Out with the old, in with the NEW!
- Here's to a happy, prosperous and the very best new year ahead!

Dear Reader,

Well, well well. As we roll on into the New Year here in this part of the world (those of you reading this from Japan/NZ are probably almost INTO 2019 anyway) – the very best thing I can tell you today is this …

Out with the old – and in with the NEW!

I’m not a believer at all in New Year Resolutions, of course. I believe in daily goals and making progress daily – and then looking back at the end of the year to see how far I’ve come – and believe you me, if you follow this practice in your life – or fitness routines – or any endavor of your choice, you’ll be amazed to see how much progress you’ve made over the last 12 months.

Personally speaking it’s been an interesting year for yours truly – both business wise and otherwise.

I put out several new products this year that were ALL well received – and I’ve been getting my one-one coaching “proteges” amazing results as well.

Yes, the sales page on Eat More – Weigh Less, for instance, DOES indeed live up to its promises – as does the page on the books on pull-ups and all the rest of the other stuff I promote. I would never promote something that doesn’t work – or something I haven’t personally tried – and well – as they say – the proof is indeed in the pudding, my friend.

While there have been several happenings this year that were less than desirable in many ways, I welcomed them ALL – and am mighty grateful that they happened when they did.

Life has a funny way of teaching you stuff when you need to learn it the most, and yours truly is no exception!

And if there is one OTHER thing I’ll leave you with at the end of the year – it is this – BELIEF, my friend – is what makes things HAPPEN.

There is truly nothing that can stand in the way of a person that has the “out with the old and IN with the NEW” mentality – and when you combine that with an abundant mindset and BELIEF – well – the seas of your life start to part almost instantly – and that ain’t an exaggeration either!

Fitness wise, what does this mean?

It means to forget all of the negatives – and “stuff that didn’t work” – or what the naysayers bleated over the past year, for one – and to fill your mind with POSITIVE stuff, and most importantly, positive feelings!

You truly do attract that which you think about repeatedly with deep emotion, my friend. 

And as Claude Bristol rightly said in the Magic of Believing, your mind is like a container which has only so much space.

Fill it to the brim with positive thoughts, and then introduce a negative thought in there – and it will have no choice but to displace some of the positivity in your mind.

As I’m talking to people all over the globe wishing them and their family a happy new year, a worrying and sad trend I see is that of folks saying that “it’s going to be a tough year ahead”.

“I’m not going to be doing well over the next few months” (due to whatever reason).

“The economy sucks”. “The politicians suck”. And so and so forth.

And while all of this might or might not be true – the fact is this – there is hardly a WORSE thing you can say to yourself before the New Year.

Heck, it’s the end of a year – a year in which if you did things right you should have learned a LOT in all aspects – and grown tremendously both as a person and otherwise.

And it’s a day where more so than other days you look forward to the future with nothing but optimism and a mindset of UNBRIDLED ABUNDANCE, my friend – and if you do this – THAT is exactly what you’ll get.

And I should know, my friend. I should know!

Thanks to all of you reading this – I’m eternally grateful to have you on board the 0 Excuses faithful, as it were. Thanks to family – and friends – and everyone that took the time to wish us a happy New Year.

May the New Year be the very best ahead for YOU too – both fitness wise and otherwise!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Although it’ll be the 1st tomorrow, there’s no chance I’m going to “sleep in” and miss a workout. Its the FIRST day of the new Year, and you can “bet your betsy” I’ll be out there in the cold at some point working my bollocks off and then some.  Join me – do the exact same thing I will be doing tomorrow – and the rest of 2019 – – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

The very best thing you can do for yourself this winter

Dear Reader,

Unless you’re reading from “down under” or somewhere in that vicinity, you’re probably getting ready or already have for a long, long winter.

‘Tis getting cold as heck in my neck of the woods here in Southern China – – and its time to bundle up in layers, and layers of clothing – clothing that sometimes serve as a bit of a respite to those of us that are overweight, or carrying more weight around the midsection that we should!

Not that yours truly is – NOW.

Many years ago, I was told to “take it easy” during winters.

After all, it’s cold out there. Not the ideal weather to exercise!

After all, I could “hide” that belly under layers of clothing … or so I was told. (Newsflash – NO – you CAN’T “hide” a fat belly – much like you can’t hide a strong, muscular neck – it’ll show regardless of what you wear!).

And so forth. While I didn’t take those words to heart, of course, sadly enough, the winter is a time when many people let themselves go – big time.

Now don’t get me wrong. In cold climes – and especially cold climes the LAST thing you want to do is go out and go for a run – or even to the heated gym – and with the holidays and what not, it just seems like crashing onto the couch after a heavy meal and more than a few drinks is the thing to do, hehe.

All well and good – – provided you don’t let yourself go big time during the winter!

This afternoon, I was going through one of my heart pounding, nut busting, butt blasting workouts I keep talking about.

I did NOTHING except this workout, and believe me, even a seasoned campaigner like me had to stop for breath SEVERAL times throughout the routine – and I was soaked in sweat after it all despite the chilly weather outdoors.

You know what I’ve said before.

It’s not just about cardio – or cardio done at a moderate pace to “keep your heart at a certain level”.

It’s not about taking selfies and yakking with the bros or gals at the gym while grunting out sets of chest presses or what not.

And it’s certainly not about “waiting for the summer to come either!”.

No – it’s about heavy duty workouts that don’t just make you breathe – they make you pant.

In fact, I should say workouts that make you GASP for air as if it were the last lungful of air you’d ever take in on planet Earth!

Workouts that make you breathe NATURALLY – and as I’ve said in 0 Excuses Fitness, breathe from the GUT – as opposed to the chest, which most people do.

Workouts where you can literally FEEL the “heat” within your body as you literally melt fat off your midsection and that nasty visceral fat around your organs as you go through these routines.

And workouts that last, but surely not least, make you feel like a billion bucks – both on the outside and inside!

I should know, my friends – I’ve just got done with an hour or so of exactly this sort of workout – a workout that most of you reading this would be hard pressed to do FIVE minutes of.

Think I’m kidding?

Well, drop down and give me a few of what’s mentioned in Eat More – Weigh Less, my friend.

Do so on a hilly incline – – or flat terrain if you so choose. Either way you’ll be getting the workout of your life – that I DO guarantee – and you’ll also be blasting lard off your body at record speeds.

No more winter blues – and if there ever was a better “advert” for this stuff, I don’t know what it could be!

OK, my friend. That’s it from now. I’ll be back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Remember that you can get the exact same effect I’ve referred to in the cosy confines of your living room – without stepping foot outdoors even ONCE. The proof is in the pudding as well – I’ve shot ALL  the videos for the 0 Excuses Fitness System in my living room – take a gander right here – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnesssystem

Heart pounding, ball busting WORKOUTS!
- .... are really how you get the job done on a regular basis!

Dear Reader,

One of the main exercises and also one of the most ignored – and misunderstood exercise in the 0 Excuses Fitness System is also the ONE exercise that can get you in super shape – and help you drop oodles of weight – and FAST!

I’ve written about this one exercise before – and though the System contains plenty of such exercises, what I’m referring to is the Hindu Squat, my friend.

ANYONE – and I don’t care what your level of fitness is that can pound out a 100 perfect squats in less than 3 minutes is way fitter than the average Joe and even many athletes – and when you get to 250 – and more – well, let’s just your levels of fitness will start to approach stratospheric levels.

Not only that, you’ll burn FAT like crazy .

Anyone that’s ever DONE these as opposed to sit and yak about how they’re supposedly bad for the knee and so forth KNOWS the way your heart starts to pound after even 50 or so of these.

And if you’re a beginner, you’ll get this effect within about 10 squats executed in proper form and cadence.

Anyway, THIS “heart pounding” effect is really what gets your entire body burning fat like crazy, my friend. And VERY FEW exercises duplicate what you can get from Hindu squats.

What I teach you in Eat More – Weigh less, will of course get the job done. So do sprints – and Hindu pushups – and my hill climbs, of course. Boy oh boy was my heart a POUNDING today as I climbed at a pace FAR rapider than ever before – and I feel like a trillion bucks right as of now.

So if there is ONE thing I cam tell you from this email it is this – any time you workout – and I care NOT if the goal is to burn fat – or build muscle – or BOTH – you simply must indulge in workouts that get your breathing rate up – big time!

And while we may not all have hills near us – there are plenty of other alternatives – subway stair sprints being yet another highly overlooked option that most of us DO have available.

Well, my friend, that’s it for today. If you’re working out today – make sure you do your Hindu Squats with more focus than ever before – they’ll reward you big time in the long run!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – By the way, if you haven’t yet learned how to do Hindu squats, what are you waiting for? Time waits for NOBODY, my friend. Seize the opportunity now – today – right here – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

The litmus test of a REAL fitness program
- ... is how well it perform - and what results it DELIVERS - when under duress!

Dear Reader

Well first off, merry Christmas and Seasons’s greeting to ALL of you from 0 Excuses Fitness HQ’s!! 

Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe I did a similar post a while ago –  a post about how you really know that your training program is a GOOD one – to put it one way, at least.

Any training program is obviously just as good as the results it delivers – but what really makes a training program stand out is how well it can be adapted and modified in the absence of necessary “tools” to get the job done.

And no, before you say it – I ain’t talking just treadmills, weights and gyms in terms of tools either.

Por ejempelo, one of the MAIN (if not THE MAIN) tools I used to get into super shape – and fry the fat off my body at record speeds were my routines on my favorite hill – yes – THAT hill!

In the past I’ve been “guilty” of putting on a few extra kgs – or more – around the midsection when I don’t have this tool right next to me – and truth be told, the same thing holds true for (otherwise motivated) folks when they don’t have access to their favorite gym – or swimming pool – or whatever it is YOU use.

You’d think that since I’ve been in India a long, long time now I’d have put on at least a LITTLE weight around the midsection? Or at least some more fat overall?

Well, I’ll tell you a little story – or two in fact.

As I was walking around looking for an apartment this afternoon I met up (by chance) with a couple of old Italian students of mine – and one of them was noticeably STRONGER than the last time I met him in January this year.

“Man, you’re a lot stronger than before!!” I remarked as he did his own version of Gorilla Grip on me. Bear in mind this man is a 6 foot something ex wrestler and army man – – and outweighs me by about a ton too.

OK, not a ton, but you get the drift!

“Yes, I am! And I’ve lost weight too!” – and while he still has a bit of a paunch to be honest, whatever he’s doing (according to him at home) is WORKING, and …

“Look at you though”, he continued. “You’re always fit!”

“Ah, not always. I wasn’t even in China for a long time … and I’m not sure my cardio is up to the mark just as yet”

“In fact, I might just have put on a few pounds” I said, half laughingly and half not sure why I said it.

“You???”, he retorted. “You look like you’ve put on extra muscle – certainly not FAT though!”

And it’s true, of course. My pullup and dip routines back in India added plenty of strength and muscle to my frame in the absence of my nigh favorite “tool” – and THAT is the reason I’m telling you this little story.

As the other folks I met today all looked at me and commented “Oh, you must be a fitness coach”, it got me to thinking – and it got me to think about telling you something that I’ve told you many times before – if just because of how vitally important it is.

And that is this – the BEST thing about the 0 Excuses Fitness System isn’t necessarily the deep breathing or the exercises themselves – or the sheer EASE with which you can get in workouts at any place and time of your choosing.

All this is great, of course, but what is really gratifying is the results – and how ADAPTABLE the program is!

It works without a gym (obviously). It works without LSD cardio. It works without you having to bike, run or pound the pavement – or even climb hills on a regular basis.

And it delivers results accordingly too. 

As I sit here after a hectic, hectic day – back in mainland China – this is the one thought that struck me – and if you needed yet another reason to grab the 0 Excuses Fitness System – well – this BE it right here, my friend.

Get your paws on the best darn exercise system there is today, my friend.

You’ll never regret the choice you made for a second!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And yes, hills are probably the best tool you can use in terms of not just blasting those pesky fat cells away – but also in terms of getting RIPPED – and FAST – while adding a ton of muscle to your frame as well. I’ll write more on this in the future, but for now – Eat More- Weigh Less will tell you all you need to know on this topic!

P.S #2 – I may just order dinner from THAT restaurant that I did this past Feb – – which is where I got the proof and idea for Eat More – Weigh Less. I’ll keep you posted on that as well!!

Thoughts truly are THINGS!
- And backed up by intense desire, there is literally NOTHING the mind cannot accomplish!

Dear Reader,

Many many moons ago, I was a callow, skinny youth of 17 desperately trying to increase my overall strength levels as well as “build muscle” – not just to impress the girls which for whatever reason I never needed to – but also to stop getting “picked upon” by the bigger guys at school.

Though I went to a fairly decent school overall, it got ROUGH there – and skinny “upstarts” like me got the worst of it a lot of times.

I’ve written to you before, of course, about the nonsensical advice I’ve gotten many a times on building muscle.

“Pump 10 kg dumbbells for 15 minutes on each side”

“Run for 15 minutes at a slow pace”

And so forth. Yeah … right!

All advice from people that weren’t in the slightest bit, shape or form fit themselves. Never take sex advice from an eunuch – or, as happened to me in the park a couple of Sundays ago, advice on growing hair from a bald guy!

Or advice on fitness from those that clearly have no idea and haven’t ever done it themselves.

But back to thoughts.

What I wanted most at that age was a crushing GRIP – a grip that would make people FEEL it – and at that point came along the injury where I fell out of a running bus on a right hand – a hand that was plastered up shortly thereafter with  looks of “sympathy for the poor young lad” and then of course “crushed” in the vice like grip the tennis player I’ve written about gave me!

Today that same right hand is my STRONG point – and you know the status on the grip, don’t you! 

It’s no wonder that even my five year old daughter has taken to the Gorilla Grip concepts as a duck might to water – so deeply is the concept and importance of grip strength ingrained in my mind that it’s been passed along to hers as well and she believes in it as well.

Back when I first climbed the mighty HILL in 2004, I had NO – repeat – NO idea that ONE thought passing through my head would change my life forever.

As I limped back down the hill after that first climb (yes, I still remember how I felt!) I made a casual remark to my then girlfriend.

“What if I climbed this daily?” I thought out loud.

Immediately, my mind began to look for excuses as to why I couldn’t do this.

“Oh wait. I can’t do it. I’ve got to work until  later. Maybe the park will be closed.”

And so on and so forth, until this train of thought was stopped by a nigh imperious look from the lady I was with at the time.

She stared deep into my eyes, a deep, probing stare, and said three words.

“Yes, you can!”

Indeed I could – indeed I DID – and the results have been nothing short of spectacular. Over the years, one way or the other I’ve always managed to gravitate back to the hill – and the ways in which this has happened many a times has been NOTHING short of astounding, my friend.

Back when I first started rahulmoookerjee.com, I had zero idea it would turn into what it is today – but I DID have the THOUGHT first.

I had a thought of a global online business – and I had intense, white hot desire bubbling under that thought. That was all I thought about all day when I first started – and truth be told, although I’ve got several other biz interests as of now, 0 Excuses Fitness is always at the top of my mind – not to mention close to my heart as well!

Point of me telling you all this is this – as Napoleon HIll correctly said in Think and Grow Rich – Thoughts truly are THINGS!

Truly, thoughts are things, and their scope of operation is the world itself!

In terms of fitness, one can see straightaway how this applies.

My 100 pull-up accomplishment didn’t just “happen” out of the blue.

I had a thought of doing over a 100 pull-ups per workout one fine summer day in Southern China – and then I thought about the amount of strength and muscle I’d build this way – not to mention whittle my waist down even more.

I had an image in my mind too. Yes, THAT image I talk about on the sales page for the book on pull-ups – – THAT dude slowly going up and down while doing pull-ups, each muscle ETCHED out in a finely shaped back packed with dense slabs of muscle.

Today, I do pull-ups the same way myself – and get remarks etc directed at me accordingly.

It all started with a thought too – and THIS SAME PROCESS will work for you too, my friend!

In my coaching programs I deeply emphasize the value of THOUGHT and GOALS before I even put any of my clients on a coaching program.

It is of no use to simply “do the thing” without putting any deep thought and desire into it first!

Now, how does any of this relate to you, you might ask?

Well, good question – and simple. If you’re currently obese, and need to lose 50 pounds or more – well – first off, take solace in the fact you’re not alone.

When you first start the 0 Excuses Fitness program, your mind will be quick to tell you the bazillions of reasons as to why you CAN’T do things the way I advocate as opposed to affirmations in terms of “yes, you can!”.

Society in general has programmed our minds to find reasons to “not do the thing” as opposed to find reasons and ways to DO IT – and SUCCEED at it – and perhaps that is why so few people actually succeed at anything they start doing!

Block all that out, my friend. Have an image in your mind of what it is you want to accomplish – in this case, a NEW, FIT you – perhaps an you doing pull-ups galore – or pumping out hill climbs daily. Or whatever it is.

Have that image in miind – galvanize yourself with intense white hot desire – and get to work – and I promise you, the results will be nothing short of nigh spectacular!

Above all, and last, but not least, here is another Hill quote that is well worth remembering

Your big opportunity may be where you are right now. 

As I prepare to return to mainland China, and climb my beloved HILL once more, this is a thought well worth remembering!! It’s something that has proven true for me over the years, and it’s an universal truth you would do well to emblazon into your mind as well.

Well, my friend, that is IT for now. I’ll be off to China shortly – so the next time you hear from me, it’ll be from mainland China.

Merry Christmas to all reading this – here’s to a happy, joyous and festive holiday season!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I’ll be working on the details for my Christmas sale ” by and by”. Keep your eyes peeled on that one!

P.S #2 – And in the meantime, remember that we’re open for shopping during the holidays – 24/7/365 for that matter. If you’re looking for some USEFUL gifts this Xmas, our products page would be a perfect start – – https://0excusesfitness.com/products/

Does stretching reduce FAT?
- Yes, but only if ... !

Dear Reader,

Wow, it was a busy day yesterday – – in fact, it was so busy that I almost forgot to address  a question I received from a long time reader of this newsletter. Here goes: –

Hey Rahul, 

I’ve been following your writing for a while now, and immensely enjoy the emails you send out on a daily basis. I’m a yoga practitioner, and while I love my yoga workouts – and while I have lost weight by doing yoga – I’m still not able to get into the sort of “chiseled” shape I’d like. 

While yes, my body weight has dropped, I don’t really see the fat around my sides and torso disappearing anytime soon – at least not appreciably – despite the multitude of stretches my instructor has us do. 

So my question is this – is yoga and the stretching involved therein indeed good for losing fat? 

I’m most curious to hear your take on it! 



Well – Pete – fantastic question, and I’ll address it now!

First off, it’s important to note that doing something is better than doing nothing – and that goes for losing weight – building muscle – or building up your bank balance for that matter.

If yoga is your “thing” and if you’re getting some results from it, then by all means keep doing it – but the other side of the coin – losing weight – and oodles of it – and getting “cut” – and into the sort of shape you really want to be in?

The sort of shape that I tell you you CAN get into by following the routines in “Eat More – Weigh Less“?

Well, here is my take on it.

Stretching DOES reduce fat – but only if done correctly!

Here’s an example – the monkey bar exercises I advocate in my book on pull-ups don’t just prepare you for pull-ups. They target the SIDES and core big time and if you add in twisting and torquing into the movement (video coming out soon upon my return to China) – then you’ll be literally melting fat off your frame as you perform the exercise.

Same thing for the torquing pushups I referred to earlier. Same thing for the Hindu pushups etc … and now back to yoga.

When you do yoga, you’re stretching – big time – which is good – but the key factor to consider is this – your breathing!

Sure, yoga has a lot of deep breathing involved – but how many yoga poses really get your heart rate up there – to the point you can barely gulp down air quick enough?

Yoga taxes balance and stability in many of the postures – but again – how many of those involve a simultaneous stretch – and the “out of breath” feeling?

None as far as I know, and that is why you’re losing weight – but you aren’t getting into the sort of ‘chiseled’ shape you’re talking about!

What really gets you in that sort of shape is exercises that activate your internal fat burners.

Exercises that start from the inside out as opposed to the other way around which  most people focus upon.

Exercises that burn subcutaneous fat FIRST – and once you get that done, you’ve got the bulk of the job done!

So long answer short – yes – stretching and squeezing DOES burn fat – and tremendous amounts of it, but only if you incorporate the deep breathing and “heart pounding” elements into it.

The bridge and all it’s variations in 0 Excuses Fitness is a prime example of this. Get into the bridge position and stay there for a minute or two, and you’ll see what I mean.

Not only will your heart be racing – not only will your entire body be stretched out – but you’ll also be getting the workout of your life – and the same thing holds true for Hindu pushups, and all the other exercises I advocate.

Do these regularly, and them love handles will soon become a thing of the past!

Well, my friend, that’s it for now. I’m gearing up for a very busy Christmas indeed – return to China well and truly on the cards now – and I’ll also be having a sale soon on some or all of my products.

More on that later – for now – it’s adios – and if you workout today – make it a SUPERB one!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is where you can learn more about the “cat stretch” that burns fat like crazy and does so in record amounts of time – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/ 

Pushups – and back width
- The "X" Taper - and back WIDTH as well!

Dear Reader,

Well, well, well. It’s been a busy day so far here – and it’s only 8:47 A.M.

Plenty of thoughts running through my mind as I prepare to leave for China – which should be happening sometime next week. I’ll keep y’all posted on that, of course – as I will on the status for the videos for Eat More – Weigh Less – which I hope to have out post Christmas and in the New Year.

Also running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off in terms of family. My daughter has her annual school function on Friday, and I want to make sure I attend the function before leaving for China – on an UBER high note at that!

Anyway, so I’ve been getting in some great, great workouts in the local park despite all this. And it’s been pushups, pull-ups and sprints these days … and I’m already noticing the “shape” of my chest – and upper body – start to “bulk” up a bit more if you know what I mean.

Don’t get me wrong. My pull-ups and handstand pushups keep me in excellent shape – but there is nothing that can beat a workout containing various styles of pushups a.k.a 0 Excuses Fitness – they just hit your body from so many different angles and directions that you can literally get in a whole body workout with nothing but TWO or three of these types of pushups!

And today I’ll talk about one style of pushup that gives you that much coveted “wide back” – along with the necessary “depth” towards the middle of the back as well.

That being the wide grip pushups – a mostly forgotten exercises – but one that is nigh effective in doing what I said above – as well as a great one for high rep pushup workouts.

Now, I’ve said before that handstand pushups are the ultimate in terms of building a wide back – and that’s true too.

In Shoulders like Boulders I include a “lat spread” – and as you can tell from the picture, it was NOT taken for purposes of vanity – or bodybuilding – but to show you what is possible – and what CAN happen if you do these regularly, and do ’em the right way.

But what if you can’t do ’em right just as yet? What if you’re still working up to ’em?

Well, you can work on the wide grip pushup, for one.

I haven’t mentioned this in the supplementary exercises section of Shoulders like Boulders – but the wide grip pushup is mentioned in 0 Excuses Fitness – and the way you do it is NOT the way most people advocate it to be done.

You go AS WIDE as you can go – meaning you don’t just go “wide”.  You stretch your arms out (to the side) AS FAR as they can go, and while it may seem initially impossible to pound out pushups from this position, it isn’t – watch the videos, and you’ll see.

The other thing to remember with these is that you don’t focus on the chest (purely the chest) while doing these.

You focus on the back – and the way you do it is to imagine you’re pinching a “penny” (no, not what you’re thinking there!) between your shoulder blades.

Again, watch the video – and you’ll get the idea – form is paramount on this, not just in terms of high reps, but also to do the exercise effectively, and really bring out the muscles along the spine and the middle of the back.

Combine this with plenty of Hindu pushups and handstand pushups – and you’ve got a winner – and you’ll be buying new shirts in no time flat!

Come to think of which – that’s precisely what I’m about to go to do now. Hopefully they deliver QUICK!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Know what the best part about the 0 Excuses Fitness System – and all our products are? There is NO shipping involved – NO wait times involved. Simply pull out that credit card – pay – and you’re good to go, my friend. Instant digital downloads, as it SHOULD be! So if you haven’t already, grab your copy of the 0 Excuses Fitness System – available via downloa right HERE – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

P.S. #2 – A lot of you have expressed interest in the “old classic” Fast and Furious Fitness. While I am not currently printing paperback copies of that book, I do have a few stocked up at home for “memories sake” – so if you want the little monster in paperback format – shoot me an email and I’ll see what we can do – – https://0excusesfitness.com/fast-and-furious-fitness/

Am I a “T.V. personality”?
- Well, that was about the only thing remaining that I haven't been called ... until now!

Dear Reader,

My oh  my.

So as y’all “0 Excuses Faithful” no doubt know, I’ve been called everything from Jesus – to a modern day Gandhi – to a movie star – to someone that “looks like he’s goes to the gym” – and everything in between.

Back in college, the “brothers” used to call me Habib for whatever reason – though I had never ever once stepped foot in the sands of the Middle East until then.

Bib, bib, they’d go as they saw me … don’t ask me, haha.

Anyway, yesterday I wrote a post about CONFIDENCE – and how having a rock solid, corrugated core – and an iron midsection adds to the feeling of sheer CONFIDENCE when walking around – or doing anything in general.

Way back in the day I remember being constantly “conscious” on a certain level about  my “stomach fat”, love handles and the like. Although these weren’t ever humungous by today’s standards, they were very much there – despite my regular exercise program – and I was nigh conscious of them to be honest.

And that showed, I suppose in my dealings with others.

We can’t change who we are at our very cores,  my friend. That is something I’ve said plenty of times – and neither can we change the VIBES emanating from us – unless we consciously focus on changing the picture of the “man within” if I might put it that way.

Anyway, so I just got done with a smashing workout of pull-ups, pushups, bear crawls and a few other movements – and capped it all off with a 100 Hindu squats.

Come to think of it I started with 50 squats as well, like I do in the Videos in the  System – so that makes it 150 squats, 100 pull-ups, 150 pushups and everything else in between.

Not a bad “little” workout, methinks, and as I headed on to the school nearby to pick my daughter up, an elderly geezer hunched over his cane stopped me.

“Excuse me”.

“Um, hey”, I said. I was a bit preoccupied at the time with some thoughts, but I must have been beaming both internally and externally as the old badger gave me a huge smile.

I smiled back.

“Are you a T.V. personality”?

It floored me, I must say. Although you’ve seen what I’ve been called many a times above, THIS was new – and given my much vaunted dislike of the boob tube, that surprised me to say the least.

“No I’m not. I don’t even have a T.V …”, I proceeded to say, but I was shushed in no uncertain terms.

“Oh, but look at you! Your personality …. you look like you belong on a T.V. show!”

Now, lest you think I was dolled up, manicured, slicked back and what not – think AGAIN. I’ve got on my old blue T-shirt – the same one that I’ve been wearing to my workouts for YEARS – and the same darn T-shirt that I wear in the intro to the 0 Excuses Fitness videos.

And a pair of track pants. And I was soaked in sweat despite it being winter out there.

So believe me, it wasnt looks – or dress sense – or anything like that.

It was the VIBE emanating from deep down within – something you simply cannot conceal no matter how much you try, my friend. 

Ever think of the days when you bound out of bed, feeling on TOP of the world, expecting good things to happen – and they do?

Conversely, think of when you’re feeling shitty and down in the dumps – and you just want to be left by your lonesome, and … first thing you know, the very thing you do NOT want happens i.e. folks start bothering you, and your day starts to go from bad to worse.

We truly do attract things – and people –  circumstances – results – what have you – based upon how we FEEL – there are no two ways around it!

Anyway, I had a bit of an interesting discussion with the old gentleman, who by the way was nigh shocked to hear that I live in China for the most part – and that YES, if you have money in China – you CAN buy property – and you are NOT “harassed” day in and day out as the popular misconception goes.

It amazes me how despite the rapid strides China has made, folks outside know very little about it – and that holds true for folks here as well – giant neighbors they might be, but they know very little about each other!

Anyway, I think one of my friends from the Marines said it the best when he said “you’re a chameleon. You can blend in anywhere!”

Truer words were never spoken, and thats perhaps a reason I love Bourne sprints that much, hehe – the original “chameleon” as it were, created by the great Robert Ludlum of course.

My philosophy in life – and fitness as well is simple. 

Do what works – and keep improvising and reinventing yourself and your routines your whole life. The minute you rest on your laurels is the minute you start to go downhill – and fast!

Anyway, this little email contains plenty of tips – see if you can find ’em! In the meantime, remember that as I said yesterday, NOTHING can replace feeling good – really, really good from the inside out.

And the way you get this good feeling going, and KEEP it going the entire day – and attracting desirable RESULTS as well, both in terms of fitness and life – are to do the right EXERCISES that give your entire system a tune up from the inside out.

Get on the stick today, my friend. You’ll know what I mean once you start cranking the reps out!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Strong core – strong YOU
- The core is truly the "cornerstone" of your fitness

Dear Reader,

If there is ONE thing that stands out about a man in terms of his overall health, strength, fitness and vitality levels – it is  his CORE.

Take a man that can  bench a horse, for instance. The guy might be strong – but would you call him really fit if he had a massive belly protruding under those massive pectoral muscles?

In “Over the Top”, a Stallone wrestling flick from the 80’s all about arm wrestling they had various types of wrestlers in the movie – and what most of them, or perhaps ALL had in common was that they were all strong.

And something else MOST of them (except Stallone, of course) had in common was a massive belly to go with those huge upper bodies. Take a look at “Bull Hearly” for instance – you might not want to meet him up a a dark alley – but neither would you bet on his heart being the healthiest out there!

A few months ago, in March, to be precise, the weather was warming up in Southern China, and I was out there on the hill exercising.

I was doing a variant of what I mentioned in Eat More – Weigh Less – – a bear crawl routine that will have even the fittest of folks gasping for breath within a few … and as I did this, the old man I’ve met so often in China approached me.

He had just finished his climb, and though the exercise I was doing caused him to stop and watch, and then politely applaud – it wasn’t that he was concerned about.

The first thing he did was to take a forefinger and “poke” it in my midsection.

Rock hard. Not a sliver of fat anywhere. NO jiggles’n’wiggles if you get my drift, and so forth.

“Hmmm!” He nodded approvingly. “Hao hi hao!” (in English, that translates to “excellent”!).

And believe me, while comments like this please me greatly, vanity is the last reason as to why they do.

A strong core, my friends, has more benefits than the external six pack you see – and certainly more than external looks.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s great to look good – or look like a movie star – and all that – but the key thing that counts is your internal health and the strength of your internal organs.

And the more fat you have around your core the less able your internal organs are to get the job done.

Take digestive and eliminative processes, for one. Back when I wasnt exactly the epitome of fitness that I am now, I had plenty of digestive issues. 

Issues with being “bloated”. Constipated. You name it – and though I exercised regularly back then, it wasn’t until I really started to carve the fat off my sides and midsection that my health dramatically took a turn – for the BETTER.

I’ve mentioned before that my liver tests used to come back marked in red at a certain point in time.

No more, my friend. All a thing of the past, and all of this without watching my diet a lick if I might say so.

As Paul Bragg I believe it was famously said, “Your waistline is your lifeline. You should never let it get bigger than it was in your prime!”.

What he didn’t mention of course was the reverse i.e. your waistline getting SMALLER as you grow older – and that’s always a good thing, my friend.

‘Tis what you want – ’tis what you should be aiming at well.

Last, but not least, remember that (as I told my daughter the other day) the core is NOT just your stomach – or midsection – and certainly NOT just the six pack either.

The core is everything below your lower pecs until your knees. That includes your thighs, butt, stomach, lower back, sides, the works. Everything in that region.

Get that region fit – and flab free – and you’ll be on your way to super fitness levels in no time flat, my friend.

Hill climbs are a great, great way to do it. So are the exercises mentioned in Corrugated Core – – and Eat More – Weigh less – – BOTH courses you MUST have if you’re interested in any way, shape or form in fitness.

Grab ’em now, and let me know how you do!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Believe me, the sheer feeling of INVINCIBILITY that comes from having a sleek, well muscles and functionally strong core cannot be duplicated. You can’t get that feeling from having massive upper arms alone – or from benching the local cow at the gym – or deadlifting a house. NOTHING gives you that shot of uber confidence more than having a core in shape does.  And if you don’t believe me, the cover of Corrugated Core should tell you the entire story – – https://0excusesfitness.com/corrugated-core/

The very BEST exercise there is to build the shoulders
- Yes - handstands again!

Dear Reader,

Way back in the day when I was a skinny lad trying to pack on some much needed muscle and STRENGTH to my frame, I was given a lot of advice.

One of them was to “lift 5kg dumbells repeatedly for 15 minutes daily on both sides” as that “is really what builds strength”.

While those of you in the A.M. are no doubt spitting up your coffee as you read this – and those of you fixing to go to bed are no doubt goggling as well, the fact remains that this was but ONE of the MANY useless pieces of advice I received in this regard.

I was told to “jog for 15 minutes a day as that would get me looking more like a wrestler”. Not kidding you, my friend. That was also supposed to build up upper body!

I was told to visit the gym – and pound weights – and years later, I have got folks routinely asking me if I go to the gym because “my back is built” – or “because I look like I go to the natural gym“.

And so forth.

Anyway, as I’ve said before, pushups were one of the keys to building up my shoulders to the point where I can knock of hundreds of pull-ups per set and not feel it – ditto for hundreds of pushups, and the 0 Excuses Fitness Videos are but one example of a 500 pushup workout accomplished in a day.

So are the workouts – but while the pushups added plenty of strength and mass to my upper body there was ONE exercise missing from my regimen, and those in the know KNOW what I BE talking about.

That was the handstand pushup – an excellent exercise overall, and the very best thing you can do in terms of building both barndoor lats and shoulders so wide you’ll have to turn sideways to go in through doors!

But beware. The way the people most people teach this great exercise is flat out WRONG.

When I first started out doing these, I ended up with wrist pain from doing ’em incorrectly – – and also – – watch this space – – from NOT being ready to do ’em properly!

The second is key, my friend. It’s not enough to “want” to do something – you have to be READY to do it – and while I’m not going Napoleon Hill on ya again, ’tis a fact that you have to BUILD your body up to the point you can knock off handstands, and then handstand pushups in all their shapes, forms and variants!

What if you can’t even get into a handstand – let alone knock out handstand pushups?

Well, take heart for one. You ain’t alone – and the first step, of course is to do what is mentioned in Shoulders like Boulders – and get good – REAL good at the SUPPLEMENTARY movements in there.

That’s right. Get good at the Hindu pushups and reverse pushups – and the others mentioned in the book BEFORE you jump into handstand pushups.

Apart from these, there are a few other shoulder blasters that are superlative exercises in their own right, but are exercises I haven’t covered as yet in any of my courses.

Por ejempelo, the PIKE pushup. This is not only a great exercise by itself, but is a great way to build up to doing handstand pushup – and again – form and FOCUS while doing the exercise are KEY here.

There are many more of these, and I’m planning on putting together another “intermediary” course on building the shoulders very soon. Perhaps I’ll include it along with “Shoulders like Boulders” – who knows!

Stay tuned –  – and in the meantime, if you haven’t already picked up a copy of Shoulders like Boulders, and if you haven’t already started pumping out handstand pushups by the dozen – do so NOW, my friend.

It truly is the best thing you’ll ever do for your shoulders!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Belief is what makes thing happen. When you operate with TRUE BELIEF – the bricks in the game of LIFE – and FITNESS as well – truly DO fall into place as though a magic wand had touched them. Results  will certainly follow in a most astounding manner — and while that bit is paraphrased from Claude Bristol’s the Magic of Believing, I can ATTEST to the truth behind this – and when it comes to handstands – and believing you can do ’em – and believing you can build them Shoulders like Boulders – – believe me now and trust me later – – the above holds true indeed!

P.S #2 – If there is one book you MUST read – it’s the Magic of Believing. It’s changed countless lives over the globe, and has changed mine too – along with others I advocate – all must reads!

P.P.S – Stay tuned for more on my China “return” trip. Watch this space for more on that! That hill BE awaiting, and so are many new products I’ve got in mind. Stay TUNED.