The SECRET ISOMETRIC – and the related pushup – that boosts GRIP STRENGTH WORKOUTS like NOTHING BEFORE!
- Too simple, eh? I got THSI TO TELL YOU - TRY IT!


The subtitle of the email shows as “too simple eh”.

Well, I got THIS to tell ya.

If you after reading think so, ?

Then TRY IT!

I repeat – TRY IT!

Anyway, after posting that real man training clip –  I had to do – you guessed it – two things.

One, what you guessed, REAL MAN TRAINING – again!

I did a fingertip pushup workout – along with pull-ups and THICK GRIP WORK – something I’ve touted and rightfully so, will continue to Tom Tom til the day I pass as the very best and most ultimate in building grip strength out there that the wackos at the Jim pumping away can only dream of.

Or, the Bozo Schofields that leave me messsages like “I choke the gorilla to build my grip”.

He said chicken, actually…

But anyway, inanity aside – I did #2 as well.

No, Glyn, not that.


I did what wasn’t on my mind at the time.

I was FIRED UP, PUMPED UP, READY TO GO – not just to whack the Bozo – pound him beyond ANY AND ALL OBLIVION – but also to workout.

So, it was a bit of a surprise to me when … it became a bit of a philosophical workout! as it often does.

I was thinking.

Lots of things!

One being, videos. I hate ’em. Mostly.

But I really, really want to make one on Lumberjack Training – actually two.

(I did a LOT of Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness Training – lots of it during that workout as well!)

And I’m going to do so.

Then I receive emails like this –

 i want more for free, sir, can you please!

And thats all the guy – or whoever – said.

Then this nonsense –

Dear my friend,

This is cherry again from Suzhou behigh cleaning . do you received my mail ?

Have any helps please feel free to connect me !

Looking for your reply ASAP!

I swear, I done popped mine a long time ago, but felt like busting one again – when I saw this email from “micro fiber factory”.

Micro you know what’s are a feature the Bozo sports, not so much yours truly!

But anyway, I thought about request numero uno for a micro second.



I do NOT cater to the freebie seekers – even if that means a bazillion likes overnight.

First thing you know, a third party platform can shut you down ANYTIME – thats something the wackos depending on them hardly ever budget or plan for.

“It can’t happen to me”

Damn skippy it can partner. If it did to Trump, sitting US Prez,  it can happen to you. It HAS happened to many a so called “influencer” that could never replicate their success again. Sad, because if they had just planned for it, they’d be doing even better NOW!

Anyway, the secret isometric I did to boost my reps on everything x 5, and why I tell you this?

First, so yo uknow.

Second, so you know.

Third, so you know.

And fourth, not by any means the least, to tell the typical Tom Tom’s who claim “its too simple” – it ain’t either.

Its a simple enough stretch mentioned in the pathbreaking book on isometrics.

YES, you weightlifters out there CAN AND SHOULD do isometrics this way.

YES, everyone should!

And it involves flexion of the fingers – backwards – in a special way while you focus on the tendons.

You’ll have to read the book for more, but for now, remember.

Fingertip pushups and pull-ups and handstands pushups are the Mecca and Medina of all  upper body training, but especially GRIP!

YOU’ll quickly become a grip monster if you train right this way (with proper form).

But one thing, you’ll notice – that the TENDONS in your forearms become incredibly sore, very quick – and it’s easy, even for advanced trainees to slip up on form – get nasty injuries – or worse.

Super damn easy.

Happened to me, it can happen to you – not a nice thing to happen, trust me! I still remember the pain and the CRACK the thumb made!

And this isometric does two things.

One, it slows down your workout a tad bit. More focus!

Two, you STRETCH the tendons – you FEEL it from the inside out – its indescribable, the feeling of the BLOOD FLOWING BACK TO THEM!

Truly truly SO!

And then you get back to it.

And you’ll see – you can do more reps!

If you do the patented pushup along these lines I teach you in Pushup Central – oddly enough, I taught the pushup before the isometric – so much for simple, eh??? – you’ll notice this too at a deep level.

And that, my friend, was what I wanted to tell you for now.

If you have not yet grabbed the books above – do so now!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – 0 Excuses Fitness – truly a must grab!