The Bored Bozo way of letting off steam – and how we REAL MEN do it.
- Schofield truly is bored, hehe.

We’ve been getting a steady stream of inanity since the morning, my friend. About 22 so far.

The latest is this –

Device: Mobile

Name: Madam Josie’s toilet

Email: ipaytoserve

Name: Ada’s ass smells decent

Email: adasasssmell

Truly Bozo “Suck” Schofield didnt just show up at the back of the line when brains were being handed out.

He never showed up at all, hehe, as you can tell from all the “rattling” going on.

But it brings up a very interesting point!

He’s VERY EAGER to see what I’ve been posting on social media, only the poor chappie is roundly blocked everywhere, hehe.

So he’s sending gay dudes my WeShat, and they add me (they dont want to, hehe, but the Bozo pesters them up and down if you get my drift i.e. “down”) and then they hastily delete me. Hehe.

Being my WeShat list is <10, well, …..

But he’s been reading each of my posts, and sharing it on social media – his own social she-dia that is.

And I guess thats how Bored Bozos let off steam i.e. trolling.

Truly the greatest troll ever is Glyn Schofield from Brum in the UK, perenially on that assistance (and from what I heard, the UK is paring back on it – good for ’em – it breeds too many lazy Bozos for one who do NO work..).

But anyway, as of us real men?

I just got done with a workout.

I ain’t the only one either.

Here is what a great customer , legion their numbers ARE just sent me …

…. part chopped….

…the Mrs has been driving me nuts with all the different jobs that “needed” to be done straight away, it’s funny how women can “prioritise” 15 things at the same time all equally important, all need to be done right now, no time to waste, it has to be today, it cannot wait until tomorrow, once these are finished you can relax there won’t be anything else to do, “yeah right”.

Man, my stress levels are through the roof, if I didn’t have my training as a safety valve I’d probably be locked up by now for insanity.

Anyway mate no need to thank me for discussing any of the issues that require our attention, it is great to have someone to sound off to, you’re helping me just as much as I’m helping you.

With regard to the challenges facing the world at this time it is my belief that we might be facing the “endgame” and the deep state or shadow governments, call them what you will, are finally going to execute their master plan and the future of the human race is in the balance, what happens next I’ve no idea but my thoughts are that there is no avoiding what is to come, we just have to hope for the best but be prepared for the absolute worse.

Hopefully my fears are unfounded but I have an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach that something really, really bad is about to happen and there is nothing I can do about it.

Anyway brother, got go for now, will talk again as soon as I can.

Yours truly – –

Thanks for the reply! Your fears are NOT unfounded, which explains all the emails about the plague etc that I keep sending. EVERYONE with any sense (like you and I) needs to do what we can to combat this madness, because guess what, like you said, the end game is HERE – the Bozos, SJW’s and Nazi feminists don’t realize it, but the time of reckoning is nigh (the Universe always has a plan to resolve “injustices” if you get my drift). It may come across as the deep state or whatever doing it, but I for one am a firm believer in the Laws of the Universe.

Those of us that stay sane and speak out will be the ones to “survive and THRIVE” post all this, while the rest, well, the less said the better . . .

I know that might sound a bit “seer like”, but it’s honestly what I believe will happen, and like you, I’m a man that goes by gut!

Can understand what you mean about women. I’m about to go train soon, but I did my own safety valve version by writing about it, hehe. (which you must have seen that e-mail).

Three things to say –

One, I’m DONE with my workout – a short isometric workout, and I BE BUZZING like never before!

(so should you, if you do it right).

Two – he’s right about women. See the “Nazi feminists email” I sent …

And three, well, no better way for real men to blow off steam than train – train hard!

And what I’m about to do is exactly that now that I’m done isometrically.

Join in some workouts from Animal Kingdom Workouts.

Youlll be glad you did!


Rahul Mookerjee