Experience is worth more than a “pound of ham”
- Indeed an interesting way to put it!

Had an interesting conversation with a person who is a subscriber to the 0 Excuses Fitness mailing list.

He asked me the following on my facebook page (a GENERIC question I get all the time, and one I normally avoid, and yet, I didn’t avoid this one because the vibe coming off it wasn’t near as bad as some of the others I’ve gotten).

“How much do your products or services cost?”

Note that there was nothing about his requirements, if any at all. Just a generic “whats the cost, and everything else be damned” question – something I ABHOR (the attitude, that is).

Anyway, a subscriber is a subscriber, albeit a free subscriber, hehe, so I replied.

Hi Mungo – This page should answer your question – – https://0excusesfitness.com/products/ (as well as this page – https://0excusesfitness.com/membership-account/membership-levels/). For personal coaching and other services the rates are obviously different.

*different on a case by case basis. Hope that helps- Rahul.

(Facebook has what it is, to me at least, a notoriously DIFFICULT system to type and reply in. Hitting Enter, for instance, sends the message and doesn’t put a line break into the message. I’m sure there is a setting I could tweak somewhere, but for now . . . ugh. ).

“okay thank you. What qualifications do you have? I was browsing the site and did not see a detailed bio of your credentials. Could you please tell me more about yourself?”

My antennae went up  once again, but what the heck. I responded as such –

Hi Gary. I don’t have any paper certifications in case thats what you’re asking. Personally I feel that (much like with college degrees) certifications for the most part are about as useful as screen doors on a submarines.

I DO have real life experience (in spades) that WORKS – and really speaking, that is what counts as opposed to meaningless (IMO at least) certifications and the rest. My products and the testimonials I get speak for themselves.

Feel free to browse our testimonial pages and review pages, and let me know your thoughts (as well as what you require) – and we can go from there.

Best, Rahul

To which the response was “I agree! experience is worth more than a pound of ham as we say in the Philippines

An interesting way of putting it Gary I must say, and one I have never heard before. Hehe.

Anyway, this person then went on to ask if I had any samples (remember the girl who wanted samples a short while ago – the girl who didn’t even know what I did, and wanted samples anyway? LOL).

I politely replied that there are NO samples offered, and no freebies, and that is that.

Though he is ON the list, and knows what my style is like.

In his own words (after I said this) –

“i have read some of your blog. you have a very unique style”.

And being this conversation wasn’t going anywhere, I logged off Facebook. After all, someone that is truly interested in buying will either buy – or ask GENUINE questions as opposed to rot about certifications etc.

Not saying they don’t matter, but real life experience as this person himself said, trumps ALL.

Anyway, this brings to mind what a friend of mine the “Chat Master Incarnate” if you remember, hehe, had said once about certifications.

Actually, he had asked me if I was certified, and I replied with NO, I’m not.

And he agreed.

“Yes, they aren’t necessary. But most people out there want certifications so even though they don’t really matter, I’m gonna get one anyway”.

And more power to him for doing that. My brotha from anutha motha as it were, hehe.

But as for yours truly, NO, I ain’t gonna get no certifications no matter what, and no matter how many people ask, or want.


Because they ain’t required.

REAL life, learning gotten from being in the TRENCHES and them some is what I offer, my friend. I deliver results, and then some. And while I understand that certifications (the useless paper ones, hehe) are more important to some people than results (and that’s fine); if that’s the sorta coach you want, then that ain’t me my friend.

Not by a country mile it ain’t.

When you sign up for my coaching, for instance, you don’t get to be molly coddle and handheld as is becoming the norm these days.

No, it’s more like a cranky Sergant General that wakes up on the wrong side of the bed regularly barking out orders, but does he get you in SHAPE – and HOW – and quick?

Heck yes!

And yes, that part of it is an exaggeration, but this here fitness coach (or instructor) has a “very unique style indeed” (as the person I’m talking about put it)

Take it or leave it, that is how I am – but if you want results, pure, unvarnished results without all the BS – delivered to you in a brutally honest manner – well – I’m your MAN then!

And that’s that for now.


Rahul Mookerjee

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On the HEROES act, and more . . .
- There is a LIMIT to everything!

Dear Reader,

I’ve been doing some reading about the HEROES act, which seems to be another point of debate brewing up recently in Washington.

Apparently the left thinks that extending unemployment benefits until early next year is a very good idea . . .

When I initially read the piece (I can’t remember where) about “a second round of stimulus checks” my thoughts were to blink and say “damn, is that even affordable??”

Won’t they need to print money in order for that sort of package to get into the hands and bank accounts of everyday people?

And wouldn’t that lead to even greater deflation and economic ruin as we’re seeing NOW?

The POTUS was dead on right in spurring businesses and states back to WORK, but now we are in a situation where the government benefits are so “generous” (and don’t get me wrong – I’m using the term in a relative sense) that certain businesses (a lot, actually, and I personally know of at least ONE) is having a hard time finding workers, because it makes more financial sense for some to stay home and suck off the government teat.

Again, don’t get me wrong.

The CARES act was required, and a great thing to do in times of emergency. I don’t a single other nation that put $1200 or the equivalent, willy nilly, into the bank accounts of it’s citizens, but there comes a point where you have to say enough if enough.

As a certain Senator rightly said, “if they’re in hell, they may want ice water too”

Sometimes, and often times, the best way to is to climb out of that hell yourself, my friend, and when the government has done it’s initial bit – its now up to the citizens of the country themselves to make a difference.

To be true HEROES, and true HEROES don’t stay at home and suck off the government (or any) teat for longer than they HAVE to.

True HEROES look at themselves in the mirror and do what it takes to change their situation – inch by painstaking inch often, and that is how the economy as a whole progresses.

It was HARD WORK that brought the US of A to the pre-eminent position it rightfully enjoys today in the world. And socialist policies such as what the Dems constantly float ain’t the way to keep it there.

Just my opinion, of course, but when it comes to fitness, ‘tis the same.

I didn’t sit around looking for sympathy or a magic bullet when I had to get into the best shape of my life.

Folks often look at me and talk about “how lucky I am to be in shape”.

Lucky my ass.

I made my own damned luck. I still remember the hell it was the first few days waking up early in the AM (something that I do NOT do) . . . or, when I first started out, hiking that hill in the evenings as wel, and coming home and collapsing.

Each day I looked at myself in the mirror (I was unknowingly using the Claude Bristol technique that I was to write about and teach years later) and said I could do it.

I could do it. I will do it. By God, I WILL DO IT!

And I did, my friend.

And that’s how it is with life – or anything else.

Sucking off any teat for longer than you have or need to is not only NOT conducive to any sort of success, but it puts you in a very dangerous sub conscious state of “I’ll be taken care of no matter what”.

A state of mind to avoid, my friend, and you know why – I’ve written about that in the past enough times!

As Napoleon Hill rightly said, the state of mind must be one to WIN – a BURNING DESIRE to WIN, and nothing less than that.

And so it goes from 0 Excuses Fitness HQ.

Enough on that front – if you haven’t already picked up my books on getting better at pull-ups do so right HERE – and HERE.

No, they ain’t cheap, but they deliver results my friend – and how! I’ll be waxing lyrical on what a friend had to say about the ADVANCED book in the coming days – stay tuned!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Oh, and don’t forget to pick up the BEST damn fitness system out there on the planet right HERE.

Have THEY actually DONE it themselves?
- A bit of a reality check, and then some!

Todays post might come across as extremely scathing to some, and REALITY to a few others . . .

And if you’re in the know, then, well, you will KNOW what I mean.

All these people running around (the so called gurus) that claim to have “been there and done that”, and yet when you ask them a few questions – – when you try and figure out what exactly they’ve actually been through . . . guess what you find.

A gigantic bunch of LIES for the most part.

Case in point being a friend of mine that claims he put himself through college, pays his own bills etc and claims that “I’m a one man show with no contacts” that doestn know what the heck I’m talking about.

Despite the fact that this person has never done anything worth of note in his entire life other than show up and “teach English based upon NOT his qualifications, but the COLOR of his SKIN” (and no, I’m not going to rant about ESL here – that is for another post).

This guy hasn’t paid his credit card bills or student loans in ages, if at all, and is hoping for it to “be wiped off his record”

He bashes Donald Trump galore, and yet is the first in line to get the stimulus check.

He rants about American being “doomed” (his exact words were “China is doing a great job! Better hope the US has a good plan!”) due to the COVID19, and yet, when it comes time to apply for visas to other countries or even financial help, guess who he “leans upon”.

You got it.

His country.

If there ever was another definition of HYPOCRITE, I’m yet to hear it!

He lives on his girlfriend while professing to run a business, and  . . . ah, but you get the drift!

Closer to home, my Dad always told me that he was a “business owner” that started his business up from the “ground up”.

When we were growing up, we had NO idea of what our Dad did (other than the above line) and any time any questions were asked about finances etc, or about his job in general, all we got was “I’m the boss!” and nothing else (and a stern rebuke if any even remotely financial question was asked).

Years later, I was to find out that this was UNTRUE – at least the “founding” part of it.

True, he was one of the CORE members in his company and has been there since the inception (while the rest all bailed a certain point, hehe)  – but he didn’t by any means START the company.

And there was always a big boss above him.

When yours truly went to college, there were no student loans or “help” available of any nature.

Sure, I got a partial scholarship but that was based upon my own merit – NOT something that was “given to me”.

And when there were problems – or issues such as the dorms shutting down over Spring Break, for instance, guess what yours truly did.

There was no home to go home to. There was no “home cooked” food to eat, or financial support etc.

No – yours truly shacked up a motel with whom the University had an agreement with at the time (reduced rates etc which were taken out of the payment made to the “residence association” initially if I’ve got it right).

When I first started my 0 Excuses Fitness business (actually, this holds true for WAY back in the day when I started www.rahulmookerjee.com) a friend of mine took one look (he didn’t even look at it, to be honest – his first thought was “how much money is he making off it”) and said –

“That will never succeed! You’ll require 10 years to get it going!”

This person works in a family owned business, and anytime he needs help – or support – guess what. His family is always there for him.

He never gets the “you could never do this” thing thrown at him all the time . . . more to the point, this person did NOT build the family business from scratch. I believe it was his grandfather that did that, and this is the same person that keeps asking me to “work for him” – a job which he knows and I knows I’d absolutely DESPISE and abhor.

“Well, it pays the bills” was what he told me one time a few years back . . .

“And as for what I want to do? My own dreams?”

Crickets, and derision of course (albeit in this case unsaid, hehe).

And no, I’m not blasting any of these people from doing what they had to, and did.

I’m blasting them because it is THESE very people that have always told me “I was no good” and so forth – – and more to the point, YOU who is trying to achieve any REAL SUCCESS in life (note, I mean REAL) has probably experienced much of the same from friends and family at some point or the other.

Has the burning question ever stuck in your mind – has HE ever done it himself?

HE may rant about success, but has HE been put through the grind, or is he being as of NOW?

Often times the answers are a massive no.

But look at any TRULY successful person,  and chances are they’re not going to tom tom their “I did it myself” story – instead, they just did it, and now everyone knows their story!

I sure don’t tom tom the fact that I’ve never ever got much support from friends and family – – and when I DID, there were always STRINGS of some nature attached.

And that is fine.

Ain’t nothing free in life, my friend . . .

But when these same people rant up and down about success, and “what to do in life” and give me a whole bunch of UNSOLICITED advice is when I feel compelled to come out and say what I am.

Henry Ford for one was in positions throughout his life until his mid 40’s, where there was nothing but rejection and scorn EVERYWHERE he turned.

Rejection. Scorn. Backruptcy. And so forth.

Napoleon Hill too. Edison at a certain point. And truth be told, I don’t know a single person that hasn’t truly been beaten down several times and somehow managed to find it in him to get up and keep going that has achieve any sort of LASTING success, my friend.

I can relate – that’s for sure!

And last, but not least, when you look at “the others getting it easily in life” – while you’re struggling, and it all seems “unfair” – well – remember this.

Ain’t nothing free in life, my friend.

Emerson said it best when he said there was a silent third party that governed EVERY human transaction – and that the SPOILS (or the opposite) are ALWAYS PAID OUT – with compound interest at that.

And if you look at what is happening globally as of 2020, well, you don’t have to look very far to see the truism of this.

As long as you’re true to yourself – and keep going – and as long as you DO the thing – and keep FAITH – and hope – you truly CANNOT lose, my friend, and that is just a fact!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – For more such motivational tips, pick up Gumption Galore right here.

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P.P.S – I’m writing more on related topics on the other blog as well. If you’re interested in receiving updates, sign up on the homepage at www.rahulmookerjee.com and you’ll get ’em. The next update here will be my thoughts on the ridiculous HEROES act. HA!

The BOXER pushup
- And more on pushups truly being the BIG DOG of fitness

I promised I’d write more about the BOXER’s pushup in this here email series, and let me do so now.

Last time I wrote to you about Hindu squats and how they truly beat any other leg exercise – or even any overall body exercise there is HANDS down any day of the week.

And ‘tis true, unless we’re talking the BIG DOG of course.

Unless we’re talking PUSHUPS.

And pushups, my friend, truly ARE the big dog of exercise that there is out there.

There is very good reason I put out Pushup Central for one, which covers 55 different ways of doing pushups (at last count, and there are probably way more variants you could add in) – each one of them by itself capable of getting you the superior health, fitness and STRENGTH levels you so desperately want, and via quick and dirty workouts as well.

Not to mention that SIX pack – pushups are the quickest way to a six pack that I know of (quicker than even the holy grail of upper body bodyweight exercise – the PULL-up – which of course is a great, great exercise in its own right).

And the boxer’s pushup you ask?

Well, it’s one I included in 0 Excuses Fitness.

As well as in Pushup Central, and probably also in some form in a few other courses.

But it’s also one that is routinely IGNORED in favor of either the regular “arms at shoulder width” pushup or the more flamboyant “legs in the air” (yes, there DOES exist such a version) or “arms out in front of you” pushup (the best damned core builder if there ever was one).

And that is the “elbows” in pushup.

I should have probably called it what I am now, but in terms of Pushup Central I wanted to keep marketing to a minimum and have.

I would rather let those that are REALLY and TRULY interested discover the course themselves and GAIN from the exercise mentioned therein, and even after they buy – I didn’t want to include “bombastic” terms as I normally (well, on occasion) I employ.

And so it was with this style of pushup, but THIS ONE STYLE, my friend is the toughest form of regular pushup for most men to do.

If you can do this successfully for HIGH REPS, you’ll be on your way to having those massive guns you’ve dreamed about.

Think Mike Tyson, who reputedly did 2000 of these daily (well, six days a week but the point STANDS) in sets of 50 in exactly the style mentioned.

You’ll have the chiseled, packed chest you want – not to mention size.

Think Bruce Lee, another huge proponent of this exercise.

Think the Great Gama, who probably did those as a part of his regular training, and he trained a hell of a lot, hehe. And so forth.

And it’s simple enough to do.

All you do is bring your arms in close to your LATS, my friend.


That is it.

And you pump out the pushup from there, and get the benefits I mentioned above and MORE.

And yes, there are more nuances and details to it that are out of the scope of this email, and NO, you won’t find ‘em by Googling them (though you’re welcome to try).

This truly IS the most comprehensive course that not just me – but ANYONE – has ever put out on pushups, and I challenge you to find one better!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S – Here is where you can grab Pushup Central . . .

P.S #2 – Oh, and remember to grab a copy of the book on pull-ups as well – right here – (remember both are complimentary symbiotic movements) – https://0excusesfitness.com/pull-ups-from-dud-to-stud-within-a-matter-of-weeks/

Forget it! The discussion is going round and round in circles!
- Is it, really? Hehe

My wife piped up about the COVID19 during lunch.

“This Coronavirus has wreaked hell on economies” she went. “Businesses have shut down globally, especially small business!”

“True”, I mused. “All the more reason for people to stand UP and do what I said in my last email – which is to discard the shroud of FEAR that is being forced upon everyone globally”.

Now, my wife is normally a logical person so the answer that came back surprised me, even shocked me a little.

But only momentarily, as I was instantly reminded of how successful the governments across the world (with the notable exception of a few) have been in instilling FEAR in the population globally (and of course, if we’re talking mainland china, taking the exact same thing to giddy and opposite limits).

Everything is good in moderation, my friend . . . EXCEPT FEAR!

And back to the topic – my wife’s response!

“But they’re people, of course they’ll be scared!”

“Huh?? But why?”

“because they’re people!” she retorted.

I said I heard her the first time, and proceeded to list out the facts that I listed in my last email.

Namely, that the virus does NOT stand a very good chance against you if you have above average or GOOD immunity. Namely too that the common flu and other viruses that have been around since AGES kill more globally than the COVID-19 every YEAR . . .

Namely, that studies show that 9 out of 10 that contract this RECOVER. The so called “deadly pandemic” – or PANIC DEMIC, my friend? You tell me!

And namely, that the 1 that does pass away has an underlying medical or health condition that was exacerbated by the COVID 19.

Of course, none of these facts were taken on board.

“And why did they spread it in the first place”, she continued.

“No-one arguing about that” I replied. “That was wrong, and they must be punished for that (whoever did spread it, but what NOW?”



“Forget it”, she replied in a huff. “There’s no point discussing anything with you as go around and around in ciricles?”

And off she went, and this sort of response is typical of people these days (and actually always) that can’t handle FACTS thrown at them during a discussion.

The China tom tommers and those that claim “China did an excellent job in controlling the virus”, for instance, are talking about their collective backsides, and when presented with facts  as a tom tommer recently was on LinkedIn, their response?

“You’re racist! Go away!

A typically juvenile response (not one directed at me) when one can’t handle FACTs, especially the “go away” part, and coming from the same people that preach “tolerance” and yet when someone has an opinion contrary to their own . . . it’s either “ go away!” or “I’m outta here!”

So much for tolerance and discussion eh.

What saddens me though is the continual brainwashing being done globally in all countries, to the point where normally logical people are following their lead too.

And that’s of course how brain washing is done at a subliminal level. From Hitler to Stalin to tyrants down the ages – this is how brain washing and mass control started – and it all THRIVED in an an environment of ENTIRELY MAN MADE FEAR.

They’re people so they should be scared (so the sheeple argument goes, it seems!). . . and insane as it might sound, if you analyze what is going on around you regardless of where you are in the world (and yes, this applies to you in mainland China as well, my friend) this is EXACTLY what is happening everywhere.

My wife then went on about “what if they get the virus, and they’ll have to pay for treatment!”

“Governments are footing the bill”, I started, but I was cut off.

“In India they aren’t!”

“Ok, but . . . “

“You keep talking about China! They aren’t in China either are they?”

“Actually they are, but yes, they bill ‘em later”, I conceded. “But that ain’t the point, and . . . “

I could go on and on but this whole discussion was so pointless and meaningless that I saw no point.

And why do I write to you about this?

Because that’s precisely how it goes with fitness too my friend.

Tell Bubba he needs to lose weight, for example.

And he (or she) will get back with “But I can’t!”

“I don’t have time!”

“I’m too stressed from the virus!”

“I’m stressed out staying at home!”

“I need a gym!”

Napoleon Hill was right when he said the average human being looks for a bazillion and one different reasons and EXCUSES not to do the thing – and take the easy way out and then piss and moan later.

Well, my friend that’s certainly an option for you if you want to live in fear and frustration for the rest of your lives.

But if you’re part of the elite group that actually takes stock of your situation – and actually DOES SOMETHING, well, then it’s all the more reason to avoid people in general these days.

And these meaningless discussions, as they do nothing but waste time and energy.

Unless you’re discussing with, as a friend recently said, THINKERS.

And it is for you thinkers and DOERS that the forum on the 0 Excuses SHIP was created, my friend.

Some have complained it ain’t cheap, and it probably isn’t if all you’re concerned about is dollars at this point.

But if you’re of the view that money is attracted to good things and the sooner you put yourself on the latter half of that equation as opposed to the former, well, then – and again – I’m here for ya, my friend!

And that’s it for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Would you believe, every time I ask people to form a WRITTEN response consisting of their “logic”, I get either crickets or brickbats, hehe. How “sensible” is that? You be the judge!

P.S #2 – By the way if your kids are going bonkers during the lockdown (mine recently tore the legs off a table, hehe) then get them started on Kiddie Fitness – NOW – https://0excusesfitness.com/kiddie-fitness/

P.P.S – And there is no point “trying to make people believe”, my friend. Those that don’t want to (or are content to be conditioned – the wrong way) or those that seem unwilling to accept simple facts like certain governments in the world DO care for their citizens more than others (it’s amazing how people have been conditioned to believe “it’s the same everywhere”) WILL be. There’s nothing you can do for these people, my friend except move ahead with YOUR life. Trust me on this one – it’ll save ya a lot of wasted time either now or down the road!

Legs that stay SORE for days . . .
- And one GREAT exercise!

(and at the outset, get your mind out of the gutter before reading this, hehe ?. It is definitely PG rated!)

Anyway my legs sometimes stay SORE for days on end, my friend and why?

Certainly not because I’m a newbie to exercise, or am doing anything new these days.

On that note of course, it can always be made new if you get my drift. You NEVER EVER truly master any exercise in its entirety, my friend – unless you’re Bruce Lee – or Mike Tyson – and even those people would be the first to point out the truism of ‘you can work the simple ole pushup for the rest of your life, do nothing else, and make excellent overall gains”.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it isn’t . . . too good to be true that is. It’s true – and take one look at Mike Tyson for one if you don’t believe me.

The ONLY style of pushup he was reputed to have done for reps – in sets of FIFTY at that . . . until he got to about 2000 a day I believe was the “elbows IN” version of the regular pushup (there is good reason that is also known as the “Boxer’s pushup”).

More on the boxers pushup later, but for now, the exercise that often me makes me sore – although I can pound out a 100 like nothing else?

Although I can probably go for 500 with a few breaks right NOW despite NOT having done it in high numbers for AGES?

An exercise I can do daily and never be tired of, and an exercise that gives me superb FAT BURNING effects on my entire body – not to mention builds lumps of muscle on my THIGHS as well every time I do ‘em?

The above might sound like an exaggeration, but it really isn’t my friend.

It really ain’t, and no, we ain’t talking about the almighty hill although that style of workout WILL lead to the above if not more.

I’m talking the Hindu squat for those of you that don’t have hills nearby and there are many.

And this will benefit you even if you DO climb hills daily, and are an experienced tri-athelete – or perhaps CRossfitter – or just an “Extreme” bodyweight exercise fanatic.

The Gama for one, famous wrestler from India was reputed to have done this for 5000 reps a day. Those numbers are probably inflated, but the fact is he hardly, if ever lost a wrestling contest in God knows how many years (it’s on the sales page for 0 Excuses Fitness, so take a gander for more info on that great man) . . . and THIS exercise was the cornerstone of his training.

I often say that if you ain’t doing Hindu squats, you’re not really doing bodyweight training to the FULLEST and experiencing the benefits to the FULLEST and its true.

And as I sit here today after a brutal Hindu squat workout #2, my thighs like KELLY – oops, JELLY, hehe, I KNOW this to be true – as I have for ages!

HERE is where you can learn about this amazing exercise, and start experiencing MORE for YOURSELF – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

If you’re looking to burn fat and build muscle at the same time, there truly IS NO BETTER exercise out there, my friend – at least not one done indoors (or even out on the hill in midday as I did, hehe).

And so it goes!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – More on the boxer’s pushup later. Be on the outlook for it soon!

P.S #2 – There are only a FEW other routines that come close to, and sometimes even surpass the sheer fat burning effect of Hindu squats, and they are those found in Advanced Hill Training – right here – – https://0excusesfitness.com/advanced-hill-training/

The rules are there – for a REASON!
- Just follow them, my friend. Its THAT simple.

This morning I woke up . . . and out of all things, I started to work on my OTHER site.

A venture where I’ve done far more writing than on THIS site (well, not really in terms of both www.rahulmookerjee.com and this site), but you get my drift.

A venture where I’m making sales like nobody’s business and this with very minimal marketing my friend.

And I say all this not to brag . . . I say this simply to tell you that when you write and DO things from the heart, nigh on ANYTHING and everything is possible.

And I’m feeling so good right now after setting up yet another one of my “members only” (or “faithful”, as I call it on that site) forums that I figured I’d take a break and write to you – about rules.

Now, yours truly ain’t a person that is either “anal about rules” or a “stickler for meaningless rules”.

In fact, those on this list know my penchant for MINIMAL government interference in everything, and “living and letting live”.

And as far as this silly virus scare, I’ve spoken about it a lot before, so for now the less said the better (and yes, Vicky, that goes for masks too). HA!

Now whats my point you ask?

Well, simply put – this.

There have to be SOME rules in life – and anything you do – or it turns into a veritable free for all my friend.

And though I’ve been roundly castigated for appropriating and ENFORCING strict rules in my Wechat groups (too many as of now, hehe, if someone wants take over let me know . . .), there is damned good reason behind this.

(NB – Nah, don’t let me know if you want to take over – because I know of NO-BODY, repeat, nobody that is willing to enforce the very reasonable and MINIMAL rules I have in my groups as of now).

Anyway, rules are there for a reason my friend.

And this holds true for life – society – and wechat groups – or even my 0 Excuses Fitness Ship, where I do NOT allow the following –

Racist comments (against anyone)

Lewd remarks

Inappropriate discussions (we’re basically there for fitness – though I DO have a “anything else” section on the forum) . . .

And so forth.

Basically nothing at all you wouldn’ do in real life, but and you members know this NOTHING beyond that.

I don’t sit and moderate conversations. I don’t impose my opinion on others. I don’t make you “follow” what I do if you don’t want. Ain’t my job my friend. I can but show you the way, and if you don’t learn, well, that’s on YOU – not me.

Yesterday a person named “Roger” (yes, him of the MASKS meme, hehe) broke a rule in my employment group on WeChat – again.

Despite having broken a rule first and despite me inviting him back upon promising he would NOT do it again.

Despite me giving him not just a second, but a THIRD publicly (if anything, he was brazen enough to question my rules publicly!).

And though no-one spoke up against this – I DID.

And guess what. After I did, a host of other people spoke up – all mostly congratulating me on keeping the group focused and USEFUL, and (as people have told me) “the best damned employment group there is!”

And that’s how it is my friend.

Rules are there to ENHANCE your experience (unless you’re a troll in which case you WILL be booted).

And in the case of the 0 Excuses Fitness SHIP, if you do little other than sign up and be a “bump on a log”, well, you might be IGNORED. Certainly not booted, but ignored.

And so it goes.

This morning Roger sent me an audio which I haven’t bothered listening to.

Endless stream of negative energy and arguments for NO reason.

Just follow the damn rule, my friend. And if you don’t – well – guess what.

The door is right there, and I’ll stand there and open it for you as well, hehe.

And so it goes. Back to my other venture for now – something you wouldn’t BELIEVE I was “into” even if I told you! Hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – What IS this other “secret” venture I keep talking about? Well, I’ll tell ya my friend, but I’m not ready to let the cat outta  the bag just as yet! ?

P.S #2 – For FREE lifetime access to ALL our products, and YOURS TRULY too for AS LONG as your membership stays valid (this includes upcoming products too, by the way, and there are a lot as you can tell!) – sign up right HERE.

If I can’t hear you BREATHE . . .
- . . . you might as well NOT be doing 'em!

As I just got done with a mini workout – which took all of 5 minutes if even that, and am back to my writing, something just hit home.

“If I can’t hear you BREATHE across the room as you do these exercises, you might as well not be doing ‘em”.

Matt Furey I believe it was, renegade info publisher that got started WAYYY back in the day when yours truly FIRST went to China and heard of him, and one thing he has been constantly emphasizing ever since then is the value of deep breathing – something which for 0 Excuses faithful – you guys KNOW that resonates with me!

Especially if you’re read my version of the BEST darn exercise ever, and how it gives you a stretch through the entire body – strength throughout the upper back and chest in a manner you’ve never ever gotten before (hint – if you’re used to pounding out heavy poundages on the lat pulldown, or even pull-ups, then this exercise may come as a shock and a good one!) –  and that leaves you BUZZING and feeling like a million bucks.  .  .

So much so that I put out an entire BOOK on this ONE exercise, hehe.

And if you’ve read my tips on deep breathing in 0 Excuses Fitness (I’ve devoted an entire chapter on it in that book, and in Advanced Hill Training) and if you’ve been following me and know how to recover quicker than anyone else after a hard, hard set of hill sprints . . .

And he said the following about his own bodyweight exercises (I don’t know Matt personally, but the stuff he puts out is SOLID) . . .

“If I can’t hear you . . . “, ah, but we went there didn’t we?

And it’s true.

Deep breathing, as Martin Farmer Burns correctly said made many a weak man STRONG and many a sick man well.

And to that I would add the following.

“Made many a lard ass get in the best shape of my – their lives – and improved their health IMMEASURABLY from the inside out!”

As I was pounding out Hindu squats furiously between bouts of writing it struck me.

People climb a hill for instance, and experience the DEEP “burn” from within their chest like they’ve never experienced before.

You know what I mean, don’t you?

That DEEP heart pounding away NINETEEN to the dozen effect.

As you literally “feel” your belly expand and contract with each breath, and you (if you’re on Advanced Hill Training) FEEL the fat melting off ya as you do these exercises . . .

That DEEP breathing effect, and you keep panting to a degree and burning FAT off a long time after the actual workout . . .

And while people think that’s normal while climbing hills or doing outdoor activities like swimming (another great workout if you do it right) – for some reason, bodyweight exercises aren’t given the same respect/thought.

Which is weird, because bodyweight exercises, especially the almighty PUSHUP demand just as much deep breathing – if not MORE.

Do 50 quick pushups right now, and tell me not how you feel (I bet it’s great!) but how you BREATHE.

How your lungs OPEN up – and your mind does too.

Quite literally (I got this idea to write about it to you as I was doing my squats!).

And Hindu squats are the only other bodyweight exercise that get the heart thumping VERY quickly – within the space of a few SECONDS sometimes when you do ‘em right.

The only exercise (bodyweight) that makes you drip sweat all over for HOURS after your workout.

Ok, not hours, but you get the drift!

And that, more than anything should be enough to convince you not just of the sheer efficacy of the exercise, but the value of deep breathing as well.

It makes you feel like a billion bucks later, I’ll tell yout hat much!

Anyway, enough for this email. For more check out the 0 Excuses Fitness System right here – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/


Rahu lMookerjee

P.S. – You’ll want to especially check out the workout video, hehe as you see me “practicing what I preach” . . .

P.S #2 – Someone asked me a while back why I mention others in my emails. Well – simple and as I said in the book – credit where credit’s due, my friend. If I think I’ve patented something, I ain’t gonna be shy about saying it (the best darn exercise, for instance). But if someone else has come along before me and put out something that I teach now, well – simple – credit where credit is DUE. There ain’t no two ways about THAT!

P.P.S – To be coached by the best there ever is (I know, I know!), apply right HERE.

Fitness with NO apologies
- Zero apologies FITNESS!

As I sit here typing this, I feel THRILLED – elated, actually.


Well, for a reason that some of you might not think is a reason to feel anything at all, let alone elated, but I do . . .

And why?

Well, because (and as I wrote about on the other site – by the way, you’ll have to resign up if you still want daily updates from www.rahulmookerjee.com – as I said a while ago, I deleted a lot of the email addresses on file with me for that site, so if you want updates from there as well, go HERE and sign up at the bottom of the page).

That site is a watered down simple version of this one, and I plan on keeping it that way, just for now, and again, for good reason, and ones I probably won’t get into in this communication.

In short – I started it that way, and I want to KEEP it that way. The selling and other things can be done on this site, and that site will be a more “life oriented” site down the road with appropriate products, but for now, the two are deeply intertwined as usual, so hark on over and sign up if you so choose.

Anyway, not many people know that 0 Excuses Fitness sells books and products in languages OTHER than English.

Wow, I hear you say. But why?

Well, as my friend Marc once said, the world is a big place, my friend.

And it is, mi amigo. It sure is!

For those that don’t know, Gorilla Grip, 0 Excuses Fitness and the initial book on pull-ups are already out there in Spanish. I do not sell them directly on my site due to copyright and other issues (not to mention the hassle of keeping up with payments etc due to the translators etc) but if any of you are interested, let me know and I’ll send over the Amazon link!

And right now, as I am getting 0 Excuses Fitness translated into Portugese, the TITLE of the book itself translates into something like this –

“Fitness with no apologies!”

And I love it.

Down to earth, brutal, and makes sense, despite the interesting translation between languages.

“Lost in translation” has often been an issue for me in terms of Chinese to English translations, but on this one, the import is very clear, hehe.

Get fit, son – NO excuses – and certainly no apologies required, and there is another good reason behind this name and before I tell you what, well, HERE is more news – we are working with Chinese payment processors to get our system up and running in that regard as well.

So pretty soon if you’re located in mainland China (as a growing percentage of our readers appear to be) you can use Wechat, Alipay etc to pay just as you can use Paypal and bitcoins NOW.

Credit card functionality is already available via Paypal, but pretty soon I’ll have it directly on the site which will quicken and simplify the checkout process even more. Stay tuned for more on this!

As for ZERO apologies, well, there is NO need to apologize for your success, my friend.

Ever notice how the libs all bash Trump, for instance, saying that “he doesn’t deserve his success because he was born with a golden spoon in his mouth”?

Well, they’re correct in that he WAS born into a rich family, but there endeth the “making sense” part (as if libs ever make any sense, hehe).

He was NOT “gifted” or given the success he had. He had to WORK every inch of the way, and the only one handout he got was from his Dad – a ONE TIME handout – and that was it.

Trump is a man that knows something about true success, and then some, and today as he stands as the POTUS while speaking to the WORLD – well – you KNOW he’s speaking from the heart – and then some – and you KNOW (and FEEL) he knows what there is to know about keeping it real and true success!

As my buddy from the Marines once said, it’s a toss up between whose more brutally honest. Donald Trump, or yours truly, hehe.

And this same things holds true for fitness too.

Go out there and DO it, my friend.

And once you get to where you want to be, you’ll always have people trying to tear you down.

Telling you “you have good genetics and didn’t have to work hard” (when the reality is often the polar opposite).

Telling you “you have good luck”. And other such B.S. (by the way, there ain’t no such thing as coincidence and we MAKE our own luck, hehe).

And so forth.

Moral of all this – go out there – and GET the success you DESERVE – both in terms of LIFE – and FITNESS.

Can’t nobody stop me (or you), hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – The foreign language translations are all available on Amazon and other websites as of now. If you’re interested, shoot me an email and I’ll send over the links.

P.S #2 – The advanced course on pull-ups has really started to pick up traction now. Here is where you can GRAB it – https://0excusesfitness.com/pull-ups-stud-to-super-stud-within-weeks/

MORE on your first thoughts of the day, and the HILL.
- . . . that I keep returning to, hehe.

Ive written a lot about the power of FIRST thoughts – and LAST thoughts.

If you take a look at your life – in any which regard (business, relationships, success, fitness, or “whateva”) then chances are VERY HIGH that the things you DO succeed in (really succeed in) both in terms of results and ATTRACTING what you want it is to YOU are things you think about all the time either consciously or unconsciously.

Take myself, for instance.

Yours truly first went to China in 2004, and though the “world conspired” (or so it felt, hehe) to “draw him out of the country where he had some of his BEST times in all regards), somehow or the other he always made his way back.

And almost ALL of the time, the “turning point” came without any real planning.

I still remember the day I LEFT China for the first time.

The day BEFORE that actually.

‘Twas a hot sunny day (back when Dongguan actually had four seasons) and yours truly was in the “crazy” mode of climbing hills at 12 noon, and during the walk back home (to A/C – YES!) with my entire shirt SOAKED (white T-shirt, long black pants in that heat for some inexplicable reason) I remember looking around the park.

It was deserted, as it should be at that time.

“I’ll be BACK”, I promised myself.

And I was, although it happened in such a manner that even I couldn’t predict the hows and wherefore’s of it, and it happened (in the grand scheme of things) shortly after I left.

It was almost like I never left (when I got back). THAT was the feeling.

And EVERY time I’ve left China (for whatever reasons), I’ve promised myself, and just myself at the park that I’ll be back – at least WORKOUT WISE.

That hill was ALWAYS dear to me, and that hill and the park will ALWAYS be a part of ME and for very good damned reason as well.

It is HERE that I had some of the best times of my life, and met some of the best people there are in this whole world (remember the old man I met in China, for one?).

It is HERE that Rahul Mookerjee could truly be HIMSELF, and create his products with NO interference.

And it is HERE, on that mighty hill that I truly got into the best shape of my life as others “dropped like flies” all around me (and if you think that’s an exaggeration, let me tell you, NO, it ain’t).

As Kelly, a student of mine once told me “THIS is real hill climbing!” (when the sweat was literally pouring off me like water out of a leaky faucet after my fourth or fifth climb in extreme heat).

Anyway, point of me saying all this (and hold yer horses – – I don’t believe I’ve written about the Kelly incident on this site, but I’ll do so sometime) is THIS.

My workout is something I think about all the time, either consciously or unconsciously.

As Claude Bristol said in the Magic of Believing and his idea for using “flash cards” for dinning what it is you WANT into your subconscious, the idea is to make you see the mental pictures at all times of the day.

And especially first thing in the morning and before you go to bed – when your subconscious is at its most amenable.

And it’s true my friend.

Think about any success you’ve had. The things you really, really want.

Chances are you’ve been thinking about them as you lopped off to bed. And first thing when you wake up.

It’s amazing but most people don’t consider any of this when setting goals etc – and its’ even more amazing that people don’t think about the DREAMS they have during the night and why.

Anyway, we’re getting into dangerous territory there so I’ll stop for now, hehe (but I WILL say this, I had some of the more vivid dreams I’ve been having in a while as of late – more on this later!).

Point is, if you have a goal – lets say a fitness goal.

Lets say you want to drop that flab around the midsection. That nasty, jiggly “man boob” look . . .

That irritating FAT that jiggles as you move, especially when you wear tight fitting workout clothes and the such.

Well, THINK about the new you – and PICTURE it in your mind INTENSELY before going to bed – and upon waking up.

Chances are you’ll already doing this if you really, really want it . . .

During the day look into the mirror, and look at the FLAB, and TELL YOURSELF that you want it GONE.

And that’s ALL  I am asking you to do for this, or any other goal (change the technique, but the basic method remains the same).

Do this continuously for a couple of weeks, and report back on your overall goal after that, my friend.

I bet you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come, and we haven’t even gotten down to brass tacks as of yet!

Ok, that’s it for now. Back soon . . .


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you think “it’s too simple” and “won’t work”, and approach it that way, then please do NOT use the above technique as it won’t do you an iota of good (if anything, it’ll REVERSE your gains if anything . . . ).

P.S #2 – But for the believers, and those with an OPEN MIND – – try the above – and report back and let me know!

P.P.S – Oh, and while you’re in your two week trial, you’ll automatically find yourself gravitating towards the 0 Excuses Fitness System – and MORE. Don’t believe me? Well, do the thing – and you might well be AMAZED!