Childhood obesity

Dear reader,

Something that is well known and talked about a lot is the rapid rise of obesity – so rapid that it could probably be classified as a “pandemic” in certain nations, and NOT just developed nations by the way.

But, did you know that CHILDHOOD obesity is on the rise as well globally?

When most people think of childhood obesity the U.S. is the one country that comes to mind – and while it IS a huge problem in the U.S., America is by far NOT the only country where this is a growing (and rapidly so) problem.

Believe it or not, I’d say that China – a country that has traditionally along with India been considered a nation of “generally fit people” is the #1 country on the aforementioned list. Take a stroll through any of the first or second tier cities in China, and you’ll see what I mean.

Kids with pot bellies, no less. Kids chomping away on Mc. Donalds, blissfully unaware of the “jiggle under the arms” as they dive into yet another helping of “freedom fries”.

Kids raised on sugary crap (might as well call it “slow poison” IMO) such as Coke, Pepsi etc, and slowly getting ADDICTED to it.

I saw a video last night on the Internet which showed an EIGHT year old boy, no less, walking around a swimming pool with MAN BOOBS (yes, you read that right) – and more so, blissfully unaware of them “jiggling” as he walked.

His mother didnt seem too concerned either – and by the looks of the other kids in the swimming pool, while this guy was definitely the “top of the heap”, the others were not lagging too far behind either -and I do NOT mean that in a GOOD way!

That last part about being blissfully unaware could probably also be termed as “unconcerned”, and it is something that quite literally boggles the mind when a parent, no less, is literally unconcerned over his/her kid’s health and fitness levels.

It’s one thing to have a pot belly if your an adult and live on a diet of beer, chips and pizza – but its quite another for a KID – an 8 year old kid to be in the same situation.

It just shows you how far things have gone when a kid with a metabolism quicker than a hot knife slicing through butter is walking around with jugs that rival “Pamela’s”, and a backside that is probably more in place on a junior sumo wrestler than the average kid.

And the main reasons is obvious – diet and zero to little exercise.

But the UNDERLYING reason is not as readily apparent, my friend, and that being – kids follow by example. And when all they see is adults lazing/slouching around and wolfing down unhealthy food by the platter – well, then guess what they’ll end up doing.

The bottom line to all this, and the obvious corollary is to LEAD by example.

So if you’ve got kids, set a good example. Make it a point to get SOME exercise in daily, even that’s just a brisk walk.

Set aside the “TV and videos” time, and pump out some pushups in front of your kid. Watch how quickly they will start and imitate what your doing – the younger the quicker in my opinion.

And most of all, let them – and YOURSELF, as well! –  know, albeit in a friendly manner that occasional treats are just that – occasional. Follow a decent diet 99% of the time, exercise daily and gorge on that pizza every once in a while, and you’ll do just fine – and so will your kid.

Astoundingly simple, and oft ignored. Such as it goes.

All for now!

Rahul Mookerjee

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Donald J. Trump

Dear reader,

Well, first off, this may sound like it’s not about fitness, at least if you go by the title of this blog post, and at first glance I wouldn’t blame you for feeling that way.

But it IS, my friend. It is – and before you say it, let me go on record stating this is NOT some sort of a weird attempt at guerrilla publicity or anything of that nature. The post is titled what it is for a REASON, and that reason will (or should, at any rate) be self-evident to anyone that reads on.

Second, I don’t particularly care two hoots about politics (in any country for that matter). I believe self improvement is always and only an individual responsibility. Leaders can help – but only so far.

To put it another way, and this is a saying often used in certain parts of China “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink it”.

Fitness wise, that translates into “I can give you the right tools and even tell you how to USE them – but if you don’t use them – well – it’s all for nought”.

But getting back to Trump, who on a personal level seems to be a man after my own heart.

Rabble raiser “el supremo”, says it like it is and doesn’t particularly care whether anyone likes it or not. About as politically incorrect and brutally honest as they get, and all the more so considering he’s in a very public position that would “normally require” him to be the exact opposite.

Like he cares. And good for him.  

I have NO qualms in saying the world needs MORE people like Trump – and again, this is not about his political affiliations. Personally I don’t agree with some of what he says – but – and make no mistake – I AGREE 100 percent and MORE with the candid WAY in which he says what he does.

And I don’t particularly care if your a U.S. president, office worker or average Joe. ANYONE with that kind of brutally honest and down to earth style is MY type of man, and that’s just the  bottom line.

As you can probably tell from my writings, I tend to say it EXACTLY as it is – and EXACTLY how I feel. If that offends some people, so be it.

And home truths often do, such as when folks are told they are “fat and out of shape” – not so much because they don’t have access to the right info, but because and like I said yesterday – the majority of folks out there are plumb damn LAZY. Period.

Trump “bucks the trend” on a regular basis, and a lot of what I say about fitness does as well – but in BOTH cases, people LISTEN, whether you know it or not.

Let’s be honest. Brutal honesty gets straight to the core of the matter and gets you THINKING – and FEELING.

And as you can probably imagine, a lot of folks end up reacting “defensively” to what is actually true, and spending way too much energy “attacking the messenger” than actually LISTEN – and COMPREHEND the point the guy is trying to convey. 

And this, my friend holds true in all facets of life.

Again, how does this relate to fitness?

Well, it might if your the “overweight individual” that “just can’t seem to lose weight no matter how long he/she “pounds” the proverbial treadmill – with cellphone in hand, no less”.

When such an individual is told that there is a far easier to way to get in shape than doing what she does, and is told in no uncertain terms to a) stop being lazy, and b) focus, here are the reactions: –

  1. Surprise (how can that be possible! Bodyweight is easy! How on earth can I lose weight that way!)
  2. Indignation (How dare he “judge” me, and claim “his way is better than mine”)
  3. Resignation (after the “why” part is explained, even though it should be self-explanatory)
  4. And finally, the “sigh” which pretty much states “I don’t want to make the effort to do this. I’d rather just sit on el coucho and grumble about how hard it is to get fit, while “envying” those that do have the gumption to keep at it on a regular basis”)

Laugh all you like, my friend, or simmer away – the choice is yours – but what I’ve said above is true in the vast majority of cases, and as I’ve been saying over the last couple of days pretty much sets you up for failure.

My own fitness methods and especially diet are “strange” and unconventional to say the LEAST – but boy do they WORK – and that’s a FACT.

My book definitely starts off by “bucking the trend”. Most people’s jaws drop to the floor when they hear me mention my favorite exercise – not so much because of the exercise itself, but because of the benefits I say – and promise – it will give THEM if done correctly.

And thats OK, me thinks. So long as it works is what counts.

I’d rather “buck the trend” and actually workout, for instance, rather than stopping to check my smartphone every nanosecond for the latest useless “Facebook update” (insert social media network for choice).

As I have often said – the computer was a great invention, and so was the Internet. Cellphones are useful, but smartphones in my opinion are the very BANE of focus and creativity (well, one of the main ones anyway).

All for now – if your working out today – make it a GREAT, GREAT one!

Very best,


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I don’t have time

Excuse #3, folks.


I’m as busy, if not busier than a lot of folks out there and have just as many (and to be quite frank if not MORE) responsibilities as any “normal” person does (and note – I’m not referring to “basement dwellers” here, hehe).

In addition to my main fitness biz, I’m also involved in several other fitness ventures which take up a LOT of time, and rightfully so. I also have a young family, and they need time and attention as well – again, very rightfully so.

And yet, I find time to get it done. I find time to train no matter what.

My workout today took a sum total of 40 minutes.

The workout you’ll see in the workout video takes LESS THAN 30 minutes. And guess what – that’s INCLUDING me talking to you – – and 250 pushups, 50 odd squats and bridging/stationery handstand – – at the END of it.

So don’t give me that “I don’t have time” excuse, “Bubba”. It’s not gonna fly.

And yes, as I often said, what applies to fitness applies to life in general as well.

Ever come across those people that are “too busy” to reply to you while they update their social media profiles almost every minute?

Or those that “never get back to you”, and when they DO get back to you, it’s with the usual lame “Sorry, I was busy” excuse?

Now, note that I’m not saying folks are not busy – but what I’m saying is that it’s common courtesy to reply to people who ask you something. And if you truly ARE that busy, simply respond with “I’ll get back later”. Or something to that effect.

But few people truly are that busy that they don’t have time to do either one of the two things mentioned above.

Those that are usually make it a point to mention it so that the rest of us “common folks” know not to “bother” them, hehe.

Anyway, this is threatening to veer off the fitness slant, so I’ll end here. Off for now!


P.S. – I just noticed that the links on my site aren’t clickable. Hmm… another project to tackle!

Can I do it, too?

Dear reader,

Following on from yesterday’s post, the next problem we encounter with most folks (fitness wise) is SELF DOUBT.

And again, thats actually applicable to most areas of people’s lives to varying degrees, not just fitness.

I constantly get comments of “Oh, he’s so fit!” or “Wow, you so fit!” (if we’re talking “Chinglish”, hehe).

” Can I do it too? ”

“Oh, you must be naturally flexible”. And so forth. The self doubt just pours out like water from a fire hose, manifesting itself as future excuses as to why the person “cannot do it” as opposed to simply saying “Right, let’s get down to it NOW!”.

I mentioned this last night, of course, but it bears repeating here.

Look, fellas (and ladies), I am NOT by any stretch of the imagination genetically “lean”, or whatever it is you might think by looking at my current “avatar”. In fact, and I make no bones about it – there have been plenty of times in my life I was overweight, and I’ve been obese as well, so I know exactly how that feels.

If you don’t believe me – well – take a gander at the pictures at the end of the book. Enough said.

Neither am I “naturally flexible”, or “naturally strong”, or any of that nonsense. If anything it’s always been the exact opposite my entire life.

But yes, I AM in the best shape of my life now – and yes, I AM in better shape than the vast majority of average folks out there (and in some ways I’d say in better shape than even some professional athletes – again, in SOME ways).

And as I say on my video page, if I can do it – so CAN YOU –

So banish that self doubt, and JUST DO IT!

HOW do I do it? Well, that part should be self explanatory, eh? It’s about as simple as clicking an “order” button and “getting her done”.

Thats of course where the procrastination starts for most folks. Don’t be one of them.

Order now, and watch your LIFE change for the BETTER!

Very best,


P.S. – The book page has a few snippets too if I recall correctly –

The biggest problem with people today

Dear reader.

Do you know the biggest problem facing folks today in terms of getting fit?

It’s not lack of information, and not lack of gyms or other commercial facilities to train. It’s NOT lack of access to outdoor areas, although that can sometimes prove to be an issue.

And it’s most definitely NOT the fact that a lot of the exercises that flat out WORK are “secret” exercises. I’m not referring to bodyweight alone by the way – this goes for weight training, aerobics, “Crossfit”, or what have you – anything that REALLY WORKS – and DELIVERS RESULTS.

Last, but not least, it’s NOT lack of time either, despite the fact that a lot of folks work long, grueling hours.

In fact some of the most basic exercises are the ones that really work. Amazingly enough, most folks KNOW about these – but are nigh unwilling to give them a shot.


It’s a four letter word – and it don’t sound pretty – but tis what it is. LAZY.

That’s right. The real problem is that people are LAZY.

Look, folks, a workout does NOT have to take forever to accomplish. Mine usually take between 45-60 minutes tops and that’s being generous.

You CAN get a fantastic workout within less than 15 minutes, or even 5 minutes depending upon your current level of fitness.

Key thing is though to actually START – and NOT procrastinate.

“Ah, I’ll do that tomorrow”, followed by the  obligatory “burp”.

“Pah! Pushups! Those are easy! Why would I waste my time with those!”, from the pot bellied “big guy” on the “pec deck” (guys that would be hard pressed to do ONE rep of some of the exercises I advocate – I kid you NOT).

“Oh, he’s just got good genetics”.

“I wonder if it’ll really work”.

And so forth. Folks actually spend more time trying to find excuses NOT to do the thing rather than follow Emerson’s advice which was to “do the thing and you’ll have the power”.

I talk about this phenomenon at length in my book, and truth be told, there is NO magic pill to solve this particular problem.

You, and you alone can solve it.


Well, simple – – DO SOMETHING! Something – anything – but get MOVING!

And stop making excuses as to why you “cannot”.  I mean, the basic stuff is “easy”, right? Why would you “not be able to do it”?

I could go and on here, but I’ll end this out by saying what I do all throughout my book.


Just do it – and before you know it you’ll be HOOKED.

As they say, the journey of a thousand steps starts with a single step. That one step is all important though, and is what can really “set the bonfire alight” – if you let it!

All for now. If you’ve not yet got your physical activity in for the day – do so NOW without further delay!

Very best,

Rahul Mookerjee

Back to Planet Earth

And as I slowly descend back from Planet Earth (reference the last post), and prepare to very RELUCTANTLY (and unashamedly so) address the rest of the day ahead, I figured I’d “give away” one of the “tips” I believe I have mentioned numerous times before on the old blog.

Make of that what you will, especially the part about reluctance, but one of the BEST recovery tips (in addition to massage, which I DO talk about in the book) is a shower – and NOT a hot shower. It’s the exact opposite.

That’s right, an ice cold shower after a hot, hard and sweaty (NO puns intended) workout.

And while the above may not sound “out there” to those residing in hot climes, it WILL sound a bit odd to ALL of you when I say the very same thing applies to those residing in COLD climates.

That’s right. Jumping straight into a cold shower after a workout IN COLD WEATHER, no less,can have a tremendous energizing effect on the body. You don’t necessarily need to become a card carrying member of the polar bear club to experience this either.

For those of you that have actually tried this, I’ll bet you remember the way  your heart literally RACED while that cold BLAST HIT YOUR ENTIRE BODY. And I’ll bet you anything you remember the “warm” feeling as you stepped outside in what you’d normally consider to be freezing weather.

I’ll get into all this in depth in a later post, but for now, suffice it to say that despite what it may sound like, I ain’t got NOTHING against hot showers. In fact I’ll often turn the shower onto HOT, but – and this is key – only and AFTER only I jump into a cold blast (as cold as it gets anyway).

As an aside, I do remember mentioning 250 pushups in the last post. Should be more like 265 – except the 15 or so “miscellaneous” pushups almost seemed like a spoiler of sorts…

And I’m out – more again tomorrow!


P.S. : – And no, NOT every one of these emails contains a “marketing link”.  Click through on the tabs if you so choose, and “yer shall find”.

I – LITERALLY – have NOTHING left.

Dear reader,

Yes, you read that right. I collapsed on the ground about 85% or so through my workout, and STAYED there for a good few minutes before I mustered up the gumption to “get up” (or “walk up” as it were). That in itself sounds a bit cryptic, doesn’t it?

Amazingly enough though, I don’t feel drained at all, despite the obvious physical exhaustion mentioned above.

I’m pumped – and it’s NOT the “steroid crazed” pump you see in the look of bodybuilders etc. Its a MENTAL pump.

I’m ready to tackle a grizzly if it came charging at me, but perhaps most astoundingly, what I’d do would be to “pat him on the head” and ask him to calm down.

And in the “Zen” like (translation – TRANCE like) state I’m in right now, I could probably hypnotize said grizzly into rolling over and playing ball.

Now, the above might sound like fantasy to you, and while the “grizzly” part is quite obviously a figure of speech, the rest of the stuff, ESPECIALLY the mental part, is anything BUT.

I’m quite literally zoned out at the time of writing this. I seem to vaguely recall a delivery guy knocking on my door but it was a faraway knock (about less than half a foot in reality).

Time stopped, despite my obvious preference for quick workouts. Amazingly enough I look at the clock now, and I’m at 45:34 minutes.

And no, despite the “airy fairy” sounding part of this, what I did ain’t yoga. Some of it may mimic a few yoga stretches (then again, they  may not), but NO, it ain’t yoga by a long shot.

Back to terra firma, I hear you say. Earth to  Rahul! And so forth.

Well, as I’m descending from “cloud nine”, I’ll give you what I did. A 100 squats, followed by a 250 pushup workout – but I really should say “250/3” workout, because I did nothing but three types of pushups in this workout.

“Wrestler” pushups made up about 47-50 of these. The rest were all done “Rahul style”, patented with my own touch as I’ve mentioned in the book.

Actually, I went WAY BEYOND what is mentioned in the book. That’s a story for another day though – however, for now, know that the advanced version of the book is most definitely in the works.

And this relaxed state, this state of utter BLISS my friend can happen to YOU as well, my friend, and it WILL happen if you train the way I advocate in my book.

Speaking of which, I’ll have a testimonials page up on the site, probably within a couple of days or less. Stay tuned for that as well.

All for now!


P.S.: – I should really be as thirsty as a man stranded in the Sahara right about now, and I probably am, but my “trance” like state makes me feel the exact opposite.

P.S. #2 – Still on the fence? Still don’t believe me? Well, be on the outlook for the testimonials page soon, my friend.

P.S. #3 – The videos accompanying the BOOK are right HERE: –

P.PS  #4 – And no, I’m not concerned about typos in this note if any. I’m way more concerned with getting the blood flowing back to my fingers, wrists and forearms, hehe.

Meat grinder forearms

Man, I can barely type! I just got done with my workout, and while I’m buzzing the usual level, my forearms seem to have been put through a pounding from hell – more than they normally get put through!

Ever noticed that “swollen to the bone” feeling after a great grip workout?

Those of you that know the importance of training the grip and actually do so will know what I’m referring to. Of course, your in the minority. Most folks dont even THINK about the grip, and thats a big, big mistake, my friends.

But anyway, my forearms have that exact same feeling going, and get this – without doing a single pull up or a rep of what could be considered to be a “pulling” movement.

Ok, I hear those of y’all that have a copy of 0 Excuses Fitness. I know how you accomplished that!

Well, I don’t blame you for feeling that way – but NO, what I did today is NOT mentioned in 0 Excuses Fitness. In fact most advanced trainees wouldn’t even be able to complete ONE rep of said exercise, and that, my dear readers, is NOT an exaggeration by ANY stretch of the imagination.

It’s one for “0 Excuses Fitness – the advanced version” (I believe I spoke about this in an earlier post a few days ago).

Fingertip pushups? Yes – but NOT the sort you’d think they are.

I’ll give you one, and only one HINT – and that is “finger positioning”.

And no, it’s NOT spreading the fingers wide apart, or taking fingers away!

Anyway, while I let you ponder that one, here’s another great – and FREE workout – that’s NOT mentioned in 0 Excuses Fitness.

Well, it is, actually … But, it’s one of those “golden tips” that is so often overlooked in favor of the “main things”.

And what IS IT?

Well, it’s carrying 20 liter “barrels” of water up and down flights of stairs for multiple times a day. These are the sort of barrels that have a “snout”, so you can actually “grip” them rather than “bear hug” them, which is what most folks do.

And thats what yours truly did for a good portion of the day yesterday.

Arms straight, NO BENDING at the elbow. It’s a version of the farmer’s walk, except a bit tougher made by the fact that that “snout” gets HARDER AND HARDER to grip as time goes by.

Do it, and you’ll see what I mean!

And if you do – well – be on the lookout for some MAJOR league soreness, my friend! Not just in the forearms by the way – you’ll feel your TRAPS SCREAMING at you the next day.

Last, but not least, bear hugging is NOT the best way to do this exercise, despite a) the fact that it may seem like and b) despite the fact that it will “stress the biceps more”. Fact.

And thats it for now. More later!


P.S.  – Do NOT just ignore the “golden nuggets” section in 0 Excuses Fitness! The section has been named what it is for a GOOD REASON!

P.S.#2 – And if your still on the fence about grabbing the book, jump on over NOW –

On the CLOCK

On the clock – yet again! Too much to get done, and seemingly little or  no time in which to do so.

So, I didn’t even have the 30 or so minutes I normally take for my workout. Had a sum total of 15 minutes, and believe it or not, I got a pretty severe pounding in those 15 minutes. Not near what I normally do, but man oh man, that buzz is going full BLAST!

As for what I did, all I did was pushups, and just 2 variations, 50 reps of each.

Took me about 9 minutes total, 1 minute of which was spent doing 50 squats.

And I’m hammered, but NOT exhausted. Not by a long damn shot.

And the main thing is I feel GREAT!!

Ok, so it’s been about 2 minutes since I started to type this. I’d say more, but I’m rushed for time. Got about 5 minutes to shower before I head out, hehe.

More later!


P.S.: – The book  will give you plenty of quick and dirty (as well as a few long) workouts you can do! Grab it right HERE: –

Join me in my living room

… my friend, as I take you through the WORKOUT from HELL!

My forearms are so sore while I’m typing this that I’m accidentally missing letters etc while typing. All WITHOUT DOING A SINGLE PULL-UP or  what are commonly referred to as “grip workouts”.

The key thing I’m selling, and the key fact to note about my book is that as the name states, there are literally NO EXCUSES!

You literally need nothing but your own living room, or just a few square feet of space to get the WORKOUT of your LIFE.

In my videos you’ll see there is no equipment in my living room whatsoever, except for a yoga mat that cost me less than $5 USD, and you don’t even need that to begin with. A pillow (as shown in my videos, again) is ALL you need.

NO pull -up bars.

NO “Ron Simmons”, and certainly NO SPANDEX, hehe. If anything I’m wearing an old workout vest and shorts, and guess what, I would not trade those for the WORLD.

No  mirrors to preen and pose and “admire my spread” (no puns intended, haha).

And yet, I’m BUZZED within 40 minutes FLAT, and that is NOT an exaggeration.

Join me in my living room my friend, and I’ll give you the same effect within 20 minutes flat.

Very best,


P.S: – In case you didnt know, I’m running a special on the videos right now. You can get the book for free when you order the videos. Run over here NOW to grab ’em: –

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P.P.S #2: – Though the video depicts a workout from hell, what I do often times is even tougher, and YES, I finish within 30 minutes or less. For more on that, stay tuned for “0 Excuses Fitness – the ADVANCED version”.

8 minutes as of typing this. I’m out!