A great offer for you.
- You will love it.

Some of you have no doubt noticed some “personal” emails going out to you in terms of offers etc that we have going on.

Now, this is a change from the “frenetic” end to last year, where we had plenty of offers, discounts etc going on in Nov/Dec – that I regularly emailed to the whole list.

But some of the idiotic responses I got to these great offers, in fact a lot of them – made me pause and think.

Some of the guilt tripping, some of the Bozo like comments, one was this –

“I gotta eat!”

And thats all he said.



I’m hardly snatching morsels of food out of your grubby little hands by notifying you of a sale, so I have no idea why you’d send me that – and nothing before, or after it?

Eat up, drink up, make merry all you like, Ole Boris in the UK did it and probably still does it, I’ve been known to do it big time on many occasions, we all have been … hey, I’ve even got a product out on along those lines!

But anyway ….

After reviewing some of the responses I got, I had it – “done got the red ass”.

Stopped sending out the offers etc to the general list, now, basically what you see on the rewards page is what you get for the most part.

But, the 0 Excuses Ship is a different kettle of fish altogether.

We’re packed to the brim and rafters there with DOERS – so they regularly get great offers etc that the regular list doesn’t – most recently for the hardcover and paperback books for the “Battletank Shoulder/Animal Kingdom Workouts” combo.

It started out for the combo, but morphed into individual as well as we went along.

And the only other people in the “General” list that get these offers are the DOERS on that list – which you’ve no doubt noticed.

So if you’re interested in the offer on the above two products, want IN, then either join the Ship – or email me personally, and I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, ONE offer that will be sent out to the whole list, and is now …

A great discount on our book on combating, and WINNING against – and even PROFITING from, which is the key to it all (otherwise, what the point of a “scorched earth” policy where no-one wins) the plague, the scourge of modern day society – that being Nazi feminism.

We’ve got a great 30% discount going on on this product, but it won’t last beyond three days, my friend. In fact, we’ll have to see how it does, we’ll have to see how many of you take advantage of this great offer, but I have a sneaking suspicion I’ll end up pulling it ahead of time as I have for some other offers.

Use the coupon code “FEMNAZIBS” during checkout to get a discount on this product – applicable to digital download, paperback – and even the HARDCOVER, based on popular demand.

Hurry NOW – this is truly a lifechanging book if you read, understand and DO what the tips tell you to.


Rahul Mookerjee