“Do you go to the gym? Your back is built!”
- Gym like - or better - results with shorter, sweeter and BETTER workouts!

Dear Reader,

So I was finishing up a great, great workout today – another one of my patented – you guessed it – pull-up/dip workouts.

And as I neared the 150’th rep on all of this – after a few sprints thrown in for good measure so I can truly EAT MORE and WEIGH LESS tonight – – I decided to slow down a bit.

Took a few deep breaths, more than I normally do, and banged out my last 2 pull-ups – slow and easy.

As I was doing this, I “felt” a guy come up behind me, and instinctively turned around to look. Remember, this park here in this neck of the woods is DARK at night (a.k.a my moonlit workouts) – – and I wasn’t quite sure who it was, as he came quite close to me.

But as I turned around, things became clear.

It was a guy – a puffed, buffed, and pumped up “bodybuilder” sort at the gym.

You know the sort, don’t you?

A huge, massive chest – all pumped up – and biceps that strain the T-shirt – and behind and under all that?


No legs – nothing worth writing home about at least.

Certainly no back, given his “hunched over” posture.

And he jumped up to the pull-up bar a fair bit away from where I was – grunting and moaning galore – as he “pumped” his way through a few hurried reps – needless to say, NOT done in proper form.

As I descended back to terra firma, feeling GREAT, he piped up.

“Just 2 pull-ups? That’s all??” he queried, almost mockingly.

I didn’t respond to this. You guys know by now that when I’m working out I brook NO interference – or comments – or selfies – anything for that matter – and so I ignored him, heading to the dipping bars to finish up with a set of 10.

As I did so, he crept up behind me.

“Man, do you go to the gym?”

“No I don’t”, I responded, smiling in an offhand manner and then adding “Of course not!” as i it were the last thing on Earth I’d do – which it is, of course!


“Why do you ask?”

Well, your back is built, man! It seems like you go to the gym!”

“No, I sure don’t”, I laughed again. “I do pull-ups – plenty of them – and can easily do 10 plus in a set. The reason I did 2 back there is because once you’re almost through 150 or so reps, its time to slow down a bit!”.

“10 plus ….” he looked at me, and his voice died away.

Up I went on the dipping bars, and pumped out 10 smooth reps as he tried to do the same, but I could tell by the jerky motion and form in general that he wasn’t used to it at all.

Sure, it was better than what I’ve seen some folks do – but not ideal by a long shot.

Anyway, THESE – and other results – are YOURS too, my friend – if you partake of what I teach you in “Pull-ups – from Dud to Stud” – – and back it up with a healthy dose of 0 Excuses Fitness daily.

Believe me now and trust me later, you’ll get results way, way better than what the bros at the gym do – and in case you think this is a one off?

No it’s not. Think again – and AGAIN … and then some ….

And you’ll truly feel on top of the world when you get done with your workouts in 15 minutes or less – or 30 tops, if you’re doing tough stuff – – and then get RESULTS to boot accordingly.

Results that are far, far better than what you’d get slaving away at the local gym – or by paying BIG bucks to a personal trainer.¬†

Results that are FAR, far better INTERNALLY than you’d EVER get from the gym.

And most of all, you’ll look – and feel – like a bazillion bucks all the time.

Can’t beat that combo,eh?

So if you’re interested, jump on the ¬†bandwagon right HERE, my friend. I’ll be waiting to welcome you in!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Pull-ups – – “STUD” to “SUPER” stud within WEEKS

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