Why being on the list to “learn for free from me” isn’t really helping me – or (more importantly, perhaps??) YOU!
- (for those that are)

A lot of people on this list are .. “the silent sorts” who read everything, and dont say much.

They avoid clicking links etc in the emails to make it seem like they never opened the email, or to make it harder for tracking softwares etc to track ’em.

Not that I would track anything beyond what I need for marketing and even then, I pay scant regard to metrics most people do such as “open rates” CTR rates and so forth …

BUt anyway, their purpose is to “lie unnoticed” amongst the rest.

They dont necessarily moan and groan about price either (although they might be thinking that).

Their primary goal is (unless there are others I haven’t latched onto as yet) – learning for free from “the list”.

Watching my emails, seeing what they can pick up …

In some cases, and people have told me this directly “we’re just here for the free stuff, not to buy products”

Now, I dont know why someone would do that for one.

But some people … well, they try and take my techniques and reverse engineer to their own businesses they’re trying to get off the ground.

Needless to say, that tactic don’t work my friend.

It doesnt just not work, it backfires.

Admittedly I give away more in free tips that most do in their paid courses etc …

But it’s still a tiny fraction of what I know – and teach – and NOT the entire tale.

And trying to simply copy what I do in emails and run with it – well, thats like taking the tip of the iceberg and pretending it’s bigger than the iceberg itself which causes ships to collide, rather than the tip you can “see”.

I dont blame these people for wanting to learn.

I would too

(and in my case, I’ve learnt this way – I’ve learned what I could for free – I’ve made mistakes, failed, burned, crashed – then made ’em again – then again – then again – and even now, I’m by no means “at the top” or anywhere close to it and when I am – well, I still won’t be if you get my drift).

It’s about continually learning and improving.

And as for me, well, the cold hard facts are this, my friend.

Any business ultimately only functions on SALES and not people that dont want to buy, and ignore anything remotely marketing related, even when it will HELP THEM “people that won’t spend one red cent on anything”.

And so, along with the price wankers, I do all I can to weed this type out of my list to keep it hyper engaged and focused.

If you want to simply “Read for free”, well, do that via the websites…

Everything I email is posted there.

But I’d rather you be on the LIST itself if you’re ultimately interested in getting a product to further your life – goals – ambitions – along.

Two such products are Animal Kingdom Workouts, and the precursor to the book i.e. Advanced Hill Training.

Two products people have “wanted” – big time.

But, they haven’t quite reached “cult status” like others such as 0 Excuses Fitness, Pushup Central, Gorilla Grip, and of course, Isometrics and Flexibility Training have (as yet, at least).

My point is simple, bro – at some point, you gotta pull out your wallet and GET these products.

(or, you wouldn’t be repeatedly going to the pages).

Why not do so now and not put it off “until” – because until never comes?

Hey, I dont know about YOU, but if it’s something that will help me, I want it, then I get it NOW, not “later” …

And thats what I wanted to say.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Why I rarely if ever anymore engage in idle banter, or even private chats etc unless…
- It's MEANINGFUL, backed up by MEANINGFUL conversation ...

… It’s why I got off Facebook as well, and never get on it anymore.

Nigh every time I’ve tried to have MEANINGFUL conversations with people about anything on any social media, or in general even – it’s usually always come up with a huge fat zero.

What do I mean?

Well, conversation for most people seems to have (especially over the past few years) descended into inane meme fests, and “how much did you drink last night”, and other nonsense that is I guess part of normal conversation – but to me, never the entir epackage – and a waste of time on it’s own.

And energy sucking as well i.e. you have to reply to the memes, videos or the “China did this!” political stuff …

Funny part is this.

When I reply to any of it – and reply rationally – yall know me, I believe in giving proper reasoned rational answers to anything posed of me – the answer I get?


More inanity without addressing what I said.

(of course, when some idiot with some “validation metric” such as “oooh, one million folloooowwwweeers!” says the same thing in less than concise terms – these same idiots will listen, reply, and reply more – purely for their own “social validation” – as opposed to engage in meaningful back and forth with someone with lesser “numbers” of followers, but far more engaged per person i.e. my 6000 on the now defunct LinkedIn vs 40000 NOT SO ENGAGED followers someone might have on Shitter or what not)

I take the time to send long emails, lengthy voice messages and so forth – and what happens – crickets – and no acknowledgement – and more crickets, but all the time in the world for INANITY.

I’ve always had the feeling ever since growing up a lot of people have the tendency to use me for free entertainment.

i.e. get on long meaningless calls and keep asking “so what else is new”.

I so HATE it when people start with that sort of nonsense, when you ask THEM what is new, they rebut it with “you tell me” and never answer whats going on with them.

Look, if you want idiotic entertainment stare at the Tee Vee (is what I should tell these people).

But it would bounce off them like water off a duck’s back (slide).

Last night was one of those rare occasions I spoke to a few people – my translator and friend Dani included or “more than friends”, or whatever you call it.

And on all occasions, after saying what I did – I was disappointed. (except with Dani)


No-one bothered to respond.

Not because they didnt listen, or hear me – or what I said wasn’t making sense.

I posed some hard questions of certain people – such as why, for instance, some guy from Australia or the UK would continue to slum it out in a country like Bangladesh (ok, he’s into ESL apparently, but still!) – with no job for years, and not go back?

I mean, even the ghettos back home gotta be better than living off freebies and handouts in Bangladesh??

Which is a question I’d pose myself in that situation.

That was just one person, and admittedly this ESL sort tends to be like this, but during the hey days of ESL with easy money on offer, albeit “easy come easy go” sort – I could sort of understand it.

But now, for years, when all that has dried up .. .

Returning home might not be the easiest thing – why?

Because no freebies, I suspect.

Which people dont want to admit, so they do one of the following – sidetrack the question itself, or they admit it to me, and then behind my back laugh about it like Schofield did and smoulder “how dare he” and make racist memes and what not.

Nothing to me spells out LOSER in capital letters more than that … NOTHING.

I mean, if someone is taking the time to type something out to you – have the decency to type back – or respond back.

If someone sends you a heartfelt rational email – REPLY back (or don’t get in touch with the person in the first place!).

And please dont get back saying “I’m busy” or “lets meet in person”

If either one of those was applicable – the person wouldn’t be contacting me in the first place.

Anyway, what do I know.

I’m just Mr Cranky in that regard, but I guess I have a high standard for respect …

And it’s another reason, I suppose, why I’ve had the best conversations often times with women i.e. if she’s truly into you, which many are (and this isn’t just girls, it’s anyone!) – then the person will take the time to read what you’re saying – digest it – and REPLY.

Not just continue with the meme fest or free entertainment nonsense …

Anyway, enough on that (as I can hear the trolls sharpening their attack fingers, hehe) …

Pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System here, and invest some of that time you spend on social media on your OWN life – and what matters i.e your own FITNESS.

You’ll never regret it!


Rahul Mookerjee

What you can learn (or unlearn) from Glyn Bozo’s (so called) early morning walks
- I've never addressed this specifically before, but here goes..

Something that Glyn Bozo – obviously a nut of the highest order as has been noted many a times, and the best troll ever (until his trolling didnt work, hehe) – kept rambling about in his writings (trollings) was this –

” My days would start at 3am with me walking 20 miles a day, and doing 25 laps of the swimming pool at the complex. The rest of the time, I was doing volunteer work or working with the local authorities.”

He also noted what I wrote about being compared to a movie star, and sent me some emails about “I acted in movies”.

I dont know if I ever addressed these things specifically, but the last – movies was a 1 minute bit role which Bozo paid for, one of those “token foreigner” roles.

Ever seen Bollywood?

China has it’s own version, except not near as big, nowhere as well known.

And – Bozo apparently paid to be a “bit star” in the background or whatever it was in one of those movies, and claimed that made him a movie star.

Which is stupid, because while they do show some of the foreign devil’s faces in that scene (about half a minute or so, if even that) – all you see of the Bozo is a fat backside (literally).

I dont know what the movie was about – one of those “unknown” movies.

But thats not so much what I want to talk about as his so called long walks.

Now, bear in mind he did actually go on these walks sometimes.

As Chuck once told me.

“Glyn wakes up at 3 in the morning most days, and sends me scores of odd messages which I’ve got to spend hours listening to ALL of them!”

Oddly enough, the guy (Chuck) who claimed he was too “busy” to listen to what I said (which made sense, ah, but wait – they hit home, so why would he listen, hehe) had “hours” to listen to the Bozo’s rambles and then tell me about it.

As for my messages, he’d say “Sorry, they got buried under the others“.

One of the most pathetic and LAME excuses I’ve ever heard (which I told Bozo – and Bozo later created a trolly sort of meme about it too).

But anyway, I often got these odd messages from Bozo – apart from asking “how many girls added you on WeChat today” (so frigging annoying – yes, that happened all the time, but NO, I didnt request it – I wouldn’t even take my damn phone there!) – he’d send me “out of breath” messages walking up and down the roads of China at odd hours.

I’d be waking up, and Bozo would send these messages panting like an old geezer.

“I’m out for my walk………..”

He’d notice odd things like the toilets on the road (makeshift versions) and claim “Chuck would love to use them“.

Till date I’ve never figured out why he said that.

But these walks, these long walks (i.e. when he DID do them – as for the swimming, that was an out and out lie – Bozo lived in a dorm room which they gussied up some for him while he was a dancing monkey. Certainly no pools at that so called school!)

(and Bozo can’t swim anyway – he’s too fat to)

Fat floats yes, but Bozo’s WAY out of shape to do any swimming – that was a lie he copied from 16 Inspirational FItness Recollections i.e. from what yours truly actually DID. Not to mention there are no “complexes” in China – he just copied and pasted there. He would have said “gardens” otherwise, but wait, that would have required him to actually live in one (their version of apartment complex)

As for volunteer work, local authorities, the only thing he ever did with them was narrowly miss getting his passport red stamped so he couldn’t return (or did that happen too, Glyn?)

I mean really, Bozo and Volunteer? Volunteer to lick everyone’s ass in the room? Ugh. (stained teeth and so forth…!)

… but these walks, he’d say he walked 10 miles one day, 12 the next, 7 the next.

These figures are grossly inflated – much like the flatulence and corpulence around his butt and waist.

(He recently sent me a website about “grafting fat from your stomach to create a better looking ass” – I didnt even know that sort of thing existed, apparently somewhere in Eastern Europe, but for tranny lovers like Bozo, they keep up with all the “odd” things apparently).

But anyway, the walks – you’d think they’d do him SOME good, eh.

After all, walking is something I keep talking about in 0 Excuses Fitness – and Advanced Hill Training – and other books.

If you’re so fat then you can’t even do a single pushup, or get into the position – – well, then walking WILL help – but here’s the caveat.

Glyn did it for “virtue signalling”. Every so often he’d pause , swig a beer, send a photo, and then continue whereever he was supposedly headed.

Neither did he BREATHE properly while walking.

And of course, that lumbering elephant like “plodding” gait is hardly how you walk!

Believe me, walking is a skill unto itself.

I’ve got into great, great shape by just walking – and you guys know all about that.

“You really look so slim!” my wife once remarked. “Walking will do that!”  (that same picture I’ve shared on many a site)

Walking the RIGHT way will do that – most do it wrong.

And even if Bozo walked right, while he was doing it, his mind was on drinks and smartphones and “how many girls Rahul boned the last night”.

You gotta put your MIND into what you’re doing.

You gotta tell your MIND to tell your body to SHED the fat.

Believe me, I met Bozo a long, long time after he started walking, and as you can see from the pictures shared, he was every bit the fat blob he was when he started out.

Not to mention all his unhealthy late night binge drinking, snacking etc …

And ask him to climb a hill, or set of stairs, and he’d look for the nearest 4 wheel drive.

Which in China usually equated to the cart where they carted away the rubbish (leaves etc) from the park.

Think Glyn Bozo parked in it, some guy laboriously pushing it uphill, and you get the picture (on the one rare occasion that he did so called “climb”).

So those are the lessons, my friend.

Some funny, some not …

Walking won’t build world class levels of muscle and strength – or the other way around!

But it CAN be a very useful tool for overall health and conditioning – and keeping the energy – both creative and otherwise flowing.

And done uphill like I did, like I teach, it’ll literally get you in the BEST shape of your life.

If thats something that interests you, check out Advanced Hill Training.

You’ll love it! (and it will truly get you in the best and “sexiest” shape of your whole life – trust me, hehe).


Rahul Mookerjee

Why TRUE visionaries rarely, if EVER “work for others”.
- A must read, my friend, if you're interested in success in any way, shape or form.

I’ll never forget what Carol once told me about myself in 2015.

I was fat, out of shape, and was going through a terrible “down time” when I met her in … well, lets say July 2015 was when we “met”. The tumult – excitement – EUPHORIA and EXHILIRATION ended in a way it never has for either one of us – (yes, even me with all my experience in that area!) …

But before it did, she made this one comment before pushing me for “my future plans” which I hate when someone asks or does that because it’l happen when it does is my motto ultimately – always lived life that way – and she knew it, she knew too ultimately i wouldn’t change and pushing me to conform even to the slightest “set” boundaries wouldn’t work.

“You no need job!”

I didnt need to hear that. Hehe. I didnt want one, never have!

“You need maybe do some business, something, for you, that better!”

I didnt need to hear that either – although I Wasn’t actively doing at that point, I wanted to!

(I dont mean just this business either – to Carol, “online business” isn’t business unless it rakes in a mil or so per month, hehe).

Thats female thinking for you, and she was an ultra smart girl – I’ll say that.

But anyway, even Jeff Bezos quit his own high paying job … and was roundly told not to – and spent years – like 20 years at least building Amazon up to where it is (and is now doing the same thing for his space venture which no-one thinks about – but that will be his next big thing as Amazon crashes – just wait and watch!).

To me what happened at THAT job sums it up best.

They loved me, couldn’t get enough of me – well, my results, hehe. Whether or not they couldn’t get enough of me is debatable – I say they couldn’t – but we can say without any shred of doubt my results are what kept the praise and ultimate RAISE flowing.

Except, they were short sighted.

Hell, the boss himself told me once while hollering at me … “maybe thats why we dont grow “so big””.

Which is typical of the city he is in apparently, apparently (or so my Dad once said) “Mumbai is where the real visionaries are, Delhi is mostly small businesses content to remain small”.

Oddly enough Dad chose to settle in Delhi …

Anyway, I dont know if Dad is right.

I’d say NO.

I’d say any city – any place – anywhere in the world has visionaries – people that dont settle for anything less than what they want and desire ultimately – people who will pull out ALL Stops to get to where it is they want to be – panic demic or not – economy or not – good or bad.

Whatever it takes.

Anyway, as I mention in the book, plans to can me were in the works ever since I badgered a raise out of them.

“How dare he ask!”

But, they had no excuse to do it, so they hired another guy at a slightly higher base salary – and asked me to “transfer my skills” to them.

Unfortunately, they failed to realize I wasn’t that dumb.

Neither could my mind be transferred over. Hehe.

That ONE hour of work per day, usually drunk that brought in so much money … couldn’t be transferred over, and if it could, I wouldn’t do do it – and wasn’t shy about saying so.

Like signing my own “letter of termination” as it were, the way I saw it (and so did they. Hehe).

Ultimately events led to them “firing me”. Then, I worked for them part time, then full time again – then part time – and it continued for a while.

Ala a certain Michael in Dongguan who once got “fired”, then got rehired part time at somewhat higher pay, and so forth .

No wonder my English name is Michael! Hehe.

Anyway, the guy that was hired to so called work “under me” – while I couldn’t supervise him anyway except “when I was allowed to” – – curiously at a higher salary than me, hehe – (this was before it all fell apart, as it always does!) … what happene dto HIM after I left?

A month later, he was canned.

Six months of ZERO sales from him basically. Or three months or whatever it was.

Then, another guy they interviewed on the sly while Iwas there showed up.

One year later, he left.

I spoke to him later – he had the same grouses!

Point being this – the company itself didnt want to grow beyond a certain point, and the only people that grew there were people that were content to grow “until a certain limit”.

It’s insane, I once asked the “senior sales manager” (remember, the guy who had leads coming to him on a platter, couldn’t close them, yet was so called senior to me the first time I was there, second time, they decided to “teach me a lesson” and put me directly – sort of – under him) … about his new car.

And he replied with basically saying “it’s a level lower than what the boss bought”.

Being he could afford what the boss bought I idly asked him why not what the boss had?

“Because I’m not at that level”

It had nothing to do with that. Hehe.

It was about “giving the boss face”.

Anyway – that aside, two months into that term, that guy once asked me to write proposals or what not for him – until then, he had been hands off with me, but then they decided to really “twist the screw” and see how far it went.

It was a retarded project, and I told the guy that.

Big boss roasted me, challenged me to quit on the spot if I could.

“he’s married now, he won’t quit”.


I quit that evening, and managed to pester them to allow me an extra two weeks with the company laptop until I found the Toshiba I liked. Hehe.

Now, where am I going with all this.

Is this – if my vision was “the company’s vision i.e. as much as the boss likes, when he likes, as he likes”, I’d have been there for YEARS (which is what one person told me I would be anyway).

I’d be sitting there TODAY most likely.

As with a couple of my other jobs …

But that wasn’t me.

Thats the one thing with me you cannot ever control, friend.

My mind – my freedom, always wanting MORE than what I have – all of YOU should want that too!

And fitness wise, always remember – it’s only by striving for the BEST – and constantly doing so that you maintain your CURRENT LEVELS.

I’ll end this by saying what I did on my other Twitter acccount.

Ultimately it’s VISION – that makes money – or results in whichever form one wants manifest in life.  Vision require brains and persistence above all. So many people get it wrong about what is “required” …

And that, my friend, is that.

Fitness wise, think about your vision – and the tools YOU need to get there!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – An advanced course for you fitness wise is right here – and one of my best ones – Animal Kingdom Workouts.

Why I predict – and have been saying for months now – that Amazon is NOT too big to fail, and that they are on the road to just that as of now.
- And just as I said that ...

Dont get me wrong.

I’d still – at this moment – do biz with Amazon over any other company (well, big company) out there.

But their levels of service now have deteriorated so alarmingly – and more to the point, they could truly care less about the customer – big or small now … that their failure is inevitable (unless something changes, but seeing what is going on nigh nothing is changing for the better overall at Amazon anywhere in the world).

Y’all might think I’m an idiot for saying it, but here it is – again.

NO company is too big – or too small – to fail.

NO company can outlast – or not follow (and not suffer repercussions)  -the Laws of the Universe and business – and universal human interaction.

There is always a price to be paid, although it might not seem evident now, my friend.

And just as I said that on Twitter, I got the usual copy and paste Amazon bots pasting back at me.

Really, what pissed me off so much about the last interaction with them, they simply copied and paste another person’s problem’s solution at me!

And then did what I HATE – “can we get on the phone”?

No, we can’t, Amazon.

For the vast majority of issues, indeed business issues, things are best discussed in WRITING.

And you know as well as I do YOU are in the wrong, therefore YOU do not wish to acknowledge it in writing – its as simple as that!

Not to mention, you couldn’t even get my name right (Amazon).

Which I dont care really, but to call me a name completely different from my own clearly shows some idiot copied and pasted something meant for someone else.

Point out the mistake, of course, Amazon just never responds.

And I gave up trying to deal with them at that point.

The wound festers though – and just as I said this, I googled, and found this.

‘Amazon will go bankrupt’: Jeff Bezos keeps talking about Amazon’s inevitable death | Business Insider India

Say what you like about Bezos, my friend, but I’ve consistently said the man is the best thing to happen to the world since Henry Ford – a modern day Ford.

Just an utter and sheer VISIONARY.

He was thinking about this since 2018!

And now that he’s left, I’ve no doubt it was a planned “leaving” – and covid (which was planned too obviously, though  most dont believe that) was the perfect “foil” for a lot of the big Tech guys to quietly leave.

Google’s founders left – look what has happened to Google and their steady decline.

Right now, they’re dominating the market yes, but if you look at customer service THAT is where the ball stops.

And when the ball stops in an unsatisfactory manner, and scores of customers complain and they sit back and say “we’re too big!” – then that discontent starts to grow – snowball into an avalanche.

I suspect Google’s founders, much like Bezos, predicted something similar for Google.

I dont know about Google.

To me, I’ve always been an Amazon fan.

But sadly, Amazon is now in the “stasis” phase.

Phase 2 as Bezos calls it.

You work your tail off – grow – achieve! – Phase 1

You reach a certain point – get complacent, for a while your past effort carry you along – phase 2 (how well does YOURS TRULY KNOW THIS TOO!).

The decline starts to happen. You see it, but there isn’t much you can do to stop it – so yo uthink (phase 3).

Phase 4 – all gone, unless you rebuild and start from scratch (And I know a lot about that too!).

Lets quote what Bezos said –

Companies have short lifespans… and Amazon will be disrupted one day,” he said.

Asked whether that fact worried him, Bezos replied: “I don’t worry about it because I know it’s inevitable. Companies come and go, and the companies that are the shiniest and most important of any era – you wait a few decades and they’re gone.”

Then this –

Bezos added that he would love for Amazon’s final breath to come after he himself dies.

Bezos elaborated on his “Day One” philosophy in a 2017 letter to shareholders, in which he answered a question he’d got in an all-hands meeting about what “Day Two” looks like.

“Day Two is stasis. Followed by irrelevance. Followed by excruciating, painful decline. Followed by death. And that is why it is always Day One,” Jezos answered.

“An established company might harvest Day 2 for decades, but the final result would still come,” he added. He then talked about how a company can “fend off” Day Two.

“Amazon is not too big to fail … In fact, I predict one day Amazon will fail,” Bezos said in reply to a staffer who asked about big businesses like Sears going bankrupt.

“Amazon will go bankrupt. If you look at large companies, their lifespans tend to be 30-plus years, not a hundred-plus years,” he said.

Amazon is currently at phase two, and hurtling alarmingly fast, though most of the world cannot see it, towards phase THREE.

It’s simple.

What Jeff is saying is what I’ve been saying about the COVID aid packages and such in general.

i.e. you gotta pay the piper SOMETIME.

And for a lot of people, as they’ve finally decided that they cannot keep giving out stimuluses willy nilly i.e. just “printing money” – people are finding out the hard way that “government cannot support them forever” and no, “something wont happen just because it’s America”.

Or, whichever country it is.

Anyway, remember one thing, friend.

The piper always has to – and is paid in one way or the other.

Same thing for your fitness so YOU best be ALWAYS at day one in that regard!

LOTS of people get into day two mode, which is never good …

Lots never start, of course.

It ain’t just something I’m saying, selling  and “let him say it, he wants money” crap.

It’s something very real, something YOU need to think about it too – especially NOW.

Think about it – so says the “modern day Gandhi” as I keep getting called.

It could be the death of ESL, cHina’s decline, everything, I’ve been predicting these things for decades, and while idiots have been saying there is no prize for being right, there are far more consequences for being WRONG.

So, fitness wise, THERE it is!

Get started rebuilding your life, health and fitness TODAY, my friend.

It’s truly so WORTH IT!


Rahul Mookerjee

Why I certainly don’t hate cucks, Bozos, faggots, SJW’s, simpering sissies, drooping lillies, libtards and the lot…
- I can't stand them, dont get me wrong, but ...

And any other rainbow movement nonsense not covered above, or other faggoty “trolly Schofield” types not mentioned above.

Dont get me wrong – I cannot STAND them.

I repeat.

I can’t stand them, and do all I can to keep them away from ME personally – and my life (sorta).

More on that below, but for now, my decidely very right wing views generate plenty of comments to the like and tune of “you’re white man in Indian body!” – or “so racissssssssst!”  or “NOT marriage material” (that Im not admittedly, and wouldn’t want to be either) or other nonsense about non tolerance.


I’m actually one of the most tolerant people you’ll ever meet.

I could care less what someone does in the privacy of their own bedroom – one, two, three people – so long as its SSC i.e. safe, sane and consensual acts between consenting human adults.

I honestly dont care if “my favorite football player was caught pants down bent over in panties” (thats happened in the past) or “with another guy” or what not.

Hey, it happens.

We all have “preferences”, whatever those might be, to me the point is this.

So long as you dont fob them off or try and PUSH them on to ME – hey.

I’m FINE with them!

And am perfectly willing to accept, and will even advocate for YOUR right to choose to live your life the way you want, even if thats Bozo Schofield style.

More –

why would I HATE this sort?

It makes no sense to do so.

Hell, I run a whole another business on another website making plenty of money from these losers!

And trust me, some of those guys are TRULY losers (think Schofield replicas, and you get the picture).

Not so much losers in real life as well as Glyn is, but some of their preferences…

But again, who am I to comment.

Shades of grey, and I say the world is all the more better for it …

But believe me, I dont hate them – even welcome them for their nonsensical reviews which I can then “market” on – hehe.

Which they just dont get, of course, and continue sending them in.

All fodder for the Mookerjee’s mercurial long cannon …

Pun NOT intended.

Ill stop already!


But you get the picture.

Live, and let live, my friend. It’s just that simple.

BAck soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS. – Here is a book meant for real men that will be up for sale very shortly – get in on the current price while you can – NOW.

“who on God’s green earth would pay this much for an ebook ? 🤯”
- More Bozo Centrals on God's green Earth

An idiot reviewed a book in July – Barnstomer Shoulders!

I’ve hardly promoted that book, but it’s sold like hotcakes – its bascially the compilation version of “Shoulders like Boulders!” , “Battletank Shoudlers”, and “FAQ on Handstand pushups” (the last by itself a gem too as those that have got it will attest).

“Profound 70% Gorilla 30% Human Handstands” hasn’t made it into the compilation, because thats super advanced, and moving into freestanding handstands, almost – actually, as you will see in book number FOUR in the series, that is what I basically work up to in #3.

So for those that have got #3, but not the first two – you need to get those first, my friend.

But anyway, I meant to bring this up.

Interesting how Google doesn’t let “genuine buyers” review in some cases, yet nuts that didnt even buy the book get to review it.

Like Bozo Schofield and Keith James or Andrea whatever on Amazon …

Here’s the review –

who on God’s green earth would pay this much for an ebook ? 🤯

Emran Edris  (interesting he uses the term “God”)

Now, I could go on and on – as I have so many times about why anyone sane on God’s green earth would do just that, why people that squawk about prices are utter fools – and so forth.

But I won’t – I’ll point out the similarity between all the Bozo reviews, and then what REAL reviews are about.

All the five star reviews I’ve gotten, or most – are anything but verbose (those that are – are super verbose, which is great, I love it – the more the better!) …

Bu tin most cases, they’re the silent DOERS.

They love the product!

and they star it accordingly.

Thank you, guys!

But the idiots and Bozo Schofields that dont even buy it?

Their PRIME RANT and beef …

“Never for 49 Euros!” (Isometric and Flexibility Training)

“Finally, for what it is, the book is quite expensive! The author has written several more books making similar claims, all even more expensive!” (Gorilla Grip)

“Since I have so much money to burn on Rahul’s books) (Animal kIngdom Workouts – that was a Bozo review)

“For the price you can get books far better!”

(Shoulders like BOULDERS!)

(btw, these are all on Amazon – i.e. the crap reviews, or Google, so you can Google if you want the links. No, unlike the Bozos claim, I dont want “negative” jokes of reviews removed. I’ll happily take then, let the TOWERING MONUMENTS to insane levels of IDIOCY And Schofield Stupidity as I like to call it STAND (unlike the Bozo’s you know what)).

Note that ALL these reviews, and I’ve shared the original links before, and I’ll happily do so again if you want – they dont say much, if anything at all about the CONTENT of the book.

About how it ain’t the size of the dog or how many pages in the book, or how the author looks or what not.


ALL these idiots giving the one star reviews – there is not one single one of them that have addressed anything remotely training related or close to it in their so called reviews.

And like some customers have said, that alone should be motivation enough to get some of my books.

Price is all they whine about.

Which itself says a lot, and the next time you see one of these reviews, giggle and rebut it, or don’t, but you’ll be thinking Bozo for sure.


And rightly so!

Alright, I’m out.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember, place that pre-order NOW for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness..

PPS – Not to mention the moronic thinking behind … “ebooks shouldn’t be expensive”.

Like, why the hell not?

Why just “print books”?

Last I heard, you could take your Kindle to the crapper too, truth be told, you could wrap the book in GOLD and give it to these fools, and they’d still complain.

Oh well, hehe. Bozos will be Schofields, or the other way around, and his posse, or whatever, hah.

PPS #1 – I can predict the next review I get.

“Rahul keeps selling with sooooooooooooooo many links in his emails”


really, what idiots. “el supremo”

“It felt like I was shaking Rambo’s hand”
- So they said!

In 2007, I used to work an I.T. job in India as a decidely non “glamorous” role of systems analyst – something that bored me to tears, almost to death, hehe.

After six months I approached the big boss about doing sales, he agreed (almost before I asked, it seemed!) – and all was SET.

A couple of months later I left that job, then landed ANOTHER One – where I sold myself into the position basically -and backed it up with results from day ONE to BOOT!

Yes, the experienced sales guy they hired wasn’t all that experienced in terms of “months on the job” – but in terms of selling?

Hey, I’ve been selling either myself, or my products, or SOMETHING – since day one.

We all do, whether we’re aware of it or not – some do it better than a lot of others!

Anyway, back to the first job.

My “supervisor” (when I moved to sales – before that it was the VP of Operations or something) was the “Sales manager”.

In layman’s terms, they both reported to the big boss who had hired me, and who really made all the decisions, called the SHOTS …

And every time I shook superivor’s hand, he said the following.

“It feels like I’m shaking Rambo’s hand!” (every morning). 


A programmer there, a solid guy that outweighed me by a ton it seemed said the following, except in Hindi.

“Iska Haath shake kar ke maza ata hai!”

“It’s fun to shake HIS hand”

The Rambo comments were made because of grip yes, but my long hair played into it too!

And oddly enough, the Rambo like grip only really came when I was in TOP shape – all over my body.

Every time I’ve been a phat phocker, I’ve still done pull-ups etc.

I’ve still had a stronger grip than most people (no, I wasn’t born with it – it was the exact opposite!).

But … the X factor.

That unnatural PULL to my grip – it only came when I was in super shape throughout my CORE!

YES, weight transfer works not just in terms of punches, but GRIP too!

“You pull people towards you!” multiple people have remarked.

So true.

And that can only – I repeat, ONLY be done with a solid BASE first – when you’re GROUNDED properly – BREATHING right … and so forth.

Trust me, its one of the X factors you have to feel, not just read about. You’ll understand what I mean when you feel – and DO it!

In fact a year or so later, my grip was still strong, but decidely WITHOUT the X factor – as others noted too “his grip has gotten a bit … I think weaker?”

They weren’t able to place it.

It was the X factor.

My “phat phock” period was about to start, though I didnt know it at the time.

Anyway, why remember Rambo all of a sudden?

Because this morning (and last night – but we’ll get to that) – I was mucking about with a makeshift bow and arrow of all things!

It isn’t one of the tools I use in Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness.

But it’s an ancient art, and done the way the ancient warriors did i.e. carrying that bow and arrow (and spear, and full set of arrows) for long distances, walking with it, shooting with it and all that – Spartan stuff basically – it all gets you in great shape!

And I’m not even talking about the Olympic sport.

But Rambo – again – that iconic image in II or III? Where he shoots his bow and arrow, and literally blows helicopters and trucks to pieces with each shot!

Last night, I was watching a movie or two – one about “ancient times” and the above sort of fighting was in evidence.

Then I watched one set in “today” – and this one about knife fighting, which if you do it right – one of the DEADLIEST skills you can ever, ever learn … at least that is what I think.

It’s one thing to practice and get good with a gun.

But when you’re in close quarters, MORTAL COMBAT! – and dont have a gun, or can’t use it, or whatever … then that knife comes in damn handy, as Special Forces globally will tell you!

“Rambo” isn’t telling you need to be an expert in guerilla warfare, hehe. Although given how the world is going, it wouldn’t be a bad thing!

But what I AM telling you, my friend, is that these ancient methods, tricks and techniques used by the old time strongmen do work – and how.

And I will cover a LOT of them in Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness!

And as you think of me “long haired”, with a bow and arrow ready to take down the SJW’s, liberals, Nazi feminists, libtards, Bozos, and Butt lovers (nah, not the last one, hehe, although yours truly is a leg man mostly) …. I’m out!

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Learn how to get a Rambo like Grip here with Gorilla Grip (ADVANCED!). 

Damp squibs, making a choice and more.
- Sometimes, often times, indeed, always, you gotta fuckin CHOOSE and stick with the choice!

All this B.S. I see – am seeing, rather – spread about lately by a lot of dancing monkeys in China that have been forced to leave – and truth be told, Idont blame China.

There was always a time they were going to stop extending visas forever “willy nilly”.

The free ride and the monkey jobs never would last forever, and I said this WAY back in 2014 to Charles.

Of course, he wouldn’t listen to someone that said it like it IS.

He instead asked my friend Glenn who was kind enough to give him the answer he WANTED to hear i.e. “no, your job won’t go away” as opposed to the answer it WAS i.e. I gave i.e. this dancing monkey show was never serious, and will NOT last, and bingo, as Charles found out in his own business – it didnt.

(Glenn’s a qualified chef by the way. So, he knew this as well as I did. Hehe).

(and, he’s always, like me, been one for working legally as opposed to a lot of the monkeys out there on biz, tourist visas etc and pretending to be real teachers (like Glyn – though even he when not drunk, I gotta give it to him said ESL was just a joke – one of the few if any sage comments Bozo made, which tells you a lot about ESL, teachers like him taking dumps in classes for one) …

Anyway, I saw this on WeShat.

“I left China, I took a job instantly upon returning home, applied for others, but my HEART is still in China”.

This, my friend, is just pathetic because … (I’m not going to name the person).

The person also told me a lot about how he hates China’s policies, how China is turning into the new North Korea and so forth- yet, other hand, publicly, this is what he says.

My point is simple.

China is what it is.

And the REAL reason these guys miss China isn’t because their heart is there, in most cases, they dont even know a lot about Chinese culture etc (beyond the silly dinners etc).

The more you stay there, the more you realize about how LITTLE you know about it.

And you’ll never be Chinese, like Mark Kitto so rightly once said.

Now that was a real business man, not a monkey.

Bozo said “he’s a nobody” while ESL teachers were “somebodies” which in itself should tell you a lot…

The real reason they miss China is staying drunk and making money while drunk – barely enough to cover rent, but they get by.

Back home, that’s a pipe dream if anything …

And more to the point.

Gotta make a choice, friend.

If you love China that much, get a real job, a working visa and STAY THERE.

Ah, but there’s the catch – a real job, and getting it!

I told Gorilla Girl Sophia this, and she agrees.

And other hand, these people are right about China turning into the new North Korea – but then “my heart is there??”

Gotta make a choice.

And of course, they’ll never say it like it is on social media for fear of being “banned”.

Like, who cares is my thought.

LinkedIn where I had more than 6000 – or overall more than 10 K followers banned me overnight, much like Twitter did Trump – no warnings, no notices, no REAL REASON EVEN – except CCP didnt like those posts!

Rather than beg with them to reinstate the account, I basically told them to piss off (politely).

Like, who cares.

I realize not everyone is that cavalier…

But, at a certain point you gotta take a stance, precisely what thes elosers in ESL never do, always floating about on logs in the ocean “whereever we end up”.

Pathetic, to me, it leaves me with a damp squib feeling, hence I hardly ever chat with these people (other than the ones, like a certain “Mydnight” who do say it like it is, and they may not say it publicly but neither do they make wishy washy Tom Tom statement publicly).

Thats fine, if its not true, dont say it.

But Tom Tom wishy washy nonsense – I Cant’ stand it!


………………….. As was the PPV last night, hehe.

Holyfield never looked like he was mentally into it.

I dont know if it’s declining reflexes or what, but that wasn’t the Holyfield we all knew, and I agree with Trump i.e. I hope the great man doesn’t box again, at least not like this, because it’s a disservice to his great legacy!

Takes nothing away from the champ Vitor though …

I suppose I could tell you all about how “its the size of the fight in the dog that matters, not pure size” (Holyfield is bigger, heavier, has a ton more experience”) but none of that would apply here.

Because Holyfield simply wasn’t mentally ready, it wasn’t an even playing field in that regard.

From what it seemed, he didnt “have it any more” – unless what Trump said about “maybe the fight is staged like the elections” is true. Hehe.

I dont know.

But that ended rather soon!

Anyway, YOU on this list (a lot of you) gotta make a choice, my friend.

Will today be the day you step off the fence, and as my roomie said DO something for your own fitness?

If so, take the first step by investing in the 0 Excuses Fitness system here – truly the “gift that keeps giving” – long after you bought it!

And remember – folks – review, review, review!

I’ve been going hoarse saying it…

Y’all know what I am going to say next, so I wont say it.

So – back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If these people said that “my heart is there” about their OWN Countries (example – Gorilla Girl is Chinese, and she DOES want to move elsewhere) then I’d get it. 

But of course, they have nothing but negative things to say about their own great countries, how else would they Tom Tom the new North Korea… eh. 


(A guy on the other site said it best “sorry to bust your dream but ..” (or, I dont want to bust your dream, but… )

The first real “frat” party I was invited to.
- I didnt even know what frats were, hehe.

John, my genial and friendly roomie during my first semester in college invited me to a frat party my first day in the dorm.

Or second, I think.

Or I think the night of the first!

“He’s just off a 32 hour flight!” my Uncle who had dropped me off there remarked.

(with all the layovers, it was well over 40 I’d say!)

John shrugged as if it was 32 minutes.

“You must be tired”, he grinned.

Now, that party – he invited me later, and I said no – not because I didnt want to go, or was too tired or what not …

And he accepted that with his usual casual “OK” and he was off for the festivities.

(I remember people telling me and “teaching me about US culture” later, curiously enough people who themselves were from India and did all they could to stay AWAY from real US culture – thats one thing I dont get about a lot of immigrants, it’s fine to stay to your own people etc, but then why show up at all in the US or other countries if you wont mingle at all with their culture, the people there? I could never get it! – anyway, they told me “Yo ushould have accepted!” (from people who couldn’t even explain to me what a frat was) – and “he’ll never invite you again!” – and “its not like India, here, the culture is different, you have to say yes if you want it!”) …


Hell, the culture shock was hitting me – HARD!

For a callow 17 year old – at the time from India, which was nowhere near as open in many regards as the US was, and of course my own upbringing etc – it was hitting me with all the force of a Gorilla and Abrams tank combined.

I was just – my head was just spinning with the girls for one, hehe.

I had never seen anything like it!

I could have probably at that point still drank the fat boys – I mean the frat boys, hehe – under the table.


I still remember my Mom remarking to my Dad’s friend (the day before I left for the US way back in the day) “you’ve given him too much beer to drink!”

He responded with …

“<name chopped> how will you stop him when he GETS THERE!”


BEER was something I’ve always been interested in, hehe . Not so much women (well that too) – but given a choice, I’d take the beer (despite all the tales I have about women and such) ..

Anyway … at that time, that frat party, I dont know, I’ll admit it.

I was intimidated by the jocks and girls there, perhaps.

Yes, yours truly was not just a phat phock at a certain point in his life.

He was a NERD par excellence too. Hehe. (I even wore them damn neardy pajamas, I remember one night standing outside smoking during  fire drill orsomething, everyone was in shorts, I was the only idiot in a full blown “Pajama suit” – I felt like Wooster in PG wodehouse! Hehe.)

(but he got drunk and aced Calculus exams, so it was worth it too!)

(and gals in Calculus would often invite me back to their dorm rooms – another tale there, hehe).

(not to help them with their HW if you get my drift. I’ll leave that to the Bozo types).

But anyway … I cannot help but chuckle.


I’d be looking at it saying”Pah!”

Given what I’ve seen and the blocks I’ve been around – it would seem nigh positively BORING.

My my. What a sea change, eh.

By the way, I never did go to those frat parties.

I found them silly, even when I got used to the culture which like at that job where they were marveling about me needing NO weaning in period, it took me like a week.

The REVERSE culture shock a year later in 1999 I believe hit me the worst, I was like WTF.

And I’ve never lived “permanently” in India after that.

It’s interesting, all these stories these days on social media about pandering, culture shock etc.

Yours truly has always been thrown in at the deep end either willingly or not, and I’ve found a way to survive and THRIVE.

And its those lessons – the mentality – I infuse into all my fitness books and programs, my friend.

Because ultimately, and I’ve been saying this for years, it’s about your survival.

Simple as that.

Not getting the vaccine doesnt mean you wont survive and thrive. I ain’t got it, and dont plan on getting it either.

But your health, fitness, in a world so rapidly changing and crumbling at the seams, how you maintain your body when the machines are not there, the Gym is shut, and there is chaos everywhere in general.

That is what counts, friend.

Ask any of the FIGHTERS tonight in the ring, they’ll tell you the same thing.

Ask Trump, so will he!

Ask anyone with half a brain – so will he- or she.

(Ask me back in the day when I was remarking on my roommate’s gym routine – roomie #2 after john – and I was like “I need to workout”. 

He looked at me. 

“But you’ll never do it, will you!” 

I made some excuse about “the girls there will see my unfit ass” 

He pooh pohhed it. Fuck ’em! They’re hot and sweaty too!)

Ask me today and now, well .. 

I truly come from a place where I’ve had experience in it ALL, including being a lazy ass and excuse maker par excellence.

Enough on that note – but remember to pick up the SURVIVAL infused fitness system of the century right here, my friend.

The 0 Excuses Fitness System.

There is truly no better investment you can make today than in your (lifelong) health and FITNESS!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S – Know what I loved MOST – culture shocks aside?

Not the gals, the cars, the beer, none of that.


Personal and individual LIBERTY! (despite being from a democracy, I had never experienced anything like it anywhere).

Till date, THAT TO ME is what exemplifies America the most. Yes, even in this day when people are doing all they can (most notably the sorry excuse of a man leading the nation) to achieve the polar opposite.

And its why I cannot understand why people regard it as “not important”.

Everyone wants it.


And it’s WORTH it, so WORTH IT.

Even if it means idiots calling me “white” because “its only they who have freedom” and think this way.

White, black, red, purple from Mars or Venus, like who gives a flying fuck.

It ain’t about race. It’s about THINKING! THE right way …

Not like the people calling me that have not traveled as much or more than I have, it’s insane how people dont get it regardless. THOUGHT!