“Just bodyweight exercises and static stretches” . How dare I!
- Another zinger, lol.

Well, well, well!

With all the positive reviews flowing in for my books as of late, there was one nut “Keith James” (pretty much Glyn Schofield “el troll”) who claimed that “all I allowed was five star reviews”.

We got into that a couple of emails back.

And his comment is insane, meaningless, and lacks any sort of factual basis – why?

Well, because much as I would like to (actually I take that back – I would NOT) yours truly doesn’t run Amazon.

And yours truly doesn’t have much control over the reviews etc posted there, much like you don’t.

Amazon, of course has been doing its best to crack down on bozos, serial trolls and refunders, lookie lous, serial whiners and so forth, and so if they banned both your comments without me saying anything about it at all, that says a lot right there, hehe.

Anyway, lest you think I give you the positive stuff and that alone, here’s another zinger I received recently that (though I really need to go to bed) I had to write about.

(It literally made me throw my hands up in the air and go “hurray”). LOL.


Honestly, one of the worst fitness ebooks I’ve ever read (and I’ve read quite a few);

it’s a simple bunch of static stretches and bodyweight exercises.

A shallow recommended programming, and the photos quality is simply unwatchable. And never, never all of this for € 46!

Not recommended

(Someone named “Andrea Vidolin” posted this)

Boy oh boy.

How do I even begin.

Lets begin with “The Specialist”.

The tepidness of the movie aside, there is a scene where Sly blows up half the balcony off a hotel room, and then rushes to the kitchen to avoid being caught or something.

(funnily enough, they show ole Sly doing a lot of isometrics to maintain that shape of his. One of those same exercises is mentioned in the book, hehe)

A lot of mayhem (ham handed mayhem), knife throwing etc ensure, and a huge, fat (I think Italian) chef throws a hissy.

Righfully so. They were having a ball in his precious kitchen!

Mamma mia!

He might as well said, LOL (but his expression said it all, and if you saw the movie, you KNOW what I BE Talking about!).

But anyway, “Andrea” reminds me of this person.

Lets take a close look at what he/she said.

Honestly, one of the worst fitness ebooks I’ve ever read (and I’ve read quite a few);

Remember, this is the review in its entirety, so these are the ONLY reasons given.

it’s a simple bunch of static stretches and bodyweight exercises.


How dare I!

Let’s look up the very definition of isometrics –

( I googled it, and this from Wikipedia)

An isometric exercise is a form of exercise involving the static contraction of a muscle without any visible movement in the angle of the joint. .

How dare I put out a book on isometrics, and then talk about just that . . . LOL.

Bodyweight exercises? Again, how dare I put out a book on bodyweight stuff?

Maybe he has a different idea on how to do isometrics, but she (he) sure didn’t tell me how!

Maybe he/she is just on his period. I cannot understand how people leave such insane and idiotic reviews.

(and no, I am not going to ask Amazon to remove it either, lol. Some monuments to INCREDIBLE stupidity shall remain!)

A shallow recommended programming, and the photos quality is simply unwatchable.

Shallow, yet recommended? Hmm! Dichotomy Central?

Photos quality? I wasn’t aware we were filming in Hollywood, partner. Last I checked it was my living room . . . and last I checked, fitness books didn’t need “studio quality” pictures . . . the TEXT does it for the most part . . .


I just took a look, and it doesnt seem that way to me at all. Most seem pretty clear …

And never, never all of this for € 46!

AHA! NOW, we get to the point! The PRICE! Munneeeeeee!

How dare I charge a premium for what works, eh.

And that really sums the whole thing up, along with the idiocy.

(But at least he seems unrelated to Bozo Schofield, so I’ll give him that. Those hot tempered Italians do sometimes get pissed over the smallest things. I get it! LOL)

Now, just so you know, neither do I only want five star reviews, nor do I necessarily tear apart those that aren’t.

On the Gorilla Grip page you’ll see a lengthy three star review which I did sort of critique, but that was it.  (The Amazon UK page that is)

I haven’t made any attempt to have it removed, and neither will I.

He was essentially a price shopper, and so be it.

But inane “rants” like this – well – they deserve a bit of a chuckle or a laugh or both.

Italian cooks running amok, and what not … LOL. Going haywire.

Stereotypes aside though, look at the damn thing logically, and in light of the other reviews the book has received, and I think thats all the “proof” one needs in order to decide whether or not it’s one of the best of it’s kind out there – or not!

And so it goes. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Almost forgot the link – Isometric and Flexibility Training. PIck it up NOW, my friend. Those of you that get it will see it truly IS the missing link in your training – with info that you HAVE NOT seen before out there (And stuff that (some of it) will put you FLAT On your ass when you first DO IT!).

“A little danger never hurt anyone, did it now Baby?”
- Sometimes, hehe

A bit of a cheesy, worn dialog it was, but a classic nonetheless, especially if you’re a Sly Stallone fan like I am.

But even his biggest fans including me would agree that the 1993 movie “The Specialist” was in serious need of … some … ENERGY!

(I still love it tho!)

I don’t know if the directors meant for the movie to be the way it was, but the actors with the notable exception of James Woods, lively as ever as he is on Twitter, hehe, were exceedingly tepid.

In fact, the movie has this slow melachonly tune that plays along and if you’re feeling sleepy, or have had a few cold ones – probably perfect to doze off to. (but just wake up for woods in the police station, hehe – he truly DOES liven things up!).

But anyway, Stone.

Sharon Stone.

Those eyes, and those never ending legs ALWAYS have energy (at least they did back in the days of Basic Instinct and such).

In fact, to me, SHE made the movie watchable, and even she wasn’t at full blast like she is in Basic Instinct.

Crossing and uncrossing them lllooooonnnggg legs is a Stone special, and I’m sure that needs NO introduction.

And in the Specialist she does that, giving a baddie a sexy stare (its meant to be sexy, at least).

While crossing one slim leg over the other, perfectly tanned, puffed, and buffed (Sly is the epitome of that in the movie as well, so lets not blame Stone for it, hehe).

“A little danger didn’t hurt nobody now, did it baby?”

In response to Eric Robert’s “you like to live dangerously”.

(to which he replied “sometimes” and started kissing her legs) 

(if there ever was an example of how NOT To be a true bad boy, Eric Roberts in that tepid movie is IT) 

Anyway, yours truly remembers a girl “Venus”.

I gave her the name.

And though she is no longer on my WeShat list (I suspect my anti China posts ticked her off), for a while there she was very well and truly “with” yours truly if you get my drift.

And every message she sent me would be recalled, or edited, lest it “incriminate” her (she was married).

(I can hear Bozo Schofield gnashing his teeth. Why, why Rahul! LOL)

(Well, maybe because he’s got something they want unlike you. But we’ll get to that, ye Schofield. Hang on!)

Anyway, pictures. Text. All would be recalled, and edited, and it exasperated the heck out of me.

I told her so too.

She stopped doing it, but started up soon enough.

“You’re dangerous!” was her only comment.

(and with that dangerous boy she did more than she probably has with ANYONE. LOL)

And this “danger” and “bad boy” has been repeated to me so many times throughout my life that I’ve lost track.

True, I’m not a good boy.

Probably and definitely not the boy you would want to introduce to your Mama, ladies.

But on the other hand, the bad boys are usually the ones that “get it all” if you get my drift!

And of course, the Bozos and whiners can’t stand it either.

Remember Bozo “Cuck” Glyn Schofield’s bizarre rant about yours truly supposedly “writing books on cuckolds” and “they didn’t like you not because you’re ugly, but because you’re dangerous”?

Dangerous love was the name of a Bollywood flick back in the day (surprisingly good).

Dangerous Cuckold will be the one the Bozo plays out in his own mind for the rest of his days in the London Loony Tune Bin El Supremo.

Oxford my rear end. LOL.

But anyway, ‘tis a common refrain with me.



“Bad Boy”

And so forth.

I might be all of those things, but really and once the dust settles I’m just a caveman with long hair that wants to be left alone.

To his own devices and handstands.

And as “Milan”, a great, great guy once told me.

“I can see you have no shortage of excitement in your life!”

(never a dull moment were his exact words, I believe)

‘Tis true, bro.

I don’t.

And so it should be.

But my exercise and fitness techniques are all safe, my friend. Exceedingly so. In fact to the point they make me look positively BORING.

Just pushups.

Just pull-ups.

Just this and that.

No Bozo like machines, Jim Shim, pump tone, supplements, and all that fancy rot.

Just the basics applied hard, which flat out work.

But regardless, a little danger never hurt anyone did it baby? 😉

Well, actually it MIGHT hurt you while doing handstands for one!


Anyway, enough on this.

Remember that you gotta FEEL your best (which leads to you Looking your best) in order to attract what you WANT in life to you.

And that goes for money, girls, boys (the Bozo prefers in between’s last someone told me!), excitement, good people and so forth, and you can only do that once your BUZZING from the inside out.

And the right fitness program is imperative bro.

Get on the STICK – NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Truly zero excuses! (and NO danger, hehe)

Why being a Bozo of the highest order doesn’t necessarily lend itself to decent or any dialog.
- Ugh, that "my way or the highway" thing is so STUPID.

I see it in the PRC all the time.

Point out something bad, even legitmately so, and the Chinese start (well, the overly jingoistic ones do, and the ccp members as well).

“If you don’t like China, you can leave!”

I pointed out a case of a taxi driver who was persecuted for some reason in China, fled to HK in the 90’s or so, somehow got a HK ID and lived on there, driving his cab.

When I got into his cab there, he told me the following.

“We no like China! China velly bad, Japan velly good!”

Bear in mind this was before Xi took over and completely and utterly destroyed any semblance, vestige or “sham” of the Kong having any form of limited democracy!

If there is one thing the Dems and Republicans agree upon, it’s China.

Even Biden’s admin wasn’t happy with the retarded sanctions placed upon Mike Pompeo and his team in a vain “after the horse done bolted” attempt to “save face”.

I mean, really.

If they really wanted to save face, these idiots could have done it WHILE Trump was in power.

Instead, in typical slinking bully style they wait until Trump is out of power and do it with Biden in power, hoping that Biden will support ‘em.

While I feel Biden is a good man, Idont think he’s the right choice for Prez. I’ve been very clear on this. And the election, well, the less said the better.

But point being, even Biden and his admin knows the damage China has done to the US and the rest of the world.

(and themselves, of course, but if they want to shoot themselves in the foot, go for it!)

But anyway …

I hear this sort of thing all the time.

“If you don’t like it, leave!”

Or as a certain person from a factory just told me “That person can leave! Don’t waist China resource!”

(right down to the “waist”. LOL)

So in other words, don’t discuss a genuine issue. Just be a Bozo Scofield style China tom tommer, say ‘all is well’, and all problems shall be solved.

(or simply blame the other person, or the other country)

(and bringing up an issue, or saying “someone in China is wrong” means (apparently) that “I dont like China”. Thats SOOOOO sensible!)


Not in my world they won’t, my friend.

And not in any SANE person’s world.

Of course, tom tommers aren’t exactly the sanest of sane …

But anyway, why does this matter?

Because fitness wise, same thing.

When you point out to the Jim Shim crowd why their way is not necessarily the best way, you get the same nutty “don’t tell us that!” responses.

Or, “so and so expert” told us.

You show ‘em proof. News.

Results. Tests.

“All fake”, they go. “Big muscles and the bloat is where it’s at!”

Discussing something in today’s world calmly without letting one’s partisan tendencies get in the way seems to be a dying art. If it ever was alive in the first place.

Anyway, so be it.

Time for the shameless plug – the best damned fitness system ever, and indeed the FOUNDATION of everything else offered here – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Grab now, and start putting the blues BEHIND you right away.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – and overall, I’d rather take democracy with all it’s flaws at the end of the day. Commie dictatorships do SOME things well, but by and large, I’d rather speak my mind freely!

(based upon FACT).

Am I a “white man trapped in an Indian body”?
- I dont think so!

I wrote a couple of posts on some annoying stuff about so called racism (really – folks – grow UP – thats what it all boils down to) – and while those posts should be hitting your email Inbox sometimes late today, or tomorrow, this one is somewhat related.

Somewhat, totally, you decide!

But I’m getting sick of all the “celebs opening up about so called racism or what not”.

Not all.

Just the nutzos.

But anyway, here’s what Charles (friend) once told me when we were on speaking terms w.r.t China.

(and the mighty – NOT – subject of dancing monkey jobs aka ESL)

(which yours truly does NOT do, but Charles curiously enough told me (and he was right) there’s no resaon I couldn’t do it if I wanted to (he was right)).

“White men have it best in China”, he proclaimed. “Brown men have it worse, and blacks the worst!”

Now, I won’t get into black and China here.

I posted about the Chinese putting (literally!) up signs of “blacks not wanted” in McDonalds etc last year.

A gal I knew (a real pretty one! Hehe) had a black “monkey” with a pink bow around its neck and Prez Obama’s face on it, and the US flag on it.

The entire intent was not so much to denigrate the US (it was, but thats a different issue) but it was to say “Obama is a monkey”.

I don’t like Obama. First thing that comes to mind when I se ehim is “snake oil salesman”.

I like Hillary Benghazi Clinton even less. Benghazi, Email gate, …. well, you be the judge!

But would I ever do what that girl, and many in China did, and do?

No way, Jose.

Thats just WRONG. Plain disrespect … and RACIST.

But anyway, Charles was talking about ESL.

And I kept telling him .. .maybe.

Maybe what you’re saying is true, I said (and to an extent yes, it is).

“But sorry Charles, I’m not going to use that as an excuse”, I responded.

And I went on to tell him how I was getting paid more than him in the few monkey jobs I DID do wayyyy back then.

“I don’t want a crutch, Charles”.

“No-ones saying you want one!” he replied, peeved.


He didn’t.

But wouldn’t that be exactly what I used if I “bought into that line of thinking”?

(it was around that time he made the infamous “You’re like a white man trapped in an Indian body!) 

(Funnily enough last night I had dreams of being “transported” to another body. More on that later, hehe). 

(There was tons of lovely GALS in the dream tho – I’ll tell you THAT! ;))

But back to it. (and no, I dont think I am! I’m just being HONEST)

Where would Martin Luther King be if he had started off with “the deck is loaded against us mentality”?

I speak of Mike Tyson and Herschel walker a lot.

Denzel Washington.

Tyson was bullied when he was young, and how many times do you hear him weep about it?

Ditto for Herschel, who much like yours truly did NOT have good genetics etc growing up, and growing up in the slavery plagued deep South, got past all that, MADE something of himself!

Booker T (I believe?)

And of course, Denzel.

Where would good ole Denzel be if he complained that “Hollywood is predominantly white”.

I mean, really, fella.

TRUE success in fitness or anything doesn’t see race or color.

And truth be told, a lot of the so called (SO CALLED!) priveleged lot have suffered more than they’d let on.

Stallone, for one … and plenty of others.

Guess what.

They just kept barrelling past the obstacles and just did it!

And thats what YOU have to do too – in life – and in fitness.

Get rid of the crutches, bro.

Get rid of “I need a gym mentality”. No you don’t!

Get rid of the “without machines I can’t accomplish anything”.

Yes – hell yes – you can.

You get the photo.

No excuses, MOFO.

Full speed AHEAD.




And then go out and ACHIEVE!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember the 0 Excuses Ship – full of motivated folks that mean (and do) business and get in the best shape of their lives and continue to without making excuses. And so can you my friend. SO CAN YOU!

Plenty of BASHING going on on several fronts (back in the day, hehe)
- Heady memories, LOL ...

I just had to write about this one (actually, I was going to do it after I got the idea in the shower, but then I decided not to, but after the last post on whining and moaning, a lot of it silly ,juvenile and unwarranted – I mean really – if someone calls you “brownie” – and you speak English – call him or her something back – and bash him or her back – or give him the Gorilla Grip like yours truly did YEARS ago rather wait until “youre on the wrong side of 35” to “open up about it”).

Like, cry me a friggin river.

Other than media brownie points, doubt anyone really cares . . .

Anyway, back in 2004, I’ve spoken about Dongguan Expat.

And for a while, all was fine on that site, and Michael and Rahul were having lots of fun with a certain “Uncle Bob” and “Ziv” – two of the more “silent” partners on that site.

Actually, Michael and myself were the two that actually DID anything on there, hehe.

But anyway, for whatever reason, my break up with the lovely Ann Lee (yours truly bad boy apparently ended up in one bordello too many, and she found out, but she wouldn’t give me none at that point, at least not what I ‘wanted’, so what was I supposed to do, LOL) coincided with one of the stormiest periods in Dongguan “expat history”.

These guys that have lived there a few years think they know it all.


Yours truly first got there when half of the city was rice paddies . . .

Anyway, tempers were flaring at a certain point.

There was the usual fight between Michael and Rahul which no-one ever really won (and the rest all picked up their popcorn to watch/participate in) because we were both “right in our own way”.

It went on for ages.

While we got in each other “faces” offline. LOL. With beers in hand, long hair and all, hehe.

Anyway, then the “infamous” fight between a Brazilian food joint and “Pizzeria Calzone” owned by Miguel (some bozo from somewhere had also attacked him back in the day for being SUPPOSEDLY “gay”)).

And the fight between those two “Boteco Basil” I believe was the name of the Brazilian joint.

In the middle of all that we had Ann Lee publicly trying to woo me back and yours truly running for the hills (both literally and figuratively).

Then we had poor ole (good ole, LOL) Jason, him of “One for the Road”, famous expat bar in China just starting up the promoting his Sunday roasts and what not.

Poor guy. LOL. He was doing his best, but he was getting drowned out in the noise.

Uncle Bob, that sage and steady influence on us all that occasionally let it all ERUPT (and if you’ve read the “firing” part of this – another hilarious story I’ve covered earlier – – you know his response to that!)

And in the middle of all this, we had a troll who went by the name of “Steven California” who’d do his best to enter each thread, each forum, talk to “Ann” Privately, talk to “Rahul privately”, talk to “Michael privately” and in general do everyting a troll does, except in a more sensible manner than the Bozo did.

Anyway, why do I tell you all this?

Well, I don’t know.

Maybe because of what I’m goin gto say workout wise later.

But point was this.

I doubt any one of us was particularly “proud” (looking back) of what happened during that period, but I highly doubt anyone really regrets it either.

It happened.

(I dont know why though. Maybe “that time of the year or something”, I dont know, but I don’t quite recall it getting THAT stormy, or even close post that period!)

And in a strange sort of “springer” way, it got the site even more eyeballs (this was something Uncle Bob disagreed on, but we’ll have to let it slide!).

Point was, it was folks being real.

And you know the best part?

ALL OF US down the line got together, had a few brews, and sorted it out face to face.

It was mostly all of us getting stressed in 2004 in China and nothing more than that.


Nothing if not “rambunctious” we got during them heady good ole days in China …

Even Steven the troll was looked upon more as a kindly nuisance than anyting else, really. And someone to laugh at basically, but that was that.

Point being this.

We don’t hear anyone from that group complain about “being offended” years later, or some such rot. We all got on with it!

(Uncle Bob made the comment about “plenty of bashing going on on several fronts” once to me when we spoke about it, but even he in his own inimitable manner said the following.

“Wanna know whats happening in DG, Rahul?”

Well, logon to the site!)

Much like the Indian and Aussie cricketers having a good ole go at each other on the field, an dthen getting on OFF IT.

Certainly NO nasty stuff like what the Bozo does. Thats just plain unacceptable, and hence the response he’s getting.

We’ll see what he does post the latest “blitzes” he’s got, and we’ll go from there.

For now though, workout wise, I’ve been “bashing away on several fronts as well!”

One, the book on ONE ARMED training.

I’ve been doing plenty of one arm pull-ups and pushups myself, because that will be there in the book, along with squats.

Then, plymoetrics, and Indians clubs and such.

Thats two more on the list to go, and I’ve been training accordingly.

Panourigas, another long term customer asked me about putting out books on “general living and diet” as well, and gave me some great authors to follow as well in that regard, which I will, and share on this list here (once I get through the books and know which ones are good enough to share).

So there’s a lot to do!

Not to mention a book on kiddie handstands, something I’ve been seriously considering for a while, and that which depending upon feedback from a few people might well see the light of day soon.

(Actually, I might DO that one. It might help a lot of you that are trying to what is mentioned in Shoulders like Boulders, but can’t quite get there. There are a few progressions that MAY be of help. Although I’ve spoken of these in that book, I might just get into them in “excruciating detail” in the “kiddie” book if you get my drift …)

And thats that for now.

Fingers in several pies, bashing away as it were!


From the WILD SIDE (no longer so much, but it’s there – the wolf still emerges on occasion! ;)),


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Ah, them good ole days inChina. I’ve written compilations on them (in another vertical) on the other site! Hehe.

PS #2 – I wonder if the dude that runs Bartolinis’s pizza in China now knows of that site, and what went on back in the day. He’d love it. Quite a “colorful character’ he was back in HIS day I hear, hehe. But anyway – if y’all BE in Southern China anytime, hit me up and I’ll point out his way – he’s got some great, great pizza, I’ll tell you that much!

Beta “sheta”, Plague Shague, HODGE – PODGE
- UGH.

And that what it ends up, I’ve often told my lovely daughter.

And she, unlike someone else IS lovely. Hehe.

But anyway . . .

I don’t know what it is with “English in India”

I wrote about why I keep attaching “sh” to words occasionally when I write, and the reason ain’t Do-Do.

LOL. Sometimes it is.

For instance, in the Simple and Effective Diet, yours truly refers to experts throughout as “sh-experts”.

The correct (if there’s one lol) way is “shmexperts”.

And I’m RIGHT in that (btw, the secret to RAPID weight loss, and one primary one at that is right at the start of the book. You can either pick it up by its lonesome, or get it GRATIS with a purchase of the 0 Excuses Fitness System).

Remember, the 0 Excuses Fitness System was my first product here, and it’s still by far a MUST GRAB – BEFORE the others!

Trust me on this one.

You gotta build that base FIRST before you do so a skyscraper.

And, I wrote about the “sh” thing in India before on the other site, something I’ve never quite understood the “why” of.

Something I laugh at …

But something I do NOT like when it comes to kids, and schools.

I’ve often in years bygone, now, and likely forever the teachers referring to the kids (in ENGLISH class at that) as “Beta”

(which is supposed to mean “son”, but colloqially can mean both sons and daughters).

And more …

Now, hear me out before you start jumping up and down, my Indian friends.

You either do something, or you don’t.

Yuo’re either on ONE side, or the other.

Politics, I get it, but even there, “in the middle” is more of an oxymoron than anything else. You either agree on something, or you don’t – it is that simple,a nd anyone that tells me otherwise is a buffoon of the highest order.

For the most part.


Yours truly hates ESL, yet has done it.

And in China, despite its many faults, I’ll tell you ONE damn thing.

The Chinese either speak Chinese or English.

NEVER, even when they don’t know the word in English a “combo”.

Now, it’s a battle to get them to speak English in the first place, and without fail, most got pissed off a the no cellphoen and no Chinese rule in my class.

No, nothing racist!

I implemented that rule for a reason.

When you learn or speak a language, you do it ONE way.

You either speak one language, or the other.

You don’t speak a hybrid, especially not when teaching kids listening to the same damn thing in class.

I realize most reading this might not agree, and that is fine.

But I’m yet to see ONE benefit of it, other than crappy “hybrid” hodge podge English …

… and REDUCING your OWN strengths rather than ADDING to or complimenting them.

Anyway, to each his or her own I suppose.

Alonozo was right in terms of “Changing the goddamned world!”

So was the “sometimes it’s easier to just GIVE up” sign I spoke about before (kiddo pissing it out)

(believe it or not, I saw that on the desk of a Chinese manager at the factory back in the day. Hehe).

And …

On that note, fitness wise?

You’re either here, or THERE.

… for the most part.

The ONLY exception I’ll make for the Jim Shim is if you do what I say in the Jim Shim.

For the most part tho?

Getting your shoulders ‘pressed’ while you do sets with PINK dumbbells?

Pump, tone, puff, buff?

Plague Shague?

That IS the plague, really, as far as fitness is concerned, and you know what I mean. Hehe.

Anyway, im out.

I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Really. Try and not make a hodge podge out of things, folks. It just don’t work that way in real life!

PS #2 – And when a teacher refers to kids as “betas”.

Obviously not talking alpha males or beta males, or those in between, hehe, but the point begets.

Geez! I mean, I know, I know. It’s India. But still! If you’re learning a language you could be doing it Timbuktu for all I care, but you do it RIGHT! Or not at all…

I know. How dare I. But I said it, because guess what.


(So says my RIGHTEOUS booty, for the BOZOS out there)

PPS – One area where yours truly is guilty of hodge podge (shodge, hehe) is the TESTIMONIALS page – gotta rejig … sometime!

Gotta dig ’em out from the annals of a FOUR times crashed Winblows machine. Thank heavens for backups!

So much to do, so little time, hehe.

The 3×3 ISOMETRIC workout that BE kicking my BOOTY – and getting me – and YOU – in even BETTER and more STELLAR – shape!

And I mean, shape, SHAPE as in literally!

Literally, my friend.

Although I always did isometrics, before writing the book finally (which took a sum total of a couple of days I believe?? Not sure) … I worked isometrics HEAVILY (hence what I said yesterday about some of my books taking forever to write).

I gotta try and test everything until kingdom come FIRST!

And my customers and the testimonials they give me SPEAKS volumes to this fact.

As I said in the last email, talk’s cheap – but money buys WHISKEY.

That was Karl Gotch.

But if you can’t back up good sales with a STELLAR product, youre dead in the water for the most part.

Anyway, one thing and comment Bozo Hannibal Glyn Schofield on public assistance in the good ole U of K (I wonder what he’d do in a country without that, hehe – maybe why he got boooted out of China first, and then the Phillipines LOL) and his posse (and this includes the pump and toning “Jim Shim” posse) would say about the workouts in the book on isometrics is this.

Just a few minutes??

Well, most of my workouts are short.

But the book on isometrics really takes short and effective to new and giddier limits, and literally.

I feel GIDDY right about now.



And the 3 x 3 isometric workout I follow (sometimes I do 3 x5) is to blame for it, hehe.

And I’m getting STRONGER – and better at pull-ups as a result of this one!

Yes, even yours truly pull-up STUD and CHAMP (and so can YOU BE if you try) is getting BETTER at them. I can FEEL IT!

It’s not just the numbers.

It’s the fluidity of the FORM!

And anyway, the workouts I do take a sum total of three minutes, but those are intense three minutes bro.

What do I do?

Well, one being a dead hang, two being the special squat I teach you in the book (believe me, you won’t find it on the Internet) and three?

Well, a SOLID handstand – but I do it ISOMETRICALLY which is way different from a static hold.

All explained in the book.

Although I’m not fat, and haven’t been for ages, I can literally see my tummy and other parts (not the part you’re interested in Glyn lol) SHRINK in front of me (curiously you know the visual effect that has elsewhere. LOL).

I can feel my bones, muscles and tendons getting STRONGER.

I feel like a TRILLION BUCKS.

These truly are the YIN and YANG of fitness, or the “missing link” as one of my great customers John Walker recently and correctly noted.

(He has a great way with words. I love it!)

The FLUID often wears down the SOLID.

Water vs ROCK for one.

And for those of you just interested in beating up your joints beyond repair and “hard workouts” – well, guess what.

Thes eworkouts do a great job of loosening and WARMING you up as well.

Not that you need warm ups with any of my stuff.

But believe me, a few seconds of minutes of some of the poses I teach you?

You … ah, but you gotta DO IT – TO FEEL IT!

And on that note, I’m out. Be sure and grab Isometric and Flexibility Training before leaving – truly the “missing link” in most people’s workouts including YOURS.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Other products here. Paperbacks freely available, flowing like water (and beer, hehe).

The sound of the RAVEN crowing …

It’s no secret that I’ve spent most of my adult life in China, and a LOT – I repeat a LOT – of it right next to a fantastic Mountain.

Qi Feng mountain, and I’ll forever be very very indebted to Ann for introducing me to the treasure that lay “within” and right in front of my eyes!


I remember watching that red lantern from my fourth floor flat when Igot to china.

I remember Saurabh, an Indian colleague of mine in China who I sometimes spoke with telling me of another Chinese guy who “climbed it twice a week”.

I remember being OUT OF SHAPE AND FAT.

I remember my so called massive forearms when I lifted weights, and how LOUSY I felt overall. (excess flab, indigestion, terrible stamina, smoking an dso forth).

The hill and bodyweight exercises are what turned it around – in that order!


But this isn’t about that.

I’ve written about my favorite place in India as well.

When I DO go there. Which isn’t often!

And I don’t have many favorite place there.

Well, let me backtrack.

The Southern part of the country is a different beast altogether from the North where yours truly has traveled very extensively, and maybe THAT part is the part I’ll visit someday. I have a feeling I’ll love it.

Perhaps NOT as much as China

But perhaps more!

Or less.

We’ll see.

But anyway Khajiiar

The Himalayas. Lush greenery all around! And FOREST – – real forest!

The forest on Qi Feng has nary a stray feline now, but lore has it BACK in the day them mighty tigers roamed there too (before the Chinese ate ‘em up. Tiger penis soup and what not. Hehe).

(and then started the TERRIBLE practice of tiger farming. Very few things in life if any make me shed a tear, but seeing that magnificent beast reduced to what it is NOW)


But anyway, point of this is the RAVEN crowing – there are plenty of those in the mountains in India!

Even the chickens there taste different from those in the city. Far leaner, far healthier … not to mention the AIR there.

And that raven crowing happened on GOOD days in China to me too!

Working out out there ALONE in the cold, or heat.

I’d often hear the raven crow “all of a sudden!”

While doing Battletank Shoulders. While doing pull-ups. While doing … well, you get it.

It would do it in that unmistakable way which said the Universe is talking to me!

Along with that, I often see eagles out of nowhere seemingly.

A hawk recently plucked a pack of bread plum out of my hand (the face wasn’t masked, so I’m glad it didn’t get closer, hehe).

But anyway, that all reminds me of one thibg.



Yours truly “Houdini” has ALWAYS been a free bird.

He resents AND ALL impositions on him and will ALWAYS and HAS ALWAYS found a way to break the chains and be FREE above all.

Either physical or metamporhical, hehe. No Ben Hur there, thank you! LOL.

Anyway …

Question begets my friend.

With the world as it is – when will YOU start taking control of YOUR LIFE – an FITNESS?

One follows the other.

One is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve without the other.

A customer recently made the following commment about ‘humans are meant to move their body naturally – – not keep making goals of piling on another 10 kgs or lbs or Schofields to your bench press”.

And he was RIGHT.

IF there was a movement WITHOUT Function or purpose other than EGO, it is the idiotic bench press.

Ask these guys to do a handstand, and watch how quickly they back off.

But anyway …

When you get in the best shape of your life, you look mean and LEAN. LEAN AND MEAN!

(as I do here – Eat more – Weigh LESS – a picture that has bozos globally in a TIZZY. Some clown recently commented I look like I Dont work out. HA!)

(That picture is inspiration for YOU – or should be – along with the picture HERE on Shoulders like BOULDERS!)

(No I wont change it for “more sales”. It shall remain as IS. It’s there for a REASON, far more important than aesthetics. If thats your thang, you’re at the WRONG place, hehe).

Like an unstoppable machine.

You FEEL that way.

When are YOU going to do it?

I mentioned the raven up there, along with the tiger.

The former (and the eagle) isn’t mentioned in Animal Kingdom Workouts, as (believe me, I gotta say ths!) I don’t want people literally doing what they did before the Wright brothers in an attempt to fly which is to literally jump off buildings with arms outstretched.

Believe me, there is a reason I have disclaimers in all my books!

Never know what Bozo might take it into his head to …

But I DO mention the tiger.

And the tiger walk is just one of the exercises there in that will get you in the sort of shape where you’ll be ready to kick ASS – and some major league one – no matter what – starting now.

Get on the SHTICK – NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Birds? I DO mention a “bird like way of stretching and loosening the joints” in isometric and Flexibility Training. This ONE movement will make you feel like a billion bucks throughout the day and can be done even if you’re 50 lbs overweight or what not. Or 100 for that matter. Trust me. Crack open the book, and see what it is for yourself, and no, you won’t find it on the internet either!

Why serial refunders are idiots and should be avoided like the plague from China

Or the bubonic plague. Or the Spanish inquisition. What have you!

I just had another one of these nuts demand a refund on Amazon for another book (for another business).

Easy to spot, my friend.

These idiots get on the book page – buy – and then a few minutes later (or an hour or so later) “ask for a refund”.

Now, Amazon’s been cracking down BIG TIME on these bozos.

(Not Schofield – he’s too cheap to even buy anything. Remember, he was too cheap to pay for his own dinner as well. As Charles rightly noted BEFORE all this, “if you ever go out with Glyn, know that he NEVER pays”. 

Amen, lol). 

And thats of course another reason I welcome his batty comments. Digging himself that hole EVERY time , hehe.

Much like the nuts who use (or used to use) Walmarts very liberal return policy (even “rich” people would wear clothes for THREE MONTHS – and then return them claiming they didn’t “fit” when they did and would GET their money back – gross mis use and abuse I’d say, but it went on for years and years and YEARS), these people are scum in terms of the business world.

And NOT because of money either.

In fact, money would be the last reason on my list to avoid ‘em.

Anyway, Amazon is cracking down, hence the rant from “Keith James” the other day (aka Bozo Schofield).

(his first account seems to be suspended or some such rot).

Anyway, I’ve always been VERY clear about the NO REFUNDS in ANY CASE WHATSOEVER on my website because I want NO part of these bozos ANYWHERE NEAR me.

That causes some to call me a hardass and “gun toting cowboy”.


(But those that have emailed me in person KNOW different)

I’m pretty strict on these things because there are certain fundamentals I build my biz on, and this is one.

I do NOT want people who think of my products as “purchases” as opposed to investments.

I do NOT want people that think it’s OK to pay huge bucks to these useless gyms with the even more useless “shiny machines to puff, buff, pose and preen”, and yet not my books which give you FAR MORE VALUE than Jim Shim ever could.

I recently invested around $250 in a business of mine.

Not a huge amount you might claim, but that business hasn’t made me a lot – as YET.

However, it WILL.


If I even told anyone in my close circle about this, they’d think I was nuts.


But faith trumps NUTS anyday (not Schofield style nuts, hehe).

It’s an investment, and it will pay me back in spades down the line. It’s just that simple.

Same thing for my products.

Any ONE of the tips in my books by itself I’d say is worth the investment you make, and then some, if you really get it.

And my customers do!

Recently, a customer from Greece purchased the FAQ on handstand pushups – but he didn’t stop there.

In the same order – he got the FAQ on pull-ups, the book on isometrics, and another one I Cannot remember for now.

Now THAT is an example of a man that gets it!

Panourgias, if you’re reading this (I think the email issues got sorted out eventually??) – Pushup Central and Jump Rope Mania are two more courses you need to jump on.

Along with of course the incomparable compilation on pull-ups that drives the Bozo insane with utter jealousy and the DOERS with “GUMPTION”.

The doers WANT the product, and to start implementing!

And thats how it should be.

But back to serial refunders.


I don’t want them ANYWHERE near me.

And a long list of other people I don’t want ANYWHERE near me has been mentioned on the 0 Excuses Fitness SHIP page.

Lifetime access to all digital downloads provided your membership stays active – – truly a value deal.

I’ll work in an option for paperbacks down the road too. But thats more complicated as we need to factor in printing costs etc.

Therefore, for now, digital only – – but if you want paperbacks, just choose the paperback option when buying your product. In fact, it’s the “Default” option on most of the products…

And thereth endeth THIS rant. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – BE sure and check out the latest review on Animal Kingdom Workouts


This is one of your best books to date, clearly you understand what it takes to create the perfect beast.

Mastery of one’s own bodyweight is so much more important than some random goal of adding 10kg to your bench press.

Moving your bodyweight with strength, grace and power is how the human animal was built to move.

People, do yourself a favour and buy this book and learn the lessons in it so you too can join the ranks of the superhumans. Yet another masterpiece Rahul.

Glyn Schofield, you’re a clown and quite clearly you’ve never worked out in you pathetic little life, because if you had you’d know what’s important in a “training book” which is the training information it supplies not whether it has typographical errors, “I mean come on man training books are about training not writing style”.

Warmest Regards

John Walker.

Amen, bro. Amen!

For you dudes and dudettes reading this, get to SUPER HUMAN level NOW, my friend. Get started today. HERE is the link – Animal Kingdom Workouts (remember, paperbacks available too now!).

“Glyn Schofield, you’re a clown and quite clearly you’ve never worked out in you pathetic little life “
- That he is, Sir John. That - he - IS!

Hooo …. BOY!

My day just keeps getting better and better!

On the other site I wrote about how Bozo Glyn was weeping about “Rahul, you’re a joke!

When I was kind enough to give him advice, help him, coach him – do MORE for him than anyone except perhaps Charles has EVER, EVER done (I pity my poor friend Charles, really. I mean dude, really. I know you don’t agree, but that guy is NOT good for you – he’s taking advantage not just of you, but your girl as well, and you damn well KNOW IT!)

And you COULD pick him up and throw him out the window, hehe. Which of course you did. I still remember the picture of Glyn, half drunk (and probably stoned out of his mind) face down in his shorts in the middle of the street.

Some “things” even the cops don’t want to deal with, perhaps thats why he’s been on the lam for so long. LOL. Even those poor cops have a limit to the madness they can tolerate!

And of course, on his face and in his underwear is what Bozo Glyn prefers anyway (at least from what all the gals that promptly block his ass on WeShat tell me).

Anyway …. my day gets BETTER!

HERE is a review from a REAL customer – a REAL SAMURAI – A REAL MAN – whom I’ve been writing about as well, who at the age of SIXTY plus can do the things the average man ONE THIRD his age can’t even begin or dream of doing.

John Walker from the United Kingdom says the following about Animal Kingdom Workouts.

Have at!



This is one of your best books to date, clearly you understand what it takes to create the perfect beast.

Mastery of one’s own bodyweight is so much more important than some random goal of adding 10kg to your bench press.

Moving your bodyweight with strength, grace and power is how the human animal was built to move.

People, do yourself a favour and buy this book and learn the lessons in it so you too can join the ranks of the superhumans. Yet another masterpiece Rahul.

Glyn Schofield, you’re a clown and quite clearly you’ve never worked out in you pathetic little life, because if you had you’d know what’s important in a “training book” which is the training information it supplies not whether it has typographical errors, “I mean come on man training books are about training not writing style”.

Warmest Regards

John Walker.

Amen, my friend. Amen!

(and thanks as always John for the frank, honest, to the point and FROM THE HEART reviews – it means a lot!)

And I think that says it all. Look for a review on the book on isometrics too – coming up shortly from anotehr customer … and, in the meantime – be sure to kick AZZ in today’s workout!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up Animal Kingdom Workouts right here. Truly THE BOOK to turn you into a FREAK, a RAVING muscular GORILLA LIKE FORCE OF NATURE TO BE RECKONED WITH.


Hats off you Marines!