One of “those days”!

Well, dear reader, it certainly is “one of THOSE days”, but NOT in the sense you might expect!

Woke up bright and early for a change (as opposed to my usual leisurely 10 AM “rouse the giant from slumber” time)  and dove straight into another novella I’m doing (Volume #4, to be specific).

That’s not fitness related, so I’ll spare you the details here – but – and here’s the point – this is one of the VERY RARE days that I’m not actually working on a book, and actually have the time to “market” myself, etc.

This happens to me once or twice a month. And it usually happens after I’ve “pounded” out a LOT of work in terms of writing, and ALSO after I’ve got through some tough, tough (albeit SHORT) BRUTAL workouts in addition to “everything else” going on.

My body feels like it’s been through a grinder, and the three SHORT, but INTENSE workouts that  I had yesterday (yeah I know, I just wrote about ONE) make me feel like I’ve been pulverized.

… and, believe it or not, I LOVE THIS FEELING!


And to top off the “Rahul the exercise “loon”” cake, I’m NOT going to rest. If anything, I’ve got more time for an extra long workout this morning, and I’m damn sure gonna partake of it.

Not that I took off from my writing, of course, but it wasn’t up to the usual “flesh out at least a Chapter” standards, hehe. All good though!

The key, however though in terms of exercise, business and LIFE in general is this – and something I keep mentioning on an almost daily basis – do SOMETHING.

If it’s working out, do 50 pushups if thats all you can take.

If it’s writing, or whatever business your involved in, make, or take some small steps TOWARDS headway on said biz/project.

And so forth. If it’s life – then – well – make TIME for something that really MATTERS – and DO.

Key, again, and I know I’m “carping upon it”, is it to “DO”, my friend.

As Twain famously once said, “simply nodding the head ain’t gonna rock the boat” (ok, I added in the  “ain’t”, but you get my drift).

Too many people just “flop down on the couch” (or car seat) and do the exact opposite.

Curiously enough that exact opposite is done with, well, extreme vim and vigor. Such as stuffing yourself to the gourd, by the way – something I do NOT recommend as a “pick me up”.

Or getting on social media. Or slumping down in front of the boob tube and “admiring the bods” on show (while secretly “programming” themselves to believe “they’ll never get there”).

And other such negativity.

Don’t fall into this TRAP, my friend. Do – SOMETHING – and you’ll soon see how quickly that something turns into a LOT!

As for me, I plan on working squats HEAVILY today, as well as my ALL TIME FAVORITE EXERCISE.

We’ll see how that goes. I’ll keep you posted.

For now though – if you workout today – make it the BEST one you’ve had in a LONG DARN TIME!

Best, and with VIM AND VIGOR

Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Yes it IS possible to work legs HEAVILY by doing BODYWEIGHT SQUATS ALONE!

P.S #2 – YES, it IS possible even if you don’t weigh a lot!

P.S #3 – If you don’t agree – well – DO THE THING – and then get back to me!

The Book


Yet another “unplanned” workout

And yes, thats precisely what it is – although the workout times are ALWAYS planned, I often go with the flow and simply “do” rather than worry too much about “how much”, “how many” etc.

That’s not to say I do nothing or I be lazy, of course. Most of the times (and as regular readers know) I end up doing more during these unplanned routines as I would normally – yesterday being a case in point.

For beginners, it’s obviously better to stick to a plan until you get comfortable with the workout and reach a certain level. Adapt and improvise accordingly after that.

Now, as for the plan, well I was strapped for time today (again – ARRRRGGGGHHH!). Planned  on a quick 100 squats -100 pushups routine before heading out the door, but it turned into more – 250 squats and a 100 pushups.

And the 100 pushups were all TOUGHIES – NO EASY ONES THERE!

That’s key during a short workout, btw. Keep it brutal – INTENSE – and do the TOUGHIES during short workouts (mine was about 18-20 minutes today and yes the toughies added in a few extra minutes – I generally get done with 100 pushups in less than 10 minutes …)

And thats that for now – I’m BUZZED! Ready to tackle whatever may lie ahead.

Oh, and I used a lot of visualization today as well. Not so much visualizing goals as I’ve spoken about, or visualizing the actual workout itself – but other “visuals”, seemingly completely unrelated to the exercises themselves – but – and here is the KEY – they ARE related.

I don’t mention it in the book, but I DO MENTION it in the videos, and the reason for that is that it’s far easier to just “say” certain things. Much like you never really learn the mechanics of a tough exercise without observing how it’s done – and the same holds true here.

The book is right HERE – The Book 

The videos are right HERE: – Videos

And that, my dear reader, really is THAT.

I’m out for now – back later.



350 pushups

Dear Reader,

Well, thats today’s workout in the books as it were. 350 odd pushups, and they took me about 45 minutes to get done.

I don’t know why it was a “350” day by the way. Just felt that way when I started. So be it.

In the flow, as I keep saying so often …

Anyway, some of you that have seen the videos might be saying that this took way too long, eh?

And given that 250 odd pushups and 50-100 squats take me about 27 minutes or so, I wouldn’t blame you for feeling that way or mentioning what I said above.

But it didnt take 45 minutes to be honest.


Well, you gotta factor in the following (in reverse order, much like one of my favorite exercises, actually quite close to what my ALL TIME favorite exercise is) : –

  • A long, long, long “hammy” stretch at the end of this (shave off about 4 minutes for this)
  • Slow and steady thigh stretches interspersed into my routine (shave off about 4-6 minutes for this according to my “internal clock”, and it is usually pretty darn accurate, BTW)

That’s about 8-10 minutes right there, and if I were you, I’d shave off another 3 minutes or so a some of the wrestler pushups I did were on one hand – and – get this – done SLOWLY at that.

And 2 more minutes to take two leaks, hehe.

So thats about 33 minutes right there. Not bad, eh?

And what did I do during the workout?

Pushups, pushups and more damned pushups, and BOY DO I FEEL GREAT.

FWIW, I had a bit of a headache before starting this routine (probably way too much writing going on over the last few months).

But, strangely and oddly enough, despite this headache I felt ON TOP of the world  – and again that pesky term “in the flow” makes a brief, yet fleeting appearance here, my friend.

And those “in it ‘will know.

Anyway, here’s “Rahul’s Fibonacci sequence” for today – 33, 22, 12, 12 … and, well, so forth.

My abs started to cramp at around rep #66.

My thighs started to cramp at around rep #170.

My feet followed suit 5 reps or so later, and my neck – well – let’s just say it feels like it’s been through a grinder (I am NOT referring to my traps here, btw).

And as for my chest, it barely feels as if it’s been worked, and yet, it has this “swollen to the bone” look to it right about now.

There it is, my dear reader. Give this sort of a routine a whirl every once in a while, and let me know how you feel.



P.S. – I said 33 mins, did I? Well, I was WRONG – shave off yet another 2 minutes for my hasty scribbles (see yesterday’s post for more on this).

P.S #2 – And last, but not least … jump on to the ZERO EXCUSES train NOW, my friend.

The Book

I promise you the ride is WELL WORTH IT. 

P.S. #3 – Headaches? What are those??

It looks like Gaellic

And so it does, dear reader. So it DOES!

What does, you might ask, and rightfully so.

It’s my handwriting – my hasty scribbles “jumbled at best”, and cryptic at worst. And it looks like Gaellic today to be honest.

I’ve often been told I’m an excellent typist, but guess what – I’ll take this “Gaellic” over my typing abilities anyday if I had to make a choice (though I wouldn’t want to make that choice, hehe).

Anyhow, I often speak of my posts here “writing themselves” as I train, and new ideas coming to me, and today this post started to write itself in about 175 pushups into a 100 squat/250 pushups routine.

What did I want to write?

Well, thats I’m constantly discovering new things, and though what I’m writing about is common place for me, it might not be for you.

And that is – that my neck (not traps, mind you – NECK – and the BASE of the neck no less) and forearms feel like they have been through a grinder.

I did NO DIRECT neck work or even perhaps nothing that could be considered “pure forearm” work.

I only did about 15 wrestler pushups for whatever reason.

My favorite exercise, you ask? Well I finished off with 50 of those as is the norm, but they are NOT what did the trick in terms of what I’m talking about.

Those of you that are either regular readers of the book or the blog will know what I’m talking about.

For the rest of y’all, well, get on the stick – The Book

I’ll give you a hint – it starts with the letter “T”. And there’s FOUR more letters following it.

Anyway, there is a damn good reason I constantly carp about words written in black and white on paper as opposed to computer screens.

There is a REASON, my friend that ALL my pens have black refills and the few that don’t have RED re-fills, and there is a reason for that as well.

There is a reason this site is primarily in BLACK AND WHITE. Despite all the jazz about the “modern world”, and it needing to appeal to the “modern day users”, I’d rather it appeal to old school folks like me, if simply because what I’m teaching is OLD SCHOOL.

And boy does it work – as opposed to the modern day “pumping” nonsense floating about in terms of “real fitness”.

Bah. Not even CLOSE, my friend.

Last, but not least, and funnily enough I don’t even look at these scribbles I’ve made until after I post.

And guess what – I end up covering every point, and MORE.

Other hand, what happens if I either “type” or simply try and “commit to memory”?

I usually end up forgetting about 10%of what I meant to type. No big deal you might say, but that 10% is the 10% that counts.

There’s another lesson in there, by the way. See if you can spot it!

Best regards,


P.S. – For those that are interested, the “novella” I was referring to yesterday is DONE. About 36 words shy of 25 K, so I guess my “premonition” was correct in that regard!

P.S. #2 – And NO, I don’t give a damn about “thinking about” or “sticking to” word counts or any of that rot. It’s about telling a story, bottom line – and if that takes 10 words, so be it. If that takes 10,000 so be it. And so forth!

Mental clarity

Dear reader,

As I was working out today (or actually before I jumped straight into my workout, to be precise) I was contacted by someone (let’s just call her “Lady S” for now) with an interesting biz proposition that requires some deep thought.

Nothing I haven’t done before, but the specifics of the situation are a bit different here, and while I’m not (obviously) going to disclose the exact discussion, the point remains that at the time I was not actually planning on working out.

Instead I was taking a well deserved break from an approximately 14K new novel I’ve been working upon since the morning … It’ll probably end up being 25K words or more, but who knows. I’m not in the least bit interested in word counts – it’s more the THOUGHTS behind the words that count (NO pun intended!) and thats just the way it is.

I’m not even sure how many words my current fitness book is – but I DO KNOW that ALL the information contained in there is valuable, and I CAN reel off the book off the tip of my fingers as if I had committed it to mind and the same holds true for all my 30 plus novellas and most of my other writing.

Well, anyway, after this lady made me the proposition, she urged me to “please give it serious thought”, and of course, she was right.

And what better way to give it serious thought, and clear my mind of any cobwebs (though to be honest I was so charged while writing my latest novella that there were NONE there) that a tough workout.

So instead of clearing the cobwebs  I shifted focus from “creation” to “marketing and conceptualization” (YES, in that “reverse” order) and thoughts just poured forth, much like the pushups and squats themselves just “flowed”.

200 squats and 250 pushups later, I have FAR greater clarity in terms of what needs to be clarified (pun intended, hehe) before (or if) proceeding with the biz arrangement she outlined (or proposed I should say).

Let’s see how it all pans out – but for now, let me just say that DEEP BREATHING and the right workout that STRETCHES, STRENGTHENS and – again – GETS YOU TO BREATHE DEEPLY does more than just give you a great, great workout.

It does more than just burn fat, although YES, if you DO what is outlined in the book, fat and other “chubbage” WILL melt off your frame as rapidly as hot butter in a morning skillet, hehe.

The glutenous MAXIMUS of PLENTY WILL become the glutenous “minimus” of “nothingness”.

But there’s more to this, my friends. More than just the physical benefits, you’ll have greater mental clarity and focus – something which most people flat out ignore in the list of benefits, although it’s very clearly and prominently mentioned along with the rest of the results right here: – RESULTS. 

This makes no sense. Wouldn’t you want a workout that leaves you ENERGIZED – and with greater focus, and concentration so you can GET THINGS DONE?

So you CAN FOCUS – on whats important – and weed out the rest, while ACCOMPLISHING your GOALS?

This one is a no-brainer, my friend, at least for me. And it should be for you as well.

More later, but for now, the only thing I can tell you to do is to well, DO – and experience for yourself.

And watch a whole new world open up to you. One that you had never imagined possible to exist in your wildest dreams…



P.S. – Here is the book that can “unlock” your hitherto unfulfilled fitness dreams – The Book

P.S #2 – And for the DOERS already out there – and you know who you are – well, saludos, amigos!

The Woman who bought me a cell phone

Dear reader,

250 squats and 200 pushups, 38:12 and counting (well, not really, hehe). But my workout ain’t the point as I take down yet another one of those wonderful “memory lanes” as I so often tend to do …

If that sort of thing bores you, feel free to skip this. If not, read on …

Many years ago, (9 to be precise) I met a woman online. I met her (curiously enough) while she was employed in the capacity of a headhunter, which I quite obviously never have had a need for.

I bade goodbye to her shortly after I “met” her, but for whatever reason, the woman and her “memory” stuck in my mind.

Maybe it was the eyes. Maybe it was the way in which she said things.

Maybe it was just the situation itself. Maybe it just happened.



Although all of the above is TRUE, they pale in comparison to the sheer ENERGY and good VIBES this lady sent out.

We got to talking, and shortly thereafter, started to “date”.

And one fine day, she showed up with a present. A gift wrapped box to be precise, and I still remember the blue wrapping around it as I tore it off, my heart racing, though NOT because of the gift itself.

Because I never in my wildest dreams thought that this girl who I “barely knew” at this point would even THINK of giving me a gift.

Remember, she earned less than a fraction of what I did. And the cellphone that she so lovingly bought for me cost her – get this – quite literally — MORE THAN AN ENTIRE month’s salary!

Her friends told her not to do it. Her “conscious mind” likely warned her against this folly.

But yet, she did it – and why?

Feeling, my friend. Thats ALL it boils down to!

I spoke to this lady last night, and the sheer FEELING PULSING through my ENTIRE BEING makes the entire 35 minute call MORE THAN WORTH it. It was around 1:15 when I finished speaking with her, and quite frankly I could have chatted all night so good were the vibes.

The specifics of “who she is” matters not. The specifics of the relationship matter not (I’ve never ever been a huge believer in MEANINGLESS titles imposed upon folks by society, much the same way I’ve never been a believer in being one of the “sheeple”, hehe).

Let me just tell you that she quite literally MOVED mountains in order to “be with me”.

She fought HELL AND HIGH WATER to “be with me”.

And she did it all because of FEELINGS!

What matters in life is feeling, my friend. NOTHING ELSE COMES EVEN REMOTELY CLOSE!

You FEEL for the next person. She’s a PERSON – a human being – and she has FEELINGS! And this is regardless of gender, btw.

And THIS FEELING, my friend, though it might sound strange is what will drive YOU onwards and upwards to heights you never thought possible – and without you even consciously trying.

Yeah, that sounds like bollocks. I know, I know.

But it’s not.

Anyway, I’m strapped for time so I’ll end this here, but in terms of not giving a “flying you know what” about “terms” (or anything else) imposed by society …

Thats what the entire 0 Fitness regime is based upon, my friend (and if you’ve made it this far, you DESERVE to know that).

No excuses. No BS. And certainly NO “rot” about what “people consider” if you do what is outlined in the program.

Yes, you’ll have folks telling you “those are just  pushups”.

“Bodyweight squats. BAH! HUMBUG!”

And thus forth.

But like I said – RESULTS speak – and the results speak for themselves in this case.

And being I’m in the “Shirley Mac Laine” mood I am in right now, who gives a “flying” goddamn hehe.

All for now!



PS – This woman in her own way also reminded me of something I speak about OFTEN – which is to give “loved ones” TIME. Yes, I need some “coaching” (or “ass kicking”, hehe) at times too – I’m human – just like you!

The topsy turvy workout

Well, dear reader, thats precisely what today’s routine was.  A combo (some may say “jumble”, or perhaps even “mish mash”) of what I normally do, and for a longer duration, and truth be told, they’d be RIGHT if they said that.

The words don’t do justice to how I feel now though, which is “tackle grizzle x 1000000”, to put it just ONE way.

It was an approximately 1:10 long workout, which (as regular readers are no doubt aware) is LONG, LONG, LONG by MY own standards, but it’s hardly anything compared to what the average “fitness” guy (or gal) that goes to gyms, spas etc spends.

In fact it wouldnt be a stretch to say that it takes the average person 15 minutes to drive to said establishment, 5-10 minutes or so to “change clothes”, another 5-10 minutes of procrastination while they furiously (and curiously enough, right at this very instant) “respond to all my messages on WhatsApp, or WeChat, or Face-Waste-Book”) and so forth.

25-35 minutes right there, and thats not even counting wait times for machines etc.

I think you get the drift, and thats not even getting into the actual “workout” itself (which often consists of nothing other than “bunny ogling” to be quite frank, and a few hurried reps on the “chest machine” before jumping on to the treadmill, phone in hand no less).

Laugh all you like, or get “ticked off” – but its true, my friend. It’s 100% PLUS true, in fact.

Other hand, if your one of the VERY RARE FEW who actually treats workout time with the SERIOUSNESS it DESERVES, well, hats off to you in that case.

Anyway, at the time of writing this my neck and lower back feels like it’s got a pounding, and so do my shoulders. And  contrary to what some folks might think, this WAS NOT a “bridging” workout.

Here’s a “rough sketch” of what I did: – 400 squats, 100 pushups, stretching (forward and backward, plus some advanced stuff), 50 more pushups, 25 more squats, and then 50 reps of my ALL TIME FAVORITE exercise followed by 25 more pushups, and then, and ONLY then was it time for the bridging.


Some of y’all out there might be wondering why I worked out for longer than I usually do?

Well, because I wanted to give myself a TREAT today. I’ve been hitting it HARD, hard, HARD in terms of other activities for days now, and I wanted to give myself a REAL treat.

And no, “real treat” for me does NOT equate to slamming beer and pizza, or a “night out at the local tavern”, or simply “vegging out”.

For me it equates to a LONG – TOUGH – and TAXING workout!

Folks babble about “those are just pushups”. Folks ramble about “oh, just your own bodyweight”, and of course – one of my all time favorites – “I am interested in strength! Not yoga!” (this despite NO, I repeat, NO mention of yoga being made anywhere throughout my teachings or website).

How many folks actually do pushups CORRECTLY?

How many of these nuts can actually pound out 250 plus squats IN PERFECT FORM and at the RIGHT CADENCE – EVERY freaking workout?

I’ll bet you my bottom dollar (or RMB, hehe) that number is zero, or close to NONE, and the latter just flew out of town at “supersonic” speed, hehe.

Bottom line – what I do needs NO investment (other than the BARE minimum).

What I do WORKS. It flat out WORKS. And it works in lesser time and has MORE benefits than all the fancy “shmuckola” that passes for fitness out there.

And it takes less than 30 minutes to get in a ball buster of a routine. In fact, those that have been following me know how exactly you can get in said type of a workout in LESS THAN 10 minutes – IF YOU EVEN LAST THAT LONG (no pun intended, hehe)!

And thats it for now. If you work out today – make it an AWESOME ONE!




Rome wasn’t built in a day, my friend

Well, dear reader, it wasn’t. Neither was the Coliseum for that matter, or the Great Wall of China, or the Taj Mahal in India.

More pertinently though, none of these “monoliths” would ever have gotten built, or even “conceptualized” if said builder(s) or architects, or designers, or what have you sat down and emitted a sigh and the proverbial “ho hum! thats too tough! It’ll never get done” before even starting.

As they say, the journey of a thousand steps starts with ONE SINGLE step.

That’s right, my dear reader.

ONE SINGLE STEP – but that ONE single step taken CORRECTLY – and with the right ATTITUDE – turns into two, three, four, and before you know it your well on way to building up that “deposit in the piggy bank” (which I believe I have spoken about before numerous times in various posts prior to THIS one).

How does any of this relate to fitness, you might ask.

Well, it should be pretty obvious, to be perfectly honest.

I get inquires about my fitness products (books and videos) on an almost DAILY basis.

Most of the people contacting, if not all, see the free videos that are there on the site and then go “Oh, wow! That’s great! I wish I could do that!”

And they then emit the proverbial “ho hum” that I mentioned above and collapse back into their couches, or car seats, or whatever it is they are doing with “it’s too tough. I’ll never be able to do it” flooding through their minds.

I find this sort of thinking to be asinine, and why?

Well, because people ignore the BLOODY obvious, thats why!

Not only that, most people look at success (of any nature, be it financial, or physical, or spiritual et al) and completely ignore the background that occurred IN ORDER FOR SAID PERSON TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL!

Lady “C” who I spoke about yesterday is a prime case in point. Making money is something that interests her immensely (curiously enough she hasn’t made a lot of it herself until date), and “immensely” would be putting it lightly.

Now, there is NOTHING WRONG with wanting to make money – nothing at all. Personally I’m the type that “follows my passion” as opposed to “chasing money” (which is what most folks that “want to make money” end up doing), but so be it. To each his (or her) own!

NB – “Want” and “Chase” are two different beasts altogether. And if your the type that wants to make money, and make it QUICKLY – well – my sales book here should give you a few pointers (at the very least): – 10 Commandments of Successful Sales

Though it says “10 commandments”, I actually end up giving you more than 18 – 20 to be exact, I believe. Thats just me. Under-promise and over-deliver (was that a tip right there? hehe) …

That’s just the tip of the iceberg though, to be honest. A book on marketing is currently in the works – and THAT will give you EVEN more. For now, though my other book that I recently put up on Amazon “Zero to Hero” will give you 25 solid – and different tips on LIFE in general.

Apply these tips correctly, and there’s NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING that can stand in your way in terms of achieving goals (financial, spiritual, mental, or what not) that you SET for yourself.

(This book will soon be up at a SPECIAL – and LOWER – price – stay tuned!)

Back to fitness though – like I said, the majority of the people that arrive at this website look at the videos, emit the proverbial “ho hum”, and just browse away.

There’s only a SMALL minority that actually READS what is there on the website, and THAT, my dear reader is the type of customer I WANT.

I do NOT want customers that just “buy” my book and never “actually do”. Case in point being “Lady L” that I spoke about a few weeks earlier …

I do NOT want customers that constantly complain about “he’s so fit but I’m not”.

I DO however want customers that make factual observations about where they are, and DO what it takes, step by “agonizing” step to GET themselves to where they WANT to be.

If that takes buying the book, so be it. If it means they come and train with me so be it.

In short – I want customers that DONT make excuses, and DO what it TAKES!!

And if your one of the very few people in this world that fall into the category I just mentioned, well, you know what to do.

Last, but not least, remember that no-one succeeds without making mistakes. We often ignore the 99 failures and remember the one success, blithely (choosing to, in many cases) forget that that ONE success would not have been achieved without the 99 failures mentioned above.

Of course, there’s a way to reduce that 99 to “very little” and in terms of fitness, my books and videos are what show you that way.

In short – stop making excuses. DO the thing – and you SHALL have the  power (good ole Emerson, hehe).

All for now!

Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – The book is right here: – The Book

P.S #2 – The videos are right HERE: – Videos

P.S. #3 – And that “excuses” mentality is probably why I don’t work with either “Lady C” or “Lady L” anymore, in case your interested. Thats just how I am. Excuses SICKEN me (unless they are genuine and in most cases a quick factual dissection proves they are anything but genuine). Again, that’s how Rahul Mookerjee is, was, and WILL always be. Take it or leave it!



250 pushups <30 minutes

Dear reader,

“Me so sweaty me hit the shower long time” (right after typing this, hehe – NO PUNS INTENDED!)

Haha, so the above was a bit of an exaggeration. I admit it. But hey, what the “hezey” – I’m feeling like a BILLION BUCKS RIGHT NOW – much like the “taking on a grizzle part” (another exaggeration, but the feeling is NOT)  that I mention elsewhere on the website …

Anyway, started off with this thought in mind – “I’ll do 50 pushups for now, and call it a day for THIS workout”.

Why? Well, I had a rough day yesterday. Most people would just collapse onto the couch for a week or so after the sort of day I had yesterday (reference the last post if you dont know what I’m “yelling” about, hehe) … but I do something everyday without fail.

I dont care – unless I’m literally so sick I can’t move – I DO SOMETHING DAILY.

In other words, yes, I do “practice what I preach”.

Got through 50, and then it was “well, lets do 20 more and call it a day”.

Before I knew it, that 20 turned into “30 more”.

And long story short, I was done with 250 pushups before I know it – and get this – in LESS than 30 minutes.

Thats nothing out of the ordinary for me of course – and the videos are proof. Grab ’em right here: – Videos

And yes – YOU – CAN – do it! Try – and dont make excuses – and you CAN – nay, WILL do the same too. Heck, you might just surpass me – who knows!

All for now!


P.S. – If your the sort that falls into the excuses category this site and book (and videos, et al) ARE NOT for you. Feel free to navigate away if thats you.

P.S #1 – Other hand, if you fall into the rarest of rare “DOERS” category – well – then – you know what to do!

“Nice Video” and other “non-focused” comments

Dear reader,

Well, well, well. I’ve been receiving comments, most of them overwhelmingly positive about the videos of the website and that can only be a good thing – right?

Right – but only when VIEWED THROUGH THE RIGHT LENS!

What do I mean?

Well, just saying “it’s a nice video” and then doing exactly NOTHING won’t move you along the way to your goals.

A Chinese lady (let’s say “Lady C”) who I know for a while and who has been a customer of mine in another (non fitness related) venture recently made this comment after I shared this website with her. I offered to “share” the book with her as well, although I haven’t “share” the actual paid videos with her (as yet, at least).

Why did I do this? Well, she’s helped me in the past. She’s been a customer in the past and has REFERRED me new business – quid pro quo as it were, and a case of doing the right thing.

There’s a tip right there, by the way. Never forget those who genuinely DID help you in the past  … NOT because you should expect them to help you in the future, but because what they DID for you in the past (and did it with a clear heart, so to speak). This is very important, and it goes for friends, family, customers, and just about anyone you meet / interact with to be honest.

Sadly enough though, this lady falls into the “excuses” category when it comes to getting fit. She’s signed up for various dance classes, gyms, fitness programs, and even the local swimming pool (swimming is a great, great exercise BTW folks) – but guess what – the pounds aren’t flying off.

If anything, that waistline is just expanding, and the “gluteous maximus of plenty” is growing by the day as well, more “junk” being piled on as I read this most likely.

Laugh all you like, my dear reader, but ’tis true.

Anyway, as the Chinese say, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. And if this lady doesnt “DO” despite having all the tools to “DO” QUITE LITERALLY at her FINGERTIPS, well, then … methinks it’s an exercise in futility.

But, and here it bears mentioning that I bear no ill will towards my ex-customer – so – Lady C, I wish  you all the best!

As for me?

Back from a tiring trip yesterday that took me a total of six hours, if I’ve got it right.

Pounded out a new book which is sitting in the (very capable) hands of my beloved publishers, and am in the process of fleshing out a new one.

In the middle of all this I had to deal with some family issues which took up a LOT of time.

And yet – I found time to get in not ONE – but TWO workouts for the day.

In fact, I should say three. I traveled in the subway a lot yesterday, and subway stairs are one of the best training tools you have – COMPLETELY FREE – and right THERE for you to USE!

And this brings me to the closing note of this post. I’ve mentioned this before in my old blog (which can be accessed via, but I’ll say it again in brief here.

Many years ago, I used to work as a sales “VP” (whatever that term might bring to your mind – I personally hate these “titles”). I’ve mentioned this Company of course in my other writings, most specifically this one – 10 Commandments of Successful Sales

… I used to work from the office on occasion (though it was supposed to be the exact opposite, hehe), and I traveled by the New Delhi subway on the rare occasions that I did show up (sorry, guys! hehe).

And I’d literally POUND up several flights of stairs every time I changed trains (I think it was a sum total of 4 trains I changed to get there – so there were plenty, believe me). The New Delhi subway has trains that go underground as well as overground, so there’s plenty of climbing involved – if you do it – of course.

Many a Metro station in New Delhi has signs literally exhorting folks to climb. I think one of them went “climb stairs, healthy heart” (or something to that effect).

Amazingly enough, most people do the exact opposite.

I’m sure you know what I mean, don’t you?

Long “dreary” lines of folks “lined up” at the elevators, or escalators in this case, negative energy exuding from every pore – and of course looking at old Rahul “that boy be crazzzzzzy” as he sprints up subway stairs, laptop bag flying behind him like a purse on a harried’s lady’s shoulder, hehe.

And this was after doing squats and pushups in the morning, BTW.

Anyway – felt compelled to share this “blast from the past” today with y’all.  Enjoy!



P.S. – Other blasts from the past are mentioned in the book – The Book