Hill sprints and pull-ups
- ... Two favorite and AWESOME exercises - and the symbiosis!

One of the very best exercise combos out there in terms of pull-ups … is one that I have not mentioned a lot, at least as far as I remember.

It isn’t really mentioned (well other than in passing,hehe) in ANY OF my books on pull-ups.

It is NOT mentioned in the books on building “bullet proof, ROCK SOLID” shoulders … and it isn’t really there in 0 Excuses Fitness as well unless you look between the lines.

So what is it, you ask.

Well, it’s an exercise combo that the old timers knew about – – and one that I stumbled upon through trial and error, and one that most bodyweight exercise enthusiasts laugh at – and gym bros pooh pooh.

Big mistake, my friend.

Back in the day, when I was running hill sprints as my primary routine (and indeed, even when I was just climbing them at a rapid rate), I did NO pushups – or any other exercise of any sort.

No leg raises. No swimming. No nothing basically. No walking for long distances on level ground at a steady pace either.

It got to the point that my girlfriend at the time (NOT Ms. Lee, hehe) made the following comment.

“I know you’re great at climbing, but you need more! An overall workout!”

And though I didn’t agree with her at the time (and probably with good reason given my results) – I did later. And I worked PULL-UPS into my routine – along the way, making another huge mistake that my ex did NOT know about – but I do – NOW!

That being to ignore pushups at the risk of getting better at pull-ups, and lest you think I’ve gone off my rocker for using the term “risk” – – well – – you’re WRONG. Like I have said before, the #1 key to getting better at pull-ups is to get better at a certain style of pushup – – and that’s just as simple as it gets, except I did not know it back then.

But back on point – when I did pull-ups without first doing my hill sprints – or even climbing – I performed FAR POORLY than if I did them AFTER or during – preferably AFTER.

Curiously enough, I did WORSE on pushups when I did them during or after!

This has probably got to do with the forward lean and the amount of work your CHEST (yes, CHEST!) gets when running sprints, especially if you breathe right.

Lots of folks have this idea that spints don’t really tax the chest. You couldn’t be more wrong if that is you, my friend – just take a look at the chests of some of the champion sprinters out there – and you’ll see!

And other than that, I believe it’s the overall hormone and T-boost that hill sprints give you – something that NO other exercise can.

It’s about the fact that it loosens up the back, hips and legs – ALL used in pull-ups (I know, I know, but crack open the book on pull-ups, and you will see what I mean!) without directly taxing them.

And it’s about increased blood flow …and everything else. Hard to put a finger on it, but ‘tis true, my friend – try it and you’ll see.

One of the great symbiotic exercises indeed, and NO, getting better at pull-ups doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily get better at sprinting – but the reverse?

Heck yeah, and I’ll close this post on that very contentious note! More later and if you guys want – I’ll put out a product on this sort of thing – let me know!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Swimming and pull-ups
- ... and will getting good at one mean you get better at the OTHER?

Today I’m going to talk about swimming again – and it’s relationship (a love hate one sometimes!!) with PULL-ups – – an exercise MOST people – – men and women both – – want to get good, real good at.

And while swimming is usually looked upon as a “fun activity” (and it is, don’t get me wrong) and “a way to lose weight” and little else – the truth is this – done correctly (see my last email on this!) – it provided you with a FANTASTIC overall body workout.

But as I’ve written about before, swimming is by far NOT the only thing you can do – – or (yes, yes, I know!) even the BEST exercise out there despite what a lot of pundits tell you.

Yes, I know. I know. But hear me out.

As I’ve said in the past, water based workouts are great for overweight folks – – as well as for those that aren’t strong enough to do bodyweight exercises such as pushups, for instance – – if just because water reduces the force of gravity.

That said, everything has a downside – – and the downside to THIS is this – – that BONE density is negatively impacted over time. They’ve done studies on bone density for folks that did swimming alone – folks that lifted weights – folks that did bodyweight exercises ALONE – and folks that did a combo of all of the above, or swimming and a combo of the latter two.

And in all the studies guess what they found.

It ain’t rocket science to me, but bone densities have been found to be (over time!) significantly LOWER in those that employ swimming as their ONLY workout.

Now and again, don’t get me wrong. There were many other factors they did score HIGH on … but the bottom line is this – to get better at swimming … do weight training on LAND – – and even better – – bodyweight exercises!

And ‘tis true, my friend. It isn’t just about 0 Excuses Fitness either. Look at any champion swimmer from Phelps to Ian Thorpe, and you’ll see that running and PUSHUPS – – and PULL-ups form a major, major part of their LAND routine which is INDISPENSABLE to their swimming prowress and overall FITNESS.

I know this from personal experience too. When I’d swim long hours in the pool, even with correct technique, I’d often get “sore” (and crampy) in certain parts of the body – the calves and shins being one prime area.

This has never been an issue with me in terms of land based workouts though (for the long term), and I think I know why!

Swimming also taxes the “pulling” muscles a lot more than the pushing muscles, which sometimes creates imbalances, and that’s another reason it should NOT be your primary workout.

And as for the symbiosis (I know, I finally got to it!) – – well – – it’s the same as with PUSHUPS – and PULL-ups!

If your pull-ups SUCK, get better at pushups first. This is a nigh important FACT – and TIP – most people blithely ignore – to their own detriment – despite me having put together an entire SECTION of supplementary pushing exercises that you need to get good at – VERY GOOD at – if you’re serious about your pull-ups!

And if you want to improve your swimming – – at least the strength and stamina part – get damn good at pull-ups!

Now, what about the other way around, you ask? Can I get great at swimming FIRST and then better at pull-ups?

Unfortunately NOT, my friend.

It doesn’t work that way.

You can lose weight by swimming YES, which WILL help you to an extent in pull-ups … but the bottom line is what I mentioned above.

GRAVITY – BONE density – and MUSCLE MASS. Nothing, I repeat, nothing beats pulling your entire body up through space for reps (and the variations therein) – – and that, my friend, is the message for today.

The two exercises are indeed symbiotic – – but you get better at pull-ups FIRST – – or along with – – swimming, but not the other way around!

Chew on that a while, and let me know your thoughts!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I’m thinking about putting out a series on “Symbiotic workouts”. There are plenty that spring to mind, all usually ignored – – and I might just do up a series of emails on this. Stay tuned!

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Every adversity has a silver lining – if you so choose to LOOK for it!”
- And it's true, my friend ...

As the world goes through upheaveals galore, none more so personified by the COVID-19 panic (poetic justice??), there seems to be no better time than to tell you what I just did in the subject line of this e-mail.

Napoleon Hill nailed it in “Think and Grow Rich”, and as I NEVER EVER grow tired of repeating – here is the exact quote … one of my FAVORITE quotes along with the other Claude Bristol quote about the magic of believing that I’ve repeated so many times –

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”

‘Tis true, my friend. ‘Tis very true … and as I write this, another thought that struck me – how far as we along in terms of artificial intelligence – for a few YEARS now?

Many may not have noticed it, but the search engines these seem to literally PREDICT what one is thinking, and this was brought home to me yet again as I looked for a dream interpretation for a dream I had last night – – and even BEFORE I typed the words in – – there they were on the search bar!

Thoughts indeed are things, my friend – – and computers these days believe it – – but humans still don’t!

I do however KNOW – for a fact – that there can NEVER, EVER be a super computer built to rival the human mind. As Dr. Maltz (Pyscho Cybernetics) and many others have noted, the sheer nature of the human brain where it processes billions – or MORE – of “incoming connections” at the same time would mean that you’d need to build a super computer the size of NYC to even START to rival it.

And that’s not even taking into account EVOLUTION – for the better, hehe (as opposed to the other way around!).

Now, where was It?

Ah yes. Adversity, and silver living.

Lets take the current COVID-19 crisis (or what people have turned into a crisis) for example.

Most moan about lost jobs, lost and future lost income, and “time wasted” – and worry about falling sick – or WORSE.

Most complain about the time being “spent at home” when they don’t want to be doing it.

And so forth. And yet, most of thee people are the ones that complain the MOST about being “stuck in the office and not having time to do what they want”, for one!

Not having time to get fit. Not having time to spend with family. Not having time for myself. And so forth.

Now that they do, what happens??

You get the picture, my friend.

I truly DO believe the current crisis was one decided by the Universe in all its wisdom to SEND US A MESSAGE – and see if we listen.

Take a step back. Smell the roses. Take the time off to do something productive. Write that book. Get in SHAPE – at home.

Spend time with family, and loved ones – – perhaps the most important of them all!

And so forth.

In terms of fitness, lets say you’re grossly overweight – or have let yourself go.

Well – look at the positive. Things can only go up from here – and when you look back at your version of “120 or more – 60” kgs – – think of the sense of accomplishment you’ll FEEL and BASK in.

Think of how GOOD you’ll feel – if you just take the time NOW And today – to focus on the POSITIVE – in any situation!

Focus on finding the positive in any situation, even one so seemingly dire as the current COVID-19 crisis – and I bet you “my Betsy” that you’ll find it and then some!

Well, my friend, that’s it for now. I’ll be back later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – More such motivational tips are available in Gumption Galore, and if that’s your cup of tea, go right here to grab it – https://0excusesfitness.com/gumption-galore/

Don’t worry – be HAPPY!
- ... and a timely reminder indeed!

As I wrote the last post about swimming – – as those memories surfaced (I should say RE-surfaced) from way back in the day, there was one feeling that suddenly SWEPT over me – and one I gotta share with you right now.

That being “happiness”!

As I remembered my swims – the good times – the general “casual” nature of being in school at the age of 19, and not really worrying a damn bit about what was going on in the world outside, or what would HAPPEN AFTER we graduated – and so forth.

A “dream world” of sorts – or should I say “fairy tale world”, hehe (as a lady recently told me).

A world that EVERYONE has to go through at some point (well, unless you choose or otherwise did not go to college) – – and a world that most people have fond memories of and I’m not an exception to that rule.

While my school days weren’t the most pleasant due to many reasons – my college days in general WERE – and I have nothing fond memories of the time I spent at the University of Southern Mississippi (my alma mater) … even when I was getting D’s and F’s galore, hehe.

Anyway, what is the point of me saying that?

One, that no matter what we do (and this is a message that bears HUGE relevance now) is that after it’s all said and done – – once you’ve made the decision – – once you’ve just done it – – it’s time to let GO, my friend.

Let go, and stop WORRYING. No more if’s, but’s, maybe’s, or whatevers.

You did it – now stop worrying and – MOST importantly in today’s date – BE – and STAY happy!

Be happy – be grateful for what you DO have – and in these times of COVID-19 and the mass PANIC sweeping the world, I often tell people this – AFTER I tell them that logically speaking, we really shouldn’t be worrying about this COVID-9 anymore than we did SARS – or perhaps even “H1N1”.

Or the common flu, for that matter.

OK, maybe a tad bit more than the above due to the mortality rates – but logic aside (and really, given the gross ILLOGICAL decision being taken by people globally on this), lets focus on FEELING.

Things will return to normal. NO, the virus will not be the “be all and end all” scenario so many people are talking about.

What has to happen WILL. Like I have said before, and like I maintain, and as Emerson, more of a philosopher than I (or Napoleon Hill for that matter, from whom I first learned about Emerson) so sagely said, there is a silent third party that balances ALL the books in the end – for everyone.

There is NO hiding – there is no ESCAPING – and compound interest is the rate of this exchequer, as he rightly said – – and though those words have been uttered a century or so ago, they bear RELEVANCE today. I see evidence of this in my daily life, and none more so than in this time.

Even so, that said, since there isn’t much you can do to change the “grand scheme” of things – why not stay HAPPY and CONTENT in that knowledge – be GRATEFUL for what you do have – – and then try and change things in your OWN life?

How about making today the day you finally, finally, get to 100 pushups? If not in a row, how about in sets?

Or, how about the coveted 500 … a goal I set for myself back in 2011, and a goal I’ve often written about (and have mentioned as inspiration in my latest book)?

How about climbing that hill you’ve always wanted to – and doing so – AGAIN – at the end of the first climb? Another ROYAL bit of motivation that …

How about writing that book?

How about NOT worrying about what others think of you – – and just be YOU?

How about … just NOT worrying – – and staying happen?

Bob Marley I believe it was that coined that song (coin, hehe, and there is a good reason that term comes to mind), and it has stuck in mind ever since the age of 6 or so, when I was old enough to understand it.

Don’t worry – be HAPPY – and that’s the best message I can give you TODAY!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – In terms of results based motivation – there is NONE better than what I mention in “Eat More – Weigh LESS”. Hark on over here to see what the fuss is all about – https://0excusesfitness.com/eatmore-weighless/

My swim workouts back in 1998
- An unique take!!

This is one of the “farthest” trips down memory lane that I’ve taken in a while – – but I’ll do so today!

Flashback to the year 1998, I believe – or 99, actually, hehe. Or no. 98 it was! The first recollection is always RIGHT …

I was in college back then – – a long haired skinny version (even skinner!) of what you see now, with very little muscle – – and not that much knowledge of fitness.

I’d walk all day long up and down stairs though to get to class – and then up and down four flights of stairs multiple times a day in my dorm building – – and would NOT take the elevators – – for whatever reason, so I’d stay fit.

I don’t know why – or if – this paved the way for my later hill climbing etc at the age of 23. Maybe it did, but I was 19 at that time, and one day I noticed I was getting “fatter” around the midsection than I should be.

That was of course thanks in no small portion (pun intended) to the SUDS – golden ones if you get my drift, hehe – – and of course the great “Southern style” food I ate on a regular basis. All great stuff, but not good for the waistline, and if I hadn’t been walking as much as I did back then without even thinking about it (usually with a book bag in tow) – I would likely have turned into a bonafide LARDASS – – more than what I did at a later stage in my life!

Often times I’d remember thinking “I wish I had a car” – – I didn’t back then – – but curiously enough, not having one was a blessing in disguise in terms of fitness. Hehe.

And one fine day, I remembered an exercise that had ALWAYS appealed to me – ever since my grandfather and I did it, that is.

I’ve written before about my morning swims with my grandfather in the past – -a  very poignant memory that has STUCK, so to speak – – and as the memory resurfaced, it was off to the apartment complex pool with me after class – daily – for a long swim!

Now, these pools were tiny. Certainly NOT the Olympic sized pools I had access to back then in the gym, but those were often crowded, so I’d prefer the apartment pools (although yes, I DID swim in the regular pool on occasion).

Now, I have spoken about swimming before, of course, and the great workout it gives you – IF done right, and most people do NOT do the strokes right – – and I certainly did NOT back then.

Especially not the breast stroke, which was the only stroke I did. For whatever reason our instructor (and even my grandfather at the time) taught us the “modified” version of the breast stroke which works well in an OCEAN – or RIVER – or for SURVIVAL – but not so well in a pool, hehe.

It was the version where you lift your head out of the water while doing breast stroke – NOT the best and most “fluent” and “ergonomic” pose in which to do it, and yet, I’d do it – – for at least 50 laps a day – – which in an Olympic sized pool would mean about 10 – back and forth (so that’s 100, actually).

I’d remember counting down the laps as I swam. Slow and steady. NO sprints whatsoever!

I remember sneaking into the neighboring apartment complex pools on occasion when the pools at mine were shut down and being asked to leave on occasion too, hehe.

I still remember a History professor that lived in the neighboring apartment complex whose name I’d often use as an “excuse to be there” and he knew it, of course.

I still remember the girls laughing (in a good way) as they walked on past. “One more lap, Rahul!”

And this workout – – believe it or not – – due to the sheer inefficiency of the movement was GREAT for the shoulders, traps and UPPER ABS.

And chest, of course. I still remember a friend saying “you have a deep chest, because you swim in that style!”

And while I learned all the correct strokes later by my lonesome, and years later, made SURE to teach my daughter the RIGHT way to swim – that still remains a very fond memory indeed!

And it got me in great shape – not the best – but great regardless – and yes – I’d often do pushups after my swim too – – albeit nowhere near in good form. 12 pushups was about all I did, and yet …

And that’s today’s trip down memory lane, hehe. I’ll be back again soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – That workout got me the six pack I wanted – but truth is, it took a long, long time to get it done in terms of “how long I swam for daily”. And you, my friend – can get it in much shorter time if you know how, and I didn’t back then. I do now though – – and want to share it with you – – and HERE is where you can learn all about the patented workouts that WILL give you the six pack you want – – https://0excusesfitness.com/corrugated-core/

“I wake up at 6 A.M. daily, because I have more time”
- Always more than one way to skin that cat, hehe

So, I was chatting with a lady from Shanghai the other day – a lady that enjoys outdoor exercise apparently as much as the next person, and she expressed interest in 0 Excuses Fitness.

“I hope I can buy your products someday”, she noted. “It’s a pity you’re not in Shanghai right now! You could train me!”

Shanghai, for those that don’t know is about a 12 hour or so train journey from where I’m at, and given the current COVID-19 MADNESS sweeping the globe (in my case it would involve a 14 day quarantine once I leave the province a.k.a state that I’m in right now in China and ENTER the other one – and then another one when I get BACK), I do NOT think I want to travel – anywhere!

And that’s just in China. As I’m sure you know, international travel etc has pretty much all come to a standstill, and while I’ve ranted galore about this, today won’t be one of those days. Hehe – although the rants are very well justified in terms of the global panic etc. Ah, but I digress again!

So, as I was chatting with her about her day (this lady is a high powered legal beagle, by the way – in one of Shanghai’s multi national companies), I asked her about her morning routine.

She’s the sort that generally gets to bed EARLY – and wakes up at the crack of dawn – or shortly thereafter.

“I have my own morning routine”, she noted. “Waking up early gives me so much more time to get things done!”

And that’s fair enough. LOTS of people, including my own wife says the same thing, while yours truly is the exact opposite, of course.

But not always, my friend. Not always.

I still recall those days when I woke up at 530 A.M. to go hiking in China – – in that mountain park I refer to so often.

It used to be dark and cold – – and there was not a SOUL out there other than me. In fact ‘twas so dark that I needed my cellphone torch to actually illuminate the way up those steep stairs … until dawn broke, and I was on climb #2 or #3, and folks started to show up …

Mike Tyson did his famous runs too at 430 in the morning, and there is a reason behind this!

On the other end of the spectrum, I’ve often written about way back in the day when I’d hike at night – after 8 P.M. or so on most days – and come back home and launch straight into a bodyweight routine shortly thereafter.

It got me in great, great shape – so much so that Brooks Kubik, he of the drug free 450 (I believe!) pound bench press (national champion in it), writer, high school wrestlers and much MORE featured me in his daily newsletter at that time.

“Rahul’s hill walking workout from China”, I believe it was titled, hehe, and I’ll have to ask Brooks if he still has that newsletter. I don’t – – several laptops since, and thus forth!

I still remember him asking me when I mentioned my routine to him.

“That’s great! Are you in the military!”?

And I responded in the negative, of course, but he asked for a reason – a very good reason. I’ll write more on that later, of course – – but here is the point I am making – there is no ONE way to success – – at anything, my friend.

There is YOUR way – NOT what the “experts” recommend in general, but a way that works well for YOU.

And this holds true for fitness too.

For instance, you might get on the System, and find out (as I did) that after a certain point, high rep pushup workouts work far better for you than high rep squats.

Or, you may find (again, as I did)  that on some days, ALL you want to do is bridging – and stretching.

Or, you may want to climb up to the top of a steep hill – – and do your exercises THERE – -as I did (again), hehe.

The key is to experiment – and find out what works for YOU, my friend.

Don’t get sidetracked by what others say, or recommend, or what the so called experts have to say. It ain’t worth it – not one bit!

Last, but not least, if this sort of thing inspires you – if WORKOUT memories, more than any other inspire you like nothing else (and they do some people) – I’ve put out a great little compilation on those right here –  https://0excusesfitness.com/16-inspirational-fitness-recollections/

You’ll want to check it out – definitely a steal for the price it’s being currently offered at!

And on that note, it’s adios for now. I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. –  This lady I am referring to has an insanely well planned day – written out – and while written goals aren’t something I personally do in my OWN life (for me it’s all mental) – they may work for YOU, my friend. Writing your fitness goals down – for example, the number of pushups you want to do DAILY – or the number of squats – or the number of steps you’ll walk – and so forth is a great idea, especially if you LOOK at that goal multiple times throughout the day. Try it, and let me know how it works!

P.S #2 – More such great tips are mentioned in the 0 Excuses Fitness System – including one on DEEP breathing that WILL change your life – and HEALTH – for the better! Get on the stick now – and find out what it is – right here – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

“Annoyed when she’s here, and you miss her when she’s not!”
- .. Indeed a conundrum, hehe

A few “moons” or so ago, I remember asking my wife where my daughter was post lunch.

She was supposed to go play in her room thereafter, but turns out she suddenly disappeared.

No “Daddy, Daddy” cries, and as I finished my work, or continued it should I say, I wondered where she was.

I checked the bedroom. Not there.

I checked the living room – -then kitchen. No dice.

“She’s gone to play with her grandparents”, chimed in my wife from behind.

“Ah, I see”, I said. “I was just checking …”

“I thought you were busy, and said (as usual) that you weren’t to be disturbed!”

(and this of course is a point of ongoing debate in the house – Rahul when he is writing does NOT like to be disturbed no matter what – – and curiously enough, the time he writes is the time everyone wants a “piece of him”, and all the doorbells chime, and all the phones – – well, one at any rate ring, and …hehe!)

“Ya, but I was just wondering”

My wife giggled.

“You miss her so much the minute she’s gone, and when she’s here, pestering you, you get annoyed”.

Giggle giggle, and while it might have been the other way around, the point is true – and it STANDS.

Often times, it’s a battle to get my daughter off to school (pre-COVID-19 “cooped up” of course – – post it, she’ll be raring to go herself!) … and once we drop her off, we’re relieved.

“She made it on time!”

And a short while later, as we bask in the “peace and sanctity that abounds as it were” with a rambunctious six year old NOT around – – we miss her.

“Wonder what she’s doing”, I’ll often muse. “Probably up to some mischief!”

And the wife will chime in around 11, which seems to be school lunch time for the kiddies.

“Wonder if she’s eating everything I gave her”, she’ll say, while hunched over her own laptop.

Funny, but those of you with kids know it’s true, hehe.

And fitness can be much the same way.

It can be a BATTLE at times, for instance, to drop down and pound out 100 pushups and 200 squats when you’re busy – or hungover – or don’t feel like it – or whatever.

Even if you’re a fitness maniac like yours truly, getting up that hill multiple times a day takes WORK, and it’s sometimes anything BUT fun when doing it, especially if you’re doing it after a long, long day at work (and I should know!).

And so forth.

But you get it done – – and oddly enough, as you bask in the afterglow of getting another successful and GOOD one in – you’ll wonder about the workout.

“Oh, that third time up the hill was the best!”

“Oh, those table pushups really hit the spot!! Damn, I’m glad I got it DONE!”

And that’s what its really all about, my friend. Getting one good workout in after the other regardless of anything else – – and then “missing” exactly the same thing that was a nightmare a short while ago (not always, but a lot of times!)

And that, my friend is a KEY stepping stone to success in any field – – not just fitness.

Showing up – and just doing it – is half the battle won  – – and I might as well create my own meme on that, hehe.

Ok, my friend. That’s IT for now. I’ll be back later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I used to show up DAILY on the hill, and look at the sort of shape I’ve gotten into . YOU TOO can do the same – – and follow the exact same routines I did, which are laid out in a concise, easy to understand manner for you right here – – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

P.S #2 – Don’t hesitate to grab that course above, my friend. Its replete with workouts that will get you literally eating more – and weighing less – and if you don’t believe me – – well – – follow what is in there religiously for a coupla weeks or so – and then get back to me!!

P.P.S – For those of you that enjoy my daily stories – – stay tuned for a new product – – that contains MORE THAN a “blast from the past”, hehe. You’ll enjoy that one – – you won’t want to miss it! Again, stay tuned …

Fight – like an APE!
- ... and build APE like strength to boot!

So, I was talking fighting – – and self defense – – and everything related with a friend of mine – – guess who! – – a few months ago.

Yes, the ex-Marine I’ve referred to MANY TIMES – – and while we were knocking back a few brews, we got to talking about self defense, physical training, and just about everything in between.

And soon enough, as we started to get “three sheets to the wind”, as it were, my buddy stood up – – and got into a boxing stance.

And he punched – the cupboard right in front of him – and BOOM – – I would NOT be lying to you that that solid oak cupboard got more than a dent in it, if I might say so.

“Better watch out”, I said, laughing. “Don’t think you want Tracy hammering you after that!”

(The aforementioned lady being his S.O. – – and we all know that if there is ONE person you do NOT want to tick off, it is your significant other, hehe).

Anyway, the topic moved on to self defense, a topic my buddy knows more than a thing or two about!

“Rahul, you need to take advantage of your skills”, he suddenly piped up.

“Skills?” I queried. “I’m no way near a fighter as you are”, I remarked, and it is true, of course, hehe.

“You know more than you let on”, my friend said laughingly, and he then got into a curious “ape like stance”.

“You like doing pull-ups, and you’re good at them – – and you have a grip FEW people can match. While you might not be a boxer or even grappler – THOSE are your strengths”

“Once you get hold of someone, and PULL towards you – – as you did me a year or so ago – – they’re gone if you get ‘em on the ground!”

And there was more to this, but we then got into a fighting stance – – and started fighting (mock) “ape like” – – and if that sounds retarded, well, hear me out.

The style we were fighting in was PRACTICAL – – aimed at “taking the base” away.

Ever watched an ape fight, with those long, loping arms flailing about wildly?

If even ONE of those arms caught you “by accident”- you’d be DOWN for the count – if not worse, my friend.

Chimpanzees, for instance, have been recorded to kill adult MALE CROCODILES – – and if a baby chimp were to grab your finger- – and SQUEEZE – – you’d be screaming for mercy in no time!

Anyway, was a good ole time indeed as we attempted to knock each other “off base” – – and here is the point behind me saying it.

It’s well know than a strong GRIP is one of the things MOST required for grappling – – boxing – – as well as if you’re looking to get good in martial arts – – or – – in day to day life – – carry out activities like lugging heavy stuff around the house without any problem – – or carrying GrandMa up the stairs if she needs it, for that matter – – without collapsing in a heap!

I don’t know if I mentioned it, but many years ago I saw a massive, barrel chested man in an Italian restaurant with those “meat cleaver” forearms …

A waiter he was, I believe, and although he didn’t’ come out of the kitchen, my girlfriend at the time took one look at him and remarked “He is probably the one that does all the heavy lifting back there!”

And the point I bring all this up?

It’s because even if you aren’t interested in SELF defense (and who isn’t these days??) – – and even if you aren’t interested in “looks” or a “strong grip” per se – – training like the APE does can give you gains in terms of both strength – – and fat loss – – like you haven’t experienced before, my friend.

Pulling your own self up through space requires a degree of strength (especially abdominal) that you can’t build from pumping weights in the gym while seated, and certainly NOT on the asinine lat pulldown machine.

If you want the sort of grip – and traps – that will make even experienced men look at you and “nod” with that knowing look – – well – – then you have to train accordingly, my friend.

And training like an ape – – in other words – – pulling – – and doing the things an ape would in the wild will BUILD that sort of strength – – and how, my friend. And how … and the conversation I have just quoted above as well as others in the past, is PROOF of this.

Get them long, strong and FLEXIBLE levers – -with shoulders and traps to boot – – and an upper body that looks like it’s made of steel by following the various progressions I lay out in the courses on pull-ups – – all YOURS in a “compilation format” – right here – – https://0excusesfitness.com/pull-ups-from-dud-to-stud-to-super-stud-within-weeks/


Rahul Mookerjee

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“If the whole world were to stop moving for 4 weeks”
- ... it isnt so much if as it's already happening!

Well, well, well! Woke up bright and early around 930 AM on this here Sunday morning for a change … and of course, what do I see on my phone but some more Coronavirus related nonsense.

Now, some of you at this point familiar with my rants on this might call me out for calling it “nonsense”, and fair enough – but really – like I’ve said before – YES, the pandemic is serious – -but I really do think the entire globe is OVERREACTING ON a very GRAND scale – and this too after the “horse done long bolted”.

Sure, containment is necessary, but what are all the global lockdowns really accomplishing other than fueling mass panic everywhere?

It doesn’t seem like the rates of infection or death rate for that matter are slowing any – – and in China, the one country where everyone “claims” the pandemic is “almost over” – – well, two of the most populous provinces are STILL under lockdown (complete) – – and the rest of the country is pretty much still in a state of “emergency” as it were.

I really don’t want to get into politics here, but Donald Trump’s comment about lockdowns really having the potential to ruin a country’s economy struck HOME. Seems he’s one of the few world leaders that is looking at this through a pragmatic lens, as opposed to a lens clouded with myopia and fear …

And I just heard that cinema halls in China are shuttering again due to a fear that the virus could “re-occur”.

And on that “sage” note, I also read an article this morning where a Chinese professor (Dr Zhang, if I recall correctly) made the comment about the pandemic “might be stopped” (emphasis on might) “if the entire world stops moving for 4 weeks” – – a possibility he dismisses himself as being highly unlikely.

And he goes on to say that if this does NOT happen, then the pandemic will continue – – likely for two years – – and likely “switching between the northern and southern hemispheres based upon temperature changes”.

As for yours truly … upon reading that I took a deep breath, and drank some tea – -and shook my head.

While the good Prof might be right – – or wrong – – the FACT is this folks  – – that the FLU, for one, has been around for ages.

NO, I’m NOT saying the COVID-19 is the same as flu – – obviously NOT – – but the fact is that we lose thousands of people annually to the flu – – which happens every year – – and I don’t see the entire world shutting down or even losing sleep over it??

Again, no, I’m NOT comparing the COVID-19 to the flu, but really – – what have global lockdowns achieved on a grand scale?

I’m all for global “social distancing” for a period, and also for allowing workers in certain businesses to work remotely – – and so forth – – but triggering a global shutdown leads to nothing but PANIC and uncertainty – as it has in India apparently, where the world’s second most populous country was shut down completely on a FEDERAL level (this following STATE WIDE existing measures etc)  – – with but four hours of notice.

I mean, come on. Four hours of notice for a country wide lockdown???

And as for the entire world not moving for four weeks – – well – – – I hate to tell the good Prof, but that is already happening.

Judging by the amount of lard asses out there – a number that is GROWING, amazingly enough – despite folks having TIME To workout  – – and exercise … it would seem that the limited movement that most people engaged in globally (think parking your butt on a car seat, getting up, then on an office seat, getting up, then back on the couch, getting up, dinner table, bed, and so forth …) has been limited even more.

Is it any wonder then that this virus is taking more lives – – as folks mental and physical health goes to utter RUIN?

And amazingly enough, that seems to be “in thing” these days – – for folks to sit around on Twitter and complain about exactly that as opposed to DOING something about it.

My my my. What has the world come to, eh?

As for yours truly, I just got down with a 100 Hindu squats and 75 pushups. A short workout indeed, but one that left me BUZZING – and RARING to go – – and I’m waiting for a WEIGHTED jump rope I ordered to show up, hehe.

I’ll be sure and write about some workouts with that puppy once it DOES – believe me now and trust me later, it adds a LOT of “weight” to your existing workout, hehe.

Alright, my friend. I’m out for now. Stay safe – stay sane – and stay RATIONAL!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I can’t force you into anything ,of course, and neither would I want to – – but if I could exhort you to do one thing – or two – it would be this. One – – MOVE – – at home, and keep MOVING. And two – stop reading the news – – or if you do, read it, and let it simply “pass on”. The world could do with more rational minded and fit folks … if THAT happen in a four week time frame (right!) – – guess what – – it won’t just be this virus that disappears – – a host of other issues will too!

“She used to be known as a bird when she was young”
- ... for good reason!

‘Twas the ETERNAL battle at the dining table the other day.

… what battle you ask?

… Well, the battle between my wife – – and my beloved daughter who along with her many, many GOOD habits – – seems to have picked up a few BAD ones as well.

One of them being dumbphone addiction, but that’s a global problem, affecting kids everywhere.

The other, and more PERPLEXING issue is during mealtimes.

No matter how tasty the food is (and by her own admission, and by MINE – – my wife’s cooking abilities likely FAR, FAR surpass that you’ll see at most five star hotels – – and I am NOT kidding!) … it’s a battle to get her to chow down.

This is a problem that hasn’t affected other kids her age, who seem to eat everything in front of them with gay abandon as kids should … and have massive bellies, saggy asses, and are OBESE, plain and simple … as kids really should NOT be!

But it brings me to a point I’ve often made.

Kids these days exercise – – and MOVE about way less than they should. I’ve often said the T.V is the main culprit, and it IS – – but the dumbphone is even worse.

Anyway, I heard my wife tell my daughter the other day during one of these battles “When I was a kid, I used to be known as a bird!”

“Why”, asked my daughter in a sage maner.

“Because I’d flit from point A to point B, always moving about – -never sitting around!”, she replied.

“And when it was time to EAT … boy oh boy, I’d not only gobble EVERYTHING on my plate – – but I’d snack healthily between meals … and”, here she paused, reminiscing, “I’d often even steal food off my grandpa’s plate when eating with him!”

My daughter giggled, and the conversation went on, but again, upon hearing of this, it got me to thinking.

While my upbringing was unfortunately (in a physical sense) NOWHERE near as “free” as my wife (again, physically – – I was always told to ‘sit down and be quiet and read’) .. it was nowhere near what kids these days experience.

(NB – Reading is fantastic, and is probably a reason I’m writing books today, but believe me, kids need more than just mental stimulation as do adults!)

Kids these days move about SO less that the natural hungry feeling that most kids have is suppressed – -and that’s not good, my friend.

And when they do eat – – what they eat turns into lumps of LARD – – at the tender age of five even I’ve seen…

My, my my. A battle to eat? For us, even myself, it was always a battle to NOT eat! Hehe …

Then again, we weren’t raised in the dumbphone generation.

And while I didn’t have a good example to follow in terms of fitness when growing up (as I’ve mentioned before), my wife did – – and the results are apparent and there for all to see, and that brings me to my last, and most important point.

Setting a good example for your kids is PARAMOUNT.

If you flop down in front of the tube after a heavy meal, belching and farting (and believe me, that isn’t so far removed from the norm as you may think!) – – guess what the kids will pick up on.

If you, on the other hand go for a long walk after a meal, and pick up a book immediately upon your return, or do something constructive – – well – – again – – guess who and what your kids would “ape”.

The 0 Excuses Fitness System, for one is packed with exercises that kids ENJOY – – and that gets adults and kids alike into the best shape of their lives – – you just have to DO it – – and set the right example!

Sadly, in addition to the dumbphone menace out there, most adults do a piss poor job at that.

And while it aint my place to “convince”, it DOES behoove me to tell you my daughter enjoyed pushups from a very young age – six months or earlier!

I’d often get her on the monkey bars when young – – and she’d often do situps on the dipping bars.

She’d often fall into a bridge as a game – -something that will give most adults the workout of their lives …

And the reason she did this was NOT because I forced her – or my wife did – or because we even brought it up.

It’s because she learned – – by example – – and if there is ONE good example you can set for your kids today – it is this – crack open the 0 Excuses Fitness System – – and get cranking on the workouts right there and then in front of them!

Chances are they’ll join you – and be HOOKED – for the rest of their lives – -and at that point, my friend, you’ve not only made a meaningful impact upon your own life – – but the future generation as well!!

And that’s the “lesson” for today. I’m off – – I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is where you can grab the best fitness system there is out there – the 0 Excuses Fitness System – – right here – – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

P.S #2 – And if your S.O. (or you) is a GREAT cook – and you’re worried about gaining weight (and let’s face it, we ALL are at times) – – well – – remember that this worry is baseless so long as you’re on the Eat More – Weigh Less routines. Grab your copy – – proof included – – right here!