The foreign devil workout

Dear reader,

Well being it’s Christmas today, I figured I’d do something different in terms of my workout.

Ho, ho, ho, and merry Christmas before I begin this – but this “different workout” idea had been bubbling inside of me for AGES, and for some reason, it chose today as the day to “burst out” and make itself a reality.

Now, bear in mind, and as I’ve said many times before, you need literally nothing else than what I do – and teach – in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, and the plethora of exercises contained therein is MORE than enough to give you PLENTY of variety for the rest of your life, my friend.

(The 0  Excuses Fitness System –

But you know me. I’m the crazy one, or, the “crazy foreign devil”, as I often hear, hehe.

What do I mean?

Well, today I did something I hadn’t done in AGES, my friend – and that is climb my beloved HILL.

Not only that, I figured I’d do something else I hadn’t done in ages – that being pull-ups and test myself on them.

Before I begin, it bears mentioning that my grip strength has NOT decreased one darn bit despite doing NOT A SINGLE pulling movement for literally months.

I say this in “Gorilla Grip“, but I thought I’d mention it again here.

So without further ado, here is the “foreign devil workout”, hehe. Enjoy!

The hill, as I’ve mentioned is about a 10-15 minutes brisk walk from my apartment, so I got that done in a jiffy.

And before I knew it, I was at the ole monkey bars again – where I’ve had MANY an enjoyable “100 pull-ups” workout in the past (well, recent past, but past nonetheless).

Started off with some loosening and limbering up. I figured I would barely be able to knock out a single pull-up since I hadn’t done these in months – but I was AMAZED to find myself sliding back into the groove as if I had never ever stopped doing pull-ups!

True – I maxed out at 5 pull-ups per set, but for someone that hasn’t done these for MONTHS, I’d say thats pretty good, my friend.

Then I moved onto static hangs and – then – my favorite – swinging myself across the monkey bars – and AMAZINGLY enough, it felt like I’d been doing these all my life!

And yes, I’ve done these a LOT – as I mention in “Pull-ups- from Dud to Stud“, but still …

Wait a minute, I thought. It sure can’t be this easy??

And so, I moved on to pushups, and (as expected), this part was easy. Banged out 35 “Hindu” pushups and then then a few one arm pushups, and then “inverted” pushups, and before I knew it, I was at 70.

Back to the pull-ups. Then the pushups. And so forth. About 40 pull-ups and 200 pushups later, it was on to the HILL – the very same hill that kicks most folks in the CAN the first, second, or even third time they climb it, but guess what?

As I’ve written before, it barely felt like anything. Felt like a gentle walk in the park, and even now, as I sit here writing this to you, my thighs feel like I didn’t even work them today.

Anyway, I was knocking out sets of pushups on the top of the hill just like “times bygone”, and a crowd gathered.

“Gui Lao Hao Zhuang”(the foreign devil is very strong”, was the general observation that a few couples made while I was pumping out “reverse” pushups in sets of 20, followed by “table” pushups.

As I was getting through these, I noticed a couple of other “female foreign devils” saunter oon by, and given the “bodacious” and “blonde bombshell” nature of these ladies, I’d imagine the attention would be on them rather than ole “Grizzly Adams” doing pushups.

Not a chance, my friend. Not a chance, and as the “gui lao” workout continued and reached it’s peak with a few bear crawls, I heard chants of “wah, wah” being emitted (the Chinese way of saying “well done” without directly saying it).

Off it was then down the hill, and back home in a jiffy again – and 50 of the very best darn exercise there is, and man oh man, I’m done for now.

And all of this in less than 1:30 flat!

My observations from this workout –

  1. Apparently male foreign devils climbing hills and doing pushups attract way more attention in China than “blonde bombshells”, so if you implement this type of workout – and others found in 0 Excuses Fitness – well – be warned!
  2. Being the hill is one that normally kicks most folks in the CAN for the first few months as they climb it (including yours truly when I first did it) – there is NO better proof of the 0 Excuses Fitness System working better than just about anything else on this planet.
  3. The ONLY area where I feel “soreness” is the “ole calluses” – yes, I’ve got heavily callused palms from my years of doing pull-ups – but amazingly enough, nothing in the upper back and biceps.

And a lot more, my friend, but for now, I’m off for some “chi fan” (which apparently is the Chinese colloquial for any sort of meal).

No turkeys for this cat today, but I’ll be sure and dig into some “la ji tse” (hot chicken wings) and let you know how it went. From Hunan province no less, them of the “fiery chicken” and disposition as well, hehe.

Merry Christmas again folks – hope you enjoyed this extra long dispatch from the “0 Excuses Fitness headquarters” as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I talk a lot about “Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS” in this email, and so are my customers. And so will you, my friend – if you grab this power packed little course and implement the advice given therein. You’ll be writing back soon about your “grip of steel” and how you’re repping out pull-ups by the DOZEN, or more, my friend. Hurry on over now, and grab it right HERE –

Reader feedback!

Dear reader,

Just received this review from a past customer who had invested in the first edition of the original book on pull-ups – “Pull-ups – from Dud to Stud – within a matter of weeks!

This review has been posted on our Facebook page – and here it is – original and UNEDITED (and viewable on our Facebook page here –

“This guy is the real deal. I encourage all readers to buy his products and benefit like I have. Thank you, Rahul!” 

Rahul is an unusual combination of both brains and serious brawn. And his products shows. Pick a copy of his books and you will get more than your money’s worth in terms of fitness!” 

Well, well, well. Straight from the horse’s mouth as it were, and on that note – it reminds me that I need to set up a testimonials page on the website as well.

I’ve got plenty of reader feedback collated in the “annals” of my laptop, but for whatever reason I haven’t updated the site to include reader feedback – yet another project on the already “burgeoning” to-do list, hehe.

And guess what – that particular purchase was made a couple of years ago – BEFORE I updated the product with new and other VALUABLE information on how to skyrocket your pull-ups to hitherto unseen levels – including an ancient, and all but forgotten style of pushup that WILL help your pull-ups as well.

That’s right, my friend – there are a few exercises I’ve tonked on to the supplementary section of the book that will propel your pull-ups from 0 to whatever number you bear in mind in record time.

On that note, remember that the term “bear in mind” is crucial to your success not only when doing (or looking to improve in) pull-ups, but ANY endeavor in life, my friend.

I write a lot about my own personal experiences in the new and updated “Pull-ups- from Dud to Stud” book, however, the section immediately following that is way more important than perhaps even the description of the actual exercises you are to do in order to improve your pull-ups.

Might sound like an astounding claim, but it’s true,  my friend. Your MIND is what will get you to your goal at the end of the day – your “brawn” or physical “form”  (as I like to refer to it sometimes hehe) is but a mere accessory.

Believe me and trust me later – that one section I referred to above is so important that you may as well copy and paste it from the book and stick it on your “daily reading list” – its THAT important.

Anyway, all for now. Hopefully I’ll be able to get on to the Facebook page more often, but I’m in mainland China right now, and apparently the “powers that be” don’t particularly like us “foreign devils” and especially not the social networking sites we use, hehe.

All good though – All good in the hood, as they say!

Back later – and last, but not least – feel free to send me YOUR experiences with 0 Excuses Fitness as well – I’ll be happy to post it on the “testimonials” section of this website as soon as I get the chance to create the page and update the site!

Merry Christmas to ALL of you reading this – and here’s to a happy and PROGRESSIVE 2018 ahead!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Our facebook page is right HERE –

P.S. #2 – And if you haven’t already got your “mitts” on “Pull-ups – from Dud to Stud” – well – then do so right now – right HERE –

Little steps, big results

Dear reader,

This morning I was chatting with a friend of mine about something completely unrelated to fitness.

I was chatting about something that’s a huge issue these days – and none more so apparently in the good ole “homestead” (U.S.A.) – that being racism in all it’s various shapes, forms and guises.

Now, before you start jumping up and down let me say this upfront – I could personally care less about someone’s race, and always have. While I do NOT condone discrimination of any nature, the fact also remains that I could care less about if someone has purple skin or yellow or a mixture of green, purple, white and black.

Heck, you could be a Martian from outer space as well for all I care, hehe – the point being, MENTALITY is what I care about when I meet a person. And that holds true for friends, customers, or anyone I interact with on a daily basis.

Might sound strange, but ’tis true – I care not, my friend. What I care about it the person’s mind and whether or not they DO – and that’s really the bottom line to me.

On a side note, the Chinese have this tendency to refer to me as “yellow”. Hilarious, but true, despite my quite obvious “non Chinese” looks!

Anyway – so we were talking about this, and he made a comment that I totally agree, endorse, and stand behind 100%.

And that being – if every individual does his bit to end something “unpalatable”, then that one small action generates a spark – a vibe – that others pick up upon and then further promulgate.

It’s the “vibe” equivalent of “viral” posts, if I were to put in modern day lingo. One person starts something, and it goes from there – but the key is to START – BEGIN – and DO.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with ONE single step.

And pretty soon, that one step turns into 20, and then 50, and then 250, and so forth.

Now, how on earth does this translate into fitness?

Well, simple – if you’re currently unable to do more than 10 pushups in proper form without collapsing, then start from there, my friend.

Do 10 today. 11 tomorrow. 10 again the next day. Repeat for a week.

Pretty soon, you’ll be knocking out 15 in one set and the eventual goal of 50, or 100 will come that much closer.

Might sound overly simplistic, but it’s true, my friend.

And for those that don’t think it’ll work – well – TRY it, my friend, and THEN get back to me. I care not if you’re trying to write a book, or do pushups, or convince a “cranky” Granny to get her blood pressure checked regularly – those little steps are what make a difference.

My own take on all this – well, simple.

Actions speak louder than words, my friend.

Pretty much the same thing as what my buddy said, except I couched it in different lingo.

Good things don’t come to those who “sit around and wait for it to happen”. Good things comes to those that take action – to CHANGE their current reality – and keep on taking ACTION despite all the odds.

And those that don’t believe in this?

Well, the 300 lb person just sinks farther and farther into the couch and grabs an additional remote or two to “block out the reality” from his or her mind.

The DOER, on the other hand, sees his current reality and gets off the couch and attempts to do a single squat.

He may not succeed at the first try,  or the second. Heck, some folks are so out of shape (and believe me, I’m speaking from experience) that it takes them WEEKS to work up to – get this – 10 consecutive squats in one session before they can’t do any more.

But guess what – slowly, but surely 10 turns into 20. 20 turns into 50.

The blubber starts to recede. Waistlines start to shrink. Jaws start to become more and more prominent .

And most of all, CONFIDENCE levels shoot through the roof, my friend.

These, and other such OUTSTANDING results are waiting for YOU, my friend.

Be a DOER. Do something today that makes a difference to your health and fitness levels right NOW by grabbing the best fitness program on the planet right HERE –

You’ll be forever grateful you made the right choice.



P.S. – It’s getting close to that time of the year, my friends. Santa is on his way with a bagful of gifts – and he’s stopped by the 0 Excuses Fitness “warehouse” more than a couple of times as well –

When you feel good …

Dear reader,

One of the truisms about life (one often ignored, of course) is that when you FEEL good – good things somehow seem to happen to you.

Other hand, when you feel bad – down in the dumps, so to speak – the “negativity” seems to just “flow” towards you instead of the other way around.

Take a sip of your morning coffee or evening brew right about now, and stop to ponder this for a second, my friend.

I bet you’ll agree with me that if you look back at your life and analyze how good things happened to me – it was because you were either feeling good at the time or working upon feeling good.

Ditto for bad/negative things.

This then brings us to another truism – that we must feel good at all times, REGARDLESS of external circumstances, and though that might sound impossible to do – it’s very possible, my friend.

Let me give you an example.

My wife was feeling down for a few days prior to yesterday – which was when we had a long, lengthy phone conversation – and guess what, after working through the “why’s and wherefore’s” of why she was feeling bad, and the “core reasons” (which were hard for her to even pinpoint) – she felt like a BILLION bucks after the conversation.

And this morning, she’s “fresh as a daisy” and grinning from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat, hehe, and can’t stop telling me about the GOOD things that happened to her.

And this without doing anything physical at all, mind you, my friend.

Last,  but not least – no – it’s NOT about just being positive.

The next time you feel down in the dumps, simply “tell” yourself to be positive, and report back.

I’ll bet it doesn’t do much, if at all to resolve the situation.

Other hand, add feelings in the RIGHT way – and guess what – the dark clouds seem to lift all of a sudden.

And one of the KEYS, my friend to staying in a positive state ALL day long – to literally “radiate” exuberance, confidence and GUSTO is to feel good about your physical self as well.

By this I don’t mean you stop to admire your biceps every time you pass a mirror.

I don’t mean you “primp and preen” at the local gym in front of the “babes”, hehe.

No – what I mean is you feel good about your body INTERNALLY – as opposed to just externally – and THAT, my friend, can only happen when you incorporate a) the right routines into your workout – and b) most importantly, the DEEP BREATHING.

I write tomes about this in the 0 Excuses Fitness book, and also go into exacting detail on the breathing part – including a SECRET key (only explained in the videos) which tells you how to go from “huff and puff” to “serene calmness” in less than 30 seconds flat.

And that’s just one of the secrets off the top of my head, my friend.

Now, some people will read this and shake their heads saying “yeah, but I don’t have the time to do that”.

Huh?? Don’t have the time? Are you kidding me?

If you’ve got time to check emails, drive to work, unwind after a hard day with a “beverage of choice”, and everything else that folks manage to fit into your day – well then guess what – you’ve got time for this, my friend.

And guess what else – you can do this WITHOUT having to forego any of the other activities.

15 minute workouts – short, sweet and effective – but you do need to know HOW to do ’em, of course.

Now, I don’t know about you – but if someone offered me the key to feeling great all day long instead of the “run down” feeling the general populace experiences on a daily basis – well – I’d grab it right now.

And so should you, my friend.

Grab your copy of the 0 Excuses Fitness System right NOW, my friend. It’ll be the best Christmas shopping you ever do for yourself.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And yes, we’re open for business during the holiday season – no worries there!

Mobile Compatible Videos

Dear reader,

More on reader feedback – I received an interesting message from a 0 Excuses DOER last week.

He purchased the 0 Excuses Fitness System and being he’s at the stage where 10 pushups is a challenge, he’s getting his feet wet slowly and progressing into the whole shebang step by step, as I recommend both in the book and the videos.

And guess what – he’s already starting to notice the changes, most noticeably in his thighs and upper chest.

I’ll write more on that  later, but for now, a quick note -what this DOER (yes, that’s what you are Jeff!) asked me was if I currently offer my products in “CD” format.

Not the actual book itself – just the videos, and this was an interesting question indeed!

The answer is no – I do not – and there are two reasons behind this.

First off, although I’d personally prefer reading and viewing instructional products on the good ole computer, I seem to be a relic from a bygone era in that regard.

And not just that regard – given the exercises I do – stuff that’s been passed on down through CENTURIES, and amazingly enough ignored by the vast majority of folks out there, I might as well be a “dinosaur” from another era, hehe.

Most people seem to do everything on their smartphones these days, and while I stand by my position in that the smartphone, while it has it’s uses, is one of the biggest banes in modern day life – the fact remains that most people (and probably most of you as well) perform a vast majority of tasks on your smartphone.

And so, I’ve made the fitness videos MOBILE COMPATIBLE – which means they’ll play with no disruption on mobile devices as well.

And the other reason is that when you first start, your form on these exercises might not be that good, or good at all for that matter.

And that’s fine – but often times, what I’ve encountered is folks viewing “how to do’s” on the computer, and then going and trying the actual exercise – but then ending up doing it in poor form unknowingly, due to a “lack of a teacher” right there by their side.

Now, I can’t coach everyone personally. Although I do have a coaching form on the site – I only choose a select few people to work with  (in terms of ultra-personalized coaching) due to time constraints and because “there is only so much I can give” if you get my drift before I need a break.

(The coaching form is available right here, btw –

So – the next best thing is obviously the videos – and the mobile compatible nature of the  videos makes it possible for you to “learn” with the video right there next to you (smartphone, tablet, or whatever).

I do NOT recommend working out with any distractions, mobile devices included – however, when you first START out, you might want to keep the videos by your side as you “ease” into the movements.

And progress  from there. Baby steps as they say, but then again – a journey of a thousand steps starts with a single step, my friend, and you would do WELL to remember this truism.

Jeff – I hope that answers your questions – and enjoy your “odyssey” as you put it!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is where you can download the entire MOBILE FRIENDLY package –

My little girl’s gift

Dear reader,

Ho, ho, ho!

As we approach – nay – PLUNGE into the Christmas season, we’re all full of JOY and cheer – or we should be, at any rate.

My wife and me were deciding what gift to “hang on the tree” for our daughter yesterday, and we finally managed to come up with not one – but two solutions.

You know how it is when choosing gifts for your children, don’t you? You’ve already given them everything you can – and therefore – when you choose a new gift, you want to make sure it’s something “different”.

There’s only so many choices for gifts, my friends – and what makes a gift DIFFERENT?

What makes it SPECIAL?

It’s NOT “what the gift it” – or how much you fork out at the  local “Toys’R’Us” (after battling the long lines, hehe) for hit.

It’s certainly not about keeping up with the Jonese (ah, they gave their son that …)

And so forth.

No, what it is all about is this, my friend – FEELING, LOVE AND PASSION!

And this holds true regardless of whether your giving or gifting something to your friends, loved ones, family, or young children.

It’s the FEELING that counts – and I’ve always maintained that the BEST gift you can give your children or loved ones for that matter is NOT physical.

Its not even close to physical.

The best gift you can give your loved ones is LOVE. A warm hug and a kiss often does FAR, FAR more to make the other person happy than the latest sports car or umpteenth high heeled shoe, or “dinner out at a nice restaurant”.

Sure, there is nothing wrong with any, or all of the above – nothing at all – but the FEELING behind it is what really counts, my friend.

Feeling is #1, my friend, and heartfelt love is the BEST gift you can give your loved ones this Christmas Season.

And after that, the next best thing you can give them is the gift of lifelong strength, health, and fitness.

YES, I am plugging a product here – but guess what – with darn good reason.

I’d rather “gift” my friends and family something that HELPS them for the rest of their life – in more ways than just physical at that, and the 0 Excuses Fitness system fits the bill perfectly.

Not only that, it’ll help you shed the “holiday induced” blubber about as fast as you got it on, hehe.

So eat, drink – and be merry this holiday season – but above all – remember the TWO VERY BEST GIFTS you can give your friends and loved ones.

Amen to that, even if I say so myself!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And the good news is, there is NO need to “queue” up for the 0 Excuses Fitness System. It’s available via a couple of clicks right here –

BMW fitness

Dear reader,

More on the “China note” – did you know about the famous saying in China which literally translated into English reads as such “I’d rather cry in the back seat of a BMW than smile on the back of a bicycle”.

No kidding – that was an actual comment made by a Chinese girl on a blind dating show in China a few years ago – and while I’m NOT going to get into the why’s and wherefore’s of it here (and how it plays out in real life – and believe me, it DOES), the fact remains that BMW’s ARE hot property indeed in China.

Everyone and their “mama” wants to own one, hehe – but remember something, my friend. Not my cup of tea personally, but hey, to each his own. I sure ain’t gonna judge …

Point of saying all this?

Well, there’s a point … but before I get into the point, I’ll share a few snippets from a “would be” (or “will be”) customer who contacted me online the other day about my products (apparently a close friend sent her my site).

Holy moly. Fancy that, huh. And being I’m in mainland China as of this point (though not for much longer) I felt I should share it with this whole list.

We’ll call this lady “Lady C” for now, and here is how the conversation went.

C  – “Hello Rahul, I like your site, and love your newsletters well”.

Me – “Thank you, C. Your comments are much appreciated!”

C-  “I want to buy your fitness system”.

Me – “Have at!”

C – “But … it’s so expensive”

At this point I stopped responding. Another one on the “it should all be free” mailing list, hehe.

C – “Hello?”

C – “Helloooooooooooo?”

C – “There are other cheaper products out there”.

Me – “Well, buy those then”

C – “But they dont work!”

Me – “Well, buy what works then!”

C – “But, But, but … your stuff obviously works, your friend used it and …”

Me – “Look lady, let me ask you something. You don’t question the price of a BMW before buying it, do you?”

C – “No, of course not!” (this said with vehemence, VIM, vigor and gusto – so much so that compared to the previous “lookie loo” style lackadaisical responses, I was floored, my friend).

Me – “Well, what about a house on the  beach? Would you expect it to cost anything less than a million RMB?”

C – “Of course not! That’s good stuff!”

Me – “But I thought you said 0 Excuses Fitness was good stuff, and what worked”

C – “Yes, of course (vim, vigor and ….) … uh, uh, uh  (a “pregnant pause” as it all died away into nothingness)”

Laugh away, dear reader, but while this conversation is true, I’ve “protected the names of the guilty” in this case, hehe, though I generally don’t do so.

There’s more to this story as well – and as for the car the lady drives, well, she’s got two cars and neither one of them is a BMW. One is a Lexus, and the other is a “souped” up version of a Porsche if that makes any sense.

Her name actually starts with “L”, but let’s leave it at that. It’s not important.

Look, what’s important is that you get what you pay for, my friend.

So, back to that “point” we were referring to, then …

You get what you pay for. And if you want the BEST fitness program on the planet, well, it ain’t “walk to you” for free, pal.

Only YOU can decide whether to get the “Monte Carlo” of Fitness (for those not in the know, Monte Carlo is slang for Cadillac, bruh) – or whether to settle for a beat up old “second hand” 1970’s Dodge, hehe.

I can advise you on what to do. I can show you HOW to do it. I can present you products until the cows come home, but it ain’t gonna make a darn bit of difference until YOU decide, my friend.

Walk into a BMW showroom anywhere in the world and be prepared to fork out the price – ’tis but that simple. Or settle for the Ford.

Again, a simple choice – but it’s a choice YOU have to make.

And it’s only you that can make the choice, my friend. Only YOU.


And the time to decide is now, my friend.

Without further ado then, jump on aboard the “Monte Carlo” (or BMW, if you so prefer) of fitness right here –

I look forward to hearing back about your resounding success.



P.S. – By the way, I’ve receiving several interesting letters from readers as of late – if you have any comments or training related questions, feel free to send ’em in – and I’ll do my best to address as many of them as I can on the blog!

P.S. #2 – As we close in on the holiday season, be merry – and – as they say – treasure the time spent with family and loved ones. And there’s no reason to rush on to the stores for holiday gift either. Give the traffic and “Christmas bustle” a miss, my friend – and complete your holiday shopping right HERE –

Been there, done that

Dear friend,

Do you know what one of the biggest problems plaguing the fitness, and the modern day world in general is?

It’s the lack of real experts in any field – the palpable lack of experts, I should say.

Everyone with an opinion wants to be an expert. Fitness trainers, yoga teachers, school teachers, and even the average “Joe” – or should I say “bro” who apparently thinks a few hours spent on Google researching a certain subject makes you an expert.


Newsflash – it doesn’t.

Research alone won’t make you an expert, my friend. Reading books alone sure as heck won’t either.

Neither will posting on forums, or “Googling” to find the best solution (and then presenting that solution to all and sundry in a “tacky” “semi-expert” sort of manner).

True, there’s nothing at all wrong with gathering knowledge and researching. I do it all the time myself. But, it’s NOT what makes you an expert at anything.

What’s the real key then?

What’s the real “hallmark” of an expert?

Well, first off, true expertise in any endeavor is rarely, if ever, achieved by anyone, my friend. Might sound amazing, but even the biggest achievers will readily tell you that they are ALWAYS in learning mode – and that there is always something new to be learnt.

Funnily enough it’s the “so called” experts at anything that “block their minds” to outside input and other sources of learning, claiming that “it’s their way or the highway because their way is the best”.

You’ll find none of that rubbish in the 0 Excuses Fitness course, my friend.

True, I make the claim that its the BEST fitness system on the planet in terms of overall health, strength and fitness – and with darn good reason, my friend.

I’ve been there, and done that – and so have plenty of OTHER people – both in this day and age and – more importantly – THROUGHOUT the centuries, my friend.

This isn’t a new fad. The exercises I promote are NOT new – but I can wager my last dollar that you’ve probably not seen a lot of these exercises done the way I teach them – and especially not with regard to the deep breathing involved.

Most of all though, the keen and “involved” reader will sense the “ring of truth” coming from the words I write.

In other words, I’ve been there and done that, my friend – and THAT, at the end of the day is what qualifies me to create and promote my fitness products to the average “couch-beached whale” out there – or on the other end of the spectrum, even those that think they’re “super fit” (and in many case they ARE reasonably fit, yes).

I’ve been a lardass at a certain point in my life – and nothing worked for me like what I teach in 0 Excuses Fitness.  I’ve done all the wrong things in terms of diet at a certain point in my life as well.

Other hand, we’ve all read about my maniacal dedication to fitness – specifically, REPEATED hill climbs in weather that leaves you dripping like a sponge merely by putting one foot outdoors of the  air-conditioning – think humidity levels at 95% – with the outside temperature at over 37 centigrade IN THE SHADE.

In between, I was also at the “in reasonable shape” stage of my life at a certain point in my life where I swam daily, but with incorrect technique (that sound familiar?).

So in other words – I’ve been there and done that, my friend, and take it from the horse’s mouth – NOTHING has worked as well for me as the stuff I teach in 0 Excuses Fitness.

I’ll be 37 next month – and I can proudly say I’m in the BEST darn shape of my life.

And why?

Because I’ve actually done it, my friend.

And I’m willing to share the secrets with you as well, my friend. Hop on aboard the 0 Excuses Fitness Bandwagon, and find out for yourself today.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you’re part of the “lookie lou” group that prefers a “look see” over actually being open minded and trying something new – well, then, this program is not for you.  If you’re part of th group that wants “all the good things in life for free”, well, then this program is certainly NOT for you – and there’s NO ill will whatsoever from my side there either.  It’s all good, my friend. It’s aaaaallll goood ….

P.S. #2 – But if you’re part of the rare and ELITE group of DOERS – that want to skyrocket their fitness accomplishments to the next level – well then, look NO further, my friend –

P.S #3 – Do it, my friend. I can sense your curiosity, and NO, curiosity ain’t gonna “kill the cat” here either, hehe. And as they say, what doesnt kill you can only make you stronger. Hope on aboard NOW!


A pushup a minute

Dear reader,

In my 0 Excuses Fitness system, one of the videos is aptly entitled “the workout”.

And so it should be, my friend, as I take you through a nutbuster of a workout involving, amongst other things both at the start and end, 250 pushups.

Amazingly enough, or perhaps NOT so (not to me at least) it didnt take forever to do.

Nope, it didn’t take more than an hour.

Nope, it didn’t feel boring.

Nope, it didnt take more than half an hour either.

Took about 25 minutes or thereabouts if I recall correctly (Cindy was keeping track of time as she filmed me) – and  that was WITH what I mentioned at the start of the routine, my friend.

But the harsh reality is that the average man is so far gone that doing 250 pushups seems about as believable as flying off Mount Everest and diving straight into the depths of the ocean all in one breath.

Believe me, pal – most average people are so far gone that doing 50 pushups – or even 25 in one set is not doable – and certainly not in proper form.

In fact the average couch potato would be hard pressed to get up a couple of flights of stairs without wheezing and puffing like an engine about to run out of steam, and ask him to do 10 pushups at the end of that?

Well, “the end will be nigh” in other words, hehe, and I’m being polite here.

That’s the “harsh” side of it.

The good news?

Well the good news is that if that is YOU – unable to do more than a few reps or even a single rep – well – NOT TO worry, my friend.

Not to worry.

Break it down, as they say – or break it down into manageable chunks.

“Eat an elephant one bite at a time”, in other words.

What if you were to simply think about doing 1 pushup/minute and getting up to 10 pushups that way?

What if you were take this a step further and do 5 pushups/hour and do them on the clock for eight hours straight during the workday?

Or, if even that seems impossible – what  if you were to walk briskly for at least five – or two to three minutes a day – and repeat every three hours?

Would you or would you not progress?

I bet you would, my friend – and the key is, as I say repeatedly in most of my blogs and writings is to GET started.

Get started – and DO something.

Might be a minute, or even less – or it might be ten minutes tops. Whatever it is, DO it – and DO it regularly – and do it the right way – and you’ll see results.

It doesn’t get any simpler than that, my friend.

Don’t procrastinate a minute longer, my friend. You know you want results.

And the first step to get those results you crave is to lay your paws on the best fitness program on the planet right here – .

Do it now, my friend. Watch your results SOAR.


Rahul Mookerjee

Don’t overthink

Dear reader,

Well, well, well. I’m feeling GREAT as of now – just got off an impromptu video calling session (on the blighted smartphone, hehe) with my family – and I feel like a bazillion bucks!

Now, yes, I’ve written before my take on the “impromptu” calls – but then again, things happen for a reason, and to be honest I feel great every time I see my little girl’s face, be it in person or on a “video call” as it were.

I was actually in the middle of doing something when she called – but when I brought that up “gingerly” to my wife, here’ s the response I got –

“Hmm! Don’t be oversmart! Stay right there, Papa!”

And though the “gorilla” does indeed have a bonafide grip like a pair of pliers – even HE listens when the “female” speaks, hehe.

Stay right there I did, as you might well imagine. . .

Laugh all you like, my friend – what I said is true – but it got me thinking about something, and that being – don’t overthink issues.

Most people are WAY too quick to do two things – a) find reasons to criticize and b) OVER-think.

Case in point being a customer I had a few years ago who was wanting me to train her, but had so many questions before that that it would literally fill up a book and more if I were to type them out here.

“Why do the pushups work?”

<reason given and not accepted>

“But why does the deep breathing help more? I don’t think it does, so why?”

<reason given, and not accepted>

“But how can bodyweight squats work better than anything else? I mean, the people on the forum said it doesnt work, and you say it does so …”

Ugggggg. I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

Look, my friend – the bottom line is – and  I mention this in 0 Excuses Fitness – think and then DO – but do NOT overthink.

Not only is “overthinking” a massive waste of time and therefore counterproductive, it also leads to nothing but a mental reaffirmation of EXCUSES as to why  you “cannot do a certain thing”.

Those that overthink are usually the same people who are subconsciously (whether or not they realize it is another issue) looking to “justify” reasons as for their “perceived failure”.

“Oh, I’ll never be able to get as fit as him. Ho hum!”

And the mind works overtime to find reasons to “justify” the above, and the end result?

Said person turns into even more of a couch potato or lardass than before, pretty much because they’ve themselves “conditioned their own self to fail”.

Amazing, but true – and happens on a daily basis, my friend.

Don’t let it happen to you.

Why are pushups better? Well, as the Chinese sometimes say, “there’s no why”.

They just are. Do them for a while the way they’re supposed to be done, and you’ll be writing back with reasons as to why they’re better yourself.

Ditto for the squats and everything else.

Key is to stop thinking – and do – and do NOW.

I know a lot of you on this list have been thinking about getting yer mitts on the best fitness program on the planet, and that’s perfectly understandable – but the time to “think” stops NOW, my friend.

It’s time to DO. Now or never, and here is where you can DO –


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – They say there are two types of people in the world – “doers” and “dreamers”.  Combine the two, and you’ve got a winner. One by itself ain’t gonna get to your goal though. And “why” is that?

Well, there’s “no why”, hehe. Just DO and find out for yourself right HERE –