“If your pants dont fit, its time to COMMIT”.
- Thought of the day.

Like I posted on another site, except this is even briefer.

“If your pants dont fit, it’s time to commit”.

Which is precisely what most people refuse to do – commit to a decent EXERCISE program.

Most people are content to ask the same questions, piss and moan about their “lot in life” (fitness included), but the doers are few and far in between, yet, the reality of “pants getting tighter” by the day is something that cannot be denied for the vast majority of folks out there.

Anyway, that is the thought of the day – came in through a, surprisngly enough or not, nonsensical email about diet which was so stupid I won’t even begin to address it- some junk about which diet does what, and glorified B.S. explaining (so called).

End of the day, nothing replaces hard down to earth “real man” (or woman) exercise

And thats that.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee