Chest and triceps … and LEGS!
- And a novel way indeed to work them!

Dear Reader,

I’ve been preaching about the benefits of heavy leg work for eons now, and with darn good reason.

Heavy leg (and back) work works the ENTIRE body into the ground – and those that do this on a regular basis are “curiously enough” (or perhaps not!) far likelier to have a deep, strong chest and broad shoulders without even doing any direct work for them – as opposed to someone that spends all his time on the bench press.

But what if there was a way that you could do a lot of leg work – and up the ante in terms of chest work even more?

Well, it’s possible my friend. It certainly is – and was today!

You probably remember me saying I wasn’t sore from my workout in the pool the other day, huh?

Workout -cum- swimming lesson, and while I wasn’t sore in the slightest after that workout, I might have spoken too soon.

I did a special workout in the pool today that has left me MEGA sore – and this is a mere couple of hours after my workout (which of course included training my daughter in between laps and mega-shennanigans as well if you get my drift!).

And what did it comprise of?

Well simple – the almighty BREAST stroke – and the butterfly stroke – both strokes that most folks don’t do when it comes to swimming – or if they do it, they do it incorrectly.

And this isn’t surprising. While the breast stroke gets a rap for being the most “leisurely” stroke there is – the reality is that it along with the butterfly is one of the most taxing strokes there is in the pool.

And again, you gotta learn and do it right.

The frog kick by itself works the entire core and lower body – especially the thighs and the groin area. For those of you with that stubborn lower belly fat – well – THIS kick is the one you need to practice in the pool as opposed to the flutter kick used in the front crawl.

And if you’re looking to build a strong, deep chest – and “swimmer’s shoulders” – not to mention do heavy tricep work – well – the “fan” motion by the upper body during the breast stroke and butterfly are one of the very best ways to GET said attributes in the pool.

Now, it goes without saying that while swimming is a great workout, you have to learn – and do it right.

Not everyone is able to swim the breaststroke for laps galore in an Olympic sized pool, let alone the butterfly. More to the point, we don’t all have a pool right next door to jump into, although we’d love to – especially during the summer time !

So as I sit here, triceps and chest burning, and groin aching (get your mind outta the gutter, hehe) – I’m reminded of when I first started to pound out a 100 pushups a day – and the very first day I did 500 during the day.

Much the same effect was felt – ALL over the body – and for those of you that don’t have a pool – or hill – nearby – well, pushups leave you with NO excuses, my friend.

All you need is your body and a few sqyare feet of space and you’re set.

And do it right – and you’ll literally get the best workout of your life in 15 minutes or less. You CAN go longer if you like – I often do – but do you have to?

Heck no – and thats the best part about the 0  Excuses Fitness System – superior overall body results in the shortest amount of time possible!

Jump on board TODAY, my friend. It truly is the best fitness system out there on the planet, and that’s saying something!


Rahul Mookerjee

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My swim workouts back home
- An excellent core and upper back workout indeed!

Dear Reader,

So, I’ve not written to you for a while now – a week or so, I’m guessing.

And I’ve got a good reason too! While the last “break” was due to what was going on business wise, THIS time it’s basically because I’m on vacation (sort of) back home in India – and that’s proving to be an adventure in itself.

From the minute the Air India flight took off back home to India (note to self – and others reading this – NEVER fly Air India if you can help it, hehe) to the minute I landed back home and my almost-six year old jumped straight into my lap, it’s been an adventure of sorts.

No rest for the “wicked” as they say, hehe, and while I haven’t been able to get my regular hill workouts in over here, I’ve been getting MORE than my fair share keeping up with my daughter, working on my tea venture – and of course, hitting the park for my pushups and pull-ups.

And of course … the SWIM workouts.

FWIW, we’ve put our daughter in a swimming class over the holidays. But the coach was overburdened with way too many kids, and yours truly, while I was not quite “planning” to jump in the water myself, I finally had enough of instructing my daughter from the sidelines.

And I took the plunge – both literally and figuratively – and restarted an activity that I’ve always enjoyed immensely – and that sort of comes naturally to me – only difference being this time its to teach my daughter what I already know.

And she’s going great. The little girl made it all the way to the deep end today (albeit with Papa) – and thats great progress considering that never happened even once in the month preceding it.

Now, I’ve always remembered swimming to be physically challenging – especially in terms of the triceps, upper body and CORE – as well as legs if you kick right.

And it is – and HAS been that way for me in the past, so I figured it would be the same this time, since I haven’t swam for a while.

But, as I got in the water, it was anything but. Took me a second or so to get back into the “swimming groove” as it were, and from there on it seemed so easy that I wondered why exactly it seemed so taxing all those years ago …

After a solid 1.5 hour session (a lot of that spent with my little girl on my back while I swam) – I fully expected to be EXHAUSTED.

I fully expected my core to be hammered.

I fully expected my traps and upper back to be screaming.

But as I sit here, writing this to you, nigh none of this has happened.


And this seems all the more incredulous given I’ve been doing nothing but heavy LEG and back work over the past few months – namely hill work and pull-ups.

While pull-ups obviously have a carry over effect into swimming, you’d think leg work wouldn’t eh?

Well, think AGAIN, my friend – and this is yet another reason you absolutely MUST include heavy, heart pounding LEG work in your routine. It strengthens the entire body beyond belief – yes – EVEN the upper body!

And it builds stamina like nothing else as well – not to mention flattens the core quicker than almost anything else.

I’m nowhere near as exhausted from my swim session today as I am after my workouts in China – and that’s saying something!

Maybe I’ll ramp up the intensity tomorrow. Maybe I’ll go all out. We’ll see. For now though, I’m having fun – and on that note, it’s adios.

I’ll be writing again soon – photos on Instagram, by the way, for those interested!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Every situation has a positive
- Yes - indeed!

Dear Reader,

What I am about to say today might sound incredulous – but it’s true.

If you’ve ever been down in the dumps – or currently are – or were in the past – either life wise – or financially – or fitness wise, for that matter – well – then guess what.

It might just be the best darn thing that ever happened to you!

A few years ago, an emergency occurred in my life that left me without funds to cover even my most basic expenses – let alone BUSINESS expenses.

I was literally at my lowest ebb. I was literally down in the dumps – BIG time.

There was pressure on me from every conceivable angle – and then some.

And as I paced around the park in New Delhi one starry night trying to figure out how exactly it is I was going to get what I wanted, suddenly, everything went silent around me.

I stopped in my tracks (I was pacing around the monkey bars) and felt like a great “realization” had dawned upon me – and I KNEW – though there is no logic behind this – that my most pressing problems would be SOLVED – somehow.

One of the most pressing problems I faced at that point was putting food on the table. Literally. That, and a few other pressing business issues that had to be addressed.

There was nothing on the horizon – nothing at all – and yet, the sense of CALMNESS I felt was different from anything else I had ever felt before!

I just KNEW that my issues would be resolved – but I did not know how.

Although I did not quite understand it at that point, I was literally being acquainted with my “other self” at that point.

This other self, as Napoleon Hill wrote in Outwitting the Devil, knows no limitations and has no boundaries. It might meet with temporary defeat, but not permanent failure – and it ALWAYS finds a way to accomplish the desired ends.

The above isn’t quoted verbatim, but is the sum and substance of what Hill inferred after going through an eerily similar experience to what I myself quoted above.

It is indeed in times of great emergencies – when we’re forced to dig deep – that we are introduced to our OTHER SELVES – and if you were to ask me – would I go back and choose to go through what I did in order to gain the “benefit” above?

Heck yeah.

Although I wouldn’t wish for those circumstances to happen again, NOTHING would persuade me to “go back and change history” as it were, for the lesson I learnt were invaluable!

As Napoleon Hill said,

Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equivalent, or greater benefit. 

Now, over the past month I’ve written about how I was duped (literally) in a business transaction. I’ve also written about several other stressful occurrences – and while these are NOWHERE near as serious as what I’ve mentioned above, there have been times I’ve wondered “if it’s all worth it”.

And you know what?

EVERY time that thought comes into my mind, Hill’s quote flashes into my mind – and its TRUE.

What I learnt from the past month is this – that while emails and texts are great – nothing quite beats a good old fashioned PHONE call.

The world is starting to slowly move away from “dumbphone” addiction in general – – but there are still some “die hards” amongst us that prefer the old school way even when everyone else around them is immersed in their dumbphones – and my hats off to these fine folks.

Now, how does this apply fitness wise you might ask. Does it even apply?

You “bet your Betsy” it does, bro (or sis).

If you’re currently at “beached whale” status (and lets face it, many folks are) – this is an OPPORTUNITY to get up off the couch – and show not only the world – but YOU – what you’re made of.

It’s an OPPORTUNITY to shed the flab – build some muscle – and have people commenting in awe within a few weeks as you lose that flab quicker than anyone thought possible.

If you’re currently at 25 pull-ups, but can’t progress beyond that no matter what – despite trying everything – well guess what, my friend.

(BTW – our book on pull-ups is going gangbusters on Amazon amongst other places – and you really need to get your paws on it NOW –

The positive is you’ve realized what DOESN’T work – and nothing, I repeat, nothing beats EXPERIENCE in this regard!

I could wax lyrical about all this, but the bottom line is this, my friend – there is ALWAYS a positive.

You just have to look for it – and once you do – WATCH out. The seas of your life will literally start to part – both lifewise – and FITNESS WISE!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I’ll close today out with a quote from Emerson’s Essay on Compensation –

Every lash inflicted is a tongue of fame; every prison a more illustrious abode; every burned book or house enlightens the world; every suppressed or expunged word reverberates through the earth from side to side

Read between the lines, my friend. There’s always a positive – if you look for it!

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The importance of proper STRETCHING
- ...cannot be overestimated!

Dear Reader,


As I descended the hill this morning, I felt a sharp pain in my left calf – a pain that caused me to stop walking and almost fall over instantly.

It was a muscle cramp – one of those painful muscle cramps that often occurs when you workout REAL hard and don’t stretch properly – but it’s not something that happens to me often at all, so it took my completely by surprise.

I stretched the area out, sweat literally pouring off me as I did. It’s a hot, hot day here … the temperature has soared up to 42 degrees Centigrade – – and at 90% humidity levels it feels more like a sauna than the great outdoors – especially when you’re working out HARD.

Now, I took a break from my outdoor workout yesterday – but I DID do something.

I did my 0 Excuses Fitness 250 pushup workout – – plus I did some walking.

So I did do something, but I noticed one very important thing I missed – and yes, sometimes even yours truly misses things – hey – I’m human! – that being a proper calf/hamstring stretch.

And as I stretched out today after my workout, I felt my right hamstring “tweak” itself a little.

I took time to stretch the entire area out, and then did some back stretches – and now – an hour or so after  a workout that would probably put a lot of people in the emergency room – I feel GREAT.

Actually on that note, I did see a girl up and faint on the hill today. She was promptly attended to, of course – but the importance of proper hydration here cannot be over-emphasized – and no, hydration doesnt mean a cold beer – or Coke – or Gatorade.

It means plain and simple WATER – and perhaps green tea if you’re into that (you should be!) – but the importance of chugging down enough water before and after your workouts cannot be over-emphasized.

My current routine includes pounding 2.5 liters of water first thing when I wake up – and 1.5 liters AFTER my workout (which is in the morning these days due to obvious reasons).

This has something to do with how much your muscles cramp too. Dehydrated muscles will naturally cramp a lot more than hydrated muscles.

As I write this, I remember a time last month where I was having extremely painful muscle cramps on the left side of my abdomen when I did something as simple as sneezing.

It was so painful that I’d literally hold my side as I walked around trying to recover – and the key to resolving this as well was proper stretching that targets the entire area.

I do so on a regular basis now, and don’t face any issues – and if you’re working out hard and heavy – or even if you’re working out AT ALL – you should be as well!

And that is precisely what is so awesome about the System – or one of things that is, at any rate.

You get a STRETCHING workout in as well when you do these exercises – and if you do what I did at the end of the workout video, which is basically a combo of stretching/bridging, muscle cramps will likely be a thing of the past.

No more waking up in the middle of the night screaming in agony as your calves cramp – or your triceps do – unless you like the pain, of course.

And in that case I could probably direct you to a … ah, but we’ll stop there!!

Jokes apart – make sure to stretch well daily – it will stand you in good stead!

And don’t remember to pick up the System right here – –

OK, my friend. I’m out for now. I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Bodyweight vs the “push pull” methodology
- Pay attention to the most important muscle in your body, my friend!

Dear Reader,

One of the most amazing things when it comes to physical training is this – that people often time overlook the MOST important muscle to train …

I’m not talking your legs and back – or forearms – or core. All of that is nigh important, but without the right mental attitude (as I’ve been discussing over the past couple of days), you’re not really going to GET anywhere.

It really, really all starts in the mind, my friend.

The most important muscle is the one up there in your noggin – the BRAIN – and why do I bring this up?

Well, the problem with “modern day” training is that very little, if any, attention is paid to health from the inside out – or feeling good – or actually training the BRAIN to focus better on your goals etc when training.

Modern day training is all about “push vs pull”.

Yeah. Whoopity doo. So you lie down on a bench, grunt out a few reps on the bench, rest, check the smartphone, pump and preen for the bros (or perhaps babes) – and then you perform a “counter” movement on the lat pulldown.

Now don’t get me wrong – if that is what you want to do – go for it, but really, how much skill does it take to actually do this?

May take STRENGTH – but what about skill – flexibility  – coordination – proper hand/feet movements etc?

This morning I saw a man out there on the mountain doing something I haven’t seen before.

‘Twas that long, imposing flight of stairs – the same one I’ve posted pictures galore of on Instagram and Facebook, but he wasn’t just climbing it.

He was walking down the stairs – but get this – in REVERSE.

Yes, that’s right.

Long, steep hill. Hot, hot day. He was exhausted after his climb. And yet, he was walking backwards down the hill – down STEPS at that!

If that sounds simple, I have this to say – TRY it – especially at the end of a workout. You’d better make sure you’ve got training partners around as well, haha – wouldn’t want you to take a nasty bump or something!

I’ve spoken about the benefits of reverse training before, of course. Reverse training is something I cover galore in Eat More – Weigh Less, and it is, along with the nature of the movements mentioned therein – one of the main reasons fat flies off so quickly when you start working on the exercises.

More to the point (of this email) though, this sort of activity builds synapses in the brain – and has been PROVEN to increase brain activity manifold. I’m not going to post the research here (a bit stymied for time at this point), however, a quick Google around will reveal the benefits of backward walking etc.

And if you’re not brave enough to walk backwards  down stairs – well – try handstands.

Try Hindu push-ups.

Try ANYTHING that requires more co-ordination and motor – and BRAIN – skills than parking your arse on the seat of a machine and grunting out the reps, my friend.

And then get back to me in terms of how the activity challenged you – overall.

Case and point, I believe – and I’ll sign off on that note now!


Rahul Mookerjee

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What is it you REALLY WANT?
- Definiteness of purpose is key to achieving anything in life - fitness included!

Dear Reader,

In the path breaking Napoleon Hill book “Think and Grow Rich“, there is a section of the book that the author considers SO important that it is placed right at the start of the book.

BEFORE the Author’s preface. BEFORE the Publisher’s preface.

Yes, right there at the start of the book – and the title of the Chapter jumps out at you.


An amazingly simple question you’d think, and yet, even more (or perhaps not so) amazingly enough, when you ask people this question – 99 % of people are unable to answer with any clarity.

Por ejemeplo, I often ask folks what exactly they’re looking to get out of life.

The answer is almost always this – more money.

OK, how much more?

Uhhh … As much as I can! The more the better!

OK, so what are you going to do with the money?

Uhhhh … I don’t know! I just want it!

And so forth. One almost always gets vague answers to what should answered AS precisely as possible.

It’s probably 1 out of a 100 people – or more – that can answer instantly and precisely, and THAT is the person that oddly enough, or perhaps NOT so, is the person really “going to town” in all regards.

As Claude Bristol says in the Magic of Believing, it’s incredibly hard to get people to focus on any ONE thought for any length of time.

Thoughts ebb and flow with amazing speed through the average person’s mind – and this “un-cordinated” mass of thoughts is then fed to the subconscious – which works to bring exactly THAT to reality – and if you don’t believe me – well – is it any wonder that the vast majority of people are UNHAPPY with not just their current fitness levels – but life as well?

Quoting again from Think and Grow Rich,

These facts – and they are fact well known to almost everyone who knew Mr. Carnegie – give you a fair idea of what the reading of the book may  bring to you provided you know WHAT IS IT THAT YOU WANT.

Personally, for me, every success in my life – or business – or fitness – or anything at all for that matter has been about KNOWING what it is I really, really want – picturing it with deep emotion (either consciously or unconsciously) and then going to “work” – except that work is a lot easier than you might think.

Opportunities are abundant, my friend – but provided you KNOW what it is you want – and COMMUNICATE this to the subconscious mind effectively.

At the end of the day it is really our subconscious minds that decide our destiny and where we are headed in life, and this is a fact that cannot be debated or argued – it just IS.

Now, fitness wise, what does this mean?

Well, tons of people have a goal to get “fit”.

OK, so what does that mean?

Uh, I guess the usual …

OK, what is the usual?

Uh, I guess lose weight and look good.

OK, how much weight? Where exactly? What does looking good entail?

Uh, I don’t know. Just overall … I guess just go to the gym and …

OK, and …

Uh, I guess just do what everyone else does. It should work.

OK, take a look around you. Do you think people are getting fitter – or FATTER – and more unhappy by the day?

Uh ….

And so forth, my friend. This may sound hilarious to some, but its TRUE.

I wrote a post a few days ago about PICTURING what it is you want out of your fitness regimen, and then reinforcing that picture on a continual and INTENSE basis into your brain until you really start to “believe”.

Tap tap tap, my friend, as the incomparable Claude Bristol said. Repetition is indeed the CADENCE of the Universe, and if you don’t believe me?

Well, step back and consider any success you’ve had in the past – or in the here and now.

Analyze the thought processes that led to that success – and then go back and read this email again.

I’ll bet youll find “gold in dem hills” my friend!

OK, so that is the message for today. Back again tomorrow!


Rahul Mookerjee

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An occasional “break”
- ... and the results ...

Dear Reader,

It’s no secret at all that I advocate training hard on a regular – and usually DAILY basis.

It’s NOT a secret either that I do so regularly myself – both at home – as well as outdoors – sometimes in weather that would have the most experienced of “thrill seekers” running for cover.

And yet, there are times where I simply cannot get my regular routine in – and have to be content with less than my regular routine – or perhaps a quick dose of 0 Excuses Fitness.

Mark my words, I do SOMETHING daily – and that quick dose does more good for the body that hours spent at the gym do for most people – but this isn’t about promoting the System, hehe.

This is about my recent two day break from hill climbing – due to a combination of weather, pressing business reasons – as well as something else I’m not going to mention here.

So for two days I didn’t climb my favorite hill – and I was nigh curious to see how my times would be when I got back on the stick (which was today).

I’ve been bettering my previous climb times almost each and every day for the past two weeks, and that ain’t no easy task in this hot, humid and subtropical weather -the kind of weather where sweat starts dripping off you almost as soon as you leave home – let alone do any form of exercise.

I was expecting it to be tougher today. I always take  a while to “get back into the groove” after a lay off – either short or long.

But funnily enough, as I climbed – it was the exact opposite!

I felt like I had pillars of steel instead of legs propelling me up that damn hill – twice as fast as most of the other seasoned exercise fanatics up there – and as I finished my third climb up the hill, a lady (who hadn’t even finished ONE climb up by then) looked on in awe and made the usual “Wah! Hao li hai!” comment.

(excellent, for those you that dont speak Mandarin Chinese).

And I say this not to toot my own horn – but to say THIS – that sometimes a short break from the more rigorous parts of your routine actually does you more GOOD than harm.

… as long as you do SOMETHING daily.

Back in the day, when I’d take breaks, I’d do very little on my days off – and though I didn’t know it – this was what caused me a while to “get back in the groove” as it were.

But now – I do something pretty much everyday – and although pull-ups and hiking are the mainstay of my CURRENT routine – I don’t take long at all to get back “into the groove” after a bit of a lay off.

Key thing being this – I do something on my days off – something that makes me sweat, huff and puff – even if it’s just for 5 minutes.

Could be 100 Hindu squats. Could be a 100 pushups. Could be a brisk walk around the “hood”. Something – anything – and that makes the regular tough leg’n’back workouts that much easier when I get back on the stick!

So that’s the tale for today. I BE a buzzing – and on that note, it’s adios, amigos.

I’ll be back later – – oh, and I’ve received a request to have my 0 Excuses Fitness BOOK translated into Spanish. We’ll see if there are any takers for that – I’ll keep y’all updated!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Visualizing a FIT YOU
- Just do it, my friend!

Dear Reader,

Today’s email will be a short one, but it will be one of the most “meaningful” ones you ever read – IF you have a mind that is OPEN to accepting new possibilities and boundless RESULTS.

Lots of people look away when they hear/read the words “visualization” or the “power of the mind” – and if that is you – well – no problem, my friend. Click away right now.

But for those interested in truly mind boggling, earth shattering spectacular results – in ALL spheres of life, well, read on.

It’s no secret that I’ve waxed lyrical about the power of visualization, and the immense benefits it has had for me – as well as EVERY other person that I’ve coached in this technique.

And I’m not just talking fitness. I’m talking business – I’m talking making money – even finding the “mate” of your dreams should you so desire.

Yes, we are what we think about – but it’s not as simple as simply “visualizing” once a day as the “experts” recommend.

It ain’t about simply “thinking” about the thing, although that is part of it.

It is … but wait.

You’re on this list, so I’m assuming you’ve got a keen interest in fitness.

Maybe some of you want to shed that unwanted beer belly.  Love handles. Get back into the “sleekest, cat like shape” you were in “all those years ago”, or perhaps even better.

Maybe you want shoulders like boulders.

Maybe you want biceps as big as soccer balls.

Whatever it is, take a minute to picture it – and then – – more importantly, FIND – – or DRAW a picture of this new YOU after you do.

When I say find, I mean for those of you that “were” in the sort of shape you are currently trying to get into.

It matters not if you’re a skilled artist or someone that can barely draw a square without messing it up (like me).

What matters is that the picture has meaning to you. Make sure you feel something when you look at the picture – or this entire exercise will be in vain

What also matters is that the picture is placed prominently someplace that you see all the time.

This could your computer desktop. It could be on top of the T.V., if you spend a lot of time regaling yourself in front of the boob tube.

It could be near the desktop calendar in your cube.

Wherever it is, make sure you see it often.

Do this for the next 30 days (in conjunction with a good fitness routine), and report back on your results, my friend.

I’ll be bet your nigh amazed at how far you’ve come.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – What I just gave away before is something I usually charge big bucks to coach people on.  However, it’s yours for FREE as a sort of “incentive” for being on this list. More such tips to come – stay tuned!

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Body mass – or body FAT?
- It isn't about mass - it's about the type of mass!

Dear Reader,

So, I was talking to a good friend the other day on the much debated topic of “big” vs “skinny”.

If you’re in any way, shape or form interested in fitness, you’ve likely heard this one.

The “big guys” can’t do this conundrum/debate, in other words, and from then of course it turns into a discussion about what exactly “big” entails – along with personal “views” on the same.

Views wasn’t the word I’m looking for. It’s on the tip of my tongue, but we’ll let it slide for now …

Anyway, the reason I’m bringing this up today is this – the words “big” and “fat” are amongst the most misused / misunderstood in the fitness industry today.

Lots of “fat” folks console themselves by saying they’re “big” – while lots of big folks are erroneously sometimes termed as being “fat”.

And as if this wasn’t enough – yes – big people can often be actually fat – and fat people – well – they’re usually “big” – at least in terms of the look!

But the words mean what they’re supposed to mean. To me, big doesn’t mean fat – and fat doesn’t necessarily mean big either.

Anyway, so my friend was talking about how a big cyclist like himself (for example) could easily outsprint a smaller cyclist on flat ground – but on hills? No way, Jose!

“Why not”, I asked, curious to know his reasoning.

“Well, I’m a much bigger guy”, he told me. “I’ve got a lot more mass, and …”

“But that hardly matters. Mass isn’t what is important, it is …”

“Of course it is! The more mass you carry – whether it is muscle or fat – the more you have to “pump” up the hill. It’s just normal physics – a skinnier or smaller person could probably easily sprint up the hill a lot faster!”

Now, it was late at night so we went on to bed after that – but this, my friend is one of the MOST commonly misunderstood things when it comes to fitness.

And I’m here to clear this B.S. up once – and for all!

First off, if I’ve got it right, force equals MASS times acceleration. I’m no Newton – not even close to it –  and was pretty terrible at Physics in school, but that is what I remember, and I believe it’s right.

And ALL things being equal (which by the way in my buddy’s example were not – he was comparing himself to his girlfriend – completely different body type, mass , shape etc) – – it stands to good reason that force generated will be MORE if the mass and acceleration are more as well.

With me so far?

Good – but the only caveat is this – if that mass is MUSCLE mass – as opposed to fat around the midsection – and THIS is the point most people don’t get.

More muscle naturally means more acceleration – – meaning more overall power – – and all other things being same, that “bigger” person will naturally sprint up a hill – or on flat ground a lot faster than someone that can generate less overall force.

It’s common sense – and yet it’s amazing how many people buy into the “I’m big, so I can’t do this” fallacy.

When you look at people like Herschel Walker – or Walter Peyton – or Mike Tyson – what words naturally come to mind?

Big, strong and muscular – but not FAT – and these guys all ran hill sprints – and pool sprints and did plenty of other HIIT training all day long.

I’ve personally seen stronger and bigger guys outrun skinnier dudes on the hill – as well as while doing pull-ups – or even while cycling (which admittedly is something I’m not personally into, but which is a great overall exercise if done right).

It’s the same thing with pull-ups – or handstand pushups – or tougher bodyweight exercises by the way.

A lot of folks claim that “bigger” folks can’t do them because of more body mass – and again – this view is WRONG.

Look at Vince Gironda, for one – the “father” of the Gironda pull-up. He wasn’t skinny – or overly “small” – but the fact is that he had no fat around the midsection – and THAT is the entire point, my friend.

It’s not about how big you are. It’s about how much FAT you’re carrying – especially around the midsection – and that is really the bottom line here.

Now, last, but not least, a lot of “big and fat” guys revert back to the “well, but I could outlift you in terms of a one-time lift”.

Well, perhaps – and then again, maybe not. I’ve seen skinny dudes that are amazingly strong, but even if you could, so what?

Let’s assume you could pick up the functionally fit person and toss him through a window.

Well, good on you – but what if you had to climb out of that window – and down a drainpipe – out of a burning building – to save your life?

Sig Klein, old time strongman had to do just that – and he didn’t just do it himself. He rescued a person stuck in that building – carrying her down in one hand – while himself descending the pipe with the other!

I don’t know about you, my friend – but that is the sort of strength I’ll take – ANY day of the week, hehe.

So, key point to take away from all this?

Make sure your workouts focus on overall body strength and conditioning – but most importantly, building tons of muscle WHILE reducing – and preferably entirely eliminating FAT around the core and midsection.

That last bit really is the most important part, my friend. Get a jump start on it today by engaging in the very workouts that will melt the fat off you quicker than grease on a George Foreman burner if I might say so.

Those workouts are right here, my friend.

As for me, it’s time for some Yunnan black tea – and I’ll be back again tomorrow!

If you workout today – make it a super one – and let me know how it went!


Rahul Mookerjee

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What the Sage of Concord told me …
- 'twas indeed an experience ...

Dear Reader,

So it’s been a long, long time since my last email to you – and for that I do apologize – sincerely!

It could be argued, of course that I have a valid excuse – or several – but at the end of the day none of them really cut it. I’ve been remiss, and for that I do apologize again – and what exactly have I been up to, you ask?

Well, plenty!

For starters, I’ve been dealing with a business deal gone awry in the worst possible way and the worst possible time – and to top it all off, the “deal” I agreed to might have actually been a SCAM of the worst order.

Not just a scam per se – but a scam where the person literally abuses the trust invested in them by the customer – something that is NOT given easily if you’re talking Rahul Mookerjee … and I must admit, seasoned China campaigner though I am, this particular “scam” took the wind out of my sails for a while there!

Then I’ve been dealing with some issues with my tea business – the delivery side of things – all normal business issues of course, but all issues that take a LOT of time to resolve.

Good news is this – all has been resolved on that front, and we’re still shipping tea galore to all parts of the world. I still haven’t gotten around to updating the sales page for the tea, but here it is anyway in its current “avatar” –

And then there have been some other issues going on … all of which made it impossible for me to write to you – not necessarily just due to lack of time – but because the thing I value the most was getting taken away from me amidst all this – that being my own PEACE OF MIND!

Over the past few days, I’ve been reading Napoleon Hill’s “Grow Rich with Peace of Mind“, and as with all of Hill’s writings, every time I read the book – I not only feel a sense of deep “connection” to the “spirit” (if that makes any sense!) – but also a deep, deep sense of satisfaction and peace of mind – even as I read it.

Hill’s life mirrors my own in many ways, and as I read this book over the past few days, I realized the mistake I was making – that being to allow this particular business deal to take up too much of my time – and ruin my peace of mind.

Sure, I was scammed if you look at it a certain way. Sure, the person abused my trust – and sure,  I trusted my gut as usual when I made the deal – and CONTINUE to do so.

But as Hill says in his book … Ultimately nothing matters.

And it doesnt, my friend. It sure doesnt!

But all of this wouldn’t be complete without me telling you what I’ve been reading for the past TWO days – something so compelling that I can never seem to put it down when I start to read it.

Something that is timeless. A classic. Something that I learn from EVERY TIME I crack open the book …

And that something is Emerson’s essay on compensation. If there is ONE bit of reading that should be made mandatory for everyone – in schools, colleges, workplaces and everywhere – it is this little gem.

Quoting from Emerson’s essay –

Men suffer all their life long under the foolish superstition that they can be cheated. But it is as impossible for a man to be cheated by any one but himself, as for a thing to be and not to be at the same time. There is a third silent party to all our bargains. The nature and soul of things takes on itself the guaranty of the fulfilment of every contract, so that honest service cannot come to loss.

He goes on to state that …

Every act rewards itself, or in other words integrates itself, in a twofold manner; first in the thing, or in real nature; and secondly in the circumstance, or in apparent nature. Men call the circumstance the retribution. The causal retribution is in the thing and is seen by the soul. The retribution in the circumstance is seen by the understanding; it is inseparable from the thing, but is often spread over a long time and so does not become distinct until after many years.

The specific stripes may follow late after the offence, but they follow because they accompany it. Crime and punishment grow out of one stem. Punishment is a fruit that unsuspected ripens within the flower of the pleasure which concealed it. Cause and effect, means and ends, seed and fruit, cannot be severed; for the effect already blooms in the cause, the end preëxists in the means, the fruit in the seed.

I don’t know about you, but as I read these words – and indeed the entire essay on Compensation – I feel a deep, deep sense of PEACE flooding over me – and a sense of calm brought upon by the realization that – ultimately nothing matters!

And that brings me to my “visit” with the Sage of Concord as he’s called – the incomparable, immortal Ralph Waldo Emerson.

As I was completing my hike this morning, Emerson’s words above kept ringing in my mind.

Now, this isn’t unusual for me, of course. I often think about business matters, goals etc when working out (that’s a tip right there for y’all!) – but today was DIFFERENT.

Something was different, and as I was on my 4th climb up the hill, I suddenly felt my heart flutter.

Not beat faster. Not pound like it does while sprinting. Not just “out of breath” .

No, this was a heart flutter. The hairs on my arms rose up, and for a brief instant, the world seemed to “stop” if that makes any sense.

The birds twittered louder. The skies seem to “close in on me”. And I stopped right there in my tracks – as if a thunderbolt had hit me.

And the command came to me – as clear as if a Sergeant General had uttered it.

Emerson’s face flashed into my mind, and it was him speaking to me as he told me to take the reins up again – in terms of writing to you guys!

You’ve been remiss! You know fully well – indeed, you have TAUGHT this – that you can only find true peace of mind when you’re engaged in the one activity that you were MEANT to perform – indeed – the very reason for your existence!

Go back immediately after your workout, and commence doing what you were doing so well until May 6 after which the business “deal” you were engaged in got the better of you – with results that speak for themselves!

There was more, but that one command was enough to “get me back on the stick” as it were. Actually, I was musing over writing to you a couple a days ago too – but when the Sage speaks – you know you’ve been remiss – and you LISTEN!

This wasn’t a one off, by the way. This “spell” if I may term it as such kept re-occuring as I climbed up and down – as if to remind me that I’ve been remiss – big time – and that I better rectify it!

Well,  my friend – so I have. So I have – and in terms of workouts, you ask?

Been hitting it hard and heavy as usual. I’m in the best shape of my life – perhaps even BETTER than when I created the 0 Excuses Fitness System – and the key to this?

Well, simplicity – I’ve been keeping things simple – real simple.

What do I mean by that?

Well, I’ve been working the legs and back heavily – and nothing else. Funnily enough this leg and back work has result in fantastic chest, shoulder and upper body development – not to mention chiseling away fat at record breaking speeds as well.

Pull-ups are one part of the equation.

The other?

Well – stay tuned for tomorrow’s email!

So, that is that for now, my friend. I’ll be back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

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