0 Excuses Fitness (The book)  – Do you want to get fit with minimal  or NO investment? Tired of spending money on fancy gyms and still not getting the results you want? Fancy a QUICK and dirty workout that will leave you HUFFING AND PUFFING within 10 minutes (or less) FLAT? Fancy getting cardio, strength, and flexibility ALL in during ONE workout? Well then look no further – this book is for YOU!!

0 Excuses Fitness VIDEOS  – I can tell you HOW to do the exercises in the book, but I can’t SHOW you – and truth be told, “pictures are worth a thousand words”, and videos are likely worth  more.  Join me as I “walk you through” the exercises one by one, and then TRY AND KEEP up with me during the WORKOUT video!

The Simple and Effective Diet – The best exercise program in the world is worthless without the right diet, and you’ll find the right diet HERE.

Reverse pushups (The Book) – You’ve heard me rant and rave about the reverse pushup a lot in my daily blog posts and emails – and now – at long last – HERE IS THE BOOK!

Pull-ups: From DUD to STUD – within a few WEEKS! (NEW AND UPDATED!!) – Unable to do a single pull-up? Unable to even hold on to the bar for more than a few seconds? Well – THIS course is what you need to develop ultimate pulling power – and, as the title says – go from rank beginner to ADVANCED level within the space of a few weeks!

Gorilla Grip  (NEW AND UPDATED!!) Always wanted to develop powerful forearms, and a vice like grip, but unsure as to how to? Are you tired of the nonsense floating about in terms of grip training? Are you looking for the REAL DEAL – – a NO-NONSENSE, NO FRILLS, NO FLUFF whatsoever training manual that will give you the real scoop on building Popeye like forearms and strength to match? Well, look no further, folks!