Lower abs – running, sprinting, or jumping ROPE?

Ok, so as promised, I’ll try and keep this one short and fitness only! 😉

Well, I didn’t promise short, now that I come to think of it …

… although Bozo Scofield is likely well acquainted with the words “short” and “puny” (as well as “rank obese”). He probably hears it every n….ah, but I best not go there. 😉

And since I ended up breaking “promise #2” (but hey, I couldn’t help it. These nutzos deserve it – the ones that keep following me. I mean for f’s sake. STOP hounding me, and I’ll stop replying – in duplicate, triplicate, and so forth, but of course, when someone’s jerking off in Mama’s basement with nothing better to do (well, last I heard he got kicked out and is in public housing)) …

Ok, Ok.

I’ll stop.

Anyway, back to lower abs (and nothing beneath that, hehe. No long and short! 😉)

I’ve often touted the benefits of jumping rope, and rightly so.

I haven’t put out a course on it, but it’s on my mind, along with course on isometrics that a certain customer wanted, but I STILL haven’t gotten around to it (and if you were to call me out and say I “erred” in that regard – hey – I’d agree! I haven’t gotten it done as yet, and mea culpa on that one my brother).

And benefits you ask? Well, I won’t get into it HERE, but if Tyson, Ali, Frazier etc did it as a MAINSTAY of their routines, often in the thousands of reps, and often times for long periods without stopping, there must be something to it, eh.

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Jumping rope is not just an excellent exercise to develop dexterity, mobility and that “speed” boxers want so badly, but it’s also a great way to lose weight.

And for the “el Tubbos” out there …

A GREAT Way to lose weight – and a low impact one at that.

But should you “only jump rope” to lose weight?

Well, it depends on yoru goals my friend.

You COULD do nothing but jumping rope the rest of your life and you’d make great gains, and get in GREAT shape.

But should you?


I’d say mix in running – NOT pounding the pavement style but REAL running.

And work in sprints too occasionally.

Ever notice that the lower abs sometimes just don’t “go in” as much as you’d like?

No matter how many times you jump rope.

No matter how many squats you do.

No matter how many (certain types) of pushups you do (with certain types of pushups, those lower ab muscles WILL POP, and the fat WILL FLY OFF, and how!) …

Somehow, despite the overall fat loss, the “bloat” and “lower abs fat” doenst seem to go away no matter what …

… until you start doing TWO things.

One being pull-ups.

And the second being SPRINTS.

And being sprints aren’t exactly the easiest to start off with, running …

Why do I say this?

Well, because although the “up and down” and sideways (if you so choose, or even diagonal) motion when jumping rope is GREAT for losing fat, especially that nasty INTERNAL fat (I can almost feel it lopping off as I go through the reps), the “forward” (or backwards! 😉) motion of sprints cannot be beat.

Neither can they be beat when done uphill.

And it’s really when you sprint all out, and you REALLY, Really go full bore (or run at close to your maximum pace for at least 20 seconds or so and do it in sets) is when you really start to lose BOTH types of fat incrementally.

It’s a different type of feeling. I can’t explain it.

But do both is my advice.

Or, as I told a friendly recently, do one on your days off, and focus on the other exercise as a mainstay. Switch around sometimes!

All the great names mentioned above didn’t do just ONE.

They did both!

And that, in itself should explain it – and for those that have done both, and KNOW how both exercises make them feel – well – you know what I MEAN!

And that, my brothers and sisters is truly the long and short of this. Take it or leave it – amen!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is where you can learn all about sprints done RIGHT (and the results which truly DO COUNT!) – Advanced Hill Training

Why I could care an iota less and then some about drama Queens (and/Kings)

Last year (I believe until about the middle of last year or thereabouts), I taught a class to a couple of young doctors.

A couple in grad (medical) school. Or whatever you call the Chinese equivalent of med school!

The campus was huge. Strapping! And walking from end of it to the other was probably enough to give you a workout unto yourself.

Now I’ve written before about the fitness tips I gave these kids.

But I didn’t mention the “drama queen” part of this, or at least I don’t believe I did.

Bear in mind that part of the overall package I offered these two students (and occasionally a third student) was “improving their oral English debate skills”.

Not so much just debate as talking, but debate as well, since that was apparently one of their core classes in college they had trouble with.

And one fine day while doing this (after climbing up to the fourth floor of the building and “holding session” in one of the classrooms there) we were discussing that oh so thorny issue.

“Women’s rights” (or something to that effect).

I cannot remember if it was “should females serve in the military” or if it was “women working from home”.

But there were two guys and a gal in the class, and both guys enjoyed the class immensely.

While the girl suddenly started acting weird and “feeling unwell” all of a sudden in the middle of the class.

Although I was being as politically CORRECT as I could (hey, it was class, and …) apparently that wasn’t enough and so I piped up.

“Hey, if this topic upsets you, we can always change it”, I said, shrugging. After all, they had chosen the topic themselves!

“No, please continue!” chimed in the two guys, and the girl sniffed. “No, I’m oK!”

Later that night as I went home, class curtailed abruptly “because she wasn’t feeling well” or some BS (and it was utter BS) the guy messaged me out of the blue.

One of the guys.

You see, she was his fiancée apparently.

And apparently despite her not being able to say it openly, the topic was upsetting her (only she knows why!).

“Rahul can you please talk to her”, he mourned miserably.

“Why”, Iasked. “Whats up!”

“She’s angry with me! She won’t talk to me anymore! It’s after class that … “

Now, normally I wouldn’t entertain anything of this nature period, but they’re both good kids. I liked them.

And being dude clearly didn’t have a clue, and that it was his “first time” (hehe), I spoke to her for a while.

And predictably, she was happy at having gotten her way.

And predictably as well, the classes quickly tapered off after that (despite my “political correctness”).

A similar thing happened when I was the “debate moderator” for a Sunday afternoon debate once (with all the participants being Chinese).

Similar topic (women’s rights or something – in fact I think it was Women’s Day in China that day).

And of course, the minute the guys started piping up about their opinion on whether or not they believed women should do ANY housework (note, not all. ANY!) – and it was just an opinion, a woman piped up.

“I don’t think it’s right!”

I invited her to explain her viewpoint, and WHY and what she thought wasn’t right, and asked her not to throw a hissy and DEBATE the issue.

She threw her head back haughtily and walked out of the room.

“Ive had enough!” she yelled, en route to the debate organizer (presumably to complain about the unrepentant foreign devil discussing women’s issues. How dare I!;)) …

And while said organizer was told very clearly not to interfere, or I’d walk out RIGHT THERE AND THEN, the point stands.

And that’s of course one reason why teaching English in China is a crock and a dancing monkey job by and large. The students or so called students control what you say in class. Facts and everything be damned, if that monkey doesn’t dance, they’ll do your best to fire ya on the spot.

And in one case, that’s exactly what “Grandmother Ashley”, a woman I once knew tried to do when I was organizing something similar at an English learning center in China.

She ran straight to the owner, and being she was the one that pretty much paid most of the tuition there, the owner threw a hissy as well.

… only to make a sullen face and back down when told to piss off.

The same thing holds true in terms of fitness.

Charles the Tom Tommer threw a hissy the other day about me promoting pull-ups and my info not “babysitting” him.

“Your info doesn’t help!” he wailed (while making other silly demands and statements).

I could never for the life of me understand why a so called weight lifter that professes to hate bodyweight exercises was following my posts in the first place!

Ah, but those pesky facts, eh.

Same thing for Bozo Schofield, always looking for SOME DRAMA or the other.

And plenty of other nutjobs out there.

And my response?

I could care LESS about all that.

I really don’t give a rip about your drama my friend.

What I care about this – giving it to you straight, and saying it like it is.

If you’re fat and cant do pull-ups because you’re lazy, slovenly and fat, then that’s exactly what I am going to say.

I am not here to hand hold you, molly coddle you or provide you with information “tailored” to your sissy demands my friend.

That last bit might sound harsh, but really, I’m not the one asking people to “follow” me or buy my products. If you want to, you invest. If not, well, no skin off my nose!

It’s the DRAMA I can’t deal with my friend.

And drama queens, or kings, or the sissy versions of them at any rate. Or whatever the term is!

Massive waste of time, energy, and an unending source of annoyance. Not to mention LAZY as heck in most cases. And NOT exactly the sort of person that says it like it is (unless it fits their OWN narratives in which case they’ll be shoving it down your throat, or attempting to, all day long and every damn time you even start a conversation with them).

And so forth.

Leftos, anyone??


And on that note, I’m out. Check out our NO NONSENSE FITNESS PRODUCTS that just FLAT OUT WORK – right HERE!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Thank you for all the comments on Pushup Central. Yes, it truly is the best damned cours eon pushups out there!!!!

As the cries to “unfollow this dude (yours truly)” grows louder, and the “wolves” start to howl …

Howling like a wolf. That brings back memories!

A long, long time ago a friend of mine once told me the following (once I stopped questioning what he said and (seemingly) accepted it as a gospel).

For a while, anyway! 😉 ‘Twas an experiment of sorts that I didn’t even know I was doing at the “callow” age of 24.

“Rahul, you do know you’re much more pleasant to be around! The old Rahul still howls on occasion, but the new one is far more preferable!”

This, of course lasted only a while (the brief truce – – it soon gave way to “Rahul, you’d make a great Microsoft employee”).

Ugh. Microsoft. Not only are they run by a bunch of leftists, but working for those big companies? I’ve worked full time in one before, and le tme tell you, that is NOT an experience I’d like to repeat (can we say the most useless and unproductive hours I’ve ever spent, and an UTTER AND TOTAL waste of talent?).

Anyway …

This morning, I logged into my LinkedIN.

Posted a couple of comments.

Straight from the heart, all TRUE and FACTUAL. All a very accurate “picture” of what is going on in the world today and why.

And predictably, the babel started.

One particular gentleman’s voice stood out, if just for how aggrieved it was.

“Don’t follow this dude!” he said to no-one in particular and pretty much everyone.

Now, whether or not he meant I should stop following Donald Trump (following as in reading up about him) or “people should stop following Rahul” is up in the air.

He was so ticked off he wrote nothing else, but I sort of suspect the latter.

(And sorry, the former ain’t happening).

And he ain’t the only one! 😉

There have been literally SCORES OF PEOPLE as of late chanting the same anti Rahul “this guy is too much” slogan.

How dare he, I keep hearing, feeling, and hearing over an dover again.

Just who does he think he is?

How dare he say what he does about working out.

And the best was from the all time greatest Bozo of all times, Bozo Glyn.

“How dare a person like you…”

Reminds me of certain family members … “How dare I!!”

Ah, the anger! Or should I say angst!

Well guess what fella (and you, Bozo Scofiled).


And AM.

And that pesky list of my “followers” keeps growing. Last I checked it was past 11 K on Facebook alone, and that ain’t the only form of social media I’m on by far.

Anyway, some lessons in there for those of you that choose to learn.

And anytime you say it like it is, my friend, this is bound to happen.

IT doesn’t matter if I call fat guys out for being what they are – FAT – and tubs of lard not able to do pull-ups because of excess weight and nothing else, or if I scoff at suggestions that bigger guys do worse at uphill sprints than “smaller” guys (or gals).

IT doesn’t matter if I tell the puffing and buffing nutzos that it ain’t about how much you can bench – it’s about how much you can lift – or PRESS overhead.

And it don’t matter, most of all if I tell people, most of all, that the BEST way to lose weight is NOT what they’ve been fed/taught/spoonfed.

And yet, that list of BUYERS keeps growing, my friend.

And fitness wise, only YOU can decide which side of the fence you’re on.

Jump on the train HERE, my friend. There’s plenty more where that comes from,but make a start right now.


And start to get into the best damned shape of your life if you so choose!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – As a friend recently told me “Damn, if they hate on you that much, you should consider that a compliment. They’re quite obviously threatened by you”.

Amen, my friend. Amen! I do, and they ARE – on a certain LEVEL if not another is what I’d add, but I agree!

PS #2 – HERE is where you can learn the REAL secrets to knocking out pull-ups effortlessly, smoothly, willy nilly, without doing much different at all –https://0excusesfitness.com/pull-ups-from-dud-to-stud-within-a-matter-of-weeks/

On boobybuilders playing football, “big guys VS “small” guys” and more …

Way, way back in the day I met a tall, strong and strapping guy named Joe.

One of the first persons I met when I went to Univ for that matter.

His name was Joe, and he was at least 6’4” inches tall. Like, HUGE. And not huge as in boobybuilder huge or “Arnie” muscles.

He had massive shoulders and strong forearms, and the first thoughts I had when I gripped his hand to shake it (and remember this was pre-workout, pre-Gorilla grip days) was “My, my!”

That’s one strong MOFO, I remember thinking!

And as we (and his friend Jody) got talking about size (Jody was probably more “normal sized”) he made the following comment.

“We make them big down here!” he laughed.

Then the topic went on to football and how I kept referring to my physical size and why I couldn’t play football due to my size.

“There’s no way I could do that”, I said. “I’d get mangled!”

Jody laughed.

“Sure you could Rahul. You know, you do have protective gear!!”

“Yes but … “

And then “Joe” gave me one on the shoulder (friendly way, but it felt like a mule had sloshed me to be honest, hehe).

“Dude, I play football every night out there”, he said gesturing to the lawns. “Lots of guys your size and build play it!”

And those comments struck HOME. Bigt time.

He was the one who months later urged me to sign up for the Army and I’ve detailed that story before.

And of course, this brings to mind what one of my best friends a former Marine, and a giant of a man himself to be honest once told me.

“Small??? You???? You’re not a small specimen, Rahul!”

This was a couple of years ago.

Anyway, this morning I was checking my FB feed.

And I saw a picture from Andrew, a former colleague and current friend.

And as we shot the bull back and forth, I commented on the picture he posted, which seemed to be of guys playing rugby.

A brutal contact sport, and just for the record, Andrew is my size, or maybe even “smaller” to an extent.

But that grip of his when I first met him.

Though it wasn’t anywhere near Gorilla Grip levels, it was a STRONG, STRONG grip, and remember, dude hasn’t worked out in years. (not that I know of at least).

It was the grip of a man whose done plenty of physical labor in his life, to be honest, but we never got around to talking about it back then, but we did today!

“I used to play that back in the day”, he said.

“Really”, I said. “Damn, rugby. That’s brutal!”

“No! That’s Aussie rules football” he remarked.

And upon closer look, indeed it was!

And then I made the comment.

“Well, Aussie Rules Footie > Rugby > US Rules football in terms of sheer BRUTALITY”.

And it’s true!

And then the comment that sparked this little here note.

US football for show ponies, every 20 seconds have a break, go to an ad, time out…

My reaction?

LOL … Yeah, mostly the boobybuilders that couldnt make it in real wrestling, hehe.

Now, before the snowflakes jump up and down, remember one thing.

Tongue in cheek, though all the comments DO HAVE real world releveance.

And yes, there is an overemphasis on SIZE in what we know as “football” (not what the Brits refer to as “soccer”, or is the other way around, hehe. 😉).

Really speaking though, it brought to mind what Charles said the other day.

For years he’s kept me under the impression that he was a former wrestler and big guy and so forth (he’s somewhat big yes, but more FAT than big to be honest).

And I kept wondering why he kept railing against pushups and pull-ups (while curiously enough still trying to do the very exercise he claims to hate i.e. pull-ups) when those are the holy grail of any wrestler’s training regimen.

And his GRIP.

His grip is downright WEAK. NOT the grip of an ex wrestler to be honest!

I could never figure it out.

Until he told me he just “dabbled a bit in wrestling” and that “pro football was his jam”.

Did he actually do the latter?

I gotta say, I have NO idea either way!

But all this ramble should convince you either way that it ain’t about size my friend.

Yes, big guys can do pull-ups, and lots and lots of them, and those that can’t are just flat out FAT.

And if youre fat, as Brooks Kubik famously once said, you just won’t look like an athlete. Sorry to offend (his own words, NOT mine) – but its true.

Yours truly would probably say “happy to offend”, hehe, or (as I told my daughter the other day) “Papa doesn’t know when to say something and keep his mouth shut, but his daughter does. BORN SURIVIVOR! Of course, so is your Papa. He just doesn’t CARE, but you don’t, but you still know …”

Anyway, ok, enough on all those fronts. I’ll stop, but again,

It aint about how big you are, or your genetics my friend.

It’s about YOU.

Can you MAN UP and just DO IT?

Or are you content to drift along making excuses, both in terms of life and fitness?

No problem if it’s the latter for you – but for me personally?

Ill always choose the former option! 😉 And always have all my life.

So should YOU brah. It truly is worth it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is where you can pick up the PATHBREAKING course on pull-ups with tips you’ve never DREAMT of before, let alone seen or heard – Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!

PS #2 – And here is the very best darn course there is out there on pushups (I CHALLENGE you to find one better) – – Pushup Central.

PPS – “Even if you’re just interested in strength, there’s no excuse or reason to be fat” (more of Brooks’s words, and they ring so damned true!).

Why you sometimes have to LOSE in order to win (and big)

You see a host of self help authors out there claiming that visualization works wonders, and that it’s all about moving ahead, and not backwards.

But is it really so?

Is that how this here GAME OF LIFE works?

I’d say NO (in part), and anyone that has been there and done it would agree!

Vince Mc Mahon, who started out as an “abused child” (at least physically) in a trailer and has since become one of the richest men in America, and the very face of sports entertainment as he knows it (and he likes big guys! 😉 by his own admission – and so he should for his biz) had THIS to say about failure once.

“Sometimes you have to take three steps backward to take ONE ahead”

Donald Trump, one of the best marketing minds of all times had something similar to say right after he once said “my entire life is about winning” (so it should!).

“Sometimes winning in part is about knowing when to let it go. About when to give up the fight, and move on to something more productive”.

And I have paraphrased the above three comments, but the sum and substance of it is clear.

Years ago, every time I started to do something, I’d wonder why I kept getting “knocked down”.

I remember what a “wise old man” John Mc Intosh once told me when I was working on an IT biz back in 2008 …

“The Universe is testing you, Rahul! You aren’t being tested by me, but a FORCE that conspires to stop people from working on their own terms, from living an INDEPENDENT LIFE as you so want to, and precious few have what it takes to make it. I believe you’re one of the few that DOES!”

At the time I didn’t understand fully.

Now I do, and then some!

Napoleon Hill has often written about the guardian that stands at the door of TRUE success, whose job it is it to guide men through all sorts of failures and heart breaking situations before they finally “arrive”.

And everyone’s path is different. There is no set path to any of this!

A higher power decides. Things happen for a reason.

And back to what I am saying …

Sometimes, you have to fail – and fail BIG in order to succeed. Give me any successful business person, or a person successful at anything ,and I’ll giv eyoua person whose failed MORE TIMES Than he’s succeeded.

A lot more times.

The key lies in being able to brush the failure off, as Edison did when inventing the light bulb, and KEEP GOING.

Keep moving on!

And the key also lies in knowing when “enough is enough”, and to move on to other things.

ON a very micro level, take a look at Bozo Schofield for one.

The guy’s been running after me for years (despite having blocked me and then wanting me to unblock him).

He’s done everything he can to gain attention (his own sorry life includes whiling away his time snorting you know what while on public welfare back home in the UK). From making racist memes, to silly personal attacks, to starting groups dedicated to (you got it – yours truly!) … he’s done it ALL.

And he ain’t the only one either. Hehe. He is the wackiest of the lot though, and that “fight” should have been given up a long, long time ago …

… but it wasn’t, and he’s ended up alienating pretty much everyone that stuck by his side (a sum total of TWO people) through his madnesses. Believe me, I’ve written about him before, but you’d probably rather dine with Hannibal Lecter than have this lunatic by your side!

Would make a perfect bed companion for Grandmother Pelosi and Race Mongering Harris while they go about … ah, but I’lls top. Let’s not “ruin” this with political talk hehe.

But the point stands.

Sometimes, you gotta move on to other things my friend.

Even if that means taking a step back – or three.

Fitness wise, you ask?

Well, same damn thing.

You see people slaving away at the machines on the gym for eternity and burying their heads in the sand of “the iron is the best” – and yet, the gains never really come.

Secretly, these people are all looking at the guys with corrugated cores, for one.

Guys that can crank out bodyweight exercises like there’s no tomorrow!

Why can’t I be like him. Why isn’t my training really working.

These people will never admit it, of course.

But these are the very people that need to take step back – or THREE – in order to really get to where they want to be!

And if you’re one of those people – well – I’m here for you!

Remember, my friend. IN life, business or fitness – sometimes you gotta just walk away from what is clearly not working and start on the tough path of what DOES work and has been PROVEN to.

That’s really as simple as it gets (or as Richard, a friend of mine said the other day “Simple as that!”).

Fitness wise, start right HERE.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pushup Central got the rave reviews it did for a damn good reason, as have all other courses. BE sure and check ‘em all out!

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t!

Ever notice this in YOUR LIFE?

In any regard, or many for that matter. I know I have my entire life for one in more regards than one!

Por ejempelo, when the one and only TRUMPINATOR contracted the Chinese plague, he posted about it, and naturally I shared his post in a “get well soon bro” sense!

Because he’s the best damn president ever, and no-one, I repeat, NO-ONE deserves to die of a dastardly little plague like this one, least of all one spread willingly and knowingly by the PRC.

But anyway, I also posted that Donald Trump, hale and hearty, and full of energy and VITALITY at the age of 74 no less did NOT look likely (to me, at any rate) to be a person at any sort of risk for contracting the damned plague.

But contract it he did.

And the leftos jumped up and down, wailing about how he didn’t wear masks (while conspicuously ignoring the wide spreading rioting going in certain lefto run towns back home in the US where LARGE scale mobs roam around willy nilly, demanding the disbanding of police and other such roguish, thuggish demands, and all without masks etc of course. And social distancing be damned).

IF there ever was an example of people NOT following the “goose and gander” principle it’s the left. Pot calling the kettle . . .

But anyway, once he recovered, I posted about that.

And the left showed up again.

“He didn’t even get it”, they wail. “It’s all a political stunt! Pathetic!”

From the very people that a post or two earlier said he was obese (and really, yes, he may be overweight, but that ain’t the whole story BY FAR in terms of Donald Trump’s tale as I posted about earlier) … and the SAME people that said he was at very high risk of getting it.

Sometimes I wonder if these people even value the passport they’ve got and the independence and freedom we all sometimes (well, not me – I try and be very mindful and protective of it) take for granted.

And we shouldn’t!

Anything you take for granted often gets taken away and how.

Perhaps that’s what the left wants.

Of course it does!

But anyway, enough on that.

Fitness wise, same damn thing.

When you tell Charles, for instance, that the only way to do pull-ups is to a) just do ‘em and b) the RIGHT way to prepare is to dead hangs and focus on the lats (And other tricks that I mention in the pathbreaking book on this), then he pouts.

“The iron is the real deal!”

“Pull-ups aren’t really that important! They don’t build real strength! Hoisting the iron does!”

(the second is a comment he THINK – hasn’t said it as yet, but the vibe comes out strong and well).

And yet, he has been trying to do’em for years.

And complaining that “his weight doenst matter” when it comes to pull-ups.

Oh yes it does pally. Hate to break it to ya, but while it’s your right to live life as El Tubbo, and rant if people call you out on it (And of course make your favorite memes etc (if you are! 😉)) … fact is this.

And this can be cross checked with CrossFit, the U.S. Marines, the Navy Seals, Michael Phelps, Iron Mike Tyson, or anyone you consider to be an expert on pull-ups.


Forgot to mention yours truly there in that list! 😉

But anyway, it ain’t so much about weight.

BIG guys can do pull-ups. They can sometimes in some cases do way more than I can.

FAT guys however, CANNOT do pull-ups right. Find me one that can knock ‘em out all day, or even half of all day, or even for a couple of mins straight, and I’ll doff my hat to ya.

The more fat your carrying around that tummo, the tougher pull-ups get.

‘Tis just that simple my friend.

And of course, when I Say that.

How dare I eh.

Can’t win for losing …. For most people! 😉

And thats why I market my stuff and SELL to a very EXCLUSIVE group of DOERS my friend.

Not for me the whiners, moaners, pissers, groaners, lookie lous and so forth.

It’s about an EXCLUSIVE bunch of folks that HAS what it takes and is willing to GIVE what it takes, and then some to GET to wher they want to be eventually!

Are you part of that elite group?

Only you can decide, my friend!

But either way, the “damned if you do damned if you don’t” behavior is just plain juvenile and stupid. I’ll have more on this later too. For now, it’s adios, and I’ll be BACK with a ROAR soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember to pick up “Pull-ups – – from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS” TODAY, my friend. Truly the one and only definitive course there is on pull-ups, and I CHALLENGE you to find any better! 😉

Why I’d rather be the guy that tries, fails, tries, fails, tries, fails . . . and eventually SUCCEEDS!

When I first started doing pull-ups, I could barely get ONE.

And I didn’t start when I was obese. I started wayyyy back in the day at the age of 14 or so (or perhaps earlier) when a doorway chinning bar (a “Bullworker” if I recall correctly) was installed in my doorway.

Of course, there was no push to exercise when we were young. At least not in my house.

So while I did once see my dad hang from the chinning bar for a grand second or two before flopping down with a “oooooh!” that was the extent of it.

I still remember asking for football shoes to wear (Soccer!) when I wanted to play soccer at the age of (9, I believe) and being made to feel guilty for that.

“He can’t play soccer!” (So said my dear Mother . . . with NO attempt being made to actually TEACH me how to play soccer as opposed to the other kids).

Same thing for when I saw other guys working out with bullworkers (for the chest) – and as a kid, of course the one thing I wanted to do was to build a massive rippling chest, and so I asked for the Bullworker.

Sneer! There’s no point giving you that! You’ll never do it!

Anyway, I could recant plenty more such instances including the infamous “he thinks he’s so strong” comment that stuck in my craw for years, and will probably never go away.

But it’s funny. Looking at me now, doing pull-ups, pushups and more at the age of almost 40 in a manner people HALF MY AGE couldn’t even begin to dream of doing . ..

Ah well. Point made. Mini rant over!

But that wasn’t the point IW as trying to make.

Point was that with my shitty genetics, zero encouragement in terms of physical training (the opposite, actually) and flagging confidence as a young kid (except, and this is strange given the uber macho environment I grew up in the exact OPPOSITE in terms of confidence with girls! 😉) it didn’t come easy.

Charles the China tom tommer, for one, thinks that “I have great genetics and could always do pull-ups”.

He doesn’t look at the years of effort that went into this though . . .

He doesn’t look at the years of effort it went into sculpting muscle memory that will revive QUICK even if I don’t do pull-ups for years . . .

And he certainly doesn’t look at the effort it take to write books, take pictures etc. And more.

And of course, according to him “my fitness information is useless”.

And according to him (in his own words) when I make sales to the tune of 500 GBP and more in a single DAY no less (I know, that doesn’t sound like a lot, but remember, this was back when I first started 0 Excuses Fitness – brand new site and all) – “WOW! That’s a good steal!”

The effort that went into all that behind the scenes?

Nah. Let’s not take a look at that.

I still remember him telling me when I first started my tea biz years ago.

“That’s just 75 kgs you’re shipping”, he said. “That ain’t shit! That doesn’t qualify you to make any sort of assumptions about the industry in China!”


Fair enough, perhaps from a certain standpoint (I disagree, but lets let that point stand).

But compare that to Charles who never did much at all to improve his own life other than singing ABC in front of a bunch of gaggling schoolkids (and believe me, ESL in China is so far apart from the REAL DEAL that it ain’t even funny) despite having the skills to do so.

OK, perhaps not writing. Perhaps not fitness. But he has other skills that he’s just too lazy to buckle down to brass tacks and do.

Instead preferring to try and bring down those that actually DO.

His response to that was something that shocked me though. Even from a guy like him, I didnt expect a comment along the lines of “I was zero before, I’m zero now, so I didnt lose much”.

Thats what he said!

If there was EVER a comment that classified one as a complete . . . ah, but I digress. But you get the point, I’m sure!

I mean really, Charles.

You said there were no prizes for being right. I’d counter by saying there aren’t any or many for being wrong and I’d rather be on the RIGHT SIDE of things when the smoke and dust has settled.

And I’d rather be the guy that tries, fails, is OPEN about his failures and the mishaps etc that occur along the way as opposed to someone that is content with the status quo.

Has nothing to do with “whether you have the right to do it”. Of course you do! We all have the right to live our lives the way I want, but hey, that is how I personally choose to live MINE.

I’d rather support and help – not bring down! But then again, you ain’t alone in that regard, so take heart. 😉

Brings to mind a comment a friend of mine (and he didn’t mean this in a bad way, actually) made about my fitness biz not succeeding “before 10 years”.

Hmmm ….

I don’t think so my friend.

But therein lies the nub of why I keep saying its best to keep your plans PRIVATE. Never tell anyone, especially NOT Friends and family, as believe it or not, the “crabs in the bucket” mentality comes out in a most searing manner from the very people you’d expect it NOT to despite them (sometimes) not wanting to.

And remember this, my friend.

Nothing comes easy in life.

As the saying goes, “nothing worth having is EASY”.

And when I say “not easy”, I mean often times YEARS OF STRUGGLE are required to get to the point you want. YEARS of innumerous hardships, many experiences that would probably “kill” the average person, and then some.

As Napoleon Hlll said in Think and Grow Rich, there seems to be a “hidden guardian” that very zealously gurards the doors of true success.

Sometimes, it seems that men have to go through all sorts of heartbreaking disappointments, failures, and repeated “success failures” to get to where they truly want to be!

And he was dead on right.

Sometimes, that guardian will throw you a few “chunks” of success.

You may think you’ve “conquered the toughest obstacle” and are finally past it.

But remember one thing my friend.

As Claude Bristol rightly said, success is a matter of never ending application. Pause and rest on your laurels, and there it goes, flying away . ..

I am paraphrasing here, but the point stands.

And to me, I’d rather talk to the guy that has gone through the numerous disappointments or IS going through them now. And is FACING them like a man should. (or a real woman for that matter).

I’d rather talk to and help the guy that understands that these are but temporary obstacles on the path to success at whatever he wants.

I’d rather be friends with the guys (and believe me there aren’t many) who understand the value of PERSISTENCE!

As Marc the African Silver back Gorilla rightly said once.

“75 kgs will turn into a tonne before you know it!”

And so it has, my friend. So it has.

Same thing in terms of fitness. Keep at it bro.

If all you can do is 25 pushups, and every workout is a struggle, well, keep at it. I’m here to tell you it will get easier – and it WILL be all worth it at the end of the day. Nothing worth having is ever “easy” and remember that if it is – it is fleeting.

It won’t last!

That’s just the nature of the Universe my friend.

And on that note, I’ll leave you be. Take this for what you would – up to you!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is where you can pick up the best damned course on pushups – Pushup Central.

PS #2 – Once again, I cannot say ENOUGH good things about the current web host I’m using. Thank you – SO MUCH – from the bottom of my heart, guys!

Training “half bore” and on great minds thinking ALIKE !

Well, well, well, . It’s happening twice (happened) in a row, and being I do NOT believe in coincidence, I gotta say what I did on Twitter in response to a Donald Trump post on the FLU (and the China plague).

And that was this – “Dang, I just said this myself on my blog!

And I had, actually.

It was a few seconds after I posted what I did that he tweeted in his own imitable style.

I then posted about training.

And how it’s BAD to go “all out” in every workout, and how in the vast majority of cases you might actually be hindering your results as opposed to improving them (and how for the lazy asses reading this that was NOT an excuse to “take a break and relax because eyou deserve it due to whatever reason”).

And that’s something I’ve written about galore, of course in the past.

And this morning, I saw a post on “50%” training from a guy I sometimes follow (and used to follow a LOT in the past).

I might not agree with everything this dude says, but he’s a nigh on brilliant marketing mind, right up there with Ben Settle, yours truly, and the rest (sorry, had to be honest!)

And the inimitable Donald Trump who is by far the very best marketer ever. In fact, and people don’t get how expertly he can do the right thing and also hit right to the core when saying what he does, but it’s nigh on obvious for those that “get it”.

Like yours truly, because he’s a man after my own heart and I market the same damned way!

And often times I’ll keep up with him just to see what he has to say, and what I can LEARN from it (though it certainly helps that I agree with him on most things!).

HE’s got it. You either got it, or you don’t in terms of life – and marketing too – and while the fact he’s almost double my age and doesn’t (like me) look it has a lot to do with it, most of it is natural.

He just discovered it and is it any coincidence that Trump is a huge Napoleon Hill fan?

I think NOT.

IN Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill gave his own version of “men ageing like fine wine” when he gives you the facts on accomplishment, TRUE And real and LASTING accomplishment that the world notices and that is what YOU have always wanted … NOT really occurring until after the age of 40, and in some cases way after 40!

Edison. Ford. Lincoln. Name whoever you can, but amongst the very other admirable qualities they had (David Copperfield is another name that comes to mind) – they had age in common, and on their side.

And of course, they “got the magic of sexual transmutation, either consciously or non-consciously).

Anyway, back to marketing and how the greatest marketer alive today (Trump) dpoes it and yours truly.

Always have – and no, keeping it real ain’t the whole secret by a long damn shot (and no, that won’t be revealed in this email either).

But anyway, back to training.

As I wrote about yesterday, 50% training (or NOT going full bore) has benefits manifold, and beyond the frigging obvious.

One of them being improved reps and performance in the next workout, if not this one.

What do I mean.

I went half bore today while jumping rope.

Still did my 2000 reps, but I did them in roughly double the time (OK, not double, since I did pushups in the middle, but still, wasn’t near as fast as I normally sprint through ‘em).

And guess what.

I finished off my workout with something I haven’t done for a long, long time that being Bourne sprints.

Modified Bourne sprints, since I haven’t done ‘em for a while. And you’ll see more on Bourne (hey, I’ve made no secret of my liking for Matt Damon and the Bourne series!!) in the next email, but for now, let me just say I got a great workout in.

Pushups (more than I normally do per workout).

Pull-ups (LESS – like yesterday. But I still got in more ROPE pull-ups which are amongst the toughest a man can do!).

Dips (galore!)

And of course, lots of stretching and a LOOOOOOONG sprint to finish it all off.

Brings back memories of 2017 when sprints used to be my mainstay (not rope sprints, but actual running sprints).

And that’s that for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Who is the guy I was “following” and still do to an extent? Well, you will have to crank open the 0 Excuses Fitness System to find out. YES, I believe in giving credit where credit is due. No, I ain’t concerned about (if) lost biz either!

PS #2- Just realized about an hour or so after that post that I hardly even addressed the “great minds thinking alike” part. Well – I won’t get into it again now – but rest assured thoughts do transmute my friend, and how. Ever notice how you attract what you truly are good at , cherish or desire to you (deep down inside) on auto pilot, for one?

I’ll have more on this later tho – stay tuned!

Why less is often (well, not often, but often if you know what you’re doing) MORE (and why I thought I’d forgotten how to look at the clock).


I thought I had forgotten how to read the time, or that I Was reading it wrong if at all.

And as I finished sets of 500 jumps in 2 minutes flat today, even yours truly that is always looking to BETTER himself in all regard, even yours truly that believes and very whole heartedly so in the Claude Bristol saying of “you can never rest on your laurels, because success is a matte of never ending application. The minute you pause to rest on your laurels is the minute it takes WINGS and flies AWAY”, even yours truly that doesn’t usually brag about reps etc thought the above.

Damn, am I looking at the time right, I thought.

And as I finished that part of my workout, and headed out to the park for pull-ups and DIPS (an unique combo in many ways, and YES, those of you that think my fitness info is “hardly pathbreaking” – guess what – what I did today and what I usually DO IS PATHBREAKING, period. Admit it. You wouldn’t be saying it wasn’t if it truly wasn’t, hehe).

The knife that cuts deepest . . .

The points that really hit home, because, well, they do . . . and they’re TRUE.

Why Donald Trump is by far the best and most successful marketer I’ve ever “known” . . .

And more.

But anyway, I did up a lot on sales and marketing in the last one so not here.

Not now at least.

Point is this.

Sometimes, and indeed many times if you know what you’re doing better, you’re better off doing LESS than more.

(No, this isn’t me referring to shorter and more intense workouts which AR Ewhat you should be doing, but the point is entirely different)

The point is NOT (and this is mostly for the TUbbos and weight pumpers) to take longer breaks between sets or NOT workout on any given day.

In fact the vast majority of people out there need MORE, not less, especially the 2 (and often the same) categories I mention in that sentence above.

But often times you’re better served improving at a certain exercise, for instance, by doing less reps of that exercise in THAT particular workout.

Lets say you want to get to 100 pull-ups per workout.

You’re currently at 30-35

Well, great.

One or two days a week, you might want to do just TEN pull-ups and be done with it.

And usually speaking, do MORE of a certain other exercise . . . This is something I picked up after hours spent in the trenches trying to figure out why my pull-up numbers weren’t shooting through the roof.

Finally I got it.

I was shooting for a BEST every workout.

Which you really shouldn’t be doing my friend.

Going all out or training to failure every workout is something I have written about before and advised against.

It may work (sometimes) if you’re only job is, for instance as an Armyman where that “is the job” so to speak. But even then, and those people would be the first to tell you, training to failure daily is usually highly counter productive.

So it was for me when I was trying to really up the number of reps per workout on the pull-up, for instance.

Once I figured it out, and started working MORE, not less on the supplementary exercises mentioned in the book, guess what.

My numbers darn near shot through the roof. Very quickly at that!

And so will yours, if you take what I am saying to heart.

It doesn’t mean be a lazy ass and do nothing. NO.

It doesn’t mean “oh, let me just relax today. I worked out yesterday and I’m sore, so I deserve it!”. NO.

Or any of the above crap.

What it means is you go easy on certain exercises, and hard on another.

Could be doing 10 pull-ups and 40 dips for what would normally be a 50 pull up workout (yours truly).

Could be doing less Hindu squats per workout for you on a certain day and really working the jump rope etc.

Doing so, my friend, keeps your body GUESSING.

Actively so. And the muscles are always challenged differently as are the synpases and entire nervous systems.

You ensure you keep things fresh and are never in a rut, so to speak, of any form or nature.

And that my friend is truly where your real gains lie!

And that’s that for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Be sure and check out our products page right HERE.

Why most people doing “yoga at home” (or anywhere) don’t lose an OUNCE of weight long term

So after I finished that last post on fat (really fat) ladies teaching yoga they can’t do themselves (I mean it doesn’t just look ridiculous or pathetic to see that mountain of fat aka booty sticking out miles, desperately trying to get into position – no, not what you’re thinking either! – it looks hypocritical).

PLAIN AND SIMPLE HYOCRITICAL for the reasons mentioned in the last email.

Sure, an instructor may or may need to be in top shape himself or herself, but a bonafide slob x 10?

I think NOT.

And not being able to do said exercises herself (or himself if we’re talking last dude, but he wasn’t near as fat to be honest (but he WAS fat, yes))?

I think NOT x 10.

Anyway, enough on that.

I’ve written tomes about why yoga is possibly not just not beneficial for weight loss, but the worst thing you can do for weight loss.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know.

I can just hear the snowflakes chirp up about “we don’t do yoga for weight loss! We do it to feel good!”

Oh yes, you DO my friend.

At the core of it, the desire is to get that FLAT stomach, and abs that POP.

That Corrugated Core, as I so like to say!

Lets face it. Might not be easy to face, but it’s true!

Anyway, that’s fine, but I won’t even get into a detailed litany of why yoga is not the best thing for weight loss here.

What I will tell you is why YOU, the avid yoga “afficiando” is NOT losing weight (long term) despite doing oodles of yoga daily, and sometimes multiple times a day.

Despite “sweating it out in sauans while doing Bikram Yoga”

And why the yoga teachers (real teachers as opposed to the beached whales doing the rounds these days) themselves stay “enviably thin” as you think the following.

How does he (or she) do it!!

Well, my friend here goes.

First off, most people don’t do yoga at a level that even gets the heart rate up, let alone start to lose fat.

Great for stretching etc yes. But losing weight? I think NOT.

Sure, SQUEEZING and STRETCHING and moving the fat WILL Make you lose weight, but ONLY if it’s accompanied by some “thud thud thud” heart pumping from the upper regions!

Just the former will accomplish – well – zippo.

Second, diet.

While I’ve said on many occasions that diet ain’t half the big deal its made out to be (even less – sorry, you guys that “count calories” or make excuses about not doing cardio because “your high protein diet leaves you with no energy after weightlifting or some such rubbish”), it IS a big deal in some regards.

“Baba” Ramdev, a yoga guru in India, and probably the best person to learn from made the following statement once when addressing a throng of well over 10,000 at a yoga shmoga gathering.

(translated from Hindi)

“It’s great to workout and do yoga etc, but if you eat five or six parathas after that- you might as well not do ‘em”

Uncannily and eerily similar to what I’ve always said about (especially in the videos in the 0 Excuses Fitness System) that if “I can’t hear you breathe across the room, there is no POINT in you doing these exercises in the first place”.

Now, I said that for reasons different and more important than weight loss.

Reasons you SHOULD think about. And most don’t . . .

But it applies to weight loss as well. Big time.

Third, diet and heart rate apart, the exercises themselves do not lend themselves well to losing weight. Most of it is static holds which are great to build some sort of strength/endurance, but losing weight?


Now, good news is that DERIVATIVE exercises that come from yoga WILL help in losing weight, big time.

But unfortunately, these exercises are STAUNCHLY ignored as being “too simple”.

I mean, really. Folks, you’re well versed with my rants on people that can’t do pushups and say they do no good or they’re too simple, and the rants are justified, but if I were to start on what people say about these exercises ?

That in theory look even simpler?

I’d probably write double the number of books I have now!

Take for instance, the stomach vacuum, an exercise that has to be done right and an exercise that will work WONDERS – and one I mention in the “elementary” section of the Corrugated Core exercises.

Or perhaps the yogi version of the jumping jacks with my own mods added in . . .

And last, but not least, of course, the staunch refusal to acknowledge what curiously enough all the yogis will tell you (I mean the instructors, the real ones).

That just yoga by itself is great, but it’s part of a lifestyle when it comest o losing weight.

And most of the tubbos out there – well, I hate to say it, but their lifestyle is the exact opposite of what is required.

And that’s fine, if you choose to be a slob. Or not.

All good with me either way. I’m just here to point out facts – and on that note – out for now – back soon!


Rahu lMookerjee

PS – You really should take a gander at Corrugated Core if you’re serious about losing that flab around your midsection. Yes, the book works! Big time – pun intended!!