My world famous squiggly signature
- And more...

For the dickens of a time, I … well, two things.

One, I could never figure out why a lot of people – family included always had an “issue” with my signature.

My REAL signature.

True, it’s not exactly the prettiest, it ain’t exactly the easiest to read either.

I still remember my wife for years trying to get me to CHANGE it. Apparently the way I “cross my own name out” is not right, the way I scrawl is not right (my cursive has never been great, though I try these days! Hehe) … and apparently I broke a whole bunch of other rules.

As did Donald Trump, Steve Jobs, and a lot of the rest!


Look at Trumps signature for one, it makes mine look positively “pretty”.

You can barely TELL what it is, let alone identify it as a signature, but thats how mine is too!

And – on this site, and my others?

I’ve always used a pretty little “online signature” I created using one of these online tools where you type your name in, and it creates a signature for you.

Its worked great for me.

Not that it matters either way – the products are what count.

But, I dont know …

This morning, I felt the urge to CHANGE it after being told again my signature was “sooooo funny”.

And looking at what I’ve used thus far?

Well, it looks great – real – but there is THAT touch missing, and it has been for years!

Again, not that it’s mattered – but those of you that have noticed (most haven’t most likely) the difference between the autograph on Fast and Furious Fitness, for one, and the difference on the sales page – well – the FORMER is the real one!

(we still have a copy lying around for Fast and Furious Fitness, so if you want an autographed copy, hit the ORDER button now – and then shoot me an email telling me you want it autographed – shall be done at NO extra cost!)

(but hurry – only ONE COPY remaining – in pristine condition – and it’s MINE – so it’s special – and no, as I said before, NO MORE REPRINTS!)

But today, I’m in the process of updating the pages for all my products with my REAL squiggly, hehe.

Nah, not the squiggly Bozo Glyn thinks of all day …

But, I dont know, it just seems even more real … and Pushup Central was the first page I chose to update my signature.

It may change to my trademark “blue” later, I dont know, but I didnt have a blue felt pen lying around, and I didnt feel like mucking around with online again, changing font colors and what not.

So there it is, yours truly, ready to join the pantheons of the great, as if I wasn’t already there- the most humble of ’em all – not. Hehe.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Rahul Mookerjee

Why I (more on this!) dont believe in the PHONE. . .
- Dumb or not, hehe.

I’ve written tomes about this before, why I dont do video calls, or get on the phone in general.

SOMETIMES, I might need to – but the OVERWHELMING majority of the time, I’ve found it’s two things.

One, a massive waste of time – and nothing that couldn’t be done over email. Or texts.

Two, it’s an excuse for the other person to “vent”.


How many times have you asked for a straight ANSWER on something – and you got the “I’ll call you back” roundabout?

I dont know why, but it’s these marketing types that do it the most, and those are the type I studiously avoid.

I even tell them if they want a prompt response, email me.

If you can’t say it in writing, friend, don’t say it at all.

Vast majority of cases, unless it’s Gorilla Girl and Rahul, or some of the many others, hehe, “in person” doesn’t necessarily work better for business either.

Dont get me wrong, at a certain point, you HAVE to meet in person – and talk – but right off the bat, I’ve found that business wise, at least for what I do, there are really not many things at all that cannot be done via email – or text if absolute “need might be” – or voice recordings or what not.

Amazing how people stay stuck to technology all damn day, watching the most stupid videos ever “auto pilot “- staying stuck to the dumbphone – yet, when that same dumbphone offers a way of communication WELL, they “call”.

Might as well use the ole Brick Nokias there, hehe, and even there … I RARELY if ever actually “got on the phone”.

I dont know, this time it’s just some guy that i’m doing business with, that same dude I’ve been pestering for a straight answer on something – I’ve no doubt his “SIr I’ll call you at 2 or whatever time he calls” – has got nothing at all to do with what I asked, but his attempts at “marketing to me” – but producing ZERO results.

I’ve told him often, dude, it’s fine to market till the cows come home, but BACK your shit up.

As of late, he hasn’t.

Though he’s got a long rope since he’s delivered a lot of times before …

More to the point, marketing and the same ole spiel to the “Sultan of Marketing” as I’ve been called (a certain “Sam” – I won’t get into where he’s from, but thats what he recently called me!) … well, you might as well try and jump from a parachute with no safety harness and see how that works out.

Speaking of which, odd trivia.

Apparently the human body has 66 miles of blood vessels, and apparently the “min” weight needed to drop from a parachute is 35 kgs.

I dont know why I brought that up?

But it’s more inane marketing done by my VPN company (first case) – and the second, well, so said the “wife” – so what can I say, eh. or so I THINK she said, I dont know …

There’s not much conversation there either, not on the phone, not message, nothing.

Anyway …….. I’ve written about phone calls and why I hate the phone before so I will end this one here, but here’s the thing

Yours truly markets like no-one’s business, and gets results too.

His PRODUCTS back up his marketing too – truly the best and toughest out there.

Those of you that have not yet started celebrating your Merry Christmas shopping (wow, did I just say it that way, LOL) … do so NOW.

I mean really, I KNOW a lot of you – including you reading this email – just want some of these products, so just up and “lighten that load on your wallet”, and – just up and GET IT, my friend.

Sometimes, you gotta do something for yourself, and theres no better feeling than picking up a digital or paperback or hardcover copy of one of our superb fitness books…

You know it, I know it.

That feeling when “YAY!” – I got “something for myself!” – NOW!

Stop putting the MOMENT off, friend. 

Get you some NOW. GET those products you’ve been meaning to get , but haven’t. Do so now.

Carpe Diem! (I could google what it means, since it slipped my mind, but it seems apt here? I dont know why, I’ll google it later, or perhaps that famous elephant like memory of mine to the rescue) …

Oh, the phone, I told the dude about how in China often times I start my “beer drinking” at 2 PM in the afternoon.

After my Eat More Weigh Less workouts on the HILL!

In Blazing heat and humidity – back to 24/7 A/c at 16 …

A quiet apartment, lovely garden outdoors, gals, well, I wont even go there …

Utter peace and serenity, sometimes, you cannot wait until military time i.e. 4 PM to crack open a cold one!

Life’s good!

And it’s even better when you’re on my fitness routines, friend.

Start TODAY. Seize the moment – NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Just googled (I had to take a leak before hitting “send”, you know how it is sometimes) – and well – so APT! I know my subconscious mind never fails me, hehe.

PS #2 – If you’re wondering where to start (with regard to our products) – well – it is always, as I’ve said 0 Excuses Fitness – Followed by Gorilla Grip – and Isometric and Flexibility Training. 

After that, you’ll be blazing your own path most likely.

Why I’m certainly not “losing enthusiasm”…
- Never!

Gorilla Girl (Sophia) told me several interesting tales of a “cuck”  lusting after her.

Every time she did all she could to humiliate him – without even trying to – kinda  like what Glyn Bozo wants – he’d lap it up – and come back for more!

Every time he’d ask her for anything remotely sexual?


“Keep dreaming!”

Not a chance!

would be her answers.

Now, this guy and her – well, they both liked each other. And the “sadomasoschism”, or in this case the “kink”- or the “50 shades of Sophia” was a mutually agreed upon thing.

She’d actually do way more with him that she would with anyone else.


’tis how it works my friend, not what you see in the movies about “hot guys every girl wants”. Real life doesn’t quite work that way, even without the “kink” or BDSM or what you call it.

But I thought of her “never” answers this morning when replying to Marley from Canada, who was asking me if I “lost enthusiasm”.


True, my latest book Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness has been a while coming.

But thats only because there are so many others people on this list have not gotten, and more importantly, there is a type of kettlebell I want to complete that section, and you know me, my friend.

I do it right, or I dont do it at all.

Profound “70% Gorilla 30% Human” Handstands was written on the SPUR of the moment – in one day.

No planning.

With me, I live in the FLOW!

And this dictates how and when things happen – period.

That subconscious planning is frustrating for those that dont know about it – myself included (consciously for the most part).

But it works, my friend.

It is what I have used all my life, it is what I will CONTINUE to use.

I stand by it 100%.

Now …

I COULD use some more support from you on this list, my friend.

I dont know what’s happened to the world in general, but people are just retreating further into their shells (while claiming “no, we’re just busy”) – and just claiming “we dont care anymore” – when they damn sure well do! – and just,in general, acting STRANGE.

I dont know why that is, my friend.

I dont get it.

And I’m disappointed in that many of you great guys on this list are acting that way as well, not getting back, not doing much at all …

Inaction doesn’t necessarily equate to “not want to”.

So I’m at a loss to understand, for instance, why people that love my books wouldn’t leave a review and get a 10% off for the next one – which they’d buy anyway?

True, they could care less about the price – when a DOER wants something, he wants it, regardless of price, and people are more than happy to pay big bucks for my books anyway because they deliver – and how!

But yeah, perhaps some people would get de-motivated by the lack of responses etc, Marley ..

Yours truly is made of FAR sterner stuff.

So no- and yes, the pre-order still continues, so guys, place the pre-order now – because trust me, and my actions in the past PROVE this – when I’m done with the book, that price will go UP again.

I’ve told you why (especially with my background) – there is no-one else out there that can put out this sort of book – in a way YOU can understand.

In a language YOU can comprehend (hint – it ain’t about English here).

And so forth.

For now, if you’re looking for super tough workouts?

Battletank Shoulders and Animal Kingdom Workouts will do the trick.

If you can get through even workout #1 in any of these books without collapsing halfway through, you’re a fuckin stud, my friend, ain’t no two ways around it!

And of course, one of my famous – the best ever books on pull-ups – Pull-ups – from STUD to SUPER STUD – within weeks!

Take action now, my friend.

There truly is NO OTHER better place to do your Christmas shopping ahead of time – than here!


Rahul Mookerjee

It takes less than 15 minutes when you begin – or are at EXPERT status, friend. Like 15-14 . . .
- It ain't HOW much you do ... its....

It ain’t how much you do, my friend – not necessarily.

It’s about working SMARTER – not necessarily harder, although sometimes both are one and the same thing.

As the world goes to hell, and as people just act STRANGE – I mean, really, if you’re doing business with someone (I am) – and the dude promises something for months, then neither does it – nor says “yes or no” when you ask him, doesn’t block you after taking your $$ (so he’s not a scammer) – does – precisely – like Bozo Schofield “F ALL” – then just what the hezey, my friend.

I’m at a loss to understand why a business would refuse someone’s money – or why someone would promise multiple things repeatedly, then do “F all”.

As I asked a certain guy today.

“You may be in the business of frustrating clients, but that girlishness aside, how much DOUGH does it mint you?”

The way people act BOGGLES the mind – especially these days.

“No reply to anything”.


I mean, wtf my friend. 

Same thing here for this list, I send out stuff daily, people read, love it, but won’t respond to offers, even those that … ah, but let me get back to my original point.

It’s about how much you can do – in a certain TIMEFRAME.

Believe me, and perhaps Advanced Hill Training (which can be done at home, anywhere) is the best example of this – in 0 Excuses Fitness I tell you that 15 minutes is all the super fit need even for a butt spanking, sweat pouring workout to get them in even better shape.

’tis true, bro.

But did you KNOW my friend – that we go one step further here – where NO other fitness guru has gone.

what if I told you that – lets assume you’re either at ACE status (you never really are, I myself keep learning with every workout, the little things!) – or DUD status (which many are) … 15-14 – or even less – is all you need?

To burn fat like never before?

I ain’t even talking sets of sprints here – it can be applied to anything.

When you’re fat and out of shape, my friend, what you really more than anything else is to KICK – WHACK – WALLOP – your ass into HIGH GEAR. 

Like, 0-60 or the fatso Glyn equivalent, whatever it is, that heart needs to BEAT – and quick!

And your breaths should be RAGGED very shortly – and that massive stomach should be going in and out without you trying to.

If you’re in super shape, same thing.

THAT is what gets you in super shape!

For this sort of thing, you start and really need like 10-12 SECONDS tops of actual exercise.

The rest of it is LITERALLY – I repeat, literally – stopping to smell the roses if you so choose, or chat with girls, or what not, or just plain WALK around.

Or do isometrics, or what not.

Those rest periods are also when you’ll notice a real sweat form, start under your chest – or man boobs – trickle down your sides – and the sides of your spine – the waist – and so forth.

The sort of sweat that is a deep, deep sweat which makes you realize you’re getting a super workout!

When you start – you literally need to just START the furnace – get the body used to it.

Same thing for you advanced trainees.

You GO QUICKER – in LESSER TIME – same effect!

Your body, my friend, was NOT meant to run on treadmills for ages, or sit on your butt and push so called heavy weights – or do so on your back.

You were meant to train STANDING up.

And perhaps that is what is emphasized most in Lumberjack “Lodestone” Fitness – and all my other courses, nothing is done gym style on your booty.

Thats Glyn Schofield kinda romping.

Real men don’t do those things – or workouts.

Real men CRANK up the HEAT.

FEEL THE HEAT, as they said in Cobra – regardless of how cold it is outdoors, or not!

Well, my friend, thats it for this one.

I’ve told you the timeframe needed for a great workout – and that same timeframe, or less is all you need to get Advanced Hill Training – right NOW.

Can’t think of a better way either to beat the post stuffing blues either – and it certainly beats long ass lines with so called discounts for “Black Friday” or what not .  .  .

The rest of course, is up to you!

Be a real man, and take up my challenge!

It ain’t as hard as it sounds, believe me. Those rest periods are also when you will see you start to go FURTHER!


Rahul Mookerjee

- And do so SMARTLY.


The violent “insurrection” as it was called at the Capitol last year was something no-one wanted – no-one with half a brain, at least.

I didnt want it, regardless of my support for Trump (which continues till this day).

Yet …

As people have told me privately – ex men in blue – martial artists – anyone that has been on the street and actually DONE something with their lives, DONE SOMETHING OF NOTE other than being a WOKE NAZI FEMINIST WORSHIPPING LIBERAL! – the FEELING on the roads – till this date, can be best described as “anger”.

Sure, the elections being stolen was the external reason.

Those with half a brain know though that this is just the EXTERNAL REASON.

And if you’re a normal sane man (hint – the polar opposite of Glyn Bozo) that believes in men being men and providers, women fulfiling their own equally important biological roles as CARETAKERS – if you’re a guy that was born say between 1980 and 2000, or even later … (I dont know, Generation Z or whatever they call it, or Millineials)  – if you’r enot a Tom Tom content to work crap min wage jobs the rest of your life – you KNOW what I mean.

It ain’t even about inflation, it ain’t even about madness, the woke shit, the lunacy, the faggots, the sissies, or the men that think it’s ok to be a woman and women that want to be both men and women and both …

It isn’t even about any of that.

It’s about the underlying ANGER that a very substantial percentage of the population FEELS – on a daily basis – and this COVID madness has made it worse.

Fortunately, people are starting to wake up and smell the roses as we see from the worldwide protests everywhere on this.

And the anger people feel on a day to day basis – is starting to erupt.

Except, in most cases, people dont channel it right.

Look , if you want change, you have to start with yourself.

Part of that change means being willing to FIGHT – and DIE for your beliefs.

That might sound melo dramatic, but it really isn’t.

At the end of the day, nothing worthwhile was achieved without struggle, or a fight.

And the CORE “ingredient” is – again – your fitness.

If you’re flabby, out of shape, can barely throw a punch – or do a pushup – or hang from a chinning bar for any length of time, what chance do YOU think you have of surviving when it all goes to hell?

It ain’t about IF it will all go to hell.

It’s about WHEN it will.

And it’s about SURVIVAL, and SURVIVING whats to come in the future . . .

I dont know, if you’re still sitting there thinking price, well, I’ve got nothing more to say.

But for the smart ones, well, and those that haven’t, INVEST in your fitness now.

Trust me, you’ll need it down the line!

Start right here – 0 Excuses Fitness System.

And build from there.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And CHANNEL that RAGE – productively! That last word is KEY!

The elusive (or not) Rahul Mookerjee
- And a very happy Turkey Day to all of you!


I’m a highly elusive person for the most part.

If I dont want to be found, contacted, etc, then much like the pyscho in “Chainsaw Massacre” – you’ll have to go through hell and high water to even find me (if you can).

Online, offline, whichever it is, and even if you do find me, chances are it ain’t gonna be easy to get a hold to me.

Of course, ONCE I’ve got you in my sights … hehe


But it reminds me of an ole Steve Austin line which he often employed …

“Hell son, I ain’t a hard man to find!”

He wasnt – and neither am I, when I WANT to be found – or when I want to find YOU.

Which I do all the time, hehe.

And will continue to!

But anyway … on this here Happy 🦃 Day – happy thanksgiving! (again)

As y’all BE filling your bellies with the “autumn harvest” or what not – or as y’all BE drinking up that scotch, hehe  – remember … one thing.

Certainly not ME.

But remember, all that eating and drinking has gotta go someplace, and the bellies creep up, my friend, much like advancing age.

It’s easy to LOSE your gains (much like money) – but it’s easy to pile on the “pounds” (or debt – much like money again).

So while today is definitely the day for cheer, eating, drinking etc – remember, as I keep spelling out in the Simple and Effective Diet, moderation is key – for everything.

almost everything, not really exercise though!

But even there, you gotta be SMART about it.

And to get rid of all the turkey necks, hangovers, double chins, protruding bellies, muffin tops (ugh) – bingo wings etc that will no doubt pile on during the Jolly season, well, My course Eat More – Weigh  Less is what you need to get NOW.

And that endeth this one.

Back soon – and happy thanksgiving again, you deserve it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember, do your thanksgiving / Xmas shopping HERE. Pull out that credit card NOW, my friend – it’s SHOPPING time from the comfort of your home, scotch by your side, no crowds to deal with, no “non existent” deals, and more …

(dont you just hate it when people sell you what should be worth $200 for $1200, then claim it’s a deal because the original price was $1500)?

None of that here, our offers are as genuine as ever.

Jump on them NOW, they will NOT last forever though.

Do you want to get a shoutout from us?
- The latest rot . . .

Woke up to this today, damn near . . .

Hello 0excusesfitness,
We just wanted to get in touch with you because we did see your 
lovely images and we really think you are doing an extraordinary 
job. We would love to see more from you because we love your 
We would love to share some of your phenomenal photos on our 
account <chopped>. We do have more than 60000 followers 
right now, and we know they will love your images if they see 
them and many of them will also start following you. 
You will gain so many new followers if we can share some of your 
phenomenal images on our profile and your images will be seen by 
thousands of people. 
Let me know if we can share some of them on our Instagram feed?

Best Regards
Team Bozos

I dont think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out what my answer was, or lack thereof . . .

Those of you on the list for ages know I could give a fig less about social media, numbers of followers and so forth.

I’d rather focus on the QUARTERS – four big quarters, then a hundred pennies to be honest, and  most of this rubbish on social media – while it’s true people have nothing better to do these days and getting more moronic by the day “addicted” – I want nothing to do with the vast majority of people, because they ain’t DOERS.

That ain’t even getting into the whole thing of when they deplatform you one fine day, the fees you pay all these companies to promote you on there, they deplatform you, you lose your subscribers, company finds another patsy, and you’re – well – you’re back where you started.

Nah, no thank you – very much.

But it does bring up an interesting question, my friend, one I’ve often asked – and precious few people have replied.

YOU the DOER – write back to me – send me a description of your current workout, what you do, a bit of “blurb” about you – and a picture too if possible – so I can put in on this site!

That DOERS section is ready – we just need a substantial amount of people to launch it.

And please – it ain’t even got nothing to do with money.

In fact, YOU get a $50 off your next purchase – or a flat $50 added to your site wallet, whichever you choose – for sending in your story.

I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again – get back to me – send in your story!

Whatever it is …

Now as far as images are concerned, Bozo is addicted to my images for one.

He’s obsessed with me, many people are . . .

I do that to folks!

But those “movie star like” looks – physically – came about when I was one – on my lonesome, which I’ve always been a lone wolf (Uncle was right, hehe) – but also on some solid fitness programs.

Believe it or not, the foundation for Animal Kingdom Workouts – and Advanced Hill Training was laid BEFORE the 0 Excuses Fitness System, although I hardly knew it.

And these courses, friend, are what YOU need to pick up right now to get started on the path to looking that way – physically.

You might not want to look like a movie star, or care less

(but lets be honest – all of us do!)

But the raw, brutal physicality – THAT is what I BE talking about.

We all care about that, friend. Period.

Whether we admit it or not.

The best Thanksgiving present you can give someone, where you can literally eat more – yet weigh less . . .

Get these courses now, my friend.

The best ever!


Rahul Mookerjee

Ps – Those of you that have got, but not reviewed, step up to the PLATE my friend. There is still time!

(and you’re pardoned. Hehe. Just saw Biden do that a couple of days ago I wonder if the bird was laughing, hehe).

“Like dogs at each other’s THROATS”
- Hehe.

I dont know if I told y’all about an idiot “Chloe” (not Chloe Lee, hehe) – once – WAY back in the day when I was living in … Gawd, I can’t remember his name, ah.


Brian’s apartments, as we called ’em.

Tiny little studio apartments packed together like sardines, wooden floors, thats all I coul dafford to be honest.

And I was so happy!

College days!

“Thats all you need!” remarked a friend of mine Aaron when he came to visit.


I used a velvet cloth for a curtain. Taped together to the windows.

Hey, it worked, I didnt like blinds because I once had peeping Tom’s try and catch a glimpse of me – at home – and believe it or not, on the THRONE in a public university library.

The freaks out there, ugh.

Glyn Schofield certainly has company!

But Chloe bitched up a storm once about my girlfriend – stomping her feet in the shower or what not.

Apparently it was to “clean between her toes”.

Glyn, where were you. lol.

(I had no idea why she was doing it, so I asked).

And she complained up a STORM . . .

When Emily my girlfriend at the time spoke to Brain, she blew her top too.

So naturally, Rahul got pulled into the middle!

I took her side.


He was a wise dude!

And, taught me one thing – I was a shitty negotiator back then. Hehe.

“You’re not a very good negotiator“, he laughed at me on ce when I was trying to get my deposit back.

Girlfriend lived next door, got none back – I got MOST of it back, but he should have returned it ALL . ..

But anyway, beyond the usual about women . . .

“Rahul, listen to me”, he said, interrupting me.

“Thats like dogs living together in tiny kennels!”

Seeing how people are at each other throats regardless of the size of their silly houses these days – I cannot help but chortle.

Ole brian had it spot on.

Live and let live, anyone???

And of course, those that created the pandemic – so called – exploited this so well!

Anyway …

With all going on, people just dont get it, do they

You have lunatics running cars into people, you have nutjobs in power recommending masks or else – you’ve got the whole word panicked, frustrated and depressed.

Hitler would have a field day.

Maybe he is right now in Argentina. Hehe.

Try telling that to the Bozos and Tom Tommer’s though …

But he was right, people – thats a trait people dont have in general i.e live and let live.

And sometimes I think the chainsaw guys are the smart ones, do all they can to avoid people.

Of course, ONCE you’re in their sights, you’re gone.

Kinda like you on this list, there is NO escaping the fact I will push my offers DAILY – because guess what.

It’s good for you.

And unlike what (certain) mothers say – it truly IS GOOD FOR YOU!

The best, actually – and thats that!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS -I remember a case in India where I was once sardonically referring to a maid (people in general in India tend to treat them as sub human? For me, just another person, I could never understand the “dont sit on our chairs”thing and squat on the floor. Heck, nothing against squatting on the floor, Id rather that than park my assimum in a chair all day … but you know, it’s insulting to treat people that way, but India, subcontinent, China to an extent, though NOT AS BAD! – what can I say!)

Anyway, she was a great ole lady.

And I was telling her as she as on her haunches sweeping (she asked your struly “chainsaw” if I was busy first, which I appreciated, I find the vast majority of maids insanely annoying and aggravating, I refuse to deal with them, especially the young ones, I’ve been that way since childhood with the fat tub of lard that was there as a maid growing up and mos tof th eothers, skinny,fit or not – but this one  was different!).

And I replied, no, me, look at me, in a dark room, sitting, “doing nothing”.

look at you, on the floor, sweeping, mopping.

“Madam, I’m just you know, the bum on the streets, y’all be the one that really, you know, work!”

And I dont know if it was me calling her Madam, and then Aunty …

Or, what it was …

But she giggled like no-one’s business, my ex heard it (well, my current SO actually) – and ..

Well rest of that tale later.

Kinda glad Glyn the maid wasn’t around then, hehe.

PS #2 – I learned from Brian’s experience, next time around, the cleaning guy when I vacated my apartment showed up FIRST.

“This is spotless!” he said, looking around, big ole black dude.

“Now you go to the management, they’ll give your deposit back, tell them (I forgot his name) said so!”

They had great service, serviceman, ole “good ole boy” was great too, would show up in a minute for a clogged toilet or what not!

But the owner was an ass, reedy beanpole, but he had no choice but to return the deposit.

Lessons we all learn, hehe.

I truly feel insulted.


It’s hard not to say this, and it’s hard to say it!

And nah – I dont “really” feel insulted. 

I know whats going on, BUT, and this is a Glyn Schofield like butt – a LOT of you have not gotten back on ANY of the emails I’ve sent as of late. 

Special offers, new products, pre-orders, nothing seems to “hit the spot” – except, here’s the thing. 

It DOES hit the spot. 

OPen rates (and y’all know what I think of stats, for one) have more than TRIPLED for these here emails I send. 

And so have click through rates etc. 

Yet, oddly enough, responses back – they have DECREASED – except from a very SELECT AND ELITE BUNCH OF DOERS. 

Now, before you give me the standard sop, friend … 

I know you’re in a bad mood, I know you’re “too busy” (except not really, hehe, you know how it goes) – I know like me a lot of you “just want to be left alone” (but even yours truly finds time to get back to what and who REALLY MATTERS) … 

… I know a lot of you – dont want to spend a single red cent right about now – but you do. Hehe. 

Lots of great DEALS, unlike Black Friday everywhere which you can already see, those great deals are a thing of the past – at 0 Excuses Fitness, nothing doing, business as usual – and those great offers and deals are KNOCKING AT YOUR DOORSTEP, almost! 🚚

But here’s the thang, friend. 

If you dont want to do even what doesnt cost one red cent, if you’re not getting back … 

If you say “I just want to read but not reply” – both you and me know thats a COP OUT. 

So yeah, I guess I do feel a bit insulted, but then again – I feel the opposite too, since I know how people have gotten these days, I know people are acting abnormally – I know people “have given up caring”. 

What can I say, eh. 

Except another call out to keep what matters in your life … 

And for those of you that have bought a lot of my products – but haven’t left a REVIEW in months – kindly step up to the plate and do so NOW. 

And that, my friend is all I’m asking … 

The rest of course, is up to you. 

(never one to provoke chainsaws) 

(nah, kidding, but you get my drift!😁)



Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I mean, think about it…

An old friend trying to get in touch, you never reply, wouldn’t YOU feel the same way?

I dont think I’m being unreasonable here, friend.