On Zero to HERO! And more …
- Amen!

I saw something interesting this morning on Amazon – a site where my fitness books are rapidly getting more and more popular by the day.

I haven’t done much, if any, marketing at all for my books on Amazon.

So, REVIEWS – my friend – are much appreciated!

(and while I don’t specifically go looking for trolls, they come to me and make the whole process so much easier – Edwin James or Keith James or what not the other day is a prime example, hehe).

Anyway, I still prefer selling off MY SITE as you guys know, as I control the entire process much better that way …

But either way, wayyyy back in 2009, after I left that job – THAT job – THE JOB, hehe – I joined another.

This new job was much closer to my house, at a far higher salary, and with far more “benefits” in many ways.

Do you know what the guy that hired me there told me – and indeed, this was the MAIN Reason I was hired?

The guy that took ****** from ZERO to HERO! 

And I did, yes. That story has been mentioned in the 10 Commandment of Successful Sales, a book that really gives you TWENTY plus tips, including the UNDERpromise and OVER-deliver tip I do for ALL my businesses and books! 

I truly DO give you MORE, my friend.

Anyhow, back to it. . .

This new job was sort of like job #2 in China i.e. I first went to China in 2003 in one of those expat positions – which they canned me for (mostly price reasons) a year and a half after joining.

They never expected me to find another job, hehe.

Expected to send me packing back … HOME. Which I didn’t quite wanna do at that point.

I l oved China! The girls, the beer, the food, the everything except that damned JOB. LOL.

And of course, as fate would have it, Dongguan Expat came to the rescue, as did good ole Freddie.

That second job was a HUGE upgrade from the first, both in terms of money but ESPECIALLY in terms of benefits.

Company cars, perks, mobile phone allowance etc (now remember, those were the “brick Nokia” days. Hehe. I had two of ‘em!).

I quit of my own accord there, and I still maintain the WAY I did it was wrong in many ways.

Live and learn …

But anyway, that time was very stressful.

Getting visas etc sorted. My old visa had expired, and Hong Kong only gave me a temporary visa, which then had to be converted over to the work permit and what not (so much for Bozo schofield and his chants of “illegal working in China”. These self projecting bozos are hilarious!).

Yours truly prefers doing things LEGALLY wherever and whenever possible, and if at all. TRUST me on that one!

Cover your ass, and all that …

But anyway, I did what no-one expected me to do.

Same thing a few years later – both when I GOT “that” job (noone expected me to find another job within a week) – and then when I quit it, and mysteriously got another despite everyone saying “I had no marketable skills”, and DESPITE – get this – this was POST the 2008 meltdown!

So no, not everything was hunky dory with the world as it was in the other cases.

How, then, did I do what I did?

How did I pull Houdinis so often in my life when I’ve needed it the most – HOW did I accomplish my OWN GOALS without any apparent backing from anyone, and if anything, nigh on FIERCE opposition at every stage?

In the 1976 (I think) bestseller Pyscho Cybernetics, Dr Maltz explains it.

“If you’re the only voice that is cheering YOU on in the bleachers, while the stands are empty, then that matters NOT”.

“Conversely, if you’ve got dozens, scores, billions cheering you ON – but YOU YOURSELF are NOT – then guess what. Failure!”

I’m paraphrasing here, but you , my friend get the gist.

One of my best books till date in the self help area has been a scarcely noticed one – until NOW.

It’s sold on Amazon today – multiple copies. Curiously enough I was thinking about just that last night!

And while no reviews have been posted as yet (the sale was JUST MADE) – Bozo Schofield’s trolling seems to have been removed from Amazon. Pity, lol. It was hilarious what he wrote!

(I’ll paste that again here at a later stage)

But anyway, this book contains 25 very workable tips for success – and remember, when I wrote the book, I didn’t know much of what I do NOW, so (to me) it’s really “elementary Watson”.

Ah, Watson. I so love the name, hehe. I use it all the time!

But anyway, grab the book now – and despite my penchant for LONG sales page, curiously enough the Amazon sales page isn’t even a page long. Here it is –

25 POWER PACKED, and more importantly, PROVEN tips that WILL catapult you on the road to success quicker than a grizzly bear chasing a rabbit downhill.

Crisply written, the author’s direct, barebones and down to earth style reverberates through this entire manual, and none more so than when actual examples from the author’s life are quoted. And yes, everything quoted is VERIFIABLE FACT!

Have there been periods in your life where you could literally do NOTHING WRONG? Have there been periods in your life where you were in the exact OPPOSITE predicament?

Are you tired of using “will power” until your brain literally CREAKS, and yet you accomplish a big fat ZERO?

Are you tired of slaving away at whatever it is you do with nothing to show for it, either monetarily or mentally?

Do you feel you need “resources” to accomplish whatever it is you want, and never seem to be able to get them despite “trying” as hard as you can?

Last, but not least, have you often wondered why life seems so effortless at times, everything “flowing” like it should, especially when there are times it’s the exact opposite?


If you answered YES to any of the above, then this book is for YOU. I can identify as well, as I’ve been in the exact same boat myself.

And guess what – the key is NOT “hard work”, and definitely not “positive thinking” or “willpower” like we’ve been told so many times. The key is something so amazingly simple that you’ll have trouble believing it.

And yet, once you do believe it – and combine that belief/actions with the 25 tips mentioned herein WATCH out. Your life will never be the same again.

To your success,
Rahul Mookerjee

Well, my friend, that says it better than I am NOW, hehe.

Grab the book NOW – and remember to pick up a few FITNESS products too while you’re at it!

And if you buy off my site, as always, remember you get a 20% off of your first order.

(and remember, you CAN place order for PAPERBACKS on the site too).

Have at!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I’ll be posting reviews etc for the book as and when I get ‘em/

(including Bozo Schofield’s “review” too, hehe. It was hilarious, and a clear troll review – hence Amazon removed it, but yeah. Be on the outlook for THAT TOO!)

PS #2 – But in the meantime, be sure to pick up Shoulders like BOULDERS! Right here – a course that has been building barnstorming shoulders on nigh on EVERYONE that DOES the thing – and has been pissing bozos off left, right and center. Hehe. (and remember, if you buy off my site, the ebook version, then the ebook FAQ is FREE for you!).

PPS – Poor Blowfield, hehe. Even Amazon isn’t co-operating with him!

On Presidents, past, future and PRESENT …
- And the one I'd (or two, really) I'd have LOVED to hear speak!

The more I see about Joe “Hidin” Biden, the MORE it becomes painfully obvious to me that while this man may be many things – many admirable things – the one thing he is cut out NOT to be is this.

A leader.

All we see of him is a picture of him sitting beside the White House desk – the Resolute one if I get it right – and occasionally having Secret Service pick up doughnuts or what not (I can’t remember, but it was some bakery order) on the way back from church, and thats that.

Curiously enough that didnt cause a furore, but when the great Mike Pompeo, possibly the BEST Secretary of State EVER asked his personal staff or something to “walk the dog” everyone was up in arms.

Typical liberalism, goose and gander, and so forth.

As for Biden?

Again, likely is a great, great guy.

But leader?

No way, Jose.

Where be the charisma? the MAN that says it like it IS?

The guy that puts the FREE WORLD FIRST – and by extension encourages the ROW to do so too??


The “man behind the scenes”.

The man who tells you what he THINKS!

The man who does what is BEST.

The man who takes on the tough battles and the unpopular decisions, because guess what, that is what he was elected to do!

The man that calls China out for the bully that they are – the ONLY one to do so – the man that rightly terms the plague what it is – a pestilence the bally Chinese introduced and knowingly and willingly SPREAD to the ROW.

And more …

Remember, all this off the top of my head!

Donald Trump had all this, and more.

Anyhow, I saw something – a snippet from past Presidents meeting together in the “ole President’s club or something”.

Bush, Clinton and Obama.

Good ole Bush looked like, well, Bush.

The “you’re either with us or against us” man has AGED – and mellowed, but the spunk is still there, hehe. I’d love to sit down with him over a few ribs and beer (or wine, or what not, hehe).

Or a couple of stiff ones which caused the “mano – o-mano” spat back inthe day!


Well, he’s aged even more. Voice, appearance, everything. Can’t be easy living with Hillary, especially not gimlet eyed wives after …well, “Monika Gate”. LOL.

But say what you like about Clinton, and I dont like his politics, dude’s got one thing.

CHARISMA. Big time!

And hey, can’t fault a man for wanting a BJ. I’ve been there, and then some!

But Obama?

Easily the most articulate of the lot, and the one I least liked, as I’ve said before.

I really do NOT think he was a good PResident in ANY Way my friend. Any way, shape or form.

And I fear Biden will be much the same.

What people want from a leader is the real deal, my friend, and Donald Trump was the real deal.

You might not like him. You might hate him. He might get more one star reviews than anyone on this planet except yours truly (not really, hehe).

When there’s something to be said though – something to be done – the good fight to be FOUGHT AND WON – guess what tho.

The Donald will be there, andr eady for YOU.

I miss Trump. I’l be honest.

I disabled Google news and all that on the phone, but Trump is the ONE MAN I follow. Hehe.

Because his voice matters, and you KNOW IT.

Anyway, same thing with me.

I’ll go to the ends of the planet to praise those that get it – and DO IT.

John Walker for one is already “chomping at the bit” not to just get my next book (either the already released Pushup Central – – but the upcoming book on training with Indian clubs and the like) – but more importantly, and I love this – IMPLEMENTING what I tell you to in there!


A man that counts – matters!

And I always have time for such people, bro, and so should you.

Anyway, enough on that. That was another one of those “out of the shower” posts, hehe.

Anyway, the book that contains workouts that you can most compare Pushup Central to is this one – Animal Kingdom Workouts.

And the book that complements it all perfectly – Jump Rope Mania! 

And the TWO Systems that tie it all together?

The book on isometrics, and of course the evergreen, results bringing 0 Excuses Fitness system.

Jump on all these now, my friend. Truly the very BEST OUT THERE.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Another person I’d have PAID to hear speak is Raegan – obviously not possible, but still. The man was a great, great President! My all time favorite before Trump.

Another troll BE back, hehe
- Must be something in the air, eh

There must be something in the air. LOL.

(not really, hehe)

The more I write, and the more I bounce troll reviews off me, the MORE they come, thick and fast. Mamma Mia style at that.

And I love it. Not sure if they know I do, but hey, here’s another huge THANK YOU to “Keith James” who (unlike Mamma Mia dude) is starting to look more and more like a more refined version of Bozo Schofield. LOL.

Anyway, this dude posted his first sh-view, and I never got to see it, because Amazon (according to him) deemed it was unsuitable (well, according to this nutjob yours truly did, not Amazon).

Here is what he said, and here is the original post about him.

Anyway, here is the review – (LOLZ)

Ths book is a joke (that line by itself gives it away, hehe. Ah, Schofield my dear boy. At least be a bit more inventive … )

Okay my last review was not allowed as the truth hurts.
This book is a joke I would not purchase anything this author has written, why?
Well the truth is the author does not look like he has ever trained.
Now this review which almost identical as my last is not slander or use of bad language.
I will be making my own complaint about this author to Amazon because he is trying to only allow high ratings and not low rating reviews.

So basically, he was saying the book was worthless because the “author does not look like he ever trained”.

Now, like I said, Ive addressed that bit of garbage here, so I won’t get into it again in this email.

In short though – it ain’t me, bruh. I dont own Amazon much as I’d like to.

As for not looking as if I Train, well, I thought that was the most retarded comment ever along with the Mamma mia comment about “I dont like the photos” a hot tempered Italian posted …

until I saw THIS gem from the same dude today.

Apparently his third review, and before amazon kicks it off, let me post it here.

Really, the price on this book which has only a handful of pages.
You can buy better books for a third of the price.
This book is worth minus five stars.
Also look out for the reviews on all of the author’s other books by the same person who is giving all the books five stars.

I dont generally use emoticons, but … 😂

I mean, really, dude.

First off, it’s the quality of info, not the quantity.

I could stick to the point and say it in a pithy manner, or I could ramble on about meaningless stuff and fill my books up with fluff (such as certain authors I’ve read do).

Which is right and wrong, well, you be the judge.

But I’d rather not FLUFF. LOL Again, or fill books up with garbage.

It’s about the value of the information, not the size of the letter in which it’s printed, or the quality of paper, or which side of the bed you arose on my friend.

Or whose wife is more beautiful, and so forth.

OK, I’m kidding about the last bit, but you get my drift.

Second, this dude seems to be ranting about how “one person” posted five star reviews.

One person?

Well, I dont think so myf riend.

Last I checked HEREPLENTY of people BE posting testimonials, not just one person as this guy claims.

I make my majority of sales off this site – Amazon too, but most reviews come in through email, but I’m perfectly happy for them to be posted on Amazon too (in fact, they’ve been posted on other sites too – Goodreads being another one, and there’s tons of 5 star reviews there too my friend).

check out the Good reads for page for Fast and Furious Fitness for one, my FIRST book, and things have only gone UP since then.

Edit – I realized yours truly forgot to post the URL – here it is – Fast and Furious Fitness by Rahul Mookerjee (goodreads.com))

No prizes for guessing who the ONLY 1 STAR review is.

That was the one site and one book yours truly rated himself as well. I just had to – my first book! Closest to my heart.

But even if you take that away – well – point begets, hehe.

And so it goes.

Troll, shool, fool …

Anyway enough from me. Shoulders like Boulders! is the BEST course ever on building dem shoulders, and if youre in any way, shape or form serious about TRAINING – REAL MAN training, then GET this book now, my friend.

You’ll be glad you did!


Rahul Mookerjee (and do post or email an honest review over – much appreciated! Doesnt need to be “5 star”, “-star”, or any star – honest is what I want!).

PS – And if you think the gym and the Bozo like machines there will build strength anywhere near what the exercises in the book will for YOU – well, you’re sadly mistaken my friend. Ain’t happening. Grab the course now, and get started building some REAL MAN Brahma BULL levels of strength, power and MUSCLE!!

PS #2 – A common refrain in all the Mama’s boy reviews? Price. Munneeeeeee….! How dare I charge for something that works, hehe.

PPS – Here’s a great review on the book from a man that does the thing, and GETS it –

A Superb Book From An Amazing Writer/Trainer
Format : Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase
If you’re at all interested in Bodyweight/Calisthenics training? Then you need to get your copy of this superb book. You’ll be glad you did.
(see the “verified” purchase? THAT is what tells you its a real review, and not some Bozo randomly jerking off to it) …

How the Tsingtao beer gal pissed a ton of Nazi feminists and fat babes off …

“Oh, really!” was an ex girlfriend’s angry response in the late 1990′, I believe 99 or something … when we really SHOULD have broken up, she didnt want to, and she didnt want to move out either (most amazingly, she was bitching up a storm about ME moving out!)

“So you can get hot with the hotties, huh!”

She was referencing a certain “hottie” (admittedly she had big jugs, but that was the extent of the “hotness” as far as yours truly was concerned – I’ve been a leg man forever!) who was “telling me to go another lap in the pool” and who lived opposite us, and who I didnt know from Adam, or Eve …

She just “showed up” one day in the skimpiest bikini ever, and well … quite the polar opposite in terms of body shape of the Tsingtao beer gal I’m referring to, who pissed off – yes, the FAT babes the most.

(so much for women loving each other against us big, bad gorilla like man. HA!)

Not the feminists and the hotties, hehe.

The first loved her.

But the second category?

They claim they ignored her, and they probably did not, but they didn’t complain up a storm either.

They’ve been known to have a giggle with yours truly about “her” too, heh.

She was all decked out in green, and I’m sure you can find her in the Google Archives etc.

Wearing shorts. Nice slim legs. Chinese gal (or Asian, I assume).

Curly hair. Black curly hair.

And yours truly fell in love (again, lol) at the age of 25 … and of course, the first thing I had to do when “Php-Nuke” CMS or whatever we used on Donggun Expat came out with a splash page extension, or plugin or code bitty or gizmo or what not, was to, well, use it.

General Michael was the first to comment.

“Rahul! Thats an interesting splash screen!” was his comment.(this from a person who had admittedly, at least to an extent “been around the block more than a few times”. I highly doubt anything like me, but he got around, I’ll say that).

Now, this lovely lass popped up right before you clicked “login” on the site.

It was supposed to be a “community” site (yes, all the bashing that I mentioned occurred there on a regular basis, but hey, nothing if not keeping it real!).

And no community is a community without hot women around, hehe. So went my thinking at least.

Instantly, it got reactions (I didn’t add her because of that, I just did it because …well!)

Thomas, a dude I knew back then and still do loved it!

One of the bar going types he was …

Still likely IS.

Uncle Bob didn’t make any comment at all. He was a bit straitlaced in that regard, but then again, as they say, appearances can be deceptive. Hehe.

Yours truly loved it.

Jenny, a girl who never liked my so called philandering ways and sympthaized privately with all of Ann Lee’s gripes and very public “running after me” ( I mean Geez girl, at least keep it private was what I wanted to tell her!) and didn’t much like macho men “in your face” either sent me the following.

“Rahul, please delete me!”

Not to mention there was a delete button on the site “delete account” which she could have used herself and just DONE IT.

With no drama, but Nazi feminists don’t miss a chance. Hehe.

She then went on about some rant about “how I don’t want to see beer girls before loggin in”.

(apparently she was ok with females ranting about past lovers online publicly on the same site, and the same beer gals in person when she went to the bars which her corpulent self did quite often).

(from what I father).

Gather, sorry.

There were plenty more such inane notes too.

But really, folks.

Goose and gander.

If it’s OK for a bar to do it, I see no reason why (for a brief few days) a site admin cant play around with his own damned site …

Point of this?

Well, not sure there IS one other than a brain dump, and carrying on from the last post on marketing.

But she was fine, fine, FINE!

You’d either love her or hate, hehe. My type of gal.

And on that note, my type of products are right here, and they deliver results, and quick.

They also seem to piss off a lot of Bozos, a certain Bozo amongst them has been steaming and frothing at the mouth and sendin about a bazillion weShat messages a day he thinks I don’t know about.

More on Schofield the one and only “troll el Supremo” later tho.

For now, pick up some products here.

I’ll see ya on the other side, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS -How do you explain the “other meaning of mushrooms” to a 7 year old, hehe. I just said Magic Mushrooms and was DONE before she knew it, LOL. I mean with the explanations – them kids can be really curious!

Nah – but my kid was asking and I was trying to sidestep the question. God knows I don’t side step too easily. LOL.

What Narendra Modi can teach you about HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL MARKETING!
- He is damn good at it! (or his team, or both)

Way more succesful than yours truly.


But then again, he’s got a follower base in the millions and yours truly in the thousand’s hehe, but he’s probably over 70 and yours truly … well, I ‘ve got time to get there.

The Donald, of course was and IS The undisputed CHAMP on that one. 90 million followers no less before he was banned on Shitter, and with that sort of base, well, you’ve pretty much guarantee success at anything before you even start provided you know the basis and basics of sales and marketing and such.

The Donald of course is a genius at it!

But perhaps even more so is a man not so noticed for it.

At least, most of India don’t call him that!

They call him many things. They either HATE him or love him. Like with yours truly, he THRIVES on polarizing.

Big time.

But one thing they don’t call him is a good marketer.


He’s the best, or one of the best in this regard that India has produced.

Yours truly, well, you decide …

But my personal favorite is Vijay Mallaya to me, the PERFECT mix of realism and MARKETING DONE RIGHT!

Flamboyance and “don’t give a shit” par excellence.

Not to mention his taste in women.

I’m not a huge fan of women from the subcontinent in terms of “romance” (no, please. Don’t start. It ain’t racist. The Chinese arent white either bro are they?) but the air hostesses on Kingfisher Airlines?

Now defunct, but damn, I still remember the dame “looking at me” when I went for some silly interview or the other to the Southern part of India (a part I probably love a lot more than the idiotic honor killing obsessed pseduo-alpha male NORTH).

Probably the East too, if I lived there. Hey, they got certain good things from China.

Smelly fish and fish heads NOT Being one of them. UGH.

The lovely “Dani” hates them as much as I do.

I can almost hear people telling me in an annoyed manner.

Get back on track!

So I shall my friend.

And NM is one of those people whose polarized the entire country like never before.

Do I think thats good?


Given he is (my wife said this, and she is right – one of those rare occasions when we agree) literally driving the country into the early 1600’s, and worse, it ain’t good at all.

But is HE the one doing it?

I SUPPORT Modi’s current farming reforms for one, but they never seem to pass. WalMArt never shows up there!

The annoyances persist …

And more to the point ,it’s a democracy.

The PEOPLE elect him and keep him in power.

Yes, you could argue that in a country like India a lot of the votes are – well, BOGUS.

You could argue that in modern America too though! I for one think the current Prez of the US is NOT The real President, and I’m FAR from the only one thinking that.

How dare I. I know.

But the Trumpinator to me is the best Prez ever and I never miss an opp to say that, and no I don’t make money off saying it, but some things HAVE TO BE SAID.

And to me, he’s still the Prez, though unfortunately he ain’t.

But Modi.

He’s got it down to a T.

That long flowing BEARD.

Them shaminaic turbans. Different colors ones based upon the occasion. (It was Republic Day in the Republic of India recently, so he chose saffron apparently – flag etc).

The WAY of speaking (like a “Baba”, almost)

And the beard. That lovely flowing beard. LOL.

I can’t help but notice him LAUGHING internally as he speaks, raised forefinger and all like he was “educating the masses”.

Which he is in a way, an dthey want to be, because he’s picked up (or his team has) on what the masses REALLY WANT deep down inside (yes, even the so called “educated middle class” for the most part).

And even if you don’t want it, you can’t help but notice it.

This constant presence, this constant rhetoric, the clothes, etc etc.

All has been mentioned in the TRULY great Claude Bristol’s books T.NT. – It ROCKS The World! And the Magic of Believing.

Belief, he argues (when that becomes faith) is what its about.

A deep conviction is how he terms at – and I term it faith.

IT don’t matter what it’s called.

Point is, there are many ways to achieve the aim, and Hitler did it through oratory and fear, as the Chinese and Xitler is currently trying to do.

Modi’s doing some of the things in the same manner, but for the most part he’s peddling the “ancient India” thing which people “want to find a reason to be proud of” given the current sorry state the nation is in these days in ALL regards.

Hey, gotta chest thump somehow! Somewhere!

And NM’s a Master of the Game at picking up on and EXPLOITING that emotion.

Right? Wrong ?You decide!

For me, Ill call him or his team a marketing GENIUS, hehe. Because they are!

In a country where the cow is holy. Where people kill PEOPLE over SUPPOSEDLY killing cows (emphasis on supposedly) he (NM) appeals to the masses with religion etc, and despite the dichotomy?


And there’s plenty of ways to do it, of course.

Daily emails to a list being one.

That ring a bell bro?


But really, results back up the marketing, or they should, and in terms of Modi, IMO his results have actually pushed the country back rather than forward.

Hey, who am I to comment.

Maybe thats what people want!

Democracy, ya know … or a SHAM. LOL. Again, you decide!

Alright, enough of this brain dump.

Back soon – make sure to pick up some products right HERE.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Know one reason I love Trump over all? He keeps it real. Wears clothes as opposed to ROBES. Goes to Japan and doesn’t kow tow like Obama did. He walks TALL and SHAKES HANDS and doesn’t do any of the Namaste or “bow” stuff like his predecessors did and what Hidin Biden will probably do. Screw that. Get to thep oint. REAL MAN. Alpha male style. YEE – HA!

What an Indian “maid” can teach YOU about fitness
- There was one about what a rickshaw puller can teach you, hehe. Now it's THIS.

On another site, I’ve written about how housemaids of all things (in various shapes, forms and guises) provided inspiration (in a pseudo “perverse” sort of manner) for some of the things I wrote there.

Not what you’re thinking, no.

Schofield loves it though. Hehe.

But I spoke about my Grandfather’s house in an email or so before to this one …

I spoke about the roaches that were everywhere, even the FLYING ones. UGH!

Crows and roaches, as I said I cannot stand ‘em.

Neither, for whatever reason have I been able to stand the idea of dealing with “maids” ANYWHERE in the world.

I don’t know why, my friend.

No, it isn’t some “guilt” over these poor people and what not.

It’s a job – simple – admittedly not in the subcontinent where (and again, read the White Tiger for more on that, or my own emails) it’s more humiliating than anything, but by and large, well, its a job.

And a well paid one apparently in some parts of the world today. I still remember the supermodel like “maid” my Uncle (or perhaps Aunt? I don’t know, I wa sjust 15!) hired back in the day … (upstate “People’s Republic of Connecticut” I believe. Not sure!).

PRC, no less. LOL!

But anyway, my grandfather’s house had a GAGGLE of maids too. One or two were “live in”.

And despite them coming in daily, and working their butts off, it didn’t seem to deter the flies, roaches and mosquitoes one damn bit.

And I’m not an expert on maids, again.

I’d rather NOT have or use ‘em, which puts me APART from all the “alpha males out there”, but so be it.

I’d rather be a caveman, left to my LONESOME without jangling bells, maids and what not to deal with.

And cooking aside, I’d rather do it MYSELF if I have to as opposed to dealing with whining, moaning, supervising and such.

And cooking? I’d rather order out if I could, hehe, and DO SO in China, I do it all the time.


As well as get my beer delivered.

And I’m set!

But anyway, back to maids.

Apparently the idea of mops with long handles hasn’t caught on in the subcontinent (it has in China, but China for whatever reason never really had this “maid” system that the subcontinent did post 1949).

And so you’ll see these ladies doing PRECISELY what I mention in Animal Kingdom Workouts, and Isometric and Flexibility Training, two of my BEST books till date … (well, I give you more detail and workouts etc, but thats the gist of it).

Wanna get fit?

Well, follow along with that housemaid.

Squatting on her haunches, bending over each time to “mop the floor” with her or his bare hands, and moving around like that all day.

Try it someday bro.

It ain’t easy.

And no, I ain’t exhorting YOU to become a maid or what not.

I’m exhorting you to make things EASY on yourself.

Because that my friend is ONE of the poses I mention in my books that most people cannot do, expel flatulence when ASKED To do, and a pose that will get you in the best of not just shape – but HEALTH as well.

And strengthen thy legs and groin beyond belief.

We’re all interested in the latter, ain’t we.


Grab – now!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The courses, I mean …

Be a CHIMP. Not a CHUMP.
- Grow a PAIR, BRO.

Somewher ein all these emails, I believe I wrote about my wife telling me the other day (that came out as “wifi” initially LOL. Signal? Wives do “transmit!”!) about how some monkeys chased her while she was out throwing the trash.

India apparently being what it is, and the people apparently thinking the way they do, apparently the concept of a “dumpster” is alien.

Some dude shows up on a push cart, jangles those annoying ass bells, open the clanging gates, and in general makes a ruckus and then people slowly mosey out and dump their trash into the push cart, which usually has a ton of CROWS following it.


Crows, for whatever reason have been a bird I admire, but don’t like.

There were gaggles of them ALL over a massive banyan tree outside my Grandfather’s house in Kolkta for whatever reason. I hated ‘em!

Not to mention the roaches that were there EVERYWHERE.

Anyway, yours truly doesn’t like crows or roaches. I’m sure I’m not alone!

(Im a HAWK guy).

But anyway, point being this – that day apparently monkey were following dude.

In what was supposedly the most “exclusive” housing colony in the city.

Monkeys roam all over the place there, unfettered and free, and people feed ‘em, so they thought she was gonna feed ‘em, and …

But anyway, that was an interesting story she told me. I thought I’d share it, and did.

But it reminds of what “Apollo Creed” said in Rocky I.

“Be a thinker, not a STINKER!”

When promoting his boxing match with Rocky hehe.

Of course, he was one of the most analytical fighters ever! Boxing is CEREBRAL, my friend. Anyone who says it’s a barbaric sports and all about violence is a prime MORON who has never DONE the thing.

Grandest order.

But anyway point is my response to her …

“I’ve seen them often”, I quipped.

“I just flail my arms like a monkey though and they take off”

“I was doing monkey bar work the other day, and they all ran away!”

(They didn’t, of course. LOL. In China they call me “Da Xing Xing” aka BIG monkey – Gorilla (no, these aren’t customers either – Sophia said it too, her of the “how much money you have!” fame) … and they don’t have monkeys runnign around there.

They thought I was one of ’em. Another monkey!

They EAT them all .LOL.

A tale of contrasts, as it were, and in the White Tiger (the book, not the probably most idiotic movie made on it), the guy that wrote it often compares China and India.

Read it if you want. Not one of my favorites, but much like yours truly, he gets PERSONAL.

He goes DEEP.

And he’s usually right …

As I am when I tell YOU, my friend, to be a CHIMP.

Be a strong APE pounding out pull-ups and doing THICK BAR monkey bar work as opposed to the CHUMPS who can’t do either, and complain, piss and moan and do everything including getting FATTER And more and MORE miserable by the day – as opposed to the one thing they should be doing NOW upon reading this which is to INVEST in themselves, and get CRACKING.

There is a reason they call them monkey bars.

There is a reason ole CHIMP is strong enough to kill a CROCODILE – with it’s bare HANDS

There is a REASON most CHUMPS – modern day men – can’t do a dead hang at all, and stink up the room with nasty flatulence when they DO (if they can do it).

It’s just HORRIBLE.

And the sad part, most of the world seems to be accepting this for what it is, and getting mushier and FATTER by the nanosecond.

Don’t be one of these people, bro.

You know very well if you’re reading this that Mother Nature didn’t intend a MAN – a REAL MAN to be an EMBARASSMENT, and a slovenly one at that.

And yet, thats precisely what most so called modern day men are.

A SLOVENLY and pathetic embarassment not just to themselves, but the human race in general.

Might not sound nice, but it HAD to be said.

Now I have.

And I’ve said it in greater detail on the Animal Kingdom Workouts page which is a MUST GRAB my friend – if you truly do aspire to return to your ROOTS – and become the BEAST you’ve always wanted to be.

(and if you have a pulse, you should).

And thats it from me.



Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And in terms of BEAST, check out the testimonial on the page too.

(and others here).

Grinding to get to the point where it’s NOT a grind.
- Email $3 (#??) on GRIND, hehe.

And doing LESS, not MORE, to get MORE of what you WANT.

Both life wise, and fitness wise.

And it can only be done if you first and foremost abandon the scarcity mindset.

My friend, look around you.

(not the plague shague nonsense, but everything else).

The seasons come and go. Grass still grows on them hills. Qi Feng Park is still as nice and relaxing a place it was as when Ann Lee first giggled upon it kicking my BOOTY – royally so, hehe, pun not intended!

Same thing with money (btw, the above bit gave me an idea for another email for another site, hehe).

The Great Depressions EVERYWHERE were ultimately caused by none other than MAN.

And man’s thinking.

Money, my friend, at the end of the day is energy, and it FLOWETH to those with the right energy.

And thats as simple as it gets.

Reverse your thinking, and you reverse the negativity.

Hence what I keep saying about this panic the entire world is buying into, hook, line and sinker with the Chinese virus. They wanted it, and planned accordingly, and th eworld while “knowing this” is panicking – even more!

Right down to “rich man face shields” costing $199 or some ROT.

Ugh. What Bozos!

I mean, if you’re coming in close contact with patients daily, are a doctor, nurse etc, I get it, but the Average Shmo walking down the street?



Move to Mars, I tell ‘em. Hey, Jeff is actively making plans for that as I hear!

Anyway, I wanted to keep this pithy, and I’m already NOT. LOL.

What I was going to say was this – once you abandon the most idiotic mindset listed above, you’ll realize one thing.

That you work hard (note – this doesn’t mean “slog” or work “stupid” or put in “long hours” where there is NO NEED TO) … only so you don’t need to work “hard” later on!

The goal, my friend should be to do LESS ultimately.

Now, I’ve spoken about that in the last two emails, so in this installment of “grind #3” (nah, it don’t apply to BUMP and GRIND, hehe) lets give you my own example fitness wise.

Right about now, I’m a little over 40.

I can do things that men half my age can’t even DREAM of doing.


Less than half, actually. The average TEN year old couldn’t do most of what I do.

May sound like I’m “crowing about it”, but hey I’ve earned the right to DO IT.


But thing is this.

All those hours of working out, all those hours of climbing hills, sprints etc got me in great condition.

And now, all these years later, I’m doing LESS.

Way less.

And gaining way MORE.

I don’t believe I’d be doing 15 pull-ups in less than a MINUTE right now, for one, something I couldn’t do even years ago when I was climbing hills and shedding lard at the speed of WARP.

Sure, you TOO can get to that point, and you don’t need to grind for it, but if you’re 50 (more, actually, given the LARD asses out there) lbs overweight or more, drink beer every night and can’t even do dead hangs properly (no, assisted dead hangs ain’t what I be talking about), then you do need to lose the weight.

Can be a grind in SOME regards (not really, but some might think it is).

But really, in the spirit of keeping it pithy … I can do ONE arm pull-ups NOW, for instance.

Something I’ve NEVER EVER been able to do, and something a customer of mine asked me to put out a course on (which I will – patience, hehe).

I can do one legged squats – NOT in high reps, but we’ll get there!

And more.

Point isn’t to get YOU to do all this if you don’t want to. Most people don’t need any of this advanced stuff, and what I tell you in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, probably one of my most basic courses is ENOUGH for YOU for the rest of your life.

But as Claude Bristol said, the only way to go is UP.

Stagnate and resting on your laurels means you ultimately go DOWN …

And hence my products etc (for the DOERS in life, not the Bozos and “Mamma Mia” ass clowns running around complaining “it’s too expensive”).

But anyway, I just gave you the best and perhaps most pertinent example of what I keep talking about right NOW.

See if you can “get it”, hehe. Or if you DO.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Get the best damned compilation on pull-ups out there (like with the course on pushups, I literally CHALLENGE you to find one better, bro!) – right HERE.

(And folks – do get back with more testimonials on pullups too – Michael – yours is WAITING, hehe).

The POT OF GOLD at the end of the RAINBOW …
- Keep your eyes on the prize, bro!

So on the other site I wrote about my opinion and feelings on why life really, really, really does NOT and was NOT meant to be a “Struggle” in every which was as people (in general) have been conditioned to believe.

One of my greatest and best customers John Walker in the UK (btw, John – I hope you’re well and training HARD, HARD, HARD NOW!) said that “I was the rare breed of man that has figured out how to live life on his own terms”.

No, that ain’t the exact comment, but it’s pretty close, and if you want I’ll pull out the exact quote (I believe I did last month though).

But anyway, we ALL can do this.

It’s the thinking that counts …

Anyway, point isn’t so much that as something else (For this email).

Often times in my family (and most likely those reading this) there has been a lot made of “STRUGGLING to get to where you were”.

Now, two things.

First off, yes. NO major achievement in any sort of sphere comes without MIGHTY losses – and even mightier STRUGGLE.

Stallone. Jeff Bezos. Henry Ford. Steve Jobs.

Jack Ma.

ANY of the SCIONS you see out there today – the legends – at some point, and for a LONG, LONG time as well! Had NOTHING – and less than nothing in their bank accounts, lives, or what not.

Yet, they found it in themselves to keep plowing on.

Because they saw the potential and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

And they also recognized the truism of what Napoelon Hill said in Think and Grow Rich, that being that the Universe does not let anyone “enjoy” real and lasting achievement without almighty struggle.

Men, he said, are put through all sorts of discouraging and DEFEATING circumstances FIRST – and these break all but the most stubborn.

There is no set time limit either.

It can continue for years, as it did with Edwin Barnes (remember the guy that showed up “tramp like” in Edison’s office, fresh off a freight train of all things!?)

But happen it does.

The pot of gold is THERE.

For you, me, everyone. Provided we DO what is required and put in the hard yards, and do so with the belief that life is not meant to be a grind!


Maybe, but if you read between the lines, youll know what I mean.

Sip of green tea. I so love waking up at 1 PM and then drinking my TEA, hehe.

Anyway, this brings me to my second point (I Still remember John McIntosh, a customer of “yore” once telling me HIS tea was “stone cold” replying to my emails and he’d need to make another. Maybe it was coffee. Can’t remember. But …LOL).

That being, the GRIND isn’t what gets noticed.

I spoke about in the last email that just because you have it tougher doesn’t necessarily make you BETTER or smarter at the end of the day.

YES, if you do something in an environment that is NOT conducive to success as much as maybe another person’s environment which he just “got” then that is indeed creditable.

The buck stops there though.

End of the day, if person #2 ACHIEVES more, then the world will look at HIM, not YOU.

No-one really cares about the struggles bro. We all have our own. Some more so than others.

The RESULTS are what people ultimately notice (if you’re the sort that cares – I don’t) – and the results are ultimately (and everyone DOES care on this one – I know I Do!) what determine if you have “skinny kids or well fed ones”.

Truism it BE, Jack!

It’s a FACT.

The goal should ALWAYS be to do less so you can enjoy MORE.

Our Creator made us all that way!

Our Creator (no, I’m not religious in the least!) did NOT “create” us with “hard slog” in mind, and so forth.

Same thing fitness wise.

While I obviously don’t condone “fat kids” or “buffalo like kids” (don’t ask, thats a running joke I’ve got with my daughter over an admittedly over portly young kid her age, though really, the example he gets and she gets – both are polar opposites) – -hell, thats why I put out Kiddie Fitness for, if you read through this entire rant you’ll see what I say and do in life applies to fitness as well.

(and what I say here).

Lets assume I did those 6 hours of slog daily up the hill, and end of the day, I was worse off than where I started in many ways.

I wasn’t, but lets assume that.

Do you think the world would stop and “admire” my effort ?


They’d say and probably rightly so I’m an idiot.

Or worse, hehe.

I’d shrug and be pissed for about a second, andthen move on, and find another way.

But I DID get the results.

The world – the Bozos included, hehe, – trolls – genuine people looking to get FIT QUICK – and great customers that KNOW what REAL FITNESS BE about – DID NOTICE.

And they still do.

And it won’t stop, my friend.

Funnily enough the Jim Shim nutjobs keep crowing about the “time spent in the gym” and then get heart attacks, piss in their sleep (true story!) and can’t squat down to take a dump if their life depended upon it despite squatting a bear or what not in terms of weights at the Jim Shim.

Can’t lift up their arms to put on their shirts without SCREAMING in agony …

And so forth.

True story, and one I’ve mentioned SO many times

Anyway, I think you get the point my friend.

And to reverse the nasty effects that meaningless weight lifting and adding on “weight to the bar” (a profoundly moronic way of thinking) because “it gets you stronger” – well – get back to the basics, and do what you were meant to.

Pick up THIS course – right HERE.

Get started – now!

Write back – and let me know about it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – That book is probably one of my best books ever, but I’m waiting for John to get through Pushup Central when he does buy it. It’ll be a toss up to see which one he likes BETTER, hehe.

And which one YOU, my friend, do!

Let me know!

My routine (exercise, or otherwise) when creating a new PRODUCT
- This may be of interest to YOU - it should, actually!

And this might be of use to YOU as well, even tho some of you likely don’t create/sell products, or do biz etc …

This applies to everything important in life.

Including making money, and this is YET another one of those “right outta the shower” “nekkid” posts. Hehe.

Would you believe it, this is EXACTLY how – on the spur of the moment – MOST of my stuff is written?

Nigh on MOST, or ALL of my “prodigious” output – pun not intended – is on the spur of the moment.

It’s the SUBCONSCIOUS telling me what to do, and I blindly obey – it’s that simple!

This morning, I had NO plans to create any product.

All I wanted to do was get going a bit more on Plyometric Conditioning. That has been half done and in the works for ages, and being it survived three computer crashes as well? Well …

But the subconscious has it’s own ways – and plans!

And we’d be wise to heed ‘em.

Most don’t.

They double check and double guess and therefore the subconscious never really works for them.

Hence their results, or lack thereof. Remember, as the great Claude Bristol said in the Magic of Believing, you have to TRUST in the subconsciously wholly, or it will NOT work for you.

Rather, it might work against you.

I wont get into why here, but this morning?

Woke up.

Did some stretches. Squat-stretches as in Isometric And Flexibility Training.

Then did some BRIEF workouts from Animal Kingdom Workouts.

Did my daily writing.

Around 2 or so, I got involved in some DEEP visualization.

Something which in some way, shape or form usually precedes PRODUCTS or more output, but I wasn’t thinking of that.

Yet, a few minutes after I was done, I was started on a new product.

#83, I believe on that site, and it’s NOT a fitness product (actually, maybe closer to ninety given the compilations etc).

Best part, as I sit here writing this, is that people have ALREADY placed orders on the pre-sales page despite the book not being officially up as yet (it will in an hour tho).

Anyway, I got cracking.


Ate lunch.

Worked out again AFTER the product was done.

Brief workout including of nothing but pull-ups and static HANGS.

Took 6 minutes in all to do about 40 pull-ups and hangs, I believe.

Back to it.

Sales page.


Product took about three hours to create, but of course, the thinking behind it took years, as did the experience.

And like I said – the orders have already started to come in!

And this, more than anything else, should speak to the sheer efficacy of BRIEF workouts throughout the day – which I’ve been writing a lot about as of late, and rightly so!

Move over hours at the gym and spent pounding asphalt.

The sheer buzz and creativity you get from THESE workouts?

Second to none, and they take no time at all.

Sail through your day – feel great – like a billion bucks – INCREASED productivity (Ive often spoken about my mini workouts givng me up to THREE HOURS MORE of productive time later!).

Can’t ask for more, eh.

Find out HOW to get these in during YOUR day – right HERE.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pushups are another great exercise that lend themselves to mini workouts. EVERYONE should be able do these. Grab Pushup Central right now, and get cranking.

Also, be on the outlook for an email on GRIP training which will tell you how my grip VASTLY increased in size a couple of years ago, without doing a single pull-up! (during that period)