Battletank SHOULDERS


Build ABRAMS TANK like SHOULDERS and “runaway tusker” like upper body strength with the exercises and routines in this book

Dear reader,

We all know that despite the hoo haa about the chest being the most “impressive” part on a man, it’s actually NOT.

While huge, rounded pecs may “look” good to some (not to me – certainly NOT the bloat you see on most modern day bodybuilders – looks more like female you know what under that tank top than actual MANLY pecs).

Don’t get me wrong – the pecs are certainly important – but we’ve been sold a bill of goods on what constitutes REAL strength on a man.

Real strength does NOT equate to a HUGE chest – usually combined with a wimpy shoulers and lat build.

The REAL cornerstone of a man (or woman, for that  matter)’s upper body strength comes from the SHOULDERS, my friend.

Not the chest. Not even the back – upper mid, or traps – although the BACK IS – and SHOULD be developed to it’s FULLEST!

There is a reason, my friend, that we have the “broad shouldered man” saying in English and other languages.  There is a reason that broad, strong, dense and mammoth shoulders not only look powerful – but ARE powerful – and inspire AWE in the eyes of onlookers!

And the reason? Well, simple … the SHOULDERS are what connect your entire upper body together.

The traps, chest, and upper back – guess what brings it all together?

That’s right – the shoulders – and any machine, human or not is only as strong as it’s “core” – and the shoulders form the VERY core of the human upper body, my friend.

Take a look at the pictures below of the Farnese Hercules:

The Farnese Hercules

You’ll notice that not only does the sculpture have ripped abs – – but you may also notice the “compact” yet powerful chest. You WILL no doubt notice the broad SHOULDERS – – and the massive back!

Not to mention those corded forearms and thick, brawny upper arms that looked (and probably could!) slay lions on command!

There’s certainly NONE of the bloat we associate with the modern day bodybuilder is there? Certainly no “man boobs” going on here either!

Way back in the day, folks knew that bodyweight exercises done correctly could build levels of upper body development and power that were unrivalled by few. Way back in the day men – or should I say REAL MEN (hint – modern day man today is NOT what I’d consider to be a real man or anywhere close to it) certainly didn’t spend hours yakking away at the nearest “benching station” or preening and posing after the “latest PR” with the bros.

Rahul Mookerjee about to partake of a bonafide BATTLETANK workout!

Way back in the day – when MEN were ACTUALLY strong – they did NOT – I repeat, NOT – spend hours and hours yanking desperately at one of the most worthless modern day inventions there is; that being the lat pulldown machine – an open invitation to injury if there ever was one.

Way back in the day, REAL MEN didn’t bother about six packs – or waspishly thin midsections to “get the girls” or “flaunt at the spa” (hoo boy, how manly huh?) They bothered about what was important – building real strength – real CHARACTER – and doing so with vim, vigor gumption and the RIGHT exercises!

Combine that with the modern day mess of a man. Most modern day men are a pale, if at all, imitation of what Nature intended them to be.

Flabby midsections, double chins, limp fish like handshakes and the rest of it galore.

And worst of all, and amazingly enough, absolutely no will power to CHANGE any of this.

Ask the modern day man to do something about any of this, and you’ll get a “resigned” sigh and a “Oh, I benched so and so at the gym”, or some sad, sorry spiel about how “life is so busy that I haven’t had time to workout”.

Or some sob story about drinking too much the last night. Some sorry ass tale about “my girl dumping me”.

Yada, nada, schnada – and yet even the modern day man knows DEEP down inside that he was never intended to be the pathetic mess that he is – both physically and MENTALLY.

As I mentioned in the elementary Shoulders like Boulders course (a course that has more than plenty to knock the average gym goer, trainee, or “pumper” on their can for the rest of their lives), back in the day when bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts were really strong – – they KNEW the importance of having strong, massive, shoulders.

Huge shoulders and traps that seem to “melt” into these shoulders – – MASSIVE shoulders like BOULDERS – nay – BATTLETANKS – – shoulders that smack of raw power, dexterity, and have functional strength in spades!


(Currently being sold as an e-book – so there are NO waiting times involved for shipping – – download right after making payment!)

But let’s get back on point – the man you KNOW you were supposed to be as opposed to the flabby, bloated, corpulent, “gaseous” and whiny mess that most modern day men seem to have turned into.


Deep down inside of the modern day man, there exists a YEARNING. A DEEP rooted NATURAL desire to be more – to BREAK free of the modern day slovenly and self imposed “CPBC” shackles.

To break free of the “BPR” (beer pizza rumpus) routines and get into some REAL PHYSICAL routines to get rid of that flabbiness and emptiness forever.

Couch, Pizza, Beer and Commode – and I wouldn’t be shittin ya to tell you that the only real exercises that most modern day men get is either beer curls or half-squatting their lard asses down on the porcelain throne after yet another night of gorging on junk and liqor.

Regardless though,  Mother Nature did NOT intend for the modern day man to be a caricature of himself the way he is today. Mother Nature did NOT intend for the modern day man to eat junk and pound out a few reps on machines (while tearing muscles and getting that “false” pump while doing so) and claim they’re “building real strength”.

No – Mother Nature intended for the modern day man to be just as strong as his ancestors – – if not MORE – – and as SOLID!

Mother Nature intended for the modern day man to be not just strong physically – but mentally as well. To look obstacles in the eye no matter how seemingly unsurmountable and BARGE past them (or through them) with the FEROCITY of a BATTLETANK!

Mother Nature did not intend for the modern day man to “curl up into a ball” when faced with serious problems. No – she intended for him to SMASH through said obstacles with the UNWAVERING fury and “bloody minded” cussedness of a runaway bull tusker ready to do BATTLE.

My earlier Shoulders like Boulders course taught you exercises that if done correctly are really all you need to build an upper body like rock solid GRANITE – but THIS course goes a step further, my friend.

This course is REAL MAN *100 – and it will give you RESULTS accordingly as well.


(Currently being sold as an e-book – so there are NO waiting times involved for shipping – – download right after making payment!)

It will give you strength akin to a human version of a “runaway tusker”,
my friend – – unrivalled upper body strength along with ferocious, animal like “unnatural” levels of power and endurance.

You do know what a “tusker” is, don’t you? A tusker is parlance for a full grown bull elephant – replete with tusks and all.

An adult male “tusker”

Tuskers, while generally calm creatures have been known to go on mindblowing RAMPAGES when they are provoked,  and I still remember a tour to Corbett National Park in India (home of the Bengal tiger amongst other things).

The first thing that was posted at the gate of the park was a notice in the local language which roughly translated into English read “If a tusker starts to pursue your car – put in reverse – and get the heck out of Dodge as soon and quickly as possible”.

In one word – RUN and DO NOT stop to look back!

 An enraged “tusker” on the rampage.

Let me tell you, an elephant has some serious size and strength to it, my friend – and you do NOT want to be in it’s way when it’s ticked off!

And why am I telling you all this?

Well – because although you’ll never even come close to becoming as strong as a wild elephant, you’ll be every bit as strong and then some as it’s human counterpart if you avail yourself of the exercises/routines in this book.

YOU will go through life and PLOW through the obstacles that life throws up, willy nilly, without warning with GUSTO and APLOMB – like a runaway tusker ready to do BATTLE –  and that is without even mentioning the confidence galore that you’ll build from following these routines.


(Currently being sold as an e-book – so there are NO waiting times involved for shipping – – download right after making payment!)


But every serious trainee knows that the body is but one part of a REAL MAN’s pysche, makeup and ARSENAL, my friend.

Every serious trainee knows that it all starts with the mind, and usually ends there as well.

And the mental toughness, gumption and DESIRE to carry on – PUSH forward – despite all the obstacles life and others toss at you that is required is NOT present in most modern day men.

Most modern day men would wimp out if faced with a tough problem and run to the nearest counselor to scream “Mommy” and make excuses galore.

Tons of modern day men think that “drowning one’s sorrows” is the way out of life’s toughies.

I got news for ya – it’s NOT.

Mental toughness is the key there, and this course will build mental toughness in SPADES.

You’ll get that LOOK in the eye – the eye of the TIGER – that will enable you to leapfrog and surmount virtually any obstacle life places in front of you.

Notice that LOOK in the eye. The EYE of the TIGER!


The sternests tests like ahead, my friend. They forge character, and REAL men. Get through them, and you’ll know what it means to feel like a REAL MAN – on top of the world, and READY for ANY AND ALL challenges thrown at ya!

Those in the know, and those that have been reading my daily posts/emails know that my best friend here is a USMC veteran with over 25 years of military experience – a man whose got so many skills that the average Joe could spend a lifetime learning them, and never master even one.

A man that’s BEEN in the TRENCHES, my friend – a man after my own heart. A good friend, buddy, and a man whose been there and done it, my friend – much  like elite military forces all over the world do.

It’s a well known fact that the United States Marine Corps are populated by badasses – MEN that battle through HELL to get that coveted “Marine” tag, and though the training from day one is nothing short of brutal (the Marines don’t believe in mamsy pamsy “easing them in” and neither should they) – the final “march” to their destination is what is known as the Crucible, and it is by far the most hellatious thing that one can undertake especially when you note what goes on in the weeks before and after it.

Most modern day men would wimp out just by reading about it – and I ain’t kidding,  my friend.

The Marine Crucible is the final test a Marine recruit will go through in the final stage of boot camp, phase 3. Everything that a recruit has been  taught will be required to complete the Crucible. It is impossible for a single recruit to complete it alone, emphasizing team work and unity. It is 54 hours of extensive marching (48 miles) with simulated combat testing. Recruits are deprived of food and sleep wearing recruits thin and forcing them to focus and rely on their teammates and their training. During the entire Crucible, recruits are only given about three carolina panthers Jersey color MRE’s (Meals Ready To Eat) and a total of four to eight hours of sleep. The soon-to-be Marines go through a series of challenges that test them mentally, physically and even morally. Challenge events are often named after Medal of Honor recipients from the Marine Corps.

Whew – and that’s just an excerpt.

But brutal and demanding as the Marine Crucible is, lets face it. LIFE throws up brutal and unexpected challenges at you all the time – WILLY NILLY – and when you least expect it, and believe me, these challenges while perhaps not entirely physical are no less BRUTAL in nature than the Crucible itself.

Divorces. Job losses. Getting over nasty injuries –  all of this at a time – and of course, being BROKE. And so forth.

You know what I’m talking about, my friend.

Life throws up innumerous challenges – and sometimes it feels like there’s no CHOICE. It feels like your HEMMED in by walls of unmoving FAILURE and DISASTER – and yet you’re NOT!


You BLAST through those darn walls like a MARINE blasts through obstacles – like a BATTLETANK MOWS through opposition – and like a REAL MAN does when he’s faced with seemingly unsurmountable obstacles! 

And THIS course, my friend is what will help YOU get through the crucible of life UNSCATHED and emerge a better man at the end of it.

THESE exercises will enable you to find the REAL MAN hidden within you.

THESE exercises will give you the MENTAL strength, courage, determination and GUMPTION that EVERY modern day man should have – but sadly doesnt.

These exercises will not only build shoulders like battletanks – literally “Abrams tank like” shoulders – – but they will build the sort of ferocious DETERMINATION that is required, nay, that is ESSENTIAL to PLOWING through any sort of barriers in life – be they personal, emotional, physcial, financial or otherwise!

The famed M1 Abrams Tank

You’ll see what I mean when you DO these exercises my friend. I just got through a 60 handstand pushup/80 pull-up workout yesterday – and I’m STILL buzzing from the aftereffects of that.


(Currently being sold as an e-book – so there are NO waiting times involved for shipping – – download right after making payment!)

The secret key to shoulders like BATTLETANKS 

… Is what you’ll learn in this course, amongst many other things. (hint – it’s NOT doing a bazillion different exercises – and it’s NOT “pumping” the upper body with a barrage of virtually useless exercises).

Hint #2 – it involves no weights – except your own. Nothing at all, and yet you’ll build shouders twice and an upper body about 50 times or more stronger than the average gym “gorilla” (there is a REASON I’m using quotes there!)

And last, but not least – Hint #3 – the hidden key involves TWO exercises.

That’s all – ALL you’re gonna do here are TWO exercises – TWO SUPER TOUGH exercises that will not only give you the upper body of your dreams – and quickly at that – but will leave you feeling WORKED to the bone with just these two (and their variations).

Now, there are those that will jump at this point and say, oh, well, I know one of these exercises. It’s the pushup, of course!

Well – I got news for you, my friend – yes, it is – but its NOT a regular pushup or the multitude of variations I mention in the 0 Excuses Fitness System. In fact the pushup that I’m talking about here gets only a sparing mention in 0 Excuses Fitness – pretty much because it’s impossible for most folks to even start to do (even those that “consider” themselves halfway fit or in decent condition) – let alone do for reps.

Let alone do the RIGHT way.

Sure, there are a couple of pushup variants included in 2 or 3 of the 15 workouts, but just to work the GRIP. They are by no means the MAIN “meat and potatoes” of the course!

And those of you that may be saying pull-ups are right – – but it’s not just the regular pull-up, my friend. I’ll teach you variations on the pull-up here that will literally have you SQUIRMING for mercy as you read them – let alone start to DO them.

Here then in a nutshell are some of the benefits you WILL get from doing the exercises in this course

  • Abraham TANK  like SHOULDERS – shoulders so wide and massive that you’ll be “splitting” out of your current shirts in no time.
  • A ROCK SOLID – CHISELED CORE – them shirts will “billow” around the midsection as you’ll be wearing XXXL and more for the shoulders – but it’ll be the opposite in terms of waistline! 
  • A coruscating, ROCK SOLID, vice like and unnatural grip that will literally “pull” people towards you when you grip their hands. Believe me, I’ve been complimented on my grip strength a LOT – and while Gorilla Grip (look on the products page for that one) is what you need for grip manual #1 , THIS course and the SECRET KEY mentioned within will also develop the aforementioned GRIP!
  • Fingers like REBAR – you won’t have “hands” any longer – you’ll have PLIERS!
  • BARN door lats – you’ll develop a back “spread” so wide that the average bodybuilder will be left “in the dust” looking on in awe. So will the weightlifters, toners and pumpers as you quite literally turn sideways to get into doors!
  • A MAMMOTH CHEST – you’ll develop a rock solid chest like a silverback gorilla (or as close to it as man can get) with this course – and NO – “just” doing pushups will NOT get you there. Oh no, my friend. Not even close.
  • Pylon like arms – Implement the exercises taught in this course and you’ll get arms that look they’re made of STREAMING STEEL – and are every bit as strong as they look.
  • The lean, mean, FIGHTING MACHINE LOOK – and the LOOK in the eye! Once you start doing these exercises, people will look at you differently. YOU will have the eye of the tiger, my friend and this will communicate itself to onlookers without you even knowing it. 
  • Skyhigh confidence, and health that doesn’t quit on you! You can say goodbye to the “occasional” yet not so occasional case of the sniffles, headaches, and other such rubbish once you start training the way I advocate here.
  • Gumption, DESIRE, perserverance, and a “do or die trying” attitude – THIS attitude as you know is what is required to succeed in a REAL battle, my friend. The battle of LIFE – and you’ll come out ACES – a WINNER – and on top, and will feel that way as well!

(Currently being sold as an e-book – so there are NO waiting times involved for shipping – – download right after making payment!)

And much, much more … but I’m just giving you the “skinny” here as it were.

Now, if you’ve read this far, chances are pretty darn good that you KNOW what it takes to be a real man – both physcially and mentally.

You KNOW that you do NOT want to go through life a failure.

You KNOW that VICTORY is YOURS – but you also know that you have to know the right way of getting it.

And this course will give it to you, my friend.

15 different workouts (simple, yet BRUTAL) and 10 variations on the regular pull-up that will have even advanced bodyweight trainees gasping for breath upon simply READING IT.

Oh YES, it will.

Without further ado, click on over to the order page, and place your order NOW, my friend.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And no, as I’ve said in my Shoulders to Boulders course as well, the gym ain’t gonna give you strength even close to what you’ll get by doing what I’ve told you to do HERE. The gym ain’t gonna build no REAL men. The gym ain’t gonna build no gumption – and pumping out a few half ass reps on the benching station before burping and heading on back home ain’t gonna help you get through the CRUCIBLE of life, my friend.

THIS course will. NO other course out there can give you the feeling that THIS course will!


(Currently being sold as an e-book – so there are NO waiting times involved for shipping – – download right after making payment!)


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