A (mainland apparently) Chinese trick to cooling the core and upper body down . . .

I just saw something.

A Chinese couple dining out in one of the roadside B BQ (I presume) restaurants I enjoy going to so much.

Nothing fancy.

Just a few stools and a “stall” with all the meat you can eat and all the beer you can drink, and believe it or not, I’ve had some of the best “parties” of my life in places like that!

(health hazard yes, I know, but this isn’t about that).

A certain Ann Lee would remember those joints as well, but this ain’t about her or anyone in particular! 😉

Anyway, the girl was digging into some vegetables, and the guy was munching on some lamb I believe.

Or perhaps rat that passes off as lamb. LOL.Hey, it’s true. Anything is possible in mainland China, and that has happened in the past in Shanghai and other places!

And even that isn’t the point of me writing this.

It’s well known, for instance, that fiery drinks (Chinese baijiu – – their traditional liqor – -is to, to me, the equivalent of ENGINE OIL being poured down your throat!) and meat make for a great combo for some people, but both these things increase body heat a lot, and sitting outside with no A/C, the one thing it DOES make EVERYONE do is SWEAT.


I still remember the waitress once attempting to “fan me” as I sat there before I waved her away. Made me uncomfortable for whatever reason, but hey, again, that’s China!

And the guy was doing what I’ve seen so many people do in the mainland, and what to me screams out COUNTRY BUMPKIN louder than just about anything else.

What that be, yer ask?

Well, he was sitting there with his shirt hoicked up to mid chest, ugly rolls of fat clearly visible. In fact, the world MULTIPLE love handles came to mind when I saw all them rolls . . .

. . . But truth be told, though this looks nasty and uncivilized, it does have it’s benefits while working out.

The core is the part of the body where the most heat should be generated in order to lose weight and build muscle effectively, my friend.

It’s also the part where most MEN sweat most (by the way, I’m yet to see a single Chinese WOMAN do the same) when working out . . . or even sitting on a chair.

And while I’ve never adopted this technique of cooling off for the long term, I’ve tried it.

And it does work to an extent, more so than taking your shirt off, period.

Or at least it gives the illusion of your core being cooler while the “upper body” soaks up all the sweat.

To me, what I liked was I could literally see my stomach expanding with each deep gasp of breath I took when I did this (which wasn’t often at all! 😉).

And the feeling of literally BURNING FAT – – right there – – BEFORE YOUR eyes, and believe me, if you trick your subconscious into believing that and then backing that up with actions, then guess what will happen.

You’ll get in the sort of shape I talk about in Advanced Hill Training, for one!

Yes, I’ve kept my shirt on throughout the filming for the book. With a good reason. I am NOT interested in preening and posing, but the results are there for all to see my friend.

And that’s today’s message.

Work the core hard – so hard that you feel like it’s on FIRE. Quite literally!

And keep doing it as often as you can.

Waist whittling as Brooks Kubik once told me, is indeed what it’s about – for me – you – and judging by the growing number of lard asses out there (wait for another post on this) . . . it needs to be done, and how!

Get on the train HERE.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And yes, the results I mention on the sales page are REAL, and NOT just marketing!

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