Fitness Central – Volume #2


51 motivational, inspiring, down to earth and in your face fitness tips – that flat out WORK!

Once you go “0 Excuses” – you’ll never, EVER go back! 

Dear Friend,

It is with great pleasure – – and GUSTO – and vim and vigor (and of course, after a superlative workout out there) that I bring to you the SECOND Volume of “Fitness Central”.

After the rousing reception the first compilation received (and rightfully so – those are evergreen tips that are worth their weight in SPADES – or GOLD, if I might say so) – I received a lot of questions about when I was going to come out with Volume #2.

I vacillated for a while on it, being I had plenty of other things on the table – but I’ve got it done NOW – here it is!

If you’re not sure what Fitness Central  – Volume #2 entails – and the “nitty gritties” behind the book – well – the sales page for the FIRST Volume on this site explains it all.

Go on ahead, and grab that little monster first – and THEN come back and grab THIS one.

And after that – be on the outlook for Volume #3. It’s coming – I  promise you THAT!

Who is this book for


This book is for you if you’re –

  • A 0 Excuses Fitness fan. If so, you’ll love these tips so much you’ll want to put the paperback copy of this book right next to your bedstand – – or office desk – – or even your car to glance at throughout the day!
  • Interested in building brute, animal like functional strength and a body every bit as strong as it looks.
  • Looking to improve your stamina and conditioning levels beyond belief.
  • Getting tired of that “run down” feeling you experience at the end of the day – – and exercises that will help you banish this feeling forever!
  • Looking to improve your pushup – or pull-up – or any bodyweight exercise “numbers” – and do so in a smart and methodical manner.
  • Looking to banish upper back, shoulder, wrist and other “nagging” pain forever.
  • The average “Joe” or “Jane” looking for tips on getting into shape and lose weight without spending the house on gyms and fancy memberships.
  • A fitness enthusiast looking for tips that’ll take you to the next level – and quickly!
  • A seasoned fitness pro or athlete looking for advanced tips – – or that “X” factor that’ll allow you to score, and score BIG over the competition!
  • Motivational reads that apply not only to fitness – – but life as well, if you read between the lines.

And any other category NOT covered above. This truly is a book which has “something for everyone”.


What you’ll learn from these tips


  • On maintaining yourself at OPTIMAL levels no matter WHAT the circumstances are – or what the environment is!
  • Exercises that if done right – – can quite literally SAVE YOUR life someday – – and yes, I have include PROOF of this too. You won’t want to miss this!
  • How to lose weight rapidly – and do it FAST. This is unconventional. You won’t see this information anywhere else. And yet … does it work? You bet your “betsy” it does!
  • The truth about running that you have NOT heard before – and why it’s NOT the same as “pavement pounding”
  • Uncommon exercises to burn fat – quick! These are NOT what you think, my friend, so if you think you “already know ‘em” – – you’re probably wrong!
  • The BEST pull-up you can do – one that isn’t mentioned in ANY of my courses (well, except for a brief note here and there!)
  • Extra information on handstand pushups that are NOT available in the books and courses – and why weight isn’t necessarily a bad thing in terms of handstands or handstand pushups (and no, that is NOT an excuse to be fat!)
  • How you can literally “imagine” yourself to supreme levels of fitness. Think I’m kidding – think again!
  • How heavier people CAN do pull-ups – but it has to be a certain type of “heavy”! This alone is worth the entire price of admission, me think!
  • “Bourne sprints” – and what they are – and why they benefit you as much as they do (Hint – take a look at Jason Bourne doing ‘em flat out in the initial part of the Bourne Supremacy, and you’ll get a hint or two as to why I use this sort of training in my routine along with pull-ups galore!)
  • Why training at NIGHT can be an excellent, excellent thing indeed.
  • An exercise that’ll rid you of shoulder pain – forever!!

And much, much more, my friend…


As for the burning question, eh?

“How much”?

Well, to be frank – the SKY is the limit, my friend. Given the sheer practical value of even ONE of these tips – given how I’ve worked over the years to glean this knowledge from “being in the trenches” – given all the trips to China – and everything else, and all the man hours SPENT – and SWEATED while I accumulated this storehouse of knowledge – I could literally charge you upwards of $500 and be JUSTIFIED in doing so.

I wouldn’t be lying to tell  you that even one or two of these tips could be enough to set you on the path to life time ACHIEVEMENT fitness wise – life wise – and in many other spheres you so choose to apply the stated principles (in the tips) to!

In fact, given the cost of swanky gym membership – personal trainers who don’t know their you know what’s from a HOLE in the ground (more in the manual on this very point as well) – and all the injuries (recurring, I might add) you sustain in the ole gym, I’d literally be offering it to you at a steal for even $700 or so.

But guess what – I am NOT going to charge you $700 or close to it.

I won’t even charge you HALF of that. In fact, I’m in such a good mood that I’m not even going ask for a quarter of $700 (which is a pittance to be honest).

All I’m asking you for is a measly $59.97, my friend. That’s it – nothing more.

Less than sixty bucks – and you get your hands on a storehouse of info that you might train a lifetime to learn – and still not learn fully.

Information that has life changing potential – information that your personal trainer does NOT know about.

And certainly, and by a long darn shot, info your GYM will NOT be able to provide you with.

Without further ado then, click on over, and reserve your copy now. It’ll be one of the best fitness related decisions you EVER make.



Rahul Mookerjee