Am I a “T.V. personality”?
- Well, that was about the only thing remaining that I haven't been called ... until now!

Dear Reader,

My oh  my.

So as y’all “0 Excuses Faithful” no doubt know, I’ve been called everything from Jesus – to a modern day Gandhi – to a movie star – to someone that “looks like he’s goes to the gym” – and everything in between.

Back in college, the “brothers” used to call me Habib for whatever reason – though I had never ever once stepped foot in the sands of the Middle East until then.

Bib, bib, they’d go as they saw me … don’t ask me, haha.

Anyway, yesterday I wrote a post about CONFIDENCE – and how having a rock solid, corrugated core – and an iron midsection adds to the feeling of sheer CONFIDENCE when walking around – or doing anything in general.

Way back in the day I remember being constantly “conscious” on a certain level about  my “stomach fat”, love handles and the like. Although these weren’t ever humungous by today’s standards, they were very much there – despite my regular exercise program – and I was nigh conscious of them to be honest.

And that showed, I suppose in my dealings with others.

We can’t change who we are at our very cores,  my friend. That is something I’ve said plenty of times – and neither can we change the VIBES emanating from us – unless we consciously focus on changing the picture of the “man within” if I might put it that way.

Anyway, so I just got done with a smashing workout of pull-ups, pushups, bear crawls and a few other movements – and capped it all off with a 100 Hindu squats.

Come to think of it I started with 50 squats as well, like I do in the Videos in the  System – so that makes it 150 squats, 100 pull-ups, 150 pushups and everything else in between.

Not a bad “little” workout, methinks, and as I headed on to the school nearby to pick my daughter up, an elderly geezer hunched over his cane stopped me.

“Excuse me”.

“Um, hey”, I said. I was a bit preoccupied at the time with some thoughts, but I must have been beaming both internally and externally as the old badger gave me a huge smile.

I smiled back.

“Are you a T.V. personality”?

It floored me, I must say. Although you’ve seen what I’ve been called many a times above, THIS was new – and given my much vaunted dislike of the boob tube, that surprised me to say the least.

“No I’m not. I don’t even have a T.V …”, I proceeded to say, but I was shushed in no uncertain terms.

“Oh, but look at you! Your personality …. you look like you belong on a T.V. show!”

Now, lest you think I was dolled up, manicured, slicked back and what not – think AGAIN. I’ve got on my old blue T-shirt – the same one that I’ve been wearing to my workouts for YEARS – and the same darn T-shirt that I wear in the intro to the 0 Excuses Fitness videos.

And a pair of track pants. And I was soaked in sweat despite it being winter out there.

So believe me, it wasnt looks – or dress sense – or anything like that.

It was the VIBE emanating from deep down within – something you simply cannot conceal no matter how much you try, my friend. 

Ever think of the days when you bound out of bed, feeling on TOP of the world, expecting good things to happen – and they do?

Conversely, think of when you’re feeling shitty and down in the dumps – and you just want to be left by your lonesome, and … first thing you know, the very thing you do NOT want happens i.e. folks start bothering you, and your day starts to go from bad to worse.

We truly do attract things – and people –  circumstances – results – what have you – based upon how we FEEL – there are no two ways around it!

Anyway, I had a bit of an interesting discussion with the old gentleman, who by the way was nigh shocked to hear that I live in China for the most part – and that YES, if you have money in China – you CAN buy property – and you are NOT “harassed” day in and day out as the popular misconception goes.

It amazes me how despite the rapid strides China has made, folks outside know very little about it – and that holds true for folks here as well – giant neighbors they might be, but they know very little about each other!

Anyway, I think one of my friends from the Marines said it the best when he said “you’re a chameleon. You can blend in anywhere!”

Truer words were never spoken, and thats perhaps a reason I love Bourne sprints that much, hehe – the original “chameleon” as it were, created by the great Robert Ludlum of course.

My philosophy in life – and fitness as well is simple. 

Do what works – and keep improvising and reinventing yourself and your routines your whole life. The minute you rest on your laurels is the minute you start to go downhill – and fast!

Anyway, this little email contains plenty of tips – see if you can find ’em! In the meantime, remember that as I said yesterday, NOTHING can replace feeling good – really, really good from the inside out.

And the way you get this good feeling going, and KEEP it going the entire day – and attracting desirable RESULTS as well, both in terms of fitness and life – are to do the right EXERCISES that give your entire system a tune up from the inside out.

Get on the stick today, my friend. You’ll know what I mean once you start cranking the reps out!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Oh, and by the way, Corrugated Core is flying off dem shelves as we speak. Grab it while stocks last –

Strong core – strong YOU
- The core is truly the "cornerstone" of your fitness

Dear Reader,

If there is ONE thing that stands out about a man in terms of his overall health, strength, fitness and vitality levels – it is  his CORE.

Take a man that can  bench a horse, for instance. The guy might be strong – but would you call him really fit if he had a massive belly protruding under those massive pectoral muscles?

In “Over the Top”, a Stallone wrestling flick from the 80’s all about arm wrestling they had various types of wrestlers in the movie – and what most of them, or perhaps ALL had in common was that they were all strong.

And something else MOST of them (except Stallone, of course) had in common was a massive belly to go with those huge upper bodies. Take a look at “Bull Hearly” for instance – you might not want to meet him up a a dark alley – but neither would you bet on his heart being the healthiest out there!

A few months ago, in March, to be precise, the weather was warming up in Southern China, and I was out there on the hill exercising.

I was doing a variant of what I mentioned in Eat More – Weigh Less – – a bear crawl routine that will have even the fittest of folks gasping for breath within a few … and as I did this, the old man I’ve met so often in China approached me.

He had just finished his climb, and though the exercise I was doing caused him to stop and watch, and then politely applaud – it wasn’t that he was concerned about.

The first thing he did was to take a forefinger and “poke” it in my midsection.

Rock hard. Not a sliver of fat anywhere. NO jiggles’n’wiggles if you get my drift, and so forth.

“Hmmm!” He nodded approvingly. “Hao hi hao!” (in English, that translates to “excellent”!).

And believe me, while comments like this please me greatly, vanity is the last reason as to why they do.

A strong core, my friends, has more benefits than the external six pack you see – and certainly more than external looks.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s great to look good – or look like a movie star – and all that – but the key thing that counts is your internal health and the strength of your internal organs.

And the more fat you have around your core the less able your internal organs are to get the job done.

Take digestive and eliminative processes, for one. Back when I wasnt exactly the epitome of fitness that I am now, I had plenty of digestive issues. 

Issues with being “bloated”. Constipated. You name it – and though I exercised regularly back then, it wasn’t until I really started to carve the fat off my sides and midsection that my health dramatically took a turn – for the BETTER.

I’ve mentioned before that my liver tests used to come back marked in red at a certain point in time.

No more, my friend. All a thing of the past, and all of this without watching my diet a lick if I might say so.

As Paul Bragg I believe it was famously said, “Your waistline is your lifeline. You should never let it get bigger than it was in your prime!”.

What he didn’t mention of course was the reverse i.e. your waistline getting SMALLER as you grow older – and that’s always a good thing, my friend.

‘Tis what you want – ’tis what you should be aiming at well.

Last, but not least, remember that (as I told my daughter the other day) the core is NOT just your stomach – or midsection – and certainly NOT just the six pack either.

The core is everything below your lower pecs until your knees. That includes your thighs, butt, stomach, lower back, sides, the works. Everything in that region.

Get that region fit – and flab free – and you’ll be on your way to super fitness levels in no time flat, my friend.

Hill climbs are a great, great way to do it. So are the exercises mentioned in Corrugated Core – – and Eat More – Weigh less – – BOTH courses you MUST have if you’re interested in any way, shape or form in fitness.

Grab ’em now, and let me know how you do!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Believe me, the sheer feeling of INVINCIBILITY that comes from having a sleek, well muscles and functionally strong core cannot be duplicated. You can’t get that feeling from having massive upper arms alone – or from benching the local cow at the gym – or deadlifting a house. NOTHING gives you that shot of uber confidence more than having a core in shape does.  And if you don’t believe me, the cover of Corrugated Core should tell you the entire story – –

The very BEST exercise there is to build the shoulders
- Yes - handstands again!

Dear Reader,

Way back in the day when I was a skinny lad trying to pack on some much needed muscle and STRENGTH to my frame, I was given a lot of advice.

One of them was to “lift 5kg dumbells repeatedly for 15 minutes daily on both sides” as that “is really what builds strength”.

While those of you in the A.M. are no doubt spitting up your coffee as you read this – and those of you fixing to go to bed are no doubt goggling as well, the fact remains that this was but ONE of the MANY useless pieces of advice I received in this regard.

I was told to “jog for 15 minutes a day as that would get me looking more like a wrestler”. Not kidding you, my friend. That was also supposed to build up upper body!

I was told to visit the gym – and pound weights – and years later, I have got folks routinely asking me if I go to the gym because “my back is built” – or “because I look like I go to the natural gym“.

And so forth.

Anyway, as I’ve said before, pushups were one of the keys to building up my shoulders to the point where I can knock of hundreds of pull-ups per set and not feel it – ditto for hundreds of pushups, and the 0 Excuses Fitness Videos are but one example of a 500 pushup workout accomplished in a day.

So are the workouts – but while the pushups added plenty of strength and mass to my upper body there was ONE exercise missing from my regimen, and those in the know KNOW what I BE talking about.

That was the handstand pushup – an excellent exercise overall, and the very best thing you can do in terms of building both barndoor lats and shoulders so wide you’ll have to turn sideways to go in through doors!

But beware. The way the people most people teach this great exercise is flat out WRONG.

When I first started out doing these, I ended up with wrist pain from doing ’em incorrectly – – and also – – watch this space – – from NOT being ready to do ’em properly!

The second is key, my friend. It’s not enough to “want” to do something – you have to be READY to do it – and while I’m not going Napoleon Hill on ya again, ’tis a fact that you have to BUILD your body up to the point you can knock off handstands, and then handstand pushups in all their shapes, forms and variants!

What if you can’t even get into a handstand – let alone knock out handstand pushups?

Well, take heart for one. You ain’t alone – and the first step, of course is to do what is mentioned in Shoulders like Boulders – and get good – REAL good at the SUPPLEMENTARY movements in there.

That’s right. Get good at the Hindu pushups and reverse pushups – and the others mentioned in the book BEFORE you jump into handstand pushups.

Apart from these, there are a few other shoulder blasters that are superlative exercises in their own right, but are exercises I haven’t covered as yet in any of my courses.

Por ejempelo, the PIKE pushup. This is not only a great exercise by itself, but is a great way to build up to doing handstand pushup – and again – form and FOCUS while doing the exercise are KEY here.

There are many more of these, and I’m planning on putting together another “intermediary” course on building the shoulders very soon. Perhaps I’ll include it along with “Shoulders like Boulders” – who knows!

Stay tuned –  – and in the meantime, if you haven’t already picked up a copy of Shoulders like Boulders, and if you haven’t already started pumping out handstand pushups by the dozen – do so NOW, my friend.

It truly is the best thing you’ll ever do for your shoulders!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Belief is what makes thing happen. When you operate with TRUE BELIEF – the bricks in the game of LIFE – and FITNESS as well – truly DO fall into place as though a magic wand had touched them. Results  will certainly follow in a most astounding manner — and while that bit is paraphrased from Claude Bristol’s the Magic of Believing, I can ATTEST to the truth behind this – and when it comes to handstands – and believing you can do ’em – and believing you can build them Shoulders like Boulders – – believe me now and trust me later – – the above holds true indeed!

P.S #2 – If there is one book you MUST read – it’s the Magic of Believing. It’s changed countless lives over the globe, and has changed mine too – along with others I advocate – all must reads!

P.P.S – Stay tuned for more on my China “return” trip. Watch this space for more on that! That hill BE awaiting, and so are many new products I’ve got in mind. Stay TUNED.

Can lighter folks do pull-ups?
- The answer may surprise you, folks!

Dear Reader,

A while ago I wrote an immensely popular post on “Can heavier people do pull-ups” which was received with mucho interest, and plenty a comment or two.

Being that most adults cannot even hang on to bar for any length of time, the topic of heavier people doing pull-ups and how I addressed it sparked a lot of interest.

In fact this was one of the additions I made to my now bestselling “Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS“. In that book I tell you exactly how being overweight hinders your progress with pull-ups – and yet – YES – as I’ve said in the past and continue to do so NOW, heavier people – CAN INDEED do pull-ups!!

It’s not so much your overall weight, folks – it’s the weight you carry around your MIDSECTION.

ANY and all excess flab is ruthlessly exposed by the pull-up. Think the guy who benches 500 lbs with a huge gut is the be all and end all of strength?

Well – great. Take that guy to the chinning bar, and tell me how he performs.

Or get him doing a handstand pushup – or handstand, for that matter, and we’ll see!

With that in mind, most people have asked me this too – – why do LIGHTER people have an easier time doing pull-ups?

Well – the answer might shock you – or might surprise you – they don’t always!

In fact, many a heavy strongman in the past has repped out more pull-ups in a day than your average skinny Joe would dream of repping in a year, despite the obvious lack of flab.

What do I mean? Why?

Well, this morning I was out there in the park getting through my pull-ups after a classic 0 Excuses pushup workout.

And a few schoolboys playing truant (or “bunking” as they like to say here, hehe) showed up towards the end of it all.

They looked at me swinging myself across the monkey bars, and tried to do the same. One succeeded sort of – flailing about wildly. The other two couldn’t.

All this time I was repping out slow and easy pull-ups by the dozen, and I heard one of the kids remark to the others.

“You think you guys are strong! Well, let’s see y’all do what he is …. ” (this said in the local language of course, but I’m getting the translation across pretty much verbatim).

Bear in mind that these kids had NO excess fat, as opposed to many obese kids you see these days.

They had wasp like skinny waists – – and while that might sound good, it’s not – especially when accompanied by toothpicks for arms and legs.

And the only way the first one was able to do the monkey bars swings is because of how he furiously flailed about with his legs – something you do NOT do during the exercise – at least not if you want to reap the benefits!

Ever seen a monkey move it’s legs while swinging from tree to tree?

I think NOT, my friend – and this reliance on the upper body during the exercise is what builds incredible grip and shoulder power – both for our simian friends and for us!

Anyway – back to pull-ups – despite their lack of fat, and despite their obvious endurance, NONE of the kids could even do a pull-up – not even a kipping one.

And when 14 year olds can’t do pull-ups – – while a 38 year old reps ’em out almost effortlessly, you know there’s something wrong – and something that needs to be addressed!

OK, so I lied on the age. I’m ALMOST 38 … hehe – but the point stands regardless!

So message of the day?

It ain’t necessarily about how much weight you carry – or don’t. It’s about FAT around the MIDSECTION – -and the lesser you have, the easier you’ll find pull-ups – but this doesn’t mean you don’t need strength.

It doesn’t mean you don’t need to get good at pushups FIRST.

It certainly doesn’t mean you don’t work the supplementary exercises I’ve mentioned in “Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of weeks!“.

And no – lack of fat ain’t the ticket to the party either, my brother.

So there you have it. Long answer to a short question. See if you can decipher it!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – My China “return” trip is being planned as I type this. My wife just gave me a “to do” list before I go, hehe, and my OWN “to – do” list upon getting there is NOT to sleep in – or recover from “jet lag” – its to jump straight into a hill workout that I haven’t done for months. Boy am I looking forward to it!! I’ll keep y’all posted – and in the meantime, y’all remember to grab Eat More – Weigh Less – a product that is close to my heart – and my fat burners as well!

Created right on the very hill I keep talking about – – here it is – –

P.S #2 – Here too is the link to the much vaunted 0 Excuses Fitness System, which is a must grab if you’re serious about getting in the BEST darn shape of your life – –

Climb stairs – burn fat – repeat
- An evergreen route to staying lean, fit and STRONG!

Dear Reader,

Yesterday I did a variant of a workout I first did many, many years ago … in 2008 to be specific.

Actually if I were to be honest I REALLY first did this workout way back in 2004 – when I was posted in China, and yes it was the time I climbed the HILL – which left me, as you no doubt know by now, feeling like several Mack Trucks ran all over me!

I was SORE – all over – and thats putting it lightly!

Fast forward a few years ahead, and you’d seen a long haired guy in the Delhi Metro subway stations tearing up the stairs from the basement to “train level” (about four or five stories high in some cases) and doing so with laptop in tow, flying behind me as he took the stairs two or three at a time.

As onlookers gazed curiously on, but didn’t bother to participate. As the signs reading “Climb stairs – save heart” (or something to that effect) flashed on by …

All of this, of course, was nigh instrumental in getting me in the very best shape of my life – along with the exercises in 0 Excuses Fitness – and yesterday I did a variant of this workout.

Those “in the know” know that I will be heading back to China soon for business – and of course, to revisit the HILL … and yes, for those of you that have asked several time – mea culpa – I still have NOT gotten around to the “Eat More – Weigh Less” videos – but it’s very much still on the agenda, along with the green tea I  plan to bring to you – straight from the hills of China as it were.

Now in preparation for this, I had to take of several issues here in Delhi yesterday.

So there I was on the Delhi subway. There I was at the ticket machine which curiously enough wouldn’t accept spanking new bank notes – apparently because it ran out of change, and because it wasn’t “kind” enough to let me know this, hehe.

A portly gentleman with enough change on him came to my rescue, and as I looked around for signs etc in terms of the map (which either wasn’t there or if it was I couldn’t see it) – he directed me to the right subway station.

“Come with me”, he said, gesturing to the lift.

“OK … uh, no. Wait”, I said.

I would have gone – but hey – several flights of stairs stood in front of me – and the last thing on my mind at that point was work – or the elevator!

They call it a “lift” in these parts of the world, by the way. That’s a bit of “British English” for those of you not in the know … or is it how English is actually spoken? Topic for debate! Haha.

Anyway, by the time I got to the top, I was huffing and puffing a fair bit, and the elevator still had not got to the top. As I reached there, I saw the gentleman alight, looking at me curiously out of the corner of his eye, as were the other people on the “lift”.

It’s always surprised me that folks overlook an excellent exercise tool that’s right there in front of them – and that they can fit into their daily schedules no matter what!

“Oh, I don’t have time”, is the usual answer.

Yeah. Right. If you’ve got time to wait for the elevator, and time for it to crank up to the fifth or whatever floor, then you’ve time to get up them stairs too! 

Regular readers of this email will remember the 25 floor workout I mentioned earlier on this year in May – and YES, it was Marc the African Silverback Gorilla that workout took place with – and his reactions were in complete contrast, of course to the reactions I get from most people in terms of this sort of thing.

He was more than happy to take the stairs though he normally doesn’t – and good on him for that!

There’s more to that story in the post above, but anyway, while I don’t feel like a truck – or even a bicycle ran over me – I still FEEL this workout today – and curiously enough not in my legs and back – but upper abs!

My abs feel like they have been put through the wringer big time.

No doubt, a bit of this was due to what I did last night – a variant of one of the initial exercises mentioned in Gorilla Grip – Advanced – and while jaws will drop for those of you that have read that book – believe me, the “Nasty Towel” exercise (or the “Towel Wring”, as I refer to it) CAN be turned into an an ab exercises with a few twists – big time!

So that, my friend is that for today. That was how my day went yesterday – and I’m writing this to tell you that if you haven’t already – make sure to incorporate stairs in some way, shape or form into your routine TODAY.

Who knows – you might just get into the best shape of your life with just stairs – and nothing else! I did – so you sure can too!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – For more such quick’n’dirty routines you can pump out literally anywhere you have a few square feet of space – anywhere you have a bit of room – routines that are amazingly effective at burning fat off your frame in record times – check out Eat More – Weigh Less – right here – –

Think – and get FIT!
- Whats the MOST important muscle to develop - to the fullest??

Dear Reader,

Many years, yours truly had the idea for starting an online fitness business and being successful at it.

I started wayyyy back in the day, and you’d think given that I started that site in 2011, I’d be working my tail off to make it “happen” back then – but curiously enough, although I WANTED to succeed at it, I never really did a lot with that site other than blogging and the like.

Sure, I built up a solid fan base that way. Sure, people loved the website and were following my posts etc – but it wasn’t until I started 0 Excuses Fitness that I really started to “get going” biz wise – and from then on it’s all been an  upward graph.

Fitness wise, yours truly was always sold on the idea (years back, of course) that you needed “something” other than your own body to get the fittest you’ve ever been.

Now don’t get me wrong. I was never a gym bro – although folks kept asking me if I went to the gym.

I was NEVER a proponent of bunny crunches – treadmills – or those useless ab machines you see advertised on late night TV – or anything of that nature. Never ever my friend.

I worked out even when I was overweight. I did all the right things … and yet … for whatever reason, I never quite into the best shape of my life until it all CLICKED in a way that “wonders cease to perform”, if I might put it that way (if that is the right expression to use here!).

These days  I’m getting better results at my fitness routines by doing way less than what I’d normally do where I’m at – while others do the same things for MORE time, but aren’t quite getting there.

Now, there are plenty of reasons behind the fitness transformation (as well as LIFE transformation) I’ve told you about – – but the most important part isn’t what you do – – or even (important as that is) – HOW you do it.

No – the most important thing is something almost ALL people overlook when they start out in any endeavor – be that fitness related or biz related – or even life in general!

That being your THINKING. 

Yes, you heard me. It’s your THINKING that starts the entire process, and its your THINKING that will determine whether or not you actually accomplish the goals you set for yourself – both fitness wise and LIFE wise. 

Blink and you’ll miss it, but in the 0 Excuses Fitness System I speak about the importance of visualization in the First Commandment (in the 10 Commandments of Physical Success).

I talk about this a LOT in my book on pull-ups as well – and a few others – and for good reason. If there’s something that anyone can do – and everyone SHOULD do – it’s to think – and no, it isn’t the sort of “outward positive thinking” that most self help gurus keep talking about.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz once famously said in Psycho Cybernetics that you can never really get away from who you “really are at your core”.

The above has not been quoted verbatim – it’s actually what I’ve written myself in many of my other books – but it holds true regardless.

You attract the results that you FEEL you can get at your deepest levels – in your subconscious, in other words – and thats as simple as it gets.

All the conscious effort in the world will come to naught if your subliminal and subconscious thought processes don’t “jive” with your “conscious” thoughts!

I care not if it’s fitness – or relationships – or life in general – we attract what we think about repeatedly – and that’s as simple as it gets.

If you’re looking to make money, well, THINK money – and think the RIGHT way. Visualizing it is great, and I’ve told you how to visualize in 0 Excuses Fitness – but there is so much more to it, my friend.

So much more than I could write ten books on it and still cover the tip of the iceberg if even that! 

Those that are currently on board the 0 Excuses Fitness coaching program know this, of course. If there is one thing I advocate before anything else – it is the importance of belief – and changing your thought processes from a “can I be fit” you to a “Yes, I WILL be fit” you!

And mark my words – and mark them in red – it isn’t just about affirmations – it’s about wording those affirmations the right way!!

This is a process I’ve learned over years – and a process that Napoleon Hill, Claude Bristol, and many other success stories of yore had to as well – and it’s a process I outline for those of you on my fitness coaching programs – and a process that  I really, really elaborate on in my life coaching programs.

So if you’re truly interested in learning “The Secret” – and attracting whatever it is you want in your life to you – well, jump on board the coaching program today, my friend. I’ve still got a few spots remaining – and I’ll be happy to put YOU on the path to success too if you so choose.

In the meantime, remember too that while thought is where it all starts, and ends – it isn’t ALL that is required.

You can think and get fit – quite literally – but you do need to MOVE your body to do so.

And trust me, once your thoughts are attuned in the right direction, you’ll find yourself wanting to move – and not stay sedentary no matter what.

And that’s when you’ll really start getting results – and more results – and more down the pike as well!

So if you haven’t already, crank out some Hindu squats, pushups and pull-ups too if you’re able to do that. Get a great, great workout in – and have a fantastic day ahead!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – By the way, there are several other very important nuggets of wisdom (as a reader from India recently put it) in the 0 Excuses Fitness System – – specifically, the 10 Commandments of Training Success – – which you really must read if you’re serious about fitness in any way, shape or form. Grab your copy of the System here – –

P.S #2 – Believe you can – and you WILL!


Pushups strengthen the ENTIRE body
- ... yes, even the legs!

Dear Reader,

Back in the day, when I was working on getting my pull-up numbers up from a somewhat “measly” 25, albeit 25 PERFECT pull-ups per workout, there was something I was missing.

There was something I was missing despite having years of training experience before this – – and despite “knowing” what I was missing from a theoretical standpoint.

As they say, the school of hard knocks is really the one way you learn life lessons – and workout lessons, for that matter- that you never forget – and that STAY with you your entire life, and BENEFIT you!

I think it was around the 45-50 pull-up mark that I was at that stage, and I was nigh stuck.

That’s right – stuck. No matter what I did, I could not get past this sticking point.

I tried it all. Doing pull-ups before my hill climbs. Doing ’em after. Dedicating entire days to just pull-ups. And so forth.

While all of that helped, nothing really worked – until one fine day it struck me.

Hey, why not do some pushups and see how it goes“, the inner voice inside of me urged me.

While it seemed like a good idea initially, my conscious mind rejected it.

“Pah! Pushups! Those are easy – and you’re the guy that’s written books on doing pull-ups, and … ”

But yet, the inner voice was insistent, and before I knew it, I was down on the ground doing pushups.

Just good ole’s traditional pushups with arms held close to the lats (another clue right there!).

I think I started out with the intention of doing 50 and calling it a day and going back to pull-ups. After all, I had been doing pushups for years, albeit not for the past few months, and …

… imagine what a surprise it was when let alone 50 – or 20 – even 15 regular pushups felt like a CHORE!

As I got into position and the legs locked in, something felt different.

My abs were being worked in a way they hadn’t been for ages – despite doing tons of pull-ups daily.  My shoulders were getting the workout of their lives (as I progressed on to 50) – and as I moved back to pull-ups, I was amazed at how easy it was to smash past the barrier there too!

As I incorporated different types of pushups back into my routine – I was nigh amazed at how quickly I improved at pull-ups and while I’ve written about this extensively in the  past (i.e. how you need to get better at pushups FIRST before trying to do pull-ups) – it’s oft ignored – unfortunately.

That was the point I made a massive change to my now famous “Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS” manual. I updated the book to include not only my own personal experiences – but also the supplementary exercises you need to get good at – darn good at – before you can even dream of taking your pull-ups to the next level, my friend.

But there’s more to the story.

Back to that “fateful” day – after I got home, I noticed a curious sort of “deep” throbbing soreness in my lower lats and the serratus anterior region (for those not in the know, thats the muscle around your armpits – or part of it, at any rate).

I did not think much of it, but the next day, I was amazed to notice I could barely lift my arms up to take a shower – or put on my shirt!!

All this happening to the guy who wrote a book on pull-ups, and who did them regularly. All this to a guy who did plenty of pushups before in the past. All this to me, I thought, and all from three “torturous” sets of 15 pushups????

And that was when it hit me – more than it ever had before – like a ton of bricks to say the least, and I’ve never since ignored pushups in my workout – not for one single day.

Pushups work the entire body in a way it cannot be worked via other exercises, my friend.

The pushing motion strengthens your entire core and ABS in a way no other exercise can, and your legs and feet are strengthened immensely as well from not only this pushing motion – but the STABILIZING motion required on some of the pushups I teach.

Believe me, if you really squeeze your thighs during a pushup workout, you’ll end up being sore in your thighs the next day!

And the lats get worked heavily too during pushups – as is evidenced by what I experienced.

YES, the lats are used in pushing movements as well! Too many people are under the misconception that lats are only used for pulling.

No – they’re not. Even if you’re grunting out sets of bench presses (something you should NOT be doing if you’re in the least bit interested in a healthy upper body)  galore – strengthen your lats – and push from the lats – and you’ll see how quickly your bench improves.

Ditto for pushups. Strengthen the triceps and chest (and entire upper body) by doing pushups, and THAT is the one hidden key you need in terms of improvement in pull-ups – and increased strength throughout the entire body.

And those of you that don’t  believe me – and never do pushups claiming they’re too easy – well – join the military – or become a boxer – or so forth – and then tell me.

These magnificent athletes do plenty of exercises, but ONE exercise is the mainstay of their routine – that being pushups. From Herschel Walker to the Great Gama to the Marines of today, they all do pushups – and tons and tons of them at that.

And one can’t argue with their results methinks!

Still don’t believe me? Still think pushups are “childs play”?

Well, get down and give me a 100 right now, my friend – all in proper form. Tell me how you feel thereafter – and if you haven’t worked out in a while, tell me how  you feel TOMORROW.

And THEN tell me pushups are child’s play, hehe.

Ok, my friend. That’s it for today.

I’ll be back later with MORE!


Rahul Mookerjee

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What to do AFTER your workout
- What you do afterwards is just as important as what you do DURING your workout!

Dear Reader,

Today I’ll talk about a topic which isn’t often discussed – and is often ignored/swept under the carpet, and what I have to say might raise a few eyebrows as well.

So be it – and that topic is this – that what you do AFTER your workout (and throughout the day after it if you workout in the mornings – or the day immediately after if you work out at night) is in many ways just as important as what you do DURING it.

If you’re like most people, and if you’ve just gotten through a hard, hard 0 Excuses Fitness workout – or a high rep pull-up workout – or perhaps even a workout comprising of the routines in Eat More – Weigh Less – – then the LAST thing you’d think of after a workout is more physical activity, right?

You’d probably “rest easy” with a feeling of getting a job well done – and so you have, if you’ve been doing the right things … and you’d probably tuck into a good meal right afterwards.

All good, and nothing wrong with this, but where a lot of people mess up after this is either overindulging – – and more importantly, not moving around a lot  – – or even a little – – after their workouts.

Its great if you’ve just had an awesome workout in the morning, for instance, but the best thing you can do for yourself throughout the day after that is to “keep moving”.

Most of the oldtimers emphasized the value of cool downs, and to keep walking about after your daily workout as opposed to lazing about on the couch all day, or staring at the T.V. – – and with very good reason.

When you move around after your workout, especially a tough one – not only does it reduce muscle soreness you might have had or encountered – but it also aids recovery – active recovery at that.

The blood keeps flowing, in other words, and if you drink plenty of water during the day while moving about – it will mean that much of a better workout the next time you hit it hard and heavy.

What do I mean by all this, you might ask. How do I “keep moving about” – what exactly does it entail?

Well, it’s simple, my friend.

One of the “secrets” to my getting in the best shape of my life in China wasn’t just the hill workouts I partook of. It wasn’t just pushups – or pull-ups – or even Hindu squats (another GREAT, but forgotten exercise).

All of this was the main thing, of course – but what did I do AFTER my workouts?

Well, when I focused exclusively on hill climbs, I’d be climbing that hill 3-4 times every morning at the crack of dawn.

Immediately after that, it was off to work – catching taxis etc – providing instruction to students – not your atypical desk job as it were to say the least.

I’d often get home around 5 or so during those days, and after a brief rest, it would be back off to the hill for another climb – or perhaps calisthenics.

Now, the key thing to note is this – the second workout was by no means a “real toughie” – but it was still something.

Combined with all the movement I did during the day, this second workout not only primed me for the next day – but also got rid of any and all muscle soreness I might have had otherwise.

Compare this to the FIRST time I climbed the hill – when I literally felt like a Mack Truck ran all over me.

I was sore – REAL sore – all over, and I barely did ANYTHING for the next two days – which needless to say didn’t enhance my recovery one bit!

During a certain stage in my life I didn’t climb this hill at all. I’d do 0 Excuses Fitness exclusively, and I’d often go in for a light bridging session at the end of the day.

Nothing mind boggling. Nothing overly spectacular. But it kept the blood flowing, and the System GOING – and at the end of the day, this CONTINUED activity throughout the day after one hard burst is really what got me in the best shape of my life.

These days, I do plenty of walking throughout the day after my workout as opposed to sitting around – which has much the same effect on the body.

Take a look at animals in the wild, for instance.

Mr. Tiger might go for a sprint every so often when catching his prey – – or trying to – – but he doesn’t “laze around” all day after that. He’s usually walking around for miles – – albeit slowly – – and the same thing holds true for other big cats, and other animals in the wild.

The key is this – do something daily – and dont just “crash” on el coucho after having done the thing.

Keep moving around during the day. Stay as active as you can – – and you’ll find that along with dropping oodles of weight, this routine will also have you FEELING great – both internally and externally!

OK, my friend. That is IT for now – – I’ll be back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Breathe DEEP – incinerate FAT!
- The type of deep breathing that really, really burns fat off your frame at the speed of KNOTS

Dear Reader,

So, I think I remember mentioning to you many a times that I’m in India at this point in time – – and away from my favorite Qi Feng Park in China – for now, that is.

I think I also remember mentioning to you that there isn’t a hill nearby, and while I dearly miss the workouts I had on that hill – my all time favorite workout park for that matter – and the LOOKS the people gave the foreign devil while he worked out, hehe – I make do just fine with the park I’ve got here.

What’s good about the park here is that while it’s not hilly in the least, it does have several “slopes” going up and down a few cliffs – – which while not hills are still slopes.

And being in India comes with it’s own set of unique problems – one being the FOOD – which is tasty as heck – but which for whatever reason piles the lard on if you eat too much of it – – and for those that don’t believe me, just visit the capital and take a look at the pot bellies “proudly” on display in this neck of the woods, hehe.

Yours truly is NO exception to this rule either in that while I do NOT have a pot belly (despite my location and other constraints) – – I AM prone to putting on weight around the midsection – perhaps way more so and way quicker than you, my dear reader.

I can thank my genes for that – and I honestly do thank the genes that despite their “hereditary” disadvantages ultimately allowed me to get the fittest I’ve ever been in my life – fitter than those with “better genes” and so forth – and STAY at that level!

And one of the secrets to staying lean and trim – and fat free – isn’t just the workouts I do.

It’s not so much WHAT I do – it’s HOW I do it. 

And it’s how I BREATHE when I’m doing it! 

In the 0 Excuses Fitness System I devote an entire section to deep breathing, and doing it the right way, and rightfully so. I also give you a little secret in the videos that will allow you to recover from being winded within a couple of secs at most – and this little tip alone is worth the entire “price of admission”, me thinks.

And as for “how to deep breathe” to really get the fat burners going?

“Why won’t jogging do the same thing? ”

“Why can’t I pound the pavement – or ogle the babes while on the treadmill – and get the same results?”

Well, simple.

If I were to do as the Chinese sometimes do, I’d simply tell you “no why”, hehe.

It’s just the way it is – but for the reason – well … here is the best way to explain it.

Take a look at how you’re breathing when  you pound the pavement, or do other traditional forms of cardio.

While it may or may not be “deep” – I’ll bet you’re never at a stage you can’t talk while doing it. Or even if you’re at a stage like that, it’s never really the DEEP, DEEP breathing that REALLY gets you out of breath.

The sort of  breathing – and this is important – that gets you sucking air like there’s no tomorrow – from the BELLY, much as a baby would!

When I’m out there doing my Eat More – Weigh Less routines –  I can barely get enough air into my System – let alone utter a word or so – and THAT sort of deep breathing effect – done straight from the belly is really what gets the lard burners GOING – and the effect lasts for long after your workouts.

You’ll have to do the exercises to truly understand what I’m saying here. And if you do it right, you’ll get much the same effect from the best darn exercise that I mention in the System – so if you haven’t gotten good at that one as yet – well – – start NOW!

Last, but not least, remember that while the “how I do things” is more important than “what I do” – you DO need to do the right things as well.

And the routines you need to start melting fat off your midsection asap are all outlined in Eat More – Weigh Less – – a nifty little course you MUST have if you’re serious about weight loss – quick.

In that course I mention the routines can be done anywhere. Yes, it’s great if you have a hill to do ’em on – but if you don’t – do as I do – improvise, adapt and OVERCOME – and do ’em where you can – and you’ll get much the same results as I am getting!

Alright, my friend. That is IT for now.

I’ll be back later!


Rahul Mookerjee

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“Every day is too much. You need to work!”
- More on working out daily, and a few more spanners in the works!

Dear Reader,

I’ve often spoken about the value of doing something everyday workout wise – and LIFEWISE – in order to achieve optimal results at whatever it is you might be engaged in.

You don’t go for a max every day if you don’t want – in fact, that is not a good idea anyway – but you DO SOMETHING – and do something daily!

I’ve often likened fitness to a bank account – – the more you put in, the more the money accumulates, and the more you save – – and the more you GAIN for the long term.

And rightly so. Way too many people have bought into the “three days a week” training schedules promoted at the gyms (schedules tailormade to appeal to the “lazy” part of our subconscious minds) – and “split” schedules that claim to be able to build muscle and burn fat while “doing back one day” – and legs the next – and perhaps the middle part of your bicep the third – and so forth.

Train the NATURAL way is what I say – and natural means doing something EVERY DAY as opposed to being a weekend warrior or “going to the gym three times a week”.

Anyway, with all the above in mind – I was speaking to a lady from mainland China today.

She is from Ningbo, a coastal city in China I’ve been to in the past – a beautiful city indeed with beaches and mountains aplenty, and I was telling her about my love for hiking – and how I’d hike DAILY back in China in my favorite park.

And her response was predictable, of course (despite the fact that this lady hikes on weekends as well).

Every day is too much! You need to work.

And of course, I was going to start to tell her why it’s NOT too much – and why it’s actually good to workout daily BEFORE “work” (play, hehe) … but I figured I’d write this email to y’all first, as a lot of YOU probably believe that “daily workouts are too much too!”

No – they’re not!

Aside from the bank account analogy I’ve told you about above, working out daily the NATURAL WAY gives you a natural endorphin and hormone boost that gyms and pumping weights with the bros can’t match. 

Ever wake up  in the morning bright and early, full of pep and vigor, ready to tackle the world … only for that energy to fizz out as soon as you reach the office, or in traffic on the way?

Well – if you workout before going to work (and believe me, it don’t take long at all as I’ve said in the past) – – these energy issues will be a thing of the past.

Not only that – you’ll have a far more calmer and focused mind – and will be far more alert to problems and challenges coming your way – and solutions as well.

I couldn’t IMAGINE a life without working out daily – or doing something every day. The few days that I do take off are usually days where I’m crankier than a hibernating grizzly – or a domestic dog locked up for a few days and not being allowed to run around – and that alone should tell you something.

And now, for the ultimate spanner in the works on this!

I’ve been dealing with a bit of a muscle pull as of late – – a muscle TWINGE, perhaps I should say – – in the lower back region.

Now, the reasons for this aren’t what you might think.

Yes, I’ve been pounding out pushups, pull-ups and running sprints galore these days – which is hard enough by itself, but thats not the reason.

I’ve been working on an advanced version of the hanging leg raise – – and will have videos shortly out on this upon my return to China – – a version that really, really kills the lower back – – but this isn’t the reason either.

No – it’s because of what I’ve been doing both BEFORE and AFTER my workouts.

I’ve been dealing with a lot of “miscellaneous” stuff these days if you get my drift – stuff that requires me to constantly run around from one place to the other – be on my feet all day – and so forth.

Those of you with families etc will identify.

Dropping the kids off to school. Dealing with them getting sick. Dealing with the right paperwork, vaccinations etc … and then of course dealing with the “office” and everything in between as well.

Well, although I don’t deal with the office for one, I’ve been having some stuff go on in my life that has been stressing me out a bit – – and sure enough, my lower back is “talking to me”.

I don’t know why – but the lower back and hamstrings are a perfect indicator of the stress levels in your life, and how you cope with them.

The pain was fairly acute yesterday, so I didn’t do a lot fitness wise, but I did so something – and I feel a heck of a lot better tdday.

Moral of the story – is this – if you’re “just training” and have not much else going on in your life, then by all means go all out daily – and you should in that case.

But for those of you that have other stuff going on as well — make sure to set your workouts up in a way that it doesn’t hamper your daily activities – and so you can recover faster.

It all ties into what I’ve said above, of course.

Do SOMETHING – everyday. Doesn’t have to be a max push, but as long as you’re putting some more “money” into the Bank of Fitness, then that is really what counts for the long term!

All for now. I just sent the lady my website. Who knows – perhaps we’ll be welcoming her onto the 0 Excuses Ship soon too!


Rahul Mookerjee

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