Personally, I think Boris is, as I’ve always felt, a good ole boy – perhaps the timing was inappropriate, but thats it, not like we’ve all never done it…
- Emphasis on the last part.

“Brother matey” as some from the UK would no doubt chime in!

I dont know, this public outrage over ole Boris’s parties (truth be told, I’ve had far wilder ones in China!) – is a bit …. well, somewhat justified from a CERTAIN angle, but hypocritical to the extreme from another, depends on how you look at it.

You could probably say the same about Novak’s deportation from Australia as well … though to me, that case is nowhere near as “blurry”, thats cut and dry to me, he should never ever have been deported, period. (I’ve mentioned why in that post).

Anyway, Partygate I believe is what it is for the good ole boy right about now, and the public outrage about the “drinking culture” and so forth?

First, as I keep saying, it’s a democracy, the people elect those they WANT to elect, in general, the drinking culture in the UK has been out of control for a while now – it’s kinda unfair to simply shine the spotlight on ole Boris …

Admittedly it wasn’t the smartest thing to do before Prince Phillips funeral, admittedly with COVID etc lockdowns everywhere at the time – but truth be told, back to drinking?

I dont know a single person that hasn’t wanted to, and hasn’t gotten plastered, red faced, at least once , if not more – during these bloody lockdowns, which are really what the outrage should be upon in my book.

(I mean, Trump said as much during the 2020 Presidential Debates on the plague, that it was causing a whole host of other problems, alcoholism and drug abuse being one, and truth be told, anyone with a smidgeon or iota of common sense could see it coming).

Dont get me wrong, I’m not saying Boris should be getting “royally trashed” while holding the office of PM for one, parties, boxes of wine or what not, they even ended up breaking a kiddie swing or something in the garden.


Lots of merriment no doubt, turned out to be another foot in the mouth for ole Boris, but again, nothing we all have not done before, yours truly included.

(And at least he didn’t do what Butter Idiot Bozo Schofield from Brum did, literally putting phenyl or whatever disinfectant he did up his ass “to get vaccinated” (but not before sending chuck several wild messages in that regard)

I’ve included several wild tales of mine from China in the past, the one I hadn’t spoken about as yet was when I got stone cold trashed without meaning to in a bar in Mississippi, remembered nothing after dancing with a bodacious chickie “copping a feel was ole Rahul” – and then the next morning I woke up.

Got to know I was running around literally “sipping” from beer all over the bar, luckily it was mostly all college students that knew me and were happy to humor me. Hehe.

I rarely, if ever, for years, regardless of how drunk I get lose recollection of “the night before”, but plenty of people I’ve known have.

And I did too sometimes back inthe day, though again, not too often I’ll admit.

Anyway – Boris?

He got drunk, all this public outrage, again, unless I’m missing something, is … well, “ho hum” to me.

If I am wrong, or uninformed of the facts, please let me know. I’ll be the first to tell you that news these days just pisses me off, I rarely read through it long enough to even give it the time of day, it’s all liberal bullshit “my way or the highway” …

Anyway, ole Boris got caught on the wrong foot, I’ll admit.

Much like Governor De Santis of Florida who got asked if he was vaccinated, and his by now famous stutter on (or I believe, the question was about boosters) … “uh oh”.

Initially I thought it was a political stunt, given all going on these days, well could be, later, upon seeing the video, I saw it wasn’t.

True gaffe, De Santis, and dont get me wrong, I admire Ron greatly – he’s done a great job for FL – and continues to (much like Governor Abbott in TX) – was definitely caught on the wrong foot.

Can’t help but notice too what the Trumpinator said about “gutless politicians” – which I have to admit, he’s right, if you took the vaccine, just up and say it …


But anyway Mike Pompeo remains my man for the next Presidential elections.

Dark horse, perhaps – but I believe he’s got all the right creds, and I’ve said why HERE.

And I believe time will probably prove me true, partially at least.

Can’t beat common sense, period …

Anyway – ole Boris might have shot himself in the foot careerwise without meaning to, whether or not he really cares at this point, of course, only the man knows.

I kinda like him.

As I like most of the “older folks” in the UK – all pretty much solid outstanding individuals with a grasp on reality, and none of this liberal leaning BS we see all over the world today.

“Brother matey”, I’d say to Boris.

Have another Guiness, for God’s sake, not that nasty red wine…


Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If you truly want to drink up, and more so NOW – well, I wouldn’t advocate it, but be my guest. Everything in moderation, I’d say.

But, if you still want to disregard that advice and keep paryting it up – do so – just for heavens sake mix it up with a healthy, equally extreme dose of “Eat More – Weigh Less!”.

Aussie open CHAMP denied the chance to defend his title, just pathetic.
- Cringeworthy, these decisions.

Of all the lunacy going on in the world, I thought they’d leave sports out of it.

And strangely enough, at least to me, one of the strangest decisions as of late – to deport Novak Djokovic from Australia due to completely unwarranted reasons as far as I’m concerned – occured in a land I highly admire, and always have – including their leadership.


Down under.


Unfortunately, my opinion of their leadership has taken a bit of a battering with this case.

The champ tennis player, I’ll call Novak since I simply cannot pronounce that last name no matter how hard I try – was initially allowed entry into Australia despite their very strict panixation laws ie everyone needs to be panixated, PERIOD – despite being unvaccinated, and publicly so – despite having a valid visa given to him by the Australian embassy in Serbia (which is where the champ is from) no doubt …

He was allowed entry into the country based upon an exemption which he got from an Australian clinic if I understand it right.

He got his visa.

Yet, he was stopped at the borders, and his visa was revoked, because “he’s not vaccinated and rules apply to everyone”.


Where were those rules when his visa was granted – or when he got the exemption?

He’s always been publicly anti panixine, and I dont blame him, as I posted on Twitter.

And while I believe the initial ban was overturned, someone in the Australian ministry of immigration or department, or whatever it’s called, I’m not sure used their “veto” power to overrule the court decision.

Novak appealed – again.

He lost this time.

And his ban is finally permanently, and unfortunately for me and millions of sensible people globally – and especially for sports – or tennis, I should say – lovers – upheld, meaning he doesn’t get the chance to defend his title at all this year.

Just pathetic, the way things are being taken to giddy extremes.

I have spoken before about my admiration for PM Morrison, some other Aussies laughed at me for this.

And sent me a lot on his background etc, politics, and so forth.

Ah, politics. THere is an election coming up in OZ!

And of course, panixation being a contentious issue, Novak was deported – not because of breaking the law, but I believe because of the POLITICS surrounding this whole thing.


But back to Morrison, my opinion of him has dipped a little, I’ll admit it now.

And really, bottom line is this – you allow the guy entry, then you basically say “you were wrong for doing so”, yet the poor chap gets not just deported, but a three year ban on entering Oz???

Just pathetic, I feel.

Anyway … takeaways from all this?

One, tennis is a damn tough sport to play, my friend – sure, all sports at the highest levels are grueling, none more so than boxing and wrestling, but I’ve played tennis and squash both in the past, I know just how they work the entire body and are GRUELING like nothing else!

And two, if someone like that who put in blood, sweat and tears – much like I did on the HILL out there – that iconic picture of the fitness PHENOM on the page speaks testament to the blood, sweat and TEARS I put in – literally – is very vehmently anti panixine, well, that just adds another nail into that coffin – which shouldn’t be there in the first place, its just the most retarded, mind boggling, idiotic, and asinine thing ever.

i.e. you get panixated with vaccine, you still get COVID …

I could bring up several other talking points, I have in the past, but that above one should be more than plenty.

Of course for the sheep hell bent on believing what their governments tell them, no amount of rationale or reason will amount to nada.

And anyway, I dont know, I had to get that off my chest, I have …

Just pathetic.

Shaking my head.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Natural hormones COURSING through your system leaving you in a state of utter BLISS all day is what its’ all about, get your fix on by getting on the System NOW.

What if the ability to train – or even MOVE – was taken away from you??
- This is something that just struck me

With the ongoing scamdemic, Omni-scam, Delta – what not, booster nonsense, and other utter rot – one thing is for sure – those that get the plague from China DO suffer immeasurably (if they end up in the ICU, not all that “Test positive” do, of course).

But the small minority that does, admittedly it’s those with pre existing health conditions, or those that have lung complications anyway and all that – but those that do end up in the ICU suffer immeasurably.

And as I keep seeing (some of it no doubt “media doctored”) images of folks with tubes out their nostrils, gasping for breath etc, ICU’s filled to the brim, and what not – what one of my customers once said about this whole mess – struck me.

As well as what he said about TRAINING.

There is not much to report, life just seems to have degenerated into one long round of Covid19 mutated variants that the world’s governments are using as an excuse to control and manipulate their populations, the trouble is the majority of these people actually believe that it’s all about their governments doing their best to “keep them safe” from this deadly virus that is going to kill them if they don’t follow their orders and keep getting jabbed when instructed to.

How long will it take before people realise that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of madness???

So true – and my opinion and thoughts on this mess (which I really believe is backed up by solid facts and common sense) have been well outlined on numerous occasions before, so I’ll “save it” for now.

(but, I will address part of it later in this email too)

Then, I sent out another email on accountability the day before my birthday, I believe.

Or maybe it was ON my birthday, I can’t quite recall, but John replied to this too, and here’s part of the (training relevant) response he gave me –

After reading this email and viewing your YouTube video on “accountability” I thought I’d add a few comments/observations.

Whilst holding yourself accountable is an acceptable method of overcoming a lack of motivation to train, I’d like to offer what I feel is a better alternative method.

I consider it a privilege to be able to train whenever or wherever you wish, allow me to explain what I mean.

Imagine being unable to train due to ill health or physical disability, this is a situation I found myself in when I injured my spine in 2006, when you are forced to stop training because you are not physically able to train anymore certainly makes you appreciate having all your bodily functions working optimally.

When you look at how many people who would love to have the ability to train but cannot, you really begin to fully grasp just what a privilege training is.

Although I’ve managed to get myself back into regular training, I’ve never got back to the condition I was in prior to my injury and with my disability I know I never will but knowing that things could be much worse I cherish every workout that I’m able to perform because I understand just how easy it would be for my situation to change dramatically.

If you keep this thought uppermost in your mind that your ability to train could be snatched from you at any time I believe this would be all the motivation you would need.

Now, and again I wrote about this at length HERE -but training wise, I’d like to address two things.

First, he is spot on about Einstein’s definition of insanity up there, and of course, the sheeple globally have already bought into it claiming it’s “science backed” while the facts disprove the so called science every freaking day – but doing the same thing everyday and expecting different results?

In some cases, perhaps it’s time to do something else.

But in yet more cases, fitness being one, or perhaps business, it might just be PERSISTENCE that is required i.e. “keep doing the thing until you GET the result you want” – perhaps the result that you want that hasn’t materialized as well will only do so once you put in the time and effort demanded of anything serious.

There’s a hell of a lot to be said for sticking to a routine, mastering ONE exercise – despite the “down days”, “days when you dont feel it it” – as well as the “fantastic” days you have – and DOING the thing until you see the result.

Of course, I’ve absolutely no doubt John agrees with this; he meant what he did in terms of the complete lunacy we’re seeing out there for the past couple of years (and more if you look at how the world has been going in general before that as well).

And I agree with him …

But what I REALLY wanted to talk about, his statement about “what if you can’t train or if the ability to train, more pertinently, was taken away from you due to factors you cannot control”.

I feel you, John!

Not just because of his own personal situation he mentioned up there- thats gotta be frustrating for a former Samurai for one, but credit goes to the man – he took it on the chin – and DID – and continues to do – WHAT HE CAN!

Trust me, this guy used to be REALLY strong .

Like one arm chin up strong, 600 lbs deadlifts, running 3 miles in under 19 minutes, some of that no doubt on hilly terrain… and more.

Like, really fucking strong.

And FIT.

And yet, despite his situation today, he does what he can, and is still a phenom and inspiration for all of us out there!

(For reference, a sample bodyweight workout for him which according to him was “nothing much” (paraphrasing) – 500 squats, 21 pull-ups and 50 pushups – well past what most so called fitness fanatics could do!)

I’ve been stuck with dealing with a nasty case of the flu as many of ya’ll know, but I got to thinking “what if I ever got so weak walking a couple of steps took it out of me?”

“what if I couldn’t lift half a bucket of water if I had to”

“what if I could barely squat down in any position for any length of time without my muscles and joints aching and screaming”

And more – and what if all this, was brought on not to due being unfit etc, but extenuating circumstances I could not control?

THAT, my friend, is when you really, really appreciate what you’ve got NOW in front of you!

That being, the ability to train, workout hard.

In good health.

And so forth.

And given the madness and covid mess everywhere, I thought this to be as good a time as any to bring this up – again – I wrote about it before, like I said.

Thats it for now, friend.

If you haven’t already, pick up the life changing 0 Excuses Fitness System now – the best “tonic” you could ever give yourself and your life – and your fitness and HEALTH!


Rahul Mookerjee

The “w” word that is key, that …
- ... everyone wants...

I was thinking about making another video this morning, especially in the dark.

That cold – or virus I spoke about yesterday has “gone to the head”, so it’s definitely two things today – 1) light workout day and 2) too much of light isn’t good, especially artificial light (not that I have much light anyway in my cave) – I’d rather the sun outdoors, but that don’t seem to be showing up a lot either these days).

But anyway …

W in this word is not succeeded by “ealth” no matter how much you might claim it is.

Wealth is damn important, don’t get me wrong …

But on the topic of affirmation, self help etc .. .I wrote about this here, to completely understand what I’m saying here, you’ll want to read the above linked email first.

Now, lets “not take names” here for a minute, and let me give you another one of those affirmations I chanced upon, either by “luck” or not – lying around someplace (lets just put it that way) last year.

“Rahul is going to give us X amount of money from next year”.

Now, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess who wrote that, and of course, why she did.

It’s never enough, as I’ve explained in my book on it.

(and you’ll want to get this book NOW if you’re a real man, and done dealing with Nazi feminism in all its shapes, forms and guises. Truly a life changing book, I mean that from the bottom of my MGTOW heart).

Some people have often asked “how I happen to see these things” when obviously those responsible do all they can to hide it.

My answer?

Being at the right place at the right time without trying to although it might not seem like it , or it might.

I realize this may fly straight over some people’s heads, but it’s true.

The true magic happens long term subconsciously.

If you truly believe in the Universe, the spirit, that you’re protected – well, you will be – and doors will mysteriously open to you in all regards without you even trying.

I didnt pry about to get to know what others write – or think about me.

It’s all out there in the open – for me, at least.

As Charles Mitchell, a customer of mine once told me.

“You see things very clearly!”

That I do, my friend, and it’s a skill everyone can pick up, but back to the W word and affirmations….

Nothing wrong with wealth, money, coin, notes, mucho dinero, digital cash, or whichever form you prefer it in.

Nothing at all trust me.

I love it personally!

But to GET it, people for the most part do the absolute wrong thing.

Take the affirmation above, I could just as easily word it as (and people do this) – “I want my customers to give me MORE and more BUSINESS!”

(many a business owner)

Or, “I want X Y, and Z.. NOW!”

Or so forth.

Yet, the key thing that is forgetting in all this?

You have to do what Napoleon Hill once said in Think and Grow Rich, i.e. “courting money is like wooing a maiden”, and you employ the same techniques.

The key to all this – is another W word, often ignored…

That being WANT.



If you’re running a biz selling groceries, for instance, and you employ the above affirmation, and they work, it’s not because the affirmations themselves work – they are BS.

Its because those things are a NEED.

What you really, my friend, need to do is to WANT – or make the other person WANT.

I Could not stop chuckling, again, of course, when I Read the above affirmation about “Rahul will give us X and Y, so forth”.

First thing you know, there isn’t any “us”.

Second, I – or anyone – am hardly someone that will do something because someone else “wants” it.

(me more so than most others, I’ve always been “Stubborn and obstinate as a mule”. Hehe).

You gotta make me WANT to do something for me to do it, period.

And thats the key to everything i.e. WANT.

Not to mention, there was no mention in the affirmation as to why I’d “want” to do this, or the benefits in it for me.

Way too many people focus on just themselves.

It don’t work that way, give and take is a cardinal rule of the Universe, my friend.

I asked you a sage question in the last email, that being, do you FEEL you can get it?

A question right next to that one should be this …

How badly do you WANT IT?

Fitness wise, if your visualizations (or these emails, for that matteR) dont make you chomp at the bit and get STRAIGHT and to action, you ain’t doing it right, my friend. 

And for many of you, that action is getting the very baseline of fitness systems out there – the very best system on bodyweight fitness out there – the most results producing system – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

It is truly a life changing system, my friend, not just fitness.

And if you really WANT  it, if you really WANT to change your life NOW – you’ll find  a way to get it – NOW.

And your actions will PROVE to you you want it, and your results will flow – and follow – or both. It’s as simple as that, mi amigo.

Dont believe me?

Get the System, DO what it says, and then tell me!


Rahul Mookerjee

Why calling upon the Universe “when in trouble” ain’t gonna necessarily help …
- This is a must read.

In 2016, it was, I believe, when I messaged my wife (WeChat, I believe) about the power of visualization, and how – if done correctly – it can open doors for you that you never believed possible.

Mistake numero uno – never share these insights with those not attuned to the Universe – in reality!

Advice only works if the person in front of you is open to receiving it.

I still remember the angry, frustrated response she gave me – completely UNRELATED to what was being discussed.

Basically an angry rant of “your life is great, but mine isnt!”

And of course, blaming me for it. Is what I got in response.

Now, I didnt talk to her again about this.

But starting 2020 or so, and this isn’t just her – I’ve noticed a growing, and exponential number of people – starting to “believe” in visualization in one way, shape or form – people that would have scoffed at it earlier.

When the shoe starts to pinch, as they say!

I always laugh (secretly) when I see my wife writing out statements (or, if I “hear of it) such as …

“I surrender myself to the Universe”.

“The Lord is my protector” (she isn’t Christian)

And other such statements … in perfect cursive at that (a skill I have admittedly never mastered, hehe, and havent quite bothered to either).

Not because of “how” or what she is doing.

In and as of itself, writing things down isn’t bad at all – it’s another way to reinforce what you WANT to your subconscious mind …

But have you ever noticed two things?

One, people usually only call upon the “Universe” or “God” – “when in need”.

That is not how it works, friend.

It has to be a continual process, like anything else.

Second ,more importantly …

It’s fine to WRITE – or think until the pigs fly home to roost.

But … what are the REAL visuals you’re seeing as you write out what you are.

If you’re writing – “I’m at peace with my past”, yet, you feel ANGRY when you think about it – you’re not at peace with anything.

And so forth.

The only reason I chuckle a lot about all this is because when yours truly did tell people about it “back in the day”, the same thing happened to me i.e. they’d scoff at me.

My point in saying this?

Is that all the visualization in the world won’t work – and won’t work right – until and unless it’s backed up by the right FEELINGS.

Thats just how it is, friend.

And it’s working on changing the inner you that really counts in life, or anything else.

Exercise wise, I’ve spoken about how visualization can indeed move mountains.

You see yourself fit – repeatedly – the YOU you want to be – first.

But simply staring at a picture, albeit in your mind – won’t do a lick of good unless it’s backed up by the right feelings and of course, action.

Do you FEEL you can get there?

THAT is the most important question to ask, period.

And it’s something that will be the limiting factor in terms of visualization of any nature.

I keep telling students on my coaching calls that while “writing it down” is fine – actually, even that isn’t totally fine – most affirmations they teach you are B.S. i.e. if a person is not at peace, the best thing he/she can do is FACE the turmoil and admit it’s fucked up – not just say or write “I’m at peace” … – or while “thinking about it is fine” – the real magic happens in terms of feelings.

And looking at my results, and some of the other (not) results I’ve seen in people’s lives, well, the proof – is indeed – in the pudding!

Anyway …………….

I’ve outlined the mental for you in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, and more than the actual exercises themselves, which are important, don’t get me wrong, the 10 Commandments of Physical Success is a must read, my friend, for success at life – or anything you do, really.

Get the System now, as it WILL change your life in ways you never imagined before.


Rahul Mookerjee

My fever(ish) workout today.
- Controversial, I'm sure, but there it is.

Because I’m accountable – because I made a COMMITTMENT.

These words kept playing in my mind this afternoon as I (finally) began my workout with bodyweight squats.

Last night, and indeed a few days prior to this, something was “not quite right” with me.

Dont get me wrong, I had great workouts, I even filmed myself doing gorilla grip work – but I dont know if it’s a new brand of chili powder (I’m a huge fan of fiery stuff, Tabasco included) that I got that “got the old digestive system a bit on the boil” as it were.

It was mostly OK for the past few days, last night, it suddenly hit – as it often does with me – when I get sick, which I RARELY ever do – I can count the number of times I got sick in the past 10 years on the fingers of ONE hand, and less – like, 3 all in all – I get REALLY sick.

The body finally has enough of the punishment I put it through. Hehe.

I suppose that  is it, anyway, I was sweating and had the chills all night long.

(Not to mention, with me, if the CORE goes – everything goes i.e. my stomach)

Now, my first reaction to this was to take some paracetemol, take a day off working out, and so forth.

Nothing unusual there, you’d say

Except, yours truly has this thing about NOT taking commercial over the counter medication unless I REALLY have to.

Give me all the water, all the green tea in the world, all the great food, but I tend to stay away from medication for the most part (though that ain’t nothing against those that don’t).

I’d rather, I thought get a REAL T boost and sweat this out of my system NORMALLY and naturally as opposed to sitting on my arse, shivering away after taking Tylenol or what not.

And so, there it was.

It took me a while to decide, but decide I did.

Instead of pushups, I started with bodyweight squats and HIndus.

Just 50, I thought, then we’ll see how things go.

I did 200.

Now, the only difference was this, I mixed up Hindus and bodyweights in a number sequence I dont normally do, 70, 30, 30, 70.

Other than this, the time taken was a bit more – normally, I Rock out 200 assorted squats in about 6-6.5 minutes, give or take. Today was more like 7 or so.

But thats OK.

When I workout when I’m sick – or even a little sick – THAT is all the leeway I give myself.

Even on the hill ,I climb it SLOWLY.

But unless I’m really unable to move, I just do it anyway.

And right now, though I’m coughing like a motha, I doubt I’ll end up in the ICU. If anything, I’m warmed up and buzzing – and ready to go with isometrics, which will be a longer session to stretch the “shit” out of my system.

The nasty virus, or what not.

In Brooks Kubiks book, Dinosaur Bodyweight Training, he writes about not training if you’re really sick, and taking a few days off.

He also says “if it’s just a mild case of the sniffles”, you might feel better after a workout.

And in 0 Excuses Fitness, I emphasize that pushups and squats should be done daily, period, no matter what.

Kubik says the same thing about bodyweight squats, “do them daily, do them for the rest of your life”.

He’s right, so am I.

There is nothing wrong with taking a day off, of course, if you’re sick – dont get me wrong. Not everyone is as fanatical about workouts, but I made a commitment, I made a promise to myself, and I do not generally break promises unless the situation is REALLY fucking dire.

Accountability, if just to myself.

Anyway …………..

The other difference other than time was I guzzled more water through the workout than I normally would, because my body needs it with all the chill induced sweating.

But I’m sitting here now, warm, maybe not feeling like a zillion bucks, but definitely way, way, like 10x better than before I did it. (I took a laundry break too, for those interested).

Thats how to live life, my friend.

Fearless, unafraid, and regular heavy exercise your entire life done right.

And you cannot ignore pushups and squats, period, nothing gets the deep breathing and system cleansing going as well as these too (and sprints, hiking etc).

I’m out.

I’ll write to you from the ICU too.


Kidding – but most people are WAY too quick to scream Uncle rather than tough it through and feel better at the end …


Rahul Mookerjee

The power of, and behind that … ONE REP.
- Thats right, one rep.

This might sound amazing to you – i.e. ONE rep of anything having POWER, and immense, great power.

It might sound even more amazing when you know I’m not talking about super slow isometrics, or pushups done “30 second down” and the same way back up – although those are and would be a great, profound example of ONE rep kicking ass, and how.

(and strengthening your body and mind immeasurably. Try doing 10 pushups in one set the way I just described, tell me how your breathing feels after that, tell me how your arms feel, and so forth).

I’m not getting into that here though.

This morning while cranking out 100 odd pushups, something I do most mornings upon arising on auto pilot, I barely even think about it now, a thought struck me.

I went back to the time I could barely do one handstand – let alone a pushup – and pull-ups were tough for me.

I went back to the time I could barely climb that hill ONCE without collapsing, as I mentioned on the Advanced Hill Training sales page.

All my “stories” are reality, my friend. True, they sound very interesting, but much like photographs work best when REAL – same thing here.

Even my writing on the other sites, it’s all “reality mixed in with a dab of creative license”, not and never the other way around – not that theres nothing wrong with the other way around, but I just prefer keeping things real everywhere.

Anyway ………

Lots of you cannot do a single pushup in proper form without your core collapsing, or your triceps starting to quiver like jelly, sometimes at the mere thought of a pushup workout.

Just an example, and a true one as evidenced by some of the coaching calls I’ve had on this.

But, a lot of you have GOOD intentions.

A lot of you wake up – and are enthusiastic, and eager to get going – lets do FIFTY pushups today, you say!


You can barely do one, then when you GET down to them, guess what, as I said in a video earlier on New Year’s Resolutions, goal setting and such … it all flies out the window (the enthusiasm).

This isn’t so much about starting small and setting doable goals – its about this – GETTING started.

The journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step.

One single step.

Do ONE pushup – and get damn good at that.

HOLD the pushup position till your arms don’t quiver (in fact, this is a great challenge for even advanced pushup fanatics when done for long periods of time).

Really work the isometric that I’ve explained in Isometric and Flexibility Training.

After a few days of doin just ONE pushup, in fact, truth be told, people have improved in a workout or two! – you’ll be amazed to note you upgrade to 2 – and more – automatically – without the headaches and hassle that you’d have if you tried to muscle it through the other way.

You upgrade naturally, yes.

You use TOOLS to help you along the way, YES.

But the most important thing is this – you GET RID OF THE IDEA in your mind that it’s “just one”.

Or “just five”.

If all you can do is 5 pushups, then do 5, get damn good at those first.

In every which way.

You’ll soon be up to 50 – without even noticing it.

The power that flows from that ONE Single step taken daily, GETTING Started – I cannot overemphasize it …

Anyway – lots of you are pushups fanatics.

And to get to high reps in pushups, or super shape by doing the best exercise ever and the oldest i.e. pushups … or, simply to learn about various sorts of pushups you’ve never imagined could be possible that will blast your upper body and core like nothing else, and your legs too – well, get Pushup Central NOW.

And, along with that, be sure to pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System – and Gorilla Grip too – they all go together – don’t put the cart before the horse, or the horses before the cart, or whatever it is.

You get the point.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Why it’s daily training – that truly kicks ASS – and gets RESULTS.
- If you really want results that last - do something daily.

I have spoken about the benefits of doing something daily – be it life – business – visualization – practice – training – or “simplito” what we call … EXERCISE!

The more I keep hearing about “Rest days” from people that started today, gave it a good shot, then the next few days are too tired to “do anything” – the more I want to bang my head against the wall.

Thats not how to go about it, friend.

Animals in the wild don’t rest the day after they make a huge kill, for which big cats often sprint at speeds upto 60km/hr, not to mention dragging prey over miles of rough, sometimes uphill terrain etc – hiding it – and so forth.

The monkey doesn’t say “I swung myself all day, so I’m taking a break and sitting my ass on the branch today and NOT moving”.

Put it another way, WATER which eventually wears down anything and everything provided there is enough of it, doesn’t do so by doing it every so often.

No .

It hits the rock, barrier, levee, whatever it is – DAILY.

Drop by drop, you don’t even notice it – it wins.

Same thing for business, bank accounts etc. You do something daily. You put something into the account daily, even if it’s only a dime sometimes.

Back in the day, when I first started climbing Qi Feng mountain in China after being introduced to it by the glorious Miss Lee, it was strictly a “do it on the weekend” thing.

Saturdays would be devoted to the hill, sometimes Sundays too.

I’d be SORE when I went into work Mondays, especially when I pulled all nighters on the weekend with the wild parties and such.

But I’d also be feeling GREAT.

Those were the days I had IBS, constipation, and a host of other digestive issues that are “the norm” for most folks out there.

During the week, it would be back to again – doing nothing, or perhaps a few weights here and there.

Amazingly, despite how GOOD I felt after climbing the hill – after that heart pounding, ball busting workout – I never thought of doing it daily!

Until Ann Lee once looked at me reproachfully in the eye after I made some statement about “I wish I could do it daily, but I gotta work!

She stared at me.

“You CAN!”

And that changed it all.

I’d climb it religiously every night after that (after work) – which was when I got to know of a certain Brooks Kubik – and he then sent out the famous email of “Rahul’s hill walking workout from China” to his email list.

And my health improved beyond bounds – I barely knew what IBS was after I started on this regimen.

My weight dropped dramatically too – my pants were damn near starting to slide off, so much so I sometimes double tied a large belt around my waist!

It’s really that daily training that gives results, my friend.

A few years later I didnt have the hill, but I kept myself in superb shape anyway – by sprinting subway stairs and doing pushups 7 days a week (the former 5 days a week, morning and evening).

And so forth.

It has always been DAILY training that has kept me in best shape my friend – that has got me RESULTS – gotten the job done.

Same thing for YOU.

Too tired?

Well, do SOMETHING. Maybe you do 25 pushups instead of 100, maybe you walk a long distance instead of run, anything.

But you do SOMETHING, if that is a small something, thats fine too!

The key is, keep doing, doing, doing until you wear down the resistance and GET to where you want to be …

Anyway – for the hill stories, and how I trained on the hill – Advanced Hill Training is an absolute must grab, friend.

Along with that, check out the new and updated rewards page as well.

I’ll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee

Why Gorillas and apes are just so … strong!
- That one simple movement...

This afternoon, I filmed myself doing a basic Gorilla grip movement – yet, despite it being basic, most adults – even FIT AND Strong adults, even those that can bench and deadlift Manhattan – even those with Corrugated cores in many cases; are UNABLE TO DO.

This builds grip strength like nothing you’ve ever imagined, my friend – if you wonder where most of the unnatural pull in my grip comes from, it is THIS exercise I credit mostly for it – along with fingertip pushups.

It’s the same exercise that apes, gorillas and perhaps monkeys too – do from BIRTH without even thinking about it.

Mostly apes and gorillas do it – and it’s basically something that will turn your upper body into the equivalent of Tarzan – with or without Jane.

I should have named this post Tarzan like workout – or perhaps, Da Xing Xing workouts, as they say in China when they see me doing it!

But anyway – it is – basically monkey bar work.

I spoke about how a guy yesterday tried it, literally fell off the bar grabbing his shoulder in agony on the FIRST rep.

Monkey work is deadly tough – and serious, my friend, and will make men out of boys grip and trap wise, but it will also give you inhuman strength throughout the shoulder and sides.

And entire upper body …

You may never and likely never will be as strong as a gorilla or ape.

But you CAN develop ferocious, CRUSHING power in the wrists, forearms and fingers like I speak abut in Gorilla Grip … and Gorilla Grip (ADVANCED!) – and Gorilla Grip (TIPS!)

(and more to come).

Now, where am I heading up to with all this.

Well, nowhere except the latest video on our Youtube channel deals with this.

Go and see me doing monkey bar work like it should be done – this is expanding upon the “short” I took a few years back.

And on another note …

We are on TWITCH too now!

It’s an Amazon company, I dont know what took me so long to sign up given my general trust and love of everything Amazon (they’re just so professional) – but remember, folks – follow us there too – like, subscribe,the whole shebang!

Twitch allows live streaming, which is a huge plus as I can live stream what I am doing for yall.

Which in some cases is just me walking around the “hood” as you can tell. Hehe.

But follow us, you’ll catch some interesting glimpses of daily life – and perhaps some fitness related stuff too on our channel there!

Once we get to a certain number of likes etc on there, I’ll be able to upload videos etc there too instead of just live stream, so do follow, subscribe etc!

And thats that for now. Enjoy!


Rahul Mookerjee

January 2022 REWARDS
- Some great offers!

Since we’re past the “holiday phase”, I thought this would be a great time to update the rewards page, something many of you love, for January this year.

The rewards page for the site has been updated, and it’s a great time to check it out NOW -there are some great offers going on, most notably the “Add to wallet” offer that I’ve extended from last month – mostly due to convenience, but also the great CASHBACK you get.

Then, the “club it together” (apt, the way I say that, given the courses involved!) offer for Battletank Shoulders, and Animal Kingdom Workouts, two of our most brutal ever…

There’s much more – go here to check it out – –