On inspiring hundreds, and more!
- . . . I'm grateful for the PRIVELEGE of being in a position where I can do so!!

Woke up this morning to a great, great Tweet . . . and an occurrence that is becoming unfortunately common around “this here neck of the woods”, hehe.

Another nasty spat is where I’ll leave it at. I’ve spoken before about this briefly in emails, but let me tell you, Rocky was SPOT ON when he once said it ain’t about how hard you can hit.

It’s about how hard you can GET HIT – TAKE the punches – ROLL with them – and keep moving ahead!

That’s how WINNING IS DONE, my friend!

It’s NOT about having it easy and your way every time; in fact those that have truly succeeded at any level will be the first to tell you the stunningly “difficult” level of obstacles they had to surmount.

One of those being negative influences and those that are determined to STOP you from succeeding – – either consciously or unconsciously.

And curiously enough or maybe not, friends, family and well wishes often fall into this category (the unconsciously sabotaging you or trying to type).

And while there HAVE been occasions where (hey, I’m human too!) I’ve sat back and thought “Wow, what if I had it easy like these other guys do”, I then stopped myself instantly.

Look at their lives, I asked myself.

Is what they’re doing and where they’re headed in life where YOU want to be ultimately?

Sure, if you’re resigned to a life of mediocrity, then you’ll likely have some things “easy” for you your entire life.

The cushy job.

The steady salary.

The “lovely and supportive” spouse (of course! Until that money stops coming in, of course . . . )

And more.

And yet deep down inside, that is NOT what most people want.

Most people WANT to break out of their comfort zone, but they see those that have made it, and the HARD work behind their success and the OBSTACLES they had to surmount.

Sometimes seemingly insurmountable ones.

I should say here that they SEE them in front of them, but they don’t ACKNOWLEDGE them.

Publicly, you’ll hear them diss the successes. Like what happens to Donald Trump, hehe.

And yet privately if there is ONE man that the entire world secretly admires right now, it is HIM.

I sure do, I can tell you that much.

Anyway, on the topic of motivation and admiration, I received this Tweet this morning – –

(This was in response to the following Tweet I sent out – -“In life, or in terms of fitness, or workouts – what really matters is this – keep on going NO MATTER WHAT!”)

It’s the spirit of not giving up that keeps us moving forward in life. Keep up the good work! You inspire 100’s!

And when I receive tweets like this, it makes my day.

Note that this guy did NOT buy any books from me – as yet.

He is NOT on my list as far as I know . . .

And so forth.

And yet, when I hear from the heart comments such as this, or testimonials such as what Charles sent me the other day (or Gautam, or any of my other 0 Excuses Faithful), it makes it all so worth it.

If there is one reason I do all this it is to inspire and MOTIVATE – – and I am PRIVELEGED to be in a position where I can not only speak my mind on things freely as I so choose, but I can HELP others RISE UP while I do so.

And to me, that’s what matters.

Did I work hard as heck for it?

Sure. Nothing comes easy.

Napoleon Hill once spoke about that hidden guardian being there to “test men through all sorts of heartbreaks, disappointments, and seemingly UNCONQUERABLE situations . . .” before they allow them any sort of success.

Those that don’t make it are the “silent majority” that we never hear of, defeated by LIFE.

But what of those that PERSIST, and FIGHT ON against all odds when the BATTLE is seemingly lost?

What of the power, the unseen hidden power that comes to their assistance when NOTHING else seems to be working, and all seems to be lost.

If anything, we can call this power PERSISTENCE.

Or, as “Vancer” the person who sent this Tweet said, “it’s about keeping on keeping on!”

And he was RIGHT, my friend. He was spot on.

This morning, I was at my lowest in some regards (not all). And almost instantly, the Universe made sure I KNEW my path in life – and that I don’t deviate from it again as I did last year for a few months!

I’ll write more about that in the next email.

For now though, I’ll bid adios to YOU – – and if you’re having it rough now – – bear in mind that they will NOT BE ABLE TO BREAK you no matter what!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Vincent, my brother, and the only person that I even bother chatting with any more, KEEP THE FAITH. I’m hanging in there for YA, and YOU KNOW IT! Things WILL RESOLVE THEMSELVES. The time of reckoning is nigh for a lot of folks right now, and we both know it. What is right is right, and what you did was RIGHT, although it was roundly castigated and condemened in certain circles privately. The Universe knows though – – rest assured!

P.S #2 – Stay tuned later on for a blast on pushups, and why they trump the bench press ANY day of the week, hehe. Sure to rattle more than a few cages. So be it! 😉