68 exercises that will unleash the BEAST in YOU and turn YOU into the UNSTOPPABLE FORCE OF NATURE you were MEANT to be!


Dear Reader,

This afternoon, as I got done with my own workout, I called my daughter into join me, into the fray.

She didn’t want to.

“Im on the dumb phone, Dad!”

OK she didn’t say dumb phone, hehe, but you get the point.

“No problem”, I responded, smiling internally.

And I started doing my own thang.

My patented “animal like” workouts which I often use these days as a finisher.

As the sweat started to pour, and heart really start to hammer, I was almost collapsiong in a heat.

(I should say “collapsing in a heap”, but I’m leaving my typos in this one purposely, as I want you to FEEL how I was at that moment in time!)

(( Pretty much why I always leave most typos as they are, but that’s a topic for another book, hehe))

I paused to “catch my breath” while leaning against the wall.

My breath coming in HUGE RAGGEDY gasps!

And my little one of course heard it.

“Whats up, Dad!” she said.

“Come and beat me in the race!” I said, barely able to get the words out!

“sureeeeeeeeee”  she trilled.

And with that, she was off in the bear crawl.

Midway through the race, I collapsed again.

Sure, I had done a tough, tough workout before with very little rest. 30 minutes all in all of solid rope sprints, and that will KILL the cardio system in a good way, but still.

The bear crawl is but one of the exercises I speak about very highly in the 0 Excuses Fitness and Kiddie Fitness books.

And while writing what I am now, do you know what came to mind?

It made me chuckle, that’s for sure.

I should come out with a course called “Bodybuilder fitness” which covers nothing but animal like workouts, because most boobybuilders and gym goers would fall flat on their face if they even TRIED such a workout.

Maybe I should name it “Boobybuilder Fitness”!

If there is anything more CRINGEWORTHY and UNNATURAL than the above, I’d like to see it. Apparently thats something to do with the 2020 Mr. Olympia competition. UGH!

Including you 500 lb bench pressers.

Believe me, when it comes to REAL life, and drug free FUNCTIONAL movements, most of these so called “STUDS in the gym” become DUDS.

Yes. Literally.

From STUD in the gym . . . to a bonafide DUD in the pool!

I still remember the boobybuilder at the swimming pool, back in 2010 I think it was . . . Maybe 2009. Not sure.

Guy that was big as heck. Had all the puffed up bloated muscles, the massive chest and pelican legs . . . and very little back development to boot.

And of course the beachball biceps and so forth . . . which unfortunately weren’t helping him in the pool.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this dude. I was doing my laps swiftly, and he was watching me, and I still remember him coming up to me and talking to me.

“That’s good, man! You can really swim!”

“I’m getting there”, I grinned back (which is true;  I love to swim and can do it pretty well, but there’s always room for improvement!).

And then he told me the entire tale that I’ve detailed on the Shoulders Like Boulders page.

While he didn’t quite drop dead of a heart attack when he lifted his arms up to hang a picture, he almost got there.

Two bypasses before the age of 25 I think it was, or maybe 26. I can’t be “arsed” to look right now, but it’s something like that.

And all the so called strength and twelve pack abs couldn’t get him to ONE continuous SLOW . . . BREADTH of the pool.

He was literally resting for 10 minutes between each slow breadth! And this guy could pound out the weights like nobody’s business apparently before he did the smart thing and flat out quit.

And, this was just the POOL. A gentle swim.

Imagine if I put him through the bear crawl, or any of the other TWO movements in 0 Excuses Fitness.

He’d probably scream “Uncle” before I did it!

And as for YOU, my friend, you ask?

Well, here is the unvarnished truth for as I see it.

I can put you through a simple ass workout that will kick your booty from here to you know where, and ALL with animal kingdom like workouts!

I’m sitting here right now.

A good hour or so after my workout.

After a shower.

Without a shirt . . .

.  .  . and the sweat is still trickling off me??!!

How effective do you think these sort of workouts are?

YOU TELL me, my friend.

And on that note, let me tell you that while the bear crawl is one of the most effective finishers ever, it aint the only one.

And it can be used as a workout unto itself with a few other animal like movements which require NOTHING but your own body, and a willingness to get down and just do it.

And on that note . . . I bring to you ANIMAL KINGDOM WORKOUTS my friend.

REMEMBER - You get a FLAT 20 percent off your FIRST PURCHASE (min order value - $100). Make sure and get a few more products to get this discount (use coupon code - FLAT20)

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REMEMBER - You get a FLAT 20 percent off your FIRST PURCHASE (min order value - $100). Make sure and get a few more products to get this discount (use coupon code - FLAT20)

have been added to your cart!

The ONE flaw a couple of my other books HAD

If there was ONE flaw that the 0 Excuses Fitness System had, it was that I did not go into detail into many of the animal like movements that can literally whoop the average adult (and even most triathletes) within MOMENTS of trying the exercises.

If you can even get into position that is.

To an extent, this was rectified in Kiddie Fitness, but that was done from a kiddie angle.

And now, for the FIRST time in “0 Excuses” history I bring to you ANIMAL KINGDOM workouts . . .workouts that will truly have you burning fat and building muscle from head to toe even quicker than with Advanced Hill Training, which is a course you DO NEED TO GRAB if you have not already, and a course that again (touches upon) a few animal like workouts.

But this course goes further.

It goes further in terms of sheer EFFICACY and brutality (double that if you’re doing these after a workout).

It goes further in terms of sheer simplicity. The simplest of movement will kick your ass ROYALLY my friend. And I mean that!

Charles Mitchell, a long time customer of mine had THIS to say about Pushup Central, my last course before this (and a very popular one indeed judging by the reception it got).

Since you’re in the mood for asking,  I’m asking when you’re going to put out a book on static holds like what you talk about in your recent pushups book.  The pushups book is awesome!  Why?  Because the F…ing exercises and workouts are hard as HELL!  That’s why!  I hate workout books that don’t challenge you.  I think I also asked you once before to put out a plyometric calisthenics book as well.  DO IT!  Your stuff is the best.  You are the real deal, which is why I don’t mind paying the higher than normal prices for your books.  I’m also glad that you now put them on Kindle because I have no more room for paper books in my small apartment .


Keep up the good work”

This, and other testimonials are mentioned on my testimonials page which has MORE testimonials from Charles as well.

But this isn’t about tooting my own horn.

Yes, I DO have plans to get a book on isometrics out. Yes, I do have a plan to get a book out on plyometric workouts as those are awesome.

Truth be told, until around 4 AM this afternoon (and as I’ve told my list before) the FIRST idea was foremost in my mind.

But suddenly I got a flash of inspiration, and that idea that was stuck at the back of mind for ages popped into the forefront.

You know, Rahul, I thought.

These exercise are more than “f-n” tough.

They’re more than the REAL deal.

They’re REALLY REALLY TOUGH and will make men out of boys in NO TIME flat!

Even YOURS TRULY, who has been compared to triathletes more than ONCE finds them difficult, and if I find ‘em useful and difficult (as Charles said, “tough is really where it’s at”) then imagine how YOU the casual reader can benefit from these workouts.

And your kids, for that matter. Combine these with Kiddie Fitness, and your kids won’t need to be TOLD to exercise. They’ll show up themselves to do it along with you – – trust me on this one!

Because they’re fun. Because they KICK your ass – – and because they do it FAST so you can get back to your work, and they to their . . . well, dumbphones, tantrums and more, hehe.

And in that spirt, and in THAT vein, here is the book on Animal Kingdom Workouts.

SIXTY EIGHT EXPLOSIVE movements that will have you building muscle, panting up a storm and feeling great within less than a couple of minutes; guaranteed.

And TEN workouts at the end of the book.

And if you can get through even one of them, you’re a true champ. Hehe.

You can mix these exercises in with others, such as I do (currently with rope jumping and pushups).

Or, you can do ‘em as a finisher (as I did today).

Or, you can do them by your LONESOME.

Or, you can do them out in the park with your kids.

Any which way, you’ll be getting the workout of your life, and that, my friend, as ole Steve Austin would say, is truly the “bottom line”.

Become the MAN you were truly MEANT to be (or the woman). The truly UNSTOPPABLE force of nature that you were rightly MEANT TO BE!

You’ll have that RUGGED, ANIMAL like look about you and that “come GET it, SON!” vibe we all want do desperately once you get on the right workouts!

But first another one of those awesome reviews.  .  .

This one is from John Walker in the United Kingdom.




This is one of your best books to date, clearly you understand what it takes to create the perfect beast.

Mastery of one’s own bodyweight is so much more important than some random goal of adding 10kg to your bench press.

Moving your bodyweight with strength, grace and power is how the human animal was built to move.

People, do yourself a favour and buy this book and learn the lessons in it so you too can join the ranks of the superhumans. Yet another masterpiece Rahul.

Warmest Regards

John Walker.

A couple of years ago, I was chatting with my friend Marc the “African Silverback Gorilla” – a man who truly does know a thing or two about strength and conditioning.

I was doing pull-ups, I believe out in the park, and Marc was doing ‘em with me.

Or trying to . . .

He isn’t that great at pull-ups, and by his own admission “sucks at pull-ups”.

But does he have it together in other regards?

Hell yes. He’s a high level boxer if there ever was one, and while his conditioning levels may need some tweaking, his punching prowess doesn’t.

Neither do those Brahma bull like shoulders . . . hehe.

And we naturally started to discuss conditioning when it came to pull-ups. And excess FAT around the midsection which at the time of talking he DID have.

Now, this isn’t about me tooting my own horn (again). So while yes, he made several complimentary remarks about my pull-ups, the “V” shaped back I have, and so forth, what really stood out (to me at least) was what I told him.

“Well, pull-ups are one thing, but I doubt I’d last more than a second with you in the ring”, I laughed. (in response to his “get in the ring with me once, Rahul!”).

And his response?

“Oh, you would!”

“No, I wouldn’t”, I said again.

“Well, conditioning wise you would”, he said, laughing again and we walked off, calling it a day. And as we shook hands he made the remark I’ve written about before with regard to my hands being so callused that it hurt just to SHAKE ‘em . . .

(Pull-ups again, my friend!).

Now, why do I bring up this seemingly insignificant detail?

To show you the difference between ANIMAL (istic) strength VS “modern day man” strength!

Mike Tyson, the closest thing to a HUMAN BEAST the world has ever seen!

The closest thing to an animal like movement I can think of are pull-ups (and yes, the other exercises I teach here, but the FIRST one I got going on was the pull-ups), and an amazingly strong animal at that, the ape. A chimpanzee, if that’s what you prefer. They have been known to kill adult male crocodiles with their bare hands!

Years ago, a male silverback gorilla escaped from his enclosure in Florida.


Well, the wall they built to keep it in was high and INTACT, but it had one flaw.

One tiny flaw.

A tiny little groove in the wall, and not towards the top either.

And this gorilla took his knuckle, and put it in there, and then pulled himself up by sheer force. Up and over.

THAT my friend is true strength. And conditioning . . .

Our friend and “close relative” the African silverback Gorilla in all “its” muscular GLORY! Now if you were to pit the boobybuilder against THIS, well . . . !!



REMEMBER - You get a FLAT 20 percent off your FIRST PURCHASE (min order value - $100). Make sure and get a few more products to get this discount (use coupon code - FLAT20)

has been added to your cart!

REMEMBER - You get a FLAT 20 percent off your FIRST PURCHASE (min order value - $100). Make sure and get a few more products to get this discount (use coupon code - FLAT20)

have been added to your cart!

Anyway, I was chatting with Marc the other day again.

(a few days after that initial bit).

About another friend of ours – the ex-Marine that I’ve written so much about.

And I was talking about how me and him almost got into a “knockdown brawl” with a few hoodlums while drinking beer outside.

“That’s why I never go out drinking”, noted Marc in his sage manner. “Too many jokers out there!”

“But damn, if I had known back then what I do about fighting NOW . . .” he trailed off.

“I wouldn’t mind some of those clowns back home trying to **** with me after a drinking session” (this isn’t verbatim, but the sum and substance of what he said).

Now he’s right, of course.

But his next comment really struck home.

“But anyway . . . Vincent is a true beast. I’m not worried about him in a dog fight to be honest!”

And of course, if you’re read about what I’ve written about him – he IS a true beast. A true FORCE of nature to be reckoned with.

A naturally strong man that is STILL (beyond the age of 55) as strong as ever, or perhaps even stronger, and guess what he did all his life.

Bodyweight exercises as the foundation and CORE of his training.

FUNCTIONAL weightlifting.


And so forth.


And an ANIMAL in the physical sense, if you get my drift!

Anyway, point of me telling you all this?


We’ll get there.

First, another story about REAL training  . . . . and REAL strength and fitness . . . .

Sir, you’re HARDCORE! You’re really killing it!

Recently, as I finished my second climb up the mighty HILL that I write so often about – I saw a couple of ladies motoring up the hill.

Or wheezing up the hill, I should say. American ladies if I’m not mistaken, and both of these gals were FAT, my friend – no two ways around that – and I’m being polite here, mind you!

Other hand, it was commendable that they were doing something about it – so as I breezed past them, I gave them a little smile of acknowledgement. Not sure if they noticed it or  not though …

On my way down, I noticed these two ladies still at it – climbing the hill.

As I finished climb #3, I saw the two ladies again – puffing and panting (they had just finished THEIR climb #1).

I didn’t pause for breath.

Off it was for climb #4, and as I went about that climb, I saw these two ladies descending the hill slowly.

And as I went past them, one of them called out.

“Sir, you’re hardcore indeed!”

The other chimed in with “Yes, indeed! This is the third time you’re climbing the hill – you’re really KILLING it!”

“Ironman levels!” …

Rahul Mookerjee on his way UP the hill!

And as this was being said, and the two ladies were asking me if I was indeed planning on participating in a triathlon, I managed to get in a word sideways (I know, I know, hehe).

“Not climb #3. It’s #4”, I s aid with a big smile on my face.

“Fouuuuuuurrrrr!” chimed lady #1, as if it was some sort of hymn she was chanting in church or something.

“Fourrrrrr! Make that five!” laughed the other lady.

“Nah, not quite at that level as yet!” I laughed back, and bade goodbye to them.

Actually, that last bit wasn’t quite true. Back in the day I’d hike this same hill 6-7 times daily – multiple times a day – but I did NOT want to give these two ladies more of a shock than I already did, hehe.

And that sort of thing, along with actual results vindicates all the hard work I put in on a regular basis in my workouts.

It’s indeed nice to swing by the pizza dude ‘s(remember yesterday’s email?) place and have him note “you’re in excellent shape!”

And of course, the “you look like a movie star” comments that have been made in the past …

Let’s face it, folks. We ALL want to look – and feel – GREAT – but most of us are too lazy to put in the work to get there!

And I’m here to tell you that there is NO way around hard work, my friend. Often times I would feel like quitting during my climbs (yes, even this Ironman has feelings!) – but I did NOT.

I kept going – just kept going – and the feeling of ACCOMPLISHMENT at the end of each workout was nigh indescribable.

Same for the pushup workouts – extreme bridging – and other workouts!

(You can read MORE about my hill routines in the 0 Excuses Fitness System – as well as get into the best shape of your life if you put in the WORK required).

And the point of me telling you this . . . the ANIMAL like workouts that I often do right out there!

Though at the time these ladies saw me, all I was doing was climbing if they had seen me a while back, they’d have seen me doing exercises out of “Advanced Hill Training”.

And what I taught you there was great but in terms of animal like workouts, it pales in comparison to what I’m going to teach you HERE, my friend.

And in terms of the RESULTS!

Anyway, a while after all this, I met up with my friend Vincent.

And I told him about the “beast” part, and while its true, here is what he had to say.

“You guys are beasts too! You’re a beast in your own way! So is Marc!”

Is it any wonder, my friend, that the people that have achieved the MOST are usually the MOST willing to give out praise when it’s warranted?

And of course, the tyre kickers, wannabe’s and others the exact opposite?

Tells you a lot, doesn’t it?

But for now, here is my point.

I spoke about animal strength up there.

I spoke about being a BEAST – or a human BEAST – the closest thing to a beast you can possibly ever be.

And if you compare the modern day man to these ideals, he come up . . . well, short, shall we say?

The mighty BENGAL tiger on the prowl . . . Bengal tigers have been reputed to carry 1000 lb plus “gaurs” effortless up hills for miles!


No puns intended.


But first, lets get a few of those “unpleasant truths” out of the way as it were.

The average man is, to put in one word a MESS.

When asked to do a pull-up he whines and moans about it for hours, and then when it’s time to do it, he can barely hang on to the pulling bar for any length of time.

When he’s asked to run a mile, he pouts and gives you some nonsense about “why run when I have my car right here?”

Ask him to climb a hill, even if it’s a tiny teensy weensy little “mound”, and what does he reply with?

“Thats why “God” invented fourth gear“.

(true comment that!) 

When asked to do any sort of reasonable exercise, guess what.

He falls flat on his face – – or his garganturan belly, if that doesn’t hit the floor first (and indeed for most modern day men it’s a reality that their belly touches the floor on a pushup LONG before the chest ever gets there!).

Hell, why just exercise?

Ask him to sit in a squat for any length of time, or even a few seconds – and he either expels “nasty air” if you get my drift from “both holes” (if that sounds GROSS, think about what happens when said “man” actually DOES it – UGH!) – or his pants split up the backside.

(Think I’m kidding? Think again! P.G. Wodehouse might have intended it as comic relief in his books (the headmaster’s pants splitting when he bent to pick up a pencil or something when giving the kids at Market Snodsbury their “annual prizes” or something) – but Wodehouse based everything upon on real life, just so you know, right down to the Jeeves Wooster parody!)

But why even any of this?

Ask the modern day mess of a so called man to stand up straight and LOOK you in the  eye (forget about “mano o mano” if the need ever may arise – God forbid!) – and all you see is the Hunchback of Notre Dame “vainly” trying to arise like the Phoneix from the Ashes.

This phoenix never rose, and DOESN’T rise.

Sad, but (unfortunately so) true!

He sits on a couch, munching Doritos, eating pizza and drinking beer after work, all the while complaining about his life, and “how fit the men on T.V. are”, “because they have the time and he doesn’t”, and how his life sucks while theirs doesn’t and of course in the process gets more bloated, gaseous, corpulent and a BURDEN on the planet by the day.

Think I’m being harsh?

Maybe, but it needs to be said, and a quick look around you will reveal the truthfulness of what I just told you.

Modern day man is a pale, flabby imitation of what his ancestors were, even as recently as a 50 or 60 years ago.

Modern day man really needs to TOUGHEN up and return to being the BEAST I spoke about up there.

And most men would tell you “Bah! Humbug!” when you talk to them about those things.

“This is the modern day world”, they’ll tell you. “We don’t need to know how to fight! We don’t need to be that strong!”

Oh yeah?

At the time of writing this it is the year 2020, and judging by everything going on in this landmark year, it would seem that what I’ve been saying for years and the way of training I’ve advocated for YEARS was NEVER MORE necessary than it is NOW!

It’s time to CHANGE my friend – – and now.

Do you really want to go through life as a tub of blubber, unable to perform even 10 pushups in proper form?

Or, unable to hold on to a pulling bar for any length of time?

Unable to achieve that LEAN and MEAN look you so WANT deep down inside?

Unable to get that LOOK in the eye that “Tyson” like eye, which says COME GET IT SON?

Unable to build the sort of raw physicality which will leave OTHERS in the DUST around you?

Unable to build APE LIKE (or I should animal like) FEROCIOUS strength that the boobybuilders and weight pounders (and puff’n buff GURUS) can only DREAM OF?

And so forth.

I think the answer to all this “on the surface” for some people might well be “yes”.

Or, “Ok, I’ll consign myself to a life of mediocrity”.

Or, the usual favorite that I’ve heard from more than one person.

“I could pick you up and through out of the window!”

The last being the most hilarious one, because so could a sumo wrestler, and probably with one hand at that!

Anyway, sumos are well conditioned . . .

But again, and anyway, if you look deep down inside of YOU, there is a REAL MAN inside of you, my friend.

Let us face it, my friend. We ALL want to be that 800 lb gorilla in the ROOM with strength to BOOT!

Deep down inside of the modern day man, there exists a YEARNING. A DEEP rooted NATURAL desire to be more – to BREAK free of the modern day slovenly and self imposed “CPBC” shackles.

To break free of the “BPR” (beer pizza rumpus) routines and get into some REAL PHYSICAL routines to get rid of that flabbiness and emptiness forever.

Couch, Pizza, Beer and Commode – and I wouldn’t be shittin ya to tell you that the only real exercises that most modern day men get is either beer curls or half-squatting their lard asses down on the porcelain throne after yet another night of gorging on junk and liqor.

The man that YEARS to return to his roots.

That being, the PRIMAL BEAST he was meant to be. With club on shoulders, massive muscles on full display rippling under the skin, and PRIZE in hand for his woman.

The man you KNOW you were suppose to be!

And while none of that is meant to be taken literally, the VIBE is.

A man that is as strong as he looks. A man that can truly “back up his talk”. A man that is . . . but you get the picture, my friend, don’t you?

Rahul Mookerjee in the famed “back spread” pose . . .

I think you do.

If you didn’t, you wouldn’t BE on this page!



REMEMBER - You get a FLAT 20 percent off your FIRST PURCHASE (min order value - $100). Make sure and get a few more products to get this discount (use coupon code - FLAT20)

has been added to your cart!

REMEMBER - You get a FLAT 20 percent off your FIRST PURCHASE (min order value - $100). Make sure and get a few more products to get this discount (use coupon code - FLAT20)

have been added to your cart!

And I put this bit here yet again, just to tell you that YOU TOO, my friend can get in touch with your “primal side” if you just TRAIN the right way. (and do so regularly).

And the best way to become a beast is, to – well – train like one!

Train like an animal, my friend. Start today. The results are well worth it!

Last, but not least, ladies, this info is AS applicable to YOU as it is men. NO EXCUSES!


SPEED, DEMON SPEED. Speed is what we NEED!


“They oughta outlaw southpaws!”

In Rocky II, Mickey, Rocky’s cantankerous old trainer asks him to learn how to fight “right handed”

“Yo, I can’t learn to fight like no right hander!” says Rocky irritably (he’s left handed!).

Mickey erupts in annoyance, and that classic style of his as only he can!

“What do you mean, can’t?” he bellows (as much as his old voice will allow him).

“Now he will beat you uglier than you are! But you learn to fight right handed, you become a very dangerous fighter! You fight him right handed till the end, and then make the switch!

It’ll confuse him, and its what we need to win!”

The story behind this is obvious. The right handed Creed and reigning champion would expect a left handed Rocky to come at him even harder than the last time.

But not a right handed Rocky.

Before that though, ole Mickey had something to SAY. And how!

“But first, we need SPEED”, he says, looking at Rocky’s punch drunk yet effective but “slow” fighting style (sort of like a rhino vs a more agile grizzly) on T.V.

“Lightning fast greasy speed. Speed is what we need!”

And the next morning they show up together to train.

Rocky wearing an old sweatshirt and Mickey with a chicken in his arms.

A real live chicken.

And after asking him why on earth he prefers to wear an old stinky sweatshirt while training (Rocky says it brings him luck, to which Mickey responds with a caustic “yeah! I’ll tell you what it brings, it brings FLIES!”), he asks him to chase a chicken around the yard.

“Yo, why do I got to chase a chicken of all things”, grumbles Rocky.

Rocky grumbling about having to “chase chickens”, a practice he deemed as immature . . .

“First, because I said so!” says Mickey.

“and second, because chicken chasing is how we did it in the old days. You catch this thing, you can catch greased lightning!”

“Yeah, well” Rocky grumbles. “Alright, if you say so, but it ain’t too mature”.

“Well neither are you very mature” yells Mickey back.


The old Rocky films are ones I love (especially when Stallone ends the above scene with hands on hips, panting up a storm, unable to breathe, saying “I feel like a Kentucky fried IDIOT”).

But there is a point to me saying all this.

Try catching a live chicken, especially a SPRIGHTLY one, running around my friend.

It ain’t easy, that’s for sure.

And while others may diss this sort of training as being too “easy” or “child like” or juvenile, the fact is it builds levels of stamina and fitness (and blasts away FAT) like few other exercises will.

And we aren’t even training like the chicken here.

We are merely CATCHING the chicken (no lewd jokes please!).

Imagine how strong you would be in your upper body, for instance, if you were to go through life as a BEAR, and walk like a grizzly does all day?

Or the insane leg and hip strength you’d develop from running around like a duck, flat footed?

Or crouching close to the floor, alligator style, and moving around that way?

The above is just the tip of the iceberg my friend and no, it ain’t no joke when I say most adults, even so called “strong and fit” adults CANNOT do these sort of movements for any length of time, or even begin to!

Believe me, these workouts and exercises are WELL WORTH the time and effort you invest in them!

Benefits you can expect from following the routines and exercises laid out in this book

  • Super strength and CONDITIONING (not to mention WEIGHT LOSS) – in an all in one package!
  • No more need for long, drawn out workouts. Most of these workouts won’t take longer than 10 minutes at most if you do things right (the workout part of it – – you may be panting for a long, long time during and after the workouts though! Hehe).
  • A core of STEEL. Quite literally. If you thought my other exercises gave you a core of steel, well, you were right (especially those in Corrugated Core) but this book takes CORE training to a whole new level.
    • You’ll have animal like CORE strength. Quite literally, my friend. Ever seen a gorilla with a paunch or tiger with flab hanging off it? I didn’t think so! Neither have I, and the way these animals MOVE in daily life is one reason!
  • And if you don’t think core strength is important, think AGAIN. As Herschel Walker famously said, get the core ready, and you can handle ANYTHING!
  • GRIP strength from Cain, and then some. Believe me, my fingers almost fall off when doing some of these exercises, and I’ve been doing ‘em a while. I’m the Gorilla Grip And still . . . !
    • The grip is truly the LITMUS test of REAL strength my friend, either for a man or a woman, and you’ll develop ape like crushing grip strength with the exercise mentioned there in (not to mention fingers of STEEL and strong, pliable wrists to boot).
  • Shoulder, neck and back pain will disappear in a trice as you do these exercises.
  • Your legs will become pillars of steel and your STAMINA will shoot through the roof as well.
  • FAT will fly off your frame so fast your friends and family will wonder what is going on. Believe me, I sweat for HOURS after these workouts. I’m sitting in an air conditioned room right now tying this, and I just got done taking a shower. It’s MORE THAN AN hour after my workout, and the sweat is still trickling off me!
    • In fact, I should say you’ll experience ULTRA RAPID FAT LOSS once you get on the stick with these workouts my friend. I mean ultra rapid. Don’t be surprised if you lose more than a few inches within the first couple of weeks of getting on these workouts!
  • You’ll feel much better after these workouts. In fact, you’ll have a sparkle to your face and a new found SPRING in your stride once you start getting good at these.
    • You’ll experience increased productivity in all areas. Work, life, and . . . I have to say this here, the bedroom as well!
    • And YES. If you work the core heavily, guess what areas of the body get worked the most, and what benefits accrue? Right. You got it!
  • You’ll build upper arm, shoulder and chest muscle like never before. Your entire back will start to get that V shape to it. And remember, we ain’t doing a single pull-up in this course!
  • Your neck and traps will grow larger and more muscular in size. In fact, neck pain will be a thing of the past, as will lower back pain. Think boa constrictor like muscles all over your lower back!
  • Your tendons, ligaments and connecting musculature will ALL increase in sheer strength once you get on these routines. It’s well known that most injuries occur due to weak ligaments and connective tissues, and these workouts will resolve the above once and for all.
  • Your performance on the SPORTING arena will increase tremendously. If you’re a martial artist, wrestler, boxer or other sort of physical enthusiast, guess what – – the benefits from these workouts will not just carry over, but will ENHANCE your performance in those activities!

Well, my friend, I’ve said my bit.

Now, it’s up to YOU.

It’s up to YOU decide whether or not you want to “remain on the fence”, or take the FIRST and most TANGIBLE step to turning into the real man (or woman) you were always MEANT TO BE.

The choice is yours, my friend.

If I were your brother, I know what I’d tell you.

Order NOW, and start to change your life for the better – instantly!


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REMEMBER - You get a FLAT 20 percent off your FIRST PURCHASE (min order value - $100). Make sure and get a few more products to get this discount (use coupon code - FLAT20)

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Rahul Mookerjee