Why being on the list to “learn for free from me” isn’t really helping me – or (more importantly, perhaps??) YOU!
- (for those that are)

A lot of people on this list are .. “the silent sorts” who read everything, and dont say much.

They avoid clicking links etc in the emails to make it seem like they never opened the email, or to make it harder for tracking softwares etc to track ’em.

Not that I would track anything beyond what I need for marketing and even then, I pay scant regard to metrics most people do such as “open rates” CTR rates and so forth …

BUt anyway, their purpose is to “lie unnoticed” amongst the rest.

They dont necessarily moan and groan about price either (although they might be thinking that).

Their primary goal is (unless there are others I haven’t latched onto as yet) – learning for free from “the list”.

Watching my emails, seeing what they can pick up …

In some cases, and people have told me this directly “we’re just here for the free stuff, not to buy products”

Now, I dont know why someone would do that for one.

But some people … well, they try and take my techniques and reverse engineer to their own businesses they’re trying to get off the ground.

Needless to say, that tactic don’t work my friend.

It doesnt just not work, it backfires.

Admittedly I give away more in free tips that most do in their paid courses etc …

But it’s still a tiny fraction of what I know – and teach – and NOT the entire tale.

And trying to simply copy what I do in emails and run with it – well, thats like taking the tip of the iceberg and pretending it’s bigger than the iceberg itself which causes ships to collide, rather than the tip you can “see”.

I dont blame these people for wanting to learn.

I would too

(and in my case, I’ve learnt this way – I’ve learned what I could for free – I’ve made mistakes, failed, burned, crashed – then made ’em again – then again – then again – and even now, I’m by no means “at the top” or anywhere close to it and when I am – well, I still won’t be if you get my drift).

It’s about continually learning and improving.

And as for me, well, the cold hard facts are this, my friend.

Any business ultimately only functions on SALES and not people that dont want to buy, and ignore anything remotely marketing related, even when it will HELP THEM “people that won’t spend one red cent on anything”.

And so, along with the price wankers, I do all I can to weed this type out of my list to keep it hyper engaged and focused.

If you want to simply “Read for free”, well, do that via the websites…

Everything I email is posted there.

But I’d rather you be on the LIST itself if you’re ultimately interested in getting a product to further your life – goals – ambitions – along.

Two such products are Animal Kingdom Workouts, and the precursor to the book i.e. Advanced Hill Training.

Two products people have “wanted” – big time.

But, they haven’t quite reached “cult status” like others such as 0 Excuses Fitness, Pushup Central, Gorilla Grip, and of course, Isometrics and Flexibility Training have (as yet, at least).

My point is simple, bro – at some point, you gotta pull out your wallet and GET these products.

(or, you wouldn’t be repeatedly going to the pages).

Why not do so now and not put it off “until” – because until never comes?

Hey, I dont know about YOU, but if it’s something that will help me, I want it, then I get it NOW, not “later” …

And thats what I wanted to say.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee