Fathers, daughter’s dreams, and more …
- I'm loving it, hehe.

Recently I was informed by my little girl about “Dad, do you know the one exam I got full marks on”?



Yes, the one language the entire family did NOT want her to learn, they were all very vociferously for French, not even near as useful practically (my own personal feelings about the French in general aside) …

.. and the one she did.

I patted on the literal and metamorphorical shoulders.

Yes, both of ’em!

“Now thats how I know you’re always Daddy’s little girl!”

I feel sorry for her, dealing with a completely dysfunctional situation at home, the constant drama between mother in law and wife (no prizes for guessing who), the constant BS being indirectly fed to her i.e. “its always ultimately the father’s fault” (it’s funny, when I’m there, “I shouldn’t be there I’m a bad influence”, when I’m not there, my “lovely” Dad writes telling me “your absence means she has mental problems”) …

Can’t win for losing hehe.

Some may write back and tell me what Marc the African Silverback Gorilla once said “they need an alpha there”.

They do, hes right, unfortunately some situations – some battles – especially those involving FEMALES – are left UNFOUGHT, you as a man will never win it – directly.

Indirectly is another story. Hehe. You CAN AND WILL Win those if you do what I tell you via the link (and aren’t too cheap about getting the tutorial, or manual, whatever you call that book)…

Not to mention, with women – most, not all – it always boils down to “I’m a woman so I can get away with it”.

There is always some form of blackmail, if not sexual, then other forms. There is NEVER a logical discussion – and no, while ALL Women are NOT like that, this is aimed at the very sizeable “always yelling about shit” majority that ARE.

Karen’s, the colored equivalent, all the rest – you know who you are. Hehe.

Funny part, it’s that group that could both DO With – and NEED – a calming, steady male influence – a REAL MAN – the most!

Look at what a bonafide Nazi feminist wrote on Twitter today …

“No-one will support a daughter’s dreams more than Daddy will!”

And she’s right.

Everything I do, directly or indirectly, even stuff that on the outside “may look like it’s just for me” – is linked to her in some way or the other.

People dont like it when that is brought up – especially not my immediate family, but thats how it always has been, she will always be the “3.2 kg” little girl she was in 2013 (even though she yells at me for saying it “Dad I’m no longer a baby!”) …

.. Like it or not, she is one of the very few things that truly matter to me in this Universe.

Fitness is another.

And I’m telling you, if you’re a single Dad reading this, or even a Dad (ever notice, by the way, how Dads get called out all the time for leaving, but when women do and plenty do its always “alright”? Dad leaving for work “he’s a deserter” – women do it – “career conscious” – what other fuckin B.S!) …

… or even a sensible Mom – then …

FITNESS is one of the best gifts you can give your children, my friend, period.

Kiddie Fitness is the GO TO BOOK, and the BEST damn gift you can ever give them in that regard.

And adults – well, ALL TOO MANY times, adults get away scot free with “I’m an adult, so I can do it, but kids can’t”.

Bullshit, my friend.

If you’re a lazy slob, dont work out – and justify it with horseshit, chances are your kids will too – directly or not.

If you’re a woman that doesn’t clean up after herself, creates messes galore and doesn’t clean up even when she should “I’m not a maid!” – well, chances are the kids will pick up on that too.

If you’re constantly on the dumbphone, yet yell at children for reading novels all day long (that last one … ugh!) …

Well, I dont know, there’s way too many families this BS goes on in, mine included, and I’m calling it out.

Because it’s TRUE.

Do yourself, then expect others to follow you, especially young kids!

And thats that.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pimp time – the 0 Excuses Fitness System – best damned gift YOU as an ADULT can gift yourself – today (in fact, you should have done it by now, hehe).

The meme that made perfect sense to me from some standpoints!
- From MOST ..

Well, first off, I think I shattered my own world record by not emailing you guys yesterday – or some of you, at least.

Or maybe the auto responders went out, I dont know.

But for someone whose been emailing for damn near centuries, so it feels like, a day’ break – hehe – not a big deal, but I “felt it”.

Anyway …

I was scrolling Shitter this morning, and one meme amongst all the rest of the other BS stood out – actually, lets talk about the latter first.

Some idiot (female) asking about “so many breakups these days, what in your opinion is the reason”.

Like honey, it’s bloody obvious, its not like you dont know the reason yourself, it’s not like it hasn’t all been headed this way for years (unless you’re part of the majority with head stuck firmly in sand) – bottom line, words have a vibe, this one came across as most from a certain Ricky does …

He already knows the answers to most of the questions he asks (repeatedly, over and over again, the same goddamned question) – yet he keeps asking “to make conversation” which he doesnt make, he wants to hear the other person speak except he doesnt hear, it’s “background music” for him at his job, and he by far ain’t the worst or only person doing this. UGH!

Anyway – the meme.

“Republicans make things way worse, Democrats are the reason they never get better”.

I had a quiet chuckle.

Old crows and all that apart – I actually agree. (though it was a liberal posting that mot likely).

Politicians, man, there is a reason I was NEVER invested into politics before Trump, there is a reason I still could care two hoots less about it all to be frank.

All birds of the same feather ultimately, all a bunch of damned crooks with a few exceptions like Mike Pompeo for one, who I whole heartedly endorse for Pres and always have – if he runs.

Anyway – it’s interesting.

The Dem part makes sense.

Dems do nothing but bitch and moan and do nothing and whine and make things worse with their lunacy – open border, defund police, funding an unwinnable war while things get progressively worse at home (while defense companies make billions of dollars), utterly useless sanctions that were designed to be useless in the first place – well, it’s no surprise that Putin (and yes, he is justified in his response, I have always said it, I will keep saying it because it is TRUE, and if you dont agree – fine – lets argue FACTUALLY ON THIS, not “emotionally”) laughs when he talks about it.

Utter BS – especially most of the news coming out on Russia and China these days (like “Xi Jinping” under house arrest – whichever fool thought that up must have been super high or something) ..

.. utter tosh, yet the libs believe it, so it’s spread everywhere.

Dont even get me started on the stuff on Russia, all of it pure bunk that even a third grader should be able to look at and say “WTF”.

Like dude (to the Ukrainian Pres) – if they’re really so weak, take your damn land back and stop begging for weapons daily which makes it worse, you were warned about this before plenty of times, you still went ahead and did what you have to, now, well, live with the consequences eh.

Just simple fuckin logic …

Anyway – back to Republicans and the far right as libs scorn us as being . . .

Look, you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.

I’ll be the first to admit Republican policies have collateral damage.

But thats required.

Thats life, not the nirvana “attract paradise to me” utopia liberals create in the fuckin minds.

At least we DO.

Not just sit on the sidelines and either cheer or whine and moan – and anyway, on a fitness list, for someone famously neither into politics nor any of the rest – why bring this up?

Well, first off, bottom line, people over the past few years, and this number has been increasing are getting sick and tired of mamsy pamsy liberal BS they can see through NOW (though they should have years ago).

And politics wise when the right secures majorities in countries like Sweden, you KNOW something good is happening in that regard (and Italy). (all famously “left wing” nations).

Ive no idea what will happen in the US, with all the chicanery going on, probably liberals will get re-elected (sham, or not) again.

But .. fitness wise, people are tired of shit that doesnt work.

People want old school back.

People want hardcore fitness BACK.

And the signs are all around you, my friend – talk to anyone, ask them what they really, really want fitness wise, they’ll tell you – then ask them how to get there, and the answers will be self evident.

Then there is another bunch of buffoons that is too lazy to actually do a damn thing fitness wise or life wise, and justify their lack of action by trolling others and “spying” on their emails, trying to copy their tactics (falling flat on their own damned fat faces while trying to do so) – and claiming “the soft way is the easy way to go”.

ie just say “oh, reps dont matter, pull-ups dont matter, nothing does, fat doesn’t matter, we’re all built differently”, and other horse shit these fools can themselves see through or they wouldn’t be writing about it trying to justify it.

I dont sell to that group.

But I’m so happy to note that the OTHER group is rapidly rising – UP – and is outnumbering the fools by a factor of about 10 as of now …

Last but not least, these Bozos who write back to me saying “I could do this, could do that”.

Great – what can you do NOW?

Answer in most cases is usually F all.

Look, at least show me some proof you’ve done it before, if you haven’t, then dont talk about it – especially stuff like 500 Hindu squats, and no, non sequitors of “there were no dumbphones back then” or other crap like “I dont have to justify this to you” (sure you dont, but you dont need to claim it’s true either do you? and write back to me about it saying … ah, but I wont even name and shame, pointless) ….

I mean, you’ve either done it or you haven’t, and if you genuinely have in the past, and cannot now, well, it’ll show, and thats a different case altogether.


End of rant.

A true one as always.

To pick up the most brutally honest and by far the most effective overall fitness system out there – go HERE –

The 0 Excuses Fitness System.

And thats that.

Back – soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – To the fools spying on these emails and reverse engineering them, two things – or more –

1. Have at.

2. Your pathetic attempts at doing so shows, and its nigh retarded too.

3. It won’t work.

And four, you probably can tell swiping my stuff ain’t working either.

No, I ain’t gonna come out with the “you’ll be scared of my lawyers” crap most would come out with.

Keep doing it is what I say … Hehe.

Out for now – back soon! (PS – You know its important when I interrupted my 100 squats to talk about this. Hehe. But really, it needs to be said, it has been now).

Why my 8,40,000 th birth might just be my luckiest…
- Lunacy Central again.

I was drying my hair the other night, one thing led to the other, and suddenly, a song popped into my mind – an old Bollywood song for some reason.

And along with that, an image of my daugher popped into my mind – that was a movie I enjoyed – then I remembered, my nine year old (recently) wasn’t even there then!


I asked her where she was, got the usual “donnnnnnnnnt ask me that Dad!” (she’s kinda prickly these days about everything it seems, but with the lunacy all around her, well, its affecting her too…) ….

“An angel in the sky, perhaps”, I said, rubbing her head affectionately, then walking out of the room – of course, the wife had to interrupt.

She claims “she never interrupts father and daughter” yet seems to find every chance to do so, which is alright sometimes, I suppose, but what she said – my.

“Don’t worry, honey! Everyone takes 8,40,0000 births before they land on planet Earth”, she announced like she was announcing some sort of a fact.

Now, my wife was never a religious freak – but over the past couple of years – she has turned into one.

Strange what stress that people dont admit exists – yet they know it does deep down inside – does to people.

And of course, couple the stress of “doing nothing” (and therefore having no real control over her life) with “someone will always do it for me” – and you have these weird ways it manifests.

I keep requesting her not to fill the kids brain with this sort of nonsense, I doubt it has much effect (but my daughter knows).

I mean, dont get me wrong, religion is fine. I aint got no problem with that, but taking things to extremes, bringing kids into it, all of that – till a point is OK, but after that … just gets to be annoying I guess, not to mention it has no real bearing in the real world.

Anyway ………….

Thats Lunacy Central for ya!

Maybe though, YOUR 840000 (I lose track of the zeros, hey, maybe there should be a 1 at the end, hehe)’s birth will be luckiest.

I mean, I’m used to my wifes lunacy, but even I guffawed when she said that.

“Thats a LOTTA births to go through, honey. Most people can’t handle one”, I chortled, then left the room.

But maybe it will for you!

Or, the number?

Maybe 840001 will be the number that turns YOU into a super human fitness wise.

It ain’t even all that outlandish, lets see…

200 Hindu squats a day.

200×30 = 6000.

Go a whole year, you get 72000, go five – you get …

Well, I dont know. Maybe it IS outlandish. Actually it is.


Anyway – back to terra firma.

To get in shape with a sensible fitness program that puts you through your paces, understands and teaches you the value of PRACTICE, progressions, and all those other nitty gritties we hear so much about … go HERE.

And I’ll be back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

Because I’m the hombre that delivers, hehe.
- YES!

I was watching the latest Tom Cruise movie (not that I’m a fan, hehe) – “American Made” for shits and grins, mostly because of the true story (so they say) it was made upon.

Set in the 1970’s-80’s, the story if true and even if not is TRULY incredible – truly an adventure filled life. Hehe.

Which ends in jail time most likely – I’ve not seen the entire movie, but from being recruited as a slap dash flirtatious heavy drinking pilot who falls asleep half drunk after getting home ignoring his sexily dressed up wife (gotta love the dark look on Madam’s face, hehe) … I can relate to a LOT of the movie.

Though I’ve lived an adventure filled life and sure continue to, it ain’t anywhere near as shown in the movie – where the CIA recruits him, so does the Colombian (and other mafia) – they all find out about each other, incredibly, they both let him be a “double agent” (I’ve written a book by that name, hehe) …

… and I’m not sure I’d want to do anything remotely resembling what Cruise did in the movie.

But his arms – forearms, specifically stand out – I can so relate to the cords running up and down them, and the sort of heavy duty training he did for them!

Not quite Stallone like, but damn close, I’ll say that!

Good upper body development there, at least for this movie.

And I can relate to the “green eyes” (that was alan Murray who made that comment, hehe “too cool”) sunglasses he always wears. I wear mine in the rain too apparently. Hehe.

Too cool, green eyes, I still remember Alan saying.

Good man, that!

Anyway, I’ve been known to wear the Aviators a lot, even the sky blues shown in a certain 80’s flick, but this ain’t about my style or forearms.

It’s about – well, something that Cruise gets repeatedly throughout the movie.

Why people keep recruiting him?

“Because he’s the gringo that gets things DONE”.

(specifically, “because he’s the gringo that DELIVERS”.)


Same thing for yours truly fitness wise, my friend – and life wise – except I’ll replace the word gringo with hombre, come to think of it, I’ve been called gringo so  many times that … well, either would work.

But really, if you want to get the job done – and quick – and right – fitness wise?

Call this gringo – or hombre – what have you. Hehe.

He delivers like no other – and better – quicker – faster – PERIOD. NO questions asked. He ain’t too fussy either provided you DO what he tells you to !

On second thoughts, please dont.

He never answers the dadgumit phone …

He hates it. He’s sick of telling people to stop calling him and text or email – and he prefers email.

And he prefers online.

So  to get the “because it gets the job done” fitness system that will give you forearms like Rambo for one, upper body development like the Gama if you do it right, boundless energy, stamina, girls, and what not (ok, I put the girls in, hehe) – then order right – NOW.

Yes, NOW.

And go HERE To place your orders.

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

Self massage – and making “love not war” – to your “tired achy body” and …
- ... the amount of junk I gfet in my email, really!

I swear, they say headlines in emails are important to get people to “open them” – and I guess with my over 30% open rate – which is good for ANY industry (not that I pay much attention to either open rates or click rates – SALES are the bottom line and/or the indicator for anything in my opinion) – and with me purposely trying NOT to make headlines sound overly snazzy or what not – I’m bucking the trend there again.

Email experts – the real ones – those who know their ass from a hole in the ground have been saying for a while now that my approach is the right one, those “click baity” email headlines dont work, but given what people are writing, they still seem to – to an extent.

Anyway – I got that piece of “junk” in my email today.

I haven’t even read the article its linked to, nor will I.

One of those bullshit “feel good” pieces which leads to exactly F all down the road.

I mean, dont get me wrong.

My history with massage – both hanky panky related and NOT, hehe – is well known.

Medicinal massages in China, regular sports massages, foot massages, I love ’em all, I get ’em all the time – so should I – and you!

Massage is nigh important, the Indian wrestlers for one knew the importance of a rub down after a tough day in the “akharas” …

I dedicate an entire chapter to it in 0 Excuses Fitness, as you know. With good reason.

When I sit at my desk, straight backed, I’m often massaging the pressure points on the the feet throughout the day – or the hands – I’ll even do my traps myself sometimes.

Hey, it works, but I dont do it to “fix my tired achy body”.

As a tech specialist told me rightly the other day (w.r.t some vexing issues we’ve been having on another site with a lot of heavy traffic slowing down an otherwise robust server – which I’ve fixed finally now, I believe) …

… it’s best to find out and cure the ROOT cause of the issue FIRST.

And so it is with your body, my friend.

If you’re constantly tired, irritable, achy, then there is something else going on, chances are excellent and second to none you need to get on a good exercise program that kicks your ass and you need to be consistent, damn consistent with it.

One day on, one day off, that aint gonna work here.

You have to do something daily. Make incremental progress – daily.

After about two months or so, or perhaps even earlier on being on such a routine – personally I think you’ll start seeing and feeling results within a WEEK if you do things right, and if you persist, the benefits amp up – compound interest if I might say so …

A hell of a lot better than applying fixes that dont “last”, dont you think?

Fix the underlying problem – NOW.

Get the 0 Excuses Fitness System without further delay, and start working on the exercises – NOW.

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

Kicking “combat” workouts – and more!
- And how they make you ... FEEL!

In a word -they make you feel awesome.

I did some pull-ups today, my 100 squats – then some club work.

Then I wanted to … do something different, and so I didnt do more of the above (which I normally would have), but the idea struck me to hit a heavy bag – which I did – except with my long (as a certain Carol once said) “giraffe like” legs, hehe.

And 200 kicks later, basic kicks – my!

I truly feel the heart thumping, the endorphins PUMPING – the sweat flowing down my lower back – and more.

But this isn’t so much about that or even what sort of kick I did – basic Taekwondo kick we learned in 7th grade basically – as … well, how it makes you feel “otherwise”.

I’ve written before about the ass kicking (metamorphically speaking) I got in the ring with Marc the african Silverback Gorilla when I did what he said i.e. “go three rounds with me in the ring!”

Now, conditioning wise it wasn’t so bad, but the heart was definitely pumping, but it was how I felt the NEXT day that really mattered. (or matters).


As I told Marc later, my lower back – my traps, one side of my body (hips) just “felt” different from all the footwork involved.

And the style of movement – this even for someone like me well used to physical activity!

It’s differernt, my friend – combat sports are just DIFFERENT.

And the training you do for combat sports – nothing replaces it, nothing makes you feel like that sort of training does, not to mention mentally you feel on top of the world, great way to let off excess steam etc.

Now … my traps and lower back feel different TODAY. Right now.

And whats the point of me telling you all this?

Well, first off, the heavy bag lends itself to great workouts if you know how to use it right.

Even if you dont, you can get a pretty good workout in (but make sure to focus on form, you’ll be that much more efficient – although it’s easy to just go all out starting in, and you’ll still sweat … focus more on learning the FORM, whether you kick, punch, or both) …

And if you dont have a heavy bag, well, remember one thing.

The workouts I teach you in 0 Excuses Fitness are exactly the sort of workouts the old timers did to get in the great shape they got in – they are precisely what combat athletes use until THIS Day.

And they’ll whoop your ass into shape like NOTHING else out there will, if you do it right -and quick at that.

Get your copy NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Great review –

This is an amazing book on fitness that has the right combination of intensity and intelligence. These aren’t soul crushing workouts or weight training, but they certainly aren’t a walk in the park either. The word that could best describe these workouts is SMART. It helps you play with your bodyweight and get yourself super fit.

Murli Pawar, Project Manager, New Delhi, India

So true, my friend – so true!

Get your copy – NOW.

Robotic Rehabilitation Gloves and what not…
- And my thoughts, of course!

This afternoon yours truly spoke to a guy who fell off a motorcyle a while back.

I’ve no idea if it’s similar to what happened to the wife a year or so when she braked too hard on her scooter or something and ended up spraining her foot to the point she could barely put any damn weight on it – but the injury is similar, and I suspect the “how” it happened is similar too.

People in China (and India, of course!) use two wheelers all the time, yours truly has steered AWAY from his childhood from two wheelers unless Im in the US of A where SOME traffic rules are followed, hehe (China’s not too bad in that regard, but places like India -well, as a client of Dad from Italy no less once said “the markings on the road are there for decoration” – or, as I say “to see who can break the most rules”)) …

Even then, I’ll be damned careful – these injuries for one!

Anyway, the dude can barely grip months afterwards – the wife recovered somewhat better, but she complains all the time about her body anyway, so who knows.

He’s nearing 60 at least though this dude, so it’s different in that regard with him, and he ain’t exactly the workout sort either (so to expect him to recover like I did after that nasty thumb crack injury I had – and many others – which I recovered through NO rest and more workouts – is a losing “battle”) …

So anyway, he was asking me about getting him some of those robotic “prosthetic” (or part) gloves if you get my drift.

I gotta get him to send me the Youtube he showed me, but basically it’s a glove sort of thing which helps you open the fingers, grip, etc etc, he can barely open his hand (left hand) now apparently, apparently the nerves are badly impinged.

My first response to him, of course, was to WORK the area more, but he didnt listen.

Use grippers, I urged (and I could almost, damn near, hear my daughter chime in like a mother duck “those things are available for kids too, I’ve used them! ” (she has)) …

And use easy ones, I said, and try and move the fingers more and more, just leaving them in that position will only make them more numb.

He hemmed and hawed, I told him I was into fitness – both personally and as a business, but I might as well have told him Jeff Bezos is planning to fly to Mars.

Like, “who cares” was his general thing.


Which is fine …

Then I told him to grip my hand while I gripped his other hand – and his eyes widened in amazement as I hardly even gripped, and I kept telling him to grip – MORE!

And no, it wasn’t a gripping competition either, I was showing him the fitness part of it, but anyway …

… I’ll be chatting up a colleague from the factory in a few days about it.

Would have asked Gorilla Girl Sophia, but she’s pissed me off with her BS for the past few days and despite her messages to the extent of “I thought you deleted me!” (I haven’t, but damn near!) – I’m NOT responding or discussing it with her (though my wechat done crashed too, so that makes it easier. Hehe)).

But really, I Told him all about strengthening weak tendons, muscles, products he could buy in that regard (not just mine) – but he wouldn’t listen to any of it.

Oh well, I shrugged.

If you want to spend big bucks, thats yours call I told him.

He laughed.

“I dont, thats why I want it from China”.

Except China hasn’t been that cheap for years, I told him.



I’ll keep ya’ll posted, but other than some vexing site issues on another biz which I’ve finally – I think – resolved – thats the tale for now.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up Gorilla Grip now – truly the BEST in terms of developing a CORSUCATING, rock solid grip and done right, it’s great to recover from injury too if you vary the tempo etc.

And remember, putting the cart before the horse is pointless, pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System too while you’re at it.

“I am 24 years old but my back pain is 65 years old” (and why the bridge isn’t necessarily the best solution for back pain either)
- It's a pandemic, a real one...

Obesity, feeling unwell (right down to kids – little kids that have more health problems than the adults that have parented them, although the adults are by no means exempt either), the tomfoolery going on everywhere, the laziness, back pain – shoulder pain – constant whining about everything – I wonder sometimes, often, what have we as a society come to.

“I am 24 years old but my back pain is 65 years old” accompanied by the usual low energy BS (and of course, a complete unwillingness to invest in the products that will help her, just a willingness to bitch up and down which resolves F all) …

And she ain’t the only one either (it’s some college chick messaging me about this).

Not the 20 year old college chick I recently blocked again – like I’ve blocked three of her numbers, she recently got a fourth to pester me.

“Nandini, just why dont you RESPOND if you want to talk”

Nah, it’s more of the “Hello!” and then crickets. I’ve written about this before, they’re basically morons wanting to be “entertained” for free under the guise of conversation where YOU make all the talk, they listen, and may chip in with a comment or two “while doing something else”, usually while doing something else – these sort of people are pathetic, it ain’t women alone either, a former friend of mine “Ricky” was the exact same way.


In the past I gave these people a chance, now, it’s BLOCK instantly.

I don’t want them anywhere near me (admittedly I gave the girl another chance, but I blocked her again last night, but anyway)…

… this ain’t people in that regard, or her, it’s about the real pandemic.

Back pain, ill health, disease etc – and lets focus on the first – back pain -which most people equate to lower back pain and rightly so, since that seems to be what most people are afflicted with – lower back pain – and weak hips etc.

But back pain is far more complex than that, friend.

Upper back and mid back pain is more common than you’d think, and weakness in ONE area extends to the other.

Posture – throughout the day – has a lot to do with this, most people dont realize that simply walking upright, sucking the gut in (admittedly a Herculean task for many people due to the sheer size of the gut) – and losing weight – goes a long way towards solving a lot of back pain issues, and health problems in general.

In the past I’d bring out the bridge as the #1 exercise to resolve this, many gurus do, but I no longer do this.

Why – because the bridge while an excellent exercise, and one you should do daily, be damn good at – overlooks many things.

First off, most people think about the back bridge when it comes to bridging, but the FRONT bridge is equally important.

For years, I’ve had weak hamstrings that wouldn’t allow me to bend forwards properly, but get me into a back bridge, I’d stay there all day long.

I’ve never had back pain, but this weakeness translated over to poor performance in other exercises – like the split, or other forward bends – equally important!

Then you have UPPER back issues – which in my opinion – the pull-up – and club/mace/kettlebell work done right are some of the best things you can do for your back.

Massages are great too – but they dont fix the underlying health issues, my friend.

Then, you have the “best darn exercise”

Admittedly one HELL of an exercise and workout that one is, try doing 250 in a row and then tell me how you feel “the best I’ve ever felt” people have reported back telling me, and they’re right, it makes you feel “out of this world” in  a manner nothing else nigh can.

But even that – MOST of the variants – focus on the lower back heavily, its only when you get to one of the variants in the book “oft ignored” – the heels FLAT variant – that you really start getting someplace ab wise. (not to say you wont if you do it the other way, but to truly go to the next level) …

Anyway – the solution to all this?

A proper exercise regimen.

Be less lazy, eat less, work out more, be tough mentally.

Proper posture throughout the day.

Avoid “deep couches” like the plague (literally, I feel strange when I sit in them) – and back support in car seats etc.

LOTS of pull-ups – LOTS Of club – kettle bell work (Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness, now thats one you really need to reserve NOW) – and of course, do a lot of heavy duty squatting and hamstring/hip work as well (Squat 101, Isometric and Flexibility Training – the Compilation).

Do all of this right, back pain will be a thing of the past – and YES, focus on BOTH the front bridge and the back bridge equally, they’re both superlative exercises, but most focus way too much on the latter and not the former.

And thats that.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

“You also can have a devil figure”
- Madam makes it sound like I dont. Hehe.

Madam (a certain Cassie Li) makes it sound like I dont already.

Maybe this post would set her straight. Hehe.

Or, any of the numerous others detailing that sort of thing – maybe a quick “search” on the site, of course, given it’s a spammy sort of email with a halfway interesting sounding title (which is why I put it here) – she’s probably bulk mailed it out to thousands, if not more people.

Lady’s pimping some sort of herbal concoction (they call it tea, hehe) and no doubt slimming capsule, “build muscle NOW!!!!!!!!!!” pills – and other utter JUNK that doesnt work, destroys your body from the inside out – like a true body is built from the inside out, when you truly want to destroy, same there! – but something most people would jump at anyway “lazy man’s easy way out”).

I dont know if she knows I sell the real deal. Hehe. Or if I AM the real deal fitness wise, anyway – enough “self pimping” (aka promotion) for now.

Point is this, my friend – in addition to all the other things most people do WRONG to have a devilish figure (note – the skinny “bones protruding look” aint it, but neither is being a fat fucker and claiming you’re big but not fat – the MARTIAL artist look is what people are really after, wanting, and referring to) … and in addition to everything you need to do RIGHT to have a devilish figure, which I’ve covered so many times I wont get into it again, I’m gonna cover ONE very important point.

In Corrugated Core, you’ll notice (if you do it right) – nigh ALL the exercises focus on this one very important thing.

What is it?

Well, its the SIDES of the body.

Most people focus on the utterly useless crunch to isolate the front two “superficial ab muscles” in the midsection, neither do they achieve the desired results, nor does this work.

The secrets to REAL ab work is strengthening and working – the obliques – and “transversus” muscles (I know I spelt it wrong, so be it it’s the muscle underneath the superficial six pack muscles which hold everything, including your internal organs together).

Hit those muscles, you hit the entire core, you get the shape – except you dont do it the way most people think.

Anyway – this isn’t about promoting the book above, but that book is a must have if you’re serious about a “real strong midsection”, not the moronic beach bods or what not most people want.

In Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness, this is covered in ALL the exercises too – my largest book easily by far as yet, and I’m still adding more to it. Hehe.

Now, in the videos I’ve put out there, in my writing so far, everything – I’ve told you to start easy, exercise caution, all of it – but when you see me swing the clubs with one hand, occasionally you’ll see me stabilize the club with the other hand on the way down.

Now, this is fine – it is progression #2 once you can actually handle the one armed swings (it’ll take you a long time, trust me, when you start out).

First, you get damn good at two arms with a light weight, then heavier, then progress to one arm, and min reps 40 for everything, preferably a 100 to really feel the heart pump, and muscles WORK! (and your GRIP).

And your whole body really, but really – here’s the thing.

The NEXT level to this, which is in the book, but I’ve not written about, or shown in videos as yet?

Is to swing all the way using just one arm.

Be very careful when you do this.

You dont want to snap your wrists – literally – on the sideways motion down, but really, done right?

This is a super – duper x 10 “crunch” for the sides of the body, you’ll feel the ENTIRE CORE work like never before.

Fat blaster x 1000!

Quite literally, my friend, the SIDES of the body (remember the scene in Rocky III where Apollo playfully gives him one to the sides?) are really what tell you if you’re in super shape or not, if you’re not, you’ll have flab hanging off it which as Brooks Kubik rightly says in Dinosaur Training people can pinch – and it hurts. Hehe.

“On the well conditioned guys, we grabbed a hunk of muscle”, he talks about his wrestling days in high school in the book – “on the fat ones, we grabbed a lump of LARD”. Not quite his exact words, but there it is!!

Not just the sides of the body, this sort of workout taxes your upper chest, traps and entire upper back area like nothing you’ve ever done.

And believe me, it will take you a long time to work up to it right.

Thats another reason why I go so hard and heavy on pull-ups too, another PRIME “side strengthener” if you do them in right form!

Combine with Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness, you simply CANNOT go wrong.

And thats that.

Cassie, so much for the devilish email. Hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

More on that corsucating grip of mine, hehe.
- I did some quick research

I did some very quick research after writing you that last email – so this is likely going to be a very short dispatch.

But, basically I looked up something I didnt really bother about before, ie the contribution of fingers to grip strength.

My contribution to that sort of discussion has always been very bloody blunt in that I’ve always said this idiocy of people not doing pull-ups with the thumb to “isolate” the lats … NOT ON!

Why someone would not use their thumb while doing pull-ups or any grip work is beyond me, I mean, when you grip something in nature, do you focus on “just the other fingers”, or any finger – same thing for when you’re wrestling, swimming, whatever, I dont think so! (or lifting things up!) …

But apparently the fools that believe in “isolate muscle groups” advocate this, so whatever – its stupid and I’ve never shied away from pointing it out, but that has been my sole contribution to such discussions.

Anyway – I sort of suspected the middle, ring and little fingers dont contribute a hell of a lot to the grip – but they do obviously help.

If you look at the area between the thumb and index FINGER – bingo – THAT is where your grip comes “hand wise”, that is usually the super sore area if you’re training right (along with forearms and shoulders, chest, etc) …

The Thumb is half of it most likely.

But anyway – since a lot of people believe in “formal reasearch” –

Here goes, from the University of Western Ontario no less…

This study determined the test-retest reliability of a grip device that measures the contribution of individual fingers to grip strength and described the pattern of contribution in subjects without hand pathology. Subjects repeated a set of three maximal grip efforts on two occasions separated by two to seven days. Intraclass correlation reliability coefficients were high (>0.75) for eight out of ten strength measures. The percentage contributions of the index, middle, ring, and small fingers to grip were approximately 25%, 35%, 25%, and 14%, respectively. Grip and finger strengths were highly correlated. Anthropometric measures of body size or finger length were moderately correlated with strength measures. These data suggest that there is a predictable pattern by which individual fingers contribute to overall grip strength, which is partially related to body size. The ulnar side of the hand contributes to the smaller proportion of overall grip (approximately 60% radial, 40% ulnar). The clinical utility of finger strength measures should be explored.


The real point of me saying this is this – if what my buddy was saying is accurate, and it most likely IS – he FELT it – he’s got years of real world experience in this sort of thing (though he didnt quite judge the weight of a heavy ass suitcase accurately despite lifting weights for years, hehe) …

… well then, I’ve just followed my own advice – yet again – unconsciously -for years.

By strengthening the WEAKEST Links in the chain!

I’ve said it often, you’re only as strong as your weakest link, my friend.

Life, business, fitness, all of it – you focus on your strengths yes, but you also focus on strengthening your WEAK links to the point they no longer stay “that weak” (although your strengths will always remain your strengths).

Think about it, if “all my strength” comes from (or “most”) from an area of the hand which contributes no more than 25% or so …

(of course, I dont put much paid into these sort of studies, they’ve never worked for me, including this idiocy about “underweight” – even BMI indexes and stuff, some super fit people fail those tests (and of course lazy asses globally use that as an excuse to justify their own “phatness” hehe) but still..)

Grip wise, fitness wise, that is what I’ve always subconsciously done, thats just more proof right there, it’s what YOU should do too.

And thats the point of this.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee