To the lurkers, you KNOW who you are…

I am not even going to “take names” here. 

And if this email doesn’t apply to you (note – to me, “lurking” is differently from simply “not taking action on product purchases” etc – it’s simply “flying under the radar” in terms of email lists), then do click away. 

But to many of you on here, it does. 

I was looking through a segement I created for my list i.e. “engaged” contacts. 

There are tons of people in this segment. 

Which means, and I use several criteria to measure this … clicks, opens, and other things (although none of that is really an accurate indicator of anything, but the stats are there for a reason) … 

…. that these people are all apparently “interested” and “engaged”; many for years and years. 

However, a lot of them haven’t done “nada”. Period. 

No product purchases, no reviews, no feedback, simply no response other than “reading these emails” (and judging by the stats, and more than that, my feeling – TONS Of people read these emails daily) … 

… And it is to these people that this email is directed at. 

Look, “lurking” might be the easy thing to do for you. I get it, just read, do nothing … 

… but for a business, it translates into lost dollars, especially on email lists which charge according to how many people each email is sent to (hence from now on, those great offers only go to the Ship members, and the DOERS elsewhere) … 

And so my request. 

If all you signed up for is free tips, and never have any intentions of buying anything, then if not for you, do it for me – UNSUBSCRIBE. 

All these emails are posted on either one of the two sites, so you won’t miss out except we won’t be in your Inbox. 

And if you’re a lurker, want to say something, have suggestions to make, would like a special offer on the rewards page, something, anything, then SPEAK up, for Christ’s sake. 

Dont just be silent and sit there, or sit there and be silent, because I showl can’t read your mind, friend. 

I can feel certain things, but end of the day, you have to tell me yourself… 

And again, if “free” is what some of you are here for (I’m addressing this specifically to the many “lurkers”) – then just unsubscribe, you dont really lose much either way. 

If you’re ready to move to the DOERS segment, of course, then start by investing in a System you should have eons ago – right HERE –​

BAck soon.


Rahul Mookerjee