Bozo “Blow Zoe” Schofield, if you’re reading this – listen up.
- Enough is enough.

Bozo, I’m going to say this once – and not again.

Yours truly doesn’t repeat himself with men (with women and Nazi feminists, unfortunately, I gotta do it, but there there is no CHOICE).

You, my friend, Schofield, are the perfect example of a male Nazi feminist – a cheater, troll, lyer – pesterer, panderer – pussy – a buffoon that has nothing better to do than be jealous and be a monkey prancing around butts in the Philippines, China and God knows where else – all while using Daddy’s credit card to do drugs in the slums in HK and Phillippines, and what not …

… all of this is fine.

But yesterday, you pestered me one too many times.

I’ve roundly blocked all Bozo IP’s now but let me tell yo uthis, boy.

If you pester me again – then all bets are off.

I WILL come after you – maybe not NOW, but it’ll happen (remember the “someone else incident” last year?)

A great customer made the comment in jest about “tell the Bozo you’re bringing the mafia“.

I might well – and then again, he said this too.

“Tell the Bozo we’ll meet in a dark alley of his choice, and tell him to bring backup, all the backup he can muster, because he’s going to need it”.

And he’s right.

Except the Bozo would probably like nothing better than to drop to his knees in dark alleyways.

20 dollah …


But anyway, listen up – Bozo.

With women attacking me, there isn’t much I can do except LOGIC – which doesnt work with women in general – so there isn’t much I can do except say “Ok, Madam! You’re always right! Always the best!”

Bla, bla, bla.

Seems to keep ’em away if nothing else.

But with MEN?

Look bro, unless you’ve had a sex change, ALL BETS ARE OFF!


Real men dont hide behind keyboards trolling racist memes.

Real men, and even your friend Charles said this – “if you gotta say it, say it to me FACE to face”.

If you wanna go mano-o-mano, I’ll be glad to.

Hear me out on this one too – I ain’t gonna pack no piece either when I come meet you.

Neither will I have any backup, though I may.

But I WILL rip your damn insides out if you keep pestering me – if not literally, then metamorphically.

If you choose to end this here, and don’t pester me more – you’re free to go about your trolling and racist memes etc – you’re free to do what you like – so long as you don’t pester and badger me.

But I’ve had it with multiple attacks, and being attacked.

You wanna go mano o mano?


Quoting from Get Carter,

“Let me tell you something, Jack! You’re going to end up like a one legged man in an ASS KICKING CONTEST”.

And that, friend, is the bottom line.


What a day, said Alonzo. Hehe.

(Training Day. Denzel’s a champ – respect, my man!)

“What a dey. What a motherfucking DAY!”

An dit’ sjust started.

I’m just getting warmed up, fellas. YEE … HA!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – For the record I dont and never have endorsed violence, but there is a limit to how many attacks one man, especially Mr Mercurial Volatile Mookerjee and Mr Handstand pushup for one can take . . .

PS #2 – The Nazi fem just called me a little boy. HA!

“I think you’re like a little boy, not tired!”

Well, she’s right in that I’m “Mr Energy”. Hehe.

Maybe the Bozo will feel the heat, hehe.

And little boys or not … here is the course that will turn you from little boy to REAL MAN with women hankering after you left right and center (ugh) – Animal Kingdom Workouts.

PPS – An ex once made the comment about how “she’d have to flick the women off me like flies”.

Little did she know years later, I’d be running for cover myself, hehe.

But really – women are gorgeous. In general. What can I say, hehe. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em, so I just roll with the “you’re always right” rot after having made my point.

Far less hassle.

That don’t apply to men and male cucks out there though, so be WARNED.

And that’ll be in the book.

OK, thats it. Back soon!