Bozo Schofield is CREAMING HIMSELF, LOL!
- The emails I'm getting!

Sounds like the Bozo is having a very “hot” day!

He’s signed up for a couple of sites that he thinks I know nothing about, hehe.

And he’s having kittens – knowing he’s mentioned on the sites.

Anyway, this is a brief update. I Gotta run, but Hey. Glyn. Leave a review or two, please. We’ll all share in!😂

(Thats the “other site” for y’all that be wondering, the real naughty stuff the Bozo likes, but couldn’t get it if he paid for, hehe. Poor chap!)


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If your thinking “Tits and Todgers”, you’d be RIGHT. LOL. Thats the Bozo right there! Truly obsessed is he…

PS #2 – Anyway, that aside – gotta give you a huge update – just finished the “Indian clubs” (Bozo, no, no, NO!) section of Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness. Almost 80% done – You KNO Wwhat happens when I say that i.e. that book is coming out soon, soon, SOONEST!

Reserve your pre-orders NOW.

Back soon!

Can YOU do it without CHEATING?
- Good question to ask this!

Not the reviews, friend. Hehe. I know you’ll do that for me – without cheating!

You’ve done it before. Hehe.

You’ll do it again – I’ve got full, full faith in YOU!!

But before I get into the “nitty gritties” of this one …

Here’s what I got from the coaching form …

“I’d love to be a part of this great company! 😛 Sign me up!”

From an actual guy whose interested in the newsletter.


A lot of you are – go HERE to sign up though – that coaching link is to apply for coaching from yours truly – life, fitness, business, whatever you want to learn – I’m here to teach ya! (only if you’re a doer, and not a wanker).

As for “part of this great company”, hey, he’s right. IT IS GREAT!

And we’ll let you know when we do an IPO, hehe.

For now, I’ll stick to IPA’a and lagers, heh.

then this –

You have a wonderful product…

Hi, Are you interested in getting your product into large retailers? Please give me a call to discus…

I’ve got no doubt this is Bozo Schofield in one of his saner moods…

(to be fair Bozo did replace “package” with product, but he couldnt stay away from “large”. Hehe. Can’t get away from who we REALLY ARE, eh Glynnie boy)

Call my ass.

When I DID call him back in the day he was “too busy” to answer and always “doing other things” – which involved beer bottles up his anal region for one, which is likely why he was “too busty”.


Anyway … I could write a book on the junk contact I get daily.

Maybe I will someday!

But for now, lets get back to it.

My wife recently told me about my daughter supposedly “cheating”.

When the teacher asks her to do sums or whatever, she gets a perfect 10. Ditto for spelling, and everything else these idiotic, inane and utterly useless “timepass” (parlance in India) – “utter and sheer WASTE OF TIME” online classes ask you to do (I have no clue what exactly, but I’m not missing a lot  given even the books etc TEACHING KIDS ENGLISH – have – MIS SPELLINGS! Given the teachers themselves ain’t got a clue on what they teach half the time … given all the religious crap indoctrination – I mean really, great, freedom of religion, but dont force it down a kids throat!!) … she seems to get a 10.

So the wife checked.

Being my daughter does little to no homework, and finds the most creative ways to get out of doing it (I did the same when I was her age, hehe) – she investigated.

Apparently little Rahul was using an online calculator for the sums, and flipping the page on the sly to copy spellings etc when teacher wasn’t looking.


Smart if nothing else!


In our day, of course, we did it via “pharras” as they call it in Hindi i.e. tiny sheets of paper we’d crumple up into little balls or whatever and stuff ’em up our socks or what not and unfurl them during exam time.

Or, just copy from our neighbors. (which in Hindi is called “Tape Na”. “Tep Le”, is what we told each other. Hehe)

And of course, we’d swallow the paper when found out, or if there was a risk of being found out, and then beaten up or whatever. We’d even burn our exam papers in the markets so we could pass ourselves off as passed and not failed when we went home.

I remember the Bonfires I made at 9PM while smoking, hehe.

“Do what you want”, counseled the wise old man giving us smokes. “But always tell your parents!” 

Ah, but Sir, not all parents are like YOU!

Thats what I am with my daughter though.

Anyway …

Cheating aside, these online classes, kids being cooped up etc at home with cranky adults all day long …

Kids not being able to attend school normally, not being able to run around and play, not being allowed to do anything kids normally do …

I wonder if the world in general has noticed the effect it’s having on kids everywhere.

I’m sure the CCP in China thought of that when they released the plague!

Anyway, sad part?

The typical Tom Tom’s and Bozos everywhere have accepted this as the new norm “because the government said so”.

Especially in India, where from what I can tell people have resigned themselves to the fact thats how it is “because they said so” and anyone that points out the sheer stupidity of whats going on is castigated and told to shut up.

“Complaining does no good”, wail the Tom Tom’s.


My friend, if no-one complained, no-one said a word about anything nothing would ever improve!

NOTHING improves without feedback – hence why I keep asking for REVIEWS AS WELL!

Indeed, sometimes, to the detriment of sales – but to me, reviews and lots of them COUNT!

Honest ones.

If you dont like something, say it. If you love something, say that too!

If you’re on the fence, speak up!


Point is, this lethargy the world in general has slipped into , accepting anal swabs as normal, accepting panic passports as normal, and castigating those of us – a minority that will FIGHT TILL THE DAY WE PASS for our freedoms – is dangerous – very dangerous!

President Trump for one knows this. Valiant guy, still fighting THE GOOD FIGHT!!!. REAL MAN – REAL HERO!

Anyway, that school my daughter goes to – nigh terrible, and I’d never send her there if I had half a choic ein the convoluted so called decision making process that ended up with her going there – hey, I went to that school. I should know!

It’s one of those “brand names” schools – other than the brand – utter tosh.

Come to think of it, given the terrible standard of modern day schooling in most places, I’d probably not want to send her to most places anyway. Hehe.

I’ve ALWAYS recommended homeschooling.

This option was privately given a huge thumbs up by people in the know as well, including a certain Marc “the African Silverback Gorilla”!

Of course, no-one listened. They told me I was a fool.

“That can never work”.

Well, whats happening NOW FRIEND?



x 10000 …. !!!!

Sometimes, you know, there’s a reason they call me a seer!

Anyway … I’m getting a headache just thinking about that school and schools in general. I hated mine – many kids did and do theirs.

But Can YOU do it without cheating?

Lots of long haired ruffians show up in the park claiming “they can do 100 pushups” easy peasy.

Ok, show me, I say.

Like my friend told me all those years ago in Fitness 1010 class in college!

“If he doubts you, just show him!”

I almost did. Hehe.

So when I ask them to show me, they show me the most god awful bumpy pushups ever …

My friend, bouncing up and down ain’t a pushup.

Real men don’t do pushups like that.

If you can give me 20 in PROPER FORM, slowly up and down and there’s a reason I carp on this in Pushup Central, then you’re already ahead of the pack.

(How to do pushups)

(just a snippet)

Or, pull-ups.

The typical Tom Tom’s show up and make long ass claims, but can they DO?


The chinning rod (I mean bar, hehe) breaks when the Bozo hangs on to it for one (its happened to him once. No, he didnt get hurt. Too much “padding” on his fanny if you get my drift).

But really, the number of dudes that swing their way up ..


So as you do your routine today, bear this in mind.

CAN you do it without cheating?

Write back – let me KNOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember to first pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System here. Join me in the workout videos!

When times “seem slow” …
- They arent if you can see behind the scenes!

Some days just seem slow, don’t they, my friend.

Not just the Fridays either – you business folks will appreciate the truism of what I’m saying here in 2021!

Last night, I woke up to yet another horrible experience from Payoneer, who I’ve written about before.

Apparently this company sees fit to randomly block accounts – when you ask them “why” it was blocked in the first place, they dont reply – and when they do reply after literally WEEKS (literally the most terrible service I’ve ever seen, and thats saying a hell of a lot!) – they say “routine” something and won’t give you details.

OK, great.

Then you get a payment in – and it’s – blocked!!!!

You ask them why.

NO response, of course.

You ask them to unblock.

No response!

It’s like they hold your money (they’re basically one of those intermediaries a lot of people including myself use – but I’m now moving away from them – have already for the most part, but still use them for a few “dibs and dabs” as it were) forever – and could care less about telling you why, or even releasing it.

Twitter, emails, all go unanswered, this for a very public company, and this ain’t just my experience either with them.

When you post on their forums, you get a warning not to.

In other words, they’re the online example of dictatorship we’d ALL like to avoid. Hehe.

Unfortunately for them, I filed a long claim with them with the BBB.

We’ll see what happens.

But that brings to mind another memory – wayyyyyyyyyyy back in the day – 1999, I believe.

I had a booked a flight from Houston to New Delhi, I believe via one of those agencies that were all the rage back then.

They booked me on one of the crappiest flights ever “Royal Jordanian” (who even rationed the beer on the flight apparently – but the Sikh dude next to me was uber cool!

“It doesnt matter” he told me. “I’ll order it for me, and give it to you!”

Sage! And so he did, hehe)

Anyway, the airport, the long ass flight back to New Delhi when I finally did make it – and then a week or so later it seemed, back to Houston again – thats another tale unto itself which I’ll regale you with sometime. Thankfully the hotel they put us up at Jordan when connecting flights etc went wrong had … a BAR!

Right smack in the middle of the desert. No security even, because no-one would make it too far in that heat!) . . .

. . . Anyway, it’s like they hold your money arbitrarily, and won’t reply to you, or unblock it “Except on their own sweet time”.

Then there’s a few other annoyances to deal with.

All in all, I woke up in the morning – slow day  – none of it really resolved.

Now, the payments itself are hardly something I’d sweat over. Like I said, Payoneer is just the last remaining dibs and dabs, and if 20 EUR wets their panties, by all means …

But its the principle of the thing that made me file a formal complaint, not to mention the WAY in which they talk to people.

It’s not what you say.

It’s how you say it!

Anyway …

Fitness wise, when I started out, I got results QUICK.

(or I should say, when I started on the routines I promote)

People were looking at me literally every week and saying “Damn, he’s lost a heck of a lot of weight!”

And that in addition to all the other comments I’ve told you about and Tom Tommed roundly.

They were right.

BUt that was the honeymoon phase, my friend.

Soon, gains started to slow, but still come.

The BIG gains were coming – but you wouldn’t know it on the surface as I slogged through each and every workout, sometimes wondering just what the heck I was doing all this for.

I didnt even have a business at this level back then.

I was just doing it!

It came from within!

I didnt know it at the time, but that was the gestation period, my friend, to lay future ground for great gains to come fitness wise in the future (which are now).

Same thing for anything you do in life – or business.

Those slow periods will happen.

You’ll want to complain. Bang your head against a wall. Fight with your spouse. Rant rave. And so forth …

… but it won’t do a smidgeon of good until you realize one thing.

Its all part of the GRAND PLAN!


That your subconscious mind is working for you behind the scenes.

You just, my friend, have to KEEP THE FAITH!

This message is probably very relevant to a lot of you reading this.

If you’re dealing with daily never ending drudgery, or perhaps “costs out the ass”, or a nagging spouse, or whatever – bear in mind this.

If you’ve got an end goal in mind – even if you dont know it – its all part of the grand plan getting you to that goal!

That is how life works.

No exceptions, pally!

Perhaps thats another reason the great Mike Pompeo keeps talking about FAITH – he’s more referring to religious freedom etc, and he’s right, but back of that religious freedom – what do you have?


End of the day God = Allah = Jesus = Joseph = Mary = What have you = Buddha = UNIVERSE!

Simple as that.

Anyway, what do you do during the slow times?

You go back to the basics, and as I’ve said so often.

You focus on what you CAN DO NOW!

Theres always something you can do. ALWAYS!

Mental cleansing , visualization, brief stretches, something, anything.

And what I’m doing now is writing to you – and telling you the following – yet again – that leaving reviews, my friend, written ones – not just ratings – costs you NOTHING but your time.

A few minutes.

And you get it off your chest, and you share a great product with the world, and you get an auto 10% off your next purchase!

Boggles the mind as to why more people aren’t doing it??????

I mean, even if you’re super busy, you’ve got a minute or two to spare?

Anyway, our Google “custom” link is here …  (btw, that page will have special updates etc as we go along, so do bookmark it!)  (see the review link on the right hand side? USE IT!)

Or, you could always do Amazon!

Or, just use the link in the purchase email … that is the best, quickest, and most recommended!

And most of all, pick up a product or two – start your weekend off RIGHT – 0 Excuses Fitness Style!

I’m out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Kiddie Fitness has been getting rave reviews, and I’ll be sharing one from a “Mom in Egypt” very soon. Bozo will have kittens x 100, hehe, he’s mentioned in the review in a not so complimentary fashion, hehe. But it’s a great, great review, with results!

PS #2 – Be sure to place your pre-order for another great and upcoming course Lumberjack “Lodestone” Fitness – now.

As I told you, friend. There’s always something you can DO. Do it now!

PPS – I know what y’all BE THINKING.

“Just what the heck is so important about reviews. You ask me to review more than you ask me to buy!!”

This is a recent response I got from Matthew. (I believe in the UK??)

Hey. I get it. LOL.

But Matt, remember, like I’ve said so many times before – reviews – HONEST reviews, not necessarily 5 star (though yes, I suspect if you leave a review, it’ll be FIVE STAR, and thats great, we all love ’em!!) – really, really count!

It’s about YOU ultimately, the experience YOU HAD – how the product helped YOU!

DOERS LOVE HEARING BACK FROM OTHER DOERS – it helps spread the word – its that simple.

So again. Please do take a few minutes out of your busy day to review -much appreciated!

(not to mention it keeps the trolly sorts like Schofield away. Remember, they all have butter fingers ready to troll, so we the DOERS have to counter their rubbish!)

(Though I do miss the Bozo’s reviews, hehe. Maybe he’ll be kind enough to leave a few more we can all chuckle at!!)

Why internet tough guys and keyboard warriors aka “Tiny Todger” Schofields love the “block”button
- Much like the cowards they really are, hehe.

A short muse – this.

I’ve never been able to figure it out though.

I get why clowns like Schofield, for one, troll people relentlessly online and are yet face to face “the nicest and calmest person you could ever meet”.

Little did even yours truly, well versed with all this madness know what mad hatters lay lurking beneath the Bozo’s exterior – I mean, I sort of had an idea, but I didn tknow!

And I tried helping him anyway. Fat lot of good it did me.

But on the note of fat, the phat phocker in the last email “Tiny Todger” … ah, but we’ll get to him too.

What I don’t get is this – while I get why they pick on people online (as a great customer said, “it’s only because Glyn knows he could NEVER say it face to face to you, Rahul”) – – why do they block people “all of a sudden”.?

Seems even trolls have a conscience, and shame, hehe.

And if you wittingly or unwittingly provoke it, they block you – because they know they can’t win against you online either. Hehe.

Like the Bozo did back in the day when he sent me a message to the order of “Mate YOU are …”

The rest is unprintable.

I had a nice retort planned for him, mostly laughing at him.

Of course, Bozo blocked me before that.

I wonder why?

I couldn’t “get to him” physically then.

Maybe he was scared I’d reach through the dumbphone. Hehe.

What a loser, basically.

It’s insane.

Then you’ve got “Tiny Todger” “Uncle” I referred to in the last email.

Inexplicably, and even more insane, I checked the profile after I wrote the last email.

About him.

And he’s blocked me too, despite having NO conversation with me (what I wrote about was other dude calling him out – but while other dude is blocked too, I dont get it. Paw Paw posts nudies of himself – full on – sunbathing and Tom Toms his “non existent” wanker – and when people point it out, he gets ticked off and is overly sensitive?) …

(to the other dude, he sent a nasty message FIRST much like Glyn sent me, but other dude couldn’t even hear it, since he blocked him first – like, wtf. whats the point of even sending the message in that case??)

Which is strange!

But not so strange, considering when I first heard of the dude, I had a sneaking suspicion it was the Bozo – or one of his online aliases.

And my suspicions were proven right.

Much like he did all those years ago, Bozo blocked me, despite me not saying a word to him. Hehe.

Truly does quiver in his “boots” does the Bozo!

Anyhow, these guys are losers.

(Although the two are one and the same guy most likely).

But they’re great for making sales etc, and while I don’t detail how to deal with trolls in my great book on making sales in any economy – it will be there in a seperate “soon to come” book!

Anyway, thats that for now.

Be sure and pick up the best damn “real man” fitness system there is out there TODAY – and let me know how you do!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The book on sales above has plenty of other golden tips that are a must grab if you’re looking to make moolah – in ANY sort of economy. Grab this now!

“Tits, tummies and Todgers Thursday” from Bozo Schofield
- ugh, the things these Bozos get up to!

Ive been following an odd post on Twitter.

And I swear, friend, I learn new things daily …

Like the word “Todger”.

If you’re Googling it right now, I dont blame you. Apparently its old school Brit slang for … ahem.

Male wang doodles.

And apparently it’s kosher for older, like mid 60’s dudes (this guy seems to be in Oz) to “show off” their mini peckers or what not, and claim it’s “Tits and Todgers Thursday”.


Dude even got into an argument on Twitter when he got called out by some guy (I know him) for having a mico wanker (much like Bozo SChofield would – in fact, i’m not sure it’s not the same person. Perhaps it isn’t, the face looks different, but the tummy and tits, ugh!) (like a beached whale)

But there’s not neck upwards to work with either internally or externally, I must admit, for that guy!

Anyway, could be the Bozo for all I know – thats his idea of fun i.e. expose “non existent” parts to women and such if you get my drift, especially Chinese women.

But it’s sad – and mind boggling, thats it’s come to “I’m proud to show this off”.

Like Jeez, Grandpaw.

First thing you know, he’s not in shape anyway. NOt like a porn star or whatever, flabby titlets hanging down to … I didnt dare look.

But he’s a true example of the Chinese saying “pang ren qui dian” (i.e fat man have small penis)

Anyway …

That something to be proud of, or Tom Tom, or show off?

(Dude posted a picture of his humungous belly and floppy man tits. EWWWW!

Last I saw something that big was when I did up a website for Dr B in 404, and saw fit to put “beer bellies” in there. LOL. I meant that as a joke, and certainly weren’t no tits or todgers there, but I should have got an A for the site, but that pic made it a B. Oh well. Doc was right, hehe. I shouldn’t have put that in there, but THIS????!)

I must admit, I dont get it – quite!


But thats what things have come to, unfortunately, for a lot of the world.

Anyway, I might sell him some stuff on the “other site” – who knows.

Then again, maybe not if it’s the Bozo.

But him aside, the point is this – why not be proud of something good for a change?

Like, Corrugated Core Sundays for one – on a day most people do anything BUT workout?

Lumberjack Monday – and extreme Lumberjack Friday?

Handstand pushup hump days?

Pull-up Tuesdays!

And so forth?

That, I could understand Tom Tomming and being happy about …

Anyway, who knows. The world BE a strange place, hehe.

But if you’re part of the crowd that is ashamed to take their shirt off in public like I was so many years ago, my friend, then Corrugated Core is the ticket for YOU!

Grab it now, friend – truly the one course you need for the upcoming and “on us already” hot summers out there!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Along with 0 Excuses Fitness, of course. Buying the above without the one I just mentioned – well, like putting the cart before the horse…

(you can do it, but it ain’t gonna move)

The SECRET ISOMETRIC – and the related pushup – that boosts GRIP STRENGTH WORKOUTS like NOTHING BEFORE!
- Too simple, eh? I got THSI TO TELL YOU - TRY IT!


The subtitle of the email shows as “too simple eh”.

Well, I got THIS to tell ya.

If you after reading think so, ?

Then TRY IT!

I repeat – TRY IT!

Anyway, after posting that real man training clip –  I had to do – you guessed it – two things.

One, what you guessed, REAL MAN TRAINING – again!

I did a fingertip pushup workout – along with pull-ups and THICK GRIP WORK – something I’ve touted and rightfully so, will continue to Tom Tom til the day I pass as the very best and most ultimate in building grip strength out there that the wackos at the Jim pumping away can only dream of.

Or, the Bozo Schofields that leave me messsages like “I choke the gorilla to build my grip”.

He said chicken, actually…

But anyway, inanity aside – I did #2 as well.

No, Glyn, not that.


I did what wasn’t on my mind at the time.

I was FIRED UP, PUMPED UP, READY TO GO – not just to whack the Bozo – pound him beyond ANY AND ALL OBLIVION – but also to workout.

So, it was a bit of a surprise to me when … it became a bit of a philosophical workout! as it often does.

I was thinking.

Lots of things!

One being, videos. I hate ’em. Mostly.

But I really, really want to make one on Lumberjack Training – actually two.

(I did a LOT of Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness Training – lots of it during that workout as well!)

And I’m going to do so.

Then I receive emails like this –

 i want more for free, sir, can you please!

And thats all the guy – or whoever – said.

Then this nonsense –

Dear my friend,

This is cherry again from Suzhou behigh cleaning . do you received my mail ?

Have any helps please feel free to connect me !

Looking for your reply ASAP!

I swear, I done popped mine a long time ago, but felt like busting one again – when I saw this email from “micro fiber factory”.

Micro you know what’s are a feature the Bozo sports, not so much yours truly!

But anyway, I thought about request numero uno for a micro second.



I do NOT cater to the freebie seekers – even if that means a bazillion likes overnight.

First thing you know, a third party platform can shut you down ANYTIME – thats something the wackos depending on them hardly ever budget or plan for.

“It can’t happen to me”

Damn skippy it can partner. If it did to Trump, sitting US Prez,  it can happen to you. It HAS happened to many a so called “influencer” that could never replicate their success again. Sad, because if they had just planned for it, they’d be doing even better NOW!

Anyway, the secret isometric I did to boost my reps on everything x 5, and why I tell you this?

First, so yo uknow.

Second, so you know.

Third, so you know.

And fourth, not by any means the least, to tell the typical Tom Tom’s who claim “its too simple” – it ain’t either.

Its a simple enough stretch mentioned in the pathbreaking book on isometrics.

YES, you weightlifters out there CAN AND SHOULD do isometrics this way.

YES, everyone should!

And it involves flexion of the fingers – backwards – in a special way while you focus on the tendons.

You’ll have to read the book for more, but for now, remember.

Fingertip pushups and pull-ups and handstands pushups are the Mecca and Medina of all  upper body training, but especially GRIP!

YOU’ll quickly become a grip monster if you train right this way (with proper form).

But one thing, you’ll notice – that the TENDONS in your forearms become incredibly sore, very quick – and it’s easy, even for advanced trainees to slip up on form – get nasty injuries – or worse.

Super damn easy.

Happened to me, it can happen to you – not a nice thing to happen, trust me! I still remember the pain and the CRACK the thumb made!

And this isometric does two things.

One, it slows down your workout a tad bit. More focus!

Two, you STRETCH the tendons – you FEEL it from the inside out – its indescribable, the feeling of the BLOOD FLOWING BACK TO THEM!

Truly truly SO!

And then you get back to it.

And you’ll see – you can do more reps!

If you do the patented pushup along these lines I teach you in Pushup Central – oddly enough, I taught the pushup before the isometric – so much for simple, eh??? – you’ll notice this too at a deep level.

And that, my friend, was what I wanted to tell you for now.

If you have not yet grabbed the books above – do so now!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – 0 Excuses Fitness – truly a must grab!

The more they hate you, the more they GROW – or you do! Hehe.
- Interesting!

I’ve spoken about hates and how to benefit from them in a post before. But this one is gonna be brief – after all the emails I sent this morning, and especially the one about real man training, I deserve it!

You do too, hehe. Lots of reading!

But remember – watch that brief snippet – THAT IS WHAT IT”S ABOUT!

Anyway, the wife sent me a video – nah, a “circular of sorts” the PM in India has apparently sent out.

The best marketer ever in many regards, possibly more so than ole Donald too, but I’d rather have Donald as Pres!

Donalds not a politician – the rest all are!

And Donald’s just real, the rest aren’t.

Anyway … I’m not EVEN gonna get into the “Modi’s long beard” debate.

The only guy with a long flowing beard on the world stage and those clothes. True student of what Claude Bristol said, I’ll bet!

Anyway, he sent out something which isn’t very inspiring to be honest.

Apparently the “new education policy” NEP 2020 in india is meant to include “new themes” and more videos.

Basically, what it boils down to is what China has been doing for years.

Indoctrination, starting at a young age, except this time it’s Modi everywhere which has been the case for a few years now in India, but now its been ramped up to truly China style limits – unfortuantely without the DEVELOPMENT the CCP has done in China!

At least if Modi could deliver on his economic promises, people wouldn’t care THAT much.

They still would, and should.

Bringing politics into schools is NOT GOOD! Brainwashing – NOT GOOD! Especially young innocent kids!

At least the CCP has delivered economically. The Modi government, they’re learning all the wrong things it would seem.

But then again, wife’s reaction – she was furious !

You should have seen and heard or heard her!

“how dare he! Is he a damn demi god or something!”

To hell with him!

And that, my friend encapsulates Modi’s marketing genius perfectly … !

(and she’s right in a way, dont get me wrong)

And its probably the same reaction a lot of wackjobs including Bozo Schofield get from my emails, me in general.


My comments to end this one?

Learn the marketing lesson. IT’s a SAGE ONE – pun intended, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up 0 Excuses Fitness Here – truly the only investment you’ll ever need fitness wise.

HOW REAL MEN TRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!
- There YOU GO!

Lots of wackos have been writing back about “he’s all talk, no action”.

Despite the great stuff I put out in the books, despite the comments, the reviews, the feedback, most pertitently the fact THEY CAN’T DO THE SAME THING!

And despite the pictures in the book showing me doing it …

Of course, those that won’t convinced – – – NEVER WILL!

But, despit emy dislike for video I thought I’d post a little something for y’all on Twitter. A brief teaser, a snippet …


This was after three hill climbs, in the blazing heat and humidity of China.

I was doing these on … not an even surface. A tough, rough, GRAVELY pavement.

Nigh a few days after the nasty ass thumb injury I wrote about.

The rest – YOU DECIDE!

And then tell me about Pushup CEntral – and why it truly IS THE BEST DAM COURSE ONUT THERE ON PUSHUPS!

Oh boy!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS- A lady who I named “Anne” took the video. I was irritated. I didnt like her doing it. I hated it. But since she took ’em (she was infatuated me with me big time, and still is) – hey. I shared for YOU!

PS #2 – Phock, almost forgot the link. Here it is –

PPS – If ya’ll want more videos, write back, and tell me!

PPS #1 – and again. REVEIW – PLEASE!!! Yes, I know, i’ve gone hoarse saying it, so have you reading it, but pleas,e please, just review – just do it – they reALLY HELP!


Why Chloe and Bozo Schofield would likely make a perfect couple!
- 2 Nazi fems of varying natures together, heh

I was feeling so GREAT after I put out that last “once in a lifetime” email offer!

Guys – and gals – and in betweens – and everyone – if you ain’t availed of that offer as yet, do so now – ONLY VALID UNTIL TODAY – and YES, unlike some of the other emails you see from marketers in that regard – your purchase sans the discount WILL BE MATCHED – and proof will be in the pudding i.e. your Site Wallet.

Speaking of puddings, ugh. The Bozo – enough said on him.

And a certain Miss Chloe, which we ALL know a lot about here on the list – if not, research.Hehe. You’ll find here!

Along with Bozo Butts Glyn, she makes her way into the book on Nazi feminists as well, for damn good reason – but she will NEVER realize it.

It’s just done so artfully – its right in front of her, but the Bozos will overlook what is!

Anyway …

The name Chloe seems to lend themselves to Nazi feminists.

I remember one living on the floor underneath us (when we – my ex and myself – were living in a cheap ass apartment sometime in 99, I believe – apparently my ex “cleaning her toes in the shower while stamping her feet in the tub” set Chloe off, who complained to the manager – a REAL MAN who got back to me privately with the following –

“Rahul, they’re like pups in a kennel over there!”

He was right.

Cheap ass apartments, all packed together, all I could afford back then. Hehe.

And of course, he wasn’t just referring to the apartments – it was the women constantly cat fighting – and calling him up to complain. Hehe.

He was right – real man!)

Anyway, Chloe had a god – sorry, Dog – she yelled at – and that set my ex off.

Dont ask.


But anyway, here is what I Saw from the great Chloe –

I was cyberbullied today.

A few dozen strangers had a shaming party together and I was the center. Did I cry? Unfortunately, yes. I was not as strong as I thought I was.

What did I learn from this?

1. Bullies are losers living a sad life.

2. People ridicule you because your presence intimidates them.

3. Your mindset determines what kind of life you’ll live.

4. 99% of the people have 0 critical thinking ability and only follow the crowds.

5. Standing out from the rest is easier than you think because of No.4.

6. There are two big obstacles to success: doubts from others, and doubts from yourself. Ignore both.

7. Open up and talk about your feelings will help you recover from the negatives sooner.

8. Surround yourself with people that support you 100% regardless will get you through anything.

9. Say one nice thing about the author if you had read all 8 takeaways above!

Cry me a fucking river.

Like, where the hell was “give it back to them”?

If she knew all this (ok, she didnt apparently, she “learnt it” – but I suspect she knew it before, and was looking for sympathy or some BS, and folks called her ass out) … then why “cry” in the first place.

Like her tears matter a goddamn anyway – more snake oil from Nazi feminists!

Who will do the same, or worse to others EVERY opportunity they can – believe me!

Anyway, why not do what I did to the Bozo?

He blocked me – because he can never win in a one on one argument.

Physically, I’d whoop his ass from here to kingdom come.

Big time.

In fact, if he was here now I’d rearrange his teeth right about NOW.

Truly, I would.

Then again, I Dont know.

I dont wanna get my hands dirty, hehe.

But I stewed over what he did – didnt bitch – and now, I’ve hit the Bozo – and have been in areas he’ll never even be able to fight back, no matter how hard he tries. Pun intended, or not!


And as for why Bozo and her would make a perfect couple?

Well, he’d be happy to apparently keep house and such which she from her posts hates doing – and listen to all her whining and moaning provided he “got ass”.

Specifically, to lick her backside.


They’d be a perfect match – if not for anything else, just the WHINING.

Both whiners “el supremo” really – and NO action

All jelly, and no toast, and for the Bozo, way too many other “fluids” if you get my drift.

Poor Brum, to have him infesting it.

But anyway … that whining. UGH!

Anyway, Im out. Cry me a river – again. Hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Except, of course, the Bozo/Chloe story would have a sad ending for the Bozo. Nazi feminists deep down inside, and this is explained in the book … WANT REAL MEN!

Paradox, but true. Get the book, my friend. It will truly explains what women do NOT want to tell you – for once and for all!

And you’ll PROFIT to boot (not to mention the special we’ve got going on).

Get this NOW.