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Dear reader,

If you’re like most folks that have come to this page, you’re likely scratching your head wondering “just how do I lose those extra pounds that I have been trying to lose for YEARS without any real success”.

Or, perhaps you’ve tried the treadmills at the local gyms, and done “dem stretches” at the local yoga center, or what not, but for some reason, it “still isn’t really clicking“.

Those nagging aches and pains just don’t seem to go away. Those hefty gym membership fees don’t really seem to be paying off. And so forth. 

Or  perhaps you’re on the right track in terms of bodyweight exercises, but are looking for that “extra oomph” that will really “get things going in the right direction“?

Any of this sound familiar??

I bet it does – and that, my friend, is where BODYWEIGHT EXERCISES DONE CORRECTLY  and 0 Excuses Fitness steps RIGHT IN!

The first thing people think of when they think of bodyweight exercises is that “they’re easy”, and “useless”. And they think the exact OPPOSITE when it comes to commercial gyms, shiny machines, the latest treadmills et al.


       The LION OF PUNJAB, the GREAT GAMA!  

       (1878-1960; and by far the greatest wrestler to have ever lived)

  • Performed feats of strength at the age of 10 that left ADULT wrestlers “gasping”!
  • 5000 squats and 3000 pushups daily
  • Lifted a 1200 KG stone ; which TWENTY FIVE “regular” people together failed to budge.

And WHAT DID HE DO as the BEDROCK – the VERY CORE of his routine?? 

You guessed it – BODYWEIGHT STUFF. 

While you do NOT need to do 5000 of everything daily, The BOTTOM line is that the CORE OF YOUR ROUTINE HAS to involve BODYWEIGHT STUFF!

But don’t just take my word for it.

Even if you weren’t to take the “Great Gama’s word for it”, well, look at the MODERN DAY athletes that we consider to be fittest and most conditioned, such as boxers, sprinters, wrestlers, UFC fighters, gymnasts etc?

What do they do as the bedrock of their routine?

You guessed it. BODYWEIGHT stuff!

HERSCHEL WALKER (former professional American football player, sprinter, and mixed martial artist.)

  • Did up to 3500 pushups and 1500 pullups as part of his DAILY routine!
  • Starting a career as a MMA fighter at the age of 53!
  • Eats just ONE MEAL a day!

“Almost everybody wants to look like a body builder and do 500 pounds on the bench. That sounds good, but all of sudden you’ve got back problems and all these other problems.”                                                                                         

“Herschel Walker looked like he lifted weights every day. He was built like Arnold Schwarzenegger. So what was his secret? Bodyweight exercises. Using your own body as a resistance can be the best way to condition yourself. Special Forces athletes know this as they are required by their training to do massive amounts of bodyweight exercises on a daily routine. Herschel Walker’s workout routine consisted of only a few bodyweight exercises”.

Source: –


Now, I don’t know about you, but if there was a “fight” or “functional fitness strength” between say Ken Shamrock, and Arnie, as an example, I’m pretty sure who I’d put my money on.

Bah, I hear you say. Humbug. Shamrock is a trained fighter. Arnie is training purely for looks!

True, I’d say. But is he really strong? More to the point, what can he do with that strength?

Gama VS … ah, but we’ll get into that below.

In 1910, with no more challenges to be had in India, Gama focused his attention on the rest of the world. Accompanied by his younger brother Imam Bukhsh, Gama sailed to England to compete with the Western Wrestlers. It was then that legendary English wrestling commentator Percy Longhurst got to watch him train.

“To watch him doing the dipping exercise was a revelation. There was power put into every movement, up and down…It was easy to understand, watching the regular rise and fall of the smooth brown body, the bending and straightening of the rounded limbs, to what extend not only the arms and the shoulders, but the muscles of the chest, abdomen, back and loins participated in the vigorous execution.

One could understand how Gama had acquired the enormous bulk of solid flesh at the back of his upper arms; whence came the wonderful size of the muscles around the shoulders and the base of the neck. Smooth, solid muscle; muscle in bulk; yet again I must repeat that when Gama “set” for example, his arm, his fist clenched, that acute outlining of the individual muscles on which the enthusiastic physical culturist is wont to pride himself, the ‘steel bands’ and ‘hard knots’, beloved of the lady fiction writer, were conspicuous by their absence. All one was saw was a rounded swelling, a smooth prominence here and there.

But there was strength, an abundance of it, in those smooth and supple limbs. Anyone who saw Gama overcome Dr B.F.Roller could be sure of that.”

– Percy Longhurst

I don’t think you can argue with the Gama’s results – or CAN you? 

Do you want to do the exercises the GAMA did? 

Do you want to FOLLOW along with ME as I instruct you on how to do these exercises properly – and then put you through an ACTUAL workout? 

A picture is worth a thousand words – and videos are worth TWICE that, or MORE, in my opinion. 

Do you want MORE THAN THAT? 

DONT MISS OUT ON THE MOST VALUABLE EXTRAS I cover in the videos, including, but not limited to … 

  • Squats – ARM MOVEMENT, and why it’s SO important to keep your BACK straight when doing squats! These, especially the latter are details NOT easily “explained” in writing, and it’s only when you “see me doing” that you’ll realize what I’m talking about.
  • Hindu pushups – and the RIGHT way to do ’em – and one of the KEYS that everyone MISSES (hint: it’s got nothing to do with strength or even endurance!)
  • The BEST DARN EXERCISE there is, and the right way to do ’em! 
    • This ALONE IS WORTH THE “price of admission”, my friend!
  • The right way to BREATHE – And a HIDDEN trick NOT covered in the book that will have you recovering from your exertions EVEN FASTER – with MINIMAL effort!
  • “Jack La Lanne” pushups – and again, the KEY is to touch your CHEST to the floor while keeping your BACK STRAIGHT – and if that sounds impossible while your arms are OUT IN FRONT OF YOU – well – its not – and you’ll SEE how!
  • Moving your fingers in a different DIRECTION to completely change the style of pushup – and why you should exercise caution on SOME of the TOUGHIES (two in particular, and you’ll hear me talk about them during the workout)
  • Bridging, and all the progressions – Most people are unable to do this excellent exercise when they begin. Not to worry – I give you tips that take you from BEGINNER to ADVANCED – simply follow along, and you’ll be bridging like a pro within a matter of DAYS!
  • ONE ARM movements … including the ONE ARM GYMNASTIC BRIDGE – a super, super tough variant!
  • A few “animal” like movements – that might seem like kids’s play, but are, in actuality, some of the BEST movements you can do – PERIOD!

And so much more, my friend.

So much MORE, and though it might not seem like these “little details” matter, believe me, they do.

Oh yeah, they DO – and they play a HUGE, HUGE role in determining just how far you’ll go with the exercises and the RESULTS!

They often say “the devil is in the details”, and this axiom holds true in more ways than one in terms of what I’m telling you here. 

Now, frankly speaking given all that I’ve said above and the sheer VALUE of the PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE you’re getting from these videos, I could charge you $350 or upwards for something like this, and guess what, my friend. Given the exorbitant cost of gym memberships, “swanky” (and useless) spas, and the like, I’d still be cutting you a deal.

In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that when I first came out with all this, I was considering charging a price upwards of $500 for it. Look, you’re getting access to LIFE changing INFORMATION here, my friend! 

Not only that – you’re getting access to my OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCES – and LEARNING from someone that has, quite literally, been there and done that.

That’s right, my friend – I’ve been in the trenches, and now I’m willing to share this VALUABLE knowledge with YOU!!

Heck, given my PERSONAL experience – and given the fact you get an actual WORKOUT (along with instruction on “how to do the exercises themselves” BEFORE the workout), even $350 would be a deal and a half, if you get my drift!

But I’ll go one BETTER, my friend. 

How is that, you ask?

Well, simple. I’m not going to charge you ANYWHERE NEAR THAT – the 0 Excuses Fitness package is yours – and for a ridiculously LOW $149.99

That’s right -a MERE $149.99  is ALL you need to gain access to a VALUABLE STOREHOUSE of fitness information that has been working for people for CENTURIES with NO additional (I repeat, NO ADDITIONAL) investement!

Jump on this NOW, my friend. Don’t waste a second longer. 

Talk about a BARGAIN DEAL!


(Currently being sold as an e-book so there are NO waiting times involved for shipping etc. You will be redirected to a page as soon as you make your purchase wherein you can download the entire package including the mobile friendly videos. Now, GET CRACKING ASAP, my friend!)

As an additional and FREE BONUS, you’ll also get a copy of my book on diet “The Simple and Effective Diet”  –  which normally goes for THIRTY smackers – again at NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU! 

“I feel like I could tackle a charging grizzly, and at the same time feel so relaxed I could probably pet him on the head and get him to “tame” down within the space of an instant, if that above pictures makes any sense.”

How do these exercises make you FEEL? 

They will make you feel ALIVE. You’ll be sweating buckets, even if you work out in an air-conditioned environment (which I currently do for various reasons). And if you’re working out outdoors in extreme heat and humidity, be prepared to sweat GALLONS.

Literally gallons. I’ve often come home after a hard outdoor workout feeling like my T-shirt weighs about 10 pounds, and that ain’t no exaggeration.

They will make you huff and puff like a runaway locomotive on steroids.

Now, it stands to reason that all this sweating and huffin’/puffin” will accomplish more than just “blow the house down”. You’ll lose weight and oodles of it, and FAST. If your already in super shape, you’ll just get in better condition (think the “V” shape, or “Greek God” sculptures, whath have you).

Most importantly though it will MAKE YOU FEEL ALIVE for the rest of the day. And you’ll get a buzz, a spring in your step, that feeling of sheer exhilaration and confidence that you just CANNOT get from long distance cardio, aerobics, weight lifting, or ANY other physical activity that I know of, bar none.

I cannot emphasize this enough, my friend. Physical benefits aside and health benefits notwithstanding, the SHEER FEELING you get from doing these exercises alone makes it all well, well, worth it.

And this confidence and exuberance will reflect in every area of your life, including, but not limited to, business, inter-personal relationships,

The deep breathing involved will energize you and set you up for the rest of the day. More importantly, deep breathing ALONE done correctly has the potential to literally TRANSFORM you from the “inside out”.

As Martin Farmer Burns, old time wrestler and strongman famously said, “Deep breathing alone has made many a sick man well, and many a weak man strong”.

There is great innate wisdom in these words.

You’ll have to experience it to really understand what I am talking about, of course. Mere words do not and can’t do justice to what I’m saying.

Believe me NOW, and trust me later, my friend. These exercises are hard, hard, and HARD. And REGARDLESS of your current fitness levels, they WILL make you work like you ain’t never worked before IF YOU DO THEM CORRECTLY.


Here are but some of the benefits right off the top of my head: –

  • Exponential increases in strength ALL over your body – these exercises work the ENTIRE BODY from head to toe.
  • Increased stamina, endurance, and lung power.
  • Increased flexibility ALL OVER YOUR BODY, especially your back.
  • Fix the “hunchback of Notre-dame” syndrome that is one of the BANES of modern day living. NO MORE TIGHT TRAPS!
  • Loss of unsightly blubber all over your body – You’ll lose those “love” handles you’ve been wanting to – and you’ll start fitting into clothes you haven’t been able to wear for years!
    • I went down from 120 kgs -> 60 kgs on this routine.
    • Build solid, functional muscle all over your body – this without following any “weightlifting” routines!
    • Supreme internal health – your internal organs will benefit greatly from following a good exercise program on a regular basis.
    • You’ll LOOK better – and you’ll feel better- and will have a spring in your step. Co-workers and friends aren’t going to be able to tell what’s got you so buzzed!
    • More energy to get things DONE – you’ll wonder where it came from!
    • Better sleep – this is a given. No more sleepless nights and tossing/turning; once you hit the hay, you stay there for a solid 8 hours!

Last but not least, and this is the MOST important, you’ll have the drive, focus and stamina required to achieve ANY goal you set for yourself in life. The old axiom “health is wealth” holds true in more ways than one (regardless of whether or not obtaining any sort of wealth is a current goal in your life).

And all you really need is 20-40 minutes of training daily, tops. You can go more if you like, but that’s what I do currently. And that’s whats got me the best results.

Now, wouldn’t YOU want the results I have mentioned above?


The old timers practiced bodyweight stuff on a regular basis, and I don’t think anyone can argue with their results, can they?

I don’t think you can argue with mine either, my friend. 



(And remember – the  FREE BONUS – You get a copy of the potentially life changing diet course “The Simple and Effective Diet” – completely FREEEEE! That’s an added $30 value, my friend!)

120 – ~60 kgs – and NOT LOSE A LICK OF STRENGTH!


How would YOU like results like the ABOVE? 



The videos included in the system will show you how to actually PERFORM the exercises that I detail in the manual. And believe you me, you DO need to get these videos if your really serious about getting into kick butt shape – and FAST!

Text and pictures are important, and you DO need to read the instructions –  but a video allows me the opportunity to actually “do” what I’m talking about and actually show you HOW to do said exercises.

Did I just repeat myself? Probably, but the reason I did that is because it’s important to know that although I literally “poured  my heart out” in the written version of the book, there are ALWAYS more things coming to my mind, things that aren’t always possible to include in a written course.

Those “little things”. Those “quirks”. Etc etc. How to loosen up your lower back correctly  before executing the wrestler’s bridge. How to actually “do” my “all time best exercise”, which most folks dont have a clue about and much, much more.

And MOST IMPORTANTLY, the 0 Excuses Fitness System includes a video taken during an ACTUAL WORKOUT. 

That’s correct, folks. Although the instructional videos are GREAT, and REQUIRED, the actual workout itself is the best video of the lot, though I wouldn’t advise you to jump straight into it (not unless your prepared for some major league soreness anyway, hehe).

Want to see how to: – 

  • TURN YOUR LIVING ROOM INTO A WORKOUT AREA with very little space required?
    • A few square feet of space and a wall is really ALL that is required!
  • POUND OUT 250 odd pushups (plus other exercises that believe you me, can give you a workout BY THEMSELVES)?
  • Get all that DONE in less than 30 MINUTES??
  • Go from being “out of breath” to RELAXED AND CALM, ready for the next set? (This one tip alone is WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD – don’t miss it!)
  • COMPLETE and ACCOMPLISH a SOLID PUSH-UP WORKOUT without really doing many “traditional” pushups ?
  • Do the classic FINISHER – the BEST DARN EXERCISE there is –  50 reps at the end of the workout?

And  more – and – but – for the REAL kicker to all this – want to see how I SWEAT BUCKETS during this workout – WITH THE AIR CONDITIONING on?

(Note – this isn’t a debate about whether or not to train in air conditioning, or indoors, or outdoors. I merely did this in air conditioning to show you the SHEER and TREMENDOUS CONDITIONING effect these workouts have).

And last, but not least, you’ll see me literally “zoned out” at the end of it, and feeling like a billion bucks.

Now, and given that these are just but a few of the benefits you’ll get from following these videos, I could offer all this to you for $350 as I said above.

Or $500. Or $1500, for that matter, given the IMMENSE VALUE you’ll get from a “book-video” combo, and following what I ask you to do religiously without fail.

But I’m not going to do so – for NOW, that is.

That’s right, my friend.

I’m going to offer all this to you for a shockingly low price of $149.99.

That’s right – a mere $149.99!

And bear in mind you get the BOOK plus the videos – and all INSTANTLY, as downloadable products!!!


Now, I don’t think I can beat the above offer – but HERE IS SOMETHING that SWEETENS the “pie” EVEN MORE – and that is – that the files are all MOBILE compatible and READY to be played on your MOBILE device AS SOON as you complete the download! 

That’s right. No CD’s to worry about. No computers to lug around.  Modern day stuff, and old school TRAINING – the perfect blend as it were.


Don’t waste a SECOND longer, my friend. I may not be able to offer these videos for this much for much longer, so again – JUMP in while the GOING IS GOOD!

As Emerson said, “Do the thing and you SHALL have the power”.

Do NOW, my friend. Every second wasted is a second LOST.

Drop everything you’re doing right NOW – and click over to the order page, and RESERVE YOUR COPY NOW while the GOING IS GOOD!

$149.99 – a LIFETIME purchase – a LIFETIME workout.

No more gyms. No more B.S. And certainly NO MORE EXCUSES!

Just the REAL stuff for what it is. 

Grab it now, my friend, and watch as a whole NEW world opens up to you. 


Best regards … and to your SUCCESS,

Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – As Napoleon Hill once famously said, procrastination is the bad habit of putting of until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday.

Don’t be a “Doubting Thomas” a SECOND longer, my friend.  The rewards in life come to the DOERS – not the “hemmers and hawers”. Move “thy” index finger now, and get in on this BARGAIN DEAL now. 

Don’t make me chase you down on this one, my friend.

Grab it NOW – and make HAY while the SUN shines!


P.S. #2 -Jack La Lanne once said “Exercise is king, and nutrition is queen – together they make a kingdom“.

Well – I agree – and just to tell you that the proof is INDEED in the pudding – and, as an additional and FREE BONUS, you’ll also get a copy of my book on diet “The Simple and Effective Diet”  –  which normally goes for THIRTY smackers – again at NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU! 

It doesn’t get any better than that, my friend. It sure doesn’t! 

(0 Excuses Fitness is currently available  as an e-book here, so there is NO waiting for shipping times etc. You will be redirected to a page after purchase wherein you can download the 0 Excuses Fitness System along with the mobile friendly videos.)