It’s the little things that COUNT, bro!

In life.

In business.


Anything, really!

It’s those little things – the minor details … that really, really count!

A long time ago, when I was working “that job”, I remember saying this to a potential client and “swtiching away from their current provider” to yours truly.

Because of the “little things” that the current provider did not do right and that I could sense, and that THEY knew too, and unfortunately never thought of doing anything about.

They probably did think, and try, come to think of it.

But they didnt do it right.

There is a way, and THEN THERE IS A WAY!

And I explain more of these ways in the 10 Commandments of Successful SALES for those interested …

(Personally, I’m thinking I should rename it to 20, because I gave you at least TWENTY tips right there which WILL Make sales shoot through the roof if you do it right, and thats just scratching the TIP of what I know, my friend. REally. If there is demand, I’ll put out more – let me know!)

But anyway, another example.

When we are at home, it’s often convenient to “shout out to the next person”.

Por ejempelo, you might “shout out to your wife”.

“Do you want any more tea?”

Or the reverse …

And thats just an example (the tea).

But yours truly has always fought the urge to do so, despite people doing it ALL the time.

My wife often does it with my daughter. She doesnt MEAN anything bad by it though – I promise, but …

… That was another one of those things my father I believe “quietly” taught me when no-one was looking.

And along with the brutal honesty, it’s stuck with me.

Gotta get my daughter on board too, though to be honest when I’m there, she comes to me. She doesnt “shout out”.

But with Mommy and daughter, its a different thing.

But anyway, same thing for fitness.

It’s the LITTLE MINOR details that really count when doing pushups, bro.

Or pull-ups for that matter.

And while I don’t put any FLUFF in my books, I certainly make no effort to NOT omit those minor details!

And those are really what get her done, bro.

And thats all fo rnow.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee