Hindu “jumper” squats
- And more.

Something that has always been the case with me is this – once I get past a certain number of reps on bodyweight exercises, I’ll immediately look for ways to make it tougher.

Which is good.

But one thing I need to work on myself?

When I get good at, say (which I have many years ago!) – 100 straight squats, either Hindu or bodyweight – the urge to do more is there – but although I “could” go for 200 straight – or 400 – or 500 – I “generally” don’t.

Sometimes I do.

But I dont aim to hit that PR daily, or even weekly – maybe a couple of days a month,and thats it.

Much like me, my writing, even this email you’re seeing now – it’s all in the flow and “what I feel like doing”.

That dont mean I’m lazy, or providing you with carte blanche to be lazy when you’re “tired” , “haven’t slept well”, or “slept only two hours a night” or “wife’s driving me insane” or any of the other nonsense people roll out in terms of excuses.

It just means I tailor my workouts accordingly.

And one reason I do so is to stop it from getting boring, ie. same ole same ole daily.

Yours truly, much like a monkey would, hehe – gets BORED very easily.

To the point of ADHD, I’d say (remember Glyn Bozo once trolling me for something like that? I miss ole “Shemale Glyn”, I wonder what hockey field he’s currently ogling men or whatever rainbow he’s into on, LOL) …

Intelligent – or super intelligent – people get bored super easy.


sometimes though, that can be a bad thing.

I’ve often said squats beyond a certain point are more MENTAL discipline than anything else – when you do 500 straight squats, for one, you’ll understand the truism of what I say.

Anyway – sometimes it’s good to amp it up a little.

And I often do that these days – both my workouts (I am doing split workouts daily these days) – contain a form of squat not seen a lot, or talked about, or even one that I have spoken about a lot.

It WILL be there in the book on squats though – which is “pending” for ages, along with the 5 other books pending – I just haven’t had time or inclination or whatever you call it to GET to them!

Not an excuse, but with the new company, all the expansion etc, its been pretty hectic.

Anyway – these are jump squats.

Done on your toes like Hindu squats, they are an equally, if not more terrific way of getting super cardio in – in even lesser time if you do them right.

And they feel GREAT – so great that I’m doing tons of them these days.

But you gotta work up to it.

Basically you jump forward while in the standing position, drop down perfectly on  your toes – and then come up as you would in the normal Hindu squat – while simultaneously JUMPING BACK – in the same motion.

Thats one rep.

Continue for reps.

I like to do these in sets of 40, 50, whatever – right after regular squats.

I mix them in with fingertip pushups (which I do on a cement floor – you dont have to do them on cement, but they TOUGHEN your fingers x 100!) (I remember when I did them outdoors on gravely cement – try doing these when tiny bits of gravel stick to your fingers – gives the word “tough” a whole new meaning) – definitely pull-ups (those squats really loosen and work the upper body if you get the arms into it as you should) – and of course isometrics, lots of it.

(and dont worry – you dont necessarily need to graze your fingers up like I do with the pushups. Hehe. Do them on a carpet, you’ll do just fine. I’m just more of a Sophia inspired “masochist” on that one. Hehe). (but with good reason, I’ll say!)

And they’re a hell of a workout.

But you have to work up to them – and getting good at REGULAR squats, and that might take you a LONG time – is key if you want to progress properly and not hurt yourself.

In fact you could do nothing but regular squats and be in super shape the rest of your life if you so chose…

Anyway – Squat 101 has 19 variations on the squat – I’m planning on putting in 6 more to make it 25 for that book, and 25 more for an upcoming book “in the works”.

All shall happen in good time.

For now, remember form is key on Hindus – both the squats and pushups.

Go HERE to learn all about form, cadence, and how to get in the best, ass kicking shape of your LIFE.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Yes, go NOW. No excuses, pally. Just DO it.

PS #2 – And for those wondering, YES, you CAN do these flat footed too i.e. “jump” squats. But I’ve found cadence and rythm to be much better on your toes, like a cat, not to mention some people might not be able to jump backward and forward flat footed – really taxes the hips and hamstrings, that movement!

Not a bad movement though, if you can do ’em, do ’em by all means, just be careful you dont injure yourself.