“How dare him!”
- Hehe.

So said Gorilla Girl Sophia, but hey – let me back up first!

She’s of course the sort that loves to “use people” for what she can get out of them – which is fine, of course. China, Chinese girls, the whole shebang there (yeah, yeah, yeah, I know – politically very fuckin incorrect, but its TRUE – and if you’ve been there, you KNOW that) – and so randomly adds people on her wechat like almost daily – something yours truly NEVER does (I do the opposite, delete, block, and pare my list own to the very bare minimum – which it seems I didnt do as of late). . .

I’ve told her, of course, why to follow my way, but whether or not she’s got enough sense to listen is up to her.

Anyway – I responded to some funny video some guy posted on his wechat equivalent of “wall”.

She did too.

And she asked me what “lmao” meant.

Then promptly pestered me with questions about “do I know the other guy, what does he do, etc”.

About the same time, the other guy was hitting me up with messages of a similar nature bragging about how “I have 30 plus Sophia’s in my list!”

Like dude, thats hardly a brag – when compares to 300 plus … ah, but I digress.

I always laugh at people who brag publicly about “how many they’ve had” – in reality, the numbers are closer to zero than you’d think for such people (I dont mean this guy specifically – oddly enough he was the guy that called my exercise routines “gay“, lol).

(when doing the table pushup of all things, which when I posted about later, I had several cheerleaders and gymnasts get back to me with “that dude is a fool, that is one of the hardest workouts you can do” – and they’re RIGHT).

Anyway ……… (and after doing that he pestered me to train him for free with the same “gay” exercise routines).

Apparently it was supposed to be good for me, I Was supposed to bend over backwards for him on that one! Hehe.

Anyway – she asked him what the video was about, he (rightly) told her to Google it (Sophia asks some VERY dumb questions sometimes, not to mention she reads NOTHING – of note – other than watching videos all day on the dumbphone).

So I agree with dude there.

And she got back to me with this – and more.

“He told me Google, how dare HIM!!!!!!!!!!”

I could smell the fumes coming off her – hehe – but I Spoke to her later on the phone, that voice was as sexy as ever, so I didnt so much mind but she did tell me I Was very irritating and an “aggressive evil” again before we moved on to … um, more interesting topics if you get my drift. Hehe.

(irritating because of my insistence on LOGIC and questions being answered, not avoided) …

This morning, I was chatting with a guy who mistakenly thinks he’s “manly” – when in reality he’s the polar opposite, reminded of me a girl when I saw him.

Slim, skinny, protruding stomach, you know the sort.

“I’m manlier than you”, he once proudly proclaimed while I chortled… (why would someone need to say that anyway? Hehe).

The girliest of them, like a certain Schofield (those two would be a perfect fit) love to tom tom themselves as being men. lol.

And when I spoke to him about certain things we were discussing, frankly and honestly, I got this back.

“You really have the nerve to tell me all of that?”

I’m not going to get into what the discussion was about, but all I was doing was being frank – brutal – and brutally honest to a T in that regard!

I didnt bother responding. True girlsh statement that, I’ve had plenty of girls tell me that too, but it mattered not, hehe. I got what I wanted eventually – I’ll let you guess what that is.

But anyway …………..

As I look at the leaders of the G7 mocking a certain Vladimir Putin for bare chested photos, I got THIS to say.

Without getting into politics.

These fine, fine “men” – NONE Of them could probably do 10 pushups in proper form to save their life – especially a certain Boris Johnson who is apparently looking to run “for 10 more years” (so much for democracy Boris??) – and was supposed to lose weight, was Tom Tomming it – yet looks like more of a lardass than ever.

Again, I am not going to get into the politics, I have before, but not for this email.

But sitting there in an outdated G7, which has no real clout, the G20 or whatever it’s called is far more real world and “matters”, sitting there rambling about sanctions that are essentially a big joke, sitting there knowin they can’t back their shit up – and talking about physicality?

For the third time, I ain’t no fanboy, but swimming two hours daily, workouts Judo style and stuff (not to mention lifting weights as well) – well, gotta call a spade a spade and hand it to Vladimir in that regard – he’s a real man as I’ve said before.

Yeah, you can unsubscribe from the list if it offends you – I could care less. We’re talking physicality here.

I’d rather probably look at a macho Putin doing butterfly stroke and riding horses in Siberia than a drunken Boris Johnson (dont even go there in terms of removing the shirt, ugh) – swinging on swings meant for a 11 year old (true tale that).

I mean really, these how dare you morons – and I have plenty in mind I could write about – THEY Are the ones that cant BACK their talk up.

And I got this to say, if you can’t back your shit up, then dont talk to me, because I’ll laugh at you. Haha.

Might sound like I’m being an ass.

I probably am.

I’m also being REAL. Take a look at the world around you, you will SEE what I mean.

Anyway …………

I think I used the term “I DARE you to get in the best shape of your life” somewhere on a certain site, I’ll have to find it.

And I do.

I DARE you to put your own pictures out there – sweaty and working out – like I have publicly.

It’s a badge of honor to me, because guess what I earned it – blood, sweat and tears.

And that, my friends, really IS The bottom line as they say.

Get on the best damn fitness system HERE.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Boris’ comments at the G7 reminds me of a certain Bozo Schofield – here is what he posted, lol. Poor chappie…

My wife thinks I’m trying to kill myself.
- Hehe.

I was recently informed by a sage (not) source of the following –

“If you want to die, at least die properly!”

This took me aback, and I goggled.

I wasn’t sure I heard it right, I asked again, then I Got this clarification.

“All that green tea you drink will kill you!”

Or, according to a certain lovely someone cause “piles”.

I wasn’t sure I heard right.

Hemorrhoids, you mean, I said, barely managing to keep a straight face.

“Yes”, she replied irritably. “You think you know everything”.

Anyway – you can probably guess the rest of the “conversation” which included me saying “yes yes yes” and then making a quick (metamorphical) EXIT.

That brick wall is starting to (so long as it’s still standing, lol) make more and more sense as the days roll past.


From a person who claims “sugar keeps her going” when she doesnt eat, from a person who claims “exercise is stupid, anyone can do it” (but she can’t) – and other nonsense, and green tea – Chinese green tea of all things???

Man, it’s one of the KEY secrets I mention in the Simple and Effective Diet.

I guess I should rename the book to “kill yourself Diet”? LOL

Or, “Kill yourself slowly” diet?

The Marlboro man would be proud wouldnt he. Hehe.

Really, the insanity is mind boggling – apparently green tea and my fasts I so tout (rightly so) meant to her “I’m trying to kill myself”.

While all the time I get stronger, I get LOOSER, I lean into stretches I have not been able to 40 plus years, I send 60 plus emails a day – literally, that was one day! – for the other business, and a few here (though we’re going to ramp up again here, I gave y’all a break of a couple of weeks, lol) …

And I’m trying to kill myself.


This lunacy has reached a point I cannot even argue with, not that I ever tried arguing with Nazi feminists, but I sure do PROFIT from it big time. Hehe.

The link above will tell YOU how to profit from it too… If you’re not too cheap to pull out your wallet and BUY, rather than “on the fence”.

Last, but not least, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – for the vast majority of people, theyd be well served eating a hell of a lot less, not more – not to mention people are way too psychologically dependent upon food – and not upon what they should be – EXERCISE AND FITNESS!

On that note – fitness wise – get on the best damn fitness system HERE.

And I’ll see you tomorrow!


Rahul Mookerjee

That calm detachment to FOOD …
- No, I have not turned Sadhu as yet, hehe.

I have not become a saint meditating on one leg in the Himalayas – as yet, at least. Hehe.

I have no plans of becoming one, but we all know what they say about those plans! Hehe.

The last saint I saw was someone who apparently meditated for “centuries” (in some movie) – got angry when disturbed – and “cursed” a man in that lifetime to “reappear” centuries later, and so forth.

I wont go Bollywood on you either, hehe.

Anyway – point of me saying this?

I’ve been on a 99% fast over the past couple of days, and as I’ve written to you before about these fasts, I feel so alive I can’t tell you!

I’m accomplishing GOAL after GOAL – while the rest of the world moans and groans about “the future”, bankruptcies, chasing payments etc.

I’m sitting and pounding out MORE material – as businesses collapse around me – literally – BIG ones too. (Apparently a certain Revlon declared bankruptcy today – maybe they think that will help them? or what? God knows! Even Sophia didnt, hehe)

(That surprised me, she hadn’t even heard of the brand. For a girl that into… anyway, !)

The point again – FOOD.

This isn’t a 100% fast, but it’s CLOSE to it – All I ate was two spoonfuls of pasta, which is next to nothing – but it’s an experiment anyway.

And I feel so alive as I have during my other fasts!

Part of that is mentioned in Advanced Isometric and Flexibility Training, I believe – I truly loosened up MORE during fasting than any other time!

I truly hit PR’s like never before, and I still am.

Point again – for some reason, another one of my Twitter accounts suddenly started showing me nothing But FOOD!

Yum food – pizzas, cakes, Swiss chocolate, all of that stuff  I love – likely you do – COMFORT food – fried chicken, catfish, you name it (Southern fried catfish) …

When I see it, my reaction is the polar opposite of most people who would be like “I want that NOW!”

“Oh, so delicious”, the simps rant on Twitter…

For me, I look at it.

I OBJECTIVELY process the image.

Then I’m done with it.

When I WANT to eat, I’ll eat…. like the animal.

And if I dont, I wont.


THAT is a concept most people dont get  -its explained in the Simple and Effective Diet.

Most people will gain back the little they lose by bingeing and overeating when they should do the polar opposite.

Most people in today’s world eat WAY more than than they should – and need LESS, not more, despite all the crabbing about supermarket prices etc, maybe it’s a good thing if people cant stuff their gullets that much – hey, money you’ll save on doc bills, think about it!

Of course, if you’re the gluttonous sort like I am – I can’t help it – or you. Hehe.

But I control myself at a level most people wouldn’t start to imagine …

And I’m willing to teach YOU how to have your cake and EAT It too.

You just have to be willing to follow my lead.

Do so, this “Master” (or Shifu, as some people call me) – is ready to take you on paths untreaded to the BEST results of your life.

Start right here.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If you haven’t as YET got the 0 Excuses Fitness System, just what the heck are you waiting for – a lunar eclipse or something? Really, ugh!

Why the term excellence of execution sits SO WELL with me!

Gotta admit, there are few things I liked better back in the day than the WWF – or WWE, as it was later rebranded.

Especially the Attitude Era, it all went downhill after that. There will NEVER be another era and crop of superstars like that – not to mention my all time favorite Steve Austin – never!

Pity that era ended, but we might see it coming back sooner than you think, people in general are sick of being politically correct, but then again, there’s a huge bunch that feel the polar opposite, so who knows.

But anyway …….. Genetic Jackhammer Vince Mac Mahon, on the rare – or one, if I’ve got it right occasion he let his hair down with the boys got really PLASTERED.

They were throwing him around like a wrassler. Hehe.

In Bret Hart’s autobiography, I believe, he writes “I rememeber thinking what have I do, there lies Vince with his skinny neck” …

THose were pre-boobybuilding days for Vince, I believe!

But anyway, toasted after the club, they showed up at a certain Ric Flair’s hotel room, demanded to be let in (for some reason Flair never showed up initially) – and the flustered hotel desk guy wouldn’t – and Vince?

“I’m Vince MacMahon”, he apparently hollered in a definitive tone.

Well, can’t argue with that, Vinnie Mac, neither could the desk clerk, they got the key, entered, lit up their joints and………..

… so where am I going with this?

Certainly not a critique or appraisal either way of Bret’s book – which is apparently garnering a lot of hate from certain quarters.

“He’s full of himself”, goes the chorus. A lot of wrestlers seem to think that way too, and I’d respect their opinion – hell, they’ve been there.

But hey – to me, despite Steve Austin (due to his beer drinking, machismo and more) being my ALL TIME Favorite (I was never a huge or at all Rock fan!) – Bret Hart has a special place in my mind.

He always did.

Back in the day, he was the top dog, and SOLID dependable OLD SCHOOL top dog at that!

Maybe Bret wasn’t the right choice for the Attitude Era.

Maybe he didnt want to be.

I get both sides of the story, and the why’s.

Although I think an old school Bret would have proved the perfect foil to a lot of the Attitude’ers… much like the Taker never went out of style, old school, the BEST pure striker in the WWE – period.

Bret, of course, was the best WRESTLER, and a REAL wrestler at that, not what people think of “fake wrestling either”.

You only have to look at how he and Owen were trained by the legendary Stu hart in the basement of their Canada home, their mother literally heard screams coming from the basement during training!

Those locks and holds CAN – and are – painful!

Not to mention Bret’s build – SOLID build, if you look at him back in the day – legs and hips and shoulders, upper back are what stand out – he was never the “show off” type either in terms of upper body though he could have been!

And of course, even his music was old school rock and roll!

I loved it.

Right down to the sunglasses he’d give to someone in the crowd “good guy”. (until he turned heel).

But most of all, perhaps one thing – he was a pure wrestler in and out – period.

Few would doubt that, even his biggest detractors.

There was a reason he was the champ for YEARS straight, why he had the best contract in the WWE and so forth (for years) – and why he was called the Excellence of Execution, all pure wrestling moves – executed perfectly.

He may be old and somewhat “hurting now” from what I read, arthritis and tons of other medical issues, and thats fine, but I wouldn’t wanna fuck with him – much like I wouldn’t a certain Vladimir Putin, despite the rot they write about his so called tumor and so forth – once a judoka, always that ! (rumored to be a black belt) – ditto for the Taker, possibly the BIGGEST LEGEND of them all!

(not relating any of the three people above, just sayin)

Now, where am I going with this?

Certainly not to regale you with tales of the WWE.

But to tell you this – that FORM, my friend – is different from reps.

You can do a 100 pushups sloppy style, but slop is still slop regardless of how you cut it (so many people do SLOP in terms of pushups).

Same for pull-ups, squats etc – “mind and body” working together as they say in Bloodsport, can ONLY happen if there is excellence of execution while you workout.

Pay SPECIAL attention to form, my friend.

ONE rep done in proper, slow form is better than 10 sloppy reps.

I keep saying that throughout 0 Excuses Fitness and all my other books.

And thats really the lesson there. Whether you take it or not, whether you work the real you – or your EGO – is up to you.

I’ve said my bit on it, and it’s TRUE.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Why you should never ignore your MORNING WOOD.
- Or the lack thereof!

I was reading about the ongoing “scandal” the WWE has going on – whether it’s kayfabe or real, only they – and “Mr” MacMahon know.

The latter is so good at creating storylines and being creative that his books are like mine – or his shows, rather “reality mixed in with a dab of creative license” – NOT the other way around (I’m talking my fiction books not on this site).

Apparently he had an affair, which when I read it I was like “ho hum”.

Every successful man is usually divorced at least once, and has more than one affair during his life time.

Given yours truly’s track record that might sound like out and out bragging.

Maybe it is to a degree.

Maybe it’s warranted as well, so I think.

But before throwing the brickbats my way look at the FACTS (on the cheating, success etc).

Nope, you dont have to cheat to be successful at anything either.

It just naturally happens.

Did I piss off most of the righteous bunch, Nazi feminists, and other idiots as yet?

If I did, well, argue with me on facts on this one – if you can prove me wrong, or show me wrong, I’ll eat my hat – or I’ll tell Glyn Bozo to eat that green hat he’s so proud of wearing (come to think of it I wont, ugh, he probably will eat it).

Anyway, ole Vinnie Mac once went on record saying “he was a genetic jackhammer” in terms of sexual desire, desirability and more.

Given the energy levels, vision and everything the man still has – he’s a nigh perfect example of what Napoleon Hill spoke about sexual transmutation in Think and Grow Rich.

Now, where do YOU fit into all this?

Simply put – if you’re a man – your morning wood – or lack thereof (no matter what your sexual proclivities might be otherwise) – says a lot about your overall health and fitness, friend.

If you’re a lady, same thing – except you substitute “desire” for morning wood obviously (unless you’re Glyn, hehe).

Hark back to when you were young, guys – how many times did you wake up without a boner?

Just didnt happen – did it?

And NOW?

Vast majority of men would be hard pressed to get ‘up’ with the BLUE pill, let alone without it …

Going red does have it’s advantages – pun intended, hehe.

But really, your workout routines should not dim you to such a point that you NEVER think about sex.

In fact, once you recover from those hard, quick workouts, the T shoud be RACING through your system if it isn’t already. And you should be ready to go, go, GO!

Trust me on this one, it’s been a perfect example and indicator of my own health and fitness levels over the years (and I’ve never had trouble when I was phat either – so you get the point, eh).

When you train right, EVERYTHING falls into place – or stands up right.

Your breathing, your appetite, your digestion, your STAMINA, your ability – in all areas – as well as sexual desire.

While I’m not saying that you’re unfit if you dont wake up with morning wood one day out of the week, if it goes beyond that, there’s probably an issue with the plumbing somewhere for one.

Same thing for you ladies, NO Desire at all – mean there is something wrong, usually more mentally than physically for y’all but something is UP.


Enough puns already, but the POINT  – STANDS – BIG TIME.


I ain’t kidding though, my friend.

If there was ONE thing the old time Indian wrestlers were mortified of it was “nightly emissions” from a lifetime (at least while they trained) of “celibacy” …

There were probably all sorts of thoughts going through their heads as well which I wont get into. Hehe.

But – thats another fact you can read up in any book dealing with it …

They directly tied it to their strength.

And losing it, or bottling it up and TRANSMUTING IT…

Given their track records, I’d say they had something going, eh.

Anyway, enough of all this, but again, pay attention to what I’m saying, because its true.

And to roll back the years if you so choose like I did and do DAILY – to look, like my wife says “like a 14 year old” (apparently some customers agree too, heh “not entirely a bad thing”) – then get the ONE fitness system out there that will do it.

NO other system will.

But the 0 Excuses Fitness System will.

Not even just kidding, bragging, blowing my own trumpet and so forth (there I go again, I’ll let Glyn do the blowing, but NOT FOR ME, hehe) . . .

Get it NOW.

The System, NOT the trumpet!


Rahul Mookerjee

The “but all he does is train” excuse…
- And "he's single", and so forth ...

My great friend from the Marines, Vincent once made the following comment about my training in 2017.

“But thats all you, train!”

“Thats your life”, I believe is what he said.

“Has your wife seen you since you got in such super shape?”

(He wasn’t to know, of course, or perhaps he did, but was trying to be polite that she’d be as negative as could be about the getting in shape part!).

Thats when you know you respect a guy, despite having opinions about certain types of women that are less than complimentary, I’m referring to yours truly here, if you (a guy) talks about his wife, significant other etc – I’ll always be respectful no matter what – unless the situation warrants otherwise.

But anyway – thats another story.

Point being, YES, at that point – that was literally all I did for hours a day – then I came home – I drank beer – sometimes not – and SLEPT and recovered.

All very peaceful, all very “relaxed” as it were – training being the high point of my day, although obviously I still worked etc in other “jobs”.

Those were the days!

Ever wonder – many do – how prisoners get in such kick butt shape, a lot of them?

They dont have fancy equipment, weights sometimes – ropes, chains, tyres, and so forth.

They DO have two things – one, their own body – and two, plenty of TIME.

Again, back to the “thats all they do”.

Maybe thats all they do, yes. Maybe yes, the seperation from other real world responsibilities such as family etc plays a part – but does it, really?

It does to an extent, yes.

When you dont have people breathing down your neck every minute, when you have PEACE, when you structure your life the way YOU WANT IT TO BE! – like I have most of your life -then things happen as YOU Want them to.

Few people can get away from the real concerns of working jobs etc, money, and so forth.

If you’re one of the lucky ones – great. But most wont be that way.

But it definitely helps in recovery and better performance the next day when you get  full night’s sleep in for one without honey do’s and other crap………..

Anyway – point of all this – is that a real doer finds a way regardless.

Did you know you do NOT need to train for hours to get the body you want?

You dont need to do extreme stretches that require years to perfect sometimes.

You dont need to bang out 500 pushups at a go.

In fact, all you need really for most people is 30 minutes of hard training – tops. Daily. And thats it.


15-20 minutes!

But you can go for 30, one hour, but if you train HARD – at least ONE exercise – I dont care what that is, so long as it works the whole body – for AT LEAST 15 minutes a day – then you’ll get in better shape, period.

Put aside your other duties and responsibilities for a while.

As Brooks Kubik said in Dinosaur Bodyweight Training

The Wife, the kids, the family – they can have you the rest of the day but not during training time.

I’d add in dumbphone, emails, and BUSINESS to that.

Thats why many do well – including myself – training first thing in the morning.

But whenever you train, make it about training, and training alone.

Yes, you can and should and Will focus on goals that matter – whether you think about it or not, but by and large, thats training time.

It’s also RELAXATION time if you do it right.

And with 15 minutes of training, thats all you need to get in super shape, my friend.

Sure, you’ll go longer naturally. But you dont need to is the point.

And then you get back to the real world after training.

Small sacrifice, eh – 15 minutes out of your day, maybe sometimes less, sometimes more.

Pity so many people dont DO IT!

To learn quick and dirty workouts that are TOUGH – work you to the BONE – from the inside out – BREATHING included – go get the 0 Excuses Fitness System NOW – it’s that simple!

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

What I want for my daughter growing up
- The answer might surprise you!

Actually, the question should be framed differently. Hehe.

Given the number of people that keep asking me “make a plan for her! make a plan for her!” (to which I respond – I never made any sort of conscious “plan” for myself – it worked out pretty well, I’m sure it’ll work out great for the “chip off the old block” too – of course, that is met with lots of “ho hums” and whatevers from Bozos in general) …

Plans, my friend are required, but they’re also overrated especially if not used right, and I’ve explained this before many times.

Nothing beats SUBCONSCIOUS planning which happens when you’re not aware of it. (unless you really know your mind inside out, even those that do dont know most of it!).

Growing up for me there was always an internal expectation, often unsaid, to “be this and be that”, or for me, “be an engineer” (and of course all the reproachful looks etc, never any praise for anything I did well, expected to conform to the silly UNREALISTIC expectations my Mom had – i.e. “grow up sheltered and cossetted” (though not in the way you’d expect) and then when you can’t do things at an older age like change a tyre, because you were never taught – “he’s an useless kid!” – makes no sense. HEhe).

Changing car tyres? I remember a certain Ricky who put it off for weeks, I kept asking him WHY, he just wouldn’t be honest about the fact that at the age of 45 he can’t change a car tyre himself. Hehe.

Anyway – so it wasn’t just my family!

Growing up for me – boys were “expected” to not do the creative things, arts and history (oddly enough, I was great at both) were “only for girls” – and Math (which I was and am great at) was supposed to go great with Physics (which other than my infatutation with my tenth grade Physics teacher, so much so that I even considered “marrying” her at a certain point, lol I was NEVER good at) … and other B.S.

Apparently “creative” doesnt pay.


Anyway – all of that aside.

For me, I dont have any set ideas or plans about what I want my daughter to do, or even what she WILL do – if someone were to ask me?

Whatever she wants to.

And I’d like to give her the ability to do just that.

I’d like for her to know she has a supportive father who will support her no matter what – unlike my own case.

I’d like for her to understand the mind is the most powerful weapon – always – and she is starting to understand this very well even at her age!

I’d like for her to know that nothing beats regular physical activity, and HEALTH  is indeed the best and most important form of wealth. You can always lose / get the latter but the former – best you never lose it!

I’d like for her to know and internalize that it matters not, as Dr Maltz was fond of writing (he did in Pyscho Cybernetics) – if “the whole world is against you” – so long as YOU are cheering for yourself from the bleachers, THAT is what counts ultimately (conversely, if the whole world cheers, but YOU DON’T – none of the former counts).

She loves space, Dr Who and everything related – and medical stuff as well. I’d love to help her become a cosmonaut – or spacewoman – or whatever it’s called now, hehe. Or, a Doc – who I could of course go to for my own .. non existent medical issues. Hehe. But I’m being serious!

I keep telling her imagination is everything.

I’d love for her to internalize the fact smart phone are dumbphones, despite her yelling at me when I say that, it’s starting to work. Repetition!

I’d love for her to learn how to WRITE well – when she’s ready, of course. Hehe.

I’ve impressed upon her that communication and basic Math are two of the best skills ever if done effectively, and the most practical…

I’ve told her many other things.

But other than that, as I got wished a happy Father’s day (I believe it was the other day) – in the cutest manner possible (maybe I’ll share it here!) – I dont know, I want her to know that I love her – I truly do – more than anyone or anything else.

Deep down inside, I know she does too, even though she’s shy when she says it. Hehe. Thats OK!

Other than that?

Grow up, have fun, do what you like – make lots of money doing it – and ENJOY! is what I’d tell her. (and, know you have a Dad willing to support you in whichever way possible in that regard)

And thats really all I want for her to ‘do’ if that makes any sense!

And that, my friend is that.

Kiddie Fitness is one of the best books out there in terms of kids fitness, my daughter the STAR – literally.

And, 0 Excuses Fitness BE the adult version.

Get ’em NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Since I was thinking about it while sitting in my dark, dark cave, I figured I’d share it with YOU. Hehe.

On jumper squats and more…
- And two sides to every story

While wearing my “two sides to every story” T shirt (or sports vest, depending upon) – something the majority of the world really needs to learn i.e. listen to BOTH sides FIRST before rushing to judge, praise, condemn etc – you’ll see the two sides to the jumper squat story – you might even catch me falling over, or almost as I do an ADVANCED “circular jumper” squats movement I am planning on putting in Squat 101 hehe – but I left that IN the video I just created on jumper squats.

Thats right, I left my gaffe in there – although when doing these the way I teach, even a lot of you advanced guys will not only fall over – but not be able to do ’em in proper cadence.

IN 0 Excuses Fitness, I dedicate an entire video to squats, rightly so – but the workout video was pushup heavy – period.

Thats fine, of course. The big dog of fitness – pushups – covered so well in the above book and Pushup Central!!

But, squats are essential friend.

Nothing works the body like squats do – period.

I’ve been saying it all along, I’ll say it again – if you ain’t squatting, and not doing so regularly, not doing all the variants etc – you ain’t really working out, period.

And Raisel – as you might have noticed – asked me a few interesting questions the other day!

Some very interesting indeed, hehe.

Some equally so, and USEFUL (in the context of the book).

I LOVE people that pay attention to detail.

He also sent over some videos on the jumper squat which were OK, but not perfect in terms of the “how to do ’em” – but since I did not have my own video out on it – I didnt mention anything videowise there.

Today, at the end of 300 squats in blazing hot 110 plus weather (I look half dead in the video) – I decided to do an impromptu video.

Lighting sucks, the sound – well, so so.

Even my normally famously “sardonic” smile isnt quite there, hehe.

But the vest is!

And the squats are.

And, I believe this video, especially towards the end does a pretty good job of explaining how to do the jumpers, right cadence, foot positioning, how much to jump, and so forth …

Watch it here.



Rahul Mookerjee

PS – DETAILED videos on everything in the 0 Excuses Fitness System – grab it NOW.

How I fast – and last.
- And more. Hehe.

With all the talk of (so called) food insecurity in the world, and what not (I say so called because darn near everything, even that which is NOT related – is used as an excuse to raise prices – no, Russia isn’t responsible for it all either! – even when it’s logically apparently to a third grader what is being said is UNTRUE) – I gotta say this.

Before I say it – for instance, gas prices (or fuel) – the US has probably the largest reserves and production capacity in the world, yet, due to the oil companies not at full speed, due to “it being a global thing” or what not – gas prices are at record highs.

There’s food inflation in the UK – big time.

Are we to believe – really – that Ukraine and Russia are the only two places in the world food comes from?

Strangely enough, the UAE just froze a huge amount of imports from another major food producing nation – India. There’s some problem at the Turkish border as well.

All very convenient, eh.

And of course, the Bozos globally wont notice the conincidence. (its been that way for years)

Anyway, as the world moans on, here is my take on it – as I get through another mini workout – on an empty stomach.

I’ve often gone for DAYS without food – often to test myself “on the fly” – and in the past, sometimes due to financial necessity (long gone now).

Gumption Galore mentions some of those times, and how I got over ’em.

I dont know if you know it, but every old time strongman knew that if you couldn’t go a day without food and maintain your levels of health, strength and vigor – you were not REALLY STRONG – from the inside out.

And it’s true.

To me, the more I fast, the more I notice the following –

I get BETTER at my exercises – not worse.

Rep counts go UP dramatically – especially after more than 48 hours of nothing but WATER. (and lots of it, and tea).

I get HORNIERRRRRR than ever – hehe. Lots of T – and fasting just AMPS the T levels in my body – or anyone’s if they do it right, for that matter.

Creatively, it’s another level. I sent out 25 emails in a day for the other business, 9 so far here! ( of course, here, it’s only recent doers getting the emails).

My vascularity as of late has gone through the roof – with me doing NOTHING at all special for it (except my famed thick grips).

And more.

All of this, my friend, as usual, is accomplished on a diet which most would consider too less, or too little, or … “way inadequate”.

And sometimes nothing at all.

Anyway, as I prepare to break another 24 hour fast of mine, I got this to say – most people in the world need LESS food today – not more.

(doesn’t apply in sub saharan Africa or wherever, but just look at some of the lard asses out there).

Most people would be well served eating LESS – and working out more.

The benefits, my friends are way way worth it.

I’ll cover all of this in my coaching classes regularly, by the way, as those “in the know” know.

And that, my friend is that.

Mr Fast doesnt come last – but he does LAST – and how – if you get my drift.


And fasting is a huge part of what I’ve been doing as of late, and indeed over the years.

I highly recommend YOU To try it.

And if you’re living with Nazi fems looking to withhold food every opportunity they can get due to some BS reason, well, that kicks that “cat” right out of the window too. Hehe.

Remember my Mom who used to bitch up a storm about “the washerwoman’s son is HUGE! He probably eats all their food!”

He didnt, Mom. He didnt even live with them for the most part (I dont blame him. Hehe. ).  (basically pissed off to Saudi Arabia or somewhere, and again, with these Nazi feminists badgering him all day, I dont blame him! So would I, and HAVE. Hehe).

The lovely S.O. is of a similar bent of mind too. Hehe.

What I find hilarious is the utter lack of logic from these Bozos – of course, what do you expect from Nazi fems.

Anyway, different topic there!

But, back to it – if you truly want to “last” – I’d highly recommend fasts – at least once in a while!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember, the #1 reason my fasts work is not because I sit around moping about “how hungry I am”.

Or how exhausted I am working more than most people will work in a week – in a day. believe me, these emails EXHAUST one… more than you’ think.

It’s about me getting in my workouts – on empty stomach – for days.

THAT is key – I dont mean you constantly stay in a state of starvation, but once in a while, maybe more – it works SO WELL!

A certain Raisel got back to me …
- Well, well, well!

A certain Raisel got back to me. Hehe.

Some great questions, so lets dive in!

I’m replying to HIM … well, as I reply to YOU – first – here! Hehe.

 Hello Mr. Mookerjee, this is Rasiel again.

This time, I’m in charge of “10 BRUTALLY EFFECTIVE “in their simplicity and DOING” workouts!” in《PROFOUND “70% Gorilla, 30% human” HANDSTANDS!》. There are few sentences that I’m not quite sure:

Circle Handstand, X handstand and Star handstand
When doing “the handstand move in a circle/star/x shape”, will the feet still put on the wall ? Is it a movement to stay in the same position while hands walk a O/X/☆, or you need to leave the wall and walk around in the room with your hands?
RM – Yes, your feet make the O/X/* – while your hands stay in the same position. The next book teaches you how to do it without the wall, so this book is a bridge of sorts between handstands and handstand pushups against the wall – and freestanding handstand pushups (I really need to come out with another FAQ on handstands!)
Some exercises didn’t mentioned in this book, I guess we need to further explain them with annotation, and note which book introduced them?
Workout #3
  •  14. Finish off with 10 reps of the “best darn exercise ever” (at the bottom of this movement, do 10 reverse pushups before “Walking back up”).

What is “best darn exercise ever”? And does “darn” means sartorius?

RM – It is the exercise HERE – a reverse pushup, basically… You dont need to explain them here, if they want to know – ask them to get the BOOK! (most that have got this book have also got the other one). (i.e. DOERS!). 

(And darn means … well, “Damn”!) Hehe. NOT The muscle! 

Workout #4

1. Warm up by doing 10 reps of the “table pushup”.
2. Rest for 10-12 seconds, and then repeat with 25 reps of this same pushup.

Is “table pushup” like this?
<link Chopped>
RM –  That link didnt get it quite right – 99% right! 
This link features me doing it – in proper form! Pushup Central (0excusesfitness.com)
That is the link they need to go to in case they are interested in how to do it – or, search on the site for plenty of good articles on it. Also in the 0 Excuses Fitness System.
And, in case you want to do a bit more explaining – 

Table pushup are a great exercise for the entire body, but specifically the core if done in proper posture. Many ancient exercise systems include either this or a variant of this in their teachings (yoga does as do Chinese martial arts exercises). While these may look like “child’s play”, they are anything BUT for most adults, especially those of you that are currently overweight.

That holds true for reverse pushups as well. While difficulty with pull-ups is one sure shod indicator that you ARE indeed carrying more fat around the midsection than you should – – difficulty with these is another prime indicator that your waistline isn’t quite what it should be, to say the least!

These are done so that your body makes a “table” position and then returns to the starting position.

  • Get into position as shown in the first picture, with fingers pointing towards toes, chin tucked in and back straight.
  • Keep your butt tight throughout this whole movement!
  • Think of the shoulders as a “fulcrum” and scoot forward so that you’re in a “table” (sort of) position.
  • Hold, and return to the starting position
  • Make sure not to just “drop” down from the “table” position. Return to the initial position so that your butt is between your hands. While doing so, focus on your legs and triceps doing the work rather than the shoulders.
  • The chin/neck should be tilted back when you scoot ahead, and tucked in when you are in the beginning position.

Try working up to sets of 20 or more.

And, somewhere in HERE you’ll see how to do ’em right! Some fun in the park – pushups. – YouTube

(YES, you CAN put THIS  link in the book – but not the “chopped link”!) 
Workout #5

9. Do 20 fingertip pushups, 5 pull-ups (regular grip), 5 “walk the bar” pull-ups, and 10 circle handstand moves.

What is “walk the bar” pull up?
RM – I believe this is explained in Pull-ups – from STUD to SUPER STUD within weeks!
Essentially where you walk – with your hands – from one of the bar to the other ie sideways. 
Workout #6

5. Get into the handstand position, and do the handstand walk back and forth from the wall for a minute as explained in Shoulders like Boulders!

Is it a “one step forth, one step back” movement, or it’s “several steps forth, several step back”?
RM – Both. Not as easy to handle as it sounds, Battletank Shoulders readers will attest!
Workout #7

The pushup and movements in this workout combine together to give you another of those “workouts from Cain”.

What is “workouts from Cain? Cain in the Holly Bible or Cain Velasquez?
Hehe, that one was the best question of all! 
From the “Holy” Bible as you say, hehe. It’s a figure of speech. And it means HELL – SUPER TOUGH WORKOUTS FROM HELL! 
Workout #8

They say the “gym” builds strength? Fooey! Get any of the pumpers and toners in the gym and lets see if they can finish even a quarter of the workouts herein, and less than that for this one.

Is “pumper” a muscular guy, and “toner” is a guy who good at workouts on fitness equipment?
RM – Another great question, hehe. Hence, bolded again! Pumpers are the bozos who concentrate on muscle isolation, oiling, preening, showing off for the girls etc – the “I have a HUGE bicep peak” – but NO real strength, no back development and so forth. 
Toners are somewhat better, not really though – they dont do any real strength work, all about “light reps x 100”. 
As are puffers and buffers, these links will explain it (put ’em in the book!)Huff, Puff and BUFF! (0excusesfitness.com)

6. Do 25 “jumping” Hindu squats. Immediately thereafter, do 10 “jogging” handstands against the wall. Repeat step #6 five times.

I found in 0excusefitness.com: “Basically you jump forward while in the standing position, drop down perfectly on  your toes – and then come up as you would in the normal Hindu squat – while simultaneously JUMPING BACK – in the same motion.”
Is this one? < video chopped>
RM – Yes, that one. Video is Close enough – except you dont necessarily need to jump that much back and forth. Between 4-6 inches is fine too. I’ll have some videos out on this too soon! There’s no need to put that video link in the book, btw.
Workout #9

11. Finish off with 50 “leg in front of you” jumps (again,taught in Corrugated Core!) and 5 sets of 5 each scissoring handstands.

What is “leg in front of you” jumps”?
RM – Taught in Corrugated Core – essentially jumping up and HIGH in the air with legs in front of you on each jump  – one leg at a time!
Workout #10

3. Do 5 regular handstand pushups, followed by 10 “scissoring” handstand pushups. For additional cardio,   try and bring the legs “one on top of the other” during the scissors (warning – this is TOUGH!)

How to bring one leg on top of the other when your legs are scissoring? Like this?
Something like that, yes. Hard to explain via this picture, but I’ll do a video on it when I get time – but yes, that is IT!

4. Do 70-100 “jogging” rope jumps.

Does it need to move, or jogging on the spot, or what ever you like?
Essentially jumping rope at a quick clip but jogging on the spot while doing so, instead of both feet landing on the floor at the same time, its like youre jogging on the spot – See Jump Rope Mania for more on that … 

And thats that.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS  – Just so y’all know – Buttler Glyn is bacjk, just proving the point – some people are literally so obsessed with following me they’ll go to ANY lengths. Ugh!

But, apparently since his latest scam (Something about begging some lady to send him money so he could “show her around Oxford or some crap) (Socks-ferd, hehe) failed, he’s back here. Oh well. Poor chap, hehe. But, he’s good for a royal laugh and more!

For more of his ilk, see HERE.

For the Bozo, well, Google or go HERE. Hehe.