I will NOT be broken
- . . . indeed a SAGE and TRUE statement!

A while ago (a few months ago actually) my buddy from the Marines made the following comment to me.

“Rahul, they’re trying to break me. But I will NOT be broken. I will NOT BOW down, and I will NOT KNEEL!”

And if there ever was a comment that struck home both to me personally and HIM – – it is THIS.

As he once told me, “we’ve lived our entire life on GUT feeling, Rahul!”. And we have.

And as he’s fond of telling me, “You’re a goddamned survivor!”

And I AM.

This man is one of the very rarefied breed of MEN – REAL MEN – out there that have BEEN THERE, and DONE that, and in more ways than the average man could imagine!

And while he was referring to certain insidious forces trying to keep him down (and they couldn’t eventually) I was referring to an even more powerful FORCE – that being LIFE.

I have spoken about my ups and downs in the past in a BRUTALLY honest manner.

I have spoken about how I barely had money to string together to buy milk for my daughter.

Or choose between the above and buying bread and cheese for the family . . .

And truth be told, this ain’t the first time I’ve been in a hole.

My friends and family’s response to all of this?

Of course, to give up what I’m doing.

“That’ll never work!”

“You’ll require 10 years to get it off the ground!”

“Oh, that’s just a blog!” How could it possibly . . .

And yet, my friend, the Universe has a way of giving you exactly what you wanted, provided you want it bad enough, and are willing to put in the HARD YARDS FOR IT!

The Universe recognizes NO SUCH THING as failure, my friend, provided persistence is there in spades.

This morning, I made the following comment to my S.O. . . .

“You’re not going to break me”, I laughed. “You can try, but  . . . “

Her response?

“Don’t give me that fake laughter of yours!”

And it wasn’t fake. I was genuinely amused, because every time I spend any time with my family, either my wife or my parents – – even if that time is spent ONLINE of all things – – they eventually get tired of me.

And while that’s fine (hey, I’m a caveman, and will always BE SO) to an extent, what ain’t fine is trying to “bend my will” to their own intents and purposes.

No, I ain’t gonna give up what I do and get a full time job. No, I ain’t gonna wear no damned face masks, and I ain’t allowing my daughter to wear one either unless it’s really required.

No, I ain’t gonna stop saying it like it is.

No, I ain’t gonna stop waking up at 11 in the morning and going to bed when I so choose. No, I ain’t gonna . . . but you get the picture, don’t you?

It’s the little things that add up, and shitty relationships can really make or break a person – if you LET It.

Napoleon Hill spoke about how detrimental it was to any sort of success to be in a marriage or other relationhip where your S.O. isn’t supportive (or worse, as in my case, “subconsciously” trying to sabotage you).

Or your family, or friends, or any relationship really.

It’s one of the worst situations a man can be stuck in, and yet, there is always a silver living, my friend.

As Hill said,

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”

This great man was RIGHT, and he was FAR AHEAD OF his time as well when he said it . . .

What doesn’t break you can only make you tougher my friend!

And what breaks you can only do so if you LET IT!

Let me say that yet again.


And in 2018, EVERY attempt was made to break me for various reasons.


YES, I still had my businesses going, and YES, I still did what I had to.

NO, I did not ever speak about any of this publicly before but I AM NOW.

I was pushed to the limit in ways you can barely imagine.

And the worst part was that at certain periods during the year, finances were ROCKY. Big time.

And yet, I found it in me to keep going.

Incredibly, help showed up at the most opportune times WITHOUT me doing anything about it. All my other “conscious efforts” seemingly failed, or did they?


The Universe always keeps track, my friend!

And this is a truism I should have remembered last year as I “lost focus” (yet again!) and started working on another business (which to be honest was a pretty lucrative one at the time) . . . and eventually “came full circle” again.

Much like Napoleon Hill that “found a way” to avoid his true calling in life, I went through many of the same heartbreaks and “disappointments” he did.

“You have been a stubborn student, and you had to be cured of this through . . . “ I can still hear the Unseen voice speaking!

And if there is one thing I can end this one off with, it is this.

They cannot break you – unless you let ‘em.

It’s just that simple, my friend!


Rahul Mookerjee

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On inspiring hundreds, and more!
- . . . I'm grateful for the PRIVELEGE of being in a position where I can do so!!

Woke up this morning to a great, great Tweet . . . and an occurrence that is becoming unfortunately common around “this here neck of the woods”, hehe.

Another nasty spat is where I’ll leave it at. I’ve spoken before about this briefly in emails, but let me tell you, Rocky was SPOT ON when he once said it ain’t about how hard you can hit.

It’s about how hard you can GET HIT – TAKE the punches – ROLL with them – and keep moving ahead!

That’s how WINNING IS DONE, my friend!

It’s NOT about having it easy and your way every time; in fact those that have truly succeeded at any level will be the first to tell you the stunningly “difficult” level of obstacles they had to surmount.

One of those being negative influences and those that are determined to STOP you from succeeding – – either consciously or unconsciously.

And curiously enough or maybe not, friends, family and well wishes often fall into this category (the unconsciously sabotaging you or trying to type).

And while there HAVE been occasions where (hey, I’m human too!) I’ve sat back and thought “Wow, what if I had it easy like these other guys do”, I then stopped myself instantly.

Look at their lives, I asked myself.

Is what they’re doing and where they’re headed in life where YOU want to be ultimately?

Sure, if you’re resigned to a life of mediocrity, then you’ll likely have some things “easy” for you your entire life.

The cushy job.

The steady salary.

The “lovely and supportive” spouse (of course! Until that money stops coming in, of course . . . )

And more.

And yet deep down inside, that is NOT what most people want.

Most people WANT to break out of their comfort zone, but they see those that have made it, and the HARD work behind their success and the OBSTACLES they had to surmount.

Sometimes seemingly insurmountable ones.

I should say here that they SEE them in front of them, but they don’t ACKNOWLEDGE them.

Publicly, you’ll hear them diss the successes. Like what happens to Donald Trump, hehe.

And yet privately if there is ONE man that the entire world secretly admires right now, it is HIM.

I sure do, I can tell you that much.

Anyway, on the topic of motivation and admiration, I received this Tweet this morning – –

(This was in response to the following Tweet I sent out – -“In life, or in terms of fitness, or workouts – what really matters is this – keep on going NO MATTER WHAT!”)

It’s the spirit of not giving up that keeps us moving forward in life. Keep up the good work! You inspire 100’s!

And when I receive tweets like this, it makes my day.

Note that this guy did NOT buy any books from me – as yet.

He is NOT on my list as far as I know . . .

And so forth.

And yet, when I hear from the heart comments such as this, or testimonials such as what Charles sent me the other day (or Gautam, or any of my other 0 Excuses Faithful), it makes it all so worth it.

If there is one reason I do all this it is to inspire and MOTIVATE – – and I am PRIVELEGED to be in a position where I can not only speak my mind on things freely as I so choose, but I can HELP others RISE UP while I do so.

And to me, that’s what matters.

Did I work hard as heck for it?

Sure. Nothing comes easy.

Napoleon Hill once spoke about that hidden guardian being there to “test men through all sorts of heartbreaks, disappointments, and seemingly UNCONQUERABLE situations . . .” before they allow them any sort of success.

Those that don’t make it are the “silent majority” that we never hear of, defeated by LIFE.

But what of those that PERSIST, and FIGHT ON against all odds when the BATTLE is seemingly lost?

What of the power, the unseen hidden power that comes to their assistance when NOTHING else seems to be working, and all seems to be lost.

If anything, we can call this power PERSISTENCE.

Or, as “Vancer” the person who sent this Tweet said, “it’s about keeping on keeping on!”

And he was RIGHT, my friend. He was spot on.

This morning, I was at my lowest in some regards (not all). And almost instantly, the Universe made sure I KNEW my path in life – and that I don’t deviate from it again as I did last year for a few months!

I’ll write more about that in the next email.

For now though, I’ll bid adios to YOU – – and if you’re having it rough now – – bear in mind that they will NOT BE ABLE TO BREAK you no matter what!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Vincent, my brother, and the only person that I even bother chatting with any more, KEEP THE FAITH. I’m hanging in there for YA, and YOU KNOW IT! Things WILL RESOLVE THEMSELVES. The time of reckoning is nigh for a lot of folks right now, and we both know it. What is right is right, and what you did was RIGHT, although it was roundly castigated and condemened in certain circles privately. The Universe knows though – – rest assured!

P.S #2 – Stay tuned later on for a blast on pushups, and why they trump the bench press ANY day of the week, hehe. Sure to rattle more than a few cages. So be it! 😉

How I shaved MORE than a few minutes off my 2000 rep jump rope time
- Strap in - some great tips!! ;)

Just got done with a fabulous workout . . . one in which I finished 2000 jumps.

Amongst other things, and in record time too. And given my previous best wasn’t too shabby either, this is definitely good news – – and the good news, or better is also this that YOU too can take the tips in this email, and apply them to your workout if you so choose.

What did I do to get there, you ask.

Well, two things.

One was a mental thing. The other physical. One more important than the other – – I don’t think it will take a rocket scientist to guess which one? Hehe. 😉

The PHYSCIAL aspect of this you ask . . .

Well, it was this – to put it simply – active recovery.

What do I mean

Well, lets cover what I DON’T mean first!

One, it does NOT mean chatting with the bros and taking selfies to “show off your sweat stained biceps” (eww) during a workout.

It does NOT mean lifting a weight for ten reps and taking 10 minutes to “cool off”.

It does not mean getting your shoulders massaged by your personal trainers at the gym (another huge ugh, as that is usually associated with spandex and pink little bitty itty witty dumbbells).


It means doing something while you’re out of breath; big time.

And curiously enough, that there is a massive tip I’m revealing in this email for free – – a tip that even those that buy my books miss on occasion (though it’s mentioned clearly therein) and pay big bucks to learn later.

A tip that will truly get you DONE working out faster, and RECOVER from being madly out of breath quicker.

Active recovery means doing a set of exercises WHILE you’re recovering from what you got you out of breath.

OR, the same exercises, except done at a lower tempo (or lower reps).

Maybe 10 pushups in a 400 pushup workout (while recovering).

Maybe a timed hold. Maybe a STATIC hold (yes, I did those today as part of active recovery!).

Or, just DEEP breathing the RIGHT way which is an exercise unto itself (and a hugely ignored one).

It means NOT resting for more than you have to.

And no, walking around doesn’t mean active recovery unless you’re FAT and out of shape in which case it might mean that.

If you’re already in decent shape, then jog in place, or do something else to recover.

And this one principle can be applied to any type of workout.

Folks often wonder why hill climbing is so brutal. Well, many reasons there, but one main reason is that you don’t just (or I should I don’t just) stop when I’m out of breath on the hill and collapse on the slope/steps as so many people do (no stopping to smell the roses!).

Badly out of breah from them steep stairs?

No problem

I take a 2 second breather (that’s it!) and then keep going again, at a snail’s pace until I Recover, and that way I KEEP getting a workout in . . .

And the mental side of this is simple and something I’ve often spoken about.

That being eat a bear – -a bite at a time. A truism which I KNOW, and yet ignored today, and every time I did, it came back to bite me in the ass (or hit me on the shins I should say, hehe).

And once I finally FOLLOWED it – presto!

And that’s the tips for today’s email. See if you can apply them to your own workouts!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – No, I don’t wear masks during outdoor workouts. And something insanely idiotic I’ve been noticing as of late is folks that don’t want to wear masks, but hang them as “bibs” or amulets of some sort I guess around their jowls as they work out. And no they don’t wear the masks. It’s there for show. In case someone asks, you know . . . ???!

Folks. Really. Get REAL. Either you wear the damned thing, or you don’t. And if you don’t have the balls to do so OPENLY!

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And this one – – https://0excusesfitness.com/pull-ups-stud-to-super-stud-within-weeks/

Why is everyone so SCARED and RELUCTANT to say something
- ... Shouldn't be this way, but it is unfortunately!

We see it all the time, don’t we?

Anytime something happens that involves the entire world, or potentially COULD . . . people for the most part, say, or do nothing,

Unless it’s attacking the messenger, of course, with idiotic and inane comments.

And as the current imbroglio between China and India continues (the mess obviously created entirely by the former) and as precious few people speak out against the rogue nation, I feel compelled to bring this up.

(and no attacking Pompeo or Trump – – or myself, for that matter does not make facts go away!)

For the sake of this discussion, let us assume that the “people” I’m referring to have no business interests at hand.

No, and as I wrote before I do not agree with the fear of losing biz, but in today’s world  . . . ok, from a certain standpoint I get it.

But what of those that don’t have any biz interests at hand either way??

These people usually fall into the following categories

  • Apathetic, and the “it won’t ever happen to us” category.
  • The “its their problem category”
  • The “maybe if I stay silent” things will calm down category

And other such equally inane and meaningless categories.

While I wasn’t around when Adolf Hitler took power, the SAME thing happened.

He was initially viewed as a lunatic and with skepticism.

“To be ignored” people said, and yet slowly inch by inch he wormed his way into the subconscious of Germany until . . . well, we all know, don’t we?

IT won’t happen to you?

Lets assume China keeps doing to India what they have been for ages (and until now, the apathetic Indian admin didn’t do much about it at all  – note; I said until now).

Little by little, they kept advancing into not just Indian territory, but also laid claims to the islands administered by Japan.

Intruded and does so regularly with impunity in Vietnamese waters.

Ditto for the Phillipines.

And so forth.

Think you’re “too far away” for it to matter?

Think again.

As Mike Pompeo rightly said, we MIGHT think differently (emphasis on MIGHT) if it was just one territorial dispute (the sum and substance of what he said).

But a nation that has disputes with all it’s neighbors in some way, shape or form and countries globally (think the “Belt Road” program, or whatever that’s called i.e. FORCING countries into debt pretty much in the name of shoddy development that usually doesn’t last a monsoon?)?

We all know whats up there!

During WWII, the beast should have been stopped IMMEDIATELY.

It wasn’t, and Pearl Harbor happened.

No, I’m not saying something similar will happen now, but the entire world could get dragged into this.

As Pompeo said, it’s no longer a matter of just one nation.

It’s the entire world that should be concerned!

And little by little, as the beast intrudes and advances, both physically and into your subconscious its time to take a stance and SAY something either way.

Don’t worry; the libs and politically correct wont eat you up if you do!

Fitness wise, you ask how this applies eh.

Why all this on a fitness blog?

Because the damn principle applies to fitness too.

Little by little, that fat takes over. Even those of you that are super fit have fallen prey to the “oh, it’s just a little bit of extra weight” monster at one time or the other.

I know I have.

And I know what happened months down the line!

Think FAT.

Or, those that are pull-up studs and stop doing ‘em thinking “Oh, Ill get back to them easily!”

Guess what happens.

One fine day you get to the park ready to do pull-ups, and you discover you cannot do a single one.


Well, don’t be. It’s happened to me too!

Sure, it took me a few days to get back to high rep pullups (thank muscle memory for that, but the point stands).

And that’s why you need to take a stand, my friend – – both in terms of life, and fitness.

Give an inch and MILES will be taken my friend. ‘Tis just the way it work.

The time to take a stance is NOW.

Which side of the fence are YOU on?


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Fitness wise, I’m on the side of daily workouts, preferably multiple times a day. NO, not all our workouts twice a day, but doing something damn near everyday, and twice a day at that. Here is the System that allows me to do that and still make great gains – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

On cashing a $0.13 check, and more!
- Not everything is as it seems, my friend. Hehe.

So, while reading up on Prez Trump today (who I’ve often unabashedly and unashamedly claimed is the BEST President the US ever had – – and who would have my vote instantly for “president of the free world” IF there were to be such a position opening up!) I came across something both interesting and hiliarious in equal part.

Reports of the “Trumpinator” having cashed a $0.13 check at one time.

At first, I didn’t believe it. I thought it was another liberal ploy to put down the Prez, and given the number of people jumping up and down about Trump’s numerous past biz failures and promoting those instead of the times he did succeed, and succeed BIG, you wouldn’t blame me for thinking that, would you?!

And to these people, side note.

There is NO person that I know – no TRULY SUCCESSFUL PERSON in this entire world that has not failed multiple times and then some before the ultimate success (or a few of them).

There is NO person that has not suffered what many would think to be the “ultimate blow” (bankruptcy and worse) before going on to TRUE and eventual success.

I’ve spoken about my numerous trials and tribulations in the past. I’ve spoke about how Napoleon Hill once famously (in his book Think and Grow Rich) spoke about there being a “guardian” at the doors of true success, a “hidden guide” as it were (as he said) whose job it was to test men through all sorts of depressing and seemingly “dead” situations.

Those that could TAKE it, went on to succeed, and the vast majority of people that couldn’t?

They simply faded away, and no-one heard of them or paid any attention to the numerous struggles they went through before finally quitting (when funnily enough, the prize was almost within reach!).

Edison went through 10,000 odd attempts before getting the light bulb.

The numbers are probably not spot on accurate, but the tale IS.

Jack Ma spoke about how FAILURE teaches you MORE than any success ever could. The more you fail, the better, as the more you learn and the more you’re prepared for your eventual success!

Back to the good ole Trumpinator, so many people forget that he DID succeed in several biz ventures, and if nothing else, he IS the current Prez!

Isn’t that success enough, my friend?

A businessman with no real political experience up and shows up and becomes Prez of the #1 country in the world, while saying it like it is without bothering to pander to the politically correct, sissified masses and SJW’s??

I think it is my friend.

Love him or hate him (I fall into the former camp) – – he IS the man right now, and that is a success most of his detractors will never come close to approaching! Hehe.

Anyway . . . the check you say?

Apparently some mag in the 1990’s ran a “study” on how “cheap” rich (or supposedly rich people were).

They sent out a check for $1.11 for “services these people were overcharged for”.

A few people cashed it. I think 26 out of 58 people . . . so more than a few, actually!

They repeated it with half the amount ($0.68 I believe). A few people cashed it again. Again, MORE than a few! Hehe.

And then they tried with $0.13.

Only TWO people cashed in.

One was a Saudi arms dealer (supposedly so). And the other was no other than the Trumpinator, and for those that don’t believe this hilarious story, I think one site even posted the actual check sent to “Mr Donald J Trump”.

Nigh on hilarious, but it teaches you several things, hehe, out of which I’ll focus on one.

(Oh, and while the Trump team is obviously trying to keep this one out of the public eye, to me, it’s no shame even if the man did cash it. Doesn’t lessen my admiration for him one damned bit, and I suspect that is how the majority of his voter base – – or those with any sense at least, would feel!).

(And without meaning to get into politics yet again, I really DO hope that Mike Pompeo remains U.S. Secretary of State; he is the perfect match for Trump’s brazen, off the cuff, BRUTALLY HONEST remarks with his extra analysis and “words of negotiation” that SPEAK volumes while remaining pithy if that makes much sense added in!)

And as for what I want to touch upon?

Fitness, my friend. It’s the same damned way.

If ALL you can put into your fitness savings bank account (remember how I keep likening fitness to a bank account where deposits made ACCUMULATE over time into BIG money or gains??) is half a pushup and that’s that, then do that.

If 5 pushups and 10 squats make you collapse, then do that – and put that much in.

The bank account doesn’t necessarily care about how much you put in daily, but it does care IF you put daily increments in or not!

If 13 pushups is all you can do, for example, then do those until you do 15.

Do 15 until you get to 20.

Add in a few different variations at that point.

Soon, you’ll be up to 50. Then 60. Then 75. Then the magic 100.

The mythical 250 (as I show in the 0 Excuses Fitness Workout Video).

And finally the fabled 500, and the hallowed 1000, if you choose to go that far, hehe.

And it all starts with one measly deposit my friend.

Think about that the next time you “don’t feel like working out” – I bet you’ll have the best damned workout ever!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – The new projects that I mentioned in an email before this one will all go on the floor in earnest in July (though the book on isometrics is already underway). I still have to move one OTHER site over to a new provider (not to mention that I’m in the middle of a writing SPREE for that venture), and that will likely take some time too . . . but we should be good to go big time on the new fitness projects starting next month. Stay tuned – – and mea culpa – -people have been asking, I know!

P.S #2 – Don’t forget to pick up the best damned fitness system out there on the planet, truly coming from one who is the REAL DEAL as a customer recently stated right here – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

P.P.S – And even if he did cash the check, hey. If he had 10 other big ‘uns to cash, and put this one in too – – does it really matter either way? More publicity? Mountain out of a mole hill? I’ll let you be the judge, hehe.

- . . . hear me out, please!

What I am about to say here may come across as absolute anathema to both serious fitness enthusiasts, and those that have been following me for a while, but please bear with me while I explain.

You boxers and wrestlers out there will be in splits upon reading this headline, but again, please bear with me.

. . . I should have said “sometimes” up there!

No doubt, being on your toes is highly recommend while exercising,but sometimes, just sometimes, it pays to do the OPPOSITE of what conventional wisdo might state.

There he goes, I hear you newsletter subscribers chortling.

Always contradictory, always the nail that stands out, and usually RIGHT too when he does it!

This afternoon, I brutalized my legs with a legs only workout.

And that means my entire body.

And while yall reading this might think it was only my legs (thighs) that are currently pulverized due to this “brutality” – well – think again.

In fact, think several times my friend.

My calves, hips and CORE are hurting, but my thighs aren’t.

And I did plenty of squats.

What gives?

Well, I did my squats, but despite me being a huge advocate of Hindu Squats, I did NOT do ‘em today.

I did ‘em flat footed.

Like you would if you have to sit in an Asian crouch . . . on your heels, flat footed which is a position immensely helpful to the body, and a position that most can’t get into for any length of time, let alone hold.

Or even begin to get into.

A position that is probably the quickest cure for constipation, that old malady, and is hardly ever, if at all used.

The simplest things and movements are often the best!

Lots of folks may think the thighs are the biggest muscle in your body, so they should be worked the most, and you’d be right if you think that way.

But close behind follow the HIPS. And back.

And I’ve known of no other exercise that works the HIPS (butt) as much as these type of squats do!

I did sets of 50-100 between sets of jumping rope today.

Workout lasted all of 29 minutes. Probably knocked out 250 squats and DEFINITELY did 1500 jumps . . . and stretches after that.

And while those numbers might not sound outrageous, try squatting the way I mention after jumping rope for a while.

You’ll feel it; I’ll tell yo that much!

And you’ll feel it in the hips and butt, which are really muscles that you cannot and should not ignore.

Don’t get me wrong. Hindus don’t ignore those muscles, but these work ‘em more.

And if it’s THIGH “burn” you’re looking for, well, Hindu squats are probably what you’re after even though – and I say this in BOLD – THE EXERCISE IS NOT MEANT to be done simply for “thigh burn!”


They’re both CORE exercises, my friend.

And sometimes, just sometimes, it pays to be a flat footed monster while working out! Hehe . . .

Don’t understand?

Still confused?

Well, you will once you check out the 0 Excuses Fitness System my friend.

Truly the best damned fitness system out there. Five videos and two books . . . and a video almost entirely dedicated to . . . you got it.


Have – squat – at!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is that link again: https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

“You are the real deal, which is why I don’t mind paying higher than normal prices”
- . . . indeed all about VALUE, not PRICE!

Just got a great, great email in from Charles Mitchell, a long term customer and huge fan of Pushup Central and my other products. Lets take a look –

(This was w.r.t my last email about a dozen no’s eventually turning into a YES!)

Since you’re in the mood for asking,  I’m asking when you’re going to put out a book on static holds like what you talk about in your recent pushups book.  The pushups book is awesome!  Why?  Because the F…ing exercises and workouts are hard as HELL!  That’s why!  I hate workout books that don’t challenge you.  I think I also asked you once before to put out a plyometric calisthenics book as well.  DO IT!  Your stuff is the best.  You are the real deal, which is why I don’t mind paying the higher than normal prices for your books.  I’m also glad that you now put them on Kindle because I have no more room for paper books in my small apartment .



Keep up the good work

My response –

Hey Charles

Thanks for the email and the kind words – and that’s some honest feedback for sure!!

Yes, I agree – workout books SHOULD challenge you. It is only when we’re truly challenged that we GROW – – in all aspects, and fitness (and life, of course) is NO exception to that rule. Glad to know the workouts are giving you a lot to work upon – – how are the “fingertip” versions coming along??

Thanks as well with regard to the comments about it being about VALUE and not just a dollar tag – much appreciated, and ‘tis indeed TRUE my friend.

Yes, we have been on Kindle for a while now (and that is why I offer digital versions of all my books on my own website as well. I used to paperback years ago, but switched to digital a long, long time ago . . . ).

And YES, you did ask me – – but I think it was about a book on one armed exercises (one arm pull-ups etc) etc. It’s funny though that you mention plyometrics – advanced (and extreme) plyometrics are part of the reason I’m getting such solid workouts in these days myself! Will certainly put out something on that down the line, and while the book on one armed exercises is ALSO in the works, the one that is currently being “penned” as we speak is the book on ISOMETRIC workouts.

Interesting again that you mention that. I’ve also got something planned for symbiotic workouts if there is enough interest . . .

I’d probably have a lot of this done by now, but (as I’m sure you know) we’ve been grappling with server moves etc  for months now and it’s only settled down in that regard (I finally found a reliable host!). Not to mention my other writing biz which is really starting to take off now as well, so I devote a fair bit of time to that as well.

Thanks again for the great feedback; much appreciated buddy. Stay safe and I’ll keep you (and everyone!) posted on new stuff coming up!

Indeed, my friend. All about VALUE – not price – and yes, the course on isometrics will probably be the next one out. I want to make it something GREAT – something different – so hang tight while I get things together – and we’ll have it out soon.

In the meantime, YES, one armed training is ALSO VERY much on the cards in terms of books . . . and YES, if you have any more ideas for books/courses – shoot me an email, and let me know!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And yes, all digital now on the website – check it out if you so choose.

A dozen no’s eventually turn into a YES
- . . . if you keep AT IT!

Steve Jobs, the tech icon and founder of Apple (whose phones I’ve never used and never will use, hehe) often spoke about the one thing that seperates the “doers from the dreamers” (in his own words.).

Or should I say “one of the THING(s)” as  I’m sure he spoke tomes on persistence as well . . . (and a quick look at Job’s own life tells you the value of persistence and being ready to stick it out; especially after being fired from the company he FOUNDED!)

But anyway, so when Jobs was 12, he wanted to build a little something, and needed some computer parts to do it.

He called up the co-owner of Hewlett Packard, no less. Remember, Jobs was just 12!

I don’t know from where he got the number, but once he did call him up, here is what he said.

“Hi, I’m Steve Jobs. I’m 12 years old, and in school. I’d like a summer job at your company. Also, I’m looking to build **** and need some spare computer parts. Do you have them?”

As blunt as could be, and as blunt as I am, hehe.

That brings to mind what my buddy from the Marines once laughingly told me when I asked him the following.

“I think Donald Trump is the only that is about as blunt as I am”, I said. “Well . . . maybe he’s even blunter, wouldn’t you say?”

My friend looked at me quizzically.

“Maybe. But it’s by NO MEANS a foregone conclusion!”

And I’m not saying being blunt is the  key to success, although it is one of the keys – – and yes, Jobs was known as exceptionally blunt and abrasive, and hard to get along with.

The key is – if you want something – you ASK.

Did Jobs get what he wanted?

YES. He got the job, and while no, that ain’t the only thing responsible for his eventual success, fact is he wasn’t scared to up and ASK from a young age.

As he once said, I’ve never had people flat out turn me down and say NO when I’ve called them up and asked for something.

Now, was it GUARANTEED he’d get the job?

By no means.

But you have to try my friend. You have to try, try, try and keep trying and taking your best shot until you GET what you’re looking for, and this has held true for me in many areas of life as well when I neeed help.

Financial, advice related or otherwise, I’ve found the “ask, and you shall receive” truism to be TRUE.

Sometimes it takes a lot of no’s and a lot of asking, but eventually, those no’s turn into a YES.

And the same thing applies to fitness my friend.

You may feel you’re not making a lot of progress at all on your workouts when you first start.

Let’s say Hindu squats, or pull-ups.

For ages, you seem to be just pulling “that little bit” and not a lot more than that at all.

Then suddenly, one day, you get your face higher up to the bar without even thinking about it!

Believe me, that’s how it works – has worked, actually, for me and countless others I know.

And before you know it, you’re doing ONE REP. Then two. And the months before when you couldn’t do a single half rep seem to have just . . . disappeared!

Same thing for high rep Hindu squats. The day you get past 100 consecutive Hindu squats or pushups is the day you’ll look back and wonder “was it ever really that hard”?

Weight loss, fitness, I don’t care what it is.

Ask – and DO THE THING – and you shall receive!

It truly is that simple, my friend.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is the System (the best damned one out there) that shows you HOW to ask – and YES, you WILL receive plenty if you do as it says. Oh yes. Grab it right NOW before the price goes UP –https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

When the facts don’t suit your narrative . . .
- . . . ignoring them won't make them go away!

Over the past coupla days I’ve been posting a lot about the ongoing India China conflict.

Not so much here on the blog or the list but on SOCIAL MEDIA . . . which I normally stay clear of (and I usually try and steer clear of most politics as well). . .

And to those that will no doubt ask me (friends have) – what if you lose business?

Well, to that my answer is so be it.

I am NOT going to censor my views on anything just for the “so called fear” of losing business or money, or sleep (which I don’t lose, hehe), wives, girlfriends, and uh . .. but I best stop there! 😉

What you see is truly what you get with Rahul Mookerjee my friend. And if I feel strongly about something, I am damn well going to say it regardless of “where I am currently”.

And to those of you that claim “you feel strongly about some issue”, but “won’t say it for fear of losing business” – – well, I’m sorry to say that you do NOT feel as strongly as you claim to.

Sorry if that offends anyone, but its true.

And if it makes me lose friends, so be it. If you’re really passionate about something, then believe you me, you’ll find a way to SAY it regardless of any other goings on (as I do about fitness, and my other businesses that I have not detailed here ; some of you might very surprised to find out about the other biz! Hehe).

Or maybe not.

Anyway, I posted a long piece about how China’ latest antics couldn’t have possibly come at a worse time for them right HERE – https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6679646701952745472/?commentUrn=urn%3Ali%3Acomment%3A(activity%3A6679646701952745472%2C6679651827052613632)

And about how the Indian government is not only (finally) abdicating it’s silly pacifist stances of yore (which led to the Chinese salami slicing territory bit by bit, for one, brazenly building military installations on foreign land and so forth) in a military sense but also really where it hurts.


The Chinese (despite the hoo haa going on about the size of their military) would not be able to win in a true conflict with the Indian military as things stand today. I’m not going to get into the reasons in THIS email, but if you’re interested, let me know and I’ll expound more on that later.

Let’s talk now though about the ECONOMY.

Even the Chinese know very well that their “rise on the global stage” has come about not just through “copy and paste” (sorry, couldn’t resist!) but also the strength of their economy.

TRUE, the numbers are always inflated, but it’s still a large economy to be sure.

An export driven economy.

And India was one of the last places (if we’re talking big economies) where the country was welcome (at least in an economic sense), and now?

Heck no.

And I posted about that on my LinkedIn account here, to which I got the typical response I expect from wack jobs and nutzos (from whom I’ve been hearing a lot as late).

Inane, retarded comments that make no sense whatsoever.

Comments that studiously and deliberately ignore FACTS placed in front of them.

Comments made deliberately to aggravate, needle and inflame others (sound familiar, anyone?? A certain rogue nation does just THAT) . .

And comments aimed at making the discussion go round and round in circles with NO result out of it.

Sound familiar anyone??

I bet it does . . .

Folks – – when the facts don’t suit your narrative, it might not be pretty (or nice to you), but realize they are called “facts” for a certain reason.

If you truly have the gumption to do so, by all means debate the facts, but IGNORING facts won’t make them go away (and neither will shooting the messenger).

Fitness wise, you ask?

Same damned thing.

If you’ve got a huge ponderous belly hanging over your belly (edit – I meant to say nether regions) and can’t sleep at night despite your numerous weightlifting sessions for one, and can’t do a single pull-up or even HOLD on to the bar for any length of time (rest assured you ain’t alone on that one though!) . . . then trying to sidestep the fact that both of the above is undesirable by saying “I’m a big guy naturally” (when you’re not) and attempting to both convince yourself and sidestep the issue is PATHETIC.

Again, sorry if that offends, but it’s true.

When you want that six pack – or that “cut look” (and lets face it, you wouldn’t be commenting upon it if you didn’t want it! Hehe) then simply saying “So what? I could pick you up and throw you out the window” doesn’t change the fact that YOU my friend are a lardass el supremo, no punches pulled.

These are FACTs.

And I gotta say, if there is anything that annoys me more than the above, it is this type of thing.

Pretty much why I posted what I did on LinkedIn, that being that this comment didn’t deserve a response, but I Responded anyway just to show the world what I meant by “wackjobs”.

And rest assured, there are plenty of other definitions too. All coming up soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – The DEFINITIVE guide (nothing like it on the market out there, trust me) to getting better at pull-ups and QUCK is right here –https://0excusesfitness.com/pull-ups-from-dud-to-stud-within-a-matter-of-weeks/

P.S #2 – Oh and the best damned course on pushups out there is right here – https://0excusesfitness.com/pushup-central/ . I literally do challenge you to find something better than this because guess what – – it DON’T (yes, I said it that way purposely) exist!

P.P.S – And no, I ain’t in the business of “being liked”. If what I have to say causes you to unfollow, delete, or otherwise “block me” then by all means go ahead and do it. Do it NOW in fact. I won’t mind at all – I promise you!

Mini workouts that get results . . .
- . . . throughout the DAY!

Dear Reader,

I’ve been following a split schedule these days in terms of training, with my JUMP rope being at the center of it all.

While I initially tried getting it done (my new workout routine) all in ONE lump “shot”, that left me feeling exhausted and unable to go further (in other words, I got the workout done, but I felt rather exhausted for the rest of the day).

And while I did that for a couple of days and wrote to you about it, I realized that while it was an awesome routine by itself, it wasn’t working in one regard.

Something I MYSELF keep talking about!

That being, FEELING great . . . after the workout!

That “feeling on top of the world” feeling after the work (which I admittedly still got and then some) that LASTS for the entire day (and towards the end of the day, mine was slipping away a bit).

Not to mention everything going on around the world. Has me a bit frazzled due to obvious reasons (and probably you guys as well!).

Wayyyyy too much negative out there.

And so I workout these days, but back to TWICE a day as I did back in 2016, and the results SHOWING.

Some of you might argue, well, they were showing when you did ‘em in ONE blast as well.


But I wasn’t feeling as great as I am now, late at night around 11 PM or so as I just got done taking a shower after a second workout (and some time spent with my daughter).

And this two workout a day in 2016?

I’d get my 0 Excuses Fitness routine done sometime around 530 in the  evening, and then later on around 11 PM or so, I’d go for a bit of a bridging routine.

Before bed.

And this time I’m doing jumping rope, pushups, pull-ups and other “secret” jumps I’ve referred to in prior emails – – once a day in the afternoons, and then before bed at night.

And oh boy, do I feel AWESOME!!

The endorphins BE flowing, and this sorta thing is something I recommend to EVERYONE regardless of fitness levels.

Do something every day, my friend – preferably twice a day.

It could be as simple as 10 pushups in the morning and a brisk walk at night.

Or, 100 pull-ups in the morning, and a rope jumping session in the evening.

Or, 3 sets or more of 50 pushups – or pull-ups spread out in corresponding time intervals throughout the day.

Anything, really. So long as you get the blood flowing . . . that is really what counts!

And that’s that for now. If you read this – hope you’re doing well, whichever part of the world you’re in . . . and have a great, great workout today!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is where you can pick up YOUR copy of the 0 Excuses Fitness System – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/