When you overcompensate for weak triceps with an ultra strong grip (IF You have one) …
- More common than you'd think...

Lots of lessons here in this email before the “obligatory” “push to buy” (you should – it’s worth it, so I do it all the time!) … and this is more common than you’d think.

Not so much the “push to buy” – although given the inane marketing emails showing up these days, maybe that too.

But it might surprise you – or it might not that even supremely fit people in most regards – lets say yours truly a few years back – or lets say swimmers that focus only on swimming and very little dry land work (MISTAKE!) – or pull-up studs – can actually have weak triceps.

Now, I tell you in Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS! – that FORM is paramount.

There is a reason I tell you to do the dead hang first – with the RIGHT GRIP – the way most people grip is WRONG – and get damn good at it before you start on pull-ups.

Most people take forever and a day to get to the point where hanging on for a minute without flailing about/falling off is child’s play – if they ever get there (because they dont want to put in the hard yards).

After that, I tell you NOT to kip.

I tell you NOT to use momentum – even a little – and NOT the legs, even though the styles of Pull-ups I teach in the advanced “Pull-ups from STUD to Super STUD! within weeks!” – and Battletank Shoulders are done, to the surprise of many, WITHOUT legs crossed.

There is a reason for that!

And tricep strength, or building the necessary strength in the arms overall and the grip is why.

Remember that instance when yours truly was pounding out 100 pull-ups per workout – but no pushups – I was ignoring them big time – and then one fine day I thought I’d pump out 50 – could barely do 15 – and I could barely lift up my arms to shower an hour later.

I told you about that.

I know I did!

And it bears testament, yet again to these facts – one, despite what most people think and or are led to believe, pull-ups DO use the triceps – big time

Two, form is paramount, and the reason is to build tricep strength.

And three, and SOME of you – especially me a few years might notice that sometimes, even when you’re doing pull-ups in strict form, after a certain level where you get the advanced “crush” Gorilla Grip – your grip takes over when your triceps are fatigued.

Often times, it’s happened to me during high rep pull-up workouts – it happened to me today too.

The form was a BIT off – by a mm or so, which is a lot for me.

But my triceps were fatigued, but as soon as I transferred focus to my grip – BANG!

I shot up like a rocket, almost – almost crushing that thick bar I was doing my pull-ups on (another secret right there to a Gorilla Grip).

And this happens – this is exactly why I do NOT advocate the kipping etc Crossfitters are told to do …

True, in real life you rarely do pulling movements in super strict form.

But in real life, if you’re doing it right, your triceps are already strong enough from plenty of pushing etc on the ground – which they aren’t for most people these days.

Unless you’re beyond the age of 60 or so now, most have probably forgotten what solid pushup workouts feel like – if they’ve ever DONE any.

So, all of this speaketh “testament” to the efficacy of pushups, and why you simply must include them, all the variants, in YOUR ROUTINE – daily!

Lots of the pushups I teach work the shoulders and back heavily, but you should also focus big time on the boxer pushup and other “tricep” pushups I teach in Pushup Central to really hammer those tris.

Even if you all you want is big arms (notice the language above? hehe) … then the triceps will do the trick.

Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness, contrary to what most people are thinking doesn’t just focus on grip and upper back etc.

Triceps are hugely and heavily worked in the course too – in most of the exercises.

You’ll see when the book comes out.

Last, but not least, the obvious.

Grip (and punches) is/are often the LAST to go on a man – a real man.

And if there was any more reason you need to build a coruscating, ROCK SOLID grip, I’ve given you plenty, eh.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

When you pass…
- An interesting take on this!

I’ve been doing some thinking today.

I do it all the time, seated in my favorite, patented, Rahul Mookerjee isometric position.

My friend, the benefits of this position extend far, far beyond the MANIFOLD obvious physical.

They extend into the spiritual in ways you never thought possible, much like another great isometric I’ve included in the book (a variant on the Hindu pushup).

If there is ONE book that you must get now from me, even if you never buy anything else in your whole life fitness wise, it is Isometric and Flexibility Training; truly (like Pushup Central and most of my other courses) – NO other course like this out there – truly worth its weight in gold, spades, what have you …

(Truly, this course will make an ACE out of you – period).

As the world around us “goes to hell”  or continues on in its merry way, depending on how YOU look at it … this is a sage question indeed.

I gotta ask you this too.

“When you pass, will you have any regrets looking back- or no?”

Its a question nigh – almost – nobody answers honestly.

Because in the vast majority of cases, what people want – and what they DO- and therefore, the results they get in their own lives – are at odds with each other.

At complete odds with each other.

I was thinking about when people pass on, the age I was when my grandfather passed, and certain other things, and mentally, I posed this question to certain people.

“But can you be satisfied you’ve done all you wanted to do?”

Or TRIED it, at any rate?

When Amazon founder Jeff Bezos was quizzed on the risk he took with Amazon (admittedly that was a different time, admittedly things were GROWING then, but still – massive risk!) – he had this to say.

“Looking back, when I’m 80, if there is one thing I’d regret NOT doing – it’s not trying (if I didnt”.

I dont know if he worded it that way.

But that was the gist.

When people Tom Tom their social status, so called successes etc – usually the same fools, Bozos and idiots who tell others how to live their own lives – I ask them this.

“How many times have you FAILED”.

The answer to this one question tells you a LOT, my friend.

You may have all the status, money, 10,000 Rolex Watches or cars in the world – but in order to truly succeed at what you truly WANT – big – even once – youve gotta have failed numerous times before.

Thats just how it works.

Me, personally – I’ve always done what I wanted.

Despite the huge risks, despite the falls I took, despite the MANY TIMES I failed – I’ve never stopped doing what I truly WANT.

Most people are content to live lives of mediocrity – I’ve never been that way.

Consciously or not, I’ve always thought along the same lines as Bezos.

“When I pass, will it be with a sense of having done all I could – and wanted to?”

I dont know, thats a question I believe we should all ask ourselves periodically, not because of the ultimate fear or not of “passing” – or whatever someone may call it – or the search for the eternal elixir (that seems to be the next big thing) – but its a question the idiot self help gurus RARELY ask you.

When they should be, because it all leads up from there…

Look BACKWARD – i.e where you are/will be years down the line.

Its also called visualization, goal setting, and so forth.

The doers do it all the time…

Anyway, many people have expressed a desire to live their own lives in a way I do – carefree – with plenty of women around if you so choose – freedom to live my own way, set my own schedules, workout when I want, drink beer when I want, and basically stay in my castle and do exactly as I please, when I please.

It’s not that hard to do, really, once you get past the social BS and cast of the limiting reins of “what is safe to do” and “what other people do” and of course, “what the idiots and morons that have never done squat all in their own lives want you to do”.

And, I teach you more in my  motivational books – Gumption Galore – and Zero to Hero!

There’s even a special offer we have going on for these – and the 10 Commandments of Successful sales, my friend – which isn’t just about making money if you look past the words and think about the meaning of what I’ve written.

My fitness books too, ultimately, it’s all about living the sort of life YOU want to live, and giving you the tools and education you need to get there.

Ultimately, isnt that why we’re all here on planet Earth – to live our lives the way WE want and see fit?

I think not even the biggest Bozo with his head up God knows which “hooker’s” rear end would deny the truism of this one . . .

Anyway, seize the day, my friend.

If you want to do something, make a start NOW.

Same thing with my fitness books and products

Lots of you are just “doing nothing” upon reading these emails.

And I’m not going to stop asking you why, because it’s my job to ask you why.

No, the usual excuses don’t fly.

So, here’s the nub – either you take action, or you dont.

And we’ve got some GREAT deals going on for Christmas, but you gotta rush to get ’em, my friend.

Like I said yesterday, I ain’t exactly the sort to hanker on about this sort of thing either…

Anyway – thats it for now.

Back soon!

But consider the above…


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Saying “no, just…” doesn’t cut it either. Get back to me with real, honest and GENUINE Reasons, my friend.

PS #2 – We’ll soon be updating the “Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness” page with yet another pre-sales offer – this one for the book plus the VIDEOS! Stay tuned on this one, promises to be GREAT.

(and if you ain’t placed a pre-order on this one as yet, do so NOW).

Netflix Vs Fitness
- Sorry, but if you gotta make that choice, you're an utter FOOL, my friend.

I’ve been watching a movie in which the lead “detective” calls himself a “fool”. Hehe.

He believes one of the female leads is responsible, but that moment where he literally slaps himself upside the head after a rather comical “martial arts fight” – and says “you fool!” to himself – well, it made me remember Gorilla Girl Sophia calling cuckolds “you FOOL!” left right and center. Hehe.

ANd profiting big time from it.

Just ask a certain salivating Glyn.

Anyway, (she won’t let Glyn get close with a barge pole, so thats out) …

Back in the day, when I was a skinny runt – I remember being hooked on to WWE (Which I was for years, especially during the Attitude Era) – and my Dad once telling me in an offhand sort of manner when I interrupted the cricket (yet again) because “Star Sports” was showing WWE three weeks delayed while live cricket was being telecast on India national TV on the only TV in the house then in the bedroom (their bedroom) …

“If you RUN for 15 minutes a day, you’ll look more like them”, he once told me.

Now, that was fairly decent advice.

I might not have turned into a steriod freak by doing that, but I’d definitely improve my overall fitness!

Definitely better than the “lift pink dumbells for reps” advice he gave me once – but problem was, I had no-one to EMULATE.

Thats how it is with kids, friend.

You can talk until the cows come home, but unless you DO in front of, and WITH THEM (aka Kiddie Fitness) ain’t nothing gonna happen, the polar opposite most likely.

Anyway, that was before WWE was banned for me “because I was getting too violent at school” (when I put the Gorilla Grip on a guy 5x my size for one).

I know, I know.

I’ve talked about that enough, how NOT fair it was, and so forth, downright ridiculous actually, you defend yourself, you get called out, you get stronger than someone, you get called out – like, can’t win for losing???

(I still hid and watched WWE anyway, and practiced my sprints to my own bedroom as soon as the parents returned from their own walk, so they wouldn’t know I was watching – much like the sprints from “cigarette’s ville” verandah to my bedroom – hehe).

Anyway, point of all these recollections?

Well, it’s none of the above at all. Nothing to do with me, Dad, or anything like that …

Its to do with – well, what happened YESTERDAY.

A certain Mr “M” (I dont want to reveal his name here just as yet)’s 0 Excuses Fitness Ship membership expired.

And a day or so later, although I never bother normally – in his case I did, because he’s been a member for a year, I thought I’d do the “nice thing” and ask him what was up, give him a few days leeway, etc.

His response, of course was so typical – and is why I never bother chasing people for this sort of thing anyway.

Long story short, apparently “netflix had to be paid, you know…”



I do know!

The choices some people make.

This dude is likely still on the list (I ain’t checked unsubscribe as yet) – – so he’s probably reading this …

I doubt I’ll ever get a response to what I replied though. (Although, no doubt his “rationalization hamster” is working overtime trying to figure out how to justify it without looking like, well, a fool…amazing, the efforts people will put in to justify BS!)

Now before people start jumping to conclusions, a few things.

First off, it’s YOUR money, friend.

I ain’t gonna stick my nose in – or out – and tell YOU how to spend your money.

It’s your own business.

Just as it’s your own business if you decide that it’s far more important to pay NetFlix which turns you into more of a Boob Tube Addict and kills your imagination, does NOTHING to improve your life in any real regard, and so forth- then to renew the Ship membership with potentially – nay – ACTUAL – life changing ADVICE, tips – not to mention free forever access to the best fitness products out there … the forum, and everything else mentioned on the Ship page …

(Paradoxically, the Ship will get you in the shape you WANT to be in, sort of like movie star shape – that escapsim is what drives most to Netflix anyway, and yet…!)

(Hence, I suppose those above flashbacks haha)

Yes, it’s your own business.

And I aint gonna hanker after you if thats your decision.

It’s these people that complain the most about prices.

And it both amazes and annoys me, because …

I mean, just how can someone complain about price – yet be perfectly happy prioritizing $500/MONTH or what not for NetFlix while bitching about $1100 odd YEARLY for the Ship is beyond me, completely and utterly beyond me.

And of course, the Bozos who “never have money for anything important” – yet, always have it – albeit borrowed or stolen – for something NOT important.

Picture Glyn Bozo for this one.

Never has money when he goes out, you always end up paying.

He’s always borrowing money from Chuck or scamming women (or trying to) – the old and fat and gullible ones …

And he spends that money – how?

On sticking his nose in prostitute’s asses for 2000 yuan a “pop” (I dont know if Glyn actually has “popping ability” if you get my drift).

Or, a friend of mine Dwayne – who loaned money to a buddy once and that buddy keeps buying the latest guns and such, and never returns the cash he borrowed.

Nothing against gun ownership there!

But really, living on borrowed money, yet, spending it like it’s own, NOT prioritizing returns which he should be … I dont get it.

Neither do I blame Dwayne for his policy these days of loaning money to NOBODY, period.

Anyway, where am I leading up to with all this.

I dont know, these wankers that keep squawking about price just annoy the ever living Bejesus out of me.

Mr “M” wasn’t always this way, so we’ll give him a bit of a long rope on this one – unfortunately, I’ve got a feeling its an exercise in futility.

The things yours truly “nice guy” does.

But really, I try and help people out on all this, the sales, all of it – but when some idiot complains about “netflix is important, you know!!” and won’t fulfil other obligations (or in his case, make every excuse in the book to get out of it) – well, thats where I draw the line.

Alright, my friend, thats off my chest.

But really, the 0 Excuses Fitness Ship is UNPARALLELED value, and if you ain’t signed up as yet, you owe it to yourself to do so NOW.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

That lovely eye I have for GIRLS…
- And in general!

“You’re very observant, Rahul!”

That I am. Always have been.

My friend from the MArines made that comment when I noticed the “breadth of his shoulders”, but more importantly the DEEP chest – from the TOPS of the PECS – the REAL sign of chest strength, not the nonensical bench press building the “look” …

“You must be swimming a lot!”

This was of course, the second day I knew him – the first day was the handshake, and the “unnatural grip” comment!

Truly, we sized each other up at FIRST glance, yours truly way more so than him.

I’ve always been that way!

Carol, y’all know her eh. Hehe.

Of course!

On the highway, I remember discussing with her once about how Chinese girls – some of them – do not shave – anywhere, if you get my drift. Even the underarms, arms, legs, and “down there” too.

To each his or her own, I suppose!

“Because it’s natural!” they’d often tell me when I quizzed them. Hehe. 

Personally, I’d rather the opposite (ie for girls – NOT for men, which seems to be the case these days) -Glyn Bozo though apparently prefers the hairier women – and men. Ugh.

But not all girls are like that, even in China, as a certain Annie – and Carol herself told me.

Girls should look good, smell good, and FEEL good!” 

So true, Carol!

And when I told “Annie” women should be clean shaven in general, she agreed.

“Girls should be!”

My wife once made the comment about a former boss (I took her in for a job at the office – more like a “friendly interview) … “looking at her through his glasses”.

Apparently he gave her the once over, although Is aid he didnt.

“He watches all through his glasses”, she complained.

Like it matters, And I doubt he did anyway.

(no pleasing women, you watch them, they dont like it, you dont, they complain. Hehe).

Quite unlike me.

A lot of men check women out furtively.

For me, I just do it openly. Hehe.

The X ray glance, as it is called – but done RIGHT.

Therefore, the brickbats Glyn Bozo gets (he does the same) – and the utter, complete lack of them for me.

IT’s HOW you do something, not what you say or do so much as HOW, the vibe.

Women know I respect REAL women (not the Nazi feminists, but REAL WOMEN!).

Anyway ….

This maid my wife once hired.

Now, Rahul Mookerjee and maids are like oil and water.

They do – or at least yours truly does – ALL he can to stay the HELL Away from them.

I dont know, I just dont like having gaggles of maids around me!

(not to mention Glyn. UGH!).

(he loves cleaning my apartment apparently, thankfully I never gave him a chance Ugh, just ugh. I’d rather the bodacious “Ginne” I once agreed – she wanted money so she did it, but Id rather do other things for her, she cleans up pretty good hehe – but thats another tale! Her cleaning was shitty tho, like I care. Hehe again).

But anyway ………

This one lady my wife hired, I just liked her.

I Dont know why.

Older lady – grey haired and so forth.

I liked her from the minute I saw her.

Professional lady!

Did her job, didnt BS about, didnt show up early or late – showed up ON TIME – and so forth.

And as my wife (apparently) and her were talking getting panix-ated (ugh) – and my wife giving her tons of tips on eating or what not (apparently panixation kills the body – which she’s right, I told her that! – but according to the wife, proper diet nullifies the effects which I Dont quite agree with!!) …

The wife asked her about “where she  works, cleans, etc”.

I knew it, of course.

She worked at a house opposite from where we were at that point.

And …

“I also give massages!”

(for one hour apparently,which is somewhat less than the two hours I get in China, but still!)

Now, I know this!

the FIRST thing I told my wife about when she asked me about how I “allowed” or could “stand” this lady was this.

“Her back is straight, waist STRONG”.

Basically, she used to work labor as well before.

And I could tell by looking at her – this is a woman used to hard, hard physical labor!

Much like Susan in China who is well known for lifting up fire extinguishers by the SCRUFF of the neck and bashing Bozo skulls in.

(quite true).

(ask a certain MJ, hehe).

But THAT is why I liked her, most of all, that ERECT posture!

No slouching, no NONSENSE – despite her AGE.

And does a good job, professional as well.

Sometimes, you can just feel it.

Anyway, w/Carol one day I noticed a girl on the highway – in a toll booth.

The hairs on her arms were SPARSE, but there.

I dont know why I felt compelled to point this out to MAdam, but I did.

She giggled in that cute way women sometimes employ, the smart ones.

And gave me the once over, a knowing look, and then that “X ray” look WOMEN give each other!

Then, she turned to me and giggled again, and said the following loudly, in full earshot of the other girl.

“You’ve got a good eye for girls!”

I grinned, and nodded. Hehe.

Anyway, what does all this have to do with you. Hehe. Other than tiltiliate, you might ask…

And, other than tell you about my good “eye for girls:”?

Well, this, and I’ve said it before.

The Stella Artois of Bodyweight Fitness Culture – – yours truly – – KNOWS.

I can tell what kinda person you are by just talking to you.

I can tell by LOOKING at you if you’ve been in involved in any physical activity – and if so, what.

I might not be able to pin point WHAT exactly, but I’ll give you a pretty good account.

I am also the best, bar none, person qualified, and HOW! – to teach you how to lose weight – build shoulders like boulders – and everything real men want in terms of fitness – and also to BE a real man if you so choose to.

That ain’t even “just marketing”.

It’s all very true, friend.

And real men workout like real men, not the sissy boys at the Gym and Glyn Bozos preening away in the back mirror or what not (apparently Glyn’s now joined the “it’s ok to be outed as a faggot” crowd. “BE YOU!!!!!!”- UGH!) …

If you want to learn how, go HERE.

And that, friend is that.

Back to regale YOU shortly!


Rahul Mookerjee

0 Excuses Fan from Spain!
- Who is he?

Who is he – or she?

We – I dont know as yet!

What I DO know though is this – he has bought ALL the books I’ve got out there in Spanish with the possible exception of Aggare Gorila (Gorilla Grip – ADVANCED!) (although he might have bought this by now!) . . .

. . . He seems to be one of the guys whose made it a goal to own ALL the books I’ve currently written, much like John Walker in the UK (who is a good way there as well!) and a few other great customers!

Now, this is GREAT.

And I must confess I had not been checking the sales for the language translations in a while, given I’ve been so damn busy doing the sales, updating the offers etc for the English versions HERE (which will always be a priority – if just for the fact that English is my own “first” language as it were) – but this morning, I received notification of royalties from a few sources – completely unexpected, so great news on that front!

I checked the Spanish translations for my fitness books – and bang – there it was.

(The royalties were for some other books too not sold here)

Hes bought all the books I’ve gotten done in Spanish -and rest assured, everything offered here in English will be (eventually) offered up not just in Spanish – but Portugese, Italian and other European languages too.

This sort of thing makes me so happy!

My own goal of being the “Amazon of fitness” – well – we’re attacking that one from all angles, and the results are SHOWING.

(I want to be the Amazon of certain other “niches” as well- we will see how it all goes!)

But anyway, stay tuned for more Spanish language versions of the books – and if YOU, the mystery Spanish reader is reading this – DO leave a review – if only in Spanish!

(not to mention let me know WHO you are, I’ve got a special gift prepared – just for YOU!).

All works for us …

And if YOU on this LIST have not left a review as yet, my friend, do so NOW.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, and genuine readers/buyers have everything to gain too – so why not do it NOW? It won’t take more than a couple of minutes of your time, that I do promise!

And that’s the “short and sweet update” for today. Remember the rewards we’ve got going on, friend, and take action now. No better Christmas gift to give than one from 0 Excuses “The Stella Artois of” Fitness!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – ONE copy remaining for the Collector’s Edition of Fast and Furious Fitness, a copy I was never going to give out, but am now. Will YOU be the one to get it? Remember, I’ll even autograph it for free if you ASK!

What do people need the MOST these days?
- Motivation - and more of it!


​Ask me this question normally – and most of the time, and I’ll respond with the following –

Less Molly coddling, more DOING, less TALKING, more listening – and most of all, a kick up the wazoo to do MORE – not LESS (in other words, the precise and polar opposite of what most people tell you these days (and this has been going for years) about “move at your own pace!” – and “do what feels good!”) and other such assorted rubbish. 

And, to add that – a healthy dose of motivation to top it all off to keep you feeling ENTHUSED! (to do more)

That last bit is what people need MORE than anything else THESE days, my friend. 

With all the negativity and hilarious nonsense (Omnicron being another one of those “bang on target as soon as Xmas starts, so do the lockdowns again” idiotic panic mongering ploys) going on, with all the brainwashing, with the young of this world literally been turned into dumbphone gazing sheep (ever notice how schools have stayed permanently shut for almost 2 years in certain parts of the world??) and so forth, THAT is what people need more than anything else – along with a dose of REALITY daily – multiple times a day practically. 

My emails do a fine job of that, of course!

But if I had to name three books which are “flying under the radar” in that regard – and do the trick ? 

10 Commandments of Successful Sales – you might think this book is “only to make sales”, but read the tips, how I did things, how I worked and continue to work my magic, and you won’t just make money (in any economy – and loads of it) – but you’ll feel ENTHUSED TOO!

Zero to Hero – 25 ACTIONABLE, practical tips to turn your life around from “zero” to hero (me – thats a real life quote!) – or “stuck” to “full speed ahead!” – or “bored and depressed” to happy, vibrant and alive – and so forth. 

Only thing is, it doesn’t have any shamanic nonsense in it. 

I’ve gone somewhat easy on the visualization and spiritual part here too – so this book is solid ACTION Oriented tips for the DOERS – to DO – and improve! 

And last, of course, Gumption Galore – an evergreen collection of life tips that along with my Fitness Central books – and my Fitness Pioneer books should be EVERY reading shelf to be honest – or right by your bedside – whichever the case might be (or both). 

(I gotta get going on more volumes of the last two, lots of people have shown interest in them!) 

Anyway … 

The latest offer is modeled keeping in mind all the above – for you, as always. 



Since what people need more than anything during these times is motivation – well, we are – and will – do our best to GIVE it to you! 

Our daily emails do a fine, fine job of that – and NOW, I’ve made it one step easier. 

Use discount code MOTIVATIONAL to obtain a per product discount of 15% when you order our three great motivational reads – 

10 Commandments of Successful Sales , Zero to Hero! and Gumption Galore! 

(Offer applicable on this particular combo only, valid until Dec 17, 2021) 


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And even if you aren’t looking for motivation specifically, you will, as some of my great, great customers have said in the past “enjoy reading them even if you aren’t looking for more benefit from them” (but you’ll benefit too anyway!).

P.S #2 – Also, and remember – that offer I’ve been asking you about – the one where YOU get to choose which one it is. Write back , tell me what YOU Want – if enough of you want it, and it’s viable, you’ll see it up shortly!

Why Tiger Shroff – or Prabhas – whoever it is – replacing Stallone in Rambo might turn out to be another Stallone “masterplan”
- It just might - the man is a genius!

I’m sure Sly thought long and hard before they permitted the Indian remake of “Rambo”.

Lots of reviews came in for Sly’s last Rambo or what “might” be the last i.e. “Last Blood” – which was visceral to say the least – with story “thrown in” for good measure it seemed. Hehe.

It was gore x 1000 – only Sly kept it from becoming another “slasher” movie in my opinion.

Yet, it was REAL.

And despite all the -ve reviews it got, despite all the guys that said “we dont want to be associated with it – despite even Sly, who years after Rambo III said he wasn’t that proud of the movie – Sly in my opinion got it right.

He’s simply mirroring the mood of the world!

And he’s doing it Rambo style.

Now, the remake.

Perhaps they wanted to find a younger Stallone or what not – and I’ve always said, regardless of my own opinion on Tiger Shroff (and I’ve nothing against him – guy’s apparently a martial artist, and in great shape – NOT my favorite though – I’d rather his Dad Jackie – Tiger’s movies, I dont know, the action just seems UNNATURAL – but these days, CGI and speed etc makes a lot of it seem unnatural, and to be honest, if you’re an experienced shooter etc – lot of the crap in movies seeems unnatural from that angle anyway – especially the way they show blood on a body after it’s being shot) – he – or anyone else – should NOT be replacing Stallone in the iconic series.

Sly is one of a kind.

There is only ONE Rambo – for me at least.

I’m sure there are many others that feel that way!

But Sly I’m sure thought long and hard about it!

I’ve no idea who will ultimately do the movie. Rumors are “Tiger” might be replaced by a South Indian actor “Prabhas”.

The posters for the movie show Tiger looking pretty similar to what Stallone looked like in Rambo III – right down to the veiny pecs which I’m sure we all remember. Hehe.

An unnatural look – Sly has said it himself!

And Tiger, I dont know – while he might – is, actually, a martial artist – I think he’s mixed up in a lot of bodybuilding as well.

I dont know, something about that look is unnatural – the LEGS are what strike me first, the thighs are the biggest part of the body for any truly fit person, but Tiger just looks bodybuilder style “lopsided – the “pelican look”.

I dont blame him if his movies require that, and he’s – again – a martial artist, so hats off to him on that one.

But that look, for me, I’d rather another top grade martial artist Akshay Kumar back in the day – now one look at him back in the day, and I’ve written about it before – you KNOW he was naturally fit!!!

Or, followed techniques to get him there – before I guess his movies demanded the other sort of look.

Which hey. I get it!

Thats what a lot of people want.

But anyway, if Rambo remade in India does go through, and if its a typical Tiger movie, with all the made up action and such and martial arts, ultimately, people will only hanker for the old Rambo.

Sly probably knows this – And the entire Rambo franchise is just “real man killing” – and is shown that way.

You do not employ martial arts in war – today’s wars, at least!

You fight to kill – not to win.

Bottom line.

(both are the same thing in war, yes, but the “how to fight” – world of difference!).

(ie flying kicks and such look great, but in real world fighting, aren’t really that effective – especially not against other trained fighters in other styles, guns, knives, etc)…

Anyway ………

That might just be a Sly masterplan. Who knows!

I do know though for me – I’d rather the LEAN and corrugated – and strong as heck “solid body!” look – such as in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, or Corrugated Core ...

And if it’s gotta be big?

I’d rather look like Doug Hepburn here – or a bonafide GORILLA here.

You know what I mean!

And that ends this one – oh – wait.

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I dont think so.

So jump on this NOW, my friend.

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I’ll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee


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Rahul Mookerjee

- Just another category - I - cannot - bloody stand!!!

On that very long list of people that Mr Cranky cannot stand?

Tyre kickers, Bozos, price shoppers, wankers, sissies, faggots, idiots, and so forth … (if you thought “people like Glyn Schofield in Brum”, you got it) … well, there is ANOTHER category I have not quite expounded on in the past.

That being, drama queens.

And this category is another one that has increased dramatically in the so called modern day – and KIDS funnily enough – molly coddled BRATS as most have turned out to be – are equally culpable here.

When I say kids, I mean kids old enough to think ie around the age of 7 or above, maybe 8.

I mean, try teaching a kid any useful skill these days other than maybe staring at the dumbphone, and oh my, the DRAMA!

The younger the kids are, the less the drama I’ve found – as was the case when I taught my daughter handstand pushups (hence her shoulders at the age of 8 – as broad as her mom’s!).

But the older the kids get, the more the drama – and the more the coddling.

Kids these days, I dont know -just try and teach them to ride a BIKE for instance.

Chances are excellent and second to none it won’t be the “learn via scraping” you and I did when we were young.

Or, a cuff to the ear if we complained too much!

These days, the polar opposite.

Same thing with a lot of situations these days – and one main reason I do not – do NOT – do “teaching English in China” i.e. be a dancing monkey – if there ever was a profession which lends itself to the most massive number of “belly aching tyre kicking BOZO like cry babies” – it is this “so called profession” (which in reality is a gigantic sham, I’ve explained it before).

I mean, really.

Sometimes, you gotta just tough it out when learning – or you’ll never learn.

When learning how to swim, you HAVE To be willing to gulp water at the beginning.

Same thing when learning how to drive a vehicle – bike – anything. You just HAVE to be willing to eat humble pie and then go from there!

Same thing for martial arts, sports, fitness, anything.

You HAVE to be willing to take the hard falls – else youll never ever learn anything, my friend.

Thats why I cannot stand the drama queens who lecture YOU on how to teach them – regardless of age, skills , or experience, and I have to say – my own daughter has been guilty of this every once so often (or more, sometimes).

I have to keep correcting her.

Of course, then you have the bevy of adults more than happy to pamper when the exact opposite is needed.

Makes me think back to “our times”. Hehe.

How times have changed, eh – we couldn’t hardly “speak back” to our parents or what not.

Make no mistake, there’s a huge line between abuse, being too strict – and the above.

and I’d NEVER cross that line.

Yet, sometimes, just sometimes, “tough love” is what is required, and what saves the day ultimately – and TOUGHENS you up for LIFE.

Enough said, I guess, I dont know…

And thats the spirit in which I teach you everything I do.

0 Excuses Fitness, and the videos are no exception.

I teach you.

I go slow.

I be patient.

But … I don’t HAND HOLD, molly coddle, or none of that, and nowhere in there will you find me shedding tears about “how tough the workouts are for you” – or “how you cannot keep up with me when you first start”.

Thats how it is, friend…

OK, enough said.

But thats why I can’t stand the above lot.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – More on this?

Idiots that when you tell them to go straight, will “lecture you on something else”.

Bozos when you tell them HOW to do something, and then DO IT – don’t do it, and do something “because they thought it was right”.

And then of course, the associated drama.

And then they throw a fit when they “can’t learn”. Ugh.


My world famous squiggly signature
- And more...

For the dickens of a time, I … well, two things.

One, I could never figure out why a lot of people – family included always had an “issue” with my signature.

My REAL signature.

True, it’s not exactly the prettiest, it ain’t exactly the easiest to read either.

I still remember my wife for years trying to get me to CHANGE it. Apparently the way I “cross my own name out” is not right, the way I scrawl is not right (my cursive has never been great, though I try these days! Hehe) … and apparently I broke a whole bunch of other rules.

As did Donald Trump, Steve Jobs, and a lot of the rest!


Look at Trumps signature for one, it makes mine look positively “pretty”.

You can barely TELL what it is, let alone identify it as a signature, but thats how mine is too!

And – on this site, and my others?

I’ve always used a pretty little “online signature” I created using one of these online tools where you type your name in, and it creates a signature for you.

Its worked great for me.

Not that it matters either way – the products are what count.

But, I dont know …

This morning, I felt the urge to CHANGE it after being told again my signature was “sooooo funny”.

And looking at what I’ve used thus far?

Well, it looks great – real – but there is THAT touch missing, and it has been for years!

Again, not that it’s mattered – but those of you that have noticed (most haven’t most likely) the difference between the autograph on Fast and Furious Fitness, for one, and the difference on the sales page – well – the FORMER is the real one!

(we still have a copy lying around for Fast and Furious Fitness, so if you want an autographed copy, hit the ORDER button now – and then shoot me an email telling me you want it autographed – shall be done at NO extra cost!)

(but hurry – only ONE COPY remaining – in pristine condition – and it’s MINE – so it’s special – and no, as I said before, NO MORE REPRINTS!)

But today, I’m in the process of updating the pages for all my products with my REAL squiggly, hehe.

Nah, not the squiggly Bozo Glyn thinks of all day …

But, I dont know, it just seems even more real … and Pushup Central was the first page I chose to update my signature.

It may change to my trademark “blue” later, I dont know, but I didnt have a blue felt pen lying around, and I didnt feel like mucking around with online again, changing font colors and what not.

So there it is, yours truly, ready to join the pantheons of the great, as if I wasn’t already there- the most humble of ’em all – not. Hehe.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee