I could barely pinch grip my … laptop!
- So sore I've been all day !

Well, well, well.

An interesting update from me – somewhat … some may think it is, at least! I do.

From the Gorilla Grip guy – the guy that does pull-ups galore – fingertip pushups galore …

I was unable to – get this – pinch grip a laptop today for more than a few seconds!

Quite literally, my friend.

My grip after the past few days was FRIED.

And just to intensify things after a solid mudgar workout yesterday (along with ab rollers, squats (lots of them) and jumping rope) … I did THICK GRIP work.

Not that the Indian clubs dont already have a thick grip – they do!

But I really, really did something I recommend highly in Gorilla Grip and the other grip books – I really SQUEEZED those grips and the chinning bar like I meant it – AFTER my workout, which was intense enough.

Towards the end of it, I almost smashed my left cheekbone in with the mudgar. Ouch!

Hence, what I keep saying about GOING EASY AT FIRST!

10 kgs is way too much – way more than most people can handle at the get go with the movements I’ll be giving you.

Lots and lots of ’em!

And one of them is a pinch grip movement.

One, a PRESS movement.

Tons of them … And I did ’em all yesterday, and then the grip work – and Iwas fried.

Today, I’ve been struggling with computers again.

The replacement laptop was … well, nowhere up to speed.

So after another long battle with the old laptop (though it ain’t old at all, to be frank!) it was back to it … and I’m back up online, for now.

And while carrying the other replacement laptop back to the other room, I could barely hold it!

My fingers, sides of fingers, muscle between thumb and forefinger, and palms in general all ACHE and hurt like nothing and no exercises has in a long time! Its like I was beaten up from the inside out. Hehe.

Thats how sore these exercises will make you, my friend.

And they will build lumps of functional muscle on your chest, shoulders, THIGHS, hips and calves even if you do it right … and you’ll get a core of steel and rebar in very very short order if you do things right!

That, my friend is the magic in Lumberjack Fitness, a book which keeps “growing” by the minute (pun not intended).

You’ll want to get your pre-orders in NOW for this great course – it’s truly gonna be one of the best.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Forgot to put in the link for the book – HERE It is – – but, you’ll have to contact me to place your pre-order.

(yes, 20% discount on that price you see on the page if you pre-order now!) (and if the prices goes up, which it WILL – YOURS will be locked in, but ONLY if you reserve your spot NOW).

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Onward, upward!