Training “half bore” and on great minds thinking ALIKE !

Well, well, well, . It’s happening twice (happened) in a row, and being I do NOT believe in coincidence, I gotta say what I did on Twitter in response to a Donald Trump post on the FLU (and the China plague).

And that was this – “Dang, I just said this myself on my blog!

And I had, actually.

It was a few seconds after I posted what I did that he tweeted in his own imitable style.

I then posted about training.

And how it’s BAD to go “all out” in every workout, and how in the vast majority of cases you might actually be hindering your results as opposed to improving them (and how for the lazy asses reading this that was NOT an excuse to “take a break and relax because eyou deserve it due to whatever reason”).

And that’s something I’ve written about galore, of course in the past.

And this morning, I saw a post on “50%” training from a guy I sometimes follow (and used to follow a LOT in the past).

I might not agree with everything this dude says, but he’s a nigh on brilliant marketing mind, right up there with Ben Settle, yours truly, and the rest (sorry, had to be honest!)

And the inimitable Donald Trump who is by far the very best marketer ever. In fact, and people don’t get how expertly he can do the right thing and also hit right to the core when saying what he does, but it’s nigh on obvious for those that “get it”.

Like yours truly, because he’s a man after my own heart and I market the same damned way!

And often times I’ll keep up with him just to see what he has to say, and what I can LEARN from it (though it certainly helps that I agree with him on most things!).

HE’s got it. You either got it, or you don’t in terms of life – and marketing too – and while the fact he’s almost double my age and doesn’t (like me) look it has a lot to do with it, most of it is natural.

He just discovered it and is it any coincidence that Trump is a huge Napoleon Hill fan?

I think NOT.

IN Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill gave his own version of “men ageing like fine wine” when he gives you the facts on accomplishment, TRUE And real and LASTING accomplishment that the world notices and that is what YOU have always wanted … NOT really occurring until after the age of 40, and in some cases way after 40!

Edison. Ford. Lincoln. Name whoever you can, but amongst the very other admirable qualities they had (David Copperfield is another name that comes to mind) – they had age in common, and on their side.

And of course, they “got the magic of sexual transmutation, either consciously or non-consciously).

Anyway, back to marketing and how the greatest marketer alive today (Trump) dpoes it and yours truly.

Always have – and no, keeping it real ain’t the whole secret by a long damn shot (and no, that won’t be revealed in this email either).

But anyway, back to training.

As I wrote about yesterday, 50% training (or NOT going full bore) has benefits manifold, and beyond the frigging obvious.

One of them being improved reps and performance in the next workout, if not this one.

What do I mean.

I went half bore today while jumping rope.

Still did my 2000 reps, but I did them in roughly double the time (OK, not double, since I did pushups in the middle, but still, wasn’t near as fast as I normally sprint through ‘em).

And guess what.

I finished off my workout with something I haven’t done for a long, long time that being Bourne sprints.

Modified Bourne sprints, since I haven’t done ‘em for a while. And you’ll see more on Bourne (hey, I’ve made no secret of my liking for Matt Damon and the Bourne series!!) in the next email, but for now, let me just say I got a great workout in.

Pushups (more than I normally do per workout).

Pull-ups (LESS – like yesterday. But I still got in more ROPE pull-ups which are amongst the toughest a man can do!).

Dips (galore!)

And of course, lots of stretching and a LOOOOOOONG sprint to finish it all off.

Brings back memories of 2017 when sprints used to be my mainstay (not rope sprints, but actual running sprints).

And that’s that for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Who is the guy I was “following” and still do to an extent? Well, you will have to crank open the 0 Excuses Fitness System to find out. YES, I believe in giving credit where credit is due. No, I ain’t concerned about (if) lost biz either!

PS #2- Just realized about an hour or so after that post that I hardly even addressed the “great minds thinking alike” part. Well – I won’t get into it again now – but rest assured thoughts do transmute my friend, and how. Ever notice how you attract what you truly are good at , cherish or desire to you (deep down inside) on auto pilot, for one?

I’ll have more on this later tho – stay tuned!

Why less is often (well, not often, but often if you know what you’re doing) MORE (and why I thought I’d forgotten how to look at the clock).


I thought I had forgotten how to read the time, or that I Was reading it wrong if at all.

And as I finished sets of 500 jumps in 2 minutes flat today, even yours truly that is always looking to BETTER himself in all regard, even yours truly that believes and very whole heartedly so in the Claude Bristol saying of “you can never rest on your laurels, because success is a matte of never ending application. The minute you pause to rest on your laurels is the minute it takes WINGS and flies AWAY”, even yours truly that doesn’t usually brag about reps etc thought the above.

Damn, am I looking at the time right, I thought.

And as I finished that part of my workout, and headed out to the park for pull-ups and DIPS (an unique combo in many ways, and YES, those of you that think my fitness info is “hardly pathbreaking” – guess what – what I did today and what I usually DO IS PATHBREAKING, period. Admit it. You wouldn’t be saying it wasn’t if it truly wasn’t, hehe).

The knife that cuts deepest . . .

The points that really hit home, because, well, they do . . . and they’re TRUE.

Why Donald Trump is by far the best and most successful marketer I’ve ever “known” . . .

And more.

But anyway, I did up a lot on sales and marketing in the last one so not here.

Not now at least.

Point is this.

Sometimes, and indeed many times if you know what you’re doing better, you’re better off doing LESS than more.

(No, this isn’t me referring to shorter and more intense workouts which AR Ewhat you should be doing, but the point is entirely different)

The point is NOT (and this is mostly for the TUbbos and weight pumpers) to take longer breaks between sets or NOT workout on any given day.

In fact the vast majority of people out there need MORE, not less, especially the 2 (and often the same) categories I mention in that sentence above.

But often times you’re better served improving at a certain exercise, for instance, by doing less reps of that exercise in THAT particular workout.

Lets say you want to get to 100 pull-ups per workout.

You’re currently at 30-35

Well, great.

One or two days a week, you might want to do just TEN pull-ups and be done with it.

And usually speaking, do MORE of a certain other exercise . . . This is something I picked up after hours spent in the trenches trying to figure out why my pull-up numbers weren’t shooting through the roof.

Finally I got it.

I was shooting for a BEST every workout.

Which you really shouldn’t be doing my friend.

Going all out or training to failure every workout is something I have written about before and advised against.

It may work (sometimes) if you’re only job is, for instance as an Armyman where that “is the job” so to speak. But even then, and those people would be the first to tell you, training to failure daily is usually highly counter productive.

So it was for me when I was trying to really up the number of reps per workout on the pull-up, for instance.

Once I figured it out, and started working MORE, not less on the supplementary exercises mentioned in the book, guess what.

My numbers darn near shot through the roof. Very quickly at that!

And so will yours, if you take what I am saying to heart.

It doesn’t mean be a lazy ass and do nothing. NO.

It doesn’t mean “oh, let me just relax today. I worked out yesterday and I’m sore, so I deserve it!”. NO.

Or any of the above crap.

What it means is you go easy on certain exercises, and hard on another.

Could be doing 10 pull-ups and 40 dips for what would normally be a 50 pull up workout (yours truly).

Could be doing less Hindu squats per workout for you on a certain day and really working the jump rope etc.

Doing so, my friend, keeps your body GUESSING.

Actively so. And the muscles are always challenged differently as are the synpases and entire nervous systems.

You ensure you keep things fresh and are never in a rut, so to speak, of any form or nature.

And that my friend is truly where your real gains lie!

And that’s that for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Be sure and check out our products page right HERE.

Why most people doing “yoga at home” (or anywhere) don’t lose an OUNCE of weight long term

So after I finished that last post on fat (really fat) ladies teaching yoga they can’t do themselves (I mean it doesn’t just look ridiculous or pathetic to see that mountain of fat aka booty sticking out miles, desperately trying to get into position – no, not what you’re thinking either! – it looks hypocritical).

PLAIN AND SIMPLE HYOCRITICAL for the reasons mentioned in the last email.

Sure, an instructor may or may need to be in top shape himself or herself, but a bonafide slob x 10?

I think NOT.

And not being able to do said exercises herself (or himself if we’re talking last dude, but he wasn’t near as fat to be honest (but he WAS fat, yes))?

I think NOT x 10.

Anyway, enough on that.

I’ve written tomes about why yoga is possibly not just not beneficial for weight loss, but the worst thing you can do for weight loss.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know.

I can just hear the snowflakes chirp up about “we don’t do yoga for weight loss! We do it to feel good!”

Oh yes, you DO my friend.

At the core of it, the desire is to get that FLAT stomach, and abs that POP.

That Corrugated Core, as I so like to say!

Lets face it. Might not be easy to face, but it’s true!

Anyway, that’s fine, but I won’t even get into a detailed litany of why yoga is not the best thing for weight loss here.

What I will tell you is why YOU, the avid yoga “afficiando” is NOT losing weight (long term) despite doing oodles of yoga daily, and sometimes multiple times a day.

Despite “sweating it out in sauans while doing Bikram Yoga”

And why the yoga teachers (real teachers as opposed to the beached whales doing the rounds these days) themselves stay “enviably thin” as you think the following.

How does he (or she) do it!!

Well, my friend here goes.

First off, most people don’t do yoga at a level that even gets the heart rate up, let alone start to lose fat.

Great for stretching etc yes. But losing weight? I think NOT.

Sure, SQUEEZING and STRETCHING and moving the fat WILL Make you lose weight, but ONLY if it’s accompanied by some “thud thud thud” heart pumping from the upper regions!

Just the former will accomplish – well – zippo.

Second, diet.

While I’ve said on many occasions that diet ain’t half the big deal its made out to be (even less – sorry, you guys that “count calories” or make excuses about not doing cardio because “your high protein diet leaves you with no energy after weightlifting or some such rubbish”), it IS a big deal in some regards.

“Baba” Ramdev, a yoga guru in India, and probably the best person to learn from made the following statement once when addressing a throng of well over 10,000 at a yoga shmoga gathering.

(translated from Hindi)

“It’s great to workout and do yoga etc, but if you eat five or six parathas after that- you might as well not do ‘em”

Uncannily and eerily similar to what I’ve always said about (especially in the videos in the 0 Excuses Fitness System) that if “I can’t hear you breathe across the room, there is no POINT in you doing these exercises in the first place”.

Now, I said that for reasons different and more important than weight loss.

Reasons you SHOULD think about. And most don’t . . .

But it applies to weight loss as well. Big time.

Third, diet and heart rate apart, the exercises themselves do not lend themselves well to losing weight. Most of it is static holds which are great to build some sort of strength/endurance, but losing weight?


Now, good news is that DERIVATIVE exercises that come from yoga WILL help in losing weight, big time.

But unfortunately, these exercises are STAUNCHLY ignored as being “too simple”.

I mean, really. Folks, you’re well versed with my rants on people that can’t do pushups and say they do no good or they’re too simple, and the rants are justified, but if I were to start on what people say about these exercises ?

That in theory look even simpler?

I’d probably write double the number of books I have now!

Take for instance, the stomach vacuum, an exercise that has to be done right and an exercise that will work WONDERS – and one I mention in the “elementary” section of the Corrugated Core exercises.

Or perhaps the yogi version of the jumping jacks with my own mods added in . . .

And last, but not least, of course, the staunch refusal to acknowledge what curiously enough all the yogis will tell you (I mean the instructors, the real ones).

That just yoga by itself is great, but it’s part of a lifestyle when it comest o losing weight.

And most of the tubbos out there – well, I hate to say it, but their lifestyle is the exact opposite of what is required.

And that’s fine, if you choose to be a slob. Or not.

All good with me either way. I’m just here to point out facts – and on that note – out for now – back soon!


Rahu lMookerjee

PS – You really should take a gander at Corrugated Core if you’re serious about losing that flab around your midsection. Yes, the book works! Big time – pun intended!!

Pull-ups, dips, and the upper body symbiosis and more . . .

I’ve written about this before, but I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it quite this way!

Anyway, cutting straight to the chase, I was doing dips today. After a very, very long time indeed.

On thick handles at that.

And despite not having done dips since March I believe, guess what.

I was doing BETTER at them than I did in March!

Now, this may not seem strange to a lot of you, but remember two things.

One, my chest and core has always been a traditionally weak area (as it is for most “pear” shaped bodies). And two, every time I don’t do an exercise for a while, guess what.

It takes me a while to get back up to speed and reps etc on it.

Except if you’re talking pushups of course which I seem to be able to bang out anyway, but not really those either. Years ago, I wrote about how I was doing pull-ups for months and not a single pushup, and then when I did 15 pushups, I could do ‘em, but damn, that BACK of mine was SORE, despite me doing handstand pushups and regular pull-ups in the 100’s!

Just goes to show why I’ve often touted and rightfully so (much to the chagrin of the weight pumpers and bros seated on benches or benches seated on bros) that pushups are the best damn exercise ever.

But this ain’t about pushups.

It’s about dips, and I was amazed.

I banged out 20 reps, all the way down like it was nothing and then all the way up again.

Note – the former is something I don’t recommend for most people (if you’re a Shoulders like Boulders fan, you know this already) but I’ll do it sometimes anyway (but just sometimes).

If just to test myself, but unlike with pul-ups, with dips, that last little bit should be avoided (again, unlike with pull-ups where you DO need to go into as much of a dead hang as you can and then some).

And you know WHY?

It wasn’t so much muscle memory as other things, and neither was it grip (though grip helped).

It was my LATS doing most of the work.

Right, bench pressers and gym addicts.

I was using my lats to press up and down – – not the show muscles aka pecs (and hint – if you’re a bench press addict no matter what, then the chest isn’t really whats helping you move that weight off your back – – it’s your lats).

Wanna get better at the bench press?

Then do pull-ups. IT’s that simple, and o ‘em right!


Strengthen the back and grip!

They truly are a symbiotic exercise and work magic in a way you’ve not even probably thought of when done together.

Now, some have had questions before.

“Is the reverse true as well? Getting better at dips before pull-ups”.

Well, mostly NO.

And yes . . . MAYBE to a very small degree.

Pull-ups, my friend require you to do pull-ups and pushups to get better at them. It’s as simple as that!

The reason is mostly grip here.

Dips will strengthen your back, but that last little bit on pull-ups (when you go up) is mostly graps and trip.

Or was that grip and traps! 😉

And . . . That can only be built – well – you know how!

So it works well one way,not the other.

And that’s that on this one. I’m off to recover from a great one!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I teach you all the different kinds of pushups you DO NEED TO GET GOOD at ; damn good at for that matter – FIRST before you start cranking handstand pushups in Shoulders like Boulders. This book really doe work, my friend. Get it now!

PS #2 – and no, el cheapos. The secrets won’t be revealed in this here email, at least not THIS ONE! 😉

Why the TRUMPINATOR’s excess weight isnt’ necessarily either a cause of concern, and doesn’t necessarily mean he’s “not healthy”

Or contracting the COVID for that matter (aka the China plague as I so like to call it).

(because that’s what the darn disease is, a plague that China knowingly and wilfully spread to the ROW – – planned it for years in advance as well, right from 2014 when a certain strain of this mess was first discovered in Saudi Arabia of all places).

From there to Canada, then getting expelled from a lab there, back to China, and now . . . ah!

Don’t get me started my friend.

But past that, a couple of interesting things.

I’ve always told people that I look way younger than I am, and curiously enough I did NOT think this to be true when I first started to say it based upon what others told me.

And yet, it stands true.

99.99% of people would be hard pressed to believe I’m almost 40.

You ?? You look around 25-28 they all say!

Even in mainland China where the foreign devils are usually all “old” . . . (gui lao).

A couple of weeks ago, my wife was asking about none other than the Trumpinator.

Now, for what it’s worth, my wife hates politics of any nature, and the only one reason she noticed Trump is because (as she said) “he’s someone that actually DOES SOMETHING as opposed to sit around and play politics all day”

Tru dat, my friend. So true. And that’s why I keep carping on the fact myself that Trump is the best US president ever not just because of his ACTS as Prez, but because he ain’t no damned politican looking to fill his pockets and nothing more than that (unlike a few past … ah, but I’ll leave it be there!).

“How old is he”, she idly asked.

“74”, I replied.

“Really”, she inquired. “He doesn’t look a day over 50!”

And she’s right. Upon first glance, I would peg Trump at around 55 or so, maybe “55-60” is what I’d say but certainly not 70, and much like the Brigadier General I wrote about in 2018, certainly not way over 70!!

(The same guy that does pull-ups daily – y’all should remember him! 😉).

And anyway, whats the point of me saying all this you might ask.

Certainly not #trump2020 (well, maybe a LITTLE 😉 but not about that, really!).

What doe sthi shave to do with ME, I hear you asking.

Well, good question.

A leftist to the core commentor recently responded to one of my posts on WeShat – China’s premier shitty messaging app.

I believe I posted about it being strange that Trump got the virus, as he’s healthy as a horse and you certainly wouldn’t expect HIM to get the virus would you?

I mean come on! Regardless of politicial affiliation and what not, right off the BAT, does the TRumpinator in any way look or feel like a person likely to contract the China plague?

I think NOT.

“Lol dude you must be crazy. He’s 70 lbs overweight. And you write about fitness!” went the poster. I won’t name him here, but he’s so far anti Trump that he’d probably support the PRC if they invaded the US tomorrow.

Won’t happen obviously, but really, that’s how far to the left he is, and if you think I’m going too far by branding the dude a traitor, well, guess what.

SEVERAL FOLKS have come up to me privately and told me he’s sold out, and the EXACT SAME DAMNED thiong!

Pity, and it’s pathetic to be honest.

Anyway, that aside, whats interesting is this. . .

That dude’s not necessarily WRONG.

And he sure ain’t RIGHT either.

Let me explain.

When yours truly was way, way overweight (I’ve made no secret of that have I, hehe, as I have NOT made a secret of how QUICK the 0 Excuses Fitness system will get your fat, lazy ass in shape if you just LET it work it’s SHEER MAGIC!) I did pull-ups daily.

I followed an exercise regimen which to be honest would have floored most Crossfitters, and certainly most gym goers, pumpers, toners, etc.

Try doing 500 pushups a day for 30 days straight my friend, in proper form. It ain’t easy, I’ll tell ya that!

And not to mention pull-ups etc.

There is a damned good reason I have a FAT ME on the cover of my books on pull-ups (well, the INITIAL and most successful book).

And . . . the reason I was fat then was way less conditioning than I should have, and of course too much GORGING on my wife’s (admittedly delicious) home cooking, and of course, too much beer. Hehe.


But I still had that vitality about me. Folks would still tell me my stuff was inspirational. Motivational. That it got them off their ass. That I said it like it is. That I inspire millions!

And I do, of course, and I’m damned glad to be in a position where I can DO SO!

And Donald trump, my friend, has the same damned vitality about him, and then some.

Sometimes, it ain’t just he excess weight.

You gotta look at the overall PICTURE!

And the overall picture with him ?

20 hour workdays for one. ENERGY Laced TWEETS that make you stop and take notice. A travel schedule that would kill the average 20 year old within a week.

And all that isn’t even getting started for the man occupying the top office and top job in the world, and very deservedly so.

Look, man.

When you look at Trump, you FEEL a certain something come off him!

The first impressions DO count!

And his VITALITY is what makes him healthy. And it’s no coincidence that his vital signs are all perfectly fine (wasn’t really the case with me when I was FAT).

And of course, his body type.

Trump’s first impression is that of a SOLID character. That LOOK about him!

That SOLID, “get her done” look (same thing I get from Mike Pompeo when I see him!)

“He’s a solid character!” as I say in Shoulders like Boulders (hey, true comments – what can I say!!).

And his weight is evenly spread all over his body unlike yours truly (when he was fat).

My weight was mostly around the midsection, the dreaded pear shape (although it might not look that way) and so when I’m in shape – I look SUPER. When I’m not, the same thing applies except in reverse (though people still told me otherwise, hehe. Apparently Charles for one thought my lard ass looked “thick”: – and he’s probably both right and wrong too!!).

And that’s really the nub of it.

It ain’t an excuse to be overweight. No way, Jose. I’d be a fraud if I told you that!

It ain’t an excuse to be complacent. None of the above!

But fact is, sometimes, and most of the times, the overall picture is what counts!

Chew on that a while, and let me know your thoughs my friend.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – More on this on social media, including my initial post on this and dude’s response etc, but for now, I wish the Prez, the BEST DAMNED PRez EVER a very speedy recovery, and I’m sure he will recover soon! We ALL need him to lead the world from the FRONT as he has been for a while. Godspeed Sir!!

How dare I, eh.

Ever notice that a lot of the vitriol and idiotic, inane comments that anyone gets when he (or she) is dong something that SETS HIM apart from the herd and sheeple comes with a faint (well, not really – a sTRONG I should say) sense of impotence behind the words?

Don’t get me wrong.

Feedback is great.

But a lot of negative feedback is just the sheep crying “mama I can’t do it”, and “how dare he!”

As my buddy recently said the CCP is acting like a spoilt kid that hasn’t got to do what she wants (and then some, and wont get to do it).

And while I’m not going to open that can of worms again (yes, I know, how dare I! 😉) the point stands.

I made the case before when I spoke about the ONE crab trying to escape the bucket of crabs that constantly gets dragged back INTO The bucket by the rest of the crabs (or at least they TRY).

And it’s true my friend.

And this impotence isn’t necessarily of a sexual kind either (curiously enough a lot of times the very people that say “how dare you” (Bozo Schofiled being one) DO have that problem but hey, I won’t go there Ugh!) it’s of a MENTAL kind.

The kind where they secretly WANT to be the guy (or gal) “doing the thing”

But can’t.

Or don’t have the cojones to (if we’re talking straight talk).

Or the physical skills to (if we’re talking pull-ups, for one) and are obviously scared to admit that deep, deep down inside they know very well their system of training is NOT getting the job done.

I mean, lets face it.

Why would Charles for one, who claims “bodyweight exercises are useless” rant up and down (and believe me, that drunken rant came from the heart, and I’m glad for it, and I thanked him for it too!) about pull-ups and not being able to do a single one and how (the pull-up expert) should teach (the rank beginner, HIM) how to do ‘em?

Classic case of the instructor being “instructed”.

Much like in ESL, of course, where the “students” decide to tell the teacher how to “teach” (if you can even call that mess teaching) and being my dear buddy is into that as well for whatever reason, well . . .

Musta rubbed him off him! 😉

But anyway, the words or even the “how to” isn’t what I’m writing about.

It’s the FEELING behind what he’s saying, the FEELING behind what he FEELS when he says “I talk gibberish” (which obviously does matter to him, hehe).

And it’s that feeling of “how dare he”.

Lest you think Charles and his friend Bozo Schofield are the only ones (he sent me a long email the other day with about a dozen “how dare I say this and that” and assorted drug binge fueled nonsense) – – think again.

Think several times, m y friend.

Then put on your thinking cap and think – AGAIN!

I’ve been hearing this, as my mother so “wisely” once said, “after I was past the age of 5”

(Read once I was actually able to form an opinion of sorts and speak up for myself).

How dare I flirt with girls at school and not do my HW (and more 😉.

How dare I say what I do publicly.

How dare I claim that my method of training is better than most of the rest of the junkola out there (it is, but hey, how dare I? 😉)

How dare I call out the liberals and lefttards for what they are – a band of thugs and cowards (anyone that sees the recent tweet the ex CEo of Twitter sent out would probably agree) that spread chaos and anarchy throughout the globe (antifa anyone?) and so forth.

How dare I “sit at home” and “not go to office” (believe me, and believe me now, I AM NOT talking about just “Family” that says this. Pretty much most people I “know” do! 😉).

How dare I “write”

How dare I not just write, but start a business, and not just one, two, and a SUCCESFUL one at that?

How dare I define success by my own parameters (hint – money ain’t exactly the top priority, although it’s one of them!)

How dare I wake up at 1130 AM (sorry, but I had to say that, hehe).

How dare I drink beer every night.

How dare I NOT be politically correct for once, and especially “in the office”.

Well guess what.


And I WILL DARE to be all of the above and then some.

And guess what.

That brutal honesty is what has really brought me results over the years.

When you cut right past the bullshit, it’s about who you are AT YOUR CORE, and DOING the right things, saying it, and being UNAPOLEGETIC about it, and going to the ENDS OF THE EARTH to back your belief even when no-one else is.

The IMMORTAL Maxwell Maltz said it the best in the bestselling Psyscho Cybernetics.

(I’m paraphrasing)

It doesn’t matter how people you got out there supporting you int eh bleachers.

If YOU aren’t backing yourself, then all the external support in the world won’t do diddly squat.

But conversely, if YOU are the only person in the stands backing yourself to pull it off against all odds, then guess what.

Chances are you will!

And I have, and continue to do so, and fitness wise, there is it my friend.

Unconventional, brutal, but does it work!?

Hell yes it does – and on that note, Ill dare to leave you be. How dare I eh.



RahuL Mookerjee

PS – Dare to dream, my friend. Dare to dream that you CAN get that pull-up you’ve been struggling to get for so long, but DARE to FACE the FACTS that you’re doing it WRONG right now, as you are with the rest of your fitness journey (if you are). And HERE is where you can change your current reality in terms of pull-ups (or I should say HOW, hehe).

The “phat” guy said my fitness advice didn’t help anyone. Wail! Does it?

Well, so I woke up to a rant and a half. A drunken one (or a semi lucid one at any rate from what it seemed), and being I woke up around 1120 this AM, it was obviously sent a while ago.

From none other than my friend (not sure what to call him now! 😉) Charles, an avid hater of bodyweight exercises (pretty much because he can’t do ‘em) and an advocate of the “puff and buff” nonsense you see going around.

And no, being able to do a one time lift (if he can) doesn’t necessarily translate into any real world strength my friend. This dude told me he was a high school wrestler which I believed until now, but going by the idiotic and (to be honest) “girl like” rant he sent me today?

Somehow I think he was full of it when he told me that. I mean, a former wrestler wanting to do assisted pushups on their knees.

Really. Man. That’s a disgrace, to be honest! Can understand the part about pull-ups (not really), but other than that . . .

(All of this, by the way was in response to THIS post apparently – and it’s interesting. I mentioned Charles there, but only a line or so. Apparently it got his blood boiling, hehe).

Anyway, here goes with the rant (there were two of them, and I’ll post the more coherent one first).

“It’s about activating the muscles in the easiest way. Pull-ups. Great. But not everyone can do ‘em! Why not advocate negative hangs. Assisted pull-ups on a dip bar with you legs tested primarily on the floor activating a fraction of your weight? Your fitness advice isn’t practical for everyone. Nor particularly very game changing. Yes the pull down machine isn’t great. But assisted pull-ups or pushups on your knees would help a lot more people than your mindless “just do it” attitude honestly. Just my observations”.

There were more of these rants, but let’s address this one first.

Hey, Charles.

You make ONE good point in this entire tirade – that being my fitness advice – advice in general – and Rahul Mookerjee in general – ain’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Take it or leave it. That’s how I’ve been all my life, and believe me, the long list of names I’ve been called and the looooong and ever growing list of haters I’ve got isn’t something that either bothers me or is particularly “ground breaking” (as you say) for those that really know what it’s all about.

Hey, bro.

You can’t do pushups. Despite laying claim to being a former wrestler.

Tee Hee.

That entire rant about “Assisted” this and that sounds like you’re asking for your diapers. Really. Honestly.

Not practical, the advice?

I mean, really, dude.

The U.S. Military for one takes men and women that are unfit (a lot of them) or not up to par, and puts them through their paces like yours truly does.

Just do it, bro. You either do it, or you’re OUT.

You either shape up (stop making stupid retarded excuses about fractions and assistance and what not – really – are we writing a scientific manual or a book on Math here?? I mean, yes, Charless Mitchell once told me he’d buy a Math book too if I wrote one – and coming from an ex-cop, that is HIGH praise indeed, but back to the point…) or you SHIP OUT.

That’s just how it is bro.

Just do it, and last I checked Nike said that too … 😉

But wait a minute. I didn’t post the ENTIRE Rant.

“Your fitness advice doesn’t help anyone! You just blag on about nonsense and say do handstand pushups. That’s insane! Nobody can do that!”

… Hmm! Really? I couldn’t either when I first started, but I didn’t become Mr Handstand Pushup by throwing a hissy Charles.

I buckled down, used the progressions in Shoulders like Boulders, and just did it. As for your comments about them being “useless”, well some of the fittest, BADDEST, meanest, and strongest people on the planet might disagree.

For one. But I digress!

“You gotta work in some more intermediate steps”.

Well, they’re there in the books. Nothing for free, bro. (well, except the one book I DID give to you for free . . . remember that? 😉). And that book, and all the rest DO HAVE progressions, but of course, that would require you to buckle down and actually open the book eh as opposed to just looking at the pictures.

And thats why I never, ever . . . ah, but I won’t go there. You’re a good man, so I tried. Period. I don’t do that for most people. Anyway, more on this later in another post – but I think the 0 Excuses Faithful know what I mean by what I never ever do . . . 😉

Back to Rant Central.

“Like telling a guy to lift up a 100lb rock. They can’t. Period!”

Well, some guys could. Not all can. But see above comments about progression . . .

“Your nonsense shows no results or gauges the reader on how close they are to completing the said goal”.

No results?

Well, maybe not for pissers and moaners. They seem to show plenty of results for those that actualy buckle down and DO the thing. 120 – 60 kgs for one. Can’t get any more specific than that, and yes, you TOO can do it – if you just DO it.

This entire rant gives off such a pathetic vibe that I’m not sure how to end this.

I mean really, dude.

You can’t do bodyweight stuff because you’re FAT. Admit it.

And there’s no harm in admitting it.

Hell, I used to obese or close to it at a certain point in my life, and I’ve never been particularly shy about admitting either that, or the fact that I still did pull-ups back then. 😉

And gained a ton of muscle, strength, but not necessarily conditioning and hence the “you were pretty thick back then” comment you made.

Look, my friend. OR should I say “brah”.

You’re sitting there and expecting magic to happen.

And if lifting weights is your thang, go for it.

But the fact remains that bodyweight exercises are where it’s at.

Herschel Walker, Walter Peyton and the rest didn’t look for scientific formulas when they ran up hills with tyres attached to their waists for one. They just did it.

Walker was once asked about his workouts.

And what he said might shock you.

“I don’t think about things too much! I just choose an exercise and see if it challenges me, and then I Go with it”.

And that’s what workouts – and LIFE – really is all about bro.

Go with the flow, bro.

And just DO it.

The results might just amaze you!!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And Yes, Charles is right. As I’ve said about a bazillion times and as you so studiously ignore, Rahul Mookerjee is NOT everyone’s cup of tea (although a certain bozo that you associate with Charles, ah, but we’ll leave that be. 😉). Neither are my products. They’re expensive for one, so if you aren’t really committed to BARE BONES solid training which WILL hurt and WILL deliver solid results, then don’t get my stuff (I know, I know, you don’t, hehe).

But if you’re truly committed and want to see results that will change your life, put you on the list of “person to hate the most” – and get into the best darn shape of your life – then here is where you start, my friend – The 0 Excuses Fitness System.

PS #2 – Really, Charles. Assisted pushups?? I mean get real! My seven year old can do a plank unassisted . . .

PPS – Anyway, moving on past that – here is the BEST Damned course on pushups out there that WILL get you in the best shape of your life if you just DO the thing – Pushup Central. As Charles Mitchell said, I hate books that don’t challenge me, and yours does – big time!

So it does, my brother. So it DOES, and so it WILL! OO-RAAA!

PPS #1 – Charles (my friend! ;)) – I invite YOU to a no holds barred ARM wrestling contest, or any other such “contest” which shows off grip strength (I know plenty, but since you piss and moan about pull-ups being apparently useless, you choose!) any place, any time – beer’s on me too afterwards! Lets see what strength them deadlifts have built, hehe. 😉

The two guys that moved our grandfather sofa like it was a “toy”

And to them, it probably was! Or close to it, anyway.

Anyway, I’ve spoken a lot about GRIP training in previous emails (as well as moving yours truly’s couch a few emails ago if you’ve been paying close attention my friend) and why it’s not only the most overlooked part of most people’s training, but why it’s also (along with CORE training) the MOST important part of your routine!

Along with leg and back work of course, and the great thing is?

That grip training goes GREAT with all of the above. And indeed, it’s hard to get in a real grip workout (unless you’re using TOOLS for the grip such as grippers or “rollers” which are great, but still do NOT even begin to hold a candle to the REAL stuff such as what I mention in the Gorilla Grip compilation for one – – truly one for the ages, and one you grip afficiandos will want to grab NOW – or even if you just want that kung fu like grip that “pulls people towards you” on auto pilot and has people shaking their heads in sheer AWE at the RAW FORCE you can exert without even thinking about it!).


Now, THAT was a rant and a half, and a long sentence!! LOL.

Anyway, that aside, I believe I’ve gone over plenty of reasons as to why I say what I do , and before getting into them yet again, a bit of a story.

Years ago, my ex made the following comment to her Dad (we lost him to the China plague recently – sad!).

“There were two guys, Dad, and they moved that damn couch as if it was nothing!”

(Remember, this was when I was 19, and certainly wasn’t in the best of shape!!)

Myself, a friend and her Dad had tried to budge that damned grandfather sofa, green in color and a humungous one at that up and down flights of stairs (just one, actually!) UNSUCCESFULLY before that.

Rueben, a friend of mine shook his head.

“Damn! You’ll have to get some guys to move THIS ONE!” I remember him telling me!

And while I moved a version of a grandfather couch a while back, and barely felt it (hell, the ease with which I rolled that damn thing up stairs and manhandled it through doorways at angles etc surprised even me!) I certainly hadn’t done anything like that back then, and when I tried?

I flopped miserably as you might expect.

“One of them was Rahul’s size, and the other was much taller”, she continued .

And he was. I still remember the wiry looking dudes, but especially the smaller guy who was RIPPED, and those corded forearms were what stood out!

They were doing thi spart time, of course, for a few extra bucks during off time (yours truly worked the computer labs back then for extra income).

Yes, as I told my daughter the other night.

“I’m a jock on occasion and a bonafide NERD sometimes!” 😉 And it’s true. I am – still!!

Anyway . . .

Point of me mentioning this is obvious.

I still remember the ease with which these two guys simply pinch gripped the damned thing, moved it down a flight of stairs, into the U haul I was driving, and then back up another flight of stairs, and then through a narrow ass doorway into the new apartment.

I remember shaking hands with the dude, and the smaller guy had an especially powerful grip!

And that along with the other incident I mentioned years ago when a 6’1” tennis player nigh on almost crushed my already mangled hand (wrist) was probably was set the foundations for TODAY and as for today, well, you know me, the Gorilla Grip guy!

Anyway, grip training is usually often ignored in favor of pec pumping and ridiculous booby building, and let me tell you, there is NOTHING (to me) stupider than a mammoth gut hanging down to your balls (or, well, ) . . . and straining away at the bench station . . . and having a grip weaker than a schoolkid (believe me, some of the guys I’ve seen . . . !!!).


And it’s not just stupid. It’s functionally USELESS is that type of training.

How often in life do you have to lie on your back, move nothing at all except a heavy weight using “just your pecs”.


Thought so my friend.

And even if you aren’t interested in real strength (believe me, train the grip right and you’ll better your performance radically even during the boobybuilding) or crushing applies with your bare hands like Dan Hodge did, or havin forearms that pop like Stallone’s, or just good old fashioned (in my case) kung fu like grips, a strong grip can SAVE YOUR LIFE someday.

Not to mention people you love, and I’ve mentioned Sig Klein’s example before on numerous occasions as well as the sale page for the book above haven’t I?

Bottom line – if you aren’t already training the grip hard, hard hard then start today my friend.

In earnest.

And do so the RIGHT WAY!!

And thank me later if you so choose, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Or, do a few pull-ups with me! 😉

PS #2 – And as far as core goes? Hell yeah, one of the most important parts of the body to train, and HERE is the ONE and ONLY course that will get you ripped quicker than you can say “Hallejullah!” – Corrugated CORE. Yes, the name STANDS up to its reputation!! Think elbows bouncing off like on walls!!

On shaking things up – both life wise – – and fitness wise!

So, your favorite writer (or should I say fitness “guru’ hehe) is shaking things up. Yet again!

Yes, he’s challenged himself today in the park with a great great pull-up workout.

A couple of customers once asked me about putting out a course on muscles ups, and along with rope work, guess what. I may just do that.

In the meantime, what I BE shaking up you ask .

Well, first off I called the China virus a China virus, for one.

And of course, a barrage of angry responses came.

“why you call it the China virus! Does it help the US now to call it that! “

Um, no, lady.

Calling it the Chinese virus doesn’t help or hurt America or American or the REST of the (civilized) WORLD any more than calling it the Coronavirus (whether or not that reminds you of BEER or your favorite place in Italy is not the point, hehe).

It is what it is is. They willingly and knowingly unleashed this plague on the rest of the world, knowing full well the consequences, and if the Spanish flu can be called the Spanish flu for one, with no “negative” interpretations (I mean, hey, that’s what it is right?) – then I don’t see why the China plague can’t be called the China plague, and I’ll be damned, well and truly so, if I do NOT call it that.

Then of course, the nonsense about mail in ballots going on back Stateside.

I mean really, to those who favor this rot and think the Prez has got it wrong in terms of voter fraud.

Even if he WAS wrong about voter fraud (and given that most of those ballots aren’t really mailed in a secure manner, not to mention now a slow manner since the USPS no longer treats them as first class mail) – do you really want to wait eons to find out that your favorite President of all time got re-elected?

I wouldn’t that’s for sure!

And the most idiotic of them all.

Anushka Sharma, a Bollywood actress and a fairly smart and sensible one from what I thought, went off on a rant about what a much respected cricket commentator apparently said during the currently ongoing (and casshhhhhhh rich) Indian Premier League.

Apparently Sunil Gavaskar (as much of a cricket legend as Ian Botham and the rest) got ticked off at run machine Virat Kohli’s performance.

There was a Virat video which recently went viral in India I believe. Showing him practicing batting while his wife (Anuskha) did the throw downs.

And in an annoyed sort of Gavaskar like manner, all he said was the following – I am paraphrasing – Virat, throwdowns from Anuskha ain’t gonna help you prepare for international contests.

That’s IT.

Oh boy.

You should have seen the ANGER.

The sheer vitriol that the Nazi feminists (apparently India got a lot of ‘em these days, which judging by th crap Bollywood has put out in 2020 – even stuff that REAL FEMINISTS have panned) threw at this living legend was to be SEEN to be believed.

Apparently he disrespected women.

Wah, wailed Anushka. Why is it that I’m blamed every time Virat doesn’t perform?

Um, wait a minute lady.

You’re NOT being blamed.

You never were.

If anything, he castigated (mildly) your husband – not YOU!

And for you to get your knickers in a twist over something like that is just plan stupid, and unfortunately par for the course for Nazi feminists for whom it always has to be their way or the highway. Or else . . . wah!

I mean, really. You weren’t even MENTIONED in the comment!

Feminism is great fellas. I ain’t got no problem with it, but Nazi feminism, and Nazi anything really ain’t my cup of tea to be very frank.

And neither is it for most people out there from what I can tell .  . .

Anyway, where am I goinjg with all this.

Yours truly shook things up on social media and is getting plenty of hate, which he loves, but the point is that I literally proceeded in the “shake things up” manner today when working out.

Between each rep of pull-ups and bear crawls, I’d shake my sorer than sore forearms out.

In a loose, airy fairy kind of manner that most people would shake their heads at.

NOT stretching, and not even remotely close.

And NOT shaking as you might think.

In fact, I often shake ALL my limbs out this way to release tension. Pent up tension. Or “Get the blood flowing again”.

And it looks goofy, but does it work? Hell yes, an dI had one of the best damn workouts I’ve ever had, and I’m writing to you now about it!

And for now, let me just say it involves leaving things nice and loose. Natural. Limber.

Hell, just do the first thing that comes to mind when you think of “shaking limbs” in a haphazard, seemingly random unconnected fashion, and you’ll see.

I have NOT yet put this out in books and courses, but might do up a short video on it. We’ll see. Fornow, it’s adios, and I’m back to “shaking things up”, hehe. Oh boy, the hate I’ll get for calling it the China virus with the leftists and tom tommers ready to slay me alive. Hoo boy!


Rahul Mookerjee


The 80/20 rule . . .

And how you can apply it to life (which I hear you say “I know”. I know!), BUSINESS (I know, I know) and FITNESS (no, you might not know this one! 😉).

This morning I woke up at the grand ole hour of 1145 AM.

Didn’t get going until noon, and I saw a couple of missed calls from my buddy (who else could it be, hehe 😉) on the phone.

Now, you guys know I NEVER get on the phone. Except of course with very select people, and he’s one of them.

And he’s usually an early riser. Probably still has the habit from when he was back in the Marines . . .

But anyway, so I got the calls at around 415 AM and 530 AM I believe.

And yours truly was firmly in DREAMLAND at the time, ready to write down tons of new dreams upon waking up.

Today’s were disjointed. Hmm!

Anyway, so my point is?

My point is, well, the 80/20 rule.

And it applies to everything I do.

Broadly stated, in business, it means you’ll really achieve SUCCESS from that 20% of your customers as opposed to the 80%.

Speaks Volumes about why I do NOT price my books “cheaply” and cater to the MAJORITY.

Sure, I’d make more sales, especially in this plague ridden biz environment. . .

But I don’t much care about the “majority” to be frank.

As I wrote about in the last email, being unconventional and doing what no-does, and treading (in many regards! 😉) where no-one would Even THINK OF GOING, or DARE to go has brought me the best results, and workouts are no different.

I used to have more patience with the people that questioned me on this, but these days, as I grow “older” – and feel younger, hehe, NO!

I’d rather cater to FIVE customers like Charless Mitchell, for instance, as opposed to 5000 or more of the majority that don’t get it, regardless of sales made/lost!

That’s just how I am, my friend regardless of the rule above.

It just so happens that the rule follows the same logic, for those of you that can think long enough past “immediate” sales to grasp the import of what I am saying here.

In life?

Same damn thing. Most of the people you meet won’t really be of any help to you in any way.

I’ve always touted having a TINY circle, and if you have studied lives of the successful, guess what. They had very few friends if any, but the ones they did have were REAL friends!

And of course, another detail you might neglect to notice is their ENERGY levels, and that pesky little topic of sexual transmutation Napoleon Hill addressed in Think and Grow Rich.

Many people complain that he didn’t explain it well enough.

Perhaps not, for the average person.

But those that live the lifestyle!

**** yes! He DID explain it well enough. It’s blindingly obvious actually . . .

Anyway, point being again you ask. Although to be honest I’v emade several great points above if you’re reading between the lines or even READING . . .

. . . is that same thing applies to fitness.

A select bunch of exercises are really what do it.

And everyone is different.

Could be Hindu squats for you, and climbing hills for me.

Could be Pushup Central workouts for you, and pull-ups for me!

You gotta find that “sweet spot” of yours.

And YES, you gotta choose from the RIGHT bunch of exercises to start with.

Choose the 20% that matter. That count. The real stuff. The biggies!

And then apply the 80/20 rule to THAT bunch.

And THEN WORK on the exercises that truly do count in all regards – for YOU!

I think you’ll be nigh amazed at the speed and rapidity with which youget solid results if you apply this rule not just to life, but workouts as well!

And there it is .

All for now. Back SOOOON!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is where you can grab the course that will keep you cranking for the REST OF YOUR life, and still making gains – The 0 Excuses Fitness Systemn. Check out the RAVE AND WELL DESERVED REVIEWS while you’re AT IT, parnder!!

PS #2 – Attaboy! 😉(