“But I’d regret not trying” …
- And that comments, as with all of Jeff's - ring so true!

Actually, anyone that is a doer – and has DONE anything of note – their comments ring true with me.

I might not agree with their philosophies on life, their politics, and so forth – but every self made man or woman has certain aspects to them I will always agree with.

Jeff Bezos (does he need an intro? hehe) once said “I knew I might fail when I started Amazon – but looking back, at the age of 80, I did not want to have any regrets by not trying”.

This is so true – I’m paraphrasing what he said.

We all have a finite time on this planet – when it’s your time to pass, or ascend – can you look back and say you did ALL you wanted to – and more – or did your damndest to?

I dont think most men and women out there would be able to say that.

Yours truly has lived his whole life that way – and until now – YES, I can say that.

I have no doubt I’ll say it as long as I’m on the earthly plane.

“I dont know”, I remember Michael, him of the “I’ll eat two second Lieutenants for lunch!” once said.

“Just do it and see!”

And thats what I always have ultimately – like Uncle Bob once said, easier to do it FIRST and ask for permission later.

When starting rahulmookerjee.com in 2010, I had no inkling it would turn into what it is today, I did not even think of creating a business back then!

All I thought of was writing Fast and Furious Fitness, and maybe, just maybe, it would make a few tentative sales.

I remember being thrilled working a crap job in Oman when I DID make my first sale on it, told the wife, of course, she could care less (as the rest of my family who I never bothered to tell).

Lesson right there every doer will know.

But anyway – in 2017 – same thing.

I was in the middle of being heavily shelled, trolled, and worse by many a person, headed by the loutish Schofield (we all know his status NOW, hehe) – and I figured I’d just do it anyway.

I remember thinking that night when registering the 0 Excuses Fitness domain “you’ll never know till you REALLY, REALLY try”.

(That was the logical part not apparent to me then, what really drove me was the GUT feeling and eventual decision of “JUST DO IT!”)

And that level of “try” just kept going up, up, and up until it reached where it is now.

By no means at the crescending top as yet.

And even when I get there, I’m not stopping. Period.

Thing is though, business – any business  – always (regadless of investment or not) has a high chance of FAILURE – more probability of failure than success, unless it’s something new, even then it holds true.


Writing books?

Been done before, but what sets THIS business apart, and I’ve always had all this in mind-

REALISM – which people can SMELL from a mile away.

GRITTINESS and “stick it through – bloody minded cussedness” – I’ve been that way all my life!

PERSISTENCE! (I’ve had that quality not because I always knew the value of it, but because I HAD To by design, not choice)

VISION (por ejempelo, NO-ONE was doing digital only when I started doing it in 2010).

(and on that note my other business – some of the products there are so visionary most wont start to “get it” until YEARS later, but get it they will).

Most of all, listening to GUT – my gut feelings.

All of this, and more, I believe is missing from the vast majority of businesses out there, and as crunch time is truly here, you’ll see a lot of them go under – period.

It is only the cream of the crop that will survive what is to come – and THRIVE – majorly.

Laugh all you like, but it’s true.

(Ah, I forgot, people aren’t laughing at it now as they SEE what is happening. Hehe).

Anyway ……….

You’ll never know until you try.

Why not try?

Same thing fitness wise – why not build the body of your dreams, or start to – TODAY?

It dont matter how old you are, it dont matter if you have good genetics, bad, or none, it dont matter if your wife’s a bitch, or mother in law (Sophia, hehe) – or your husband is a jerk (her again, lol) – or any of that.

What matters is YOU, and your DESIRE to MAKE something of yourself – or “die trying”.

Remember one thing, looking back when you’re about to pass, you dont want to have no regrets…

And fitness wise, the time to do is NOW, never been riper in fact.

Start TODAY.


Rahul Mookerjee

Why I cannot stand cucks that “do it to keep the wife happy”
- Ugh.

While secretly hating every damn minute of it, yet doing it to keep the peace.

Thats the majority of men in this world today, especially a lot of the liberal lot.

This philosophy of “keeping the wife happy at all costs” no matter what may provide some sort of temporary “peace” at home – but when that shoe starts to pinch, remember one thing, my friend.

As Marc, the African Silverback Gorilla and me always used to discuss,

“Theres no credit for anything you do, or have done in the past”.

It’s about all take, take take

(He wasn’t telling me nothing new, of course. Hehe).

You could have brought mountains of gold home – but when she fritters that away and looks for more – she’s going to monkey branch on to the next available “pole” – or moan and groan about “how life is so tough” and so forth and “how men create all the problems” and all that …

I’d agree with her on the last – if she was referring to cuckolds.

I can still hear my friend Chuck once telling me “you’ll have to explain the term cuck to Kate!” (he was referring to a friend of his in that regard who was acting that way).

I never did.


But last night, while I was having one of those “ugh” discussions with the wife, which of course involved putting me down and then claiming “its just a joke” (funny how those jokes never build anyone up, huh??) … I got a further insight into the lunacy of Nazi feminism, not that I needed it anyway.

Those that have read the sales page on the book know the whole mess, or should at any rate – wife and mom fight, cuckolded father “attempts to be a big man” – and when push comes to shove, guess who gets the brickbats from all angles.

Yours truly is called a deserted by certain dumb ass Nazi feminist cunts.

Yet, the truth of the matter is this – when I wanted to stay, and I tried for the majority of my marriage, I was never “allowed to” in that I either do it their way or the highway, and yours truly doesnt bend to dictums, period.

Yours truly gives it back x 1000 – like I did and do with Schofield.

Yours truly Black Mamba waits it out in the wilderness for years – never forgets – and attacks back when the time is RIGHT.

Planning and plotting subconsciously has always been something that has been natural to me.

Not so to Nazi feminists who wouldn’t recognize a plan if it was handed to them inscribed in stone, and as I discussed with the (so called) “wife” – as to how my mother of all people “gets credit” (I was giving to my daughter which is how it SHOULD BE!) for my daughter being a quick and voracious reader (of course, the genetics she got from me – yours truly – and all the encouragement I’ve given over the years, all the books I kept buying her etc, all forgotten) for it.

And apparently the wife gets “credit” for my daugher’s sports – though the results there are nowhere to be seen.

Nazi feminist in general tend to oscillate where the money “dangles” and where there is easy money on offer, neither one of the two in my family are an exception to this rule.


And they’ll happily forget all their own arguments, everything that happened in the past – cold hard FACTS – and use their “we’re women, so we can say it, but you can” idiocy to blow right past FACTS.

As Marc once told me.

“I dont think your wife even has any idea how destructive she has been to your relationship”.

By aligning her lot with the very person she hated, yes, she has been, but unfortunately, that is the crux of Nazi feminist “thinking” – selfish behavior to an extreme.

And it’s MEN – cuckolded men at the end of the day who enable all this.

And these idiots need to be called out for who they are – IDIOTS.

Listen, guys – if you’re one of these people – then man up, admit – and CHANGE your situation.

And learn how to profit from them as well – I did, because I literally had to or “not survive”.

Been a battle, but I won it – as I always do most battles.

Anyway, thats the rant for the day.

Remember, the direct never works with Nazi feminists.

More tips in the book – the only one of it’s kind, and I’ve got more coming on this front too.

Back to Dad – So what did Dad do, I asked.


Knowing the answer.

“You weren’t here!”   (of course, my wife was more than happy to take the money and still is “when I’m not here”). Hehe. 

I could have pointed out the facts, I could have said this, that, but whats the point.

I laughed internally, and then simply went about my own business.

Results speak.

And I bring in way more of them than the Nazi feminists or cucks ever could.

Which is what pisses them off more than anything else.

Never give up your freedom, my friend.

And your independence.

Always have a weapon in hand – a secret weapon.

And the way to fight this sort of thing is shown here.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Stay in great shape (something else Nazi feminists hate, because they know it means girls flocking to you, hehe) – by following the 0 Excuses Fitness System. When you’re losing inches around your waist rapidly while eating MORE and weighing LESS – seemingly doing nothing – you’ll be the one having the last laugh at the pathetic Nazi feminists wielding their massive unweidly LAZY bellies ” on show, ugh!” like some sort of a trophy . . .

Why I tend to shake my head – being polite! – at perennial “coupon seekers”
- Tyre kickers.

You know the sort, I’m sure?

The guy – or gal – that wont buy one damn thing unless it’s on discount, or unless he or she has checked out the entire internet for “lower prices on it” – until she/he compares prices on ALL the major sites for that $10 product they’re buying – and so forth.

And in many cases, even after that they’ll postpone the buy.

“Lets buy it when it’s on a special”.

This type usually has me shaking my head – big time.

Now, before you start cussing me out about the cost of living rising etc – although I could answer “hey, ain’t my fault” – and b) YOUR thoughts are causing it as a whole and c) “well, it applies to everyone, yours truly included” – hear me out.

I’m NOT “against” this sort of shopping sometimes, I’ve got nothing against people that do it – for certain types of items – and I dont think they’re bad people or stupid or what not either.

Well, sometimes stupid to say the least.

Now, what do I mean?

If it’s something like lets say a bar of soap, and one bar costs slightly more than the other due to brand, or coupon or whatever – then hey – I’ve been known to deal shop too.

By all means do so , there is no point “wasting” your money and paying more to get the same damn thing.

Ditto for a certain thing known as GAS, hehe, if you can save a few bucks here and there by making an out of station or state trip to fill up, do so …

But products like mine?

Let me ask you first …

When you go to a heart surgeon for a heart surgery do you shop around for the cheapest guy to do it – and when you find him or her, do you try and bargain him down even then?

When you buy luxury products – or eat out at fancy restaurants – same thing.

Do you?


I didnt think so, and the above are only two examples.

Yet, these same people, or a lot will cry up a storm about a product like Battletank Shoulders – something that can save them THOUSANDS of dollars in saved/recouped doctore fees, chiro visits, digestive issues – and so forth.

Not to mention give them more health and real strength than all the gyms in the world can.

Same thing for the book on isometrics.

Or any of my others!

Not to mention, a lot of my books are progressions, with the benefits and costs RISING with each progression (in most cases).

And if someone isnt willing to pay the tab on #1, chances are slim and next to none they’ll pay it for #2, and so forth …

Back to value tho –

I mean, someone could write books on hill sprints if they wanted to and price it at $99 – or $9 – but what price the content, friend?

A lot of these cheap books, some written by CELEBRITIES no less – right, celebrities – have entire CHAPTERS missing.

I seem to recall a boxer from the UK putting out a book (cant remember his name) with tons of reviews on Amazon saying just that.

Or, with “pictures missing” (another book).

Was it truly then worth it to get the “low priced” book or something someone has poured their lifes learning and heart and soul into – for slightly more?

And it’s THOSE people that look for discounts every time even on a site like this that I try and avoid – and repel – like the plague from China (which I honestly dont care about two hoots, hehe).

Again, dont get me wrong. I created the rewards page to help genuine customers, but while that happened, I saw an exponential rise of cheap asses “waiting for the products” to be on discount “again” – again never COMES! … and therefore, I’ve stopped updating that page for now (as some of you have no doubt noticed).

In short, if someone were to go to a Michelin grade restaurant and try and lowball their way out of paying the tab “it just ain’t happening” and you’d be stupid to think it might.

Same thing here…

IT’s simple, friend.

Look at what you’re GETTING.

I realize far sightedness and “future thoughts and planning” are far away from the average person’s thoughts, but remember – this is the “creme la creme” of fitness (yours truly – I aint even just bragging) your dealing with.

Last, but not least, no, you dont know it all already, and you aint seen it all already.

My buddy from the Marines for one knows more about guns, knives, WAR, tanks, and probably bazookas too than a platoonful of average men and women and Sissy Schofields.

Yet, he didnt know how to do Hindu squats until I taught him one fine night while drinking beer.

I was wearing tight jeans too.

“I dont want them to RIP” , I remember saying.

“no you dont!” 



They never did, luckily.

But you get my point…

And thats why.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Why I’m going to continue to be MORE of a hardass about my prices.
- Read, get offended, whichever it is, YOU choose.

Some of you, a lot of you have noticed the almost utter lack of emails from my end for a few days – which for some one that promises one email a day, and gives you like 7-10 plus consistently, is not on – you might think?

The astute and obersvant might have noticed that the same thing happened around this time LAST year…

Now, I’m not going to get into the reasons, or maybe I will, but first, here’s something I got last week as soon as I made the decision to temporarily “Slow down” on the emails.

“Can’t you just reduce the price !!!? i,m struggling to pay my bills, my NetFLXI has been turned off already, I cant buy my …”

And this rant went on for a paragraph, supposedly about how he couldn’t buy “snacks” (whatever those were) “because they’re too expensive or some crap” and it started and ended with the same crap i.e. “cost”.

Now, beside the obvious reasons which I’ve stated way too often (do a search on this either on Google or on this site, and you’ll find out why I dont just NOT do business with price wankers, but I PUSH them away and REPEL them as much as humanly possible, regardless of “lost sales now” – regardless of the so called depression and other nonsense and what not..) – here is why I Ain’t got no sympathy for this crap, period.

Let me repeat – none at all.

This is the same guy who whined about Netflix and his Ship membership expiring which he never ever renewed.

I mentioned him then…

… and now?

Really, dude.

If he had complained about something halfway important, or really important – for instance, cant make his house or car payment – cant provide for family – or what not – I’d probably not be calling him out here.

No, I wouldn’t reduce prices anyway – but I wouldnt call him out either, but some idiot – I repeat, IDIOT for whom “chips and Netflix” (and probably tubs of country brew too, ugh) is that important that he has to plan for that, but whines about life changing products like mine he WANTS (or he wouldnt keep emailing me) – with all the obvious benefits – compared to something that ruins you mentally and physically – well, for idiots like that all I’ll do is call ’em BUFFOONS.

Period, that is what they are, buffoons.

If you’re that addicted to Bozo Flix, join Schofield in Brum lazing about on his couch with his stained fingers wanking to girls’s feet while claming to do “charity”. Ugh.

But dont come here and expect sympathy from ME – you will get the polar opposite (if the above is you).

I’m always happy to listen to GENUINE customers – or people.

And I’ve gone on record bending over backwards on price for people who I feel TRULY deserve it, and I’ve never once been proven wrong.

For the vast majority of jackasses out there though, sorry, it ain’t happening no matter what.

I mean, if people are so damn STUPID after all I’ve been saying for years about World War III being in the works, about how things will really go downhill in 2025, China’s 5 year plans, what has been going on for years before 2020 – then, well, they deserve everythign that they’re getting right now.

Like Claude Bristol said in the Magic of Believing, it’s mens THOUGHTS that lead to ruin and depression.

This was as true in the 1920’s as it is now, anyone that cannot see the parallels is a moron, anyone that sees them and shrugs their shoulders and says “there is nothing I can do” is … well, self defeatist to say the least.

I realize this may offend a lot of you, thats fine, feel free to flame me publicly. Hehe.

But dont come runnning to me looking for sympathy on all this, you aint getting it, because you dont deserve it.

Yours truly knows one thing from being in the trenches, educated in the school of hard knocks plenty of times “if you dont help yourself, no-one else will”.

Ultimately, you have to DO, its as simple as that.

And if youre not buying products because they’re too expensive or other crap, despite you wanting to, then you’re not a doer, its that simple.

Dont agree?

Well, prove me wrong, and I’ll be happy to retract my words PUBLICLY.

Last but not least, Im getting sick and tired of providing way more value than you signed up for, and dealing with, for the most part, as a customer put it once “Rahul, you must have the patience of a saint, all day long, dealing with shit thrown at you“…

He was being very nice about it. HEhe.

I’m actually an impatient person in many regards!

But, that patience is there for genuine folks, but it’s wearing thin, it does so every year around this time, and while emails will commence again soon, for now, I’m silently recording how many doers come to this site, and the other one, how many ACTUALLY have an intention to buy, or do something, and more…

Lots (good) in the works for that bunch.

The rest, well…

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And if you’re so much of a cheapskate (like idiot above) who whines every time summer comes around and you have to spend one, or a few more red cents, well, this probably aint the place for you either.

I mean, theres a limit to providing so much value for free. Ugh.

Dumbphone induced … PAINS.
- I aint even talking MIND!

I realize most will be reading this on a dumbphone too, or maybe not …

It’s (unfortunately) become such an integral part of our lives, has it not?

I dont know, to me I never use the phone period – dumb or not – and a lot of my friends – and even customers still do NOT have a dumbphone.

Good ole Nokia flip phones like a certain “Uncle J” had… (I had the “brick Nokia” which never got bricked, hehe, unlike dumbphones).

Anyway …

Shoulder pain and neck pain have always been a pandemic – a real pandemic.

But TRAP pain, and sore traps – now that is something I hear more and more of these days – along with impinged necks and so forth (achy necks and so forth).

I remember my wife complaining about sore traps all the time, I once even asked her if there was “something wrong with her neck”.

She looked at me strangely.

But there was. Her neck alignment was all out, I could tell by just looking at it (of course, I did not take it any further. No point taking that horse to the water if you get my drift…).

My friend, believe it or not, the NUMERO UNO reason for sore traps these days is either one of the two – incorrect posture (or machines at the gym that encourage such via isolation and such) ….. or the dumbphone.

Second being more and more common these days, you spend the majority of your day with traps HUNCHED over, chin deep in your throat almost, well, trap pain is what will happen.

Same thing to an extent in terms of laptops, working on the bed, putting your feet up on a sofa all day and relaxing and so forth (far better to do it on a straight backed chair).

Now, thats the problem, how do you cure it you ask

Well, less dumbphone for one.

Howl, I hear………..

OK, watch the damn thing, fry your brain more than it is already if you so choose.

But, massage is one prime way in which to resolve sore necks, backs and traps – except not all of us have access to those all the time do we?

Exercise – the right forms of it – are key too, but there are some exercises better than others in terms of trap pain – or sore traps in general.

Remember, the neck and trap region is a HUGE energy “block” for most people.

When these areas feel good – and are “normal” – you not only look better – but more importantly, you feel a heck of a lot better!

And without further ado, the best exercises for this sort of soreness?

One, the BRIDGE – in all its shapes, variants and forms. Taught in 0 Excuses Fitness, it can be done by anyone if you work up to it – and doesnt necessarily require extreme strength or flexibility despite what you might think from the pictures in the book and videos.

Two, pull-up – either basic, or advanced.

Three, the REVERSE pushup – and WALL walking.

The exercise in this book is quite difficult to master but once you crack it, it will blow you away at how good it makes your entire body feel, I’m 63 and let me tell you, this one exercise has done more for my overall wellbeing than anything else I’ve ever done. A masterpiece, thank you.

For the reverse pushup and my book on it was that testimonial from a certain John Walker…

And fourth, last, but not least – FORWARD bends – of all sorts. Front bridge being one, but a lot of the forward bends taught in my books on ISOMETRICS.

I’m linking the compilation above, but you can get the books individually too – check out the products page for more on that.

We truly have ALL options – paperback, HARDCover, digital- so you have NO excuses left, my friend.  (other than what a lot of Bozos trot out, we all know what that is. Pah).

a lot of people think that BACK bends are all you need to get good at.

Now, traps, back, yes, all of that requires a lot of back bending, but if you dont balance it out with a few forward bends, then you’ll be in trouble too.

Remember, goose and gander, remember, forward bends and stretches REALLY work the hamstrings and BACK of the legs… another HUGE energy block for most people (and injury cause) – so dont neglect those, my friend.

Incorporate these into your routine, and reduce your reliance on the dumbphone, and watch that back pain say bye bye NOW.

Well, my friend, I’m off, oddly enough to do some biz on the dumbphone…

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Moonstone gemstone lunacy and more…
- It continues. Hehe.

The more people feel out of control, the more they turn to their tantra mantras, it seems. Hehe.

Especially the loons, the loonier you are, the LAZIER you are – in general – and Nazi feminists, SJW’s, Bozos, Faggots, and so forth …

You guys know the sort I’m referring to. Hehe. And that link above should tell you a lot in itself about my thoughts on all this crap.

Anyway, my wife got a package this morning, instinctively WITHOUT looking at the package, I knew what it was.

“Gemstones”, I inferred – despite the package being HUGE and despite me not even looking at it. I had no idea what was in it, or where it came from, but I guessed.

If I didnt, it would show up on my email.

Hehe. And it has before – and I’ve asked my wife about it, and she did the phone equivalent of glaring back at me “you’re tracking me!”

No, honey, I ain’t either.

Thats what you REALLY call using the MIND – and MIND POWER.

Predicting events before they happen, getting solutions to issues in dreams – DECIPHERING dreams that seemingly make no sense, connecting the little dots, trusting in the mind, and GUT – winners in life do all that.

There’s more to it than that, but anyway – I remembered what my wife once told me about acupuncture.

Now, remember I live in China, go to all the foot massages in the world, cup massages, and so forth – name a traditional remedy, I’ve done it (I still remember her “ewwing” when I told her a male doc once gave me a massage – honey, that was a clothed massage, a MEDICAL massage! But try explaining that to someone whose mind is closed) …

… so I’d say I know a little something or two about all this. Hehe.

I dont necessarily believe in reflexology, pressure points etc, but I’m sure there is SOMETHING to it, sure feels good – and painful when you first start.

I’m more interested in the girls to be honest. Hehe.

“He doesnt know anything about this”, she once sagely informed my daughter. “He just asks me, then claims he’s an expert”.


I can’t remember claiming to be an expert on acupuncture or related nonsense. Hehe. Can you? Please let me know if you do!

Doesnt know anything about it?  A guy who has literally been called a “healer via touch” …

But anyway (and the feeling seems to be mutual) – this “moonstone” what not has a long laundry list of supposed benefits, one being “to attract opulence”, one being “gain confidence” – bla, bla, yada, nada, schnada, ….. and the last being “if you have problems with women, dealing with mothers, mother figures etc” – then get this.

I swear, I dont see how people believe in this junk, and more so day by day …

And the last is likely why the lovely wife got this, dealing with a Nazi feminist mom in law as it were. Takes two though, peas in a pod and all that …

Despite all the money spent, despite all the tantras, mantras, neither one’s life has changed in any appreciable way … for years.

And it wont till they get these two fundamentals.

One, the MIND – and belief is what is responsible for creating RESULTS.

Yours truly who looks like so much of a bum off the streets at home sometimes attracts far more from the dark cave he resideth in than all these loons claiming this guru or that guru will cure the problems of the world …

It isnt about what you wear, jewelry, and so forth.

Same thing for these idiots that keep buying “weight loss supplements” from these websites.

And keep complaining about gaining weight, yet, despite having a stellar example in front of them do exactly F all in terms of LOSING that weight, and are secretly envious of the doers and their results…

Look, all the supplements, herbs, pill, and other crap in the world wont do a damn bit of good if you dont DO the thing, which is to stop being lazy and exercise (and if you do, chances are they wont help).

What is needed for most people is a kick up the ass, and less reliance on this sorta crap, not MORE.

When they will get it, only they know…

Anyway, as far as Nazi feminism goes, the best piece of advice I can give men dealing with it – get AWAY – as soon as possible, from those situations.

Dont just “accept it and live with the pain to have a “peaceful life””. It aint gonna work, deep down inside you know it too.

And if you cannot get away, then use the MIND – and the tricks – which are so subtle I shouldnt even call them tricks – I outline in the book on combating it – and PROFITING from it.

Hey, if you can’t beat’em, join ’em, and profit from them. I realize a lot of you reading this might shrug and say whatever, but my track record and results in this area speaks for itself.

No, the price of the book, or any of the others are NOT going to go down – period – before someone asks (again).

For women, my sincere advice is not to be that way – and again, if you’re stuck dealing with that sort of woman as a woman “women tend to be womens worst enemies” as the wife keeps saying (silently thinking!) …then get the book NOW.

Fitness wise, same thing.

Start doing – TODAY.

And thats all I gotta say about that.


Rahul Mookerjee

Economical with words, generous with ACTION . . .
- Rings so true !

This morning, I was idly scrolling the news, something I often do – and recommend most people NOT to do – after waking up, while drinking my first cup of green tea.

Proudly sourced by you know who … ah, I digress. Hehe.

(but really, if you want high quality teas, many of you DO – you know who is the MAN to contact on that one. Hehe).

I was scrolling the news – and I dont advocate most people do that first thing in the morning because most people are easily emotionally and mentally manipulated whether they realize it or not, and to them, that is what they will think about all day, and it will shape their perception of the day going forward – which is the purpose of news these days anyway, not to mention the majority of what is in a newspaper or TV or internet in terms of mainstream news is utter, paid BOLLOCKS.

Such as a lot of the liberal nonsense you see about “Russia losing the war in Ukraine”. I mean jeez, any sensible person can take a look at what is happening on the ground right now in the country and judge for themselves who is “winning or losing” – not to mention all the other factors I laid out here.

Or the nonsense doom and gloom about rising gas prices, economy – all MANUFACTURED by men, much like the depression etc was

As Claude Bristol rightly says, in the Magic of Believing as we think, so we DO.

And thoughts create depressions – or the reverse. Feast or famine, it depends upon how you think, and the news is conditioning you to think ULTRA negative – on everything – even during “good times”.

Tis a fact, friend – believe it or not is up to you (but research a bit yourself on how the news, Freakbook etc affects the average brain, and you’ll see).

Anyway, I dont advocate “news” for the average person for precisely those reasons and more.

To me, it provides an interesting insight into not “what is going on” – but the way people are SPINNING current events going on.

And it’s something to do, something that gives me ideas for my business, strange as it may sound.

(and, it reinforces my belief of what NOT to believe and listen to, and I’m always proven right by the mainstream sh-news. Hehe). (most are not wired that way though, anything “on the news”, it must be right, and they’ll look for all sorts of rationalization hamster excuses to back that up…)

While scrolling through my feed I saw something about some new port being opened in Cambodia, which to be honest didnt interest me one bit.

China is apparently at it there too, apparently the US is concerned about Chinese naval presence etc there (even though it’s a tiny backwater port – though truth be told, the Chinese tend to make huge things out of nothing, so the “fears” are not entirely unwarranted) – and I believe while making their official statements on the port – one of the Cambodian officials included the following in their “China Cambodia friendship” statements –

“Economical in words, generous in action”.

And more about standing by each other’s sides etc, the usual you’d expect to hear. Hey, so long as the almighty RMB flows – except it isn’t, unfortunately, from what everyone can see of the Silk Road debacles…

Now, I dont know much about this “port”, and I aint interested in finding out either.

What I DO know – is this.

That one statement encapsualates some of my most brutal books so well – and my own philiosophy to life – even down to why I dont do too many vidoes, because vidoes end up with, in my opinion, too much “talk”.

Thats just how videos are made, you have to talk – a lot!

Not that I mind talking, I seem to do my fair share here!

But a lot of the trolls, fools, Keith James, and other Schofield alter “buffoons” have complained about …

“Really, the price!” 

“Really, only so many pages!”

And other tripe like I’ve mentioned here.

Now, I’m not going to get into why their comments are so obviously trollish – I’ve done that plenty of times before.

To boil it down – it aint the size of the package, its what that package can do (pun SOMETIMES intended, hehe – but the point stands).

You can get your point across in one line, or several flowery lines, it dont make a damn bit of difference, the “center” point remains the same.

And to me, Battletank Shoulders for one – or even Profound “70% Gorilla 30% Human Handstands” – or even the first book “Shoulders like Boulders!”  – these books are short. They’re SWEET. They’re …

(A compilation version of the first two books in the series is HERE).


They kick your ass!

they aint “cheap”, and they never ever will be regardless of how many trolly complaints I get on “price”.

And they deliver results bar none – like NO OTHER workouts you’ve done – nothing like it out there.

Just check out the reviews for one on the books, you’ll see.

But if you’re the sort of person who judges a book by “size” and not content, then prepare to be SORELY disappointed, because the most brutal of all things come in SIMPLE packages.

Short, and sweet.

It ain’t talk that counts at the end of the day.


And those workouts may or may not take a lot of words to write.

But if you DO, you’ll see how much they take out of you workout wise!

And to me, that is what really matters.

If I wanted to be a flowery orator (not saying I’m not, hehe) I’d go into politics.

I’d rather deliver you RESULTS though – stuff that WORKS – flat out WORKS.

And therefore, I endorse the statement in the “subject” of the email – not because of the politics associated with it, but the meaning behind it.

And that, my friend is that. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Well, since the Kiwis started to tax cow farts… lol.
- Didnt the world just fall apart. LOL again.

I gotta say, this LUNACY for one – has and knows no bounds.

Its all well and good to switch to alternative means of energy, but you dont just stop systems that have been working for years upon years without adequate preparation behind the scenes – and oddly enough, for the last couple of years or so with all this rubbish about “green power” and what not … I mean hey, I get it – Bozo Schofield for one loves his green hats, but everything green – well, great goal, but its an utopian one for now for very obvious reasons, and you cannot rush the process, simple.

And idiocy like this?

Cow and sheep burps to be taxed by New Zealand in world first (telegraph.co.uk)

One of the few instances where I didnt even read the entire article, but I’m sure it will mean ONE thing eventually – more price rises for those that can afford it the least, which seems to be everyone judging by the outrageous costs on everything these days. Hehe.

And, yet another tiny step towards the ultimate tipping point, that “world cleansing” I talk so much about.

War almost never happens out of one single occurence – either between two people – countries – or the globe.

Its those little things that rankle for years that build up to it (and if you’ve been payin attention, the cycle has repeated itself viciously over the course of history because men dont LEARN from it, or seem not to at least).

Anyway, back to them cow farts, some idiot once came up with some stat on it, something like “cow farts – or cattle farts contribute significantly to global warming” or some crap.

Holy crap, the planet has dealt just fine with dino farts, tiger farts, bear what not, and even cows galore until now …

As for this Al Bore inspired global warming crap – “enough said already”.

Would happen whether man was around or not . . .

And all those years ago, I remember once – I dont know why I did it, but when in China, I applied for a NZ green card (or there version of it).

Permanent residence basically, for no other reason than I could do it.

I still remember the trip taken to the local police station to get fingerprinted, where they looked at the lao wai (foreign devil) as if he was crazy “why would someone just want to up and get fingerprinted!”).


They were right about the crazy part, but my translator from the factory did a great job of explaining!

Then, long notes to HK’s finest requesting info on where I could get it done – was all part of the very voluminous paperwork I had to submit, then calls to the FBI and so forth, and a lot more.

And after all was said and done, and after I got the medical tests, paid the initial $1000 or what not, they got back with “fatty liver”.

And further instructions on how to proceed, which included getting liver biopsies amongst one, and a detailed description of how “they will take a small sliver out of your liver” or something that would probably enthrall Hannibal and bring out the Cianti or what not, but it just put me off.

Now, if I had known back then what I did now – if I had got some decent advice on workouts, exercises, how to cure all those health problems that my workouts eventually did on their lonesome, I’d have probably done it.


But I didnt!

And telling a 24 year old in the prime of his life – or a 42 year old for that matter, hehe – in the super prime of his life – to “not drink beer”?

Wasn’t going to work, period.

And i jettisoned the entire plan, I believe a certain Michael Liu working there still remembers Rahul Mookerjee though!

We dont – our types – come across too often. Hehe.

As I told Uncle Bob, “hey, I dont want it that bad!”

Those were the days of the China boom – well, the tail end of it, and you could simply get business visas and stay on there indefinitely and enjoy life (which oddly enough I didnt do for the long term, but thats another tale!) …

… and with all the girls and beer around, well, certainly no NZ for me I decided.

As Bob told me one night.

“If they really want you, they’ll make an exception”.

Pretty much what I thought too.

Anyway – looking back – I’m kinda glad I never made the choice to do it their way.

Hell, even people in NZ born there dont particularly like it, say there is no future there, are looking to leave etc, mostly for good ole Oz … (which I still maintain, I love Australia – one of my favorite countries, I’d love to visit there someday!).

And the liberal lunacy going on there, I’d probably not like it any more than I do France, which is an absolute no no for me (y’all on the list know that!).


Got me thinking, pally.

How about HUMAN farts?

Look at all the obese phocks out there belching, burping and farting their way through life – what about them?

Ah wait, how dare I call them that and hurt their feelings.

Gotta be PC eh.

But I wont – I never was – goose and gander applies no matter what.


To boil it all down – I had these gastroentital problems, liver issues, and a lot of the IBS stuff a lot of YOU guys deal with – I had it all, and then some.

I still remember a Doc once noting “colon packed with fecal matter” when I went for some sort of a checkup or something. Hehe.

And while my 0 Excuses Fitness routines did indeed cure all – the other system that really got it all out – pun intended and maybe not?

My pioneering system of isometrics based upon what the OLD timers did, my friend.

Information that old time Russian strongmen used, information that strongmen globally used – information the Great Gama used – information that is “so simple” (so say the Bozos) – yet people dont do it, except the DOERS – and the ILLUMINARIES we all read about, they all did it! – and info that flat out WORKS.

Truly, if you have IBS or any other stomach related issues, this one course, even without the 0 Excuses Fitness System – will CURE it.

And it’s EASY to do – requires but a few seconds in some cases!

To know more about this, here is where you go – Isometric and Flexibility Training.

And here – Advanced, PROFOUND, Isometric and Flexibility Training.

Compilation lovers, go HERE.

Volume Three is on the way too as I speak!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Nothing funnier than when a dumbphone lover accidentally pronounces phone as “foon” when she’s SO angry at being asked to turn it off. Hehe.