Handstand pushups and cardio
- A few little known, but extremely effective cardio/strength combo's!

Dear Reader,

Lots of people have this notion of training being split into two separate categories – strength – and then (or before) cardio.

In other words, building muscle and burning fat – and NOT at the same time.

Now, there isn’t really anything wrong with this theory, per se. Often times traditional cardio (jogging, pavement pounding, mild walking etc) does just that i.e. burn fat – – and strength training (done the way most people do it on the machines on the gyms) does just what most people expect it to – build muscle, and not much else.

While traditional cardio is indeed sometimes effective in burning fat off your frame quickly, the sad part is that cardio – even the traditional kinds are often ignored by most people (“bros”, listen up!), fitness fanatics and gym goers alike in favor of the other option – which results in building muscle to an extent, sure, but how functional is that muscle?

Take the guy who can pull down the world on the lat pulldown – likely a guy with a bloated belly for one, and put him on the pull-up station, and lets see how many reps he gets.

Chances are second and next to none it’ll be zero or close to it.

The reverse is rarely ever true though. Take the guy that can do pull-ups galore, and put him on the lat pulldown, and you’ll see him pulling down heavy weights almost instantly and effortlessly.

And that is just but ONE example.

Lesson to be learnt, me thinks – – and thats the first lesson that most people do learn when they get on the System and the workouts I advocate.

You build strength – burn fat – and build muscle – functional muscle, and loads of it – quickly – and AT THE SAME TIME!

Not to mention the benefits your internal organs get from all the stretching and deep breathing involved.

And lest you think “lifting heavy stuff” doesn’t give you cardio – think again. It does – if done the right way – sandbags are a prime example of this – as as perhaps kettlebells as well.

And so does pushing heavy stuff – OVERHEAD – the real test of strength and manliness as it were.

Which of course brings us to today’ post – the mighty HANDSTAND PUSHUP – strength and muscle builder bar NONE.

Now, I haven’t been doing this exercise for a while now (not regularly, at any rate) since I got back to China. For whatever reason I’ve focused more on pull-ups, and for whatever reason I’ve been neglecting this one for a while, but I rectified this today.

And as I got into a handstand, I could FEEL it – oh man, I could feel it.

True, it was only a few weeks ago that  I was banging these out 50 reps/workout, but the handstand pushup is a stern reminder of the fact that you never, ever rest on your laurels – no matter how high the peak it is that you conquer.

And as my shoulders “adjusted” to the movement, I did one handstand – then another – held for time, and so forth and the old muscle memory came back.

Along with it, so did something else.

That heart thumping, heart POUNDING feeling I’ve often referred to, and I was literally gasping for breath as I finished a set of 10 barely managing to keep my balance!

Look, I’ve told you in Battletank Shoulders that these exercises done right will not only build massive shoulders, but they’ll also give you the cardio workout of your LIFE – and anyone that has EVER partaken of any of the workouts I’ve mentioned in the book (or something even close) KNOWS what I’m talking about.

And if you’re a bro reading this, and scoffing and shaking your head I’ve got THIS to say to you.

Just get into a handstand, and hold it for at least 30 seconds. Feel free to do it the easier way i.e kick up as opposed to the way I recommend – but just do it.

You’ll be doing good just to get into position, and if you’re able to hold for a few seconds or more, well, take note of your BREATHING as you complete the “rep”.

I’ll bet you anything it’s heavy – deep and heavy, and you’ll quickly see what I’m talking about when I say that YES, non traditional forms of exercise can build strength like never before – WHILE burning fat off your midsection, back and entire frame like never before as well!

And that’s that for today. Oh, I spoke to a lady online this morning who claimed that “handstand pushups and handstands are bad for you because the doctor said so”.


I don’t know how many times I’ll have to debunk this particular myth. Probably forever, but for now, I just “smiled and nodded my head” as it were.

Ok, whatever.

Gotta pick one’s battles, eh? Can’t convert those that don’t want to be … and on that note – – if you work out today – make it a great one!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Handstand pushups are one of the very hardest exercises you can do, so its imperative you learn proper form. My initial course on handstand pushups gives you the goods in this regard – right here – – https://0excusesfitness.com/shoulders-like-boulders/


“You went home,and had your wife’s cooking. Did you get fat?”
- And more on "Mai, the Chi Huo" .... !

Dear Reader,

Well, first off, before I start this rather interesting email, Happy Chinese “small” New Year to you, wherever you might be!

‘Twas news to me indeed that it was Chinese New Year’s eve yesterday. I was receiving messages galore in Chinese, but the actual holidays only start on Feb 4th, so I was wondering what the heck was up.

And today I learnt that the Chinese actually have a “small new year” before the “actual” new year. What that means or why there is a small new year is something I don’t quite understand – for now, at least, hehe, but whatever – so happy “small” Chinese New Year to all readers!

Anyway, so Cindy messaged me this morning.

You on the 0 Excuses faithful list probably remember – she’s the one that took the 0 Excuses Fitness videos for me a couple of years ago, and really made it possible for me to kickstart the website.

And today, as I was talking to her (she’s been in Hunan tending to her father), we caught up, and I thanked her again for her help in the past.

And being I love spicy food- and being she’s returning to Hunan for the New Year, I also asked her to bring back some roast (spicy) duck from her hometown if possible, which she agreed to. Yum!

Hey, I’m nothing if not a foodie. I’ve mentioned my love for chocolate in an email prior to this, and I’ll say it again – I love to eat good food, and the fact that it doesn’t “show” is a testament if any to my routines.

But we’ll get to that later, of course!

So we were chatting, and she popped the following question.

“You went home for a while, didnt you? You had your wife’s cooking?”

And then, the inevitable.

“Did you get fat?”

And predictable though it was, it was funny – and an apt question to ask.

I mean, lets face it. Holidays, or extended get togethers – or even just a regular dose of good ole fashioned “home cooking” DOES make the average Joe kind of “tubby” if you get my drift, and yous truly was no exception at the beginning.

Sure, I didn’t turn into a human balloon or anything – but after the first few weeks of eating, I was beginning to “feel” a bit of a difference.

The waist was looking different from what it did a while ago. The abs were not quite as prominent. The chest was showing signs of … anyway, you know what I’m talking about!

And as I plunged back into my regular Eat More – Weigh less routines, all this disappeared, of course, but it was a nigh powerful reminder to yours truly to do what he preaches about on a regular basis – that being do something – DAILY!

Yes, I too am human – I too need that kick up the backside at times, and I sure got it!

“Chi Huo” continued a giggling Cindy.

“What’s that” I asked.

“A man that appreciates good food!”

And that, my friend, is today’s news – and today’s missive. Whether or not you’re a “chi huo” too I know not – but rest assured that being one of the “chi huo’s” does NOT mean you have to get fat and bloated – or unfit – or unhappy – or any of the above – and this particular “huo” is living proof of that!

All for now. If you workout today, make it a good one – the best ever!


Rahul Mookerjee

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The quickest way to a six pack
- ... is also the BEST - and most long lasting way!

Dear Reader,

I’ve often spoken about my “weight issues” in the past – and how I literally got myself down from a “ballooning” 120 or so kilos to a svelte (if I might say so) – toned and trimmed – and STRONG – 60 or so kgs.

Now, 60 kgs was admittedly a goal at that point if just to prove that YES – you CAN drop oodles of weight in a very short time, and do so WITHOUT doing what all the “shmexperts” advocate, but regardless, I’m still at a fit 70 kgs or so right now – whih is pretty much the ideal weight for someone my size.

It took me no more than a month and a half to achieve these results – -and while it did involve changes in diet etc, you’d be surprised to hear that these changes were the exact opposite of what most “weight loss experts” advocate – and in some cases I did what would be considered “sacrilege” in terms of weight loss.

Other than this, perhaps the most amazing fact is that diet and controlling diet was probably 1% of what went into my overall success.

What does all of this mean?

Well, it’s no secret that ALL of us are looking for the quickest – and “easiest” way to get to a six pack – get that lean, toned washboard abs look.

You might be strong, and you may be able to bench an elephant, but if you’ve got a gut hanging over your pants  – then you simply aren’t going to look – and perhaps feel as well – as athletic as you’d like to, my friend.

Sorry if that offends anyone out there, but its a fact and one we ALL know.

Anyway, here is what the quickest path to a six pack does NOT involve.

It doesn’t involve bunny crunches done for hours – and sit-ups aren’t necessarily required either.

It doesn’t involved advanced exercises that most folks can’t do a single rep of.

While the 0 Excuses Fitness program is KEY to achieving that six pack quickly – the real key is something “hidden” inside the exercises I advocate – as opposed to the exercises themselves.

And it certainly doesnt involve machine, weight loss pills, or starving yourself to the point you salivate every time you pass a bakery or restaurant (that sound familiar)?

I’m no saint when it comes to diet, for that matter. My buddy Ricky recently set up a Baskin Robbins franchise in the U.S. – and I was more than happy to like his page – and comment – hey, he’s selling cakes too in addition to chocolate ice cream and I love both!!

OK – so what is IT, you might be asking right about now. 

What is the secret?

Well – its this – and it’s actually quite simple when you look at it – and it can be broken down into two symbiotic parts.

One, you work the LARGEST muscles of your body, hard – hard, and HARDER! That means your legs, hips, core and back.

No exceptions to this rule – and I dont care if you’re trying to get in shape or get strong – you work the legs and core hard regardless, and you’ll get results!

Two, you BREATHE the right way. I’ve explained this in the 0 Excuses Fitness System – but a lot of people still don’t get how important breathing is to weight loss, so I’m putting it out there again.

You do exercise that involve effort – plenty of huffing and puffing – TONS of it – and you breathe the right way – and you’ll get to a six pack quicker than you ever (if ever) would fooling around with machines at the gym, treadmills, pavement pounding, or bunny crunches.

And here’s the real good part about it – the routine don’t need to take forever.

Intense doesn’t equate to “all day long”.

You can climb a hill once in the morning, and once in the evening, and your total climb time might be around 30-40 minutes TOPS – – and you’d still lose way more weight than you would mucking around with the treadmills and what not in the gym.

And how do I know this – well, I know plenty of people that are STRONG – that go to gyms – that can probably out-head-butt a Brahma Bull – guys with traps that extend all the way until their ears – but when it comes to their CORE – their conditioning, and of course fat around the midsection – they don’t got it.

And there’s a very good reason behind this – and it’s precisely what I’ve mentioned above!

So thats the honest-to-God quickest way to a six pack, my friend. Implement it into your training routine, and watch miraculous things happen to your body in virtually no time at all!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Hindu squats are one of the very best exercises out there in this regard, and they make you huff and puff like no-one’s biz, but you gotta do ’em right. Here is where you can find out how to do ’em – RIGHT – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

Possibly the BEST grip exercise ever …
- One amongst many though, to be honest!

Dear Reader,

So I finished my conditioning workout today, and headed out to the pull-up station at the park to finish my daily quota of dips and pull-ups.

I should say “area where I work out” – since I don’t actually use the pull-up station at all, but thats a different story (although I’ll address that later).

Being Chinese New Year is almost upon us in this neck of the woods, and being it’s one holiday which seems to start months in advance of the actual date itself, there were plenty of folks out there in the park – mostly kids with their parents.

And as I swung myself across the monkey bars, I had plenty of competition … from the kids at first.

And sad as it might sound, although we think of monkey bars as being “kiddie” stuff, not one of the kiddies was able to swing themselves across successfully even ONCE – – let alone twice – – and certainly let alone the way I teach in Gorilla Grip, and my books on pull-ups.

I’ve mentioned before that getting good at monkey bars is absolutely crucial to getting better at pull-ups, and it is TRUE.

As the kids moved away, the adults tried.

One particularly enthusiastic gentleman tried to swing across, and his hands slipped on the first rung.

He tried again, and failed, grabbing his shoulder.

And this repeated itself ad infinitum amongst all the other adults who tried – women included. I say in “Pull-ups from Dud to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!” that the average adult can’t even hold on to a chinning bar for any length of time, and it’s true.

And it’s sad, because the monkey bars – and chinning apparatus is one of the best ways to develop that upper body strength and endurance that most crave – and if you want BRUTE strength and traps that POP – then getting better at the pull-ups – and monkey bars is KEY.

And here is the most important thing.

Once you get good at the monkey bars – – once you can pop off 10 or so consecutive sets of the type of monkey bar exercise I mention in the books, then YOU will have a grip that will feel like it’s made of IRON – a true Gorilla Grip, as it were – and your pull-up abilities will dramatically shoot through the roof – if they haven’t already!

I got the results I did on a “section” of the monkey bars, so you don’t have to get a particularly “long section” of bars to swing across either – but here’s another key – one often ignored – them bars better be THICK.

The reason I ignore the pull-up apparatus out there is because it’s not made of THICK bars – as opposed to the monkey bars – and the SIDES of that structure – which is solid thick metal – which in turn is another secret for building your grip to “superhuman” levels, and then some.

Plenty of other tips and tricks to building the grip, and you’ll find them all in the Gorilla Grip compilation – including a couple of other exercises that you may think are odd – or even downright silly – but guess what – DO them – and you’ll quickly see how effective they are!

Well, my friend, that’s it for today. I’m off for some green tea myself, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – By the way, in case you havent noticed, we’re officially selling TEA as well now – the GENUINE stuff straight from mainland China, and one of the keys to losing weight and RAPIDLY at that. Here is where you can get your hands on SOME of it (more coming soon) – – https://0excusesfitness.com/shop

Drago ………..!
- That feeling of being ON TOP of the world!

Dear Reader,

So, I think I mentioned the movie Rocky – IV and the inspiring training montage included in that movie a few emails ago …

And whether or not you’re a fan of the Rocky series – you have to admit that the training scenes in each and every one of them are pretty awesome – you’d have to be completely devoid of any emotions to say, for example, that Rocky’s famous “run up the stairs” doesn’t inspire even the most ardent of couch potatoes to get off his / her ass and do something fitness wise.

Something – anything!

And whether its Rocky II (Stallone pumping out one arm pull-ups) or Mr. T hitting the bag in Rocky III – or Rocky climbing the snowy peaks of the Russian Tundra in IV, it’s ALL pretty inspiring.

Conditioning is HUGE in the training montages in Rocky IV. We see Stallone running through knee high snow – we see him lifting heavy odd objects – we see him performing advanced gymnastics – and most of all, we see him ascending the steep, steep peaks I just referred to, and at the end of it?

Well, I’m sure anyone that’s seen the movie remembers the nigh CARNAL BELLOW at the end of it all!

DRAGO……..! shouts Rocky, and anyone with a pulse can easily pick up on the emotions therein and we FEEL how the character feels at that point – which i s- on TOP of the world.

As I finished my own conditioning routine today – four quick jaunts up a pretty darn tough hill – I felt much the same.

The sweat was POURING. The heart was ROARING. And the legs felt huge, pumped and WORKED TO THE BONE – and at the end of it, all I could say – and feel – was a version of what Stallone yelled out in the movie, but the FEELING was nigh same, my friend!

And thats exactly how you feel after a great workout involving BOTH strength and conditioning at the same time!

Not just hill climbs – Hindu squats do it too, perhaps even more so, and the first time you hit 100 in a row, you will know what I’m talking about.

When you hit 250 in a row, you’ll FEEL it – and when you hit 500 in a row – watch out – you’ll BE on your way to greatness – and you’ll literally FEEL like that as well!

Believe me now and trust me later, if there is one thing that is so good about the System and the exercises therein its the conditioning plus strength benefits you get – and those cannot be beat by the gym my friend.

Move over treadmills, chest presses, and the utterly useless lat pulldown. NONE of it can hold a candle to a TRUE workout done right – a workout involving both strength and conditioning – and fat frying galore – and I should know my friend – as do all of YOU 0 Excuses faithful!

And this good feeling – this GREAT feeling – and the positive vibes last throughout the day, my friend – and it’ll impact you positively in EVERY area of your life as well.

Man oh man, I am buzzed – and on that note, I’ll end today’s missive. If you haven’t already – make sure to grab the System now – and if you work out today, make it a super one!


Rahul Mookerjeee

P.S. – A reader recently asked me if I’m still putting out the Fast and Furious book – in hardcopy. Well – no, but I’ve still got a few copies lying around – and if you want it – well – shoot me an email, and we’ll see what we can do in that regard. For all the rest of you, here is it in downloadable format – – https://0excusesfitness.com/fast-and-furious-fitness/

What I do on my “days off”
- Its not just "sit at home" - that's for sure!

Dear Reader,

Every time I tell folks in China (or even India, to be honest) that I “work from home” – I’m met with looks of bewilderment.

I mean, how can I just “sit at home” and make money? Weren’t we all taught as kids (and indeed young adults) to not “sit at home” – and “go out to work”?

It never fails to arouse a giggle or two in me when I hear something of this nature (and I’m being kind when I say that!) – and yet, I’d never trade “sitting at home” for an “office job” no matter how much it paid. . .

Anyway, I was discussing this with a friend this morning.

“When are your days off”, she asked.

“Well, I don’t have any days off per se”, I replied. “But then again, I don’t consider what I do to be work either!”

“Oh, yes, you’re right!” she responded. “You only sitting at home, and …!”

Well, snickers aside, it IS my day off today – but not from “work”, of course.

I’ve been hitting it HARD and heavy over the past few days, and I figured today was the right day to take a much deserved rest – or break, if I might term it that way. Listening to your body, and all that ….

And yet, what I do on my days off is the complete opposite of what most folks might imagine.

I’ve written before in the past about active recovery, and NOT simply plonking down on the couch and doing zilch all on your days off.

This morning, I woke up at 7:30 A.M, fresh as a daisy. I took care of a bit of biz – responded to some emails – and then went out for a jaunt in my apartment complex.

Must have walked at least 2 to 3 kms at a leisurely fast pace before it was back home – to the 5th floor, where I live – a climb up to the fifth floor, mind you. No elevators where I’m at, and I prefer it that way!

Took care of a bit more business, and then headed out to the bank – another 2km walk overall, this one done fairly rapidly as well.

Then it was off to lunch, and running errands in the afternoon, all of which involved carrying /  walking. Certainly no “lazy Sunday afternoon” around these parts for yours truly!

And now after I finish writing this – I’ll be off for another jaunt in the evening before my “rest” finally commences.

Mind you, I wasn’t feeling the best this morning either. Had a massive headache – sore traps – legs that felt like they’d been beaten to a pulp – all the usual symptoms, and while the normal reaction to this would be “just rest”, I know that doing nothing but sit on my ass all day would be counter productive if anything.

And that applies to you as well ,my friend.

It’s best to do something daily as I’ve ALWAYS maintained. You don’t go for broke daily, but you do SOMETHING daily – – and if you’re sure you need a day off, you take it – but you incorporate ACTIVE recovery into your day as well!

It doesn’t have to be long walks either. You can engage in a light stretching session – or maybe do a 100 pushups (which of course by itself can be a heavy duty workout for many folks).

Something – anything – that keeps the blood flowing, the heart going, and the body MOVING – and strangely enough, you’ll find you not only recover a lot better this way, but you’ll perform a hell of a lot better in your next workout too!

So thats today’s tip. Try it the next time you absolutely must take a “day off from working out”- – and let me know how it goes!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Other than active recovery, plenty of other important concepts are mentioned in the 10 Commandments of Physical Success in the System – concepts you owe it to yourself to LEARN – and PRACTICE – on a daily basis. Find out what they are right here – –https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

More on doing roadwork – BEFORE a workout!
- A different take on an old topic - read on!!

Dear Reader,

So as of late, I’ve been doing something different in my routine – not because of necessity, but because I WANT to – and also because I wanted to see just how this change in my routine would work for me.

Most of you will recall that I’ve spoken about roadwork in the past, and that I’ve always recommended what I personally do and works for me for YOU too – that being to workout FIRST, and THEN do your roadwork!

In other words, if you’re doing 0 Excuses Fitness – do that first before your “roadwork” (or incorporate roadwork into the routine – thats another topic though).

Ditto for Eat More – Weigh Less – – or pull-ups – – or even the almighty handstand pushup.

I used to finish off my 100 rep plus pull-up workouts with roadwork – and conditioning – although the two are essentially the same thing! – workouts, and it worked great for me.

The proof is indeed in the pudding, and yet, this year – a change I made was this – I flipped things around.

Actually, this change started from Christmas last year to be accurate – but what I’m doing now is getting my conditioning and roadwork in FIRST – and I’m moving on to my workout AFTER that.

Now, back in India which is where I was for more than half of the last year, I did my conditioning, but options were limited to be honest. I was in a big city with very few open areas – and though I made full use of the subway stairs – and moonlit parks – nothing really compares to the routines I’m able to put myself through here in China – both on the hill, and OFF it!

And how’s it working out for me?

Well, before I share my own experience, it’s noteworthy that most boxers, wrestlers etc do their roadwork BEFORE their “day” starts i.e before their actual workouts/practice etc.

All the old time boxers, for instance, would run early in the morning – then nap for a while, and get back at it later on in in the morning.

While we as average people don’t have that luxury (napping and then getting back to working out) – we CAN do what these guys do – but I’ll tell you one thing – doing my roadwork first made my pull-ups and dips all that much harder initially.

Let me tell you, if your conditioning routines consist of sprints and climbing up steep hills at a RAPID pace, then you’re working your entire body already – including your upper body – and if you do pull-ups etc after that – man will you FEEL it!

As I finished a brutal routine on the hill today, I headed over to terra firma to do 40 pull-ups and 40 dips – and man, I could feel it all the way in my lower lats and triceps after the first ten reps or so – and this from a guy who does hundreds of pull-ups per workout!

So if you’re starting out – I’d certainly recommend you doing your roadwork LATER as I have said on previous occasions – but does that mean roadwork first is “bad” per se?

Not at all – if anything, you might just end up getting a better overall “hammering” if you do it that way – and that can only get you in better shape!

And note that while my numbers dropped dramatically during the initial week or so of doing this, there were other factors at play – but those numbers are BACK and RISING again at pretty much the same levels as they were before – except I’m getting an even more brutal workout this way!

So that’s my take on roadwork done BEFORE your workout as opposed to after. Give it a read through or two – and then try both – and let me know which works better for you!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Conditioning is indeed king – – both “inside the ring” and outside it as well – -and the routines that’ll get you superbly conditioned at lightning speed are there for the taking right HERE – – https://0excusesfitness.com/eatmore-weighless/

P.S. #2 – Along with that, make sure to sip on a green tea – or two – or several – throughout your day! Make sure it’s the REAL deal as opposed to the packaged junk in the supermarkets – – https://0excusesfitness.com/shop

The “staircase from hell” workout!
- ... and more on why climbing actual stairs is so devastatingly effective!

Dear Reader,

So there I was last night, relaxing with a brew – and watching a re-run of Rocky IV – one of those “soap opera ” sort of films if I were to be honest, and yet a movie that has some pretty darn inspiring scenes.

I’m sure any fan of the Rocky series and perhaps those that aren’t either have heard of the storyline behind Rocky IV – that being Rocky fighting the mighty “Ivan Drago” in a boxing match – and on Drago’s home turf, as it were.

When the two stand toe to toe in the movie, it looks like David vs Goliath to be honest – much like was the case with “Clubber Lang” and Rocky in the last movie.

And as both actors went through their paces and the training montage started, the movies showed Drago in an ultra modern Russian gym, lifting heavy weights, doing the stairmaster, and of course – getting injections galore too periodically if you get my drift!

Conversely Rocky goes back to the basics – chopping wood – running in knee high snow – doing high rep pull-ups – advanced gymnastics – you name it.

All EXCELLENT workouts, and the funny part is this – in REAL life Dolph Lundgren (the guy that plays Drago) is the one that actually most likely participates in these sort of workouts – being a high level karate and judo expert – as opposed to Stallone, whose far more likely to be doing the “puff and buff” routines that I write so much about!

And the difference in their bodies pretty much gives it away. As Stallone himself put it – some of the routines he followed to get into the sort of shape he was in the mid part of his career (think Rambo II – III, and then the Rocky III-IV series) was not only not recommended to others – but was downright UNHEALTHY and left him feeling weak for most of the day!

Not what you’d expect given the characters he has so successfully portrayed – and anyway, one of the things Rocky’s trainer told him before the training montage started was this – “You’re going to have to go through hell and back!”

And as I completed my own workout today – sweating up a STORM despite the cold weather outdoors – it struck me that  curiously enough I was doing my own version of a “stairway to hell” workout – and getting similar results as well!

There is a route on the hill that I climb that most people do not know of, and those that do (including myself) usually don’t take.

Its a circuitous route around the hill – and starts to go steadily, up, up and up – and once the real steep part of the climb starts, there is a fork in the road.

And BOTH directions point towards what seems like a seemingly unending flight of stairs … going up as far as the eye can see, and then some.

An undulating flight of steep, narrow stairs – weaving and curving it’s way up the hill – and the very sight is enough to make those that don’t workout regularly start to sweat, so commanding indeed are these steps – and I took the one to the right, though I knew that wasn’t the right one to take to get to the top.

As I got to the top of that staircase, I came down – headed back up the opposing flight of stairs – and as I panted, puffed and literally “pulled” my way up the stairs, the image of “Ivan Drago” doing the stairmaster in the gym popped into my mind, and I literally laughed out loud.

While the stairmaster is no doubt a great workout in its own regard – try climbing an actual hill – or slope – or incline – where the steps are of variable height – and are at some points so narrow and steep that even pausing for breath isn’t an option – and steps that literally seem to ascend to the sky!

They don’t literally ascend to the sky, of course, but  if you’re not used to this kind of thing, you’ll literally feel like your legs – and thighs – and entire respiratory system is in purgatory, and that too of a more extreme kind – and NO, there ain’t a button you can push to “turn it off” either!

You either get up them stairs, or you don’t – its just that simple!

And as I put myself through the paces in this regard – not once, not twice – but THRICE – I was reminded of the truism that I keep talking about – that being natural workouts are the best – and the further you stay away from the ridiculous machines at the gym, the better your actual RESULTS will be!

So if you’re looking to lose weight quickly – or if you’re looking for workouts that really make you huff, puff and pant at a DEEP, DEEP level, consider the sort of thing I’ve stated above.

You may never get to the point that Stallone did in the movie i.e. climbing actual hill in the Tundra – and then letting out a roar of “Dragooooo” that was probably heard across the world- but you WILL feel like a billion bucks – and you’ll be stripping away lard off your frame at record speeds as well!

Well, my friend, so that was my “stairway from hell” workout today. I’ll write more about it later. For now, I’m off for some R& R – so if you workout today – make it a great, great one – – and let me know how it went!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And in case you don’t have stairs around – or choose not to partake of workouts including steps – well – rest assured the Hindu squats will have much the same effect – except perhaps faster, if you do ’em in right form. Believe me, if there is one bodyweight exercise that melts that unsightly lard off your frame as well as climbing an actual mountain does, or perhaps even better – it is the Hindu Squat, my friend!

Learn how to do ’em right here – – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/ 


The old man that “paces” in China
- .... an unique workout if there ever was one!

Dear Reader,

I’ve written a lot before the old man I met in China while hiking my favorite mountain a number of times, and I’ve written just how inspired I was by him the first time I met him – and how his presence on that hill is a continued motivator and inspiration for me every time I see him – even after all these years!

That man is truly something (given his age) – but over the past few weeks, I’ve been noticing another old dude “putting himself through the paces” on a daily basis out there in the park, and yet the two old dudes couldn’t be doing things more differently.

And yet, they’re doing the same thing – and getting similar results – well, somewhat.

What do I mean?

Well as I start my first jaunt up the hill these days, there is an old man that is there everyday – at the foot of the hill.

What he does is this – he paces back and forth in a feverish, yet somehow unhurried fashion between two points at a medium speed – walking with his arms swinging by him, not quite military style – but not quite the “regular” style of walking either.

He goes from point A which is about say a 2 minute or so walk from point B (the base of the hill) – and back again.

Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth he goes – and a good hour – or sometimes an hour and a half later, I’m descending the hill after two or three TOUGH climbs – soaked in sweat – and I see this old man – still at it!

I don’t know if I could keep up that sort of routine to be honest. I’d get way bored, but then again, the old man probably uses this as his “thinking time” as opposed to exercise time.

And truth be told, though this sort of routine is EASY for me (to say the least!) I have to give this old man credit where credit is due.

First, for doing something – and doing it daily – and doing it with unwavering discipline that folks less than half his age would be hard pressed to match.

It’s no secret that the only walking the average adult does is either between cubes in the office – or from the sofa to the bathroom  – or the aisles in the mall to the comfy seats in the car.

And it’s no secret, of course, that the average adult is sadly out of shape – when it doesn’t have to be the case!

Now, that doesn’t mean I’d recommend a routine such as the old man follows – – but hey, if the general populace were to pace back and forth feverishly for hours – I’ll bet you my bottom dollar a lot of the FAT on their frames would start to disappear – and quickly, at that.

Of course, this isn’t by any means the best way to workout – but hey, it’s better than nothing – and certainly better than yakking around on the machines at the gym as well!

Of course, results speak. While this man is in great shape – slim and fit for his age, he still can’t hold a candle to the sheer strength and vitality the other old man exudes – and the difference in routines is the reason behind this.

Anyway, thats today’ update. Yours truly has been noticing this man for a while now, but I hadnt mentioned it in my daily emails as of yet.

Having gotten that off my chest, the only thing left to tell you is this – if you workout today – make it a FAST – and FURIOUS one – and make it the best one ever!

After that, you might want to partake of some “feverish” or even leisurely walking, my friend. And if it’s uphill – so much more so the better.

Combine the two – and you’ve got a winner, baby!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Want to know what the best part about the 0 Excuses Fitness System is? You’ll get much the same results the old man in China does – the same results I do – except you won’t need to step foot outside your living room – or bedroom. You CAN literally get in a workout anywhere you have a few square feet of space – – and this is a truism you’ll learn in the System which you can and should grab right NOW – right here – – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

Green tea – finally up on the site!

Dear Reader,

So, without further ado, let’s get to the meat of today’s post – that being GREEN tea – which is finally, at long last being sold through THIS VERY site!

You might have remembered me mentioning many a times that green tea is by far one of the very best things you can imbibe in terms of overall health and that of your internal organs – as well as for displacing those pesky FAT CELLS that seem to never “completely go away no matter what”.

And you’ve no doubt heard me say many a times that green tea is basically one of my secrets of getting into the sort of shape I am in today – and STAYING lean for that matter.

Green tea has so many benefits it would take a thesis to list ’em all out there, and the sad thing is that though there’s certainly plenty of interest out there in terms of this tea – – most of the green tea you see out there in the supermarkets is NOT the real deal, my friend.

Not even close – ditto for the “benefits” you might or might not get from drinking this sort of tea.

Real green tea – and the other forms of tea I drink here on a regular basis are a world apart – and taste – and SMELL completely different too.

You’ll know what I mean when you brew a cuppa and sip upon it – and when you drink it in the traditional earthern tea pots that the Chinese drink out of, the flavor is enhanced all that much more.

As Imran, a customer of mine put it – “the tea taste is different and balanced with this tea pot”.

And although I’ve been selling these for a while now, it’s only now that I’ve finally gotten around to putting a system online on the site wherein you can buy tea straight from us – check out the link right here – https://0excusesfitness.com/shop

It’s a different system from that I use for my other downloadable products, so if you’re buying those as well – it will be two different shopping carts – for now, that is.

We’re still ironing out all the features, and I’ve put one variant of the green tea up for sale already. Look for more varieties as well as other products (clay tea pots etc) coming up soon!

So that’s the update for today, my friend. Check out the link right here – – https://0excusesfitness.com/shop – –  and if you work out today – make it a great one!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And after checking out the “shop” above, be sure to check out our product page as well – https://0excusesfitness.com/products/