An astounding example of colosally and absymally DAZZLING “whine, groan and MOAN”
- Just when I thought I had seen it all.

So, every time I think I’ve seen it all in terms of nadirs of “whining and moaning”, I’m proven wrong.

Whether thats good or bad I dont know – but check THIS post out.


I have a resting bitch face and I get judged for it.

“You’re so cold and distant”
“You just sit there with a long face all day”
“You’re making the environment uncomfortable for your co-workers”

As a quiet person with RBF, people just assume I’m disdain, cold, or angry, they assume I’m hard to get along with when we never even spoken.

But in fact, 95% of the time I’m relaxed or even in a good mood, and I deeply care for the people who are around me.

I’ve been struggling with RBF forever. Do I wear full makeup to work every day? Do I get botox to lift the corners of my mouth?

𝗜 𝗱𝗲𝗰𝗶𝗱𝗲𝗱 𝘁𝗼 𝗺𝗮𝗸𝗲 𝗽𝗲𝗮𝗰𝗲 𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗵 𝗺𝘆𝘀𝗲𝗹𝗳.

I know I’m not alone in this. I’m speaking up just so you know:

𝗜𝘁’𝘀 𝗢𝗞 𝗶𝗳 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗹𝗼𝗼𝗸 𝗮 𝗰𝗲𝗿𝘁𝗮𝗶𝗻 𝘄𝗮𝘆 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗽𝗲𝗼𝗽𝗹𝗲 𝗱𝗼𝗻’𝘁 𝗮𝗽𝗽𝗿𝗲𝗰𝗶𝗮𝘁𝗲 𝗶𝘁, 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗶𝗿 𝗼𝗽𝗶𝗻𝗶𝗼𝗻𝘀 𝗱𝗼𝗻’𝘁 𝗺𝗲𝗮𝗻 𝘀𝗵𝗶*𝘁!


It ain’t no secret I dont like jobs, employers, and have never stayed in a job either by hook or by crook longer than I “had to”.

But when I see something like THIS – I PITY the employers – in general – and believe me, they’re far from perfect themselves.

I mean, but really – having to manage someone like this??

A female that sits there, does nothing apparently except “F all” – bitches, moans, whines and groans about everything at the workplace, is on social she-dia all day long, is hardly the eptiome of productivity and far from it, to be honest, and thats just off the top of my head and getting started (not to mention Nazi feminist/male boss hater as well) …

I mean, WHO would want something like that – and I pity the person with the misfortune of havin hired this woman.

For any job!

And back to the post itself.

Is “RBF” even a thang??

I mean, the things they come out with! The other night it was someone that pissed and moaned about a dude saying “she had a choice to throw up or not” (on a regular and conscious basis) and apparently that very down to earth statement was rude, uncaring, insenstive or what not.

I mean, what about LAS? Lazy ass syndrome?

What about PBS? Pot bellied slob?

Or SRB? Split routine booby building Bozo?

Ah, but wait. I forgot. Those aren’t “nice” things to say eh.

I get it …


Speaking of Bozo, he’s sending me emails with the following.

“Bi sexual Bi polar curb queen Bozo”.

For real.

I’ve heard of cuckqueen before, of course.

But those are females normally, but we dont know what the Bozo is, of course. I doubt even he does, or cares.

But curb queen??

Like, hooker??

I’ve NO idea, and I’m NOT going to Google it, hehe.

But anyway, all these things remind me of why I am very vehemently against expanding my ONE employee base – regardless of how big I get.

A prior employer once said he didnt want to “get too big”.

For the life of me I cannot imagine why he didnt. I would, and I do.

But for the life of me, I can’t imagine myself with employees, especially not idiots of this nature which make up the very vast majority of people these days in “Sissy Central”.

Both male and female and in between.

If I manage or supervise someone, I Want them to be …

… ” I took a round in the shoulder, I took a round in the gut, I took several to the body, but I dragged my buddy out there admist live fire, and I got the damn job DONE!”

So said the incomparable Steve Austin in a movie in 2015 (cannot for the life of me remember the name now) about his time in the Army (in the movie).

And he’s right.

Thats the sort of person I’d like to ideally manage.

I also know ideal exists in Utopia, and it ain’t happening. Finding people to live up to my standards? Forget about it.

I’d just get irritated all day long.

And hence, the decision to remain solo in business.



I truly believe, my friend that the spectacular results I’ve got and keep getting and that the 0 Excuses faithful do would be HIGHLY diluted if others were involved.

Its best to train SOLO.

Mr T knew this – I did – doers throughout the ages have known the value of training SOLO!

And to find out more about how I do – and jump on the train NOW – go HERE.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – This lady then did the one thing guaranteed to get her idiotic post tons of views.

She was complaing about her posts getting no traction (no wonder eh).

This one got plenty of Bozo love … from cucked men all salivating after she posted two decidely “unattractive” pictures. Horsey faced and what not, all good either way, but looking at the cucked men out there and the number of them … I gotta wonder.

Which is worse – the Nazi feminists or the cucks that enable them ?

I’d say the latter by far.

Anyway, more on the book in that regard. For now, go HERE to pick up some great fitness products to get you in the best damned shape of your life – NO punches pulled, NO excuses made!

What would Henry Ford do?
- Yes, it relates!

Every time , my friend (and I’ve been thinking about telling you this for a while now) – I’m faced with a tough situation – problem – or something – two things pop into mind.

First, if you’re Harry Houdini, then there’s always a way.

And most of us can be- I’ve proven it time and time over again in situations that most would deem nigh impossible to get out of or overcome or better or what not.

Second, here is the thought that comes to mind.

“What would Henry Ford do?” 

Or, these days, it’s becoming “What would Jeff Bezos do?”

I’ve no doubt Bezos too when starting out asked himself the same, or similar questions. I’ve no doubt Steve Jobs and the rest did too.

Astoundingly or oddly enough, or maybe not for those with brains, the answer is the same as “what they would do” i.e. what I’d do.

then I just do it.

I dont question “why” Bezos does something after he’s explained why he does it, and the “hows” of it (which he does all the time, but the Bozos globally just don’t get it).

Brings to mind a famous (NOT) Matt Furey one liner that while it hasn’t changed my life “phenomenally” as yet, is a line that might end up doing so in more way than one.

It’s a line most of you have likely not heard.

But in one of his writings, the great man once said the following about sales, marketing and advertising for which he was known best.

(Yes, bodyweight fitness too – there is a reason I credit HIM in the Rolls Royce, not so much because he created those exercises – he did NOT. And he’ll be the first to tell you that too. But he DID bring them to the mainstream, and I’ll never stop giving credit when its due!)

But anyway, point being this – he said when you advertise (I dont remember the exact line) –

“you don’t call in the teeny weeny dicklet owners. You go for the 800 lb Gorilla”.

He didnt say the first line.

He said the second in a different way.

Way I look at it, in that case?

You do what I term pushup as i.e. the BIG DOG of fitness – you advertise, but you do so where the BIG DOGS go.

Move aside Google and the rest.

There is a silent big dog out there lurking right under your nose that most of you will not even notice, yet, it’s responsible for more sales than Google, Shoogle, Yahoo, Wahho, and the rest combined …

It’s also where I accquire most of my new, long term and SERIOUS customers – the DOERS.

Anyway, that aside, how does it relate to fitness?

Well, the first reason is simple, second not so much so.

When you want to lose weight, you dont muck around with idiotic treadmills and the lot – you go for the BIG DOG.

Wanna become a jaguar, my friend – lithe, mean and agile and with an amazing “crushing bite” -(translate to grip in your case) – then train like one.

When you want to build shoulders like the Brahma Bull, then do what the human equivalents do.

When you want advice on fitness, and health in general?

Then listen to one thats been there and done that, one that truly is a “master of his craft”, one that’s truly “not so humble” as it were, and indeed, “an insenstive asshole” (I was just called that) and “rude and arrogant” and “abrasive” . ..

. . . and whose stuff works, flat out works, better than any of the other so called gurus out there, and this brings me to point TWO.

The more important one in my opinion.

When I tell you to do something, and explain why – then just do it my friend.

Dont keep asking”why”.

If you want to build upper body strength like never before, then right now I’m telling YOU to get Pushup Central and get cranking (in addition to the courses linked above) – and I’m telling you this too – you’ll be hard pressed to fin done single course on pushups better than this.

The Bozo once made the comment about “just a book on pushups. How boring!”

Maybe for the Bozos it’s boring.

But Google, or scour, Or Shoogle, or Pogo-le, or what not – you won’t find a course better than this, or even one dedicated to pushups the way I teach.

Simply not out there, my friend.

Point isn’t necessarily to do pushups or not.

Point is, when someone that KNOWS tells you what to do , and why – then you just do it, myf riend.

You don’t muck around wasting time with why’s and wherefore’s unless your a prime Bozo.

And that, my friend, is the point of me telling you this.

Off for my workout soon, but I WILL be back.


Rahul Mookerjee

Why opening those “TOUGHIE hard to open” jars is EASY PEASY for me
- And how it can be for you too.


And how it can be for YOU TOO!

This morning, I pried open a jar that had “pickles” or something, I dont know, I’ve no idea but it’s been there for ages “sitting around”.

(I guess that alone tells you two things – not much pickle running around in China, except the knock offs of Indian pickle, and two, I generally don’t eat much pickle even when eating Indian food …)

More the Tabasco (red hot!) guy I am, hehe.

Bruce once made the comment about some super hot Jalapeno peppers as in

“You might be able to swallow a 100 Tabascos down like beer!”

But apparently THAT pepper he was referring to was SUPER HOT!

Flames out ass and fumes out mouth kinda hot …

I laughed.

(this was when I was 19).

“Eat Indian food first, and you’ll never worry about other spicy stuff!”

Which is true.

Indian food, for one, can be incredibly spicy. I remember a time my wife (in 2013) once made me “chili vegetable” and that damn dish was SO DAMN HOT I Couldn’t even eat it!

Until then I remember a certain Coop De Ville’s that had spiced up their hot chicken wings no end – it was so spicy, that as the then girlfriend said, “my boyfriend can’t even eat it!” as being the spiciest of the spiciest!

Anyway, all this spice aside, back to jars.

Those hard to open jars.

Those glasses stuck inside each other.

Those “metal” thingies – the old fashioned ones you gotta TWIST apart.

And more.

All of this until a few years ago, YES, even when I did 500 pushups daily (for a while) was TOUGH For me.

You might think I’m indirectly pimping Gorilla Grip here.

Which I am. As I opened the jar today, Gorilla Grip! were the words that came to mind – and mouth!

But I remember a friend (one time) Charles, the same guy who could barely hang on to the chinning bar, let alone do a chin-up after years of trying – the same guy who complained about a storm about my post on pull-ups that wasn’t even aimed at him, didnt even mention him “just because the truth HURTS” – once mocking me about grip.

“You’re the guy they call when something needs to be opened!”

I guess he meant legs, hehe.

I still remember him saying it in public.

“Rahul drills ….” (I best not go there, but he made that comment too!)

But anyway, drills etc aside, the point is simple.

What exactly is wrong with BEING that sort of guy?

The guy that has an insane kung fu like grip that pulls men three times his size and weight over?

The guy with an unnatural pull to his grip – the guy that knocks out pull-ups easy peasy, lemon squeezy?

Is there anything WRONG with it?

I’d say there is something very wrong with NOT being one of the above, and stubbornly sticking to the “weights and weights alone give you a good grip and fingers like iron pliers”.

No they don’t. Not like certain bodyweight exercises done for high reps do.

Ask Dangerous Dan for one (remember, he recieved the Presidential Medal of Freedom too in addition to ALL his other VERY SOLID accomplishments, numero uno being promoting American Wrestling – the REAL stuff, not the WWE shebang for what it is – real man stuff!) . . . who did fingertip pushups galore to build his grip up.

Or, Bert Asserati, the one armed handstands at a mammoth and muscular 250 lbs or so …

Or, yours truly that never train the grip directly with grippers, “forearm wrist rollers” and the like …

Or, any of the DOERS.

The sort of training I do – and what I advocate in ALL my books, will build a grip like cast iron without you even realizing it, my friend.

And for more, simply delve deeper into the exercises, and you’ll discover the magic, my friend.

Yes, you will!

Start right here.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – There is a reason why the DOERS RAVE about fingertip pushups, and some of the variations on this I teach you in Pushup Central – truly never seen before variations. Get on the program NOW, and you’ll SEE.

Why your upper-mid back may be “hurting” (not “sore”)
- This is a common question ...

At the outset, let me say this – “hurting” is not to be confused with “sore”.

The two are different!

And for the lazy asses out there that believe in split schedules and “I did 500 pushups yesterday” or “5” so I won’t do anything at all for the next week to allow my chest to recover, and so forth – this email ain’t for you.

I did lots of pushups yesterday, and I can feel it in my BONES.

Not just muscles, but BONES.

And you’re damn right, I WILL do another tough workout today. Except maybe not focusing so much on pushups, but …

But anyway, more on that later maybe.

For now, upper back pain is common – a very common question I get is this (and indeed, what my wife told me this morning).

“My back hurts!”

And often times, the person will “stretch” their shoulder blades back and forth trying to loosen the kinks out or what not.

A massage probably is what most people think of to resolve this sort of thing.


That might work – temporarily, but the real root cause of most people’s back pain is this, my friend – too much time spent being a “hunchback of Notre Dame (or Dude”).

It’s INSANE – I repeat, INSANE – the amount of MEN for one I see walking around hunchbacked!!!

And of course, man tits and the lot . . .

Even when I was a phat phock, yours truly was NEVER a hunchback.

My back – or anything else – never “hurt”.

My feet didnt hurt from running either (yes, I’d often run back then!) .

And no, I dont have great genetics physically. IT’s the OPPOSITE. I put on weight easily, and I put it on in the areas most noticeable, it goes OFF the last from there as well, and so when I’m in great shape I look like a movie star, and when I’m not, I look like a slob and phat phock and still attract women anyway, but …

… back to backs.

Most common reason – time spent hunching over.

Either the computer, or dumbphone, or what not . . .

Or, just “sitting around all day”.

Or, if you’re the “chest workout and chest alone” sort … too much time on the BENCH press which makes you look like an ape from the front, and a pelican from the back.

I cannot emphasize this enough to those that keep wanting to “press weights” from a “lying down position”.

If you want to lift weights, do so STANDING.

Lift things over your HEAD.

Or, lift things up from the GROUND. Preferably ODD OBJECTS, which will be on the book with training with implements!

But the best thing if you want to train chest – pushups!

EVEN if you just do the BASIC pushup your whole life, you’ll be working your back and traps more than you will any bench press of any nature.

And your chest will thank you for all the deep breathing involved which makes it GROW at a deeper, internal level (thus the “broad” (or barrel) chested external look).

These are two secrets I’ve mentioned in the Rolls Royce of Fitness, and here I am, givin them away for free for those that care to read.

And if you don’t believe me – just scroll back to the email (you’ll be doing it a while, hehe) where I once mentioned getting to the point where I’d knock out perfect pull-ups, 100 per workout, and yet, when I got back to pushups?

10 of them made my “lower lats” or what not so sore that I couldn’t lift my arm up to shower!

Proof enough, me thinks …

Anyway, if you’re suffering from back pain remember one last thing – STRETCHING.

The isometric stretches in Isometric and Flexiblity Training are GREAT for the back – the bridge I’ve taught you there, and in other books being NUMBER ONE!

Do these, and you’ll feel better almost instantly.

And if you do the BEST darn exercise ever, which “makes people feel better than anything else they’ve done before”?

Well, do it, and you’ll see!

And that, my friend is that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I once told Carol that “too much weight on her you know what” may make her “hunch forward a little”.

She didnt understand, so I asked her (always the tactful person) if her bra size had gone up.

she didnt understand the word “bra”.

Then I used the word “breast”.

“Don’t ask me that!” she tittered, half shocked, half “you know what”.

But it’s a very REAL reason for “hunching forward” for ladies, especially those that don’t exercise!

Same thing for humungous Glyn Schofield like man tits and massive bellies that strain the back musculature no end, and hence why I rant up a STORM about it in Animal Kingdom Workouts.

On a closing note, remember the old Chinese saying “Ren Pang Qiu Dian

Fat man have small penis.

Laugh all you like, but there is a reason why they say that – including the one about “Confucious says man on toilet is ….?”

High on pot.

OK, I’m being facetious here – but you get my point in terms of the weightloss!

PPS – Rocky’s joke was and will always be best in terms of bad jokes i.e .why do cows wear bells? BEcause the horns don’t work. LOL.

PPS #1 – And yes, ladies CAN do pushups – many of them in the book CAN be done by you ladies, especially handstand pushups and the ones “on your back” as it were!

(no inane jokes please)

When your body so desperately wants to quit but your mind – won’t let you!
- As it should be!

The mind, my friend, I’ve often said is the biggest muscle that controls all.

This truism, along with a coupla others – one being what I mentioned in the title came to mind as I was getting through a Rahul Mookerjee patented 1000 jump rope – 100 pushup barebones BRUTAL workout – part of which was straight out of Pushup Central, for which customers have left MANY a GLOWING review, and all very well deserved.

When your body wants to quit, but your mind won’t let you, was one of the statements made!

And it’s so true!

This is bodyweight training at it’s very best, the most brutal!

Thats another comment – I’m paraphrasing from mind, and as I finished up – note, in addition to the above, in that 15 minute blast, I also did 20 handstand pushups and 35 pullups – another truism came to mind.

That being, one I talk about all the time.

Mini workouts!

And how brutally effective they ARE!

And this is why I’m writing this to you.

In fact, I’m going to do another brief workout after this, but as the heart still roars?

If you can only do 10 pushups, my friend, and that is brutal – why not incoporate this style of training into your routine, and see how quickly you progress?

It’s one of the keys to progression at ANY exercise, and ANYTHING you do – that I’ve been talking about for a long time now.

It’s how I did it, and how you can too.

YES, you advaned men out there can make great gains on this routine too, including yours truly for whom at one point I’d barely feel 250 pushups – but I’d still sweat up a storm in the A/C.

Those videos are truly GOLD – those in the Rolls Royce of Fitness (man, I am giving my SHOULDERS a break as I write this!).

And there is a reason I keep saying that!

Those of you that have bought the book elsewhere, let me know – and I’ll do up a special price for videos only (if you want – that option is not there on the site for obvious reasons).

And other than that, I’m glad one thing persists in all the madness globally.

Hard workouts – done BRUTAL style – Rahul Mookerjee style.

They’ll benefit YOU like you’ve never benefited from ANY ROUTINE before!


Rahul Mookerjee

Ps – Back soon!

Am I the only one that think the entire world is becoming more sissified by the day?
- As in, pink panties ...

I swear, I gotta say it.

It seems to be “out of vogue” to say it like it is – which it always was. More than that, calling people out seems to be met with even more “shaming” (not that I care two hoots) – and people calling you a “tool” or something like that for saying it like is.

If you are a serial job quitter, God forbid someone say that at the risk of supporting abusive employers (so called) and being so called insensitive and what not.

Even my wife, who rarely agrees with me about anything agrees on one thing – Amazon is doing SOMETHING right despite  a lot of employees there constantly complaining about something or the other (low pay, no benefits, what not).

At least they HAVE a job, she mused . . .

Spot on (hey, I give credit where its due!)

(true, every big company has issues with employees claiming to be paid cut throat wages and what not, but really – Amazon? The way it’s grown is sheer genius and people forget the reliability and low prices that keeps it where it is – along with customer service – right at the top of the chain when making their moronic complaints).

Oh but wait, they’re “poor mistreated employees” and not morons …

Then we have the fat wackos that can’t do pull-ups that apparently have the right to troll my posts on pull-ups with meaningless rubbish and claim “I just blather on and say just do it” and that “my fitness advice is useless”.

Classic case of a bald man teaching a man with hair on how to grow it!

The students attempting to teach a very practical and able teacher . . .


Then we have idiots that claim “they’re big but not fat”.

Call ’em out, and they whine.

Then we have – I just saw this – people with eating disorders that if you tell them not to barf after every meal out of fear of looking not so thin or consciousness or what not?

Didnt you know, the reason women do it is not because “they choose to!”

It’s the male pressure, its the pressure society puts on them! Sob!

And so forth.

I find this constant sissification to be sickening to say the least and to be very honest.

When I was a phat phock, I wasn’t mollycoddled or given a shoulder to cry upon. The opposite, in fact.


You decide!

Same thing for me growing up, in school, college, what not.


You decide!

Jobs – I was very vociferously derided and still am for leaving many of ’em …


Again, you decide . . .

Dont get me wrong, there are some and many cases in which a person needs genuine help, but by and large most of the whinging going on out there brings to mind one thing – entitled LAZY phat phocks and BRATS.

“Your fitness advice doesn’t help anyone!”

So he says. So says the guy that can’t do a pull-up – – for years – – after trying it HIS own way, yet he won’t do it my way because it requires – ahem – hard work!

(truth be told, he wanted it all for free which he knew he wouldn’t get, and was too lazy to read what he DID get, so … )

Or this gem –

People choose to have an eating disorder…

This is what someone said on one of my posts last week.

Now I’ve tried and tried to let it go but…I can’t.

That comment really REALLY got to me.

Now I know there is a lack of knowledge on this subject but…

Do we really think people choose to fight demons?

Do we really think people choose to be in and out of hospital?

Do we really think people choose to hurt the loved ones around them?

They don’t!
Why would they?!?

The truth is they can’t help it. 🤷‍♀️

The little voices the demons get the better of them sometimes and yes I’m included in this.

I still have my down days I still get the urge to purge when things don’t go exactly to plan.

It really is a daily struggle.

And comments like the one above can really affect people suffering from these things.

I can’t stop them from stepping up and reaching out for help.

So THINK before you speak people as you have no idea how your words can affect others.

All the other dude said was “they have a choice”.  (which this gal does – either be a bratty entitled victim, or DO something about it (and not just “support groups” and other nonsense that isn’t even required for this)).

And seriously, if you looked at the video she posted (the whiner)?


Especially the way she gestures with her fingers etc, all made up to a T.

(No I ain’t jealous hun and no “it doesnt bother me” – before the inane “so why do you care” comes in from Nazi feminists).

I dont care.

but I gotta say it like it is.

One of the responeses to that bratty post was “if someone says they have a choice, they’re a tool”.

I guess I’m a tool. I’m that most of the time of course, when I call phat phocks what they are – phat – when I call the lazy farts out for what they are – “unwanted burdens on the planet” – when I call the pumpers and toners out for having no real strength and conditioning – when I tell you that BODYWEIGHT exercises are champ even though real weightlifting is great too – and so forth.

But guess what, I’d rather be that.

And ladies, no, you don’t to achieve those silly “Uniqlo” standards of fitting into girls clothes – kids clothes at that.

I’d think anyone with any common sense would know that!

yet, many don’t.

I dont know, man.

Maybe I’m just old fashioned.

But when I had to quit cigarettes, I didnt do it via support groups, vapes, or what not.

I buckled down, and did it.

When I had to lose weight – ditto.

No-one “helped” me or what not. I did it!

My point simply is – running away from FACTS rarely, if ever helps change ’em …

But hey, who am I huh. Hehe.

Anyway, remember the two discounts we’ve got going on currently – 15% for you new guys out there, and 20% for our loyal “returning customers”!

And I’ll see you soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

Why Vitamin Bee, See, or Pee (or vitamins in general) ain’t the magic be all or end all for anything …
- And the inanity continues.

Wacked-Out never fails to disappoint!

I’ll let you guess who made the following comment –

If you’re feeling low, stressed, irritated, sluggish, anxious, can’t concentrate or depressed…

You might be lacking vitamin B.

We all know is crucial to manage our emotions and bring our A-game to work, but sometimes is not that we don’t have the willpower, but rather the nutrients in our body are not enough to support normal brain function.

There are many studies indicate that the vitamin B complex is linked to emotional wellbeing, so if you are having some stressful days, you might want to consider increasing your VB intake!

Are you taking any supplements or you think they’re just placebos?

If you guessed it’s a whiner, moaner, pisser, groaner, SJW, “looking for points on social media” person … (amongst others) (not to mention plum ENTITLED in most regards) – you’re right.

I’l leave out the name here.

But this same person wrote a while back about getting canned from all the jobs she worked at because they were “abusive employers”.

(and bringing her A game back in the next post, which she clearly hasn’t, but she’s gotta make SOME excuse..)

I can understand her point – to an extent – hey. I’ve gotten fired or left EVERY job I’ve worked at in the past, even the good ones!

But if I were to be asked, my numero UNO reason for leaving or wanting to … would be … ME!

The other reasons would come later, perhaps, but the main reason would be ME, and that I never wanted to work a job anyway.

But that, of course would require taking personal responsibility eh.

Alien concept it would seem … (to a lot of folks).

But anyway, this feel good crap she’s talking about.

I dont know, do prisoners in jail that get shitty diets complain about any of the above?

If anything I bet theyre always the EXACT opposite, RARING to go if you get my drift, and most are either solid strong, or ripped to the bone.

& inventive to a T.

Most, at least.

I mean, I dont know – Vitamin B?

It’s been ages since I ever thought of diet, let alone a “healthy one” the experts recommend – so called experts.


I’ve ranted enough about what I think of the so called experts, so lets diverge a minute and see what a customer said about ’em!

Yes I certainly know what you mean about people who try to dictate to you how you should live your life, what you should believe or what you shouldn’t, seems every where you look these day’s there’s always someone trying to convince you that they’ve got all the answers, how people survived in the past without all these “experts” telling them how to live is a “mystery” I guess we should consider ourselves lucky that we’ve got all these experts to guide our every move otherwise who know what kind of mess we’d be in???.

We were rapping about something other than vitamins. And vaccines, lol.

But anyway, in the Simple and Effective Diet for one, I make no excuses or bones about the fact I did the precise opposite and keep doing it of what the idiot experts want you to do for “three square meals a day”, breakfast being the most important one, and of course bitching and whining about how many Vitamins you took, did you pop Viagara and so forth.

Ditto for my highly unconventional fitness, but bottom line – do they work? Better that most others out there? !

You bet your betsy they DO, my friend. Proof’s in the pudding, and as I just get done with another one of those brief mini workouts I love so much – I’m feelin great.

without vitamins, fancy diets, massages, Swedish therapy, “a shoulder to cry on”, or so forth …

Hard workouts done regularly, my friend, are tough.

But believe me, they bring the best results!

I’ll be back soon – in the meantime, remember, those discounts we’ve been talking about?

Well, you RETURNING customers will get an auto 20% discount off anything over $100, so there’s no need to put in a discount code.

And new customers -have at as well – there’s a coupon code for you which you’ll see when you add product to cart!

15% I believe …

And that, my friend is that. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If I were you, I’d take advantage of the discount to get some of our most popular stuff now. For example, Animal Kingdom Workouts, Pushup Central and the compilation on pull-ups – to name but three.

But take your pick – and as always, folks, please remember to leave a honest review! (links in your purchase email).

Computer crashes “Gei positions, Bozos, and more!

Well, so the damned computer crashed again for one.

It’s usual three month period, much like the 17 year old “marriage itch”.

did I say 17. Hehe. Should be 7!

But anyway, much like the plague from China is step #1 in china’s overall plan of PANIC, and much like the Bozos never listened to me not buying into the panic (they’re starting to NOW from what it seem) – I’ve been pointing out that Winblows and most major computer manufacturers have been in cahoots to get as many “underhand’ sales from customers since around 2018 (coincidentally when Xi really consolidated power. No surprise eh since most of it is made in China).

Except Toshiba, the ONLY brand I’d trust now (and have in the past).

Trusty Japan made laptop … those things LAST.

Built to last!

Much like the US manufacturing in the good ole days.

Anyway, if you’ve wondered why “everyone’s computer” is crashing all of a sudden and reporting HDD errors since about May 2020, you may get a clue from this dispatch if you choose to “exercise your right to think”.

Most dont.

That fine.

And it’s another reason Im not buying a new one right off the bat, despite the idiot like offers out there on laptops and what not.

Because they’re mostly selling JUNK now. Getting rid of old stuff from years. And so forth.

Anyway … speaking of junk.

Junked-In … or it seems to have become!

Lots of idiots on there have been COPYING YOURS TRULY.

Right down to the offers, offer values, and th elanguage i.e. “jump on this now”.

It’s inane, the amount of “apers” out there that dont realize you can never copy Michelangelo, or the original at ANYTHING.

Yet, they try …

Then you have idiots complaining about people that ripped their products off or something.

PLENTY of the ilk that falls into category one, curiously enough also falls into the second.

I’ve even given them free advice as to why they shouldn’t bother, indeed, they should be happy the said thing is happening (to an extent).

They sent me a whiny rant about “if you can look at the positive, great, but I can’t!” and then went on whining as usual.

And as for the idiots in category one?

“We’re just trying to make money”, they angrily yell, and “get free tips”.

Aren’t we all, bro. Hehe.

But there’s a way to do it, and apeing ain’t it.

Anyway … Bozos aside (but there’ll be more in the PS, so skip to that if you’re interested).

Lets get to a topic even the Bozos and wackos and wankers don’t disagree with me on (one of them).



And today, as Winblows kept “blowing” like the proverbial 20 dollar hookaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh (or Bozo Schofield, if I may say) I tookthe chance to bang out a mini workout as I usually do…

.. except this turned into major league.

30 minutes – 40, actually.

I’m drenched in sweat!

What was supposed to be a quick 1000 jumps turned into 3500.

And it turned into pushups and isometrics too.


I did a style of squat today with an isometric so intense that it left my thighs QUIVERING like jelly. They still are, as I’m sitting!

It’s mentioned in the book right at the beginning of the exercises part.

I did a style of pushup that doesnt look like a pushup at all.

Indeed, Bozos have called it a “gay position”, believe it or not.

Which brings to mind something funny …

In China, the rental agents I’ve used, and girls in general fo rsome reason?

They call guys “gays” (spell it that way!).

And I’ve no idea why that happens, hehe.

Chinglish is nothing if not cute, or maybe the wankers in Korean soap operas that DO look gay, or “bi” or whatever it accepted these days (I’ll say ladyboy c***).


Because, well, it’s true.

And here’s the thang …

Madam Carrie, for one, a rental agent I made famous would often say this.

“I called the gay to fixing you water heeter!” (it would conk out like clockwork right in the middle of winter).

I’d take cold showers, but sometimes.

“Gay is on the way, boy!”

Apparently “boy” is a good way to say it in Chinese, or you’re too old.

LOL. I give up.

But a certain foreign devil, so called martial artist and self proclaimed black belt claimed that style of pushup was gay, so no language barriers there.

Makes me think what martial art he specialized in other than choking chickens for one.

The martial art of choking chickens, now thats an idea for a product! LOL.

But anyway … it’s a style of pushup fatsos globally can’t even GET into, or hold.

Even I couldn’t when I was as fat as Kim Jong, despite my pull-up prowress at that stage! (even)

(no, not an excuse to be a lardass).

It’s a super lower back and core workout comparable to none, not even the Hindu or reverse pushup, both of which are great in that regard!

Not the “arms extended” pushup either.

It’s like a yoga position, almost, so people (Bozos) will say.

And it’s there at the start in Pushup Central! Before the exercises section even begins.

More on that, and Bozos later.

But anyway, now lets get to something important – discounts!

The Bozos globally are raising prices, eh.

Isn’t it INSANE how prices shoot up daily with insane “buy at least 10 of these to get it” offers?

I mean, the desperation is PALPABLE.

And here, yours truly just got done with a great 30% discount to all, which is unfortunately no longer active, and won’t be either in the future, especially the $50 min order required. (it was $100).

(I reduced it just “to do it”).

(wont happen again).

But here’s the good news.

Pretty soon, we’re going to REWARD you old customers with a 20% off discount.

And, ALL NEW customers will get a 15% off.

Two seperate codes, so be on the outlook for both.

They’ll also be in the pop up which shows up when you add product to cart.

And yes, the minimum order value WILL be $100. No other restrictions tho!

And anyway, thats that for now. Lets’ see what Winblows is up to, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I’ve no doubt the idiots on Junkie-In are reading this and smouldering silently. And some “copying” word for word.

So be it.

Then they’ll wonder why I stopped the sale, while they copied, did it, and didnt benefit. LOL.

Anyway … here’s something else bro.

I’ve ranted galore about the benefits of barefoot training.

And if YOU can write back and give me FIVE GOOD reasons to train barefoot … I’ll give you an additional 5% off.

In addition to the above discounts.

Catch, you ask?

All the reasons must – I repeat -must be valid!

And thats all – the only catch.

Have at, hehe.

PS #2 – Emails, comms etc all down for now (a few hours) until I get my Thundering Bird up again. More on this soon!

(but it won’t be more than a few hours, so reviews etc send ’em in – o rjust use the LINKS in the email you got with purchase (that is preferable anyway as it auto posts).

PPS – Yet another example of why I avoid social media like the plague from China.

Having a strong and supportive relationship with people around you can get you through everything.

I am a sensitive person and I burn out fairly easily. Every time I burn out I have to quit my job and take at least a month to detox and restore.

Sadly(happily) to say, after a few months of abusive work relationship, I finally moved on and now on a job hunt AGAIN.

However this time, I don’t feel like I need time to recover, I’m ready to go right off the bat, for I have amazing friends and mentors being with me all along the way.

If you keep building that inner strength and have positive influence from your circle, you’re indestructible even during difficult times!

Stay away from those who drain your energy and surround yourself with people who build you up, soon you will see the amazing changes!

This is the same person that claimed she’d be a billionaire by 2025. Now, it’s quietly changed to Millionaire by 2020.

Or something.


Can we say JOB HOPPING AND be DONE with it? UGH!

Sensitive my hairy butt … talk about ENTITLED.

Bulls building BULL LIKE – necks and traps!
- YES!

Before the profoundly moronic comments on “bulls” come in in a sense they’re not intended, let me say this.

Actually, they’ll come in anyway.

But what I mean is the sort of Bull I mention on the Shoulders like Boulders! page, not necessarily the sort of bull that “mounts cows”.

Chairman Mao of all things made the profoundly idiotic comment about “Russia and India” in 1960 or sometime.

Apparently the Russians were bulls mounting the Indian cow.

What the Chinese were, locusts – quite literally – at the time Mao’s great leap forward had reduced the vast majority of the populace to … eating DUST of all things was never mentioned, of course.

But anyway even locusts eat crops I’d imagine.

(the Hong Kongers had it spot on, lol)

Well anyway, it’s no surprise that I mentioned the Brahma Bull on Shoulders like BOULDERS!

And in my most recent iteration, and uber advanced (though there is more) book on handstands and handstand pushups “Profound 70% GORILLA 30% HUMAN Handstands” – there is a secret trick (IF YOU READ BETWEEN THE LINES) I teach you to working the neck and traps at a level you have never done before.

I dont care if you can bridge all day long.

I dont care if you can bridge with people sitting on you.

I dont care if you’re a master of the reverse pushup.

I dont care if you’re a pull up champ.

All of those are great to be, but this one way?

Oh – MY.

I just did a brief workout (less than a minute), and the chain I wear around my neck is fixing to pop off a short while later.

It’s one of those tight silver chains as you can see I believe on the cover of Fitness Pioneer – Volume #2 if you focus on the NECK part of it, I believe … (and not on the “hairy monster” himself, hehe)

(Though of course, some like that)

But point being, neck workouts.

I mentioned the neck and forearms in my first post today I believe …

And I’ll say it again.

The TWO body parts that scream out strength, health, VITALITY and conditioning more than even the legs?

(and it’s impossible not to have strong legs and a back if you have the above)


And forearms!

Profound Handstands is way too advanced for most people.

Do Shoulders like Boulders! FIRST – then Battletank Shoulders – and it’s only THEN you should attempt this one.

(Its not even there in the compilation).

(and the secret trick is NOT there in Profound Handstands either, but plenty of OTHER secret tricks are there – the only reason this isn’t there is because it’s just oo tough for most people).  (But read between the lines, and you’ll find it yes).

But bridging is something every one should do, my friend – without exception in most cases.

And you’ll literally feel better than “anything else you’ve ever done”, especially if your constantly in pain or what not if you get on the best darn exercise ever.

Which also is huge on neck.

And that, my friend is that.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The Rolls Royce has an entire video dedicated just to the bridge, I believe.

PS #2 – I forgot – I feel GREAT as the blood roars to my neck. You would be amazed to know how much tension the average Joe or Jane stores in that area!

Why I’m not necessarily a fan of “first time” experiences
- In any regard.

Herein continueth my brain dump from the last email (sort of).

I dont know why, but I thought of this … and wanted to share it – the thing about, you know, the “first time”.

The first time you got “laid”.

The first time you “did it”.

The first time you fell in love.

Your first paycheck.

The first kid.

The first marriage.

And so forth …

I guess for those that are sentimental, some of this might have an impact from a certain stand point in terms of “memories”.

To me?

I’ve always found that the “first” experience in terms of many things is a “training ground of sorts” – and the people involved have always left a sour taste in my own (and probably I way more so in theirs, hehe. Remember that thing about attack back x 100!).

For instance, “making mistakes with the first kid” or heapin undue pressure on him, and making him or her (or trying to) do what YOU want them to do as opposed to what the person wants.

Or, the first time you got in the sack with him or her, hehe. While it may sound nice from a romantic or sentimental standpoint, I’ll bet it wasn’t the “best” if you get my drift.

Experience, my friend, is the best teacher.

Marriages? First? Second? Third? None? The less said the better, but it applies there too!

(Unless you’re one of the lot that believes “once you tie the knot”, it’s done for life, and if thats you, thats fine, but one does need to be “open to all options” – at least that is my view on it)

(and my views seem to be proved by fact and what is happening)

But anyway …

The only time first time has ever mattered to me (no, it wasn’t “those first times” in China either, hehe) …

My first climb up the hill!!!

(if there is one reason other than hanky panky done both where it should be and shouldn’t be (so called) that I’ll remember Ann Lee, it is the HILL. And I WILL thank her, and Cindy for the rest of my life, because guess what – they deserve it!)

I’ll always remember how that made me feel, how it set the tone for my workouts going ahead ; in fact, I have a smile on my face writing about it NOW!

My first pull-up … my first “100 pushup workout“.

My first 500 pushup workout at one go – now that was special!

The first book I wrote – Fast and Furious Fitness, the Collector’s Edition, and while I by no means think it’s my best some seem to differ!

But anyway, we still have two of those lying around, so if you want ’em – snap ’em now.

I will not be reprinting that “classic” Collector’s Edition once they’re gone.

And other first times?

I dont know … I’ll always remember my first customers from any business!

Even those that didn’t succeed, or fail …

Anyway, enough on that front.

If you’re currently wanting to do something for the first time in your life, but need some motivation to kick your ass into high gear so that YOU TOO can go out there and achieve YOUR OWN DREAMS – then Zero to Hero!, another much trolled book is the TICKET for YOU.

YES – you do NOT have to be relegated to the left behinds.

NO – you do NOT have to be “tossed aside after training is over!”

And so forth.

Recognize you have a life, and a mind of your own you can CONTROL.

And go from there!


Rahul Mookerjee