Refund Policy

0 Excuses Fitness does NOT offer any refunds whatsoever for ANY reason for ANY product offered digitally on the site. 

At the time of writing this there are NO physical products being offered on the site so that is a moot point (for now). I’ll update this if we ever do offer any actual physical products on the site.

Why, you might ask? Well, because the stuff being offered here in terms of instructional manuals (or self – help; what have you) FLAT OUT WORKS – but ONLY if you LET it work.

As Twain once said “Just nodding the head won’t rock the boat”, and so is the case here.

Follow the instructions and you WILL get in better condition. There are NO TWO WAYS about it, and I wouldn’t say that unless I had 100% PLUS confidence in what I’m selling.

There are no false claims being made here.

Long story short – and I’ll close this out by saying this – there are NO REFUNDS OFFERED whatsoever FOR ANY DIGITAL product offered on this site for ANY REASON WHATSOEVER. 

To your success!

Rahul Mookerjee