10 Commandments of Successful Sales

10 Commandments of Successful Sales


10 … nay, TWENTY tips that if USED correctly will catapult your sales abilities to the VERY TOP rung of ACHIEVEMENT, and keep you there. 

Get started on the ROYAL ROAD TO RICHES – NOW, my friend. 

And yes – they will work in ANY sales situation, and ANY economy. 

But hold on. Let me tell you my own story first, my friend.

In the winter of 2007, I joined a small startup company as a sales manager-cum-“senior person”. The company was a rank startup. They had literally three people working there including myself, and the other two were the HR and operations managers.

The parents company a fairly successful BPO company, and they had been in business for about 8 years. They were looking to expand into web development, and they didn’t have a clue as to how to get clients, despite…

…having a VERY successful sales manager at the helm in terms of BPO operations. He had been there since the company’s inception and probably still IS working there.

Despite …

… a lot of clients literally “coming to their doorstep”. They did a pretty good job at BPO, and a lot of those clients wanted websites built, so naturally, this company was the one they’d contact.

Now, you’d think it would be child’s play to “convert” those “leads”, right?

In fact, any sales person would tell you they’re basically the human version of “sitting ducks” in terms of sales. And  all this was BEFORE the financial crisis of 2008, mind you. Folks were happy to spend money on things that did not have a 100% guarantee in terms of success.

So it stands to reason that this sales manager should have literally converted those leads as easily as saying “voila”, especially considering some of the clients were actually ASKING him, get this, ASKING him to build sites for them.

But that was not the case.

He couldn’t close those leads despite months and months of follow ups, phone calls, what have you.

And so after an initial interview, they hired me.

And within the space of TWO weeks, I got the first client. Small fry to be honest, I think the total order was about 1000 USD, but remember this company was in India. Calculate costs etc accordingly.

Within the space of SIX months, this company had expanded to 40 plus employees, and was making between 25000-30000 USD a month. I left the company at that point (which in itself is another story, and one I’ll touch upon later), but those are the results.

Now, HOW did this happen? Some of you might be saying “well, it’s just a matter of “connecting” with the customer”. And you managed it, so you got “’em”.

This is what the boss there once told me, and though he was right in a way, it wasn’t the only thing BY FAR.

And even if it was just about connection; well, what about the sales guy that had already been there for YEARS? Why did they even need me to begin with?

They were HIS CLIENTS, and he couldn’t get them to convert, and a rank newbie (me) came in and did what they thought was “impossible” at that stage.

Now, can you believe this?? These clients CAME to him, literally BEGGING him to “take their money”, and yet he couldn’t do it, despite, get this, MONTHS of back and forth emails, phone conversations and so forth.

Why couldn’t HE CONNECT with them despite having connected SUCCESSFULLY on past sales?

Was I “experienced”?

Well, let’s see. I had just made my FIRST sales as a “sales manager” a couple of months ago. That was IT.

Did I spend hours working the phones? Hours and hours of slog??

Hmm, let’s see…I spent a total of maybe 2 hours in the office on an average day, and an hour or so TOPS at home.

Did I pound out marketing promos by the dozen? Did I bang out content like a content writer on speed?

The answer to all is this is what you might imagine, i.e. a NO.

So what is it, you ask? 

WHAT is the secret, many a struggling salesperson might ask. Give it to me already!

Well, it is THIS BRO …


The KEY is something else, and it is NOT HARD WORK!!!!

And it’s NOT what you’ve been told either. 

And believe it or not, that last “hour” I referred to was me chatting to folks on the phone, usually clients, but sometimes not.

The other guy was a well traveled and articulate individual. He had YEARS of experience selling products successfully, and yet, when he was confronted with a slightly different situation, he couldn’t figure it out for the life of him.

Does this sound familiar?

I’ll bet it does, my friend, and the GOOD news is, you don’t have to spend ages trying to figure out “why”.

You don’t have to spend ages trying to figure out “what works” and “what doesn’t”. You don’t have to spend time researching “the latest sales techniques”.

And if you’re a business owner, and trying to motivate your salespeople and get the best out of them? Well, no worries – we’ve got you covered there as well – and we’ve got ADVICE for you as well, which is NOT what you might “like” or “expect to hear”, but it’s stuff that WORKS.

No, I’ve collated it all in THIS course for you – and here is a “sneak” peek at what you can expect from this course: –

  • Dreamers are the ones that WIN – this ONE tip alone has the potential to change your ENTIRE life, my friend, so read – and implement – very carefully indeed.
  • Hard slog is NOT the answer – and I’ve quoted examples from my OWN experience on this.
  • Making those BIG sales – how to charge your customers MORE – and keep them so happy that they happily fork over the BUCKS with a huge smile on their face!
  • Why FEELINGS are FAR more important in terms of you closing that deal as opposed to other factors – and believe me, one of these “feelings” is so amazingly simple that you’ll be left scratching your head wondering “why you couldn’t figure it out before!”
  • Business owners? Trying to motivate your sales folks – or trying to figure out why “previous high achievers” have suddenly stopped making those sales? Well – you’ll read an oft ignored reason – and the way to FIX it in this course (and believe me, it isn’t what you might think. Hint – it’s NOT more hours spent in the office).

And much much more, my friend. The book title says “10 commandments of successful sales”, but I’ve actually given you about TWENTY golden nuggets in this book to be honest.


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Well first, because I (either knowingly or unknowingly) followed the principles I’ve laid out in “Zero to Hero”. The “knowingly or unknowingly” part is key.

The more you bear those principles in mind as you go through life, the more you’ll attract success to you without even really trying.

Conversely, if you “unknowingly” do the same thing, you’ll obviously attract success, but not at the levels you would in the first case.

Sounds kind of esoteric and I apologize, but it is what it is. The more you think and apply feeling to something, the more that “something” chases you. This is explained in “Zero to Hero”.

Second, because I applied what I’m going to tell you IN THE BOOK. All of that is PURELY SALES RELATED stuff, and it is all true.

All heart-felt and true facts and can be verified by dint of actual results.

And stuff that is crisp, clear and to the point.

Stuff that ACTUALLY works, my friend. It’s not just me talking and pounding out words in black and white on a keyboard. It ACTUALLY works in the real world.

Last but not least, nothing happens by magic. This applies as much to life as it does business.

There is a reason for everything. Bear that in mind as well as you go through this.

Join me on this ride as I walk you through the 10 tips, each one of them power packed with info that WILL allow you to sell in ANY situation regardless of what.

Did I just say 10? I think I ended up giving you more than 10 – 15 or 16, if I recall correctly, and each of THOSE tips is a gold nugget by itself.

Underpromise, and OVERDELIVER. A tip unto itself and deservedly so, and that is pretty much what I have done throughout this entire book (or short course, if you so choose).

This book was written, quite literally, and aptly so if I might say so “in the flow”. Thats how I write anyway, but THIS took “being in the flow” to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL altogether!

A $37.99 investment which given the success you can and WILL achieve from following these tips is quite literally a “singular deal you will NOT find anywhere else”.

And if you’re thinking that’s a steep price to pay – well – THINK AGAIN, my friend. The knowledge in this course is something you cannot learn from “internet searches” or “Googling” around or “asking your cubemate how to close that deal you’ve been trying to close for ages”.

It’s information that can be gleaned only from BEING there and done that – from BEING IN THE TRENCHES. And I’ve been there, my friend. Oh yes, I HAVE.

What would you rather do – fork over the measly thirty seven smackers and get access to information that could net you in EXCESS of $25000, $50000, or much, much more depending upon your goals?

Or, would you be content to sit around simple “scratching your ass” trying to figure out where that “hot” prospect, seemingly a “qualified” lead disappeared – while your competitors laugh all the way to the bank?

It’s simple, my friend. A $37.99 investment – a lifetime investment – for gains of the nature you cannot even begin to IMAGINE now – and it’s all yours, my friend – all yours for the taking right NOW – but only  if you make that CHOICE.

I know what I’d do if I were you, my friend. I’d stop “hemming and hawing” and I’d take action right now.

Successful people take ACTION – decisive action. Successful sales people are NO different in that regard.

Get started on the ROYAL ROAD TO RICHES – NOW, my friend. 


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(Remember, a membership to the 0 Excuses SHIP gets you access to ALL digital downloads for free (as long as your membership remains active)). 

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(Remember, a membership to the 0 Excuses SHIP gets you access to ALL digital downloads for free (as long as your membership remains active)). 

(Available as an e-book and yours to download right after making payment!)

I look forward to hearing back of your RESOUNDING success!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And no, it ain’t about the economy or what not. These tips work in ANY economy, YES, even the MOST SEVERE of downturns. Grab this NOW.