Letting go – of STALE ENERGY
- And it feels great!

Have you ever woken up with a pounding headache and a complete BLA! feeling – no, not even after “indulging” the night before?

(insert activity of choice for “indulging”, of course. HA!)

This morning – or afternoon -mentally in some regards yours truly “woke up” JUST like that.

Except my pounding headache was more a pounding subconscious.

It was different! I could feel it.

Perhaps the almost-lucid dream I’ve been having for a while due to the brain programming techniques I use before lopping off to bed is one reason.

(dreams, I should say – but yesterday’s was EVEN more vivid – right down to the names of and on the highway markers!).

But anyway, I didnt know what to do.

And of course, it had to be the day it was noisy around me. Babel of NOISE.

And in that state I could barely function, let alone write or do anything.

Snap out!

I did my meditation for a while (which I’ve been neglecting over the past few days), but I did it with a twist.

Didnt really work.

Then I stepped OUT.

Felt the sunshine on my face. Breathed some fresh – or as fresh as it can be – air.

Saw a neighbor pacing up and down smoking a “fag”.

And so forth.

I felt better, but nothing like what I wanted to.

And then I did it.


I did some simple routines STRAIGHT out of Isometric and Flexibility Training. Each took less than a minute.

Indeed, there is a reason those “tough” workouts in there take less than 5 minutes in some cases, and there is a reason a lot of the “GO HARD!” workouts in my books also take less than 5 minutes!

It’s about what you can do and HOW you can do it in the quickest possible time – not the other way around.

Anyway – I stretched my legs, upper back, hamstrings, and as I felt the pop and crackle all over my body (mostly all stale energy from a hard squat workout and a load of pull-ups yesterday) – voila.

A WEIGHT – a huge one – was lifted off me.

Brain fog disappeared.

That most important muscle started to function again – I’m talking about “up there”, hehe, though admittedly these isometrics DO have a huge carry over “in bed” – along with the routines in this course – Animal Kingdom Workouts.

There is a reason I say that last course can put Viagara out of business almost overnight if enough people “get on the stick”, hehe.

The Bozo might just do it, so I better not say it. LOL.

But anyway, THIS, my friend is worth the entire price of admission for the course on isometrics.

I wrote about FEELING on cloud nine the other day – and the same thing is happening now, within the space of less than 1 minute or so.

From utter CRUD – COMPLETE BLISS – and then you have the strength training benefits.

Massive ones.

I should just rename the course to that, or put it on the sales page. Hehe.

Anyway, jump on it NOW.

I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Why practice, LOTS of it, and putting in the hard yards is ultimately what COUNTS
- YES.

I’ve spoken a lot about visualization, vibes, the Universe, and so forth.

As Charles Mitchell once famously said, “for someone that doesn’t believe in God, your emails (a lot of them) have a very strong spiritual content!

(He’s a long term and great customer).

(And yes, I don’t believe in God – but I DO believe in Universal Energy and Spirit, and a quick read through on the blog will confirm this).

But anyway, spiritual aside – ultimately what matters is if you DO the thing, my friend.

Not if you “read about it” or if you “think about it” – those are important – very important – but nothing can replace DOING.

(as opposed to running your yap that we’ll get to soon).

In Outwitting the Devil, Napoleon Hill rightly spoke of prayers NOT working in any degree for a person whose mind was clouded with FEAR, even the slightest hint of it.

Lots of people obsess about plans – but yet – as Hill said – isn’t it better to be in the flow, and focus on the goals and let the Universal Power “give you the plan”?

As Hill said, isnt it better to let the power that knows a LOT more about planning than WE do handle it – while we “obey”?

Sure, the plans have to be transmuted through self ACTION.

Simply TALKING won’t cut it, bro.

And on that note, here is an idiot (a prime grade A jackass, actually – and one that this list is familiar with – Bozo Schofield left on a book Pushup Central which he never read) …

(he never read the book or bought it, so you might say “why am I bringing up a troll”).

you’d be right.

As another customer said, “The Bozos words don’t count, because he’s clearly never either trained in his pathetic life or even READ any of your, or any book in his sorry little life”.

But it counts from a certain angle in that … ok, here is what he said.

“Really? A book on pish ups? Boring! Also badly written”.

(From a moron that decided to write pushups as “pishups”, and signed up the list with various trollish names before being BLOCKED (so was his IP, hehe)).

But it’s really – when I talk pushups to the guys that espouse the Gym, and the idiotic machines, the insanely stupid and HARMFUL bench press …. THAT is what I get from these people.

Not all of them say it, but I can feel them thinking that.

“Thats just pushups!”

No it ain’t my friend.

And it’s an exercise that is the big DOG of fitness.

If it was good enough for the Great Gama, Mike Tyson, Herschel Walker, yours truly, and virtually anyone that KNOWS anything about TRUE training – it’s good enough for YOU my friend. 

More to the point, CAN these people DO the pushups?

In most cases, they can’t even do 25 of the FIRST type of pushup, the easiest in the book …

And even if they can, my friend.

Even if you’re one of the legion that loves the book, you surely know that reading it alone ain’t gonna suffice.

Do you know the one thing that most people that leave me these great reviews have in common? (and they write this to me – I’m not sure if they’re aware they’re doing it, but they do!).

“I’ll get back to you after APPLYING what is in the books!”

And that, my friend, is the hallmark of a true WINNER in life – not the pissers and moaners.

Men that appreciate the REAL thing – QUALITY – and recognize that they have to “fork out whatever it takes to learn from the best” – and men that don’t stop there. 


As an aside, the dancing monkey jobs in China I continually get asked to do and wont – a lot of the monkeys doing it never really stop to wonder why the “ESL market has gone down the toilet in recent years”.

Well, I’ve been saying it will for YEARS now – not just as of late.

And the Chinese have woken up consciously to the fact that all the English lessons in the world won’t make a damn bit of difference in the real world unless you PRACTICE.

And hence the idiotic requests to “go to lunch” because “were just friends” and so forth so they can practice for free.

And of course, unless it’s a certain Carol we’re talking about, or a certain Grace or a certain someone …. those requests were and are ALWAYS roundly rebuffed.

As John Walker, a customer from the UK famously once said.

“When will people realize there is no such thing as a free lunch”. 

Sage, my friend.


I’l lbe back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is what a former boobybuilder (one amongst many) had to say about the evils of the madness that modern day “weight pumping” is . . .

Imagery that LIGHTS up your brain – and what all the old time THINKERS had in common!
- This might sound odd, but it's true!

I have spoken a lot about the old time strongmen and physical culturists on this list, havent I?

And of course, the modern day physical culturist Rahul Mookerjee whose knowledge (according to the DOERS that DO THE THING and don’t just “yap” about it) of physical culture is without parallel. 

If you’re looking for a true Master of his craft (at what he does), the name is Mookerjee ,Rahul Mookerjee. 

Not my words, my friend.

A long term customer said ’em!

But anyway, that bit of self congratulation aside (I’m sure it must have ticked off more than a few “righteous” folks, hehe) … lets get to it.

(On an aside, we’ve been getting some great sign ups for our list already – and before I forget – let me give you that link for the “Freebies” again – here it is (it will only be there for a couple of more days I believe) – http://www.bodybuilding-programs.net/free-fitness-gifts.html)

(Oh, and we have been getting BOZOS too – a certain idiot signed up yesterday with the name “Spam Me”. Curiously enough, the email address is from the UK. Wonder if Bozo Schofield and him are great pals, hehe).

But anyway, that bit of biz out of the way, lets get to it.

(And again, no, I’m not affiliated with the folks on that page, I do NOT recommend the gym and booby building, I do NOT get paid for it – it’s just a “quid pro quo” thing done every year, and you’ll get the link ONE more I believe on the 28th in your Inboxes and and that will be that).

I’m a bit groggy today from what it seems!

And on that note, lets jump into it.

First old timers.

You’d think that the old time THINKERS would be different from the physical culturists in that they were more “thinking” oriented and not so physical right?


I’ve written before about Emerson, hardly the modern hunchback and person complaining about lower back pain and flatulence and what not you see today …

Or, Napoleon Hill, that great sage and seer that walked 10 miles a day, usually uphill . . .

But lets talk about one of my favorites.

Ole Benjamin Franklin.

“Why are your products so expensive!”


But anyway, (and yes, I WILL Charge what they’re worth – because guess what – what I charge is way less than what I should be) … ole Ben.

It might surprise many of you, but this man was a muscular physical specimen as well, like most of the great thinkers down the ages.

Somehow, in the modern day world we’ve got this thinking that “exercise and thinking” are not “one and the same”.

That one can function optimally without the other.

That exercise is something only reserved for Ironmen, sportspeople, and so forth …

(serious exercise that is).

If there ever was a more stupid way to think than this I am yet to hear it.

Without proper exercise, my friend – the brain will NOT function at the optimal level it should be – and neither will your LIFE.

There is a reason why in Chinese prisons they don’t allow exercise.

(Is it is good? Do I support the See Xi Pee in doing that – no. But I’m just talking about the why’s here).

The Chinese are nothing if not CANNY, and they know that THOUGHT is what ultimately moulds matter.

And therefore, they do all they can to “not let the prisoners think for themselves!”

(Which is pretty much how the sheeple are controlled anyway).

But anyhow . . . point is this.

Ole Ben taught himself to swim, likely in a lake or something, in an age most people didnt know how to swim and never thought of learning.

He advocated the virtues of drinking plenty of water – of “eating to LIVE, not LIVING to eat” – and that “Full Belly makes for a Poor Brain”.

He exercise regularly. Walked, swam, jumped, and in old age when he could not do any of that, he lifted weights.

(Note what he did when he COULD – and what he did when he was unable to due to old age – that alone should give you a lesson on staying away from the Jim Shims, bro).

In terms of diet, Franklin practiced mindful observation. Pay attention to your weight and heed what you eat, he suggested. Be abstemious and utilize self-control. If you find yourself rotund, eat less. If you find yourself too thin, eat more. If you find yourself in good health, eat the same amount. His approach was simple and scientific, emphasizing self-experimentation.

Franklin continued to be a religious exerciser throughout his life. He especially enjoyed swimming, walking, and leaping. When old age restricted his activity choices, he would focus on lifting and swinging weights. “No gains without pains,” he’d say when hobbling from muscle soreness the following day.

To Be Fit and Healthy, Live Like Benjamin Franklin | RealClearScience

No pains, no gains.

So true, my friend. So true.

Tell that to the idiots who complain about their lats being too sore after a workout on the most asinine invention ever in the gym – the lat pulldown!

I mean, I don’t get it.

Do animals in the wild stop climbing trees because their lats were too sore from climbing the night before or what not?

Does Mr Deer – or Mr Tiger stop walking around the forest because “his legs are too sore” from climbing the hill or simply “running a sprint” the day before?

And yet, the majority of humans out there think this is the way to “train right”!


Anyway, the part about “full belly = bad brain”.

Ole Ben had it SPOT ON.

Yours truly has made no secret of the fact in the Simple and Effective Diet, that my highly unconventional diet, which goes AGAINST what the experts and so called gurus state is one of the biggest secrets to not just my own gains, but DOERS throughout the ages.

(that book is gratis with a purchase of the 0 Excuses Fitness System, btw)

And it isn’t just “eating less” for those that may think …

But ole Ben had it spot on – I ate a heavy meal last night (Which I normally don’t) – and am feeling the effects today.

And there we get into IMAGERY – and those that light up the brain. 

I WAS feeling the effects, I should say.

But the brain fog cleared within a few minutes as soon as I did some visualization – thought of goals etc – pictured what I wanted – and voila – I’m sitting here writing to you about it.

Most people ignore the sheer power pictures have over us (no, if you’re Glyn Schofield from the UK reading this I ain’t talking tongues stuck where the sun don’t shine) … despite seeing them all around us anyway, and despite the fact we picture whether we know it or not.

And the next best thing to do my friend – of course – is stretching.

Feeling loose and limber the natural way – the way the old timers did – is KEY To vibrating at a higher level and letting the GOOD Things in life flow to you (unless you’re an idiot that claims as a certain “Mamma Mia” did, that “it’s just bodyweight exercises”).

Truly one of the dumbest reviews ever, combined with his insistence on hiring Sly Stallone’s photographers to take the pictures for the movie – uh, book I mean.

(Ok, he didnt say that, but he might as well have!).

Anyway, thats enough for three emails – see if you can spot the lessons.

I’ll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – HERE is where you can pick up the Jaguar of fitness training – truly the ONE program that puts all other fat burning programs out there to SHAME and nigh quick at that.

Why you should be a LOOSE cannon
- Not necessarily one that fires on target, hehe.

It may sound like a bit of a strange thing to say.

But those of us that are loose cannons – with that WILLLDDD – PRIMAL – UNCONTROLLABLE spirit that the idiots hate, and the doers just LOVE and can’t get enough of – well – we know what I mean!

But really . . .

I’ve often been asked why I didnt “stick in jobs:”.

And the real reason is because deep down inside, I never wanted one, but they saw the external reason (the folks that asked, and they saw it before I even replied).

“because they can’t control you!”

My wife has said this.

My friends have said this.

Virtually EVERYONE I know has said this. The only employers that HAVE been able to get me to do what they want – have been able to do it by treating me RIGHT – and once that ended, well, all bets were OFF. And speedily.


Yes, us loose cannons have that something.

Panourgias, a customer from Greece wrote about this.

“Even if your stuff has no fitness value, which it DOES, I STILL enjoy reading them – because I see something in you!” 

Many other doers have said it.

Champ boxers. Ex military. Martial artists. The list is legion!

Of course, the Bozos see someone who wont buckle down and obey their bidding

Well, that I won’t.

But when you ask these idiots how many books they wrote – businesses THEY created – how many customers THEY GOT THEMSELVES – how many times THEY STRUGGLED while doing so – how much experience and knowledge THEY have – you get a massive ZERO.

There is NO-ONE out there, my friend, you can search the WWW, but there is NO-one giving YOU such quality as I am – WAY MORE than what you signed up for. 

Fitness wise.

Life wise.

You’re getting about TEN times what you sign up for if not more.

Thats why I do all I can to repel the jackasses and jokers – both male and female – who see price and nothing else.

And, those that piss and moan.

Because, the BEST for the BEST. 

And that is the mentality you should have – along with the WILD, UNCONTROLLABLE LOOSE CANNON mentality. 

Believe me, that damn cannon CAN fire (no glyn it ain’t the cannon you’re salivating and fantasizing over) on target, and better than most others if it WANTS TO!

But most of the time, it wants to be left alone, unless it’s time to GET AFTER HER – and when it is – YEEE – HA!

I’m about to get a great workout in.

A LOOSE CANNON workout that gives you that primal feeling – JOIN ME!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – When I asked Panourgias for a testimonial on the product, here is what he said …


“His stuff works! So just do what Rahul says and you will be SET!”

Amen, my brother. Amen!

For the booby lovers on this list
- Heh

Booby lovers – and booby builders – and YES, there are a lot of lurkers on here that fit just THAT description (nothing wrong with the first, and I abhor the second!) listen up.

And, in general, listen up I suppose.

(I’m more of and always have been a leg man for whatever it might be worth).

dont know why I felt compelled to put that in there. My “beautiful” wife might not be happy upon seeing it!

Nah. She won’t mind.

But anyway – every year, yours truly does some “Masterminding” of sorts.

Of sorts, not really.

Lone wolves like me usually go it themselves, as do alpha males . . .

But while most of the time this is fine, Napoleon Hill spoke a lot about the power of the Mastermind and allying yourself with superior and more powerful (or should I say “different”) minds to achieve your goals in any sphere.

No, I dont mean accountability groups – those are CRAP.

I mean once a week you get together with people that truly GET it – and (lets say fitness) discuss the progress you made over the past week – goals for the next – and NO, there is no “coaxing and urging” – because this Mastermind is made up of people that truly GET IT and are SELF MOTIVATED – the sort of people I want as my customers (and I have some great men as customers that are self motivated!). 

We truly are the sum of people we hang out with. 

It’s best to do it on your lonesome if all you have is idiots around you, but when you have people that get it – you ALLY yourself with them, and ALL Of you move closer towards your goal.

Henry Ford, Burbanks and Edison would take their yearly trips to the woods for one.

What they discussed only they knew, but they knew the power of putting the Mastermind principle into action, and their results speak for themselves.

Anyway …

Booby loving, and freebies …

So every year, ever since 0 Excuses Fitness was incorporated – yours truly does this “list building” thingy with a few other folks.

As Paul Becker, someone I dont really know – but I get a good vibe off him – put it “it’s all great fun, and we all build our lists”.

So, basically there are some “freebies” on a page I am goin gto send you to.

Before I do that though – WARNING!!!!!! 


I am NOT affiliated or associated with any of the people there, and quite frankly, I do NOT support “getting ripped” or boobybuilding or any of that. NO, that has not changed and never ever will!

That ain’t me.

But, those folks have some products people here may be interested in, so once a year, I put the link out there.

No, I do NOT get commission or anything of it.

No, I wouldn’t recommend their products or not. Try ’em, and if you dont like ’em, or if you do – well – either way – I’m not in the picture!

But they’ve been promoting the 0 Excuses newsletter on that page on a yearly basis, so I return the favor as well, and that is all there is to it.

No, I am not worried about “losing customers” either . . .

So anyway, without further ado, here is what they are sending out – I’m pasting it verbatim


There’s something I just had to let you in on because what’s about
to start will only last for a short time. I don’t want you to miss
out on this. Me and several other experts in the fitness and muscle
gain industry have pooled together some high value products and
programs to help you pack on size and get ripped.


There’s over $367 worth of value in this fitness and muscle gain
giveaway. However, it’s all available at no cost to you.

The fitness and muscle gain giveaway is only accessible for 5 days.
I don’t want you to miss out. So, please take a look and take advantage
before it’s too late.


Link included for those that want it . . . 

hey, fair’s fair. 

Paul (and the other dudes on there) might not agree on fitness, but if they’re promoting me – I gotta return the favor, and I AM.

But anyway, last, but not least – I wouldn’t need to do this even ONCE a year and likely won’t in the future, but for now, given the number of people that keep emailing me moaning about price etc – if I had less of THEM – and more great customers like …well, you know ’em! – then I wouldn’t be doing this probably.

Or who know.

Maybe I would!

My old boss at THAT job once told me “They were content to stay at a certain level”.

Yours truly never has been, hehe.

The more the merrier!

And thats the booby luvin for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Real man training HERE.

Slam dunk, HITMEN, and more . . .
- When you want the job done right - you call the HITMAN!

Rohit Sharma, the bucaneering opening batter in the Indian cricket team is called the Hitman, and so was “Bret the Hitman Hart“, after which he probably modeled the name.

Bret Hart was a huge, huge favorite for me – one of the legends of the game!


I dont know – I’m not a huge fan, but he is a great of the game – I’ll give him that – he’s truly a six hitter without compare!

Anyway, the car pulled up . . .

I got in. I dont know why!

But there was a lovely beautiful girl sitting right there.

(I dont know why I prefer using “lovely” over beautiful, hehe).

But anyway, she was sitting there, and she said “we need you”.

(because I was trying to figure out why the free ride)

(not “that ride”).

A man spoke to me.

“Slam dunk!”

And the girl repeated the words, so close to me I could feel her breath.

The smile was HUGE!

When we need a slam dunk, we call the man that … is what she said.

I grinned back.

The Hitman, you mean, I said.

When the job needs to be done RIGHT – when it’s a big job, then you call the Hitman to do it once and for all!

Trump spoke up from the back – dressed in white.

He put his hand on my shoulder.

Now, this might sound completely out there, but I’ve written before about how Trump once “spoke to me” a couple of weeks ago I believe.

Yes, I know. You think I’m nuts.

Thats fine, but let me finish. We’ll get to fitness too!

Anyway, I had to say it.

“They stole that damn election!”

“This man did the best he could for the country, a true Patriot, and …”

Trump put that paw on my shoulder, and pointed me to some news articles which showed more and more people are starting to truly GET IT.

Which they are, actually.

Anyway, I wont get into the rest of it here. This dream, combined with another one I had last night (which I won’t mention here) – let me just say this though.

If I can help get Trump re-elected in 2024, I’d more than happy to do so!

Not because of money or what not, or anything – but because I truly LIKE the man!

Great man!

Great guy!

But anyway, back to fitness (I’m not even going to get into the rest of the dream, some of it was EXPLICIT and lurid).

When you want the job done right, my friend – lets say lose WEIGHT QUICK – you dont muck around in the Jim Shim with the various machines for hours “hoping it will get the job done slowly”.


Lets put it this way.

If you were advertising your product, would you rather call the GORILLA in the room – the 800 lb one in the room that can make you the most money QUICK – or would you mess around doing “free ads” and “free advice “and other garbage that most people do all the time?

I dont think so, my friend . . .

You’d call in the guy that gets the job done – QUICK!

(watch this space for “freebies” – there are some coming in an email next to this one).

And the same thing for your fitness.

You call in the JAGUAR – that STRIPS and BURNS the fat away and melts all the excess away with ONE LEAP!

You call in the BEAST when you want to get better at exercises – raw primal strength!

And when you want to build shoulders like boulders – again – you focus on the BIGGIES.

Thats something I’ve always said.

Focus on the biggies, and the small things take care of themselves.

And that, my friend, is the fitness message in this. Back soon with some “freebies”!


Rahul Mookerjee

Traps of steel – PLIABLE STEEL
- The P word is key

(If Bozo Schofield is reading this, not that P and not that steel you ain’t got, hehe).

But really, what picture does that conjure up in your mind?

Many years ago, I was under the same impression as the idiots and morons at most modern day gyms yanking away on the machines are.

That “pumped and buff” and puffed like a bloated balloon is the way to go.

That muscles should be “tight” in order to achieve the look – all day long.

How asinine and idiotitc my thinking in that regard was back then I Couldn’t tell ya, but yet, that is the brainwashing gyms, machiens, and of course idiots in general have subjected ALL of us to.

When I used to go to the Chinese massages I talk so highly off, and when I still do.

Back then Id BEG them to go easy, and they would giggle – and back off – and then wouldn’t.


It literally felt like their hands, the soft hands THEY – those girls had – were like PLIERS.

Not even steel and whalebone which their bodies were, but GRACEFUL STRENGTH like wild cats – tigers – panthers – cougars – jaguars – and so forth (ok, I know, but it’s true).

NOW, I tell them to go harder (no, Glyn Schofield on public assistance in the U of K, it isn’t “back there” or “up there”)

And they do!

They gladly oblige, hehe.

But really point is this.

Traps like all muscles should be like steel – but pliable.

That can bend with the wind, yet exert ferocious strength when there is a need, and traps are one body part you CANNOT hide, much like the legs.

(and, if in a Tshirt, the forearms. Many years ago, I remember telling my friend Dheeraj just that in a different manner about a beefy dude in school.

“Forearms like Shabad” (that was his name – I have NO idea if or where he is NOW)).

Handstand pushups and pull-ups are how you get there. Period.

And why did I have that “massage moment” I wrote to you about yesterday – well – because of my TRAP workout the day before.

It was super tough, and left my traps singing and ZINGING with pleasure and pain.

(Glyn, no, please. LOL).

But that pain was resolved by isometric stretching – something I highly recommend for you.

And the pleasure, well, here is ONE way to get it if you’re not good at HSPU’s – or a stud or getting there at pull-ups as yet.

Simply “shrug” a bit in the handstand position, and really focus on the traps, and insert that into the workouts instead of the actual pushup.

I believe this is a tip not mentioned in Shoulders like Boulders, or maybe it is, I dont know . . .

But do this and watch your performance in all other exercises SKYROCKET.

Speaking of which I’m off for some pull-ups myself.

Back soon with more whining from Bozos, hehe (the Bozo just sent me another email, but I couldn’t be arsed to do the needful and respond for now!).


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Get access to our great products with ONE click -a  single membership – right HERE – the 0 Excuses FITNESS Ship.

“Yes, I cannot do a single pullup but I dont care so goodbye! :D”
- Thoughts DO transmute, eh.

Man oh man.

I opened the ole email Inbox to check my emails, which I haven’t done all day and it seems people are already clickin through and responding to the last one.

Well, it’s been a minute since I sent it, and unless the Inter-Web is working faster today – I dont know! – the speed is astonishing.

Someone sent me a rather “polite” response, so I wont’ mention him here.

But here is what he said.

“WTF. why would that ever happen?

Yes, I cannot do a single pullup but I dont care so goodbye! :D”

Strange tone to that email.

First, the WTF and why would that even happen . . .

Well, my friend, I’ve given you WHAT might happen – and like Charles Mitchell, a great customer of mine said “Always stay prepared for what might happen – for you never know – it just might!”.

Even an idiot knows this.

Dud, Super Stud, in between, Bozo Schofield, I care not – EVERYONE knows this.

Especially these days when nigh on anything can and does happen, eh.

But in case you aren’t “still interested”?

Note I did not reply to this person directly because he unsubscribed for one, and two – well – I figured I’d just send it out here since it came in like “clockwork!”

Or “shit on a stick” as a certain other Charles claimed those that can do pull-ups WELL are genetically pre-disposed to getting (which is utter bullshit – both yours truly and Herschel Walker have shitty genetics bro).

But anyway . . .

Picture … or well, just click over to the Gorilla Grip (Advanced) page.

I’ve told you the story of Sig Klein, ole time STRONGMAN on that page, and that gives you yet another reason.

Think it can’t happen to you – well, you’re wrong.

It might not.

And it’s great if it doesn’t!

But IF it does, it’s always better to be prepared.

Last, but not least, the “I dont care” is laced with IMPOTENCE.

RAGING impotence, to be honest . . .

(except he’s smart enough not to say it that way, so kudos)

If he didnt care, why email me?

More to the point why unsubscribe, hehe.

The fact is this person is NOT a doer in any regard.

And so I’m happy to see him go, and I wish him all the best.

But you doers out there – and those that cannot do pull-ups as yet (or if you have a “limp fish” handshake where women can crush your grip) – then get the book now my friend.

Truly, not for me – but for YOU.

YOU, you, YOU!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember too, fat loss is of paramount importance if youre going to get better at pull-ups. The more distended and bloated that belly of Buddha is, the further away from “Pull-up Heaven” you SHALL get. Slink on over HERE to grab the Jaguar of all fitness programs to reduce – burnmelt – and FRY that NASTY FAT off at uber rapid WARP speeds!

Picture THIS if you’re a fattie that can’t do a single pull-up
- Even if you're a stud at pull-ups this is great to read for YOU.

Even if you’re a stud at pull-ups this is great to read for YOU.

But it’s really for the fatties and lard asses out there – and the so called skinny dudes that couldn’t bang out a decent pull-up – ONE of them – if their lives depended upon it.

Literally, my friend.

Most modern day men are so far gone that if they were hanging off a ledge and had to pull themselves back – UP – AND – use their legs for support too – they couldn’t hold on for the second or so it takes to do that.

Think Im kidding?

I’m NOT.

If thats you, then you have two choices – a) get pissed and unsubscribe and b) (or b) LISTEN – UP.

Listen and think very carefully. What I’m about to tell you could save your LIFE someday.

But picture this. FIRST.

You on the chinning bar if you’re a FATTIE,  (if you’re not, think back to when you WERE) desperately trying to hold on for dear life, that FAT bloating out in all directions, that tummy distended . . .

Those arms burning after a second or less.

Those triceps on fire.

(Enough lessons for those of you that think “pull-ups are only biceps” and the “monkey pull down at the Jim Shim for human monkeys are far better” or the “deadlift done in an unnatural manner builds solid grip”?)

I’d say so.

But anyway, picture trying to do a pull-up, or hanging on, and then falling off, and then – giving up and running AWAY.

While making excuses to yourself about how you’re a big guy and not fat, and “its just pull-ups”, which INTERNALLY, subconsciously getting JEALOUS of those that are STUDS at it.


Now, the other part of this.

WHILE holding that image and emotions in your mind, picture me – or anyone, really – slinking out pull-ups easy peasy, in reps, without breaking a sweat, smooth as butter, much as mentioned on the SALES PAGE for the book on pull-up.

It’s there for a reason brah.

Then, picture this one final thing (this whole visualization should take no more than a few seconds, can be done ANYWHERE – yes, even when pots and pans BE clanging and the computer BE acting up, and the MRS BE yelling, or what not – insert excuse of CHOICE) . . .

After both of you are “done”.

You (if you’re a fattie) with a feeling of IMPOTENCE.

(and again, if you’re not fat now or whatever, “when you were”)

And the “stud” with that cool collected confidence and natural strength, wiry body, muscles taut against the BACK … 

And the VIBE he gives off, being able to handle anything.

Even if you’re truly bigger than him, guess how YOU are feeling – how HE is feeling – and the GULF between the two.

Enough already you say?


“I’ll stop”.

But what I’ve given you is a very powerful visualization and will help you more than ANYTHIGN I’ve said in “Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within weeks” and those that read the book, DID the thing – consciously or unconsciously had a visual JUST LIKE THIS in their minds before getting to stud level.

This is just ONE way to do it, of course.

This is also GREAT if you’re at super stud level.

I often picture “how it was back then” – and then “my goals NOW which are “super duper” stud level at pull-ups” – that is one goal.

I’m mentioning it because (despite what Hill said about “do the thing first and THEN tell the world about it”) I’ve done it so many times that negative vibes in this regard just BOUNCE off me.

Notice the contrast between goals I don’t mention and those I do . . .

This one tip alone is worth a billion bucks if I say so myself.

You can use it in LIFE too – if you’re a DOER.

And more is mentioned (lifewise) in Zero to Hero! – which if STELLAR results interest you, you can get NOW.

And that, my friend, is that.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If this email offended you, great. Sometimes, offense is what YOU need to kick start YOUR fitness routine, get your RUMPUS in gear, do the thing, and THEN TELL ME ABOUT IT, at which point I’ll be the FIRST to congratulate – YOU!

PS #2 – Remember that pull-ups get easier the less FAT you have on you. To MELT fat like no tomorrow – get on the Jaguar of all training programs here.

Switch Grip Pull-ups
- Are a great way to do 'em!

Switch grip pull-ups are a great, great way to do – and get better at pull-ups – that I’ve mentioned in “Pullups – – from STUD – to SUPER STUD – within WEEKS!” – a course that has flattened many a know it all that thinks they “know it all” because they can do a pull-up or two, made many a Bozo and idiot that sends women text messages about “can I be your servant and massage your feet” insanely jealous and furious – and has pissed – and HELPED – tons of people in general go from STUD status at the pull-up to SUPER STUD.

Along with the swami pull-up, a variation that is equally intense, and works the body differently . . .

And along with the other great variations mentioned in the book.

If you’ve got the first Volume, this second one is a natural progression and a must grab my friend.

But anyway, all the vivid dreams I had last night.

Like “Catherine Tramell” in Basic Instinct, this writer has a very vivid imagination too apparently (proof in – well, the pudding!).

(and especially considering all thats happened in my life thus far, and what happens in your life is a product of your imagination – either conscious or not).

If you don’t imagine consciously, guess what.

Your mind will do so anyway, except it will do so negatively.

But anyway, point of this being . . .

I was doing switch grip pull-ups in the dream, but an advanced verson where your hands do NOT leave the bar after a rep.

You switch grips while on the bar, and continue.

Try it, my friend, if you think it’s “too easy”.

Just try it . . .

And get back to me.

Pull-ups are one of those exercises everyoen should be good at.

Reality is the polar opposite, of course.

But every time I’m lugging up massive suitcases while moving between apartments in China, for one, (I live in the old complexes that don’t have elevators as yet) … I remember how the pull-up has helped me.

I often make mention in 0 Excuses Fitness of the pushup being the BIG DOG of fitness, and it IS.

In Gorilla Grip I say with confidence that your grip can, should and WILL improve if you do just pushups and gave you an example of how this happened for me.

But pull-ups, my friend are something that cannot be replicated.

They’re damn good.

And the pulling motion in all the different types and variants of pull-ups I do will truly build a body for and give you functional strength for the AGES.

Never worry about being the one that can’t lug the suitcase up a flight or several of stairs and hoist unwiedly items easily, without breaking a sweat.

Be the guy that “I’ll always remember how you carried those heavy suitcases upstairs!

(after I lugged two massive suitcases – unwieldy old style suitcases – you know the sort! – no handles etc – with a pinch grip up four flights of stairs on a trip back from Beijing).

(Or, I’ll never forget , she said).

I prefer using the positive …

But anyway and curiously enough this was said by a person who years ago made the comment of ‘he thinks he’s so strong!”

In a negative manner.

But thats another benefit, I suppose, watching their jaws drop. To me though the other benefits are way more worth it !

If you’re at DUD status and can’t even hold on to the bar without crying Mama, go HERE and grab the course.

Start implementing.

Then go HERE – and grab the advanced course.

start implementing, and DOING.

And therein lies the ROYAL roadmap to super strength, six pack, core strength from Cain, and a “raw primal” look about you that (and a vibe) NO other exercise can give you.

Get off the fence now, my friend – and grab it NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Or, you could just grab the compilation here.