“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”
- So SAGE - so true!

And it is, my friend. It is – true – that saying!

I was trying to figure out some I.T. stuff this morning I had never ever done before, always something NEW to learn as I keep saying.

I Googled, and this one link stood out – not so much the dude and his picture, but SOMETHING stood out – and made me do what I rarely do, bookmark his website.

(which is something a lot of people do here, and I appreciate – and love it!)

His instructions were exhaustive and spot on, sort of like if I was teaching someone how to do it.

And the tagline on his profile went …

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.

Now, this is so damn true.

It’s also obvious – or should be – that if you’re of value, eventually, ultimately, success will find it’s way to you – you just have to choose what form of success that is.

My wife rightly said this morning (in a good mood for a change, hehe) – money can’t buy happiness.

Lots of people equate success = money.

True, lots of money is great. We all want it, we all need it, how many of us are willing to do what is required to get to that level?

Not many at all.

More importantly, money – great – but isn’t being happy and being able to do the things you want the purpose of money in the first place?

Money is energy as I keep saying, the more of it you have (positive) – the more it’ll come back to you – POSITIVE.

Destructive energy, well, the same …

You can either create or destroy, there ain’t no in between when it comes to the subconscious mind my friend.

Anyway ………

How many people think about this?

Being of VALUE.

Doing something no-one has ever done before, but that people need – and want – or one of the two or usually both?

Putting products out FIRST “before there is demand” – and then the demand comes, because the customers never knew they needed it in the first place until they saw it.

Pushup Central is a perfect example of this, as is Isometric and Flexibility Training.

Our recent I.T upgrades which have truly vaulted us to a level we’ve never been at before  – and believe me, we ‘re just starting – are yet another example of this, as are some of the more recent features on the website.

In the future, you guys will have wish lists, favorites, and a lot more configured for your purchases on here.

No one’s asked for it, people would be happy with it the way it is, but thats not how one grows.

One grows by predicting years in advance, then doing, I’ve done that all my life.

And being of VALUE as opposed to chasing the almighty dollar.

Be of value, the dollar will chase YOU.

The reverse holds true too.

My products truly provide value like NO other, my friend, and my track record speaks for itself.

If you have not invested in one as yet, or preferably MORE – do so NOW – because the revolution is but just starting, you want to get in EARLY ON THIS!

And if you’re interested in seeing what the fuss is all about, the 0 Excuses Fitness System, truly a revolutionary NEVER SEEN before system that gets you nigh fit within the confines of your living room, bathroom (I was once doing pushups in Uncle’s bathroom, hehe, it was a big ass one too – so much space, I figured why not!)  or even BEDROOM if you so choose – is where you should be starting – NOW.

Get this now, and start experiencing not just living, but  BEING the 0 Excuses way – and the sheer amazing RESULTS that come along with it.

Once you do it, remember, as a certain Michael once told me …

“YOU did it, Rahul! Now, YOU ENJOY IT!”

Amen, my friend – amen!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I dont know if you guys have seen it, but our podcasts are live now – check ’em out HERE.

You should be able to use your regular podcast player to get these.

We’ll be on Alexa too shortly! (stay tuned).

Some of my culinary “achievements”, heh
- Or NOT ..

The daughter once shook her head when I spoke about maybe making her some garlic bread – which I LOVE – although bread by and large is one of the worst things you can put into your body – even “brown” bread.

Much like she gaped when she saw me in a T shirt and jeans, sunglasses and all, I remember the wife saying “you’ve always seen him in shorts at home, so …”


But really, for someone thats authored – or in this case, co-authored I should say, Dish Delicious “during happier times” if you get my drift (that book could really have gone on for four or more volumes!) – I’ve been surprisingly lax in terms of writing about some of the cooking yours truly has done on his lonesome.

It’s a skill, like any other I still remember John, a customer once telling me.

So true, John.

And it’s actually interesting sometimes, even relaxing – provided you’ve all the ingredients, equipment – and of course, plenty of cold beer along with it. Hehe. I could cook for hours with a beer in hand!

Anyway …

Rump roasts. Mmmm! (not EVEN referring to the Bozo here).

Fried chicken and black eyed peas (I know, I know. No watermelon with it, but I love that too. hehe).

Rice and gravy – thick gravy – the Western sort though, not the spicier Indian curries which are awesome too, I’d love to learn how to make one of my favorites “butter chicken”!

Kidney beans, Broccoli, a lot of veggies actually.

BEEF! YES! Definitely – I’ve even done burgers in the “oven” – while that might sound crazy, and while as my friend Rueben once told me “the whole damn place was smelling of beef for days!” – they actually taste pretty good if done right

Yes, you can “broil” or “bake” beef patties in the oven!

Again, if you do it right – but they taste pretty damn good I feel, not the same taste obviously as you get when you grill ’em (which to be honest is an art unto itself as well, what with the different marinades, types of charcoal etc you can use) – but still damn good.

All of it hits the spot so well after BEER. Hehe. Or even without it …

(it will also make you FAT if you dont workout with it!)

Let see, what else … Various types of chicken (broiled, baked, especially marinaded stuff) .

Closest I’ve ever come to cooking Chinese is Western style stir fry (believe me what passes for Chinese food in the West ain’t even close to what you get in mainland China where eating fish alive is but the start, where people grind out cigarette butts on plates, but really -both taste damn good i.e. the Western style Chinese, Asian style, initially I wasn’t used to the latter, now that I am, especially Hunan. Yum!) …

Indian, well, I’d say NEVER. Hehe.

There’s probably other things I haven’t mentioned – oh yes, STEAKS! I’ve grilled them, pan fried them, done everything with them damn near. Hehe.

Probably lots of other things too, but for a guy that loves beer, strangely enough, I have never brewed on an anywhere near professional level.

Maybe someday.

I’ve tried making pineapple beer – which went somewhat OK, but was so strong I never drank it again.

(a very popular drink in South Africa apparently, I learned of it during COVID when alcohol was banned there, and people were lining up to buy pineapples instead. Hey, dont blame ’em, hehe).

In 2018, I tried brewing beer the way the ancient Egyptians did it – from bread. Turned out SO luke “not strong” – I could drink pails of it and not even feel it, come to think of it, I can drink pails of light Chinese beer all day and not feel it, so maybe that wasn’t bad beer after all!

But really, I’d like to get into it on a more professional level, maybe someday.

Maybe someday you guys will see 0 Excuses Fitness BEER out there. Hehe.

T shirts, sweatshirts, even sweat bands, all of it is very much in the works, all a matter of putting it out there – or on this site for one.

I’ve even got samples lying around, so it’s just time to take it to the next level there (to place pre-orders, contact me, we’ll have a sales page up shortly for that sort of thing).

But thats it, basically …

And back to fitness, thats what we’ll always be doing, first and foremost, the rest will flow from there, as it should.

From the 0 Excuses Fitness System, as it were.

And thats that.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

That overdependency on food I keep talking about…
- And on many other things...

Being dependent on something – or someone – is always a bad idea, my friend.

You’re seeing that play out in one way in Europe right now with the “energy crisis” (really though when I think about it “why didnt you prepare, you were TOLD this could happen, it’s basic freaking common sense eh” – and now crying about your adversary “taking advantage of it” while your own sanctions are riddled with loopholes from the get go – utter lunacy and the height of illogical behavior to be frank) – another way of thinking about it is the overdependency on “big government” in the US now, and more and more since Biden came to power (how he did is another story!).

Skyrocketing inflation and all that , well, I’ve been saying it a long damn time.

You gotta pay the Piper sometime, and unlimited stimulus funds, money being pumped into people’s accounts, well all of that has gotta come from SOMEWHERE, you know?

And basic economics – too much money, lots of savings in banks (during 2020) – obviously prices of goods will go up.

It could be dependency on a person – or a service.

Always have more than one option – preferably many.

Or, it could be addiction to the internet – social media – a lot of “evils” that are so present in our society today. But lets cut to the chase – food?

I’ve spoken about this a lot. And again, dont get me wrong. Food – one of our “base” requirements – food, sleep, and fornication. Hehe. Or phocking as people love to call it.

Look, crass jokes/truisms aside (another being the eternal truism of what the great, in my opinion at least Jean Claude Van Damme once rightly pointed out about “the whole world loves to see two men fight”) …

We need those things – the last, well, most more than some. Hehe.

But to a certain extent, food, sleep – well, we all need those.

But what we dont need though is OVERDEPENDENCY on any of it…

Lets talk sleep – people dont get their “8 hours a night” and then wake up moaning about it.


I’ve been wanting to make bread for a long time.

Last afternoon, as I kneaded dough in the kitchen, something that despite my “alright” skills in the kitchen (admittedly NOT practiced for a long damn time!) I’ve NEVER done in my life – started last afternoon though … I was thinking about this, I was thinking about this morning on the throne too. Hehe.

Or maybe “off it”. OK, nasty visual, I know (so much for those who say visualization is a crock?)


My cooking – I’ve been known to eat beef raw out of the microwave when drunk, blood dripping off it.

OK, that was only once!

But no, I can make some great roasts in the crockpot, perhaps some good rice and gravy, corn on the cob – the eternal “go to” “Hamburger Helper” (if you call that cooking, hehe) – several veggies, I can do up a pretty good BBQ with pork and chicken …

Burgers, and such ..

I’m not a bad cook actually, especially not when accompanied by a few brews, and maybe a maiden or two.

But anyway, as I kneaded dough last afternoon, I thought it would be a good warmup for my grip workout, but it wasnt but the point of this email isn’t to tell you that the flatbread (Indian cooking) turned out WONDERFUL.

Indian cooking and Chinese cooking, man, the spices, the recipes, the sheer TIME it takes in the kitchen, the complexity – cooking Western style food is EASY in comparison!

Maybe if you’re cooking genuine Italian pizzas and stuff (Mike Pompeo, anyone. Hehe) or sphagetti – it’s different. I dont know. But by and large, cooking in Asia – unless its bare bones – man! Even the simplest of things seem so complicated…

But anyway, it turned out wonderful, first time in my life at the age of almost 42, Indian flatbreads. Hehe.

But anyway – the overdependency I’m talking about, have been talking about?

People complain too much about everything anyway. And with inflation etc, people are complaining even more.

Dont get me wrong, I’m not advocating you starve to death or skip meals or what not.

On the other hand, think about this – what if your body genuinely needs a break from digesting all that food you pump into it daily?

That internal machinery, the digestive forces, your liver, all of it needs time to recharge, and come back stronger – just like your muscles.

Occasional fasting, for a day or two – is something that shouldn’t be viewed as a chore, EVERYONE should do it, period.

And ditto for skipping meals etc.

You may think breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and “three squares” and so forth, but here’s the bottom line, those truisms held fast in the good ole days when people did a lot of physical labor, now, sitting at the ‘puter all day long – that dont apply no more my friend.

It hasn’t for years.

I mean, the truth is this, even TODAY with all the whining about prices and all this going on, people are putting way more INTO their bodies than they are burning off, its that simple.

Look at the bellies around you everywhere you go, that’ll tell ya.

Sometimes it IS that simple ie. caloric input vs output.

And even if you did heavy physical labor, I’ll tell you this – skipping meals is probably the Best thing you can do for your muscular system as well if you do it right and obviously occasionally.

Your body needs a BREAK sometimes, period.

And the mental feeling, the exhiliration – the feeling of not being “dependent” on food entirely, the knowledge that you can go without, and survive – and thrive – and come back better the next day – trust me, it’s something everyone should experience at least once.

Anyway …

Bottom line – DEPENDENCY, and especially over dependency, never a good thing.

I’ve spoken about diet in my great book on it, the Simple and Effective Diet. The next edition will probably cover fasting in detail, something I did intermittently without even knowing it starting at the age of around 36, and THIS year I’ve really ramped it up – well, this year and the last. Big time!

And of course, fitness wise, make sure to pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Never a bad idea to be dependent there, hey, you can control your own body, and thats all you need to do in this system!


Rahul Mookerjee

How super studly Gorillas feel about pull-ups, hehe.
- And how they do 'em!


With all the trolling the Bozo has done on my world famous book “Pull-ups – from STUD to Super Stud – within a matter of WEEKS!” (of course, Bozo didnt stop there, he started calling himself a “cuckold” which is what he is, of course, and me a stud – ugh – like dude, keep ME away from all that!) (truly, this book takes pull-ups to a level you’ve never seen before – in fact, I’ll bet you my bottom dollar even the great David Goggins (in terms of pull-ups, he IS great!) doesn’t know about one of the variations there in i.e. the “swami pull-up”).

He is probably well versed with the rest though.

Most of YOU reading this are not though – and this book, if you really want to progress to the next level at pull-ups, it is a MUST grab.

Of course, if you just learnt how to do pull-ups right – and stuck with that the rest of your life, you’d be doing more than what the majority of people out there do …

That you can learn right here – Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!

I’m sorry, I should say by getting the book at the link above, believe it or not, an idiot once wrote to me saying “you said learn here, but there is a sales page there”.

The world has no shortage of Bozos, ass clowns and idiots.

Gorillas – human ones, at least, hehe, be in short supply.

Gorilla Girl is one of them, I’m one too.

And so is my translator for the first book above – he’s done translated SO Many of my books into Spanish that he might as well do them all – so he figured .Hehe.

This is what I just got from him –

what’s up Rahul, I hope you are doing well, I hope we can work together with this interesting book, my best regards and I send you a big gorilla hug. Marco

Its always great hearing back from you, Marco!

And thanks for the gesture – – not too many people would take the time out to say something like that!

But he did, which counts, I know (as always) I made the right choice – yet again.

Those little things DO matter. Life, business, pull-ups, all of it.

And thats that from me.

Nah, gorillas dont hug to get better at pull-ups, but some bro back slapping and Gorilla Grips, thats always par for the course!

Hi Marco

Long time no speak (well, relatively, hehe) – thanks for the message, and your offer (as always!). I’m doing fine, and I hope you’re doing well too.

YES, we can certainly do this one as well – I’m going to approve the “sample” now – and I look forward, as always, to moving ahead!

Gorilla Grip – and hug back at you as well – thanks for saying that – that was a super gesture buddy!


Rahul Mookerjee

And thats that.

Get these books NOW if you want to get to “gorilla level” at grip/pull-ups – I know you do. Hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – After ALL These years, it still remains one of the most popular products around here, does Gorilla Grip!

“Nothing prepares you for it”
- Some random thoughts - again!

If you’ve ever met someone that has been working hard for years, going through the grind, the tough times – the unimaginably tough and down times, yet kept the VISION – persisted – and has ultimately forced the Universe to give up whatever goal he or she is seeking – well, you’ve not only met just a doer – but chances are this same person will say, or feel the following

“I’ve been planning it for years but nothing prepares you for it”.

Same thing whether you win Wimbeldon, write a bestselling book, win an Olympic, or start an ultimately successful biz for one.

As they say about Amazon, or Jeff does.

I started a company, but certainly not the one you see today.

Things build, compound, often in ways unimaginable (as with Amazon) – often in ways you never thought of – except perhaps subconsciously.

Nothing prepares you for the FEELING – of that ultimate success you’ve been working long and hard for …

Why do I say this?

Well, fitness wise, when I first started getting called a movie star – a “guy in super shape” – and many other such things “Ironman” – “Rambo” – and so forth – as opposed to the exact opposite “phat” – “obese” – “lazy” and so forth (I never was lazy, but…) – well, I felt the same damn way.

Often I would say “me”? (silently).


I’m just the average dude with a higher than average work ethic that sits at home, drinks his beer, pounds out 7000 plus words a day … Hehe. And more.

I love drinking tea in the garden on warm winter afternoon’s, I love me my daily climbs, but I also love being out in Nature, uninterrupted.

it’s a side of me I guess I rarely show people, what with all the marketing, all the sales, business, and so forth going on …

But it’s very much there, its why I have so many internet businesses (that actually make money despite what so called pundits say about that age dying out a long time ago, despite what people say about recessions now – bottom line – if you can hit the spot, if you can give people what they need, what will benefit them, if you can show them what is possible – you will ALWAYS make money – and it will be a byproduct, which as it should be) …

But anyway, those words, those compliments, it all sounded alien to me.

I’m used to it now, of course, but again, why do I say all this – well, not to talk about me – not to prove I’m a “fitness God” as some people call me (rightly in many regards, hehe) (or troll me, that can be said too, but I love it all) (I’m loving the “attention” as a lady once told me! She’s right!) … but to show YOU what is possible.

It’s to show you how YOU will feel once you accomplish your fitness goal – any goal – nature of fitness though (at least the way I train you) is that you accomplish OTHER life goals while you’re at it too, almost without knowing it.

And you just feel awesome.

Hell, the first time I was asked for an autograph on Fast and Furious Fitness, a book I wrote in 2010, tears came to my eyes – almost.

Stiff upper lip, Jeeves, I know.

But it just felt …I mean, damn – and that wasn’t the only request I had. (that was in 2021 from John Walker when we were doing the “specials” on the “Collector’s Edition” of the book).

When he used the word “honored” (I think, if not that, maybe another similar word) – man, I had to write back and tell him I was equally honored!

There are many such instances I could point out. I’m using that word “instance” more and more often. Hehe.

But – whatever it is, thats the whole point of not just all my businesses, but everything I do in life in general.

As a certain Tracy once told me (when I had next to nothing) –

“You’re always so positive!”

That I try to be

– and am naturally!

So it should be for YOU TOO, my friend.

And the point of all this – to inspire you, to show YOU what is possible – fitness wise, life wise, to help YOU become the BEST you possible, and then some, and THAT is the entire purpose of all my writing, biz, all of it …

And THAT, really is the lesson here.

Think about what is POSSIBLE.

Open thy mind.

Then do what you have to do to get there.

End of “sermon” – though it’s true. Hehe. The best ones always ARE.

Anyway, to get the fitness system that will get you on the path to super fitness right quick – and get you RESULTS quick too if you do it the way I teach – grab the 0 Excuses Fitness System NOW.

And some of our other products too.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

Giraffe legs, and more. Hehe.
- Seems to be a theme!

I once wrote a book about a femme fatale – one amongst many – who worked at “Happy Giraffe International School”.

I know a guy named “Giraffe” as well. The names Chinese come up with, hehe, though from what I can tell he’s named “Louis” now.

He goes to France a lot from what I gather.

Smart guy in many regards…

Anyway, I’ve always had long limbs. Giraffe legs, and long, monkey like arms – and of course, these are looked upon as a disadvantage in most sports – swimming excluded I suppose.

And strength wise too, people have this mistaken idea of “short yet thick” is better.

Not true, my friend.

We come in many different sizes, shapes and forms, to an extent we cannot control genetics, but we can control what we do with it.

If you allow a naturally weak grip to REMAIN Weak, thats a choice you can control – and if you dont, thats on YOU, not your genetics.

Ben Affleck said it best about his physique, I think.

“I can’t control how my movie will do ultimately, but if it’s something I can control, like my physique, and I dont, thats on me”.

Same thing – Jeff Bezos.

As he once famously said, its one thing to innovate and fail, that doesnt just happen, it should be encouraged.

But if you do something you’ve done zillions of times before, per a process, and you fail because you did not follow the process properly, something you can control – then thats on YOU.

There’s a very valuable lesson, or two, or more in those two comments – and I keep saying the same thing.

Focus on what you want, not what you dont, to get there, one of the things you do is focus on what you can control – DO – not all the miscallenous reasons you can’t, or shouldn’t, or “bad luck” or other B.S. the human mind in general is wired to fall for.

Yes, the human mind itself is wired to “look for that one reason not to do something as opposed to do it” – and if it wasn’t we wouldn’t be innovating in the first place i.e. make things easier. Hehe.

Anyway where am I leading up to with all this?

My daughter asked me today if her legs were long in comparison to her body, how tall she’d be when she was 11, and a host of other things.

I laughed.

No, I told her. All perfectly fine, but my legs – yes, like a giraffe!

she giggled.

“Yes, a little”.

I remember a certain “Carol” once telling me that too about my long legs, but hey – the more you climb hills, and hell, I really started my intense routine at 35, so that just proves age is no barrier to anything – the longer and leaner your legs, and your bone structure becomes.

Long arms are thought of as “not good for pull-ups”.

Baloney, as you can tell.

It’s about what you do with what you’re given, my friend.

It’s about not making excuses, and those long levers can be incredibly useful and powerful when grappling for one, takedowns and so forth, especially when coupled with a strong grip and traps.

Some of the best boxers in the world have long arms, in a sport where short arms are thought of to be the best.

Long arms, made longer of course by all that Gorilla Grip work I do.

Anyway, point of all this?

Is that it ain’t about looks.

It’s about function.

It ain’t about a six pack, it’s about a functional core.

None of that should be taken as an excuse to be fat and slovenly.

Here’s the litmus, if you as a big guy can outsprint on a hill a skinny dude all other things being equal, you’re probably “big”, and not that fat.

If you can’t, well …

Function is ultimately what dictates all, my friend.

Functional strength, functional fitness, what you can DO with that conditioning, how you can apply it to YOUR life, not necessarily just sports or climbing hills etc either.

THAT is what all this is about, to help YOU not only get in the best shape of your life, but use that to achieve your other goals as well.

And that function, that performance, that is the ultimate indicator of how fit you are – or how fat – or how unfit.

Numbers never lie, at the end of the day …

Tests might, but numbers usually dont.

And thats that for now.

To get the world class fitness system that has whooped thousands and thousands of people, and probably millio-uh-ns, hehe in the future into SHAPE – and right QUICK – well – get on the train right HERE – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

No excuses, pally.

And thats that, I’ll be back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Also, always remember, POWER – should be coupled with conditioning.

Flexibility should as well.

All go together, perhaps my books on isometrics explain this the best – both theoretically – and practically.

And that explains the rave reviews they are getting – Isometric and Flexibility Training and Advanced, PROFOUND Isometric and Flexibility Training.

Get them NOW to start taking your health and fitness to hitherto UNSEEN levels, my friend.

If wishes were horses, then beggars would RIDE.
- More on the self defeating folly of affirmations people dont get.

This age old truism is probably far older than the “new age” thinking that was first made famous by Napoleon Hill in the 1940’s via “Think and Grow Rich” and his other books.

Dont get me wrong, Hill was a genius, FAR ahead of his time, and he was spot on in everything he said, including the part about attraction, sexual transmutation, and much more – but he also covered the nitty gritties of persistence, of DOING the thing repeatedly – of GRIT – never giving up – that are oh so conveniently ignored by most “gurus” these days especially on social media where its a crock anyway with fancy pictures and what not, but all about “feel good” and nothing else.

Dont get me wrong, again, feeling good – well, there is something to be said about that.

But if you’re really doing the thing, if you’re really headed to greatness, or even close, chances are you’ll be FRUSTRATED more than feeling good along the way – exhausted – tired – down in the dumps – wondering why the world seems to be against you – and so forth – and not “happy happy” as these idiots make it out to be.

I often remember my wife going to sleep with “female affirmations playing out” via headphones on the dumbphone.

No, I didnt tell her about it. If I did, “how dare I” would be the furious retort, and I dont want to waste my time anyway, nor do I want to give out unwanted advice.

Most of those affirmations, as I’ve written about center on this “I am happy” – and “I am rich”.

I even did a video on this last year, several emails as well.

The theory goes, and they’re right in that listening to something repeatedly before you go to bed – yeah, the subconscious picks it up far more than it would normally if you didnt really think about it,but two things –

One, if you have to listen to affirmations that way to force yourself to think about what you are – well, you dont really want it.

Two, you have to be careful in terms of how you instruct the subconscious mind – it brings to reality what it’s told to, however, most of these so called gurus will never tell you what the REAL words are that you should tell  yourself – and the real qualities to inculcate in yourself – because thats not “easy” and it would take their easy money away.

Yours truly has told you and continues to tell you plenty of times.

Until you WANT the thing deep down inside so bad that affirmations or not, it’s a part of you – it aint gonna happen.

Telling yourself repeatedly you’re happy, rich, when the reality is the polar opposite wont attract any of it to you – it will only make things worse.

And examples are there right in front of me everywhere…

Fitness wise, let me tell you this.

If you constantly look at fitness models, big guys, or whatever your ideal body “want” is – and then “wish” you were like that – well, if wishes were horses, phat men would be supermen.

But they aren’t.

You have to back that wish up with DESIRE.

You have to back that desire up with DOING.

If you really want it, chances are you’re already doing it – or on the way to doing it – or TRYING To.

SAYING “you’re fit” when you’re not before going to bed at night – and then waking up and proceeding about the rest of the day as usual won’t cut it, my friend. It wont attract it to you magically.

You’re far better off wanting it, creating that picture in your mind, and then telling yourself exactly WHAT you’re going to do in the morning – or instructing your brain to figure it out by the morn – and then following through and doing it.

Action is what ultimately counts.

Inspired action, that is.

And that can only come if you truly, truly REALLY want it.

Free life advice this most people will not give you, but believe me, I will – I am – and from one that has been in the trenches, well …

Gumption Galore and Zero to Hero! are some great reads in that regard, and of course, our coaching awaits you if you’re truly interested in improving your “lot in life” as it were.

No, it doesnt depend upon the war, economy, all that nonsense, it’s your thinking that ultimately does it. Remember, there are rich people even during a war! (and fit people, and so forth).

Humanity doesnt stop.

People dont stop living …

And so forth.

Anyway – fitness wise, remember to pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System if you have not already.

And enough already with the “I am” crap when you’re not.

(if you are, chances are you wont need the affirmation, chances also are you should be aiming for MORE).

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

Buttler Glyn got butt hurt
- The latest on Schofield, hehe.

I haven’t mentioned the Bozo in a while, have I? Nah, I think not, despite his constant trolling, I left him “in ass” as it were… 😂

(eww, that fishy stench I was getting this morning, I know the Bozo was around someplace)

Anyway, the latest on this clown –

Nothing you dont already know.

He’s pestering women, retweeting them and such, when they ask him not to (very politely) constantly share their pictures (and believe me, they ask nicely) then Buttler gets pissed off, and claims “they’re butt hurt” when in reality the bozo is upset he couldn’t put his tongue in the “nastiest” places possible….

Which of course ain’t just Schofield, sadly, a lot of guys tend to be that way.

“male ego” is a thing too, which can be good if done right, but done wrong – the opposite. (like with everything else).

Anyway – point of me saying this isn’t really to update you on Glyn, that was just a catchy title I thought of.

The less said about Butt Hurt yet in butt Schofield the better.

Point was, a lot of people suffer from “butt hurt” – and complain about it all the time.

“My butt hurts from sitting all the time!”

It’s actually something people say all the time, yet when you give them stretches to do that solve the problem, when you tell them to get off their butts and MOVE – do something, anything, even a mild walk, you hear “crickets” – well, that and the springs on the old couch creaking again.

Really, a lot of those aches and pains go straight the fuck away if you just MOVE, if you just work the body a little, people are just too damned lazy for one…

(and digestive issues perhaps when it comes to rear ends, if you’re Glyn Schofield, ugh, I dont even wanna go there with the cures for covid or what not he’s been putting up there).

Speaking of which, a gentleman I know was asking me about China, their zero tolerance to covid (I dont agree with it, but hey, it is what it is) – and I was like, well, I dont want to take the vaccine, period, and I wont.

“You can still get it anyway”, I told him

Later, I was to find out his wife got it on a flight to China … So did he, he recovered well, I’m not sure about his wife, as he left shortly thereafter. (explains why he was the one doing the grocery shopping, heh).

or maybe not on the groceries.

Anyway, thats that.

If you feel butt hurt by any of this I’m “sooooooooooo” sorry. (not, hehe).


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The best way to get your butt in shape, and get rid of junk in the trunk, cellulite, and more – well, SQUATS, period.

Learn how to do ’em right HERE.

After you do, place the pre-order for Squat 101 as well, it promises to be – and IS – nothing you’ve EVER seen before, heh. Those tips, truly, some of them will make you “eat your hat and say Uncle” and thats just the beginning.

PS #2 – What I told the lady.

“Poor Chappie, but he’ll live. Hehe. ”

Not to mention keyboard warriors and trolls in general, they’d NEVER say what they do to one’s face what they do online, thats been discussed enough times already.

And she was right in that “is it silly to expect some BASIC courtesy”?

No, Ma’am, it’s not silly.

What is silly is how people have forgotten, especially over the past few years, the meaning of the phrase “basic human courtesy” …

“Do it alone. Do it broke. Do it tired. Do it scared. Just do it.”
- He might as well be a 0 Excuses FItness fan.

He – or she – or they – I’ve no idea who – might as well be a 0 Excuses Fitness – not just fan, but card carrying member and FAN-A-TIC!

Quote of the day basically this one for me …

’nuff said, my friends.

Just do it – NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – – I once had this discussion with Major General Michael, he of “I could eat two lieutentants for lunch (he prob could, haha)” about my “splash screen” as he so artfully called it, showing the Tsingtao girl in all her full glory on Dongguan Expat.

It pissed off many, many liked it, some loved it. Michael, I suspect, loved it.

“Rahul, when are you going to get Tsingtao to pay you royalties”.


Spot on, but hey, bro. We loved that brew, we still do -some things, you “just do”, it aint about $.

Just do?


Maybe I should be having that conversation with Nike right about NOW. 😂😁

PS – If youre “Chuck” and think it’s mindless BS as he once said about my posts on “just do it” (when fact is, I said it like it was on the almighty handstand pushup)well, well and good Sir, but please, dont write in and whine about it. Hehe.

Focus “hocus pocus”
- Kids these days, my word.

The precise, polar opposite of what we were like when young, or what it was like during the 90’s.

“We grew up playing in the woods”, I still remember a certain Alan telling me.

He was spot on

And he likely didnt get molly coddled when he fell off trees, or his hands scraped against the bark, or when he was told to climb a tree or what not.

Hell physical activity for him – and most in the 90’s was probably normal and routine to a degree for everyone during the 90′!

Even those fighting with each other during “road rage”, hehe. Thats another story though, not something I particularly advocate, but like life, hey, it happens sometimes on occasion.

Anyway – this was about focus, no?

“If you were living during our times, you’d be GROUNDED by now – big time” I often tell my daughter …

She would have – and then some. Hehe. What kids get away with these days, the only reason I dont push it too much is because of the dysfunction all around them, they have to balance it all in their little minds, so … that has to be taken into account as well.

But I was viewing her other exams after getting “notified so formally” of the good Spanish grades.

And MOSTLY, if not all of boils down to two things – focus – and practice. Both of which my daughter is rather averse to doing these days apparently with school work (and exercise too for some reason).

And on the exams, at least from what I saw – she KNOWS it all. She’s smart, chip off the old block, yet, that focus isn’t there, the mind is wandering a 1000 places, and she ain’t got any form of ADHD either before the politically correct liberal nutjobs jump in with that.

It’s a very clear cut case of needing to be disciplined, following a ROUTINE no matter what.

“Routines are boring” she yells.

Yet, that boring, unsexy stuff is what builds up to something, what really works, i.e. what I told an ADULT on Twitter who was moaning about “when everyone is moving forward with their lives – and you’re stuck” …

(or SEEMS to be moving forward, I should have told her, the BS on social media is hardly an indicator for one, often times the reality is the polar opposite from what you see i.e. the “2 min” of carefully selected and curated photos…) ..

PERSISTENCE was what I replied to her with.

And without focus, there can be NO persistence!

Without focus, there can be no daily practice!

Horse with blinders on, I have often written about it, its like I am in life, with my routines, my goals, my fitness, is it any wonder I (sometimes eventually, but it always happens) reach my goals no matter what ?

So can you, if you do the unsexy stuff.

And focus, well, dumbphones are the #1 culprit for destroying brains in that regard and many others everywhere yet people continue to knowingly and willingly feed their addiction to that (of course, thats why it’s called an addiction. hehe).

Anyway …………

I can’t help adults that knowingly not focus, and do it, be lazy etc, but I can say this much – if you flit around from system to system, if you never give any particular fitness system time to work, if you claim “the unsexy and boring stuff” isn’t something I need to do ‘because everyone has a different approach’, if you claim ” doing the thing day in and day out, often the same boring unsexy thing” doesn’t get results, then you’re a grade A fool and non doer. And thats all I gotta say about that.

Really, if you can’t focus long enough to do 100 squats (of your choice) at one go, and trust me, most today CANNOT – then you’ll never get where you want to be fitness wise (same thing for pull-ups, climbing hills day in and day out, or what not) – and the results, or lack therof  will damn well SHOW.

To kids, well, I’ll keep trying to tell ’em. It ain’t hocus pocus either, hehe.

Along with that, as a certain lovely lady “Jyoti” told me, and I had to retweet “a smile is the best way to improve your looks” (or change, I cannot remember her exact words).

I had to retweet.

Shes right.

(and she was right about requesting me not to retweet her picture – lots of Bozo Schofields and other lunatics out there).

A positive attitude goes a long way.

And a smile sure dont hurt, which is what I hope I bring to many people’s faces with my daily very uncensored, and unscheduled, and erratic, off the cuff rants … that just flat out work, hit the spot like NO other, and so forth.


Much like a fitness system which works like clockwork if you DO it , no matter the other things out there.

OK, enough pimping for now.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

(PS – the title of this email was unwittingly, unknowingly designed by the lovely daughter, heh)

PS #2 – the More you focus, the more mental strength you build, its as simple as THAT.