Some early morning muses …
- ... for a change!

For a change, I woke up “early” this morning.

Yes, yours truly can do it!

It’s often been a standing joke (when I live with my family) i.e. wife and child, that the two of them could “keep sleeping through an earthquake” as it were.

And probably stayed glued to the dumbphone too, hehe.

Yours truly?

I’m a solid sleeper – and solid dreamer.

And obviously, the beer and all that helps when I do imbibe and I do so quite often!

But with me, there’s always been one thing.



Not because I’ve been in the military, but because I’ve trained myself to be that way.

Additionally, I’m a light sleeper as well – and solid if that makes sense. I dont know why, but the slightest thing will wake me up, even if it’s stray mouse or something that managed to get in … even the tiniest scratches.

Hard to explain, but if you’ve read “The Vulture is a Patient Bird” and how one of the villains “Fennel” “never let himself get completely unconscious no matter how much he drank” – same applies to me whether I drink or not.

All about the mind!

But anyhow, when that alarm rings, it rings.

I dont switch off and go back to sleep (unless it’s a hill climb that I’m REALLY too exhausted to do!).

But even then, I generally don’t.

I do recall a couple of those instances in 2015 – 530 AM morning climbs when it was COLD as heck outside, but few and far in between!

If I gotta wake up, I do it anyway.

Like my buddy from the Marines when I first met him (well, when we first drank together till I think it was…)?

… The rooster was crowing when I got back home, literally, at 530 AM in the morning, and we started at 4PM or so the day before.

Quite the Ann Lee experience, or similar in some regards.

And he had to wake up – nay, BE somewhere at 9 AM the next morning!

Yours truly “grogged” out of bed at 1130, but oh my!

Anyway …

Sometimes, waking up early does have it’s benefits, just as being a night owl does.

You get more hours to do what you do, you get more time, and you get more ideas, and one of them I got yesterday and finalized today was …

… I’ve finally invested in a new laptop, or so I will.

Finally gonna pull out that credit card (though I shouldn’t have to!) (i.e. this damn thing is not even over 2.5 years old, and y’all know the hassle it is working on it!).

Typical China made piece of crap.

But anyway, the long awaited books should be out by the end of this month – latest, especially the one you, John Walker are waiting for with bated breath ie. “Lumberjack Fitness“.

Probably “Advanced Plyometrics” too, Charles, we’ll see how it all goes!

But thats that from me.

And in the meantime, oddly enough, remember, we’ve still got ONE copy of my first book sitting around – Fast and Furious – the Collector’s Edition.

Maybe the Universe has deemed I keep that final copy, as I so wanted to, so I will!

But if you want in, now’s probably the time to jump on it, because I still have the order button on the page, and sooner or later, it will be gone!

Do so now, friend (if you’re interested in REAL fitness, not “feet” inspired fitness as certain so called “gurus” … ah, but I wont go there for this one. Hehe. Enough of the Bozos and morons).


Rahul Mookerjee