“This is an amazing book on fitness that has the right combination of intensity and intelligence.”
- He got it spot on!

Today, we’ll go over one of the oldest and best reviews 0 Excuses Fitness has got – a review which I’ve inexplicably and seemingly not “advertised” enough – it’s not even there on the … nah, it’s there on the testimonials page, but it’s buried deep down there .. !

Pun not intended , and intended…

But here it is –

(From “Murli” in India) (2017, I believe?)

This is an amazing book on fitness that has the right combination of intensity and intelligence. These aren’t soul crushing workouts or weight training, but they certainly aren’t a walk in the park either. The word that could best describe these workouts is SMART. It helps you play with your bodyweight and get yourself super fit.

Now, he’s spot on!

And it’s an interesting play on words he’s used.

Intensity, we all know about how intense I am – how intense my workouts are – not for the “faint hearted”, as a certain customer once told me.

He’s right too. Hehe.

But the right combination of intensity and INTELLIGENCE!

That last bit – there it is!

These are SMART workouts, my friend – more “smarter” (I know, I know) than anything you view on the dumbphone.

“It helps you play with your bodyweight and get super fit”.

Yes, though HE didnt mean “play” – that is exactly what these workouts are – FUN! The sheer variety of routines included make them fun, me in the videos – I make them fun – following along with me – FUN! – but most of all?

The way they make you feel make them fun, not so much the benefits, that too, but the FEELING!

You just feel great, on top of the world…

These aren’t soul crushing workouts or weight training, but they certainly aren’t a walk in the park either.


If there was a book I’d classify as “soul crushing workouts” (what he meant is SUPER DUPER TOUGH) it would be this one – Battletank Shoulders. 

That will truly make men out of sissies and HE-MEN out of real men (those that already are) …

And THIS book too – Animal Kingdom Workouts.

And this one – Pushup Central. 

But 0 Excuses Fitness is certainly not something that will crush thy soul.

You go as slow as you like, or as intense.

While that holds true for all of my books, it’s different with this one …

And walk in the park, well, none of my books are that.

Even Ann Lee if she were to read them would say that, hehe.

So many walks in that park, so many climbs up the hill, memories, memories!

I’ll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Read about more memories here.

PS #1 – If you’ve been on the list for ages, have no intention of getting a product – please LEAVE now. Thank you! (not too much to ask, I hope? HA!)

PPS – Ann Lee, well, if there is one book I should “devote” to her, it’s Advanced Hill Training, trust me, without that initial kick up the RUMP she gave me  literally (yes, Bozo, I know!) – and FIGURATIVELY! – this would never have happened.

Well, I take that back, it might and probably would have anyway but it would have taken a different path.

Can’t get away from who we really are, as I keep saying. And this is ME!

And to end, poor Glyn, he begs them to kick his assimus, yours truly, well, you get the picture. Hehe. What a Bozo he is though, really!

(and to end, y’all, get the courses above, dont make me come KICK your rumpus, hehe).

(ok, enough with the puns, hehe)

Is Donald Trump into golden showers?
- He might well be, hehe.

I dont know if y’all have seen it as yet, if not, go HERE.

But there’s  a lot of hoo haa about some secret expose – and Donald Trumps fetish for golden showers, and so forth.

Or so called fetish.

Now, here’s the thing.

If you were to ask me?

He might well could be!

Trust me on this one, my friend.

Some of the most alpha males you see out there – they are the EXACT OPPOSITE away from the public eye – or in the bedroom – or just plain at home.

Sometimes, the most DOMINANT Of men – REAL MEN TO THE CORE, not Bozo Schofied’s – are that way in bed!

Except, here’s the thing.

Nary a person is REALLY OPEN About what they want – and think – sexually especially!

It’s always a sore spot for many, most are embarassed to talk about it – but our hidden desires – deep down inside – never go away, friend.

Remember how Bozo Schofield responded “ferociously in the negative” when I mildly told him to be “open about it all”.

“I’m not into it!”

And that very remark, that very response proved he was more than any other statement or Josie or anyone that blocked him or called him out could.


Now, his friend Charles was apparently into golden showers too from what Bozo told me.

When I first asked Charles, I didnt mention Bozo.

And his response was the same.

“Hell no I’m not into “that””.

There speakeath the pressure of a “not alpha” trying to be alpha.

Notice the difference between how Trump neither really denies or admits it, but BATS away the question.

Thats a real man, regardless of what sexual preferences he might have!

And no, his “lack of prowress in bed” or what not as so many women claim don’t make him any less of a real man.

Wanna know why – go HERE!

As for Charles, when I told him the Bozo said it – he erupted in fury “how dare the Bozo say all that!”

True, Charles, I agree. Bozo isn’t exactly a person to trust your innermost secrets with.

(Believe me, on this here site I haven’t covered the TOP of those secrets as yet – would make a sailor blush most likely).

But really, I write about this all the time.

Be open, folks.

If you have the desire – and need – chances are someone else has it, and as these words FLY off my damn fingers – remember two things.

One, SSC i.e. safe, SANE and consensual.

Two, be comfortable -hey, it’s a DESIRE like any other – so long as it’s not underage , illegal any of that – you know what I mean – all OK – so long as you dont force OTHERS INTO IT!

Thats why I never call gay people “faggots” for one unless they try and force their shit on me (like that nasty Schofield does, ugh).

As a great customer once rightly said, what two people do in their privacy of their bedrooms is THEIR CHOICE.

So true.

Who is anyone to pry into a consenting adults private life?


To each his own, live and let live.

And second, and again, RESPECT IS PARAMOUNT!

To me, THOSE attributes make a real man.

And Trump has ’em all, so do many of YOU on this list …

Speaking of respect, well, I wrote about disrespect and people being “too busy to reply” in one of my last comms to you, no?

Dani, a great translator has been guilty of doing just that as of late.

And … well, let me just say the second or third time she did it, I was going to cut her out of my life.

But I didnt..

Hi Dani

I have a request for you.

I realize you’re always “too busy” for my emails etc, which is perfectly fine – hey, I was just replying to your “staying in touch” email. . .

From my standpoint, I however feel highly annoyed when I spend time and energy explaining the same thing many times – and the other person just takes it casually, or ignores it, or – the vibe is “his email is not important” in this case i.e. what I mean is NOT – I repeat – NOT that I should be “important” for you – the POINT is this Dani, if you’re communicating with someone, then it’s just basic human courtesy to respond properly to them – anything else is just disrespectful to the extreme.

This isn’t about (private affair part chopped) – it’s about life.

I realize that is how the world has become i.e. “too busy” when really all people are doing is sitting staring at a dumbphone and “not wanting to reply to the tough questions” (not you, the <chopped< agent) – but I dont agree and refuse to accept this “new” way of communication.

Maybe it’s me thats a Dino, or maybe I’m old fashioned or an idiot or whatever you want to think about or call me for saying this – it’s fine.

However, I hate disrespect more than anything else.  I never do that to people, and hate it when someone does it to me.

Im sorry if you feel offended by this, but I am being honest, and I do not believe I’m wrong in saying this.

I realize your opinion is “if that person wants to leave my life, he can, I won’t run after him” – which is FINE. You can delete me or block me or NOT do so, hehe – but the point is this, Dani – I never “ran after you” – or anything – I didnt “pester” you to reply – all I’m asking for you is WHEN you do reply (maybe next year, if you’re really too busy😁) – please do me the same courtesy I do you i.e. a polite and thought out reply as opposed to an irritating “one line” response.

I realize you may not agree, in which case thats fine too – just let me know, but thats how I feel.

Sorry – had to get that off my chest, now I have.

Thank you!


PS – I dont know why you keep saying “vacation” – by “busy” – all I meant is “there are other things more important than replying to <chopped> in your life”, that is ALL, if that is the case, which it is, fine (honestly, it is fine! If it wasn’t, I’d keep emailing you back, but I dont, do I?), just tell me – but WHEN YOU DO reply – please reply properly – THAT IS ALL I ASK.

I think thats reasonable ….

Sometimes, people do deserve a second chance.

My initial thoughts were she wouldn’t respond at all.

Yet ..


I am sorry if you felt annoyed or disrespected. It was not my intention.

Maybe saying I am “busy” sounds like an excuse to you (which is fine if you think that). Sometimes I do not know how to express in words what I have in my mind. Again, sorry for that, it was never my intention.

This isn’t about <work part chopped> – it’s about life. Again I agree, it was disrespectful of me to do that, and it is good to speak up and say it. I appreciate you did it. Sometimes we need that, you know someone saying “you are being an ass” which I need from time to time. So thanks for it.

Maybe it’s me thats a Dino. it is not, I think like you too.

However, I hate disrespect more than anything else. I never do that to people, and hate it when someone does it to me. Agreed, if you feel I disrespected you anyhow, again I am sorry, it was not my intention.

Im sorry if you feel offended by this, but I am being honest, and I do not believe I’m wrong in saying this. You are not offending me, no worries. And saying is not wrong neither, is good to speak up.

Now, I do not understand why you say this

I realize your opinion is “if that person wants to leave my life, he can, I won’t run after him” – which is FINE. You can delete me or block me or NOT do so, hehe – but the point is this, Dani – I never “ran after you” – or anything – I didn’t “pester” you to reply.

I never told you to “leave my life or to run after me” If you think that answering me some emails is “running after me” I do not agree.. if it is something different well I didn’t get it.


PS: About the “vacation” you asked how I was doing and I just said I wanted vacations to travel

Well …

I didnt think she was being an ass per se – just the way she was replying, or her lack of proper responses – THAT was the disrespect I cannot STAND AND TOLERATE – – and refuse to!!!!!!

She’s not a native English speaker, tho … so  …

Hi Dani

Thanks for your reply. I did not say you were being an ass, I merely said the way you were replying to me (and have sometimes in the past) was disrespectful, that is all. I’m glad you understand my meaning in that regard, and there is no need to apologize, because we are on the same page now.

Yes, you’re right – I do think it’s an excuse, because the simple fact of life is this, if someone wants to reply, or do something, then they will do it, period, regardless of other things. However, that is perfectly fine – which is what I mean i.e. reply when you have time, NO rush, but when you DO reply, please do so properly or not at all. As I’m sure you agree that is not too much to ask.

I also think what you are claiming about not knowing how to express yourself, not being a native English speaker as I am or whatever are semi-excuses, because you did a damn fine job as a translator, therefore, obviously, explaining yourself is not the point. Sure, I am not a native Spanish speaker, but I can “feel” you explained what I said in English well enough in Spanish, so I do not think that plays into it.

Thats all I am saying, nothing more …

Thank you! (and no need to apologize, since you get my drift now).


Mike (no rush to reply, just reply “when you have time”, which can be whenever, no issues!)

Her reply –

Oh no, I was being an ass I know, even if you didn’t say it, I was.

Got it, from now on I will reply to you when I have time and I am not in a rush.

No, believe me, expressing myself by writing, Spanish or English is HARD for me. I have a lot of things in my mind that I want to say I am not always the best at explaining it and putting those words in order. Translating on the other hand is easy because I do not need to express myself, just type, so there are different things for me. Expressing and translating are not the same, no matter the language.

Now, I could go on and on about it.

But I won’t – she is right about the translation part tho i.e. there she’s simply taking my thoughts and putting them into her own words – and adding the vibe to them as best as possible in a different language.

But REAL COMMUNICATION is a skill, my friend, that only real leaders can do.

Bottom line.

Yours truly, Trump, any REAL business person – they get to the MEAT of the matter.

As I have with the “agent” I’ve been talking to all morning, he’s finally after months given me some straight answers.

Sometimes, you gotta go REAL DEEP.

You gotta persist.

And there endeth that story!

Back to the Trumpinator, asses, and more …

I wonder if I should introduce the Bozo to Dani, with her words about asses, and she’s got a damn fine one, he’d explode just by reading it if you get my drift, he’s that much of a clown (or “denied” or whatever he calls it, though really, which girl would want to be with an asshat like that, hehe).


Dani deserves better!

But anyway, that my friend – is a sage lesson in communication to you too (and its exactly what I think of people that dont get back to emails etc for whatever reason i.e if you dont want to reply, just say it, I wont pester you!).

OK, had to get that off my chest. I have.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – As for the Trumpinator. He might well have those fantasies, and more. Like who cares?

What I care about is his LEADERSHIP, his common sense, business acumen, and thats what anyone with any brains should care about as well.

PS #2 – Similarly, anyone with any brains – whether you like me or not, there is no denying the FACT my fitness products are the best in the world, my friend, by far.

Let me drive it in – the COLD, HARD, FACT!

Even Bozo loves that word “Fact!” he kept telling me in “Keeping it Real in China”, hehe. Some things, even Bozos cannot deny or get past.

There is no discussion, no argument there.

Or is there?

I didnt think so.

Therefore, pick some products up NOW.

It’s as simple as that, as simple as it gets, no frills, no fancy, no Bozos, nothing…

Why it’s never a good idea to taunt – or worse -a caged TIGER.
- I realize "lion" is the animal comes to mind, but ...

I realize “lion” is the animal comes to mind when you talk “caged, but …truth is the following, my friend.

Nothing – I repeat nothing (maybe other than a grizzly all charged up) can stop a RAGING, ROARING tiger that you’ve pissed off.

Jim Corbett, the great hunter and conservationist wrote about this a lot of times in his books, when he mentioned he’d sleep in the forests of India (back then, there were a LOT more tigers than there are now there) without a worry in the middle of th e night, even when he heard tigers moving about.

“The tiger is a true gentleman”, he said.

“Leave it alone, and it will leave YOU alone!”

Which has been my philosophy to life all along – ever since I was born.

Other than, you piss that tiger off, and I dont care what your size is, skills are etc – you’ve got a bloody FIGHT on your hands!

Even the ancient Maharajas that almost drove the tiger to extinction in India did so with the aid of horses, weapons, and elephants.

So much for a fair fight, as Charles once told me.


In the movie Damini (a long ago Hindi potboiler) they had this line of the lead actor saying the following.

“Even kids can throw popcorn (I believe it was something else – kernels??) at a caged lion”.

Thats easy, he went.

“But its only when you face AN UNCAGED LION, READY TO FIGHT – that you’ll know what a real fight is”.

And who the real man is.

Needless to say, the dude being referred to (i.e. that the lead actor) was referring to was a cuckold Schofield like pansy to the extreme and drunk on power i.e. “when I have the power I can do it”, but when it’s a fair FIGHT, I’ll turn TAIL and RUN!

This morning, I caught myself literally “growling” like a tiger.

An image of a tiger on the prowl literally flashed into my mind – so AUTHENTIC that it sort of scared even me!

There is a limit to my patience, my friend, and business wise, a Bozo I’ve been dealing with has left me hanging for MONTHS ON END – for no reason.

Even more inexplicable, I’ve done business with this nut for years, and he’s never quite been as disrespectful as he is NOW to me.

“Sir I’m always busy” is what his nonsense boils down to. 

I asked him if he wanted to get the job DONE.

He claims yes, but nothing after that.

Ask him for a fucking deadline, nothing.

Ask him for clear answers, WHAT he wants – or thinks – nothing .

Offer him more money  – a LOT MORE – nothing.

I mean, I dont get it, but this is what people in general seem to think life is about i.e. “keep the guy hanging for months, then a long phone call”, and then of course the usual nonsense of “I’m too busy” which really translates to “give me a job I can do with minimal effort, I’ll do it, anything more, zero”.

It’s pathetic. Really!

Anyway, I got myself under control – sort of.

But the parade of buffoons out there continues to grow …

Here’s the bottom line, friend.

Basic human courtesy hasn’t changed no matter what, and it never will.

It’s people in general that have become MORONS in general.

“I’m too busy” .


At least be honest…

Anyway, that the rant for now.

And remember, that time I saw that caged jaguar, it’s eyes, and the FURY – spoke more than anything I can write would!

I had an image – literally – of that beast breaking free and jumping – straight from my throat.

I dont understand idiots globally that keep these magnificent wild cats caged – disgrace!

But anyway, remember that the next time you think (I’m referring to people in general) “you have the power” – and “can do what you like”.

First, the caged tiger thing.

You never know when the tiger might break free.

Second …

What goes around – DOES and will come around.

It’s that simple.

And I’m out.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Even watch a tiger walk – from the core – with all it’s muscles blending into one?

Ever watch a tiger CROUCH – before the final spring?

Ever watch a tiger go literally from 0-60 in the space of a few seconds?

I have, and more.

It wasn’t just to exercise my fingertips that I wrote Animal Kingdom Workouts, my friend.

And it ain’t just because “I can” that I priced it at what I did.

That course is sheer gold, friend, and I know many of you want it.

So … where are the excuses?

Get this NOW– this is truly one of the best fitness books – if not THE best you’ll ever read (and implement, which you damn well should!).

Respect your training tools!!!
- Really, how someone can NOT do that ... beyond me!

Honestly, man, people these days!

I go to “gyms” etc – either the shiny chrome and fern kind, or the “old school” style – which are actually GOOD – and I see it there too!

Dumbbells, kettlebells – barbells – power wheels – grippers – what have you – just lying there often times in a state of disuse, while everyone makes their way to the shiny machines.

Oddly enough, those machines are what is marketed to the Bozos globally.

Oddly enough, THOSE are kept clean – or the “illusion” of cleanliness i.e. just wipe it down, and add glitter to the photo  you use to market!

But the real tools, the real implements, and this happens in people’s homes too – laying there, gathering bloody DUST!

I mean, really.

IF you dont want it, don’t buy it!

Same thing for books “gathering dust” etc.

I tell my daughter this all the time too i.e. “dont toss your training tools away!”

It could be my power wheel, or perhaps her cricket bat, or even a bow and arrow.

But once you’re done training the skill – or READING about it – remember to RESPECT the book – or tool!

That doesnt mean you need to get fastidious about cleanliness, wear frilly frocks and long ass socks and high heels like Bozo Schofield does before cleaning (sometimes I wonder, given the nasty state his “room” was always in, I think he paid more attention to becoming a sissy than doing the actual WORK.

As they say, that thin line between fantasy and REALITY – and the latter bites. Truth is indeed not just stranger, but tougher than “fiction” – especially faggotty lust inspired Bozo style fiction).

But at least dont toss the damn wheel away like some people do!

Don’t leave your equipment sitting there “gathering dust”.

A lady I knew Rendy had a treadmill – which she used to hang baby nappies and laundry on!

In the park, I see these people hanging their bloody coats on the dipping bars!

I mean, give me a fucking break!

To those not as fanatical about training as I am – this may come across as odd.

But remember, if you’re disrespecting the teacher or medium, then that will come back to bite YOU in the ass, my friend.

Only those really serious about fitness will “get” what I mean in this email.

Respect, friend, respect.

It’s always paramount!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember to pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System here – best part, literally NO equipment required for this, not even a chinning bar!

PS #2 – Those of you (and there are a lot) interested in REAL training, REAL MAN STYLE – do the bodyweight stuff as a central focal point FIRST. Get good at it FIRST. Then, and only then, proceed to implements.

Once you do, do NOT ignore the bodyweight work!

I’ve recently spoken with a guy who got REAL good at swinging Indian clubs, and thought it would translate over into pull-ups – which he tries, but can’t get his chin over the bar.

Did club work translate into better pull-ups?


The other way around ?

YES – and yours truly – and many other people I’ve trained are living proof of this – much as pushups translate into pull-up ability, but NOT necessarily the other way – this is the same.


Anyway, for those truly interested in training with implements – go HERE.

Success as defined by Emerson …
- That quote I spoke about!

“To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.”

  • Ralph Waldo Emerson

See the last email on this one too along with it!


Rahul Mookerjee

My definition of “success” !
- It ain't what the Bozos reading this (those that might, hehe) will "think" (I use the term relatively for a certain Scho "the tro", hehe)

This morning after I got my email to work (which took forever and a day!) – I saw some silly survey or what not for authors on Amazon to “win a $100 gift card” or some BS.

I clicked past, obviously…

but then I took another look, for some reason, I felt compelled to at least read the email.

It was a Qualtrics or something survey.

Now, this survery was LONG… REAL LONG!

I could tell by the sliding bar underneath it.

Yours truly never completed it – past the first question, hehe.

Which caught my interest, and I was typing a long, probably never to be read answer to them (I bet they’re using it for their own marketing i.e. the answers people give ’em!) … but then I just abruptly shut the whole mess down.

I Figured Id write to you about it!

Last year, Charles Mitchell, a long term customer had this to say about my books (well, one of many comments).

“People buy your books because you know how to do things they don’t – but want to!”   (and they want to learn “how to”)

Now, he worded it differently, but that was the gist of what he said (in that regard).

And it’s interesting, I was being asked my “top 2 or 3 goals” by the survey along with my definition of success.

My defintion?

I dont know, when I started out – I had no goals of becoming a billionaire, I’m not sure I do now either! Hehe.

My goals were to CREATE a business – START something – on my own – without any help or what not.

My goals were to DO something different – to be myself – to express myself – to do what I do best ie. TEACH others how to do things … and much more!

Those were some of “my goals” – still are.

Obviously creating a profitable biz was high on the list too.

But from a customer standpoint, my goals can be summed up BEST by what I believe Emerson once said – I’ll paraphrase again!

If your work can touch ONE person’s life – improve ONE person’s life immeasurably – if you can change even ONE person’s life via your work – then you’ve succeeded!

Now, the quote was lengthier, but this was the sum and substance of it.

A certain JEff Bezos loved it so much he hung it on his fridge door!

And it makes perfect sense, and I’ve always thought of it that way even during my down times.

Even when NOTHING was happening biz wise – when cash flow was in the red, and bills the opposite – in an extreme manner.

It’s happened a LOT, trust me!

But all throughout I have – and still have – this thought.

Hey, if ONE person wakes up to my emails – just ONE customer – and my email helps him smile – or thump his chest – or crack open a cold one – or just plain make it through the day – then on a certain level – yes, I’ve succeeded!

If just ONE customer buys my books, and DOES – and their lives are improved immeasurably – I’ve done my job!

That dont mean there’s not MORE to do.

There always is!

But end of the day, what do we really take with us?

WHAT will be your last thought before you pass?

Of having created something from scratch, made it profitable – yes.

But also … that THAT product – or service – HELPED PEOPLE – and how it did!

THAT is another reason I keep wanting honest and genuine reviews, they put a HUGE GRIN ON MY FACE!

Not money, not publicity, not any of the above.

It just gladdens me to the PG Wodehouse inspired cockles of my heart to know someone is benefiting out there.

Thats why we do all this – for you!

And thats it in a nutshell, really.

I figured it’s best I tell YOU guys – not “Qualtrics” hehe.

And so I have.

Rest assured though, I’ve got no plans of passing anytime soon. I’m sure I’ll write an email about it before I do – knowing me – but you may need to wait – forever.


Enough said!

Back to hardcore fitness – be sure and pick up some products today.


I’ll share your tales with the world, TRULY!


Rahul Mookerjee

Great new offer on our much vaunted COMPILATIONS!
- This is again - BIG!

My friend, this is HUGE!

I mean, huge!

Y’all on this list know we have compilations – a seperate section for all our products towards the bottom of the products page.

And, this has always been a HOT FAVORITE – this section, with many of you – for good reason i.e. savings.

You save BIG when you get my compilations – than if you were buy each of the products individually.

Sure, that means I “get less” when you buy them.

But, I also get more – since my products are landing in the hands of DOERS if you get my drift.

And for a short time, I’ve gone one BETTER.

For a short period of time, I’m  not sure how long as yet – we’ve got yet another offer going on for EVERYONE – that being, our compilations  special offer.

Essentially, you get ALL our compilations now – via instant digital download – for ONE price – $499.99!

Considering the price is around $1000 (I did not do the Math, but thats what it boils down to) or actually, $1500 or so, given the compilation is discounted to START with – thats a double discount for you!

And you’re getting ALL the compilations in your download, my friend – for ONE single price a >50% off offer if I might say so!

Where is this offer, you ask?

Well, it’s right HERE.

Or, scroll down to the bottom of the products page – and you’ll find it!

Jump on this NOW, my friend. This is truly BIG!


Rahul Mookerjee

The sense of utter PEACE, more on the sound of the RAVEN – CROWING!
- Just SERENE, bliss, serenity!

First you must read this piece here!

And after you do so, as I heard another bird “sing” … as it often does in the woods, real jungle, I’m remembering many things from the past again!

But most of all, my workouts!

Done out there on the hill, and at the bottom of it (the Battletank Shoulders part first, then the Advanced Hill Training part!) – out in the HEAT in Southern China, which while some days it was cloudy, it was still hot as heck, but with the sun blazing down at 230 PM – oh my!

“I dont see how you can do it!”

So said Charles…

All the reasons I’ve given in the past aside though – it’s this -something I value a hell of a lot.

Peace, quiet and PRIVACY!

There is NOTHING I hate more than working out in crowds with gaggles of Chinese pointing at the foreign “gui lao” devil and (well, the Da Xing Xing part is cool, but even that has it’s limits!) … or people anywhere for that matter.

Id’ rather be left alone, to my own devices.

And conjuring up the best workouts ever for me – and YOU!

Those afternoons especially when cloudy, Id often – out of the blue – hear that solitary RAVEN crowing!

IT came it and it went, sometimes I wonder if it was my imagination, or a message from Spirit – since despite it being a hill with plenty of “jungle” there – the Chinese eat damn near everything in sight, so there weren’t many birds left. Hehe.

Maybe the solitary stray cat, and I once saw a chicken tethered to a stick in the hills there, I dont know why!

But anyway, when working out by myself – you know the best part?

PEACE – and quiet!

And a sense of calm and sang froid you’ll never get in the gym with all the machines – even if you’re ALONE.

Even if you’re in the yoga room.

Even if you’re doing bodyweight (its good if you are, but your SURROUNDINGS matter a hell of a lot!).

I’d rather workout in a basement like room where I took the pictures for Isometric and Flexibility Training, Pushup Central, and many of my great books.

To an extent, Fast and Furious Fitness – the Collector’s Edition was shot there too.

Bare bones, water dripping from pipes style…

I’ll take that over the fancy crap anyday.

But, what I’ll take the MOST?



I dont know, a lot of you will just read this and move on with your lives.

“Whatever”, I’ll hear a lot of you saying.

That is fine, but … trust me.

These workouts I teach you are like none other, and the PEACE and BLISS you get throughout the workout while doing – and after – is enough to carry through even the toughest day afterwards – blighted by significant others pestering you or not. Hehe.

Just trust me on this one, friend.

You’ll NEVER feel that sense of calmness unless you listen, do what I tell you – not because I tell you, but because it’s how to get it!

OK, enough for this one.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – A much ignored book of mine deals with ONE great exercise, just ONE.

And it’s variants.

But the benefits you get from doing JUST THAT ONE THING?

Out of the world!

Find out more HERE.

How YOU Can move like the Royal Bengal Tiger – and why big cats are the MOST supreme example of fitness there can be!
- And the grizzly!

Wild animals in general, actually.

But none come close to the big CATS in the wild, my friend, that laze around, do nothing for more than 18 hours a day EACH AND EVERY DAY – and yet, when its time to get the job done – BAM!

You wouldn’t bet on the deer against the tiger, despite all the LSD the deer does (no, not Schofield’s drugs, but the long slow distance cardio, almost as bad!).

Or, gazelle against lion …

But to me, the TIGER reins supreme, the most supreme example – followed by the JAGUAR!

Both solitary, and then the lion, but only because it outsizes the leopard, or as John Walker said about Fast and Furious Fitness “The Collector’s Edition” – the perfect blend of suppleness and strength (amazing agility too, I’d add – I’ve seen leopards kill crocs and drag them up trees!).

Lions to me are over-rated, big time – especially the males.

But they’re still big cats, still supremely fit and strong …

Anyway, lets talk about another favorite animal of mine – the grizzly!

Grizzlies are another supreme example of fitness, and y’all on the list know this already – you’ve probably heard me say it before.

That bear – that massive bear is not only strong enough to take 600 lb dumpsters – or 800lb gorillas and play with them like beach balls – but it’s also QUICK.

It can outrun a rabbit – downhill.

It can pick up moose weighing over a ton in its jaws, and run with it UPHILL!

It also has such solid eyesight it can pick out fresh salmon swimming downstream straight outta the H20.

And the bear crawl, my friend, while it will NEVER EVER get you as fit and strong as a natural grizzly, will nonetheless kick even the fittest athlete’s butt like there is no tomorrow, in lightning quick time!

Animal Kingdom Workouts, of course gives you more than 5 different ways to do it.

Advanced Hill Training covers the basics – uphill!

(with pictures!).

So you’ll see, it aint “just the bear crawl”.

But if there is one area the mighty grizzly falls short, at least as far as I know, it’s LEAPING.

Remember that video I once sent y’all about the tiger in India literally leaping as high as a full grown elephant – and taking two fingers off the woman (or man, can’t remember) ON the elephant’s back – then bounding down, all in one jump, and off to the jungle?

Thats par for the course for ALL Big cats.

Not to mention, they do it SO stealthily- you wouldn’t even know the big cat is reclining there amongst the “brush” in the field until you chance right upon it (and thats happened many a times in INdia in the early AM’s!).

And the way they go from an absolute STOP to a roaring 60km/hr BOUND AND SPRINT – even a mechanical Jaguar or Ferrari couldn’t do it.

The tiger truly does run that fast!

And part, and a huge secret  to this, myf riend, is the WAY it moves.

It’s different from the bear crawl, although most folks dont think so.

The way the tiger moves – different – when all the muscles in your body literally BLEND into one as you move – and its tough to nail the first time – you’ll SEE!

You literally will feel like you’re “walking from your core” (which again, of course, is the reason – get the core fit, you can take anything, as Herschel Walker rightly once said!).

Then its resting and moving patterns. It doesnt waste too much energy, but when it’s time to get her done – BAM!

(same for yours truly runs his own life!)

And of course, the MEAT based diet …

But why just the tiger, this sort of walk is common to ALL The big cats – especially the jaguar, one of my pet favorites again.

I’ll never forget the MEAN look one of them things gave me once – a black Jaguar, melanistic or whatever they call it – oh my!

CHILLED ME TO THE BONE – that Jaguar, pound for pound, is even more ferocious than the Tiger!

No wonder they regularly sneak up on caimans and with that one bite – POW – the jag’s got the strongest bite of all the wild cats, period – the cayman’s a dead duck.

As the croc is with the tiger…


A bit of National Geographic there.

But bear in mind, and PICTURE, that if YOU TOO want that sort of cat like agility, speed, strength, stamina and FLEXIBILITY (notice how the big cats stretch!) – and SIXTH SENSE (something which cannot be taught!) – then the books above – and the exercises taught therein – are what YOU need to learn from.

Do so now my friend.

These are two of the very best courses on animal like training ever written – – if not THE BEST!


Rahul Mookerjee

Why women in general want CONTROL over all!
- 'Tis true, friend. Tis true!

I will always remember one of the comments made about Fast and Furious fitness – aside from the great testimonial a customer made about the “Collector’s Edition” (scroll down to the bottom of the website, or click the link above – you’ll see!) …

“I saw the pictures, the book was obviously written in “happier times””.

“Such a pity that women just know how to take, never to GIVE… ”

He was right.

Corrugated Core, another book written in “happier times” (though not entirely very happy) in that regard.

But, I keep saying this myself – have been for ages now.

An example illustrates it perfectly.

At the age of 25, I wanted a break from China (pretty much because I didnt want to spend that nest egg I had built up “doing not much at all” there – and plus I wanted to see India had really changed for the better (hint – it hadn’t)) …

So, I returned home, but not before getting the following assurances from my Dad.

“You can use your room as a base for whatever you want to do. We’ll always support you”.


Words were never proven to be quite that hollow.

When he said it, I paused.

What if… I thought.

But I was single, young, didnt give a rat ass.

So I went.

Of course, first thing you know, my Mom bitched up a storm about my long hair – which I finally cut because of her pestering.

Second, a base??

No, I had to study for some dumb ass MBA apparently …

So I took the GMAT, hehe.

Had a phat phock of an “English teacher” whose own English was so crappy she coul dbarely string a sentence together, yet saw fit to tell me how to “crack the GMAT”.

I did pretty well, got a 650 – not because of her. hehe.

But then a few days later, I dont know, I had this bed in my room – one of the fold out kinds.

I loved it.

I’d fold it back in during the day – at night, I’d do the opposite, and sleep like a king.

One fine day, I noticed it gone.

Apparently Mommy saw fit to take it and “put it in the living room” or some BS.

Now, I dont like people taking MY stuff from my room …

Of course, nothing in that house was anyone’s except Mom’s apparently “because she bought it”.

From childhood till I was able to buy my own things, nothing was ever mine.

Can you imagine it?

Your own child, except “I bought it”, so it ain’t yours. It’s just PATHETIC!

And yet, more common than you would think, Google and you shall know.

As Uncle Bob rightly said,

“Parents can really fuck a kid’s development up!”

It was all at her whim and control – and most amazing  part, I’m yet to see a living room in the world with that sort of nonsense. Further, why not simply buy a new one rather than give me a new one which she knew I’d hate?

The answer is self evident.

From trying to force me to work a job, to controlling my money (which no-one ever could, hehe – my money has always been in places people just can’t get to even if they try) … all about CONTROL!

Same thing for my Mom with her own mother in law, I still remember the battle royals breaking out.

Like Marc the African silverback Gorilla told me once …

“They need an alpha there!”

He was right, but wait…


I know.

The MEN are the domineering and controlling ones, ain’t they?

The poor women that weep crocodile tears, aided by cucks in general – they never do anything wrong, never have!

Sorry, my friend, but this BS stinks to high hell and beyond, and I will never stop calling Nazi feminism out for what it IS – a SCOURGE!

And if YOU reading this, as many of my customers say “I agree with what you say about women, I’ve had troubles with them too” think there is no choice, but to put up with them – WRONG!

And the book above shows you how.

Sure, not for free.

But show you it does …

And of course, the other control YOU have over yourself – your thoughts – and your BODY.

Nothing and no-one, not even the most determined of panic stricken maniacs can take that away from you.

Its YOUR BODY, YOU decide!

Bottom line, simple.

I find it interesting how abortion rights activists everywhere are happy to abort fetuses way past the cell stage”, and claim “women’s rights”.

While literally committing MURDER.

Fuckin insane is what it is.


And physically, get in the best shape of your life FIRST.

Here is the System that will DO IT – The 0 Excuses Fitness system.

I’ll see you!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Think it only happens to guys, and not gals? THINK AGAIN! My ex, at the age of SEVEN – her Mom took her to the living room for an XMAS gift… 

The little girl went there, eyes open .. 

And what did she get? 

Her Mom pointed to burnt coals lying in the fireplace. 

Thats what you get, Emily! 

She crowed, and went away, while her Dad, Dr Lamar did probably F all. 

Dont get me wrong, he was a good man. But, couldn’t stand up to his wife even for that, just fucking PATHETIC!

PS #2 – And, NO, for you “femdom” enthusiasts – i.e. those that get off on what the Bozo does (if there are any here – and many do, which is fine, so long as it’s a conscious choice) – this is the nasty control, not the “fun type” of control. Ugh!