More on doing roadwork – BEFORE a workout!
- A different take on an old topic - read on!!

Dear Reader,

So as of late, I’ve been doing something different in my routine – not because of necessity, but because I WANT to – and also because I wanted to see just how this change in my routine would work for me.

Most of you will recall that I’ve spoken about roadwork in the past, and that I’ve always recommended what I personally do and works for me for YOU too – that being to workout FIRST, and THEN do your roadwork!

In other words, if you’re doing 0 Excuses Fitness – do that first before your “roadwork” (or incorporate roadwork into the routine – thats another topic though).

Ditto for Eat More – Weigh Less – – or pull-ups – – or even the almighty handstand pushup.

I used to finish off my 100 rep plus pull-up workouts with roadwork – and conditioning – although the two are essentially the same thing! – workouts, and it worked great for me.

The proof is indeed in the pudding, and yet, this year – a change I made was this – I flipped things around.

Actually, this change started from Christmas last year to be accurate – but what I’m doing now is getting my conditioning and roadwork in FIRST – and I’m moving on to my workout AFTER that.

Now, back in India which is where I was for more than half of the last year, I did my conditioning, but options were limited to be honest. I was in a big city with very few open areas – and though I made full use of the subway stairs – and moonlit parks – nothing really compares to the routines I’m able to put myself through here in China – both on the hill, and OFF it!

And how’s it working out for me?

Well, before I share my own experience, it’s noteworthy that most boxers, wrestlers etc do their roadwork BEFORE their “day” starts i.e before their actual workouts/practice etc.

All the old time boxers, for instance, would run early in the morning – then nap for a while, and get back at it later on in in the morning.

While we as average people don’t have that luxury (napping and then getting back to working out) – we CAN do what these guys do – but I’ll tell you one thing – doing my roadwork first made my pull-ups and dips all that much harder initially.

Let me tell you, if your conditioning routines consist of sprints and climbing up steep hills at a RAPID pace, then you’re working your entire body already – including your upper body – and if you do pull-ups etc after that – man will you FEEL it!

As I finished a brutal routine on the hill today, I headed over to terra firma to do 40 pull-ups and 40 dips – and man, I could feel it all the way in my lower lats and triceps after the first ten reps or so – and this from a guy who does hundreds of pull-ups per workout!

So if you’re starting out – I’d certainly recommend you doing your roadwork LATER as I have said on previous occasions – but does that mean roadwork first is “bad” per se?

Not at all – if anything, you might just end up getting a better overall “hammering” if you do it that way – and that can only get you in better shape!

And note that while my numbers dropped dramatically during the initial week or so of doing this, there were other factors at play – but those numbers are BACK and RISING again at pretty much the same levels as they were before – except I’m getting an even more brutal workout this way!

So that’s my take on roadwork done BEFORE your workout as opposed to after. Give it a read through or two – and then try both – and let me know which works better for you!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Conditioning is indeed king – – both “inside the ring” and outside it as well – -and the routines that’ll get you superbly conditioned at lightning speed are there for the taking right HERE – –

P.S. #2 – Along with that, make sure to sip on a green tea – or two – or several – throughout your day! Make sure it’s the REAL deal as opposed to the packaged junk in the supermarkets – –

The “staircase from hell” workout!
- ... and more on why climbing actual stairs is so devastatingly effective!

Dear Reader,

So there I was last night, relaxing with a brew – and watching a re-run of Rocky IV – one of those “soap opera ” sort of films if I were to be honest, and yet a movie that has some pretty darn inspiring scenes.

I’m sure any fan of the Rocky series and perhaps those that aren’t either have heard of the storyline behind Rocky IV – that being Rocky fighting the mighty “Ivan Drago” in a boxing match – and on Drago’s home turf, as it were.

When the two stand toe to toe in the movie, it looks like David vs Goliath to be honest – much like was the case with “Clubber Lang” and Rocky in the last movie.

And as both actors went through their paces and the training montage started, the movies showed Drago in an ultra modern Russian gym, lifting heavy weights, doing the stairmaster, and of course – getting injections galore too periodically if you get my drift!

Conversely Rocky goes back to the basics – chopping wood – running in knee high snow – doing high rep pull-ups – advanced gymnastics – you name it.

All EXCELLENT workouts, and the funny part is this – in REAL life Dolph Lundgren (the guy that plays Drago) is the one that actually most likely participates in these sort of workouts – being a high level karate and judo expert – as opposed to Stallone, whose far more likely to be doing the “puff and buff” routines that I write so much about!

And the difference in their bodies pretty much gives it away. As Stallone himself put it – some of the routines he followed to get into the sort of shape he was in the mid part of his career (think Rambo II – III, and then the Rocky III-IV series) was not only not recommended to others – but was downright UNHEALTHY and left him feeling weak for most of the day!

Not what you’d expect given the characters he has so successfully portrayed – and anyway, one of the things Rocky’s trainer told him before the training montage started was this – “You’re going to have to go through hell and back!”

And as I completed my own workout today – sweating up a STORM despite the cold weather outdoors – it struck me that  curiously enough I was doing my own version of a “stairway to hell” workout – and getting similar results as well!

There is a route on the hill that I climb that most people do not know of, and those that do (including myself) usually don’t take.

Its a circuitous route around the hill – and starts to go steadily, up, up and up – and once the real steep part of the climb starts, there is a fork in the road.

And BOTH directions point towards what seems like a seemingly unending flight of stairs … going up as far as the eye can see, and then some.

An undulating flight of steep, narrow stairs – weaving and curving it’s way up the hill – and the very sight is enough to make those that don’t workout regularly start to sweat, so commanding indeed are these steps – and I took the one to the right, though I knew that wasn’t the right one to take to get to the top.

As I got to the top of that staircase, I came down – headed back up the opposing flight of stairs – and as I panted, puffed and literally “pulled” my way up the stairs, the image of “Ivan Drago” doing the stairmaster in the gym popped into my mind, and I literally laughed out loud.

While the stairmaster is no doubt a great workout in its own regard – try climbing an actual hill – or slope – or incline – where the steps are of variable height – and are at some points so narrow and steep that even pausing for breath isn’t an option – and steps that literally seem to ascend to the sky!

They don’t literally ascend to the sky, of course, but  if you’re not used to this kind of thing, you’ll literally feel like your legs – and thighs – and entire respiratory system is in purgatory, and that too of a more extreme kind – and NO, there ain’t a button you can push to “turn it off” either!

You either get up them stairs, or you don’t – its just that simple!

And as I put myself through the paces in this regard – not once, not twice – but THRICE – I was reminded of the truism that I keep talking about – that being natural workouts are the best – and the further you stay away from the ridiculous machines at the gym, the better your actual RESULTS will be!

So if you’re looking to lose weight quickly – or if you’re looking for workouts that really make you huff, puff and pant at a DEEP, DEEP level, consider the sort of thing I’ve stated above.

You may never get to the point that Stallone did in the movie i.e. climbing actual hill in the Tundra – and then letting out a roar of “Dragooooo” that was probably heard across the world- but you WILL feel like a billion bucks – and you’ll be stripping away lard off your frame at record speeds as well!

Well, my friend, so that was my “stairway from hell” workout today. I’ll write more about it later. For now, I’m off for some R& R – so if you workout today – make it a great, great one – – and let me know how it went!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And in case you don’t have stairs around – or choose not to partake of workouts including steps – well – rest assured the Hindu squats will have much the same effect – except perhaps faster, if you do ’em in right form. Believe me, if there is one bodyweight exercise that melts that unsightly lard off your frame as well as climbing an actual mountain does, or perhaps even better – it is the Hindu Squat, my friend!

Learn how to do ’em right here – – 


The old man that “paces” in China
- .... an unique workout if there ever was one!

Dear Reader,

I’ve written a lot before the old man I met in China while hiking my favorite mountain a number of times, and I’ve written just how inspired I was by him the first time I met him – and how his presence on that hill is a continued motivator and inspiration for me every time I see him – even after all these years!

That man is truly something (given his age) – but over the past few weeks, I’ve been noticing another old dude “putting himself through the paces” on a daily basis out there in the park, and yet the two old dudes couldn’t be doing things more differently.

And yet, they’re doing the same thing – and getting similar results – well, somewhat.

What do I mean?

Well as I start my first jaunt up the hill these days, there is an old man that is there everyday – at the foot of the hill.

What he does is this – he paces back and forth in a feverish, yet somehow unhurried fashion between two points at a medium speed – walking with his arms swinging by him, not quite military style – but not quite the “regular” style of walking either.

He goes from point A which is about say a 2 minute or so walk from point B (the base of the hill) – and back again.

Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth he goes – and a good hour – or sometimes an hour and a half later, I’m descending the hill after two or three TOUGH climbs – soaked in sweat – and I see this old man – still at it!

I don’t know if I could keep up that sort of routine to be honest. I’d get way bored, but then again, the old man probably uses this as his “thinking time” as opposed to exercise time.

And truth be told, though this sort of routine is EASY for me (to say the least!) I have to give this old man credit where credit is due.

First, for doing something – and doing it daily – and doing it with unwavering discipline that folks less than half his age would be hard pressed to match.

It’s no secret that the only walking the average adult does is either between cubes in the office – or from the sofa to the bathroom  – or the aisles in the mall to the comfy seats in the car.

And it’s no secret, of course, that the average adult is sadly out of shape – when it doesn’t have to be the case!

Now, that doesn’t mean I’d recommend a routine such as the old man follows – – but hey, if the general populace were to pace back and forth feverishly for hours – I’ll bet you my bottom dollar a lot of the FAT on their frames would start to disappear – and quickly, at that.

Of course, this isn’t by any means the best way to workout – but hey, it’s better than nothing – and certainly better than yakking around on the machines at the gym as well!

Of course, results speak. While this man is in great shape – slim and fit for his age, he still can’t hold a candle to the sheer strength and vitality the other old man exudes – and the difference in routines is the reason behind this.

Anyway, thats today’ update. Yours truly has been noticing this man for a while now, but I hadnt mentioned it in my daily emails as of yet.

Having gotten that off my chest, the only thing left to tell you is this – if you workout today – make it a FAST – and FURIOUS one – and make it the best one ever!

After that, you might want to partake of some “feverish” or even leisurely walking, my friend. And if it’s uphill – so much more so the better.

Combine the two – and you’ve got a winner, baby!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Want to know what the best part about the 0 Excuses Fitness System is? You’ll get much the same results the old man in China does – the same results I do – except you won’t need to step foot outside your living room – or bedroom. You CAN literally get in a workout anywhere you have a few square feet of space – – and this is a truism you’ll learn in the System which you can and should grab right NOW – right here – –

Green tea – finally up on the site!

Dear Reader,

So, without further ado, let’s get to the meat of today’s post – that being GREEN tea – which is finally, at long last being sold through THIS VERY site!

You might have remembered me mentioning many a times that green tea is by far one of the very best things you can imbibe in terms of overall health and that of your internal organs – as well as for displacing those pesky FAT CELLS that seem to never “completely go away no matter what”.

And you’ve no doubt heard me say many a times that green tea is basically one of my secrets of getting into the sort of shape I am in today – and STAYING lean for that matter.

Green tea has so many benefits it would take a thesis to list ’em all out there, and the sad thing is that though there’s certainly plenty of interest out there in terms of this tea – – most of the green tea you see out there in the supermarkets is NOT the real deal, my friend.

Not even close – ditto for the “benefits” you might or might not get from drinking this sort of tea.

Real green tea – and the other forms of tea I drink here on a regular basis are a world apart – and taste – and SMELL completely different too.

You’ll know what I mean when you brew a cuppa and sip upon it – and when you drink it in the traditional earthern tea pots that the Chinese drink out of, the flavor is enhanced all that much more.

As Imran, a customer of mine put it – “the tea taste is different and balanced with this tea pot”.

And although I’ve been selling these for a while now, it’s only now that I’ve finally gotten around to putting a system online on the site wherein you can buy tea straight from us – check out the link right here –

It’s a different system from that I use for my other downloadable products, so if you’re buying those as well – it will be two different shopping carts – for now, that is.

We’re still ironing out all the features, and I’ve put one variant of the green tea up for sale already. Look for more varieties as well as other products (clay tea pots etc) coming up soon!

So that’s the update for today, my friend. Check out the link right here – – – –  and if you work out today – make it a great one!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And after checking out the “shop” above, be sure to check out our product page as well –

“I am think about how to get fat” …
- .. never do that, my friend!

Dear Reader,

So, over the last few days it’s been HECTIC here again at 0 Excuses Fitness HQ’s for a variety of reasons.

I’ve been involved with many a project as of late – the latest being my green tea business which is going great – on that note, if any of y’all reading this are interested in GENUINE green tea sourced straight from the hills of China – stuff that actually DOES (and has been proven) to help you lose weight – especially around the midsection, then shoot me an email, and we’ll see what we can do.

Believe you me, this is not the packaged green tea you see in supermarkets, and it certainly isn’t the tea bags you see nigh everywhere (which are useless, by the way).

And it certainly ain’t “milk tea” which for whatever reason seems to be a fad these days, even in China.

What it IS though is one of the secrets I’ve mentioned in the Simple and Effective Diet – one of the reasons I’m in the sort of shape I’m in.

Many years ago, Brooks Kubik, an influential writer in the Iron game – and a man who I greatly admire wrote a piece about my workout “Rahul’s hill climbing workout from China“.

At the time I was about 24 – and I was thrilled to see a man like Brooks feature me in his newsletters – and today, that is one of the reasons I’m happy to feature reader feedback etc in my own newsletters!

Passing the torch along as it were, and one of the things Brooks wrote was “Rahul drinks pots and pots of green tea” throughout and after the day – but perhaps I should have mentioned to him that it was the REAL deal!

Anyhow, on that note, on to the meat of today’s post.

In response to my last post, a reader on LinkedIn commented that “he was thinking about how to get fat”.

This floored me, I must admit – for a minute –  but then I realized I’m in China.

In China, “fat” doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing – often times, in the old days, being “fat” was a sign of your wealth – and it meant you earned enough to keep the ole belly from rumbling, hehe.

Those days are long gone, of course – and with the obesity (especially childhood) epidemic fast becoming a PANDEMIC here in China, folks are looking to get fitter than ever before, but this dude is actually looking to “gain weight”.

“Get FAT? Why on earth would you want to do that??” I replied.

“Because they call me skinny monkey. I am too skinny, should I get fat – and then strong?”

The whole exchange can be viewed here – – but as you might imagine, my answer was an emphatic NO.

And his question, although it might sound funny to some, is actually a common one – that of wanting to gain WEIGHT.

Many years ago, I was in the exact same situation.

I was the skinny dude at school – fairly strong for my size, but skinny nonetheless, and no matter what I did – or ate – I couldn’t pack an ounce of weight onto my frame.

I’ve written before, of course about the useless advice I’ve gotten in this regard, but something of USE I’ll tell you right now is this – if you’re looking to gain weight – that is great – but you do NOT – I repeat, NOT – gain FAT!

It’s far better to remain a “skinny monkey” than to get fat.

Other hand, gaining MUSCLE – and all along with strength, stamina and conditioning is where it’s at – and for our good friend commenting – my advice would be this –

  • Engage in TOUGH, hard – and intense (not necessarily long) workouts that concentrate on the legs, hips and CORE of your body.
  • Hindu squats and pushups would be a great great example of these. Do these regularly, and drink enough milk – or get enough protein along with your workouts – and you’ll GROW like never before, my friend – and it ain’t gonna be fat either.
  • Don’t forget your cardio. Do VIGOROUS bursts of cardio that leave you in a heap on the floor PANTING like never before – and you’ll find that this tunes your system up from the inside out – and builds lots of muscle – and puts WEIGHT onto your frame as well.
  • The routines found in Eat More – Weigh less would be a perfect example here.

There’s more – tons more advice I could give you – and him – and all of those in similar boats, and I’ll do that in future emails if you so desire!

For now though – stick to the basics as I’ve mentioned above, and you’ll do just fine.

Eric – I look forward to hearing back from you on your progress!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I’m finally at a point where I can “pause” and make plans for the much vaunted, expected, anticipated and DELAYED videos for Eat More – Weigh Less. Stay tuned!

Marine Fitness
- ... from one thats been there, done that and then some!

Dear Reader

Those of you (and there are a lot!) that have read Gorilla Grip – or the Gorilla Grip Compilation, for that matter, know that I’m close friends with an ex Special Ops operative – a Force Reconnaissance Marine to be precise.

I’ve mentioned this person in many a post before, of course – and it’s with GOOD REASON that he is mentioned in the opening sections of Gorilla Grip.

He’s also the one that made the comments about the “unnatural pull to my grip” and other similar comments – and coming from a mountain of a man that looks more like a wrecking machine than a human being – and whose about 5 times (well, not really, but you get the drift!) or more my size, the compliment actually MEANT something!

This guy has been in some of the most war torn zones in the world, of course – including, most recently the first battle with Iraq in the Middle East, and the ongoing mess in Afghanistan – amongst others.

From Beirut to Afghanistan to …well, pretty much EVERYWHERE, the man has literally been there and done that – and as I spoke to him today, I was reminded of a “caustic” comment a “somewhat critical” Gorilla Grip reader once made.

The reader was complaining about the price of the book, of course, and I’ve detailed that – but one of his pet gripes was that I “seemed to link my own workout with that of the Marines”.

Now I’ve never ever pretended to be a Marine – but working out like one? 

Hmm – well – let’s see!

Some of the baddest men on the planet do – guess what – as their primary exercise – for reps upon reps upon reps?

That’s right – PUSHUPS! Different varieties and different styles of pushups – and for those of you on the System, I’m sure that strikes a bell or two hehe.

Then we come to my own “100 pull-ups a day minimum” workout – and if there is ONE thing Marines, Seals and the Berets pride themselves upon – it is their ability to pound out pull-ups galore all day long – in high reps!

My buddy once told me that 100 pull-ups was hard for anyone, Marines included, and I laughed.

“They aren’t that hard to be honest. Now a 100 HANDSTAND pushups – – now  if you can knock that many out per workout, you’re on to something!” was my response.

So yes, my dear commenter, wherever in the world you might be – the workouts I advocate ARE what lots of special forces around the globe base their physical conditioning training upon!

Not only that but it brought back the familiar refrain of “oh, bodyweight exercises are too easy” – or “Oh, I need a gym to get fit” to my mind.

Excuses, excuses and more excuses – hey – the Marines don’t need a gym to get fit – and neither do YOU!

Sure, lots of Marines train with weights as a HOBBY – but its NOT something they HAVE to do.

The only weight lifting they do HAVE to do is FUNCTIONAL weight lifting. Think sandbags. Buddy carries. Log lifts. Running with heavy backpacks on.

And so forth. I mention the Crucible on the Battletank Shoulders page, and with good reason – the Crucible (and Hell Week, of course!) are by far some of the toughest phases in an elite forces members’ training career, and that ain’t me just saying it.

And guess what they do to get in shape for that sort of thing.

You guessed it – BODYWEIGHT exercises – for high reps!

Last, but not least, I’ve often said that the most salient feature of the 0 Excuses Fitness System isn’t just the physical strength and health from the inside out that it builds.

It’s the mental strength the routines build. The strength – and the WILL to keep going – the gumption to look “Old man Life” in the eye when things get tough – and KEEP GOING – with defeat not even being a possibility in one’s mind!

And in today’ world, if there is ONE quality that is most sorely lacking in most men and women, it is that last quality.

So if you’re looking to join the ranks of the elite – both mentally and physically – do what the elite do – and follow similar training regimens – and you’ll get great results, my friend. It’s just that simple!

Alright, so thats it for today. I’ll be back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S – Here is the link to Battletank Shoulders – an ADVANCED shoulder building course if there EVER was one – –

Pull-ups – and activating the LATS!
- Another key to getting better at pull-ups - quick.

Dear Reader,

As I finished off my workout today, I felt great – as I usually do – except I was SUPER sore in my lower lat area today.

Not that I did anything out of the ordinary (for me, at any rate). ‘Twas the usual hill climb – or should I say “climbs” – followed by pull-ups and dips – 100 of the former, and 50 of the latter, and I was done.

But I did something just that little bit different today.

As I was doing my pull-ups, I saw a guy struggling to do the same exercise.

To his credit he wasn’t flailing around wildly – or kipping – or doing any of the crazy things that guys often do when it comes to pull-ups just to “get the numbers” (and neither was he attempting to “show off” in front of the babes, hehe).

He was doing everything right, but there WAS one detail he was missing – something I mention in the pathbreaking “Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of weeks” – that something being he wasn’t GRIPPING the bar correctly.

Second, he wasn’t lowering down all the way – which is again contrary to lot of popular advice telling you not to do it – and yet this is the very reason he wasn’t being able to get (to) that first rep.

I’ve mentioned the story about the movie I once saw on the sales page for the aforementioned book. I’ve spoken about how the guy went slowly, methodically, and RYTHMICALLY up and down – EACH muscle in his back standing out in stark contrast as he completed each rep, and then slowly pulled up for the next.

That image stuck in my mind at the time I saw the movie – and it’s STILL there in my mind as fresh and clear as if it was yesterday – and so, and given everything I talk about on the importance on having a CLEAR, WELL DEFINED IMAGE in your mind of what you want to accomplish in any endeavor – – is it any surprise that I personally bang out each and every one of my 100 or so daily pull-ups this way?

I think NOT, and therein lies a lesson in itself.

But it’s not the lesson I want to impart today – that being – pull – and do so from the lats, NOT the arms!

When you go into the dead hang position, you do NOT just stop “an inch or so” short of full extension.

If you feel pain – or niggles when doing the full extension – chances are this means you’ve got weak tendons/ligaments somewhere throughout the chain  and you don’t just ignore them – you STRENGTHEN them – the right way!

And once you’re truly in a dead hang, you “feel your lats”, as I’ve written about in the course.

Done correctly, you should feel the pull all the way down from your armpits to the very “sides” of your body – right where the lower lats “insert” into your sides, and if you do it correctly you’ll know what I’m referring to.

Chances are excellent and second to none that this area is a weak area in your body – and chances are also excellent and second to none that if you’re weak in this area, you haven’t been doing very many pushups – and getting good at those FIRST – before attempting the pull-ups!

Well, my friend, I’ve spelt out two very important tips on getting better at pull-ups right here in this email. I’ve actually even mentioned the third – and for those of you that have been paying attention, you’ll know what it is hehe.

For more such tips that’ll get you knocking out dem pull-ups like a true PRO – click on over right here –

Well, my friend, that is it for now. Write back and let me know how today’s workout went!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Also remember that you build a base before attempting to erect an skyscraper. You build a foundation before setting up a solid structure on it. Yada, nada schnada, and the very same thing holds true for pull-ups – an advanced and nigh marvelous exercise, but you gotta build the foundation first – and the way you do it is with the exercise right HERE –

Stair climbing VS the “Stairmaster”
- Nothing beats the REAL DEAL!!

Dear Reader,

Well, well well! I just got done with a smashing workout out there in the park – a workout consisting of mainly STAIR climbs today – a few solid stretches, and of course dips and pull-ups to end it off.

50 pull-ups and 50 dips to be exact, and I feel on top of the world now.

The sun BE a shining here – well, at least in my own mind, if not in the grey and dank skies outside – and on that note, here’s an interesting question I got from a reader a while ago – and which I’ll address NOW.


I’ve been reading a lot and with much interest about your hill workouts in China, and the nature of the climb you described. I don’t have hills here in Florida where I live, but I do have the stairmaster at the gym which I use regularly, and which seems to be giving me results – but not quite the sort I want. 

What are your thoughts on the stairmaster? Is it a good alternative to actually climbing steps? If so, why? 

Your thoughts would be appreciated. 


Joe S.

My response – –

Hi Joe

Thanks so much for writing in. My answer to this – in short – will be the SAME as it’s always been for similar questions – the real deal can’t be beat.

In other words, there’s nothing that beats climbing actual stairs and making a workout of it – – and if you have a hill – – a long, steep winding route up a HILL to do it on – so much the better!

Regular readers of the list and perhaps you as well will recall the solid workout that a friend of mine got by climbing the stairs to his 17th floor(probably more in terms of actual height) apartment one day when the elevators were out of order.

And EVERYONE on this list knows the great, great workouts I get out there on the hill – workouts that have been nigh instrumental in getting me in the sort of shape I am in today.

Without further ado, then, there’s nothing that can quite beat the feeling of a NATURAL incline – or a stair climb.

Many years ago, when I didn’t have access to hills, I’d do sprints at max intensity on the treadmill with the gradient elevated to the max degree possible.

These were good, I suppose. I sort of felt it in my thighs and calves later, but were they even 10% as good as sprinting the hill I climb now?

No way – – and results are the proof in the pudding here.

When you’re on a machine, you’re on a machine – no matter how good, and it has its limitations.

One of the things you can’t do on either an treadmill or stairmaster is to change directions – or to climb steep stairs one minute – and then a set of easier ones the next.

Not to mention the sheer impact a natural incline has on your calves and shins – I’ve never quite felt that same impact on a stairmaster or stair stepper, whatever you call them. Although beginners might feel it, you’re far better of doing the real thing.

And let’s fact it. Not everyone has a hill nearby, but we can all find STAIRS nearby!

Subway stair sprints are another great alternative I urge you to consider – that fat will literally be melting off your body the way you DO want it to – – within a few short, intense sessions of doing so.

Last, but certainly not least, the mental aspect of this is very important.

When you’re out there on a steep, steep flight of stairs – lungs bursting, thighs burning, calves screaming – and you’ve still got a few more to go – and the stairs are the “narrow” kind I often kind – well – then – stopping and resting in itself can be a chore when you can barely balance yourself as you walk!

Trust me on this – I should know! You don’t have the luxury of pressing a button to “turn the machine off” – and that to me makes a huge difference as it forces you to keep going no matter what – and ultimately gives you a far better workout.

None of this, of course means that the stair master is utterly useless.

It’s not – and its certainly MILES ahead of some of the other machines at the gym – the lat pulldown being a prime example of the latter – if there EVER was an utterly USELESS machine with NO crossover to the real world – the lat pulldown is it – followed closely by the chest press machine.

Must have taken a genius to design them two, methinks!

So thats the long answer to a somewhat short question – best of luck!



And that, my friend is today’ tip. If you’re doing things – do ’em the natural way.

Trust me, the workout you’ll get from pounding up stairs regularly is way, way different you’ll get on the stairmaster at the gym – and the RESULTS will speak accordingly as well. If you don’t believe me – well – just try BOTH  and let me know how you do on the former!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Bodyweight exercises that burn fat – FAST
- Fry fat off your frame quicker than you could ever put it on with these routines!

Dear Reader,

This afternoon I was out there on the hill doing a series of bodyweight calisthenics that not only caused onlookers to gape in astonishment – but also resulted in more than a few murmurs of “Hao li Hao” (Mandarin Chinese for “excellent” – or a colloquial for it, at any rate).

I’ve mentioned a few of these in my emails before, and I’ll mention one in particular here, but for now, something that bears mentioning is this – so devastatingly effective was my routine today – that 5-10 minutes of it was all it took in terms of upper body work.

I normally get in plenty of pull-ups after a hill climb, but my arms were fixing to fall off after rep #50 this afternoon – and for someone that bangs out 100’s routinely, well, you can tell just how solid of a workout I got in BEFORE I started my pull-ups.

Not to mention the fat burning effect these workouts have on me – and you, as well, if you do ’em.

It’s cold out here – and while it’s not as bone chillingly cold as it was a day or so ago, it’s still plenty cold, and I was literally DRIPPING with sweat and panting like a runaway locomotive as I went through my workout.

All of this, mind you, coming from a guy whose USED to these routines. Sure, I did much more difficult variants today but still – if there is ever a better testament to the efficacy of the exercises I promote in this regard (most specifically in Eat More – Weigh Less) – then I’m yet to see it.

On the way up to the top of the hill, a friendly security guard who climbs this hill daily too stopped midway.

“Tui Tong”, he said, grabbing his thighs during a particularly tough section of the climb.

I grinned as I passed him by, nodding back at him.

“Man man”, I responded. “Man yi dian” (go slow).

Anyway, one of the exercises I was doing out there and that I’ll tell you about here is the bear crawl – which along with the Hindu Squat is perhaps the best exercise there is, or close to it in terms of frying fat off your frame – and building MUSCLE – at record speeds.

Some of you might be saying “sprints” right about now. 

And if you are, well, I don’t blame you – but heres the thing – the above two exercises CAN be done by those way out of shape as well – although such folks will have to work up to them gradually – as opposed to sprints which require you to be in some sort of shape to begin with.

Man oh man, my lats are sore as I type this … and the bear crawl is one of those exercises, my friend that can be done on FLAT ground as well with much the same results.

You can go as slow as you want – a fact that by itself is a mind bender for those of us brought up to believe “it’s only quick that burns fat” – and if you don’t believe me – well – I have this to say – TRY IT!

And THEN, and only then, get back to me!

There are plenty of more exercises that will burn fat off your frame at record speed – exercises you can do anywhere.

One of these would be a much overlooked yet highly effective exercise which involves a “knees to chest” motion – and no, I’m not talking about doing these while hanging on to a pull-up bar!

This, and another great variant of the same movement is mentioned in Corrugated Core. Get up to the point where you’re banging out 250 plus of these per workout, and per set – and you’ll have that 12 pack you’ve been craving for so long!

And of course, no discussion on superlative bodyweight exercises would be complete without mentioning the Hindu Squat – and what’ll really shock you is the UPPER body and shoulder workout you’ll get once you get good at these!

Plenty more such exercises and routines are mentioned in the pathbreaking 0 Excuses Fitness System. Make sure to grab your copy TODAY if you haven’t already – right here –

Well, my friend, that is IT for now. I’ll be back later. Until then – adios – and if you workout today – make it an awesome one!


Rahul Mookerjee

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The most inspiring thing I saw on my 38th birthday
- And more on the power of daily repetition!

Dear Reader

As this “old man” (as my daughter would have it, hehe) – or “that 25 year old” (as a few others would, haha) turns 38 today – he just got done with one of the very best workouts ever – a workout that took place first in my living room, spilled on over to the mountain – and then finished there.

Apt enough indeed as well. If there is ONE place I can lay claim to truly having enjoyed over the past few years – or more than that – and time I can say was truly well spent in “solitude” and “self meditation” (if that term makes any sense!) – it is the time I’ve spent working out here.

It is THIS area I came to when I was down – and needed support – and needed to BELIEVE.

It was the countless number of pull-ups and hill climbs (often as much as 4-6 times daily with no break) I did here that sparked all the books I’ve got out there now on fitness – knowledge that I’m sharing with you that has come from well and truly BEING IN THE TRENCHES!

It was this area where I’ve had the most enjoyable workouts of my life – and where an imperious “Yes, you CAN!” from Ann Lee (y’all remember her, eh?) sparked belief deep within my subconscious – which then sprung into action, and literally changed my entire life forever.

Yet today as I sit here feeling on top of the world after another great one, none of that is the reason I’m writing this to you – and none of it is the most inspiring thing I saw today as I prepare to welcome in my 38th year with joy, gratitude, and a spirit of ever lasting abundance.

It was not as cold outdoors today as it’s been for the past few weeks, but it’s been raining – drizzling, sort of.

Which means the weather here is cold and clammy – not quite the biting cold that had taken hold over the past week, but cold and clammy nonethless, the sort of “cold sticky” weather you do everything you can to avoid.

And the hill was pretty much deserted.

Yet, as I finished up my third climb of the day and stretched out – the bliss I felt coursing through my body can be compared to no other (in a way) – and then I saw something that truly inspired me even more.

I’ve written to you about the old man I met in China many times over, and with damned good reason. If there is ever an inspiration to those of you that would rather make excuses than train, it is THIS man.

He climbs that hill daily – come hail, come rain, sleet or shine – he’s there, and getting it DONE, my friend – and the results show. He don’t look a day over 50 and yet I bet he’s way over 70 to be honest!

As I finished up my stretches, I saw him coming up the hill.

That same slow, purposeful steady gait – not pausing to catch a single breath as he ascended the stairs – that same steady gaze I’ve got accustomed to, and that rock solid, cast iron gorilla grip he’s got.

And as he threw himself into a handstand at the end of it, I truly wanted to “doff my hat” – except I didn’t have a hat to doff at that point, hehe.

Truly inspirational, I’d say. As the rest of the world pisses and moans about getting older – and looking older than they are (and feeling that way) – here is a man that thinks the exact opposite way – and if there was ever a type of man we need more in today’s world, it’s the old man I met in China – and whom I continue to meet daily!

Yet another reason I mention this is the sheer power of doing something daily.

I care not HOW much you do daily – the main thing is you DO SOMETHING daily.

If you’re looking to get ahead at work, do something extra – or learn something related new EVERYDAY. Fitness wise, make sure to train EVERYDAY.

It doesn’t need to be a hard push. Some days, a light push is all you need – other days you go HARD – but it’s the steady REPETITION, the steady “tap tap tap” (if I may borrow a Claude Bristol term) that really wears down obstacles and gets to your ultimate goal, and KEEPS you there!

The bank account analogy I’ve mentioned before holds true too.

And while it’s all about BELIEF at the end of the day, you gotta back up that belief with solid ACTION, my friend.

Sitting around ain’t gonna get rid of them love handles, and neither will downing beers at the local pub saying “I’ll get it done tomorrow”.

And yet, once you have true belief  – you’ll be amazed at how quickly your body springs into action, my friend.

Today as I climbed the hill the first time and then descended, a thought struck me like a thunderbolt once I was down.

Did I even climb that hill fully? I don’t even remember being at the top!

So engrossed in my thinking was I that I actually “forgot” having climbed the hill – and so easy it is for me now that my physical body didn’t quite register it either.

Truly a case of being “lost in thought” in a nigh positive manner – – and I’ll talk about this later.

And of course, truly a case of … the power of daily repetition as well!!

Alright my friend. That’s it for now. I’ll sign off for now – y’all have a great day ahead, and if you workout today – – make it a super one!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Belief is indeed what it’s all about. Along with belief, there are several other principles at work that will help you not only fitness wise – but LIFE wise as well. You truly DO owe it to yourself to read these 10 Commandments – and they’ve been laid out for you in the 0 Excuses Fitness System right HERE – –