Changing things up every once in a while
- Variety is KEY!

Dear Reader,

This evening I went out to the park, full of vim, vigor and gusto – after a short afternoon nap to recharge my batteries.

Despite the hoo haa about “lazy people taking naps” – I’ve found catnaps to be an immensely helpful tool in my success arsenal – – and one that often helps me finds solutions to vexing problems I’ve been facing.

Most of the great thinkers, philosophers and inventors of yore took naps regularly.

Thomas Edison would regularly stretch out in his office when stumped (while working upon a problem). Einstein was known to have slept for more than 10 hours a day. And so forth.

Naps truly ARE rejunevative in MORE ways than one.

Naps truly DO connect you even more to Infinite Intelligence when you program your mind correctly PRE nap, but … yes, that ain’t the point of this email!

So I showed up, fully expecting an encore of the awesome workouts I’ve been having – mostly pull-ups and handstand pushups (and dips) these days.

But for whatever reason, the pull-ups just didn’t “feel right today”.

Jumped up to the pull-up bar, did one – and slowly down again. Nah. Didn’t quite feel right.

Loosened up a bit. Did some patented Rahul Mookerjee back’n’forth on the monkey bars (yet another tip right there for those of y’all looking to blast past your current pull-up levels, and one I’ve included in the course) … but nothing doing.

By this point I’m normally rocking out sets of 5, followed by 8 – and then 10 – but today, although I got the numbers – ’twas a chore, and I was proceeding a lot slower than usual.

So after about 5 or so, I figured I’d change things up on the fly.

Went over to a semi-hilly area of the park, and pumped out sprints and roadwork – which of course I do LATER – and usually AFTER my workout.

Tonight was an exception though.

As the sweat started to POUR (in this cold weather) – I returned to my pull-ups and pounded out about 28 or so.

And then that feeling hit me again.

Though I’d normally hit dips after that – like I said – ’twasn’t the right day today.

So instead, I dropped down on all fours (no, NOT that sort of “all fours”!) – – and did an exercise that got me huffing, puffing and panting like NOBODY’s business.

It wasn’t a pushup – and it wasn’t mountain climbers – or grasshoppers – or anything of that nature.

It was yet another one of those forgotten yet brutally effective exercises I haven’t done in a while, and though I did them all the time earlier this year in China, I haven’t hit ’em hard for the past few months.

And boy was I sweating and out of breath – and feeling like a billion bucks in a minute or so!

What is this exercise?

Well, you’ll have to crack open Eat More – Weigh Less – – it’s a mainstay of the routines there – and boy does it work or what!

But anyway, key thing is this – I finished my workout STRONG – and get this – with BETTER numbers than before – despite starting out not feeling on top of the world!

And that happens to all of us. I’m sure ALL of you know the feeling, eh?

You show up at the park – o r living room – or gym – with the best of intentions, but somehow it “doesn’t quite work the way it should”.

You don’t just feel “right” doing what you are – and though STICKING to an exercise program no matter what is the hallstone of a successful athlete – or EVERYDAY person looking to get the FITTEST they’ve ever been – changing things up occasionally is key too.

It’s key NOT to let your body get into a rut – and once it does, you gotta break out of it asap.

I don’t care if we’re talking LIFE – or exercise – or relationships – or fitness – there is no “rut”.

You either keep progressing – or you end up moving downhill – and FAST – and thats not good, my friend.

And that is precisely one of the main draw cards of the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

I give you so many exercises – and so many variations – that along with the fact that EACH of these exercise can give you a solid, butt kicking workout unto themselves, you’ve got PLENTY of variety right there right under your noses.

You’ll never get bored with these routines – and you sure aint gonna be stuck “in a rut” as it were.

And thats it for today. If you’re truly looking for the smorgasbord of routines that’ll get you in the very best shape of your life – well – look no further than the 0 Excuses Fitness System – right here –

I look forward to welcoming you on board!


Rahul Mookerjee

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You won’t need no more cardio once you do this
- Get good ... VERY GOOD ... at the Hindu Squat!

Dear reader,

What if there was ONE exercise that I could name for you that would give YOU the following benefits –

  • An overall body workout in less than 15 minutes TOPS (I mean tops).
  • Excellent cardio – – in fact, SUPERIOR cardio – – heart pounding cardio – – in LESS than 10 minutes – – if you even make it that far when you first start?
  • Thighs like granite – and calves that have that “springy” feel to them – along with the required “diamond shaped” muscle
  • A chest, shoulder and upper back workout without even trying to get one in …

And much, much more – along with the fact that this ONE exercise is all you’d need to do in your routine – and that this ONE exercise can be done right smack in your living room – or anywhere you have enough space to swing your arms.

I don’t know about you – but if I were you, I’d probably jump at it – literally so.

I mean, I’ve spoken about sprints – pushups – and other exercises that can be done anywhere and don’t take near as long as most pavement pounding or “treadmill treading” does – and accomplish FAR better results, but the benefits you’ll from getting good at this one – and usually IGNORED exercise are second to none – -and are DIFFERENT from the benefits you get from all the above.

Not only ignored – it’s one of the most misunderstood exercises out there.

Sadly so, as it’s really one of the BEST things you can do for yourself exercise wise.

It’s a cornerstone of the 0 Excuses Fitness program – and without further ado – it  is the Hindu Squat, my friend.

The Hindu squat as done by wrestlers and strongmen of yore for high reps.

The Hindu squat as done CORRECTLY – as opposed to how most people teach it out there.

The Hindu Squat which will kick most bodybuilders and weight pumpers in the CAN the FIRST – second – and probably TENTH time they try it as well. It’s not uncommon for people with gigantic legs that can squat well over quarter a ton to fall flat on their backsides when they attempt a few reps of this excellent exercise.

Many years ago, I started doing this exercise the way it was supposed to, and let me tell you this right now – I wasn’t exactly a novice in terms of exercise even back then.

I had been swimming for years. I’d bang out 100-200 pushups daily before work.

I’d sprint subway stairs. I’d do plenty of running otherwise. And of course, I was well accustomed to that daily hill climb I’ve spoken about so often too.

And yet, nothing prepared me for the Hindu squats – much less the extraordinary benefits I reaped from doing ’em.

Not only did my cardiovascular capabilities go through the roof – a fact reflected in my performance on other exercises – but my thighs and calves increased in shape and size TREMENDOUSLY.

Folks have often commented on the “diamond shaped” calves I’ve got on the old cover of “Eat More – Weigh Less” and while the routines in there certainly played their part, NONE of it would be possible without the base conditioning and overall fitness MEGA boost I got from this one exercise.

It’s certainly one exercise you’ll benefit from – – if done right – – and for all you pavement pounders out there – – and all the weight pumpers that seem to be unable to get rid of belly flab no matter what – – it’s definitely worth a look!

Grab the System right here, and learn how to perform this truly superlative exercise from yours truly right HERE –

You’ll be raving about the benefits you get – that I do guarantee!


Rahul Mookerjee

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“Do you go to the gym? Your back is built!”
- Gym like - or better - results with shorter, sweeter and BETTER workouts!

Dear Reader,

So I was finishing up a great, great workout today – another one of my patented – you guessed it – pull-up/dip workouts.

And as I neared the 150’th rep on all of this – after a few sprints thrown in for good measure so I can truly EAT MORE and WEIGH LESS tonight – – I decided to slow down a bit.

Took a few deep breaths, more than I normally do, and banged out my last 2 pull-ups – slow and easy.

As I was doing this, I “felt” a guy come up behind me, and instinctively turned around to look. Remember, this park here in this neck of the woods is DARK at night (a.k.a my moonlit workouts) – – and I wasn’t quite sure who it was, as he came quite close to me.

But as I turned around, things became clear.

It was a guy – a puffed, buffed, and pumped up “bodybuilder” sort at the gym.

You know the sort, don’t you?

A huge, massive chest – all pumped up – and biceps that strain the T-shirt – and behind and under all that?


No legs – nothing worth writing home about at least.

Certainly no back, given his “hunched over” posture.

And he jumped up to the pull-up bar a fair bit away from where I was – grunting and moaning galore – as he “pumped” his way through a few hurried reps – needless to say, NOT done in proper form.

As I descended back to terra firma, feeling GREAT, he piped up.

“Just 2 pull-ups? That’s all??” he queried, almost mockingly.

I didn’t respond to this. You guys know by now that when I’m working out I brook NO interference – or comments – or selfies – anything for that matter – and so I ignored him, heading to the dipping bars to finish up with a set of 10.

As I did so, he crept up behind me.

“Man, do you go to the gym?”

“No I don’t”, I responded, smiling in an offhand manner and then adding “Of course not!” as i it were the last thing on Earth I’d do – which it is, of course!


“Why do you ask?”

Well, your back is built, man! It seems like you go to the gym!”

“No, I sure don’t”, I laughed again. “I do pull-ups – plenty of them – and can easily do 10 plus in a set. The reason I did 2 back there is because once you’re almost through 150 or so reps, its time to slow down a bit!”.

“10 plus ….” he looked at me, and his voice died away.

Up I went on the dipping bars, and pumped out 10 smooth reps as he tried to do the same, but I could tell by the jerky motion and form in general that he wasn’t used to it at all.

Sure, it was better than what I’ve seen some folks do – but not ideal by a long shot.

Anyway, THESE – and other results – are YOURS too, my friend – if you partake of what I teach you in “Pull-ups – from Dud to Stud” – – and back it up with a healthy dose of 0 Excuses Fitness daily.

Believe me now and trust me later, you’ll get results way, way better than what the bros at the gym do – and in case you think this is a one off?

No it’s not. Think again – and AGAIN … and then some ….

And you’ll truly feel on top of the world when you get done with your workouts in 15 minutes or less – or 30 tops, if you’re doing tough stuff – – and then get RESULTS to boot accordingly.

Results that are far, far better than what you’d get slaving away at the local gym – or by paying BIG bucks to a personal trainer. 

Results that are FAR, far better INTERNALLY than you’d EVER get from the gym.

And most of all, you’ll look – and feel – like a bazillion bucks all the time.

Can’t beat that combo,eh?

So if you’re interested, jump on the  bandwagon right HERE, my friend. I’ll be waiting to welcome you in!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you’re interested in pull-ups, then my advanced course on pull-ups is another must have. There is ONE tip in there which by itself makes the course worth the “price of admission” – and I wrote about it a few days ago. Grab the course now, and get cracking!

Pull-ups – – “STUD” to “SUPER” stud within WEEKS

“I felt like a Mack truck ran over me”
- Brief, intense routines ... that WORK!

Dear Reader,

If there’s one statement in the entire 0 Excuses Fitness lexicon that should be nigh “world famous” by now, hehe, it’s this.

The next day, I felt like a Mack truck ran over me.

My body was sore all over – especially my thighs, which felt like they’d been reduced to a pulverized mass of jelly. My back was sore – and I hadn’t even done any pull-ups the day before. And my forearms were feeling it as well, which to me was the most mystifying of all. How on earth could my entire body be so sore from … 

Now, those of you that have been on the 0 Excuses Ship for a while – – or those of you that have been reading my daily emails for a while KNOW what I’m talking about here – and you KNOW what gave me that “pulverized to jelly – or smashed to pulp – take your pick” feeling I am referring to.

It was the almighty HILL in China that I’ve climbed for so many years – a hill that kicked me in the CAN the first time I climbed it, and a hill that’s very easy for me now to hike – but a hill that kicks most other people’s butts the first – or second – or umpteenth time they attempt to climb it regardless.

I still remember the looks the girls on the hill (there were a few that evening) gave me and the giggles I heard as my girlfriend at the time literally “floated” up the hill as I slogged on behind her …

Anyway, this hill doesn’t take more than 15 – 20 minutes to climb tops – THESE days.

Back then it took me around 35-40 minutes to get up the hill once, and then another 20 to get BACK DOWN it.

Once I got good at this workout, I urged friends to try it – – along with some other stuff I did before/after the climb – stuff that is now very much a part of the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Some did, and reported back on the phenomenal results they got. Some tried it – and wanted MORE.

And one friend in particular, a “cranky old geezer” as he termed himself, hehe, from the Southern part of the U.S. remarked “It’s not for me. Thats why God invented fourth gear!”

Funnily enough this guy did climb that hill once – and it DID kick him in the CAN – big time – but anyway, that was a bit of a trip down memory lane.

Point of this email is this – not everyone has a hill around us to climb daily – and most of us certainly don’t have 40-45 minutes (or even an hour) to devote to exercise.

We should, of course, but our daily lives are so busy these days that finding the time to exercise can be a chore sometimes.

And while not all of us are in the kind of shape that you need to be in to even consider hiking hills to start with – good news is this.

First, there are workouts you can use to GET in that sort of shape – workouts that after a while will make you wonder what exactly was so tough about that hill that once kicked you in the can.

I should know, my friend.

And second, and even better – these workouts need not take forever. In fact, some of these workouts will leave you feeling like TEN mack trucks ran over you – or perhaps even unable to walk properly for a few days (NO, NOT “that” sort of unable to walk!!).

Even if you’re a seasoned fitness fanatic, chances are excellent you’ll be able to do more than 5-10 reps of some of the exercises when you start, and that is being kind.

Don’t believe me?

Well, I understand – given all the stuff the “experts” at the gym spout about “30 minutes of cardio”, “15 minutes of stretching before and after”, and then an hour or so spent pumping weights, and an equal amount of time yakking with the bros or ogling the girls on the treadmill … it might sound hard to believe – but it is TRUE, my friend.

Por ejempelo, you may want to consider the 8 minute workout I wrote to you about before.

This little 8 minute blast is something that folks with YEARS of workout experience struggle to complete the first time they try it – and those that manage to make it even halfway through the workout feel like they’ve got “pulp” for thighs the next day.

Or, take for example, the 250 pushup workout I show you in the Videos (which was actually the second 250 pushup workout for the day, so factor that into the time frame I will mention now).

I get done with the whole shebang in less than 25 minutes FLAT – and that includes bridging after the workout.

As little as 10 minutes of this workout is enough to give YOU – the average Joe – or perhaps seasoned fitness maniac the workout of your LIFE, my friend.

And the best thing is that along with the fat loss benefits – along with the MUSCLE building benefits – and along with feeling like several grizzly bears pounded the stuff out of you – you’ll FEEL like a bazillion bucks right after the workout is over – or even halfway through it.

This feel good feeling will last all day long – and again, coming back to the central point of this email – that being TIME is king – and money, so to speak – it won’t require an investment of more than 15 minutes tops on most days.

Yes, my friend, that IS indeed true – and that is why folks have been raving about the System for a while now.

So if the idea of time shortened workouts that deliver solid RESULTS – and that flat out WORK – appeal to  you (and if you’re on this list, they should!) – then grab the one System that’ll make it happen for you.

Go right HERE, and grab your copy now before someone else does!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Along with the System, another product that folks have been raving about as of late is “Eat more – Weigh Less” – a product that truly lives up to its name if I might say so. Find out what the fuss is all about right HERE –


Is roadwork required?
- The answer might surprise you!

Dear Reader,

I received an interesting question from a reader a coupla days ago – let’s take a look.

Hi Rahul,

I’ve recently invested in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, and love how the pushup workout you’ve got in there has you sweating – in an air conditioned environment, as you say. I’m going to give these exercises a solid try for a month or so and get back – but for now, I have a question for you.

In your book, you promote the virtues of regular walking, and hill climbing. My question is this – are regular walks – or, as boxers do “roadwork” – absolutely required, or can I get equally good results without doing this?

Let me know, and thanks again for putting great stuff out on a regular basis.


Well – – Oliver – – that is a great, great question indeed and one I’ll answer now – at length, as many OTHER readers have asked me the SAME question as well!

First off, it’s important to define what exactly roadwork is – and what might surprise you is this – roadwork as it’s traditionally thought of isn’t the only way to do roadwork by far.

I’ve written before about my own routines – and how I incorporate roadwork into them occasionally.

And while the age old image of the boxers running mile after mile are the first things that come to mind (hey, who can forget Mr. T – the “300 mile a week” runner, eh?!) when we think roadwork, the truth is this isn’t required for most people – and the truth also is “it depends”.

I did roadwork at the end of my routines earlier on in the year, but before that my routine consisted SOLELY of the exercises you see in the 0 Excuses Fitness System – the SAME workouts and routines that got me in top shape as I am NOW.

Later on during the year, as well as now, I’ve been doing outdoor workouts again – pullups, dips etc – and YES, I do some roadwork these days again – but do I NEED to do it?

Not really. I do it because I don’t have a hill for one in the area I live in – – and I get good cardio from roadwork, but it ain’t the kind of pavement pounding most folks think about when it comes to roadwork.

No – I’ll run at a BRISK pace – that is key here, and I’ll often throw punches while running. Or, I might mix in brief walks – or (usually) pushups – and jumping rope as well on occasion into my roadwork.

The key thing is this – I do it break up my routine and relieve “occasional” monotony – and also because it’s something NEW (if you don’t do it all the time).

Constantly challenging your body to try out new things, and constantly breaking out of ruts – and routines – is KEY to achieving great things when it comes to fitness, or life for that matter. 

Now, the million dollar question – is it REQUIRED?

I’d say no – but done occasionally, it can spice up and add great, great value to your routine.

If ALL you do for your entire life from here on in is what I’ve outlined in the 0 Excuses Fitness System – well, not only will you get in great shape – but your overall health, stamina and fitness levels will improve immeasurably – by leaps and bounds.

Folks will be amazed at how quickly the pounds fly off – and so will you. And for those of you with bloodwork issues, your doc will likely be goggling in amazement as well six months or so after starting these routines – and if you don’t believe me – well, I’ve BEEN There too!

But … its always good to change things up – and walking – or other roadwork that takes you outdoors is required as well, and I state this in the System.

So while you don’t need to do it daily – or even monthly – and while you certainly do NOT need to pound the pavement, the point is this – occasional roadwork is not required – but is ENCOURAGED – if just to (literally!) shake things up and keep it new and interesting once in a while.

Feel free to get inventive as well when doing roadwork – there ain’t a “one size fits all” here – much  like with the System itself!

So – hope that answers your question Oliver – as well for the rest of you guys that have asked. Thanks again for investing in the System – you’ll quickly see that the “treadmill to nowhere” is just that – a mammoth waste of time!

All for now. I’ll be back later – in the meantime – if you’ve got questions – feel free to write in and let me know. I’ll address them by and by (as many as I can!) …


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Oliver was one of the many folks there are out there that were getting tired of the constant “pounding the treadmill” routines and getting nowhere anytime soon with his weight loss routines (that the “experts” advised him to stay on). He’s taking the right steps to rectify this issue though – and if you haven’t already – I’d highly advise you to follow his lead right here – –

Breathing and pull-ups
- Your breath truly is your power - make note!

Dear Reader,

Last night I got through one of my patented 150 pull-up – 75 handstand pushup workouts – and believe me, although I did sprints and a bit of roadwork after that, I could have well stopped after the 225 or so odd reps of the two exercises I mentioned.

Believe me now and trust me later, my upper body feels like it’s been blown up to about TWICE it’s size this morning – and I’m sore in areas of my chest and upper back that I never knew existed.

Now, that is primarily because of the style of pull-up I did – the Gironda pull-up, which I’ve spoken about before, but that isnt the reason I’m writing this to you.

I’m writing this because – despite the high rep, mammoth volume workout – despite the GAINS I got almost immediately after the workout – it didn’t “feel” like a long workout at all.

If anything I literally BREEZED past the first 75 or so reps of pull-ups. Ditto for the first 30 or so handstand pushups – and this is the exact opposite of what most people envisage – or experience – when it comes to tough workouts – done for HIGH reps.

And why?

Not because I muscled and grunted my way through it. Not because I posed, pumped and preened my way through my routine.

Certainly  NOT because I took long breaks between sets – if anything, ’twas the opposite.

No – the real reason was my BREATHING – and this is something I’ve often written about in the past.

Your breath truly IS your power, my friend!

Old time wrestler and strongman Martin Farmer Burns once famously noted,

Deep breathing alone has made many a sick  man well, and many a weak man STRONG.

There is great truth and wisdom to these words, and as I effortlessly slid through my workout last night, these words struck home.

In the 0 Excuses Fitness System I REPEATEDLY emphasize the value of deep breathing done CORRECTLY (hint – the way most people breathe is NOT the right way) – – and I also give you a secret tip that if incorporated into your workouts will help you recover from being “gassed” almost instantly.

So let’s say you’re WINDED after a set of sprints – or Hindu pushups. Incorporate this one tip into your workout – and believe me, you’ll recover so quickly it ain’t even funny. And of course, this recovery means better performance throughout the rest of your workout – and much increased gains.

You’ll have to crack open the System to find out the secret, but for now, note that I also tell you NOT to do the ONE thing that most people do during their workouts – especially tough workouts with tough, tough exercises.

That being to breathe normally – and NOT hold your breath while doing so!

The very idea that your breathing – and deep breathing done correctly can sky rocket your performance to another level altogether is alien for most people, which is why I have to keep emphasizing it, and as you see me do the “best darn exercise there is”, you’ll hear me tell you NOT to hold your breath during the movement.

And this holds true for dips – handstand pushups – pull-ups – or any other advanced movement you can think of. Chances are excellent and second to none that YOU TOO, my dear reader have been or are currently guilty of holding your breath and “fighting” through the movement – which is the exact opposite of what you should be doing.

Let go. RELAX. Breathe the way you were meant to … and remember that at the beginning and end of it all, all we have on this planet are our BREATHS.

Incorporate the above axioms into your workouts – and watch your gains skyrocket almost instantly!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – That “one tip” I spoke about in the 0 Excuses Fitness System is SO valuable that I could probably justify the entire price of the course on the basis of that ONE tip alone – which I don’t just write about – but TALK about as well in the Videos. Find out what it is by investing in the System right here –

One of the very best exercises there is …
- If you know how to do it right!

Dear Reader,

I’ve often spoken in the past about how I used to wake up at the crack of dawn as young ‘un – and go swimming in a large man made lake with my grandfather – at 4:30 A.M. in the mornings on weekdays, NO less.

For someone that from a young age wasn’t the sort to wake up early – this was quite something to do on a regular basis – during summer holidays at that as well, hehe.

For those that missed it, I did a long post on my grandfather’s training philosophy which covers it pretty well.

To sum that one up, of course requires few words.

A man nearing 80 … a man that worked a full day of work as a top Doc in the city he lived in – and a man that made time for his morning exercise routine NO MATTER WHAT!

I don’t care if it was a Sunday – or cold – or raining – or whatever – that man would wake up in the morning and go for his swim, and most of the time I’d be right there with him as well.

We often tried to take my cousins along too, but they slumbered on for the most part – no exercise mania there! I suppose it’s no wonder that years later yours truly did the SAME thing with regard to his daily hill climbs – which I managed to get in at the hour of 5:30 A.M. on occasion – REGARDLESS of the weather – or how tired I was – or the day I had ahead of me – or anything else!

My grandfather in that regard was similar to the ex-Brigadier General I wrote about in May – a tough ole dude I met out here in the park in India. Does pushups, pull-ups, hanging leg raises – and a barrage of other exercises that would put the average 25 year old to shame – at the age of over 70 at that.

I asked him his age, and being I’m generally a pretty accurate judge of ages, I figured I was right.

“You must be around 40”, I remember remarking in an offhand sort of manner.

And I’ll never forget the way my jaw literally dropped when he laughed at me.

“Over 50?” I queried?

He laughed again.

“I’m over 70!”

Anyway, this isn’t so much about that tale as it is swimming – and it being one of the very best exercises you can do for yourself – but here’s the kicker – if and only if you do it RIGHT!

There are four main strokes in swimming as I’m sure you know – and it’s imperative to learn these strokes CORRECTLY – both to get the max benefit out of your workout – and also to achieve speed and “glide” through the water as opposed to “force” your way through it which most people do.

The former, as I learnt is the key to superior cardio in the water. The latter, on the other hand, is a ticket to “frustration ville” and not losing weight despite hours spent in the water – and believe me, I’ve been on both sides of that equation.

Anyhow, despite it’s numerous benefits, even swimming has a few drawbacks in terms of strength/cardio “all in one” training – the most striking of which being that due to the water based nature of the routines, you DO need to incoporate land based exercises into your exercise regimen as well if your swimming on a regular basis.

I don’t care if your talking Michael Phelps or a college swimming champ – you’ll find that they all do pushups and pull-ups – and other LAND based routines as well in addition to their swim routines, and with good reason.

Second, you have to do the strokes CORRECTLY as I said – and most people end up learning the strokes incorrectly (the breast stroke being one prime culprit here where a lot of people adopt the “head over water” style – a most inefficient style of swimming if there ever was one, but yet one that is still taught a lot).

Third, and most obvious – you need a pool – or a lake – or a body of water that isn’t packed to the rafters to actually get a good workout in. Plus, of course the weather. I don’t think you’d want to be swimming in sub zero temperatures unless you’re a card carrying member of the Polar Bear Club, hehe – ditto for rainy weather, etc.

And that’s where you find out that the 0 Excuses Fitness System scores – and scores HIGH above the rest of all the other systems.

Not only does it give you a strength and cardio based workout – BAR NONE – but it also does so in the most efficient and speedy manner possible – and it requires NO equipment.

That’s right. No equipment – except perhaps a pillow to put your head on as you bridge – but not even that if you’ve got a mat or something lying around your house – and we all do!

The exercises in this system truly DO tax your entire body from head to toe – and you’ll find this out the “hard way” (hehe) when you do the pushup or squat workouts I’ve detailed therein.

You’ll literally be shaking from head to toe the first few times you do these exercises – and you’ll be getting the workout of your LIVES – within less than 15 minutes if you do things right.

Can’t beat that, methinks!

So if you haven’t already, check out the System TODAY – right here –

You’ll quickly see what the fuss is all about!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Seasons greeting and a very happy Diwali indeed from 0 Excuses HQ
- Here's to a great, great year ahead!

Dear Reader,

A while ago a long time reader of this email wrote to tell me that “for someone that didn’t believe in God, many of my messages contained a strong spiritual content“.

He was spot on, of course. While I’ve been a practicing atheist for as long as I can remember – the Universe – and Universal Energy – and everything related HAS always been something I have believed strongly in – and that belief is evident from a lot of the emails I send out.

And for someone that’s been called everything from a “Modern Day Gandhi” to a “Yoda” to … get this, Jesus as well (back when I had long, flowing hair down to my waist in college, and when I first moved to China) – and for someone that can be uber spiritual at times, it does come across as a surprise to a lot of people that I  do not believe in the concept of either “God” or “religion” per se.

Nothing against those that do, of course – and while I’m NOT a fan of socialism in the least – the Karl Marx quote he made about religion being the opium of the masses strikes me as being true – especially if you look at a lot of the current strife going on in the modern day world.

Anyway, this message isn’t about that.

This message is to tell  you that I’m currently in India (though not for too much longer), and being I’m in North India today, and being it’s the festival of lights (and firecrackers too in many parts of the country, hehe) – I’m not going to talk biz in this email – instead, I’ll wish you and your family a very happy Diwali.

Earlier on this year I did pretty much the same thing during Chinese Lunar New Year (I was in China at the time) – – and if just to celebrate it a bit more, I ended up creating “Eat more – Weigh Less” right there during the mayhem of the festival – and had pictures taken right there on the HILL I so love.

A few years ago, I was in Oman – right smack during the holy festival of “Id-ul-Fitr” – – and IIRC, though don’t shoot me if I’m wrong, I was wishing folks a very happy Eid on my list!

And in between, and as always, Thanksgiving and Christmas hold a special place in my heart – NOT because of my beliefs – or not – in religion, but because they’re a time (in my opinion) to cherish family – friends – and those that matter – and care about you.

And so in that vein, that’s that for today. My wife and daughter have been out for a while celebrating with gusto, and I’ll post a few pictures on the Instagram account as well for y’all to see – – so if you haven’t yet “followed” me on there – it’s time to do so NOW!

Well, my friend, that’s it for today. Have a great “Indian” new year ahead – and as we head on full blast into the holiday season as you and I know it – be prepared for great, great things to come from 0 Excuses headquarters!

Much love, and make the upcoming year the very best ever in ALL terms!


Rahul Mookerjee

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“Why are your ebooks so expensive?”
- ... Its ALL about VALUE, my friend!

Dear Reader,

Well, well, well.

My last email on pull-ups seemed to have caused quite a stir indeed – – both in terms of actual ORDERS – – and those that showed up at the order page, and then never actually ordered the product.

If thats you – the System has probably sent you a reminder by now – – make sure to get your order in NOW while it’s still “sitting pretty” in the ole shopping cart, hehe.

I received a couple of inquiries about the “techniques” I advised in the last post on pull-ups – – and I’ll get to those in future emails, but for now, I received an email from a reader on my list who “thought my ebooks are too expensive and wants to know why”.

Now, this is nothing new to me, of course. A few emails ago I wrote about a reader who read my Gorilla Grip books – – and the FIRST thing he mentioned in his review (along with a lot of bitching about the price) was THIS.

This is basically a list of exercises and variations which the author claims will build grip. There is no doubt they work …

And while I could post that lengthy review here (let me know if y’all want to read it, and I will!) – the first thought that struck me was this – Dude, you’d be better off WORKING the exercises that you rightly say WORK – rather than complaining about the price!

He’s not alone, of course, and this morning I received the following from Steve, a reader on this list.

Hi Rahul,

Why are your ebooks so much more expensive than any others?



Now normally I’d disregard such emails – but the person asked in the right spirit – and I could feel a good vibe coming from his email, so I figured I’d answer at length.

Here goes – my response –

Hi Steve

Thanks for your message as well as your question.

Expensive is all “relative” to me. I’m not unashamed to say my products and services (basically, the info I deliver) if used correctly will deliver FAR BETTER – – and far longer lasting at that – – results than most trainees would get either training in the gym or “by their lonesome”.

When it comes to pull-ups (that last email of mine generated quite a buzz seemingly) – – those are some of the hardest exercises for folks to do … and the advice given by most personal trainers or the “bros” at the gym is so far off the mark it ain’t even funny.

If you “tally” up the gym fees – –  and consider the fact that most gym memberships are left UNUSED for the most part – – well, I don’t think you’ll think my products are that expensive.

But I’m not that interested in the money to be honest. To me, TIME is far more important. TIME, to me is MONEY … and if you tally up the TIME spent not only battling traffic etc to get to the gym after work – – not to mention the time spent IN the gym – – time that ultimately doesn’t get you the results you want – – results which you could have got for training the right way in a FRACTION of the time – -well, I don’t think my ebooks are expensive at all.

If anything, given the sheer amount of time I’ve spent in the trenches – – someone who is most definitely not “naturally gifted” or an athletic sort to begin with … and the amount of time I’ve spent learning what works – – and what doesn’t – – I’d say I’m offering my ebooks and other products for a downright STEAL!

I received a similar comment from a person who bought my “Gorilla Grip” books. He complained the product was expensive, and yet – – the FIRST thing he wrote in his review was this “There is no doubt the exercise WORK!”

If the exercises work, and work they did – – better than what he had tried before apparently – – I’d say the “price of admission” was well worth it!

Either way, I’ve been known to offer discounts on occasion – – the testimonial featured on the initial Pull-ups – –  from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS was one such instance, as I could tell the person was sincerely interested in getting better at pull-ups – – which he did after all – – and bear in mind that was the INITIAL course – – WITHOUT the additions I made later on. Just think of the benefits he’d have gotten if he had got the course as it is now!

That, of course is another reason I have the 0 Excuses Ship page (this was NOT there until a year or so ago) – – where you can access ALL 0 Excuses Fitness products (current and upcoming) GRATIS – – along with input from yours truly that will move you along to your health and fitness (and indeed, life as well if you look at it a certain way) goals QUICKER than you ever imagined possible. All yours for a yearly membership fee, if you’re so inclined.

In conclusion, it’s not about the money. It’s about value – – and for what I charge, I believe and KNOW for a fact that I’m delivering value far greater than the “dollar value” you pay to access the info.

If this isn’t your cup of tea, I understand – – on the other hand, if you’re truly ready to make the quantum leap into a whole new world of health and fitness – – a world that will BENEFIT you far more than you ever imagined – – well – – I’m HERE for you too, my brother.

Let me know which road you choose to take!


Rahul Mookerjee

Well, my friend – that truly IS it for now. In conclusion – if price is more important to you than VALUE – well, you’re probably on the wrong page.

Feel free to unsubscribe from the list if price is the only thing you’re concerned about, as I highly doubt I’m going to be “low balling” my products anytime soon – – not around “dis neck of the woods”, at any rate, hehe.

But (and as I told Steve) – if you’re truly interested in making the QUANTUM leap into a WHOLE NEW world of health and fitness – – and getting benefits far beyond what you have been thus far – – and imagined possible – – well – – I’m right HERE for you as well!

Alright, my friend – that is it for now. Happy Diwali to all you readers out there as well – ’tis the festival of lights out there today – – and I better go get in a quick workout before the firecrackers start, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – By the way, for those of you that believe the products are “too expensive” – well, that is precisely the reason I set up the 0 Excuses Fitness SHIP page. An “inner circle” of sorts where you not only get access to ALL my products – GRATIS – both future and current products – but you also have access to yours truly, as well as OTHERS truly interested in taking that quantum leap I spoke about. The Ship delivers value that is truly PRICELESS, my friend. If I were to put a dollar tag on all of it, I’d probably go upwards of $2000 or more – but I’m not – for now.  You can sign up for far less than that – and do it right here –

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Legs and pull-ups
- How you position your legs DOES make a difference!

Dear Reader,

Just got done with a smashing “pre-festival of lights” workout here in Northern India – accomplished entirely in the dark in a park on my lonesome.

Or “by” my lonesome, I should say, hehe. I had myself, a straggler or two – and THICK, thick bars for company – and believe me now and trust me later, it was one of the best ones in recent times.

Thats a tip right there – a very important tip to getting better at not just pull-ups – but building a rock solid GRIP as well – and one covered in the Gorilla Grip compliation, but for now – back to “legs and pull-ups”.

In “Pull-ups from Dud to STUD – within a matter of WEEKS” I went into the right technique of doing pull-ups and covered the right way of doing them.

I’ve given you the exact technique on how to do ’em and have BROKEN the technique down “step by step” so that even a rank beginner can understand and progress in this excellent, excellent exercise – and truth be told, many a beginner HAS gone on to achieve “stud” level at pull-ups after implementing what I’ve told you in this course.

But what I’ve covered in the first course is just the tip of the iceberg, my friend.

In that book I told you that correct form for pull-ups entails keeping your ankles crossed as it “traditionally” taught – – so your legs form a “V” with the rest of your body – – and truth be told, this is precisely how a beginner (or even someone at intermediate level) at pull-ups should START off.

However, would you believe it that leg positioning can – and DOES – increase the difficulty of the pull-up and – IS – a hidden key to improving at this exercise? 

Most of y’all reading this will nod and go “Yes”. He BE talking about “L-sit pull-ups” – or hanging leg raises, and while yes, these are excellent and advanced variations on the pull-up that isn’t what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about a style of pull-up that has the legs positioned such that your BUTTOCKS and CORE are taxed at a far, far greater level than in the regular pull-up.

A style of leg positioning that truly builds the base for something SUPERLATIVE when it comes to improving at pull-ups.

And a style of leg positioning that used to be a staple in old time strongman training – as well as in the military, but has, like many other excellent exercises and exercise variations of yore somehow lost favor – and has been replaced by the “easier” variant of the exercise.

You’ll have to crack open “Pull-ups – from STUD to SUPER STUD” to learn what this variant is – and believe me, if you’re looking to take your pull-ups to the next level – then THIS course – and all the different style of pull-ups mentioned therein are an absolute must to MASTER, my friend.

You might never get to mastery at all of them, or even one, of course, but the sheer process of getting there will build a solid base that few other exercise combos can when it comes to packing on lumps of muscle quickly onto your upper body – – and also – – hold on to your HATS – – give you a pretty good cardio workout with nothing other than pull-ups and the odd pushing movement (if you so choose).

Yes, that’s right – cardio with pull-ups. 

And for the “Shirley Maclaine” types amongst you – I’ve even included a variant on the pull-up that might just have you “meditating” mid – pull-up – – and lest you think I’ve gone off my rocker here – – no I haven’t.

Crack open the book – and you’ll see what I mean!

Anyway, that’s it for now. My arms are still zinging, and I’m off for some R&R now!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – By the way, if you’re sick of getting nowhere at the gym – or the pavement – with them extended cardio sessions then we’ve got just the thing for you right here – – a course that will literally allow you to EAT less – – and weigh MORE – – while getting your cardio in IN record, record times – with PROOF included, hehe. Click on over HERE to find out what it is – –