The 0 Excuses “Book Combo”

The 0 Excuses “Book Combo” 




Dear reader,

Oh  my GOD. I done gone nuts, and that much is true – especially after the workout I had today.

The good feeling BE going, my friend.

The blood BE pumping.

The shoulders ARE torched, and yet not – that “worked to the bone” feeling you get after a super, super workout – and as for the grip?

Well, lets just “unnatural x 2”. Or “kungfu x 2”, hehe.

Yes, I just got done with one of the best workouts of my life, and while I’m not writing this to divulge what I did, I’ll give you a hint (it’s a custom “King King” workout) and for those of you that are “in the know” about my latest product through my blog etc know what I’m yellin about, my friend.

But again – I’m not writing this to tell you about my workout, although I should rightfully pen a tome or two about it, given how awesome it was, and given how even 10% of the workout would flatten the average gym goer.

Much like I say in 0 Excuses Fitness, but anyway, I’m feeling so darn GOOD right now that in addition to the sale I’ve got going on right now on the site I’ve decided to give y’all an ADDITIONAL bonus – or discount, whatever you choose to call it.

I’m giving you some of the my  products as a COMBO – which for those not in the know translates into “package DEAL”.

DEAL. That’s right, because here is what you’ll be getting in the 0 Excuses Fitness Combo, my friend –

  • The path breaking 0 Excuses Fitness book – a value of $37.99 (and that’s being conservative to be honest).
  • My recently updated “Gorilla Grip” – a value of $17.99 – and this alone can put some of the so called grip monsters out there to shame within a matter of seconds, and I’m NOT kidding.
  • Zero to HERO – I speak a lot about the mental aspect of things in 0 Excuses Fitness, and Zero to HERO takes it several steps further. Much in demand, and NOW part of this special combo, my friend – a value of $45.99.
  • And last, but not least The Simple and Effective Diet, which sells for thirty smackers normally – a value of $30.

(Books only – no videos as part of this special offer)

Now, if I were to total the value of all this it comes to approximately USD 132, my friend, if I’ve got the Math right, but that price tag doesnt even come close to justifying the REAL value you get from any one of these products.

Truth be told, I could charge you a thousand bucks for all this, and still feel as if that price tag doesnt justify the knowledge and information in this books.

But guess what – as part of my “awesome feeling” day, I’m NOT even going to charge you USD132.

I’m going to give you this combo for a downright STEAL.

I’m going to give you to for USD 99, my friend.

That’s right – USD99 for all this – less than a hundred bucks.

Less than the price of a coffee a day at Starbucks, and certainly less than what the average “tub of lard” spends on cheese laden pizzas and other “delicacies” (not) per month.

And the value you get in terms of health and overall BENEFIT – well – let’s just say PRICELESS.

I doubt I’ll be able to offer this package deal for much longer, so take advantage of it while you can. In fact, I might have to pull it off the market after about a week or so given the “popular demand” for such a combo and the reduced price tag.

Jump on this NOW – get in while the going is good.

REMEMBER - You get a FLAT 20 percent off your FIRST PURCHASE (min order value - $100). Make sure and get a few more products to get this discount (use coupon code - FLAT20)

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REMEMBER - You get a FLAT 20 percent off your FIRST PURCHASE (min order value - $100). Make sure and get a few more products to get this discount (use coupon code - FLAT20)

have been added to your cart!