It all happens, and the plans are usually perfect – – if you make them the right way!
- ... and more on the GRAND plan

Today’s email may come across as a bit of a shocker – – or even “astounding” to some of that you have been following me – – and if so, well, I understand.

But … hold on to your horses there for a minute, and let me explain first.

When I say “plans are usually perfect”, and (as I’ve said in the past) “it will all happen at the right time”, I do NOT mean that we as human beings are infallible.

Far from it, my friend.

Take any success story over the year, and you’ll see a long, long list of FAILURES – crowning failures if I might say so, before the SUCCESS was achieved.

It may be Edison with his 10000 plus tries to design the lightbulb, or it may be Jack Ma, who famously still says “I learnt way more from my failures than my ultimate success”.

It could be Henry Ford, who was bankrupt twice, and who was nigh ridiculed at for trying to build a motor car in the age that he attempted to do so.

It could be anyone you know. Could be me as well when I first got into writing books and starting an online business – – believe me, most of the comments I received (this from friends and supposed well wishers and family) were NOT complimentary to say the least.

This is why I always say its best to keep your plans to yourself.

As Napoleon Hill famously said, “Tell the world what you’re going to do, but SHOW them first!

And in terms of imperfection in plans, I’m not talking about the small plans – that we seemingly make.

I am talking about the GRAND plan that the Universe has in store for us – – based upon our TRUE desires – – what we really, really want deep down at our core!

This plan often (and usually does) include failures of a grandstanding and catastrophic nature, but what a lot of folks don’t get it is that those failures are but a stepping stone to your ultimate success!

The Universe lets NO-ONE enjoy great accomplishment of ANY sort without first paying your dues in full – duplicate and triplicate as it were! That “hidden guide” I’ve referred to so often takes great pleasure in tripping you up when you’re finally at the door of success (or so you think) – – and does so over and over again – – until it’s convinced you can take whatever it throws at ya – – and more!

Then, and only THEN do the floodgates open, and you receive whatever it is you TRULY DESIRE.

Fitness is NOT an exception to this rule either.

Let’s break this down a bit. At the age of 19, I was unfit – way more so than I should have been at that age.

At the age of 23, I was in the best shape of my life … or so I THOUGHT. (this was after I was introduced to the hill).

At the age of 26, I was in even better shape. Subway stair sprints, and the like …

At the age of 30 it started to go downhill – – and while I kept working out, I ended up turning into a lard ass.

Following on from that – I got into the very best shape of my life at the ge of 36 – – an age where most people “sigh and give up”. And I’m still going strong – and hope – nay, KNOW – I will until the day I “am no more here in the flesh”, hehe, if I might put it that way.

Now, some may ask – – what if you achieved the success then that you are enjoying now? (and I’m talking purely fitness, again).

I’d say it would be great, but it wouldn’t taste as sweet. Not only that – – I would NOT have the knowledge I do NOW – – and therefore probably would NOT be at the fitness levels I am NOT if it weren’t for all the “imperfect plans”, my friend.

The GRAND plan is always perfect – – provided you really KNOW WHAT IT IS you REALLY WANT – – and there is a reason Napoleon Hill devotes an entire preface to this at the start of “Think and Grow Rich”.

I’ll finish off today’s “here” email, hehe, with another quote from the same author – – from “Outwitting the Devil” – –

I would not wish to be again subjected to the experiences through which I passed during that fateful Christmas Eve in 1923, and since, on that eventful evening when I walked around the school house in West Virginia and fought that terrible battle with fear, but all the wealth in the world would not induce me to divest myself of the knowledge I have gained from those experiences.

Ponder that for a while with regard to what is being said HERE – – and let me know your thoughts!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Are we all focusing on the WRONG THING?
- ... fight infection ... with IMMUNITY!!

I don’t know what it is these days, but I’ve pretty much stopped “talking” to the vast majority of folks these days (except those on my list, my customers, family and so forth).

The world, for whatever reason is becoming more and more “polarized” (which is NOT a good thing globally) – – “isolated” (again, a BAD thing) – – and (worst of all, to me) – – logical thinking seems to have all but stopped.

While the signs were nigh years ago (folks laughed at me at that time when I mentioned all this. HA!), the recent COVID-19 going around is basically the “straw that broke the camel’s back” in terms of all this.

Half the people I know on social media are complaining that Republicans are the ones that can get the virus under control. Some are parroting Donald Trump’s initial line about “it being a hoax perpetuated by liberals”. Or something to that effect.

The Dems seem to be whinging about the fact that the “aid package” the government offered wasn’t run by THEM first before introducing it (if it’s been formally introduced to Congress as yet, that is). As if that would have helped anything. HA!

With regard to the rest of the world, you have one half claiming that the virus is literally “nothing to worry about” – – and the other half acting as if they’ve all already been struck down by lightning.

And as lockdowns due to the #covid19 accelerate globally (and as China still hasn’t returned to normalcy fully – not all parts of the country, at any rate) – it got me thinking.

Rather than these extended lockdowns – and “social distancing” (and don’t get me wrong, all of those are precautionary measures we should be taking … but rather than all of THIS – wouldn’t we (as a “globe”) be better off focusing on HEALTH – and FITNESS more than anything else?

This virus and indeed most others only really hit those with weak immune systems – social distancing or not – and the majority of people that contract it – newsflash – ACTUALLY – recover!

I’m not saying that governments around the globe are overreacting – but what I AM saying is this – there are better things to focus upon to stop the spread of the virus (and NOT be affected by it if you come in contact with an infected person – that being HEALTH AND FITNESS).

We keep hearing about “stimulus” packages – – and governments (China is one prime example) “pumping money into the system” to keep things going.

Sometimes that can be a good thing in some regards, but in the vast majority of cases guess what happens – inflation with a capital I when “non-existent” cash is pumped into an already strained financial system.

Then we have the global panic going on – and people stocking up (and fighting over) things as asinine as “toilet paper”. I recently saw a video of two (corpulent, I must say) ladies literally fighting tooth and nail over a 12 pack of toilet paper – – much like happens on Black Friday etc – – I kid you NOT!

And last, and not least – this mask nonsense. I’ve seen pets here wearing masks … and what truly astounds me is that the masks I see most people wearing aren’t even the N95’s that (may) stop you from contracting the disease.

They’re the regular surgical masks which the CDC and pretty much EVERY doctor out there – – and medical organization  – – have very clearly said are a “last resort measure”, if even that. And even the N95’s as far as I know haven’t really been approved for extended use as they’re being used now.

Amidst all this panic buying, “social distancing”, “global shutdown” and so forth – I truly believe we’re FORGETTING to focus on the one thing that is most important – EXERCISE.

Sure, staying at home may reduce your chances of getting the virus – – but judging by what I am seeing and hearing from most people, it does ZILCH in terms of reducing your chances of contracting other health related issue – obesity related issues, for one.

Not to mention falling ill from other issues, as people stay home, NOT moving – – and shoving unhealthy food down their gullet (all the while making excuse about “well, we’re stuck for now”) …

So again, the question begets – are we really focusing on the right thing?

I’ve spoken before about focusing on what you WANT – – not what you don’t – – and the vast majority of folks out there seem hell bent on the latter rather than the former!

Instead of constantly focusing on the virus which seems to have headlined just about every news outlet out there – would we NOT be better off focusing on things like WALKNG, for instance – – which is the best tonic you can provide for your immune system – and not to mention overall health, strength and fitness levels?

Or DEEP BREATHING, for one.  As Farmer Burns famously once said, deep breathing alone made many a sick man weak, and many a weak man strong!

Or, pushups. Do a 100 pushups a day religiously for a year, and chances are you won’t contract ANY sort of virus – – or flu – – or whatever it is for the ENTIRETY of the year – – and no, that is NOT an over-exaggeration whatsoever!!

Again, no, I’m not “criticizing” government responses to this – and I’m not saying it’s not serious. And I’m not even getting into the “whys and wherefores” and (as one reader recently emailed me saying) “airy fairy stuff about the Universe and it’s laws” (no, it’s NOT “airy fairy” – – its actually as scientific as anything else you’ve read, but all good for now!).

What I AM saying is this -we’re focusing on the WRONG things as a GLOBE.

The first thing we SHOULD think of, and hear about upon waking up is our OWN health and fitness levels – -and that, my friend, is today’s message.

Do so – and ignore the “noise outside”- and I guarantee you that you’ll be far, far better off for it!


Rahul Mookerjee

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“If you take 100 steps after each meal, you’ll live to 99.”
- Not meant to be taken literally - but it's TRUE for the most part!

Way back in the day, I believe this was in 2008 – – the year of the “global crash” if I recall correctly, hehe – – I was talking to a colleague of mine.

When I say colleague, of course, bear in mind this was when I worked full time – – “back when I still did so” – – at an I.T. company (not THAT one I refer to so often!!).

Boy that seems like another lifetime ago. If there is one thing I couldn’t handle right as of now, it is “working for another person” – – and that, my friend, is a feeling of mine you can take to the BANK – either literally or otherwise!

Anyway, it was after lunch – -and I usually used to, for whatever reason, eat sandwiches at the time, and then go out for a bit of a stroll outdoors to kill time before it was time to clock back in.

Sometimes though, when I was busy, I’d use this opportunity to get some extra work done – – so I didn’t have to clock overtime (ugh!).

And during one of these times, I was gently chided by a colleague.

“Don’t sit down! You just ate!”

“Oh, I’m a little busy right now buddy”, I replied.

He looked at me.

“That’s fine, but remember the saying I told you a couple of days ago …”

Now my colleague was Indian – – and being this was an Indian company I worked for, I learned plenty of “traditional” Indian sayings there, and one of them rang NIGH TRUE to me the MINUTE I heard it.

“Walk a 100 steps after every meal, and you’ll digest your food much much better!”

This struck home for me, especially being I’ve lived in mainland China for most of my adult life. A popular Chinese saying is this –

Fan hou bai bu zou, huo dao jiu shi jiu” (飯後百步走,活到九十九). This translates to, “if you take 100 steps after each meal, you’ll live to 99.”

And while it’s not meant to be taken literally – it’s TRUE.

Walking, my friend is a highly, higher UNDERRATED exercise in many ways.

It builds muscle if done right (ok, not the amount of muscle other exercises build, but still) – – and it burns FAT galore – -all over your body – -if done right.

And in terms of building muscle, I take BACK what I just said as I recall my daily walks in China, and they got me into the very best shape of my life – – lightning quick!

My thighs literally turned into SOLID PILLARS OF STEEL – -and that ain’t no exaggeration after just a few walks up that hill – – think of what happened down the line, hehe.

And even if you aren’t interested in building muscle – walking burns LARD – and tons of it, if you do it regularly, and in a way that pounding the pavement and running on the treadmill cannot duplicate.

And it does so without the repetitive pounding your knees and ankles are subject to during pavement pounding or lengthy jogs – – and more importantly, it does so without “frying your internal organs” (and if you don’t believe me there – – well – – take a look at the dried out skin and overall health levels of those that run marathons regularly).

Now don’t get me wrong. If you want to run a marathon, by all means train for it – – and run that damn thing. All I’m saying is it should NOT be a cornerstone of your regular training regimen.

And last, but not least – – if you’re in the sort of shape that even getting into a pushup position – – or bending backwards a quarter of an inch is an IMPOSSIBILITY (and yes, that is the REALITY for a lot of folks) – well – walking has you covered there as well.

You’ll burn fat, and lose weight … and you’ll get into better condition which will allow you to then build and get in EVEN better condition – – and so forth!

Last, but not least, don’t underestimate the MENTAL benefits.

Some of my best ideas have come while working out – – and walking has always been involved. Books, courses, new exercises – – or new “positions” (haha, I’m kidding!) … you name it, and workouts that involve walking, and a lot of it, have always “inspired” me to new heights of creativity if I might say so, and done right, they will do the same for you too!

In fact, I got this idea (to write this email to you) while taking my “100 step walk after lunch” – albeit indoors, hehe, due to the virus shutdown.

Last, but not least, if that shutdown has forced YOU indoors as well – -and given the state of affairs globally, it likely has – – you still have NO excuses left, my friend.

Walk indoors. Walk around the table. Walk around your furniture.

A Chinese guy recently went viral for “losing weight while running around the furniture in his house umpteen number of times”, and while I don’t know the specifics – – well – it just shows that where there is a will – there is always a WAY!

All for now!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – There is a right way to walk – -and a wrong way. Yes, you heard me. The simple act of putting one foot in front of the other has NUMEROUS, MANIFOLD benefits, and it is key to walk the right way. Note – most people don’t! It’s something I cover in Eat More – Weigh less – – and it’s something you really need to learn if you’re serious about fitness and losing weight – – and getting into the best shape of your life. Get this course right here – –

P.S #2 – Heard they recently had a “one day voluntary curfew” of sorts in India. I have no idea what that would accomplish other than PANIC – – something the PM of the country himself was cautioning against – – and yet, here is this curfew, which none other than the PM exhorted the entire country to follow, if just for one day. Now my question is this – what would that accomplish? Virus gone in one day? Good marketing?? OR … I must admit, some of these measures taken globally have me stymied!

P.P.S – In fact, if he’d exhort the country’s citizens to WALK more – something EVERY country should do – then they’d likely be better prepared in terms of immunity against the virus – – and the REAL pandemic – obesity – – would be far more under control than it is NOW! Ah well …

Punch PROOF midsection
- ... with little else other than concentrated deep breathing!

In the last email I spoke at length about a midsection that could take blows to it (delivered with FULL FORCE) and then some … and today, I’ll continue on in the “same vein”, hehe.

I don’t know if you have heard of it, but in 1912, an American wrestler and (originally) farmer) known as “Farmer Burns” came out with a FANTASTIC little course called “Lesson in Wrestling and Physical Culture) in which he explained fully his methods of exercise and devoted entire Chapters to the art of wrestling – – and more (diet etc) – but wait.

Just who is this “Famer”, you may ask?

Well, he’s the legendary strongman of yore that had a 20 inch neck and has been WITNESSED to survive a – get this – SIX foot hangman’s drop.

He was lean and mean well into his 70’s, and wasn’t anyone to trifle with even back then. And he was BIG, as many wrestlers are (or most) on one of the BIGGIES that I repeatedly mention in 0 Excuses Fitness – – that being the BRIDGE and all it’s variations.

This one exercise alone can amp your midsection to the point where you’ll be blow torching fat off so quickly you’ll wonder where it all went – IF you do the exercise right – – and part of that involves DEEP BREATHING.

As the Farmer rightly said, and as I keep saying in 0 Excuses Fitness – – and all my other courses (including pull-ups, which is an exercise most think does NOT lend itself to deep breathing – – but it DOES, my friend – – it does!),

“Deep breathing alone has made many a sick man well, and many a weak man STRONG”.

And while that might sound incredulous, it really isn’t my friend.

Yesterday, I spoke about pull-ups – – and how they can give you abs that you never dreamed of – – but here is the good news, and what I want to mention NOW.

There is ONE exercise – a FORGOTTEN exercise (even by the mystics, so called expert and yogis) out there that will have literally the same EFFECT – and that ANYONE, even if you’re in bad shape – or pathetic – or even if it’s your grandmother we’re talking about –can DO and start benefiting from almost instantly.

It ain’t a pushup, and it aint a crunch or pull-up.

It requires NO equipment, and it is done while standing on your feet – – and BREATHING – – and focusing upon your breath.

And its NOT any of the exercises that is likely coming to your mind when you read this – and the BENEFITS, you ask?

Well, let me quote the ole Farmer.

My own abdominal muscles are soft enough when relaxed, but when I “set” them the muscles are as hard and rigid as the muscles of my arms or legs. … Nothing better for abdominal development than deep breathing and holding the breath.”

Well, well, well.

Note the last sentence. Nothing better than deep breathing, eh? So all of that stuff I’ve been parroting in ALL my courses – – it does have some basis, eh?

Of course it does – I just put that here for added “proof”, hehe, but the point is this – that if you’re looking to build that rock solid, IRON CAST MIDSECTION – – a PUNCH PROOF MIDSECTION as it were, then you simply need to partake of this exercise I’ve mentioned above – as well as another than can be done “sitting” down as it were (but in my opinion, that is NOT as beneficial as this one).

And even if you don’t want a “punch proof” abdomen (and who doesn’t??) or are NOT interested in combat sports – – well – – I’m sure you ALL want that six pack, and less FAT around the midsection, don’t you?

Jack La Lanne once coined the phrase “Your waistline is your LIFELINE. You should never let it get bigger than it was in your PRIME” – – and he was right, my friend.

Imagine the sort of shape YOU will be in if you incorporate this advice into your lifestyle NOW – – and start cranking out the exercises that will GET you there. Hey – I know – – I’ve been there, done that, as I’ve stated so many times before!

What if YOUR waistline gets to the point (like mine did and HAS) – – where you are in FAR better shape – – 10 or MORE years down the line than you were “in your prime”?

Would you not enjoy that? I bet you would, my friend!

And looks aside, note what the Farmer says about the muscles being “soft” normally.

You do NOT want muscles that are unnaturally set or rigid all day long – – unless you want major league problems down the road in terms of energy blockages in your body, and DYSFUNCTIONAL musculature.

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”. I believe it was Muhammad Ali that said that, but the saying holds true – – and the meaning is much the same as what I’m saying.

True POWER does NOT come from being “tense” – – it comes when your mind, body and muscles are relaxed – – much like a tiger’s in the wild – – coiled, yet relaxed, and ready to spring at a MOMENT’s notice.

And the same holds true for your abs, my friend.

These are but TWO of the great, great exercises I’ve mentioned in Corrugated Core – – a course that has brought great results for my students thus far (I’ll be sharing another testimonial shortly as I did with Pushup Central a day or so ago) – – and it will bring great results for you too, my friend.

Grab it right here –


Rahul Mookerjee

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“I’d be wasting my time!”
- Those abs can take it!

I’ve spoken before about the ex-Marine I met – – and how we met, and how we became good friends down the line.

I have spoken before of the sheer “impact” this man had on me when we first met. First impressions COUNT – big time – and let me just tell ya, when I met this dude – the first impression was anything but what you get from meeting the “average” man out there.

When I meet the average man “on the street”, what I see in most people’s eyes is the following (to be honest, and at a bare minimum)

  • Resignation – -both in terms of LIFE – – and health – and overall FITNESS LEVELS, and the corresponding VIBE.
  • A “defeated” look in the eye. As a UFC trainer in a Bollywood potboiler once said “Don’t bring this man to me for training! I don’t train dead men!” (this was actually a hit Bollywood movie “Sultan” – – not sure if you have heard of it, but it was one of the blockbusters of the year whenever it came out – – and no, yours truly does NOT know when – – I ain’t a movie buff for the most part, hehe).
  • A flabby upper body – – rolls of fat around the midsection (you know, those unsightly bloated bellies, muffin tops and “thunder thighs” – – and yes, men are as much a culprit in that regard as women are) …and usually a “Pelican like” impression (i.e. gigantic bloated upper body on “stick like” – by comparison! – legs).


And so forth. None of this, of course was applicable when I saw HIM though. This man was as rugged as they come, and had a confident look about him – – and along with that “kung fu” like grip I’ve so often spoken about (man, I still remember that first day when he almost pulled me off balance, something most people are NOT able to do) … a look of having been in the trenches, as it were.

Anyway, we became good friends and I was talking to him one night over a couple of beers.

We were talking about another acquaintance, a guy that’s a damn good boxer if there ever was one, but a guy that is unfortunately also fat and out of shape.

“He could knock your damn lights out”, my friend noted.

“Sure could”, I laughed, and I meant it.

And then I started to say it, but stopped – – but I need not have.

“But yeah, I know what you were going to say” my buddy continued.

“Yeah? What?”

“He’s flabby around the middle. I agree. Soft around the middle, rather…”

“Indeed”, I said. “He is as skilled a BOXER as any, but in terms of overall fitness levels and lard lumps – – well – – he has got some DOING to do, my friend”.

“Let’s see him take a couple to the gut!” my friend said.

And then I asked my friend to “hit me in the midsection”.

“Give me a couple”, I said, laughing. “Let’s see if I can actually take it” (and believe me, I wasn’t sure I could – despite the shape my midsection is in – – I am NOT sure and WAS NOT sure it could withstand King Kong striking it, if you get my drift!)

“Nah. I’d be wasting my time”, laughed my friend.

“No, really. Try it”.

He “felt” my abs a bit.

“Pointless” he laughed. “I’d take you down another way!”

And that, my friend was a TRUE CONVERSATION – – and if a man that is as skilled physically as they come – – and in as good a shape as any – – has that to say – – well – you better BET  it’s TRUE!

And one of the exercises that will get you there is the almighty pull-up, my friend.

If you want a midsection from hell, and a ripped core – along with gorilla like grip strength and traps that look like MOUNTAINS extending from your ears to shoulders – then you need to get DAMNED good at the pull-up, my friend.

And why am I telling you all this?

When I first wrote the “Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of weeks” book in 2011, I had literally NO idea it would take off like it did.

Folks were going crazy over this down to earth training manual that put to paid much of the misinformation out there on this great exercise.

When I REPURPOSED it in 2017, with ADDED sections – and when I included my OWN EXPERIENCE – well, let me just say that the feedback I got was OFF THE CHARTS, my friend. Quite literally. Folks were getting great results in a very short period of time – and were going bonkers.

I figured I’d stop there, though. I mean, why fix what ain’t broke, right?

But I was WRONG, as I often am.

Although the initial course was extremely successful, there was those that wanted MORE.

There were those that wanted to get from STUD – to SUPER STUD level at pull-ups and replicate MY OWN gains while doing this AWE INSPIRING exercise – in ways they had never dreamt of before.

There were those that like me, wanted to get to the point where they could bang out 100 plus pull-ups in a workout – day after day – month after month – and barely feel it.

And so for these elite folks – – I put out “Pull-ups – – from STUD to SUPER STUD” – – another extremely well received training course. People took a while to get used to the unique nature of the exercises, but oh my – the GAINS??

If they were off the charts before, they were off and into outer space NOW.

And now, you ask – why did I put this compilation out?

Well, some people wanted “everyone in one place”.

Others wanted a “bit of reduction” in the overall price.

Yet others wanted “all the information together” before they started – – and wanted “motivation” to go on and GET ’em – – and they found that motivation via the pictures in the advanced course (hint – yes, yes, and yes – you CAN EXPECT to get in THAT kind of shape, if not better, once you implement the advice in these courses and get cracking).

For years I “vacillated”, and did nothing about these requests. Again, why fix what ain’t broke?

But now I HAVE, my friend. I HAVE NOW – and I’ve put out a compilation on pull-ups that contains not just my two BESTSELLING BOOKS on pull-ups – – but also a BRAND NEW “FAQ” section that alone is probably worth more than the pittance I’m charging for this course.

If you’re a pull-up fan – – in any way, shape or form – you’ll want to grab this NOW – instantly – immediately.

Do so right now and right HERE, my brother – –


Rahul Mookerjee

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There’s no time better than NOW!
- - Do away with procrastination - TODAY!

So, I suddenly remembered an instance a while ago when I was chatting with my daughter – – and she asked me to “take a look at her drawing”.

Now, my daughter has many hobbies as it were. Basketball, swimming, painting … and of course watching VIDEOS galore on the dreaded dumb phone, hehe (if there ever WAS or IS a bane for kids in the modern day world, the dumb phone IS IT) – – and DRAWING as well.

We’ve encouraged her from childhood in all the hobbies except one – and I think you can nigh guess which one!

Anyway, all creative hobbies including READING – – and all GOOD thing for you as a parent (if you have kids) or even teacher (if you TEACH young kids) to introduce your kids to.

And not only introduce – ENCOURAGE as well – instead of “tear down” as was done many a times during my own childhood. You build up a kid’s confidence when the kid is young – – and it STAYS with the kid the rest of their life without even trying.

Of course, you TOO as an adult can reverse this “damage” (and believe me, a lot of us carry inner scars we ain’t even aware of) – – but best for the problem not to occur in the first place!

Anyway, where was I?

Ah, the art.

And yes – it wouldn’t be a stretch to call my daughter’s drawing “art” (or “paintings”, should I say). She draws the most unique things – imagination UNFETTERED as it were.

Some of her drawings (all gifted to a grateful “Papa”, hehe) were of a house under the trees with the sun shining brightly above, and mountains in the background.

Another one that stands out in mind is the “I love you” heart she drew …

And the one in this instance was her piano … a colorful, artistic indeed representation of a piano.

“Dad, could you come look at this for a minute?”

Being I was busy (my daughter is about to paint a picture of “gremlin” furiously tapping away at his keyboard, hehe – – I’ll be sure to share that when that happens!!), I said “soon”.

“Oh God, you’re busy again!” my daughter said, “sighing” in an exaggerated manner. “You’re always busy!” (and then she put on a play face, and enacted me tapping away at the computer – hilarious!).

And unlike other times, she grabbed my hand.

“No better time than NOW, Dad!”

And while I did eventually get back to my writing – it got me to thinking.

Little kids are spontaneous, and we as adults have a lot to learn from them.

If there is something you really, really like – or want to do – then just “frigging” do it – NOW – without procrastination – or other excuses!!

When it comes to fitness, of course, this is another truism.

“I need to do my pushups, but … “

“I didn’t work out today. I’ve got a few minues, but should I … or should I … would I … could I …”

“I haven’t been working out in ages, and the quarantine is making me fat!” (wail, wail …).

And in ALL these cases – and more – the above truism applies.

Just DO it – NOW!!

I live my entire LIFE based upon this philosophy, my friend. This morning I wanted to share a testimonial with you – and there was no better time than the “then” in which to DO it.

I wanted to share what I just did with you – – and there is no better time than NOW in which to do it!

If I have an idea for a product – – a course – – or something else I want to do, I do NOT dilly, daddle or “muck around for ages” deciding “if I should follow through”, or “if it will be worth it” – – or so forth – – I just listen to my inner voice, and just do it.

That last bit might sound strange to some of you, but believe me now and trust me later, most successful people have the knack of trusting their GUT and making QUICK decisions based upon their gut.

Henry Ford for one was famously known for being a quick decision maker – – and notoriously, if at all, slow to change his decisions (to the point that he was known as “stubborn” – – but hey – – we can’t argue with the results he achieved, can we??).

Getting back to it – –


Napoleon Hill famously stated in “Think and Grow Rich” that procrastination was an enemy to be avoided at ALL COSTS (in terms of success and getting RICH).

And this applies regardless of whether you’re trying to get rich – write a book – draw something – learn a new skill – or GET FIT!

There truly is no better time than now, my friend – and having said that, I think I’m going to pump out 50 pushups before a late lunch.

So should you – and I’ll see you “on the other side”, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

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P.S #2 – Yes – NOW!

“Hands like sledgehammers, fingers like STEEL!”
- - and a customer testimonial on Pushup Central!

So, woke up to some great feedback today for my book on pushups – – the new book that is – – and it truly IS the most comprehensive book out there on pushups that I’ve put out till date (and to be honest, I’m yet to see any OTHER book with this many variations on pushups etc).

And bear in mind these are all (well, mostly) pushups done on BOTH arms and BOTH legs. I DO have a few where you use one leg at a time, but for the most part, I haven’t even gotten to the “one armed” training manual as yet – – but hey – – more on that below!

Now you grip fanatics out there might be wondering what the grip part is all about. I don’t blame you – – and without further ado, let’s jump into the email I received today (in the early AM, hehe) from Charles, a long time customer and REGULAR reader of this daily newsletter.

(This was with response to the email I sent out last night about “What a Chinese dude can teach you about working out”. If you haven’t seen that one – – check the blog – – its posted there as well).

Good story!  Got your new push up book off Amazon.  Very impressed!  Was a little hesitant due to the price, but once I got it I was not disappointed!  Just like all the other books I’ve bought from you in the past It’s great!  If I’m ever able to master the fingertip versions of all these push ups I will have hands like sledge hammers and fingers like steel!  Keep up the good work, and start working on a book of training unilaterally, one arm, one leg, etc.  I look forward to this in the future.  Using various progressions, you will truly build incredibly powerful indestructible human beings.  

My response – –

Hi Charles

Great hearing back from you – – and good to know you got (and are enjoying) the book on pushups as well. Thanks for the positive review on the book, as well as the rest – – do leave a review on the Amazon page (for the book on pushups, as well as any others you might have bought and liked) – – reviews help to “spread the word” as it were!

(Ditto if you buy anything directly off the site – email me your feedback in that case!)

Yes, the “one limb” workout book is definitely in the plans – – stay tuned for that! The closest I got to that in THIS book was the “one leg in the air” pushups (both torqueing and otherwise) – – which alone is enough to give the majority of trainees the workout of their lives if done correctly – – but yes – – the “one limb” training course is IN the works – – once again, be on the outlook for that in the future!

With regard to hands like sledgehammers and fingers like steel – – you’re NOT far off the mark. The great Bruce Lee did fingertip pushups all the time (I mentioned this in the book I believe) and so did Dan Hodge (who was reputed to have a grip so strong that he could literally snap a pair of pliers with one hand – – and would regularly crush APPLES with his bare hands at the “ripe young age” of 75+!!). Work up to them with care though – – some of the hand positions are tough even to get into and HOLD – – so start from there (on your palms) and work up. Yet another good way would be to get good – real good at the palm versions of these, while also working in fingertip HOLDS and “mini-reps” for the same exercises.

Keep working ‘em assiduously, and you’ll soon have the fingers – nay, CLAWS of steel that you (correctly!) refer to in your email!



So, there’s some great, great feedback, my friend – – and if you haven’t yet grabbed Pushup Central – – now is the time to do it – – and HERE is where you can do it – –

Also, for all those of you that have bought from me in the past, and CONTINUE to do so, please DO send me feedback such as Charles has, and several other customers have as well. We always enjoy hearing back from our readers and customers – – and please DO sign up for our daily list as well.

Several of you have invested in our products – namely the 0 Excuses Fitness System, and then have RETURNED to purchase other courses (the courses on pull-ups, and the “Eat More – Weigh Less” course, as an example), but have NOT signed up for the newsletters.

Normally, I’d set it so that customers are “auto signed up for newsletters”, and that is what many folks do, but I’m a bit hesitant to go down that route, as it is, after all, at the end of the day, YOUR email address. I’d rather YOU sign up for the newsletter and provide express consent to me to send you daily emails – – it works best that way!

Third, and not least – – there are some valuable tips in that email I sent Charles – see if you can spot ‘em! One of the tips is something I rarely give away in my daily emails, but I’ve done so now – enjoy!

Fourth and last (but not least, hehe) – – the “one limb” training manual is ON the way. Believe me, that is for TRUE fitness fanatics – – doing one arm pull-ups or pushups (and I’m just talking about the REGULAR one arm stuff) is NOT for the faint hearted.

You’ll see what I mean when I come out with the course – – but for now – – feast on Pushup Central – – it truly has everything you need in order to get a complete workout in – – both now – – and for the rest of your lives!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – By the way, email issues sometimes make it hard for me to contact you, so if you’ve sent me an email – – and I have not responded – – it could be that my emails aren’t getting through – – or yours aren’t to me. For instance, I was unable to send Charles a reply from my normal account so I had to switch to another – – and so forth.

It happens – – especially with the amount of spam out there, so that is definitely something to bear in mind as well!

P.S #2 – Another course that has got RAVE reviews is the 0 Excuses Fitness System. This is a “two book” course along with five VIDEOS – – a must have for every serious trainee. Grab it right here – –

What a “skinny Chinese dude” can teach YOU about working out!
- - and more on REAL, functional strength ...!

I think it was around last August or thereabouts – perhaps mid-August, when one of the air conditioners in my apartment conked out – for good.

The damned thing had been repaired once before, but it was dripping water all over the living room again – – so I called my landlady, and she called the repairman – – who in turn advised her to buy a new unit.

There are two air conditioners in the apartment I’m in right now – both “split units” rather than the traditional window units if you get my drift.

And though one of them was working, fine, my landlady wanted to replace BOTH.

“How about I replace both”, she asked me.

“Uh, that’s great .. but there is no need”, I responded. “It’s just the living room A/C that is out of order – – bedroom one is working fine”.

But she was getting a special offer if she bought two A/C’s apparently (online, of course!) and of course it was future “insurance” against most repair costs etc – – so two A/Cs it was.

And come installation day, I was in for a SURPRISE – a huge one – – when a skinny Chinese dude that looked like he was 15 or less knocked my door “to make sure it was the right apartment”.

“I’m coming up”, he said cheerily thereafter, and I figured two to three people would show up – – if nothing else, perhaps just him, but with a dolly.

Nothing of the sort, my friend!

Shortly thereafter I heard a noise like a runaway locomotive running out of steam – and there he was.

… With a massive, 1.5 TON compressor – – that he had lugged up BY HAND (the box had a cable wrapped around it, but that’s it!) … up FIVE flights of stairs.

Now bear in mind this dude was no Paul Anderson, or even close to it. Probably weights 50 kg soaking wet, and still …

And he didn’t pause to rest. Off it was for the SECOND compressor. And then the slightly easier actual units and at of that hot summer day – – he was literally breathing like he had sprinted several MILES at a go – – with the sweat pouring off him – – and I could pretty much “see” his heart trying to thump out of his chest (not really, but you get my drift!).

And as he was off, I was reminded of the Chinese lady who used to deliver water to me all those years ago when I first moved to China.

Up and down FOUR flights of stairs she would go – with a large, unwieldy bottle of water in each hand – one of those large 20 liter bottles that you grab by the snout – and she’d rinse, and repeat over and over again. I still remember the first time I shook her hand – – and if you had – – you wouldn’t be mistaken in thinking she was a guy, hehe.

And these are examples, my friend, as I wrote an email or so ago about how you can get in a FANTASTIC workout (and pretty much NOT need any other exercise) doing tasks in your daily life that are either part of your daily routine – or your JOB.

Truly no excuses, and if the Chinese lady – – and skinny Chinese dude – – haven’t inspired you to go start working out NOW – – well – – I don’t know what will!

All for now – I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I mention more such stories of how to work EXERCISE into your daily routine in 0 Excuses Fitness – which if you’re serious in any way, shape or FORM – – you really DO need to grab. I’ve got a special “limited time” offer going on on this which is NOT going to last much longer. Get on the stick NOW, my friend – –

Be human – be YOU!
- .. and thats how - and why -people can relate to YOU!

Over the past couple of days (well, around 28 hours) or so my sites have all been DOWN.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely back up online now, but the last three posts or thereabouts were ALL written while the site was down – – including this one.

Issues happen, sometimes those over which we (and by “we” I mean the guys at the data center, or whoever actually “houses” the server on which 0 Excuses Fitness and a few others are “sitting”) – – but how we DEAL with those issues is key.

Over the past day or so, and indeed every time there is an issue – – I get on “live chat” with the technies at the data center, and on numerous occasions I’m nothing but disappointed with the end result of the chat – – and why?

You might think it’s because of the annoying site outages. True, that’s one reason, but that ain’t the main reason by far. In fact if I were to be honest it doesn’t even rank as being ON THE LIST in that regard, if I might say so.

You may think it’s due to lost sales (no site, no sale obviously). Or simply annoyance at “it shouldn’t be happening if I paid”. And so forth.

None of that.

No, most of the time it is because when I talk to these guys – -and indeed a lot of customer service reps in general – it doesn’t feel like I’m talking to a human being that is actually interested in listening to what I have to say and SOLVING my problem (or trying to).

It feels like I’m talking to a robot – copying and pasting stock answers such as “We are sorry for the inconvenience”. And believe me, being a “techie” myself in a past life, I know that the software has an option to spit out pre-“programmed” responses at a click.

When I get on the phone – or on live chat – I want to make sure I’m talking to a HUMAN BEING.

There are two guys that I’ve dealt with over the past few years with regard to server outages etc (for whatever reason, its happened more times during the space of this year than it has over all the years I’ve been with these guys – reference the “survivor year” email again, hehe) – and although they haven’t always solved my problems instantly – I usually walk away from the chats somewhat satisfied and certainly not “worried”.


Because these two guys actually TALK to you. It’s not just a matter of copying and pasting responses when you talk to them. I’ve even got into mini-arguments with them … hey, it happens! In the heat of the moment, and all that … but at least they’re HUMAN – and that is what counts!

That is the real foundation of good customer service – something which most companies fail to recognize – Amazon being one very notable exception to the rule. If there’s one company in the whole world that I’d unabashedly praise for having GREAT customer service – its Bezos brainchild Amazon!

Lots of people have asked me about my “brash” and “brutally frank” style – – both while writing and while talking to people in person.

Lots have asked me to “tone it down” – – and be more “politically correct” – –  and curiously enough, over the years, it’s been family members that have constantly asked me to do this.

And my answer – – or response?

No way, Jose.

I am who I am – – take it or leave it. What you see is indeed what you get – – and that, my friend is a lesson YOU too would do well to learn – and take on board.

When people deal with you – or buy your products – or talk to you – or come to you for help with fitness (an example) – they want a HUMAN being – a real, authentic HUMAN being on the “other end of the line” as it were (I’m using examples from my own fitness coaching biz here, but this applies to any business).

People want to feel as if you’re real. People want to know that it’s a real person that has been there, done that – and will help them resolve their issue – and most importantly, be there WITH THEM as they “work towards a fitter themselves”, for instance.

And most of all, people want the real scoop – said DIRECTLY – without a dozen or even one “rounds around the mulberry bush”, if I might say so.

Incorporate this philosophy into your own life, and business dealings – – and you’ll notice that folks will follow you until the end of the world to hear what you’ve got to say – – because you’re giving it to them STRAIGHT – and that – at the end of the day – is what counts!

OK, my friend, that’s all for now. I’ll be back later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Straight talking, along with plenty of nuggets of fitness related information that I have NOT put out in my books is exactly what you get in the 0 Excuses Ship. Not to mention you’ll get access to all my books for LIFE – for FREE! I haven’t uploaded some of the latest ones as yet, but will do so soon. Jump on board NOW, my friend  – –

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More on the FARMER’s WALK
- .. And variations YOU can implement - in YOUR daily life!!

Dear Reader,

I still remember my daughter when she was 5 years of age, and when I sometimes used to help her put on her clothes after a bath.

I still remember joking with her in winter in terms of the “layers of clothing” going on. As she said “Papa, do the countdown first!”

“First layer”, I’d intone, much as a robot would and she would giggle in child like, innocent amusement.

“Second layer coming up!”

And so forth, and while that was an interesting game, Id often pull her pants up to her “chest” (sort of like famer’s overalls) – – and refer to her as “Farmer”.

And she’d complain, of course – right to Mommy.

“Mommy, how dare he call me that!”

And after the mandatory scolding … Mommy dearest would remind her that being a farmer – – and growing your own food – – and being self sufficient is a good thing – – and that modern day farmers are just that – MODERN!

“No need to actually get your hands dirty all the time”, as she said, which may not be entirely accurate and not what I’d personally prefer either, but hey, whatever!

These days I call her SURVIVOR – and for those that read my last email as well as the one on “You’re a goddamned survivor” – – well, NO further explanations are in order.

And this evening, I did another variant of the exercise I’ve talked about a lot in the past – – in the subject line of today’s email – – a SUPERLATIVE exercise if there ever was one, and indeed one which (although “weights” are required) – – I love.

It isn’t weights of the kind you see in the gym of course. No barbells or dumbbells – – but plenty of heavy, hard to grab stuff – – such as a ton of GROCERIES, for that matter – – and given that the delivery services here around these parts have slowed down for whatever reason tonight (Coronavirus and all that) – – I figured I’d do a few walks up and down the stairs – -hilly “country” – – and back and forth from the store.

Well, after about 4 of these “jaunts” (yes – I STOCKED up!) – I’m “cooked”.

For those that aren’t aware, the farmers walk is a simple exercise where you take a heavy, unwieldly (preferably) weight in each hand and walk for time – and if you think that’s too simple – well – TRY it, my friend.

If you think it can’t be made tougher – try doing it on HILLs – or up and down flights of stairs.

Try carrying bags full of groceries – – or heavy 20 liter water bottles back home as I did in the Middle East (back when I was stationed there – – and as I wrote about on the old blog).

Try carrying 50 kgs worth of tea (unwieldy large packaging again) up and down stairs – – and rinse – – repeat – – in HOT weather.

Or, do what I did today and cram as many groceries as you can in a bag – walk back – rinse – repeat!

I could have taken a cab back and done it all at one shot, but hey, why spoil the fun??!

And now, as I sit here in “survivor” mode, hehe, my traps and shoulders feel like they’re got the workout of their lives.

My forearms are sore (expected). And though you wouldn’t think it to be true, my hips and thighs are sore too – this from the guy who hikes hills regularly!

And most of all – my CORE – – my ABS – – seem to be “popping out that much more” and as I sit here, I feel contented – the sort of “glow” you feel after a great, great workout – – and the best part – – it wasn’t even technically a workout!

And that’s the fun of working out the way I do. Always something new – – always that variety – and on that note – I’ll end this particular “tome”, hehe. If you haven’t already – grab your copy of 0 Excuses Fitness – it’ll get you in SHAPE for the sort of workouts mentioned above – and how!

Run on over now, and invest in the ONE program that will get you in the best shape of your life so quickly that you’ll wonder what exactly happened – –


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And if you’re really looking to build them traps – and shoulders – well “Shoulders like Boulders” is just what the good ole doc ordered. Grab this bestseller right HERE – –