Fast and Furious Fitness

Fast and Furious Fitness


… Where it all started … and yes, it’s still relevant!

Dear Reader,

So, I’ve finally done it!

I’ve finally done what I never ever thought I would do – that being to revive the “old favorite” – – in other words, dust the FIRST fitness book I ever wrote off the shelves, and bring it back to life now!

That being the “evergreen” Fast and Furious Fitness – – a book that received a tremendous reception back when I first released it in 2011 – – and judging from the 5000 plus fans on the Facebook page, is STILL going strong!

As is the original website too – – and if you’re looking for MORE fitness tips – – all put together over the ages for you in “blog” format, then you’ll want to head over to that site to get your fill.

Anyway, for whatever reason and despite the positive response my first book received – I – incredulously – and ASTOUNDINGLY (!) did not purse the idea any further. Although the intent was there, for whatever reason I never pursued the idea – – until when I started 0 Excuses Fitness, that is.

Of course, if I had people to advise me back then it would have been a different tale. All the advice I got back then was utter tosh – – and that is one reason I advise people now to a) NOT outline their goals to anyone (including and especially family members – and yes, there is a GOOD REASON for saying this!) – and b) NOT take advice from those that aren’t in the least bit qualified to dispense it.

As they say, don’t take sex advice from an eunuch.

Don’t take advice on weight loss from one whose belly is hanging down to his ankles (I’ve got such advice galore in the past from a certain family member, and believe me, it’s the worst ten minutes or so of my life I’ve EVER spent in terms of sheer time wastage!).

Don’t take advice on growing hair from a bald “phuck” as it were.

Ok, so I went overboard there but the point stands my friend.

Take advice from people that have been there – and DONE that – and as I say repeatedly throughout this site, THAT is one primary reason I bring you everything I do – because a) it works, b) it’s time tested and true – tested by yours truly as well as thousands of other “0 Excuses Crew” members and c) I’ve been in the trenches with regard to EVERYTHING I write about and bring to you.

Anyhow, that being said, I’ve always had a sense of nostalgia for the old Fast and Furious Fitness book.

Although ALL the products currently on the 0 Excuses Fitness site are being offered via digital download – I’ve still got a few hardcopies of the book sitting around.

And today is the day I dusted off the shelves, and am bringing an old CLASSIC back to life.

That’s right. Mark the date on your calendars, my friend – Monday October 15, 2018 – – and I’m starting off a new week with an OLD CLASSIC – a CLASSIC which has information that is still very relevant to everyone out there.

If you’ve read 0 Excuses Fitness and enjoyed it, you’ll enjoy this read as well.

And hear me out on this one – – although 0 Excuses Fitness was MODELED on the Fast and Furious Fitness book, the two are NOT the same – and you’ll see what I mean when you read the book.

Fast and Furious Fitness has several routines and exercises that 0 Excuses Fitness doesn’t.

Fast and Furious Fitness is a book that much like 0 Excuses Fitness can be used by folks at all levels – but especially for those of you at beginner levels –  BUT – and this is a huge, huge BUT – the exercises in there will WORK just as well for advanced trainees as well.

While the basic core of both the books are the same, the training philosophy differs. You’ll see a different spin on the same sort of topics – throughout the entire book, and especially the 10 Commandments of Physical Success.

And so forth – but now the big question – if I’ve got 0 Excuses Fitness out there, and if it’s doing well, then why the fuss about “Fast and Furious Fitness”?

Why resurrect it, as it were?

Well, the answer to that one is simple my friend.

It’s an old classic – and I love old classics. Whether it be Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich – or Claude Bristol’s evergreen “The Magic of Believing ” or even “T.N.T. … ” by the same author – the fact is I love classics, and- – MORE IMPORTANTLY – –  many of YOU do as well!

So here it is – the classic from the “0 Excuses” annals – Fast and Furious Fitness!

(Sold as an e-book now – yours to download right after payment)


If you want this in paperback format

Back when I sold this book, I did NOT sell it in digital format – unlike now. I sold the little monster as a paperback – and hared on over to the post office on an almost daily basis to fulfil orders, hehe.

Those were the days! I remember getting quite a workout in carrying books up and down to my apartment in China – not to mention the “looks” the ladies at the post office gave me (as in “here comes the foreign devil from Mei Guo (America) yet again!”.

Anyway, while I switched to digital format a long time ago, I’ve STILL got a few of the paperback copies lying around – so if you want this in paperback format, shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you with a quote that includes shipping and handling.

But hurry – this is only valid as long as copies last – I may or may not do another reprint, so time’s a FLYING and limited!

What is SPECIAL about this course 

Well, for 0 Excuses fans and for yours truly, it’s the first fitness product I ever put out – and that makes it very dear to my heart indeed. 

It’s also a product my wife very graciously assisted me in not just taking pictures for – but also posing for some of the pictures in the book. Trust me, she’s no dweeb when it comes to fitness, and you’ll see what I mean when you look at the pictures in the book.

Third, and NOT least at all – – this course can be used JUST as well by you ladies out there as men.

Lots of people have sung praises galore about 0 Excuses Fitness, but if there’s one thing they’ve been “mum” on – it’s the “is this too difficult for us ladies” issue.

And true – while SOME of the exercises in 0 Excuses Fitness might be a bit tough for ladies (initially) – – this is NOT the case with Fast and Furious Fitness. Not at all, mi amigo and senoritas …

Ladies – and even children will be able to follow along just fine with this book – and if there ever was an “everyday fitness” book for the everyday man, this might just be it.

Hey, there’s another idea – and one I will likely follow up in the near future!

And on that note, WHO is this book for – more specifically? What qualifies ME – a bonafide fitness expert to bring this to you?

Yes, I’ve done up plenty of books on fitness – but how can I claim that THIS book is for you – the everyday man or woman looking to get fit in the minimum amount of time humanly possible?

Well, here it is … it wasn’t always this way for me when it comes to fitness, my friend. And I’ll explain it all beneath …

Who is this book for? 

I wrote this book for everyone who is looking to get fit naturally, using their own bodyweight, and time tested techniques.

The book is geared towards making the average Joe (or Jane) seriously fit. The book is not tailored for athletes, or fitness professionals, although these folks will benefit just as much from using the exercises in this book as the average Joe will. The exercises mentioned can be done by both men and women.

Many people are reluctant to “take the plunge” and start a new exercise routine – mostly because they feel like they’re about to be set up for failure one more time. Or, they may think that the information “will not work for them”.

It’s sad but true – most people set themselves up for failure mentally before they even TRY something new.

And if your one of them, well, remember this: I am like many of you – I have NOT always been in the best of shape myself.

In fact, I had a terrible diet and was at my most unfit between the ages of 19-23, a period when most people enjoy the best physical gains of their life. And I successfully turned that around using the techniques and exercises outlined in this book and have achieved success.

I cannot ever remember being in better physical shape than at 27 years of age and beyond, which is when most people actually start to go downhill. All this was made possible by using the techniques I have outlined in this book.

Sure, I made errors along the way – but I also learned a heck of a lot. I learned what works, and what does NOT work when it comes to getting fit. And I now want to share that knowledge with you, so that YOU can achieve the same success I have, regardless of your age or current physical condition.

And why am I telling you all this? Well, to assure you that a) YOU too can get the sort of results I am getting, b) NO, it is NOT “too hard” or “too time consuming” (insert excuse of choice) for you and c) most importantly – if I can do it – then given the right information, YOU TOO CAN DO IT!

And just in case you think this is a mere marketing “pitch”, and that I am selling you yet another book that talks about step aerobics, yoga, and jogging on the treadmill for hours on end, well, your wrong, my friend. Take a look at what you will experience during a typical Fast and Furious workout –

– The sweat will pour off you in a hot shower – even during your “rest” times, and your heart rate will go through the roof, and stay there. Ever felt a sledgehammer pounding inside your chest? Well, you WILL when you train this way.

– You’ll feel like your about to collapse in a heap after a few minutes of this type of training; and you might well do so.

– The local ruffians hanging about in the park (or wherever you choose to train) will cease playing cards and shooting the bull, and stare at you as if you’ve landed from Mars. Heck, not just the local ruffians – it’ll be people in general that’ll look at you as if you were certified. Even the friendly canines roaming about in the park where I sometimes train look at me with a funny expression on their faces when I’m doing handstands as if to say “Jeepers, what is HE doing?!”

– Some nuts with nothing to do and only time on their hands will come up to you and urge you NOT to train this way, and give you dozens of absymally silly reasons as to why you should heed their “advice”.

– You will have no energy left to “socialize” (read waste time) with others during your workout – you’ll barely be able to talk during your workout, so your liable to be labeled anti-social in addition to crazy.

Doesn’t sound like your average workout, does it now?

YOU tell me – is that what the typical aerobics fanatic or yoga enthusiast experiences during a session? I don’t think so. No, I talk about (and do) HARD exercises – exercise that will make you WORK HARD – HARDER than you ever have in your entire life.

Exercises that most folks avoid, but which deliver the BEST results. Exercises that get you in good shape – both internally and externally.

(Sold as an e-book now – yours to download right after payment)

And with that in mind, let’s take a brief gander at some of the information you can expect to find in the book

What you’ll learn from this course

  • Solid training information emphasizing good old fashioned HARD work, determination, and dedication.
  • Training programs that WORK – and are SIMPLE to do – and most importantly, get things done QUICKLY.
  • How you can build loads of muscle on your calves and thighs, while at the same time building strength and endurance – all within 10 minutes or less!
  • Build a strong, functional midsection – WITHOUT doing a single crunch!
  • Develop brute strength throughout your entire back, and upper body (see picture on the right).
  • How to build huge forearms, and develop the crushing power of an ape while your at it!
  • The ONE exercise that will build shoulders that have the strength of a male gorilla, and look like they are carved out of granite!
  • Advice on what sort of diet to follow for best gains
  • The Ten Commandments of any successful training regimen (or any endeavor) and why you should be following them.
  • And much, much more.

RESULTS you can EXPECT from following this course

And by now, I know your ready to skip past all this, and click the ORDER button – but wait. I’ve already told you what sort of information you can find in this course. Let’s now look at what sort of results can you expect by using the programs I outline in the book – here are but a few: –

  • Exponential increases in strength ALL over your body – these exercises work the ENTIRE BODY from head to toe.
  • Increased stamina, endurance, and lung power.
  • Loss of unsightly blubber all over your body – You’ll lose those “love” handles you’ve been wanting to – and you’ll start fitting into clothes you haven’t been able to wear for years!
  • Build solid, functional muscle all over your body – this without following any “weightlifting” routines!
  • Supreme internal health – your internal organs will benefit greatly from following a good exercise program on a regular basis.
  • You’ll LOOK better – and you’ll feel better– and will have a spring in your step. Co-workers and friends aren’t going to be able to tell what’s got you so buzzed!
  • More energy to get things DONE – you’ll wonder where it came from!
  • Better sleep – this is a given. No more sleepless nights and tossing/turning; once you hit the hay, you stay there for a solid 8 hours!

And that’s just off the top of my head. . .

(Sold as an e-book now – yours to download right after payment)

This course retails at a mere $45.99, which is trifling given the value of the information in the book, and the effort it took to put it all together. And at the end of the day, you have TWO choices: –

          You can spend BIG bucks on things that don’t deliver the results they promise i.e getting the latest “tummy trimmers” advertised on TV, on gym memberships that you’ll hardly ever use, fancy diets that actually set you back, or whatever else you desire. And if that’s your choice, that’s perfectly fine by me.

          OR, you can choose to pull out your credit card NOW, and make a decision that will change your health and fitness levels for the BETTER – without spending big bucks on it.

The decision is YOURS, and YOURS ALONE – but if I were you, I knew what I’d do. Grab your copy NOW, and watch a whole new world open up for you. 

(Sold as an e-book now – yours to download right after payment)



Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – For those that want PAPERBACKS, contact me personally via and I will get back to you with a quote that includes shipping and handling. We only have about 40 or so of these right now though – so hurry – – there may NOT be another reprint!