Half reps do exactly F all.
- True fact, my friend.

This afternoon, I had another guy training next to me in the park – if you can even call it training.

(I’m not even going to get into the multitude of idiots and bozos out there that preen up and down public parks making silly comments on “why you do pull-ups” and “are you getting in better shape by working out daily” – and “the gym muscles vs bodyweight, bodyweight ROCKS! (but they never do it)” – “lookie lous that claim they do pushups daily, a sum total of 10, and sometimes not even that” and so forth).

(Seems the scamdemic has only increased the number of fools and pretentious, parading buffoons globally).

Anyway, this guy was secretly watching me out of the corner of his eye.

I was doing monkey bar work, and isometric stretches for the legs (this was after a brief roadwork session).

I was mixing it up with pushups and Hindu squats, and the occasional set of 5 pull-ups thrown in – and LOTS of hanging leg raises.

I wrote about the last one yesterday.

So, dude saw me doing pushups.

Then he gets down on the floor to do ’em (the grass).

Dude’s way of shape ,too much drinking and living the “soft life” it would seem – you can literally see his man tits flop about, the sides jiggle and so forth.

He got into an inverted V position.

Then flattened his back a bit – but spread his legs wide out.

Then, from that position he did a pushup – except he bounced down 30 percent of the way, and then up, and then down again for 4 reps – during which you could hear him literally across the park wheezing like an old defunct train.

Guess it’s good he was breathing that deeply, but the pushup itself, man.

And again.

You don’t do pushups with legs spread, my friend, unless you’re doing regular Hindu pushups. For regular pushups, you might want to vary the spacing of the hands, but they should always be STRAIGHT under you (not at an angle which most people keep ’em) and the feet should be TOGETHER to work the lower abs properly.

Then, my pet peeve.

What on earth people do half reps for, I dont know.

I’d rather someone does ONE full rep than 10 pushups with half reps and half baked excuses about “my shoulder hurts” or other crap.

If the shoulder hurts, do isometrics, or lose weight (excess around the midsection makes EVERYTHING harder on the arms) – or warm up more – stretch – but whatever it is, don’t compromise on form – never do it.

When you go all the way down and then back up is when you activate your chest fibers FULLY and optimally, period. I dont know where this jerky up and down style of pushups originated or when it came ‘into vogue’ – but it’s B.S. , period, and it won’t do a thing for your fitness.

Might well end up  injuring you more.

The same thing for squats, so many people do ’em, but I’ve yet to see most people get “ass to grass” on the squat.

Unless you’re going all the way down, you are NOT activating the lower back and glutes fully – period.

And thus, a far less effective workout, not to mention loads more stress on the quads and knees.

Same thing for pull-ups, people do them halfway up and then back down, claiming “they can do it with 100 lbs attached”.

I just saw a video of the above, and dont get me wrong, it’s great guy can at least pull a bit with that much attached to him, but I wonder how many reps he can do (video ended at two) – and those two were done only like a quarter of the way up.

I’d rather ONE good rep with that weight attached, slow and easy up – chin above the bar, pause, and then down…

As for dude above – he tried to do the monkey bars, one at a time, the easy stuff (i was doing them two at a time) – but the first rung he tried, he grabbed his shoulder – and FELL down, after which I never saw him try again.

Folks, these half reps do NOT work – period.

Unless you’re aiming for full reps, and plan on building strength up by half reps, in which case I’m all for it, but even then, there are better ways, but this one works.

But otherwise, half reps are SLOPPY – don’t do ’em, period.

And in life or anything – give it ALL you’ve got – and not HALF of what you’ve got. And even when you think you’re giving it all you have got, you’re usually at only 40% of your capacity.

Remember this!

And, that’s that for this one.

Oh, and get the 0 Excuses Fitness System if you have not already. Lots of you are “clicking in” but have “forgot” to complete the purchase (the software tracks all this) so go ahead and do what you should have done months ago NOW.

Get AFTER it – today!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Gotta wonder how people think doing a sum total of 10 pushups daily for MONTHS, and never progressing beyond that will get them fit. The things people think of!

Bruce Lee, and what he called the KING of all exercises!
- You might be surprised at hearing this!

We all have our favorite exercise, my friend – or favorite(s).

And we all have that one exercise that whether it’s our favorite or not – we make sure to get damn good at it, because we know our entire fitness regime depends upon working hard, very hard at that one exercise – also the rest, dont get me wrong – but especially that one.

It could be hill climbs for me back in the day – a super, butt kicking workout like NONE Other. You truly need to do very little else if you religiously hike hills for hours a day, and swim in the evenings!

Or it could be pushups in the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

For some, it could be the back bridge. Matt Furey, author of Combat Conditioning regards the back bridge as being the “King” of the Royal Court i.e. pushups, squats and bridging.

For some, it could be the overhead press.

But what was the great Bruce Lee’s “to go exercise” the king of it all?

You might be surprised to hear the answer.

It wasn’t pushups – which he did thousands of daily – it wasn’t isometrics – which he did – it wasn’t training modeled on the Gama from India (which he LOVED) – it wasn’t martial arts “Wing Chun” per se either.

It was … Brace yourself.


That is right.

What is sometimes known as the “holy screed” for boxers of all age groups, weights, and abilities i.e. roadwork – something I myself did pretty religiously back in 2018, and have picked up again these days.

And it isn’t just those “slow, long distance runs”.

I dont just hate those – I find them boring as heck for one – I regard them as being completely counter intuitive and NOT suitable for the fitness goals I currently have (running a marathon ain’t one of them).

Back in the day, when I wrote Advanced Hill Training, you’ll see I teach how you to WALK correctly – and run properly – in the opening parts of the book.

It was written based upon what I learnt, and truth be told, for those of you into martial arts, you’ll know that even the slightest movement – lets say shifting your weight from the ball of one foot to the other – or lifting your leg up – or the way you pivot – is all done very differently from what and how the average Joe might do it.

And back to roadwork – Lee did lots of it.

This afternoon, I did roadwork for almost an hour.

I mixed in slow runs – SPRINTS (another favorite of mine) – some uphill jogs on a sloping surface – reverse bipedal training – and more – during my workout today (this was before the grip/core work I wrote to you about).

Lee would often do things like this.

He’d religiously run 4 miles three times a week, and he’d mix it up too – and remember, this was in addition to his legendary fitness regime which “never stopped”.

Lee had a dumbbell lying around at home which he lifted all the time, even while “resting”!

I get it.


When getting good at pull-ups, I’d be doing them all day long too, one main workout, but tons throughout the day too “mini blasts”.

ANyway – there’s many great things you can learn from Bruce Lee, my friend, perhaps the best of which is his willingless to denounce and discard those parts of tradition which “did not work” or were not necessary.

After that legendary last studio fight with a challenger and some friends, Lee kicked his ass, yes – but he was SO winded after the fight he took a long, hard look at not just his conditioning, but fighting style too.

That was when he decided to ditch the “constraints” of Wing Chun, and develop his own style.

But years prior to that, Lee often spoke out against the “rigidity in training methods” of many martial arts teachers.

He was a huge, huge proponent of not following tradition but doing – what works – for YOU.


Achievers throughout the age know there is no one set formula to succeed, you do what works best for you.

Anyway, pushups being another thing. Those fingertip pushups that contributed to his incredible grip strength, the striking power – the ferocious kicks – all of it came from a strong, lithe , very well conditioned core – we all know about that, of course!

Anyway ……………

Back to roadwork – and running.

Boxers and wrestlers have been doing it for centuries, before modern day gyms etc took over, but still today, you’ll see serious boxers out for runs in the AM most likely regardless of what else they do.

I’m not saying you cannot get fit without running – or roadwork – but I’m saying you are never well and truly “well rounded” WITHOUT it.

It’s an integral part of any real fitness trainee’s toolkit, and it should be a part of yours too, along with the other three basic movements I teach you in Advanced Hill Training.

Thats it for this one.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P S- And flexbility is WAY underrated, friend, as is isometrics, and one leads up to and feeds on the other.

To kick your opponent in the head with enough force to knock him out – hold the stance – and kick AGAIN – that takes some serious muscle control, breath work and fitness…

And if you’re serious about your fitness, even if fighting is the last thing on your mind – you owe it to yourself to pick up one of my best books on the topic “Isometric and Flexibility Training“.

Get this NOW.

Two of the most brutal – and best – ab (and entire upper body) exercises – there is!
- Much ignored, but true!

This morning – and afternoon, I got through a great outdoors workout in the park.

I did – focused on, primarily, I should say (along with plenty of leg work) – something I deem so important that I think entire workouts should be devoted to just it, and I say as much in 0 Excuses Fitness and probably all my other books in some way, shape or form.

That being, GRIP – and CORE work!

It is virtually impossible to work both “separately” if you’re doing it right.

True, you could use grippers and stuff for the grip, and those are tough – dont get me wrong (especially some of the higher level ones), but I’m talking full body workouts, workouts benefiting the entire body as always.

I did two oft ignored exercises – oldies, but goodies.

One being the hanging leg raise, and two being – well, what I consider, and have said in Corrugated Core – to be the “basic version of the leg raise”.

The hanging leg raise is essentially done on a pull-up bar – preferably a THICK one, my friend – and while you hang on, you raise the legs – STRAIGHT – ramrod straight, toes pointed ahead – until your lower body is at right angles to your upper.

Most people find even getting into this position too tough, let alone ADVANCING IN it – and believe me, again, like I talk about in the advanced exercises section of Corrugated Core, I could write an entire book on this fantastic, superlative exercise and still have more to say about it.

So the beginner’s version, “knees to chest” i.e. the advanced version of the knees to chest I describe standing up in the “beginnner’s section”.

Hang on, bring your knees up to your chest – or as close as you can.

Once you can get there, and it might take a while, HOLD. Flex.

Add in bicycling movements to it …

These two were what I focused on this afternoon, along with more grip work – and indeed, you cannot go wrong if you devote some workouts to just grip and core like I did.

In fact you SHOULD devote time to such workouts – period.

Now, I’ll be putting out more videos on how to do these two great exercises, since form is often MANGLED on them.

(I would have today, but there was no-one around – another cold, blustery day).

(I did, however, for a minute manage to chat with a good friend wearing Armani shirts, and I asked him if his shirts were all tailored, since they “hide” his paunch really well.

“Not all” he laughed. “Ive got a huge gut!”

I laughed back, and said my observation was mainly his clothes (it was) – and not gut, and that it wasn’t criticism.

Criticism is better than praise, Rahul!

He laughed back “especially when coming from good friends!”

He’s right.

I agree. Like Emerson said, “I’d rather have honest criticism than “honeyed words of praise” spoken about me: . . . for then I know I’m on the right path.

And in that spirit, yours truly loves all the feedback he’s been getting as of late – keep it coming – so long as its honest, and GENUINE – criticism or praise, so long as either or both are logically warranted – is not just most welcome, it is much appreciated, I enjoy it!)


I cannot stress how important form is for the leg raise.

All too often people mangle it by swinging the legs up to do it. I cannot tell you how much that annoys me!

Even if it were not to annoy me, it won’t benefit you – the exercise – if you do it that way.

You should be using your CORE – and feeling everything “scrunch from the inside out” as you do these.

Same thing for the timed hold, and advanced variations,and you should be feeling it most in your GRIP, shoulders and lats.

Yes, my friend.

Isolation never works.

And when you’re really trying to hit a muscle group, say the abs, you’re often and usually better off hitting it indirectly.

Want a six pack – hit the legs and back HARD.

Want massive quads – well, when doing so called quad work, bring the entire body into it.

Thats one thing people get wrong about Hindu squats for one, one of the best exercises out there.

If you feel your legs fail, or to be the limiting factor ie your quads, you’re doing it wrong.

True, quads are involved and you’ll feel it – but you should feel it far more in the traps, upper body and entire CORE for one.

Bringing the arms back in the ROWING motion I explain in 0 Excuses Fitness, that is key, most people miss it “for the higher reps”.

Once you nail that, you’re on your way to higher reps easy peasy, without it, never.

Anyway ………………

These are all great exercises, but when doing the core work above, remember it will give you a core of steel, it WILL Make your heart thump like there is no tomorrow, but for max effect, mix in heavy LEG work too, period.

They both go together.

And if you cannot go outside due to weather or what not – well, do sit ups.

Or, any of the variants found in Corrugated Core.

Great alternative, and another old timer workout.

Just stay away from the bally crunch, one of the most godawful movements ever invented.

Right up there with the lat pulldown.

Alright, my friend.

Thats it for now.

Get Corrugated Core NOW if you have not already.

I’ll see you around.


Rahul Mookerjee

How many people can actually do 10 plus pull-ups – in ONE set?
- Everyone asks, so here it is straight!

Lots of folks keep asking me this.

And while sometimes people dont ask directly, the underlying import is clear. Very clear, clear as daylight.

I myself ask this question to people who rattle off the numbers “100” or “500” casually when it comes to pushups.

“Great”, I say. “How many can you do in ONE set”? 

40-50, they stutter back.

“Great!”, I say. “Now, how many with perfect form”? 

Numbers drop by more than a fourth.

“Great!”, I say.

“Now can we slow it down, slowly up, slowly down, taking at least a second to descend fully, a second to ascend fully?”

Believe me, I really probe the point till it HURTS – hehe – thats part of why many people hate my very guts.

But point here is this.

Lots of people want to be able to knock of pull-ups like a stud – perfect form, up and down – 10 plus reps per set.

Now, how do you get there.

And is it required.

Let’s address #2 first

To me, it’s a great goal to have, dont get me wrong.

Doing 50 pull-ups in ONE set, for one, perfect form is nothing short of super duper STUD – so if you can, by any chance do them, send in a video of you doing them, and I’ll share it with the world – and I’ll be begging YOU to write a book on pull-ups at that point.


Same thing for 50 plus regular pushups in ONE set.

Or, more …

But is it necessary to get in super shape?

Or stay there?

I dont think so, my friend.

Again, great and worthy goal to have if you have it …..

But it’s not REQUIRED.

When I was filming Battletank Shoulders, for one, I never did more than 25 pull-ups in one set with strict form.

And here’s something that may really surprise you.

I hardly ever did these 25/set pull-ups – more often, it was 10 in a set, then I’d do advanced variations, I’d work in pushups, and so forth.

Especially fingertip and handstand work, which I keep talking about in my books, but precious few people DO (because it’s so tough).

Sometimes, indeed often times, to get to 120 pull-up per workout?

I’d do them in sets of 5-10.

You heard me, friend.

And that,in part, was how I worked up to 25 per set – and could probably have worked up to more if I wanted to, but I didnt.

Currently, same thing.

I do them in sets of 5.

And I get a great workout in regardless!

Now, what if you WANT to do that many in one set ?

Well, for both pull-ups and pushups …

One, make sure your core is in shape, part of that involves a FAT free core.

These exercises are brutal in terms of calling you out in terms of excess fat, my friend, if you have too much padding around the waist, you ain’t gonna be able to do them, period.

Second, adopt the “grease the groove” (WITHOUT any Glyn Schofield thoughts, hehe) technique I’ve spoken of many times in the past.

And, don’t max out on every set.

DO pull-ups, do tons of them per day, do them every opportunity you get, you’ll see you quickly improve!

And third, most importantly, never forget to work LEGS – and pushups – DURING this journey.

I really built my base for super stud status at all this with heavy duty LEG work, friend, lots of deep breathing and thigh and LEG work.

Simple as that!

There’s more to it, but if you just follow those above three tips, I think you will be surprised at not just your status at pull-ups after a while, but all other workouts you do!

That is that from me.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS- And as for the original question?

Well, I’ll say not many at all …

Probably VERY few.

The vast majority of “fit” people are unable to do 5 pull-ups with proper form, so that says a lot.

Anyway, if you’re currently stuck at “Zero” but want to get to “Hero” – at pull-ups?

Then my world famous, results producing compilation on pull-ups – from DUD to STUD – to SUPER stud – within WEEKS! is for YOU, my friend.

Yes, for YOU.

And it brings results quicker than you’d think if you buckle down and DO THE THING!

Here is the link – Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD – to SUPER STUD – WITHIN WEEKS! (0excusesfitness.com)

And be sure to check out the great review for it!

This book will TRANSFORM YOU!

First I must address the above review otherwise you’ll find what I have to say regarding the book hard to believe.

The fact is, Glyn Schofield has an ongoing dispute with the author of the book and his review is designed to try and dissuade people from purchasing the book and thereby cost the author potential customers.

Glyn Schofield has not purchased any of the books he routinely reviews, nor does he have the slightest clue as to what constitutes a valid training book, I seriously doubt he’s ever exercised in his sorry little life.

Back to the review, this book will transform anyone who has the guts to give the book’s content a good hard try, there is a reason that the top elite military units around the world prize this exercise so highly, having the strength to pull your own bodyweight from full extension to full contraction repeatedly is very rare these days, which is why the easier lat pulldown exercise is so popular, it does not require the same amount of strength, only pulling your own bodyweight will give you that superior strength, if you want that kind of strength you owe it to yourself to get this book and learn from it and prepare to be transformed.

Another excellent book from the bodyweight guru.

And, the Bozo like review hes referring to up there.

Rahul’s worst book, drivel, awful

I first met my current gf while she was a masters student at the University of Birmingham 8 years ago and I was teaching there. I was not her teacher. Funnily enough, she referred me to Rahul’s literary masterpieces. Although reportedly a jealous and self loathing illegal worker in China, I thought I would purchase the jewel in the crown of his works. Sadly, I was more than disappointed. Feeling pity for Rahul as he clearly is unwell in the mind with his strange lies about highly respected and successful people, I hoped his book would be ok. How wrong I was. Beyond awful.

That was more drivel from our old Friend “Butts” Bozo Schofield, lol . . .

(Basically he projected his own “dancing monkey” self into a trollish post when he was high on something, and then pasted it onto Amazon)

(though I will admit, there is no-one more accomplished at “brown nosing” literally than Glyn. LOL. He’s successful at “in ass”, I’ll say that much!)

(and trolling).

But as people have told me, if they find this a good book to troll, it “must be worth my while to get it”.

And it is, my friend. Hehe.

Get it NOW!

And while you’re at it, check out the book on how to combat, WIN AGAINST and PROFT FROM Nazi feminism as well – all of it goes hand in HAND.

Be sure too, to check out my Youtube video on why I love trolls like the Bozo that spend their sorry little lives “obsessing over Rahul”, as a friend “Dejon” (and several others) have chucked – oops, not you, Chuck, hehe – chuckled to me.

- And Nazi feminism is the WORST KIND, period.


If you want to succeed and achieve at the highest levels possible (in any sphere), then BREAKING free of any and all negative influences is key. 

And one of the most negative influences, one of the most insidous – that “eats away”at you without you even KNOWING IT – is Nazi feminism.

In case you didnt know what it is, it’s the BRATTY “my way or the highway”, “I’m always right” and so forth thinking that the great Russell Crowe fought against in his character in the “Unhinged” – along with the scores of men out there that are silently “seething” about “being used all their lives” and then tossed away like a rag doll for something else when “push came to shove”. 

I’m sure I dont need to explain this feeling to you? 

Well, there is more on it here – a lot more – I highly recommend you read – very carefully – the sales page on this one before BUYING the book, which you simply must do if you’re a real man and if you’re like a lot of men out there that have had similar issues with women (I know a lot of you have). 



Here is what you will learn in this course (the ACTIONABLE TIPS, each one worth what I’m charging for the course, and THEN SOME!) –

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PS – You’re free to say “how dare he”, or “who does he think he is” and unsubscribe after reading this, but if you buy into the liberal philosophy of appeasing these corrosive influences to ACHIEVEMENT (in any sphere) – and male rights – well then you’re a cucked Nazi feminist enabler or one of them yourself, simple as that. ​​

My Ab cramps, and the most ignored muscle – or set of muscles – when training.
- Hint (#2) - Bozo Schofield clenches it all the time. Hehe.

Before we begin …

Hint (#2) – Bozo Schofield clenches it all the time. Hehe.

But before we get into THAT i.e. the most ignored muscles in your training (and truth be told, Bozo probably doesn’t even know the muscle really ignored exists) – a small story.

Back in the day, I’d train my abs so hard – albeit indirectly – without doing a single sit up and never crunch (ugh!) – that they’d literally cramp on occasion – without warning.

At the time I was doing hanging leg raises for the abs – a super exercise, as well as “the best darn exercise ever”.

These hardly isolate the abs, my friend.

And what REALLY hit my abs, was something you’d think would hit the legs more – it did, of course – but leg work means CORE work too – was my hill climb.

OR, climbs I should say.

Remember, I got up to like 4-6 climbs daily in hot, muggy humid weather.

And training the way I show you in Advanced Hill Training, you might ask?

Well, that comes AFTER this period – those movements blast your whole body and abs, but they also ensure you dont cramp uncontrollably when and after working out in extreme, exhausting heat as happened to me.

Literally, while getting into a car – or sitting down- odd moments – the left side of my core would just seize up and cramp uncontrollably.

(I’d often have to get out and stretch, bend, literally!)

Most likely it was loss of minerals, potassium etc – despite the amount of water I drank, perhaps it was not enough – but really, I had to make a few changes in the extreme way I trained while still getting the same or better results, and I did.

(Advanced Hill Training, again).

But that wasn’t direct ab work, my friend.

But the indirect hit my abs and chest, I hardly even did pushups back then (mistake, I know) – better than any amount of direct work out.

I’ve said it before, I will say it again – the guy does that a lot of SQUATS, hiking and leg work usually has a better built and developed overall chest than someone who “focuses on chest and abs alone”.

Trust me on this one, deep breathing being one key.

But anyway – most ignored muscle while training is certainly not chest, abs … or even shoulders, for that matter.

What is it?

Well, the BACK.

The lower back is a key candidate – as are the muscles in your GROIN.

How many times have you stretched out your legs to the sides as far as they can know, and then bend forward till your chest touches the floor?

If you can even budge an inch in that position that is!

This is a key stretch they work on a LOT in martial arts, my friend – any form- and this allows those kicks etc to come out with max speed, flexibility, agility and power, all without tearing a muscle along the way.

But even these pale in terms of being ignored to the hamstrings.

We hear a lot about the back bridge, how often do we hear about the front bridge though?

Remember, the hamstrings are KEY to your overall leg development.

If you’ve got solid thighs, but struggle in your squats past a certain point, you likely have under developed hamstrings.

The second most ignored muscle (looks apart) is the BUTT.

(the one the Bozo clenches and apparently according to his inane rants “worships” the most. Hehe).

When you’re doing squats, most focus on the legs.

You’re far better off focuing on the hips, CORE, BUTT and hamstrings, my friend.

Thats one reason bodyweight (regular) squats are so good, they work the hamstrings through the full range of motion, provided you do “ass to grass”.

Hindus are awesome too, and you should do both, but it’s far easier to focus on the back of the body with regular bodyweight squats, although you should with HIndus too.

Anyway, dont ignore these two muscle groups, friend. They’re almost as big as the thighs, and you need a strong butt (well and truly the SEAT OF YOUR POWER – in many regards), calves and hamstrings to generate MAX power at whatever you do – be that kicking, hiking, walking, sprinting, all of it.

I’ll have more on this later in videos etc, perhaps even a BOOK.

Stay tuned.

In the meantime, all of this is covered in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, two great books, and 5 great videos – can’t beat that, friend.

And if there is one thing the bodyweight exercise Guru wants to tell you now – if you ain’t gotten it as yet, get it NOW.

And leave a review!!

Really, honest genuine reviews and comments help immeasurably, way more than you think …

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Almost forgot to say … to build a set of ROCK SOLID abs, and a core that is made of fightin STEEL – Corrugated Core is your BABY.

The advanced, super tough FAT smelting bodyweight squat combo & more I do nowadays!
- Not talked about this before, either!

Dear Friend,

As I get done with250 squats – all bodyweight, I can barely wipe off the sweat pouring off my brow.

I’m off to do more shortly, but as usual I want to write to you about some important points first.

In the 0 Excuses Fitness System, something I keep emphasizing, though not at the expense of form – is the time it takes you to complete not just your squats, but your workouts as well.

If you’re taking half an hour to pop off 100 squats, you’re not doing them right, period.

Or, your form might be spot on, but the cadence isn’t.

Or, something else, or your conditioning is way off.

If you’re taking more than 10-12 minutes to do a 100 pushups, again, you’ve got room to improve.

And yet, these days, I’m achieving results and the “Sweat pouring off “hours later”” effect that I got from those workouts – while not necessarily going full tilt in every workout – not necessarily at full speed – like many of YOU (when you first start etc).

Now, this don’t mean I dwadle or rest for excessive periods.

In fact, I stood on my feet for all the 250 reps I did (for squats), I finished them in like … I think it was 7.5 minutes? Not entirely sure, but for Hindus, I’ve done that number far quicker in the past.

Yet, these days I’m doing a special COMBO of squats – bodyweight, ass to grass – except with certain elements of the Hindu in it – and let me tell you – it blasts the entire body, especially the core like never before, if you do it right.

If you focus on the BACK of the body when squatting, not just the thighs.

If you understand that incorporating the “rowing” motion in Hindus into bodyweight squats (regular) works wonders.

If you understand that form is paramount, so is isometrics.

If you understand that you use your rest periods productively.

If you understand that the focus remains on your breathing, out on the way down, in on the way up – period – no matter what sort of squat you’re doing.

There’s many more – some of you might think “on toes” and not on toes, or a combo is part of it.

Sometimes it is, but thats not the main thing by far.

Neither are “jumping” squats – an advanced version of Hindu squats which many people do, I’ve never found them that essential – so I did not include them in 0 Excuses Fitness – but …

… when you incorporate these bodyweight squats with lunges (an EXCELLENT exercise, period – and one I will cover in the upcoming “Advanced Plyometrics” book) – then you’ve got some serious, serious BURN going – and HEART THUMPING going on!

… and when you incorporate ISOMETRICS into your squatting routine. Might sound “not doable”, but it is, my friend, if you know how and what muscles to clench while doing them – and it isn’t necessarily thighs either.

Anyway, squats are great, period.

As Brooks Kubik said in Dinosaur Bodyweight Training, a great book, you should do them daily, for your whole life – period.

It’s that simple.

Fighters (UFC, MMA, boxers, etc) – all use them. Look at someone like Ken Shamrock “the Lion’s Den” who’d pop off 500 of these before a wrestling bout!

Or, someone like Steve Austin.

“If all you’ve got time to do is one exercise, do squats”.

“I dont care what else you do, if you do squats, you’re going to grow, period!”

HE was right – spot on.

Squats – and stair climbing – which I’ve done SO Much off on my beloved hill out there – release growth hormone like nothing can, and boost T levels through the whole body like nothing else.

They promote growth through the entire body – they ensure better assimilation of the food you eat – you can eat more – your digestion improves – your lungs clear – I cannot say enough good things about squats. Should be the baseline of ANY good conditioning routine along with jumping rope!

For women, the best part is you dont get “bulky” by doing these – but you get the sort of strong, lean toned legs that dancers have -and they pack the kick of a mule, as many people know!

(and dancing, ballet etc is not just for women, for those thinking – ask Jean Claude van Damme for one, who credits ballet for his amazing leg strength and flexibility).

Anyway – again.

The REAL key to making bodyweight squats working for you at an advanced level is to combine them, non stop, willy nilly, with LEG movements found in Animal Kingdom Workouts – one of the best books I’ve ever written, even if I say so myself.

Let me tell you, when you do 250 squats straight, and your rest periods include the frog jump – or the duck waddle – you won’t need more conditioning after that most likely!

And thats just off the top of my head (what I did today).

I’ve included other stretches along with my squats, and believe me, they hit the entire body at a level you’ve never felt before.

That, then, is the missive for now.

Get Animal Kingdom Workouts if you have not already, you owe it to yourself to do so NOW, my friend.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Why Hindu pushups never replace regular pushups, and vice versa.
- Something important that needs to be said!

This afternoon, at the park, I was shooting the bull with a fellow trainee – a guy that is fairly lean, and who (because the gym is closed) – has taken to running in the park daily (or damn near daily, I believe).

We were talking training, and part of his training today was “500 pushups” – which he hadnt done as yet, given half the day is over, or was over at the time, he’s got some catching up to do. Hehe.

But the important part of this conversation was this – I asked him if he did HIndus, what style of pushups he did, if he did them slow and in proper form, etc etc.

He replied yes to the last question, but Hindus?

“Indian pushups are too tough!” he told me.

“I do regular pushups”, he said – holding his arms a little wider than shoulder width, the style in which most people do them.

I laughed.

They’re not that tough, buddy – and I told him for most people, once they get past the flexbility issues -lower back, tricep, and hamstrings for most – they’re ready to get into a good rhythm for these – provided you have the breathing down pat.

Breathing is KEY, I cannot repeat this enough times.

And then, I advised him do to them “Boxer” style like I talk about in Pushup Central. 

Those are anything but easy, I laughed.

From his expression, I could see he doesnt train those at all – or if he does, not at all.

But I could see him thinking, then he agreed.

Anyway – this isn’t a criticism of how he trains, or anyone trains.

It is to clear up a misconception that many people have, that “if you do HIndu pushups” you don’t need other styles of pushups.

For a long time, I labored under this misconception too.

I got up to a 100 HIndus straight, neglected other pushups (except reverse pushups and table pushups).

The first time I tried regular pushups after a while – I was shocked – 20 felt like a chore!

How can this be I thought, but then I got it.

Nothing beats training the movement, you must do it, and regular, or even better, boxer pushups train the triceps a lot more than Hindus do in many regards. It’s a different movement – and end of the day, you look at what champ boxers and wrestlers do everywhere, sure, Hindus are part of the routine, but nothing replaces the “elbows in pushup”, nothing at all.

Especially for continued ab/core work. Hindus do too, but differently!

It was like that time I trained pull-ups exclusively, then when I got back to pushups – again, the regular kind – 15 felt “so tough” to do. And I was sore too, the day after, this after I became a hill climbing stud who did 100 plus pull-ups before I cranked out my hill climbs!

Its a misconception many people have – and the reverse is true too.

Don’t assume just because you might be good at regular pushups that you’ll be good at HIndus too, or that “you’ll catch up very quickly”.

You won’t, they both train the entire body, but stress different muscle groups, tendons etc – the “system is worked differently in both exercises”.

There is a reason I put out 55 different movements in Pushup Central, if they weren’t all required, hey, I wouldn’t be wasting “paper” putting them out!

And thats that from me.

If you have not yet invested in Pushup Central, do so NOW.

I’ll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee

3 things (or more) you can learn from Jean Claude Van Damme.
- One of my favorite martial artists, period.

I dont know why, but Jean Claude Van Damme, one of the hottest action stars of the late 80’s – never really catapulted to true stardom like many at the time thought he would.

It happens – to the most talentd of people – without discpline.

When you think cricket in India, for one, it’s hard to imagine India without it’s favorite “son” Sachin, the “God of cricket”.

Yet, his school mate Vinod Kambli, who was arguably even more talented, and was a sizzler in the few matches he displayed his skills in, went nowhere.

Discipline, work ethic, these things matter.

Van Damme, despite being a fine, fine martial artist, and still a physical specimen nearing 60 from what I can tell – his work ethic was terrible when it came to things other than fitness.

Being a prima donna x 10 (admittedly he wasn’t the only one) – showing up for work late, or not at all – unable to take a joke aimed at him, even in the right spirit, his $10,000 /a day coke habit that would make even Bozo Schofield in the UK proud …

Self destructive behavior, in my opinion, and asking for more than what he was worth at the time (and he was worth a hell of a lot, trust me!) – led to his ultimate downfall.

Not lack of acting ability as many claim, not (as many claim) that his movies had nothing but martial arts, so appealed only to a certain niche.

The same thing could be said about the Terminator and Rambo franchises.

You’re just waiting for the bad guys to get pounded to smithreens, or blown away, or what not.

You’re not so much waiting for “acting skills”.

Although Stallone has admittedly evolved very well in that regard, a lot of others haven’t.

And Van Damme was certainly better looking than Bruce Willis for one! Hehe.

More muscle too …

Anyway –

One, the man’s low – fat content – without it being unhealthy like Stallone and some others were in the day.

Naturally developed body, but no-one would deny the man’s strength and conditioning – and more importantly, how he’s kept himself in shape even NOW, almost at 60.

According to him it’s good genetics.

That may play a role.

But to me, it’s more about his stellar work ethic (fitness wise), what he did growing up, etc.

And his speed, athleticism etc – till this day.

He can still apparently do those kicks he did in Bloodsport, and I’ve seen vidoes of him do it …

Two, he’s a prime example of two things – lifting weights the RIGHT way does not need to make you bulky – or fat.

And it can make you lean and strong as heck if you do it right.

I’ve no idea if Van Damme lifted odd objects as I mention in Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness, but odds are he DID.

Odds are he followed the same exercises too, that I teach in Pushup Central, 0 Excuses Fitness, and some of my other courses. Those form the base of any serious martial artist’s training – period.

Just ask Bruce Lee for one, a great proponent of the way the Great Gama trained.

And he’s also a prime example of why you need a Corrugated Core to perform at your best !

Strong as heck, bulging muscles – except they’re “tight and packed”, not bodybuilder like …

And three, most importantly, and I’m sur ethe man will admit this himself – why and how he keeps himself so young “at heart” – and physically?


Lots of Bozos, when I came out with the great book Isometric and Flexiblity Training asked “why flexibility too”.

No-one else does books on both at the same time, they went.

Well, I did – and do – because they go TOGETHER, my friend.

Van Damme’s signature move is splits – done on chairs – or while leaping several feet in the air.

In the movie Bloodsport, his friend (another fighter) jokes about “you shouldn’t be doing those things, you might want to have kids someday!”

But any serious athlete or martial artist knows the value of flexibility.

Even if you are not training to be a fighter, kick people in the chops all day or what not, having flexiblity in the areas most people LACK it in (groin, lower back etc – and core in general) will help you immeasurably not just in daily life, but sports, any other activies you do in life – including booby building for those of y’all so inclined.

And HAMSTRING flexibility, something I keep yapping about, and rightly so.

Stretch and loosen the hamstrings (I recently put out a Youtube on this) – and you feel like a billion bucks, and things just happen, period. I cannot explain it any better!

Same for calves, thighs etc, but especially the hamstrings …

(and truth be told although I’ve put out 51 great exercises in that regard you can work your whole life, I could tell you 51 more right off the top of my head. Maybe in the next book on it!)

Anyway, Bloodsport remains one of my favorite movies with ultra slick choreography for one.

I’m not a huge fan of Van Damme’s movies otherwise, but the man has it spot on when it comes to physical training, and there is a lot to learn from him in that regard.

I’ll write more on that later.

For now, I know a lot of you are itching to buy some of the products mentioned above but are, for some reason procrastinating.

The #1 enemy of achievement in any sphere, along with many others.

i.e, do it NOW.

If I can interrupt my 100 pushup 100 squat “medley”workout to write to you about this, and then go again, so can you – pull out that credit card, my friend, and get the above books NOW.

Takes but a minute, you can always get back to “dumbphone gazing” post this, or workouts if you’re so inclined. I am. Hehe.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I’ve updated my last email on “Bong legs” – hehe. Check it out HERE if you’re so included.

PS #2 – More on CORE, in the movie Bloodsport, Van Damme’s character literally urges a much bigger, bulkier guy (his friend) to focus on the opponent’s CORE … his weak spot.

Youre only as strong as your weakest spot, friend.

For the character of Bolo Yeung, that was the CORE (not the bodybuilder like bloated chest!). (which was arguably, from a lifting standpoint, “stronger” than Van Damme, although I couldn’t say for sure).

And thats how he ultimately (Damme) gets the guy (Yeung).

Van Damme’s strength is his legs, you wouldn’t think that looking at that upper body though – another prime example of “train the legs, you train the entire body”.

For a period I did NOTHING but climb hills, still had a far better built chest than those that just did bench presses, and ignored the legs.

When you train the legs hard, nothing compares to the deep breathing and T boost you get from that sort of training …

He also did ballet – dancers, my friend, have amazingly strong legs – from doing BODYWEIGHT squat, not “weighted” ones.

Anyway, all the truisms I mention in 0 Excuses Fitness, my friend.

Get this book now, its GOLD.

“By his leg you shall know a Bengali” …
- I wouldn't, hehe.

India, with all it’s diverse cultures, diets, and everything that seems to change with every 15 minutes you walk from hither to thither, almost … has an interesting tale to tell you about Bengalis.

“Bongs”, as they’re called – or “we’re called”, I should say.

Part of my “heritage” is Bengali.

Now, although I was born in Bengal, remember two things – Ive never actually lived there. I used to visit there briefly in summer holidays till the age of 13 or so until my Grandfather passed away, but I didnt quite like it to be honest.

I Dont know why – well, I do now – but right now, I’d probably like it if I visited (no plans on that though anytime soon).

But in India, those from the North are known for being “fighters”, “Warriors” and such – I grew up (well, the time I was there in India) in the north mostly.

If you’d look at me, you’d probably be forgiven for saying (those of you that wouldn’t call me a cowboy from Texas outright, or Spanish, or Arabic, hehe) – that “I’m a Delhi boy” .

That I am (in many regards!) (though I don’t particularly like Delhi either).

Hey, what do I know, the Chinese pick at my skin, refuse to believe I’m Indian or even that I have Indian “blood”, and claim I’m “yellow”. lol.

(Although, there was that one guy in Hong Kong that once just LOOKED at me and started speaking Bengali to me, I wonder how he knew! Hehe. Much like the old Cantonese lady there who once started speaking Cantonese to me, which I hardly understand for the most part.

Chameleon?? Hehe).

Anyway, those from the North East in India are sometimes not thought to be part of the country, in the same way that the Chinese think all Indians are “dark and dirty”, a lot in India seem to think those from the North East are not part of India at all if you get my drift.

I cannot imagine why. I love that part of India, the people, their culture, all of it!

People from the South in India on that note don’t seem to get along well with the North at all, again almost like a different country, right down to the language, culture, etc. (ditto for the North, which seems to know very little bout the South).

“Bongs” claim those from the North are culture -less, rude, and “those business people, ugh!”

Those from the North claim pretty much the same about the Bongs, except in reverse. Hehe.

Anyway, back to conceptions – or misconceptions.

Those from the EAST, ie Bengal are thought of as studious, achievers in school, brainacs, Mama’s boys that sit in offices and earn a ton of moolah to turn over to their dominating Bengali wives or mom’s …

(I still remember a certain Ravi asking me why I didnt just listen to Mommy and get an arranged marriage or what not.


(nothing against Bengali women though! – I’m sure there’s good ones and bad ones out there,just like every other “subsect”)

… certainly not warriors, fighters, anything like that.

As poets. Writers. The great Tagore, I’m sure you’ve heard of him, came from Bengal.

Cindy once told me the following.

“You’re a writer and a fighter!”

I’ve always been the latter all my life, the former, I’ve always wanted to be all my life, and I finally got around to doing it post 35 (before that too, actually, but as a business..)

Now – this was going to be about something else.

I was going to write to you about something the Great Gama DRANK daily – tons of it (no, not milk for those already guessing) that helped him build his prodigious strength – and FLEXIBILITY – but more importantly, aided him immeasurably in RECOVERING from his grueling workouts.

You would never guess these two things unless you’re well versed with Indian culture.

I ain’t – but I’m well versed with the physical culture part of it!

Before that though … In the 19th century, the Brits were very contemptuous of Bengalis. Macaulay called us effeminate, sedentary and languid. Journalist G W Stevens spent a lot of time examining our legs. “By his leg you shall know a Bengali,” he said. “The leg of a Bengali is either skin and bones… or else it is very fat and globular, also turning at the knee, with round thighs like a woman. The Bengali’s leg is the leg of a slave.”

Can you handle the diet of the gods? – The Hindu

Hilarious! LOL .

Honestly, I dont mind bringing these up – we can all have a laugh at it.

And my legs, I dont know.

Carol once called me a giraffe, though not because I had pelican legs, far from it.

Check out the pictures on this page here – 16 Inspirational Fitness Recollections.

She was just giggling about “long legs and a slim, slim waist” – which she liked, of course.

But my legs have never been that skinny, but they’ve been phat as phock yes.


I dont know, I’ll leave that to Glyn Bozo from the UK who apparently enjoys that, hehe.

Anyway, what is not known is that Bengal produced some mighty fine wrasslers too in addition to poets and writers.

The Great Gama gets all the acclaim when we talk about ancient Indian wrasslers, and rightly so, he’s a legend. Period.

But there’s others too, not so well heard of, but equal contributors to ancient Indian physical culture.

(much like you hear Gandhi when you think “freedom struggle in India”, but several other arguably FAR MORE important luminaries are forgotten).

It happens …

Bengalis were mortally insulted, and took to wrestling with a vengeance, inspired by Swami Vivekananda, amongst others. The end result of this was Gobar Guha, who was 6 foot 1, had a 48-inch chest and became the first Asian to win a world title. He was known for his appetite, and his diet was full of goodies. But he also did 2,500 push-ups a day, and wore a collar around his neck that weighed 70 kilos.

(they actually used to punish slaves back in the day in the South by making them collars like that for days!)

But the Gama used to tie huge heavy stones around his neck while doing squats for one, so as a training method, it’s been around for ages.

It hurts, but its damned effective.

It burns calories like nothing else and builds lumps of muscle like nothing else will as well on the entire body.

Check out Gobar Guha, there are a lot of things I want to write about him, but for this email …

Let’s focus on what the Gama – and Guha probably too – not just ate – but DRANK – to maintain flexibility – ensure his JOINTS stayed lubricated to the best extent possible after all that wrestling and practice – and more important, to RECOVER from those workouts.

The Indian wrestlers all believed in massages – mud baths as well.

They also, contrary to what many people think, ate a diet RICH in meat.

They drank prodigious amounts of milk.

What is not so widely known is the two secret ingredients in their diet that also helped them from keeping the FAT piling on – with all that eating, you’d think theyd become fat and slow (although … if you look at Sumos, fat doesn’t necessarily mean “slob” – Sumos are pretty fast when they need to be!).

And why do I tell you this – because YOU TOO can benefit from this (if you can find what I’m talking about).

One, the Gama drank a ton of mutton – BROTH.

Thats right, the soup made from the bones of the animal. (along with the meat he ate, which in his case was huge amounts of chicken, like 8 pounds per sitting or something!).

(along with all else he ate).

Second, perhaps the most important – he drank a ton of clarified BUTTER!

Different from regular butter.

Clarified butter is a staple in traditional Indian diets, and though it’s RICH in fat, you might be surprised to know it aids in LOSING fat and you’d gain far more weight on a diet of “regular” butter – which admittedly “tastes a lot better” than on a diet of clarified butter (which I don’t personally like that much, but the health benefits – innumerable).

For this email, lets just say that it has compounds in it that SHRINK fat cells.

And, it has unique properties that keep the joints lubricated in a way other dietary supplements cannot.

Another alternative is “white butter”. I used to eat a lot of this back in the day but obviously can’t find it around these days …

Id highly recommend staying AWAY from processed butter etc – all of that piles on the pounds like nothing else, and is not good for you.

If youre looking to lose weight though, and still eat calorie dense foods as you workout – you might want to give the above two a try.

Even if you’re not looking to lose – or gain – weight (yes, this works for gaining weight as well) – then you might want to give it a try anyway – you might be surprised at the overall feeling of “health and well being” you get when on diets such as this (along with other healthy foods).

As I say in the Simple and Effective Diet, Chinese green tea is another great thing to add to your overall intake daily – and lots of it.

And of course nothing ever replaces good old H2O. Period!

Now …

Last, but not least …

Remember that none of this compensates for lack of physical activity.

If you’re think you can sit on the couch and go from couch potato to Commando (not mine, that one, hehe) – by simply imbibing your fill of the products/liquids above, you’re WRONG.

All of that only works with the right amount of physical activity and if you want to workout like the Indian wrestlers did, well, the 0 Excuses Fitness System is “your man”.

The upcoming book “Lumberjack “Lodestone” Fitness” is still at pre-order stage and in that youll get MORE details on how the Indian wrestlers trained (with implements) – but for now, build a solid base with the bodyweight exercises in the System first.

Last, but again – not least?

Remember to pick up Isometric and Flexibility Training – to help you RECOVER from your tough workouts – and keep your joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, all of it – young – flexible – and feeling great – FOREVER.

Thats it from me for now.

I’ll be back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee