“I’m a professional bear crawler!”
- Truly she was! (is)

So there I was, sweat literally POURING off me.

Gallons of sweart, as my little girl said.

She’s truly one of the most helpful ever, and took some of the best pictures ever for Animal Kingdom Workouts, and I’d put her in the book too if it weren’t for the fact that she DOES feature – – exclusively at that, hehe – – in Kiddie Fitness.

And also because THIS is a book for adults, so I’d rather have myself doing the exercises in the pictures.

Anyway, after we finally got done with the pictures (yes, the book is almost done at this point!) we had a workout together.

And I was sweating.

Panting. Unable to move.

As my little girl just raced in front of me she kept yelling out to me.

“Dad, come on! Hurry!”

I was a lap or so behind her, but I just couldn’t move.

Breath was coming out in ragged gasps. And so forth.

And all this from an Animal Kingdom Workout containing two BASIC movements from the book.

The bear crawl, and duck waddle (and occasional frog jump).

The book contains 68 movements classified into easy, intermediate and advanced and if the easy ones kick my booty, you KNOW what they’ll do to you, hehe – – and as for the other categories, well, let me just say they’ll be challenging and then some!

“I’m a professional bear crawler”, my daughter announced after chalking up yet another win in the bear crawl race.

And as I almost slipped in a puddle of my own sweat.

(note – this is why I say exercise CAUTION, especially on some of the tougher exercise sin the book!).

“Dad, can you outrun a grizzly”, she then asked.

“No, honey”, I laughed. I told her the story of how a mammoth 700 lb plus grizzly can literally outrun and CATCH a tiny RABBIT of all things – – running downhill!

And if you don’t believe me, you tube it, and you’ll see it.

Grizzlies truly are my favorite animal my friend. Move around like a grizzly for a few minutes a day if you can, and you’ll feel muscles hurting in your body where you didn’t even know you HAD muscles.

Add in the frog jump and duck waddle, and you’ll have a workout that will not just kick your ass in very little time, but also blow torch all the FAT hanging off your booty quicker than you can utter hallejullah.

And so forth.

Be on the outlook for the book – – coming very soon indeed!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Actually, I don’t know why I said “coming soon”. The book is OUT – and has been getting rave reviews as well. HERE is where you can grab it!