Sometimes, the best thing in life just HAPPEN … !
- If you let 'em!

One of the most wonderful things about living life in the flow, willy nilly, as most of the Bozos that don’t “trying to force things to happen” is this – my friend.

Stuff just HAPPENS.

And often times, miracles out of seemingly nowhere, and life – the best things, just happen!

As I shared some pictures from a prior life teaching in China (the teaching, that is – ugh – what a pain ESL is!) – I gave credit where credit is due.

I was hired there to teach kiddie boppers, hehe, cute little primary kids.

And I taught them – I did a damn good job of it too.

Of course, the school only wanted white people, and anyway, the reason I signed up there in the first place was two fold – one, Alan, my great supervisor who I will never forget, and also because they promised to handle the visa for me.

They never did the latter, so I left – simple.

Visas can be a HASSLE – even bigger UGH.

But anyway, I was there to teach them English.

I ended up teaching them pull-ups too in physical education class, hehe.

No-one told me to do it – ditto for pushups.

And they were all young enough that they could do pushups and pull-ups both.

I’ll be posting more pictures on my Instagram about this – but the one I just shared?

Well, it was me for a “promo” photo for the school which they happily used of course, despite my “skin color not being suitable” (I gave up trying to argue with those wackos – sometimes, its better , often times, not to beat your head against walls. Gotta rise – UP AND ABOVE AND BEYOND!) … teaching a Chinese child (three, I believe) something or the other.

While taking the picture, I was reminded of “home” – whatever that means for me.

Its always been a place I’ve done my best to stay away from, yet, my daughter …

It was so poignant, although in the picture you see me smiling – you would never guess deep down inside I was holding back TEARS AND DEEP EMOTION!

The best things in life, my friend, just happen.

We just have to let ’em!

Anyway, years ago – Carol, remember her?

I’m sure y’all reading do ..

She just HAPPENED.

One fine day I asked her – messaged her about finding a housemaid of all things.

Pity I didnt ask Glyn directly. lol.

She helped.

Carol was, and remains one of the most, by far, most, and thats saying a hell of a lot, trust me, I’ve been with FINE women all my life – females I’ve ever been priveleged to be with.

I mean, fine as fine can be.

She could walk onto a modeling ramp right NOW and shake the world if she wanted to!

Trust me on this one.

And amazingly enough, when I started chatting with her, the last, if at all, thing on my mind was any sort of sex, romance, or relationship.

She was dating at the time.

“We can’t date”, she once giggled “because you’re married!”

That we can’t, Carol, I laughed back.

(I was asking her for her feedback on her date, which she said “I was not attracted to him!”

There was another question, I think I asked her two, she said she’d answer one, so I chose this, since it was more interesting. Hehe)

Not that I had ANY intentions of doing so, she was one of those rare, very rare instances for me where a woman was just a friend, and nothing else!

Maybe it was the way she presented herself.

Nothing if not smart is she, hehe.

Maybe, I dont know, but … what happened later was months of the most intense love and passion I’ll probably EVER feel.

Never say never, of course. Hehe.

But it all just started “just started”

I had no plans to take her WeChat – I did so in a class because her “compatriot” was running late, and I dont pander, so I told her class was starting NOW, no matter what …

She’d often text me when she was late, I’d never check my phone – because I was busy teaching …

So I asked for Carol’s, so I could keep them ALL apprised of times etc.

That was it.

And look what that turned into. Hehe.

Why do I share this flashback from the past?

Well, because life just happens, my friend, if you let it happen – the right way.

And thats how 0 Excuses Fitness came about.

One fine evening I was sitting around thinking if I should just do Fast and Furious Fitness, and build the rest on that site.

No, the answer came to me.

Bang, I booked the domain.

And all just flowed from there with no planning.

Would you believe it – all the products here on this site – and the even greater PLETHORA of great fiction and manuals I sell on the other sites – came as a result of conscious effort/planning?

NONE did.

They all just happened!

Lessons to learn there, for those interested …

Anyway, I’m out. Be sure to pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System – best way to get in flow if ever!


Rahul mookerjee

PS – A huge thank you to Alan Murray and Gabriel, both great guys, both did their damndest to dispel the “he can’t teach because he’s Indian” myth.

Or skin color, or whatever nonsense it is/was/still is.

I still remember Gabriel telling me quietly “if they dont like it, tough shit!

Or something to that effect, when they were discussing about how to broach the topic of the only “non white” guy teaching with the parents asking and what not.

AND IF YOU CAN BELIEVE IT this was 2016 – not the 1960’s! 

LOL. All true.