The difference between “dreamers” and “doers”

Dear Reader,

What I’m going to tell you here might come as a bit of a surprise, or even a “shock” of sorts, so buckle up – and STRAP in – because what I’m about to tell you applies as much to life as it does fitness in general.

Have you ever noticed there are way too many folks in this world that “want something”, but somehow never progress beyond the “want” stage?

We all “want” a six pack. We all “want” a fit and toned body. We all “want” to be doing what we love for a living, et al. The list goes on and on and on, and yet – here is the million dollar question – how many of us are actually DOING IT?

Now, a lot of folks might be nodding their heads in agreement at this point and saying “You’re right. Dreaming achieves nothing. It’s actions and willpower to carry out those actions that really count”.

And while you might be right to an extent, I would disagree.

It all starts with a dream, my friend. It ALL starts with a dream.

Those of you that have been following me for years know the story of how I was introduced to the hill (in China, which is where I was at the time) and how I literally felt like a TRUCK ran over me the first day I did it. That was way back in 2003, and the story was so inspirational that not only did it make it to my blog several times (and it’s been a regular part of ALL of my writings) – but it’s also made it to the blogs of other VERY WELL KNOWN folks in the fitness biz.

Anyway, that was way back in 2003. Fast forward to now, and while I did NOT climb that hill for long periods in the interim due to various reasons, I can easily “mosey up” that sucker four to five times without breaking a sweat – and watching the others around me “huff and puff” their way up the hill – something I did when I first started, of course, hehe.

Now, why am I telling you all this? How does it fit in?

Because it all starts with a dream, my friend. A dream fueled by PASSION – AMBITION – and THAT DREAM was then backed up by SOLID ACTION!

And the results are there for all to see.

You don’t have to be quite as extreme as climbing a steep hill multiple times – get this – between the hours of 12 noon to 3 P.M. (and when I did that, it was summer here in Southern China – believe me, the humidity levels here can be off the chart!), but you DO need to be a DOER.

And prioritize, my friend. Prioritize. A lot of folks complain (for example) about not being able to lose weight successfully, but the first place you find ’em in the bar is guzzling beer after beer and saying “I’ll get to it tomorrow” – and guess what – “tomorrow never comes”.

Again, make time for what  is important – really important. Most folks dont do this because this requires a hell of a lot of sacrifice – and courage – and this, ultimately is what separates the “practical dreamers” (a practice I highly advocate) from the “day dreamers” (which is an utter waste of time).

I once had a subscriber email me to tell me he didnt have the money to buy a product (that he wanted at the time) and that he would “do it a few months later”.

Well, guess what. When most folks say that, a “few months later” usually means NEVER. They click on away, and lose interest, and lose sight of whatever goal it was that briefly popped into their mind, but this guy didnt.

Sure enough, he emailed me a few months later and bought the product.

I didnt lose track of my goals when I woke up every morning at 5:30 A.M. to pound out pushups and squats “by the bazillions” and then put in a full day of work thereafter.

In other words – I DID. I didnt make sorry excuses of the highest order about “being too busy” or “not having the time”, or “having too many responsibilities” or any such rot (and believe me, I hear this nonsense on a daily basis).


And the results are there for all to see.

I recently set a goal to write 20,000 words a day (non fitness related) and guess what – I DID it, and my “beleaguered” (not really, hehe) publishers can attest to this as well.

I didnt moan and whine about “having to work”. I didnt complain about “not having time”.


Again – DREAM – and dream big – but then DO. I cannot emphasize this enough!

And for those of you that “dont know”?

Want to lose those extra inches around your waistline, but don’t know how? Or, perhaps you “know how”, but “it doesnt work as well as you thought” (for all you gym goers out there)?

Want to get a strong, cast iron, BLACKSMITH style grip?

Want to get better at pull-ups and bang ’em out by the rep?

Well, we’ve got you covered in ALL areas there, my friend – but you’ve got to be a DOER.

There is no such thing as SOMETHING for NOTHING. Remember this. Nothing is free in life, and funnily enough freebies come with an attached cost, which most folks never realize.

Dare to dream – and then DO.

Don’t “stay on the fence”. Start TODAY!



P.S. – In terms of fitness, here is where you can start right NOW – Again, the results in life come to DOERS – not merely DREAMERS. Get on the stick, stop “pondering” and start NOW!

P.S. #2 – Our social media URL’s are on the website and for those of you in mainland China, the links are in the footer section of the website. Feel free to share if you like!

P.S #3 – If you workout today, make it a super one!

New products – and a new LOOK!

Dear Reader,

Well, well, well. If you’ve been on this list/following the blog for any length of time, you’ll have noticed that we have been going through some major changes on this site (and also some “minor” tweaks to the old site – which, by the way, still “sits” at

That site still has some GREAT stuff – not to mention the BLOG – so feel free to check it out for ADDITIONAL inspiration, my friends!

Now, despite the fact that my own workouts include NOTHING other than pushups, squats and bridging (well, these days, at any rate) a lot of you have been literally hankering for more books on various topics, and the most common question has been “Why don’t you put something out on pull-ups and the grip”?

Or “How can I build a grip like yours?” (I’m paraphrasing, but the post about my buddy and his comment about my grip prompted more than a few questions along that line!).

Now, I had put out products on these in the past, of course, and the old site still has ’em – but I figured I’d “get off my duff”, and RE-VAMP those new products with NEW information and my OWN personal experiences, and launch ’em again.

So I did – and on that note, and in terms of new products – well – we have not ONE, but TWO – BRAND NEW – and UPDATED products out on the site! 

And those, without further ado are

– Gorilla Grip

– Getting better at pull-ups; from DUD to STUD within the matter of a few weeks!


The first will help you develop the cast iron grip that I currently have, and truth be told, you could develop a cast iron grip even WITHOUT this particular manual – but for those of you (and you know who you are!) that are ALWAYS looking for something extra to add to the mix (kudos, by the way!) – well, here you go.

The second is for those trying to improve their pull-ups, and so valuable is the NEW information that I’ve added to this “pre existing” course that I’d recommend you to go ahead and order anyway even if you’ve got the old course.

Bear in mind, of course, that BOTH of these need to be followed along with a sensible, WELL BALANCED and overall body workout that will work the entire body as a whole as opposed to “working parts”.  I’ve mentioned this in both the courses, but it is so important that it bears mentioning again.

In other words – there is nothing wrong with focusing on your grip and pull-ups (heck, I did it myself a couple of years ago and got great results), but you need to do it the RIGHT way – and the manuals will show you exactly HOW.

And that, my dear reader is that for now.

Back again with more!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – MORE products available here – 

That BULLET proof feeling!

Dear reader,

Do you know what I’m referring to?

That feeling of being INVINCIBLE – that feeling of being ALL CONQUERING (in terms of your own self, obviously).

That feeling of “being able to run through brick walls at a moment’s notice”.

And so forth. In short – that BULLET proof feeling you get – when you get done with a good, good, GOOD workout!

Man oh man, it feels so good! And the key thing is that it doesnt even take forever. You can literally workout from anywhere in between 10 to 50 minutes, and still get the same “energizing” effect from the workouts.

Of course, you get what you put into it – and if you go for longer, you will naturally GET more. ‘Tis but fact.

In any case, it was a 413 squat and 200 pushup day, the pushups done with a twist.

Quite literally – as some of them were “twisting” pushups where you literally “pivot” and rotate on one leg during the pushups – and for those that may scoff at this – I have this to say – TRY IT!

The other thing that I changed today was that I did supersets – except I did “double supersets” if that makes sense.

Supersets are normally when you do a max rep set of any exercise followed by another exercise immediately thereafter (usually one that hits the “opposing” muscles of the body if that makes sense).

Well – I did it in a slightly different manner. I did a set of pushups, then another set (different style  of pushups) – and then simply repeated the same thing.

Doesnt sound like much, but when you get to 200 reps and above, believe me, you start to feel it.

And feel it you will, my friend. Feel it you will – if you work out the 0 EXCUSES WAY!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is where you can DIG INTO the 0 EXCUSES way – Products

I thought I’d stop at 250!

Dear reader,

Yes, you read that right. Should have said “squats” after that, of course, but then again, those of you that are regular readers of this BRUTALLY honest blog know that I did about 50 squats yesterday before calling it a day.

I predicted too, if you recall, that I’d have a SUPER squatting session today, and so it was, my friend – and if there is ANY further proof required in terms of why it’s good to change things up constantly, well, this (as well as plenty of other examples I’ve mentioned in the past) is a PRIME example.

But even I couldn’t predict just HOW super that workout would be.

Got to 250. Figured I’d pound out 50 more.

300. Keep going, soldier!

350. The breathing got EVEN DEEPER and EVEN MORE REGULAR, AND A HELL OF A LOT MORE RHYTHMIC – and yes – there is a SOLID darn reason for the capitalization(s)!

400. Keep going.

450. Jumping squats to finish things off, and what a finisher it was – 500 all in all. Oh BOY!

And lest you think that was all, NO, I did my pushups as well – 200 of them to be exact, and while I’m not going to detail the pushup workout here, regular readers will know fully well what it entailed.

Those that have read the book will CERTAINLY know what it entailed …

I did however change the breathing up and made it “slower” on some of the exercises, and believe me, that one variation hit my entire body in a completely different manner than even I expected.

And thats how it goes when you train. These are NOT, I repeat NOT “just bodyweight exercises”.  In fact I changed things up slightly in terms of the squats as well today, and even THAT variation hit my  legs in a far, far more intense manner than usual.

That variation is NOT mentioned in the book, and neither is it mentioned in the VIDEOS – although the videos are a MUST GRAB, there is no way I can cover everything in either the books or the videos, and one of the reasons being this – and this is something I delight in repeating over and over again – YOU KEEP LEARNING!


These are exercises you can do for your whole life, my friend, and NOT MASTER in their entirety.

Mastery, by the way is something you should shoot for and I’ve explained the reasons “ad infinitum” in my book. Far better to be a master at a “few trades” rather than the proverbial “jack of all trades”, and again, those that have actually “done the thing” know what I’m talking about.

And so it goes, my friend. So it goes.  Back to work now – and see you tomorrow!!



Coming full circle

Dear Reader,

Oh, boy. There are so MANY titles I could choose for this post, and truth be told, I almost chose “a workout in reverse” and for good reason – although not the reason you might think.

I’ve written about workouts in reverse before, of course, which have consisted of nothing but the VERY BEST exercise you can do bar NONE – the reverse pushup, and this alone is enough to give most people the workout of their lives after a FEW (and I ain’t kidding) reps.

Believe me, ask the average “seasoned” gym goer to pump out even ONE of these – and chances are he won’t be able to do it.

If you are one of those people, not to worry – a WILL is all that is required, and if you’ve got that – well – here is how you implement that will – Reverse pushups – the BOOK!

Anyway, I could have also titled this point “change things up”, as that is precisely what I did today. I changed up the order and rep counts, and curiously enough, came “full circle” to when I first put the 0 Excuses Fitness videos out there, and at that point I was doing 50 squats and 250 pushups as part of my routine and those that have bought the videos know what I am talking about.

(Smart choice, by the way!)

Of course, those videos feature easier forms of pushups, but from the feedback I’m getting even those are enough to give a lot of you a killer workout, and truth be told, you are RIGHT. Even the simplest exercises, TWEAKED correctly can GIVE YOU a HELLATIOUS workout, and I ain’t kidding ya on that one.

Changing things up is something I highly recommend both in my book and my blog posts, not to mention  my other writings, and this is key to achieving in LIFE as well – not just your workout reps, my friend.

Those of you that have been following this blog know I’ve been pounding between 300-450 squats daily, but today was a 50 rep day – and I’ve NO doubt in my mind that tomorrow is going to be a 400-500 day.

Stay tuned for that!

Anyway, coming full circle it is indeed, and in more ways than one, my friend. In more ways than one including my rep counts on the exercises, and on that very esoteric note (and yes, esoteric is indeed what is!) I’ll “leave you be for now”.

Very best!

Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Conceive; Believe; ACHIEVE!


Spread the legs!

Dear reader,

And no, it’s NOT the way you think, and NO, right off the bat, this is NOT about what most folks think of when the above statements made – although strangely enough, and you’ll see what I mean once you read through this, the “what you are most likely thinking” DOES fit into it.

One of the hidden keys, and again, bar none (and again, amongst so many I keep giving you on a regular darn basis) is to spread the legs while exercising – or more accurately, the INNER thighs.

When you do your squats, adopt a position that makes you get the MOST out of your inner thighs, GROIN muscles, and hips. The same holds true for many different varieties of pushups that I advocate on, and again, a damn near DAILY basis.

And the same thing holds true for bridging, or just about any stretch you do.

When you do this, you don’t just improve your performance in said exercises.

You also –

  • Open up the hips and thighs (yes, yes, but it is so important it bears repeating).
  • You loosen and stretch the hamstrings, and when you do BOTH this and the above, you LITERALLY open your body up to more life force.
  • And #3 – how do you think life is birthed anyway? Yeah, I know. Sounds strange, but it ties in, does it not??

Think about – and DO the above the next time you workout. You might or might not make it to 325 squats and 250 pushups in 45 minutes flat, but you may get pretty near.

Or, even beyond. Who knows?

Give it a SOLID shot, and let me know!



My thighs are a ‘screaming, BROTHER!

Dear reader,

Oh boy. So they are, and my thighs be a’singing, as the saying goes.

Zinging. Singing. Breathing.  PULSING – pulsating with LIFE of their own as it were.  And THAT is EXACTLY whats gonna happen to YOU, my friend, when you finish 400 odd squats in 11:38 minutes FLAT.

250 pushups, and 400 squats ALONG with assorted stretches after the squats, and the END – and that took me – how long?

Not an hour as it takes most people to even “warm up and drive” to the gym.

Not fifteen minutes as it generally takes most people to “decide to procrastinate” and “put off for tomorrow what really should be done today – and NOW, as it were”.

Not two hours or more as it takes the “bodybuilders” to get through their lengthy, elongated routines and yet NOT get the BUZZ that I routinely get after my workouts.

Certainly not a two hours marathon spent “pounding the pavement” either.

50 minutes FLAT. Thats right. 50 minutes is ALL it took for the BEST workout of my life, right HERE in my living room, my friend.

And as an aside, my forearms BE so sore that I can barely type, hehe.

Move aside excuses. Move aside the gym. Heck, move aside just about anything at this point.

The buzz I’m getting right now is the best darn buzz anyone including YOU can get – and if you can show me a better one – well, I’m all ears.

Otherwise, you know what to do, my friend.

Do NOT put off your health until tomorrow.

Get down on the floor and JOIN me in some pushups – and do ’em until “them darn arms” fall off.

You’ll be all the better off for it – that I do guarantee – and if Rahul Mookerjee GUARAN-damn-TEES something, you better be sure he MEANS every word.

All for now!



P.S. – The book has plenty of pushup variations that WILL make even “advanced” trainees literally SCREAM “Uncle” if done right! Here you go: –

The Book

And as for the best darn exercise, and a workout based SOLELY upon that – here ya go – Reverse pushups – the BOOK!

Onward! Man, man, oh MAN!

Workout – and be INSPIRED!

Dear reader,

One of the central facts I emphasize throughout all my writings is vibration – and the very central role vibrating CORRECTLY – and POSITIVELY plays in all areas of your life, not just fitness.

You literally ARE what you vibrate and think, and that, while it sounds rather “airy fairy” is actually a scientifically proven concept that is anything but.

And it’s a concept so astoundingly SIMPLE (once you “get it” – and you can only get it once you open your mind up fully and BELIEVE as opposed to “be skeptical”) that you’ll wonder why on earth you didnt think of it before.

I cover this in detail in some of my self help books, but for now, let’s delve into the “think” part.

Its a well known fact that we think best when we FEEL the best – and part of feeling the best, is quite literally – keeping ourselves in the BEST SHAPE possible and doing ALL THE RIGHT things for our body.

Poor health isn’t necessarily an indicator of an underachiever, but mark  my words – one in poor health (or who makes conscious choices to STAY in poor health due to whatever reason) can never, ever rise to the TOP of whatever field he or she chooses to be in – and STAY there.

Believe me – been there, done that.

Anyway, I generally feel the best when I’m pumping out my writing, but thats obviously not a time to think about anything else other than my writing.

So – when is this other time? Well, most of the time it’s when working out – and regular followers of this blog will know that I’ll always keep a pen and paper handy by me when I workout so as to jot down ideas that often pop up in my mind while exercising, and believe me, there are plenty – and they are ALL useful ideas in one way or the other.

And if you don’t write it down and figure you’ll “commit” it to memory – well, believe me, my friend. You run a very realistic chance of LOSING some of the best ideas that you can get.

Today was literally one of those days. I was pondering a business related issue for a while before my workout, and finally figured I’d call it a day in that regard for the nonce, and started my workout.

And presto – halfway through the first set of squats came idea #1 one, and on the back of it came several other ideas, so many of them “pouring in” that I had to, quite literally, pause at rep #50 and scribble ’em all down.

The same thing applies to ideas that you get “out of the blue” or “in a flash” for that matter.

THESE are the ideas that count, and THESE are the ideas you need to write down – and believe you me, you only get them when your in the RIGHT MENTAL STATE.

Anyway, ’twas a great workout, and so BUZZED was I after the routine that I set about my ideas as soon as I was done, and hence the slight delay in the blog post.

Not to worry though – here it is NOW!

And on that note, I’m off to do some bridging. See ya around!



It just feels WONDERFUL!

Dear Reader,

Yes, it did! That’s the overriding feeling I had ALL throughout my workout today; that is felt NIGH wonderful.

Felt wonderful. Felt great. Superb. Excellent. Insert descriptor of choice, but that is how it FELT, my friend.

That’s how it FELT, and there is a reason I capitalize the word. And those that have been following the blog and/or my books know why!

For the rest of you, well, get on the stick right NOW! It’s all about feeling my friend. Sheer FEELING, white hot PASSION, RED hot desire – desire to achieve.

Desire to do better. Desire to stick to doing whatever it takes to achieve a certain goal, and if your goal or one of them is to do something every day in terms of a workout (as it should be, and mine is), then you DO what it takes daily without fail!

No excuses, bar none, and that’s what the book(s) tell you as well.

Got through about 400 squats, 251 pushups and assorted squats, and believe you me, when you have a mantra along those lines of “it feels great” all throughout your workout; not to mention your actual WORK (which seems like fun most of the time to me!), well, then your well and truly in the ZONE and on the way to SUCCESS, my friend.

Problems just melt away. Things just happen. Good things, at that. And they happen without even consciously making any effort to make them happen.

Get in the zone; get in the FLOW  – and watch your OWN life flow, my friend.

Yes; ‘tis really that simple!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Do the exercise mentioned HERE – and you’ll feel wonderful on a regular basis too!

Reverse pushups – the BOOK!

Put more “oomph” into it

Dear reader,

Yes, you’ve heard the above saying a lot of times, I’m sure, and it holds true not just for … well, not just in the bedroom as it were, to put it in a “PG” rated manner, hehe, although I’m anything BUT PG (and those that know will happily attest to this).

I tend to be very brutally honest and don’t mince my words, and if that means a few “F Bombs” or other such “superlatives” flow forth, so be it. Key thing be I stick to the facts and state things for what they are, and if that offends people so be it.

Always been that way, and probably always will be!

Anyway, back to the “oomph” part. What that translates into in terms of exercise and life in general, for that matter, is to put more FEELING – more ENERGY – into what your doing at THAT PARTICULAR time.

Ever seen someone go through a set of 25 or 50 pushups in a “ho-hum” sort of manner? They’ll be holding their breath while doing the exercise, or breathing in an ultra shallow manner or – and here’s what annoys me the most – not even “bothering” to give it their all.

Hey, pushups are easy, right? Who needs to apply effort?

These same people then end up in the local gym and pay big bucks to use the “spanking new machines” and treadmills, Swiss balls, medicine balls, big jugs, and what not (ok, ignore the “big jugs” part, but I think you get the drift, hehe).

And guess what – they get the same, if not LESS results there as well, as that same mentality carries over to the gym, or yoga class (which appears to be a recent fad in quite a few countries), or swimming pool or what not.

Swimming, for one is a fantastic exercise, but again, IF YOU DO IT right – AND IF you really PUSH yourself. Swimming a few leisurely laps in the pool might be relaxing, but it ain’t-a-gonna whittle that darn fat off like you expect it to. Trust me on this one.

(If you really, really want to get a workout in – swim in an ocean (with all the right safety measures, of course) – and try get in a couple of “leisurely laps” in – and then come back and tell me).

And there’s nothing at all wrong with yoga if – and only  if – DONE RIGHT – and believe me, most people do NOT do it correctly (and a lot of the teachers out there “claiming” to teach yoga are teaching a “watered down” modern version of it that is pretty much useless and even detrimental to your health in some cases).

That said, what I’m teaching you will get you in better shape – and FAST – but again – if you do it RIGHT).

You see a pattern beginning to develop, my friend?

While I do very stridently claim that what my program has to offer is better than the majority of stuff out there, I do also say that there is nothing wrong with alternate means and methods of exercise – – but if, and only if, DONE RIGHT.

And done right means if you apply  yourself.

Focus on what your doing. Block out everything else, including the darn smart phones, tablets, TV’s, and so forth.

REALLY, REALLY apply yourself – and push yourself to your limits and beyond – and DON’T be lazy about it.

Keep at it – and you’ll soon see the results start to appear before your very eyes.

Yes – put more OOMPH into it, and this goes for LIFE as well, my friend.

All for now!


Rahul Mookerjee