Once army, always ARMY!
- Like I keep saying about Mike Pompeo!

A few things come to mind as I write this –

One, my friend from the Marines (now an ex Marine) saying this –

“A Brigadier is NO joke, Rahul!”

Indeed, he was – is – right.

Two, once army, always army.

Have you seen THIS piece about why Mike Pompeo is MY MAN – the under-spoken of WORKHORSE that I truly believe will surprise everyone, who are more focused on Trump, De Santis etc (both great contenders!) – and come “from behind” to take over the reins of the Presidency.

I’ve been wrong before, yes.

But never a lot!

And my gut tells me Mike will run, and WIN.

We’ll see how that pans out, but read that link above BEFORE reading this piece.

Today, I had the privelege of meeting the Brigadier again after a long, long time – and the first thing I noticed about him?

He was looking some what frail, and a “little” – very little – fat.

I asked him – he saw me from a distance, didnt wave until we both did – my sorta guy!

And I spoke to him after a long, long time .

“whatsup my friend!”

Long time no see, I went, and then I asked about those powerhouse shoulders I noticed in the first place!

The man had shoulders like massive boulders at the age of 70 at the time – literally.

He’s lost a lot of it now.

“I haven’t been working out due to covid etc” , he went. “And I’ve actually LOST a little weight”, he went.

And, it seems he’s not only LOST weight, but put on a tiny little bit of weight as well, but he still looks 10x better than most men 20 years younger, I’ll tell you that!

Anyway …

I commented on strength.

“I’m still plenty strong”, he laughed.

I’m sure he is – and as I gripped his hand – YES.

That grip is still there, REAL MAN’s GRIP, that training, that muscle memory is still very much there!

A man’s punch is the last to go, is often said in “Rocky Balboa” (the movie).

Might be true!

But the GRIP is closely related too – and this can be proven – any which way you like – real life being the BEST example.

Well, my friend, I thought I’d update you there.

Gotta tell you about my meeting with the ole Brigadier, hehe. Always a pleasure SIR!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – It was after feeling the grip that my QUIP – no pun intended – came through.

Once army, always army huh I went.

Always, was his response, I wouldn’t expect nothing less!!!!!!!!!


That nasty crick in the neck … !
- Woke up this morning, and ...

Last night, for whatever reason, while waiting on grocery delivery which seemed to take forever and a day / night to show up – I decided to bang out 50 pull-ups (after 250 squats, stretching and more yesterday afternoon I believe).

I did that.

No why’s, just did it, felt great.

Then of course we got into an argument later about some stupidity.

Then I went to sleep, woke up to rain – and presto, the minute I woke up – that nasty UGH – crick in the neck!

In the past I’d try and massage it, winkle out the creases in the neck (if that makes sense) – I’d move my neck in circles like people told me to do, or I’d just wait for it to go away within a day which it normally did.

However, these days?

And today?

It’s already at the time of writing this, 80% gone – and while I’ve been preoccupied with driving (baby) mice out of the house which seem to show up occasionally (not to mention a huge rat which once did too – UGH!)  – and while I haven’t really applied a lot of special isometrics (or devoted much time to them in this regard) as YET – yes ,already 80% gone.

The daughter gave me an idea to use my “isometrics” stick – yes, that “world famous” stick that I put in the second book in the “stick isometrics” section on the baby mouse, but I managed to talk her out of it – thankfully! Hehe.

I dont believe in taking lives – unless it’s something that is directly threatening me – or unless it’s something that spreads disease in the house, admittedly mice are that – and admittedly I’m NOT one of those “Jains” in India that believe even roaches shouldn’t be killed – but whenever possible, I just let these critters out in the “open”.

And if not, well, I do what I always do in China – PEST control!

I won’t even move into a new apartment in China – or anywhere – without it being thoroughly sprayed and such first.

They never want to do it, of course, but like I’ve told you guys before – no spray, no deal – simple (I mean, like Ive told this list before) – nothing I hate more than a house full of roaches and other bugs – UGH!

I’ll tolerate – and even love – lizards. Hehe. A certain “Princess” Joanie might too!

Spiders – for some reason I never kill those either. (unless they show up near the bedside or something – and unless its a black Widow which once showed up apparently according to my old ex in New York when I Was catching some much needed Z’s before work in the AM).

But everything else, anyway, where the fuck was I on all this. Hehe. I even left a section up there uncompleted, lets go back to it NOW …

… ah, yes, cricks in the neck that we ALL have.

So, OK – the first thing you might respond with

Bridging. Which is fine, of course, but sometimes the crick is so painful you just can’t bridge, period.

In this case, here is what you do –

You simply do isometrics SQUEEZES and pushes as hard as you can – in the opposite direction.

Let me explain. (and this isn’t in the book on isometrics, either one – maybe in Volume Three! Neck isometrics, as it were…)

Lets say the left side of your neck has a crick in it. Mine does.

You move slowly (your neck) in the direction it hurts.

Then you take your left hand and PUSH – as HARD as you can – statically – in the opposite direction – WHILE you push with your neck as hard as you can – in the direction you were before.

Thats it – simple!

It’s a good idea to repeat this on the other side, even if you dont have neck pain currently on that side.

After a few minutes, or even ONE minute of doing this – I did it right when I woke up – you will be amazed to see the pain disappear – or dissipate to a very large extent.

That, my friend, is just another example of the magic, healing power of isometrics – which I haven’t covered so much in the book from an injury standpoint.

Maybe I will in Volume #3, isometrics are HUGE in terms of recovering from injuries no matter how nasty because of the unique manner in which they strengthen tendons and ligaments for one, but also how they get the blood and other nutrients flowing to the parts of the body it’s most needed (ahem – pun not intended there, hehe).

But for now, if you wake up with a sore, stiff neck – or traps or crick somewhere (except “there”, hehe – sorry, I couldn’t resist, lol) – try this little trick – I guaran-damn-tee it will WORK.

And thats that. Back soon!

(By the way, those of you that want Isometrics – Volume Three – HOLLA! I’ll start working on it soon if there is enough demand. Neck isometrics will be there, as well as advanced isometrics movements that will AMAZE you – stuff you’ve not seen in either one of the other two books – so let me know NOW).


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Both books on isometrics in compilation format HERE.

PPS – I’m working on Squat 101 as we speak – pre-orders being accepted shortly – if you’re interested, shoot me an email. Sales page not up as yet, but the pre-order (sales) page for Profit Troll, another book for which there has been a lot of demand is up – take a gander HERE.

PPS #1 – We’re going to have a podcast link up shortly as well – stay tuned ! That means you can listen to all these emails in podcast format using your iTunes or whatever it is people use to listen to pod casts (for an IT guy I can be awfully “slow” in these regards, hehe) … not to mention, if you visit the site, these emails can be HEARD as well – check out the new player on top of the posts!

Much more to come…

Ben Bergman has it SPOT ON.
- I knew the guy KNEW what he was talking about. hehe.

He has it spot on, my friend.

And even though I dont generally link to writing etc “without any of my own” – Ben’s latest post just struck a chord – for me.


Because what he says about PUSHUPS – well – I can totally and completely IDENTIFY!

This guy, and I’ve mentioned him before for a reason in these here emails – GETS IT.

Remember what I keep saying about “I can make 10 pushups way tougher than a 100” – or “1 way tougher than 10”?

Or even an isometric hold – I can make it WAY tougher than a lot of people’s workouts – done half heartedly, with not much focus or concentration, ogling the babes, listening to so called music and so forth?

especially blaring rock, rap, etc – there is a time and place for that, yes, perhaps, but while you train?

To me, and I’ve said this before – the type of music you listen to when you train is KEY.

I, of course, dont listen to music at all, and usually train in the dark, training my subconscious mind – not just my muscles and body – with every rep. All Iwant to hear when I’m training?

My own DEEP BREATHING – which if done right, you’ll be able to “feel it coming from within you, DEEP within you” … you’ll literally “feel your body at a different level altogether”.

the above might sound strange to those of you that have never done the thing seriously, but do it, and you’ll realize the truism of what I’m talking about.

Anyway, pushups – that one exercise, as I state in Pushup Central – a book MUCH loved by the DOERS (see the reviews for one) – an exercise that lends itself to even more idiotic “bragacidaodoooo” (what the spelling BE, lol) – I mean bragging – than any other exercise, including grunty kicking up in pull-ups (another huge UGH! If you’re fat and can’t pull yourself up, WORK ON LOSING WEIGHT, do NOT KICK and so called KIP!) …

And that most men, even those that bench 400 or 500 plus couldn’t do more than 20 of in a set without collapsing – the right way, that is.

Anyone can crank out pushups in a half hearted, lousy … ah, but wait.

Ben has it spot on.

He says exactly what I do – right down to the language. Ben – I dont know when you signed up for the list, but it’s been a while, I can see that.

Great stuff – go here to read it.

And then make sure to pick up the book!


Rahul Mookerjee

The Bozo Schofield way of relieving neck pain.
- Ewwww....

Swallow your saliva and relieve your neck pain, was the statement he used.

Not the Bozo, but a certain “Master” claiming to be from China.

He might well be from China, and I ain’t gonna dignify the video by putting it here, though truth be told, even (if you watch the video) he would probably admit it’s mostly marketing, that title. Hey, it got me to click through!

But it also got me as a thinking person to say “dumbass”.


Though the dude probably isn’t a dumbass in reality …

But anyway – the video’s premise is that “saliva has so many wonderful natural properties” – which I agree with 100% – and then it shows you several stills of “how to purse your lips ” and properly swallow your saliva.

I swear, if a certain Glyn Schofield in Brum we ALL know by now is free from swallowing and wallowing in the other bodily “releases, fluids and excretion” the Bozo so loves – and begs for, apparently, from what Josie and others screenshot and send me (Glyn, I know your most recent caper too, hehe, but I’ll save that for later) (I’ve got eyes everywhere, my friend, the Big 5 “Eyes Tech” aint got nothing on me!)) – he’ll LOVE the video!

More than that, lazy asses globally (my wife would probably love it, oh, my neck pain goes away with just swallowing, oh, ancient mystical Indian and Chinese tantra mantra crap, yada, nada, schnada).

Again, dont get me wrong.

There is a lot to be learned from ancient Indian culture, and given the Chinese aped it and morphed it into a version of their own, theirs too.

If it’s REAL Indian culture – where contrary to what you might think, neither was the cow holy, nor was alcohol forbidden, and sex – well, they wrote the kamasutra there!

Anyway ……. Man. How things have changed, that CYCLE.

(and all this mystique “because it’s Chinese culture”, or “Oh, the Indians KNOW what they BE talking about” … I mean, just because it is  SUPPOSEDLY India or china dont mean doodley SQUAT, friend.

Farmer Burns in America had the same concepts down pat not so long ago – read “Lessons in Wrestling and Physical Culture” – 1914 course, I dont sell it, so no, I dont benefit from it – and you will SEE for yourself.)

That video – back to it – the EXERCISES they show in the video, gentle yoga stuff, dont hold a candle to what Rahul Mookerjee teaches you in the 0 Excuses Fitness system, specifically, for neck pain, bridging and reverse pushups. (and back pain in general).

And everything else too … It’s one of the best exercises you can do, period. I wouldn’t say THE best as Matt Furey used to say, I’ll give squats and pull-ups that distinction, and pushups the “big dog” tag, but they’re damn good, everyone should be doing ’em – period.

Then you can swallow – or not.


Really, “lazy man’s fitness, or woman’s”.

I could make a fortune (Charles mitchell, if youre readin this, hehe) – by doing that.

But like Charles himself once told me.

“Never become a pussy trainer just so you can sell more books and make more money!”

I never will, Charles.

That ain’t real.

That ain’t me.

If there is one thing I am, it’s REAL …

About me, who I am, my passions, it’s all real, my lifes an open book …

Anyway, those exercises in the video are not bad from a stretching standpoint.

But again, compared to what I teach in Isometric and Flexibility Training – and Advanced, Profound Isometric and Flexibility Training?

they dont hold half a candle to any of it!

If you dont have all the books above you’re missing out, thats all I can say.

And if you’re feeling a certain VIBE off my posts, well, another one of my self imposed impromptu FASTS. Been I believe .. 20 hours thus far since the last meal, I might have something in another 4, but we’ll see!

I feel GREAT!


Rahul Mookerjee

People are literally BEGGING for business!
- and if this is a sign of the times to come, well... !

Man – people … !

Panic Central has well and truly struck, and it keeps getting worse with every passing year.

Just look at the stock markets and everything else in general if you dont believe me, extreme volatility and so forth –

But more than any other year, I remember what my Uncle once told me – well, one of them who (at least at the time) was a professor in Texas.

“People are begging to clean my office”, he proudly trumpeted (students apparently too) – to me, when I wasn’t interesting in working some silly job.

Apparently the end of the world was nigh (remember the 2008 crash)?

I remember thinking, so what about that crash.

In 2010, I started to forsee what was to come, and I’ve been writing about it ever since…

And funny part, it didnt have to be this way.

Mens thoughts, as Claude Bristol rightly wrote lead them to ruin and despair, or “El Dorado” (thats the gist of it).

I am constantly AMAZED at the level people are stooping to.

People – businesses that wouldn’t give anyone the time of the day are literally following me – chasing me – on the other biz to “retweet and promote them”.

Any time you pay money for something these days – you get terrible service, yes – but if you know how to handle yourself, the REVERSE occurs.

Most dont.

The panic – and baby, it’s just beginning.

I’m saying it again, its just the beginning.

Wait until DEFLATION kicks in.

Of course, President Biden’s lunacy isn’t helping things any either …

I mean, forgive student debt, rack up national debt even more (when it’s already dangerously high – what if China stops buying Treasury bonds tomorrow, which it well might?) – continue to keep gas (and therefore everything, at least in America where it’s all transported by truck mostly) prices high – when the US has more than enough gas, and other natural resources for the next 50 years (ok, Russia has more, but still!) – slap on sanctions to Russia daily, which end up doing what – well, just look at where the Ruble is now – higher than before the “invasion!”

Politicians have short memories, eh. They know people in general do.

While Sleepy Joe probably doesnt remember a thing about it, it wasn’t that long ago – 2014 when the US Congress actually recognized a fact for what it was – the neo Nazis in Ukraine no-one likes to talk about.

True, that doesn’t justify the war – but – well, my thoughts on the war have been well documented here (sorry if you dont like my views on that, but they’re true, you’re welcome to unsubscribe if those views “offend” you – seem even breathing is offensive these days, because it turns so many people on … ah, but but I best not go there. Hehe).

Fact of the matter is, provoking the worlds second strongest military wasn’t exactly smart.

Fact is, despite what the liberal media would have you believe, Russia hasnt even BEGUN to use more than 10% of its REAL might – real weapons. All those losses you see are crap Soviet era weapons that won’t matter a damn in a real fight against a superpower…

End of the day, its Ukraine’s economy which has been devastated, the Eastern half of the country gone – despite what the Tom Tom’s claim about Russia losing.

Say what you like about Putin, but he’s a real man, I dont blame him. India should have done something similar with China in 2020 and before that, unfortunately, they rolled over and got their territory taken.

Its a dog eat dog world bro, simple as that, always has been.

Technology doesnt mask how human beings are and act and think.

And as Charles Mitchell once rightly said

There has never been a better time for the type of training you promote in this crazy world! No need for a gym, your own bodyweight is all you need!

True dat Sir. From an ex man in Blue – high words of praise.

I’ll never forger what he said about Pushup Central either – thanks Charles!

(and if I wasn’t so goddamn busy with the new business, and so many other opportunities cropping up – remember what I said about war, bad economies etc – there are MORE opportunities if you know where and how to look – I’d have Advanced Plyometrics out by now. Gotta take the pics for it..)

But this isn’t about that.

People are just so desperate, I laugh, and then run like a cheetah – in the opposite direction.

I mean, it’s insane – and people who outwardly have FAR more going for them than they’d have you believe.

As for me personally, I’m doing just great.

I might not be Heff – Jeff Bezos as yet, Charles.

But I might be getting there.

Truth be told I wouldn’t care about the money.

Neither did Jeff.

Passion is what builds things, passion is what makes you tick – what makes the world MOVE.

A certain “Ben” reading this might agree! (if he reads it!).

And that, my friend, is that.

Smart people though, can BENEFIT in this economy, regardless what they tell you about inflation and crap – your money can go FURTHER now if you know how to make it go further. Most dont.

And you CAN do better than before – if you dont buy into the panic.

Most wont believe me.

Which is fine.

Lets stick to what you have no choice BUT to believe, hehe, that being, yours truly is – and there is PROOF – truly the “stella Artois” of bodyweight fitness culture.

No if’s and buts there, eh.

Nah. I didnt think so.

Pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System today, and start DOING (and if you think it’s too expensive, well, tough shit. No price lowering, pally. In fact the price might go up by a few smackers next month, so hurry – get your thang on while you CAN).


Rahul Mookerjee

PS- It’s about ATTRACTION on auto pilot, something I talk about VERY OFTEN both here and on other businesses. And the initial part of Zero to Hero! tells you ALL you need to know in that regard, tho of course, you could always read the whole book and benefit more!

But those first few lines, much like Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich have the “secret”. Like Hill said if you can spot it. It wouldn’t matter if I told you, because you would not be able to use it until you FOUND OUT FOR YOURSELF!

My legendary powers of observation – nah, not really, hehe – and some REAL LEGENDS!
- And some inspiration - midnight inspiration!

It was nearing midnight when I wrote this.

And yet, when I received the email from Ben, the guy who recently applied to be an affiliate, and whose email the system very mysteriously never sent me a notification on (maybe because of the “yahoo” address ? who knows) … well, I shook my head – in AWE!

People never cease to amaze me – the doers that is!

I’m one of them, so I recognize a DOER when I see one – and I’ve said from the beginning Ben is one of them!

So is Ben Settle, another .. ah, but let me focus on Ben Bergman here, the guy whose blog I shared in the last email (real stuff!).

He sent me a keeping it real email which I just HAVE to share with you guys – his story, to me at least is just as inpsirational as John Walker’s Cliffhanger story – though not quite as full of derring do I guess, but while John’s is all about quick reaction, real man training and on the spur of the month CAT like reflexes – this dude is all about GUMPTION.

And Persistence – man!

Anyway ….

A story first, as always.

When I first met my buddy from the Marines, him of the “Rahul, I’ve never met anyone with an unnatural pull to their grip like that!” – part of the reason was he outweighs and outsizes me by … well, perhaps 1/2 a David to Goliath x 5.


OK, it’s not that extreme.

I’m NOT That big!” he once exclaimed when I had forgotten my sweat shirt for a night out drinking beer (and the weather in China got cold suddenly), so I borrowed one of his – and of course “5 Rahul’s could fit in one of those”, I joked. LOL.

But anyway, I noticed his military style, the sheer power of the man straight up – and therefore the grip. Hehe.

I do instinctively – always have.

The next time I met him, I commented on how he must be swimming at least 2-3 times a week (I didnt know from him from Adam at that point, but those shoulders and that deep swimmer’s chest – dead giveaway!).

Sure enough, he responded in the affirmative.

“You’re very observant, Rahul!”

I always have been.

And not necessarily because I want to be a chameleon “on purpose” or Jason Bourne or anything like that – I just believe it PAYS to be aware of it all.

Those little things are what ultimately make ALL the difference, if you notice them that is. Most people tend not to, I do, thats how I’ve been since a young age.

As ole Denzel famously said in “The Bone Collector”, its the little things that matter!

They showl do, my friend.

Anyway. Lets not make this about me.

Lets check out this email from Ben that he just sent me – (and this is one of the rare ones I have not responded to first, I’m going to be responding to him personally too, but wanted to share his tale here first since I mentioned the part about his form on squats in the last email!).

“On the Squats!!!!” was the subject line ,which as soon as I saw it, I knew this was going to be GOOD. Hehe. 


Thank you for sharing my blog on yours and even reminding others of the things I promote with other people. Nobody has ever done that or even went out of their way to mention that.

To let you know about my squats. There is a reason why my technique isn’t as good as many who practice Hindu Squats or The Jumpers. Believe it or not, this is going to sound weird but today is the very same day (may 15th here in the states right now) 17 years ago that I broke both my legs in a cliff jumping accident into the ocean next to a California beach.

I shattered both my ankles and tore a part my tibia-fibula (shin bones) in my left leg. My left leg needed repairs to the point where the bones themselves didn’t shape properly again and so it’s nearly deformed and have a titanium rod in place to keep it’s shape as best as possible.

When I was cleared to walk again (which took nearly 3 months and a total of 3 surgeries), I had prepared myself for my own rehab (never went to PT at all) and started out with Hindu Squats, Hindu Pushups & The Bridge. That was the beginning of training every single day since (aug 1st, 2005) and haven’t taken a day off this whole time. I first managed over 1000 Squats that December in 56 min.

Because of the rod and pins in my legs (along with a weird ratio of waist to legs) If I keep certain areas straight and bringing the heels upward in the movement, it puts stress in my shin and ankles and becomes very discomforting. So I have to be very careful in how I process with those particular squats. Its also difficult at times to keep my heels down in some exercises cause I automatically feel the rod in my shin (it’s not fun) and need to adjust.

My form isn’t great but what I have managed over the last few years was doing up to 500 Squats on average between 13-15 min. Fastest 500 was under 12 min. The last time I did 1000 was on my 33rd birthday and finished in 33 min.

I’m telling you this so you can get an idea of how I do the Hindu Squats & Jumpers. Trust me, I’m not screwing up my back or anything like that and the technique works for me that it suits the ratio of my legs to my hips and waist. I even put up a tick tok video of doing 53 squats within a minute going all the way down and swinging the arms each time. It’s completely controlled and it doesn’t put stress on me.

You are a hell of an observer but I wanted to fill in the blanks. I’m not big on the squats as much anymore and have focused on Step Ups like legendary wrestler Bob Backlund. Those have been a huge difference for my legs and are better suited to my structure than the squats have.

Keep it up man, I love your writing style and you’ve got an honest sense of humor.

Ben Bergman


Now thats REAL.

Think about it – doer x 10.

You know what I REALLY emphasized with?

The way he didnt even go to PT, and created his OWN rehabilitation program – if you want it done right, do it yourself, and he’s right – remember how I recovered from my nasty thumb injury – or the elbow – or any of the others I’ve sustained over the years?

If I had listened to what people, so called qualified medical professionals etc – or my Dad on my beer drinking “you’ll die by 30” (HA!) – I’d probably still be injured.

Instead, I gutted it out and DID the thing – so has Ben!

(no, I am not recommending ignoring medical advice, but sometimes, often times, those in the know “know better” if you get my drift!)

(and those supposed to know DON’T!)

Check this out –

I shattered both my ankles and tore a part my tibia-fibula (shin bones) in my left leg. My left leg needed repairs to the point where the bones themselves didn’t shape properly again and so it’s nearly deformed and have a titanium rod in place to keep it’s shape as best as possible.

When I was cleared to walk again (which took nearly 3 months and a total of 3 surgeries), I had prepared myself for my own rehab (never went to PT at all) and started out with Hindu Squats, Hindu Pushups & The Bridge. That was the beginning of training every single day since (aug 1st, 2005) and haven’t taken a day off this whole time. I first managed over 1000 Squats that December in 56 min.

Because of the rod and pins in my legs (along with a weird ratio of waist to legs) If I keep certain areas straight and bringing the heels upward in the movement, it puts stress in my shin and ankles and becomes very discomforting. So I have to be very careful in how I process with those particular squats. Its also difficult at times to keep my heels down in some exercises cause I automatically feel the rod in my shin (it’s not fun) and need to adjust.


Ben – certainly no complaints from me in that regard! With all that iron in your legs – pun NOT intended, even DOING squats is great, and the timeframes you’ve mentioned – well, most “normal” people would be doing great to get to 1000 squats in 56 minutes for one.

(Ideally 1000 should take around half an hour or so, but for Ben, that’s completely understandable with his condition!).

And he’s right – going all the way down and doing Hindus the way they “should” be done – are NOT how he should be doing them. My bad Ben – I had no idea, but now I do!

(While I recommend Hindu squats for MOST people, if you’ve had severe injuries in the past like Ben has -might be a good idea to listen to your body a bit more as you do ’em, and figure out what works best for YOU – Ben did that- kudos!).

He mentions this too –

hat was the beginning of training every single day since (aug 1st, 2005) and haven’t taken a day off this whole time. I first managed over 1000 Squats that December in 56 min.

Kudos! (and a lesson to learnt for lazy asses worldwide, I’d say “I’m too tired”. HA!).

You are a hell of an observer but I wanted to fill in the blanks. I’m not big on the squats as much anymore and have focused on Step Ups like legendary wrestler Bob Backlund. Those have been a huge difference for my legs and are better suited to my structure than the squats have.

Hey man – Bob Backlund was the real deal! Back in the day – old school strength – old school training, I’m not a fan of the bench press as you know, but a guy that can bench 500 and deadlift 550 or whatever it was, then put in tons of wrestling – well – wrestling by itself is one of the hardest things anyone can do – mucho respect!!

And yes, step ups – or climbing stairs for that matter – is GREAT!

My own long climbs up stairs in the daily heat and humidity of Southern China attest to that. Hehe.

And as for step ups, Bob Backlund was a huge proponent of them – and … ah, but wait.

Let me just share what Ben has written on it – a great piece – here it is – very informative – check it out – Ben’s Power And Might Writings: The Bob Backlund Workout

Geez, 2800 setups is right up there with Iron Mike’s daily 2000 squats and sit ups and 500 pushups!

Thats something, if he did that regularly!

Anyway – Ben – great stuff – thanks for writing in and sharing this with me – I figured I’d share it with the rest of the DOERS – they will love how you came back from injury yourself – haven’t taken a single day off in years – keep doing the thing – and MORE!

(I’d never have guessed you had those injuries from the way you train – yeah, I did feel you needed a bit more conditioning work, but given what you have to work with – excellent, super job – keep it going!).

Great stuff man – and keep it coming on your end too – I for one love it.

(and, no problem sharing your link/promos etc, at the end of the day, as you know, I dont believe in “scarcity” in terms of what youre promoting etc – there is enough to go around for all, and to me, if the person is real, and a doer – those are both qualities sorely missing in the world today – and I’ll go to the ends of the earth to share stories like yours!)

And that, my friend is that.

Hope this little bit brightens up your day and provides YOU with the extra incentive you need to get to WORK – and get HER DONE.

I’m out.

Back soon (tomorrow!).


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I better respond to Ben as well, hehe.

More on TRAPS.
- An area EVERYONE wants to build!

Along with forearms, calves – legs – big beefy traps are another dead giveaway of real strength and power – and if the neck is proportionately well developed too – HEALTH too.

And today, as I sit here nursing sore traps – well, they’re sore in a good way – and remembering the days where I’d bridge endlessly – I’ll talk about both – all – and then some in between!

I’ve just written three emails and done a lot of tweets etc for the other business.

All “random” thoughts (seems to be the theme of the day).

But whats not random is this -when I think traps, it’s impossible not to think about Marc the African Silverback Gorilla – he loved training traps!

And he’d constantly talk about weighted shrugs being the BEST exercise for them.

admittedly they’re not that bad.

And he’d really go hard at them.

But a lot of the beef you pack on from weighted shrugs work only when you’re shrugging in that position.

It might look impressive, but think about it – Marc, an otherwise strong dude on the weights, couldn’t barely hang on to the chinning bar – let alone do a pull-up.

So if it was just strength – he should have at least hung on to the bar?

Yes, he was poorly conditioned. He admits that himself, so ok, lets cut him slack there in terms of not doing the pull-up, or not being able to do ’em – much like Matt Furey, another guy who I greatly admire, but call out all the time (spade’s a spade, Matt would agree, I’m sure!) for never really having put anything out on himself doing pull-ups, despite writing a course on it (and again, matt is a legend, dont get me wrong!) – pull-ups really, really, expose lack of conditioning and FAT around the midsection like NOTHING else will – I repeat NOTHING Else.

And if you can get “halfway up” but not more, or till the bar and not OVER it, well, your traps aren’t up to the mark regardless of how beefy they are pally – PERIOD.

Again, back to traps – and how most guys love to work them with weights.

You might not believe it, but I’m not entirely against weighted shrugs – they’re not that bad if done right, great as a finisher (ask Mike Tyson for one. Hehe).

But they dont develop the NECK area anywhere near as well as bridging does, or at all, neither do they emphasize DEEP breathing which really builds the muscles of the neck and upper chest “from the inside out” like nothing else can or will.

Bridging does.

Squats do (even weighted squats, but I’m not in favor of those at all, yall know this!) …

And most of all, strength and power and the look?

You might pack on beef with them, yes, but what good the beef if you can’t do a single pull-up, or lift heavy unwiedly weights, or carry “Grandma” or a fat wife, hehe – up the stairs with those traps?

I wont even explain the Granny part, the pajamas she wears these days. Ugh! Lol.

Pull-ups, my friend on the other hand – find me a man who can do even two good pull-ups in a row, and I’ll show you someone whose got, as my friend from the Marines spoke about me …

“He’s thick, but you’re BROAD!” 

Look at Jason Bourne doing them in the Bourne series.

(in real life, a guy that could do ZERO – and he went to 31 in a row, pretty goddamn impressive that).

He did a lot of hill running too. Fancy, that hill I keep talkin about eh. HA!

But anyway pull-ups build strength – and CORE strength too, which weighted shrugs won’t like NOTHING else.

Farmer’s walks are a great alternative for building the grip and core up if you’re not able to do proper pull-ups, but nothing compares to pull-ups – and as far as the look is concerned, well, you may not have the beef, but nine times out of 10, you’ll have a back just as broad, and far more visually appealing, at least to the opposite gender (and this is targeted at men, not Sissy Schofield types, for them, only God(dess) knows what “gender” means!).

(Thats why farmer’s walks are there in Gorilla Grip).

ITs fluid, they whine, while leaking their own fluids all the time.


But its true – look at what is happening these days, not just in the US, but the West in general where VALUES – real life stuff is being ignored in favor of promoting tranny (sorry, transgener,hehe) sports competitions (isnt it odd?These dudes want to be women – and they end up disempowering the very real women they compete against for obvious reasons!).

No common sense, or goose and gander.

Btw, I normally link a lot of stuff in my posts, but I’m too damn lazy to do it today. Google’s your friend, I’ve written about ALL this a lot of times before.

If there was ONE exercise I’d recommend for traps, or an exercise combo, it is what I talk about so often in Pull-ups from STUD to Super STUD within WEEKS!

Pull-ups, and pushups – especially fingertip pushups (and Pushup Central has all you need to know about pushups – if you haven’t got the course yet, well get it NOW). (pushups are a must do, period).

Getting that last bit of your mass over the chinning bar and holding there for time will do MORE for your traps than anything else will ,period (and your grip and core).

Then we get to muscle up level – slowly.

yes, charles, the book on that WILL be out, still on my mind, I’m working on Advanced Plyometrics for you and a few others right now though. Hehe.

But anyway, thats what I wanted to say.

And I’ve said it now.

Take from it what you will – oh, and I left our BRIDGING and reverse pushups in the combo above, DO add them in for extra trap and overall body work, especially the latter.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And just for the clowns who whine about self promotion “he only sells to us!” – well, two things.

One, yes, I will continue selling, and hard – to you.

And two, no, it aint only about selling, the DOERS know that.

Here is a doer from Idaho – Benjamin, a guy that train hard and knows what it’s all about.

Here is his website – some pretty good writing there for those of y’all interested – https://powerandmight.blogspot.com.

Yes, he’s an affiliate, but that ain’t why I’m sending you there – he promotes OTHER stuff too, so take your pick i.e other fitness products being promoted there too, not just mine.

But I’m just sending you there cuz … well, the guy deserves it, if just for the great affiliate application he sent in – my bad on completely missing it last year, Ben! – and because he seems to be a hard worker, and because – well – when I speak to him – I get a feeling of DOER! – not a “whiner” like THIS asshole I once dealt with …

(Feetus Fotis or whatever his name is, true Glyn Schofield wannabe JACKASS!)


He asked me to share his site with y’all “if I didnt mind” but that was after I had already sent out the email for the day, so here it is now.

Does a pretty good “unsupported handstand” too, for those of y’all interested in that – “Profound 70% Gorilla 30% Human Handstands” is the bridge between the (as yet unwritten) course on that i.e level #4 in the handstand progression and Shoulders like Boulders! – and Battletank Shoulders!

Does pretty good lumberjack swings too!

(he could do better on the squats tho for sure. Definitely. Hehe).


And of course dont forget to buy some of the products in the sidebar. Hehe.

PS #2 – Some of you other affiliates have been wanting Kiddie Fitness to be sold as an affiliate product too – well, here you go Kathy (and the rest of y’all too, hehe). It should be there in your affiliate center NOW.

(hey, I thought I was being lazy in terms of links. apparently not. Sales! YES! LOL).

The exercise that finally cured my elbow “tendonitis”
- Touchwood, but ... !

And it’s been going on for a while, as you guys on the list know – and while I made light of it, the fact is (that while I worked out with it) – it was extremely painful in some positions.

NO pun intended again, the Gorilla Grip guy could barely shake hands with his unnatural grip in certain positions when it was at its height! (to be honest, though I’ve been doign pull-ups daily, even making a tight fist isometrically was painful as heck).

Or, lift up a light mattress which I could normally do with my pinky (literally).

Today when I woke up – pain – all GONE.

When I did pull-ups – yes, the area was sore, but PAIN?

Mostly all gone – when I shook hands, its back to the crushing grip (which had never gone away, but the elbow area was painful as heck initially).

Now, what exercise did I do to completely cure this?

Something which helped – well, I wrote about it here.

And that helped immensely, but something I’ve been doing for the past week – really focusing on – is this.

Slow and steady – real slow, real steady reps of FINGERTIP pushups – on HARD cement, the very opposite as usual of what most would have told me to do.

All the way down, all the way up, painful as hell with that elbow, but as I did them over the past few days, the pain started to GO away.

Now, I was always doing fingertip pushups.

But over the last few days, THESE – and the diamond pushups – and one arm pushups – are all I’ve been doing.

Really focusing on fingertips though.

And on hard cement!

One arm pushups likely did zilch all for the elbow pain, but the diamond pushup really got blood flowing there – without stressing the area – while regular fingertip pushups – well, did the opposite.


Of course, I did pull-ups immediately after and before that – both wide and narrow grip.

And I did squats before and after that, I believe I’m already at 320 for the day, maybe 325 give or take.

Tough, tough workouts – which took nary any time at all it seemed…

And my elbow pain – which like the nasty thumb injury I had in 2018, most would said ice it, rest it, dont strain it more, etc etc.

Yet, I did.

And its worked wonders – again.

Same thing for the bridge – and back pain.

Same thing for reverse pushups – and shoulder pain – or inflexible shoulders – or NOT feeling good.

Same thing for the exercises in Corrugated Core.

Same thing for everything I teach!

And if I had to find more reasons for why (although I shouldn’t have to) YOU should follow the Stella Artois of bodyweight fitness, and DO what he says fitness wise without question, there’s another one.



Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness system HERE and get into the best damn shape of your life NOW.

PS #2 – Those of you interested in vascular arms, well, the combo above will do that, and then some, genetics or not!

PPS #1 – Those of you that have been closely reading, well, you know I spoke about self massage for the elbow too. Sure, that helped. 0 Excuses Fitness has an entire chapter dedicated to massage for just that reason, it’s damn useful, but what really cured it was not massage, not rest, not water, not green tea, not anything – BUT – good old fashioned hard work and gritting it through the pain to get STRONGER.


Nothing beats that.


A great affiliate application!
- That passed through the cracks apparently.

Man, with all else going on, THIS one completely slipped through the cracks, didnt it!

My apologies Ben … ah, but let me “back up”.

I was recently checking the other business, which I am going to incorporate very shortly too as I have done this one – and with all else going on y’all are aware of – it’s been an extremely hectic time.

And I was checking affiliate payouts etc (and doing up payouts for those who are due some on the 15th of this month) – on the other business, and suddenly, I got the idea to check the affiliates section here.

Thats odd, I remember thinking, as of late, other than the usual junk which I deny – no “real” applications.

Which given the popularity of our products was somewhat baffling, but I have not had much time to think about it.

And then I looked, seemed I missed something …

Ben Bergman from Idaho

I’m a fitness fanatic with a background in conditioning programs and affiliate marketing. I’ve been in fitness for over 20+ years and I love to write about the things I’ve learned and I share my knowledge on various social media platforms.

Because realistic fitness needs to be shared and be a part of our culture as a when. To be in the best condition possible takes discipline but also should be made interesting and enjoyable for all. Fitness is an adventure, not a chore, that’s how I see it as a way to sell a product.

He had applied last year, and he’s got a great website (I’m not including it here since he hasn’t accepted all the terms and conditions as yet, etc – legalese, you know – Brooks Kubik would know, hehe).

But I’m telling YOU on this list this though – because THAT is a genuine application.

It struck me the minute I read it.

I’ve no idea if he’s still interested, it was a few months before that he applied, and it slipped through the cracks unfortunately (hint – if you contact me via the site and if I dont get back, then PLEASE do either email me again, or contact me via Twitter or something -if its genuine, and I’ve not gotten back to you, there is always a reason, and usually one I cannot control – such as emails not being recieved, perhaps).

But he’s spot on, things need to be made interesting, or it’s just a dreary chore (hence my “quick and rapid” workouts which dont take all day, and which force you to CONCENTRATE with full focus for the time you ARE working out).

If you do it, you dont have to do it all day necessarily, but you DO have to do it – RIGHT!

Ben gets that, and one look at those “shoulders like boulders” he’s got, hehe – says it all.

I’m sure I’ll be hearing back from him shortly!

And for the rest of ya’ll, well, the affiliate program is one I have not promoted a lot, or at all.

One of those things no reason why – and it’s sitting there right at the bottom of the site for those that truly want to find the link.

But it’s very much there, much like the “contribute” link I recently put up …

And it’s a great way to earn some money “on the side”, or perhaps more – depending upon if you have a follower base that is interested in REAL training!

So apply – and if you haven’t heard back – well, let me know – I’ll expedite asap!

Last, but not least, we’re going to restart the video thing again – except this time, it’s different from YouTube.

This time, I also want YOU guys to send me videos of YOUR workouts – what YOU do – or anything you want to talk about in general, really.

I’m not a huge fan of video, I Dont like them at all, but I know a lot of y’all do, I know the majority of the world can’t live without ’em. Hehe.

So, I’m making it easy for you guys to contact me with workout related videos etc that we can ALL discuss – and share – and remember, if you send me your pictures, workout videos doing 0 Excuses Fitness – then there is a $50 off coupon just waiting for you.

I will share custom video links etc in these emails soon – be on the outlook for those!

You’ll also be featured on the 0 Excuses Roll of Honor, which I have to create the page, but will soon!

Not to mention creating the site, email, setting up the web servers etc for Rolls Royce Publications Incorporated


Life’s good!

And thats that.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Learn how to get Shoulders like the proverbial Boulders – HERE.

PS #2 – Remember the 0 Excuses Fitness Ship – a “one stop access” to ALL our products digitally forever, yet another one of those things I have NOT promoted a lot, but it’s there, and definitely worth it (and all your files youve downloaded are accessible anytime via the site too, which is a huge bonus).

And, we’re working on a custom plan where PAPERBACKS will be free too for those on the Ship membership. More on that soon!

Hindu “jumper” squats
- And more.

Something that has always been the case with me is this – once I get past a certain number of reps on bodyweight exercises, I’ll immediately look for ways to make it tougher.

Which is good.

But one thing I need to work on myself?

When I get good at, say (which I have many years ago!) – 100 straight squats, either Hindu or bodyweight – the urge to do more is there – but although I “could” go for 200 straight – or 400 – or 500 – I “generally” don’t.

Sometimes I do.

But I dont aim to hit that PR daily, or even weekly – maybe a couple of days a month,and thats it.

Much like me, my writing, even this email you’re seeing now – it’s all in the flow and “what I feel like doing”.

That dont mean I’m lazy, or providing you with carte blanche to be lazy when you’re “tired” , “haven’t slept well”, or “slept only two hours a night” or “wife’s driving me insane” or any of the other nonsense people roll out in terms of excuses.

It just means I tailor my workouts accordingly.

And one reason I do so is to stop it from getting boring, ie. same ole same ole daily.

Yours truly, much like a monkey would, hehe – gets BORED very easily.

To the point of ADHD, I’d say (remember Glyn Bozo once trolling me for something like that? I miss ole “Shemale Glyn”, I wonder what hockey field he’s currently ogling men or whatever rainbow he’s into on, LOL) …

Intelligent – or super intelligent – people get bored super easy.


sometimes though, that can be a bad thing.

I’ve often said squats beyond a certain point are more MENTAL discipline than anything else – when you do 500 straight squats, for one, you’ll understand the truism of what I say.

Anyway – sometimes it’s good to amp it up a little.

And I often do that these days – both my workouts (I am doing split workouts daily these days) – contain a form of squat not seen a lot, or talked about, or even one that I have spoken about a lot.

It WILL be there in the book on squats though – which is “pending” for ages, along with the 5 other books pending – I just haven’t had time or inclination or whatever you call it to GET to them!

Not an excuse, but with the new company, all the expansion etc, its been pretty hectic.

Anyway – these are jump squats.

Done on your toes like Hindu squats, they are an equally, if not more terrific way of getting super cardio in – in even lesser time if you do them right.

And they feel GREAT – so great that I’m doing tons of them these days.

But you gotta work up to it.

Basically you jump forward while in the standing position, drop down perfectly on  your toes – and then come up as you would in the normal Hindu squat – while simultaneously JUMPING BACK – in the same motion.

Thats one rep.

Continue for reps.

I like to do these in sets of 40, 50, whatever – right after regular squats.

I mix them in with fingertip pushups (which I do on a cement floor – you dont have to do them on cement, but they TOUGHEN your fingers x 100!) (I remember when I did them outdoors on gravely cement – try doing these when tiny bits of gravel stick to your fingers – gives the word “tough” a whole new meaning) – definitely pull-ups (those squats really loosen and work the upper body if you get the arms into it as you should) – and of course isometrics, lots of it.

(and dont worry – you dont necessarily need to graze your fingers up like I do with the pushups. Hehe. Do them on a carpet, you’ll do just fine. I’m just more of a Sophia inspired “masochist” on that one. Hehe). (but with good reason, I’ll say!)

And they’re a hell of a workout.

But you have to work up to them – and getting good at REGULAR squats, and that might take you a LONG time – is key if you want to progress properly and not hurt yourself.

In fact you could do nothing but regular squats and be in super shape the rest of your life if you so chose…

Anyway – Squat 101 has 19 variations on the squat – I’m planning on putting in 6 more to make it 25 for that book, and 25 more for an upcoming book “in the works”.

All shall happen in good time.

For now, remember form is key on Hindus – both the squats and pushups.

Go HERE to learn all about form, cadence, and how to get in the best, ass kicking shape of your LIFE.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Yes, go NOW. No excuses, pally. Just DO it.

PS #2 – And for those wondering, YES, you CAN do these flat footed too i.e. “jump” squats. But I’ve found cadence and rythm to be much better on your toes, like a cat, not to mention some people might not be able to jump backward and forward flat footed – really taxes the hips and hamstrings, that movement!

Not a bad movement though, if you can do ’em, do ’em by all means, just be careful you dont injure yourself.