Leave yourself with no choice . . . BUT TO!

Many years ago, Marc the African silverback Gorilla told me the following when I was in a spot (and when my at that time nascent business was beginning to “sprout wings”).

You have to make it work, Rahul. You have no CHOICE but to!

And did I make it work?

Well, you be the judge!

Ive often spoken about Napoleon Hill and the story he mentioned of a famous General in Think and Grow Rich when he had to fight against a far stronger and better supplied enemy.

He told his men to burn his boats as soon as they reached shore.


They had no choice – but to win – or PERISH!

And win they did, as history showed, and this burning of bridges is literally what you gotta do my friend to achieve TRUE AND LASTING success at anything you do.

I don’t care if it’s fitness, writing books, or just plain LIFE – if you TRULY CARE abou tit, want it to LAST and are NOT willing to compromise, then you just have to burn all bridges behind you.

Edwin Barnes certainly did that when he showed up at Edison’s office all those years ago, ragged from his “free” travel on a freight train and looking anything but the future potential partner of Edison that he boldly proclaimed himself to be when he walked in the door.

Edison almost lauighed at him.

But there was something in his demanor, that Edison saw, and later referred to, that SOMETHING which told Edison that this man WANTED something, and wouldn’t rest until he got it.

And from his vast experience of men, Edison knew the folly of ignoring such a man.

He didn’t give him the partnership on a platter, of course.

Barnes started out as a lowly sweeper, working for Edison.  For years he labored unnoticed, and then (I think it was 5 years at the least) one fine day an opportunity came to him.

Disguised as they often do!

The great inventor had designed a new machine which his salesmen all agreed would be nigh on impossible to sell.

All of ‘em.

Not Barnes though! He saw the opportunity, and POUNCED.

Much like the lizard hiding under my dishwasher. It waits and waits and waits for prey. Scurries away at the mere sight of me, but today, when an ant was there, it was boldy hunting that ant right there and then!

Patience truly is a virtue very well cultivated if you get my drift, partner!

And so Barnes finally got his opportunity, made it count – and retired at the age of 30 no less, so well did he do.

And got his coveted partnership, of course!

And that’s the tale I want to bring to you today, and as f ar as fitness goes?

Well, I’ve been “shooting the yarn” with Charles Mitchell recently (he emailed me back in response to an email about doing the right thing) . . .

And I asked him about how he was getting along in the pushups in Pushup Central, a book he LOVEs, if just because the exercises are so darn CHALLENGING and WORTH it.

And he’s getting there.

“Those fingertip pushups are hard as hell! They make the fingers HURT!”

But he’s getting there, my friend.

Day by day he works on them – and I have NO DOUBT that one fine day he’ll be writing back to me and telling me Hey Rahul, I’m at 25 plus fingertip pushups STRAIGHT – give me something tougher! 😉

That’s the power of persistence and patience my friend.

My own gains were the same.

I didn’t get to 100 pull-ups per workout by magic. I worked at it, and how.

And slowly, day by day, I improved.

Some days were good. Some bad. Some great. Some hell.

And yet, I persisted, and the results are there for all and sundry to see !

And that’s the message today, my friends. Do the right thing for yourself, and live a life of integrity – and NEVER EVER compromise on your goals, or back down an inch!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is where you can pick up the book on pushups – Pushup Central.

PS #2 – And as I prepare to post this, shoot. Almost forgot. Leave yourself with no choice BUT TO – and chances are you will. That’s how any REAL (and lasting) accomplishment was achieved!

Is this a spelling competition?

This morning, I woke up to an interesting comment (that to be honest I’ve heard a lot before in various shapes, forms and guises).

That being, a comment on yours truly’s spelling, apparently in one of my books Gorilla Grip Advanced Which I am currently getting translate dinto Portugese, I believe . . .

Actually, it’s not that book.

It’s my Fitness Pioneer – Volume ONE fitness tips collection that I’m referring to, and it ain’t Portugese (that is the other book).

It’s being translated into Spanish, and Gorilla Grip (Advanced) has already BEEN translated into Spanish, I believe!

Anyway, multilingualism and globalism aside – here is what the lady sent me this morning (the lady that is doing the translation for the book) –

Hola! Rahul. I’m very thankful for your understanding and trusting me. I’m working on your project. btw, have you had it proofread? I have some comments only on spelling.

(for reference, the lady is more than a month late on the translation. I’d normally drop the project right there and then (or was it then and there? 😉) and find another translator, but times are “different” these days, and it isn’t just her that has been “delayed” on this).

And the reason she gave me was a good one. I believe it was something to do with taking care of her family, and more importantly, the VIBE coming off her words was honest, so I’m going along with her.

Anyway, my response to her email . . .

Hi Marielis Thanks for the email. Don’t worry about the minor spelling errors etc – so long as the final translated version is error free, thats all I care about. The English version is different in that for these books, so long as the meaning comes across, it’s all good. That doesn’t excuse poor spelling, but occasional typos are OK – no problem – so don’t worry about that! Look forward to the final translated version. Best, Rahul

Now, typos are something I OFTEN make in my emails and while I try hard not to have them in my books, often times they’re there.

And no, for the record, NONE of my books are proof read.

And it ain’t just fitness books we’re referring to. I think you “faithful” on this list know that I write in many more genres as well other than fitness, MORE than fitness actually, and not a single one of them “20000 plus words in a day” books are proof read or “spell checked”.

Now don’t get me wrong.

I don’t litter my copy or books or emails with typos on purpose.

But if some happen, they happen. That’s just how it is!

So long as the MEANING of the or behind the words comes across, THAT is what is important!

And THAT is one secret to banging out books, copy, emails quicker than you ever thought possible, and never have writer’s block – AND make money off it, in some cases a lot of money.

Donald Trump, who in my opinion is one of the best damned marketers out there once famously spoke of “the mind speaking faster than the fingers” during one of his Twitter posts (littered with typos)

And he’s right!

When you say it from the heart, that’s how it is!

Curiously enough, THAT sort of thing is what people want to hear, and read about.

No-one wants to read a book (unless it’s a textbook for school!) that has been re-edited 15000 times by an editor, so much so that the writer’s original voice is lost.

(I can hear my daughter chirp up in the background, Dad, is it really 15000 edits??!)

OK, she didn’t say that, but you get the point! 😉

Straight from the heart fitness info that just flat out WORKS, my friend.

No frills, no fancy shmancy mumble jumble (mumbo jumobo) or other “shamianic” (sp?) stuff.

It’s yours truly – brutally honest – UNEDITED and RAW – and that’s what you get!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Don’t forget to grab your copy of the 0 Excuses Fitness System now. Do so, and join me on the 250 pushup workout I did back then, and will do TODAY!

PS # 2- And just so you know, this is nothing against the translator. Coming from her in her capacity as translator, that’s a damn good question actually in terms of spelling, but I’m referring more to the comments I get from OTHER people on all this . . .

The secret to losing MAN boobs . . . FAST!

A long time yours truly was afflicted with the “moob” syndrome.

Now, I have to be honest – despite my excess weight, I did NOT have “boobs hanging down to my midsection” as some guys appear to have (Arnie for one if you look at this recent pictures is a fine example of this).

Fine as in . . . “fine”, hehe.

Pity that it’s come to this for The Gubernator, and yet, that is PRECISELY what happens to a lot of weight trainees when they stop their repetitive pumping, toning and preening.

Sly Stallone is WELL known for his physique, despite the above.

But if you look at him closely when he is NOT Training, you can see the same thing to a smaller extent.

And don’t get me wrong. I’ve said Stallone is a legend – – living legend bar NONE, to be honest in the movie industry and a damned smart guy if ever, but sometimes these celebs DO let themselves get out of shape!

And it’s a credit to Stallone that despite his weight training, machines, and gym usage, he appears to do so the right way.

AS opposed to, hey, but we all know what I mean!

Now, back to the point – MOOBS.

And how to get rid of ‘em – FAST.

One, to train the right way obviously.

Intense cardio sessions as opposed to long drawn out “slow cardio” – and no, it doesn’t always have to be bipedal sprints, or sprints at all either. Hark over to Animal Kingdom Conditioning for one, or perhaps Advanced Hill Training (and despite this name, you do NOT need to train on a hill with these exercises to experience the sheer BENEFITS, and quickly) and you’ll see plenty of examples.

But here’s the point.

All the courses above emphasize a lot of floor work which is great, and GOOD.

And of course, the intense cardio.

But the point is this . . .

. . . for those of you with moobs, it’s ALWAYS better to work in some pulling exercise as well!

Yes, you’re right.


Or, just hang on to the bar to begin with after your floor work.

Let me tell you right now, although I kept training and (believe it or not at a certain point) was pounding out over 250 pushups daily along with other stuff when I was fat and obese, there was something ELSE I was doing which kept me from developing moobs (which I would have and had otherwise).

That being pull-ups.

When I got into the best shape of my life, ditto.

I did the 0 Excuses Fitness System, of course.

But I’d often do pull-ups occasionally as well, and of course my beloved hill climb!

And the reason behind this is simple enough.

Pull-ups pull the chest “back” giving you the packed chest look and the impression of having “less fat” around there (if you work in plenty of pushups and cardio while you’re at it).

Not to mention the super core work you get from the cardio and pushups just gets INTENSIFIED and MAGNIFIED From doing pull-ups . . . or any sort of hanging work for that matter.

And that’s the tip for today. A simple enough one, but I bet most of you haven’t thought of pull-ups this way as yet!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Make sure to get in the best shape of your life by investing in and then FOLLOWING the 0 Excuses Fitness system my friend. Yes, the “and following” is very important. Simply nodding the head won’t rock the boat and neither will simply pulling out that credit card. It’s about ACTION PLUS KNOWLEDGE, and the former is the most important!

Again, HERE is that link you need to go to.

Focus on the forearms when jumping rope!

Yes, you’re right. I know! I said this before . . . yesterday, or thereabouts I believe.

But it’s true my friend, and the little points I keep mentioning in these emails are points that are not only roundly and routinely IGNORED when exercising (by most folks) but also tips to get you doing things the RIGHT way, and on to BETTER and bigger gains.

Such as for instance, my constant carping on thick bar work.

I’ve received few comments if any (well, not “if any” – I HAVE received responses to that part of it!) for my constant insistence on thick bars, but does that mean they’re not useful?

Does that mean you should NOT do pull-ups on thick bars, even when you’re starting out?

Hell no my friend.

Folks focus on the “show muscles” way too much, and I’m here to tell you as always that the CORE, legs, back and GRIP are what really matter!

In no particular order of course, but I’d say legs, grip and BACK with the first two coming in very close – and the core a close fourth to the back!

It’s impossible to, for instance, have a strong core without a strong back to “back it up” (truly strong).

And what I want to say now is this.

When jumping rope, do so the right way.

Way too many folks, especially beginners and often times even advanced trainees focus on the “reps” as opposed to the movement and speed.

Or, speed in exclusion to everything else.

Much as I keep telling you with Hindu squats, huge mistake that.

You get the form done right FIRST. You THEN go for speed and more reps!

And believe me, it’s far easier to progress in the long term if you build that foundation right.

It’s not your triceps and shoulders that should be burning (primarily) if you do high rep rope jumps.

It’s your FOREARMS!

And you should feel the entire upper chest working without working it directly.

And perhaps mid back too.

Anything else, you ain’t doing it right.

You’re either doing what many people do which is to have “stiff” arms and let the traps do all the work.

Big mistake that again, and leads to super sore and tense shoulders.

It’s the forearms that really need to do the work of spinning the rope while your arms stay AS RELAXED and loose and limber as possible by your sides, which in turn leads to loose shoulders as well.

And it’s only when you master the art of doing it entirely with the forearms that you’ll become a “master” (well, or close to it, as I maintain you never really master an exercise inyour entirety – always newer ways of doing things!) at the exercise.

Same thing for pull-ups.

Focus on the GRIP.

Big time.

Not the biceps, or shoulders.

The grip and back. And watch your gains explode!

A couple of or perhaps more tips that should be the “norm”, but unfortunately aren’t around the world!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is where you can pick up the best damned GRIP compilation out there: https://0excusesfitness.com/gorilla-grip-the-compilation/

Pull-ups and BRUTE STRENGTH!

Ya’ll will probably get tired of me saying this, hehe.

And rightfully so in this regard. I’ve said it so many times already that sometime even yours truly “from the gut” guy stops and thinks about if he should post it – yet aGAIN.

And while I do stop and think, it’s only for a nanonsecond, or perhaps less.

Always a “from the gut” kinda guy, and while that might turn off a lot of people, ‘tis what it is. With me, what you see is truly what you GET, my brother.

And I just pictured myself doing pull-ups out there a minute or so ago in somewhat inclement weather.

IN nasty, stick, hot and humid weather.

You’ll remember the post I wrote a year or so, or perhaps before that about doing pull-ups in the RAIN no less.

And while that isn’t the case today, the point is this – pull-ups are pull-ups, my friend. There truly is NO OTHER exercise like it.

Much like there’s no other exercise like pushups done right!

But for me, pull-ups have always been about core strength, low body fat and SOLID upper body strength, and of course, most of all grip.

Not for me the silly preening and posing while people “swing their way up halfway to the bar”.

Certainly NOT any kipping as apparently advocated by Crossfit etc. If there ever was a worse thing for your shoulders than kipping (other than the bench) I;m yet to see it.

(Sure, if you’re already built yourself up to sets of 10 pull-ups and more then it might not hurt you – but it won’t benefit you in any damn way, I’ll tell you that! And for most people I do NOT recommend kipping of any nature, shape or form. Do them naturally, and do ‘em right, and you’ll see how quickly you progress).

Now, here is the reason I bring this up again.

A reason that I’ve often stated before.

And a reason that is roundly ignored, so I’m just gonna say it YET AGAIN.

That being, WHERE you do your pull-up has a huge, huge impact on both your performance and strength levels.

Don’t get me wrong. Doing them on regular pull-ups bars is perfectly fine.

Or regular chinning stations.

But you really, really start to benefit once you do ‘em on THICK bars.

And no, not the kind of thick bars you fashion out of those grips etc that they put on the regular pull up bars.

Those are great, sure, but the real Mc Koy as it were in fitness (when it comes to pull-ups?)

It’s doing them on ULTRA thick bars.

Like iron pipes.

Bars so thick even those of you with big hands can’t get your hands more than halfway around ‘em.

And you do DEAD hangs GALORE on these too!

Those two things, my friend are truly what will get you to “brute strength” status, along with the FEELING that goes with being TRULY STRONG and PREPARED FOR ANYTHING, which is what ultimately counts at the end of the day.

And it probably will also be the most ignored, which is fine.

Hey, Rahgul Mookerjee ain’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Especially after the mis spellings etc you routinely see in my emails and that people (some) point out on occasion.

But for those of you that train the REAL way – well – guess what. I’m here for ya – and always WILL BE!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Go HERE to pick up the best damned manuals on pull-ups (again I CHALLENGE you to find something better) on pull-ups!!

Shoulders loose . . . !

When I was learning how to box WELL (still very much a work in progress! 😉) Marc the African Silverback Gorilla, a high level boxer who was training me gave me a brief “mini trap massage”.

The kind where you slap the traps around a little, pinch a little, and I knew what he was trying to do (and he said it, of course).

“Loose, Rahul! Shoulders are too tense there!”

And he was right, of course. And that happens often times if you’re really “straining” to get it right, but as Marc righly said.

“Snake’s tongue, Rahul!” (when jabbing).

This afternoon while jumping rope, this truism came home to me again,

I was hitting 750 jumps without a break when it’s normally 500-550.

And in the middle of it all I noticed myself subconsciously getting tense in the shoulders and traps, and arms “raised up slightly”.

And I don’t care if you’re doing pull-ups, pushups, boxing or jumping rope – keeping the upper body – and especially shoulders, traps and upper BACK loose, limber and flexible is of key.

The exact OPPOSITE thing that happens when you train with heavy ass weights (for the most part if you don’t do it right).

The emphasis during all these exercises should be on the GRIP, forearms and – get this – and YES – CORE!

Yes, my friend.

It’s your forearms and wrists and calves and core than power you through when you’re jumping rope, NOT the extra shoulder movement!

And the arm positioning while jumping rope is also key. You do NOT want to be either too narrow or too far for one . . .

Lots of people do pull-ups where they don’t go all the way down into a dead hang.

These dead hangs have a bad rep for whatever reason, even amongst real fitness experts.

And my take on this is as such – unless you can go into a dead hang and hold for time you’re not fully relaxing either the shoulders/traps, and you ain’t unlocking your full potential by FAR.

Neither do you have a very strong grip for that matter . . .

Anyway, grip is something I focus upon a lot my friend, and with good reason.

You on this list probably see why I’m writing to you about it too!

And in terms of building your grip to the max level possible, insane levels at that, go right HERE my friend.

Truly the best grip compilation ever, and as for core?

Go right HERE – Corrugated Core.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember, folks. Shoulders loose! Shoulders loose!!!

A (mainland apparently) Chinese trick to cooling the core and upper body down . . .

I just saw something.

A Chinese couple dining out in one of the roadside B BQ (I presume) restaurants I enjoy going to so much.

Nothing fancy.

Just a few stools and a “stall” with all the meat you can eat and all the beer you can drink, and believe it or not, I’ve had some of the best “parties” of my life in places like that!

(health hazard yes, I know, but this isn’t about that).

A certain Ann Lee would remember those joints as well, but this ain’t about her or anyone in particular! 😉

Anyway, the girl was digging into some vegetables, and the guy was munching on some lamb I believe.

Or perhaps rat that passes off as lamb. LOL.Hey, it’s true. Anything is possible in mainland China, and that has happened in the past in Shanghai and other places!

And even that isn’t the point of me writing this.

It’s well known, for instance, that fiery drinks (Chinese baijiu – – their traditional liqor – -is to, to me, the equivalent of ENGINE OIL being poured down your throat!) and meat make for a great combo for some people, but both these things increase body heat a lot, and sitting outside with no A/C, the one thing it DOES make EVERYONE do is SWEAT.


I still remember the waitress once attempting to “fan me” as I sat there before I waved her away. Made me uncomfortable for whatever reason, but hey, again, that’s China!

And the guy was doing what I’ve seen so many people do in the mainland, and what to me screams out COUNTRY BUMPKIN louder than just about anything else.

What that be, yer ask?

Well, he was sitting there with his shirt hoicked up to mid chest, ugly rolls of fat clearly visible. In fact, the world MULTIPLE love handles came to mind when I saw all them rolls . . .

. . . But truth be told, though this looks nasty and uncivilized, it does have it’s benefits while working out.

The core is the part of the body where the most heat should be generated in order to lose weight and build muscle effectively, my friend.

It’s also the part where most MEN sweat most (by the way, I’m yet to see a single Chinese WOMAN do the same) when working out . . . or even sitting on a chair.

And while I’ve never adopted this technique of cooling off for the long term, I’ve tried it.

And it does work to an extent, more so than taking your shirt off, period.

Or at least it gives the illusion of your core being cooler while the “upper body” soaks up all the sweat.

To me, what I liked was I could literally see my stomach expanding with each deep gasp of breath I took when I did this (which wasn’t often at all! 😉).

And the feeling of literally BURNING FAT – – right there – – BEFORE YOUR eyes, and believe me, if you trick your subconscious into believing that and then backing that up with actions, then guess what will happen.

You’ll get in the sort of shape I talk about in Advanced Hill Training, for one!

Yes, I’ve kept my shirt on throughout the filming for the book. With a good reason. I am NOT interested in preening and posing, but the results are there for all to see my friend.

And that’s today’s message.

Work the core hard – so hard that you feel like it’s on FIRE. Quite literally!

And keep doing it as often as you can.

Waist whittling as Brooks Kubik once told me, is indeed what it’s about – for me – you – and judging by the growing number of lard asses out there (wait for another post on this) . . . it needs to be done, and how!

Get on the train HERE.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And yes, the results I mention on the sales page are REAL, and NOT just marketing!

What makes it ALL worth it . . .

Folks have often asked me “why I do what I do”.

And beyond the obvious, that being to work on my own terms and live life on my own terms, there is another very good reason.

SATISFACTION, and no, I don’t mean just monetarily.

Sure, money is damned important, and sure, that’s one reason my products are more expensive than a lot of other people (along with the little fact that I deliver VALUE, my friend, REAL WORLD value! 😉) . . .

. . . but it ain’t the only thing by far.

Neither is it what motivated me to start all this in the first place.

It’s the satisfaction of knowing you are helping people globally my friend.

It is the satisfaction of knowing that you, as a person recently wrote in on Twitter – “motivate thousands” of people.

It’s the sheer satisfaction you get when customers tell me “I’m the real McCoy” int erms of fitness (paraphrased, I borrowed that from Napoleon Hill’s “Outwitting the Devil”) . .  .and with good reason, and not because I like to blow my own bugle, but because I can tell I’m inspiring THEM to do the same!

And so forth.

What truly makes life worth it my friend?

As Rambo said in the fourth part of the series.

“Live for NOTHING, or die for something”.

And he’s right.

Life has to have SOME purpose. SOME goal. Something always to keep the fires burning, and motivating you, and for me, it’s doing this sort of thing and keeping YOU on your toes my friend.

And that, my friend, along with the satisfaction I get from being able to help others reach THEIR goals is what makes it truly, truly worth it!

What do YOU Do, and what made it all worth iut?

Write back, and let me know!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is where you can pick up our very first, and still bestselling course – Gorilla Grip.

Shake it, and you’ll LOSE it!

Often times, people that are overweight, or not even truly fat, but “Skinny fat” have a problem with the “jiggles” as it were.

The fat jiggling up and down as you do rope jumps, for one.

Or the man boobs shaking galore while doing sprints . . . not to mention your love handles . . .

Or, but you get the picture!

Bingo wings and so forth.

It ain’t just limited to adults either. A few weeks ago, my daughter was getting self conscious about some lard she’s recently managed to put on, mostly due to inactivity.

Or, I should say less exercise, and being cooped up at home a lot due to the ongoing and incessant bally lockdown . . .

And I noticed her one night, jumping up and down and seeing her little tummy wiggling away.

Cute as heck for me, but I could tell she was self conscious about it, and getting increasingly grumpy about clothes not fitting etc and no-one helping her about it (for what it’s worth, yes, workouts were going on, but not the right sort, and I’llg et into that at a later date!).

And I had the following to say to her.

Honey, don’t be conscious. The more you shake it, the more you LOSE!

And I didn’t mean shake as in flaunt, obviously.

But really, it’s those fat cells MOVING that really generate heat in the body and get rid of them my friend.

In Corrugated Core, for one, I give you some exercises in the beginner section that even fit people cannot do at times.

Exercises that make that belly jiggle and wiggle for all it’s worth.

Exercises yours truly used when he had a massive bloated belly, a lard ass and man boobs.

And as I told my daughter, so long as you workout, it’s all good.

“Honey, I had a more massive stomach than you a while ago. I shook it regularly, and . . .”

She grinned at me.

“When I was born, your tummy was massive!”

“10 times my size!”

And so it was my friend. So it was.

So if you are afflicted with something similar – – well – – here’s the deal.

Do exercises, and do those that make you GET OUT of your comfort zone.

If bear crawls for one get you winded and out of shape fast, then do ‘em.

If sprints get it all moving “uncomfortably” and out of breath in a raging manner as they should, well, do ‘em, and do more of ‘em!

And so forth.

Jump rope. Do squats. Everything and anything to move that fat as much as you can, and believe me, “move” it will, and quick, if you keep that sort of thing up!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is where you can pick up Corrugated Core.

Hate me more, and I’ll just get BETTER!

Oh boy.

This morning I wrote about the hellatious day I had back in December last year, and yesterday.

And I did not really go into much detail about yesterday, so let me do so NOW.

Let me just tell you that a certain person who I wont name for the nonce (but WILL later) has been doing everything in her power to get me down.

Including things you would normally never think of.

Such as no power the entire day (and no, it ain’t a power failure we’re referring to here either), and no internet (and yet, yours truly managed to hammer out them emails and send them to you!).

I love my list, my friend.

YOU are what make it truly worth it!

And I’ll write about that later, but yeah, everything was thrown at me except the kitchen sink and perhaps even that.

And perhaps that WILL be thrown at me down the road. Can’t never tell these days! 😉

And yet,I came out tops in more ways than one.

A goddamned survivor, as a friend from the US Marines likes to call me.

And I’ve written galore before about how anytime someone says you “cannot” do something is a time you should rejoice and be happy, because guesss what.

They’ve just given you a giant massive boost on the way to GETTING there!

But of course, they don’t realize that.

The worse the no is, the more challenging your circumstances are, rest assured, as Napoleon Hill said, an “equivalent or greater benefit” awaits down the road.

It may not and likely won’t feel good when you’re going through it, but when it’s said and done with and over?

You’ll feel on top of the world like I am now.

Many people out there hate me. Even more dislike me.

I could probably count on the finger of one hand and then some people who I’d consider true friends (and one of these said the following yesterday – “Man, I hope you survive!”).

You’re damn right Ricky.

And for someone that knows me since the age of 17, you know goddamn well I will! 😉

And have . . .

Anyway, point of all this?

That when people dislike you, put you down, or tell you that you cannot do something – – the first reaction is to snarl back.

Or perhaps get irritated, and annoyed.

But the BEST thing to do is to (in most cases) smile and take the insults on board.

“Hide your strength, bide your time!”

And as you do so, you’ll notice a certain strange power and assurance come over you.

And it is this power that will eventually sweep you to success at whatever it is you want.

Am I saying don’t get mad?

Hell no.

Do so But do so silently!

And then set out getting even.

The results of doing something like this will ASTOUND you, and I ain’t kidding one damned bit.

Oh my!


Rahul Mookerjee

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