Is Communist CHINA going to take over the world?
- The way it's going ... I mean, JESUS! Folks - wake the F up!

The way things are going … I mean, sweet Jesus!

Obviously thats a rhetorical question and won’t happen, but Jesus!

Just been reading about the news of two passengers kicked off a Delta or whatever flight, and why?

Because they supported Donald Trump!

I CANNOT believe the news, and so I watched the video (somethign I never ever do normally).

And from what the dude is saying (along with an admittedly hysterical “dudette” who claimed she didnt have the cash to get home, and dude saying he’d help her out or what not) … ALL they did was talk about and profess their support for Trump.

Apparently the airline kicked off for being too loud.

I mean, really!

This is the SAME DAMN thing my own family says, and has been saying for years w.r.t the mess “back home” which I try not to deal with because dealing with looney tunes ain’t my thang, to be honest.

But every time there is an argument? Yelling contest? Or what not?

Rahul is always wrong, and NO-ONE else (women that is, in my Nazi feminist minded family) is EVER wrong.


How convenient.

“Rahul is too loud”, everyone goes.

Yet, my wife screaming at equal and louder volumes goes virtually unnoticed (calling her my wife is a stretch now, but … ah, butwe’ll get to that later!).

But anyway, these Trump supporters were kicked off.

Official reason?

They were too loud!

On other fronts, I heard Bruce Willis is being publicly shamed for not wearing a bloody mask in some pharmacy.

“He had a bandana around his neck”, the wailers and moaners wailed. “Why couldn’t he use that!

Pretty much the same sort of wail the ladies (some, NOT all) in the park give me when I’m doing pullups out there WITHOUT a mask.

(and yes, I usually socially distance or what not. And so was Willis. There was no-one “near

And even if there was?

Who really cares?

I mean, China done spread this. How long is the ROW going to keel over and keep taking it up the ass from China?

I dont get it, my friend. I really dont!

I mean, at a certain point you gotta do AWAY with the fear and panic – and most of it, lets face it – is UTTERLY unfounded.

Back to democracy, Trump, and more …

I’m a very strident Trump supporter. I dont support the chaos and violence, no, and I’ve said that.

Other hand, I support what Twitter and other social media SHEDIA are doing – EVEN LESS!

Curtailing freedom of speech is NOT ON.

Saying “my way or the highway” is NOT ON.

Thats how Communist China does it – – I should KNOW!

And I am very adamantly and vehmently against this.

They wanna run China that way?

Fine. Perfectomundo, amigo.

But NOT the rest of the world!

And thats why I Dont “force” or shove my products down people’s throats.

In fact, when people tell me (or ask me) “what I do” I smile and tell them “I sit at home”.

Which I do, actually. Hehe. Regardless of which part of the world that might be in!

I sit at home, write books and send emails.

I usually leave out the books part to infuriate them even more, hehe.

But really. ‘nuff said, eh?

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Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Interesting how the guy offered to help the dame out, despite NOT knowing her from Adam apparently. With cash at that. And we guys are supposed yto be the bad guys, hehe.