Kiddie Fitness

Kiddie Fitness

55 bodyweight exercises that will get your “young ‘un” FIT, STRONG and HEALTHY – and transform their lives almost OVERNIGHT!

Dear Reader,

As I was finishing up my work the other day – – a long, marathon writing session as it were (and that particular one was NOT for my fitness venture) – – my daughter trooped into the house, looking somewhat annoyed.

She’s only six years of age, but listening to her talk you’d think she was around 60 (at times). Whew!

And as the annoyance poured off her, I managed to get a word in sideways.

“Whats wrong”, I asked (or managed to!)

Well, turns out that she was with her grandparents – – who in turn were watching the Indian Prime Minister on T.V. “wax lyrical” about the shut downs he was going to impose upon India starting midnight that night – – a “voluntary curfew” to try and stop the spread of the dreaded COVID-19 virus as it were (as this is being in written in late March 2020, the COVID-19 scare – – or should I say UNWARRANTED PANIC has pretty much taken over the entire world, and India seems to be NO exception to the rule).

Anyway, she wasn’t letting them “listen” it seems, and one can’t blame her in many regards. I probably wouldn’t even have bothered to listen past the first line or so which is about as far as I get with Donald Trump (ONE of my, or I should say MY ONLY favorite politician – and thats saying a LOT, hehe). . .

Politics aside, asinine shutdowns and curfews aside, mass panic ASIDE – – kids have been impacted by all this as much as we have, my friend.

Picture a dog not being allowed to go for a walk for two or three days – – and I’m sure you’ll picture a dog thats gone STIR CRAZY.

Now, picture an active kid – 6 years of age – having NOWHERE to go – cooped up in the house with all sorts of very unhealthy distractions (the dumbphone, TV, laptop etc — all things we did NOT have when we were growing up) – – and you have a recipe for annoyance, cranky behavior – digestive and sleep issues (yes, even at a young age for many!) – – in short – a DISASTER.

Kids these days get NOWHERE near the levels of physical activity they need – and this isn’t me exaggerating in the slightest. From China to the U.S. to countries like India and (even!) Bangladesh – – childhood obesity is on the rise – – and HOW – – and FAST!

Kids these days are weaned on a diet of dumbphones and “molly coddling” as opposed to regular physical activity and “the school of hard knocks”, and it shows – especially in the flabby bellies showing up as young as 5 years of age – and – heaven forbid of all things – issues such as childhood diabetes, and other related issues!

I mean really – – a kid of 5 – – and OBESE – -or even fat?? Such a thing did NOT exist when we were young – – even if we didn’t “actively exercise” – – because we were always MOVING around!

Sadly, this sort of thing is the NORM as opposed to the EXCEPTION these days … 

Some of us had the right example to follow, and we exercised along with them. Some (such as yours truly) had the WORST example he could follow in terms of fitness – but somehow, somewhere, the fitness BUG kept coming back – – and therefore this “39 year old kid” is where he is today in terms of fitness, hehe.

However I could have got there a lot earlier – – and I could have done without the following –

A weak grip during my adolescent years when most teenage boys are doing their best to OUTDO each other – and have NO idea of how to strengthen said grip.

Shoulders that were so weak that some girls could throw the shot put farther than I did – this DESPITE me having what was outwardly a “slim figure”.

Those love handles – yes – at the age of 12 even – that the “tough guys” loved to pinch (until I fought back, which was another story – but still!).

Zero confidence to approach girls (well, at least from a “physical” standpoint if not mental, if you know what I mean)

And so forth. If you as an adult identify with any of this as a KID – – well – – rest assured, you’re not alone.

And being I have a six year old daughter, there is NO way I’d want HER going through her childhood with any of the above (ok, replace what I said above with the “girly” stuff but still!).

And …. …. believe me, while I know what it feels like to be the weak kid and bullied in class – all throughout my childhood pretty much – if you compare me then with the average kid today – I was in super shape back then.

One happy little girl striking a “muscle” pose after a great workout in the living room, hehe. 

Not kidding you, my friend.

The average kid these days is fat, lazy and slothful – and eats a ton of junk.

The average kid these days couldn’t run a block – – or even around the park – – without collapsing in exhaustion.

And the average kid these days couldn’t get into a bridge – – or the “table” position – – or a handstand – – to save his or her own life – – things we could probably all do when we were kids!

And none of this is good, my friend. In fact it’s BAD – and if you have KIDS – well – I’ll bet YOU don’t want them going through life the same way – feeling weak, dejected and picked upon – and health that rapidly starts to deteriorate past the teenage years.

And the main, root cause behind all this is – – lack of physical MOVEMENT, and therefore FITNESS (and strength etc).

All of this, of course leads me to one CENTRAL question …


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Are we all focusing on the wrong thing (overall)?

I don’t know what it is these days, but I’ve pretty much stopped “talking” to the vast majority of folks these days (except those on my list, my customers, family and so forth).

The world, for whatever reason is becoming more and more “polarized” (which is NOT a good thing globally) – – “isolated” (again, a BAD thing) – – and (worst of all, to me) – – logical thinking seems to have all but stopped.

While the signs were nigh years ago (folks laughed at me at that time when I mentioned all this. HA!), the recent COVID-19 going around is basically the “straw that broke the camel’s back” in terms of all this.

A t the time of writing this, half the people I know on social media are complaining that Republicans are the ones that can get the virus under control. Some are parroting Donald Trump’s initial line about “it being a hoax perpetuated by liberals”. Or something to that effect.

The Dems seem to be whinging about the fact that the “aid package” the government offered wasn’t run by THEM first before introducing it (if it’s been formally introduced to Congress as yet, that is). As if that would have helped anything. HA!

With regard to the rest of the world, you have one half claiming that the virus is literally “nothing to worry about” – – and the other half acting as if they’ve all already been struck down by lightning.

And as lockdowns due to the #covid19 accelerate globally (and as China still hasn’t returned to normalcy fully – not all parts of the country, at any rate) – it got me thinking.

Rather than these extended lockdowns – and “social distancing” (and don’t get me wrong, all of those are precautionary measures we should be taking … but rather than all of THIS – wouldn’t we (as a “globe”) be better off focusing on HEALTH – and FITNESS more than anything else?

This virus and indeed most others only really hit those with weak immune systems – social distancing or not – and the majority of people that contract it – newsflash – ACTUALLY – recover!

I’m not saying that governments around the globe are overreacting – but what I AM saying is this – there are better things to focus upon to stop the spread of the virus (and NOT be affected by it if you come in contact with an infected person – that being HEALTH AND FITNESS).

We keep hearing about “stimulus” packages – – and governments (China is one prime example) “pumping money into the system” to keep things going.

Sometimes that can be a good thing in some regards, but in the vast majority of cases guess what happens – inflation with a capital I when “non-existent” cash is pumped into an already strained financial system.

Then we have the global panic going on – and people stocking up (and fighting over) things as asinine as “toilet paper”. I recently saw a video of two (corpulent, I must say) ladies literally fighting tooth and nail over a 12 pack of toilet paper – – much like happens on Black Friday etc – – I kid you NOT!

And last, and not least – this mask nonsense. I’ve seen pets here wearing masks … and what truly astounds me is that the masks I see most people wearing aren’t even the N95’s that (may) stop you from contracting the disease.

They’re the regular surgical masks which the CDC and pretty much EVERY doctor out there – – and medical organization  – – have very clearly said are a “last resort measure”, if even that. And even the N95’s as far as I know haven’t really been approved for extended use as they’re being used now.

Amidst all this panic buying, “social distancing”, “global shutdown” and so forth – I truly believe we’re FORGETTING to focus on the one thing that is most important – EXERCISE.

Sure, staying at home may reduce your chances of getting the virus – – but judging by what I am seeing and hearing from most people, it does ZILCH in terms of reducing your chances of contracting other health related issue – obesity related issues, for one.

Not to mention falling ill from other issues, as people stay home, NOT moving – – and shoving unhealthy food down their gullet (all the while making excuse about “well, we’re stuck for now”) …

So again, the question begets – are we really focusing on the right thing?

I’ve spoken before about focusing on what you WANT – – not what you don’t – – and the vast majority of folks out there seem hell bent on the latter rather than the former!

Instead of constantly focusing on the virus which seems to have headlined just about every news outlet out there – would we NOT be better off focusing on things like WALKNG, for instance – – which is the best tonic you can provide for your immune system – and not to mention overall health, strength and fitness levels?

Or DEEP BREATHING, for one.  As Farmer Burns famously once said, deep breathing alone made many a sick man weak, and many a weak man strong!

Or, pushups. Do a 100 pushups a day religiously for a year, and chances are you won’t contract ANY sort of virus – – or flu – – or whatever it is for the ENTIRETY of the year – – and no, that is NOT an over-exaggeration whatsoever!!

Again, no, I’m not “criticizing” government responses to this – and I’m not saying it’s not serious. And I’m not even getting into the “whys and wherefores” and (as one reader recently emailed me saying) “airy fairy stuff about the Universe and it’s laws” (no, it’s NOT “airy fairy” – – its actually as scientific as anything else you’ve read, but all good for now!).

What I AM saying is this -we’re focusing on the WRONG things as a GLOBE.

The first thing we SHOULD think of, and hear about upon waking up is our OWN health and fitness levels – -and that, my friend, is today’s message.

And other than our own health and fitness levels – those of our nearest and DEAREST – which means – our KIDS – and even if they aren’t “your kids” – – kids in general.

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Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!


But wait a minute, my friend. Wait just a minute!

Up “there” I mentioned the story of my daughter’s annoyance, but what I didn’t mention is what we did to resolve this.

I was sipping green tea at the time.

“Honey, do you want some green tea?”

You’d think she would say heck yes – after all this is a kid that has been – literally – guzzling – (think bottoms up!) – green tea ever since she was a toddler – actually, before that …!

(NO, I’m NOT kidding – and I’ve got photos so it DID happen – very regularly – and looking at the sort of shape she is in NOW – well – I can only say we made the right decision!)

But this wasn’t a one year old Barbara. It was a cranky six year old, and in typical “tantrum like” style she declined the offer.

OK …

Come, lets exercise a little, I said.


“Ok”, I said, while (mock) shrugging. “I will”.

“Papa’s tired, and he needs a  break!” And that being said, I got down into the “table” position – one of the most relaxing for me (and one of the the TOUGHEST positions for most adults, even FIT adults to even get into – let alone hold).

And the following moment, it was like a switch had been flipped – – and a broad grin swept across my daughter’s face.

“I can do that too!” she proudly proclaimed, and quickly got down into a LETTER perfect – I mean that – “tablemaker” position!

I made a few minor adjustments to her style, while complimenting her all the time.

“You’re doing great, Barb!”, and I meant every word. She was – except her neck wasn’t back as it should be – but other than that – LETTER perfect!

And as I got down on the floor again to join her, she jumped up on my chest – and for those of you that keep clamoring “pics or it didnt happen” – well – the following pic should tell you it DID happen.

And then THIS happened.

And so forth. And before I knew I had the idea for “Kiddie Fitness”, and I ran that by my daughter, who was not only glad to (as she put it) “model” for the book – – but also stay up till midnight fleshing out the details of the exercises with me (well, or trying to, as I fleshed them out for her!).

Not to mention a late night impromptu workout session after dinner. Guess who slept well – darn well – that night!

The above should give you not one OBVIOUS – but TWO valuable lessons, my friend. See if you can spot ’em!

WHO did I write this course for?


This course is for YOU if …

  • You’re a parent, and your kids are lazy and overweight – – and you can’t get them to workout no matter what you do.
  • You’re a physical instructor, or kiddie sports coach, or “P.E.” instructor, or such (note – – LOTS of these movements work great in P.E class, for instance!)
  • Your kids (or kids you know, or coach) are preparing for sports competitions – – especially contact sports such as wrestling and the such (note – these movements ALONE will not be sufficient for sports such as wrestling etc, but they DO make for a great overall “base” to be built!).
  • You’re a high school student and can’t seem to find the time to get a few quick workouts in – – but want.
  • You’re a parent – and are looking to spend quality “bonding” time with your kid that does NOT fall into the “laptop” or “dumbphone” or “video game” category!
  • You (and/ your kids) want to get FIT – quick – and lose oodles of fat while doing so – – all in the privacy of your living room!
  • You want an “all in one” FUN workout for your kids that will build strength and eliminate excess FLAB – – all at one shot.
  • If your kids lack CONFIDENCE – either in terms of interacting with their peers – – or in terms of interacting with the opposite sex (for older kids)
  • If your kids are getting bullied, and despite all your pleas to them to “give them one to the gut” – – they just aren’t able to do so – – or don’t have the physical FORTITUDE to do so!

And so forth … And now it’s time for another intensely personal tale, which I believe merits being shared and mentioned HERE.

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Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!

WHAT THEY SAID! (Customer reviews) … 

The movements are deceptively simple, but give you a workout. It’s presented in a way that you are more or less playing with your kids while improving their health, endurance, and strength. Suitable for pretty much all school aged children as well – some of the movements can be done by younger kids, if you can get them to follow along…. Teens may be “too cool” but start ’em young and you’ll get past that when the time comes. If it is too late to start ’em young, trick them into thinking it is their idea, or show them the book and have them come up with a program and coach you on it.

Lee Lowder

When my daughter got bullied at school 

Yes, it happens – – to the best of us. From Charles Atlas (dynamic tension virtuoso) – to “Iron” Mike Tyson – – to Herschel Walker – and a host of other people you’d never in your wildest dreams think got bullied when they were young.

Difference between them and the average Joe is they didnt let that bullying CRUSH them.

They USED that anger – and used it PRODUCTIVELY – and how!

I’ve mentioned my own story on this above and in my emails many a times before, of course, but one afternoon as I went to pick up my then 4 year old daughter from school, it happened.

There was a bigger kid in her class that was talking to her – and WITHOUT warning – out of the blue – he up and just smacked her across the face – FOR NO REASON – with no provocation!

To add insult to injury, the father just stood there and stared, albeit in a sort of “oh no, I wish this hadn’t happened manner”. I wonder why the kid became a bully in the first place … HMM!!

And though I was furious, I managed to somehow control myself, and told my daughter the following very calmly  as she started to wail.

“Barb, what did I tell you about people that hit you with no provocation?”


“Smack ’em back, and hard! Papa’s here – just do it!”

And just like that, the switch was flipped – and she backhanded him once and the effect was almost comical as a kid far bigger than her just burst into his own version of WAILS – and the father slunk away with his kid.

Thats what you call CONFIDENCE – that comes from having a parent that BACKS you no matter what – something I did NOT have growing up (the opposite, in such cases).

Thats also what you call confidence that comes from the right physical TRAINING (or exercise), my friend.

Now, the “more liberal” (I use quotes out here for a reason) of you may be cringing at this point, saying “I shouldn’t be teaching her how to solve problems with her fists”.

Well, thats fine – all fine and dandy if you believe that, and if you want your kids to go through school as a weakling and being picked upon – but I don’t – and I aint gonna apologize for it either.

I believe in TIT for TAT. An eye for an eye in certain cases, and bullying is definitely one of them.

If someone hits you – hit ’em hard – as hard as you can – and over and over again until they don’t DARE again is what I told my daughter, and the next time this happened – well – I’m sure you can guess what she did!

(Hint – it was NOT to burst into tears, hehe).

And “popping bullies like balloons” is by far NOT the only thing your kid will gain from working upon the exercises laid out in this course, my friend.

This course will give your kid the confidence – – the INNATE confidence to succeed at LIFE, my friend – – both in terms of fitness – and goals.

This course will give your kid the CONFIDENCE to approach any endeavor with a “I’m a winner” mindset – – and that alone is worth VOLUMES in today’s day and age of “pansies”, if you get my drift.

And most of all, this course will give your kid the PHYSIQUE to back their talk up – – something most sorely lacking in not just kids these days – – but adults as well.

Invest in this course NOW, my friend – – it truly IS the very best GIFT you can give your kids!

How this course will TRANSFORM your kids LIFE – for the BETTER!

  • If your kids are suffering from being overweight – tired – or lethargic – or easily prone to weight gain around the midsection – – well, this course will ELIMINATE those issues.
    • You’ll find that their appetite improves tremendously – – and that they will always be RAVENOUS (as opposed to you having to “fight” to get them to eat, especially regular meals) – – which is as it should be at a tender age!
  • Kiss goodbye to flatulence and digestive issues forever once you get on this course (hint – this holds true for you ADULTS out there as well!)
    • Believe me, it SHOCKS me that IBS, bloating and other MORE serious medical issues affect not only adults these days – – but kids as young as 5! Something HAS to be done about this – – wouldnt you agree??
  • Your kids will sleep a heck of a lot better, and will NOT require a daily dose of “dumbphone videos” to “fall asleep” to! In fact, they’ll be so tired that they’ll probably conk out as soon as they hit the hay – as it should be.
  • Crankiness, and “attitude problems” will become a thing of the past as their negative emotions get SPENT while exercising – – replaced with a happy, confident vibe that will make “tantrums” pretty much a thing of the past.
    • And who wouldn’t want that, huh? hehe…
  • If your kids are getting bullied at school – – well – – the confidence they get from getting better at these exercises will put paid to that. Bullies are cowards, and once they sense the vibe – guess what – they’ll stay away!
  • Weight gain around the midsection will become a thing of the PAST.
  • Your kids will develop an insatiable APPETITE for exercise – done right – and this will last them in good stead during their adulthood as well for obvious reasons. Old habits die hard, as you know!
    • And when YOU yourself drop down and do these exercises with them – – well – – they’ll be DELIGHTED – – and you’ll never again once have to “ask them to exercise!”
  • These exercises aren’t the boring “yoga shmoga” nonsense, or Jane Fond type aerobics – – and obviously not what you see in the gym. These are FUN exercises and mimic natural movements – – movements that your child (and possibly even you, once you’re hooked on to some of this!) will WANT do to – daily – first thing in the morning!
    • As my daughter said the other day upon waking up, first thing – – “Papa, when can we take the pictures”?
    • You’ll get exercises that mimic how WILD animals move about in the wild – exercises that will get your young ‘un fit as a fiddle within a workout or three, if I might say so!
  • I’ve often heard that kids are shorter (and certainly a lot less stronger) these days than they used to be – – and these exercises will go a long, long way towards rectifying that!
  • 55 different exercises, and 10 different sample workouts that your kids can use for as long as they want – without getting bored – and without you having to “push” them to workout – – and so can you. That alone to me is worth the entire “price of admission”, me thinks!
  • Your kids will NOT need a gym – or “dance class” – or basketball court to train in. Although something is better than nothing, what does one do when those alternatives (such as during the current COVID-19 outbreak??) when said alternatives are NOT available?
    • All your kids will need is a few square feet of space and perhaps a wall to stop them from falling when they start, but that is IT, my friend.
    • And if you choose to follow along – that is all you too will need!

And more!

And back to GIFTS …

Who would NOT want to give their kid a gift – or two – or many? In fact, I’d be willing to bet my bottom dollar that even the most “tough love” oriented parent would on occasion, or three, or more probably want their kids to have nice things – good things – things they will enjoy – things that will help them – stand them in good stead – – and so forth…

And on that note, think about it.

Think about the things you DO give your kids. Chocolates, music systems, the latest gizmos, dumb phones (China has this new fad of “smart watches” – ugh!) – – Alexa contraptions from Amazon … the works.

Junk food. Pastries galore from Maxims. The latest toys. The latest “fashionable clothes”.

And so forth. Kids have it good these days, hehe, and I KNOW what you’re thinking if you’re a parent reading this.

Hey, we didnt have it good – – not near as good, but times have changed now, so why not make sure MY KID gets everything I didn’t?

And if that is YOU, well – great – and kudos to for you for thinking that way.

Despite what a lot of you might think I’m NOT the strict taskmaster I am with myself in terms of my daughter. When she wants a sugary treat or a chocolate, for instance, I hardly tell her to drop down and pound out “20” to earn it, for instance.

No – so long as she’s eating a decent meal along with it, I’ll tell her to have it. No problemo!

Ditto for other purchases I make for her, but here’s the point.

The VERY BEST GIFT I – as a parent – and you as a parent, or even well wisher – can give a KID – is the GIFT OF GOOD HEALTH that LASTS.

And the gift of GOOD HABITS that will hold them in good stead for years to come, my friend. Literally years and years.

Good habits that will make sure they stay in good health until they have kids of their own – and beyond, hehe.

Good habits that will eliminate those pesky doctor visits as they grow up.

Good habits that will STAY with them their entire lives – and HELP them succeed – – in no matter WHAT endeavor they choose.

And, as I finish this letter, my daughter’s smiling face (replete with two milk teeth that haven’t quite fallen, hehe) – and her ROAR as she did the “tiger bend” (a variation, you’ll see in the book!) and POUNCED towards me?

Well, priceless ,my friend – – and if there was ever any selling to be done in terms of this product – – well – – that last line DID it better than I ever could!

Jump on this now, my friend. It truly is the best investment you will EVER make for your kid!

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has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!

has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!



Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Write back and let me know how your kid does, and I will feature you – and your kid – in both the daily emails and the testimonials section of the site!