The “Sister Glyn” sale!
- I know the timing is off. But!


This is huge – and I was going to do this in a week’s time – well, on the 26th.

That was the day when “all hell broke loose” and plenty of sissy tears erupted for a certain Bozo Schofield, whose now (almost, hehe) become a “household joke” in many regards in many circles.

(and generated nigh SO Many sales over the past year since then that the date in today’s “so called tough times” has become a cult figure, almost)

Trust me, the day will come soon when you won’t see nary a sissy tale without Glyn’s face in it!

But anyway, given his recent rants about “Madam I want to be your sister” – and given how some of you are saying “times are tough etc” – well, I figured lets pull the plunger, hehe, And lets’ do this NOW!

Without further ado then, the coupon “Glynbozo” will give you – all of you – regardless of whether or not you’re a first time customer – a FLAT 25% off any purchase (provided you make a minimum purchase of $100).

The numbers hold a special significance for me too, as today does (but that will remain a secret for now, hehe).

So have at – and remember, with all the sales this is going to generate (who doesn’t like a nice fat DISCOUNT, hehe) – this is not goin gto last until the 26th.

I think a couple of days at most, so get cracking if you’re interested, my friend.

Again, it won’t last.

See you soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

As we approach the first “Bozo Schofield Trolling” Anniversary …
- And his inane "fish curry fetish"

Bozo Schofield, fish curries, and more …

But really, it was around this time last year that he really shot to prominence as the #1 troll “el supremo” of all times on this great list.

It was around this time I had the dream of the Bozo “egg on egg” furiously firing off shot after shot at me, and eventually falling flat from his perch while yours truly flew like an eagle over the “wreckage” Bozo left behind, and on to greener pastures. Hehe.

Two days later, I saw the reviews he left all over the place.

I’ve no doubt he remembers that.

Starting with reviewing an electric toothbrush (he apparently uses it up his nether regions) he went on to my books … HILARIOUS!


Of course, poor Bozo thought it woul dhave the opposite effect

It didnt.

Yours truly, my friend – many a Bozo has tried to take me down, they’ve always failed, it’ll never happen. Hehe.

But anyway, these days – and it’s odd given the last email I sent, he’s been babbling on in “copy and paste from Google Bengali” if you get my drift, except he couldn’t even get the language right that way.

Some of his blocked messages read as follows –


(not bubble butt, hehe. “bhat” as in rice in Bengali)

“Mr Singh Bhat!”

(which is odd, given Singh is a Punjabi name)

Anyway, Bozo has an odd and horrible fish curry fetish, to be precise.

Bengali food is no doubt great, but for me, the fish curry was something I NEVER LIKED.


Well, fish from that part of the country – close to China – guess what.

It’s the boniest fish you can find, and you literally spend hours picking out bones from your teeth as you eat. NEVER BEEN my thing, not to mention some of these tiny bones can get stuck in your craw literally…

I love fish – but without bones!

Same thing with all sort of meat – unless it’s a “single bone” steak like piece, I prefer my meat BONELESS.

Curry’s great, so is Goan Fish Curry which Ive had, probably some versions of the Bengali curry too.

But without bones.

Glyn though is the opposite.

In China, he’d often order that nasty with bones fish – and pick out the bones from his stained teeth in a horrible manner, and spit them – get this – on his plate.

When told not to (its insane, you have to tell a 35 year old these things!) – he’d complain about “but the Chinese do it”.

Yeah, but they also do other things.

You can’t take one cultural oddity, Bozo, and use that as an excuse no matter how nasty it is (I pity the waitresses cleaning up the mess on the plates, for sure, but I’m sur eBozo in Apron would be happy to help ’em?) …

But more than that, he’d chew on those razor thin bones most lewdly and make faces at the girls in a childish sort of manner, everyone would stare at me as if to say “whose this lunatic you brought along”.

I didn’t bring him along.

he just tagged along, “free food” and I didnt have the heart to refuse him.

Was about all I could do to keep my own Xinjiang style dinner down though, looking at Bozo (so i just looked at the gals, hehe).

Anyway, he’s apparently babbling on about Bengali now, God knows why.

And that too copied and pasted from Google.

But I dont know if he’s got anything special planned from Troll Anniversary coming up in about a week’s time, hehe.

Bozo, if you do – write in – let us know!

We’ll all have a good laugh, God knows we all need it!

And on that note, I’m out.

Remember to get the 0 Excuses Fitness System – my friend, truly the best.

ANd leave reviews, as always!


Rahul Mookerjee

“Bhuri Bade Gache”
- A bit of a funny one, hehe, at least to me.

Growing up, amongst all the other comments I remember, one curious comment made in Bengali by my Mom for certain other people – although admittedly she wasn’t in tip top shape either when she made that comment was this.

“Bhuri bade gache Bhishon!”

Now, I dont remember who she said this to, or if it was a passing comment or what.

but the tone and language struck me as nigh hilarious.

Bhuri is “paunch” in Bengali.

And I dont know, just the way in which the words were spoken – the mournful tone, or maybe just the LANGUAGE I dont know – I’ve always found it funny till date!

i.e. “his rapidly expanding Belly of Buddha” or something would be an apt English expression.

Speaking of which, the “Dickie Doo” award too – as “Rueben” a friend of mince once gave me, hehe, during my phat phock days.

“When your belly gets so large that you can’t see your …” he chortled. 

Admittedly there’s something to this.

“Pang Ren Qiu Dian” as the chinese say.

“Fat man have small penis”

(I can just hear Bozos and other assorted idiots throwing things at their screens aka “toxic 0 Excuses Fitness” culture.

seriously, how stupid does one have to be to say something like that…)

But anyway, given what I wrote about – and what is going on these days “the Bhuri” is definitely expanding for most people at a rate NOT seen before …

And while it might be hilarious in a way (my first website I did up for Internet Concepts class had a couple of mammoth beer  bellies – I still dont know why I put ’em there – a joke towards Rueben maybe for the “Dickie Doo” award thingie?? LOL) … its anything but healthy.

So again, my friend, if the rapidly expanding belly is taking root in you – well – take action now.

The best three courses to attack the growing menace (and trust me, that fat does multiply like roaches in multiples) …

Corrugated Core

Advanced Hill Training

Animal Kingdom Workouts. 

In that order, my friend.

And, as Alonzo said so sagely in Training Day .. .

“I’ll leave ya’ll to it!”



Rahul Mookerjee

PS – My Uncle was the best with his “Mutiye Gache” comments. I wont say to whom he said that, but he was right , hehe  (he meant “getting fat” in a funny manner).

0 Excuses Fitness” is sooooooo toxic, I know… (and no, I won’t dignifiy the idiot who said that on her site by mentioning it here on this great, great site – indeed, as Panourgias said – THE BEST!).

The #1 (and quickest) cure for “Burgeonning Tummy Syndrome”
- And a lot of people need to hear this!

First off, the BTS – or Burgeonning Tummy Syndrome, what IS it you might ask.

The “BPR” acronym I invented years ago “beer pizza religion” was something a lot of people apparently took to heart – and still live by – to an extreme.

And it’s sad, but as of late, despite people having all the time in the world to workout etc (despite the claims of “I’m too busy!”) – BTS is just getting worse and worse.

It’s sad, but a lot of people have just let themselves GO!

Even people that I always saw as naturally slim have fallen prey to the apathy and “nothing matters any more” syndrome and “lets enjoy life while we CAN!” (not caring about what comes next etc) …

In short, people are just getting WAY out of shape – more so than even last year.

The tummy thing, just think of Bozo Schofield – or “simpering sissy” (the way he panders to brats and apparently loves it)  -or “Humpty” on the wall as it were

He’s literally “one egg on top of the other” and not “down there” either (I doubt he even HAS anything “down there”).

When I met him, every time he sat down, it was just hilarious.

Yours truly, in tip top shape.

Charles, admittedly “phat phock” – but at least his fat is more evenly distributed (no, he’s not the big guy he keeps claiming he is, but his fat is more evenly distributed on his frame, so it doesnt look as bad as Bozo – Bozo is basically pear to an extreme – it ALL goes around his hips and butt and chest – with spindly legs) – and Bozo – and Charles’s girlfriend, and me in a taxi.

I was actually in better shape than the girl, if you can believe that. Hehe. But she was alright too, and I remember, the two of us could barely squeeze into th eback seat with Bozo there too (Charles was riding up front).

Anyway, when he sat down – his muffin top – lard ass, bingo wings, and of course the man boobs – all just flowed out over his jeans in a most obscene and grotesque manner.

This was of course when he was parroting and Tom Tommming his so called walks (in his sleep??) that he “lost weight by doing”.

My word, it was just nasty – not to mention the constant burping, flatulence, and … I dont know, smell in general coming from him.

The real sad part?

If it was just Bozo like this, I wouldn’t care.

But a lot of people these days are LETTING themselves go – big time, as I’ve said.

And if you, or anyone reading this is the sort that has let themselves go to the point doing a pushup is out of the question – or a squat – or plank – or anything – then what do you do?

Exercise yes, but what is the best and quickest way to get the TUMMY down – so you can do more of the good stuff properly?

Well, it’s not crash diets, watching diets, dieting, or any of that rubbish.

It is not “lifting weights to build more muscle” (that lard won’t go away with that alone).

It isn’t tummy trims, liposuction as the Bozo is into or “grafting fat from the midsection to tighten your butt” (another Glyn special apparently) … or the late night silliness you see on TV with gadgets.

It ain’t crunches. UGH.

(and speaking of which, the minority on th eother end that has also let themselves go – to an extreme – like, Jassy, who apparently does NOTHING but workout all day these days.

The girl that was SO attractive in 2019 now looks like a survivor from a concentration camp.

Nothing taken to extremes is good, Jassy … and no, rail skinny isn’t necessarily any better than phat phock either)

(speaking of women, I saw a most idiotic site run by a woman – fitness site – where she claims “0 Excuses Fitness culture is toxic”.

Apparently making excuses and saying “poor me, I’m not ready to workout” and “going easy on yourself” is the way to do it. Ugh.

I won’t even dignify her by mentioning it on this great site).

Anyway, it ain’t any of the above.

Or, as Bozo recently paraded around saying “I’m in top shape (from the bottom) and want to ramp it another level” (clearly Bozo is nuts about me. Haha). and UGH!

It is this – my friend.

Get on all fours.

What, you say.

Yes, you heard me.

Get on all fours – to workout! (no, not in the sack).

Those ANIMAL like movements do more than just give you a workout, my friend, they FORCE your core – entire core – to shake and move in a way NOTHING else, not even climbing hills can do – and they have an effect – very quick!

Don’t believe me?

Do the Hindu pushup isometric for a minute properly and tell me how you feel throughout your entire body after that.

Do bear crawls and alligator walks as in Animal Kingdom Workouts – or, patented “on all fours” hill workouts as in Advanced Hill Training – and let me know!

Trust me, these sort of “on all fours workouts” are TOUGH.

And they tax the muscles from the inside out – and the heart – and the entire cardio system in a way nothing else can!

You’ll truly, as I say in Advanced Hill Training “feel the lard melting off one movement at a time”.

And it’s the quickest way to a flat tummy that I know of – and if you combine with what I teach in Corrugated Core – you’re on your way to the races, I’ll give ya that!

And from someone thats been there, done that keeps doing it – all I got to say?

GEt the above courses my friend if you haven’t already.

They’ll benefit you throughout your life in a manner you haven’t experienced with ANYTHING else.


Rahul Mookerjee

“You have so many Queens!”
- Now thats a sage comment indeed, hehe.

I was speaking to an admittedly gorgeous lady I once did business with “Christina” last night (well, I should say, ALMOST did biz with – but we did start, so …) …

China, you beauty. I love it. Hehe.

But anyway, that above comment in the heading was her reaction to a picture of me posting a picture of my bodyguard on Instagram or something.


She (the girl on Insta) wasn’t really a bodyguard. in fact, she ran away right after taking the picture – of course, WHERE she went is a different story, and not for prying eyes, and not on this email list for sure, hehe (we like to keep it NON rated here!).

Some more tidbits –

“are you always speak those nice words to Chinese girls *giggle*”?

“most of chinese girl love to listen to praise word!”

“europe girl most beautiful, I think!”

(that last comment, of course – the grass is always greener. Hehe. The other two, well, I was doing what came naturally i.e. TALK to her (I can just see Glyn Bozo salivating, hehe) – and what I’ve been doing and done all my life!

It ain ‘t just sales this cat is adept at in case you didnt know. Hehe).

Conversation does always rule the nation, so long as youre not Schofield with nose in butt desperately trying to get “a word out” (pun intended, hehe).

“You know how to chat with girl! You always praise women, which is good!”

(clearly Madam hasn’t seen this page – LOL)

(even if she had though, she’d say the same thing. Real women don’t like Nazi feminists either!)

Now, that is a comment I’ve heard so often … and it’s true.

But I never made any conscious attempt to learn, or impress girls. Hehe. Much like I don’t try to impress anyone on this here list …

It just all comes naturally, and thats the best and only way to do it!

Anyway, we were chatting about life, business etc.

And of course, the usual mother-in -law / wife (for her) fight , how her husband expects here to do housework and provide for the family too, etc etc … and MONEY, of course. No conversation with Chinese girls is complete without MONEY as I’ve said before. Hehe.

But she’s right bout one thing, I don’t get this trend of men that do no housework and expect the women to support ’em – and do all the house work too.

I’ve no idea if thats how it always works out for Christina, but apparently it does a lot of times i.e. she’s expected to pay X amount, and so is he, but housework apparently not shared.

Geez, all I can say is her husband is a lucky guy, lol – IF indeed thats true!

Not because he does no housework or other rot – I rarely do any.

(holds true for whether I live solo, or with girls or what not. Then again, I dont particularly care if she does it either beyond the basics, so long as she fulfils certain other criteria – I’ll let you guess what. Hehe).

But the money thing, that she’s right on.

Although I must say – again – husband’s lucky.

Getting a woman to pay X amount of money – as a duty, and she does it too … well, thats new to me!

But then again, I’d rather NOT ask women to pay me any more.

I’d rather be the breadwinner, and she be the housewife or whatever turns her on – i.e. the “normal” roles society always intended for us!

Curiously enough, of course, that attitude has to led to women literally taking me out on dates, NEVER expecting me (and in some cases not even letting me) pay …

Anyway, I truly do know where I speaketh from in terms of women – both real, stunningly gorgeous women and Nazi feminists – the entire lot.

And pivoting to another topic (I just got this from another dazzling gal “can you support me” – my answer? I think you can guess. HA!)

… here is what Panaourgias, one of the great customers on this list (and admittedly sharing my “love” for women in certain regards, hehe) said about the “why no response, friend!” emails I’ve been sending out. Not with that title, but you get the drift..

Hi Rahul.for myself I can say I am not the type who is writing to much.right now I told you I am stack.allso I am 57 so I don’t have the appetite of a young one.your books is the best

Thanks for the great words on the books, Panourgias!

And as I told him, another great discount awaits him – if just because he’s a DOER.

My reply –

Hey Panourgias

Thanks for getting back to me, much appreciated! You actually DO reply back occasionally, haha, which is fine, it is just people on the list (some) that have been there for literally years, doing nothing, saying nothing – those are basically the people I was referring to – same thing on a WeChat Employment group I have which people just “sit there and take up room” if you know what I mean, neither doing this or that, in the middle…

(for those types, the website is there, they can read for free, but the list itself costs money to maintain and run, so … :))

By the way, what do you mean by “right now I told you I am stack” ? You mean, tough times? Or … Not sure?

And – thanks for the praise on the books – much appreciated, and glad you’re loving ’em! Let me know when you’re ready to make a new purchase – and I’ll offer you another great discount for being one of the (continual) DOERS!!


Now, what he means by “less appetite” isn’t sexual or food related or anything – he means “not that much energy as a “young ‘un”” which I get …

And of course, the not writing too much part – I get that too. Hehe.

Not everyone writes tomes that makes people’s eyes water when they read ’em …

And as I’ve said before, these days, especially over the last couple of months, it seems to have become with a lot of people “just wait and watch” and not do much at all (for whatever reason).

Which is fine too … I suppose.

Anyway, where am I going with all this.

I dont know, just updating you on whats going on.

And Christina’s admittedly gorgeous, so I feel. Hehe.

Back to fitness – here is where you can pick up the BEST damn fitness system ever –


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pictures of my (again, as Christina rightly said “lovely Chinese girl”) “Bodyguard” on Insta. Hehe.

If you’re stuck “reliving old memories”, but can never move on …
- This might be worth a read.

And it’s probably applicable to even more people these days than it is not …

In the blockbuster Indian movie Jannat in 2008 (Emraan Hashmi is by far one of the best actors around – his roles, including especially the long haired “disturbed, not at peace with himself” gangster – business man sort in the 2003 “Awarapan” – remind me of myself! – Jannat was no different. Also one of the rare movies I actually WATCHED, even though I was with my then girlfriend at the time in the theater, hehe) – they have a scene where the hero (hashmi) walks up to the cricket captain of a team asking him to fix a match.

His opening line is (upon being questioned “who are you”) – is “if I’m in here, I must be a somebody!) i.e. in an international cricket match, locker room …

He then goes on to show the guy promises of RICHES.

And goes on to ask him this –

Where do you want to be a few years from now, after all the gloss and glitter has settled down?

Like those old cricketers who drown themselves in their sorrow and the glory of the “good ole days”?

(admittedly these days cricket offers a lot of opportunities post retirement, but thats just NOW)

“Some commit suicide, some live, but are really dead inside” … goes Hashmi. He convinces the other guy to fix the match, and all is “set”.

But this last part is what I’m seeing increasingly around me.

Everyone and their mama is sending me (or talking about secretly – or THINKING about) “it used to be so good!”

Yet, precious few, if any people, are looking for the way out in their own tough situations NOW.

Dont get me wrong.

When visualizing a future goal (no, washing up on the shores of “somewhere” taking the first monkey job available isn’t a goal anymore than wiping my ass in the morning is) .. you go back into your  memory banks and REVISIT the past.

The good experiences.

But all too often, people make the cardinal mistake of being STUCK in those memories.

I’ll give you an example – in 2018, I was going through a rough patch for a few months.

I used to constantly think about the good times “before”.

Eventually, the lean patch ended – because I did not simply get into the mindset of “thats how it was”.

I got into the mindset of “it will be BETTER NOW!”

And the sheer negativity I get from people – most – is why I’ve stopped talking to people in general for the most part (unless its DOERS – or a certain Dani (one of my translators) or other doers).

This morning, I was talking with a friend who claims “as a foreigner the only thing he can do is monkey jobs or business with a a local”

And he’s going through some real tough times apparently.

Yet, the way he reacts to it i.e. “I can survive on less than nothing” is what he keeps saying, which is fine, but anytime I ask him to do something other than be a monkey somewhere (which I’m sure he is fully capable of) – the usual stonewalling starts.

And, of course, the “pulling others into the same negative cesspit”.

Not once has this “friend” asked about my plans – what I do – hell, he notices what I do on my site, businesses etc but his thinking?

“He doesnt have a million dollars yet, so thats a worthless business”.

I was going to give this guy advice on how he could do something NOW – that would get him out of the rut he’s in – one of the thing sbeing spending less time yammering on social media about how good it “used to be” – and make good manifest NOW in his life – or in the future.

But I stopped before I started, because much like with when I tried helping Glyn Bozo and his friend (to an extent) Charles, the same thing happened.

They nodded their heads up and down, and went back to secretly thinking “who does he THINK he is!” and inane trolling and so forth (which is fine, but it’s so much a waste of my time and energy dispensing advice when it’s neither wanted nor will the person in front even listen.

As the saying goes, “can’t make that horse drink”)

Yet, the crab mentality persists…

People are more than willing to complain and wallow in self pity.

Yet, when you ask these people what they’re doing to get out of the same ole same ole, it’s a big fat zero – the answer I get.

Which to me is pathetic.

I’d rather someone like a Bezos – or myself – or someone thats a DOER like  a lot of you on this list that do what it takes to get what you want – that understand life is not a bed of roses – and that know that if you keep compromising on your true desires with life, guess what will happen – life will give you exactly that i.e. not what you want.

Hey, you asked for something less, guess what you got ..

THIS of course is one main reason I cannot get along with idiots like Glyn Bozo, his friend Charles and the rest – their whole life revolves around being a monkey and acting like an idiot.

Which is great …

But it’s not the sort I want to hang around with, honestly.

I’d rather have intelligent conversations like I do with you.

Stimulating ones like I do with Daniela, one of my translators and I suppose “friend”, if you get my drift, haha.

With DOERS trying to make something of their lives, and doing so, and not the pessimist sort who either trolls the other sort, or doesnt do so directly, but looks at them and thinks “who the hell does he think he is to dispense all this advice” and then after he’s got to whatever benchmark they’ve set “how could I ever get there”.

It’s just sad, sad, sad.

So for YOU on this list, if you are the sort that keeps looking at old pictures, old memories etc and keeps wondering “I wish those times were back”, well, two things.

One, those times are not back NOW.

And two, they will only be back (but yes, they will be back) if you THINK they will come back, and act accordingly, and constantly going DOWN in life, and being happy to do so ain’t the way either.

Ok, off my soap box … but before that.

A quick one.

When I asked Uncle Bob to climb a hill, he replied with this.

“Thats what God invented fourth gear for!”

Fair enough. hehe.

Then I was complaining to him one day about the hassle of walking to the management office to pick up parcels etc (at the time for some odd reason they wouldn’t deliver direct to the doorstep) – an easy walk for ME the hill climber.

He replied with this …

“From the guy who climbs hills daily, complaining about … “

Today, a friend told me the following about “buying beer”.

I was telling him there was a brand of beer I wanted which is available, but at a store like 5 km from me, and of course nothing that far will deliver home, so he was saying the same thing.

“From a fitness guy …. “

In both cases, the meaning was clear.

“This guy Tom Tom’s his fitness status, yet can’t walk”.

No, my friend(s).

I can walk for hours up and down hills – something CHALLENGING and INTERESTING – all day. And I’ve done it and continue to do it too, to the point that when I move to a new apartment, first thing I look for is (after if the owners have sprayed the place down properly for bugs etc i.e. professional pest control without which I won’t hand over a red cent no matter how glitzy the damned place is, and everything works i.e. appliances is this – is there a HILL – or hilly terrain right next door?)

Give me some inane and ANNOYING activity to do – a BORING activity that doesn’t either challenge me or tax me and is a NUISANCE, and I’ll look for every possible way to avoid it.

Like I did Dr Kolibal’s Calculus class all those years ago, which I aced despite being drunk in the exams.

“You dont need these Mickey Mouse classes”, I remember him saying.

“You need Princeton, something CHALLENGING!”

He was right. Hehe.

Yours truly does fantastically well when confronted with challenges, something challenging, but some boring crap thats easy to do and a nuisance, and that the Tom Tom’s love, nah, I’ll stay away, thank you!

And Jeez, because  I’m a fitness guy doesnt mean I gotta crawl on my knees through broken glass to prove it to YOU, friend … THAT is the whole point of it. 

Life should be convenient, and we should evolve – upwards – not the other way around!

That doesn’t equate to being a lazy phocker. But if you have a hill right next to you, why walk to another one 5 km down the road?

I’ll wait for the answer I’ll never get, hehe.

To put it another way- Mike Tyson for one ate tons of moose the last I read. And he’s right – it’s good stuff!

He had freezer fulls of it – literally – before I read something about him giving it away or something.

Did he actually go hunt that moose everytime he wanted, and if not, does that take away from his boxing ability?

I swear, the IDIOTIC arguments people make … just UGH!

And for those asking, I’d rather not ride crappy two wheelers in China or elsewhere. Nothing against those that put their lives in danger daily to do so (apparently those from certain “rich” countries do this daily in third world nations), but I value my life more, and I’d rather a car or nothing …

That trusty Didi, Uber, or whatever it might be.

I’m out – back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS. – Remember, the pre-order for the VERY BEST COURSE out there – or yet to be put out will end soon. Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness – and there’s the link for those interested (you should be).

PPS – I cannot STAND types like the above who secretly “laugh” and outwardly “praise”. Like Glyn Bozo, for one, before he was found out. Just LOSERS with a capital L! (content to let life’s waters pull them along on whichever route they do) …

PPS #1 – This guy told me “it would be a great workout” i.e. the boring repetitive nonsensical crap he was referring to.

Maybe. Maybe not (I’d say the latter for me).

But even if it would, why would I WANT to go through all the hassle, when I can get in better workouts – and do – within the cool privacy of my A/C room daily ?

And how to do it – well, I talk about it – and SHOW you – quite literally – in the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

As Michael Harding from Australia once said “he’s got the gains on the board!

Now THAT was an honest admission. Michael Mookerjee doesnt agree with Harding on a lot of things, but we’re both at least HONEST about things…

What the REAL genius of Ms Dhoni, Jeff Bezos, and the lot are…
- It isn't what you think!

Remember Ms Dhoni?

The stupendously talented wicketkeeper batter who burst on the India scene with a huge 180 something not out against Sri Lanka …

Long hair and all, swashbuckle and all, you’d be forgiven for thinking he was the new Viv Richards – or a “pre” Kevin Pietersen.

(I gotta say, non cricket fans, sorry on this one. Hehe. Cricket guys – you KNOW!)

But anyway, this man – the fabled big hitter who could clear ANY ground in the world when the mood took him – this man who got India to chase huge scores (along with captain Ganguly) when the Indian batting was fabled for collapsing more often than not while chasing massive scores … this man had many talents.

His Michael Bevan like talent for taking singles, and … ticking it along until the end.

His massive blows which often brought a vastly inflated required run rate back to par.

His ability to bat with the Indian tail – which at the time was famously terrible batting wise.

But it wasn’t really any of that made him unique or “Ice Man Dhoni” – highest paid Indian cricketer after Kohli and Sachin I believe overall..

It was his ability, nay, his will to take it ..DEEP.

His will to take it till the end in seemingly impossible situations.

Friend, let me tell you this – the best of Houdinis – such as myself (I know, so humble) – will tell you one damn thing.

We have been doing this all out lives in LIFE – and we wouldn’t be Houdinis without doing this.

When you take things deep, when you TOUGH It out against seemingly impossible odds, when you KEEP THE FAITH, when you do what your GUT tells you – when you KEEP GOING – like Henry Ford did against all odds, or Jeff Bezos did for years to create the most stupendous Internet machine out there today i.e. Amazon – funny things happen.

That little thing called persistence PAYS OFF IN SPADES!

Napoleon Hill wrote in Think and Grow Rich about “that strange power that comes to the aid of man who keeps trying against ALL Odds, when EVERYTHING is against him, the whole world and then some” …

No-one knows what the name of this strange power is, but exist it does.

Hill wrote more about the motivation and mental side of things.

When doing, you’d be well advised to do as Hill did, ie. study the lives of those you consider successful inside out until you know them better than even yourself …

When I see a someone like Bezos, or a Trump – instinctively I KNOW what they went through (not specifics) to get to where they are TODAY.

You will too, if you do the thing, and follow my advice.

And fitness wise, if you look at me , and see “thats him, great!”

Or, “Wow, we can never get there” .. or any such nonsense?

Or, feeling “small” i.e. “he’s accomplished more”?

Let me tell you, friend, it’s all BS.

You gotta LEARN – DO – and YOU too will get and have the same thing I have.

I didnt get it “by chance”.

I was born into and had to deal with situations which most people don’t for the entirety of their lives, and I dont say that so you feel sorry for me – I wouldn’t want that.

What I want is you to know that circumstance doesn’t define man. 

GUMPTION AND PERSISTENCE – and WILL – and DESIRE – not in that order- DOES!

And on that, to me, at least, massively motivational note I’m out.

Be sure to pick up the best damned fitness system in the world out there HERE.


rahul Mookerjee

PS – If you’re a DOER, you shoul dhave the following attitude.

I’ll DO IT, I damn well, or I’ll DIE TRYING!

When you have that attitude, you really do, life BENDS to YOU. Trust me.

“Grip it like a MAN!”
- YES - grip strength is where it's AT!

I’ll never forget the night a huge black dude came over to me in the dorms  – I was “shooting the bull” with some girls – and said hey, or whatsup or something.

I shook his hand – remember, I was a puny 17 year old straight out of high school (they weren’t that old either, but they make them BIG DOWN SOUTH!).

And I’ve always had an especially weak grip – not to mention the injuries etc suffered as a teenager on my right wrist (oddly, my left hand was ALWAYS stronger naturally – not anymore, but thats how it was) …

And I gripped his hand, and remember him laughing.

He said something that has been repeated to me all my life post that.

“Why you grip my hand so hard, man!”

And then he laughed – something that has NOT been repeated. Haha.

“Thats a mans grip, Habib!” and off he went (he could have crushed me into two if he wanted to – that was a BIG boy).

(I think he also asked me to grip harder, and I tried my damndest, but couldn’t beat him. Haha. But he saw that I was giving it my all, he had that look in his eye men have when they KNOW the other man will do it or die trying – ’nuff said!)


No bigger than my student Gianni though – an Italian ex wrestler and army man who I taught English to occasionally on a one on one private basis – one evening, I was teaching his girlfriend, and he came in from work, and of course, I had to give him the Gorilla Grip, hehe.

He didnt laugh though!

And he was witness to perhaps the worst and most painful injury I’ve ever had thus far – that thumb popping in and out on the cold wintry evening which made it feel like below freezing (the wind and sleet) in China.


Anyway – I read something about Sly Stallone recently.

All the usual drama about him cheating on wives and what not of course, and his achievements, but an interesting tid bit about his daughters – apparently Sly is a huge softie with them, and when men come knocking on the door to date ’em, he doesnt go all Rambo on them in a gruff sort of manner.

But what he does do is those with a limp grip – and there are many apparently – he gives them the LOOK.

And says “Grip like a man!” 

That one statement would do it for me! Hehe.

But I can relate, I’m the same way with my little girl.

And GRIP wise?


EVERY time I feel a weak grip from a man, I remember women with stronger grips!

Much like Sly does, I teach my daughter how to throw a punch – how to fight (street fight) – and how to exercise “boys style”.

Sometimes I go to extremes, or have in the past, but at least she, like Sly’s daughter’s never has to worry about getting bullied.

Remember that instance in Kiddie Fitness where I stood behind her and literally told her to SMACK the other kid straight in the face (he hit her for no reason)?

His Dad was there. Big dude!

I told my daughter anyway, I would have backed her up – and I did that day. That was years ago, of course, but still – the mentality persists!

Yours truly was roundly bullied in school – a LOT.

Sly too.

Yours truly was trolled, bullied as an adult too – until I just stopped taking it and gave it back x 1000.

And when I see idiots that claim “you act like grip training is more important than breathing!” from phat phocks with crap grips – and even otherwise accomplished men who can’t grip worth a damn, I gotta shake my head and say “what they BE thinking”.

Nothing screams REAL Man out quite as loud as your GRIP!

The last thing to go is always the punch – and the grip too!

And I’d rather have my kung fu like grip I was forced to develop – or else.

And I did so!

Of course I’m not a hero like some of the guys on this list are, most notably a customer John Walker, whose tale of sheer and utter heroism still moves me.

Out there on the cliff, true Cliffhanger Story, if Sly reads this ever, I’ll bet you dollars to donuts he’ll be applauding too!

Anyway, two of the best courses out there for developing the GRIP –

Gorilla Grip 

Gorilla Grip (Advanced!) 

And, the TIPS too …

Have at! (if you’re a real man, of course – if you’re a wimp and sissy that claims “grip training ain’t important” – then thats your choice!)


Rahul Mookerjee

Language Translations – and more!
- Here we GO!

Well, well, well!

I’ve been busy as a bee all morning – and as we continue on our QUEST to be the “Amazon of the Fitness world” (and above and beyond) (not really, hehe) – here’s more big news!

For some of you, anyway.

Hardcover books (for some of our most popular books) was the first big news – that I told you yesterday, and again today.

And now, without further ado – I’ve been speaking of translations, and translators forever haven’t I??

And, for a long time – when people asked me for Spanish language translations for my books, or others – I’d just redirect them to the Amazon pages for the same.

I still do that, of course. We could sell HERE on this site – but translations involve intermediaries, third parties, and their work (i.e. the translators) and keeping up with payments etc gets complicated so Amazon (and Google in the future) works BEST in this regard.

But what I never did until now for you guys was put these links directly on the site, and thats been rectified now.

Spanish language and Portugese language books are LIVE on the site – those that have been done  ,that is.

And you can access the list of translations by going HERE – and clicking whichever language you want.

Currently we have Spanish and Portugese up on this site.

On the other site, it’s French, Italian, Portugese, Spanish – and – perhaps most “intriguingly” down the line – HINDI too!

But this site, I’ve kept it simple for now – but I’ll add the other languages in later.

Lots and lots of work, creating all the pages etc, but all great fun …

Have at – oh, and you might notice that the sales pages are all “on one page”.

Thats fine -because … not everyone, especially translators are as adept at writing long ass 12 page sales letters (that despite what the Bozos claim about keeping it concise convert like HOTCAKES – ever wonder why Google and Amazon allow huge descriptions for books?? You got it!) …

That, and on this site?

As I’ve said before the focus shall remain English.

But, since many of you have asked privately, I figured I’d put the links out to the other languages on the site for easy access, and so I don’t need to keep emailing it over.

In the FUTURE, we will sell these directly here most likely – for now, Amazon will do the trick.

And on that note – something else!

You out there that is interested in PROMOTING our English language products and marketing them as affiliates?

Well, you were – and are – always welcome to do so!

In the past, I had the affiliates section up on this site, but it got very cumbersome, and required a re-haul.

Which is almost done from a coding standpoint, so stand by – you’ll see the affiliates section up shortly on the site too i.e. if you’re a 0 Excuses Fitness Affiliate … well, you’ll be able to login, track your sales and all that fun stuff “in one place”.

Speaking of fun stuff, I’m out for now.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Your day wouldn’t be complete without a visit, checkout and look see at THIS page!

PS #2 – Remember, pre-order for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness on its last legs. Get in at the current price NOW if you want to avail of what the price is now (because, it WILL Go up!).

PPS – And remember, as i’ve been saying, hardcover books available now too for a lot of the English language books – check out the usual order pages for more.

HARDCOVER BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- This is HUGE.

This is huge, my friend, HUGE!!!

Lots of you have ordered the paperback versions of the books we have – that makes me so proud to have my books sitting on someone’s mantelpiece when I walk into their homes!

(That happened the other day).

And it makes YOU proud too – to be the owner of some of the most superb, best, and results producing training manuals out there from someone considered to be the “creme la de creme” of bodyweight fitness – or if you were to go one better, and Rahul Mookerjee style “The Stella Artois of Fitness”.

(No, in case you’re wondering, I wasn’t given those names by Rahul hehe. It is customer feedback!)

Anyway ….

In addition to paperbacks, over the past few days, I’ve been dabbling around with the idea of HARDCOVER BOOKS!

Remember those when we were growing up?

Those books with a solid cover you could damn near take a hammer to, stand on to reach the top shelf, and pretty much use it as you liked – and the top cover had that glossy “front cover” on it?

which you could take off, or put back on …

The good ole days, hehe.

And we’re bringing them BACK here.

0 Excuses Fitness for one is now available in not just paperback and digital format – which it used to be – but starting TODAY – as of NOW – it’s also available in HARDCOVER format!

The ordering procedure is the same for those of you interested – and I bet a LOT will be – just email me your address if you haven’t already upon placing your order (until we get that extra text area box in the form, thats how it is going to have to BE!) … and it will be DONE.

Shipping included as always.

Rahul’s version of Amazon Prime, hehe.

And of course, check out the page here – the 0 Excuses Fitness System (we’ve updated prices etc for all the options).

We ain’t stopping there either.

As of NOW, I’m off to work it such that Pushup Central and Isometric and Flexibility Training will be the next in HARDCOVER format!

And more down the line too – very soon. Keep checking the sales page for updates on that!

Oh, Battletank Shoulders will be hardcover too – thats another CLASSIC!

And it deserves it.

So, I’m off to take care of all this. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Unlike in the digital download, the HARDCOVER book will contain “never seen before” pictures of me at the end – when I was a phat phock – in between – and then a stud and super stud. You will want to grab this classic, truly COllector’s Edition now!