This just HAS TO GO NOW, friend!
- It truly does!

My friend,

Have you ever known the feeling you get when things are sort of “lying around your house” – things that you do NOT use, and don’t really want anymore, but they’re there, cluttering and taking up space anyway?

A long, long time ago – well, not so long ago actually I used to be the clutterbug sort.

Due to the “we’re middle class” programming repeatedly put in my mind from a young age (sometimes without even meaning to!) – and “rich” somehow been seen as a “bad” thing or “those people!” or something completely unattainable – I’ve had this for a while now.

Until a few years ago.

I used to store junk.

Even when I bought new clothes, for instance, I’d be loathe to toss the old ones “because I might need ’em”.

Or just “for safety’s sake” .

And so forth.

y’all know the feeling, some of you, I’m sure!

It leads to a lot of CLUTTER for one.

And the minute I got rid of this one tendency, and believe me, it took a while even for me to do it – my life improved dramatically.

New things “appeared”.

It took me a while to lose the fear of tossing the old, but for someone who growing up “wearing new clothes is something special! Not daily!” – who wanted to wear nice clothes etc daily, yet, it was the “old clothes” he had to wear – this sort of thing was very liberating!

And I’m giving you just one example, of course – this extended (or used to) into all areas of my life.

Relationships. Clutter. Even work – I’d be loathe to get rid of old projects that weren’t doing the trick if you get my drift!

No longer, my friend.

Now, when I want something new – I just get it – and toss the old, period.

There are SOME times – and some things, of course, it’s worth clinging on to – at least for me.

Old pictures. Old memories – definitely the good ones to relive, and the bad ones as a constant reminder of what to avoid!

Old friends, perhaps…

And of course, some old books!

But there is a catch, my friend.

For years, I kept two copies of – or around 10, actually, Fast and Furious Fitness- the Collector’s Edition with me for no good reason.

You see, Amazon was already sending paperbacks et cout, so I could have just given them away or what not.

Yet, I kept ’em!

And these are the Collector’s Edition i.e. the VERY FIRST print of the book(I think it was around 200!) – and this glossy cover will not be reprinted again.

And yes, they’ve got to go now – why?

Because I’ve promised you they’re YOURS, thats why!

For some odd reason, it took me forever to promote and market these remaining books.

Then this last year around March or so, I believe I promoted – and sold out – of ALL but two copies of the Collector’s Edition. Which is great, so you heard about other things from me.

But I’m thinking …

… Wouldn’t these two copies benefit YOU MORE?

Hell, I think they would – I’ve BEEN thinking that for a while now!

My wife doesnt want her copy anymore (no prizes for guessing why) so thats a no brainer.

And me, well, I love the book more than any other I’ve written, but I also recognize how much YOU, the fitness enthusiast loves old classics like this!

So, I made the decision a while ago to give them both away.

And there it is, my friend.

These two simply must go so I can “close that particular chapter” . The book WILL continue to be available in paperback on Amazon and KIndle/pdf as usual, but NOT in the print edition as I have with me now – thats a once in a lifetime thing!

And thats something, my friend, I’m giving you – so you owe it to yourself to get it NOW – before they sell out (and believe me, if yours truly really sells it, they’ll be gone like NOW).

It’s a rare gem, and to make the offer even sweeter –

I’ll autograph it for FREE for anyone who asks (but yes, you gotta ask, or I dont and won’t know!).

More importantly, ITSGOTTOGONOW – so thats the DISCOUNT CODE I’m giving you for this one.

A whopper of a discount.


AND ONLY applicable for the Collector’s Edition of this book. 

I repeat, only for the Collector’s Edition. 

This is only for the truly serious, so if you want in – jump now – time’s LIMITED, my friend, and I certainly won’t Tom Tom this a lot more from now.

Get in now!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – OK, so while creating the discount I had a small change of heart.

And, another huge benefit for YOU!

The discount applies to not just this product – but ANYTHING – any purchase over $100.

WHICH IS HUGE, of course – I know a lot of you want this, so I did it!

BUT – note – the discount ends in not three, not one week, but TWO days from now.

July 29th my friend.

the clock is ticking.

Will YOU be the first to get in??

Remember, time waits for no-one – especially not on grandstanding masterpieces like I’m giving you here – so if you want in – and I know YOU DO – then get it now – no further delays.

I look forward to welcoming you .. aBOARD!