How strong – and functionally fit – is your CORE?

Dear Reader,

Many years ago, when I was seriously overweight – I’d still, amazing as it might sound, do pushups, pull-ups and the like.

Although  I was over 40 kgs or so over “baggage”, and given my genetics,although most of it was centered on my hips, stomach and ass (sounds familiar eh?) – I’d still do bodyweight exercises – albeit for not near as many reps, and with somewhat less than perfect form.

Try doing pushups, for instance (regular pushups) when inspite of using proper form as I detail in 0 Excuses Fitness when your belly “tries” to touch the floor before your chest does, hehe.

Or pull-ups at a weight, well, well, above your “fighting weight”.

Thats something I want to say before I move on to the topic of the day.

FORM, my friend is paramount on everything you do. I don’t care how fit you are-  or how fat you are – or how strong you are – or how unfit.

If you’re doing an exercise you do it in proper FORM, and if you can’t do it in proper form, you work on it until you can do it in letter perfect form.

Then you repeat – over – and over – and over again, and then, and only then – do you move on to higher reps.

This is a truism that holds true regardless of your current fitness levels, and is something that’ll help you continually improve and shatter previous bests amongst other things.

Anyway, back to core strength… One fine day, I was introduced to a style of pushup that I had never ever seen before, and that, judging by the looks would be EASY.

That is precisely what folks tell me when they see this exercise being done.

“Oh, that! That’s EASY!”

“Oh, of course I can do THAT!”

And so forth – and yet – when I was that unfit – I could barely hold this position (this style of pushup I’m referring to) for a few seconds, if even that before my lower back and abs literally gave out and I collapsed.

Fast forward a few years, and I’m back in great shape. I’m doing my hill climbs – my pull-ups and so forth … and I try this style of pushup again.

And though you might think I’d hold it EASY this time around, you’re wrong, my friend.

Though I didn’t quite quiver like an aspen leaf in the breeze when holding the position, I couldn’t hold it for very long at all – and collapsed about 15 seconds or so into the hold.

That same “easy” hold.

And it is THIS hold that is a pretty reliable strength of your overall core health, strength and endurance – as well as how much extra FAT you’re carrying around the midsection.

What IS it then, you ask.

Well, it’s the “table” pushup as shown in 0 Excuses Fitness. I haven’t mentioned it in Corrugated Core – I don’t think – a) because it might be counted as a repeat and b) because it isn’t a PURE core exercise, but at the same time, if there is ONE exercise that tests core strength like nothing else done correctly, THIS is it, my friend.

Get down on all fours, with your back facing the floor and lift up such that your hands and legs are supporting your body, on all fours (somewhat like a reverse bear crawl) – and simply HOLD.

You may need to see the pictures to see how it’s done – – but just HOLD, my friend. Just hold – for as long as you can.

Shoot for 15 seconds to start with. If you’re the average trainee, about 5-8 seconds of this will make you start to feel it, and you might be surprised to find out your arms – and core – literally buckle after more than a few seconds of the above time frame elapsing.

That, by the way, is just ONE of the core endurance tests I put my clients through. There are TWO exercises that I start most people off with to figure out how fit (or unfit) they “really” are (despite their own assessments), and this is one of them.

What is the other – well – thats something you’ll have to sign up for my coaching program to find out, my friend – but in the meantime?

In the meantime remember that there is PLENTY more that you can do for your core – PLENTY more.

And “plenty more” exercises of this nature – or tougher are detailed in Corrugated Core – a course that has been selling like hot cakes ever since I came out with it – and a course that you must grab if you’re in any way, shape or form serious about core strength.

Go right HERE to check out what the fuss is all about, my friend.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Another exercise that will build a core of steel is the almighty pull-up – an exercise that most adults fail miserably at. And if you fall into that category, no problemo – we ‘ve got you covered – with a brand new FAQ section as well my friend. Check out the course on pull-ups that the WORLD has been raving about right HERE –

The 0 Excuses Target Heart Rate Calculator

Dear Reader,

Soooo …. I just got done with yet another great great workout – one that left me literally sopped in sweat from head to toe.

My daughter showed up towards the end of it to get some “pocket money” (more on that later!) and the first comment she made was “My God, Dad! You’re REALLY sweating today!”

So I was, my friend. So I was – – and right now, around 20 minutes or so later – – after a nice hot shower and as I’m writing this to you, I feel like a bazillion bucks, and on that note, let’s talk about target heart rates, and why what the “experts” tell you is all ass backwards and flat out INEFFECTIVE in most cases.

So, a quick Google search on “target heart rates” will reveal plenty of online calculators – and those that have lengthy formulas involving “220 – age” – and “category closest to yours” , and such stuff.

Then we have the vast majority of personal trainers and “shmexperts” recommending that your target heart rate during “cardio” should be between 55% and 70% of your max – wherein your breathing is somewhat labored, but you can still sort of carry on a conversation fairly easily.

And other such stuff, and let me give it to you straight, my friend.

If you’re looking to drop weight – FAST – and keep it off – and drop OODLES of it (again, lightning quick) – the above method won’t work – and is by far the worst method you can try.

In fact, all it’ll do is leave you feeling FRUSTRATED with a capital F at your complete lack of progress, and looking around, is it any wonder that folks go to the gyms galore, but yet end up unable to lose weight around the midsection – or underarms – and other problem areas?

Many years ago, yours truly was given the same advice. Knowing what I did even back then, I naturally rebelled against it.

“That’s utter tosh. Intense bursts get the job done”, I’d tell all and sundry.

“No they don’t! You’re too fat to do intense activity anyway! Take care of your heart! Be careful that … ”

And so insistent used to be the babel of voices against my way that I did what I talk about so often – and what Napoleon Hill sagely said, i.e. SHOW the world first, and then tell ’em!

Funnily enough I still get the evil eye when I talk about my methods, but all good. If it works – my job is to tell you -and give it to you straight, and if that offends the exercise purists so be it. I could honestly care LESS as long as it delivers results!

Back to target heart rates – how much exactly SHOULD they be, you ask?

Well, at least 90-95% or so – and you should aim at KEEPING it there for as long as possible during your workouts!

If all you did your entire life was brief 15 minute workouts where you were huffing and puffing like an ageing locomotive going uphill for the majority – not ALL – of the workout, then you’d never have to worry about packing on weight for your whole life.

I realize the rate sounds way too high, but ’tis what it is, my friend.

Your body benefits from INTENSE bursts of cardio the same way a Ferrari benefits from having it’s valves blown WIDE OPEN on the highway as opposed to doing 30 miles/hour inside the city.

The same way as a tiger stays lean via his one intense burst every two or three days.

The same way Nature intended it to be!

If you’re working out at this intensity, then even getting two words or so out should be a struggle for you.

Often times, people would ask me in China if I “was OK” as I worked out.

And it would be all I could do to gasp “Mei Wenti” out loud – – in ragged gasps (Mei Wenti being no problem in Chinese) and then continue with what I was doing.

And THIS sort of target heart rate is what you should be aiming at. The longer you go the better, but really – if you’re doing stuff like this – 15 minutes or less is all you need.

Word of caution – this sort of thing doesn’t apply to those of you who haven’t done a lick of exercise in years. For these people I’d recommend the treadmill or gentle walking until you are ABLE to do what I just mentioned.

Walk before leaping, in other words, but the problem with this advice is that way too many people take it as an excuses to “take it easy” and be lazy. After all, the experts said it, so it must be right, eh?


Anyway, last, but not least, how do you get your heart beat up there – and keep it there throughout your workout? What routines do you follow?

Well, there’s plenty of stuff you can do, but I’ll give you a few examples.

The routines in the 0 Excuses Fitness System – any of them or a combo therein do the trick just fine. Heck, I was sweating bullets while taking the videos – and that was WITH the air-con on!

The routines in Eat More – Weigh Less are some of the finest and best in this regard as well – highly recommended.

And of course if you mix all this up with a healthy dose of pull-ups – – and some of the stuff in Corrugated Core — you’ll be on your way to greatness in no time!

So thats today’s tip, my friend. Implement it into your routine, and keep me posted on how you do!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I forgot to mention the link for Corrugated Core up there – here it is –

When the mind is calm …

Dear Reader,

… Miracles can indeed and DO happen – with mind boggling frequency provided you do the right things!

Have you ever thought back to a time where you achieved something of note? A MAJOR success in your life – and it doesn’t have to be just financial, by the way – or even a small success that was MAJOR for YOU?

If you haven’t, think back to that success – – and think of your mindset in the days or weeks preceding said accomplishment.

I’ll bet that above all (along with focused and persistent – not to mention creative in a certain way) your mind was CALM – at least during those times you were working on your goal and probably the rest of the time too.

You didn’t have any self doubts about whether or not you could do it. You, as the 0 Excuses tagline goes – just went out there and DID IT!

When I made all those sales at the Company, the “fact” that I had little or next to no experience in previous sales didn’t even come to mind before that. It was so much of a non -issue that I could care less – despite having STRUGGLED in the company before that while making similar sales (but for a different reason!).

When I was overweight, not ONCE did the thought of “staying overweight” permeate my mind as I worked out – and eventually, well …

The key to all this though was, as you might imagine – visualizing what I wanted, and then just DOING it.

Many of my sales calls were made when I was “three sheets to the wind”.

Yes, that is a fact that might sound incredulous to some, but thats how I did it. Before going to bed, I made a mental note to myself “The payment will be in tomorrow morning” – and guess what – it WAS!

Compare this to other areas of my life where I visualized as well, and the results did NOT show up … for instance, the last company I mentioned.

Now, visualization as I’ve mentioned is VERY powerful tool for manifesting your TRUE (be honest here!) desires (what do you really, really want out of life?) – and I’ve spoken a LOT about it in the past.

But it only really works at the level it CAN – and it only really works as fast as possible if you achieve a CALM state of mind while visualizing! 

Much like meditating, you need to be CALM to experience the flow and resulting benefits that literally “flow” into your life.

You cannot think of this and that, be “harried” – or worried – or let any “earthly” concerns bother you while doing either one of the above, and while that sounds a bit like Shirley Mac Laine might have said it, it’s TRUE, my friend.

It’s true.

And that’s something most folks struggle with (in my experience) – and I did as well when I started.

So today I’ll give you a quick’n dirty tip on achieving the CALM, “feel good” state of vibration before you start to visualize.

Sit in a chair, with your SPINE STRAIGHT (do not slouch – another common mistake). Or you can sit cross legged in the meditative position if you so choose, but if you’re in an office, this might not be possible.

It may also not be possible if you’re obese or unfit to the extreme. I remember my own days when sitting in this position was not only uncomfortable – but painful as well, hehe. Nowadays I can “drop” into the position as a seasoned yogi might, but anyway, back to what I was saying.

Shut your eyes. Make sure you’re in an area where you wont be disturbed for at least five – preferably  more – minutes.

BREATHE deeply. Focus on each inhale, pulling the air up from your toes and exhaling it back the same way through the entire body.

As you inhale, imagine a brilliant white halo of light enveloping your entire body from the top.

Don’t just visualize it. SEE it in your mind’s eye – and most importantly, FEEL the “warmth” of said light!

Exhale, and repeat the process.

After about five to ten minutes of this, you’ll notice yourself feeling better automatically – and if you’re not – you are not doing it right.

And it’s when you’re in THIS feel good state that you start your visualizations – intense, EMOTIVE ones – and then stand back, express gratitude, and watch things FLOW.

There are many other ways of getting to this state, of course – other advanced ways. One of them being to focus on a certain part of the mystical Sri Yantra – a tool so powerful that if used right – will literally BOGGLE the imagination in terms of sheer RESULTS.

And other ways as well that I’ll share later – but for now, the above technique should work for you. Give it a solid try for a couple of weeks, and let me know how your visualization/manifestation improves!

In the meantime, and returning back to Planet Earth, hehe, always remember that physical exercise is another very important tool not just for overall health and fitness, but also to keep your mind sharp, CALM and focused.

The very best thing you can do for yourself after everything I’ve said above is to crack open a copy of the 0 Excuses Fitness System, and immerse yourself into a hard, hard workout – that won’t take long at all.

Do all the above, and you’ll be well on your way to kicking some major LEAGUE rumpus.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – For more such motivation, be sure to check out Gumption Galore – – available right here – –

Stop playing the “victim” card

Dear Reader,

Today’s post is going to be another one of those ultra-controversial ones – but it’s something that needs to be said, so buckle up – and listen up.

Way too many people these days (and perhaps “back in the day” as well to a degree, but especially these days) play the “victim” card and try to make excuses of all sorts for not having achieved whatever it is they want in life – or fitness – or relationships – or anything in general for that matter.

This attitude seems to be particularly prevalent when it comes to fitness, although life and the other categories I mentioned aren’t by any means an exception to this rule.

In terms of fitness, you’ve got the “I’m a naturally big guy! I’ll never be able to do pull-ups” folks complaining galore while they stare on “wistfully” at the lean guy out there DOING pull-ups.

Little do they know that in many cases, Nature has under-blessed – rather than “blessed” the little guy (or the lean guy) with FAR LESS favorably genetics than those who complain about “being big” or “putting on weight too easily” – or thus forth.

Or, you may have the “I couldn’t do so and so in life because …. <insert term of choice>” folks out there – who make every excuse under the sun for not having got to whatever goal it is that they set for themselves.

And most of the time, people that complain incessantly and piss and moan about everything under the sun are looking for one thing – “sympathy” – and passing negative vibes along galore.

And again, we see this happening in life – relationships where it’s “always and always the other partner’s fault regardless” – race issues (especially in the U.S.) – and of course – fitness in general.

Dr. Maltz makes an excellent point  in his book Psycho Cybernetics when he says that although we might not (and indeed cannot) control many of the CIRCUMSTANCES that occurred to us in the past, ultimately at the end of the day it is WE that decide if we sink – or swim – or fly, for that matter.

That isn’t a verbatim quote, but it gets the point across pretty well.

You may have been born into an impoverished background, for instance, but at the end of the day that isn’t an excuse for not having achieved the success you wanted in biz in your adult life.

You couldn’t control the circumstances – but you CAN control the way you think and FEEL – and that, my friend is the crux of the entire matter.

Playing the victim card or adopting the “it’s not my fault” philosophy in life is nothing but a dive into a cesspool of negativity – and a black hole in terms of future achievement.

When I was overweight – way overweight, it would have been easy for me to sit back and blame my crappy genetics – or the wonderful food my wife dished up on a regular basis – or the fact that I “didn’t have a hill close to me” (at certain points in my life I didn’t) – or make other excuses galore.

When I started my business, and went through tough times, it would have been easy for me to say “hey, it’s happening because of so – so”. Because I have other responsibilities. Because Mercury seems to be perennially in retrograde (not really, hehe).

And so forth.

Guess what though – I didn’t, and still don’t.

At the end of the day it is YOU, my friend that is responsible for your own life – and your success – or failure – in any field you choose.

Now, let me end this with a caveat – that yes, there are SOME situations (or perhaps many in your case) that are NOT of your own making.

Let’s take a partnership, or a relationship, or a joint investment, for instance, gone awry. Both partners were equal “shareholders” in this – and entered into the relationship (choose from the above choices) as adults with FULL knowledge of what they were getting into.

Yet, time and again we see that when for whatever reason these partnerships don’t work out – the blame game starts full force – and its usually the person doing the blaming that isn’t doing a lick of constructive work to actually RESOLVE the situation.

If anything, it’s the opposite.

And so yes, if you’re trying to get away from a situation like that – true, you might not have control over it, so it’s not your “fault” in that case – but you still get to take RESPONSIBILITY for your own life – or fitness – or lack thereof – regardless!

I don’t much like the term “fault”, by the way. By default it implies the words “right” or “wrong” depending upon how you look at it – both words that influence our subconscious minds at a deep, deep level, and make it harder to truly forget the past.

If you made a mistake – acknowledge it – take responsibility – and MOVE on. End of story, despite how anyone else might try to spin it!

The key word there is responsibility – and the bottom line is this – YOU have to take care of yourself first, my friend. It is only after that you can take care of others – or help others in need – and the BEST way to start doing that is to ditch the victim mentality forever.

Rise up, as they say!

Ok, so thats it for today. If you haven’t yet taken responsibility for being overweight – or suffering from interminable back pain – or not  being able to achieve your fitness (or life) goals – or just being lazy in general  – then TODAY is the day to do so, my friend.

Do so – and do so with feeling – you’ll never regret it!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Plenty more such “timeless” motivational tips are mentioned in Gumption Galore which is a collection of my 50 most read and liked motivational tips out there. I’m constantly adding to those, of course – but for now, that book right there is a must read if you’re looking to improve yourself in any way, shape or form. Here is where you can grab it –

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Relax your woes away

Dear Reader,

Many years I showed up for work at THAT job – and greeted my colleague, the then “operations manager” at the company.

We shook hands, and he made a comment about “how fit I was looking”.

“Thanks”, I responded, while giving him the ole Gorilla Grip, and him responding with a meatier “paw shake” as it were.

And then he said it.

He grabbed my upper arm, and looked at me.

“But you’re loose. Your muscles are loose”.

“Ok, so …” I queried, not sure what he was on about.

“When I used to play cricket (this guy was Indian, and the company was in India as you know), I had TIGHT muscles! My triceps and indeed entire arm was tight the entire day regardless of whether I tried”.

Now, let it be noted that at the time of speaking, this guy had a ponderous, massive belly which wouldn’t have looked out of place on a whale. Fat literally exploding from all areas of his body, and so forth and yet the comment.

I’m not EVEN going to get into the pot calling the kettle black. I’m not even sure that is an apt comparison, given the kettle wasn’t even unfit at the time!

When it comes to fitness, most people these days have this idea that our muscles need to be “tight and tense” all day long.

You see all these bodybuilders and gym rats walking about in “real life” (outside the gym) preening, posing, and generally keeping their muscles as “tense” as they can for show.

Astoundingly enough, this look does squat all in terms of any real strength – – and even more surprisingly, THIS is what most people have bought into as the standard.

So an obese guy telling a fit guy that his muscles are “loose” and so don’t fit the standard. Hmm…..

Remember this – walking around “tense” all day long is not only bad for the body – it gives off a BAD vibe as well.

You come across as stressed and aggressive, and the unconscious vibe you’re transmitting is that you’re attempting to “solve all problems by means of aggression” – and the world – and the Universe – responds in kind.

Look at animals in the wild.

Mr.Tiger – or Sir Monkey – or even the “gentle giant” with a trunk doesn’t attempt to flex muscles all day.

They’re loose – limber – flexible – and relaxed for the most of the day – but when it comes time to get the job done?

Boy, I don’t know about you, but a tiger can reach top speeds of 60km/hr within less than 3 seconds or so – catch prey outweighing it by several hundred kilos – and return with it in it’s jaw – all while on the run. That’s some major league flexibility and strength I’d say!

Now why am I telling you all this?

Simply to tell you this – that you’ll do much, much better if your muscles are loose and relaxed during the day as opposed to stiff and tense (the bodybuilder look).

Not only that, you’ll FEEL a lot better too – and it’ll show in your relationships with other people.

Being relaxed – in an advanced state of relaxation is KEY to overcoming any sort of difficult situation as well. If you look at all the great achievers in life – or sport – or any arena of life, you’ll see that they’re not “tense” in crunch situations.

They’re relaxed – and FOCUSED – and ready to get the job DONE!

When I tense my upper arms, the muscles are as “rigid” as steel bands – as they should be.

But for most of the day, they’re not that way – and neither am I that way.

As Claude Bristol noted in “T.N.T. – It Rocks the Earth” (a great little book that preceded The Magic of Believing) – –

Become at ease, meditate, go into the great silence, continue to meditate, and your problems will fade away into nothingness.

‘Tis true indeed, and although the average skeptic might scoff at the mere suggestion of what I mentioned above – I have this to tell you – TRY it!

On a side note, I’ve been doing some advanced meditations over the last few days, and the results have been off the charts – with NO change in what I’m doing otherwise in my life. Take that for starters!

Anyway, fitness wise, always remember that you’ll do a lot better when your muscles and body are RELAXED – as opposed to stiff and tense! 

You’ll do far better when you “drop” into the squat as opposed to slowly lowering yourself as you would during barbell squats, and your thighs will have the “pliable yet powerful” look to them, ready to EXPLODE at a minute’s notice.

If you’re doing pull-ups, RELAX your upper body before doing ’em, and keep the saying “Your breath is your power” in mind when you’re doing ’em.

In fact that above tip is so important I included it in the recently released “FAQ” on pull-ups – – which is yours gratis with a “Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS! “purchase.

And so forth.

Always remember that relaxation is the key to more achievement in life – as well as connecting with your subconscious, which is where all achievement (or failure) really originates.

More on this later! For now, if you workout today – make it a great, great one – and make sure to BREATHE correctly while you do so!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I devote an entire Chapter on deep breathing in 0 Excuses Fitness, and rightfully so. If what I had to say above interests you even in the slightest (and judging by the click through rates it DOES) – well – take the plunge now, my friend. The world waits for no-one. Get a jump start on your health and fitness levels TODAY by ordering the best fitness System there is on the planet – –

The #1 reason you’re not losing belly fat

Dear Reader,

Many people have a strange problem – they workout for hours on end, and while this does them some amount of good (obviously something is better than NOTHING) – they are seemingly unable to reach their target weights – and levels of fitness.

Most of us workout to achieve that “lean, ripped” look – – and lets face it, even those of us that are more into it for the STRENGTH benefits want that washboard abdomen – along with the requisite set of ripped abs etc.

And yet, one of the most common complaints folks TODAY have (as well as folks that have come to me for training in the past have had) is THIS – “I’m not being able to lose weight despite doing all the right things”.

The scales don’t budge. While the love handles may jiggle and wiggle during your workout, they seem not to ever go away in totality – which can be REAL frustrating.

Now, you might think this would be the perfect place to plug my Corrugated Core course – and truth be told, it is, but truth ALSO be told, the real and #1 reason you’re not losing weight despite “doing all the right things” isn’t necessarily what you think.

YES – you DO need to follow the right exercise program, and YES, you DO need to watch your diet.

YES – you do need to do something daily.

YES – you do need to … ah, but you get the drift, I’m sure, and you’ve been doing all that, and yet …

Well, the real reason you’re not losing weight is something so simple – and yet oft ignored – that if you “blink” you’ll miss it.

Yes, that’s right.One minor tweak to your routine will help you lose ALL the weight you want assuming you’re doing the right things in all other regards (and if you’re following Eat More – Weigh less, well, you can even get away with a less than splendid diet for a while).

What is this, you ask?

Well, when you see the 0 Excuses Fitness VIDEOS – you’ll see that one of the videos includes an actual workout.

That’s right – I decided to have an entire workout filmed, not so much so you could see me doing the actual exercises (the other videos take care of the instructional part) – but pretty much so you could see HOW I do the exercises.

YES – it all boils down to doing a thing a “certain way”, and in this way the cadence is what I’m talking about.

The WORST mistake you can make, and what most people make is to treat bodyweight workouts as if they were lifting weights.

So a person will do 10 pushups or 20 – and then rest for a few minutes.

Then he’s back on the stick and does another 20 – and then rests again.

Or, he may jump rope for X amount of time, and when he’s out of breath he pauses. He waits to get his breath back. And then re-starts.

And so forth.

And herein lies the mistake most people make!

Folks – when you’re doing this sort of thing – you move QUICKLY from one exercise to the other!

Along with this, you follow the CORRECT breathing patterns – – as well as the right way on how to recover when you’re out of breath (both of which are detailed in the 0 Excuses Fitness System) – – and THAT along with the actual exercises are key to burning lard off your frame more than anything else.

You don’t, for instance, rest for five or ten minutes in between sets!

You don’t do an exercise, and “wait” to get your breath back – you catch your breath and move on to the next exercise!

It’s NOT weights – and that is the biggest mistake most people make in this regard.

Now, for the million dollar question – HOW exactly does this help?

Well, because your internal fat burner is cranked up to max while you’re doing say 25 pushups – or 50 depending upon your fitness levels – and then it goes down a notch or two while you recover – but if you get right back on the stick, it shoots right back up to MAX – and it STAYS there if you do enough of this.

And that, my friend is really the key to burning fat off your frame within record amounts of time, and keeping it off.

Incorporate this little tip into your workouts, and let me know how you do!

Well, my friend, I’ve got tasks to accomplish and places to GO, so thats it for now. I can barely lift up my shoulders after the scintillating workout I had today – and I’ve still got writing galore to do.

All in a day’s work!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Don’t forget – I’m going to put up an addition to the initial course on pull-ups – – a “FAQ” section as it were, well worth it’s weight in gold by itself. Plenty of trainees have asked me questions on this mighty exercise, and I finally decided it was time to devote a manual specifically towards these questions – which if you’re interested in pull-ups will certainly help YOU too. Be on the outlook for it!

Gumption GALORE!

Dear Reader,

Over the past few days, my dreams have been even more vivid than before.

Last night, I dreamt I was sitting next to a famous actress who was helping me (oddly enough, you might think) fill out a bank application.

A couple of nights ago, honeycombs mysteriously appeared in my dreams after a lot of “looking hither and thither”.

And this morning, I’ve been having another dream which sounds so mysterious that if I tell you what it is, you’ll claim I’ve gone off my rocker.

Wondrous are the ways of the subconscious, my friend, if you only know how to read ’em!

Now, where am I going with all this, you might ask?

Well, I’ll break it down.

First, I’ve been pondering my next project for a while now. While an idea had come into my brain almost as soon as I finished Corrugated Core (which you really need, by the way, if you’re in any way, shape or form interested in improving your fitness levels and losing them rolls of fat around your midsection) – I never quite considered it.

Or, should I say, my conscious mind knocked it around – and then put it on the “nah, maybe” list of things to do.

Yesterday, I spoke to my good friend Marc the African Silverback Gorilla – and he said something that along with the dreams I’ve been having in this regard finally SPURRED me to ACTION.

You know, you’re really good at motivating people! Why not put out a motivational product?

And then it hit me.

Although I give you a ton of motivation in my daily emails – value that cannot be measured in terms of either “money” or anything else – real world lessons and practical tips that are absolutely VITAL for anyone looking to achieve anything of note in ANY field –  until now, I’ve never quite put those tips together into an easy to read book.

More to the point, I found out that some people – even those that LOOKED FORWARD to my daily tips weren’t quite reading the tips in the detail and depth they should be.

And this is understandable, after all – we only have so much time in the day to scan through our emails, my friend.

We scan – we read – we like – and it then gets relegated to the “filing shelves” of your memory – but the opposite is true if you’ve got a BOOK sitting next to you.

Yes, it’s great to have ’em in your email Inbox and the blog – but nothing quite beats the value of putting it all together in “digest” format for you to read.

And I finally did it – and so was born Gumption GALORE!

And I’ve gone one better than my previous (and very well received) book “Zero to Hero“. That book gave you 25 practical tips that have got many a person off their asses and spurred them into ACTION – – but this book goes way above and beyond that.

For starters, I’m giving you not 25 – but FIFTY tips that are a must read for everyone either right after waking up in the morning, or before going to bed.

Scan EACH AND EVERY one of these tips minutely as you read them. Look in between the lines. This is a book you’ll want to read over and over again to get the true value of what I’m saying – and why do I say this?

Well, I did the SAME with Think and Grow Rich – and the Magic of Believing – and many others books I’ve read in the past.

Some books cannot be digested at one go, my friend, and THIS is one of those books – and whats more, it literally has the potential to turn your life around almost INSTANTLY if you read – and then apply the lessons/tips you’ll learn about in the book.

And hell, it’s the RIGHT time to do this – and apart from everything else, even my little girl (who normally delights in jumping into my lap just as Papa is about to start his work) woke up – and made the “lips sealed” sign as she made her way into my working area – and then back out again, hehe.

It truly IS the right time!

Man, I’m so excited that I did something I never do – which is to wake up before 10:30 A.M. – on a weekend, at that!

But so it goes in Rahul Mookerjee’s world. When I want to do something, I make a QUICK decision, and then just do it – regardless of time etc.

And so should you, my friend.

Napoleon Hill spoke about how the great achievers of the past made decisions QUICKLY – and changed them slowly, if at all.

It’s the same for you, my friend. Do you want to succeed?

It’s a simple yes – or no – and if you do – well, then my newest book is an absolute must grab.

Go right here, and grab your copy before they run out!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – My apologies for the relative silence yesterday. I was busy putting this together for you and didn’t get the chance to email until NOW – and whats more, I’ve got ANOTHER product in the wings – just a waiting as it were. It’s on pull-ups – – an add on to the ORIGINAL course as it were, and given all the interest in pull-ups, you will LOVE this one. Stay tuned!

P.S #2 – In the meantime, Corrugated Core is a must grab if you’re looking to shed them annoying “bingo wings”, “love handles”, and flab in general from your entire body. Grab your copy right here – 

Doing pull-ups – with no pull-up bar!

Dear Reader,

So, it was around 6:30 P.M. or so in Southern China in 2004, and I was returning home from work.

I hopped into a taxi – a taxi which I paid for with cash, by the way.

Those were the pre Uber (or if you’re in China, “Didi”) days – – and those were the “happy” days in China where it was perfectly possible to jump in a cab and negotiate with the cab driver over fares – not because I couldn’t afford it, but because it gave the foreign devil a chance to practice his Chinese – and as for the cabbie – it gave him a few laughs for the day!

That still happens in China, of course. Walk into any mid level market and you’ll see negotiations and “bartering” going on at full blast, but anyway, so like I was saying …

… So I got into the cab, but I didn’t head home for my bodyweight workout straight after work (which was unusual for me).

No – – I headed to a store – – of all things – – to … yes … hold your breath – pick up a pair of 50 kg dumbells!

For some reason I hadn’t been making progress with my bodyweight workouts back then (no wonder considering what I was doing) – and as I stopped by the store, I saw two problems.

One, the store didn’t seem to have any dumbells at all. It was those fancy looking machines etc … and two, the staff didn’t speak a word of English.

OK, so was this a trip in a vain?

Not really – as I turned around, preparing to leave, I saw a woman looking at me – another smartly dressed office worker.

She came up to me with a huge smile, and asked me – can I help you?

And being she was a local, she happily translated what I needed, and after many a “thank you” (which she refused to accept, hehe) – I finally got that pair of dumbbells.

Now, at this point you might be asking why I wanted them?

Well – because of this – I was looking to build my grip – and for some odd reason, although I was doing bodyweight stuff back THEN as well –  – I had this idea that hoisting weights was a “natural” process, and would beef up my forearms and grip in general.

So although I got a grip workout from lugging those suckers up to the 4th floor where I  lived at the time – and then a few other workouts with them – I STILL wasn’t satisfied with the results.

Not to mention the fact that every time I’d grip people’s hands (in general) they’d end up crushing my hand – and in many cases, these were people that didn’t even workout in the first place.

Yes, as I said before – I was born with shitty genetics in that regard – if there is someone who knows all about how  it’s PERFECTLY POSSIBLE to surpass shitty genetics – it’s me! 

Anyway, after a lot of Internet searching etc, I found the ONE exercise that has been instrumental in me building a grip that most folks envy – and I’ve never looked back since then.

That was the pull-up, as you might imagine.

(N.B. – And if you’re at all interested in doing pull-ups and getting on the ROYAL road to mastery at pull-ups, then THIS course is a must grab – – )

But hold on. There are MORE twists to the tale here!

I headed down to the same exercise store to find a chinning bar immediately after my research – but no dice.

“We don’t stock those! No-one in China does pull-ups at home!”

Ok, so off to Walmart – and then Carrefour – and then I believe “Jusco” (or some such place”).

Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zilch.

It seems incredulous, doesn’t it? I was literally in the world’s factory floor – – but they didn’t have a SINGLE store where they sold chinning bars – – despite there being tons of factories MANUFACTURING them!

So one day, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I called my landlord at the time up – a friendly enough guy, and asked him where I could find a chinning bar.

“Nowhere! If you’re in China, you’ll have to make your own chinning bar!” was the friendly response.

“Ok, well if I make it, can I install it” (I asked him this due to the drilling etc involved if I “made one” myself).

“Yes, you can install it” was the response.

And though I searched high and low for someone to supply the “material” I needed to make the chinning bar – I couldn’t find anyone. Until …

… Until one fine day, I was visiting a (rather questionable in hindsight) massage joint to get a kink in my shoulders worked out, and I saw something lying in the ditch.

What did I see?

Well – a huge RUSTY iron pipe – perhaps about 8 inches or so in diameter. The ends were jagged, and it looked like it hadn’t been used in a while.

It was the sort of pipe  that you’d expect in an industrial setting – perhaps a hot water pipe or something, but whatever it was, the idea struck me right there and then.

Why not simply use THAT as my chinning bar?

I lugged into a cab, and despite the looks the cabbie gave me, he dropped me off.

Now it was time to find someone to install it, and no-one would.

“You can’t install those type of pipes at home! The walls won’t support it!”

And finally, my management office helped me out after a few “persuasive” calls. Kevin, a reedy young guy that spoke English at the time there said he’d get it done.

Guy showed up with a massive drill, and took several chunks out of the wall before he managed to install that rusty pipe – and then locked it in place with a ton of cement – and voila.

And though I did NOT know it at the time, that was my first step in terms of building that rock solid grip that has served me so well over the years – and that is the first thing that people notice about me when they meet me.

Believe me, there is ALWAYS an upside to everything!

As Napoleon Hill correctly said, every adversity brings with it a seed of advantage – and those workouts on the THICK rusty iron bar brought me PLENTY of advantages in terms of learning.

Of course, it took me time – and effort, but would I go back in time and prefer to have bought a chinning bar right off the bat?

Hell no. The lessons I learnt were nigh invaluable, and they serve me well today as well – and get this – if you’re looking to build a rock solid grip (as most folks want to) – then you owe it to yourself to read – and implement those lessons as well.

And Gorilla Grip and Gorilla Grip (Advanced) are the two courses you need in that regard, my friend.

It’s all there – my years of blood, sweat and toil – all condensed into a “grip format” – so you don’t have to spend years “in the trenches” as I did!

Go ahead and grab these now – and as you do so – remember – if you encouter adversity, doff your hat at it, and say thank you with SPIRIT and meaning!

You never know – what you learn from the experience could well define you for the rest of your LIFE!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – That particular “chinning bar” I fashioned ended up breaking after a few months of rigorous use – – and I ended up going to HK after all for a regular chinning bar – – which I installed (a far easier process this time!) in the frame of my bedroom doorway. I left it there when I vacated the apartment for the next tenant – no idea if it’s still there – I’ll check … ah, but thats another tale for another time!

P.S. #2 – If you enjoyed this tale, you’ll enjoy the tale of HOW I actually got to over a 100 pull-ups per workout, and am STILL going strong in that regard. Here is where you can read more – including my MINDSET while I was going for this goal –


The hidden key to RAPID improvement in pull-ups

Dear Reader,

Well, well, well! I just got done with a workout straight out of “Eat more – Weigh Less” – and though (by my own admission) I stuffed my gullet to the brim last night with some local “delicacies” (about the most unhealthy stuff you can eat) – I’m not feeling any worse for wear for it at all.

If anything, it made the sheer BURN – as well as the HEART pounding effect I got from my sprints today worth it – and on that note, let me give you another tip which is worth its weight not only in GOLD – but in spades, silver, moolah, knowledge, or “votes of confidence” –  and all of the above – whichever you prefer, hehe.

Now, it’s a well known fact that pull-ups are one of the toughest exercises for most adults to even DO – let alone start to master.

When I start talking about sets of 10 pull-ups casually to my clients, most of them goggle at me in amazement (especially those that are new to my style of training).

“Yes, I know that’s definitely possible with pushups – but pull-ups? No way, man!”

And therein lies one key – although not the key I’m going to talk about here – to improvement in pull-ups.

When it comes to pull-ups, don’t automatically settle into the mental groove of thinking “they’re tough, so I’ll never be able to do ’em for X number of reps”.

This is PRECISELY the mistake most folks make, despite me telling them – it takes about four to five times of telling people NOT to think that way before they START to change their mental patterns on the pull-ups and once that shift takes place – they’re one step ahead on the road to pull-up mastery at that point.

Remember, it’s just another exercise! Remember too, that I’ve outlined my OWN mental thought processes in terms of the pull-up back when I was desperately trying to get to the point I am now – and if you’re in any way, shape or form serious about this – you’d do well to mirror those exact processes as far as possible too.

Now, the hidden tip I’m talking about? 

It’s not about the pull-up itself, hard as it might sound to believe but it’ll get your pull-up performance to skyrocket like there’s no tomorrow.

For those that can’t do pull-ups, you’ll be doing ’em like a pro within a couple of months if you get better at this one other exercise.

And while there are plenty of other golden tips outlined in both the courses on pull-ups, what I’m going to tell you now might come across as silly – or even outrageous – or childish – but guess what – it WORKS!

And that tip is this- get better at pushups – in all their shapes, variations and guises BEFORE even attempting to do a pull-up!

If you can’t bang out a 100 push-ups in 12 minutes or so, chances are you suck at pull-ups.

And for those that believe “pull-ups are all about the biceps” so “how could pushups help” – well first, these people are dead wrong.

The pull-up done right taxes far more muscles than just the bicep – if anything, the bicep is reduced to a mere accessory during the movement, and yet, this one movement will build stronger and learner biceps than doing curls all day long at the gym.

Furthermore, the most important thing is this – pull-ups DO USE the triceps – contrary to what most people think.

And for those that disagree?

My goodness, just lift your arm in the air, clench your fist, and pull down. You’re using your triceps, aren’t you??

Ditto for the pectorals. Yes, the chest muscles are used in pull-ups – big time!

This is probably one of the most common fallacies on pull-ups and what I mentioned above i.e. getting  better at the pushups FIRST will make your path to mastering them pull-ups WAY easier than if you were to do ’em WITHOUT getting better at pull-ups.

Yet another reason why pushups are truly the best exercise there is. I’ve said this often in the 0 Excuses Fitness book, and it bears repeating here as well!

Last, but not least, know that I’ve put together a supplementary exercises section in “Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD” which shows you the EXACT variations on pushups you need to get better at before you attempt pull-ups.

Click on over, and find out which ones these are – and then – get CRACKING!

I look forward to hearing back about your pull-up mastery!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Along with the course mentioned above, it’s important to mention that the heavier you are around the midsection, the tougher pull-ups get. Sorry, “big guys”, but that is just how the cookie crumbles. Good news is this though – you don’t have to consign yourself to “big” status forever as I’ve got something that’ll strip away those pesky layers of fat around the midsection within a few days of starting to do the exercises. Click on over HERE to avail of this gem of a course –


Burn fat – around the clock!

Dear Reader,

What if I told you one exercise that you could do – that would literally burn fat off your frame in an “around the clock” manner?

The “around the clock” analogy is a great, great one by the way – one that I have used in MANY areas of my life.

Fitness wise, I’ve often thought of staying fit no matter what “around the clock”. Sales and biz wise, a great metaphor to bear in mind as you go about your daily biz is “sales around the clock”.

And that last bit holds especially true if you’ve got an online biz where you can quite literally sell “around the clock” – and “around the globe”, if I  might say so.

Second, I love the “clock” analogy for another reason – because clocks are (traditionally) circular.

The circle shape represents “fullness” and fulfillment in spiritual terms – and on the “earthly” (physical, hehe) plane you’ll often notice that I end off with an exercise that I STARTED my routine off with – and for good reason.

It’s sort of like “coming full circle”, which I spoke about in an earlier email. Not quite, but very close!

Anyway, enough of this – what exact fat burner am I referring to that literally a) builds your body from the inside out – and b) quite literally burns fat in an “around the clock manner”?

Well, there’s many actually that’ll burn fat for long after you’ve stopped exercising. What I’ve given you in Eat More – Weigh LESS WILL quite literally burn fat off your frame for not just hours – but DAYS after you do the routines – but I’m not referring to those here.

Neither am I referring to long drawn out cardio sessions – or the treadmill – or swimming- or even hiking (although that is an excellent means of reducing fat) here.

No -what I’m referring to here is a “bestselling” exercise found in the Advanced Exercises section of my new trailblazer “Corrugated Core”.

I call this a bestselling exercise because folks are immediately entranced by this exercise when they see it – and if you see the pictures I’ve posted in the book, you’ll know what I mean – you’ll literally see the crowd goggling on as I do the exercise.

In fact, the teenage guy taking the picture was so overawed by this ONE exercise that he ended up not just taking pictures – but a short video as well (which I’ll post in the 0 Excuses Ship area for those interested – gratis, by the way, if you’ve signed up for it) – and ended up forgetting to “end” the video before his phone ran out of space!

I also call it a bestseller because anyone that has done it – or attempted to do it is well aware of the FAT BURNING effects of this exercise – as well as the sheer IRON it builds around your core and oblique area.

What is it, you ask?

Well – it’s a variation on the leg raise – itself done in an advanced manner.

And it’s simple enough.

You do the leg raise -except once you reach the “top” position – you move your legs SLOWLY “around the clock” and you literally FEEL the fat melting off – and the muscles BURNING as you do this in a slow, methodical fashion.

Most folks are unable to even get into a “L” raise – let alone do full length leg raises – let alone the advanced version – and this includes those who consider themselves “super fit” already. Give the leg raise a try, and you’ll quickly find out just  how hard it hits the entire body.

And the version I spoke about?

Let me just tell you this – – if you can do more than ONE rep of this in a slow manner – over the course of a minute – you’re already at “stud” level, my friend. Bonafide stud!

Other hand, what if you aren’t there – or close to it already?

Well, simple – you crack open Corrugated Core – and get cracking on some of the very best 50 exercises that will give you the shredded abs and rock solid core you’ve always desired, my friend.

50 exercises, each of them a bonafide BUTT kicker in their own regard. Can’t ask for more than that, eh?


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Don’t forget – if you need personalized advice, or coaching – or if “things just aren’t working out the way you want ’em to” – then I’m right here for you. ALL super achievers (me included at a certain point in life) have had or DO have coaches – and if you want to fit into this elite bracket of folks, well, personal coaching from someone that has been there and done that is the way to go. Apply right here – –