Moonlight Sprints

Dear Reader,

Many years ago, circa 1937 actually – there lived a tremendously powerful bear of a man named William Boone – from the deep South in the U.S.

For those of you that are impressed by numbers, here goes – this man worked up to a deadlift of 700 lbs or so … a partial deadlift of no less than 900 lbs … and a 420 lb jerk (from the rack).

I have no idea how many handstand pushups – or pull-ups he pounded out regularly, but I’m 100% sure this man did plenty of ’em too — much like Doug Hepburn, Paul Anderson, Arthur Saxon and other old time strongmen of yore.

But that isn’t the point of this email. I covered that in the last e-mail, but for now, what makes Boone’s achievements all the more remarkable is that he trained AFTER a full day of work.

And I’m not talking “sitting on your butt” in the office work either.

Boone had a job digging wells in the deep South – – way, way down in Louisana, Texas etc … and believe me when I tell you this (I’ve lived in Mississippi for years) – it can get HOT as heck there – especially during the summer.

The men often had to drink almost 4 gallons of water during the day just to be able to work – and despite the brutal nature of his job, Boone found time to train – at night – in his backyard – under the stars as it were! 

And he wasn’t the only one for sure. A LOT of old time strongmen would literally train under the moonlight – at hours that normal people would associate with “drinking it up” – or snoring loudly.

Plenty an old time strongman has trained well into the midnight hours – – finally racking the weights – – or finishing that last set of pull-ups at 2 A.M. or more – BEFORE getting up to go to work the next day!

On this note, something of note to tell you is the following – the Chinese taoists have a belief which says that the hours between 11 and 1 in the day or night are literally the POWER HOURS of the day.

You get double benefit from whatever you do during these hours.

If you train hard from 11 AM – 1 P.M, you’ll get double the benefit. If you go for an hour long workout at 11 P.M., you’ll end up getting TWO hours worth of benefits.

Ditto for writing a book – – or visualizing – – or meditating – – or any other activity you engage in during the hours.

And although yours truly prefers to train around the 11 A.M. (perhaps a bit later, but not too much) mark when in China – – and though I’ve done it that way for most of my adult life, there have been plenty of times I’ve trained at night as well.

Back when I first started working out on the hill I now consider my second home, I’d get home LATE after a long, long day “in the trenches” at a factory in China.

My day would literally start at 6 A.M. and sometimes extend on to 8:30 P.M. or more – but whatever the time was when I came home, I always found time to get a workout in on the hill.

And the results showed – both for me throughout the years, and certainly as well for the strongmen I’m referring to.

If there ever were shining, REAL LIFE examples of 0 Excuses when it comes to fitness, the above examples are great ones for you, my friend.

I’m not in China for now – – and I’m training during the evening again these days – – a time I don’t quite prefer, but a time that is the only time for me right now to train effectively, and so I just do it at that time.

And being that winter is creeping up on us FAST here in New Delhi, it gets dark around 6’ish or so – and the moonlight is pretty much the only light I’ve got to train by – along with a few stray lights in the park I train in.

And believe me, although most people shy away from the park at that time claiming it’s “too dark”, training at this time can be incredibly peaceful, motivating and uplifting.

I’ve always loved training during “downtimes” – 11 A.M. – 1 P.M. in China being downtime for most folks again.

It’s you out there ALONE – with nature – and YOU and the exercises and nothing else bar the occasional drunk – or boze, depending upon the time.

No smartphone necked junkies lolling about. No bozos hanging out “sitting” on the dipping bars. No clowns showing up to tell you “it’s better to train your mind than the body” (yes, I’ve have that happen too!).

And the sprints are by far the most interesting part of my workout these days. I’m sprinting full tilt in an almost dark park – – with the moonlight (when there is some) casting shadows as I go up and down the sloping paths of the park.

No hills here, so I make do with manmade slopes (hint – thats precisely what I tell you on the “Eat more – Weigh less” page as well!) – – and believe me, I get a heck of a workout in despite training in conditions most would consider less than ideal.

No 11 – 1 workouts for me right now – but if I’m creating products – I’m almost always doing it during those hours – and have in the past as well.

And I’ve got results accordingly – – which along with my fitness results pretty much proves what the Taoists have been saying for centuries.

Anyway, thats it for now, my friend. If there is ONE takeaway from this email – it is THIS – when it comes to fitness – or anything in life – there are NO excuses to be made, my friend.

Go out there – and just do it!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – The reason I named my exercise system the 0 Excuses Fitness System is because it allows for no excuses, my friend. You don’t need a park – or pull-up bars – or swiss mats – or yoga schmoga balls (or was it the other way around, hehe) to get in the best shape of your life. All you need is YOU – and a WILL to get in the best shape of your life ever. Take the first step on that road right NOW. Place your order for the System right here – –

Can heavier folks do pull-ups?

One of the great truisms about another great, great (possibly one of the BEST and GREATEST) exercises out there, the pull-up – – is this – – that the heavier you are, the tougher it gets.

In fact, I wouldn’t be lying to tell you that even 10 lbs or so of excess flab on your midsection makes it that much harder for you to pump out pull-ups – – and I mention this repeatedly in BOTH my courses on pull-ups.

In short, if you want to get good at pull-ups – – you better drop the excess flabbage! 

And if you see someone cranking out pull-ups for reps, and high reps at that without fatigue, then you KNOW the guy has high levels of strength and fitness – – as well as incredible core strength and is at the right bodyweight for his size.

But, all that being said, let me throw a bit of a spanner into the works today!

While the rule is always a rule, there are always notable exceptions to the rule in any field, and pull-ups – – or that other old favorite, handstand pushups are NO different, my friend.

Back when I was on the heavier side – – in fact, at times when I was no less than 20-25 kgs over my “fighting weight”, I’d still do pull-ups!

I’d do them slow and hard – – in proper form – – and while I wasn’t quite cranking out 100’s of reps per workout, I was doing 50 plus pull-ups even back then on many a workout day – – which at that bodyweight, and given the volume of pushups – – and handstand pushups I pumped out even at that weight – – was no easy or mean feat.

Folks would often look at me in amazement as I’d not only just do the pull-up – – but PAUSE at the top portion of the movement – – and then complete the rep.

(That by the way is one of my pull-up secrets; I’ve just given it away to you for FREE!).

Ditto for the handstand pushup. In fact, I wrote the initial Shoulders like Boulders book when I was at a weight way over what I prefer – – just to show you that a) there are NO excuses when it comes to working out and b) YES, heavier people can do’em, and build plenty of strength and muscle while they’re at it!

And I’m certainly not the only one – but back to pull-ups – and heavier people.

I’ve often mentioned Doug Hepburn, old time Canadian strongman and athlete – someone who I greatly admire – and someone who had strength in SPADES.

Someone who truly had them BattleTank Shoulders we all want (he features on the cover for a very good reason as well!).

This man would pump out set after set of FREESTANDING handstand pushups while working on the beach. This man would do handstand pushups for REPS – an d SETS – between dipping bars – – at a bodyweight of around 300 lbs – – in proper form!

And if that isn’t mind boggling enough, he’d do chin-ups galore.

Not just one, or two – or twenty. He’d do countless reps of the chin-up along with the other bodyweight stuff he did – – and given he did ’em at that bodyweight – – was it any wonder he achieved the strength feats he did?

And it wasn’t just him either. Paul Anderson, “world’s strongest man” would often do weighted pull-ups.

Good ole Arnie – the “gubernator” as it were, was no slouch in these either. He’d swear by wide grip pull-ups – – done for tons of reps – – and weighted pull-ups at that.

And if there’s ever an exercise combo that’ll build them MASSIVE, barndoor like “battletank shoulders” you’ve always wanted – – it involves the TWO exercises I’ve mentioned above, but done a certain way, and in a certain combo.

For a specific number of sets/reps. Done the way the oldtimers trained.

Done in a NO MERCY, take no prisoners style – – and I’ve brought you exactly THIS style in Battletank Shoulders, my friend – – a course that will truly floor even the most advanced of either bodyweight or weight training enthusiasts.

This course will truly make MEN out of boys – – and if you’ve got concerns about upper body strength – – or muscle power – – you can kiss those concerns goodbye once you start working on the exercises I’ve mentioned therein.

There truly is no other course out there that’ll set you on the path to becoming a human “tusker” – – or battletank, if I might say so.

Grab it right here – –


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Yes, it’s that darn good. Yes, the exercises ARE that darn effective, and yes, slightly heavier people can work up to doing them too! Here is that link again then, my friend –

P.S #2 – And no, NONE of this is an excuse to be fat either. If you’ve got excess flabbage around the midsection, combine the above with a healthy dose of “Eat More – Weigh Less” – – and you’ll be on your way to a sleek midsection shortly as well along with the above.

2 excellent shoulder/core blasters

Amongst all the exercises that I teach, there are TWO exercises that by themselves can give you a superior, butt kicking shoulder, core and abdominal workout like you’ve never gotten before – and cardio as well if you do ’em right.

Though I’d be lying to tell you that these two exercises are ALL you need in your routine, the fact is that you could do these two exercises as a mainstay of your routine (these two exercises, and their variants) – and get a rock solid, CORRUGATED core – shoulders like the proverbial boulders – as well as a cast iron grip – from THESE two exercises alone.

Done correctly, the entire routine (for these two exercises) shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes when you start out – and NOT more than 20 minutes or so tops even for advanced trainees.

What are they, you ask?

Well, the first exercise is the much vaunted (and IGNORED) hanging leg raise – an exercise I cover in Corrugated Core, and a few other courses – and an exercise that is worth its weight in gold, spades, money, mucho dinero – or what have you.

Quite literally, my friend – this ONE exercise is not just a core blaster par excellence – but a GRIP, shoulder and upper body builder like no other.

Form is crucial on this great exercise, though – and the way I’ve seen trainees pop these out galore is nothing short of horrifying in most cases, and the exact opposite of what you NEED to be doing.

Most trainees focus on getting the legs up there any which way possible, and while that is ONE part of it – it isn’t all by far, and if that is all you focus upon – you won’t get very far – or far at all in this exercise.

Truth is if that is all you focus upon – you might as well not DO this exercise.

Jaws drop in amazement when I tell people what part of their bodies they SHOULD be focusing upon during this exercise – but once people DO the exercise – they understand WHY I’m advising them to do what I am.

I’ve covered this in detail in Corrugated Core, of course (grab a copy HERE if you’re so inclined) – but for now, the other exercise, you ask?

Well, its an oldie but a goodie – the EXTENDED arm pushup – something covered in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, and an exercise that not only does what I’ve said above, but gives you excellent cardio if done right.

And again, the way most people approach this exercise is wrong.

You do NOT push up with your chest here. If anything, the forearms and LATS are what you need to be focusing upon during the movement – and if that sounds contradictory and confusion – well – I understand.

It’s supposed to be a pushup, I hear you say.

Well – it IS – and again, you’ll know what I mean when you DO them the way I’m advising you to to do here – and the way I’ve advised in the System.

Get good at these two exercises – or weave a workout all around them – and I guarantee you this – your core and lower back issues will be a thing of the past soon enough!

Out for now – I’ll be back later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I had a solid, keeping it real workout today – one straight out of the 0 Excuses Fitness System but modified slightly with the first exercise I’ve mentioned above. That’s what’s so great about this system – the workouts can literally be modified on the fly as it were. Find out more right here – –

Bonafide “Building shaker” workouts!

Many moons ago, or perhaps not so long ago – in 2009, as it were, my landlord (who was then living in the apartment on the ground floor of a building where we had rented the TOP floor) made a comment I’ll never forget.

“Rahul, do you workout”, he casually asked me once as I was going out to buy groceries.

Now, bear in mind this was the pre 0 Excuses Fitness days – as in, I worked out – but I wasn’t in near the sort of shape as I am now – but I worked out daily regardless.

Was doing a lot of the wrong things and eating a lot of the wrong things as well back then. Anyhow …

“Yes, I do”, I grinned back, looking at him. He was one of those reedy thin waspish looking “henpecked” sort of dudes – the sort you wouldn’t hold your  breath on lasting more than a second or so in any sort of decent physical endeavor.

“I know! Every morning, isn’t it?”

“Yes, every morning”, I replied. I was jumping rope and doing handstand pushups daily in those days – – and he continued thereafter.

“Yes, I know! The whole building shakes!”

“REally?? Just from the rope jumps?”

Apparently it did, according to him – – and while it was no doubt in part due to the crappy construction in the neck of the woods I was in at that point (I was in a section of India at that point) – – the comment still amused me galore.

And it stuck with me until this day – until one of my (let’s just say “neighbors”) right now made a similar comment.

Except these “neighbors” are on the top floor of the house I’m in at this point in time – – and I’m on the bottom – exactly the opposite situation from before.

“Rahul, whatever you do, stop it! The whole house literally SHAKES!” exclaimed a cantankerous resident one day – – quite literally “not believing” that it was me hitting a heavy bag of all things that was causing it.

“Who on earth hits a heavy bag that hard???! Hmmmpph!”

And with that parting comment, off she went, nose HIGH up in the air as it were.

Hey, what can I say. It’s a heavy bag – and it’s part of my “minute long SUPER fat blaster” routine that I’ve detailed (or mentioned) before – – and if there’s one thing you don’t do with a heavy bag it’s kiss it – or pussyfoot around it.

You hit it – you hit that sucker HARD – and heavy – and you keep doing it with proper form for reps (or rounds) galore!

Anyway, thats when you know you’ve got a good workout in – – when the people living on the floor ABOVE you start complaining about a heavy bag on the ground floor – – or the people living on the ground floor start pissing and moaning about someone jumping rope on the TOP floor.

Says a lot as well about the state of construction in India (thats where I was during BOTH the instances mentioned). Remember, these ain’t the “wooden floor” apartments so common back Stateside – these are floors made of cement – supposedly so!

Anyway, while building shaker workouts will do you a WORLD of good, the good news is that not one single person will complain about you doing 0 Excuses workouts, my friends.

I remember a particularly annoying female neighbor I had in China once – who’d be knocking on my door galore for any and all reasons sundry – – and even she wouldnt know when I was working out – – except from the deep breathing, which I once put down to (when asked) … ah, but we best not go there, hehe.

Keeping it real as were – along with PG rated – and the real reason was as PG as it could get – – and you’ll know what I mean when you complete a set of 500 Hindu squats in 15 minutes with NO rest between reps – you’ll literally be breathing like a runaway locomotive!

Good news is though, there’s neither a tax – nor a penalty – for breathing deeply!

So if building shaking workouts and “causing the residents to riot” as it were ain’t your thang, I understand. And I’ve got just the System for you to follow – here it is –

Ok, my friend. That’s it for now. I’m off for a few pull-ups now and I’ll try not to tick off too many folks.

That reminds me. I’ve got handstands to do – – but those should be fine – – unless I launch myself up to the top floor of my current building and drill a hole in the floor to do ’em, hehe.

Nah – I wouldn’t do that!

I’m out – I’ll be back later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Know what the best part about building shaker workouts are? They’re over in a jiffy – – and the fat burning effects last for DAYS thereafter. And if you’re looking for workouts patterned along a similar line, well, Eat more – Weigh Less is just what the good Doctor ordered. Check it out right HERE – –


We’ve all heard the saying, of course.

Dream big – Dream success – Dream <insert whatever you want to accomplish> – but have any of us actually stopped to consider where that saying came from?

When most people think of dreams in this regard, it’s “conscious” dreams – which applied properly turns into powerful visualization exercises – – and done without purpose or intent ends up being nothing more than shallow daydreaming.

And it’s those daydreams that most people think of when it comes to “dreaming big” – or dreaming anything you want out of your life, for instance.

Most of us have been programmed since childhood to do the exact opposite of follow one’s dreams – and as for dreaming big?

How dare we?!

It’s never a good thing to dream so big! Start Small! And so forth …

And while it may not sound true to begin with, the fact is that THIS is exactly how the majority of people function on a subconscious level – which explains why it’s only a select few that really end up GETTING what they want out of life in general.

Dr. Maltz spoke about this in Pyscho Cybernetics where he says your self image is what really governs your accomplishments – or failures – or direction you’re headed in life overall.

In short, your self image is literally the commanding General of where you’re currently headed in life – – and if your self image is poor, you’ll never end up getting where you want to be with all the conscious effort in the world – UNLESS you change your self image first.

As the good Doc rightly says, you may “rise above” your self image for a while – but like a rubber band pulled too hard – it’ll snap you right back to where your self image believes you belong – and usually with a sold THUD at that.

Belief, my friends, is what it’s all about! 

I wrote about this yesterday – and it’s TRUE. Every word of it and I should know. Boy should I know!

My parents unwittingly (and perhaps in some cases knowingly) did a massive number on me as I was growing up – and I’m not the only case by a long, long shot here. The only thing different about me is I always knew “conforming” didn’t work – and WOULDN’T work for me – and hence the way my life has turned out ever since.

Now back to dreams – once you start BELIEVING in yourself – and once you start delving into the spiritual, you’ll likely start having vivid dreams.

And while folks are  quick to dismiss dreams as bunk and hocus pocus – – think again, my friend.

Your dreams are how your subconscious talks to you – if you LET it. 

Your dreams tell you how you’re really feeling on a subconscious level. Ignore them at your own peril!

Many a times I’ve programmed my brain to search for a solution to a specific problem while I slept – and it’s never ever disappointed me.

True, as Claude Bristol rightly said the “how” of the solution might be completely different from how I “intended” the issue to be resolved – but does one really care?

I think not.

And I’ve done the same thing in terms of my writing and work in general. Folks often query how I bang out 20,000 words on a regular basis while writing – and how it’s so “effortless” for me.

Well – – the physical part isn’t effortless – – but the MENTAL part of it is where it’s ALL at – and that is what makes it’s effortless.

Folks talk about writer’s block, for instance. I’ve NEVER EVER in my entire life experienced this even once, and that is saying something I’d say.

Now, in terms of fitness?

Believe it or not, if you’ve been overweight for a long time – or if you’ve had issues that prevented you from getting in the best shape of your life – or if you were a “sickly young lad that got sand kicked in his face by a stud replete with girlfriend (Charles Atlas” – and so forth – chances are EXCELLENT and second to none you’re actually SCARED of coming “face to face” with a lean, mean, FIT you!

I know how this goes, my friend.

I was your archetypical skinny runt for most of my life that got the snot beat out of me galore in school etc – and my parents didn’t do much to change the self image that developed as a result.

It was only once I really got into fitness at a deep level that things started to change – and today if there is anything I’m scared of – it’s an UNFIT me.

Fit to me, is as natural as taking a shower is for most people. Like a girl I had dinner with me in January remarked, “You can eat what you like. Your body has completely changed from the inside out!”.

She was right – it has – but the key is I changed my THINKING first!

And lest you think dreaming success – or fitness – is hooey and a crock – I have this to say to you – TRY it first.

Every night, before lopping off to bed for the next week, affirm what it is you really want in terms of FITNESS to yourself – BEFORE you go to sleep.

Maybe it’s to lose 30 kgs. Maybe it’s to do sets of 10 pull-ups effortlessly.

Perhaps it’s to build shoulders like Boulders. Whatever it is, AFFIRM it to yourself – and DEMAND your subconscious to work in that direction – and if you do this right, believe you me, the results will literally astound you.

I’ll have more on this later, but for now – do this for a week – and then get back to me – and then let’s talk!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I’m out for now – but remember that talking to your subconscious isn’t always as “effortless” as it sounds. I’ve been doing this for YEARS now, and I’ve still only barely SCRATCHED the surface of what is out there on this topic. And this is one area I help folks with in my coaching services. If that interests you, feel free to apply right here – – – and we’ll get back to you asap!

P.S# 2 – And if you haven’t already, grab a copy of Fast and Furious Fitness – and then of course 0 Excuses Fitness. Compare the two, and let me know if you see – or FEEL – a difference!

Let it go – let it happen!

Dear Reader,

One of the key mistakes most people make when setting goals – including fitness goals (I should say ESPECIALLY fitness goals – as well as money related goals) is this – they don’t let go of their desire even after correctly broadcasting it to the Universe – both in terms of thought and ACTION.

What do I mean here?

Well, I wrote a great little post about “letting it go”  – a while back – one you’ll find if you search through the blog archives, but for now, let me reiterate that while YES – a strong WHITE HOT flame of desire is the starting point of all desire (as well as a key component of making things HAPPEN) – there is a fine line between”over-reaching” for the goal and “desiring it deeply enough to make it happen”.

Back when I was dropping more than a few lbs, I had my goals. Hell, I didn’t just have written goals – – I had very vivid and detailed PICTURES of how I wanted to look once the “job was done” – – and I visited these pictures in my mind regularly, just as I keep asking you to do.

But here’s the key – once I got down to doing – I trusted and believed these goals would manifest – and while I thought about ’em all the time while training, I did NOT spend time worrying about the “how’s and when’s”.

In other words, I trusted it would happen – and I let it go. And it happened – and the results were beyond my wildest expectations.

This same thing happened me to many moons ago in China as well when I was laid off from my first job – and had a month to find the next.

It was NOT easy for foreign devils to find full time employment of the sort I had back then (an expat job if I might say so – with all the benefits etc) – – especially not in my field, which back then was I.T.

But I believed – I did what I had to do – and despite the fact that even the CONTACT for the job I was going to eventually get did not show up until about a week before my visa was set to expire – I did NOT lose faith.

I believed – and kept believing – and kept doing the thing – and then magically, somehow, It all happened — and a week or so after expiry of my visa, I was back in China on a new visa – – and a new and better job!

There’s a lesson to be learnt here.

You visualize – you do so with deep emotion – but once that is done – you don’t “set expectations” of “how” and “when”.

You trust and BELIEVE in your HEART OF HEARTS that the Universe is pulling FOR you as opposed to AGAINST you – and you leave it at that.

Divine timing if I might say so is better than any sort of pre-meditated or pre-planned timings we might have in our own minds! 

Claude Bristol makes an excellent point in this regard in “The Magic of Believing” – perhaps the BEST point in the entire book.

He gives us the example of if we were to want a new house.

You get your visuals going – you get your affirmations going – and you repeat these to yourself until you BELIEVE in your heart of hearts the house is yours – and you back this up with action.

Quoting ahead –

After that, the subconscious goes to work to provide you with that house. It may come into manifestation in any number of ways. But do you really care whether you build it with your own hands, or whether it comes to you through purchase, or from the actions of of outsiders? How it comes to you is of no great consequence!

Sage indeed, my friend. Sage indeed, and this is perhaps the best of all the invaluable golden nuggets spread out through the book …

And THIS is what I’m referring to.

If you have financial goals, for instance, you might get your affirmations going to “have an abundant life” – – but do you really care HOW that abundant life comes about?

Do you really want to set expectations in terms of “I’ll be working A job – in city B – and making X amount of money?”

More to the point, do you really CARE?

How about letting the Universe decide the HOW – – while you present it with what you WANT?

This is a powerful concept indeed, and one we would do good to remind ourselves of occasionally – or often – and it is also one of the key components of “getting into flow” and STAYING there as I keep talking about!

Fitness wise, your six pack may come about through pull-ups – or pushups – or long walks – or a combo of all the above – or none.

Key thing is you have your goal – and you DO – and then RELEASE the “how”.

THAT, my friend is the entire key – – and that is the missive for today!

I’ll be back again with more. In the meantime, if you work out today – keep it real  – – and have a great, great one!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you enjoy messages of this nature, then one of my recent books “Gumption Galore” will be RIGHT UP your alley. Grab it right here – –

Can heavier people do handstands?

If there’s ONE question I get asked all the time by folks, it is this – can heavier folks do handstands – and handstand pushups?

Being that the handstand – and handstand pushup is by far one of the most difficult and intimidating exercises out there (though it doesn’t have to be!), most people naturally shy away from them to begin with – and if they’re on the heavier side?

Forget about it. You’ll likely have an easier convincing a man even “somewhat heavy” to jump off the Eiffel Tower with arms outstretched like a bird, pretending to fly, fly, FLY – as opposed to even get into a handstand.

Ok, so that above bit is a tad bit exaggerated, but hey,what’s true is this – it’s a COMMON fallacy out there that heavier folks can’t do handstands.

Can’t they?

You bet they CAN! I’ve said this all along, and have been saying it for years now, and it bears mentioning yet again at this point.

First off, the handstand and handstand pushup is your go to exercise if you’re looking for them shoulders like cannons – or, much as I hate to use the term, “cannonball delts”.

If you’re looking for raw, BRUTE, unadulterated upper body strength and pressing (and pulling, too) power – then this is the exercise you need to work upon – and perfect.

If you’re looking for that massive barrel chest look capped off by traps that look like mountain peaks – well – ditto!

The old time strongmen knew this too, my friend, and trained the exercise accordingly – – which means HARD, HARD, HARD!

And despite what you think, not all of them were “chiseled” either. They were strong, but not necessarily the “chiseled six pack” sort – and they didn’t need to be.

Ever heard of John Davis – champion American weightlifter with Olympic and world titles galore?

At a bodyweight of 200 lbs – – he’d do this exercise for multiple sets – in slow, perfect sets of 10 each time!

Doug Hepburn, weighing at a massive 305 lbs of MUSCLE did these all the time – – and sometimes on pommel bars at that!!

Ditto for Bert Asserati – the English wrestler that weighed in at a similarly meaty 240 lbs or so – – and did ONE ARM handstands for time!

And lest you think these men were exceptionally genetically gifted, think again. Doug Hepburn was born with a club foot and had many other battles to wage to get to the point he eventually did.

John Davis was small and weak as a child – hardly someone you’d expect to become a champion weightlifter – and yet that is precisely what he became!

Still not convinced?

Well, here’s another example.

Back in the day, yours truly was somewhat on the heavier side as well (as y’all no doubt know by now!).

He wrote a little book called Fast and Furious Fitness – – a book he referred to this morning – – and a book very close to his heart indeed – – and he very recently re-released it on THIS site again after years.

That was my first book, and as I said this morning, there is good reason for it to be close to my heart – – and in case you’re interested, here is where you can grab this lil’ puppy – –

At the time of writing that book, I wasn’t exactly in the sort of shape you see me today (though granted, I still trained and wasn’t by any means or shape a couch potato).

And what was my favorite exercise at the time?

It wasn’t pull-ups, although I did those. It wasn’t sprints. It wasn’t even pushups as I detail in 0 Excuses Fitness, although YES, I did do those too!

No – it was an exercise that is pictured on the front cover of the book – the handstand pushup – – and if I could do ’em at the bodyweight I did ’em – – and if the men mentioned above could do ’em for sets/reps at their bodyweights – then so can YOU, my friend!

And thats a long answer to a short question.

Long story short – – heck yes, you CAN do handstands and handstand pushups even if you’re overweight – or on the “bigger” side.

That isn’t an excuse to be fat. It’s a REASON NOT to shy away from this excellent exercise – and to learn how to do it in proper form – and then just do it!

Alright, my friend. That’s it for now. I’ll be back later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Learn how to do handstands and handstand pushups the RIGHT way here – –

“Once you go 0 Excuses … “

… You never really go back!

This truism struck me last night as I was creating a product – the newest 0 Excuses Fitness product as it were, and it’s true my friend.

‘Tis true, and relax – it’s ALL PG rated. I’m not going “G” on you … as yet, hehe.

Jokes apart – once you get on an exercise System that works as rapidly as the 0 Excuses Fitness System does, and as efficiently – – with almost zero time wastage – – and benefits manifold, then why WOULD you want to adopt another System?

As they say, if it works, don’t change it.

It if ain’t broke – don’t fix it – and this certainly holds true for fitness as well!

Over the years, I may have made MODIFICATIONS to my exercise routine(s) – but the CORE of my program always remained the same.

And unlike a Chinese bamboo tree, which takes about 4 years to start to really “grow” (you simply water the seed until then, and WAITpatiently!) – the RESULTS from being on an exercise program such as this show up almost instantly.

So, yes – once you go 0 Excuses – you’ll well and truly never go back! 

Anyway, what is the latest product, you might be asking right about now?

Well – it’s simple – it’s a collection of 51 evergreen fitness tips that I’ve put together for you over a long, long period of time, my friend.

Some of these tips come from way back in 2011 – some are quite recent.

Others are “in the middle” – and yet, what all of them have in common in this – they are ALL relevant – and they are ALL required reading for folks like YOU who are interested in LASTING health, strength and fitness – from the inside out.

You’ll learn new things as well – things that aren’t necessarily covered in the books that well (or are skimmed over).

For instance, if you’re wondering what the difference is between hammer grip pull-ups and regular pull-ups (in so far as how they hit the body differently and what exact parts of the body benefit the most) – you’ll get it here.

If you’re wondering what the “lo down” is on fingertip pushups – you’ll get it here as well.

You’ll learn plenty more including, but not limited to –

  • Why the “look of your muscles” isn’t near as important, or close to it as what your muscles can actually DO.
  • What sort of folks to emulate while training – – and what sort of behavior you should avoid like the PLAGUE.
  • The old man I met in China, and why he left a lasting impression on me – – and if you read what I have to say, chances are he’ll leave a lasting impression on YOU too!
  • The magical “500” number – not only in terms of pushups – but steps walked as well – and STEEP uphill steps at that!

And much, much more, my friend.

Grab your copy now – it truly is the best 51 fitness tips that have ever been compiled!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Pain free shoulders forever … from ONE single movement!

Dear Reader,

Back in the day, when I was in China I’d often go in for sports and other forms of medicinal massages.

I’d get prodded, pummelled, kicked, twisted and even spun (NO, this are NOT the “naughty” massages you’re thinking of!) – and I’d emerge from every “session” feeling like I had a workout unto itself – and feeling like a billion bucks.

The importance of massage for proper recovery as well as ADDED muscle growth and tendon repair cannot be overemphasized – provided it’s done correctly, and the massage practitioner KNOWS what he/she is doing.

I’ve also been to plenty of “blind massages” in China where they have semi-blind folks work on you – and believe me, the magic some of these guys can work on your entire body is beyond belief – especially if you’re used to the “groping” style of most Western massages.

Anyway, many a times, I’d have young, tough girls working on me – girls that were literally less than half my size – – and girls that had grips as strong as gorillas – – or damn near close to it!

And part of the massages I went to entailed getting the entire shoulder joint massaged in a “probing” manner that was EXTREMELY painful at the time – and yet, after the session, you felt like a billion bucks when it was over.

I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I had shoulder issues galore back in the day when I used to lift weights and throw in bodyweight stuff as an “afterthought”. Big time.

Oh man, I still remember the PAIN that I felt when these tiny girls literally dug their thumbs into a certain area of the shoulder socket and literally “worked out” the tension lying underneath – it was all I could do to stop myself from screaming out!

And yet – the shoulder WORKED – and was pain free – after each session.

Fast forward a few years, and the good news is this – you could damn near take a drill to my shoulders and I’d still be fine.

OK – not literally- but you get my drift!

And this amazing recovery didn’t come about through resting – or “not doing any strenuous shoulder work” – or not stretching – or “lifting weights in a certain position” – or doing any of the other rubbish the so-called-experts recommend.

It in fact came about by doing an exercise that most modern day “gurus” rail against – and an exercise that folks have been doing for CENTURIES in countries such as India and China to build overall health, strength and wellness in the upper body – as well as unrivaled and unparalleled PEACE of mind when done correctly.

What is this exercise, you ask?

Well, it’s one of the cornerstones of the 0 Excuses Fitness training regimen.

It’s one of the MOST misunderstood and therefore incorrectly performed exercises – and if done incorrectly, it has the potential to cause damage.

Other hand, if you do it correctly, the benefits are almost beyond belief. You’ll not only build inhuman strength throughout your entire upper body and back – but you’ll also build MASSIVE, and (for the modern day man ) most importantly PAIN free shoulders that are every bit as strong as they look.

Lower back issues will be a thing of the past, and if you’re looking for a six pack to boot? Well, you’ll get it once you progress to higher repetitions in this exercise without even trying!

Not to mention the increased awareness and clarity – – and peace of mind you’ll get from doing this one exercise … awareness that will literally transport you into another DIMENSION as you workout, and will build laser like focus on goals and other objectives in your life.

What is it, you ask?

Well, it’s the Hindu pushup, my friend – an exercise that has been around for ages, and if there ever WAS an exercise (along with the handstand pushup) that will make MEN out of BOYS – it is this.

Most gym gorillas do well to even get into and hold this position for any length of time – let alone pound out reps.

Most seasoned fitness fanatics, Crossfitters, bodyweight fanatics and triathletes are humbled at around 10 reps – or less – when they first try this exercise.

Believe me now and trust me later, if there is one exercise that truly gives you mammoth bang for you buck, it is THIS one!

But beware – form is paramount on this exercise, perhaps way more so than the other exercises I recommend.

And the way the Hindu pushup is taught by most so called experts and those who claim to be knowledgeable on the issue makes me want to literally puke.

Not only do these spurious and incorrect techniques not work – they achieve the exact opposite of what you’re trying to achieve – that being strong and pain free shoulders for LIFE.

So make sure you learn this great exercise from those that KNOW how to do it – and make damned sure you DO it on a regular basis as well.

Once you go “Hindu” in this regard, you’ll never go back, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If shoulder strength and health is your thang, then the handstand pushup is yet another exercise you simply must master. Here is where you can get the “skinny” on dat – –

Vague desires = Vague (or ZERO) outcome

Dear Reader,

If you’re doing all the right things – and yet are unable to lose weight – or as much as you desired – have you ever stopped and thought WHY?

If you’re dong all the right things in terms of LIFE – or making the amount of MONEY you want – and are still somehow not “getting there” (or not at all) – have you ever stopped and pondered why?

If you’ve got a strong desire – a desire that creates WHITE HOT tension in terms of where you are right now and where you WANT to be – and are yet dumbfounded as to why the results aren’t occurring – have you stopped and pondered why?

Napoleon Hill states very categorically in Think And Grow Rich that DESIRE is the starting point of all achievement – and he correctly points out that this desire must be CRYSTAL CLEAR in your mind in terms of the SPECIFICS you want to achieve!

Here’s a little story that should illustrate this perfectly well.

Frank W. Gunsaulus – clergyman and educator “back in the day” (way, way back!) once had a desire – a BURNING desire at the back of his mind, and Hill mentions this in his book “Think and Grow Rich”.

This desire was to be the director of an educational institution where students would be taught to “learn via doing” i.e. the school of PRACTICALITY as opposed to “rote learning”. 

Great goal, you’d say? I certainly think so – and yet – despite this goal, the fact of the matter was it required a million dollars in investment to set up – and that was back then!

Though this young man KNEW that desire is the starting point of all achievement, as well as the other principles I refer to galore in my emails – after it was all said and done, he still had NO idea where to lay his hands on this sum of money.

Day after day, night after night he took this thought to bed with him – but nothing happened despite the desire.

Then one night about two years into all this, he made up his mind to get the money – but not just “get it”.

He made up his mind to get the million dollars – – and do so within a WEEK! 

In his own words,

I made up my  mind right there and then that I would get the million dollars within a week. How? I was not concerned about that!

The main thing of importance was the DECISION to get the money within a specified time, and I want to tell you that the moment I reached a definite decision to get the money within a specified time, a strange feeling of assurance came over me, such as I had never before experienced.

Something inside of me seemed to say “Why didn’t you reach that decision a long time ago? The money was waiting for you all the time!

After this, he immediately went to work on a sermon entitled “What I would do if I had a million dollars” – and preached a day or so later on this.

He was so excited before this sermon that he forgot the speech he had prepared – and ended up speaking “extempore” as it were.

After the sermon was over, a man rose from the crowd, and approached the clergyman slowly. He came to the pulpit – extended his hand – and said he believed in what Gunsaulus was doing – and believed that he’d do what he said he would with his million dollars – and promised to give him the money a couple of days later on a Monday morning!

Within 36 hours of making a definite decision – the million dollars was HIS – despite the two years of thinking that went into it, he got the money – 36 hours after he made a CLEAR decision on WHEN he’d have it!

When it comes to fitness, most people would do well to learn a thing or two from this.

Most people are vague to the extreme with their fitness and other goals.

“I want to be rich” is something we hear all the time – but do we ever hear HOW these people plan on making their goals a reality – and more importantly, how much MONEY (exact amount) they want?

“I want to get fit”, we hear all the time.

Great – but where are the specifics?

How much weight do you want to drop? How many handstands in a set are you aiming at? What exact number of pull-ups are you looking for?

These, and many other questions need to be answered before you can achieve your goals in a satisfactory manner!

And lest you think the story I mentioned is a one off, think again, my friend. This has proven true for me multiple times down the years as well.

A year or so ago, I was in a quandary with regard to one of my businesses.

The cash wasn’t coming in at that point – – and I had literally reached the point of no-return in terms of that business.

It was either shut up shop (metamorphically speaking) or find the cash to keep it going. So dire were the straits that a million grim thoughts passed through my mind every time I’d work out – or sit down to think about it – and my brain was barraged with a bunch  of “what if’s”.

Finally one fine evening I had had enough.

I decided I’d go and do a 100 or so pull-ups and work this out with myself.

And while getting through my routine – I made a decision right there and then that I’d have the cash I needed to keep the biz going – no matter what – and I’d have it within the next couple of days.

I had NO idea on how I’d get it. That biz had no backers. I had no “angels” ready to help me out. And so forth.

And yet, I made that decision – and the MINUTE I made that decision, that same strange feeling of calmness and serenity swept over me. 

“It’ll happen”, a voice inside of me told me, and that was all I thought of that as I finished one of the best workouts I had in my life.

Later that night, I was “doing the books” – and as I was doing so, my Inbox flashed – with a message – a message that completely changed the “fate” of my biz as it was at that point financially.

Today, that biz is well and thriving – – but the point I’m making is this – I got what I needed to keep it going  – – AS SOON (or almost) as I reached a DEFINITE decision on when I’d get it!

There are plenty of lessons to be learnt here, methinks, my friend.

When I was getting to a 100 pull-ups and more – at NO time was my desire VAGUE in terms of the numbers.

In fact, 100 was always a magic number to me in this regard – and the fact that I ended up achieving MORE than what I set out to is a different story – but the fact also is that it would probably have never even happened if I had a vague “wishy washy” sort of wish in terms of what I wanted!

It’s the same thing with life – or money – or goals – or fitness goals – or what have you.

DECIDE what you want – and be uber specific with it – and really, really mean it deep down inside – and watch the Universe literally throw it’s bulk behind you to make it HAPPEN, my friend.

It’s true – and it’ll happen for you too – if you only let it!

Alright, my friend. Thats it for now. I’ll be back again with more later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you want to read more on the mental side of getting to a 100 pull-ups – and MORE – in a workout – well, I’ve mentioned it all in the course – which you can grab right here – –