10,000 words, 250 pushups plus the “10 minute’r”

Dear reader,

Well, I’m retyping this post all over again as the Internet gremlins apparently struck – AARGH!

250 pushups followed by a back bridge, and of course the aforementioned number of words as I pound out my latest novella. 10,000 words as of now, although I have ZERO doubt I’ll hit the 20,000 mark very soon, most likely tonight.

And two things that I noticed right off the BAT AFTER my workout are: –

  • My THIGHS feel swollen and worked to the bone WITHOUT doing a single squat.
  • My hamstrings are far looser than they’ve been in ages, and (although this stretch is a problem area for me) I literally FELL into the forward stretch today as if it were CHILD’s play and judging by the ease with which I did so, it WAS!

I focused on the following during my pushup work out – my goals (#1), and then (in no particular order) – my hip flexors, lower abs, UPPER BACK (YES!) and groin area.

I really, really focused on the upper back, and also the folks that inspired my latest piece (though they dont know it).

And so it goes, as the words literally write themselves, as they quite often do when I’m in the ZONE!

I’m back to writing for now. More later!


P.S. – Want to learn how focusing on the upper back during a certain exercise can literally double the flexibility in previously TIGHT hamstrings like there’s NO tomorrow – and QUICKLY?

The key is RIGHT HERE, my friend – unlock it now, and unlock them tight “hammies” – The Book

My grandfather’s unspoken training philosophy

Dear reader,

500 squats and 50 REPS of my FAVORITE exercise (the ALL time BEST exercise there is, bar none!) – but this post is not about that, is it?

While I trained I kept my grandfather in mind. His image continuously flashed into mind with each rep, with EACH deep BREATH, and the words that came immediately after was “BLASTING PAST”

Not blasting past old records, or goals, though that was why they came to mind – but whatever it is, those two words came to mind while training.

And nothing else. Just me, the image I mentioned above and deep breathing. And the workout, of course.

The best memories I have of my grandfather, who I mentioned passed away in rather tragic circumstances when I was 13 are waking up at 4:30 A.M. in the morning with him and going swimming EVERY DAY WITHOUT fail during the summer holidays.

Being he lived in a different city from where I grew up, thats the only time I got to spend with him. And being he – get this – until the age of 78 – worked from (after his swimming routine) until 10 P.M. at night, he was rarely there at home either.

But the times I DID get to spend with her were JOYOUS. Good vibes galore, and one of the most poignant memories I have is of young Rahul playing chess with his grandfather, who would always “let him win”, hehe.

“How can be so silly, Uncle!” I remember running up to my relatives and saying, while my grandfather would smile on in a benign fashion.

Little did I know at that tender age, of course. I was around 5 or so IIRC at that time …

This man accomplished so much that HIS OWN story would probably be way more inspiring than anything I could ever put out there. He served in the army. He literally built himself up from NOTHING.

Despite his numerous accomplishments, he was the most humble and GIVING person you could ever meet. The most unassuming, I should say, and I NEVER ONCE recall him even mentioning any of his achievements, though there were plenty, mind you.

When he was young he crossed flooded rivers – swam them – did what he had to do – to get to – get this – SCHOOL.

And he did not give up his swimming routine until he tragically passed away at the age of (78 or so.

The most lasting memory I have of him though, is this – I’d often go and sit by his bedside when he was lying in bed, unable to move, his body ravaged by a disease that until this date I’m not sure why they couldn’t cure. No-one ever told me many details about it at that point …

He was a Doctor, by the way – one of the BEST if not THE BEST in his city.

And as I’d go to him, and try and talk to him, even in his bedridden state he’d “drive me away”.

“It doesn’t matter!” And he’d put on a cheerful smile for us kids.


And THAT – my friend – is such an intensely personal memory that though I could write pages on it, I’ll stop here.

More later.

For now though – if a man of 78 can do it – why not YOU??

Dump the excuses NOW, my friend. 0 Excuses is the ONLY way to do it – – The 0 Excuses Fitness System

Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Though I had several cousins, for whatever odd reason the rest of them never did make it to swimming. I remember us knocking on the doors in the “wee hours”, and a sleepy Aunt calling out “not today!”.

Ah well.

P.S #2 – And NO, I did NOT have to be FORCED to wake up (in stark contrast to other events during my childhood). I did it of my own accord. A 6 year old boy waking up at 4:30 A.M. to go swimming in a LAKE with water snakes and the rest of the good stuff “floating about” (no “cossetted” swimming pools!). Take that for what it’s worth!

The old man I met in China

Dear reader,

I’ve posted about this before on my old blog, but for whatever reason I feel compelled to post it again.

On second thoughts, I’m not going to “repost”. I’m going to “rewrite”. And no, it is NOT a case of me reinventing the wheel or “regurgitating old stuff” …

Those that have read my book will know that there was a time in my life where I climbed a hill DAILY – MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY – MORNING AND EVENING – in my life as part of my fitness regimen (this was complimented by 50-100 pullups and a few other stretches post-climb).

I cared not if it was HOT AND HUMID out there. In fact, some of my toughest climbs have been accomplished – and YES – I WILL use that word here in humidity that would sap the average person the minute they stepped out of the house (think 40 degrees Celsius and 90 percent plus humidity – or 100% if the phone apps are anything to go by).

People that saw me literally made comments like “Ah, THAT is real climbing!” as they saw me “down, but not out”, literally “inhaling and exhaling fire” (thats what each breath felt like) after my climbs/routine, as I was literally “sweating half my bodyweight out”.

I cared not if it rained, snowed (yes, there was a day it did snow here in Southern China) or if I had a bad day at work or not. I cared NOT if I had “relationship troubles”. I cared NOT if I had … Ah, but you get my drift, pally.

I woke up at 5:30 A.M. come rain, shine, or HAIL – and I got right down to it. Bottom line.

Anyway, during some of my afternoon climbs I met this old Chinese man who climbs this hill daily – UNTIL THIS DAY, by the way (I don’t climb any more except for an occasional change as what I do currently is even tougher).

This man would do the same. Come rail, hail, shine or thunderstorms (and there’s plenty of them around, hehe) he’d be seen there climbing the hill.

He’d do it ONCE a day, of course, but he NEVER MISSED A DAY!

After his climb, he’d do a few stretches, and then jump into a handstand at the end of it, and walk back down. And that was his routine, and is until this date.

This man is over 70 years old by the way. This man has a cast iron grip that’ll make the average gym goer feel like he’s gripped a blacksmith’s hand. This man has RAMROD straight legs, and looks about 50 to be honest, though he’s more than 20 years older.

Being my Chinese is rudimentary at best, I never really had a chance to get to know him better, but WORDS are NOT necessary at times!

The sheer PASSION that I spoke about in my last post spoke TOMES, and did all the communication that was required.

As I commence my workout in another 10 minutes, I’ll be sure to keep him in mind.

Along with my grandfather, who (sadly) passed away when I was at the age of 13. I’ll write more about him in the NEXT post – stay tuned!

For now – if THESE men don’t inspire the average 22 year old to get off their arse and DO SOMETHING – well – I hate to say it, but nothing will.

All for now!

Rahul Mookerjee

PS – This post was inspired by a recent quote I saw on social media (which I absolutely loathe by the way for the most part but pretty much “have to use” given how prevalent it is) about advice a 90 year old man (who I do not know, by the way) gave his family before he passed away. 50 power packed tips, and I may just write about those in future posts as well …

Sweat blood and shed tears

Dear reader,

Blood and tears as they say, and thats the attitude you should adopt when your working out – or doing ANYTHING that MATTERS to you, for that matter.

If your not really giving that last rep ALL YOU HAVE – then your not doing it RIGHT!

If you ain’t working AS HARD as you can to achieve your goal – in fact, if your not thinking about whatever your goals are EACH AND EVERY WAKING MINUTE of the day – you ain’t doing it right!

If your making excuses – your not going to get anywhere. If you wimp out while doing a toughie (in terms of exercise), you’ll never progress. And so forth.

I speak about the Ten Commandments of Successful Physical Training in the book (right here, by the way: – The Book) and these 10 commandments, my friend, hold true when aspiring to achieve ANY goal in life, no matter what that is.

Looking to get fit? Looking to progress in your career? Looking to break out of that dead end job? Looking to increase your income? Well … those commandments apply to ALL these situations, and MORE, my friend.

And no, despite what some of you might think this is not mere “marketing spiel” from the “content mills” or what-have-you.

In terms of fitness … let me just say that over the past few days I’ve been waking up with a sore, WORKED TO THE BONE feeling, and I could probably sleep all day some of these days given how physically exhausted I am.

However, that is the PHYSICAL part. Mentally, I’m WAY MORE focused upon what I need to do than I would have been if I wasn’t this physically “worked to the bone”.

And note I AM NOT USING THE WORD “tired”!!

Doesnt make sense to you? Well, to further “pound it in” (no puns intended), I’ve pounded out 4 non fitness novellas over the past 2 weeks as well as working outdoors for a couple of hours a day (dont ask, long story) – and getting my exercise in REGULARLY.

And dealing with all the other things that we all deal with on a day to day basis.

In terms of exercises, I’ve been doing my usual 2 workouts a day but I’ve been switching up the order. Hell, I remember I did THREE workouts a couple of days ago when I was REALLY pressed for time.

And if I can do that – and still find time to get all my other stuff in – THEN YOU, my friend – have NO EXCUSES LEFT.

Last, but not least, these workouts were not simply “run of the mill workouts”. I did indeed sweat blood in them – so much so that my left pec (or, more accurately the area where the pec “meets” the rib cage) is SOORRRRRREEEEEE!

And thats today’s tip. Whatever you do – do it well – and give it YOUR ALL!



Thats what counts at the end of the day.


Rahul Mookerjee

The 24 minute workout

And thats how long it took – by the CLOCK, my dear reader.

I should actually call this the “24 hour” routine, since it can literally be done ANYTIME of the day.

Or perhaps the “2 in 1” routine as I got in workout #2 plus EXTRAS in during this time. All this without doing a single pushup, BTW  – though I’ll be getting to pushups later this evening.

What did I do? Well, the correct way to put it would be “DEEP BREATHING WITH EVERY REP while working out”.

Yes, the words are capitalized for a reason. Not to say the actual workout was any less important, but and as I say REPEATEDLY in my book, there is NO point doing any of the stuff I mention if you don’t add CONSCIOUS deep breathing into the mix.

There is a breath with every rep, and this, my dear reader, is probably the most powerful fitness tip there is out there.

Yes, it might sound strange, but do it the way I tell you to and you’ll know what I mean.

And believe me, it wasn’t me that “made this discovery”; this has been around for ages. It’s just that  it’s being ignored these days for the rubbish that passes as “serious training” or, as in parlance, the “bro culture”.

I don’t care if your lifting weights, working outdoors, running, or simply even doing 10 pushups. You need to focus upon your breathing to gain optimal benefit.

Subtract the breathing, and you get about 10-15% of the benefits (real benefits).

Anyway, my routine took exactly 24 minutes today. 400 squats done with the same different hand technique I mentioned (or I think I did) a few days ago followed up with some bridging routines which  I generally do in my 10-15 nightly routine.

All this includes “toweling off” time and short (few seconds) breaks, by the way, and there were NO WARM UPS required whatsoever.

So there it is. A 24 minute blast you can do anytime, anyplace, ANY DAY!

Try it, and tell me how it works for you.

Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – There are plenty of other GOLDEN TIPS in the book – The Book

P.S #2 – The real icing on the cake, of course is (are) the videos – Videos

450 squats, 15:12

Dear reader,

Well ,for once this post didnt write itself while I was training, but that understandable when doing high rep squats (most of them toughies, by the way).

I can barely see out  my glasses right now, so pardon any typos (like I care either way about “perfect” typing, hehe, I’d rather do PERFECT REPS!).

I’m feeling ON TOP of the world, and it look less than 16 minutes. Amazingly enough I wasn’t feeling sort of like, well, crud this morning, but 15 minutes is all it took to get that WINNING – and GREAT – feeling back!

You too can get this sort of feeling, my friend, if you just DO the thing. Doesnt take much time at all as you can tell.

As for today’s tip, believe it or not, a SLIGHT (yes, slight) change in HAND position of all things made all the difference with the squats. I’d post it right here, but you’ll probably think I’ve gone stark raving bonkers if I do so I’m not.

Although, whats “crazy” for most of the world such as 500 daily squats, for instance, isn’t as crazy as it may seem or sound.

Take that for it’s worth. I’m out for now – more later!


P.S. – Plenty of 15 minute blasts right HERE: – The Book

500 rep workout

Well, the evening workout just FLEW by, my friends. I banged out 350 odd pushups and a total of 150 squats, and it JUST – FLEW – by.

500 reps, and it took like about an hour in all, and this WITH stretching. Seems like I’m flying past 250 pushups these days, and pretty soon 500 a day will become the new norm.

I’ve done 500 before, and have blogged about it before on my old site, but for now, let me just say that I’m feeling great, despite having wasted my time with yet another “time waster” (though it was an online seller this time, as opposed to more freeloaders, hehe).

The one thing I do want to post about is soreness  – before I head off to finish my writing for the day, of course – I’m looking forward to another THREE SOLID hours of writing – maybe less. Depends on how long it takes me to get to 21 K odd words … and of course, the actual tale itself, hehe.

Anyhow, I’m sore throughout my chest area today, but NOT the actual pectoral itself. I’m sort of sore in that little area UNDERNEATH the pecs – right where my left pec meets my ribcage, and thats the best way I can think of to describe it.

Probably because I’ve been doing a SUPER DUPER advanced version of my very favorite exercise for the past few days – and NO, the best thing to do is NOT to sit on my ass and “hope it recovers”.

I’m a huge believer in active recovery unless of course it’s something more serious like a torn muscle or a fracture, but even then, I recall a time when I was 17 and fell out of a running bus RIGHT on my right hand. BANG – OUCH!

My entire right forearm was  in a cast for the next two weeks, and while I wasn’t near the exercise fanatic I was back THEN that I am NOW, I do remember going stir crazy not being able to do the upper body stuff I did back then – and I DID move around a lot even during that period.

And what I’m doing now is the same thing. I simply modified positions etc slightly to make sure I hit the muscles a bit differently, and so I’m pretty sure I’ll recover from the muscle pull, or ligament strain, or sore tendon, or whatever the heck it is pretty darn soon!

There’s a tip right there for ya – but the other thing, of course, is that that fall meant my right wrist, which for whatever reason has ALWAYS been weaker than the left from birth (stronger side, and all that jazz) became even weaker, as it apparently didnt heal correctly.

Fast forward to the age of 26, and I developed a nasty bone spur in my LEFT wrist, pretty much because I was doing handstand pushups when I was NOT ready for them (and NO, I was NOT overweight at that point in time either).

Fast forward to now, and my grip – on BOTH arms – is EASILY one of the best parts of my overall strength “portfolio”, although  you may not think it by looking at me.

I took my weak areas – and I TURNED THEM INTO MY STRONGEST AREAS, my friend.

And THAT is what it’s all about.

You are only as strong as your weakest link – always remember that.

And on that sage (not) not, I’m out. More later!



P.S. – I am not going to post details of what I am currently writing here, but there’s a lot of interesting stuff you can check out right HERE: – Others

17,000 words and a couple of updates

Well, dear reader, THIS is a classic case of being “in the flow” (one of many I’ve mentioned before)!

Woke up later than I expected this morning, a couple of hours later, and my first thoughts were “Ah, jeez. Am I even going to able to get it done” (it referring to a new novella I’m working upon at the moment – NOT fitness related though).

And I figured I’d get my workout in and get to it in the evening.

But life has a funny way of “happening” when your in the flow, and despite my late “arising”, and despite the fact that I had yet another crappy evening yesterday (though NOT because of my workout or something to do with me at all) – it just happened.

Before I knew it I was sitting down at the ole laptop, opened up Word, and the words just started flowing. In fact it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that while I missed my 17000 target (I am at 15,348 at this point in time) by a small margin, I did however end up writing with nary a break for three hours straight.

And that, my friends is NOT an exaggeration.

Might come as a shock to those (and here I should say the “majority of folks” )for whom writing can often be a chore, but its the exact, polar opposite for me. Put me in the Tundra and give me a laptop and internet connection (along with my trusty green tea, hehe), and I’ll write for days on end non-stop.

Would the solitude bother me? Hell no! I’d enjoy it, and I’d make sure to workout even harder during the few breaks that I took.

The above may sound strange to the average reader, and I realize that, but if your one of those that has read my other books and “is in the flow”, you’ll know what I mean.

You’ll know what it means to wake up in the morning, books seemingly having written themselves in their sleep.

You’ll KNOW what I mean about blog posts writing themselves while working out.

Anyway, I’ll get to my ~24000 word limit soon enough I suspect, but I gotta rush for the nonce. Life, uggggghhh, but so it goes …

Before I “pound out the door” though, here are the updates : One, the lady who was supposed to train with me tonight for 30 minutes, the much esteemed (in my NOT so humble opinion) Cindy, who so happily assisted me while I was getting the whole 0 Excuses fitness off the ground being the lady in question.

As I just posted on the “come train with me” page, I’m more than happy to personally train folks, though I do believe my books and videos do more than an adequate job at this.

But if you fall into the rarest of rare category that is WILLING TO DO WHAT IT takes – well – you know what to do.

Second update being that for a change, I did NOT workout in the morning as I normally do. Workout #1 was shelved temporarily in favor of the other goal of 17,000 words being achieved, and given the length of THIS post itself, I may have well got even closer to that goal.

But note I said temporarily. I’m CHOMPING at the bit right now and RARING to workout and I’ll likely get in a “combo” workout a few hours later either this evening or tonight.

When it’ll happen I cannot promise or foretell but believe you me, it WILL happen.

I make it a matter of PERSONAL pride to set goals and stick to them, and one of those being to “do something everyday”, which I keep telling everyone else to do as well.

Doesn’t have to “going for broke” each and every time, but do SOMETHING. ANYTHING.

Given how PUMPED I am right now, without doing a single movement by the way, I might just go for broke tonight.

Stay tuned!

P.S. – Health is wealth, and that, pally, IS the bottom line.  And the biggest thing you can do for your bank account at THIS point in time is to pause and ponder where you stand fitness wise. Set goals. And then TAKE ACTION. Here is the #1 step you need to take on that road: – The Book

Lady “L” and the “free gift”

Well, dear reader, today’s post will be a somewhat lengthy one.

It could really be titled “My opinion of time wasters”, or “Can you give it to me as a gift” (this is me quoting VERBATIM from an actual convo, by the way.

Or, what do I think of “el cheapo deapos”, hehe.

Well first off, my antenna go up ANY and every time someone asks me for free products and offering NOTHING in return.

Why? Well, the reasons are obvious but the first reason obviously is that free (for most people) equates to ZERO value. Most people are also under the impression that “this person” (or business) would only give away “freebies” if they had no business to start with, which is true in some cases, but certainly not all.

Give away something for free and they’ll “thank you and down for it”, and you’ll likely never hear from them again in your entire life.

Most of all though, it’s because in the vast majority of these people will (amazingly enough, at least to me) never even BOTHER TO USE the – get this – FREE – info that they thought valuable enough to badger you for incessantly.

Last, but not least, whats funny is that I offer plenty of free tips in my emails/blog posts – but these same people somehow “dont find time ” to read ’em.

Anyway, so this brings me to the “tale of Lady “L”” (I’ll call her that for the sake of privacy).

This woman was introduced to me by a mutual contact recently because, well, um, and to quote verbatim again … “we have same hobby, so I add you”

(Pardon the English – I’m quoting verbatim from the convo here).

“Um, OK …” was my response.

And sure enough, it came shortly thereafter.

“My friend says your a good fitness instructor. Do you mind giving me your book as a gift?”

I was about to reply with something along the lines of “What do you think”, but for once, I held my tongue.

Turns out this lady has – get this – PAID – a personal trainer as well as a gym where she trains (apparently something to do with “hoisting barbells overhead”, though she didnt provide further details).

Side note – Overhead presses by the way are a GREAT exercise, but only and only if done right. They’re actually one of the very weight lifting exercises I do recommend (although again, handstands and handstand pushups are way better in many regards).

She then went to claim “it works!”

“Well, if it works – dont change it! Keep doing it!” was my response. And this is what I say in my book anyway. If your doing something that works – well – if it ain’t broke – dont fix it! I’ve actually blogged on this in the past as well IIRC …

But of course, that was a primer of sorts as well.

“I need reduce the flab on my arms” (a few days later)

I think y’all can see where this is going, right? Obviously what she is doing is NOT working to her satisfaction or she’d never have contacted me in the first place.

Now, at this point it bears mentioning that my opinion of those that ask for freebies doesnt mean I never help anyone out for “free”.

Quite the contrary. Those that know me in person know that I’m quite a “giving” person, both in terms of time and my knowledge on fitness/other issues – but IF – and this is a HUGE IF – and IF ONLY – the person is WILLING to HONESTLY learn (and invest the time and effort required to learn).

But most people (that ask for freebies) do NOT fall into this category. Stew all you like (you know who you are), but its true – and if you have an opinion that runs contrary to mine, well, by all means post it or email me about it and I’ll be happy to address it.

Long story short (again), I figured I’d give her a chance.

“Hey Rahul, aren’t you being too harsh on her?”

“Maybe she does deserve a chance!”

And so I finally agreed to give her a copy of the book for a very low value and when I say “value” I don’t mean money. I simply asked her to DO what was mentioned in the book and get back to me on how difficult the exercises were. Fair enough you’d say, eh?

Given she lifts weights, I also put in the slight addendum about “If you don’t like it, then TELL me you prefer lifting weights”.

In short, I gave her all the options she could possibly want.

And needless to say, she never got back.

Now, the point of this is not to emphasize the obvious about those who ask about freebies.

It’s to emphasize the fact that most people waste time on stuff that is MEANINGLESS.

Take this lady, for example. She wasted all that time going back and forth with me in terms of “getting a freebie” – but now that she got it – well, it’s consigned forever to the “dark annals” of her computer, if that makes sense (or mobile phone, hehe).

I mean, seriously. She’s got a goldmine of info at her fingertips – FOR FREE – that she can use to accomplish the “goal” (I use that term loosely in her case, of course) of “reducing the flab on her arms”, and yet, all she does is a big fat ZERO …

I’ve no doubt of course, that she’ll eventually get back with some nonsense about “I’m too busy to read this” or something along those lines and want yet another free bie.

I’ll let y’ll know what transpires when she does, hehe.

Anyway, I’m buzzed and STOKED as usual! Got done with the “50/400” workout (thats 50 squats and 400 pushups) and it’s back to work as usual now.

More later!



P.S. – I realize this may piss off some of the “smart alecs” who contacted me last week with regard to “we’ll promote your stuff for free” if you “give us the goods for free”.

Um, thanks, but no thanks, pally. If that makes me “lose business” as you claim – so be it – I could give a rats ass less about losing biz.

What (and ALL that) I DO CARE about is DELIVERING THE GOODS in a BRUTALLY honest and DIRECT manner. Take it or leave it.

P.S. #2 – Want to see me pound out 250 plus pushups in LESS than 30 minutes? Then rush on over HERE: – Videos

Workout #2 last night

Dear reader,

Well, it’s 11:15 P.M. in China at the time of writing this although it’ll likely be midnight by the time it’s actually posted. Aarghhhh, them “tech gremlins” at work again, hehe.

Anyway, be that as it may, I’m as a relaxed as a daisy (or sunflower, NO puns intended!) floating in the breeze, so to speak.

Workout #2 had a LOT to do with that, of course. FOUR simple stretches, which took 10 minutes in all, and that was THAT.

It was also another one of those “somewhat emotional” workouts (although NOWHERE near the emotion levels I experienced this afternoon to be honest) as I focused upon certain things that really matter to me.

REALLY matter. I mean REALLY!

But this time, instead of any actual tears, I felt an overpowering sense of happiness sweep over me as I relaxed further and further into the bridge.

I pretty much lost count and track of time, as it were. ALL I focused upon was deep breathing and my goals – and of course, the sheer sense of CONTENTMENT sweeping over me.

And  THIS, my dear reader is the REAL key to anything you do in life (contrary to what most expect, and have been brought up or otherwise “conditioned” to believe; it’s NOT money).

Although money IS important, and IS required, it’s never the REAL underlying reason for accomplishments at the end  of the day.

And those that have been there and done that know what I’m talking about here.

Anyway, this feeling of contentment will last for hours, my friend. It’ll last on until the next day actually, and I’ll wake up in a contented, happy frame of mind as opposed to the “crabby, wrong side of the bed” mindset that seems to be the norm (when it really should be the exception).

And that, my dear reader, is that – back again with more.

Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Ended up being the next morning instead of midnight…!!