Lower abs – running, sprinting, or jumping ROPE?

Ok, so as promised, I’ll try and keep this one short and fitness only! 😉

Well, I didn’t promise short, now that I come to think of it …

… although Bozo Scofield is likely well acquainted with the words “short” and “puny” (as well as “rank obese”). He probably hears it every n….ah, but I best not go there. 😉

And since I ended up breaking “promise #2” (but hey, I couldn’t help it. These nutzos deserve it – the ones that keep following me. I mean for f’s sake. STOP hounding me, and I’ll stop replying – in duplicate, triplicate, and so forth, but of course, when someone’s jerking off in Mama’s basement with nothing better to do (well, last I heard he got kicked out and is in public housing)) …

Ok, Ok.

I’ll stop.

Anyway, back to lower abs (and nothing beneath that, hehe. No long and short! 😉)

I’ve often touted the benefits of jumping rope, and rightly so.

I haven’t put out a course on it, but it’s on my mind, along with course on isometrics that a certain customer wanted, but I STILL haven’t gotten around to it (and if you were to call me out and say I “erred” in that regard – hey – I’d agree! I haven’t gotten it done as yet, and mea culpa on that one my brother).

And benefits you ask? Well, I won’t get into it HERE, but if Tyson, Ali, Frazier etc did it as a MAINSTAY of their routines, often in the thousands of reps, and often times for long periods without stopping, there must be something to it, eh.

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Jumping rope is not just an excellent exercise to develop dexterity, mobility and that “speed” boxers want so badly, but it’s also a great way to lose weight.

And for the “el Tubbos” out there …

A GREAT Way to lose weight – and a low impact one at that.

But should you “only jump rope” to lose weight?

Well, it depends on yoru goals my friend.

You COULD do nothing but jumping rope the rest of your life and you’d make great gains, and get in GREAT shape.

But should you?


I’d say mix in running – NOT pounding the pavement style but REAL running.

And work in sprints too occasionally.

Ever notice that the lower abs sometimes just don’t “go in” as much as you’d like?

No matter how many times you jump rope.

No matter how many squats you do.

No matter how many (certain types) of pushups you do (with certain types of pushups, those lower ab muscles WILL POP, and the fat WILL FLY OFF, and how!) …

Somehow, despite the overall fat loss, the “bloat” and “lower abs fat” doenst seem to go away no matter what …

… until you start doing TWO things.

One being pull-ups.

And the second being SPRINTS.

And being sprints aren’t exactly the easiest to start off with, running …

Why do I say this?

Well, because although the “up and down” and sideways (if you so choose, or even diagonal) motion when jumping rope is GREAT for losing fat, especially that nasty INTERNAL fat (I can almost feel it lopping off as I go through the reps), the “forward” (or backwards! 😉) motion of sprints cannot be beat.

Neither can they be beat when done uphill.

And it’s really when you sprint all out, and you REALLY, Really go full bore (or run at close to your maximum pace for at least 20 seconds or so and do it in sets) is when you really start to lose BOTH types of fat incrementally.

It’s a different type of feeling. I can’t explain it.

But do both is my advice.

Or, as I told a friendly recently, do one on your days off, and focus on the other exercise as a mainstay. Switch around sometimes!

All the great names mentioned above didn’t do just ONE.

They did both!

And that, in itself should explain it – and for those that have done both, and KNOW how both exercises make them feel – well – you know what I MEAN!

And that, my brothers and sisters is truly the long and short of this. Take it or leave it – amen!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is where you can learn all about sprints done RIGHT (and the results which truly DO COUNT!) – Advanced Hill Training


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