You’re a bonafide fitness maniac now!
- I always was, hehe.

This morning I woke up to an interesting comment on my LinkedIn (with regard to one of my earlier emails about “This is real hill climbing”).

The person that commented said the following


Perhaps not my style of commenting, but hey, she hit the nail on the head.

And she was right, of course.

That was some humungous sweating going on indeed! 😉 And that brought to mind something my Dad said years ago.

(the same Dad with whom I do NOT agree on just about anything, but yet, some of his comments on certain things DO “jive” with me (such as the one about “what is right is right , and what is wrong is wrong”, for instance) and so did this one!).

What was the comment?

Well, years ago I’ve spoken about being featured in the incomparable Brooks Kubik’s newsletters (back when he was doing bodyweight conditioning and was selling stuff on that).

I should have got my OWN stuff going at that point too, hehe.

Anyway, all happens for a reason and I didn’t, but his list was one I continued to be on for ages, and I stayed in touch with Brooks for a while too.

When I returned to India in 2006 for a short break, I wrote to him and told him about my routines in India which got me in EVEN better shape than I was in China (and that’s something I’ve written to you as well about a lot of times).

Can we say pushups and subway stair sprints? Hehe.

We sure can, and his response was along the lines of this

“Good job – – keep up the waist whittling” (this in response to my waist size which had dropped another notch or two at that point).

Brooks is nothing if not a SMART dude, and he knows the CORE is where it’s at.

So do I.

So did Herschel Walker (him of the “you get the core ready, you can handle anything!”).

And so does anyone who is SERIOUS about REAL training (and by that I don’t mind hefting up heavy weights in an unnatural manner at the gym just so you can show off the size of your biceps to the world).

Anyway, Brooks featured my hill climbing workout (possibly the one piece I’ve written about so much that you’ll find it inscribed on my tombstone when I “pass” most likely) in his daily email series.

And it was a great write up.

And my Dad had this to say about it.

“Congratulations! Now you’re a bonafide fitness maniac!”

Which I was before that, and still am, but of course, you know how it is.

When someone that is at a certain level of “success” features YOU in their comms and emails, it is THEN that you really get noticed.

And ditto for what I do to certain people that really stand out to me.

But that doesn’t mean we weren’t fitness fanatics before then!

Anyway, I’m starting to ramble and meander on, so whats the point here?

How does my being a fitness maniac apply to YOU the average guy who just wants to get in better shape?

Well, it’s funny, but I’m going to tell you something that might shock you.

Or astound you.

It is this – you do NOT have to be a bonafide fitness maniac or workout for hours daily to see the sort of results I did, and still do.

You do NOT need to called an “ironman” (or the equivalent in the mainland, hehe) in order to see the fat FLY off your frame like you so wish.

You do NOT need to do a 100 pull-ups per workout and a 100 handstand pushups per workout to see solid results in terms of either of the exercises.

Does that mean you can’t or shouldn’t?


If that’s your thang, and doing even more advanced stuff like one armed pull-ups or perhaps muscle ups, then GO for it.

But you don’t have to do any of that.

All you really need is a sensible fitness routine that gets your heart thumping and (as the lady rightly said), the sweat POURING . . . either outdoors or in your living room.

And all you need to do is 15-30 minutes of it daily, and you’re DONE.

Don’t believe me?

Well, get on the stick first and now, and THEN report back my friend. Get on the 0 Excuses Fitness System right here, and STAY on it for a period of 3- 4 weeks.

That’s the most basic course I’m offering, and even that has enough in there to keep you busy your entire life.

And after that period has elapsed, look in the mirror, and report back.

I bet you’ll be a happy camper if nothing else!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you’re looking for even quicker results, then get on THIS course right here as well –

Is it a shame being fat?
- It should be, in my opinion!

So I wrote a piece about are you a big guy – – or just plain damn FAT” a while ago on this blog (and sent it to my email list).

I sent the same thing to my Facebook list as well a while ago, and as expected, received a variety of responses.

Mostly “aggrieved” responses along the lines of this.

“Is it a shame being fat?” One commentor asked me.

Ah, the eternal guilt over “he’s bodyshaming me!”

Or, “I’m just a big guy, and it’s OK to have a massive belly hanging over my pants!”

My opinion?

YES. It’s a crying shame being FAT . . . because it’s UNHEALTHY to the extreme, for one.

And second, because there’s nothing that screams out “I’m a lazy ass” more than if you’re fat along the lines of what you described.

Now, note this (in my opinion) doesn’t apply to those that “have a bit of fat hanging to their frames” but are otherwise fit and healthy and doing what they can to get that fat off as quick as possible.

(Which can be done via the exercises and routines in THESE THREE products – The 0 Excuses Fitness SystemAdvanced Hill Training, and Animal Kingdom Workouts).

Not to mention the very well received Pushup Central and Corrugated Core.

Each of these products by itself is pretty much all you need.

IF you actually use ‘em.

If you’re a whiny liberal sort that jumps up and down about “it’s OK to be fat! Who are you to body shame me?”, well, then the products won’t work for you.

Not because they don’t work, but because you will likely never USE ‘em.

But anyway, if there is something that I hate way more than those that are fat and lazy (truth be told, I don’t “hate” said people; I merely point out the fact for what it is) – it is those that make claims along the lines of what I said in the last piece.

Along the lines of “I’m a big guy, so it’s OK to be fat!”

Along the lines of “I’m a big guy, so I can’t beat her at hill sprints!”

And other such utterely ASININE, ludicrious allegations.

That is what really irritates me, and THAT is what I wrote the initial post about ; not your massive belly hanging over your pants my friend.

If you choose to be a lard ass, by all means do so. Be my guest. I wouldn’t WANT to take your right away to be that.

But if you’re telling me that certain exercises are “impossible” such as hill sprints or bike sprints because you’re a “bigger guy” and that “smaller guys” can easily beat you at ‘em because they’re smaller, then you’re flat out full of CRAP my friend, and in that case I WILL Say it (and that is pretty much the point I made in the last piece).

Walter Peyton. Herschel Walker. Some of my own friends. Mike Tyson. The list goes on and on and on!

And to those that claim “they’re too big to do pull-ups” – – well, Vince Gironda for one!

Too big to do handstand pushups?

Doug Hepburn, and a HOST of other old time strongmen who were HUGE (note – not FAT) and DID ‘em – very regularly – and credited this amazing exercise to be the secret for their achievements in the weight lifting (back when weightlifting was actually real weightlifting as opposed to the puffing and buffing and massaging and pink dumbbells going on in today’s gyms) arena . . .

Point being this.

Stop making excuses my friend – – and utterely RETARDED ones at that.

It isn’t about body shaming. It’s about stating the facts for what they are, and I believe that is precisely what I did in that last piece, and what I’m doing HERE.

And yes, if you’re fat, you will NOT look like an athlete.

And no, for those of you in mainland China or other locales, “foreigners aren’t naturally big”. There’s plenty of big people from all races and walks of life, and plenty of LARD asses as well.

That’s just the bottom line my friend!

And that’s that for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Most of these people that whine about body shaming secretly (and lets face it, it’s true) want that “V” shape to the back. Or to “look like a movie star”. Or “that X shape to the body” which makes people ask if you go to the gym when you don’t. All things I’ve been told, and truth be told, all things YOU can make possible for yourself if you just stop your whining and moaning about a FACT that CAN be changed.

P.S #2 – We’ve been receiving a lot of queries on pull-ups as of late. Check out our two courses right here – and

P.P.S. – And yes, when it’s all said and done, it SHOULD be a crying shame being so fat that you can barely fit your waddly lard ass on BOTH the seats of one scooter . . .

Alternating sets, and brutally effective ANIMAL Kingdom conditioning
- . . . the best workout ever!

Just finished a splendid workout indeed.

One that left me completely toasted . . .

And as I prepare to get something to eat (my first meal of the day, in true WOLF style), it reminded me of something.

Although I’ve often been called a wolf by those that know me, most notably one of my dear Uncles, hehe, I’ve not included this magnificent beast in Animal Kingdom workouts.

Neither did I include my second (joint) favorite animal the DOG.

Last night as I did pull-ups, several dogs were fighting.

Big time.

All with one “alpha dog” apparently on a leash (that was owned). The rest were strays from what I could tell.

And you should have seen the dogs take off and SPRINT, my friend.

After the alpha, who was more than ready to jump into the fray.

I was finishing my pull-ups, of course, but the speed with those dogs ran . . . left me thinking!

About the sort of shape the average HUMAN, the average pot bellied flabby mess of a MAN would be in if he ran even a quarter that fast ONCE a day.


Sprints do reduce fat and how!

Anyway, that’s been mentioned galore in Advanced Hill Training, and I’ve included my #1 favorite animal in Animal Kingdom Workouts as well as the above book.

And for a good reason.

If you’ve seen an adult male grizzly lift 600 lb dumpsters like they were beach balls, or chase rabbits downhill and CATCH ‘em, you know why!

Or if you’ve seen a tiger haul a 1000lb plus gaur uphill and RUN while doing it.

And today’s workout was splendid not only because I included these movements in it.

It was also because I literally collapsed while doing the tiger walk.

Akin to how I once fell on my chin when a dog of all things ran into my face (almost) when doing handstand pushups. On that occasion I Got away with a minor graze, but I wasn’t quite so lucky before that (a month or so) as my readership knows, when I literally cracked a thumb in and out doing fingertip handstand pushups.

And if there is one word I’d like to put out in my upcoming book on ONE ARMED exercises, it’s this – caution.

And to work up to them!

You cannot just jump into this sort of thing my friend.

However, you CAN jump straight into Advanced Hill Training or Animal Kingdom workouts provided you’re already on the 0 Excuses Fitness System (for a fair bit of time, or start slow if you aren’t).

And on that note.

The other tip of the day.

Alternating sprints with SLOW movements . . . with no rest in between.

I did this today with my rope sprints.

350 FAST ones. 150 slow ones. And so I continued until I reached 250 squats and 2000 rope jumps, and then I finished off with . . . ah but we said that already, didn’t we?

Get on these workouts now my friend.

They truly will strip away that nasty fat and keep it off quicker than anything else!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S – Be sure and check out our testimonials . . . as Napoleon Hill once said, I truly am the real “Mc Coy” (well, that was his publisher, hehe but the point stands) when it comes to FITNESS!

P.S #2 – And More, so if I want to write about politics, or life – – then guess what – – I SURE WILL! 😉

“I’m a professional bear crawler!”
- Truly she was! (is)

So there I was, sweat literally POURING off me.

Gallons of sweart, as my little girl said.

She’s truly one of the most helpful ever, and took some of the best pictures ever for Animal Kingdom Workouts, and I’d put her in the book too if it weren’t for the fact that she DOES feature – – exclusively at that, hehe – – in Kiddie Fitness.

And also because THIS is a book for adults, so I’d rather have myself doing the exercises in the pictures.

Anyway, after we finally got done with the pictures (yes, the book is almost done at this point!) we had a workout together.

And I was sweating.

Panting. Unable to move.

As my little girl just raced in front of me she kept yelling out to me.

“Dad, come on! Hurry!”

I was a lap or so behind her, but I just couldn’t move.

Breath was coming out in ragged gasps. And so forth.

And all this from an Animal Kingdom Workout containing two BASIC movements from the book.

The bear crawl, and duck waddle (and occasional frog jump).

The book contains 68 movements classified into easy, intermediate and advanced and if the easy ones kick my booty, you KNOW what they’ll do to you, hehe – – and as for the other categories, well, let me just say they’ll be challenging and then some!

“I’m a professional bear crawler”, my daughter announced after chalking up yet another win in the bear crawl race.

And as I almost slipped in a puddle of my own sweat.

(note – this is why I say exercise CAUTION, especially on some of the tougher exercise sin the book!).

“Dad, can you outrun a grizzly”, she then asked.

“No, honey”, I laughed. I told her the story of how a mammoth 700 lb plus grizzly can literally outrun and CATCH a tiny RABBIT of all things – – running downhill!

And if you don’t believe me, you tube it, and you’ll see it.

Grizzlies truly are my favorite animal my friend. Move around like a grizzly for a few minutes a day if you can, and you’ll feel muscles hurting in your body where you didn’t even know you HAD muscles.

Add in the frog jump and duck waddle, and you’ll have a workout that will not just kick your ass in very little time, but also blow torch all the FAT hanging off your booty quicker than you can utter hallejullah.

And so forth.

Be on the outlook for the book – – coming very soon indeed!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Actually, I don’t know why I said “coming soon”. The book is OUT – and has been getting rave reviews as well. HERE is where you can grab it!

The Didi driver that slapped himself silly
- Really!

What I’m going to say right now will come across as even more outrageous than some of the other stuff I’ve mentioned before, but it’s true.

Hang tight, and let me “plunge right into it”!

So, one fine afternoon I had an appointment to keep.

At around 230 sharp (or no, it was 315 I believe) I was supposed to be “somewhere”.

And for those that know me, if you’d put the words “Villas” and “Royal” together, you get the drift.

Most won’t, but that’s OK! 😉

Anyway, being I don’t have a car in China I took the local version of Uber “Didi” there.

Hailed a Didi, in other words.

Didi for what it’s worth is backed by the CCP, much like any other big Chinese company is, and although Uber was thriving in China years ago, Didi managed to strong arm it out (literally) until it remained the ‘only game’ in town so to speak.

And that’s yet another reason I advise people against doing any real biz in China.

Anytime you get too big, or close to it, guess what.

The Chinese Communist Party will take you over in some way, shape or form, and if you don’t believe me, just looked at how Jack Ma, supposedly one of their own (he’s supposed to have CCP ties) was pushed out of his leadership role at Alipay recently (payment giant in China).

Sure, they claim he retired of his own accord.

Yeah. Right.

Anyway, for those that don’t know the story there, feel free to research and you’ll see what I mean. And in the meantime, it’s back to my story.

(Oh, and make sure to read Mark Kitto’s piece on “Why you’ll never be Chinese” written ages ago. IF you’re interested for more on the topic above, that is! And no, I don’t get nothing for mentioning Kitto here; it’s just a thoughtful and REALISTIC piece that I believe SHOULD be read if you’re interested in China and how the Chinese operate in general).

Anyway, the driver followed the GPS on the way to where I was going, which given the general standard of Didi drivers who somehow never ever manage to “learn to follow GPS correctly” (even though it’s so simple a third grader could do it) and those that think “they don’t need to”, was itself a pleasant surprise.

Until . . .

I noticed the fare going up, up and UP.

It would have normally cost me 35 RMB one way to get to where I was.

Fare was already at 80. No traffic. And as I noticed the dude, and actually paid attention to what he was doing (I was too busy until then writing something on the dumbphone) I noticed something shocking.

Guy was just going round and round in circles and was apparently blithely unaware of it.

Unwaware that the GPS had thrown a fault, or his phone had, and that he had to actually use his BRAIN . . .

We were very near the destination, and yet he kept exiting the highway, and climbing back on it!

And I pointed it out as best as I could, given my limited command of Mandarin.

Now lest you think faulty GPS happens only in china, think again.

It can happen anywhere. I once had GPS in the US tell me to drive off a mountain ; quite literally! Apparently the road wasn’t there when the GPS co-ordinates were taken or something . . .

But what was strange was the guy’s reaction.

As the bill piled up to around a 100 RMB, he steadfastly REFUSED to go the way I was telling him to.

Kept going round and round in circles, and as it degenerated into a yelling contest, he got more and more flustered.

133 RMB.

He stopped.

Right smack in the middle of the road.

And . . . started WHACKING  his face. Slapping it. Literally!

It was like he was being slapped and punished by no-one other than himself, and to see a grown and ostensibly sane man do this in the middle of the road while on driving duty was unnerving to say the least.

After about a 100 or a slaps, he made a call.

I think to the local traffic police from what I understand, and he started complaining about the “rude foreigner”.

Traffic police asked him what was up.

He explained.

Needless to say, even in China, that sort of thing isn’t tolerated and they told him to shape up or ship out.

He did neither.

I walked out of the car, and got another cab, and finally made it to my destination, over 45 minutes late.


And I bring this up . .. why?

Well, because I’ve seen Chinese ladies do the exact same thing plenty of times, except for a different reason apparently.

Many times, you’ll see Chinese ladies slap their faces (and butts) upon waking up (and no, this ain’t sexist or whatever) to not just “wake themselves up” but apparently to get the energy flowing.

And they’re not taps.

They’re loud whacks!

Something to do with meridians and the flow of qi (vital energy in your body). Or something to that effect, and there might just be something to it . . .

Anyway, qi or no qi, tai, or no chi, I have THIS to say.

If you’re looking to get the energy flowing at any time of the day, not just when you wake up, I’ve got jus the thing for you.

It ain’t a cup of Joe either.

No, Joe.

It’s learning how to move about and WALK about – or run – or squat – like an animal.

OR a menagerie of them at that.

You never see a tiger complain about walking too much the day before in search for food and being so tired that he “rests his paws” for the day doing nothing at all except snooze, do you?

Domestic dogs run sprints all the time, but we don’t see them take the next two days “off”, do we?

A grizzly doesn’t complain about being too tired after walking up hills daily, does he?


I didn’t think so, my friend.

Man, to b e honest is the only animal on planet Earth that complains about being routinely tired and feeling like (and being) an utter SLOB at times.

And downright lazy too, and a lot of it is related to energy flow.

Get your energy flow moving the right way. The way Mother Nature intended, and a lot of these problems will fly straight out of the window.

And that’s why I put out Animal Kingdom Workouts, my friends.

An advanced course with not just one, not two, ten, or fifity, but SIXTY EIGHT different ways to move your body like an animal that will start burning fat almost instantly, building MUSCLE – and getting you feeling great all simultaneously.

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it ?

Especially when we consider the time frames involved.

A workout can be as short as a few seconds on this to kick your ass.

Or, as “long” as ten minutes before you really can’t do any more! Or go any longer! 😉

Anyway, check it out for yourself right here my friend.

And get on some of the workouts in it.

And don’t worry. No slapping involved, hehe. Just good ole pure EXERCISE – solid exercise at that – stuff that will get your ass in shape – and fast!

I look forward to hearing of your progress.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – – Along with that, don’t forget to pick up Advanced Hill Training ; the DEFINITIVE book on various types of sprints if there ever was one! 😉

It’s not how you start. It’s how you FINISH!
- Amen my friend!

My friend Charles made an interesting comment to me back in 2019.

This was after the multiple roadbumps I hit in 2018 (which I believe I spoke about on one of the two sites) and after it was all sorted, and all was OK in terms of business etc (actually, I was blasting on full force into a NEW business venture at that point).

And ignoring the one I should have really been spending time on, the one everyone told me to drop and that “I’d never make it doing what I am” . . .

It’s no wonder I once wrote a post about “if everyone is supporting you, it probably isn’t the right thing to do!”

People only see the easy money and the “prize” on offer.

Or the gold at the end of the rainbow. But what they often don’t see is that any real gold requires sacrifice and hard work in spades, and then some and on a level most people could never BEGIN to imagine.

And what seems “easy” isn’t always the right thing to do, and probably never is.

Anyway, where was I?

Ah yes. The comment.

“It isn’t about how you start. It’s about how you finish!”

(I believe this was at a point I returned a loan – – a tiny one – – I’m not sure but I think that’s when he said it. And that’s financial tip # 1 for you guys reading this: the MINUTE you start making money, put some of that away to pay DEBTS off, my friend.).

#2 is something that is so important that it should be right up there with #1, but I’ll get into that later.

But yes, pay off all debts asap (curiously enough my buddy made the following comment, but has done exactly the opposite in his OWN life).

I’ll never forget what my buddy Dwayne once told me about a friend of his.

He owes him some money. A tiny bit of money. A few hundred bucks, and yet, instead of returning it, he’s apparently making expensive gun purchases and such, and showing it off on Facebook and social media . . .

And I agree with what my buddy said – i.e. it’s all well and dandy for him to do that, but why not simply return my cash first?!

Anyway . . .

Point of me saying all this?

Is that it truly isn’t about how you start. It’s about how you finish.

People will remember you not for the struggles, my friend. Not for the times you were down. Not when you needed help. Not when . . . but you get the picture, don’t you?


People will remember you for your ACCOMPLISHMENTS.

At the end of the day, THAT company I refer to so often remembers me for my brazenness, uniqueness, and my ACCOMPLISHMENTS, which try as they might to sweep under the rug can never be done.

The truth always comes out.

When people call me a great motivator (and they’re right), they remember me for my motivational writings. My products that get results.

But not the struggles that went into it.

Don’t get me wrong. The struggles are necessary, but the point is this- if you don’t PERSIST, then all those struggles will have been in vain.

Most great men from Edison to Napoleon Hill to David Copperfield and Abraham Lincoln were NOTHING before the age of 40.

These facts may surprise and shock you.

Henry Ford had NOTHING before his third company finally succeeded. I mean literally less than nothing.

And when you think of those names TODAY, does “less than nothing” come to mind?

I think not, my friend.

It’s not about how you start, son! It’s about how you finish!

And the reason I use “son” there is . . . my all time favorite character Alunzo Harris in Training Day.

It’s not what you know, son! It’s what you can prove!

Boy I love Denzel. Hehe.

Anyway, this applies to fitness too my friend.

If you’re overweight, obese, and looking to get in the best shape of your life – – and finally DO – – then guess what people will remember you for.


Don’t believe me?

IN my own case, Robyn, a model and client of mine (I.T. client) once spoke with me about modeling.

“You can do it too!” (this was back when I wasn’t quite in the sort of shape as I am now, and that’s putting it lightly!)

But I didn’t have the confidence, and end of the day, cavemen don’t make good models, hehe.

Years later, when I got into the best shape of my life, he sent me the following text.

“Congratulations on getting into shape. Feels great doesn’t it?”

And at that point, I was getting these sort of texts damn near daily.

From my students. Colleagues. Friends. Clients.

“He’s really lost a lot of weight!” said a certain person named Carol as she was sitting in (yikes!) an English class of all things.

Nah. That wasn’t your typical ESL class; it was a lot of fun, hehe, and I’ll leave it there! 😉

Point is, again . . .

It’s not how you start. Or proceed. It’s the end result that counts, and that’s really the bottom line!!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Wouldn’t YOU like to get in the sort of shape where you get comments like the above from just about everyone you meet? If so, invest in  the best damned fitness system PRONTO – right here –

P.S #2 – And yes, I keep referring to both my sites. YES, the website is meant for another pursuit, but for now, I’m still posting there as well, so if you want to be “apprised” of all posts there as soon as they happen – make sure to sign up for the newsletter there as well!

Brazenness VS Sheer STUPIDITY
- Sometimes you just have to stop and say "WTF"

Sometimes you just have to shake your head and (as a friend recently told me privately) “WTF”.

I mean, really.

You DO have to say it sometimes with a look of utter incredulousness on your face as if “is this truly possible”?

Can someone truly be that deranged?

And apparently the answer to that is yes.

I don’t know if you’ve heard about it, but the Chinese have effectively stripped Hong Kong of their “special status” afforded to them back in 1997 last week. I heard about it vaguely, but didn’t really bother researching it more (can we say my fitness books and computer issues were taking up ALL my time)?

And the book that was taking up most of the time, and rightfully so is right HERE –

Anyway, so amongst the other things the law has done, it has effectively taken away what made HK so special in the HK-China region; the ONE place where some sort of democracy was allowed to thrive.

The one place in the region where the judiciary was indeed independent of the police (and despite attempts being made to change that by the mainlanders, nothing really happened on a large scale . . . UNTIL NOW).

And the one place where you could speak your mind freely. About anything. Including the moronic CCP.

But I’ve often said before that Hong Kong is, at the end of the day a Chinese issue, and while I’m saddened by the fact the Chinese didn’t follow their agreement, I’m not surprised.

As I’ve written about before, does a fox change it’s colors?

I don’t think so, my friend, and for the Chinese to renege on an agreement is as common as it is for you and I reading this, for instance, to STICK to a mutually agreed upon agreement.

They just have a different view of things there! Contracts meant to be broken and worth little more than the paper they’re inked on (and if you don’t believe me, well, have another think. I’m currently engaging in dealing with several Chinese factories as we’re talking for a myriad variety of issues!).

All non fitness related, so don’t worry. 😉

Anyway, the most LU-DICK-ROUS (sorry, had to do it!) part of all this, and indeed what I Deem as pure insanity is this.

It matters not where you’re in the world, or what social media platform you’re using, but if you write anything that they deem “subversive” or otherwise “anti party”, then you’re liable to be prosecuted  . . . even if you’re just arriving in Hong Kong for tourism, for instance!

And while that was pretty much always “de facto” the case in the mainland, it’s now extended to HK too.

And if there ever was something quite as moronic as this law, I’m yet to see it.

The defenders of this law, most notably Carrie Lam claim that the law will be “applied” only for TRUE cases where “national security” truly is at stake, and if it were any other nation saying this, I might be inclined to believe it.

But coming from the CCP?

I doubt it, my friend.

There is indeed a line between brazenness – – and sheer STUPIDITY!

And this law is just as stupid as it gets, given it attempts to police Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of the free world.

Utterly ludicrous, and I just had to get that off my chest (and no I ain’t gonna shy away from expressing my opinion very publicly on it either).

Anyway . . . off my soap box on that one.

But hey, it applies to FITNESS too.

My products have often been called overly promotional by some.

Some claim I’m “arrogant” and hate my very guts.

Some will go to the ends of the earth to simply tear apart ANYTHING I write or say because they hate me that much.

Quite the polarizer I am, hehe.

And so be it. That’s how I’ve always been, and that’s how Ill always be.

But fact is this, my friend.

My products DELIVER.

I care NOT if you like me or not, but if you’re looking to get fit – in the shortest possible amount of time and in the most efficient manner, then Rahul Mookerjee is your man.

And then some.

And if that sounds arrogant, so be it. I’ve got the results to back it up, and so do my customers. And a quick peek at our testimonials page will be MORE than enough to convince you of that.

OK, enough for now.

I’m off for a jump rope workout soon, or maybe pull-ups. Learning towards the latter. We’ll see!


Rahul Mookerjee

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The best finisher EVER!
- . . . left me spanked!

This afternoon, as I got done with my own workout, I Called my daughter into join me, into the fray.

She didn’t want to.

“Im on the dumb phone, Dad!”

OK she didn’t say dumb phone, hehe, but you get the point.

“No problem”, I responded, smiling internally.

And I started doing my own thang.

My patented “animal like” workouts which I often use these days as a finisher.

As the sweat started to pour, and heart really start to hammer, I was almost collapsiong in a heat.

I paused to “catch my breath” while leaning against the wall.

My breath coming in HUGE RAGGEDY gasps!

And my little one of course heard it.

“Whats up, Dad!” she said.

“Come and beat me in the race!” I said, barely able to get the words out!

“sureeeeeeeeee”  she trilled.

And with that, she was off in the bear crawl.

Midway through the race, I collapsed again.

Sure, I had done a tough, tough workout before with very little rest. 30 minutes all in all of solid rope sprints, and that will KILL the cardio system in a good way, but still.

The bear crawl is but one of the exercises I speak about very highly in the 0 Excuses Fitness and Kiddie Fitness.

Truth be told I should come out with a course called “Bodybuilder fitness” which coveres nothing but animal like workouts, because most boobybuilders and gym goers would fall flat on their face if they even TRIED such a workout.

Including you 500 lb bench pressers.


I can put you through a simple ass workout that will kick your booty from here to you know where, and ALL with animal kingdom like workouts!

I’m sitting here right now.

A good hour or so after my workout.

After a shower.

Without a shirt . . .

.  .  . and the sweat is still trickling off me??!!

How effective do you think these sort of workouts are?

YOU TELL me, my friend.

And on that note, let me tell you that while the bear crawl is one of the most effective finishers ever, it aint the only one.

And it can be used as a workout unto itself with a few other animal like movements which require NOTHING but your own body, and a willingness to get down and just do it.

I may or may not put out a course on animal like movements, but if I do, rest assured the price will be HIGH, and it ain’t gonna be cheap, because if you think my CURRENT workouts are tough, then wait until you see what I’ve got planned for YOU in the future!

And that’s that forn now.

(Edit – and being this was written almost a week ago, and being Animal Kingdom Workouts IS OUT – HERE is where you can go to get it!)

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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The miles go by like WATER . . . under the bridge . . .
- . . . one of my favorite montages ever!

I don’t  know if you’ve seen the Sly Stallone starrer “Over the Top” way back in the day.

It’s about an arm wrestler who drives trucks to make a living until he finally wins the BIG arm wrestling competition, and a man (same character) who is estranged from his son but is desperately trying to make amends for his past mistakes in that regard.

Not a bad flick, especially not if you’re into “pot boilers”, hehe.

Anyway, in that move there is a song which is titled “Giving more than we receive”. OR something like that. I can’t remember the exact name.

But it plays as Stallone drives the truck through miles and miles of empty country expanse, and as you hear the song say “the miles go under the bridge” (not the exact words), you can literally SEE it in front of you. I think it was the initial montage that had that song . . .

The miles that go by like WATER . . . under the bridge! Ah, I got it now.

I loved the movie, as well as Cobra, another Sly potboiler.

The never ending miles unfold as far as I can see . . .

Right on the spot.

Follow my heart.

Giving MORE than we receive, and its with an open heart that we . . .

. . .

. . .

Great song, hehe.

And today while working out, guess what happened.

That song came to mind.

Along with a visual, but not an associated one.

The visual of a COUNTER before my eyes.

Numbers FLYING off the counter as the reps flew off the rope, and (as my daughter noted) I sweated up several “gallons”.

It was like a real counter in front of me, counting “double”.

So, if I was counting till a 100, the counter would count “1” twice.

And getting to 50 #2 means a 100 reps!

This by itself is a very powerful tip I’m giving you my friend, especially when the “numbers seem too far away”.

Trick your brain into thinking they’re NEARER Than they really are – – and you’ll not only have a super workout, but you’ll also get done a lot quicker as I did today.

And that’s today’s tip. See what you can make of it, my friend!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Animal Kingdom Workouts!
- Become the REAL MAN (or woman) you were MEANT to be

What a frustrating last 8-10 hours it’s been!

And what a HARD few hours before that (but very enjoyable!)!!

What do I mean here?

Frustrating, I hear you ask me? A new product’s out, and you’re frustrated?

Well, not exactly my friend . . . not at the product itself.

In fact that’s about the only good news I’ve got to give you for the past couple a days, and there’s been a LOT going on.

Not to mention my computer screwing up ROYALLY over the past day or so. Seems the mammoth Animal Kingdom Workouts book was too much for it to handle, hehe, and it’s been acting weird since yesterday.

It took me (or was taking, I should say) three hours to do what should have been done in three minutes flat. Literally. It was that bad.

And the problem still ain’t fixed despite bazillions of installs, uninstalls, and so forth.

But it’s working to the point now I can upload the latest product we have – – Animal Kingdom Workouts!

This is truly the most comprehensive book out there on HARD workouts.

Isometrics fans, you’ll love this. Plenty of static holds and one arm workouts in there as well!

Rapid fat loss, and muscle building at a rate that will bring the INNER BEAST and REAL MAN (or woman) back in you RAPIDLY.

(The above is sadly lacking in today’s world as you know).

Modern day man is a royal MESS my friend.

Not only are most modern day men flabby and out of shape and always complaining about something or the other, or unable to seemingly focus on anything or achieve any sort of goal, but they’re also WEAK – mentally (where it counts the most).

And, speaking of counting the most, most men are unable to perform at any decent level in the . . . ah, but you get the picture don’t you?

It’s a sorry state of affairs indeed my friend, but if you’re reading this and can empthasize, take HEART.

Deep down under, there exists a REAL MAN in you, my friend.

A STRONG, FIT, virile man that is a GO GETTTER as Nature intended.

A physically FIT man with LOADS of energy to boot, and that “primal vibe” coming off you which will make other men stop and take note of you.

This real man is INSIDE of you, just waiting to be released.

And pumping iron in the gym ain’t gonna do it. Neither will countless rounds on the pavement or slow swimming or yoga shmoga or whatever (or Spandex, surely!).

What is needed is for you to get back to BASICS.

As Nature Intended.

And as I get back to fixing my computer, I have this to say – – email updates may be sporadic until I get all this RESOLVED.

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Rahul Mookerjee

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