” and build immense strength and conditioning “lodestone like” like you’ve NEVER seen before! (And note - THIS is extreme training like you've never ever seen before! - Hardcore fitness fanatics, and even people (fitness enthusiasts) in general - you'll want to grab this now - you will LOVE IT!
Shoulders like BOULDERS!- Build shoulders that reek of raw ANIMAL LIKE power, strength and vitality. Shoulders that NEVER quit on you – and benefits you CANNOT get from lifting weights “ad infinitum” at the nearest gym! Pull-ups - from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS - Unable todo a single pull-up? Unable to even hold on to the bar for more than a few seconds? Well – THIS course is what you need to develop ultimate pulling power – and, as the title says – go from rank beginner to ADVANCED level within the space of a few weeks! Gorilla Grip - The REAL DEAL – – a NO-NONSENSE, NO FRILLS, NO FLUFF whatsoever training manual that will give you the real scoop on building Popeye like forearms and strength to match.
BATTLETANK Shoulders - THE course that will get your shoulders up from “Boulders” status to BONAFIDE “Abrams Tank” (a.k.a. BATTLETANK status) very quickly. Pull-ups - from STUD to SUPER STUD within WEEKS - Thought you
were GOOD at pull-ups after you were done with the last course? Great. NOW try some of the variations I’m introducing to you (along with secret KEYS that NO-ONE else is telling you about!) to officially progress from being a “stud” at pull-ups to SERIOUS level SUPER STUD!
Gorilla Grip - ADVANCED - Go to the next level in grip strength – and start building INHUMAN levels of “ape like” gripping and upper body strength with the exercises in this course.
HANDSTAND PUSHUPS - FAQ's: - 25 FAQ’s on the handstand pushup with detailed explanations and answers. (and no, you haven't "heard it before"!) Pull-ups - the MOST commonly asked QUESTIONS! - 25 FAQ’s on the pull-ups that will resolve any and all doubts you have on this GREAT exercise. Truly worth its weight in GOLD is this little manual. Gorilla Grip - TIPS!! - 25 down to earth, practical and MOTIVATIONAL tips to build that RUGGED, CAST IRON GRIP OF STEEL that you’ve ALWAYS WANTED!
PROFOUND “70% Gorilla, 30% human” HANDSTANDS!: - 13 “cutie” “look easy – anything BUT!” BRUTALLY EFFECTIVE variations on the handstand that will get the heart thumping, blood FLOWING, and entire upper body JACKED.
COMPILATIONS (Added Value!!)
Gorilla Grip - The COMPILATION!! - 31 exercises that will give you an “ironmonger” like handshake, fingers like CLAWS, and a vice like “unnatural” pull to your grip! Two manuals at a THROWAWAY price - hurry - this price won't be effective for much longer!!
BARNSTORMER SHOULDERS! - The ONE shoulder compilation ALL OF YOU have been EAGERLY AWAITING! Build “storm trooper like” BARNSTORMERS of SHOULDERS and insane levels of upper body strength with the exercises and routines in this course.
16 INSPIRATIONAL Fitness Recollections- That will have YOU chomping at the bit ... for your OWN workout!
The Fitness Central Reader- Sculpt a NEW YOU with these 153 “irreverent”, down to earth and practical fitness tips that you’ve likely NOT heard about – and that flat out WORK!
Pull-ups - from DUD - to STUD - to SUPER STUD - within WEEKS! - Grab the most complete tutorial EVER on pull-ups - - at a throwaway price while stocks last!!
0 Excuses Combo - Grab FOUR BOOKS for the price of ONE!