“I hope summer comes later”
- and being "scared of dinner"

Dear Reader,

Well, well well. I just got back from a fantastic workout consisting of pull-ups, dips and a few nice jaunts up “el hillo” if I might put it that way.

It’s nice warm weather out there – summer’s approaching in full swing – and I am enjoying EVERY minute of it!

Took a long shower – poured myself a mugga (NOT what you’re thinking about, hehe) – and I’m raring to get down to the second half of the day.

As I fired up the  laptop, I noticed my phone blinking.

It was a Wechat message from a lady I’ve been speaking to for the past few days – a lady whose apparently concerned that she’s so overweight that she looks pregnant – and at the “ripe old age” of around 22 or so if I’m guessing right.

I’m guessing the age because – well – … ah, I’ll let you guess the reason!

Anyway so this lady is apparently so concerned about her looks and appearance that when she sent me a picture (in order for me to look and tell if she was really fat or not) – the picture lasted on the screen for a sum total of a few seconds.

Wechat, for those that don’t know has a recall function and she sent it – and BAM – just like that – she recalled it, so I couldn’t even see much in the brief time period it was THERE – but yes, she does have a few more spare tyres around the midsection than she should (especially at her age).

A case of the lard lumps “sneakily piling up” until one fine day that belly turns into the Belly of Buddha, as it were. And yes, this is AS applicable to you ladies out there as it is you gents.

“I’m afraid”, this lady told me a few minutes ago.

“Because … I have dinner with my colleagues tonight!”

I started to reply, but she cut me off.

“It’s scary to think about! Dinner tonight, maybe a drink … I hope he comes later this summer! Too fat! Pregnant!”

Now the above is a fair bit of “translated English” if you get my drift, but the import is clear.

The lady is suffering from a case of the lard lumps – and is nigh anxious for summer NOT to come – – so said lard lumps stay “hidden” under clothing.

And she’s not alone, of course. There’s plenty of tubbos all over the nation who are dreading exactly the same thing, for all the wrong reasons.

Sad part, it doesn’t have to be this way!


Well, I’ll tell you, but first here are a few points.

First, you cannot “hide” the lard lumps under “XXXL clothing” or clothes a few sizes too large – or even “flattering garments” if I might say so. It shows no matter what – much the same as a muscular neck – or strong forearms – or solid legs show no matter what you’re wearing.

Second, this lady has it all WRONG in terms of the REASONS why she’s fat.

Shes of the opinion that eating late is making her fat – and that the LESS she eats, the slimmer she’ll become.

I disabused her of this notion right away.

“If you eat less, your metabolism will slow down and you WILL gain weight”.

“Are you sure? Well, if you say so … ”

There was a pause, and she continued.

“If you say, I have freedom to eat all I like!”

And so it went.

Now, I’m not advocating stuffing your gourd at every meal – and I’m certainly NOT advocating unhealthy eating habits – but the fact is this – when I got into the best shape of my life – what I ate and WHEN I ate it was NOT a concern.

I cover this at the start of the Simple and Effective Diet – yours GRATIS with a 0 Excuses Fitness purchase – and it’s a must read for those of you that believe in what the so called pundits say (hint – they’re WAY off base).

Second, and more importantly, while this lady does a lot of the right things in terms of exercise, she’s way off base in terms of losing weight.

She’s pounding the pavement for one – for hours at a time.

And the fat just doesn’t go away.

How different would it be though if she cracked open Eat More – Weigh Less – and started in on some of the blistering routines therein – routines that take less than a MINUTE at times- and yet are way more effective at burning fat off your midsection – and KEEPING it off – than anything else out there I’ve seen or know of.

It’s NOT long slow distance cardio that burns the lard lumps, my friend – and I’ve said this so many times in the past that I feel like a stuck record – but there it is.

It is INTENSE exercise done in SHORT bursts that really burns fat – and as for the proof – well, it’s right there in the pudding my friend – NO puns intended.

Once you’re on this sort of a program, you’ll never worry about not fitting into your clothes – or showing off that bikini line in summer – or flaunting that six pack at the beach, for that matter.

You won’t be in the least bit worried about late night eating – or a few drinks here and there. Heck, I’m a self professed beer lover – and love to drink beer every so often – and it certainly hasn’t affected my fitness levels one damned bit, has it?

Key is – do the RIGHT things.

Drop the LSD cardio, my friend. Drop the weights. Drop the ridiculous machines and treadmills.

Instead – get outdoors – or in your living room if you so prefer – and use your body in the way it was INTENDED to be used.

You’ll be nigh surprised at the results!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Along with Eat More – Weigh Less, here is another MUST grab before summer comes – – https://0excusesfitness.com/corrugated-core/

A truly superior CHEST builder
- And a great, great exercise to boot ...

Dear Reader,

My shirts have been fitting a bit differently as of late – specifically around the chest and upper back area.

For some reason the chest area seems to be getting a lot “snugger” if you get my drift – and no, it isn’t “man boobs” we are referring to here – that makes the area LOOSER as opposed to tighter, hehe.

It isn’t losing excess weight either. If it were that then I’d be going down a size or so on shirts.

But I haven’t.

Speaking of which, I spoke to Cindy last night, her of the 0 Excuses Fitness videos, and it was a great conversation which ended with her telling me that she needs to buy “new pants” as of late -because “the old ones got too tight”.

This lady apparently ate a bit too much over the Chinese New Year break, hehe.

All good – I mentioned a few exercises to her that will get the flab flying off her within a short space of time, and I’m sure she’ll be on the 8 ball shortly in that regard. More on that later, but for now, back to chests …

And the reason for this “extra snug” fit as of late is one exercise I’ve been really focusing upon – or an exercise combo, I’d say.

A 2 exercise combo.

One being the pull-up – which of course is no surprise to those of you that have been following this pull-up maniac, hehe.

And the second?

Well, it’s not pushups – although pushups are a great, great way to build the upper body.  You could build a Herculean upper body with nothing other than pull-ups and pushups – but there is something else involved here.

A forgotten exercise – and one which the boobybuilders, pumpers and toners, muscleheads, jocks and even athletes often do incorrectly.

That being the almighty DIP, my friend.

Dips, done right, truly develop the chest in a way that no other exercise can.

It gives you that “solid” rounded look to your chest – that “barrel chest” look if I might say so – IF you do the exercise right.

And the way I see most people do it is NOT right.

While I’ve said in the past that the average male today would be doing good to hang on to the pull-up bar for any length of time – it is also true that getting in the UP position of the dip -and HOLDING for time – makes people’s upper arms quiver like a maple leap in Toronto during “breezy weather” if you get my drift, hehe.

Dips, more than any other exercise are an exercise where FORM is paramount – not just to get proper benefit from the exercise – – but also to avoid INJURY – specifically around the shoulder area.

And YES, those of you with shoulder issues CAN do this exercise – only if you do it right though!

You do NOT “bounce and up down” in a crazy zig zag motion on the dipping bars as Ive seen many a guy do.

Speed is NOT of the essence here!

And you do NOT keep a ramrod straight upper back for the most part when doing this exercise.

You lean forward a little – focus your eyes on a spot at about a 30 degree angle on the ground in front of you – and go from there – in a SLOW and STEADY rhythmic manner.

Form, my friend is key – and when you combine this exercise with the pull-up – the REGULAR pull-up – as I’ve been doing -you’ll start to see results very very quickly indeed.

This great exercise is one that can deliver phenomenal results – just ask the Rock, for one, whose reputed to do this with extra weight hanging off him.

It can build MASSIVE upper arms – and traps that make you look like a bonafide GORILLA, my friend.  And of course – done right – there are few exercises that focus more on the chest than this exercise does.

In Shoulders like Boulders I cover dips in detail, as well as HOW to do ’em – with pictures to boot.

Grab your copy today – – and start building that upper body of your dreams that you’ve always wanted!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Practice makes perfect, and the “no why” syndrome…
- Just do it - daily!

Dear Reader,

Well, so the title of this email might come across as a tad strange, but bear with me as I explain!

A few weeks ago, a guy mysteriously added me “out of the blue” on WeChat – China’s most popular social messaging app – an app I must confess I don’t quite “like” but use anyway when I’m in China.

When in Rome do as the Romans do. When in China, do as the Chinese do (in most regards, anyway, hehe) – and all that fun stuff …

I didn’t recognize who the person was first – but turns out he was a guy that had contacted me in the past, ostensibly to help me learn Chinese as a friend.

Now, I’m a bit wary about being contacted by folks “out of the blue”, but a lot of times it turns out these people have good intentions, so I added the guy, and he taught me some Chinese on a daily basis – until a year or so ago, where his schedule necessitated him to stop doing so.

However, he’s back on the “teacher” wagon now, and being my knowledge of Mandarin is rudimentary at best, I’m more than happy to learn.

And my “daily duty” as he put it is to practice the four tones of the language.

Mandarin for those of you that don’t know has four tones – and Cantonese, the local dialect where I live supposedly has EIGHT. I don’t know about you, but for a “Western English” speaker like me, those tones all sound the same to me – and learning how to pronounce them correctly is like swimming the English channel – it doesn’t happen overnight, and requires YEARS of practice (especially if you’re a foreigner!).

What the dude really meant was this – PRACTICE makes PERFECT – which is what I’ve told all my language students in the past.

Practice daily, and you’ll improve. It’s just as simple as that.

Applies to me, applies to YOU – applies to everyone in any field of life – and fitness? Oh hell yeah, it applies there either!

When I underwent my dramatic “120-60” transformation, it was DAILY practice and “putting the hard yards in” (sometimes as early as 530 AM in the AM) that got the job done, my friend.

When I set a goal to do 500 pushups a day – it was daily practice that got me there. It did NOT happen overnight.

And the other reason I mention this is – “just buckling down and DOING the thing – with NO questions asked” is as important as actually doing the thing.

When learning the Chinese language, I often catch myself asking “why” the language is spoken in a certain manner.

For instance, “Wo jing tian hen lei” translates directly to “I today very tired”.

I’ll often catch myself asking why the “am” is missing – and why “today” comes before “very tired” – but as the Chinese often say, “no why!”

And it works both ways – back when I taught English (occasionally) – my students would often ask me the same thing – except in reverse.

And my answer would always be the same “Mei Wei shen mo” – a.k.a “No why”.

While I’m not a huge fan of saying “no why” – I’d rather give reasons – there truly ARE some cases where there isn’t a “why”.

Thats just how it is, my friend!

So, fitness wise, here goes.

Stop asking “why” hanging on to the pull-up bar for ages and doing that for at least 2 weeks when you first start will improve your pull-up abilities.

Stop asking “why” pushups will give you the six pack you desire.

Stop asking “why” the Hindu squats I teach are way better than flat footed traditional squats, for that matter. Just do the doggone exercise and find out for yourself!

And so forth.

There is a time and place for reasons and discussion. And then there is a time and place for BUCKLING down – putting BOOT TO ASS – and just doing it – NO QUESTIONS asked!

I’ll be buckling down to a workout later this afternoon. See if you can join me!


Rahul Mookerjee

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The ups and DOWNS of life – and fitness…
- How we handle them is key to our eventual GROWTH - and SUCCESS

Dear Reader,

It wasn’t so long ago that I was unfit – and overweight – and OBESE, to be honest.

I’d work out for hours on end, literally – so much so that my father during a rather “animated” conversation if you get my drift looked at me in a strange manner and said ‘you over-exercise!”

Now, I’ve made no secret of the fact that my father – or parents in general, for that matter – have “different philosophies in life” (and certainly fitness!) – so while that above statement was neither entirely true nor accurate – I only bring it up because it is relevant to what I have to say.

Not entirely true? Why, you might ask?

Well, look at this way – if you put a penny daily into your bank account – then a dollar – then 10 – then a 1000 – daily – would you call that an “over deposit”?

I don’t think so, my friend, and the same holds true for fitness.

But anyway, no matter what I did, and how hard I worked out (and believe me, I worked out HARD – and still did pull-ups, pushups etc by the dozen and then some), the weight just wouldn’t come off.

If anything it kept piling on.

Now that period in my life was one of the happiest overall – – but certainly not fitness wise, haha. I’d constantly bang my head against the wall trying to get to where I wanted to be fitness wise, but I seemingly couldn’t.

Now, over the past couple of days I’ve been dealing with issues with regard to my other business – my GREEN tea business – serious issue that cropped up of a sudden – when I could LEAST “afford” to have them happen (and no I don’t mean money by “afford”) – and when I least expected them to happen.

Kind of like the rain here in Southern China which seems to show up when one least expects it …

Anyway, the issues have been sorted – but the past few days have been “hellatious” in many ways for me, and why do I mention this?

Well – I mention the two DOWNS – because of this – if we stick through the downs and somehow find the gumption to “get to the other side”, well, guess what – UPS await – and plenty of them.

Fitness wise, I persevered through the “lean years” – and guess what happened.

I got the “pot of gold” at the end, and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon either.

Business wise, when I first started 0 Excuses Fitness after a 5 year or so break from the fitness biz – I had NOTHING with which to start – or even build a base – and yet, I did.

It all boils down to the nigh famous example that I’ve mentioned often in my newsletters – an example made famous by a man that BATTLED and SURMOUNTED all odds – and PLENTY OF RIDICULE – not only on his “way to the top” – but long after he achieved what some people would consider to be the “pinnacle” of success.

That man is the immortal Henry Ford – and the example I have referred to repeatedly in the past is when Ford first struck upon the idea of making his famous V-8 motor – an idea which was deemed “impossible” and impractical (not to mention stupid) by just about everyone.

That didn’t deter Ford, though.

His engineers worked on it for six months, and came back to him saying there was no solution.

He ordered them to keep going and keep “at it”.

Six months later?

Same thing.

And what was Ford’s answer?

“Go right ahead! I want it, and I shall HAVE it!” 

The engineers “went right ahead”, as Ford said – they had no choice if they wanted to remain in Ford’s employ – – and guess what.

After a few more months – the solution “appeared” – – as if by magic.

The famous ford DETERMINATION – and PERSEVERANCE – had won out once again!

When you’re battling the lard lump, and trying to lose weight around the midsection and hips, it can seem to be an uphill battles at times, my friend.

I know, because I’ve been there.

True, it doesn’t have to be that way if you do all the right things, but the point is this – in fitness – and in LIFE – you will have ups and downs – and you’ll have the downs first.

The Universe lets no-one enjoy great accomplishment in ANY sphere without first testing their mettle, my friend – and that, along with the below quote is something you’d do well to bear in mind as you go through your daily routine – fitness wise – and LIFE wise.

Sometimes you have to take half a step backward to move two steps ahead. 

These words were uttered by none other than Vincent Kennedy Mc Mahon – a man I admire greatly – a man who was born in a house with no indoor plumbing and ended up becoming one of the titans – a mogul indeed – in the world of sports entertainment as we know it today.

It applies to life – it applies to relationships – it applies to fitness – everything, actually.

Attack the downs – – enjoy the ups – – and I’ll end on that note for today!


Rahul Mookerjee

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P.S. #2  – Thought of the day – – We might not always be able to control a situation – but we are ALWAYS IN CONTROL of how we REACT to the situation. Sage indeed, even if I say so myself!

Dreams … and why they’re so important ….
- And more ...

Dear Reader

Today’s email isnt going to be fitness related – at least not specifically so.  If that’s OK with you, read on – if not – click away – I’ll probably be back to more “regular programming” tomorrow.

On the other hand though, it DOES have something to do with fitness – and life – and everything else in between. For those of you with a mind open enough to embrace the truths of what I am telling you here, you’ll understand.

When most of us are encountered with the “why are dreams important” text, what do we think?

Dreams in that context usually indicate something we’re trying to accomplish in real life – or some sort of a goal – or somewhere we’d LIKE to be in life, but aren’t – or so forth.

For example, an obese person might have a goal of being super fit and have a 12 pack, etc – and that might be his / her “dream”.

Those unable to crank out a single pull-up might have a “dream” of doing hundreds of them per se. OK, no problem there either.

But I’d rather term that type of thing as a goal, my friend.

Sure, it all starts in the imagination – and in that regard it’s a dream – but the minute you start to crystallize that desire into actual ACTION – or even just thinking about a plan to accomplish whatever it is you want to – it, to me, becomes a GOAL at that point.

You see yourself already having accomplished the goal FIRST – and work backwards from there – as I’ve often spoken about it – and that is tip #1 when it comes to visualization.

And yet, what I’m going to talk about today is dreams – the kind you have when you’re asleep.

Believe it or not, if you have a “dream” in waking life – something you want to accomplish – and you really put DESIRE into the accomplishment of that “thing” – fitness related or not – it’ll show up in some way or the other in your nightly dreams, my friend.

And here is where it might start to sound like gobbleydook to most of you – your DREAMS – while you sleep – is actually one of the most important factors in terms of figuring out HOW you’ll get to your goal.

Trouble is, most people ignore dreams as being “illogical” – or “unscientific”.  And given that dreams are usually pictorial at a very base level, and extremely cryptic for the most part (although they aren’t if you know how to read ’em) – this isn’t even as unreasonable as it might sound like at first glance.

Big mistake though, my friend. Big, big mistake.

The sixth sense is how we tap into the “intangible” – and how we really get those “flashes of inspiration” – – and dreams are one way of communicating those “plans” to us – if we only open our minds enough to receive the message.

In Pyscho Cybernetics, Dr. Maltz writes about Louis Aggasiz, working on a fossil for ages …

He had been striving to decipher the somewhat obscure impression of a fossil fish on the stone slab in which it was preserved. Weary and perplexed, he put his work aside at last and tried to dismiss it from his mind. Shortly after, he waked one night persuaded that while asleep he had seen his fish with all the missing features perfectly restored.

He went early to the Jardin des Plantes, thinking that on looking anew at the impression he would see something to put him on the track of his vision. In vain—the blurred record was as blank as ever. The next night he saw the fish again, but when he waked it disappeared from his memory as before. Hoping the same experience might be repeated, on the third night he placed a pencil and paper beside his bed before going to sleep.

Towards morning the fish reappeared in his dream, confusedly at first, but at last with such distinctness that he no longer had any doubt as to its zoological characters.

Still half dreaming, in perfect darkness, he traced these characters on the sheet of paper at the bedside.

In the morning he was surprised to see in his nocturnal sketch features which he thought it impossible the fossil itself would reveal. He hastened to the Jardin des Plantes and, with his drawing as a guide, succeeded in chiseling away the surface of the stone under which portions of the fish proved to be hidden. When wholly exposed, the fossil corresponded with his dream and his drawing, and he succeeded in classifying it with ease.

And his experience isn’t a “one off” by any means either.

Napoleon Hill has often spoken about the time when he had less than 24 hours to come up with the title for “Think and Grow Rich“.

He was on a deadline – – his publisher had informed him that if he failed to come up with the right title on TIME – – then they’d go ahead and use “Use your noodle to get the Kaboodle” – a title that Hill was not happy with (I’m sure you can see why!).

He had a conversation with his subconscious – went to sleep for a while – and woke up suddenly with the title imprinted clearly on his mind, as if it was there all the time.

They used the title – and the rest, well, is history.

When it comes to dreams, I’ve made no secret of the fact that a lot of my dreams are PREDICTIVE.

I’ve often dreamt of people and events occuring in the future – – people that I did not even know at the time, and yet, mysteriously enough, these people DID materialize into my life at a certain point after the dreams – and the events DID happen.

Case in point being a guy called “Jack Lin” whose name mysteriously showed up in a “bar” in my dreams.

I had NO idea who this dude was. NO idea why that name came up in my dreams. Try as I might, I couldn’t solve the puzzle, and let it go.

Three weeks later, I was working on an assignment for this guy – who I met “apparently out of thin air” – and his name was – you guessed it – Jack Lin.

And this is but ONE example, my friend. My dreams have warned me of dangers ahead – unpleasant situation in front of me – and most importantly, shown me the way many a times in terms of my writing and my goals.

And though dream are pictorial by their very nature, I’ve been having dreams as of late where I can see TEXT clearly imprinted in the dream.

Now, I’m pretty good at capturing dream if I might say so.

Most people “forget” dreams a minute or so after they wake up – I don’t – and the practice of writing my dream down in CURSIVE has no doubt helped in this regard – but seeing – and remembering part of – the TEXT in my dreams is something that hasn’t happened as of yet –  and is a new experience for me!

It’s a message from the Universe, and the minute I “get it” – I’ll be on my way to accomplishing the goals I set for myself the night before – at WARP speed at that.

Napoleon Hill has often spoken about his “Invisible Counselors” technique wherein just before he went to bed, he’s picture people in his mind that he wanted to get advice from – and he’d “meet” with them – in the capacity of a Chairman.

As he did this, after a while, he was astounded to see that the figures in his imagination actually became REAL – with real personalities.

And he has often credited a lot of the positive developments in his life to the advice he got from these figures – even though they were figments of his imagination.

Might sound like gobbleydook – but hey – back to fitness – back in India, I often had dreams of doing sprints in the park – at night – and guess what happened?

Moonlight sprints happened a day or so later.

I had a dream of doing pull-ups – PERFECT pull-ups – while the morning sun blended into the “cold” night (it was winter at that time) – – and guess what, my friend – – a few days later, I had exactly THIS experience while working out at 530 P.M.  – and had one of the best workouts of my life.

The point of all this being this – ignore your dreams if you must – but at your own peril, my friend.

Dream truly DO come true – if you let ’em – and if you are open enough to receive the input that LETS them dream come true!

And I’ll end on that rather esoteric note. More on this subject later –  if y’all want!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Pushups vs Pull-ups – which is better?
- The debate RAGES on ...!

Dear Reader,

My apologies for the radio silence over the past couple of days. Been busier than a bee trying to build a hive – or a swarm of bees, for that matter – or a SNAKE tracking it’s prey cautiously for that matter.

Speaking of snakes, I was out there today on the hill – and saw a couple of “gardening” staff caught unawares by a largish snake – actually a pretty large one to be honest!

Although it likely was NOT poisonous, I think I’ll avoid that area of the hill in terms of my Eat More – Weigh Less workouts from now on if you get my drift, haha!

Anyway, so as you can tell from the subject line of the email, we’re back to that age old question – and one that folks debate endlessly both online and offline.

Pushups – or pull-ups – which is better, and why? Which should I do? Which is better for strength training?

Conditioning? A 6 pack – or even a 12 pack? Or a 12 inch you know what ….

OK, so I went kinda overboard there w.r.t the last comment, but you get my drift.

I’ve spoken about this topic before, but for some reason I felt compelled to speak about it today as I made my way up the hill (getting in a magnificent CORE workout as I did so – more on that later!) – so here goes!

First off and before starting this, bear in mind that there isn’t any one size fits all answer here – and neither is there necessarily any better choice.

BOTH are GREAT – EXCELLENT – exercises in their own right, and I’d say do both – as I do – and do ’em regularly!

Do ’em in sets – combos – make up your own routines – whatever – but just do ’em – and do ’em BOTH.

That said, what if I had to choose one? Or, if I had to choose one for you, the reader, that won’t be satisfied with a “both” answer?

Well, in the 0 Excuses Fitness book I say the pushup is the BIG DOG when it comes to exercise, and RIGHTLY so. 

In other words, if you had to choose one exercise to do – it would be the pushup – in all it’s shapes, forms, guises and many variations.


Well, there are tons and tons of reasons, but I’ll give you five compelling ones today (though note that none of these means the pull-up is to be avoided or ignored!).

First, and perhaps most importantly, pushups are easier for the newbie to do – and pushups lend themselves to far easier progression than the pull-up does.

It’s far easier for the average overweight adult (and I’m speaking in relative terms here) to work up to 50 pushups in a workout than it is 50 pull-ups if I might say so.

Second, pushups give you a fantastic CORE workout – and I know very few other exercises with the exception of trekking hills and swimming that do the same thing.

Third, pushups work almost every muscle – not just in the upper body – but lower as well.

Want to work the grip? Pushups have you covered.

Want to work the triceps – or shoulders in particular? Pushups again!

Want to work the CORE – the midsection – the “six pack” area – again – pushups got you covered there, and how!

Fourth … but wait.

At this point I can hear the pull-up maniacs revolting.

Wait a minute, Rahul, I can almost hear them saying. You know damn well pull-ups build the upper body in a way few other exercises can – brute strength if I may – and they give you an excellent ab/core workout!

Well, true, my friend, but here is the deal.

The core does NOT just consist of the abs.

The core is everything from beneath your lower chest to your knees. That includes your lower back, hips, hip flexors, groin, thighs and hamstrings (and anything else I might have missed including the six pack muscles, of course).

And while it is true that certain advanced variations of the pull-up DO tax the core as I’ve mentioned it above (for more, see “Pull-ups – from STUD to SUPER STUD“) – they are nowhere near as core heavy as pushups done right are.

As for strength, YES, pull-ups do build brute strength – but only in ONE plane of motion, while pushups quite literally build your body from ALL angles – and ALL directions – something that isn’t possible with the pull-up.

Fourth, pushups are TIME efficient – and there is solid ROI in terms of time invested in working out.

You’ll see what I mean when you get to the point that you can knock off 100 pushups in 15 minutes or less – or 250 odd in 25 minutes.

I don’t think you can knock off 250 odd pull-ups in 25 minutes – well, at least not the average trainee. I’m sure there are human versions of King Kong out there that can do it – but I haven’t met any as yet – and I certainly don’t think that many pull-ups is doable on a daily basis anyway.

Fifth, and this is elementary – pushups require NO equipment. Just you and the floor – and we all have that don’t we?

So there you go my friend. Five great reasons for you to start doing pushups – and a ton of them – TODAY – and if you aren’t yet on the 0 Excuses Fitness train – well – jump on right here, my friend – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

Last, but not least, I’ll end by throwing a spanner into the works.

If there was truly only ONE exercise I could do – again – it would be a pushup – but which one?

The handstand pushup, my friend.


Well, that is a topic for another email. For now, it’s adios – and I’ll be back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is a great little course that folks have been raving about (in terms of core building) – – https://0excusesfitness.com/corrugated-core/


Banish neck and upper back soreness FOREVER
- ... with this one exercise and it's variants

Dear Reader,

It’s NO secret that if there’s one affliction – or malady – or “blight” – what have you – that affects the vast majority of folks out there – office workers – high school kids – housewives – and even athletes to a certain degree – it is this – neck and back pain.

A stiff neck. A sore upper back. Soreness between the shoulder blades … and most of all, of course, that niggling lower back pain that flares up every time you bend to pick up something quickly -or even twist and turn in a different direction ‘on the fly’.

In the U.S. alone people spend millions on dollars on chiropractor visits every year – for a problem that could be resolved with far less time being spent – and certainly a lot less dough.

In mainland China, the trend is to hit the massage parlors (no, I ain’t talking about the dodgy ones either!) – and get the kinks worked out – and while I could wax long and lyrical about the numerous health benefits of these massages, I’m not going to do so here.

Suffice it to say that if you’re ever been worked upon by a blind massage therapist – or a skilled foot masseuse – or just a skilled Asian massage practitioner in general – you know that you’ll be screaming in agony throughout most of the treatment (well, the green horns amongst us would at any rate!) – – but you’ll walk away feeling like a billion bucks and more.

But healthful as this practice is, what if you simply went for the health benefits and not to alleviate neck and back pain – because you didn’t have any to start with?

I’ll bet that is a TANTALIZING prospect – and before I get into it more …

So as I wrote about yesterday, I partook of a longish boxing workout yesterday – which left me feeling great, and somewhat sore in certain “interesting” parts of my body today.

Many years ago I climbed the almighty mountain I refer to almost daily in my blog posts and emails with Ann Lee (thank you again, Ann!) — and as I’ve written about in several “famous” articles – that climb left me feeling like a MACK truck ran all over me.

I was sore in my legs – upper back – upper abs – shoulders – and most surprisingly, my forearms as well!

And today, after my boxing workout yesterday I’m sore too – but NOWHERE near as sore as after that climb  – but it’s there nonetheless.

I can feel it in my shoulder blades – upper traps – triceps – lower back (somewhat) – and my HIPS as well.

All very surprising you’d say, wouldn’t you, for a guy that climbs mountains and does pull-ups by the dozen if not more (not to mention pushups galore)?

Just goes to show you that there are so many different ways you can use your muscles – and you’ll feel it the next day.

Surprisingly enough I don’t feel anything at all in my shoulder/chest area – despite getting so fatigued at a certain point that I could barely keep my jab up!

Anyway, here’s the point of me mentioning all this.

As I was training on the heavy bag, Marc noticed my stance as well as my “throwing” technique.

“Relax, man. Relax. Your upper back is too stiff!”

And surprisingly enough, it was – and it hit me right there like a flash – I hadn’t been doing the BRIDGE – something I advocate to everyone in terms of neck and upper back flexibility – as well as strength – not to mention the best darn exercise ever – for months now!

Sure, I’ve been doing pushups. Pull-ups. I’ve been training hard. But I’ve been neglecting one core exercise -and that fact hit me like a fist on the jaw as I continued through my workout.

In the 0 Excuses Fitness System I go into GREAT detail on the bridge – and ALL it’s variations.

The wrestler’s bridge – the gymnast’s bridge – and the BEST darn exercise ever – and believe you me, these exercises can – and should be done – by EVERYONE.

As Marc was loosening up his lower back before the workout – I recommended he work on the wrestler’s bridge as a better alternative to using a tennis ball to stretch out the lower back.

Tennis balls and Swiss balls are good -but nothing quite beats the sheer stretch and exhilaration you get after a good 3-5 minute wrestler’s bridge – and if you don’t believe me – the proof is in the pudding – just watch me do it after 250 pushups (500 overall) in the workout section of the videos.

And this ONE exercise is truly ALL you need to stretch out the ENTIRE back – and eliminate stiffness all over, my friend.

This ONE exercise will also do the following – eliminate excess fat around the midsection – tighten up the entire upper body – build tremendous strength in the neck and upper back region – and far, far more.

“I’m scared it’ll hurt my neck”, remarked my buddy yesterday.

“No it won’t Marc. Anyone can do the exercise”, was my response.

And it’s TRUE.

While you should work into this exercise with caution, there is no reason you shouldn’t be doing it on a daily basis, my friend.

If you remember, I was doing this exercise as part of workout #2 last year – and for some odd reason I’ve stopped doing it for months now – but I plan on getting BACK on the stick – as soon as my bridging mat gets here!

Last, but not least, remember that while bridges on the floor are great – and can indeed be a workout unto themselves, there is FAR more to it than even what I’ve shown in the book and videos. Far, far more – and at some point I’ll come out with an advanced bridging book – hit me up if y’all are interested – I’ll see what I can do if there is enough interest!

Well, my friend, that’s it for now. Start working on the bridge today if you haven’t already – and report back and let me know how you feel after a few days – or in some cases even a few SESSIONS of doing it!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Remember too, that if bridges on the floor scare you, you can work into it by “walking the wall backwards” – and that my friend is a workout unto itself – and is essentially what the BEST darn exercise is all about – albeit if done correctly – with PROPER breathing. Find out more right here – – https://0excusesfitness.com/products/pushups-reverse-pushups-the-best-darn-exercise/

“Zero Excuses, Mofo!”
- When there is a will - there is ALWAYS a way!

Dear Reader,

Well, so we’re in the middle of a “wet spell” right here in this neck of the woods, if I might say so, hehe.

And no, it’s NOT “that” type of a wet (or dry) spell for that matter. Mind out of the gutter, and all that good stuff …

Anyway, that said and jokes apart, it’s been pouring cats and dogs – and doing so incessantly as well over the last few days – and if there is one thing “El cat” here HATES more than anything else in terms of weather, it’s an incessant downpour.

Sure, it’s cooled things down somewhat, but I hate not being able to go out and get in my Eat More – Weigh Less workouts – or my pull-ups for that matter – and of course my hill climbs.

I did pushups yesterday at home, of course. Never any excuses to do NOTHING, but still, it wasn’t quite enough for me – and it was much happiness and satisfaction I noted last night that I had a workout planned on Thursday – with none other than Marc the African Silverback Gorilla (and in his cut off T-shirts, he looks every bit as menacing as I make it sound – you wouldn’t want to run up against him in a dark alley – that BE for sho!).

To make matters more interesting, this was a boxing workout – and given I haven’t hit the heavy bag in months (y’all will recall the fantastic workouts I had on the bag back in India) – I was raring to go – but yet, the rain this morning caused me to stop and ponder.

I sent Marc a text inquiring if he was up to it in the rain and all that. After all, it’s been a pretty steady incessant drizzle, and …

BOOM! Three text messages popped up on my phone and all three of them hit me like a jab flush on the nose as it were.

“**** yeah!”

“Get your ass on the bus, man!”

“Zero Excuses, mo***!” 

And get my arse in the bus I did – and 1.5 hours or so later I was through with one of the very best workouts I’ve had in recent times – not to mention one of the best learning sessions I’ve had.

Marc’s a superbly trained fighter – you wouldn’t believe it, but that gorilla moves around the ring like “greased lightning” as ole Mickey (Rocky) would put it – a classic case of “big doesn’t always mean slow!”

And why do I mention this here?

Well, two reasons.

First, as Marc rightly noted, there are never any excuses. There might be valid REASONS – but never any excuses, and more than what he said, it’s the WAY he said it that I loved – one could sense the passion coming off those words, and thats how it should be when it comes to fitness – or attacking goals- or playing the game of LIFE for that matter!

And second, this is precisely why I call my fitness System what I do i.e. 0 Excuses Fitness.

It truly leaves you with “0 Excuses, mofo!” and I care NOT if it’s snowing out there – or raining up a storm – or if it’s over a 100 degrees and hot enough to fry eggs on the sidewalk – there is ALWAYS a workout you can get in at home – with plenty of variety at that!

Zero excuses, and we sure made none during out workout today.

Felt great, and I got in a few Hindu pushups, regular pushups and squats before the start of it all as well.

That’s another thing about the Hindu pushups- they are a great, great way to stretch your upper and lower back out – in both directions – and increase flexibility as well.

Not to mention the fact they work muscles ALL over the body – muscles the average person probably hasn’t used in eons – if at all – much like today’s boxing workout did for me.

I can still feel it in my hips, calves and shoulders as I type this – and you gotta love that feeling. You simply have to – and I’ll sign off on that note for today.

What was YOUR 0 Excuses workout today?

Write back – and let us all know!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I noticed I forgot to include a link to the 0 Excuses Fitness System up there – here it is now – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

“I think you’re a great teacher!”
- More on coaching ....

Dear Reader,

So, I was training a lady out there in the park the other day – completely extempore and unplanned, I might add.

I’ve often spoken about folks exercising incorrectly (such as people flailing about wildly on the pull-up bars – or kipping – ugh! – or bouncing up and down during pushups).

I’ve written a LOT about it on the old site as well as on this site, so when I see this sort of tomfoolery I generally ignore it and get on with my “thang” if you get my drift, hehe (and yes it’s all PG rated!).

Moving on from that, hehe, so I was finishing up my workout a few afternoons ago. Was a nice day, bright and sunny, and a few ladies out there were sneaking “curious” glances as to what the foreign devil was doing “monkeying” around on the bars.

Da Xing Xing“, they giggled.

I kept silent, and pretended not to understand.

Anyway, after that batch of giggly women had moved on, another lady came up to the monkey bars – – and tried to hang on to the thick bars.

Now, there isn’t anything unusual about this, of course.

But there was something about that lady that made me stop – and watch what she was doing – and try and help her.

She was actually one of the few that was serious about doing pull-ups – – and given she was around 40 or so (I’d say) – that ain’t no mean goal if you get my drift given she could barely even HOLD – let alone hang – on to the bar.

I gave her some tips straight out of Gorilla Grip and the book on pull-ups.

Two of these were – 1) GRIP the bar with your THUMB and 2) The full extension “flexed hang” as I teach in Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!

For those of you interested in getting better at pull-ups, those two pointers are gold nuggets, my friend – if you only take them to heart and then DO!

Anyway, I’ve been chatting back and forth with her over the past few days, and I’ve been speaking about topics other than just training – dreams being one of them.

And as the “interesting young (not really, but thats what she says, hehe) teacher” was mentioning a specific dream he had, she made the comment.

“I think you’re a really great teacher! You have a sunny and optimistic outlook …” 

And it’s true, my friend.

While the first half of that statement may or may not be debatable for some, there can be no doubting the second.

When I train – or teach (as I did in the learning center I mentioned at my last post) – I don’t just “teach”.

I don’t just go through the motions.

Sure – I’m a hard taskmaster. Harder than most, and a Sergeant General would probably have been impressed with the way I took this lady’s manicured hands and “unkindly” made her grip with her entire HAND – but guess what – she’s all the better off for it now!

But the point is this – when I teach – or train – the ONE thing I emphasize more about anything else is an “overall perspective” – and keeping an open mind.

Many folks that come to me for coaching quickly realize that fitness isn’t just about your external look.

It’s about far more than that.

It’s about you from the INSIDE OUT.

It’s about you being COMFORTABLE with who you are FIRST – – before you attempt to change the “outer you”.

And that last bit is important, my friend. It’s very important.

As I told this lady this morning,

“Yes, I’m an optimistic person – you’re right. It’s important to live each day to the fullest and enjoy life the way it was meant to be. As adults, we have a LOT to learn from young kids and how they enjoy life on a daily basis – UNCONDITIONALLY – and how young kids are absolutely comfortable at the CORE with who they are – and what they want – and guess what – they end up getting it most of the time too!” 

Dreams are one way of getting in touch with the inner you, my friend, and when you start visualizing the way I do, and get good at it, you’ll find yourself “reaching in” a lot more to “explore who you are” – and this is probably the very best thing you’ll ever do for yourself in your entire life.

I’ll have more on this later, but for now – remember this – be comfortable with who you are FIRST – in the here and now – BEFORE trying to change the “outer you”.

You’ll be amazed at how the winds of opportunity come knocking at your doorstep once you adopt the above philosophy!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is where you can apply to be a part of the 0 Excuses Fitness (and life, indeed) coaching program – – https://0excusesfitness.com/coaching

P.S #2 – Oh, and as for the book on pull-ups – here it is – https://0excusesfitness.com/pull-ups-from-dud-to-stud-within-a-matter-of-weeks/

P.P.S – – As for Gorilla Grip, monkey on over right here – – https://0excusesfitness.com/gorilla-grip-the-compilation/

The habit of doing MORE …
- ... in the right SPIRIT!

Dear Reader,

It’s no secret that in all my years here in China, I’ve been approached numerous times to teach English – many times at lowball prices – and on almost ALL of these occasions, my answer has been a firm NO.

Not just because of the rates (low or high) I was being offered, but because of the sheer “dancing monkey” nature of the biz.

And if there is one thing I pride myself on doing  – and doing well – it is serious BUSINESS.

If I’m being hired to teach, then I teach – no excuses, no prisoners taken – and woe betide anyone that tries to get in my way.

And if those “signing up to learn” throw hissies – or demand to “do it their way or the highway” – or anything of that nature, then they’re politely shown the door and asked to leave.

It’s the same thing with those that come to me for fitness coaching. The FIRST thing I tell them is that it’s going to involve work – and it’s going to involve actually DOING what I ask my students to do – and if that isn’t palatable, well …

Anyway, a few years ago I made an exception to my “no teaching English” rule, and agreed to teach a Sunday morning class at a local learning center run by a fairly friendly guy from Hunan province in China.

The pay was low – rock bottom in fact. The students weren’t exactly very regular in terms of attending classes. And the center itself wasn’t exactly run nigh professionally if you get my drift.

And yet, despite all of this, my GUT told me to sign up with them – and I did.

One of the classes I taught was a three hour long Sunday morning class – and I put everything I had into it.

Remember, if I teach, I teach seriously – and I make sure I DELIVER RESULTS – way more so than what someone else teaching there (or anywhere) would have – and certainly way more than was expected for the pay I was getting.

And why?

Because for the most part, the students that came to me to learn actually did want to learn as opposed to fool around and waste my time.

Sure, they could ALL afford to pay me more – but thats another story – and anyway, I delivered far more to them than they paid for – simply out of a genuine desire to see my students IMPROVE – and boy did they improve RAPIDLY.

One lady improved her spoken English from almost “zero” to “mid level” within the space of 3 short months – no mean feat – and there are other examples too.

And where am I heading with all this?

Well – despite the low pay – shortly after I started delivering this service – I was compensated for literally WAY MORE than I delivered by means of service – in ways I’ve never have thought possible.

In ways more so than money. In ways that only the Universe can comprehend, and the next few months were wondrous for me, as wonders literally “bloomed” in front of me – and this continued – mark my words – for until 3 years after I left that job!

And I mention this not to blow my own bugle, but to state that – and actually, it’s the great Napoleon Hill who stated it –

The Law of Increasing Returns dictates that a man who renders more than what he is paid for will soon find himself being paid for more – way more than what he renders. The law of compound interest applies here! 

And so it does, my friend.

So it does – and the above is one prime example out of many, many …

When a farmer plants a seed, it would be useless to him that if that one seed resulted in a plant with “one leaf” – or if it resulted in just “one grain of maize”.

The Law of Increasing Returns makes sure that the farmer gets “more” than what he planted- provided he does it in the right SPIRIT. 

When I taught above students and delivered way more value than I was being paid for, money was the LAST thing on my mind.

It was done out of a sincere DESIRE to help them improve – and the sheer satisfaction I personally got from said results cannot be measured in monetary terms.

And if I had done so with “money in mind” then chances are excellent or second to none that I wouldn’t have been able to deliver that same level of service – and neither would I have received any of the many wondrous benefits I did in the months shortly thereafter.

Remember the above, my friend. It is one of the most important principles you should follow in LIFE – and as for fitness – oh YES – the same applies.

When you wake up at 530 in the morning, and go for a tough hike up hills, it can be easy to “do just the bare minimum”.

When yours truly did just that, the original plan was to hike the hill twice and be done with it.

And yet, I increased that to three hikes – four – and then two more in the evening – ALL because I had to do “MORE” than what I set out to – and with NO ulterior motive in mind.

And the results?

Well – they’re in front of you – and the same will happen with you my friend, if you absorb what I’ve told you, and APPLY in your life.

The rule works for everyone and discriminates against NO-ONE – it’s just as simple as that.  And it works in reverse as well. Do something in the WRONG spirit – and it’ll come back to bite you in the ass – with compound interest I might add.

Ponder – ponder once again  – then DO – and APPLY!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – When I created the 0 Excuses Fitness videos, I could easily have just done up a couple of videos instead of the 5 lengthy ones that are currently there, but this would have defeated the very purpose of being HELPFUL and spreading  knowledge that I believe literally has the power to change your life from the INSIDE out, my friend.  I didn’t – and the results have been mind boggling- and you owe it to yourself to find out what exactly the fuss is all about – right here –  https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/