The story of Milo and the calf
- More on the amazing power of DAILY repetition!

Dear Reader,

Often times you’ll hear me talking about the amazing power of REPETITION and repetitive thoughts/incantations – and with damned good reason too.

I’ve stated often the truism made popular by Claude Bristol, that being the following –

Repetition of the same chant, the same incantations, the same affirmations leads to BELIEF – once that belief becomes a deep seated conviction, things begin to HAPPEN!

And while you might think the above applies simply to mental processes and harnessing the awe inspiring POWER of the subconscious to accomplish your goals – it applies just as much to physical training, and I’ll give you an example of that NOW.

Many years ago there lived a tremendously powerful wrestler in Southern Italy who went by the name of “Milo”.

Not only was he a champ – a six time champ at the Ancient Olympic Games in Greece – but he was also uber -dominant in the other tournaments of the day – – and a bonafide Periodonikes – which is a title that is the equivalent of what we call a “grand slam” champ today.

They built them STRONG back then – there were most certainly none of the bloated steriod freaks we see running around the gyms today! 

And Milo was stronger than the rest – and just  how did he develop his amazing strength – and muscle – and functional strength/endurance?

Well – he had a very unusual training technique – one which involves carrying heavy objects – with a twist!

He owned a little calf, and got this idea of carrying the calf on his shoulder and carried it around all day with him.

Thats right – he carried a calf with him – and he did this DAILY without fail.

As the calf got older, it got bigger – and heavier – and within the span of 4 years, it grew into a full grown BULL – and Milo was still hoisting that darn bull on his shoulders at that time!

Though folks laughed at him initially, he was certainly the one having the last laugh. Don’t know about you, but any man that can hoist a full grown bull to his shoulders and keep it there isn’t no-one to mess with in my book!

Of course, this sort of training isn’t new to strength enthusiasts and not to yours truly either.

I wrote about the immense value of carrying and lifting oddly shaped objects (NOT weights you find in the gym) in Fast and Furious Fitness, and the tremendous strength it builds.

In the 0 Excuses Fitness videos I talk about how you can do pushups with your kid on your back – and believe me, it ain’t just the weight – it’s the UNWIELDY nature of the weight that really gets you!

I also speak about carrying large containers of water up and down stairs – and how it literally gives you a Gorilla Grip within a very short time span if you keep at it!

And so forth.

And while these are all good reasons to mention what I am, the real reason I’m mentioning it is this – it bears testament to the amazing power of DAILY repetition.

Daily repetition – the small things done over and over again – can indeed move mountains, my friend – and Milo’s story is but one example.

At the start, it might seem inconsequential. It might even seem “tedious” to keep at it day after day after day without seeing any tangible results straight up – but much like a bank account, your actions add up – and one fine day, you’ll see the mountain you’ve been aiming to build right before your eyes – higher, taller and stronger than you ever imagined it to be!

And if you want more examples?

Well, I do a variant of what Milo did every time I go out with my daughter.

My daughter’s over 5 years now – and certainly not a “light weight” for her age (and fit as a fiddle as well).

And of course the first thing she wants to do when going anywhere is jump straight onto Papa’s shoulders – and stay there.

And despite the chorus of calls from Mommy to “get down and let Papa walk”, hehe, she stays perched right there, and I’m happy to carry her around as well when I can.


First, because I won’t get the chance to do this too often. I might return to China soon – that is another story all unto itself, and I’d like to grab chances like this by the scruff of the neck when they do arise.

A great bond builder – and two?

Well, it’s a great workout – and if you don’t believe me, try carrying heavy groceries in one hand – balance a frisky kid on the other shoulders – and do so while navigating traffic on foot – on slopes at that!

You’ll quickly find it gives you the upper body and leg workout of your life – a workout unlike any you’ll get in the weight room – but a workout akin to what Milo did for years – and a workout that delivers solid RESULTS.

Admittedly, I don’t do this daily – but I do it a few times a week without fail, and I enjoy every minute of it!

Pull-ups are another area I’ve applied this technique successfully. I still remember those days when I’d faithfully go out to complete my reps … it mattered NOT if I did just 3 reps per set – or 5 – or 10 – or varied the numbers around.

What matters is I stuck at it until I got to 150 daily – – and I stuck at it no matter what!

And today, doing pull-ups is as easy for me as plonking one’s arse down on a chair is for most people.

And while there are plenty of other factors to it – it’s YET another example of the power of daily repetition – and the things it can accomplish!

So that’s today’s message. Chew on that a while, and see what you can get from it !


Rahul Mookerjee

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Fight or flee – which is it going to BE?
- Your response to a crisis determines not only who you are at your CORE - but your future SUCCESS as well...

Dear Reader,

It’s all well and good to be “positive” and “feeling good” when things are going your way – and when everything is “hunky dory” – but what about the down times?

What about the REAL bad times in your life – the REAL lean times if I might? 

When you’re in a “balls to the wall” situation – – when you’re back is quite literally against the wall and you have no place left to turn, how do you react?

Do you FIGHT – or FLEE?

The response to this question could well determine where you’re headed in life NOW – and in the future, my friend – and yes, this holds true for fitness as well.

Many, many years ago (although it does NOT seem that long ago, but it was!) yours truly was on a trip home from China – with only 800 RMB in his pocket.

That was about a 100 USD by the conversion rates at the time – probably a bit less in today’s “Trump” era, hehe.

That is ALL I had left in my pocket going home – this after spending two years “on the ground” there working a biz which never really took off as I expected it to.

That was it. No unemployment to lean back upon. No “government teat” to suck off. No credit cards – or I should none left, as the two I had were maxed out and then some.

It was truly a balls to the wall situation when you consider that I was flying back with NO place to live – and no place to go as it were either.

And that, my friend was one of the crisis points in my life – a point where I could have easily given up and thrown in the towel, and looked for easier options.

Looked for a full time job, for one. Said “the hell” with my own stuff, and ended up doing what others had been pushing me to do anyway. And so forth.

And yet, I did NONE of the above. The only emotions I can recall at the time of the crisis (when it did occur, and I flew back) was an emotion of RELIEF as my subconscious made the decision to fly back “on the spur of the moment”, as I realized that it was the right decision to make.

Not only that, my firm belief in that things would improve stood me in good stead – and a month or so later I was back making more money – and get this – more money than I had in TWO years – and from that very same biz that seemed like was at the point of no -return in terms of losses etc!

And I’ve been through plenty of these turning points in my life, each of them more severe than the previous one in some way or the other.

All tests as they were, and I’m glad to report that I passed ’em all – and if there was ONE thing in common in terms of “passing these tests” – it was this – BELIEF.

A strong unwavering belief that things would get better – even though sometimes, and often times I had no idea HOW.

A strong BELIEF that I’d emerge from the situation a victor – and somehow I always did.

A strong belief that its’ never once until it’s over, and I’ve been proven right numerous times.

And believe me, a crisis – although most of us would like to avoid it – is a NECESSARY and REQUIRED part of the growing process.

No pain, no real gain as it were.

As Napoleon Hill says,

The turning point in the life of those who succeed usually comes at the moment of some crisis.

And if you’re currently dealing with a bad situation as many people are out there – well – emblazon that above bit in your brain, and affirm it to yourself repeatedly.

Believe me, I’ve emerged not only unscathed – but a far better person overall in terms of growth from each of those crises I’ve mentioned, and so will YOU – if you accept it’s part of the process, and if you accept that (as Napoleon Hill said) – “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit”.

And once you realize this, and blend BELIEF in YOURSELF (no matter what the world might say) into the situation – WATCH out. 

You won’t be at the bottom of a trough anymore – you’ll be preparing to, and will shortly scale a peak you’ve never scaled before.

In short – when all seems lost – it usually IS NOT – and usually is the point where things can really start to MOVE if you get your duff, and BELIEVE – and then DO!

And this holds true for fitness as well, my friend.

If you’re currently at a stage where you’re the sloppiest and most obese you’ve ever been (and plenty are at that stage) – well, you could look at it two ways.

One, your current reality – and that “it’ll never get better”. In other words, resign yourself to the dustbin of the “has beens”.

Two, look your situation in the eye, and FACE it – with firm and uncompromising BELIEF that things will change – and for the better!

Recall times in your life when things were GOOD – and going swimmingly well, and then blend those vibes into your current situation, and watch how quickly the seas start to part.

True, it requires getting your duff and swinging into action, but when combined with FIRM BELIEF and visualization as I recommend, you’ll be nigh amazed at how quickly them results – results which were NOT coming before – swim on down the pike to YOU!

And if you’re having trouble believing that your situation will change – or even implementing belief in your daily “mindset” – or visualizing – or what have you – well, I’m here to help.

Thats why I provide the coaching services I do – and if you’re truly interested in becoming ALL you CAN – then the form is just a click away right here –

Other than that – remember – when all seems lost – it usually isn’t – but that choice is yours to make – and one that could well determine not just your current success/failure – but your FUTURE path as well.

Also, and on a parting note, remember that as Emerson said that in a difficult situation (as many of you might be at this point) – or a sudden emergency, our spontaneous reaction is always the BEST. 

That might not seem like the most “practical” way of going about things, but it’s true, my friend. Your gut – and your subconscious are far better decision makers than YOU the conscious entity ever could be.

I’ll have more on this in future as well – stay tuned!

Ok – thats it for today! I’ll be back again later.


Rahul Mookerjee

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Live it, breathe it – BE it!
- The power of repeated THOUGHTS and affirmations

Dear Reader,

Back in the day, when I had a goal to drop weight and get LEAAAAN no matter what – lean as any one of the big cats I saw on National Geographic last night, I didn’t just “have the goal”.

Though “doing the thing” was ultimately what gave me the power, there is far more to it than that.

I’ve mentioned before how I had to wake up at 5:30 A.M. in order to “get her done” at that point in my life – and I did it – and if there is one thing Rahul Mookerjee abhors doing, it’s WAKING UP early in the morning … for any reason!

Yet, I did it. And immediately after, I rushed off to a full time job I had at the time in China – sometimes without even any breakfast or any other “victuals” of any nature.

I kept this routine up for MONTHS, though it did NOT take that long to see results. 

At my job, folks would routinely comment every week or so about how I was “slimming down noticeably”.

And yes I was – but EVERY time I heard that comment, although I felt happy – I didn’t just “mentally congratulate myself”.

I did this – and then pushed myself mentally to do MORE – not less.

How much MORE can I achieve in this regard, were my thoughts – and never for a minute did it occur to me to “slow down” or “bask in the afterglow of what I had already achieved”.

No sir.

I’ve mentioned before about continuous progress even after achieving a goal. The minute you stagnate and think “it’s all ok” is the minute you start to go downhill, and undo all the good work you’ve done – and fast at that.

My goal, however, was such a BURNING DESIRE that thoughts of “quitting after the goal was accomplished” or “taking it easy now” NEVER ONCE came into my mind.

I literally thought fitness all day – from 5:30 A.M. in the morning until about 11 or so at night when I lopped off to bed.

I literally thought fitness – lived fitness – and in a way, breathed fitness as well. It was pretty much ALL I did for those few months other than work – and so, is it any wonder I’ve achieved the results I have in that regard?

And lest you think this gung ho attitude of mine is something I reserve for fitness alone, think again.

It applies to ANY goal I’ve got in mind – anything that MEANS something to me.

That could be cracking sales targets – and achieving new ones, and then some. That could be doing X number of sprints around the park with minimal rest.

It could be getting that new project done – or making the connections I need to get something done.

It could be getting a full time job – if I so choose!

The point is, it applies to ANYTHING I do in life – and works just as well.

Now, why do I mention this again?

Well, because a lot of folks have trouble actually “living and breathing” their goals – and working themselves up into a fervor over it.

And believe me now and trust me later, exemplary results in any field pretty much require you to work yourself up into a rabid fervor about the end outcome.

Napoleon Hill correctly mentions in Think and Grow Rich that riches will never come to you unless you work yourself up into a WHITE HOT state of desire for the riches to the point that MONEY – and the desire for it has completely saturated your entire consciousness, and that is ALL you think about.

And he’s spot on. Furthermore, this same logic can be applied (again) to any goal you have.

But what if you know all this but find it hard to maintain the state of intensity you need in order to “get into the state of mind I mention above”?

Well, there are many ways – and three main ones I’ll cover here.

One, if it’s hard for you to constantly think and breathe your goal – re-evaluate it and honestly determine how important it is for you “deep down inside”. Chances are if it’s something that really resonates with you internally, you won’t have this issue!

Second, use the MIRROR technique that I outlined in a previous email – – and that was made possible by Claude Bristol in his timeless classic “The Magic of Believing”.

Not only will this enhance your confidence and BELIEF levels to heights hitherto thought unimaginable, but it will ALSO pound it deeper and deeper into your subconsciousness every time you use the method – and you’ll soon get to a point where you literally find yourself thinking about the goal all the time – even without trying! 

The old Claude Bristol quote bears repeating here –

Repetition of the same chant, the same incantations, the same affirmations leads to BELIEF – and once that belief becomes a deep seated conviction, things begin to happen!

Used along with a mirror, and the mirror technique, the above truly DOES cause miracle to happen. Try it for yourself and tell me.

Last, but not least, another TIME TESTED method that works is to constantly and continuously saturate your entire being – your entire consciousness as it were with MOTIVATING and UPLIFTING true tales of achievement from those that have been there before you – and done that.

Reading motivational and inspirational material is a method that has never once failed to whip me up into a frenzy my friend, and it’ll do the same for YOU too if you read the right stuff.

And that is why I put together Gumption Galore – if there ever was a book containing motivational and uplifting stories-cum-tips – that book is it.

Imagine a book that literally puts YOU too, in a state of frenzy and heightens your desire to achieve goals you set for yourself – at levels you never thought possible  – that, my friend, is Gumption Galore for you in a nutshell.

Grab it now, and let me know how you do with it!

And thats it for today. I’ll be back again later. In the meantime, if you work out today – live it – BREATHE it – and then BE it – and have the best workout you’ve had for ages!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Whittle WAIST – stay YOUNG!
- Your waistline truly IS your lifeline.

Dear Reader,

It might sound amazing, but most people when they look at me are UNABLE to guess my age – even halfway accurately.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying one has to be an accurate judge of ages. I am – but that ability has got NOTHING at all to do with the entire point of this email which we’ll get to soon – but when folks routinely label you as being 10 – or 15 years younger than you actually ARE – that is always a good thing!

“You’re married? Wow, I can’t believe it!”

“38?? You?? You don’t look a day over 26!”

And so forth – and curiously enough (or perhaps NOT!) most of these comments have been made in mainland China, a country known for folks that have traditionally looked a lot younger than they are – mostly due to the fact that they used to … but we’ll get to that soon!

I’ve mentioned the entire story behind my hill climbs – and what happened many moons ago once a girlfriend of mine (at the time) introduced me to the almighty HILL – and while this hill was NO DOUBT and most definitely one of the reasons for me becoming a lean, mean wrecking MACHINE – there’s more to that story.

What I haven’t spoken about a lot is this – at the time, a highly influential and respected person in the strength training industry – a person whose email list I was signed up for – mentioned my story in his daily emails and it generated QUITE the response.

So motivational was it for many people that I wrote articles about it later – and if you google “My Hill Walking Workout from China” – you should be able to find it on Page 1 or Page 2!

What I ALSO have NOT publicized a lot though is this – I moved from China a few years later (after my intro to the HILL) – and moved to New Delhi, India – to take up yet another job – at yet another company – but this one was a special job indeed.

It was THAT job – for those of you that are regular readers of this list, you know what I BE talking about!

Anyway, that was a job where I ended up eating – and guzzling far more than I should have – which was often the case in China as well, but here is the astounding fact for what it is – I actually, despite the lack of a hill around me – and despite the lack of TIME (or convenient times) to workout because of the constraints of a full time “job” – managed to whittle my waist down even more than it was in China.

‘Twas truly a case of what it is now i.e. getting better as I got OLDER – and I emailed the same strength guru about it – and he responded thus.

Congratulations on the waist whittling – – keep it up!

And those words said it all, my friend.

Paul Bragg, fitness pioneer in the early 1900’s and American health food advocate stated that

“Your waistline is indeed your lifeline. You should never let your waistline expand more than what it was during your prime. “

The above isn’t quoted verbatim in terms of the second sentence, but that is the sum of what he said.

What he didn’t of course say is what happens when your waistline REDUCES – and SHRINKS far further than what it was in your so called prime, which is precisely what happened to yours truly!

And he was spot on, by the way – medical results back up what he says too.

Fat around the gut (and being fat, sloppy and lethargic in general) doesn’t just make you look old. It’s a literal threat to your life, and chops off YEARS off your life – not to mention the stress excess fat puts on your internal organs WHILE you’re living.

And lest you think it’s all about the “skinny look” – think again. I’ve seen marathoners with a host of medical problems – despite their outward skinny appearance, they are NOT the epitome of health and fitness for the most part! !

It’s not being skinny that counts – it’s being LEAN – there is a difference, folks! 

And the right sort of cardio is key to this and there are tons – literally tons of ways – you can get this cardio into your daily routine if you do things right.

My book “Eat More – Weigh Less” details my favorite routines in this regard, and what I currently do – but if that ain’t your thang – or if that’s somewhat advanced, there are plenty of other options that work  just as well.

The Hindu Squats in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, for instance do a fine, fine job of waist whittling and reducing excess lard around the core – and FAST!

So do subway sprints – and that was one of the keys to my waist whittling in the instance mentioned above!

So get your cardio in – but make sure you get INTENSE bursts of the same in – and you’ll burn fat like there’s no tomorrow, my friend.

Not only that – you’ll look – and feel – a heck of a lot younger than you ARE, and that – – along with the general betterment in your health and fitness levels – –  to me is reason enough to start working out this way if you aren’t already!

So that’s it for tonight. If you workout this weekend – make sure to get some FAT burning work in while you’re at it!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you’re indeed serious about waist whittling, well, my latest course on that “Corrugated Core” is just what the 0 Excuses Doctor ordered. Here is where you can grab it – –



“Sofa shaking” workouts
- Lifting heavy - and oddly shaped objects - builds IMMENSE strength throughout the entire body

Dear Reader,

A short while I wrote about  “Building shaking” workouts – and today one of the main ingredients of that “building shaking” workout has been taken down – for reasons I care not to explain here, hehe.

Let’s just that the repeated “boom boom” or, as she put it, “building shaking” was getting to be too much for “her” – and we’ve temporarily gotten the heavy bag taken down – and it’s waiting by the doorstep right now, awaiting it’s next “destination”! .

But that doesn’t mean the end of “workout central” here at all, hehe.

(Hey, thats an idea for  a new product – put together plenty of workouts in ONE easy to access manual for you guys. Speaking of which, I just put together the second edition of FITNESS CENTRAL for you fitness fanatics – something that will be RIGHT up your alley if you love the fitness tips we put out on a regular basis here).

Anyway, first a short trip down memory lane if I might.

Many years ago, we had a massive green bulky sofa at the (then) girlfriend’s apartment.

That darn thing was HUGE – and OLD – and as they say, things made back then LASTED, and so did that darn couch.

It must have lasted at least 40 -50 good years – and that was before I laid eyes on it.

Though moving apartments – and countries (!) – has been a feature of my life thus far, I’ve never really experienced any stress or hassle while doing so – unlike a lot of other folks for whom the word “moving” conjures up images of “head banging” and “Oh God’s”.

For me, it’s always been pack and move if I want to, but here’s the thing.

THAT darn couch was HEAVY – REAL heavy – and what’s more, it wasn’t easy to lift even for strong men!

And it had to be moved every darn time there was moving needing to be done.

Trust me, gripping on to that sucker by the edges gave you a finger and grip workout like NONE other – and claws like grizzly bear paws. I haven’t quite mentioned sofa moving in Gorilla Grip (Advanced) – but done right, it can give you a workout next to none.

I still remember the two dudes who once moved that sofa.

They were NOT built – and not “bodybuilders” – or preeners and posers – but they were STRONG.

And no, one of them wasn’t big – he was about my size (and I was pretty skinny during those days!).

And yet, they gripped that sucka by the edges and took off with it like there was no tomorrow – and that, along with the pull-up imagery I mentioned in yesterday’s email has always remained me with since, and has been the reason for my Gorilla Grip fanaticism – well, that, and the incident I mentioned even before that when a 6’2″ hulk almost crushed my injured right hand.

And today, we had a sofa moving workout of our own – and for those of you that “perk” upon reading this – relax – and get your mind out of the gutter probably too, hehe.

We have an equally huge and bulky old sofa – except it’s a one piece i.e. one person sofa – and we were shifting it from the living room to the bedroom (for whatever reason, the daughter wants it there!) – and trust me, getting it through and MANEUVERING that thing through the narrow doorway that leads into the living room of the house I’m currently in was NO easy task.

We must have rolled it over about a 1000 times (and NO, it’s NOT what you’re thinking about) before finally getting it through the doorway – and my fingers feel like they’ve been putting through the wringer right about now. 

So if you see more typos than usual in this “stream of consciousness” typing – hey – pardon me!

The grip workout had just BEGUN for us though once we moved it out of the living room. It was then a matter of getting it through another narrow hallway through to the bedroom – but it’s finally there now – and the daugher is snug as a bug in a rug in it – playing a guitar of all things!

And so it goes at 0 Excuses Fitness HQ’s.

Moral of the story, you ask?

Well, it’s this – lifting odd objects and carrying them around is something I mentioned in Fast and Furious Fitness when I first came out with it.

And it’s something I mention in the initial Gorilla Grip course too.

And with damned good reason.

When you’re lifing odd objects that are NOT easy to lift – let alone even “hold” – you build insane amounts of gripping power – as well as overall upper body power – and tendon/ligament strength like no other activity. 

It’s one thing lifting a heavy dumbbell that you can easily “hold on to”.

It’s quite another to lug around a heavy sofa – up and down multiple flights of stairs – with nowhere convenient to grip it!

Or – containers of water as I mention in 0 Excuses Fitness – and if you’ve read the STORY behind that one, you know what I BE referring to!

Anyway, that’s why bodyweight workouts of the sort mentioned in the System are the way to go for YOU too, my friend.

Not only do these workouts strengthen your body from every angle possible – they also train the body from the inside out.

Muscles, joints, ligaments, everything gets a workout. NO weak links remain in the chain – and while you might not turn into a boobybuilder upon doing ’em – you’ll get to be as strong as a gorilla – and as healthy as a horse – and will have strength and functional endurance that will not only last you in good stead – but send the average boobybuilder SCURRYING for the hills.

And if that sounds appealing in the slightest to you – well – here is where you can get started –

Ok, my friend. I’m out for now. Maybe I’ll learn how to strum the guitar now – given my daughter is working up quite a din in the bedroom!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – For those of you that are looking for a good fitness related read – with plenty of REAL LIFE, USESFUL, and workable tips – I’ve got just the read for you right here –

Think Fitness
- Imagination is the key to unlocking your UNLIMITED potential - both fitness wise - and LIFE wise!

Dear Reader,

Today I’ll talk about something – and give you a very simple exercise that will not only unlock the powers of your subconscious (if you’re so open) in terms of reaching your fitness potential (hint – your potential is UNLIMITED in that regard) – – but it’ll also give you a fair indication of where you currently stand with regard to your fitness levels, and more importantly, WHY.

And before I start this – a small note. I’ve noticed there are those on this list – and those OFF this list, for that matter, who start to scoff and “naysay” the minute something such as this is brought of.

I realize there are those that have closed their minds to the power of imagination and believe it’s all about “willpower” – and if that’s you, please click on away right now.

But if that’s NOT you – and you truly do realize that imagination is indeed the most powerful nation, or as Napoleon Hill correctly said, “Imagination is the most marvelous, miraculous, inconceivably powerful force the world has ever known“, then read on. This post is for YOU!

When you think fitness – YOUR fitness, what is the FIRST thought – or more accurately, IMAGE that comes to mind? 

As in, when you think of “Rahul’s fitness” (in my case) or perhaps “ole Bob’s fitness” (if you’re “ole Bob”)?

As in, what IMAGES spring to mind?

Yes, images – and I want the answer quickly here. No thinking or ruminating as that’ll defeat the very purpose of the exercise.

Just read the question, and tell me what pops into your mind INSTANTLY – and feel free to be as politically incorrect as you like.

If it’s a gigantic roid crazed version of you, tell me. If it’s fit you – or an unfit you – tell me. If it’s a “you” thats banging out a pushup with your kid on your back – thats ok too!

Back in the day when I was attempting to get my total pull-up numbers over 25 in one set – and indeed, even before that, when I was unable to do very many correct pull-ups at all, if you had asked me this question, what would be my answer?

I’d respond with “that guy in the movie that’s doing slow pull-ups – – for REPS – – each muscle on his ENTIRE BACK standing out in stark contrast to the skin – – each muscle literally rippling as he completes one rep after the other – in slow, perfect form”. 

This, I believe is mentioned on the sales page for “Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD – within weeks“, and with good reason.

This is also a comment I started to GET many years thereafter – as in, “you’ve got that sexy back taper which chicks dig!” – or “you look like a movie star!” – or “your shoulders and back look really nice!”

Now, I say NONE of this to brag – or toot my own horn – I say it because of a very good reason.

That being, that it was my IMAGINATION that created the image of who I WANTED to be in terms of fitness (first and foremost) – and actions that actually accomplished the actual deed thereafter.

But #2 would never have come about if it weren’t for #1.

And if it would have – it likely would have been a very watered down version of the actions I eventually did take.

The emotions associated with that one image stuck with me – and SPURRED me to get better at pull-ups and today, what is the image I see?

While I do see that image on occasion, the image I see is of MYSELF – doing thick bar pull-ups, one after the other, in perfect form – with a shirt clinging tightly to my upper body and billowing around my waist as I do ’em.

Which is pretty much what I’m like in real life as well!

Here is the point thought – at NO point did I think that other guy’s results were unobtainable. 

At no point did I think “gee, I’ll never be able to do that” – even when I was a good thirty or so kgs over my fighting weight as it were.

At NO point did I think “Gee, he’s genetically gifted – I’m not!”

The only thing I didn’t know is the HOW I’d get there – but the imagination took care of that as well – and today, well, that HOW is what has inspired hundreds of people to get better at pull-ups, and continues to do so!

So it all boils down to how you think, my friend.

If the first thing that comes to mind is an unfit you along with feelings of “despondence” – then chances are excellent or second to none that you’re not or haven’t been able to get that six pack as yet – or achieve whatever fitness goal you wanted to.

If the first thing that comes to mind is “oh, that’s them” – well guess what – nothing will change. 

And – If the first thing that comes to mind is either a fit you – a supremely fit you – or alternatively, a supremely fit someone, along with a FIRE to become that someone – well, then those are the results you’ll get, my friend.

It’s really as simple as that.

Our imaginations at the end of the day dictate our reality, and this is so important I should actually say it in quotes, so here it is.

Our imaginations in the PRESENT are what determine our realities – both PAST and FUTURE!

Chew over that for a while, my friend. Let me know how it goes!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Only YOU can determine what your future is in terms of fitness. Only YOU can make that choice – I can’t make it for you. Only YOU can make the very sensible choice indeed to invest in the BEST fitness system there is on the planet – I can’t. What I CAN do though – and what I HAVE done – is to give you what was missing in my initial toolkit when I first started – that being to give you the “how” to do it – right here –

My daughter – the “bodybuilder”
- She could probably give a lot of 'em a run for their money!

So, just came back from a jaunt in a park near where I live – had a great, great workout with tons of pull-ups, pushups and dips mixed in – and of course, moonlight sprints as I mentioned in a previous email!

So there I am, moseying along home – and what do I see all of a sudden?

Well, there’s another (sorry excuse of a, I have to say!) park very near where I live – – and there was some sort of a celebration of some nature going on therein.

I know not what the exact occasion was – or perhaps I do – it’s something referred to as “Karvachauth” – and the celebration was apparently an actual precursor to the actual festival on Saturday, which apparently has something to do with wives not eating dinner until they sight the moon, or some such belief.

Mystical indeed are the ways of the world, and especially the festivals (and numerous Gods and Goddesses in India) – but hey, all boils down to BELIEF, doesn’t it?

Much like folks in the West have a BELIEF that going to church etc is the right thing to do (for those that believe) – this particular festival is about “wishing the husbands well”, good luck etc – but only if one follows the belief of eating AFTER the moon’s up.

Yours truly of course has very little idea about any of this – my wife told me this a few days ago – I’m merely narrating it back to you!

Anyway – on to what I DO KNOW.

So I see my daughter in the park, literally running my wife ragged (and she’s no slouch in the running department). 

That’s the great thing about kids – or at least my kid – full of energy, and always ready to run around the place and raise hell as opposed to stuff her face all day long in the dumb phone – which – UNFORTUNATELY! – is what the vast bulk of kids do these days.

Childhood obesity is as big a problem here in India as it is in China, and my daughter’s one of the few remaining trim kids – or should I say NORMAL kids.

There’s this old fangled belief in India – as in china – that “fat kids” equals prosperity, and while I might agree in days bygone – this doesn’t hold true any more!

Anyway, so this park had a mini outdoor gym set up – replete with “old man” versions of the crappy machines you see in the gyms.

You know the ones I refer to, don’t you?

Those awful yellow caricatures that pass as “machines of some nature” – which seem to attract geriatrics from miles away, and if that is all they’d attract, it would be a GOOD thing.

Instead, we find people of all ages sitting on them and fooling themselves into thinking they’ve got in a good workout by working on machine which – get this – doesn’t even get one’s heart rate up a tad bit even after a HUNDRED or so reps on any of them.

My daughter, of course, is 5 years old, and she was having FUN on the machines – especially the “chest press”.

And as she was doing her best imitation of a pumped up bodybuilder, I couldn’t help but burst out laughing – with her, as she joined in the merriment – as a couple of ‘roid heads posing near the machines looked on in annoyance.

The axiom “garbage in garbage out” comes to mind when I see people working on all these machines – and is it any wonder that these folks have been “exercising” for ages, and yet see NO IMPROVEMENT in their health or fitness levels?

Judging by the number of saggy butts, drooping chins, turkey necks, and LARD ASSES on display – gorging on all sorts of unhealthy junk food – and going back for seconds, thirds and fourths – while trying to barter the price down with the seller – ’twas indeed a celebration – for some people.

‘Tis indeed “garbage in garbage out” as well – not in terms of just food – but working out as well.

Not for me though. I’ll take my deserted park and moonlit sprints any day of the week!

Anyway, great thing was my daughter didn’t just get a fab workout in pushing and pressing them machines – she actually ran off to monkey bars to show off her pull-up skills – of her own accord!

And being I’ve NEVER once asked her to do pull-ups – this can only be a good thing – and thats what I mean by kids following their parents example.

Set a good example. If you follow the garbage in, garbage out axiom (and believe me, DIET and ridiculous forms of exercise are the prime reasons most folks get a big FAT ZERO from their training) – then chances are excellent and second to none your young ‘un will follow the same habits.

Set a GOOD example – and your kids will follow suit.

And that, my friend, is one of the best things you can do – not just for your kids – but for modern day society in general!

Alright, my friend. Thats it for now. I’ll be back later!


Rahul Mookerjeee

P.S. – I taught my daughter several tips straight out “Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of weeks” a few days ago, and looks like she hasn’t forgotten even one of ’em. ‘Tis indeed a sight to see this little girl hanging on to the bar for dear life – and TRYING – more than adults would even THINK OF – and then DOING the pull-up! I’m ONE “proud papa” indeed tonight – and in case you’re wondering what these tips, and if they’ll work for you – heck yes they will – and here is where you can find out what they are – –

Day in, day out …
- Persistence is oft ignored, un-glamorous - - and yet one of the most important KEYS to success in any endeavor!

Back in the day, a certain Henry Ford was planning something quite revolutionary indeed with his cars (the engine, to be specific!) – an idea which at the time was almost as novel as the idea of a motor vehicle had been a few years back.

He wanted to produce a (later famous) V-8 style engine in which ALL eight cylinders would be cast in one block – and he would have it no other way.

Although it was possible theoretically, it had never been implemented in practice before.

And all his engineers shook their heads to a T when commanded by Ford to do it his way anyway.

“It can’t be done”. “It’s never been done before”. “It won’t work!”

And so forth – – and yet, Ford would have none of it. He insisted and the engineers were left with no choice if they wanted to stay on in the great man’s employ.

They toiled for six months, and at the end of it – no result. They reported this to Ford, who told them to (in his own words, when they started) “stay on the job no matter how much time it took”.

The answer was the same – keep trying.

Another six months went by. Same response. It really seemed impossible at that stage, and they reported this back to Ford.

He responded with the now-famous comment – and one of my pet quotes if there ever was one.

Go right ahead. I want it – and I shall HAVE it!

More time was spent. More effort was expended … and finally, one day it happened. The engineers found a way to do the unthinkable – – but the most important story behind this isn’t the engine itself – its Ford’s unwavering persistence and DETERMINATION to keep on keeping on no matter what!

Back in the day, when I was on my mission to get the fittest I had ever been in my life, I’d climb the hill I mention all the time in my blog posts and emails DAILY. I’d do this at 5:30 A.M. – an hour which I was NOT (as y’all know!) in the least bit comfortable waking up, and yet, most days, astonishingly enough I didn’t even need an alarm to wake up.

I’d climb that hill day in, and day out. Come hail, rain, sun or shine – I’d be out on that hill – in fact I remember slogging up it many a times in pouring rain too!

And the results are there for all to speak.

It wasn’t always pretty. I’ll admit that.

It wasn’t always fun either. Contrary to what most people think, when you actually get down to brass tacks and start DOING, it can be anything but fun sometimes.

But I did it – day in, and day out. Tap tap tap. Tap tap tap. I kept chiseling – and the result occurred and it was beyond my wildest imaginations to be honest.

Persistence, my friend – is an oft-ignored and un-glamorous component of the success process – – but it’s one of the MOST IMPORTANT!

If Ford, Edison, and plenty of other successes had something in common other than a willingness to, as Napoleon Hill correctly states in Think and Grow Rich, use their BRAINS – it was persistence and gumption in spades!

It was a will to keep on keeping on when all seemed lost – or impossible – or outlandish – or outrageous – or what have you.

And keeping on keeping on not only progresses you that much further along the way to your previously “un-achievable” goal – but does something far more important – that being to convince your own mind at a deeper level every time you try one more time!

Claude Bristol made a great point in his little book The Magic of Believing when he said repetition is the only way of really DRIVING HOME suggestions made to the subconscious mind – which once firmly implanted therein start to take root through external actions.

Repetition of the same chants, the same incantations, the same affirmations lead to belief – once that belief becomes a deep seated conviction; thing begin to happen!

If there is ONE takeaway from “Think and Grow Rich” – or the “Magic of Believing” – or some other inspirational manuals I’ve been fortunate enough to read – it is the ABOVE.

In “T.N.T. – it rocks the Earth“, Bristol used the example of a chisel – or a hammer – or any other tool used to break a huge stone – or solid concrete doesn’t just break it at the first go.

It’s the deadly repetition – the tap tap tap of that chisel with FORCE that eventually causes the object in question to disintegrate, and the holes or dents to start to appear – and widen – until the job is done.

Think about that above line once again, my friend. It’s really that important, and it works the same way in terms of life as well.

When Edwin Barnes showed up at Edison’s office with his outrageous demands to work not FOR Edison – but WITH him – despite his lack of qualifications, money, or even a decent set of clothes at the time – he had nothing going for him except persistence.

He DID land a job – but working for Edison initially as a sweeper.

For FIVE long years he toiled with seemingly nothing to show for it, but he was doing one thing during all these years, albeit unknowingly – that being to strengthen his desire to achieve the stated goal as each day passed!

When nothing seems to be working – or changing on the outside – remember that they might well be and USUALLY ARE changing – and for the better!

No tangible progress sometimes mean progress has been made in other more tangible and infinitely more important areas!

Barnes got his chance after 5 years, and he used it so well that he retired a rich man (before the age of 30 if I’m not mistaken – correct me if I am though).

The same thing happened with me when doing pull-ups.

For a long, long time I struggled to get past 25 total reps in a workout. And again, it wasn’t always pretty.

Some days were bad. Some were great. Some were outright TERRIBLE – and yet – I persisted, and one day, the “barriers” broke – and I flowed on to rep after rep after MORE reps in the pull-up – – something which to be honest I had never really thought would be possible!

So if there’s one takeaway from today’s email … it is to be persistent, my friends.

When all seems lost and “nothing seems to be working for you” fitness wise – or life wise – remember to keep doing the thing – and doing it with the right attitude.

Eventually that dam will burst – and when it does – LOOK OUT. You’ll be on cloud nine for sure upon seeing the results, and thats putting it lightly!

Alright, my friend. That’s it for now. I’ll  be back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

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P.S. #2 – Remember too that I’ve got inspirational fitness tips similar to what have been mentioned these emails in Fitness Central. If you haven’t taken a look at that book as yet, I highly recommend you do so right now – –

Is thinking work?
- The POWER of concentrated thoughts

Many years ago, I was in China – working a job I did NOT like despite the high pay and expat benefits – and although I worked out regularly, I was slowly getting in worse shape in many regards – as opposed to better. 

I’ve told you the story before about finding a shop that stocked pull-up bars in China. I couldn’t find one and I’ve told you the story therein as well – – but this isn’t about that, is it?

This isn’t about how I ended up fashioning a thick pull-up bar (thick as heck, if I might say so) from nothing but a massive rusty iron pipe I found laying by the wayside – and how I ended up getting it installed iin the doorway of a glitzy apartment in one of the poshest apartment complexes in town!

Back to the story – when a then girlfriend introduced me to the Hill – something that was right there under my nose all this while  – but something that I never thought about at all despite  SEEING it on a daily basis.

We tend to ignore that which is right under our nose – and this is a human fallacy my friend – one which yours truly is no stranger to.

As Napoleon Hill correctly once said,

Your big opportunity may be where you are right now!

You already know the story of the Mack truck – or many, hehe – that ran over me on that hill, and can probably hear the giggles of the girls all around as my overweight self attempted to “glide” up the hill as my then girl friend was doing!

Anyway, after it was all said and done I spoke to said girl friend about the hill.

“You can climb it daily!” was her only response.

Of course, my mind found a million excuses NOT to do this daily, and I mentioned them to her.

“I return home pretty late from work”.

“Um … I’m not sure if the park is even open that late … ”

And so forth – and each objection was promptly swept away by a stern admonishing look that she gave me every time I made excuses – and in retrospect it was probably one of the best things that ever happened to me in my entire life.

I thought – and I thought – and I thought MORE about doing this daily – until I could SEE myself doing it before I did it.

And before I knew it, I was doing it!

The SAME process applies, my friend – to YOU as well on your fitness journey – regardless of what point you’re at. 

The SAME thing applies no matter if we’re talking biz – or life – or work – or “gliding” up a hill which formerly kicked me in the can big time. These days, I don’t even feel the slope when going up – and have to get down in special “Eat More – Weigh Less” positions to really “feel it!”

NO puns intended, of course!

Anyway, I’ve often heard the comments people make about “work is what counts – thinking doesn’t”.

That “action” is all that is required, and that it’s way, way more important than thought.

In my own personal case, you’ll often see me sitting, staring into space with seemingly nothing to do – and most people make the mistake of thinking “he’s idle”.

And yet, the reality is the polar opposite.

Most of my books – and writings – and best work have come about as a direct result of being what most people perceive as being “idle!”.

Emerson once stated that “The ancestor of every action is a thought“. And he was spot on.

I don’t care if you’re talking the airplane – or smartphone – or the 0 Excuses Fitness System – or the tee vee for all I care – all of it was invented and put together only after a LOT of concentrated and serious THOUGHT had gone into the initial idea!

And it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the ideas themselves come about as a result of focused thought mixed in with emotion.

We attract that what we think about – – and that is a fundamental principle of life one cannot ignore, my friend.

If you think fitness, you’ll attract it eventually – like I did. Other hand, if you think and believe you’re doomed to a life of obesity and lard ass’ing, well – guess what  you’ll attract in that case as well.

Ford once correctly said that thinking is the hardest work, which is probably why so few engage in it!

And he was spot on, my friend.

Thought – and a strong EMOTIONAL belief backing that thought up is eventually what causes anything to materialize in life – positive or negative – and if you analyze your life – and fitness – thus far, you’ll see it’s nigh TRUE.

So the next time you see someone ruminating upon something – or in deep thought – don’t be so quick to dismiss it as “daydreaming”.

Instead, take some time out for yourself and as Emerson said – do the thing.

Think about your life. Your fitness levels as well.

Do you really, really want to go through your life without doing a single pull-up (as an adult) – or being overweight, obese, and unhappy while watching the models on billboards galore?

Do you REALLY want to be the guy with a belly hanging out over his shorts at the beach – or the guy that attracts women to himself everywhere he goes – seemingly without trying?

The choice is yours, my friend – and choices – any choices – can only be made after some serious THOUGHT has gone into ’em!

Devote some thought to this post today during a spare moment or two. It might just be the best darn thing you do for yourself all day.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Speaking of best darn things, are you doing what I call – and rightly so – the BEST darn exercise there is out there?  If not, you really need to get started NOW – and get your paws on the course as well right now – –

Sternum “Gironda” pull-ups
- The true KING of all upper body exercises ...

If there is an exercise that is quite truly at the very TOP of the heap when it comes to upper body exercises – – those that can be safely performed and done for reps – – it is the pull-up – or more specifically, a certain FORM of pull-up.

This form of pull-up not only trains the entire back way more than the regular style of pull-up does – – but it also builds a solid “bulletproof” chest like no other – – and when you combine it with another (and per favorite of mine) solid chest exercise such as the handstand pushup or (and yes, this is a great, great exercise) – the DIP – the results are unparalleled.

For the last few days, I’ve been doing NOTHING but dips and Gironda pull-ups in my regular training, and my overall gains have exploded – despite the fact I can easily bang out 100 or so regular pull-ups per workout (and do so regularly).

Despite the fact that 250 plus pushups is no biggie for me.

Despite the fact I can rock out 50 plus handstand pushups per set …

And so forth.

My chest muscles have taken on a new appearance altogether with this new routine – and I can literally “feel” my lats that much more every time I even take off my shirt – or put it on – let alone when I’m DOING this exercise – which is LAT and upper back activation x 100 if I might say so.

In 0 Excuses Fitness, I include a neat little section on how to do these – – but it’s unfortunately a section that gets skipped over by too many trainees who pass it over for being “too difficult”.

Big mistake, my friend. Big, big mistake, as this one exercise is really what’ll give you that “X” taper throughout the entire body if you combine it with a sensible diet, regular solid cardio and other exercises that balance out the pulling if you so choose.

It’s the one style of pull-up that’ll build the upper chest like NEVER BEFORE.

And it’s the Gironda pull-up – or sternum pull-up – which was first popularized by Vince Gironda, famous bodybuilder and personal trainer of yore.

No, I’m NOT a fan of some of Gironda’s isolationist training routines – and I’m obviously NOT a fan of bodybuilding either – but here’s the thing.

Old time strongmen as well as bodybuilders were nothing like the booby builders today.

Though they did their fair share of pumping and toning galore, that was backed up by solid STRENGTH and POWER – something we don’t see in with regard to the  ninnies pumping and toning in the gym these days.

Ninnies? Is that even a word? Hehe …

The oldtimers built their strength most often on a solid platform of bodyweight stuff, as well as SENSIBLE weight “bearing”exercises (hint – I’ve detailed some of them in my initial Fast and Furious Fitness book as well) – – and only THEN moved on to pumping/toning as opposed to the modern day nuts in the gym.

Anyway, if you’re currently doing pull-ups – and think you’re good at ’em – you’ll want to learn how to do these as well.

The basic technique is simple – simply pull your upper (or lower) chest to the bar – while you’re in full control, and lower back down slowly.

The image on the homepage of the website shows me in a position where I’m headed for a Gironda pull-up (plus some other holds while on the way up there!) – – so you should get an idea of how well this activates the lats and entire back – but especially the upper back and chest.

And here’s a key to doing this type of pull-up – – focus not ONLY on the lats when doing it … but also your UPPER CHEST as you pull yourself up – – and make sure to keep your chin BACK when you do this superlative exercise (as opposed to the regular pull-up where your chin clears the bar, and down you go again).

Do this exercise for reps, and you’ll see chest, shoulder and upper back development like never before, my friend.

Now, what if this is too tough for you?

What if this exercise is something you haven’t quite started to master as yet?

Well, no problem, my friend. I’ve got plenty more routines for you – – routines that’ll build an upper body way, way stronger than the norm – – and a body that looks as strong as it IS.

A n upper body that is quite truly a “titanium” packed upper body if I might say so – – built with routines that were used by ALL the time old time strongmen at one point or the other – – and routines that have been tested by the sands of time.

Routines that flat out work – – and one GREAT course you simply must have if you’re interested in this sort of thing is right here – –

Grab your copy now, and watch your upper body gains exploded before your very eyes.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Remember too that Gironda pull-ups are an excellent way to progress into muscle-ups – – something some of you have expressed interest in. So are some of the workouts that I’ve mentioned in the course above – so if building a base for muscle ups appeals to you – start right here – –