What you can learn (or unlearn) from Glyn Bozo’s (so called) early morning walks
- I've never addressed this specifically before, but here goes..

Something that Glyn Bozo – obviously a nut of the highest order as has been noted many a times, and the best troll ever (until his trolling didnt work, hehe) – kept rambling about in his writings (trollings) was this –

” My days would start at 3am with me walking 20 miles a day, and doing 25 laps of the swimming pool at the complex. The rest of the time, I was doing volunteer work or working with the local authorities.”

He also noted what I wrote about being compared to a movie star, and sent me some emails about “I acted in movies”.

I dont know if I ever addressed these things specifically, but the last – movies was a 1 minute bit role which Bozo paid for, one of those “token foreigner” roles.

Ever seen Bollywood?

China has it’s own version, except not near as big, nowhere as well known.

And – Bozo apparently paid to be a “bit star” in the background or whatever it was in one of those movies, and claimed that made him a movie star.

Which is stupid, because while they do show some of the foreign devil’s faces in that scene (about half a minute or so, if even that) – all you see of the Bozo is a fat backside (literally).

I dont know what the movie was about – one of those “unknown” movies.

But thats not so much what I want to talk about as his so called long walks.

Now, bear in mind he did actually go on these walks sometimes.

As Chuck once told me.

“Glyn wakes up at 3 in the morning most days, and sends me scores of odd messages which I’ve got to spend hours listening to ALL of them!”

Oddly enough, the guy (Chuck) who claimed he was too “busy” to listen to what I said (which made sense, ah, but wait – they hit home, so why would he listen, hehe) had “hours” to listen to the Bozo’s rambles and then tell me about it.

As for my messages, he’d say “Sorry, they got buried under the others“.

One of the most pathetic and LAME excuses I’ve ever heard (which I told Bozo – and Bozo later created a trolly sort of meme about it too).

But anyway, I often got these odd messages from Bozo – apart from asking “how many girls added you on WeChat today” (so frigging annoying – yes, that happened all the time, but NO, I didnt request it – I wouldn’t even take my damn phone there!) – he’d send me “out of breath” messages walking up and down the roads of China at odd hours.

I’d be waking up, and Bozo would send these messages panting like an old geezer.

“I’m out for my walk………..”

He’d notice odd things like the toilets on the road (makeshift versions) and claim “Chuck would love to use them“.

Till date I’ve never figured out why he said that.

But these walks, these long walks (i.e. when he DID do them – as for the swimming, that was an out and out lie – Bozo lived in a dorm room which they gussied up some for him while he was a dancing monkey. Certainly no pools at that so called school!)

(and Bozo can’t swim anyway – he’s too fat to)

Fat floats yes, but Bozo’s WAY out of shape to do any swimming – that was a lie he copied from 16 Inspirational FItness Recollections i.e. from what yours truly actually DID. Not to mention there are no “complexes” in China – he just copied and pasted there. He would have said “gardens” otherwise, but wait, that would have required him to actually live in one (their version of apartment complex)

As for volunteer work, local authorities, the only thing he ever did with them was narrowly miss getting his passport red stamped so he couldn’t return (or did that happen too, Glyn?)

I mean really, Bozo and Volunteer? Volunteer to lick everyone’s ass in the room? Ugh. (stained teeth and so forth…!)

… but these walks, he’d say he walked 10 miles one day, 12 the next, 7 the next.

These figures are grossly inflated – much like the flatulence and corpulence around his butt and waist.

(He recently sent me a website about “grafting fat from your stomach to create a better looking ass” – I didnt even know that sort of thing existed, apparently somewhere in Eastern Europe, but for tranny lovers like Bozo, they keep up with all the “odd” things apparently).

But anyway, the walks – you’d think they’d do him SOME good, eh.

After all, walking is something I keep talking about in 0 Excuses Fitness – and Advanced Hill Training – and other books.

If you’re so fat then you can’t even do a single pushup, or get into the position – – well, then walking WILL help – but here’s the caveat.

Glyn did it for “virtue signalling”. Every so often he’d pause , swig a beer, send a photo, and then continue whereever he was supposedly headed.

Neither did he BREATHE properly while walking.

And of course, that lumbering elephant like “plodding” gait is hardly how you walk!

Believe me, walking is a skill unto itself.

I’ve got into great, great shape by just walking – and you guys know all about that.

“You really look so slim!” my wife once remarked. “Walking will do that!”  (that same picture I’ve shared on many a site)

Walking the RIGHT way will do that – most do it wrong.

And even if Bozo walked right, while he was doing it, his mind was on drinks and smartphones and “how many girls Rahul boned the last night”.

You gotta put your MIND into what you’re doing.

You gotta tell your MIND to tell your body to SHED the fat.

Believe me, I met Bozo a long, long time after he started walking, and as you can see from the pictures shared, he was every bit the fat blob he was when he started out.

Not to mention all his unhealthy late night binge drinking, snacking etc …

And ask him to climb a hill, or set of stairs, and he’d look for the nearest 4 wheel drive.

Which in China usually equated to the cart where they carted away the rubbish (leaves etc) from the park.

Think Glyn Bozo parked in it, some guy laboriously pushing it uphill, and you get the picture (on the one rare occasion that he did so called “climb”).

So those are the lessons, my friend.

Some funny, some not …

Walking won’t build world class levels of muscle and strength – or the other way around!

But it CAN be a very useful tool for overall health and conditioning – and keeping the energy – both creative and otherwise flowing.

And done uphill like I did, like I teach, it’ll literally get you in the BEST shape of your life.

If thats something that interests you, check out Advanced Hill Training.

You’ll love it! (and it will truly get you in the best and “sexiest” shape of your whole life – trust me, hehe).


Rahul Mookerjee