16 Inspirational fitness recollections

16 INSPIRATIONAL fitness recollections

That will have YOU chomping at the bit … for your OWN workout!

Dear Reader

If there ever was a product I enjoyed creating – – it is this!

This morning, as I chatted with a lady from Shanghai (a high powered lawyer of all things, hehe) my brain – and MEMORY – went into overdrive.

We were talking about life – and workouts – and bodyweight exercise – and the conversation soon got around to LIFE – again.

“I wake up at 6 A.M.”, she stated. “I get so much more done!”

And in true form, she sent me a picture of her day – neatly planned out – almost as if it was on an Excel spreadsheet, planned out right down to the last minute – – and coming from a lawyer, that doesn’t sound out of place either!

Now, I’m NOT much of a one for early mornings, although I HAVE been in the past – most commonly when I was climbing the hill at the wee hours of the morning.

Let me tell you, slogging up that hill was NO joke at 530 AM in the morning – especially during COLD and DESERTED winters – so deserted and DARK that it would be me and my trust phone torch – – and perhaps an oldie or two “Angel of the City” blaring out to keep me company for a while, hehe.

I got some of the best workouts in – of my LIFE at that time – and I still remember EACH and every one of those numerous workouts, strange as it might sound!

And I still remember EACH and every one of my workouts when I was in college – and the FEELING behind them.

I still remember climbing up a hill in POURING weather that most wouldn’t even consider going out in.

I still remember … ah, but this is the entire point of me writing THIS – and telling you THIS!!


Rahul Mookerjee making his way up the hill … “military style”!!

Just writing these tales – and recollections – got me so fired up that I literally pounded out a 100 pushups right there in my study -right after writing about a 15000 words or so (give or take) – and if this inspires me – a VETERAN when it comes to fitness and working out – I can just imagine what it will do to you, my friend.

If you’ve got a pulse – just reading all this will inspire you like nothing else!

If you’re overweight – just READING about how I went out there and did it – – day by day – – rain, sun or shine – or hail, on occasion, hehe – – will give you JUST the boost you need!

As my friend Marc once sagely said “I think you’re great at motivating people”.

And I am – – and I enjoy doing it – – which is of course the reason I write my daily emails and newsletters – and do everything else I do on a daily basis.

When I put FEELING (and indeed, when YOU put feeling) into my words and actions is when I perform best – and so will YOU, my friend.

So will YOU – as you literally FEEL the emotion pouring off my words.

As you’re literally “there” with me, for instance, as I climb up the hill LATE at night – – or perhaps meet the old man in China I’ve met in the late afternoons!

You’ll feel me “breathing fire” – – so much so that YOU might well feel it too!!

You’ll BE THERE  with me as I psyched up for that final climb.

You’ll be there with me, all those years ago, as yours truly went for a swim with his grandfather – at 430 AM in the morning, no less.

Did any of that inspire you? I bet it did – and while all of this probably paved the way for my own fitness routines and indeed, LOVE for exercise …  it will for you too when you read it!

If you have a pulse, in short – you’ll be inspired by these writings – – so much so that the lethargy of years will slip away.

You’ll no longer want to sit on the couch flicking idly through Netflix – and the latest shows.

You’ll no longer wonder about “what to do with your day” (especially when you’re forced indoors such as a time like this when we are all dealing with global LOCKDOWNS due to the COVID-19).

You’ll feel a sense of EXHILARATION  pumping through your veins as you read these – – and then do your OWN workouts!

If there is one thing the modern day man needs, it’s motivation, my friend.

And in terms of LIFE – – well – – Gumption Galore is a collection of writings that do it. I’ve recommend keeping a copy of it at your bedside for DAILY reading, and rightfully so.

And in terms of fitness inspiration – this is it – – this is quite literally your “Mecca and Medina” (ah, thats a recollection from Fast and Furious Fitness, hehe).


THIS is what you want to read – time and time again – until it becomes DOG eared – or until the keys on your computer get WORN out (especially the page up and page down keys, hehe) from READING THIS.

AND THIS, my friend – is inspiration that most of us are sorely lacking – – and need in the real world!

And thats why I put this little collection out.

Some of the inspiration you’ll get from this, includes … but is NOT limited to …

  • Doing 500 pushups a day is a goal many people have – but how many folks actually SHOOT for this goal?
    • More to the point, how many people actually DO it – on a daily basis? You’ll feel my “pain” and the sweat – blood – and TEARS as I literally take you through MY OWN 500 pushup workouts back in the day – – and you’ll be motivated to do MORE – yourself!
  • Waking up early in the A.M. might not be everyone’s cup of tea – – and certainly not WORKING out at that early hour, hehe. But I’ll bet you anything you’ll want to get it done – at any hour – AM, PM, or in the between — after reading THESE tales!
  • Walking, climbing, running and HIKING hills is a great, great way to get fit. “I know that already!” I hear you saying. . . OK, but what you do NOT know is the plethora of different ways a hill can lend itself to a workout – – and the PLETHORA of conditions you can ACCOMPLISH SAID workout in …
    • And you’ll feel a sheer sense of exhilaration – the sort of thing most people rarely feel, because they’ve never done it – as I FELT – after accomplishing the seemingly impossible and UNDOABLE – day after day, month after month – both in terms of LIFE – weight loss – and FITNESS!
  • You’ll be inspired like never before – and perhaps moved to tears, as I was when writing it when you read the tale of my grandfather I mention here …
  • You will learn MORE about the hill I love so much – – and the ONE exercise that literally made me grow out of my shirts at an age where most people usually give up on exercise for GOOD.
  • You’ll know what it means to workout TOUGH. To get REAL – BRUTAL – and just do it.
  • And you’ll know the sense of satisfaction one feels when your workouts are commented upon by fitness EXPERTS – REAL experts, by the way – and when you get comments like “Are you in the military”?


And much, much more, my friend. The above is inspirational, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg, and I could write – literally – another book on the INSPIRATION you get from these 15 power packed writings.

15 POWER PACKED and INSPIRATIONAL writings – for YOURS – to GRAB – right now, my friend. Don’t hesitate a minute longer – dive in NOW, and be swept into my WORLD!

This course is being offered for $39.99, $19.99 for now.Considering the VALUE of the motivation therein – which if CHANNELED CORRECTLYU can literally skyrocket YOU to levels of fitness – and success – hitherto UNHEARD of – I’d probably be justified charging a far higher price for it, my friend – but for now – I won’t.

I’d like for this to get into as many hands as possible, and so I’m offering it at the throwaway price of $19.99 for now, to ensure AS MANY people as possible benefit from the intense and EXTREME dose of PURE, UNADULTERATED MOTIVATION contained therein!

Grab it at the SPECIAL price I’m offering it  for now – this price WILL go up, up and UP as stocks “fly off the shelves” as it were.

Oh and once you’re done – – write back with how these tales inspire YOU – and I might just put together another edition!



Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And just so you know – – just as an added BONUS – – this little BUNDLE OF INSPIRATION contains NEVER SEEN BEFORE PICTURES. A picture truly is worth a thousand words, my friend – – and as you see these pictures, you’ll literally be there “with me” even more so than if you just read about it. Grab it NOW – it truly is a steal for the $19.99 price I’m offering it for now!!