How to GIVE more – and receive plenty!

Dear Reader,

One of the key things to note about life – or fitness – or anything in general, really is that a) you get what you put into it and b) you give BEFORE you can receive.

The first part is understood by most people, but the second part is often NOT very well understood – or received – especially in our modern day “instant gratification” society.

We expect everything instantly – like NOW – and it doesn’t work that way, my friend.

You don’t just bound from a perch on the couch for years to become a lean’mean fighting machine.

You don’t just rebound within a day from years of financial woes – and you certainly don’t change your underlying mindset about money, or life either “within the blink of an eye” as it were, although it sometimes CAN feel like that is precisely what is happening.

No – you give first before you receive.

Now, a lot of folks complain about “giving” in terms of fitness – but not “receiving”.

So you have person A complaining about doing cardio galore at the gym, for instance, but not receiving results REMOTELY close to what he or she had expected with this sort of thing. If anything, the flab shows back up the minute he/she stops the pavement – or treadmill – pounding – and it stays there, and GROWS.

Or you may have people that complain of “trying to do handstand pushups“, but never getting there.

And though these people are DOING THE THING, there is one KEY factor they’re missing.

What might this be, you ask?

Well – it boils down to this – that old concept of DOING things – a certain WAY!

Yes, I’ve linked repeatedly to this post. I’ve stressed it galore. I keep pounding it in via what Claude Bristol calls the “tap tap repetitive” method of influencing the subconscious – because it really IS that important.

And in this case, the certain way is this – you give – FREELY – of your own volition – and with no “terms and conditions attached”.

There have been times in my life when (hard as that might sound to believe) – I was in the hole FINANCIALLY. Big time – and yet – every time I needed help, people showed up to help me – seemingly out of the blue.

And these people in EACH AND EVERY CASE ended up getting MORE than they helped me with – and a KEY fact to consider here is this – they did it freely – with an open heart!

An expression in the Old Testament reads thus “Cast thy bread upon the waters; for thou shalt find it after many days”.

This, my friend is the key concept I’m referring to.

Bread tossed upon the waters WITH AN OPEN HEART – and no unrealistic “expectations” does indeed come back to you – manifold at that – and I’ve experienced this MANY a times as well, over and over and over again.

It might not always return in the form you expected – or from the person  you expected it from – – but return it does, and always manifold, my friend.

Napoleon Hill spoke about this at length as well when he mentioned the “Law of Increasing Returns” – as well as the “Law of Universal Compensation” and he was spot on.

This very same concept applies to fitness as well.

If you do your pushups with a “ho hum, I gotta get through this” attitude – you’ll probably never get better at them at the level you desire to.

If you do your handstands with a “hang dog” expression – and thought processes of “Oh, God, I gotta get through this torture somehow” – then guess what. Not only will it feel like torture, but you won’t get near the amount of gains as you would if you had pursued the activity with an ABUNDANT and EAGER mindset!

Back when I was getting fit, I did the thing – daily at 530 A.M. in the morning followed by OTHER things – and I banged out each and every day in the right spirit.

Sure, I had good workouts. Bad workouts. “In between” times. But I stuck to it regardless, and always in the right spirit – and the results are there for all to see!

So thats today’s tip, and if there ever was an important one to give, it is this.

Give freely – and with a clean heart – in all endeavors – and you’ll be nigh astounded at the manifold returns down the line!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – This holds especially true for the style of exercises/workouts I mention in 0 Excuses Fitness. Do the pushups – work at ’em until you get better, for instance, and 10 will soon turn into 100 – and 150 – and then 250 – and more! Before you know it you’ll be at the magic 500. The key is to start – and start SOMEPLACE – right here – –


“That’s Brave!”

Dear Reader,

Back in the day, before one of my oh-so-frequent visits to China, I was speaking to an ESL recruiter – this was back when I DID work full time, and figured I’d try my hand at teaching English (full time) for a change.

I think her name was “Sandy”, if I’ve got it right, and one of the first things she asked me was this “Do you have a job in hand right now?”


“Oh, then where are you now? Back home in the U.S.?”

“No, I’m here in China”

“Here in China?? Without a job?? But … ”

“It felt like the right thing to do, so I did it”, I responded, grinning like a Cheshire cat from ear to ear on the wechat call.

She then asked me about my family, and I told her I had a wife and young kid.

“Wow! You moved to a different country with NO guarantees of a job, and ….” her voice tailed off. “That’s brave, for sure!”

And so it has been with ALL my decisions I’ve taken in life until now, my friend.

The fact is that I never did end up teaching English at that point in China – I ended up working full time for a factory as an I.T. engineer … but, the point stands regardless.

Most of the time, my decisions (which are ALL taken quickly and based upon what my gut tells me) are “lauded” as “Wow, thats brave!” (the polite version) or “foolhardy” – or way, way worse than that, hehe.

And ’tis true if you  look at it a certain way.

Decisions made this way are certainly “brave” in that they make not a shred of sense if you look at them (at that point in time) from a logical standpoint, and yet looking back, hindsight isn’t 20/20 – – it turns out to be ZERO basically – – as all the dots line up way, way better than they would have if one would have followed a strictly logical plan.

Don’t get me wrong. Logic is damned important, but our subconscious minds make the final decision on what is going to happen, and when – regardless of what our “conscious” minds tell us.

In the Magic of Believing, Claude Bristol repeatedly stresses the importance of the mirror technique and other similar methods to impress your goals FIRMLY upon the subconscious in a way that they cannot be erased or replaced easily.

And he goes to say that while you can, should and MUST demand plans of the subconscious, these plans for everyone may not appear in the form of a clear blueprint.

For some folks, you may suddenly get the urge to do something out of the blue. Call a certain person – flip to a certain page in the newspaper (or, as I do so often, write an email to my list).

Just do it, is what he says, and the end result will make the “why’s” and “wherefore’s” of seemingly irrelevant things perfectly relevant at the end of it all.

And he’s right, my friend.

He’s spot on – and going back to being BRAVE – believe you me, it takes guts to look at your obese or horribly unfit (or both) self in the mirror and demand CHANGE from yourself.

It takes guts to keep trying to do 10 pushups in a row when you can barely do one – and KEEP at it for as long as it takes despite physical changes not manifesting instantly.

And it sure takes guts for a person that doesn’t wake up before 10 A.M. on most days – weekdays included – to wake up at 5:30 A.M. in the mornings to go for a hike in the mountains!

And so forth.

But these brave decisions are what generate results – both in terms of LIFE – and in terms of fitness as well.

So if there’s ONE tip I can leave you with today – it is this – come to terms with your INNER – as well as BRAVER self.

You’ll be all the better off for it – that I do guarantee!



Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – It takes guts aplenty to do something apart from the norm – and more so when the chips are down – either in terms of fitness – or LIFE itself. But believe me now and trust me later – it’s all WELL worth it – and that is why I repeatedly stress investing in the 0 Excuses Fitness System – its the very best investment you’ll make in terms of your health, strength and overall fitness and vitality levels! Go here right now and grab your copy – –

Moscow Subway Squats

Dear Reader,

Came across a most interesting and innovative way of getting folks fit today in Russia of all places – that being to give them FREE subway tickets – if they can do a certain number of squats (at one go).

Yes, that is correct – if you can do 30 squats (either Hindu or freestanding) at ONE go without stopping, you’ll get a free subway ticket in Moscow (at least at one of the stations).

And guess what – this isn’t something new either – this has been around for ages, apparently – 5 years to be exact if I understand it correctly from the following Forbes link –

You’ll see that passengers are being asked to perform squats standing on a sensor in front of a special ticket vending machine – – and there is a “countdown” on the screen which shows you the remaining number of reps.

Finish the 30 reps, and you get a free ticket. Else you’re paying 30 rubles from what I understand – which seems to be the price of a ticket back then at that station!

Anyway, like I said it’s been around for a while now – and while I don’t know how many in Moscow are part of the “0 Excuses faithful“, chances are if they ARE – they’ll be getting free subway tickets galore.

They show a man doing 30 REGULAR squats in the video – something that would be child’s play to someone that can pound out a 100 Hindus in less than 3 minutes – and as for 30?

For me, that would be a little less than a warm “wake up” call – – and I’m willing to bet it’s the same for those that have done the high rep squat workouts I detail in 0 Excuses Fitness!

So there’s another added incentive for you to get fit – at least in Moscow!

Truth be told though, subway stations all over the world have their own ways of encouraging fitness.

I don’t know if I mentioned it, but in the past I’ve spoken about how the New Delhi (in India) metro station have heart health signs plastered all over the subway stations, especially those with overhead trains (quite a sprint to the top if I might say so myself).

“Take stairs, help heart”, or something to that effect if I recall correctly – and though most of the signs are ignored (the only action I saw back when I took the subway in Delhi was people goggling at the signs while on the escalators), what the signs say are TRUE, my friend.

Reminds me of the time I was 26, unmarried – with long, long hair – and used to literally RUN up them stairs as I went on to work at THAT company I’ve mentioned.

Was quite a sight, hair flying as I flew up the stairs, heavy laptop bag in tow as well, and sometimes done in full “dress” attire!

Was a great, great way to start my day – – and a great finisher to my 250 pushup workouts which I did BEFORE work – – and a fantastic way to ensure overall health and fitness regardless of external conditions or what not.

And that, my friend is a great way for YOU too to ensure overall health and fitness with an activity you can get in at almost ANY big city around the world.

I don’t care if you’re in the Big Apple – the Big Easy – or Hong Kong – or London – virtually every big city in the world has subways we use – and there’s a workout in each of them staring you right in the face!

Make sure to take advantage of what I told you the next time you ride the subway – ah, and if you pass the “Moscow” subway test (if they’re still doing it) – give me a holla and let me know!!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you want to get into the sort of shape where you can literally “fly up” subway stairs as onlookers look on in awe and amazement – well – then the right sort of foundation is key. Build that foundation right here – –

Achievement is intricate

Dear Reader,

Achievement in any field – fitness, life, relationships, or anything in general doesn’t come about due to “chance” or “good luck” – or anything of that nature.

It doesn’t necessarily boil down to “who had the best plan either”. Some of the best plans are the plans conceived ON the fly – plans you receive from the Infinite – if you only know how to communicate with it first!

These plans may seem strange when you look at them. They may seem completely “out there” and ludicrous to some – but when that final result occurs, you’ll look back and it’ll make sense.

In fact, the “plan to have no plan” can often times produce a plan so brilliant in it’s conception and INTRICACY that it boggles the mind!

I’ve often spoken about how plans devised by the conscious mind are overrated – and today I’ll tackle this from a different angle.

Have you ever seen a spider weave it’s web?

You know, spiders? Those annoying little creatures that seem to pop up in corners of room – perhaps bathrooms as well – anywhere there is a lot of dust – and in “musty” areas in general.

Have you ever seen those spiders weave their webs?

A spider web is one of the most intricate creations (along with honeycombs and beehives) that nature has to offer – – and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that spiders literally weave engineering marvels every day of their life.

They do it day in and day out, by the way. When a human breaks the web – they don’t go into a corner and “give up”. No, they scurry for cover, and the next thing you know that darn web is being built again – – wide and open – – to ensnare any and all prey in an indirect manner that the spider has perfected over the ages!

It might sound strange, but we’ve got a lot to learn from the spider in many regards.

And any achiever will tell you – anyone that’s done anything of NOTE that is – is that there is NO one “plan” – or “set journey” to success.

Sure, there are guidelines. Sure, you do what has worked for others in the past – but it’ll never quite be the SAME thing for me – and the more noteworthy your goal is (to you) – the MORE this will hold true.

All the great achievers of yore have several things in common, but their exact path to success is one that they forged and discovered themselves while ON the way to success. 

Much the same as a spider web, your road to success won’t necessarily be a “straight one” – and I’m talking fitness here as well as life, my friend.

Dr. Maltz correctly noted in Pyscho Cybernetics that a missile “zigs and zags” before hitting it’s final target, and the same thing holds true for goals you set.

It’s nigh impossible to accomplish anything of note without bringing the subconscious into play, and once you do so successfully – it will provide you with the plans you need to get to where you want to go.

But it’ll be intricate. A delicately woven web of surprises, ups and downs, and seemingly more troughs than peaks – before that final success which will occur so quickly and all of a sudden that it’ll leave you spellbound.

And I should know, my friend. I should know. This has happened to me in MANY areas of my life before – fitness, life, relationships, and just about anything I can think of!

So fitness wise, remember that your journey to the final goal will not always be a “premeditated” one.

You may find that one fine day  you get a little weary of the repeated pushup workouts – and suddenly feel this urge to move on to PULL-UPS – or perhaps even handstand pushups.

I know it – I felt this urge years ago, and it’s certainly no coincidence that I’m the pull-up monster I am now – and none of it would have happened if I had not followed my inner voice in that regard.

Does this mean I slacked off on my pushups – or other fitness goals?

Not in the least. If anything, this “on the fly of the moment” plan worked out EVEN better for me in terms of overall fitness, pull-ups and that Gorilla Grip I speak about so often, hehe.

It will all work out for the good – if you have a VISION in mind first – and then trust the Universe to deliver things to you in the intricate and eternal way only it can!

And on that note, it’s adios for now, my friend. I’ll be back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Eye of the TIGER!

Dear Reader,

If you’ve watched Rocky III, the “Eye of the Tiger” hit single is no doubt familiar to you.

Who can forget the inspirational scenes at the beginning of the movie – and twenty or so minutes into the movie?

The first being when “Clubber Lang” does his roadwork – looking lean, mean and yet as muscular a fighting machine as there ever was – and running mile after mile with that LOOK in the eye – that HUNGRY look – that speaks VOLUMES?

I’m reminded of something at this point that an Editor that I work with on another venture told me once about a few books that weren’t moving at the rate I’d have liked ’em to.

“Sorry the books haven’t moved as yet, Rahul, but there’s still time – if your hungry enough!”

Those are his words, and while that is a different biz, and while the reasons for the books not moving have got nothing to do with “hunger” or lack thereof, the point he made STANDS.

If one is hungry enough for anything – one usually eventually gets there. From Edwin Barnes to Napoleon Hill to Henry Ford to Jack Ma – they all have ONE (if not many) thing in common – that being they were hungry – and REMAINED hungry until they obtained that which they were seeking.

But back to the motivation.

If you’ve seen the movie, you’ve likely seen the contrast in the ways Rocky and Clubber train.

Rocky turns it into a glorified autograph session at the local chrome’n’fern palace, showing off his wealth to all and sundry. The training was replete with bands playing music and women kissing him as he “pumped and toned” his biceps on some sort of a machine – and thus forth.

And all the time, Clubber was sweating it out in his home basement. Old school, HARD STYLE training – sit ups – hitting the heavy bag – and most of all, and what stands out to me (as do Mr. T’s back muscles!) doing TWO FINGER pull-ups – and the way in which he was doing ’em!

He literally POWERS himself through high rep pull-ups – – done hammer grip style with two fingers, and as someone whose done that before, I can attest to just how difficult that sort of training is – especially at a bodyweight that Lang had for the movie!

And when the actual fight came – Clubber made mincemeat of Rocky – and therein itself lies the tale and the contrast between the two fighters.

To close, let me just say this.

A tiger in the wild doesnt rest on it’s laurels after capturing an especially large prey.

It might slack off for a while, but soon enough it’s HUNGRY again – and is hunting again and if you’ve ever been to India and literally seen – nay, FELT the eye of the world’s most powerful cat, the Bengal tiger, and a stalker el supremo LOOKING at you through the bushes, you KNOW what I mean.

Jim Corbett wrote a lot about these magnificent beasts in his writing, and rightfully so! So did Kipling and other nature enthusiasts in the Indian subcontinent at that time, and their works are all gems – highly worth a read, and highly recommended!

And the thing that strikes about the tiger the most isn’t it’s lithe powerful build – or the muscles themselves, or the amazing agility these cats have.

It’s the LOOK in the eye – and anyone that’s ever seen a tiger or other big cat in the WILD knows what I mean.

And that hunger, that look is ultimately what you, my friend, need as well to accomplish your fitness – as well as life goals.

Always stay hungry, and always want MORE.

I can do a 100 pull-ups in a workout easily, for instance – but that doesnt mean I rest on my laurels. I’m currently doing over 150 per workout – and the bar will continue to be set higher and higher – and higher – for as long as I live or can physically do these!

And so forth for my goals in life – or anything else for that matter.

If there’s one tip I can give you which is literally worth it’s weight in gold, my friend – it is this. Think about it as you sip your Java – or cold beverage of choice, and then incorporate it in your life – and write back about the results.

I’ll bet you anything they’re life changing!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Always remember that best results come hand in hand with the best exercises – and the very best in that regard is the 0 Excuses Fitness System – a System that people have been raving about for ages now. Check it out right here –

2 tips on completing high rep workouts

Dear Reader,

Today I’ll touch upon something which I’ve been asked often, and with good reason.

Often times, when I talk about my high rep pushup – and especially pull-up workouts to clients, trainees and folks in general – I can see their eyes open wide in amazement at the sheer numbers.

While I don’t consider the number of reps I do per workout to be astronomically high (at least not when compared to guys like Herschel Walker – yes – there’s a good reason I mention him in the 0 Excuses Fitness system!) — ’tis what it seems like to the average person.

And I understand.

When you can barely do a pull-up – or 20 squats – the idea of 500 or more squats per workout might sound terrifying and “way out there”.

If you’ve been raised on the standard diet of “10 reps of the lat pulldown machine plus greasing/oiling with the bros, followed with preening and posing and a few more sets this way” – – then doing more than a 100 pull-ups per workout probably doesn’t just seem insane to you – it seems IMPOSSIBLE as well (although I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t something people secretly DO aspire to!).

And so I’ll talk about this a bit today.

First off, my 250 rep pushup workout that you see in the video (was a total of 500 for the day actually) is NOT by any means something you cannot achieve, my friend – if you go for it and do the right things.

The Marines and special forces all over the world routinely bang out 500 pushups a day as part of their training – perhaps more.

As for pull-ups, even my buddy Vincent once told me that “100 pull-ups in a workout are hard for anyone” – and while I agree, you CAN get there.

And how?

Well, my books tell you how – but I’ll give you two tips right here.

First being this – do NOT focus so much on the end number as you do each rep and each set.

Believe me, if I started each workout with a “Oh God, I’ve gotta do 200 pull-ups (yes, that is NOT a misprint) – I’d probably never get there with the regularity that I do.

I tell myself I have a certain goal – or number – in mind, sure, but once I start DOING ’em, I don’t worry about this goal.

I just go out there and do it – and let things happen – and happen they do!

It’s the same way with life. If I’ve got a financial goal, I might have the number in mind as I go about my work – but I sure don’t obsess about it WHILE doing my work.

I’ll hit that goal – so long as I keep hitting smaller goals and milestones along the way.

Even the seemingly insignificant gains ADD up – and make a huge difference. Eat a bear at a time, as the saying goes!

And tip #2?

Well, it might sound amazing, but BREATHING the right way can get you through these workouts a lot quicker – and with a lot more ease!

I show you an example of this in the “workout” video I created for 0 Excuses Fitness, and tell you how exactly both in the video and the book.

And yes – the same thing holds true for pull-ups as well – or dips – or any exercise you can think of.

You literally BREATHE life into the movement – and if you do this correctly, chances are you’ll speed past your rep count – or goal – and not even notice it – you’ll literally have too much “fun” along the way!

Alright, my friend. That’s it for now. If you’re going to partake of a high rep pushup workout today – and you should! – keep the following tips in mind as you do so.

I’ll bet you’ll have one of the very best, if not the best, workout of your life!


Rahul Mookerjee

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“Everyone has a plan ’til they get punched in the mouth”

Dear Reader,

I don’t know if you’ve heard it before – but Mike Tyson uttered these words once when he was asked about his upcoming fight with Evander Holyfield, and whether he was worried about (or concerned about, should I say) the latter’s gameplan.

And Tyson’s answer was short and snappy, much  like those KO punches he threw so often in his heyday – and one of a kind as well!

Everyone has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about “are plans overrated?” – – and with good reason, my friend.

Often times, the best plan that has worked for me int he past is “no plan” – or the plan that presents itself to me on the “spur of the moment”.

I’ve noticed that when I plan months or perhaps even weeks in advance for something – it generally never ever works out the way I’ve wanted it to.

Other hand, if I just have a proper VISION in my mind and then just go ahead and DO the thing I want to do – as directed by my subconscious mind – then a plan automatically generates itself somehow, and I somehow weave and bob my way to the final target – and generally achieve FAR more than if I would have with a “plan written out ahead of time”.

Lots of folks attach a lot of importance to plans, and that’s fine – but what happens when that plan doesn’t workout?

What happens when plan A – or B – or even C doesn’t work out?

What happens when you’ve got to adjust those plans on the fly?

There’s no room to hide in a boxing ring, and there’s no time to “contemplate” a change of plan.

You do what comes to you in the spur of the moment based upon your training – and you do it WELL because you’ve been trained to do a job well – but thats about the extent of the planning that’s required when you, as Tyson so succinctly puts it, “get punched in the face” in the midst of your well thought out plan!

Does this mean I’m against plans?

Not at all – and I’ve mentioned this before in a post as well. I just feel that way more importance is given to plans than the REAL deal behind the scenes – – which is basically VISUALIZING what it is you want – – and allowing the plans to “flow” from there.

It might sound amazing to you, but a lot of solid planners have trouble creating a VISUAL of what it is they WANT to achieve out of the plan – – and I’m sorry to tell you (and results will back this up) – if you’ve got no visuals of what you want to achieve – no clearly defined goals (and no I don’t mean written down by defined!) then you’re more likely NOT to get to your goal than you are to get to it.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz spoke about this at length in his path breaking book Psycho Cybernetics.

He speaks about the self image, which is governed by your subconscious – and about how you can literally NOT rise higher than your self image permits it to it.

He also talks about the way a missile zigs and zags before it ultimately hits a target.

It doesn’t go in a straight line. There’s plenty of zigging and zagging – at times it appears the darn thing is off course – but it ain’t.

And THAT is the point of me saying all this.

There’s nothing wrong with having detailed plans if you so choose, but remember that you’ll have to be flexible and change them on the fly every so often. Old man life can be rather grumpy at times – both inside and outside the boxing ring!!

In terms of fitness, the same thing applies.

What if you’ve got a clearly defined plan to do X number of dips – and pull-ups – but end up tweaking a wrist – or shoulder?

This happened to me once, by the way, and no – despite what you might think – I did not abandon the workout. I simply modified my plan, and did something else!

In terms of life, I’ve often made plans – and have had to change them at the very last minute – and this has happened so often that though I’m not underestimating the value of plans – I trust my gut more than anything else.

If I don’t have a clearly defined plan for a goal I want to achieve – as yet – no worries. I put the visual in my mind -and I just go ahead and DO something – that I believe will get me closer to my goal!

In terms of fitness, that could be taking a walk daily.

That could be reading the 10 Commandments of Physical Success DAILY until they’re literally ingrained into your subconsciousness and you see ’em in your dreams!

Or,  it could be setting a goal to do a 100 pushups at a go – and then 150 – and then 200 – and then more – and then going out there and DOING it!

Whatever it is – remember this – plans are great, but we often tend to overemphasize their importance.

The best plan is often times this – go with the flow, and deal with life as it presents itself, while keeping a PICTURE of what it is you want to accomplish in your mind.

Do this, and you’ll be nigh astounded with the results!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Some more great stuff on the way from 0 Excuses Fitness HQ’s. One of my next posts will talk about high rep workouts and a couple of tips you might find interesting in that regard. Stay tuned!

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Tell the world what you’re going to do, but SHOW ’em first!

Dear Reader,

Way, way back in the day – when yours truly was 17 years of age – he fell out of a running bus on his right wrist, and pretty much made a royal MESS of the wrist – a decidedly “non Gorilla Grip” wrist at that point.

Though the wrist didn’t hurt that bad at the time, and though I was going to treat it at home myself, I could barely move it in a clockwise and other manner – and long story short, I ended up going to a doctor who put it in a cast.

Probably the right thing to do, and ’twas my right wrist – which has always been a weak suit for me.

A few weeks later, I remember having to go an examination in another town, and my father was the one that took me there.

We had to stay in a hotel on the way, and all of a sudden, we met up with this one guy – – this guy about 6’2″ in height, and a tennis player at that.

And as we shook hands, I made it very clear that I had an injured right wrist – but he seemed not to listen, and he gripped my hand with his own “vice” like grip (tennis players have great grips!) – and the pain I felt was beyond comparison.

But the worst part wasn’t that – the worst part was the look in the eye – a look that he gave me unknowingly – a look that spoke volumes.

A look of “you’re a weakling” – something I’d heard ad infintium growing up.

Something that I’m sure would resonate with the great Charles Atlas if he was alive today.

You’ve heard of Atlas, I’m sure? The guy who used to routinely get sand kicked in his face at the beach – who was to become one of the VERY BEST proportioned men in the entire world down the line.

It was at that point (and perhaps also when the doctor who strapped my wrist gave me a “sorry” sort of look which spoke volumes as well) that I decided I’d get the STRONGEST grip I could get.

That I’d work my grip with a passion – and today, bonafide gym MONSTERS and “gorillas” in their own right shy away from shaking hands with me – and not because I intentionally try and crush hands either!

As Vincent, a wrecking machine of a man if there ever was a one, a 6’1″ mountain of pure muscle and an ex Marine noted last year –

I’ve never met anyone that gripped my hand naturally with a kung fu like grip like you do!

And so, is it any wonder that despite not a lot of promos – the two Gorilla Grip courses are the ones that sell the very best for me?

Is it any wonder that I constantly get remarks about my grip – and how strong it is – and other related comments?

Now note this. If I had told folks of my goals back then at that point – they’d have literally LAUGHED in my face.

I’d have got sand kicked in my face – figuratively speaking – and then some …

And NOW? Well, now it’s the exact opposite – and this truly IS a case of what Napoleon Hill famously once said i.e. Tell the world what you’re going to do – but SHOW ’em first!

It’s also a huge reason why I’m an advocate of never mentioning your goals and desires to others at the outset and right until you accomplish ’em. The less negative vibes you deal with at the outset, the better it is!

The same thing holds true for my writing – and any other ventures I’ve been involved in. Back when I started I was greeted with nothing but “ho hums” along the way.

Oh yeah. Right. Another info product seller. Yet another fitness guy. He’ll never make it!

And so forth.

Today, as I’m doing my 0 Excuses stuff, people still don’t seem to “get” that I don’t have a full time “job” and certainly don’t want one!

Sure – I might not have sold a million books as yet – and I might not be a multi-millionaire – as YET – – but the bottom line is this – I’ve not had one single person tell me “I can’t sell” or “Your books won’t sell” now – as opposed to when I first started.

The biggest mistake I made amongst many when I did the first site was to listen to other people’s negativity and let that impact me internally – – and I let things slide for a couple  of years.

No more, my friend. No more .

I could honestly care less about the millions. What I’m concerned about and what I DO is to a) give it to you STRAIGHT – and b) be the motivation and inspiration we ALL need in our lives these days and c) get you in the best shape of your life possible – with ZERO excuses along the way.

And if I do all that – I truly don’t think I’ll need to tell the world anything – – they’ll notice it anyway!

Alright, my friend. That’s tonight’s “sermon”. See if you can find the lessons therein!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Almost forgot to mention – amidst all the hoo haa about building a strong grip and perhaps rightfully so, always remember that if you don’t have a proper base in place, it won’t work. There is a reason I mention this truism not only in Gorilla Grip – but also in Pull-ups – – from Dud to Stud within weeks, and my other courses. And the way you build that base is doing the right exercises – the right way. Find out what the way is right HERE – –

The WILL to SUCCEED – despite all odds!

Dear Reader,

I don’t know if you’ve heard the saying “there has be a fire brewing underneath it” – – in terms of goals, or achievement in general?

Look at ANY great achiever of the past, and you’ll see that their goals not only “didnt come easy” – – but the ONLY way at the end of the day that they HAPPENED was the BURNING DESIRE they had underneath the goal.

Desire, as Napoleon Hill rightly says is the starting point of all achievement!

A white hot flame of desire that kept them going in the face of obstacles most men would give up on just after hearing them – let alone experiencing them.

Desire that kept them going to the exclusion of all other obstacles and odds.

Financial odds. Odds against their success – – in most cases RESOUNDING ODDS against their success. Physical odds. Mental odds.

And yet, despite all these obstacles, at the end of they mustered up the will and GUMPTION to keep going – no matter what life threw at them and no matter how hard life hit ’em!

THE SAME thing applies to your fitness as well, my friend. The very same thing. It could be a biz – or a story – or a relationship – but the moral you take out of the relationship applies nonetheless!

Remember the story of Edwin Barnes? The “tramp” like person that showed up in Edison’s office – literally demanding to work not FOR him – but WITH him – as an EQUAL?

Barnes had nothing. He was so broke he traveled on a freight train to get to Edison’s office – and Edison being hard of hearing couldn’t even hear his entire story the first time around, so he repeated himself twice – at least.

Barnes had no qualifications at the time. No accomplishments. NOTHING to convince one of the world’s greatest inventors to work with him – – or even to get  a lowly job in  Edison’s company, and yet – Edison hired him – and why?

Because Edison could tell that the guy had DESIRE – a burning DESIRE underneath his goal, and when a man has that desire BREWING under any sort of goal, and stakes his entire life on one turn of the wheel, then he generally ends up getting exactly what he wants!

And why just Barnes? Edison himself was NO stranger to mishaps and other obstacles.

When he was young, the story goes he was literally lifted up on a train by HIS EARS by a conductor, which led to hearing disabilities his entire life.

He was told at school he’d never succeed at ANYTHING (I’m couching it in polite terms) …ah, but we know THAT part, don’t we??

He was fired from numerous jobs – his laboratory once burned down when he had NO insurance, and yet, he found it within himself to keep on keeping on!

And again – this, my friend, applies just as much to your fitness as it does anything else.

THIS is one of the main reasons I’m at the level of fitness I am now – genetics or other hogwash aside – – it is this – – DECIDE in your mind what you want – – get a clear PICTURE of the desire – – get some WHITE HOT heat brewing underneath the desire – – and then just go do it!

If you want to lose weight, pay NO heed to those that tell you can’t, won’t, or that it’s tough. Just do it, and keep doing it while you bear the end goal in mind, and you’ll get there – provided you do things the right way.

Want to get a 100 – or 200 – or even 500 pull-ups? 

Take NO heed of those that snicker behind your back when you currently can’t even do ONE. In fact, thank them for the snickers. You’ll be the one laughing a while later when you’re pumping them pull-ups out, and they can’t (and believe me, I’ve got very real stories to share in this regard – actual customers that have gone through just this).

The key part is – never give up.

Napoleon Hill correctly said that great achievement is born out of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness.

Keep that in mind as you go about your weekend – or day – or whenever you might read this!

Ok, my friend. That’s it for now. I’ll be back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

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My antidote to an exceptionally brutal day

Dear Reader,

Boy oh boy oh BOY.

As “ole boy” Denzel (and “bad cop” Alonzo Harris) said after being shot in the buttocks by his rookie protege … “What a day. What a *********** day!

And if that above line offends some people, so be it. There’s a time and place to say something a certain way – – and the time and place is both NOW – – and HERE!

Anyway, ’twasn’t smooth sailing for me on many fronts today – both business wise, and LIFE wise (the latter being multiple fires to put out at the ole homestead).

Now this happens every so often, but today was an exceptionally rough day – – and for those wondering why I’m writing about it – – or “why the guy who talks about visualization and POSITIVE emotions galore” is even talking about this – – well – – it’s because life happens, my friend.

Despite our best efforts, we’ve ALL had days like this – and there’s no doubt be days such as this in the future as well regardless of our goals, fitness levels, or anything else in life.

Part of the reason why people follow me on this newsletter (and indeed on social media etc) is because I keep it REAL – and in that spirit, so yes, I had an exceptionally rough day – somethign that most of you will no doubt be familiar with, and yet at the end of it all?

Well, let’s see. It’s 8:48 P.M. at the time of writing this, and I’m literally feeling “hoopsy daisy” right about now at the time of writing this!

I believe that is one way of saying “over the moon” – and why?

Well, because I applied the perfect antidote to a brutally rough day.

The yin and yang as it were, and the YANG in this case was an equally brutal workout – and what was it?

150 pull-ups – – all in letter perfect form. Sprints for 15 minutes in the midst of that – and then back to the pull-ups and then 25 dips, and 25 handstand pushups upon getting home.

And I’m fried – in a good way!

And that is how life should be, my friend. When life knocks you down – as I’ve often said, it’s all about GETTING BACK UP – -and how!

As ole Rocky said, if you let life keep you down – – it’ll not only keep you down — but BEAT you to your knees if you let it. The world sure ain’t all sunshine and rainbows at time, but your personal rainbows are available upon command via a variety of means if you choose to apply ’em – – and hard, tough workouts are part of the toolkit here!

Thats one of the reason I love 0 Excuses workouts. Nothing, I repeat, nothing – not even benching 500 pounds for multiple reps at the gym can give you the same sort of “on top of the world” feeling as a high rep pullup workout can.

More than that, these exercises build gumption — and BULL DOG tenacity as I said before. 

I say the following on the BattleTank Shoulders page –

But every serious trainee knows that the body is but one part of a REAL MAN’s pysche, makeup and ARSENAL, my friend.

Every serious trainee knows that it all starts with the mind, and usually ends there as well.

And the mental toughness, gumption and DESIRE to carry on – PUSH forward – despite all the obstacles life and others toss at you that is required is NOT present in most modern day men.

And it’s true, my friend. It’s true – and you’ll see what I mean when you get done with any of the workouts in either “Battletank Shoulders” – – or in any of my other advanced courses.

So thats the missive for tonight. If you’ve had a rough day – – work it the heck out of your system – – in a way only 0 Excuses fanatics can.

You’ll feel a ton better for it!

Best, and keeping it real –

Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Another great course that’ll get all the frustration out – -while building that classic “X” taper and lat spread is course #2 on pull-ups – – which you owe it to yourself to take a gander at right here – –

P.S #2 – Along with the physical, a mental dose of MOTIVATION is equally important so you can keep going out there and GETTING ’em! Here is where you can get the very best motivation ever – – straight from the horse’s mouth as well – –