John Walker’s current workout routine from the United Kingdom
- And it's great!

Here is what John Walker wrote back in response to my email about “sending in your workouts”.

And it’s a great one, and makes some even greater points – strap in – lets GO!

Hello Rahul

Ignoring idiots would be easy if there wasn’t so many of them, unfortunately their number are legion.

As far as my training goes, I personally don’t believe that I could recover sufficiently on a several workouts a day schedule, I suppose it might work if each of the workout’s were not an all out full bore effort but even then it appears to me that this is an inefficient method of training, if you train hard enough then training more than once a day shouldn’t be possible even if you wanted to.

I believe in training with “maximum intensity” which precludes multiple workouts throughout the day, that being said if multiple workout’s a day works for you, more power to your elbow.

As for which of your books I use in my workout’s, I use them all to some extent, with 0-Excuses Fitness as the backbone with the other books contributing to the overall programme.

I also train with weights because I believe that nothing beats weight training when it comes stressing your skeletal structure and given that you lose bone mass as well as muscle mass as you get older (don’t forget I’m 64 in July) you need to use every tool in your toolbox to get the job done.

I will usually alternate between a full body weight workout with a full body calisthenics workout.

I could never understand why people split their workout’s into body parts, your body functions as a unit and that is how it should be trained.

I like to change things up every now and then, so some weeks it’s all calisthenics and no weights but I always do calisthenics workouts every week.

Anyway my friend the garden is screaming my name “again” so that’s all for now.

Warmest Regards


Some great points there.

Yours truly – –

Hi John

Thanks for your email – and also for “stepping up to the plate” with that workout write up! Yes, you’re doing it exactly like it should be – – 0 Excuses Fitness SHOULD be the backbone for it all. Thats why I tell everyone, even those that buy something like Gorilla Grip – that these exercises work WITH, not “in place” of those in 0 Excuses Fitness. Those are and should always be the backbone of any decent fitness routine (or you might say “bodyweight based” fitness routine).

Now the training multiple times a day?

Yes, you dont go full bore in each workout if you’re doing that. If you did, you’d be wiped out before the day was over, hehe. What I should have actually said was brief “mini” workouts throughout the day. For instance, you do 500 Hindu squats for your main workout. The other two might just be a quick isometric stretch and 50 pull-ups.

So the key is you do something – you get the FEELING – but you stop well short of failure if you train this way during the day (its a great way to boost productivity for one, and of course … those working in offices etc, or the “we’re so busy” crowd (I mean really, how can one be too busy to do the most important things in life!) … they’ve got NO excuses left NOT to get in a workout!).

As for weights and implements, well, as they say – the smart man has more than one tool in that toolbox – and indeed, it takes “more than one tool” to build a solid house (one with a proper foundation). So long as you stay away from the boobybuilding madness, which you DO – you’ll do fine!

Seems the rain has stopped where you’re at in the UK – so take care “out in the garden”, hehe – and talk soon!


Now, more on what he said …

The idiots part, I suppose I really should be ignoring them MORE, yes (ie. I’m referring to Bozos like Schofield etc) …

But sometimes, with the madness being constantly thrown at me from all ends it gets overwhelming so I gotta end it, hehe. Which is what I did with Schofield …

And the weight training – contrary to what a lot of people think, I am not and was never “against” weightlifting.

SENSIBLE weightlifting – go for it!

Sure, I believe there are more ways to build the bones up – but weights do a damned fine job of it as well, and thats why I’m going to put out a book on training with implements for it (which are “unwieldly heavy weights” if you think about it).

Its the pump and tone boobybuilding madness I’m against.

Second, note what he says about training the body as a whole.

It matters not if you’re doing weight training or bodyweight – you train the body as a WHOLE.

Third, what he said about giving it your all in each workout – if you can do that, it’s great – but make sure to take proper rest etc to recover!

Personally, I advocate not “going for broke” in each workout, but if you ALTERNATE workouts – such as he’s doing – then you can probably do it and still make great gains.

But if you’re goal is to get to 500 pushups per workout, of course, then trying to do that many daily might be counter productive …

And fourth, note that the one “constant” in his training is some form of calisthenics.

Great points, John!

And now, I’ll wait for a few others to send THEIR workouts in.

Do so, and I’ll post em here!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – My own workout today was one that left me hammered, blasted, and damn near unable to move. It was an Animal Kingdom Workouts special mixed in with pull-ups!