Fitness Central – Volume #3


Sculpt the body of your DREAMS with these 51 down to earth training tips – each one a GOLDMINE of info unto itself!

Dear Reader,

If you’ve bought the first two copies of Fitness Central (which you really should have by now) – you already KNOW what this book is all about!

You already know that this book is about 51 MORE hard hitting, practical, down to earth, no-nonsense training tips that should be a part of every serious trainee’s “Bible” (hey, that’s an idea for a new product – – although the “pagans” amongst you might not like it, hehe).

Ok, so I’m joking. Personally yours truly is a huge, huge believer in the Universe – – and Universal Energy, but when it comes to “man man” religion, I’m an ardent NON believer, and proud of it too.

Why – well, that’s another book unto itself, but for now, suffice it to say that what I DO believe in is giving it to you STRAIGHT when it comes to fitness tips – – and stuff that other folks don’t want to talk about in general, both in terms of fitness and life and anything else I’ve written about.

What I do believe in a ZERO excuses, no B.S. approach when it comes to fitness. I believe in going in ALL guns blazing when it comes to fitness (or life, for that matter) goals – -and keeping that approach going until I get what I’m after.

This approach has served me well in the following endeavors (thus far) – –

Go from being overweight, obese and out of shape and a “humungous” 120 kgs … to a “svelte” 60 kgs or so.

Go from someone who was born with terrible genetics in terms of “body shape” etc … to someone whose routinely told he has “good genetics”.

Go from (this one is literally world famous) being able to do no more than 5 or so pull-ups in a workout (this is still more than the average adult does!) – to 100’s of pull-ups in EVERY workout.

Go from someone who couldn’t hike hills to save his life when he started out – – to someone who can hike hills ALL day without the slightest sign of fatigue.

And much, much more …

And those are just the fitness related achievements. If I were to tell you the OTHER changes I’ve made in my life by using my “0 Excuses” philosophy, you’d literally be BLOWN away – NO puns intended whatsoever!

So if you needed more reasons on why it’s a good idea to follow me, listen to me and buy my products – – well, you’ve got ‘em right there above!

Now, before continuing, can I guarantee the EXACT same results for you if you read this book – along with the other two books on fitness tips – – or the other manuals I’ve penned thus far?

Well, no. I cannot guarantee the SAME results, but what I can guarantee is this – you’ll improve your health and fitness levels dramatically by following even ONE – or two – of these tips.

Your flexibility and endurance will skyrocket. You’ll learn quickly that you don’t need forever to get a great workout in.

Aches and pains of yore will disappear within DAYS of blending these tips in with what I recommend in 0 Excuses Fitness.

And most of all, you’ll learn VALUABLE things with regard to fitness – valuable info that will serve you well for your entire life – and info that I’ve literally spent years learning “in the trenches” as it were.

They say that life is the best teacher by far, and I should know, my friend. I should know!

And while the first two books in this series were damn good, I’ve gone a step FURTHER here, and put together even more valuable tips – – in an even more “in your face” controversial manner, more so than I normally do!

If you love my 0 Excuses style, you’ll love this book, and will likely not want to put it down. If you have the paperback version, it’ll probably be dog eared soon enough from repeated use – – and you’ll probably be taking it along with the other two books to your workouts as well!

What you’ll learn and how you’ll BENEFIT from this book 


  • How shorter workouts can be just as – – in fact, way more effective than the long, drawn out workouts you’ve been advised to do – – and how they benefit your HEALTH and MINDSET more than you could ever imagine!
  • How foreign devils in China workout – –and why these workouts are so brutally effective! Yet another one “for the books” as it were …
  • Why your breath is literally the most important thing you should focus upon during your exercise routine – – and how you can burn fat off your frame almost instantly once you start applying the right breathing techniques. Believe me – – THIS tip alone is something most folks would be happy to drop more than a hundred smackers on to learn!
  • You’ll learn about my much vaunted and much famous (all over the Internet) hill climb from China, and how it benefited me, and how similar workouts can benefit YOU!
  • You will learn how to get cardio workouts in like NEVER before – workouts that take less than 15 minutes, and leave you soaked in sweat, burning fat like never before and feeling on TOP of the world.
  • You’ll learn how to build massive arms, and that BARREL chest you have always wanted. Guys, drop the gym memberships NOW – they won’t give you benefits remotely resembling these.
  • How you can literally DOUBLE your energy in LESS the time.
  • What I think of “abdominal training gadgets” and other fitness “machines” they sell on late night TV infomercials, and why!
  • Why training like an animal is a great, great idea. Ever seen cats in the wild, for instance, train on split schedules, take long breaks between “sets of runs” and so forth? I don’t think so … and I don’t think the average gym goer can hold a CANDLE to the amazing strength and flexibility these “beasts” posess!
  • They say kids can teach us a LOT about not just training, but life in general – – and one of the tips touches specifically upon this – – and again, it’s a tip worth it’s weight in GOLD to be frank.



And much, much more. Dive in now, and be prepared to be GOB SMACKED with “never seen before” info on fitness that’ll literally have you burning fat, building muscle and SCULPTING your body from the inside out at the soonest.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – You won’t find tips of this nature anywhere else, my friend. It’s only at 0 Excuses Fitness Central that we give it to you STRAIGHT – and give you the stuff that WORKS. So if you’re in any way, shape or form interested in fitness – pull out that credit card NOW and let’s GO!