Why Baba Ramdev is DEAD ON RIGHT – and my thoughts on Tony Robbins. . .
- Incendiary!!!

This is sure to generate some backlash, but I have to say it. I was going to make this about Tony Robbins alone (I was watching a …. VIDEO! Last night, but relax, it was a President Trump favorite I was watching for the nth time as he “takes Wei Jia Jiang the Nazi Feminist” apart – good man! … but robbins showed up in a paid ad, so I wasn’t even thinking about him – but Trump – Robbins – the connection, and well, I got to thinking about him then!).

But first, a bit on Baba Ramdev.

He’s the mercurial yoga guru in India with a TON Of followers.

Like, real followers.

That show up at his seminars where he teaches them yoga – – real yoga!

Lots of stretching, lots of real yoga – he truly is the real deal in case of yoga as opposed to the “beautiful Chinese girls” that prance around pretending to teach you yoga.

And the “Bikram” of hot sweaty yoga in the US of A …

Ramdev – the REAL deal – right down to his own lifestyle which is a fruit based diet for one, and I dont recommend it, but does it work for HIM?

Hell, his skin glows more than most movie star’s do for one.

You can LOOK at the guy, and see he’s got something – much like yours truly!

And much like those that have it.

Anyway, he’s famous for his mercurial comments, and while I ain’t a yoga lover – so don’t “Follow” him, I sometimes read about him.

And he’s in the sh-news today …

In a video that has surfaced online, Baba Ramdev is seen talking to a crowd and mocking India’s oxygen shortage. Commenting on the insufficient cylinders, he says, “People are looking for cylinders outside while God has given you two cylinders right here inside you,” he says while referring to one’s lungs. “Use them, fool!” he adds.


“Two cylinders are here (pointing to his lungs), the two doctors are your legs, and two nurses are right here (pointing to his hands),” he said.

The Tom Tom’s, Liberals and Bozos are all up in arms over it, of course.

Yours truly APPLAUDS him.

The video is HERE – https://in.yahoo.com/news/baba-ramdev-mocks-countrys-oxygen-071416749.html

(with English subtitles at that, so if you want to watch it, go for it).

Finally what WE have been saying is starting to go mainstream, and the sooner it does, the better!

And he’s right.

This plague is nothing but a China spread pestilence that we ALL need to ignore.

Precautions – not panic, and shutting everything down for years and locking people up like animals kills more people and ruins society far more than you’d ever imagine.

And some of us, you know, REAL MEN – we dont want to be locked up! We dont buy into the panic! We live in countries where …well, let me just tell you, all of this was in the air in China since 2017 or so ever since Xi started cracking down on foreign devils.

While the idiots and morons out there will still scoff when I tell them about gut feelings (“they don’t tell you first!”) – fact remains those of us that predict, and I have many things they come true.

So says …

“Rahul Mookerjee, the Honorable Prime Minister of Delhi” as I was recently called, hehe.

Or, as Chuck once called me.

“Rahul VS the world!” (I think he said “vs Delhi Police” – with reference to THAT case …)

Anyway, I dont forsee Delhi gaining independence anytime soon. Neither do I think it will happen in Texas, or Wales, or Scotland, the last is a bit of a possiblity, but I really think the Scots will stay “married” to the English much more than they realize, breakup or not.

Much like a marriage with kids, hehe.

Anyway …

Ramdev does some BIG seminars.

Post plague, yours truly is planning on doing some too – fitness seminars, no yoga shmoga though!

Hehe, although people have asked me to teach yoga, I dont.

I could make a killing doing it, especially with my long hair, but the one thing I am NOT is a fake, my friend.

I’m not a fraudster.

And I’d never promote something I do not done or have not done before with great results.

Nothing against yoga, but it ain’t my thang … but yes, I’ll hand out tips on it, because I KNOW some things about yoga, but thats about it.

Fear not, Mookerjee seminars will be every bit as brutal as his writing, and he himself is!

So thats down the road – if interested, do let me know – I need to start making plans “in advance” as it were, although where we stand with plans these days we all know.

Anyway, Robbins.

Dude showed up in the ad saying in his breathless, energetic tone …

The world is about to open up! Are you ready! Where will you go! What will you do!

Obviously, he wasn’t speaking to “me”.

But there’s something magnetic about Robbins.


I saw the video, and then looked back through the memory banks to see what I could find about him.

He’s a big dude for one!

And he workouts a lot … which explains his super energy levels. Dude’s a living dynamo. Sure, he’s been doing it for 30 plus years, but think about it. 14 hour seminars that run over the course of 5 days … 10,000 plus people. My word!

People that I know that have seen him live say it feels like a rock concert …

It probably does!

Now, its not my thang. And self help, to be honest – I wrote about this last night – lot of it boils down to just do it, have a vision etc.

All things I explain in Zero to HeroGumption Galore … and some of my other books, and indeed all these writings if you read between the lines.

But Robbins himself?

The #metoo buffoons hate him. And a lot of people say he’s a fraud because “results didnt come”.

Me, I’d say look at the guy himself.

He worked his butt off and went through purgatory to get to where he is today.

Anyone that does that has my respect. Growing up, they didnt even have money to put food on the table during Thanksgiving – despite having as he says “four dads with skills”.

They just didnt know how to sell or market those skills!

The good people, or so called good people are Tom Tommed.

But it’s those that can stand out in the marketplace, bro, that make it  and make it big.

Eventually or not is a different story, but add persistence in, and they all do.


Anyway, I dont think much about the Metoo movement myself.

It’s a bunch of whiners and moaners for the most part. I’m sure there are some good gal out there, just as there are some good guys. But, if you think women don’t monkey branch and aspire to sleep their way to the top?

Well, IF you think that way, you’re a fool my friend.

VP Kamala Harris is the best proof I could give you, and there are plenty others.

Need more proof of just how nasty these Nazi feminist c**** can get?


The link, my friend, says it all.

FIGHT BACK !!! x 10000!

(And more on the upcoming book on Nazi feminists, which going by current demand “pre sales” is already in HOT contention to be #1 on this site and many others, hehe. Lots of people want it, and I dont blame them. Men in general have had … ENOUGH!

No more living lives of quiet desperation.

I never did.

But YOU don’t have to either).

Anyway, Robbins, huh.

Robbins get slammed for so called racist comments.

I do all the time when I call the Wuhan plague the Wu Flu.

Big fucking deal.

Like, thicker skin, folks!

We all know my opinion on the Antifa and BLM madness, and they’re anarchists, plain and simple.

Sure, BLM started off with the right things in mind, but what it devolved into – “F” that.

I haven’t read Robbins’s books, and dont plan to. I sure don’t plan on attending a seminar.

But, dude’s high energy. High octane.

And dude’s obviously done a LOT to get to where he is today where pretty much anyone that is a somebody talks about Tony Robbins.

So personally, I wouldn’t be so quick to judge before I know, because guess what – a lot of the stuff they say about women etc with him for one?

Well, I can relate.

Difference, of course, is, in my case, none have complained. And I dont think any will either, hehe, because I personally did all I could to keep ’em away and if they showed up after that, well …!

Whats the world coming to when we HATE success instead of celebrating it.

When I see Robbins, Trump, Ramdev, anyone I admire.

I dont feel jealous. I dont feel like a little man. I dont feel like I can’t do it.

I go out there – and I do it!

And that, my friend, is that.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I said I won’t print any more copies of Fast and Furious Fitness, but I might just have a few more in case I do them seminars – to make it extra special. Of course, I’m not even sure if that company I used in 2010 still exists! I’ll have to check.

But, rest assured there’ll be plenty of other books that y’all want at those seminars – and perhaps more too. Perhaps T shirts too, which I’m gonna do down the line.

(as of now, remember, only ONE copy remining for the Collector’s Edition, and NO, no plans of reprinting that as of now, so if you want in, get it NOW).

So much to do, so little time!

In the meantime, remember to check out the book on isometrics – and Pushup Central – both rapidly climbing up the charts as I speak.

I’ll see you soon!

The brief workout “snack” I just partook of!
- The ones I made "famous", hehe.

So, another brief workout in the books. 20 pull-ups, and that was that.

I could have of course chosen to dwell on a certain “blame game” that was fixing to heat up – but my reply?


This is yet another reason I love these exercise snacks, and while most people won’t agree (except my customers and people that KNOW ME WELL!) – yours truly was pretty much the guy who made this sort of routine popular – though certainly not mainstream.

The “CHO” seems to have done that last month when they put out something on exercise snacks, which is basically workouts done throughout the day.

Mini workouts.

Could be a 100 squats. 3 minutes tops, and leaves you hammered (most can’t do 20 without stopping in proper form and right breathing if even that).

Or, a 100 pushups. Most couldn’t do TEN .. (most “regular” folks).

Or, lets say a bit of jumping rope.

Or, let’s say what I did i.e. 20 pull-ups and 10 handstand pushups!

It’s all I did (ok, I added in 30 seconds of bear crawls per Animal Kingdom Workouts but thats IT).

And I feel great.

Blowing off steam, my friend, is one reason I love social she-dia as well as communicating with YOU I couldn’t in other more normal ways (like e-mail!).

But it’s also why I love my mini workouts throughout the day.

Not to mention they keep me energised, and the ideas FLOWING.

The adrenaline PUMPING!

And the muscles ready for anything!

And certain parts of your routine, grip training for instance, respond especially well to this type of frequent training.

Anyway, the pull-ups I did – some of them trained my GROIN area.

Thats right – pull-ups!

And it’s the Swami pull-up which I HAVE pioneered (find it somewhere, and show me!) that I did for 5 reps.

It seems easy, but is anything but for those of you with a “tight” groin area and groin muscles.

And hips.

Anyway, I love me my mini workouts throughout the day.

And so should you!

And in terms of pull-ups, if you’re serious about ’em, one book you must have is “Pull-ups – from STUD to SUPER STUD – within weeks!“.

But remember, it’s an advanced course – #2 in pull-ups (the next one might be, I dont know … muscle ups, may be!).

And then one arm work, hehe.

So you need to get the basic course FIRST.

(Dud – > Super Stud is a great idea. But, work up to it ie Dud – > STUD – > SUPER STUD!).

Get good at it FIRST.

And then, and only then, get #2 …

And thats the brief update.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Wisdom of the day. Never let yourself be distracted by BS – keep your eyes focused on the end – and YOUR – GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!

Because, my friend, end of the day, THAT is what matters and will “set you free” in more ways than one. Trust me!

More on why I consider lockdowns to be a DIRECT ATTACK ON FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY!
- Because they are.

I have said it before, my friend.

And I have to say it again.

In 2020, we saw the plague from China spread globally – at a level no-one ever (except those that created this mess, and we all know who did!) thought it would.

And of course, countries globally with the exception of a few SMART ones locked down.

We’ve been over enough times with the examples etc on this, and why lockdowns did NOTHING other than kill economies and more people than any plague from anywhere ever could, and despite some of us saying this ad infinitum, the sheeple locked down, and … well, the result is there for all to see.

Spain just got out of a strict lockdwon for six months.

And already the damn thing is returning.

One of their ministers said rightly “we had this problem in March 2020, and a year later?Same damn thing!”

I dont, of course know why the sheeple continue to bury their heads globally. They’re idiots yes so they didnt listen the first time around.

But NOW??

With all the mounting evidence that lockdowns don’t do a goddamned thing in any positive manner?

More lockdowns!


It’s an assault on freedom and DEMOCRACY EVERYWHERE!

I mean, tell me this.

Last year India and South Africa stopped liqor sales of all things, and from what I hear this year same thing.

Every time in India, and I’d imagine South Africa and a few other places there is any sort of problem, what happens?

Liqor sales and tobacco sales stop, despite the FACT that these sales aren’t a huge problem normally – and the fact that of course once they re-start … well, prices are jacked up x 10.

A great customer made the following comment.

“If they did that in the UK, there’s be blood on the streets, the only way they can lock us down is by ensuring people have access to their tipple!”

I get it. I paraphrased what he said from memory, but thats the gist.

I mean, really.

You’re locking people down for years and years, and they take it, and you can’t let them Drink – AT HOME – with online deliveries etc like with anything else?

It’s inane, insane and PATHETIC TO SAY THE LEAST!

I wonder if someone will get back to me on it?

Some Bozo made the statement about “more hospitalizations in South Africa”.


I’ve seen no evidence, not even a shred of evidence, that allowing liqor sales during lockdowns does anything at all negatively.

IF anything, people in the Southern Indian state of Kerala were being admitted to de-addiction centers left right and center last year!

And drinking aftershave etc.

You can’t FORCE people to do anything, my friend. The Prohibition in America and Speakeasies etc are a prime example of that, as is bootleg liqor etc in the Middle East?

Why not be smart and make a compromise with people instead of just driving them into the ground?

Ah, but wait.

I forgot.

thats the very point ain’t it!



Or, I’m telling you, the time wil be too LATE  later!

STOP this apathy!



And anyway, I’m glad that lockdowns haven’t extended to doing what they do in China i.e. not letting prisoners workout.

Yes, no beefy prisoners in China like in the US of A and elsewhere, they’re usually wrecks and hulls.

The Chinese are nothing if not diabolical and smart when they need to be!

And that, my friend is that.

I’m sick of the nonsense.

I hope you are too!

And in the meantime, remember, Pushup Central is ragin, frothing, and ready to GO!

If you ain’t got your copy as yet, do so NOW.


Rahu lMookerjee

PS – I ain’t talking bars etc in terms of lockdowns, I dont support those being closed either, but hey, whatever. But when you intrude into people’s homes?? NOT ON!

PPS – Have the idiots, Tom Tom’s and Bozo Jobs that tom tom lockdowns as being the be all and end all of global “saving lives” B.S. – have YOU Ever considered how many KIDS LIVES – YOU – yes, YOU – that advocates lockdowns for YEARS and YEARS – have RUINED?? I bet NOT!

Why I dont believe in beads, chains and amulets to ward off evil
- Hehe

And much, much more!

Stand by and stand back“, was what President Trump famously once advised the Proud Boys to do when they were being pestered by Biden I believe, and I’ll tell y’all to do this too for this email, because it truly is spectacular!

Much like the blitz and promo (blitzKREIG!) I’m doing for Pushup Central, which the plans for that are so grandiose I Cannot believe them myself, yet, here I am – doing it.

As you read, bear in mind what a customer from the Great Country of Greece “Panourgias” once said about me.

“I see something in you!”

He is RIGHT.

I’m sure many others agree.

And more on that soon, but for now, this beads, chains, amulets thing …

I’ve never been huge on any of it, and never really believed in it.

Back in the day my “then wife” once told me to get an amulet or something with a “ruby” or something inside of it.

Apparently a Baba Shaba told her it would bring me luck or some rubbish. I dont know – I dont believe in those quacks – I believe in DREAMS, the subconscious, and the mind!

And the lady from Khajiaar, who oddly enough despite selling “Feng Shui” stuff never once sold any one of those amulets etc.

Anyway, I never really wanted to wear it. Damn thing was heavy, like something a woman would wear, almost!

Then WAY back in the day she gave me a “kada” – some sort of bangle from some temple which I didnt quite know why I had to wear, but I did, so I did.

Of course, all of this was taken away from me in the past few years, hehe.

Visits back home, even when NOT … the relationship right now is , well, everyone knows!


But I dont mind, really.

To me I found it “unfair” that she would take back what was GIVEN to me, but I dont really care.

But many people do!

I saw the leader of Hong Kong, a shaminiac fool and Tom Tom if there ever was one, Carrie Lam with one of those necklaces around her neck. And as my S.O. said, people are rushing to astrologers now even more so than ever, and they’re making BIG bucks during the panic-demic with their rubbish of Saturn aligned in so and so position with Venus or not if you get my drift.

I mean, dude, the stars only align if we WANT them to do and put our MIND to it. Very simple!

But anyway, Claude Bristol, by far along with Napoleon Hill the GREATEST SEER OF THEM ALL spoke about this in the Magic of Believing.

He spoke about how people use various visual effects to convince the subconscious minds of oneself and others to do what “they want”.

And so, if you think, for instance, a cracked mirror will bring you bad luck – and believe in this, then it will.

If you believe the beads etc and wearing a ton of them will bring you goo dluck?

Well, ask Carrie Lam who doesnt even have a bank account now, hehe, after all the sanctions the US imposed on HK (and it’s funny – even the Chinese didnt give her a Bank of China account!).

But yea, all about belief, so if someone believes in trinkets and amulets, by all means go for it.

Or, Modi style Baba Shaba beard. Hehe.

I’d rather Trump!

And thats how I’ve been all my life.

Me, the only jewelry I wear is a chain around my neck because I like it … no other reason, and thats the sole remaining “style” statement from back when I did the “Stallone” look in Cobra, hehe, probably in some ways better than him with the hair, lol.

And of course, the wrist bangle, which Marc the African Silverback Gorilla asked the following when we were boxing.

“You need to take that off! Don’t you know we dont wear jewelery while boxing!”

I forgot. Hehe. He was right as always!

Great guy!

“What is that anyway? A c*** ring for your 10 inch c****)?


I must admit, it took me five minutes to get back to sparring, so loudly did I laugh, the Jim thought I went nuts!


Anyway ……. I took it off. I hadn’t for years, and didnt think I could, but as Marc said if it came on, it’ll come off!

Much like a cond….hehe.

Anyway, I’m having fun here.

So, another great conversation I’ve been having with a great customer!

First, we spoke about how the greater the goal and desire are, the MORE you’ll be tested.

And given what I’m doing with Pushup Central now, and all the hate and backlash I’m getting – hell yes, BRING IT!

I’ve never been one to back down.

Bozo Schofield ?

BRING IT! (though he’s been very silent for the past week, wonder whats up. Hehe. I haven’t even STARTED with him, trust me!).

Paedophiles like him deserve NO MERCY!

Then we were talking India.

I was rapping about the inane restrictions there, and how the “sheeple” globally don’t complain about ANYTHING being foisted on them.

No independence, apparently no problem.

Less and less freedom no problem.

Panixations and swabs in ass?



Maria, a Chinese lady (my Jie Jie) once told me the following about the last.

“Chinese people can accept anything!”

And the same is true for India. Ugh. Although China is light years ahead of INdia in terms of development, they know it wasn’t so long ago during Mao’s era they were eating Earth to survive – literally – and given what JingPing is doing now, well …

I always remember this quote but I can’t remember who wrote it, “most men live their lives in quiet desperation”.

So damn true, John!

Thing is, you dont HAVE to, and why I get frustrated with idiots telling me “it’s just speaking on the Internet! It has no effect!”

This is idiocy x 10000000.

President Trump did that, and look what happened.

NO, I dont condone the violence at the Capitol, but when your freedom is being taken away, by GOD, you need to ACT!

And you need to LEAD!



there are only three basic types of men, the wolves, the sheep and the sheepdogs, unfortunately the vast majority of men in the world are the sheep and they’re usually “content” just to follow the flock, their lives only change when being driven by the sheepdogs or attacked by the wolves.


Alonzo said the same thing in Training Day, hehe, except he was pithier about it.

And I keep saying the same thing about the SHEEPLE.

And the most interesting part of all this?

Have you ever thought of starting the “independence for deli” party? If anyone could achieve such a thing, my money would be on you being the one to achieve it.

This guy is one of the smartest dudes I’ve ever met!

I agree with what you’re saying about what I refer to as the “sheeple” – they’re present and their numbers are growing globally …

But I gotta tell you – Independence for Delhi?? Now thats a damn good idea, man, I never thought of that!! Not sure though if it would be able to sustain itself as an independent state or country though, haha, though yes, the economy is pretty massive, but as I said before, the country will probably “want” to split up at some point. The South and North don’t get along, and haven’t for years, and the North East pretty much just wants to be left alone, hehe.

Independence for Delhi, indeed interesting! But yes, the guy who at the age of 13 was termed as “Amitabh Bachan and Akshay Kumar” rolled into one (swashbuckling so called heroes of cine then) . . . perhaps I could!

On a seperate and more interesting note, I dont know you read about the two battles we had with Delhi Police when they screwed us over? One even made it to page #2 of the Times of India, hehe, and I had a news reporter showing up at my doorstep. Pity I heeded my lawyer’s advice at the time not to talk to her, I could really have “Trumped” that situation more than we eventually did (they gave us a letter of apology, returned our dough that they stole from us, and more) . . . Hehe. But personally, at that point, I was sick and tired of the whole mess too, or lawyer or not, crooked or not, I’d have gone out and told the dame what I really thought of the whole mess!

Not sure if you’ve read it, I’ve mentioned it several times in my emails but Google Rahul Mookerjee, and you’ll see it on page #1 – for some reason, it has been “doing the rounds” as of late. Hehe.

Well, that explains my thoughts on that.

But maybe someday yours truly “firebrand” will do what ha sbeing suggested above.

Funnily enough?

John’s CLOSER to the truth than he knows, except he’s off by the “place”. Delhi wasn’t ever in my thoughts, hehe, but I won’t reveal more for now!

Anyway, the court case – ya’ll on the list know all about it! And if you dont, well, Google is your friend or ask me and I’ll link etc.

Never one for publicity am I. Hehe.

(And curiously enough, I was told “not to tangle with the powers that be” when we went to the High Court. F*** that. If something’s wrong, it’s wrong.

And funnily enough the same people who told us that – they were supporting us when we WON).

Anyway, all this aside, lets end with FITNESS!

He wants the videos for the 0 Excuses Fitness System as a standalone package since he has the books (paperbacks) already.

Which is a great idea!

Lots of you have the book, but not th evideos.

So, if thats you – contact me – I’ll do up a special option for YOU as it’s not currently there as a purchase option on the website.

He also wants the following books –

Pull-ups – from STUD to Super STUD within weeks!

Profound “70% Gorilla 30% Human” handstands.

And I gotta tell you, he got Pushup Central and Isometric and Flexbility Training before that, and Animal Kingdom Workouts.

And THAT is the progression you might want to follow too.

Remember though, the “profound” course is ADVANCED, and the next thing to working up to freestanding handstands (which is course #4 on it).

So, you’ll want to get the other TWO courses on handstands FIRST before this one.

(he already owns ’em).

And the book  on pull-ups, my brother, is pure GOLD.

Well, my friend, there endeth this long eye watering email.

I’ll see y’all soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If you see our campaigns for Pushup Central anywhere – show some LOVE! Like, tweet, buy, whatever, but lets make THIS BIG!



(poor Ann, little did she know she unleashed a BEAST INCARNATE that will NOT – REFUSES – to be TAMED – by ANYONE).

PPS – I also believe in this – the force of the, as they say, in India, the MUKKA!

(The FIST).

In short, if someone fucks with me or BADGERS ME and PESTERS ME and there are plenty – more than they should, then my friend it’s simple. they will get A FOOT UP the ASS, and thats that. End of story.

The various responses the greatest course EVER “Pushup Central” is getting … and more on the Dodos that dont do, but bitch and moan.
- YES - and UGH!

So, I’ve been aggressively promoting a lot of things as of late, none more so than my favorite book Pushup Central!


You’ll see it EVERYWHERE you go and we haven’t even started!

And there’s a reason behind it, which those that have bought the course KNOW what that reason. Check out the reviews for the book if you don’t believe me!

More than the Tom Tom’s, more than the hoo haa, more than the macho man stuff, what really prompted me to do it was this – when I wrote the book, I had a dream for it.

I SAW it in front of me clearly, as if it were happening.

Dreams only come to reality once we “do”.

And now’s the time to “do” for that book, and I’m damned and determined to DO for it.

And, we’re getting massive traffic to our site (s) – MASSIVE!

So much so that the “cup spilleth over”, and the “site ran out of memory” – but guess what it wasn’t these two sites – it was the OTHER Sites that aren’t mentioned here!

Some people have made the connection, hehe.

Thats how it goes, my friend.

You invest, you promote, you put ALL you got into a product, and dont be surprised if you sell more than that one product – this goes for ALL of you out there, regardless of what type of products you might or might not be selling.

And, of course, it’s bringing Dodos and nuts out, and REAL MEN too in droves!

Check out some of the responses we got –

Help, I have wings and no arms.


Sir, i want to buyyy from u, please how much it will cost!

I dont sell to Dodos.


THANK YOU, SIR! (thats a real man, a customer)

Dale duro Rahul!

And so forth … (I’m not sure what the last means – something in Marathi, an Indian regional language? If someone knows, please tell me!)

And, of course nothing is ever complete these days with Nazi jackboot like censorship from the Bozos and jackasses at LinkedIn.

Remember I sent an email yesterday about why I dont want to convince YOU to buy from ME?

The smackdown – so they think – I got about i t- –

Your post goes against our policy on bullying and harassment. It has been removed and only you can access it.

In case you’re not familiar with our policy on bullying and harassment, we encourage you to review our Professional Community Policies. If you think we made a mistake, you can ask us to take a second look.

For reference, the post is HERE.



Please read it, and tell me where exactly I bullied and harassed ANYONE.

I was simply saying if you dont want to buy, don’t.

And apparently that pissed a ton of people off too.

Here’s the thing though – LinkedIn is getting AS BAD as Facebook over censoring what they deem not acceptable.

There is BLATANT China Tom Tomming going on there all day for one, yet WHEN WE the PATRIOTS say something – point out the other side of all this – the real thing?

We’re censored, and it ain’t just me.

There is a reason I left Freakbook that I’ve mentioned before ie. goose and gander.

And I might well permanently dump Pinked-Out too …

Anyway, enough on that front.

Pushup Central, my friend, is where it’s at.

If you haven’t got this little monster, get it now – its the best ever investment you’ll make in your fitness, period.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I’ll be back

PS #2 – Remember, leave a review via the download link you get in your email Inbox after purchase!

PPS – Follow me on Twitter if you haven’t already, because lots of things on there I dont say here!

Why Pushup Central has my complete and utter endorsement!
- YES!

In 2020, when I put out the book, I had DREAMS for it – which have been partly accomplished already, but there is SO MUCH MORE LEFT!

Somehow, I knew this book would resonate.

Somehow, I knew this book would be my “best” ever (despite putting out books like Animal Kingdom Workouts, and Isometrics and Flexibility Training which have, until now sold more – and the former has been called by some as my best ever. One of the best ever, at any rate).

I dont know … I felt it in my bones!

And I’ve been heavily promoting the book on social shedia you might notice – not so much my other stuff.


Because THIS book (and the 0 Excuses Fitness System) is what everyone NEEDS now.

Want, maybe.

But if there ever was a need for back to basics pushups, it is NOW.

It isn’t “just about sales” – there is something about the book that makes me, as a great customer once said “feel the most proud of”.

It’s also, of course, the most trolled, which by itself should give you a reason as to my complete endorsement of the book.

Might sound tacky, eh.

I wrote the damn thing.

So of course I endorse it, but right now, I’m getting into YOUR mind – and looking at it from YOUR viewpoint.

I mean, let’s see.

Workouts anyone can do.


Workouts that don’t take long.


Workouts that won’t necessarily leave you HAMMERED for days – and they will if you want to go big?


Workouts that will trim tummy fat like lightning – – and give you a chiseled core?


Workouts that don’t need a chinning bar.


Workout you can do NOW.


Workouts that STRETCH and STRENGTHEN?


The above, of course, is a brief smattering of benefits. And they apply to all of my products.

But Pushup Central, my friend, is a MUST have – for ALL of you – if just for these reasons.

It has my complete and utter endorsement, even though I wrote it.

Buy this book now, my friend, even if it’s ALL you ever buy from me.

Truly worth it for you.


Rahul Mookerjee

More on the wackjobs that are called … LIBERALS!!!
- Admittedly not fitness related.

This one, for the most part is not fitness related, so if you want, please do click away.

But if you want a dose of common sense, read on …

I’ve been reading a post on PInked-Out about some dude who wasn’t wearing masks on a subway in SG.

He got called out and caught, and arrested I believe.

Now thats fine I suppose.

I dont support masks – NEVER EVER HAVE. If you want to wear ’em, do so , but remember masks dont stop this thing, period. Maybe N 95’s, but not the vast majority of masks out there.

But hey, by all means, Liberals, live with masks and swabs up your asses your entire life. The Bozos like it anyway!

(might as well enrich the Internet companies since Liberals apparently want to live in a basement too the rest of their lives judging by the “how dare you” replies I keep getting).

Anyway, some idiot on the social shedia network complained about “it’s time for this colonial mindset to go away that Brits can do whatever they want!”

Which made me pause.

I mean, really.


Rahul Mookerjee doesn’t wear masks, and doesnt have any plans to – is he “colonial”? (sure, if wherever I go mandates it I’ll wear it – ONLY IF I HAVE TO!)

Dude broke the law. Simple.

There will be consequences. Equally simple.

But inferring anything else (and really, guy just looks like he was out for a bike ride or something) is just plain DUMB.

Like most Liberals are!

From that same article, if you click (https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/man-who-refused-to-wear-mask-on-mrt-arrested-for-allegedly-flouting-covid-19-safe) you’ll see a certain (I’d say Indian) Paramjeet Kaur (Sikh, I’d guess??) in SG was also arrested for not wearing a mask.

Of course, “white boy” gets all the flak for being “racist and colonial” while she doesn’t.

Neither one of them are guilty of anything in my opinion. (other than breaking Singapore’s way too rigid laws. I’d rather Hong Kong (pre 2015) and thats why I’ve NEVER GONE to SG, and never plan to either).

Then of course, more liberal Bozo-ness.

Apparently (here’s the link – https://www.fox23.com/news/trending/florida-mcdonalds-offers-applicants-50-show-up-interview/HGVIYPDYIRBD7ALTLH4XBW2IUE/) Florida Mickey D’s are SO short of people that they’re having to pay (offer) people up to $50 to come for interviews, because the Hiden Biden inspired benefits are in most cases way more than what the company pays.

I gotta say this once and for all.

I’m no economist.

But the minute you start FORCING businesses to increase min wage, the minute you make it so that it pays more to do nothing at home and be Glyn Schofield for example – is the minute everything goes down the toilet.

People need help. Yes.

But beyond a point, there have to be incentives to work – not “not to work”.

Which the Libs don’t get apparently.

Not to mention, do these people understand that at some point, the Piper will have to be paid?

The Treasury cannot just keep printing money willy nilly, indefinitely …

Maybe thats part of the “Grand Plan”.

Anyway, I wonder if Bozo is reading this. He’s not in the US, but he might well wanna show up there, if just for the free $50, hehe. (thats more than “$20×2” he makes nightly if you get my drift in back alleys).

And that, my friend is that.

Liberals = morons of the grandest order, and politics aside, if ANYONE from any side of the spectrum has a counter argument to what I Said above?

I’d really, really love to hear it.

Out for now!

Back soon.

Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up the best home based fitness system you’ll ever need HERE.

(but it ain’t for panderers and lazy fu*** looking for “instant results”, I’ll be honest).

Why She-En-En is the most idiotic channel ever
- And it's getting even worse

I dont know if I’ve mentioned it, but I’ve been talking about CNN a lot as of late.

They were always radical left fake news spreading MONGERERS – and have viciously attacked those of us that do the right thing – and the smart thing.

And today I read an article here : https://edition.cnn.com/2021/05/06/india/india-modi-parliament-intl-hnk/index.html

The liberals are all up in arms about how dare Modi go ahead with this – when people are dying left right and center apparently.

Of course, these nutjobs neglect to mention the number of people that die of OTHER and “normal” causes every day in the country that far outnumber COVID deaths (and this holds true for the US, any country!).

Road accidents. The regular flu. Other pre existing conditions. And in much of the third word, countries like Nepal included – quite literally HUNGER – that comes from these MORONIC shutdowns, lockdowns, and the pain associated with it!

I mean, really, folks.

Not all of us want to live in “Hiden Biden” style basements the rest of our lives – maybe that works for him – but it doesnt work for everyone, certainly not me (and not, just because “China is open” doesnt mean everywhere is – I mean, what about people in China doing biz with th erest of the world – what about regular people there wanting to travel – you know, spend money etc … get th eeconomy going – flights etc … you know????) …

We ALL know where this came from, and who spread it.


(and we ALL know how they first created this thing for years, then covered it up in their own nation, then prevented the spread of it internally there – but at the same time, did NOTHING to prevent people from going out to OTHER places and spreading this menace. Maybe they knew no-one in the West or the free world would want to lockdown etc, maybe that was the entire point. HA!)

But I’ve been saying this forever. Trump has too.


Do we just SHUT everything down forever and live in fear the rest of our lives with swabs up our asses and jabs in arms that dont really work anyway and have not been tested right??

So says “Amitabh Bachhan and Akshay Kumar” rolled into one, as I was once labeled when I was young (of course, if I retaliated – well, guess what! I couldn’t!) …

I dont think so, bro.

End of the day, you have to look at your GOAL.

You have to focus on what you CAN CONTROL – not what you can’t!

You have to focus on the outcomes YOU WANT in YOUR LIFE!

Keep your eyes focused on your GOAL – not the obstacles – no matter how big or small! Press ahead with YOUR plans no matter what!

If all the times I was down for the count in LIFE – or business – or anything – I decided to hunker down and do nothing …. guess what.

You wouldn’t be seeing me write this now.

Thats for starters.

It is only those people, my friend, that master the art of PERSISTENCE – a dogged determination to keep going no matter WHAT The obstacles are in front of you that truly achieve any sort of success in any sphere, large or small.

Am I saying people dying is something we should brush under the table?

Not at all.

But we have to realize that fear, panic and hunger are really the root cause of all this …

Do with that info what you will.

I’m certainly no shill for Modi, and don’t support a lot of what he does, but he’s FAR better (in my own “non political” opinion) than the other wishy washy alternatives India has at the moment, and her (India’s) people would do far better to unite behind him than complain about every single thing he does.

Much like with Pres Trump – best ever.

And that, my friend is that.

More such motivational tips here – Gumption Galore – and THIS is a must read if you’re interested in “turning your life around” – Zero to Hero!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Read She En En, and you’d think the country was on it’s last legs. Ever wonder why these idiots for one don’t mention the record number of EXPORTS?

Folks – go with regular media if you must – but sift past the fake bs!

Why you should go for dizzying jump rope workouts after heavy squats.
- Lots to say!

Sometimes, I wish could use Google (Ass)isstant, hehe, which types for you. You speak, and it types!

But then you’d get Tai po x 1000 instead of Tai po x 100 … so I will stick with typing, provided my sweaty fingers don’t stick to the keyboard!


Now, where to start.

First, I felt dizzy during and after the workout, which can be a good thing.

why, you ask?

Why the bodyweight Guru?

Well, one. Great, great workout!

Two, what I’m goin gto tell you below. But three, maybe because I used my own breathing secrets to recover quicker (all covered in the System) … and got way more reps in way less time (except I used this secret AS WELL in a way that I do NOT recommend you to do until you get damn good at using it, period – I used it WHILE doing the workout!) .

Again, do NOT do until you really understand the ins and outs of the secret.

Truly gives a new meaning to getting the most out of EVERY breath you take.

Maybe it’s the heat too, I dont know.

But then again, in the System videos you see the A/C purring all day while I’m bathed in sweat, hehe.

So, THATS how these workouts burn so much fat off your frame – nigh quick – one of the reasons.

Anyway, as Charles said,

“I dont know how you can do it in that heat!”

I can, and so can you.

Follow me, and I’ll turn you (those that are) from “cuck” to STUD so quickly you won’t know whats hit you!

Now, the workout part of this .. (sip of water first).

Just a sip!

As you know, I did mini brutal workouts yesterday.

I wrote to you about a brief 7 minute blast too.

I’ve been Tom Tomming these type of routines for ages, and its now – only NOW – that the rest of the world has caught up with yours truly PIONEER.

In many regards.

(so if there was a reason to learn from me …ah, but you know that! LOL)

Anyway, part of the routine was repeated throughout the day – squats.

And I must say I said heavy squats in the title, but I dont recommend those with weights, periods, not unless you want a blown out lower back and wonky knees in the future (regardless of form when doing ’em).

Take that bit of advice for what you would – up to you.

But, I did 5 x100 throughout the day.

It’s different from doing  500 at one go which builds mental strength and physical too in spades like nothing can.

I do those between 14-20 minutes when I do ’em at one go.

Depends …

But, yesterday I spaced it out.

2 minute blasts for each, believe me, equally tough if not more in many ways!

And, today?

My legs felt like jelly.

So I figured I’d do a light day.

Of course, with me ….

I ended up jumping rope.

And had the best workout ever with that – not that I don’t already!

And here’s the thing. I did Hindu squats yesterday.

Those tax the thighs and chest – big time.

So does jump rope with more of an overall body emphasis, and the hips.

Hindus tax the hips less than “Asian squats” (see the book on isometrics).

So if I had done the latter, I’d probably not be jumping rope now …

In the book, of course, I tell you to do both at the same time and thats great!

Because it lends itself to spectacularly tough workouts youll never forget!

And you’ll burn fat lik ecrazy too.

Which is the entire goal, isnt it?

Alright, my friend, I’ve given you SO MUCH VALUE in this email I dont even know where to start. If after this people still complain about no value?

“I’ll hold the door for you, Ma’am” – and not Bozo style, hehe.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Another fat burner el supremo HERE!

Paperbacks vs …ebooks!
- Both are great!

I was thinking about this this morning.

And, I dont know – If you asked me to choose – I couldnt, to be honest!

When we FIRST started this site given the trend and given the way the “world in general” is going, I only had a digital option available.

Seems SO long ago, especially when I first sold off rahulmookerjee.com, then 0excusesfitness.com.


I still remember them days, waking up, eagerly checking the sales etc ..

(not that I don’t now, but back then I just started!)

But then down the line, in fact a couple of years ago I believe, it was that “recent”, I realized one thing.

Though I hadn’t thought of it before – – there were a lot, I repeat a lot of people ordering paperbacks off Amazon and such!

This struck me as odd as I thought “most of the world was going digital” which in many ways it is, of course.

But I realized one thing – there is still a very substantial number of people out there that are “Dinos” and love paperbacks as much as I do.

I love ebooks too – so if you were to ask me pros and cons of each?

I dont know – lets talk paperbacks first!

First, paperbacks are unique in you can touch ’em – feel ’em – hold ’em – that sensation of holding a dog eared book, getting it out of the bookcase, having it by you, “smelling the pages” occasionally (an odd habit I had since childhood, and one that never ever left me apparently!) – and much, much more!

They’re old fashioned – and how it used to be. Another kudo!

They can be autographed! A lot of the recent Fast and Furious Fitness – The Collector’s Item were!

And, I dont know – nothing to me beats the sensation of “holding a book in you rhands” if you get my drift??

Most importantly, these books stand the test of TIME in many ways.

Ever think about what will happen to this website – or yours – once we “pass on” ?

Ditto for the ebooks on your computer?

But physical books, now thats a different story!

Cons – I dont know, other than space required to keep ’em, other than the fact you have to “pack them in your suitcase every time you move” (big issue for me!) … none really.

Now, ebooks!

Despite paperbacks being special in many ways, so are e-books – to me at least.

Obviously no storage space required, and so long as Winblows and your HDD etc keeps up, and even if it doesn’t, your cloud storage which everyone these days must have anyway will …

And most of my favorite books – in fact, the majority?

Oddly enough, they are all in ebook format!

Not all, but most.

And I often flip one open on the computer at random and start reading.

Ebooks are also extra special for you Kindle owners I’d think, the Kindle ecosystem is “one unto it’s own” that Amazon created, and they did a great job as usual.

Easy to pass on, compatible between systems i.e. Windoze, Linux, Apple etc ..


Again, I can’t see many, to be honest!

Maybe one con is they sometimes tend to “sit” on your computer and you don’t read ’em so much, but I’ve found this NOT to apply to those who get ebooks from me i.e. the DOERS.

(and another pro for ebooks – instant download).

And the other thing some people have said i.e. those that buy physical books tend to be more “solid” long term customers if you get my drift.

Now, this might be and probably is true for the vast bulk of industries out there.

But again, yours truly isn’t the vast bulk.

Yours truly is as different as can be.

And I attract DOERS!

Some of my most loyal and recurring customers prefer – you got it – ebooks!

So, I dont know – take with this info what you’ll do with it of course.

End of the day, it all boils down to personal preference!

If I had to choose!

I must confess I dont know, hehe.

What I don’t quite like is audio books – do you any of you like those? Let me know, and if enough do, I’ll get on Audible or something too in the future!

And that, my friend is that.

Pick up a product or two here …. and if you’re new to us, well, I’d recommend starting with the baseline; The Rolls Royce of Fitness right HERE.

Once you get on that, you can never go wrong if you get my drift.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember, please do leave an honest review via the link in the email you get upon purchase. Thank you!