Puffin’ and Buffin’

Dear Reader,

I spoke about “puff’n’buff” workouts a few posts ago, and today I came across a laddie in the local park doing just THAT.

I was out there to complete a set of dips – 50 dips, to be precise – and that was but one part of my workout.

His puffin and buffin routine though included not one – not two – but THREE exercises, all great ones if done correctly – and his routine (or least the bulk of it) ended BEFORE my one set of 50.

What was he up to, you ask?

Pull-ups – except these were done by “kicking” up to the pull-up position in the most awful manner imaginable – going down in a  jerky sort of motion, and then “swinging” himself back. Can only marvel at the fact he’s still got a pair of working shoulders left …

Pushups – done in a bouncy fashion – going about two inches down and about one inch up – and I think about 25 or so “reps” were completed in this manner before the guy took off his black T-shirt and started to flex his (non existent) teeny weeny pecks (and yes, I misspelt that on purpose, hehe).

And the very last exercise on this list was dips – and the way in which he did ’em almost made lost control towards the end of my own set of 50 – done in proper manner, ALL the way up, and most of the way down as I teach in Shoulders like Boulders.

Not to mention the imaginary grunts, “puff’s”, and forced howls he was emitting through the workout. You’d think the guy was lifting Everest by the way he was bawling in between “reps” …

Now at this point you’re probably wondering as to why  exactly I’m so against puffin’ and buffin’.

Nothing fundamentally wrong with being buff, is there? And given what  I say about deep breathing and it’s merits, well, nothing wrong with puffing up a storm either is there?

Well – NO – but here’s the point, my friend.

Puff’n’buff routines, despite their moniker, do NEITHER of what they imply they do.

They’re so easy that you don’t even break a sweat in hot humid weather when you do ’em – and therefore there is no puffing other than artificial “forced” gasps for show.

And consequently, there is no “buff”. To get buff, you gotta PUFF – pant and PESPIRE – and work HARD!

Oh well. At least dude was on the right track in that he was at least doing bodyweight stuff as opposed to something even worse which is the “chrome plated” routines going on most of the chrome’n’fern palaces these days.

Not only are these routines utterly useless in terms of building lasting/functional strength – they’re also DANGEROUS, my friend.

Chrome plated routines are exactly what they say – plated with chrome, but with a hollow core inside. They focus on muscle size to the exclusion of just about everything else – hence all the injuries that occur when doing bench presses, heavy squats, deadlifts, and so forth.

But back to the functional part of it.

Striated shoulders, for instance might look good in the mirror when you’re all “pumped” at the end of the set # XXXXX (and probably oiled up as well), but they’ll do next to nothing for you if you’ve gotta carry Grandma up a flight of steep stairs, for instance.

I’ve seen bodybuilders with massive bloated pectoral muscles  that struggled to carry a couch – DOWN a flight of stairs – ONE flight. In fact, even picking up the darn thing was too much for those muscles – and believe me, I’ve seen this on MORE than one occasion.

Or take for instance, the pumping and puffing going on at the lat pulldown machine – another utterly useless machine that focuses on the exact opposite you should be focusing upon which is pulling UP instead of “pushing down” with your fanny parked on a soft seat.

And as far as bodyweight exercises go?

Well, while you’d think those massive shoulders would breeze through bodyweight stuff, the opposite is true. Those shoulders often collapse within a matter of SECONDS when put through the MOST basic of bodyweight routines – – let alone advanced routines.

The reverse though is not true. Take a guy that can bang out 50 plus pull-ups in the gym – and put him on the lat pulldown – and after a bit of “getting used to the thing” – he’ll be pumping out reps effortlessly – before kicking the thing in disgust and moving back to the REAL deal.

Still don’t believe me? Still think I’m wrong?

Well, take the biggest, strongest dude at your gym – that guy that cranks out lateral raises or bench presses regularly and for enormous poundages.

Ask him to do a set of 10 STRICT pull-ups in proper form and see if he can do ’em.

I’ll bet you my bottom dollar he can’t.

Last, but not least, if you’re part of the gang that (even after reading all this) still believes that puffin, buffin, pumping and toning – with the bros no less – is the way to go, well, no arguments from me, amigo.

I can but take that horse to the water – but I can NOT make it drink.

Other hand – if you’re ready to make the quantum leap into REAL fitness – and REAL strength – – well – then – I’m right HERE for you!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Some of you reading this have already invested in my initial course on pull-ups, and have written back to tell me how your pull-ups have increased. That’s GREAT, GREAT news, fellas – but the even better news is that you can improve WAY more. My advanced course on pull-ups “Pull-ups from STUD to SUPER STUD within a matter of weeks” has workouts that’ll make the average puffer and buffer RUN for the hills – and FAST – on a motorized scooter, of course, hehe. Grab it right here – – https://0excusesfitness.com/pull-ups-stud-to-super-stud-within-weeks/

Wondrous are the ways of the Universe, my friend

Dear Reader,

Those of you that read yesterday’s dispatch will no doubt be aware of the “emergencies” I referred to – and the “counter measures” I took to resolve it.

Well, after I sent you that email, it was back to work for me. Text messages. Finding solutions. Workable ones. Et al.

But though I engaged in a lot of “conscious” effort (“trying”) – the complete opposite of what I did in the morning, of course – the solution didn’t quite come to me.

And at around 7:15 P.M. or so I let it go – and figured I’d let the problem be for now. True, it was an emergency of sorts, and true, I couldn’t “let it be” forever, but ’twas time to step back, my friend – and resume “living in the moment” as it were.

And mysteriously, out of nowhere a solution to the issue occurred around 8:45 or so P.M. – in a manner that I LEAST expected it to manifest.

I’m not going to get into the details here my friend, but suffice it say that when you connect with the Universe via deep breathing and focused thought as I advocate – you do NOT “force” the Universe to “grant” you your wishes in any specific manner.

You make the wish – correctly – and you let it go – and you TRUST – in divine faith.

You TRUST that your goals will be accomplished – though in what manner that accomplishment might manifest is a different topic altogether – and one we “mere mortals” can NOT predict.

Lest you think any of this is an isolated incident, think again. While I was working out outdoors the other day a bird shat on me – something that had not happened for a while, and the old good luck semblances instantly flew into my mind.

But as my “rational” mind dismissed them – the subconscious didn’t – and sure enough, that day was one of good luck – although NOT again in the form you might expect!

So the central dispatch of today’s email is this – breathe deeply – CONNECT with the  Universe – and most importantly, learn to “live in the moment” and “let go”.

Along with that, notice also the subtle signs the Universe is sending you ALL the time – things most people don’t even notice.

For instance, I’ve had birds chirping outside my house all day long today (despite it being a dreary rainy day) and one of these creatures was right outside my kitchen window – something that hasn’t happened in ages – and was chirping SO insistently that it was trying to send me a signal – though of what I have no idea.

We’ll see, my friend. We’ll see. For now, yours truly is living in the moment and resting and recuperating from several strenous workouts and days prior – but he’ll be back at it tomorrow for sure!

Maybe I’ll go get a massage – a.k.a a “0 Excuses” style massage. Massage by the way is a great physical healer and something I highly recommend – so much so that I’ve devoted an entire Chapter to it in the System.

Last, but NOT least, lest you think fitness doesn’t fit into this anywhere – well – I’ve got this to tell you -you’re wrong.

Much of the “miracle” that occured yesterday was down to me “living int he moment” and a huge, huge part of that was deep breathing and my workout after that.

When you’re doing exercises like I mention in the System, you cannot HELP but start to be more connected to the Universe, my friend – and this truism holds even truer when you’re engaged in a focused pushup workout.

None more so than the “wrestler” (Hindu) pushups, reverse pushups, table pushups, and of course the KING of them all – the “best darn exercise there is”.

Dive into all this today, my friend – and start reaping all the wondrous benefits that are out there waiting for you!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – By the way, none of this means you don’t need to take ACTION to accomplish your goals. Thoughts without actions are like an empty vessel making noise – NOT what you want to communicate to the Universe. If you’ve got a goal of dropping X lbs from your frame quickly – – or perhaps getting better at pull-ups – – or getting the fittest you’ve EVER been – – well, then – the first step to take to accomplish these and many other goals is to invest in the System, my friend. Do so right here – – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

The greatest port in the world

Dear Reader,

Was confronted by a couple of “crisis” situations this morning biz wise and on the personal front – both situations which would probably (and on the surface, rightfully so) send the average person into a state of panic and foreboding.

Funnily enough, or maybe not so – my reaction to these situations was the exact OPPOSITE of what you’d think I’d do in the aforementioned sort of situation.

No “harried” texts to confidantes. No “panicked” calls to family. No “doom and gloom” scenarios (after the initial “shock” of the situation – I simply “erased the doom and gloom off the slate” as it were by using some simple mind techniques).

So no, none of the above. In fact, and perhaps most amazingly of all I did NOTHING other than carry out a few instinctual (and correct) actions – do some deep breathing 0 Excuses style – – and I then headed out for an outdoors workout – – again — you guessed it – – 0 Excuses style.

This accomplished the following: –

One, it allowed me to get in the best workout I’ve had in recent times – despite it being a gloomy, rainy day outside.

Two, and more importantly, it allowed me to continue to do what I do normally which is to “live in the moment”. This, my friend, is key to living life as it SHOULD be lived – in a state of flow – without stress.

Yes, you heard that right – we are NOT – I repeat NOT – “bound” to live lives of stress despite external events/occurences!

Living in the moment is basically how your inbuilt creative mechanism was programmed to respond, my friend – and it is how it reacts BEST.

It can NOT react to what will, might ,or  can happen. It can only react to what is happening NOW i.e. in the moment.

Though I do not yet have the solution to the situation, a number of possible solutions are already popping up in mind as I write this to you. My creative system was freed up to do it’s thing by  living in the moment which of course is the key to activating your subconscious to search for the best solution/reaction to the situation at hand.

A friend of mine, “Uncle Bob” (I’ve mentioned him before in my emails) was once in a situation where he was dead broke, had NO credit and had lost his job a while ago with nothing new on the horizon.

A recruiter called him one day while he was reclining on the porcelain throne, and his wife asked the lady to call him back in a few.

“I don’t have time for that”, was the rather curt response the lady gave. “If he wants it bad enough, he’ll answer now!”

“Honey, this lady is calling …” called his wife out in a state of semi-panic.

And though you might think “Uncle” would rush up from the throne to answer the phone – he didn’t.

“Do I really need it that badly??”

“Is is THAT important that it can’t wait a few minutes?”

That was what he told me when he later told me about it – and THAT is an example of living in the moment and reacting to what is happening NOW.

By doing so, he convinced himself that HE was the master of his destiny – not the other way around!

That’s not to say planning for the future is not required. It is – but in order to do that, you need to reach where I reached in point #3 …

Third, it allowed me to reach the GREATEST port in the world mentally.

What is this, you might ask?

Well, the below quote says it better than I ever could: –

Psycho-Cybernetics is a term I coined which means, ‘Steering your mind to a productive, useful goal …. so you can reach the greatest port in the world … peace of mind. With it, you’re somebody. Without it, you’re nothing.'”

Dr. Maxwell Maltz, author of the renowned bestseller Psycho-Cybernetics

Truer words were never spoken, my friend – and these words hold as true today as in 1960 when Dr. Maltz first published this book.

I’ve recommended this book ad infinitum in many of my emails/posts, and I do so yet again today. If you haven’t already grabbed a copy – – do so TODAY. It literally has the potential to turn your life around in ways you never imagined possible.

Anyway, living in the moment is one of the keys to achieving peace of mind, my friend – and THAT ultimately is what leads to the best response to whatever situation you are currently in/facing.

All the plans in the world and all the reactions are of little use if the person undertaking them does not do so with a calm, focused bent of mind – a mind focused on the DESIRABLE as opposed to what the vast majority do i.e. carry out these actions with a mind focused upon the undesirable.

And so it goes, my friend – and the greatest takeaway I can offer you from today’s email it this – LIVE in the moment – and PRACTICE doing so on a daily basis. I guarantee you’ll never be disappointed.

Last, but not least, where does fitness fit into all this?

Well, the great part about the 0 Excuses Fitness System (other than the deep breathing which connects you to the Universe) is this – you are left with little or NO chance of having crisis situations in terms of not being able to workout.

All you need is you – your body – and a floor – and you’re set, my friend. Doesn’t matter if you’re traveling. Doesn’t matter if there are no chrome ‘n fern palaces around. Doesn’t matter if the dog tore up your yoga mat. Yada, nada, schnada.

The System ensures that you’re ALL good when it comes to fitness – and not only that – the deep feeling of contentment and physical “connectedness” to the Universe you feel after these routines is second to NONE – and anyone that’s done the pushups – namely, the “best” darn exercise there is – KNOWS what I’m talking about.

Give it a shot, my friend – – and experience the bliss yourself!


Rahul Mookerjee

The ex-Marine I met in China

Dear Reader,

Let’s hark back to last year – July 2017, to be specific.

‘Twas about the middle of July IIRC – – or perhaps the beginning – I’m not too sure. Actually, it was probably about the beginning of July.

It was yet another sultry, hot and humid day in Southern China – capped off by the daily evening thunderstorm which made things a little bit better.

And amidst this thunderstorm, yours truly had a biz appointment to keep – so off he went, hoping the Rain Gods would relent.

And they seemed to relent as I arrived at the gate of the place I was doing biz at (or going to, at any rate before I backed out of it) – and I saw a tall strapping “young” man standing at the gate looking around him with an attentive, yet probing demeanor.

He had the air of a man that’s “been there and done that” – – something you can NOT fake, and something which instantly communicated itself to me – along with the sheer physicality of the man I’m referring to.

A 6’1″ behomoth of a man this was – with NOT a shred of extra fat or poundage. If anything he was a lean, mean, actual fighting MACHINE – with the upper body strength and “look” to boot as well, and something clicked in my brain instantly.

Two and two added up, and in a flash I figured out who he was. He was someone I had spoken to casually before online, but it never went further than that – and yet – now that I saw him, I KNEW this was the person – and the fact I had seen his profile picture had nothing to do with it.

It was that “something” that communicated itself to me. That “look in the eye”  – – that EYE of the TIGER that the guy had – and as I moved forward to shake his hand, I spoke.

“Hey, man! You must be <insert name” …”, and I gripped his hand with what I knew was a firm (to say the least) handshake.

“Yes, I am!” came the clipped response, and it wasn’t just the clipped, precise nature of the response that instantly led me to believe this guy was either in the military or ex-military.

No – it was the HANDSHAKE that did!

This man literally did something no-one has ever done in ages – – which is to INSTINCTIVELY respond to my own (admittedly strong) grip with a literal bonecrusher of his own – and an unwitting “pull” of his own in his own direction, and as I shook hands with him, I knew this was the real deal.

And sure enough, as we got to talking – and as we rapidly developed a close friendship I learnt this guy was ex special Forces – an ex Marine, to be exact. Marine Recon.

Other than the few online conversations we’d had before I had also seen this guy jogging up and down the mountain that I myself climb on a regular basis – and done, mind you, at the SAME time I did it at – which was during the afternoon heat/humidity.

This man truly DOES have a Gorilla Grip, and is most certainly the closest human equivalent of an adult male silverback gorilla that I have met for years anywhere in the world – and that is precisely why I’ve mentioned him in the actual manual as well.

As another mutual friend of ours put it “He’s a BEAST!”

And he is – and the reason I mention this is not so much to draw parallels between man and gorilla – but to point out that this BEAST status was not obtained by the methods most people would believe it’s obtained by.

In fact, believe it or not, this beast status was obtained by the simple and rigorous use of bodyweight exercises – done for high reps – and done correctly.

Bodyweight stuff. Pushups. Pull-ups. Climbing ropes. And though he’s carried many a heavy object in his life, dumbells and seated arm curls are probably the last thing on his mind if and when he were to enter a commercial “chrome ‘n fern” palace a.k.a gym.

Amazingly enough, these same exercises are ignored by the vast majority of the populace that treat them as either a “cool down” or “warm up”, the meat and potatoes of their workout being the absolutely asinine pumpin’ and buffin’ that you see going on at the local gyms.

And it’s these same people that then complain about bodyweight exercises “being too easy” – or “not working” – when in reality they’re either too lazy or inept to knock out even ONE rep of some of the stuff that really works!

Marines and special forces all over the world develop that brute strength and amazing physical conditioning NOT by sitting around in commercial gyms, my friend.

Boxers don’t develop that strong punch of theirs by doing bench presses. Wrestlers don’t develop their crushing grip strength and amazing pulling ability by puffing out a few half ass reps on the lat pulldown machine.

And so on and so forth. The list goes on, and on and on.

Deep down inside though, all men aspire NOT to “pump and tone” or “puff ‘n buff” with the bros at the gym. They desire BEAST statusunstoppable brute STRENGTH and power – and conditioning to boot.

In short – a human machine – as Mother Nature intended you to be, my friend.

And the way to get there is to DROP the puffin and buffin routines that most people partake of in the local gyms.

Prancing around after a set of curls and posing for pics with the bros may get you a few backslaps and brews at the local bar, but it’ll do next to nothing in terms of building lasting health, strength and inner vitality.

If you really want that “look” – that “eye of the tiger” – then do what folks that HAVE it do on a REGULAR basis, my friend – that being BODYWEIGHT exercises  –  done RIGHT!

And no, this isn’t just a sales pitch – – this is TRUE, my friend. Nothing compares to the sheer power of these exercises – – NOTHING at all. If you don’t believe, take a gander right HERE and check it out for yourself!

Ok, thats enough “huffing and puffing” for now, hehe. I’ll be back to puff again later and blow the house down!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I DO realize that a lot of folks reading this will be content to go on about their merry pumpin and toning, puffing and buffing ways – and guess what. Thats fine. ‘Tis all good, my friend. It’s ALLLLL good – – so good in fact that I may indeed do a “puff ‘n buff” special in an email soon. Be on the outlook for that!

P.S #2 – In the meantime though, here is the link you need to SPRINT on to right now – – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

Who to take advice from – and who NOT to

Dear reader,

Many moons ago, I was a young lad of around 14 or 15 – STILL trying to pack on some much  needed beef to my upper arms and shoulders to “match” the other guys at school that were far bigger than me.

And though I did everything under the sun – including follow a lot of ridiculous advice given to me by (in most cases) people that were the complete opposite of the ideal I was hoping to achieve – it never happened.

Case in point being my Dad telling me that “curling 5 kg weights” repetitively for reps would make my muscles much stronger – if I did it for 15 minutes at a time.

I still can’t help but laugh when I think of this – NOT only because he himself has never ever been anywhere near fit in his whole life – but mostly because yours truly accepted that advice, and actually thought it would work.

Did it work at the time? Well, I’ll let you figure it out – but this pattern continued with me for quite a while.

Many of you know that I’m a writer, and have written a lot OUTSIDE the fitness area – and a lot of my work has been done with other publishers.

And guess what – NONE of any of that really allowed me to blossom – or take me anywhere near the ultimate goal I was looking to achieve at the time.

What really turned my life around was reading Pyscho Cybernetics – an immortal classic available on Amazon and elsewhere – a book which quite literally changed the way I think from the INSIDE out.

After that point, one of the things I started to do was reject advice from all excepting those who had DONE what I wanted to do – and I did everything I could to learn from these people – and learn about their lives in general.

And it was only then that things started to work for me and my life started to turn around in ALL areas, my friend. ALL areas.

When it comes to fitness, if you’re tired of not having time to go to the gym – or frustrated by the lack of progress – or are looking for a quicker and better solution – and have thus invested in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, one of the first things that’ll happen is folks that have never DONE any of it will come up to you and start offering “advice”.

“Oh, those squats! I heard those were bad for the knees”

“Handstand pushups! You’ll never be able to do those – and they’re bad for the shoulders!”

“500 pushups does nothing for strength!”

And so on and so forth and other such ridiculous advice given by those who have never actually PRACTISED what they so ignorantly preach.

Would you take advice on learning how to swim from someone that does not know how to?

Would you learn a foreign language from someone that has no clue on how to speak – let alone teach – it?

Would you take advice on diet from someone that pounds six – or 12 packs on a nightly basis?

I didn’t think so, my friend.

Amazingly enough these very same “experts” that dispense advice seemingly freely, willy nilly, ad infinitum on topics they have VERY LITTLE (if at all) REAL knowledge of, will turn away when asked for a logical explanation – complete with experiences – as to WHY said exercises won’t work.

Even more amazingly, these same people harbor desires of doing the very same thing internally – but are actually “scared” of getting to that level – and this inner battle manifests itself in said negativity towards actual doers.

Case in point being handstand pushups – anyone claiming they’re dangerous has never actually gotten to any sort of level where they can claim proficiency and be qualified to dispense advice galore.

Everyone, their mama, and their dog seems to be handing out fitness advice – and you, my friend, would be WELL advised to ignore all but advise that comes from those that have been there and done that.

I categorically state on my site as well as most of the product pages that there was a time in my life I was not only overweight – but OBESE.

“From 120 kgs – > 60 kgs”, and so forth.

You’d be hard pressed to find this stated on the sites of the vast majority of fitness “experts” or “gurus” out there.

And yet, I have no qualms about saying it – and WHY?

Because not only does it show the efficacy of what I’m telling YOU to do – I’m 100% PLUS qualified to tell you to do these things because – I’ve been there – and done that.

So if you’re looking to get past a 100 straight squats, ask someone whose been there and done that as opposed to the gym rat furiously pushing away at the leg press.

If you’re looking to get better at pushups, Jane Fonda is probably NOT the best person to ask, methinks.

And if you’re looking to get better at pull-ups – – well – – again, the person best qualified to tell you how to get there is someone that’s been in the trenches in that regard.

So that’s today’s tip. Be very picky indeed about whose advice you take as “gospel”. It might just be one of the best things you can do for yourself!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Pull-ups are one of those topics EVERYONE and their mama has an “opinion” about, but few adults are anywhere near “good” at pull-ups – let alone do more than a few reps in a workout if even that. However, you CAN get to elite status at these – and it’s NOT as hard as you might think if you’ve got the right tools. And the perfect tool in this regard is right HERE – – https://0excusesfitness.com/pull-ups-from-dud-to-stud-within-a-matter-of-weeks/


When someone says “never”

Dear Reader,

I cannot on both hands and more count the number of times someone has smugly  looked at me and (ignorantly) proclaimed “it will never happen”.

Or, “you’ll never be able to get that”. Or, “you can’t do that”.

Yada, nada, schnada – and though “never” is the most commonly used negative term, you can replace it with any other similar term of your choice – so long as the drift of the statement remains the same.

When I was a young skinny 10 year old desperately trying to pack muscle on to my frame, my mother routinely shook her head upon looking at me (and NOT in a nice manner) and proclaimed “Oh, Rahul thinks he’s so strong!  Look at him!”

“You’ll never be good at soccer”.

“You’ll never be able to run a business. You need to work a full time job!”

And so forth. There were other utterly idiotic and inane statements by NOT just my mother – or family – that I could mention here but one of that sticks out in mind (and that I laugh at every time I hear) is that “he’s impractical”, or  “he’s a dreamer”.

And though I used to get “angry” at said statement, when this happens nowadays I just smile at the person and say “Ok, thanks so much for that bit of wisdom!”

And believe me, there is NO sarcasm involved there – if anything a touch of pity for the poor fella who nary does he know that telling Rahul “never” might as well put a seal of approval on what he / she deemed “never” to happen.

Dreamers over the ages, my friend – are the reason our world is at the state of civilization it is TODAY.

Henry Ford dreamt of motor cars long before anyone else did – and though his dreams were routinely ridiculed and laughed at – without that dream, and the ensuing success many years later, we might still be riding around the world in horse driven carriages.

Marconi was, believe it or not, deemed to be a lunatic when he first proposed and started working upon the idea of a wireless – and was taken, quite literally, to a shrink at the looney tune bin to be examined.

Ditto for Thomas Edison, Napoleon Hill, and ANYONE throughout the ages that’s achieved anything of note, my friend.

And this holds true for fitness as much as it does for life.

When you first start to reach for the stars – or take that first step in terms  of accomplishing your dreams – or goals – the whole world (or most of it) will mysteriously suddenly start telling you “it can’t be done”.

And the more unbelievable the goal is, the more this will happen. Case in point being the Mighty Atom flying outside an airplane by his hair alone. I kinda doubt most would have supported that goal to begin with …


Well, the sheer act of resolving to accomplish any worthy goal – and then DOING it – puts you into a very elite category, my friend.

Most people are day dreamers as opposed to “practical dreamers” – and the minute someone “climbs out of that negative cesspool” they either consciously or subconsciously do their best to “draw you back in”.

And in most cases, it’s people that are supposed to be the closest to you that will act this way.

IMO, it’s best NOT to tell anyone your goals – and if you do – and if they’re met with derision – do NOT make the mistake of expounding negative energy in the form of any angry reaction.

Smile – and nod your head – and move along – and then ACCOMPLISH that goal, my friend!

And so when it comes to fitness, if you’re currently at “beached whale” status, but yet aspire to one day achieve “ripped abs” or “bulging biceps” or “massive shoulders” status – well – guess what.

KUDOS to you for having that goal. It’s indeed a worthy one – but you’re better off NOT telling anyone else about it.

Instead, quietly resolve and make a promise to yourself that you’ll get started on that journey – NOW.

Crack the System open, start implementing what’s been said, and the flab will start to fly off as quickly as the muscle starts to pile on.

And it’ll be at this point that the negativity you’ll face will be at it’s zenith, as the “neighsayers” neigh on, desperately trying to drag you back into the cesspool.

“Oh, those are just bodyweight exercises”.

“Oh, that’s too easy to work!”

“Oh, you can’t possibly get a workout in your living room in less than 15 minutes!”

Foeey. Baloney. Bananas. Fiddlesticks. And so forth …

And once you reach a certain level, my friend – ALL of this will be replaced by admiration – first grudging – and then OUTRIGHT.

There are few, if ANY people today who would believe me if I told them I was insanely unfit at one stage in life.

In fact a recent client of mine looked me up and down incredulously when I said that.

“You?? Unfit?? Oh, come on, man! I know that ain’t true!”

Yet, years ago, these same people would laughed in my face if I said I’d become as fit as a racehorse – and stay that way. Or if I had told them I’d quit smoking cold turkey. Or run any sort of online biz – or – most of all – FOLLOW my passion – and my dreams!

And yet – here we are today, now … and well, enough said, hehe. I think you get my drift?

Moral of today’s story – when someone says “never” – acknowledge it as an impending sign of the thing that was “never” supposed to be happen to be on it’s way.

Ok, my friend. Thats it for today. I just done with a 250 *2 pushup workout plus pull-ups – – and I’m starving right about now. Off for some victuals.

Crank ON!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Godzilla shoulders

Dear Reader,

WHAT a workout it was today – indeed one to write home about – and that is PRECISELY what I’m gonna do here.

Wow. Just WOW. I  mean my forearms are literally zinging with energy up and down an hour or so after I write this – not to mention my entire upper arm, which seems like someone has taken a beating to it – in a GOOD way – especially the triceps, which seem to be swollen to triple their size right about now.

My core feels like it’s been pulverized – hammered – smashed – what have you – especially the upper abs, my friend, and I can still “feel” them with each deep breath I take as I’m writing this to you.

But all of this, my brother, PALES in comparison to how my shoulders feel – and they feel about as close to “King Kong” (or Godzilla, or GORILLA) shoulders that a man can get.

I usually workout with my shirt off, and then throw it back on after my workout – and though it’s always a struggle to get the arms in through the T-shirt – it was NIGH impossible today for a few minutes at least.

I’m not kidding. It felt like I would rip right through the shirt as I put it on, and though I finally managed it, it’s still “sticking” to me in a most “skin like” manner – – and it’ll be another battle to get it OFF if you know what I mean.

(note to manufacturers – – clothes sizes are meaningless for those that workout regularly – – gorilla style – – we need a blend of XXXL shoulders and “S” taper around the waist).

That above bit is never gonna happen, of course – but all of this, my friend – has come about as  a direct result of just ONE workout – workout #1, I believe in Battletank Shoulders.

ONE workout – with mainly TWO exercises – – and believe me and trust me later, these two exercises are NOT the ones you’d normally think of.

And they sure as heck ain’t done the way most people would think they’re done – and NOT as most “experts” (including the vast majority of so called personal trainers at the gym) recommend.

Most trainees, gym goers, and people in general have been sold a big fat bill of goods on what it takes to build the shoulders (and the upper body).

We’re laboring under the misimpression that “lateral raises” done for reps and sets are the best way to build those “striated” and “cannonball like” shoulders.

A massive misconception if I might say so.  This, without doubt ranks right up there with another common misnomer  – that being that the bench is the most accurate measure of upper body strength.

Let me tell you right now, there are few more unnatural movements than the above two – specifically the lateral raise. Can you tell me one single “everyday” or natural movement you make which mirrors the form used in this exercises – not to mention with heavy weights that literally destroy the shoulder joints due to the unnatural angles?

This one exercise is responsible for injuries galore, including, but NOT limited to shoulder/nerve impingement, scapulae issues, rotator cuff problems and trap pain – to name but a few.

And then of course you’ve got the gym bros oiling up, pumping, toning, and taking selfies in front of the mirror after each set – quickly, at that, let the “pump” fade.

And that above bit is a fact, my friend. Most of those unnatural looking pics are taken right after an artificial pump which fades about as quickly as it’s arrived.

Fooey, I say. Baloney. Fiddlesticks.

ALL of that is NOTHING combined with the Battletank Shoulders workout that I put myself through – and that’s just the first one.

It’ll build strength and size like an adult male silverback gorilla – and you’ll retain the size as opposed to what happens in the gym (or once you stopping taking the “roids”).

Still don’t believe me, even after the “eyewitness” account I’ve given you here and in the past? Still think the juiced up monsters at the gym preening and posing got it what it takes?

Well, here’s the acid test, my friend.

Take any of those body(booby) builders – or the average gym goer – or weight pumper – and ask him to get through even ONE round of the exercises mentioned in ANY of the workouts in the book I just mentioned above.

Hell, I’ll go one better – ask the average bodybuilder to even HOLD position – in perfect form – on any of the exercises for more than 30 seconds.

And I’ll be a monkey’s uncle and a horse’s ass if said gentlemen even MAKE it to holding the position – let alone for time – without collapsing in a heap or worse …

… in other words, it ain’t-a-gonna happen, my friend. It just won’t happen.

On the other hand, YOU, my friend – will be the ENVY of these folks as you effortlessly pound out rep after rep of the exercises I mentioned above.

The pumpers and toners will stop their preening and posing, and stare goggle eyed at the workouts YOU are doing.

YOU will develop Godzilla like upper body strength – and be “loaded for bear”, to put it one way – and WILL have the physique to match as well.

In short, they’ll start calling you the BEAST at the gym – – an unstoppable force of nature – – and THAT, my friend, along all the other obvious benefits is worth the entire price of admission methinks.

So don’t delay any longer. If you’re serious about building ungodly levels of upper body strength, then click on over right NOW to get your paws one of the best upper body courses there is out there.

I’ll see you on the “other side”!



P.S. – Along with a Godzilla like core, make sure to strip off every last bit of flab on that midsection too my friend – so that those corrugated ridges of muscle along your midsection will be clearly visible to you – and everyone else as well. Forget the beach boy look. Dump the “six pack” look. You’ll never be ashamed about taking your shirt off at the beach again after you combine with the above with a healthy dose of what is found HERE – – 0excusesfitness.com/advanced-hill-training/


In one end, out the other

Dear Reader,

As I was doing my pull-ups today, I saw a young fella in the park doing some stretches, pushups, dips (well, his own version of them anyway, hehe) – and what not.

This young lad is part of the crowd that works out with me outdoors (when I do) – and as he went about his stretches, I noticed something wierd – funny, even – but unfortunately NOT all that uncommon here in mainland China (and perhaps the ROW as well in many regards).

He was puffing away at the proverbial cancer stick galore – this too WHILE stretching.

He’d puff out on the way “down” while touching his toes, and would take a deep, long, “wheezy” inhale on the way up, and this would continue through the rest of the stretches and then some.

And in the midst of his sets he’d pause to – you guessed it, check his smartphone – and wheeze away on the cancer stick once again until he was ready for set #2.

Now, sad part here is this – this young lad (probably no more than 26 or so) – in the PRIME of his life – was doing most things RIGHT.

Sure, his pull-ups need work – dem “half swing pull-ups” ain’t gonna cut it. And dips done “hanging on top of the bar for dear life and swinging an inch down” style won’t cut it either.

But, he shows up every morning – bang on time – which is more than what most people do.

He goes through his (albeit somewhat flawed) routine – but at least he does SOMETHING – daily – again, more than what the giant majority of the populace do.

But that one mistake is screwing it all up, my friend. Instead of puffing away on Mother Nature’s air – and obviously LIFE giving oxygen, he’s actually doing the exact opposite.

And though the wheezing might not have turned into a cough as of yet – it probably will down the line if he keeps up this habit.

It’s akin to pouring water into a glass at full force – a glass with a hole in the bottom. Will the glass ever fill up – despite the steady and often times gushing flow of water into it?

I think not, my friend.

This same sort of thing holds true for those that choose to go “bottoms up” after hard workouts – that too on an almost daily basis – and YES, you’d be surprised at the number of people that workout hard and do this almost daily.

Or, those that think it’s OK to binge on greasy fat laden pizzas and cheesy “delicacies” – or sweets – right after one’s workout as a meal, thinking “I deserve it. I’ve burnt the calories, and I’m hungry as a horse!”

And then these same people stop and wonder why those love handles never do disappear completely …

None of the above activities increase your health and fitness levels one bit. The only thing they do increase is time spent either on the porcelain throne or the doctor’s chambers – take your pick.

Burning the candle at both ends does NOT work, my friend – – at least NOT for the long term.

Jack La Lanne once famously said that “Exercise is king and nutrition is queen. Together they form a kingdom”.

There is great wisdom and truth in them above words, and you’d do well to pay heed – as well as incorporate this philosophy into YOUR life.

Back in the day, yours truly had the habit of going through a pack of more cigarettes a day – and this continued well after I started working out regularly.

Like the young man above, I was doing many things right – but for whatever reason, my stamina just wouldn’t improve – and that hill, as I’ve mentioned, would kick me in the RUMPUS each and every time I puffed up it.

I quit smoking around the age of 25 – cold turkey, by the way. None of that “weaning off” nonsense – thats for weenies. If you gotta do something –  just do it full bore or not at all is what I say.

And my stamina – and general health and well being levels shot up almost instantly, and I started to improve far quicker after that.

True, exercise – specifically BODYWEIGHT exercises done the way I teach in the System ARE the #1 KEY to burning fat off and packing muscle on to your frame in the quickest time possible – and also to improve your general state of health and well being tremendously.

True, exercise – done CORRECTLY – is what starts the engine, and keeps the fat furnace ON at full blast, my friend.

All the same – you cannot outtrain a bad diet – and you cannot “outlive” burning the candle at both ends either.

Tis a truism, and one you’d do well to bear in mind.

Last, but not least, I realize there are those that will gleefully read this dispatch and merrily consign it to the “dustbins” of their mind.

“After all, it can’t possibly apply to me, can it? I train way too hard for that!”

And if that’s what  you think, no problemo, amigo. ‘Tis really not my biz to dictate how you choose to live your life – but what I CAN do is tell you the next best thing to incorporate into your routine along with your poison of choice.

And that next best thing is what I teach you in the Advanced Hill Training System.

This System truly WILL show you how you can drop fat and melt lard off your frame at mindboggling speeds – even while partaking of all the unhealthy “indulgences” I’ve mentioned above and more.

And of course – if you choose to blend these routines in with the healthful practices as described in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, then more power to you, my friend. You’ll be on the road to super stud status in no time at all!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Success hangs with success

Dear Reader,

Just got done having lunch with one of my best friends here in China – and it was a big ole juicy hamburger – with fries – and salad – the works.

Funnily enough we were supposed to eat pizza – pizza at the pizzeria which I mentioned a few emails (or weeks ago).

You remember that one, don’t you? The unprofessional nature of the biz was such that I mentioned it in my daily emails as the type of business you do NOT want to be dealing with – and the type of business which God only knows how stays afloat (to a degree, at least).

I mean a pizza place ignoring customer requests for toppings – and brazenly? Uhhh … not exactly the best way to go about things!

And that callous attitude repeated itself today. My buddy had booked a place there a few days ago – had confirmed it up and down with the guy that owns the place – and yet, today he received  a curt sounding message from the guy saying “I’ve gotta be someplace else” (so he wouldn’t be available at that time).

I mean is that unprofessional or what – and this is NOT an isolated incident.

Anyway, we grabbed a great juicy burger at another place, and a great time was had. Sat outside in the sun for a while, chatted about this and that – and I must say he’s one guy I’m gonna miss big time when I leave for India in a few week’s time (or perhaps even sooner than that).

The camaraderie. The sense of shared brotherhood. The sense of knowing another person’s got your back … and most of all, the positive vibes we share amongst us.

And that’s one of the main takeaways from today’s email, my friend.

If you’re looking to improve or better upon your station in life – hang with those folks that are looking to do the same.

The extra boost of energy – and positive vibes you get from hanging out and associating with these folks is the polar opposite of what you’ll get from hanging out with low vibration “energy vampires” (of which there are admittedly way more than there should be).

Not only that, you’ll feed off each other in terms of achieving the ultimate goal that both of y’all want to achieve.

Napoleon Hill called this the “MasterMind” principle. “Think and Grow Rich” (a book you should read even if you’re NOT interested in getting rich) devotes an entire chapter to it, and it’s well worth a read at least once a week if not more.

And when it comes to fitness?

If you’re looking at getting fit naturally – achieving REAL levels of health, strength and fitness as opposed to the “pumpers and toners” – well – hang with people that have similar interests.

If you’re currently at a level where you’re stuck at 40 squats – but aspire to a 100 – or more – then hang with people that have similar goals/energy levels, and you’ll find your performance improving that much more.

Last, but not least, success in any endeavor doesn’t happen “by accident”. It happens, as a well known author once put it by “standing on the shoulders of giants”.

If you’re looking to get the fittest you’ve ever been – the leanest you’ve ever been – to be the sort of person that can bang out 500 pushups per workout – el al, well, you DO what THOSE people have done – as opposed to the gym bunnies, “crunch maniacs”, crash dieters, booby builders, and so forth.

You follow the SAME exercises and routines they have – and those routines are right HERE – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

And believe me, it works a hell of a lot better. For instance, the burger I ate today didn’t even register with me, and it sure as heck won’t add a lick of extra weight to me either.

That’s the way to live, my friend.

Associate with success – train hard – and allow yourself the occasional indulgence every so often.

You’ll be all the better off for it!

Ok, that’s it for now. I’ll be back again later.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you’re part of the crowd that loves to “indulge” more than you should – perhaps more than “once in a while”, then you’ll want to “arm” yourself accordingly against the lard lumps that be-a-waiting to form. And the info – nay, AMMO – you need to blast them pesky fat cells right out of the water is right HERE – – https://0excusesfitness.com/advanced-hill-training/

Sprints par excellence

Dear Reader,

Many years ago when I first climbed the hill I do now in China, it was, as opposed to now, ANYTHING but easy.

I’d huff and puff my way up that sucker, and often times I’d do it during peak hours of the day (between 11 A.M. – 2 P.M. ) due to work and other reasons.

Yes, this foreign devil is indeed nuts about his exercise routine – but thats a lesson right there in discipline folks. As I state in the 10 Commandments Of Physical Success, I didn’t let ANYTHING come in between me and my workouts.

Not work timings – not “personal things” – nothing. I’ve worked jobs that required me to work until 8 P.M. at night often times, and yet, first thing I’d do upon getting home would be to get my exercise in.

Anyway, it felt like I was literally – BREATHING FIRE on the way up the hill, my friend. LITERALLY!

My heart would pound nineteen to the dozen, and sweat would pour off me even more than it would in normal weather. I mean I REALLY, really felt that climb back then – especially during the summers!

BAM, BAM, BAM my heart went like a sledgehammer against my chest – – and THIS, my friend – this exact same feeling was what I experienced TODAY – except certainly not when climbing the hill in hot and humid weather.

I ran sprints today in the local park – and went full bore on a few of them – and had that same “magical, in the zone” kind of HEART THUMPING, fat blasting workout – and the amazing part, of course was that the actual workout lasted less than the rest periods in between!

When you have this kind of feeling after running sprints, you know you’re doing them “par excellence”, my friend.

And not only will this sort of training work your entire body from head to toe like it’s never been worked before – it’ll also blast fat off your body quicker than lard off a George Foreman grill on speed.

And bipedal sprints are certainly not the only sprints that are as effective in this regard. Quadruped sprints – that are in many ways easier for those in poor shape to do – are probably  just as good – except in a different manner, and that is why I’ve detailed plenty of these in Advanced Hill Training.

If you haven’t grabbed a copy as of yet, do so NOW and get started on the road to a slimmer you TODAY, my friend.

And other than the dramatic fat blasting effects (yes, you CAN literally eat more and still melt ugly pudge off your body with these routines) – you’ll be amazed at how good you feel – for HOURS afterward.

Not only that, the best part is this – your body will be in fat burning mode for uptil 48 hours after the workout, mostly due to the overdose of HGH and other natural growth hormone the workout requires the body to product.

In short, these workouts tell your body this – Get lean – quickly! Get in shape – FAST! And most of all – GET – and STAY – YOUNG!

So if you’re still sold on the idea of workouts having to be looooonnnnnnggg boring drawn out sessions at the local gym, well – give this sort of routine a shot, and THEN come back and tell me, my friend.

I bet you my bottom dollar you’ll be singing a different tune altogether!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – The 0 Excuses Fitness System is modeled on the “sprint workout” philosophy as well. Grab your copy of this world famous exercise progam right HERE – – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/